Saturday, August 31, 2013

So Thankful on Saturday

So thankful on Saturday.... I awoke at 4ish and chatted with an online Sistah and thank goodness cause I was winging it.. my nerves were a little on the off kilter side. Waiting for 9am was gonna be a rough one..

Last night I hardly slept took a tylenol and then attempted to sleep some but not to be not last night anyway...maybe best cause this way I would relax a little later on..

Did my critter chores and hubby was out of the shower in no time and off we went down the road to see that Doc...when we got there we still have 15 minutes and the door was still locked..but not long Doc opened the door and waved us in..Thank goodness..

As I was walking up the path to the office I saw this really handsome young man...OK>.who's this ????  yep, it was my Doc..the one that was gonna examine my poor tooth and how much it really did hurt..

Hubby followed me in the door and next thing I knew I was in that chair the one that leans all the way back and HELLO was this handsome looking young Doc...OK, I feel no Pain hahahaha..

He was extremely gently and even when he had to pick at that tooth..OMG..but I grinned and bared it all..just looking into his eyes.hahaha.. melt down..Nah I'm kidding but he was really good looking..he kind of chuckled along with me as hubby was joking and trying to make light of how nervous I was ..

Took Xray and my luck the infection was way way up there almost to my dang brain...Doc even had to take a second look.. I heard him say, "That's a mean arse infection you have"..hahaha.. he fits right in... but I can't believe how gentle he was..not like Dr John.. he was an Army dentist and let me tell ya when you sat in his chair..hold on to the arm rest cause when he drilled it was like he was on a finish ya !!!!!...but he too was caring or I never would have continued for years to go to him...

So now it's set for me to see a the real world my crown and tooth had to go.. I asked first if I could have an implant done and because I'm on Fosamax I couldn't make it short and sweet he'll add a tooth to my partial and at the rate I'm going I might fill the dang thing !

Now it's wait on appointment with Surgeon and then I have to come off Plavix and asprin for 5 days prior and then take 2000 mgs of Amoxi...lucky me.. but it will be done and wait 2 weeks to go back to the Dentist and have impression done and then I'm finished..maybe...

Came home and got my script filled and took two 500mg amoxi and then 1 every 6 hours...and also took some tylenol..would have given me stronger pain meds but needed to check with the Cardio Dr first..but the tylenol holds me so far...but I do make sure I rinse my mouth with salted that's a sure tasty stuff...

That was my morning and who knows what my afternoon will bring but I'm gonna attempt to lay down a bit and see if I can get a little back 

I'm back ..hubby did dinner for me and I picked ..couldn't eat much really and had to be soft bites..more like slide down...and now my mouth is starting to bother me ..gonna take my meds and even a benadryl to get some will relax me and not have a hang over...I need something to take the edge aweay..

Hope you all are enjoying the Holiday Weekend..this is one for me I won't forget...LOL> more ways than one ..woo hoo..ouch !

So with that all traveling Stay Safe and don't be in a'll get there soon..... God Bless Us All..

Friday, August 30, 2013

Not A Good Friday :(

Not a good Friday:(  for me at all... most of the day I had ice pack and taking tylenol and finally got in touch with the covering's been really hard to even do anything.

Morning was really rough as I did my chores..the pain in my mouth and gums swollen..ouch is all I can say.. My crown is cracked in the back of the incisor and it's extremely sensitive. So it's been every 4 hours I've been taking those blessed tylenol.

Figures I pick a Holiday week.. I mean no where to go other than the E R and that was my last attempt if I couldn't get any one to help me. ...Mister Murphy you done kicked my ARSE but good this time..

I can fully understand why people say, "Take em all".. I mean I've been struggling to keep my teeth and with all the chemicals I take in my body it seems they have been doing a number..and I can't have implants done because I'm on it's the paste in your mouth choppers if this don't stop.....

Now the kicker to this..I got an appointment for tomorrow at 9am and he'll have to take an ex-ray..but I can't have any work done till I'm off Plavix 4 days and get pre hopefully within the week..I get this taken care of..but something to kill this pain and infection.. 

When I tell you all, Murphy lives with me..ya better believe it..I get a break in between but always for the next surprise or as I call it.."Adventure"..

So I am thankful for getting this Dentist to even look at me..and we go from there..Hubby is gonna take me in the morning just in case..cause with me I'm always full of "What Was That"?

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend cause I know I'll be laboring lots of things..and nothing I want to brag about either...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oh LUCKY ME on this Thursday

Oh lucky ME on this let me say, "I started the morning off ok..but no Internet..."  so I just went on about my business till I could log on and then finish my daily chores...make a quick fix of Corn Muffins as that is our choice for breakfast..Toasted of course..:)

So the rest of the day went along ok..looking cloudy..was it gonna rain or what...manage to make a pot of chili for tonight's dinner and have a salad..that will go well...

Didn't do any crocheting as I took a break when I was not feeling well...some times I need to stop for awhile as my hands start to ache too I did some catch up on my list for this weekend of what we needed in..

My order from QVC of Kansas City Sampler came in and that was a good buy..not always so you need to make sure you check prices..but it has some of their signature steaks, hot dogs, burgers and twice stuffed baked potatoes..all a serving of out to be 5 bucks a meal..not bad and they are delish..had them this was our treat..don't do it often...but I do buy at Christmas their Rib Roast..excellent..again another treat..the quality of their meats are excellent..pricey so I wait for a special deal..

So as I put everything away I got the munchies..and out came the almonds and walnuts..and I sat back and on the very first chunk..YEP, it got me right up in the back of my front tooth..had to be a crown too...and wham that sucker hurt so bad and now the roof of my mouth is swollen and my crown tooth is throbbing...aren't I lucky and it's Labor Day weekend...

Called the Dentist and he's out of town till Tues...HOLY tylenol I'm taking ..rinsed my mouth out with warm salt water and sure hope it ain't nothing too major...

Watched Big Brother tonight and good bye Arryn saw that one coming and don't know if they should trust Andy cause his loyalty is still with Bully Amanda 

It's bed time and my mouth is still sore and my tooth off and on aching..sure hope I can make it through the weekend...just my Murphy coming back...

Those of you traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Resting Wednesday

A resting Wednesday with a little bit of rain to add to the setting...of course my Sinus had to act up but not as bad...the weather is just doing another turn on me..and so is my sinus...but I'm still on the mend.

Morning I did sleep till 4:30am and that was good and most of the day I just only did what needed to be done...mainly stayed off the heavy a call my car is ready so we'll pick it up tomorrow night..

Not planning much this week as I need to start getting ready for all my test ..August is on her way out and September is ready to roll in..and that's a lot of Doc appointments..Mammo, Pap, Stress, Blood work...oh yeah the whole 9 yards worth.

Dinner was just reheat left overs and tomorrow will be simple as well..just not up to that level of a lot of might be for me and hubby too..

Watched Big Brother...gawd do I dislike Amanda ...sure hope the house hold will get smart but I don't know..and her winning power of Veto..give me a break..but then Handy Andy the snitch can walk the plank..which will help matters..

Now watching the finishing of America's Got Talent and my favorite group went through.. Forte...they are excellent...hope they win.!

Ok, I've had it and I'm in need of bed with that ..All traveling down that highway Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thankful Tuesday :)

Thankful Tuesday :) I'm starting to feel a little bit better..not when I first woke up (again at 2am) cause I went back to bed as it was too early and fell into a deep sleep that I over slept...well according to my time of wake up LOL
but as the day progressed I started to feel that mask lift..good thing those antibiotics are kicking in..

Still took it some what easy as hubby when he got home cooked on the grill which gave me another break and tomorrow it will be left there's another day for me..

It's difficult for me to anchor down but I had to as with the off balance I wasn't taken any chances.. I did do some crocheting and I'm almost finished with this next project..yeah I know I feel like a machine..LOL  I just had to keep busy ..other wise I'd be up and about and then down again.

One more day I think I'll be ok, well I hope so ..just hope I don't wake up again at 2am..what's with that lately ????  I try to stay up a little late..but my eyes tell me another story..hahaha..

Tonight watched America's Got Talent and I'm telling ya my vote is for Forte..those three tenors are dynamite.. if they don't win they still are winners cause they could do Vegas easily and I'm sure a producer will latch on to them quickly...

Taped So ya think you can dance as I love that I'll watch that early tomorrow and save it for hubby on an off night..those kids are so talented..just amazing...

Now it's time for me to head into bed I hear Ms Reba sounding the Alarm..LOL  and for those that are traveling..Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh my Monday Morning

Oh my Monday Morning and I'm still not up to par..woke up at 2am coughing and couldn't go back to I did some laundry and figured I'd wait till hubby got up and out to work and got the critters fed take my meds and go back to bed....and that's exactly what I did..

My Sinus infection is kicking butt...however, if I'm not better within a few more days ...then I'll call the Doc...just taking it easy and resting and taking meds to clear this baby up..

With the changes in weather I feel like I'm wearing a mask and energy level is just about zilch....I mean I can only do what I need to and that's that..

Got to lean back on the recliner and fall asleep around 11am woke up at 2pm and let the critters out and even Ms Shug knew I wasn't feeling well..she's been quiet.!...

My balance is a little off so I'm being careful not to do anything to outlandish I mean I've done some pretty crazy stuff when I should have not been up and around..  

Did manage to get critters fed tonight and hubby got home and just heated up the left overs..and he helped me...but I'm just taking it slow and easy..and hope I get a good night sleep I won't be able to sleep with all the sleeping I did today...hahaha

Now it's time to let the critters out before bed and I can just do the march of the wooden soldiers and fall into bed...get comfy and watch some movie, set my timers and pray for a good night..

All you traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Very Quiet Sunday

A very quiet Sunday for us...I have not felt that great due to having a Sinus infection...has really got me off I had to start taking some antibiotics to get myself back ...hate this feeling ..and having a blasted headache and balance..holy was like I felt wait that might not be too bad if I enjoyed it....but the way this sucker came wasn't a party ..!

Morning for me was like SLOW...I mean SLOW...I could just about get my morning chores done and bending over..yikes..almost felt like I could have fallen over...but I made it..

And for sure I was having a quiet day..just lean back in the recliner..hubby went to church and me and the critters just listen to some music and then I mustered up some energy to have dinner ready when hubby came home..

So this was really a nothing kind of day.....and tomorrow is laundry to the world but I've got clothes sorted so I'll get most of it done and I have plenty of left overs to just reheat.

My car won't be ready till that solves my problem of having to go anywhere.. Just what I really need is a week to bounce back..cause my head is just in a deep well...and echoing..LOL..

Watched Big Brother go Elissa...but you should have put up Amanda and her boyfriend together...but ya never know Aaron is pretty good about winning you still might have a chance LOL..

Can ya tell I'm addicted to it..!!!...Ok, that's my story and I need to take my meds and go to bed..Critters are done for the night...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Saturday, August 24, 2013

And Along Came Saturday

And along came Saturday...woke up with such a headache I knew I wasn't gonna have a good day...took some tylenol and let the critters out and went back to up a little later on and felt like other words to explain it...

Most of the day I kind of rested as my head was not on my was in another area...far out there..and although it wasn't definitely wasn't feeling that good..

Got a call about my car and seems the right ball joints need to be replaced..and won't be ready till Tuesday..hmmm wasn't planning on going any where other than my usual...drop off or pick up..

And if that's not bad...forgot to pick up my scripts from CVS today..but hubby will pick them up tomorrow after church..thank goodness..cause ya know those are my pills of life..

Speaking of which tomorrow wee morning I'll be doing my sorting for the week...Letting me live on through what ever Mister Murphy has planned for me..hahaha..

Tonight while leaning back in my recliner I started my other project..but only worked a little bit as I could feel my interest not there..not because of anything other than my head was still not feeling great..

Dinner tonight was an Ice Cream Cone..yeah you read it right... I just didn't want to eat anything ..thought about a Rita's water ice..(Italian Ice) but gave that no second thought ..didn't need no brain it was a soft ice cream and it was sure tasty..the ole "Brown Cows"..

Now I'm getting ready for bed and sure hope this crummy feeling with that I'll say, "ta, ta"...LOL   Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.  

Friday, August 23, 2013

Can't Believe it's Friday :)

Can't believe it's Friday :) up wee early and headed out to drop off my car for it's yearly inspection..and being that hubby had to be on the road by 6am ..well it was the best time for both of us..stopped on the way back at Dunkin Donuts..well what can I say..."it was good"..:)

Any how got a few things done then started making my plans for the next project...and also have to gather my thoughts on what I need to make for this weekend...cause I have some gravy in the freezer and then soon I'll have to make another is what it is >>>!

I really can't believe it's Friday.. this week seems to have flown right out that dang window...soon we'll be at the end of August then I start my Doc appointments and tests..YUCKO..

Tonight I'll take a break and not work on anything just relax my fingers other than typing here LOL...but I need a break cause I'll be going into full force to get that lap blanket done and also that Christening outfit...

Oh, Todd if you're reading  I'm able to post that gift you gave me..and YES! I love it.. it's all about ME...hahaha.. well a big history of my being..that's for sure..When they said, "A tree grows in Brooklyn," that wasn't the only thing that grew.. ME>>> I have wonderful memories...wonderful memories..:) 

So here is that neat gift and I can't wait till I put it on my golf cart in Florida..everyone will be smiling cause  I'll be beaming LOL

Ok, that's about it other than I'm gonna do some searching on the Internet to see what other patterns I can find...always need stuff to do..hahaha..

Those of you traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Here's my neat gift...Thanks again Todd !

From Picaso :)  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

And the Rains came on Thursday

And the Rains came on Thursday...some days it's not worth planning anything.  My morning started off with great expectations up wee early and had my day set to go to a couple of stores...hahaha

As most who follow my daily life know how things can make a turn about..well today was no exception to the rule..I hurried through my chores with a few short cuts ( just a few) and hopped in the shower ...I was gleaming cause I was on a mission. Woo hoo.

Listened to that weather man to make sure I'd have enough time to get what I needed...and sure as shooting I was Safe!!!!!!   Hahaha. Had my list in my hand walked out the door and the Heavens opened up. I mean a down pour..I was soaked ..why did I take a shower ? Heck I could have saved myself some time .

I couldn't run, he'll no..I just started to laugh..that quick I was soaked..and I couldn't get into the car had to come back into the house to dry off.  And best part when in the house the AC was on and I got the cold blast. Hahaha ..yeah I certainly was off to a good start..

Oh happy changed my clothes and started all over again..kind of like an instant replay...did get to the stores, PetSmart to pick up food for Ms Shug and on to the JoAnn shop for some pretty yarn then on home as it was getting towards afternoon and I needed to finish the edging on that baby blanket...and I did..sure is looking nice. 

Sometimes some of the simple patterns can turn out nice.. This is one big Granny Square where I added a popcorn stitch on the corners of so many rows to give a petal effect and edging I did a scallop ( well what I call it ) . Now I'm gonna take a picture of it and I think I can use Picasso to post it on through my Ipad..we'll find out..

Now gonna get critters fed and then start dinner...but I'll be back. LoL...

Well I'll be dickerd as they say..LOL..I'm on my main computer and the options to post pictures works on this ..and I'm using another type browser ..hmm well I'll post the pictures of the Christening Blanket (wish me luck) just have to tuck in loose thread and she's on her way to the post office project done and Lap Blanket and Christening Outfit (dress) will be on the agenda...

Soon it will be Big Brother Time and then I'm gonna head to bed so with that I'll say..."Safe Travels to All and God Bless Us All "..

Difficult to get right shots with Iphone and White if you need to click on picture to see it better..but I'm so pleased with how this came I said, "sometimes the simplicity does the trick "...:) 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Holy Mackerel Lots To Do on Wednesday!

Holy Mackerel, lots to do on Wednesday!.....I could hear the music going in my head as I looked at all that had to be done and a few first thing in the AM...

A visit to the Rice Fields. ( yes it's that time again) and this latest batch of rice I bought you have to wash it lots.  OMG buying cheap isn't always a good thing! Also had to chop up veggies as well. Cooked a batch of quinoa too..oh yeah I'm on a move. Made up Ms Reba's food as well ..oh yeah she gets her couscous with a little bit of liverwurst cut up ( a few pieces) my lists of cooking is growing :) what can I say. It is what makes her eat without me having to stuff her!

Have to work on a lap blanket for a friend of mine who is not doing well...and if I can get in at least 10 rows a day I'll get it finished quickly...also just about finished the christening blanket too..just have to edge it..the outfit is coming along. Of course my hands are starting to feel numb from what else is new?

Still I see Blogger is having problems with the upload button to add pictures from computer and with me using my Ipad it's to impossible.
Hopefully this will be resolved soon :(

Got all the critter done up and put in the freezer and now I can take a little break. Well just a little..hahaha oh have two more rows to go and Christening blanket is a done deal. Woo hoo!

Watched Big Brrother tonight and all I can say is, "Arron, you had your chance".  Can't believe she tossed it...oh well guess that's all she had the courage to me Amanda is like a big bully.  She would have been on my get rid of list quick!

Tomorrow I have to head out to pick up Ms Shug food and also another trip to the JoAnn shop then back home to finish one project and on to another...

Those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All !

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Nice Surprise On Tuesday :)

A nice surprise on Tuesday...morning for me was a bit down in the dumpers as I just didn't have that get up and sometimes happens to me for no reason other than maybe I pushed too much the day before..who knows for sure but I just have to go with it and make no big deal out of it and work around my loose ends. Sorta speak.

So I started cleaning out the frig cause tomorrow is trash day and the frig looks like it could use a breather...maybe even an evacuation. Hahaha anyway I was doing my thang when I got a call....from our friend and comrade Todd (we share the same depth of demented humor) say, " you got a couple of minutes" ?  Which I replied " sure do".....and then he said, " be at the gate, I'll be there in 5 minutes, I have something for you"...and sure enough he was....

To cut to the chase Todd gave me the neatest gift..and to understand it, you'd have to know here it is...Yes Todd I took a picture to post it cause it just made my day..

Oops it seems now blogger changed things again and I have to figure how to get the pictures posted. Another surprise happening..oh well I'll figure it out by tomorrow so stay tuned...:)

Now gonna watch a little TV and then fall out.. Hope all you traveling stay safe and God Bless us all. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Back atcha Monday

Back atcha Monday...and I'm telling ya where does all that laundry come from....was up at 4:30am doing my first load and then just as I was putting it in the dryer hubby was coming down the stairs...he had a very early meeting so,it was time for me to get out of the way....

Leaned back in the chair and next thing I knew it was 7:00am.  Wow I fell off and too a quick snooze...and yep you got it..clothes in the dryer.  Had to go around a few more times to get rid of those wrinkles...

I can't believe how quickly the days are rolling and almost through with August...then I have a mad month of September to get all my doctor appointments and tests...then before long we'll be heading back to Florida.

Had to. Uh a new phone system as ours bit the dust..seems nothing lately lasts..and I think about the ole dial phone they lasted forever..infact I still have an old princess phone.  Guess you might call it a classic. Hahaha

Well my brain is going into suspended animation so it's that time for me to hit that bed.  Those of you traveling stay safe and as always God Bless us all.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Enjoyable Sunday :)

Enjoyable Sunday :)...was it ever !...Got up early and did my prep for Sunday meal...Made Braciole as that is our typical Italian meal to serve with the "Gravy" that all browned and ready to go into the Gravy to cook a few hours...just ready for Dinner at 1pm...Mangia, we say :)

I was awake at 4:30am and kind of just listen to the news as I got things know the Pills of Life sorting so I can function another week LOL...and then went to church as I didn't make mass on I was at the wee early service..then home for my cup of coffee... 

Most of the day was celebration of the new baby..well should say, "Joseph Marco..."  I asked where the Marco came from is it Marco Polo..hahahaha everyone thought that was funny...but seems Lindsay liked that that was the middle for Joseph that was for the nice :)

House became quiet at 6pm and boy did I ever need that rest...and hubby and I made a quick run to Walmart.....Reminder..."Never go on a Sunday that late in the day"...OUCH !

Anyway I picked up some white yarn for the blanket.. I was asked to make a "special one"..can I ever say, "NO"...never I worked a little on that as I didn't want to work on the Christening outfit my fingers weren't in the's a tough one to do..and I'm going at it very carefully and I have to wear white gloves as it soils easily..the type of yarn it is..

Later in the evening hubby had picked up a watermelon so that's what we had as we had lots for dinner ...and wasn't really hungry..but how can you refuse cold refreshing watermelon ..hahaha..

Now I'm ready for bed and I'll be up wee early as hubby has to get up that means...get my washer load going before he comes down for his shower...but at least it will be quiet and I can just go at my own pace...thank goodness..

With that I'm gonna say, "Good Night and Sweet Dreams...and those traveling Stay Safe...God Bless Us All..

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Surprise Event on Saturday :)

A Surprise Event on Saturday :)....well my morning started off crappy as I didn't sleep well ..another tossing and turning..but this one was my Don't Drink a Dr Pepper before going to bed DUH ??????

So when I woke I had a few things to get two Banana Nut Blueberry breads and a Dutch Apple Crumb Pie..Wow is me..but I got them done and then it was ..take a break cause my eyes were heavy..LOL

Hubby went to Sam's club for me..(thank goodness) and picked up a few things we needed to stock up on...and then even brought in lunch..hey, I'll take all the help I can get hahaha..

Later that day as I was drifting..I got a call from my was the announcement of  the new arrival...Joesph Marco..yep, he was born and weighed in at 7lbs 14 1/2 you know the family is excited..

That was really nice news and so the rest of my day just went well..later on Hubby and I hooked up the adapter to make my big desk top wireless as the other one bit the dust.. I mean it worked well for years and I can't complain I got my money worth..

Also bought a new phone system as ours was on it's way out to the trash..most of the extensions wouldn't work right and half the time you couldn't hear...bad enough I have a slight loss of hearing now that's another new object to connect...that will be done tomorrow as I'm charging the phones now..:)

Again another nice morning to start the day off and boy does that ever feel good...and I'll like it also when the nights get cool..don't mind warmth during the day...but the humidity..well it does me in !

Now I'm tired and tomorrow is a jumping day so it's night night to all..Safe Travels too and as always...God Bless Us All.....

Friday, August 16, 2013

Thank you Friday :)

Thank you Friday...and am I ever glad it rolled in..started my morning 4:30am.  So I made some corn muffins up ( thank you jiffy) the kind you pop in your mouth with a swing of coffee. Hahaha..

While I took care of the critters I got my list ready for the grocery store..I like to get in and get out and I get annoyed when they start changing the shelves do know stores do that so you have to look around move for them.

Being its Friday, it's a meatless day so any kind of seafood is on the flounder it of my favorites...and my list included garlic and onions ..yep it's make a pot of gravy as my freezer is empty..but do I have a yearning for mussels in marinara sauce...however because it's August and no "r" in that month no clams,oysters or mussels.  That's something Momma always taught us.  As it wasn't safe to eat...goes back to the old days and I don't mess with it.

I was at the store by 7:30am and sailed through getting all on my list home put all away and made a batch of fresh pasta ( now in freezer) and a pot of all set for a few weeks..

Made a pasta salad with tuna and veggies for lunch ( for next few days) and 
cooked up a batch of quinoa and couscous...I was getting ahead for the critters too. You might say I was enjoying the cooler temp.

When hubby got in that flounder was cooking along with steamed broccoli with lemon and garlic and olive a baked potato. It was gone in I mean no noise just chomping down....

Leaned back and just talked about our day and had Ms Shug out and just watched her destroy the paper towel roll ..the empty one..she goes to town and the nice thing it's not an expensive toy cause hers are OMG if she's happy with this kind of stuff inbetween the wood one...thank you!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Nothing Kind Of Day, Thursday

A nothing kind of day, Thursday...that's what I had planned after I got my usual chores done..

The morning started off cool and that felt the day progressed I was caught up in finishing a few projects...and from there on in...I was leaning back with my feet up!  This doesn't happen often but when I can, I take advantage of it...woo hoo!!!!!

I played with my crazy, Ms Shug and does she ever giggle.  Does crazy turns and flips upside down and now is even playing peak a boo. Yep she's a blooming nut...and we are enjoying her.

Hubby got in early to tonight so it was chili dawgs and they were good ...we sat back and watched Big Brother  ..and now it is call it a day....See I told you it was a nothing kind of day...

That's about it other than those traveling Stay Safe and as always God bless us all

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A cool Wednesday

A cool Wednesday. And boy it felt fantastic..waking up to 60 degrees ..loved it and the day would stay plans were coming into play.

Got all my chores done and out I Walmart.  My eyes were glancing all over ah how neat what can I find and get a great bargain.....and can it not be made in China???? Good luck on that!

I did buy a new griddle so that I can cook up a batch of pancakes at one time plus this sweetie I can flip over and get them nice grill marks on chicken or steak if I can't use my outside grill...and I can use it on electric stove top..

Not too much caught my fancy as everything I looked at is looking cheaply made...but I did buy a few goodies. Things I can't find in my local store..

I did buy some yarn to make another baby blanket. A granny square ..couldn't resist that. I mean the way babies are being added to the family I ought to stock up. Hahaha.

Tonight watched Big Brother...and the results of America's Got Talent then the sleep mode took over not too much to say other than those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless.   

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Change of Plans on Tuesday

Change of plans on Tuesday....and not of my doing :(.   Well it went like up with a plan of action...I was gonn go to WalMart. And outing of. "What can I find".  But Mother Nature had other plans..

A severe storm come barreling through and with that came along the "tornado warning". Wow is me.  I mean the rains came down and the thunder was rolling. Woo hoo. I was staying HOME !

So there I was rearing to go and no place to go.  But I did watch my street flood and the news media was really in action..I mean they did miss a IPhone was sending me messages.  "Flood Alerts". "Tornado Warnings".  Oh yeah make my day.....

Chicken little here sat thinking is my closet gonna fit us all???  What a morning and by the time the storm passed I was done for the day..I. Go into overdrive..I'm not good in these wild and crazy storms..

Now Snow storms they don't bother me even if I have to drive in them.  Kind of like driving in New York City traffic. I just go with the flow..I know it's strange but I keep on trucking. LOL.

Later on in I did a little work on that christening outfit and before I knew it hubby was walkin in the door...Hello There :)

Tonight we watched and recorded both America's Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance. And dance I am to bed. Long day and nothing to really brag about..hahaha

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always. God Bless us all 

Monday, August 12, 2013

It's back to the routine on Monday

It's back to the routine on Monday...get up get out of bed and get that laundry done. Hahaha. Oh yeah them Mondays morning blues :)

Sure does seem like it when ya think about I..boy I wish I was on them traveling down them highways lookin for day it may happen again but as for now I'm back in that ole saddle..

Hubby and I did finally get the rig over to be serviced..thank goodness cause the time is flying. I mean it won't be long before October rolls in and we'll be packin her up. Critter, Bird Dawg, Hubby and Me. Woo hoo.

Most of my day was just getting chores done and then on to surfing for new recipes to give a try.  I mean I like exploring it breaks up those boring days.

Tonight watched a P B S station which had the bio of Sam Cooke of my favorite singers.  He was soul and such a smooth voice...he was a part of my growing up.. How I would love listening to his music...another one whose life was taken much too soon..

Now my day is just about ended and going to venture out tomorrow to WalMart...see what I can find...look out here I come. Hahaha

Those of you traveling down them highways stay safe and as always. God Bless

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ah! A quiet Sunday

Ah! A quiet Sunday and boy did I ever enjoy it...slept really good for a change and woke up to a fairly decent my usual chores done and just watched hubby get ready for his Sunday School class. As he was leaving he let me know there was a church meeting so he'd be a little late coming in for dinner.

Now it being Sunday I made the Italian pot roast and this time it was gonna be open faced I've always said, Make it simple, makes life easy".  And so it is written, so it is done ...boy can't get any better than that.

Hubby left and I surfed for bargains hahaha..but I did put the dinner on and just went on about my business.  Playing. Woo hoo. Things I don't get much chance to do was enjoyable.

Later we did watch Big Brother.  And yep, the evil plot starts it's move..this is what I start to like cause ya gotta keep on your toes for that swinging back door...and who's gonna be next :)

So that's about the extent of my relaxing day. So with that, those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless us all

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A really neat Saturday

A really neat of those days that are filled with surprises...a few good laughs and a nice visit from our friend Todd.

Mornings here  is always get up and go and keep the momentum going. ...and then wait till hubby rolls out of bed....cause he gets to sleep in,  that is the least I can as he stumbles down the stairs not able to speak until he gets his " Cola".   No words are spoken....

Then I hear the chirp..."ok, what do you have for me to do"?     Of course I have my list which just rolls off my lips. Hahahaha.   But really I've done most while he slept !   So his list was short and sweet.

Had my crock pot going as I was trying a new dish, well not new but more like done a new way...Chicken Parm and it turned out just heat from an oven. Did all my prep work in the beginning and last few minutes before serving just through on the cheese and had the pasta boiling. Like them kind of arrangements...and kind of deal.  However, for us....I will keep my ole way of making this dish.  But ya don't know until ya try it.....another lesson learned

While I was doing my chopping for tomorrow got a call from Todd...he was gonna stop in for a visit...hubby was out in the rig changing the mesh we use to cover the vents so the dog hair does get into the we all sat out in the rig chatting and lots of laughs...Sure did enjoyed our break time. If someone was ever standing outside they would have thought we all were  Nutz...maybe we are..we seem to have the same sense of humor...demented. Hahaha.  Stop by more often Todd, Robert and I really enjoyed it..:)

Later on after dinner hubby and I just leaned back and took Ms Shug was her time to play and play she did..she bounced back and forth between us and just giggled and was busy trying to snatch everything she could...she's fast !

So now our day is coming to an end...and bed is looking mighty fine too..on to what ever tomorrow is gonna bring with that..those traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless

Friday, August 9, 2013

Here we are, it's Friday

Here we are, it's Friday...this week rolled by to dang fast...but I got up early cause I didn't sleep well last night.  I was tossing Nd turning and wasn't even dancin'.  Can't even remember if I had a dream or not...

So up I was and out the door at 7am and to the grocery store...I like to get in and get out..had my list together and went down them isles and to the register packed my good and back home in a little over an hour and a half...thank goodness!

Of course the rains came it was to be..put my stuff away had my plans what was for dinner...shrimp scampi and a lemon brownie cake...and was really good :)

Tonight we're watching the Eagle and Patriots you can tell it's foot ball time again... Hubby is content and so are the critters..Ms Shug had her taste of shrimp and she liked it too.  Hahaha

Now it's just leaning back and watching the game while I work on that christening outfit...with white gloves on and a towel on my lap...crank up that A/C. !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always. God Bless....

Yes, it's an early post cause Mister Sandman is coming soon :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Change of plans on Thursday

A change of plans on Thursday...yeah here I was planning on having hubby cook out on the grill and it rains...sooooooo I did a fast jump turn around and grabbed my trusty crock pot and threw dinner together.   Hahaha. 

Just goes to show you when you wake up early and think all is gonna be just dandy along comes a spider and sit down besides ya!!!!!!  Well a little bit of a stretch, however I grabbed that frozen chicken (good thing about crock pots) and dumped all my stuff in and turned it on low and let her do her thang. :)

Then later on in the day the dang sun comes out What the ?????? If I only could trust that weather man. Hahaha. But dinner was good. I mean how can you not like chicken and dressing !!!!!

I did try a few new things with Ms Shug ( gotta keep out of them sites) I made her oatmeal with cinnamon and chopped cherries..couldn't find any raisins so I figured that would do. Well she looked at it and then me. Gave it a few nibbles and then much for not liking that.  

The rest of my day kind of floated by as I tried to get my big computer running but no go...I have to get a network card for it as my router is not working here I am on my Ipad it not wanting to spell my words or better yet trying to put words in my sentences hahaha

Tonight we watched Big Brother and what an interesting turn of events...double eviction which I still haven't figured out why they dumped ...I won't say cause I'm sure my Internet Sistahs are gonna read before they get to see I'll be kind and finish this tomorrow.   I'm being good :)

So it's time to get in that cozy position and those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What A Wonderful Wednesday :)

What a Wonderful Wednesday :)....although just before going to bed last night hubby surprised me with a , "Hey, would you whip up a cake for tomorrow "...hahaha...OMG !  I mean it was just as I was ready to say.."Night, Night"...what is this ?  I mean I know I never refuse (well almost never) but I know what....He forgot he promised something and last minute recall I knew that in the wee hours this gal was gonna be whipping (should be his butt) up a cake for him to take into the office..

Yes, wee hours I was up and gathered all my goodies and put together a Chocolate Espresso Cake and I just grabbed this and that hahaha and yes, some red wine (more like whine) and as it was baking the aroma was gliding through the house..he of course was still sleeping .. I mean the cake was done by 6am and soon to be cooling..

Hubby did his grand entrance of flying down the stairs..just like Dagwood Bumpstead and through the house he went..and would you believe he almost forgot that dang cake..well not if I could help it.. I yelled, "YOUR CAKE"  I think the neighbors had to hear that one the town cryer !!!

So my day started off in a blurr and then I had to get all my stuff together as I needed to go for the yarn to make that christening I did a quick fix and out the door I went...

Back home I was and glad of it cause I felt that.."I'm tired" coming on..and I needed to slow down or I'd be sitting down for a long time...and of course Ms Shug was doing her "hello" so sweetly..and yep, had to let her out and do her "flight"...and Ms Reba hid..and Zeke well he still looks at her like "Chicken Fricassee "  and I keep a close watch and keep telling Zeke...NO !!!

Was glad to see on our Group (Social Net Work) that the Sistahs came in and said, "Hello"...I know some it's hard but just getting a nice greeting from others makes all feel good too...and who knows, maybe it will catch on.. I mean we all like each other and nothing wrong with even stopping by to see what's happening and a few laughs..breaks up that rat race sometimes..

Hubby didn't get in till late this evening so it was a quick fix of Pasta..and Salad and it was good too...and then we both watched Big Brother...ah the plot does thicken..and still can't stand a few of them..Maybe they'll do a surprise and send Amanda home..she's becoming such a whiner...and nasty..YUCKO....then on to watching America's Got Talent...I will say, the group of judges are pretty good and get along and do a decent job..still haven't picked the winner yet till their all together..too much stuff in between right now..

So now it's time to do my thing and then hit that bed..and on to tomorrow...the days are really flying by...So those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Strange Tuesday

A Strange up wee early and went into the kitchen and from reading the night before I was gonna make Ms Shug her "Bird Bread"..yeah you are reading right..Since I've been doing lately a lot of reading on caring for Ms Shug it has made me go on a almost Mission Impossible.

Morning for me was get the oven on early and start mixing up a brew..gawd if she eats this it will be amazing for I whipped up corn meal, wheat flour, flax seed and then unsweetened apple sauce (in place of oil) and an egg with broken shells (omg ) then veggies, fruit and some nuts..(ME) and off I went to whipping it together and then making it into tiny little pop in your mouth muffins...LUCKY BIRD DAWG..

Next I proceeded to get them dang chores done and it was Meatloaf time to throw together so there would be different kind of sandwiches as hubby was packin lunch on some of the places he had to travel too...

By Mid afternoon I was dragging and then I decided to do more surfing...along with I was in a kind of bummed out mood.. I mean I started a group on the Social net work with another Sistah and I've been posting and seems when I post it like goes in thin air..only on a few occasions do I even get a response. It really had me bummed out.

I don't understand why someone would join a group and not even care to post a little something like Hello..or Good Night..and I know they see it cause being one of the Admins I get to see who comes and I posted I was gonna just sense in talking to myself.. I mean I do that on my blog..but I know I have others who read and even send me emails..

I guess  I got my point across..I mean I know they can't hear my voice which is another thing but I do try to make other's days light and start with a little smile or two. The response from some was we'll see how it goes..and I hope this encourage others to chime in.. 

For some as they are by themselves it also helps make the day go by with a few funnies and even some interesting conversations..and hey, I'm always good for a few laughs.. I mean my life has been a joke..everyday is another surprise and the gift keeps giving too..

Watched America's Got Talent and also recorded So ya think you can dance..talented kids for sure...and now I'm ready to hit that bed..falling foward ...LOL

Hope those traveling Stay Safe and as Always...God Bless Us All..

Monday, August 5, 2013

Oh My It's Monday ...

Oh My, It's Monday !....and the "here we go again" begins..a work day even for a retired ole lady who..hahaha..

Monday morning I was ready for the "Laundry"..another chore which I don't mind doing except.."the folding" gawd that's a chore too...but the need had to be done..and I was up at 5am first load in the washer (which I'm not thrilled with) and then on to my old, old dryer that's still standing..(crossing anything that can be crossed)...and I have to then wait for the next load but hubby is getting up and I need to let him do his THANG...LOL

Once the hubby is off to work I'm back at Ms Shug done while hubby was taking his shower and then he's gone and I'm back at the WASH...yucko...did I tell ya, "I'm not a domestic lady"...hahaha..but I have no choice..

My day went by rather swiftly and  by the way..We never got to bring the rig down because it was raining early so it's now set up for this coming Saturday with bells on..cause she needs to get serviced..the days are flying by and soon I'll be heading back south...:)

By afternoon I was on the down hill slope and I coasted into home plate...I'm only good for morning ..cause if I can't get done what I need..forget about it !!!...The slug comes out of me and I'm ready for my Nap by heard it, you read it, you got it !!!!

Infact I didn't even cook tonight..hubby did the Big Mac Attack..not bad and I was ok with it..but come tomorrow it's Crock Pot ready...LOL  yeah I'm ok with a few out meals but I'd rather have something cooked at home and the way stuff is turning up bad..pleaseeeeeee...

Tonight hubby has to do some work so I'll get to just watch a movie I recorded cause not much on and I'd rather watch an old that's about my day other than  I'm looking up Bird Bread..hahaha..yeah another thing I need to learn to make as from what I've read .. I need to cut back on Seeds for Ms Shug and have her eat more variety of things...she does like cherries, strawberries, grape tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, sugar snap peas and sweet potatoes..yeah her list is growing and eats butter beans and string beans corn, rice shredded chicken and her list will grown more ...

Amazing all the things I'm getting her to eat..but if I put her seeds in ..she'll go to that first cause it's like candy to her..and not really that nutritious. well that's what they say..LOL

I'm telling ya..having this a lesson you are forever learning..right now she's barking for attention and I need to take her out and play ...this ought to be good as she looks for the hubby...he's her man LOL...

So with that all of you traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Week Is Ended or Beginning This Sunday...OMG!

The Week is Ended or Beginning This Sunday...OMG !...Here we go again hahaha...It seems to just flow and a few bumps in between but we ride over them or under them..which ever is our easy way..(hopefully)

Morning was such a long drag I didn't think I could even get my motor going.. I mean I must have had one of those "Fallen of a Log" moments..cause not even a fire cracker could get my "arse" to move but one speed..."Backwards".

Hubby did is for his Bible Class and then off he went..and that's like ..."See ya later Aligator"...and I was left behind..(by my choice) so I grabbed me a cup of coffee and took on the challenge of cleaning Ms Shug who always has to put on a show for me..

Ruffle her feathers and go in the side move ..backward move and then charge ahead..sometimes she makes it and sometimes you hear her say,,"Wooops".. hahaha..she's still a little clumsy. Getting better but not quite there..:)

Put my pot roast on and had my gravy going for the pasta..(it's not a Sunday dinner if they aren't included in an Italian house)..and all was going well..had fresh made pasta in the freezer as I make a big batch and keep in between wax paper in a shirt box...That I got from my mother as that's how she would keep the pasta..

Then I proceeded to get the rest of my racing with the moon done cause by Noon time the  dinner would be started and it be a blurr till it was over...and then all quiet happens..aaaaaaaaah the sounds of nothing..

Now today I'm having an early day and even in my posting cause the house is now quiet and I'm kind of wiped out..have lots to do for Monday.."Laundry"..OMG.. I surely am not domestic..I'd rather go out and work...I give all you ladies and gents credit if that's what you only did..cause it's just not me...but I struggle and make myself get er done..

Tonight is Big Brother to see who wins Head of House Hold..hahaha.. listen to me I'm addicted to this stuff...and then after that I'm heading to bed..cause I just ran out of steam since the day started ...LOL

Hope all you traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Saturday, August 3, 2013

What a busy Saturday

What a busy Saturday it was ....night before was not feeling well..still think it might have been some bad lettuce...cause my tummy was making noises and my feeling of nausea was there from time I went to bed till time I got up...

With all the nonsense of what's bad in today's food market...I think I got a slight hit..cause I was one ill body and most of the day...but I forged ahead as I had lots to get done..

Was suppose to get the rig over to be serviced but it started to rain and I wasn't in that kind of frame mode to drive..was afraid I might have one of those moments while driving..(the two step and get out of my way) home I stayed but I didn't pamper myself..(wished I had)

I went to the Rice fields and also did up a big batch of Sweet Taters..and even did Ms Shug's tomorrow when I wake up I'll finish up with Ms Reba's food...

When I did sit down that uneasy queasy feeling came back so I knew I had to keep moving or I was gonna go down for the late afternoon I started to feel better..thank goodness .

By then I was on my last leg and hubby did the running to the stores.. I didn't dare attempt an outing of any kind...but now I have a break for the next two weeks..well almost..hahahaha.. It seems the faster I go the behinder I get..:)

Later afternoon and started to watch a little TV..and of course play with Ms Shug..she really is liking the hubby more than me..UH OH I'm JEALOUS...hahaha..but I'm glad really so that means she will go to either one of us...almost like the saying they say for the Poodles.."If they can't be with the one they love, they'll love the one they're with "...hahaha..

Now it's bed time and I'm in need of a good night sleep..cause I sure didn't get one last night and tomorrow..well..ya know I'm gonna be up at 5am and in the kitchen with (Dinah) Ms Reba ...

So with that...those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.

Friday, August 2, 2013

And YES, Thank Goodness for Friday :)

And YES, Thank Goodness for Friday :)...I'll say.. it's been a strange week with some strange feelings and then some uncertainty ...never knowing if I'm making a right decision so I let it go for awhile and wait it out and see ..

Morning was not unusual as I'm always in a blurr with hubby running down the stairs and heading out the door..and then I can get my work done...but till he's gone it's sit back and watch all that can happen take place..even Ms Shug is now catching on to that one..although she yells, "hello" and the pace kicks it up a notch or two..

By mid afternoon I get the "Down in the Dumps" that swings in and then I just have to lean back and let it a bad case of indigestion..Hey, it's what works for me !

In between the calls that I've been getting lately from the fighting duo..will they ever stop..NOT IN MY LIFE TIME ! I just let the phone ring and go to voice mail..maybe one out of 10 calls I'll answer just to see who is doing who..and who will be the winner ... I know sometimes I'm as evil as they are mean...but it also makes it a lot simpler to get through the disaster....without having a "High Blood Pressure Attack".

Did some reading on my Ms Shug...amazing stories about these daring Cockatoos...especially the "U2"  what they call the Umbrella Cockatoo..and how they have such interesting manors and how NOT to SPOIL and how to expect the Unexpected ...yeah the whole 9 yards worth..but funny stories to boot ..

Later tonight hubby and I watched a Hall Mark Movie that I had recording.."Loving Leah"..really interesting custom of the Kosher Yiddish people..but a good story with a happy ending..and that's what we needed..

Now on for tomorrow with the getting things ready for the Sunday ritual..yep, making a pot of Gravy and all the rest that goes along with it... Is it Oct yet...hahaha...but I do have to also go to the rice fields as well it's gonna be a busy Saturday for sure...

Hubby will be out cutting grass...and riding his tractor cutting the fields as well that will make him doing a few errands for me..YEAH...

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Swishing Through Thursday

Swishing Through Thursday...again ....and the rains came down..but not afternoon more like morning..Thanks weather man I was sure hoping I'd have some time...:(

Got out the door early to hit that store before the down pour..but I didn't make it..nope it got me and anyone that was standing near by...but I did manage to gather a few things..

My day was a nothing kind of day and really couldn't wait for hubby to get home cause I was just not gonna do much but only what I had too.. I was in one of those strange moods..

Did get my crock pot going and the aroma that comes off it is always amazing that I get the.."is it dinner yet "  feeling..but I did manage to capture a nice nap...even had a great dream ..but ask me about it and I'd have to say, "HuH">>?

Ms Shug was really neat tonight ..she loves when hubby gets home cause she is all "HIS"..yes, she has shown her true color..hahaha...she loves that man of mine..and I have the proof...check this out..well for some reason I can't upload have to work on it.

We watched Big Brother and Howard bit the dust and now the next game begins..yeah it was that kind of evening...well I've got to figure out what's wrong with the upload for the photos..but I'll be back LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..:)

I Titled this one.."Ah Shucks, Daddy"...:)....I love this shot..and here's when she comes over to me and brings me a surprise..

Yeppers, Ms Shug done brought me a "Dr Pepper"  take a close look she carried it over to me..hahaha...she's a keeper..

Told ya I'd be back !!!!