Friday, May 17, 2013

Here it is Friday..Woo Hoo :)

Here it is Friday ....Woo Hoo :).....I can't believe how fast this week went but it did..and it's the weekend rolling in...Good Golly Ms Molly  hahaha.

Last night I forgot to mention American not that I'm bragging.....BUT..LOL... I sure done did pick Ms Candice to be the Winner from Day ONE...yeppers she did do it and this morning I even downloaded that Benny King song she did..."I Who Have Nothing"...that young girl can sing..!!

Now as for today..well I started it off mighty fine..with one of those big muffins that Jane bought from Perkins..and that sucker was mighty fine..blueberry and lots of them..OMG I was stuffed..could have put an apple in my mouth I would have looked like that little piggy hahaha..

Today was a warm one too..on my temp gauge it was 90..and the humidity was climbing to beat the ban...that does me in so I got my chores done in the morning and what did I do...NOTHING>.. I leaned back on the couch, Shug, Zeke and Reba..yep we were like slugs..and didn't care who even knew it LOL.

Towards mid morning got a call from Jane and now we are gonna have early dinner tomorrow (Sat) and then came the plea for me to join her and John for brunch on Sunday as she doesn't want to go with him but has to take him because it was his birthday...HUH??????>>>.and again I gave her my reasons and then she did the ...begging..OMG...I finally said...(now all listen up).. "The only way I'll go is if I drive and meet you there and if he starts his CRAP, I'm leaving"...She agreed and even said, "And I'll leave with you"..hahaha...

Yes, I'm suckered in but not stuck with them because I've got me wheels and I can leave ...and then my other reason hahaha..I need to go to Walmart sooooo...I'll be right there after our brunch head in..then Ms Jane says to me.."Oh, good cause I'll go with you"...HUH>?????? OMG>>>he's gonna have a bird...oh my stars..

This will be a chapter ya can't miss...hahaha..or maybe not maybe he'll be on good behavior...NAH...I'm dreaming on that one..but we'll see..:)

Now as for this moment I'm ready for bed and anxious too I mean all that laying around I did made me even more tired...perhaps I have tired blood...where's the Geritol..eeek.. I remember that STUFF..Momma use to give that to us all..we had to line up and out came the biggest tablespoon ya ever did see and we all had to open up and swallow...OMG...that is those memories you kind of wanna forget but some how they keep coming back as nightmares hahaha..

Ok...watching Dateline and then I'll doze off me timer set and the next thing will be history  !!!!

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..!

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