Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Took a Friend to lunch on Wednesday :)

Took a friend to lunch on Wednesday :)...yes indeed...and it was a great lunch.. It was Jane's birthday lunch even though tomorrow is her day...but she was going out of town so it had to be today !!!

Morning again is a mad dash and for me with the low BP I'm dragging it...but I got my things done and then got out of the house by 11am...and picked up Ms Jane...and lucky me.. John was there and left.. not that I wouldn't want to see him but I was not planning on him coming...I know that's mean but if you have read my blog you know that the fighting duo of John and Jane is not a good thing to go out with together....ever >>>>>ever......ever !!!!

So off Jane and I went and to Applebee's and it was delicious..oh yeah we had our standard Onion Soup and then another appetizer ...then dinner..and yes, we did pig out and couldn't move ...but it was a good lunch and a fun on..

After we plowed our way out from under the table we staggered into the car...and just laughed as we could barely move...then on to Petsmart ...I was on a mission to return some feed Ms Shug wouldn't eat and also pick up a couple more deep cup dishes...then home we all went.

Jane and I use to get together a lot more often when we were at the dog shows and we'd always have a good time..most of the times it was in my motor home and I'd cook us dinner and we would just sit around and tell our latest stories of what was happening in the dog world...ah but that was awhile ago we just talk about the latest stuff on the market or latest top dog..

When I got home my crew was anxious..they're not use to being in the crates for long..but hey, I needed an outing and they needed to miss me..hahaha..and boy did they ever including Ms Shug cause from the time I came home till almost bedtime Ms Shug has been doing her stuff and letting me know she wanted all my attention...hahaha..Ms Reba and Mister Zeke were happy to get their goodies and then just lay out on the floor..

Watched American Idol and boy I really like Candice and Amber ..great job on those standards...recorded survivor and I'll watch that in the morning as I prepare to head out to the Doc to hear the results of this new study test...

Oh, I got a message on my phone from that other Doc regarding a test I just had done..don't know what for but heard..results were ok..????? DUH... I'll find out that one also tomorrow and get copies..

Now I'm ready for bed and before I know's tomorrow...:) 

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All....

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