Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Start Of A Head Cold On Saturday

A start of a head cold on Saturday...Hey! what can I say, "another adventure...goes with the flow of things... my night was awful as I couldn't sleep and woke up not feeling great and it was the start of my sneezing on into the day..

Got up attempting to clear my head and just kept growing I just did what I could and of course Rudy was gonna be a bit of a problem with his food..something he has never been since day one..but for some reason I guess the taste of raw goods was what he really I figured as my brain storm came on..that if I grind a little of the pork and along with his moistened kibble that might help.. so I did..and that boy done gobbled it up like it was no tomorrow...Woo hoo....could this be the trick...we'll see come dinner time .

So at least that part of my morning wasn't all a wash out..and I drug on through my day..sneezing and blowing my nose feeling like a dish rag but still trying to get through it... kept up with the Tylenol every 4 hours I didn't want it to go into anything more.. made sure I drank too and did eat my lunch.. made a burger on toast..and didn't drink any milk.. just a decaf cola..

Come evening.. I'm still pushing them Tylenols..hey, if they can keep me from getting the traditional aches and slight fever..I'm all for it.. but I did make sure I didn't push myself and when I put the brats up I laid on the couch with a cover..slept a little..

Dinner time I'm ready for Rudy.. I took the chicken thigh and took a hunk of the meat off it and put it in my ninja and then added a cup of moistened kibble and gave it a swirl.. then put his chicken thigh on normal I feed him the chicken thigh with 1 cup of kibble at night.. and ta daaaaaaaa he gobbled every bit down... so got through today with his meals..and will attempt the same thing tomorrow.. got to get him back in the swing of eating properly.

Had Shug out for a bit but she was gonna be a pistol..not really being a good girl..oh not tonight she had mischief on her mind..and me not feeling that great.. I wasn't gonna let her get into too much... so she was out for about an hour and I put her up.. and I laid back down on the couch and covered up drifted a bit..till MIss Annie let me know it was out time and bed time.

Made sure I wore my jacket and they were in and out quickly thank goodness.. put Sapphire to work (that's my dishwasher) and got their treat and we headed back to the bedroom.. they know I'm not feeling well so they are being so good...look out it won't last LOL

Just turned on my electric blanket and getting ready to go under cover .. took more Tylenol and hope I kick this fast... tomorrow is the 1st of Feb already and it's heart worm I got that all set out for breakfast for Annie and Rudy..

So the rest is on with the show... those traveling STay Safe and as always God Bless Us All... pray my head cold don't last long..

Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Slid Into Home Base But Not Without A Hitch

Friday slid into home base but not without a hitch...did you think it was gonna ???....Last night I had a difficult time sleeping just thinking about all that has to be done now to my teeth..ugh !  It could never go simple..well it could if I just go with the ..."Take em all"  .

Got up at a little after 6am and realized that I had left my laundry in the washer..ok, so I'll have to wash again.. as soon as I feed the brats ...and so I did.. I opened up the washer and laundry was rusty.. now these were all new undies and socks I had bought as I have been throwing out the old stuff...cept this is not looking too good...:(

So I fill up the washer and put Clorox in the water and wash the load in fact I had to wash it 4 times to get the rust out ...but it did do that thank goodness..but I wonder would I have worn it with the rust color hahaha..NAH well maybe in desperation LOL..

After that I just kind of leaned back and thought about my decisions on what I'm going to do.. I need to call my surgeon and have a talk with him..he will be right up front and honest..that's what I need...I mean 18K for all this work...I could do a lot with 18k.. like my windows I've still not got done yet..

Then on to Rudy ..the bugger is not eating his kibble .. I mean he'll eat some if I hand feed it..but NOT...I fed him his raw chicken tonight...he ate that with his biscuit..but not the kibble.. he's being such a twit..

I stopped his meds as I think that might be bothering him as we'll see.. I might have to change kibble ..Lord I hope not..but I have to see what's happening with this boy..!

Called NuWave on my bottom tray which I haven't received yet..and the lady took the data again and said, "they'd ship it over night"..that's what that last guy said...we shall see..but if not I'll send mine back to QVC and get a new one..hate to do that...but you gotta do things sometimes you just don't want too ..

So that's my story for today..and the rest is history...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Couldn't Wait For Thursday

Couldn't wait for Thursday..had a horrible night sleep ..kept waking up from my dreams.. first I thought I swallowed my tooth..then I thought I saw it pasted on the mirror..gawd it kept getting worse each time.. I know I had a cold sweat going on.. and Miss Annie was good (for first time in a long time) by the time I finally got up I felt like I was hit by a mack truck !

Once up I attempted to get all fed.. of course Rudy is being a PUTZ ..he's not eating his kibble..oh he'll eat the pork and the chicken but not the I tossed it out and worried of course cause he's never done this number..

Most of the morning I kept watching the clock waiting for 2pm so I would leave ..and I did manage to get out..of course the brats were having a fit !  what's new ?  me leave with out them how dare I do that... but I brought my laundry out and put it in the washer..with good intentions of course LOL

Being today was also trash day I was gathering up junk to get rid of.. I seem to always have boxes..hahaha.. well it comes from Amazon or Dr Foster and Smith for Shug and brats goodies..only me once in awhile SURE IT DOES...

So I gets in my car click on my IPhone and put in the address..and I learned a new way of going to Sumter landing ..was pretty neat too.. so I sat in the parking lot listening to the radio and I saw the Dentist had a back door I called them and asked if I could come in the back way.. thank goodness cause my knees weren't wanting to walk long distance..

Got in and gave all my data and they all seemed pretty nice.. and the Dentist was a young girl..well lady.. and she was really nice..very gentle..(good sign).. she had them Xray my mouth and the whole ball of wax..but I do need a regular dentist here..

Of course I got the news !!!! OH MY STARS !  I only had one cavity under my filling.. What the ????  and that tooth will have to be crowned.. lucky me.. how about my tooth that the crowns off...well that tooth get this one has a start of a cavity..OUCH...but my teeth are really lose ..and I have a choice..cause they aren't gonna get any better.. Implants or full plate up top.. my bottoms are strong and two are real loose so that can be fixed with a partial...

Now as I'm sliding down in the chair.. I have to go back to the surgeon that fixed my jaw and get evaluated...not sure I want to do the implants.. but I'll talk with the surgeon..he's really fantastic..the rest's a given and has to be done....don't even want to mention costs...

I also got that crown back on and of course when I get the work done it will no longer exist..maybe I can cash it in ????  but I needed to get this done and I guess within the next few months I'm gonna be busy..:(

Got home at it was 5:30pm .....brats were jumping and hungry ..cept again Mister Rudy wasn't eating his kibble...I didn't give him his chicken..nope..but I did go back into the room and feed him..piece by piece..tomorrow is gonna be the same case but he's gonna eat it or not..spoiled brat !

Watched Biggest so enjoy watching their achievements they are truly amazing.. now my achievement is falling into bed...and dreaming of sparkling teeth hahaha.

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I Spoke To Soon For Wednesday :(

I spoke to soon for Wednesday :(...what can I say..?????  My morning started off great all was going well..We, the brats were up at 4am and then back to bed till 6am... Rudy is kind of going off his food with me feeding him the rich pork so he's not eating his kibble and in the evening doing the same thing with his chicken..hence I think it's becoming to rich and he's full... oh well have to figure that out as I go along....

So got the brats fed and Ms Shug also...then got breakfast for myself as I had taken my  meds...planned on going to Winn Dixie for a few things as I need veggie for Shug and just a few things for me...

Actually got out the door by 10:30am ..wonderful and got to Winn Dixie..great parking spot and got almost all that was on my list...ah wonderful instead of stopping for a burger I was gonna cook a steak for tonights dinner...woo hoo..

Got back to the house let the brats out and then gave them their lunch cookie .. put all my stuff away and then sat down and had lunch.. I decided to have a donut which I had in the frig..a chocolate coated delicious glazed donut with a glass of milk...Alrighty ...this was my treat...

As I sunk my teeth  into the gooey chocolate glazed donut and began to take my bite.. I felt a strange sensation...OH NO!!!!  OH YES!!!  I lost my front was stuck in the heavenly bliss of chocolate...HOLY CHIT!!!

Is this another one of those lucky moments in time...or is this another chit deal for me to enjoy...neither one I'm happy with and most of all as I looked in the mirror.. I immediately thought of the cartoon characters, "Beanie and Cecil" and me being Cecil......

This made my day and then I had to find a dentist that could help me.. I called several and none had an opening and one was gonna call me back that never I called my Surgeon that did my jaw surgery and he gave me a dentist to call.. 

I called them and they couldn't see me till next Tuesday..OMG!  but then she said,"let me check with our other office in the Villages and I'll have them call you back"...shortly I got a call...AMEN !!!  They will take me tomorrow at 3:30pm

I washed my crown as it still was intact not crunched..thank goodness I didn't swallow it... and I put it back in held..of course I can't chew but they also told me to get Fixodent and that will keep it in place till I get in the office tomorrow..

I can't tell you how down I'm feeling cause again another shocking crowns have been on for 15 years...I do hope that this dentist can just fix it without having to go through another new crown...Lord help me..

The rest of my day just went south.. I just don't know what to do right one friend Paulette said, " Bury Murphy"..she's right !  I wish I could that S.O.B.

Watched American Idol and it was pretty good and played with Shug for a bit..but now I just want tomorrow over with and just hope I don't have to go through major expenses..cause this gal with just buy my choppers and put them suckers in the draw...

With that...those traveling Stay Safe and As Always God Bless Us All  and my teeth PLEASE !

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Now Tuesday Made A Turn Around :)

Now Tuesday made a turn around :)...morning again.. my routine..and I'm ok with it as long as I get some sleep in...and then it was get everyone's breakfast done... and by the way those corn blueberry muffins aren't to too bad hahaha..

Most of the day was just taking it easy from my episode..sometimes some things take their toll on me the next day and I just got to chill out and make sure my blood pressure doesn't go out of getting if I'd only get wiser..

Annie and Rudy didn't get into any fights as I had them busy with their chew bones which had a squeaker in it.. their teeth were chopping away... and I sat and watched..

The sun did come out and it felt great coming through the windows but the air was a bit chilly and I made sure I had my flannel jacket on.. no way ..that wind was going through ya..

Talked with my Sister Alice's daughter Alice..and it was wonderful another door opens and we will get to visit..I plan on camping up where my other niece Theresa lives and pray that I see some of the other daughters as well..

Only has taken over 50 years well close to it.. just because of a situation my Sister had to live with.. our family was separated..shame she couldn't be alive to see this take place...but it is what it is ...and I always said, "God will show me the way and open doors for me" it is happening slowly..before I close my eyes...

Tomorrow I'm hoping I can at least make a trip into Winn Dixie...hahaha.. I'm a gonna try..that's for sure as I only need a few things..but I'd like to be able to get out..

Nothing great on TV in fact I was just talking away with Theresa after speaking with her sister Alice..and I didn't even let poor Shug out.. I'll have to make up for it cause she's gonna be mad at me..

So it's time for bed and I'm hardly keeping my eyes open... those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, January 26, 2015

UnREAL On Monday !!!!!!

Unreal on Monday !!!!....if only I could have stayed home or for that matter slept through this day.....

Woke up at 4am and then back to bed ..up again at 6am..and had my plans already in get the trash out..then I had to make a batch of muffins..
and here it where it starts...

Grabbed two boxes of Jiffy corn muffin mix.. it's really good and simple and no sense in making the old fashion ones when it's just for I gather all my stuff ..eggs and milk and the trusty Jiffy.. I open the boxes and look down into the bowl..What's that >>>??? these purple blue specks..HUH>>>????  I look at the box and both say "Corn Muffin"..however one is corn muffin and the other is blueberry ..hahaha..ok, that's ok, it's just me and I'll be will be different but then again I'm different ...LOL  So I mix it up bake it and they are good..

I fed the brats, and Ms Shug and then toasted my new designer muffins had my coffee and all is far ..then  get dressed and let my brats out...of course Miss Annie is having a hissy fit..too bad !!

Load those two crate pans in the car and head out..didn't have the receipt printed out because my printer wouldn't that means I need another printer..:( down the road I's windy as all get out.. I feel the wind moving me side to side..

Get to Petsmart and low and behold I get the exact same parking spot as I had the other day.. I get out and try to walk up ..the wind is whipping and I'm trying to hold those two (weightless) crate pans and walk with my cane.. I get inside and I feel like I was blown in..

The cashier says, "Are those returns".. I nodded..and she says," get in line".. so pleasant..and this early ????  So I stand in line till it's my time ...then she says, "Your receipt"  and I respond, "it's in my email and I was unable to print it out"..she looks at me and says, "Well, you have to have it"... I try to explain I already talked with a gentleman and told him my printer wouldn't print and he said, just bring in your phone and credit card..and that's what I did.. So I show her my email with the receipt ...and then she says, "Well, I will give you a store credit"...I looked at her and it just flowed out of my mouth..."Oh no! I want a credit on my credit card"  she shook her head.. and I then stepped it up a notch and said, "I'm calling Amex and I'll stop that charge completely" 

"I was mislead by that gent regarding the size of these crate pans when I explicitly asked for a 24x36 size and he said, "We have them"  when in fact you don't now or never I was given false information and I want my charge card credit for this amount ..and I want to see the manager "....she calls the manager over and I go through the whole thing... then he tells her..."give the lady the credit"...and I show her my phone.. she scans the  receipt and I tried to tell her .. "I was told you could do it by my phone number and print the receipt from that"... she was not a happy camper..

As I finished up I told her.."Well, you can rest assure I will not shop PetSmart ..that's not how to treat a she could really I leave and get into my car and Sam's club is across the road..

Head over to Sam's club as I needed a few things ..check out a printer..and couldn't find a help me and I really couldn't pick that printer up off the guess I'm not buying a printer today...go through the store and get all the things on my list and I'm gonna be out of here and home...stand in line again and there is a lady with a young boy in her cart hanging on the side..carrying on..

Mother was saying, "No! No! No! "  (sound familiar) and the boy was whining and it was making my skin crawl.. am I lucky or what.. couldn't wait to get out of this I'm looking at things and on the other side watching people and on the corner of my eye I see this boy pick this huge glass jug like bottle of pickles and next thing I see is him tossing them and 3 guesses where they landed..?????? You got it!!!  At Me, On Me, All don't the front of me and in my cart"... those big bulgy kind...OMG!  The smell over took me not alone the wet feeling and glass...

Holy Chit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. I went backwards as it crashed down and into my cart and the people behind me.. I heard them say, "oh no!"..the mother was screaming..."That's Not NICE"..."You Are REALLY BAD"  .. me I was gagging from the smell..and I know I heard some strange words come out of my mouth.. that rotten little kid.. I would have beat his ARSE...The cashier came running around and a few other people from out of no where.. I head the loud speaker going.. and before I realized it they were bringing me to sit down at a table.. one lady got some wet towels.. I had pickles on me...

I ask you, what did I ever do to have a week like this.. I mean, could I start my week over ?????   I don't know who it was ..but someone replaced everything I had in my cart and helped me to my car... don't even know what happened with that lady and her kid..  someone was saying about filling out an accident report... I could not wait to get out of there and get home..

I come home and Clancy was doing my yard.. he stopped and came over to the car to help me in with my stuff and says.."Wow, were you near pickles.."  ??? I am pickled.. for sure in fact I felt like getting PICKLED.. 

Came in and showered and changed my clothes..then just sat back and shook my head...then sat down on the computer and had to contact AVG tech support.. another event..but the guy helping me.. in a chat session did a great job.. thank goodness..

My day Sucked !.. and I'm so ready for it to be GONE...hope I don't dream about pickles...LOL  So that's my Adventure for today...I'm telling ya I should write a TV sitcom... I know it would be a great story.. and even win an award...A Jar Of Pickles...hahaha

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...  

Sunday, January 25, 2015

What A Nightmare On Sunday

What a nightmare on Sunday... last night by the time I went to bed my head was pounding.. I had put another piece of vinyl down in Miss Annie's crate and was so wiped out .. I have such difficulty in trying to get down on my knees.. I did not a great job, but the best I could do..

Morning came and our routine is Up at 4 out the door then back in and back to bed till fine and all seem to handle all this well.. so then it was get the brats fed as I wanted to make a quick dash to Winn Dixie..

After having my coffee and cleaning Ms Shug's cage I went into the dog room to let the brats out before I was leaving...walked in and low and behold Miss Annie struck again.. I just knew it.. I felt it.. I can tell by the way she acts..OMG!   I lost it.. not again  :(

I yanked her out of that crate out they went and shortly after I put her in Zeke's crate..and I began to clean up the mess.. I've never been so angry and I knew if she came in reach of me.. she's be one sad pup... I did give her a whack with the vacuum cleaner hose.. it's pliable but does the trick ...

Then I had to call around to see who had a bottom pan for the crate 24x36.. PetSmart said they did.. I had to wait till 10am till they opened and drive over to Lady Lakes right across from Sam's club.. I checked their parking lot and it was I didn't go in for my paper products will do that another time.

But I did go to PetSmart pick up the pans then went to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up a few things there and while in there.. (I know why I hate shopping in there) I couldn't find anyone to help me.. and walking up and down those isles there was a lady talking on her cell phone gabbing about when she had her last period.. Give Me A Break !!!  I couldn't believe it..she wasn't shopping she was talking on her damn cell phone and blocking the isles she was the only one in the store...

I couldn't get around her.. and my legs were bothering I finally said really nasty, "Who gives a chit when you had your last period, Get out of the damn way" ... and my look alone I'm sure gave her an uneasy feeling..  I still can't believe someone would do that.. but then again what do I know..:?????

Finally I came up to the register and the gal said, "Did you get everything you need"... forget this number.. I then explained how dissatisfied I was with this store.. and I'll buy on Amazon from now on.. "..LOL.. I couldn't wait to get out of there...then I saw Arby's ..

Ok, so I'm gonna sit back and relax and eat a roast beef and I did.. it was good then the drive home to my brats...Help me Lord that I don't do her in !!.. Walk in and let the brats out.. Miss Annie stayed out of my reach.. she's not dumb that's for sure..but I'm believing spiteful ..

Put the pan in her crate and it don't fit...WHAT>>>>>???????  So I call up PetSmart and tell them idiots.. and now I have to go back tomorrow and get a refund.. called my girlfriend Mary.. of Jemar Pet Supply and asked if she could get me two pans.. she's gonna put an order in and have them dropped shipped..thank you MARY!... Should have called you from the beginning..

Later in the day I let the two brats out to play.. and gave them their new gel bone.. well they were enjoying it ..tossing it then finally Miss Annie got her bowels in and up roar and charged Rudy..wanting thing I know they are standing on their hind legs fighting.. I mean battling... bad too.. I took the pump gun with water and sprayed their faces.. they stopped and then I got Rudy to go in his cage as Miss Annie was challenging me..

Bad mistake I don't take that lightly and I grabbed her choker..she knew she was not gonna get away with it.. She felt my anger big time.. I may suffer later from my hands hurting but I know one thing..."She knew who the Alpha dog in the house is ....ME! "....

What a day it turned out to be.. and so this little match of wits begins.. as soon as they are over this kennel cough Miss Annie is in for a rude awakening.. She has so much energy that she's becoming too hyper.. so I'll get on the scooter and run her ARSE a few miles.. she'll tire out and calm down..

Now I'm so ready to fall out.. Some days you win and some days you lose..Lord help me I'm gonna ache tomorrow that's for sure..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Crap Shoot On Saturday

A crap shoot on Saturday....what I thought was going to be a good day turned right down the tubes...

Night before again good night sleep and up at 4am and then back to bed and we all got back up at 6am..that's fine works out great only this morning Miss Annie started off being a pistol..hence her name.."I'm a Pistol"..

I never got out to go to the store and I only needed a few things but it was windy and chilly and Rudy and Annie were still hacking..not as much but more I've had to keep them pretty much confined as when they are loose..Annie just won't quit..and no matter how much I correct her she has her own mind..soon you won't have an arse if she keeps this crap up !

So it's in and out to let them potty and drink water...can't put water bowls in cause Annie likes to splash..>>>>>>????? she's such a GEM...I love her dearly but boy oh boy...I could send her to the MOON !

My day was kind of sour..I just felt like things weren't going right..I couldn't get that feeling loose either...and now I know why..(see I always get these pre empt notices and I pay no mind to them) I was talking with Robert (hubby) on the phone I heard this banging noise..couldn't imagine where or what the heck it was.

So I get up and walk into the dog room cause that's where it's coming from..and low and behold it's Miss Annie..digging up a storm and as I looks closer she's got a whole in the vinyl flooring to her crate and with her jaws ripping it up..

Well you know I turned purple screamed and dropped the phone open her crate door and yanked her ARSE out of it.. dragged her to the other crate and tossed her ARSE in it.. and had to pull out the pan and attempt to peel that vinyl off

Let me tell ya it's not that's  put down with double sided tape which as it's settled in ..the glue is like cement..and I had to tare in strips the flooring off.. I was so ticked my obscenities were in Italian...and there were many..

If I would have had her next to me.. I probably would have taped her mouth shut permanently ..maybe not..but a good thought..however she did get a scare as I grabbed her pretty good.. when I lose it I lose it.. and she slid across the floor and into that other crate..

No matter how much I correct her..she still does's like she's got her own thing going..she's fortunate I don't have near the strength I use to have..I don't tolerate this..especially when it's spite.. she's been really ticked being crated and I do understand that.. but I can't let them romp around and hack ..they need to be calm and clear up that mucus's sounds awful.

As I walked out of the room.. she knew she better not even cross my path..letting her out tonight..she flew passed me.. like a gust of wind..and of course once outside she was like a boomerang ..I've never owned a dog like her..she's unreal..

Rudy stayed quiet..his eyes grew bigger, he later tonight I attempted to put another piece of vinyl down..gawd it looks awful..I'm not able to get on my knees so it makes it really hard..hopefully it will hold till Robert or I get someone to do one of the other pans and put that in...

I know I'm gonna have to go to the flooring place and get another remnant..need to re do some of the other floorings in the makes it so much easier to clean too..

So that's my saga ... I have a headache from getting so upset..sure hope tomorrow will be better...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, January 23, 2015

I Made It ! And It's Friday :)

I made it ! and it's Friday :)... goodness's been one heck of a week..and last night I got a good night all night hacking...and this morning again..up at 4am out the door and back in and Rudy goes right to his bed...Miss Annie jumps in mine and gets in her spot...and we all go back for a few more hours...This is I've never been able to do WOO HOO!

Today I had to make a quick run into town and I took the two brats !!!  BIG MISTAKE...reason..well, when I pulled up to CVS window to pick my script up..all I could see (not hear) was the girl's lips moving... I mean to tell you ..Miss Annie and Rudy were going to town barking..I became DEAF!

I sure wished I has my spray gun.. I would have blasted them two.. they wouldn't have to worry about hacking..they'd be fooling.. I mean to tell you was embarrassing.... I have to do something about that..even when a car came along side of mine...Good Gravy.. they had my car wiggling..

Yes!  I made my presence known..LOL..thank goodness I won't go back for another month...but this time I'll do it alone..see what I get for trying to give them two a nice ride..DUH!!

Most the day I really didn't do much of anything..I did make another batch of corn muffins and for dinner I reheated my lasagna..just didn't feel like cooking much of fact I've got a menu in that freezer..perhaps I'll put a list on the freezer door hahaha..

Rain setting in tonight..took the brats out and as soon as I got out the door.."CRACK"  and a flash of light.. OH MY STARS!!!   I'm not good with, I don't like to watch it.. I could feel my hair frizz..hahaha.. more like a white streak going down my fact the two brats peed really quick turned around and ran back in.. I don't blame them..

The hacking is kind of slowing down a bit..but I've also had Rudy and Annie crated so they could rest..jumping around as they do with just aggravate their cough.. They sure are giving me those looks..but omg!  when I finally let them out..the earth is gonna shake here... they are gonna be wild ...born to be wild more like it..!!

So now I'm watching Lost in that movie..and getting ready for bed.. Brats been out and given their 9:30pm meds..and their chew bones..boy are they gnawing...

I need to run out to the store for a few things..not much but do need bread.. I'm gonna have to buy a bread machine..didn't see one at Walmart so I might check QVC or Amazon ..see who gives the best deal...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hitting Home Base On Thursday !

Hitting home base on Thursday..!   I guess I could have said, "Three Strikes and your OUT "...sure enough I was out .. I mean woke up this morning and Miss Annie was hacking in time to catch up to Rudy...:(

Last night I didn't get much sleep as poor Rudy was hacking his brains loose..I felt so bad for I wished I would have started the meds as soon as I got him home..Oh well, no use crying about it..but he's on meds and now so is Miss Annie..

Most the day was dragging trash out..things I found I didn't need and stuff that I didn't even know what it was..yeah, those things seem to appear out of no where..

Weather wise it wasn't bad at all ..I had my door open most the day and ceiling fans going because I wanted to circulate the air...nothing like stagnant air to help Kennel cough..ugh ...hate that crap!

Had my crock pot going for BBQ pork..and of couse to make for the freezer.. I like those deals.. it's cook now and not for a while later on hahaha...hey, I admit if I can get good food and not have to cook..but I did, but later on..see my simple mind thinks those things out  hahaha..

Oh, I got a neat picture that was taken of Rudy when he was in Ocala show..I didn't even know about it till I got the proofs in and then I ordered the picture..It's really an awesome shot of Rudy and Randy in action..

I've been keeping Annie and Rudy in their crates pretty much only out for short periods of time due to the fact they are coughing and they'll want to play and couch all the it's best they take it easy..this is not an easy task..

They are both now eating good no more surprises..thank the Lord and I sure can't wait till Rudy starts to feel better so I can start to do a little road work with him..feeding him the raw pork and raw chicken tends to build mass and weight so I need to make sure he stays firm..

Watched American Idol again tonight wasn't least this time they seem to be stepping it up a notch on talent..sure hope when they decide to make their cuts they do the right move..

Ok, now I'm ready to get into bed..need to run into CVS to pick up script tomorrow and also need to stop at Winn favorite place..LOL..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Here's the picture of my Rudy !!!

OH and I never got to post the picture of Miss Annie on her 1 year old birthday..I caught her in the bathroom ready to steel those cap covers over the bolts to the toilet..LOL...Here's Miss Annie :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sure Wishing Wednesday Will Be Kind

Sure wishing Wednesday will be kind to us !...As I made it through the night..after our ordeal...feeling really bad for Rudy and definitely thinking, "how could I have been so dang dumb"..yep! kind of put the blame on me..

Morning came and Rudy and Annie went out about 4am then came back to far so good the meds were kickin in...and of course I heard this who has the cold.....OH NO!

My poor Rudy got a full bloom case of Kennel cough and it was sounding when I was making their breakfast I started Rudy on the meds...3 pills every 12 hours...and keeping him from not running through the house with Annie..

So far their stomachs seemed to have settled..thank poor Rudy just isn't feeling that great..and Miss Annie is so wanting to run the loops..but I've got to keep them both settled down..and keep air circulating in the house so Rudy has no problems .

Most of the day I really had restrictions going..and keeping their water clean..even though I try to let them have their a no brainer..they get into each others..they chew the same chew bones..oh yeah...I'm waiting to hear if Miss Annie will start...I do have meds for her as well..

Clancy came over again this morning early to put down more mulch ..this was the second truck load..but it's looking so much nicer...I'm sure next week when he has some time...he'll get another load and hopefully that will do the trick..

My day was kind of wasted as I just kept the brats quiet and in and out  to get a little sunshine ...their appetites were good and it looks like they are tolerating the change of food... I did cut back on the amount of pork given to Rudy till he gets more use to it..

The day dragged as I listen to Rudy cough..gosh I feel so bad for him.. I should have started him when I got him home on Sunday...but I thought ok..maybe it won't be bad as he wasn't really hacking...just once in a while...

Tonight I watched American Idol..and had Ms Shug out.. a little earlier..strange feeling having to crate my brats so much..but only way I can keep them both calm so Rudy can get some rest..

Now we are ready for bed..gave Rudy his meds and crossing my fingers and saying a pray..that Miss Annie won't start...So with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Here I Thought Tuesday Would Be Fine

Here I thought Tuesday would be fine...Hello Momma !... it never fails me...LOL

Last night all went well going to bed..Annie and Rudy are getting into the program again..Rudy of course is such a good boy...but Miss Annie..well, give me a break's her way or the highway she thinks !!!

Woke up at 4am, out the door the three of us went then back in for the charge back to bed and of course Rudy is now into the game of.."YOU AIN'T GONNA GET YOUR SPOT SISTER "...LOL...Oh yeah we have to play this one out and so let it be..he has to at least get her back someway..She's Wicked :)~

After that scene Rudy goes into his bed peacefully and within a few minutes comes the for Miss Annie...well, a horse of different color...she has to gnaw on her bone..loudly..then off she goes and finally I can close my eyes and perhaps catch a full hour..

We got up at 6am and race down the hallway to the kitchen to check and see if I have gotten their before breakfast cookie ready..hmmmm, and then it's ok, I'll go play in the living room bouncing from couch to couch and behind the couch to make those blinds swing from string to string..Yeah it's a sight to behold..

So I get breakfast ready and Ms Shug is wanting hers as well as she so sweetly has yelled Hello several which I come dashing over to open her cage..and I am gathering all my senses...I fix Rudy and Annie their new breakfast again.. with the pieces of chopped pork shoulder..Rudy did ok with it yesterday so I'm feeling pretty good and they like it..

Ms Shug likes her medley of goodies as well..all is well..they all get fed and I can settle down for my coffee and toasted corn muffin..woo hoo... I think I'm gonna head over to Walmart and pick up my meat clever (yes, to chop the chicken thighs for Miss Annie ) and a few other things..and to stop at Doc's to get some meds for Annie..just in case this kennel cough kicks in..

Rudy only has a little cough in the morning..not much so I'll holding off to let it clear up on it's own..sometimes it's better than pumping them full of antibiotics..they have to build up some sort of immunity...I then decided I was gonna stop for my Hardee burger..and I did.. boy was that good..headed back home..

Opened the door and I knew.. I could smell it..OMG!  walked into the dog room and poor Rudy and Annie has was so bad that it went out the crates and hit the walls and this one got me..even hit the ceiling..OH NO!

Now I really don't want to go into too many details but I can assure you I won't think about a Hardee's burger for quite awhile...but I got both of them out of their crates and to the dog patio...and my day was shot..I mean spent big time..

After clean up I also had to go out and clean the dog patio..OH YES!  Again out there and I felt so bad for the both of them... I knew what and why..good thing I picked up diarrhea meds..cause I gave it to them..

The Reason was.. the raw chicken was fine they were use to that..but the raw pork was just too rich..and I thought as I was wouldn't give them diarrhea..I'm sure they meant give it slowly.. I gave a few pieces one day and everything was next time I gave a little too much too soon..

Tonight at dinner time I gave them small amounts of food and some chicken as they needed to have something ..but enough that they wouldn't gorge themselves..I kept them more to their crates..and limited the fluid intake..

Tonight for bed time ..they got more of their meds..and pray tonight they won't have another bout..sure was an interesting more ways than one..DUH!

For me, I lost my appetite..I'm just thankful this day is almost over...and hopefully tomorrow will be a lot better..the risks we take when attempting something new...

Weather wise the day turned out pretty darn good..and thankful I had my door get some air in the house...tonight it's not bad either...just looked at Rudy and Annie ..they are tucked in and soon I am to be..

With that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..and thank goodness for Odor Ban !!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

In No Way Did Monday Sneak In

In no way did Monday sneak fact I knew it was happening the day before hahaha....well, seriously my days were so counted how could it..????

Night before I dragged into bed as I was just to darn tired from getting up and getting out on the road before daybreak..and then worrying how the big boy would behave..also knowing he had Kennel cough..and how bad..YIKES!

All went well, as we all know we are sometimes victims of our own minds..and I'm no difference ...but all and all Rudy wasn't too bad..his cough is slight and I still haven't given him any had he been coughing that horrible gagging I would be popping those babies in..

Morning for us is the double take..wake up at 4..go potty and then race back to bed...where Annie gets in her spot..but not this morning..Rudy got there and wasn't letting Miss Annie in...OH! she was pissed so we had to hear the high pitch bark of hers...OMG!!!

Then Rudy gave in..he's such a good boy !  Rudy jumped down and into his crate and Miss Annie crawled in her spot and lights were out till 6am...How Wonderful !!!!  I never use to be able to do that..once I was up...that was I must be getting older..or is it WISER :)~

Once we got up again it was off to the race into the kitchen the battle of the "who's gonna get the before breakfast cookie first"..and then gulp a gallon of water ..yeah, it's exciting ..hahaha..

Ms Shug gets into the picture with her sweet..."Hello" she sits on the bottom of her cage looking underneath the that's a hoot..and Miss Annie and Rudy run up to her and they all get their kisses in..sweet thang !!!

Trash day and I was too wiped out to clean the frig so that will have to be Thursday this week..then gather up all the junk...get the dollie loaded and out to the curb we go...

This morning Clancy came over and tackled my yard..he does such a great job also went and got MULCH...I needed it desperately..and he was busy most the day...although he's got more to do...but it was like 39 this morning brrrrrrrrrr so he'll be back next week..

The rest of my day was just getting the house some what together and tomorrow I have to run into town pick up meds for know the just in case stuff..I should go to Walmart but I'll wait till Sunday when I can get in early and out...better get my list going..

Had to break up the brats in their fight tonight..Gosh Miss Annie gets really into it..and when Rudy goes back at her she gets evil..the sounds were awful so up I got and just said loudly, "that's enough"...they do stop..they know I am angry and off they go into their room...I have to keep on top of's not often but they do and can get into it..

Ms Shug comes out and it's do her nails..she's getting good about the dremmel..and then she plays with my empty pill bottles that I wash out..she loves "Plastic"..sound familiar hahaha..

Watched  Apprentice and I'm kind of liking it..they had Joan Rivers on ..which this was pre taped back before her death..interesting plots watching all those celebs work out on business deals..

Now I'm back in the bedroom and warming up my bed ...and the brats are in their crates chewing their bones...loudly too..sure hope it don't last..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Last Show Adventure On Sunday

Last show adventure on Sunday...thank goodness... no more driving in the wee hours of the morning..hardly seeing right and then making sure to get parked in a good spot...and sitting in the wind and wait for 8am judging that came and went so quickly..then back that same drive to hurry home and thaw out...Thank goodness for heated seats in my car !

This was the last run to it wasn't as cold but it sure was windy ...however, Mister Rudy did not want to be there..he acted like a horses ass !..He took his class and that was it...boy was I ever so glad to get him home..

He needs a good 10 - 15 lbs..and maturing big time... so I'll start his regiment of feeding program... had the butcher cut of 3 Pork Shoulders in cubes and yes! save the bone...and his meal the morning several cubes of raw pork and kibble..lunch time his big cookie..and dinner time  raw chicken thigh and kibble..every day...and also road work..using my scooter and letting him run along side of it..

Miss Annie was sure happy Rudy was home cause she done tore into him..the poor boy never got a chance to rest...she was jumping on him..tugging on him and even sat on him..hahaha...oh yeah !  the brats are back in town..

It will take most likely a week of those two going bonkers before I get them to settle down...and then hopefully I can get some wait on he grows up..We'll look at him again in April/ May and see how he's looking..again no hurry cause he's a slow mature..

My evening was a little draining..had Ms Shug out and I know she was not a happy camper ..she wanted to play and I was she only got 40 minutes out and then I got everything ready to head back to the bedroom..

Clicked on my electric blanket and brats are in soon.. oops I see Miss Annie stole Rudy's chew bone so I'll have to get him one...ugh!.. So far no coughing from Rudy but tomorrow I need to head in town and pick up Annie's meds.. I just can't take the case Rudy starts hacking..

Now I'm gonna slide on down under covers and call it a day...and hopefully tomorrow I'll have energy.. it's also trash day...lucky me !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, January 17, 2015

This Day To ReCoup On Saturday

This day to recoup on Saturday...well it was gonna be...however, I did have a few things to do ...:)...just a few things :)~

Last night got to bed and fell deep into slumberville..woke up at 4am and let Miss Annie go out then "We" went back to bed..woo hoo..she is good about that and will climb in bed at that time only and then get back up at 6am..

I've learned to do I'm not dragging the rest of the day...but once I'm up I'm anxious to get what I need done...cause my energy level peters out around's what it is and that's that !

I wasn't going to cook much as I have lots of leftovers..but as I read some of the meals the group was making..uh oh !  that made me want to explore again..LOL..

Now in the morning I made my batch of corn muffins..being that I only have 6 silicone muffin cups and they are small.. I go through 2 a day..yep! my toasted corn muffin deal with my 2 cups of coffee.....then on to what I decided to make for dinner.. I had bought a frozen pizza and gave it a worked pretty I have pizza now for reheat too..but the pizza didn't come out bad..again I'm not an avid lover of frozen pizza..but just didn't want to make dough and do all that work...NAH! just for me..NO WAY...

Got a few things done and did go out with Annie in the car (she loves to run out to the car jump in and into her crate like a big girl..) we drove into town as I had a few cents off a I needed to fill up for my drive tomorrow morning at 5:45am to watch Rudy and then bring him home..

Now that part I'm excited about because he needs to mature and put on weight he's to slender..and I've got his pork shoulder cut up and his chicken thighs ready too... he'll get the pork in the morning with his kibble and in the evening he'll get his chicken thighs with his kibble...then start road working a little each week..

So again my work load will be adding a few things...oh! need to get my golfcart fixed..need new batteries and a new charger and looking at getting a new engine put in.. it's ok...but very slow.. so that's my next major investment..ugh!

So that's about it..other than I'm gonna attempt to make peach cobbler in my NuWave for tomorrow..stay tuned in ..:)

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, January 16, 2015

To The Dog Show On Friday

To the dog show on Friday....oh my stars yes !....of course it was an 8am show time and the weather was windy and cold... had to get up at 4am with Miss Annie then get things done and ready to leave the house at 5:45am to get to my favorite parking spot..right next to the Johns ..I kid you not !!!

Night before I got everything ready for the quick up and out.. I had refrig stuff packed and ice blocks ready to go into the cooler..had Miss Annies Breakfast in a zip lock with her cookies....her water and mine as well with my meds..Ms Shug was gonna have to have an early wake up..uh oh !!!  she's not gonna be a happy bird..hahaha

So got to bed and it seems like I just laid down and it was time to get up.. Don't cha just hate that..???? any way Miss Annie was up at 4am so I might as well just get up and get things ready to go out the door...and of course it's got to be cold and chilly..that icy feeling..Psst..this is FLORIDUH !!!!

Once I got Ms Shug awake..and she wasn't happy about it..but gave her extra goodies ..all kinds of mixed nuts and sunflower seeds and fruits ,...oh she was not gonna be not fed..she was gonna once she realized I woke her butt up..she was gonna be jibber jabbing for sure...

Got Annie out a couple of times as I wanted to make sure she didn't have to go potty ...being we would be at the show site by 6:45am ..sit for a little bit as 8am was Annie was gonna be left in the car... I didn't want to have to walk her around ..

So I left the front to windows open a bit..being cold and windy ..she didn't need the wide open..and she is getting good about it.. curls up and sleeps or gnaws on her chew bone..and I was just a ring away ..had my remote with I could open the sliding will...but I'm only under the tent 40 minutes if tops..not even that.

Got to see Randy for a bit and he told me..there was an outbreak of Kennel Cough.. (chit) and of course Rudy had a little cough.. I looked at Rudy and he gave me a little.."hello"...not much.. I mean that boy doesn't get upset me leaving that makes me feel sad..but I'm glad in away he adores Randy..

Rudy is also close with my he's a man's dog..his appearance was good and no signs of a running nose and I didn't hear him cough..but he wasn't happy about the cold..or showing in it... Randy had some time with him...but a few little jolts and he knew he had to behave himself..

His showing was ok, not great but I then thought he also might not be feeling when I left I went to the Vets and got meds for him..and also Annie as in case Rudy starts coughing ..I know Annie might follow... and we just got through this with Annie from the Ocala shows...:(

Now I'm telling you that show grounds was cold and bitter with the wind ripping through..I don't like showing in that weather...I can only imagine how the dogs all felt...CRAPPOLA..

Rudy will be coming home Sunday and also I've got a food program to follow to try and put some weight on him.. he's lean and slow maturing..but he needs to muscle as I talked with his breeder.. suggestions were..feed him some pork in the morning (pork rules hahaha) and the chicken at night..every day along with his kibble...

So I stopped at Publix and had the butcher cut me up a pork shoulder in cubes and I'll give him so many a day in the morning.. of course Miss Annie will have some too.. the Pork Shoulder was about I have enough for 10 days..and I'll order another one.. and I have plenty of Chicken we is good to go..

So now I'm home tomorrow and will get some work done...and get my kitchen set up for the meals for Ms Shug too...I'm now doing weekly setups as in the morning it gets to hectic to cut and peel and chop..again I'm using my that stuff LOL..

Turned my electric blanket on to warm the bed and Miss Annie and Ms Shug are in bed..didn't take Ms Shug out.. I was just too tired..but will tomorrow plus have to clean her cage..

So with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Swung On In On Thursday

Swung on in on Thursday....another good night without any interruptions. Miss Annie again made it almost through..she did whimper a bit around 5ish..but hey that's fantastic..

Got up and as usual on this day it's trash day..and with how my trash has been picked up ..not really sure what time they will show I try to get it all dragged out to the curb by 7am..and sure enough today they picked up at 1pm..hey we is getting there....

Made my pot of coffee and it seems Miss Annie is starting to grow up a bit..although now she still does that "race is on" ...but more and more she's wanting to be by my side...and that's good..but wait till the big boy comes home on Sunday...holy smokes she's gonna give him a piece of her "teeth"..hahaha..

This afternoon I cooked up Chicken parm and a little that packed to take with me for Randy and Terry tomorrow and I had mine for dinner late this afternoon..then me and Annie and Shug got a little nap in...well sort of.. I mean I wasn't sleeping but just laying back and Annie was right along side of me.. Shug ..she sat in her cup LOL  and I saw her close her eyes...

She has been getting up early with me and Annie..but tomorrow the poor thing is gonna be up wee early as I'll need to leave here by that means I'm gonna be hitting the sack..

Watched American Idol..I'm liking what I'm seeing and boy I picked a few I really like.. sure hope they make the cut...but it was better..hopefully someone whispered in their the right thing..

Crappy day all day.. gloomy and off and on sprinkles in fact just before we came back to the bedroom..and I let Annie out it was sprinkling..she hates it too.. she tip toes around..she'll get over it.. !

So with that.. I need to fall forward..LOL  those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....on to tomorrow !

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What Did I Do On Wednesday ?

What did I do on Wednesday?  .. well I know I had a good night sleep..Miss Annie didn't get up till almost 5am..and from there I cleaned my kitchen which sometimes gets completely catawampus .. I do mean it ..hahaha...then I decided the day was looking gloomy and I was almost out of corn muffins and no chocolate chip cookies..oh and I had Sausage in the frig I had to use plus onions and peppers...

So my morning was..feed brat then Ms Shug and from there I was cooking ala NuWave...Yes, I really like the convenience of that machine..and clean up is such a my morning went well...

Afternoon I kind of sat and waited to hear from Randy as to how my Rudy did.. now I wasn't expecting any thing major but I wanted Rudy to improve and get his act he shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then he's home with me till he grows up.. and fills out.. 

Spotting him was all we had planned with hopes that perhaps he might collect a few points..but he got a lot of reserves..however he was learning the tricks of the I'll be so glad to get my boy home..I really miss him and so does Miss Annie..but she's missing him cause she loves to jump on him and show him she's the boss..she is a BRAT!

I made Italian Sausage and Peppers and Onions boy was that good.. I have enough for several sandwiches so you know my lunch times are gonna be good !!!

Watched American Idol..and then had Ms Shug out for a bit ..she's getting so much better with me.. still not too cuddly like she is with Robert..but likes for me to scratch her and is good now about getting her claws done..

So it's time for me to head to bed..and prepare for going to the dog shows on Friday and Sunday.. need to do some work ahead..and it's that 6am leaving that's killer.. also will make up some pasta and chicken parm to bring to Randy and Terry...

With that..those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All..  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Treading Lightly On Tuesday

Treading lightly on I got up for the second time got dressed and fed the Brat and Ms Shug ..headed out the door to Publix and to CVS with my new insurance card...

Last night I just totally crashed..felt like I was lifting up, up and away...Miss Annie slept till 4am then I put my crock pot going..made a beef stew..Yes! at a few minutes after 4... I put everything into the crock pot and went back to bed..

Had the crock pot on low but when I woke up I was getting those heavenly aromas going...but I had to go to Publix and pick up a few things for Ms Shug and then make a dash over to CVS giving them my new Insurance card..

Robert's company changed Insurance company and saved quite a bit of money ..but like I told him.. I sure as hell hope I don't have any nonsense cause that it a mind blower..

Home I went and the day wasn't bad although started off foggy but turned out nice..Weather man said.."We might have Thunder Storms" but thank goodness none showed up !

Called my Brother to wish him a Happy Birthday ..he turned 74 today...golly he and I are getting old..was good talking with him.. we always laugh about things we did as kids..and sometimes I think we still feel like we are..

My day wasn't bad and my body feels like a slug..but I try to do too much and it wipes me out.. I'm only good for morning hours then by noon time I'm heading down it's get things done early for "forgetabout it "  hahaha

Ok, I'm now gonna head to bed.. was going to go to the dog show to see Rudy but it's not gonna be a nice day.. so I'll see him on Friday...I just pray he'll be good and show well..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Monday, January 12, 2015

Heaven Help Me It's Monday !

Heaven help me it's Monday !....that's exactly how I felt...oh my Blue Monday....:(... I had a good night sleep even though I get that wake up for a bit then go back to bed...but knowing it's Monday alone does the job on me..

Got up and just didn't have the surge of energy.. I watched Miss Annie do her morning Jog...more like a mad dash around the couch... I use to stop her but now I just let her tire out..and she does and finally quits..

In a lot of /ways she reminds me of my Joseph.. he would take off and race up and down in the motor home stop and look at me and continue on the just lay down...that's kind of the same thing Annie does.. I just think she has so much energy (might be them batteries) that she needs to burn it off...

I had planned to do my laundry and of course cleaned the frig as it was Trash Day so I dragged that out and then had my coffee fed my brats Ms Shug and Miss Annie and sat down chatted with my friend Dawn to see how she was feeling and had good intentions of just staying in my night gown .. I wasn't going anyway...

The phone rings and it's the AC/Heater man to come and clean it..OH BOY !!!  I had to make a mad dash and throw close on.. there goes my day.. hung up from Dawn and the guy was here over an hour..good thing too because he found one of the wires was not connected to the my heat would go on to the heat strip..thank goodness he put a jumper set up on as the wire was somewhere broken..could have even been a critter that ate it..none of mine one of those outside numbers..

After that I got my laundry done and I just leaned back and relaxed...the cold day yesterday ..then getting up at 4am  and an all day event wore my butt out.. so I have to take a day to myself..even though I did get a few things done..

Tomorrow I have to call my brother as it's his birthday he'll be 74..yikes..I'm not far behind him and then I have to run into town to the CVS and give them my new insurance card..we went with another carrier for the company..then i'll stop at publix for a few things then home I is..

Rained like the dickens and some thunder then of course Miss Annie is not fond of having wet feet..she is a lot like my Abby was..and I would call her Twinkle it's now getting ready for bed..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Woe Is Us On Sunday

Woe is us on was off to the races and down to Brooksville at 5:45am so that I could get a up and close parking spot..and like my Thursday I sure did..right next to the port a that in itself was a true blessing..

The night before was good for Miss Annie slept well and even though we had our usual up and out and back to bed..she was a good girl..she had a bout of diarrhea from eating bird food and I'm sure those batteries didn't help..

So come morning I only gave her a few cookies and I had most everything packed and even woke Ms Shug up wee she was not a happy camper..but she got her goodies and we were ready to roll.

Thank goodness hardly anyone was on the road..and it was smooth sailing..I dressed lightly as according to the weather was gonna be a nice wasn't not at 8am and the wind ripped through.. my light jacket didn't help..

Also I was at the wrong ring according to what was I had to move on over to the right was ring 11 instead of ring 3..okie dokie..and as I got there the Rotties were just going in the friends Dawn and her brother Paul were there and Dawn had her Miss Abby..a real she calls it.. a "teacup min pin"  a little mouse I call it hahaha..

Watched Rudy show..and I was really ticked..he showed horrible..horrible wasn't the word..Rudy just wasn't going to do what Randy wanted..OH !!!  If I had been showing him I would have jerked that sucker..he would have known who was the boss.. I was so ashamed of him.. because he can show excuse..after show was over and I did go back to see Randy.. I expressed my feeling..He needs to be worked and needs to know this is not gonna be tolerated..

He is young but still has had those weeks on the road and showed beautifully..I feel what happened to him the day before with the in experienced girl showing him didn't help..he got away with not doing what he was trained to do.. So it's back to the drawing board with a swift kick in the butt. !

Left there and heading home.. of course chilled to the bone.. and Miss Annie was happy to be home as well.. I had left her in the car with the windows slightly opened and she had her chew bone and was curled up cozy.. so when we got home.. I opened her door and all hell broke loose...

She and I had a great nap...yep !  she laid right next to me on the couch and got in a good 2 hours..she did eat a good dinner and Ms Shug was ready for bed too.. I had her out just to clean her cage so tomorrow she'll get more out time.

Seemed that my day kind of disappeared as I tried to watch TV and again fell asleep... and now.. I've got my electric blanket on warming my bed.. and hope to get these chills gone...and I'll head back to Brooksville next week..

That's about it..other than bed is looking mighty nice too me !  Safe Travels and as always God Bless Us All...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Woo Hoo ! Hello There Saturday !!!

Woo Hoo !  Hello There Saturday !!!....and what a Saturday it was...first off.. last night I was woke by Miss Annie..then it was a quick in and out..Ok, so now we jumped (She and I) back to bed...and slept we got up Miss Annie ran into the living room... I know she was looking for her "ball"  but it was hidden...but she was a little slow on the intake.. I mean when I went into the living room..there she was ..just gnawing on a battery...

I figured she felt she wasn't fully charged so she had to help herself.. and not just any battery would do for my Miss Annie..Oh NO !  she definitely didn't like the she only took a few bites..but her preference was the good ole EverReady..OH YEAH!!...she gnawing on that baby big time..HUH...BIG TIME...I swear I saw her eyes glow when she went into the other dark room...:)~

That was the beginning of my day...then on to the run into town to Winn Dixie as I needed to get a few things in and I was also out of greens for Ms Shug..she likes the Kale, Swiss Chard and Spinach combo.. and the broccoli slaw..

I'm telling you I go with a list for that Sweet Thang !...she's a hoot..just like my brats.. we all do what we can to make them HAPPY...and HEALTHY...and of course I picked up a few things not much as I have lots in the freezer..

Tomorrow morning I have to be up by 4:45am and out the door by 6am so I can get an up front parking spot and hopefully it will be nicer..but I am bringing a jacket and my goodies will be packed...

Sure hope my big boy shows well.. and you can still see his a as he learns the ropes and start wanting to be competitive..he's getting there.. and also lately starting to let the other boys know he's there..LOL  wise guy ..

So for me it's lights out and get ready for the long day tomorrow.. Miss Annie is not going to be happy..she has to stay in the car..but not long..but she will get all the attention and I'll let her snuggle for our afternoon nap..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, January 9, 2015

And It's Another Chilly Friday

And it's another chilly Friday although better than yesterday..10 times better but nothing fantastic....and my night sleep was strange..of course I thought it was a dream...hahaha...had this strange feeling my dream was so real...and guess what ?  It was !!!

Dreamt that Miss Annie was bouncing a ball and running down the hallway...and she was.. she woke me up out of a dead sleep.. it was around 2ish..I thought I seen her jump off the bed with a red thing in her mouth (it was a ball ) apparently she found Rudy's ball he hid..(nothing is hidded from Miss Annie) anyway..she tossed it and it hit the wall bounced back and then up the hallway she went...

I woke up ..sat straight up and was wondering what was that pounding noise and where was Annie running too..OMG !  what was going on.. so I stumble out of bed almost falling over the cord to the electric blanket..(don't wanna break that )...and then try to make out what is eyes aren't focusing in right and of course with one eye having a's no help at all ...I'm blind as a bat !!

She then comes running back my way and I see this huge red globe in her jaws..Hello Mamma..I then lunge for her..grab her and down we both go..she's growling and I'm yelling..hahaha..yeah it was a sight to see..any way..after I get that blinkin ball I put it up ..get her out the door to back in the house..Not me ..her !!  then back to bed I go..put her in her crate..and it's cover up cause I'm cold...brrrrrrrrrrrr

Fell into a deep sleep and woke up at 6am..and really thought I dreamt the whole thing till I saw that ball..hahaha..yeah, I'm completely nuts !!  Tonight though will be a different story. Miss Annie will sleep in her crate..even if she wakes me up .. she's in her CRATE !

Later on I just didn't get too much done..did manage to was I had too..and dusted..and that was it.. I was spent and wasn't going out..but I do have to tomorrow.. unfortunately

Did grab a nap.. well the nap grabbed me..I was just sitting on the couch and next thing I knew I was waking up.. it was a no choice LOL..but dang it felt good...

Most of the day was so gloomy and then listening to the news as the weatherman said.."we was gonna be down to 39 tomorrow morning..ok, this is suppose to be FLORIDA....what is going on ?????

Watched Undercover boss tonight and then Date Line and that was my night..just really didn't want to do much as it was again chilly...flannel shirts and pants ..electric blanket sales have got to be climbing high..I bet a record high..

So it's off to sleep I go.. and then up and out early to get back home.. I'm not good about shopping lately.. well never really have been... but love that Amazon shipping..and delivered right to your door..woo hoo..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Off To The Dog Show On Thursday

Off to the dog show on Thursday...and boy was it bitter cold..a chill factor of 20 degrees..and in sunny Florida..Shazaaaam !

Went to bed early and woke up at 1am ..guess I was thinking it was 5am..but nope so I tucked back in and prayed I wouldn't over sleep..I didn't..Me and Miss Annie were wide awake and busy tail (she has no tail hehehe)..and even got Ms Shug up..which she wasn't happy about..but we had to leave here by a little after 6am.

So the race was on..and of course the wind was blowing and I was stumbling along the knees were not going to co operate..them buggers !!!  But I managed to get my stuff packed and out the door me and Miss Annie went..

Now thank goodness I have heated seats in my car cause I didn't get chance to heat the car up..and Miss Annie's crate does have carpet in the I knew she'd be she had her chew bone..of course it was pitch black out..ack!!

Down the road we drove, heat started to come on as I had it on the air would circulate all over..instead of that blast on your legs or face..and got right on I 75..had my mug of hot tea..was a little bit worried for coffee and my stomach was in knots..

Got to the show site and got a parking spot in the handicap area..of course when I went to ask where ring 3 was..the people working the gate weren't thrilled to even talk..of course not they were freezing..but as I sat in my spot I looked around and saw the sign ..Ring 3..and I also saw there was parking over on the other side of I asked the one guy..could I move up as I was handicapped and I'd never make the walk carrying my chair and bags..he obliged thank goodness..and I looked up and ring 3 was to the right of my car..OK.. if push comes to shove I can sit in here..

Also because it was so bitter cold there was no way I was gonna bring Annie out to sit in I was leaving her in the car with the windows cracked..and from where I was going to be I could use my remove to open the slide door and windows..but she was cozy and being really good..(thank you Lord).

Finally the show started and I walked over to the ring with my chair and there was Randy with Rudy..yep, Rudy was happy to see me..but he was shrivering..poor boy.. Randy smiled and said, "Rudy is acting like a butt hole"..uh oh !!..yeah he was..all of a sudden he's giving the other male dogs a little bit of grumble...probably he's tired of Miss Annie doing a number on now it's his turn...

ONce in the ring ..Rudy wasn't himself.. I didn't like how he was acting or showing...he just wouldn't stand still.but the wind was ripping through.. more like he wasn't happy about being in that bitter cold...and the judge..what a jerk he was..examining the bite..he was counting teeth..had almost all the dogs down on the grown with when I looked again..the man had on dark sunglasses..perhaps he couldn't see...what ever it was...what a jerk cause with these dogs..he might created the dog to bite...Idiot is all I can say...

Well, Rudy placed second and that was that.. I then got up..told Randy I had something for him and I'd meet him back at his rig.. said, bye to those around me and got to my car..Miss Annie was happy cause we were going home.. Stopped by Randy and told him I'd see him on Sunday..then drove home..

I was so cold it took me forever to get the chill out of my bones..and Miss Annie was so happy to be home..she snuggled up with me on the couch and slept for a couple of hours...Home sweet home... but unreal for Florida.. if it would have rained it would have been snow !!!  FACT !!!!!!!

Most of the day I just didn't do much.. Ms Shug was complaining about being up too early...LOL  so tonight she was happy that lights were going out...and of course I have to tomorrow make a quick run to Winn Dixie ..I'm out of greens and a few things for Ms Shug..and will pick up some country ribs to make BBQ..

Watched American Idol tonight and they had some really good singers..I wasn't sure I wanted to watch it..but when Biggest Loser went off I took a peek..glad I did..but sure hope they get better talent then last years..

I'm tired and electric blanket is you know I am gonna just slide into home base...So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Here We Go On Wednesday

Here we go on Wednesday... I woke up at 3:30am...again..(sure wish I'd stop this) and Me and Miss Annie went out..brrrrrr and then hopped right back in bed and got up again that wasn't bad at all..

I had a mission.. I was gonna get Miss Annie fed and Ms Shug then me and then get dressed and hop on out to Walmart..pick up a thermos and a few things then stop by the bank so I could make a deposit in a lady's account so our group of feathered friends could come to the aide of someone in need..

It's a good feeling to help others, I mean I'm fortunate I'm able to..and when you hear some really hardships it breaks your heart..passing it forward is truly what it's all about.. I once was as a child in that need and my family had help..we were forever grateful...and so when, as we were growing up we could help others we did..

Got back home and could feel the difference in the weather as it's making a nose dive ..and from the weather reports tomorrow morning is suppose to have a wind chill factor of 20...we go from 80 to now 20...holy cow..

Will have to make sure I'm bundled up ..had to use my flovent several times today as Im having a little problem catching my breath..figures..if I didn't have to make this trip as I had promised.. I'd stay home and just see Rudy show on Sunday..Lord, I sure hope no problems..

Lots of flu going around in fact at Walmart's I saw several people wearing masks I felt like running...and finding one for myself..and again listening to the news..and also Cindy coming down with it..crossing my fingers for sure..

I bought a router, a linsky N900..don't know that much about routers but came home read the directions..what little there was then got down on my knees on top of a pillow..cause I know this isn't easy for me...checked the back of the other one how the plugs where and just one by one took one off and put the other one on.. then rebooted the setup ..put the CD in the laptop and followed the yellow brook road..:)

Of course putting this in sounds easy..but you have to be some what of a contortionist..the way the wires are here and oh.. needed a flash light to see it's all black..DUH????? I'm half blind now..after this I'm probably totally .

Got up and running and the signal is now super strong...well I got 8 years out of the router so I can't complain..please hope I get that..that would be dynamite !

Now I'm ready for bed..been a busy day and getting up so early and still dark out is not my favorite those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.....oh yes!  my electric blanket is on :)