Thursday, February 28, 2013

Twisting my way through this Thursday

Twisting my way through this we go again...first off Ms Dawn and her brother Paul was departing today...a few little glitches but all worked out well thank goodness...and off the went..

For me it was "let's come together" as I had so much that needed to get done..and I had to make a quick run to Winn Dixie..and then catch up on all that I put to the side...

Was it a blur..YEPPERS.. I even talked to myself and I heard Ms Shug answering..she's a doubt in my mind she was destined to live in my home...OMG you hear that music..hahaha

I was dragging by 2pm and it was nap time for me...and I went out like a light too..woke up and I do believe I could have went back for another few...hahaha..but I got up and then it was time for the Critters and Ms Shug to get into the action..

Amazingly Ms Reba even ate her dinner..I mean I wasn't pushing it..but she was hungry and just did her thang..Alrighty Mighty..I'm on a roll today...Let all the good times roll off my fingers..

Tonight as I finished up the loose ends I had to let Ms Shug out and boy she was just a chatting up a storm ..couldn't understand a bit of it but it was sure funny as she puffed up her head feathers out full and twisting and turning her head from side to side...You Go Ms Shug do the Boog a Lou ...hahaha

Watched American Idol and I can't believe these talented judges.. the sure didn't make much sense..I'm so surprised at their smell a RAT in the bunch...the men weren't that great but boy the ones that I thought were good took the high way to the bye way..

Now I'm ready for lights out and start a new day..Ms Dawn is a little east of Tallahassee and I'm glad she's parked but can't wait for her next amazing
Adventure..and we all know that have been down that road there always is/are

So good night all and Safe Travels and God Bless

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Wonderful Wednesday but SAD :(

A wonderful Wednesday but SAD :(   the reason being is my friend and RV Sistah Dawn and her brother Paul are leaving tomorrow for their next Adventure in Life.. I shall miss them..but we'll still be connected...and that will make me feel better..

I am so excited for Dawn as this truly is a New Beginning in the chapter of Life..and I wish both Dawn and Paul much happiness and lots and lots of great stories to tell..cause my ears will be perked up  LOL

Today was a "Get er done" kind of day and boy did I ever need too.. I mean I was cooking a big batch of chicken going to the rice fields and vacuuming that by the time my break came around I was on the couch panting hahaha

Then I knew tonight was the last time I would see my friends for this year anyway..but wait.. I will still see them on Face Talk or that ain't so bad...:)

We had Pizza tonight and YES, we laughed about everything.. that's kind of how things are with us.. we give each other space cause that's the type people we are and when we get together we just laugh about things that happen and oh yeah Ms Dawn got a new Fish tank and she's trying to tell me how Reddi Whip needs more space and isn't that new tank neat and such pretty lights..well I took a looksee...WOW is right

Reddi whip will think he's in the era of Timothy Leary with all the colors and all night all day MaryAnn hahaha...OMG.. I had to laugh all the way home too.. just thinking about it.. Lord please help me..don't let her convince me my poor Reddi will definitely be in outer limits for sure..hahaha

Chatted with a few friends on line and then before I knew it I was hearing late night show on I need to get my butt in bed cause tomorrow I need to call hubby to wake him at 6am..OMG..I'll have to set an alarm for me :)

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always and before..God Bless...

Ms travels and keep an eye on the sky....Miss ya and talk with you soon...God's Blessing carry you through :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Storm Came Thru on Tuesday

A Storm Came Thru on of those worry some not too much got done as I listened to the beep beep beep of the weather radio, the news and my Iphone going off...

Now if that don't put your nerves on the edge..Where do I go.. What do I do..Get out of town gal LOL..but thank the good Lord no one had any major issues but lots of rain in our area..

Morning for me is always a blur and I tried my new coffee pot..well, I'm a perker from way back and I've tried several kind of drip machines and still go back to perking my coffee..

For one I never have bitter coffee and it's always good to the Last Drop..even though I make a 14 cupper and I only drink 3 cups I put the rest in a container and heat it up next morning..and it's still never bitter even to the last cup.

So I got one of those fancy coffee machines you know the kind that makes one cup at a time...well this one is a Mr Coffee..and I was so excited to give this baby a go..well...and I say, "Well"....I don't know what I did..but my coffee was awful to begin with and then I never got a big cup even though I put it on the larger setting..ooops where's me coffee ??????

The taste again was bitter bitter bitter..and I used the coffee I've been I tried one of those little cups know the already prepared..YIKES that was not my favorite out I pulled my Perking Pot and zap my coffee although took 22 minutes in total..was wonderful..

Long and short I'm a perker and I guess that's what or where it for the "new" coffee pot..perhaps I'm doing something wrong..well I'll wait and when I want to give it another go..we'll see LOL..

Tonight while watching a movie I cooked a big pot of chicken for the critters so tomorrow after they are chilled I'll shred some up and then vacuum seal the rest for when needed..of course it's Rice Fields day again I'll be a bit busy.

Gonna go visit Dawn and her brother Paul tomorrow for dinner as they will be heading out and on towards Louisiana and then on to Oklahoma... I shall miss them but I know Dawn and I will be chatting regularly like we have so I'll be kept up to date as to what she's doing..

Now I'm ready for bed and sure can't my body is tired...So those traveling stay SAFE and as always..God Bless

Monday, February 25, 2013

What a Wonderful Monday

What a Wonderful Monday..and I could even chew a little..woo hoo !...Today was a busy day..hurry up get Ms Shug done and then on to the Critters 3..I was just a beaming I was gonna go visit some RV Sistahs..ones that I've known for years and have never met in this was also gonna be a double whopper too cause it was Ms Dawn's birthday..

I drove up as I told Ms Dawn a fib..Had to I mean I had to pick up her little gift I got her and how was I gonna do that riding with her in the she drove up and I followed a few minutes away..cept when I got their she had driving by herself as her brother Paul (who was suppose to come) was not feeling well.. I felt bad so I had to tell her when I go there...I fibbed ya !  she laughed..

What a great afternoon we had.. I got to finally meet Sarah and Tina of which I've known for a long time..and it was delightful and then Lizzie popped in towards the end for a few minutes and wonderful to see her too..!

Irmi and Steve make you feel so right at home and part of the family and I'm telling ya we did some gabbing..well mainly me.. it was like I was plugged in and ready to rumble..cause I had them laughing..but the funny part was and is.. nothing of it was made up it was all facts know the campfire stories of what happened to you when RVing...the goodies..and the OH MY STARS !!!

Some one of these days I'm gonna right a book about my travels..they are Wild and Crazy like me hahaha..but it sure was a good feeling to be with people that are just good people..and of course loved dogs LOL..

Dawn and I both left together and we were on a mission..YOU GOT IT.. Walmart..hahaha.. I had to go and pick up a few things..and so did Dawn and we laughed..YEPPERS..wouldn't be a day without a stop while on the road to Wally World..hahaha..of course I go in and pick up a bag of bird seed and Guess What ..hahaha...the dang thing opens at the bottom and it was like I hit the jack pot..those bird seed were every where but in the bad..OMG...LOL 

It completed my day let me tell ya !!  so when I got home Ms Shug was saying, "hello, hello, hello"..rapidly.. I think she missed me..and Ms Reba was grabbing my finger..gumming it..hahaha..and Mister Zeke and Ms Abby were singing..oh yeah open that door and let me out !!!!

Now I'm ready for bed and will have a good dream of my day and on to the next Adventure...hahaha

All those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oh My Goodness Friday,Saturday and Now Sunday

Oh My Goodness Friday, Saturday and Now Sunday...yes, I've been MIA ..Missing in Action...the action being I have suffered from a dry socket..not of the wall but of my missing tooth...

I had went and had a molar extracted and wound up having problems with my jaw not healing..I mean I felt the beat of my heart in my Jaw...and all I had was on Friday I had to go and have blood work which was another story..

My luck as it was and is..I had to go to the hospital and have the blood drawn as I am what is considered a "Back Stick"...sounds so strange but it means you ain't getting nuttin' from my veins..and that's because I take so much medication and have been a heart patient for over 20 years...Sucks but it's a fact!

So I then stopped by the Dentist as I just couldn't go another night or day and waited for him to work me in..(aren't I lucky?) and when he was the usual..."Oh my GAWD"...he had to open to release the pressure...and now I feel just fine...but man oh man I was not in a good mood and just felt plain ole lousy .

I moped around on Saturday feeling sorry for myself...I deserved that and couldn't chew so it was milk shakes ..and the coldness went to my head hahaha...Golly I'm just a mess..but

Today I feel so much better and tomorrow I am going with Dawn and her brother Paul to visit another RV sistah..Irmi and her hubby Steve who also has company  Sarah and Tina..two more RV it's Dawn's birthday..Yeppers it's a whopper of a visit and I sure missed out on all the others...but some day I'll play catch up .

Now I'm watching the cake is done and cooling and now I'm ready for stay tuned and hopefully I'll tell more good stories...

So Good night God Bless and those traveling Stay Safe....I'm back !!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oh What a Thursday !

Oh what a Thursday ! day was long because my jaw was bothering me..but hopefully it will ease up if not when I go to get my blood work in the morning I'll head on over to the dentist and get something for it...

Morning was dragging as I just had no energy ..not sleeping usually does that for me...but I did manage to do just a small load of laundry and then it was on to getting the critters done...and it was also Ms Shug's big event..she was 7months old and boy was she on..

I took a picture of her up on her play stand and she was just a laughing and flapping her wings..she sure looks funny without tail feathers..but I was reassured they will grow back..being she's a baby and so active..and clumsy..omg is she ever...she falls off that perch and climbs back up laughing and talking some strange stuff...LOL..

Hubby is not a happy camper..he'll be on his crutches another 2 weeks then is being fitted for a full leg brace as his bones have to heal and it's taking a long in order not to have another break..he's gonna have to wear it...I feel so bad for's got to be really hard..

Tomorrow I have to go for blood work..hopefully I won't have to go and have a pick put I'm really, what they call "a hard stick"...when I go into the hospital I have to have one put's not a rough procedure and it's usually done in the Xray room as they have to go down really deep and the line runs right next to your heart..but it saves lots of pain when those needles cause the veins to collapse...and nurses keep trying and get nothing...

So that's my big day and depending how I make out with my jaw I was planning on visiting Dawn and the other Sistahs that are there..but it will depend on how I am tomorrow...

Somedays I'm just tired of trying to explain how things are with me.. I guess I always seems like I'm full of stuff..but I have this issue..when I'm good I'm very good and when I'm bad..I'm the worst..LOL...wild but fact..

With hubby having his problems I've just been do down and worried that it's been hitting me health wise..having to make sure my meds are working and keeping nitro by my side...Lordy I sound like a mess..but maybe I am...however, I still am trying not to get to too's not good for me..

I'm fasting now and wouldn't ya know it I want a milkshake..LOL  but nope have to do that one tomorrow...right after my blood work...hahaha..

Hopefully my jaw will stop aching..boy it's been a bugger...and I'm only taking Tylenol..and it's not working ....OUCH..

I'm gonna say Good night and God Bless...Safe Travels too...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wow is me What a Wednesday :)

Wow is me What a Wednesday :)... Starting off forgetting how I had to get ready to go to the dentist...So the race was on..but I did remember I had to be off my Plavix for 4 days..and I swallowed my antibiotics as I was leaving the door..hahaha..yeah I'm together alright..

My poor critters were so confused but I'd make it up to them...YEP< I did..had to have my molar extracted as with the wires from my partial it was wearing it down to nothing and my meds was basically destroying covering..enamel..yeah just like pots they break away.

So came home with a jaw that looked like I was related to the chipmunk family and in and had a few messages from Dawn she was still at the RV dealer from last we've all been in one of those situations..

Nothing goes right and they hook you up know you're in their for the countdown...and one of our other RV Sistahs Irmi, wrote a really tough note via email and let them have it..bad mouthing their service does wonders especially when you have a forum of several hundred women..can get might nasty LOL Good Job it.!!

Well, Dawn had ordered special Critter food from my friends that have a store in the I had offered before to go pick it up..and she was in a bind..and so I got home let the critters out chatted with her via text and got back in my car and down the road I was going..numb jaw and all..LOL

My only problem was when I got home for the Dentist I took all my meds..YES all my meds..including my Lasix...HOLY HANNAH...of all times for this stuff to work...and work it did.. I was dancing in my seat..and no where to stop to run in and Whiz on down the I was praying I could make it..but NOPE.. there was a detour on the road and I had to detour and got somewhere that there wasn't a place to stop...

Yep, if you think my eyes weren't floating..HA !!  I found a location to pull over and then thought ..NO, I can't go here but as I looked around I saw I had a bucket in the back..YEP...I also had a trash can I popped in the back and prayed no accidents..LOL  and I'll never kid one of our other Sistahs who says, "She uses a bucket "...cause I did..OMG>. I was laughing so hard and I thought if someone pulls up along side of me... I'm in big trouble..and I think I almost filled the bucket half way hahaha...but what a I know you're wondering what did I do with the bucket...simple... I came up to a trash can..and dumped...wrapped in a trash bag too ...

Will I ever admit to this...hmmm maybe at a campfire with all of us sharing our stories..cause I know I'll be laughing..but I know when in need you do indeed :)

Now I'm tired and I'm gonna go to bed..and took a few Tylenol so that my jaw won't hope you had a good chuckle...oh and to finish that story of picking up Dawn's dog food.. when I got there...The food was not delivered never made the truck..after all that !!!!!...

So it's another replay hopefully without my week...God Bless and Safe Journey to all....

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Toot Toot Tootsie it's Tuesday :)

Toot Toot Tootsie it's Tuesday :)  and the sun was out and I was a happy camper..YES, I'll say it again,..."I am beaming when the sun shines..I am one of those people that the light affects me"...

Morning was busy as I wanted to attempt to get my energy in's sure taking the stuffing out of me and I'm struggling to get up and go...I'm working on it that's for sure..

Was busy with my schedule for Doc appointments..this Friday I have blood work to be done so fasting biggy ..Ms Abby's results were good so the Vet is faxing the results to Saul..Thank goodness..

I'm still not motivated until I hear how hubby is gonna be ..that will be tomorrow night he goes to the Ortho and we'll see..if it looks good then we'll start making reservations for his trip down..and boy it's been a long time..

Other than that I've just been starting to put some time into this baby blanket..I try and do so many rows each day so I don't get in that slump..and each row is a different pattern so gots to keep my mind on if I get 8 rows done in a day that's a on it every day and it's finished within 2 weeks..and I've got several blankets to make...

Watched a little bit of TV but mostly played with Ms Shug..and she is just a sweetie..even nestled down next to me on the couch and we watched TV together..hahaha...she's like enjoying the "Us Time"...

Watched my Redi Whip Fish..not sure if he's gonna make it cause he sure is acting strange..tomorrow I'm gonna do the water thing as I have mixted the water stuff tonight ...hopefully that will improve him...cause like I said, "he's looking strange"..

Now I'm lookin strange as I'm wanting to go to need of it big with that I'll say.."Toodles"...Stay Safe traveling and God Bless...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Yes, it was and still is Monday :)

Yes, it was and still is Monday :)...morning was a bit nippy still but towards the afternoon it did get really nice..however, I'm still dragging.. I mean I just can't seem to catch up with myself...

Thank goodness I dragged the trash out the night before cause I just was slower than the Turtle...LOL...but I did get my critters done and had to take Ms Abby to the Vets this morning for her blood work..

Being she has to take a certain med for her hips she needs a blood test done every 6mos to make sure her liver is this med can play havoc on that organ..and I sure don't wanna have any surprises..

Abby did well in fact she hasn't lost any or gained any weight in a year since I've been to Doc..(here in Florida) and they all said, "She's looking good for a Rottie 11 years old".. I know Abby has a few little minor hearing loss..but she's really good with hand signals..something I've trained her years ago when I showed her in that helps her and me..

Later for a quick stop (after calling ) I stopped in and visited with Dawn and Paul for maybe about half hour then I went on to Winn Dixie..just needed a few things..and by afternoon the sun was really feeling pretty darn good :)

Tonight I kind of just lobbed around as I'm just having a little difficulty getting my stamina back on takes me a few days really..seems like my body just tells me when I can do things any more...frustrating at times..but hey, it's something I have to work around and just live with..

Watched Biggest Loser and fell asleep through most of I've got it recorded and I'll watch it maybe at lunch time tomorrow..and now I'm ready for bed..thank goodness cause it feels great only thing.. I lay down and before I say, "Hello Dolly"..I'm getting up to start my day again LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as before and always...God Bless

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Aftermath on Sunday

My Aftermath on Sunday...well I thought Saturday night was over..but not for me...I had company come after I had thought I was gonna go to bed...hell no I was in for a rude awakening...and that's putting it mildly..

My friend called and needed to talk..(here's where I think I went wrong) so me being me..even though I was dawg tired said "Ok, but not to long"...HA !...Over she came and we sat down with a cup of "Tea" and I listened as she started to tell me her tale of WOE is ME..

Before I knew what was happening..she started to tremble and then get really weirded out and I knew this was oh MELT DOWN..I tried to calm her down but at this point there was no return.. I really began to think perhaps I should call 911..but she went into Panic MODE on me..and I knew at this stage of the game I was gonna have to do something..

I started to talk calmly and said, "let's go to the ER and get you something"  and I was shocked cause she said, "Yes, but I don't wanna stay"...I got in my car and took her to the hospital and what a dumb dumb I was..Saturday Night..ER rooms are packed and this was no exception..

Long and short of it... We were there till almost 5:30am and they gave her some meds and a shot which I had to take her home and have one of the guys that works for her come and get her car...OUCH.. my short night was a long one and I finally got to almost 9am..

Now as for who, I rather not say but I don't think I can ever go through this again..I mean I'm spent my day is gone and my brain is not even functioning..needless to say I hope that she gets help..cause she really needs it..

So that's about all I can say tonight and I hope I get to get some much needed rest for all of you out there traveling..Stay Safe..and as always God Bless..

PS..if you ever have problems do the right thing and seek help cause no one can help you but yourself..your friend will try but trust me it brings them down also and they feel like crap not being able to do anything but watch..and maybe give you some weak advice..there are professionals that can do the right thing for you...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Quiet Saturday

My Quiet Saturday...for me my time was needed to be quiet...I've been going through some emotional swings..Highs then Lows..and some days it's just a little more than I want to handle... I've tried to just push it to the side and ignore it...but today was one of those days...where my Lows sort of took over..

Morning was dragging as I tried to get a few things done..then as the day progressed I felt that empty feeling..guess you might say, "I'm feeling sorry for ME"...but I guess we all have to do that once in awhile..

I've always put others ahead of me and for some reason I just felt "alone".. guess it's because hubby is still having problems and I'm's been a long go inbetween and he's not up to feeling like talking..which doesn't help matters..

Ms Shug keeps me some what busy and of course entertained and then Ms Reba well she's a lot for me to deal I realize she's getting on in her 17 years..omg..we are all aging before my eyes..

I had them house blues today...Lord help me..and then it's getting cold and windy was suppose to go to Dawn's for dinner and got outside putting up my plants and thought..Wait a minute it's really getting cold and driving in the night time is not for me.. my eyes are not that good..uh oh.. change plans..and boy did that bum me out...but had to cause I need to think of me first..and with how I've been feeling and weather...another day

So I leaned back and tried to take a nap..but no deal instead I just started feeling awful...good Golly Ms Molly get my act together..please !!!!

Now it's night time and I'm tired and gonna hope tomorrow it's not too bitter but I'm afraid it's gonna be and my brain is really dragging..

So good night to all..and hope you all travel safe..and praying tomorrow I'll feel more like me and as I always say, "God Bless".

Friday, February 15, 2013

My Wild Frinday !!!!!

My Wild Friday !!!!!..... oh my stars was it ever... I started my morning with cookin for Ms Shug..(what a mistake that was) I cooked up some mixed veggies and beans..yeah I read this morning a recipe for me Tu..(that's what they call Cockatoos )...LOL...any way I woke up at 3:30am as my legs were bothering me so instead of surfing for good things to buy..hahaha.. I surfed for something to make for my Ms she could eat healthy...I mean to tell you there is all kinds of things to make..the key is.."Will She Eat It" ??????

So I was just as happy as can be plus this morning I was going to Sam's Club, PetSmart, Bed Bath and Beyond (what? ) and JoAnn shop for a pattern for baby blankets...and  Mister John had asked if he could come with (my mistake)....

Fiddles were done for Ms Shug and I  was just as happy as can be also put up a few more dishes for her so I could just thaw reheat some what and server my darling sweetie (HA).

Got my critters done make my coffee and toast and I heard a crash..coming from the living room..UH OH now what..Well the What was Ms Shug throwing that wonderful bowl of goodness that I made at 4am..What..?????? It was all over the wall and window ..LOVELY...JUST LOVELY...and she was laughing...

Why did I teach her to laugh better yet Why is she throwing her food ???? See if I read any more stuff on feeding your Cockatoo..hahaha... wait till I write that man that wrote it...I have a strange bird.. Does it surprise you ????? NOT >>>>>

So then I get ready to go to the stores and John is up at the main gait waiting on me..LUCKY ME>.. and I see by his face he's talking to himself and probably wondering why I'm not there hahaha...I was on time but for him's never on time...

Off we go and traffic is a bit hectic and John is doing his yelling at everyone on the road...Gawd help me...and then as we go to the stores he follows me around.. like why am I buying this do you really need that...and then he starts..."Aren't you done yet "  ?????? OMG...well I had about had it and began talking in my native tongue.....hahaha.. I wanna kick my butt for trying to be nice...but you know now I understand why he is by himself..He's the only one that can stand him besides his true love Jane..hahaha

Then I say to John... "You know the next time I take you any where you're gonna have to sit in my side car "...he replies..."But you don't have a side car" reply .."Exactly John " !!!!!

Got back and put all my stuff away and boy was I tired..and took a little nap ski..and then made sure I made that Espresso cake and YES got it !!

Now I'm ready for bed and on to tomorrow...Gonna have dinner with Ms Dawn so we'll do some catching up on what's happening..

Good night all and Safe Travels and as Always..God Bless.....

Thursday, February 14, 2013

To the Rice Fields on Thursday

To the Rice Fields on Thursday.....yes, it was that time again and boy did I get the energy up to get that put up...the worst part is washing the rice hahaha..all that yucky starch...rinse and rinse and forever..but it got done..

As I was doing my  Thang I got a call from CVS about my Script that I've been fighting with the Insurance company..WEll  I got was approved...and better yet I'm getting a letter of apology sent to the Doctors office for all the crap we had to go through...

Got intouch with the AGENT that sold us this policy and chewed their face off..and had them dig into why this nonsense was happening when it was agreed that this was not going to be a problem....and the lies this insurance company said and nasty attitude..they should be dealt with ..something needs to be looked into...I felt so bad for others that let these nasty jerks take advantage of them...

Out come is all the people that work for my hubby will be taken care of and now I'm on a mission to go for the jugular...I still can't believe how they lied and didn't give a hoot either...they got their money and you is "STUCK"...we shall see....that will be a chapter all by itself..

Most of the day was dreary with some rain off and on..and tonight a little misting going on..but tomorrow I'm on my other mission of going to Sam's club, PetSmart, Bed Bath and Beyond and then JoAnn shop then home..:) 

The weekend will be here and I'm just glad to get my things done so I can enjoy my critters and relax..make a few things up for next week and just make like this week didn't happen..hahaha

Tonight I watched American Idol and I'm telling ya those young girls are really good..great singers and any of them could make it... much better than the guys... I did get to watch Survivor as I had taped that last night watching the first part of American Idol...

Now I'm ready for bed and to get my work load done ...also have to get Ms Abby ready for her appointment with Dr (vet) on Monday morning..and she isn't gonna be a happy camper ..blood work has to be done because she's on meds that her liver functions need to be checked...

So I'm ready and I hope and pray those traveling Stay Safe and as Always God Bless....

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My My What an Experience on Wednesday :)

My My What an Experience on Wednesday :)  Oh boy, I'll say hahaha...I got a hankerin for some Spare Ribs and usually I go an buy Chinese Ribs I mean they are GOOOOOOD...but I've heard so much about one of the RV Sistah's Ribs I had to give it a try...

Now first off let me say, "I've never done spare ribs..Country Ribs in Crock Pot I'm a star LOL...but I've never done a slab of ribs...even at my age (I ain't saying nuttin' lol ) I decided to buy a rack..and they came in a Cry Vac so what do I know about them...????? NUTTIN'....

I followed the recipe which by all means was really simple.but remember nothing for me is ever Simple...only ME...LOL  and I was so excited cause I just knew this was gonna be my answer to not knowing how too..

In the oven they went for 3 hours covered and seasoned and they were smelling awesome and while that was going I made up the BBQ sauce and put in a small pot and let it heat up ...

When I took the foil off the ribs.."Hello there grease".. I mean it was in a pool of grease...oh my stars..what, why and aren't I lucky...but then again I've never made these so I guess it is what it I take the foil off and think to myself..I would have put these on a grate to let the fat run off...but she just said, "put in shallow pan and cover till last 20 minutes take cover off and spread BBQ sauce all over..." that's what I did..!

Now these were falling off the bone (in grease) and the sauce was not thick so it kind of ran off as well..but should have the when the bell went off...(timer) I pulled them out and put a few on a plate..

Well that's where my story is gonna end..cause they were not good...nope, nada they were so greasy and just not good...It must have been the type of ribs I had or something I did not I'll have to PM her and ask.. I also heard from a few others that I should have used Baby Back Ribs.....

I was so hungry for them and disappointed..maybe it's my Murphy coming back to visit...HUH ???? I sure hope I learn what went wrong but I know my trash man will have them in my bundle tomorrow...

Ya know I still can't get that taste out of my mouth tomorrow is another day and I don't think I want to cook anything...LOL...not for a few days LOL..Pizza is sounding better hahaha..I can even have it cold with a glass of milk..

So that's all I got to say and I'm dawg tired and tomorrow I'm gonna be running..maybe more ways than one..LOL..

I'm gonna say...Good Night and hope all that traveling Stay Safe and like always..God Bless.......

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A nice outing on Tuesday :)

A nice outing on Tuesday :) and it really was wonderful...Jane came over early this morning to join me in my outing with Ms Dawn and Paul (her brother) as we ventured over to Lowes' and then to lunch at Cracker Barrel...

Morning for me was hurry up and get done as I was gonna break loose hahaha..yeah I was on a mission to find to chairs for my counter which by the way lately seems almost impossible..ugh !!

After we met up and drove over to Lowes I did a search through the store and NOPE..they don't carry those..WHY NOT ????  but asked .."Where could I find such a thing"  ? LOL...Shrug of shoulders then ...Walmart, HomeDepot, Sears, that was about all the poor young lad could even come up with...oh my :(

So then I saw Cracker Barrel and because I left without anything.. I was HUNGRY and I joked with Ms Dawn..cause when she was hungry and went shopping ...she bought enough for a feast I knew ..look out is there enough table room for what my eyes were wanting..but I knew I couldn't ..but I'd give it a good shot.. and we all laughed..

It was an enjoyable lunch too cause boy we could come up with some one liners..and so Paul is good too..he zings just as it all 4 of us were all in tune for "Let's let it rip" nice to be sitting at a table and just enjoying each other...

Then I had Ms Dawn follow me so that I could show her where the Mall here was..Lake Square on 441..has a few good stores...and Jane went in Sears to see if they carried chairs..NOPE..not for me.. DUH.. and Ms Dawn went off to find her  Jane and I rode off... I had to stop at Publix for Ms Shug..

I also should have stopped at the mall at PetSmart but I didn't..Dumb move so Thursday I must go out and get in her feed..that wasn't to bright of me..but again I sometimes am not the brightest bulb in the switch hahaha..

Dropped Jane off at her house and of course it was a WAR ZONE...GAWD how do people live like that..but as I've said.. "Some people thrive on that crap"..!

Now I'm beat and need to get to bed...So that's my story and I'm stickin too it...I'm sure I left a few things out..but not that important..or maybe I'll remember know Senior Moment..LOL 

Oh.. I remember...came home from enjoyable day to Argue with Insurance company..that will be a chapter I'll talk about tomorrow...

So All ya traveling Stay Safe..and as Always...God Bless...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Today became a day of Rest even on Monday

Today became a day of Rest even on Monday...wasn't planned to be that way but turned out.. Dawn and I both needed it...Big Time..

My morning was dragging as I was trying to get things together .. I had planned to go to Lowes and Dawn and Paul were gonna follow so they would know how to get there and because they (well mainly Dawn I'm sure LOL ) loves to shop till you drop..OH YEAH... and ME.. I'm a get in and get out of town..kind of shopper.. I go with my list and that's what I need and don't wanna peek around cause it always winds up costing more and carrying a load in and out and in the house..yeah you got the picture..

So this morning I was Face Talking with Dawn and I just said, "Dawn, how about we do this tomorrow, I'm exhausted and I need to stay off my legs"..WOW she agreed as she drank her coffee and looked really tired..we both laughed and knew we had been done done done...:)

That's all it took and see how agreeable we is..hahaha..well I think for me I just couldn't move another muscle..and looking around I needed to get to vacuuming and get my house in some kind of order...after all it was Trash Day and I get rid of lots of stuff and still for some strange reason I don't get rid of it all..or is it I keep bringing more in ??????

I could be called Boxes Galore..hahaha..and then after we hung up I started to get my frig cleaned.. that's a job I have to do weekly or else something could reach out and grab me..hahaha.. I tend to grow things.. kind of like my college days ..exploring and research projects ...:)

Come 2pm I leaned back and next thing I knew with was 4ish..see I needed that rest and I felt great..well not like running any where but good..and got my Critters done and made for me..Pasta I had gravy in the was good..dessert was a little ice cream and that was dynamite..

I've been wanting a glass of Sun tea and thought I'd make another pitcher..LOL well that was over quick I realize I left my picture and of course Ms Dawn then writes..she's enjoying the tea hahaha...and will bring my pitcher back  ...woo hoo...but I had to laugh..

Today was Westminster Dog Show and I've attended that almost all my life so now it's like Ok, I'll record it and wait to hear from my friends that are either Judges or showing the results.. I don't miss it..cause it was always a blurr for me and when there..I worked my butt off..So I'm happy for all..but still I like to see who's got who...and what top dogs are out there...but not anxious to do all that again...hahaha

Watched Biggest Loser..ouch..but boy those people are really doing great and I'm so happy for them..their lives are changing and I pray they stay in better shape...

Now I'm tired and ready to hit that bed..Tomorrow is a repeat of wanting to go to Lowes..and Jane called she wants to'll be kind ..LOL  then I need to stop at Publix and pick up a few things before I can make those ribs...and I can't wait...

Safe Travels All and God Bless...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

An Enjoyable Luncheon on Sunday :)

An Enjoyable Luncheon on Sunday :)....yes, it certainly to meet another RV Sistah and her hubby....Irmi and Steve from MD..that comes down to Florida for the winter months and only about 20 miles from me..

Dawn had gotten all types of cold cuts and breads and of course a little vino..(which sure does go down smoothly ) and her brother Paul ..who is also a hoot and chuckles as us women...Was so nice and the day was just beautiful..

I had made an Espresso Cake the night before and I gave everyone fair warning...if you are not use to caffine..hold on to your hats hahaha..but it's really good not overly sweet but it will kick butt...LOL 

Morning for me is always...Go get it and get it done cause that's the most energy I'll have all day..hahaha..yeah I'm a morning person and by mid morning..I'm ready for fall out.. and as it was when I came back from the luncheon...I sure did fall out..but not before I let my critters out ..talked with Ms Shug and said "Hello "  to Reddi Whip the Betta..hahaha..yeah I get the whole gang in and then I leaned back on the couch and next thing I knew it was past dinner 6:30pm...HOLY HANNAN BANANA...LOL

Then of course it was the mad dash for the curb as I also wanted to get my trash out so I wouldn't be running a muck in the morning...sure is working ok so far..but I'm weary of putting trash out at night...

Later on I just had to go through all my "stuff" as what I need and don't need for next week ...oh and I do have that crappola with the insurance company in the afternoon...Good Grief..!!

Tomorrow morning after chores I'm heading to Lowe's need to buy replacement chairs for my counter when Diane had called she told me that's where she got crossing fingers...and Dawn and Paul will meet me at the front as they want to go also..and I don't have room in my car for more than one..and they want to know how to get will work out fine.. I'm not a shopper per I get in and get out...hate routing...but Ms Dawn..well we won't talk about that..cause that's a whole big chapter and I'm too tired..hahaha

Jane was suppose to come but she's in the "I don't want to live" mood..and I don't deal with that too good beside her and John are off again on their own thing..and for to keep a I can keep my sanity what's left of it...:)

Now I'm ready to say..."HowdyDoody"  I'm gonna go to bed..but give you a peek of my Espresso's really awesome :)

Those traveling Stay Safe and as Always  God Bless

The Notorious Espresso Cake...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's Saturday Night Live LOL..

It's Saturday night Live...LOL...that's how I feel sometimes..and I'm from New York..well right now I'm in Florida..and don't wanna go north with all that white stuff...LOL..

Today I was sort of busy..preparing for another get together with another Sistah from Maryland..Irmi and her husband Steve.. I've known them awhile but this will be my first time meeting them also...They come to Florida and stay in the Ocala area..

So I did make a picture of Sun Tea and made an Italian Espresso Cake and Dawn went and picked up assortment of cold cuts and we've kind of been cooked out and this will be a lot easier as my time visiting is always short..due to having to give the Critters meds..

Now if they come to my house that's different cause I'd make something..Made a big pot of Gravy so I can do almost anything...and I even picked up a slab of ribs gonna try one of the Sistahs' Rib recipe..this week as I've heard really how good they are and I love ribs but have never been able to cook them...

Today was a little bit out of the ordinary as I now have a new member to my house hold..Ms Dawn brought me a gift yesterday ..and it's a Betta .. Red too.. so I called him... Reddi Whip...he's Red and Whips his tail around as he swims..hahaha...another one to take care of..whoopee..!!!

Just finished getting my cake out of the oven and it's cooling..made an Italian Espresso Cake...yes, I have pictures ..going into the oven and out of the oven LOL...this cake is really icing..but those that want I then sprinkle powdered sugar..but boy this is really a good cake..and strong too LOL

So I'm ready to hit the sack...and on for tomorrow...cause Dawn also picked up my new coffee's one of those one cup servers but it's a Mister Coffee..I couldn't see spending almost 200 for a coffee pot..and another thing.. I have to remind myself not to let Ms Dawn go shopping for a get together..I mean to tell you she was hungry when she went...does that say something ??????OUCH !!! hahaha...but I'm sure it will be really, really good..(better be Ms Dawn)  LOL

Now I'm tired and I'm gonna say..."Mister Sandman bring me a dream "...:)

Safe travels all and as always...God Bless

Friday, February 8, 2013

A good ending for a Friday

A good ending for a Friday :) morning was a a little busy as Clancy had called and was coming over to do the yard...and it sure did need it...weeds were every where..and he so enjoys me telling him .."He did a great job"..which he really does...

Morning was the usual..get things done and I knew I needed to go shopping for a few things as tonight I was having Dawn and Jane come over for dinner.. So out I went and got my list done...Found out Dawn finally got her car ..YOO HOO..

Later in the evening Jane and Dawn arrived and it was a nice evening lots of laughs oh and yes my knew addition showed up as well.. a Betta called Reddi..:) yeppers he's a Red Beauty just like one of my Lhasa's I had years ago a Red beauty and he was always I named this new fella Reddi..

Dinner was good but we didn't do any dessert we were all stuffed..LOL  yeah we had a big salad and a nice glass of Lambrusco..and La Carbonara... Dawn says, "She really liked it"..and I know this is Jane's favorite...

I had planned on making Blackberry cobbler but NOPE..we couldn't move...LOL we all had that look more could fit in..that's for sure..:) but it's oh so good..!!

Now tonight I had to hear the fight of fights with John and Jane..boy that's why I don't have the two's like a child..John feels left out but he surely doesn't know how to ack..and to think he was that way all his life  YUCKO...

Jane enjoyed the evening but what a horrible way to end it...gawd I'm tired and I think my brain can't think ..LOL  So with that I'll say, "Good night Safe Travels..and God Bless"

Thursday, February 7, 2013

It was just a full of surprises on Thursday

It was just full of surprises on Thursday starting with early morning.. I mean I was trying to get as much done and get my pot of Gravy on and then make an Italian Lemon drop cake with blueberries...and boy everything was just moving right along..

See today is also trash day but I was ahead of that step cause I put it out the night before  YEE HAW...and so Morning for me was ...get er I thought...even chatted with Clancy as he was removing leaves from the roof of my neighbor..and he also told me ."My day will be tomorrow"...okie dokie..

Gravy was cooking and so was I...made sure I had my eggs at room temp as I sorted the whites from the YOKES...yeah one of those type cakes..and had a little bit of cake flour...(have to put that on my list)..and I was now ready to get my cake going and even had a box of fresh blueberries..yeah life was just grand..:)

Till it came time for me to take that blessed cake out of the oven and I mean to tell you this was gonna be one of my best numbers yet..hahaha...well as I grabbed my pot holders ..opened the oven door..slid that sweetheart out and next thing I knew I heard a POP..and the glass dish cracked and cake was everywhere and even one part of the dish bounced and whacked me write in the wrist...WHAT THE #%^@#%....  it was all over the kitchen floor and stove and never mind the blueberries..they even popped and ya know blueberries burn...

So my good deed was gonna meet Mister Murphy...Lordy I'm telling ya if it can happen, it happens to ME ! dessert for tonight and I so wanted something special as Dawn was doing me such a favor because she had the grill  and her Aunt Betty and brother Paul and another one of our RV Sistah's CarolB was coming ...

Critters weren't sure what was going on as I hurried them through dinner and told them to be good and I'd be back soon..(sometimes ya gotta stretch it just a little ) and the evening was nice..enjoyed Paul's bread too..he's a good bread baker LOL...but I brought over a container of Gravy for them to try ..

Nice evening and enjoyed the company and home I came as I felt the "fall out "  about to happen.. yeah I have them drop just comes with my disease..something I've gotten use to and can't help it...a lot of the times I don't go to dinner at other's homes because I have to excuse myself when I feel it happening...and I don't want to seem rude...

Got home and I felt so bad as everyone left right after me which means Dawn had all those dishes..YIKES..If I knew they all were leaving I would have stayed and helped with clean up ..and then went home...hate that..but I did apologize..

Tomorrow night I have Dawn coming over for dinner and Jane will be here too..making La Carbonara and Black Berry cobbler for dessert..will pick up some ice cream to tweak it  :)  should be another good night and then Sunday we have another GTG this time just make up Dawn is some what like me...we need the break...

I would have made a Dish but being Paul is Kosher I feel bad and want to include I know I would feel funny leaving someone out..but tomorrow is ok cause he will be practicing Shabbat till Saturday at Sunset..

Now I'm ready to call it a night and hope all of you traveling Stay Safe..and as always...God Bless.... (lights out here :) )

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wham it's Wednesday wooooo!

Wham it's Wednesday woooo!...boy was I ever in a jump start mode..had lots to get tomorrow is trash day and I'm now trying to get things out the night before with hopes what ever I miss I can just add to the pile more racing to the curb..sure helps my legs..

I had my list of things I needed to pick up at Winn Dixie as tomorrow night I am going over to Dawn's for a cook out.. and because I didn't have the grill they were willing to cook what I brought figured I'd get Rib Eyes and do a Veggie Roast got all the fixins and then brought it over to Dawn to store in her frig so that would be one last thing for me to carry over...

I'll bake a cake in the morning when I get up and just tote that over when I go. Sure be nice for a nice relaxing dinner...get the critters fed and taken care of..but I can never stay long because of meds...Zeke and I both get our meds at 8pm ..LOL we are two peas in a pod.. then our last med is at 10pm...then it's lights out hahaha..

I'm going to be hiring a gal to help me do my they need re arranging and changing of shelving paper...the bottom ones I can't do..can't get down on my knees and she's really good at doing if it works out I'll call her in from time to time...may even have her help me do the carport furniture..didn't get to that today as it got looking like rain and I thought..I know if I start it will pour...but no rain just a few sprinkles..

Seems that every day lately I'm finding more and more things I need to make changes make it easier for me...I still have to cook up for the critters and that's something I'll never change..been doing it over 35 years...and the critters are so much better off...a little work but gives me peace of mind..that's what counts and besides..can't have things to easy cause then I'll become a slug hahaha..

Watched American Idol tonight..and it was not great I think I'll only start watching it when they've done their final pick of the 20 guys and 20 gals..cause this is too hard to follow...bits and pieces...boring !!!

Now I'm ready for bed...and making my list of what I need to get's never ending as I try and do a room complete but still have to vacuum every day with them hairy dawgs hahaha..yes, them Rotties shed shed shed ...

All traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A nice Surprise on Tuesday

A nice Surprise on day was kind of blah until the afternoon.. I had a nice surprise visit from  Dawn and her brother Paul and even Jane came (the fighting duo partner)...

Morning was busy for me as it always is..and because we started off a little too chilly for Ms Reba and Critters it through me a little into late morning getting my gang fed and cleaned...then it was hop to the vacuum job..yeah I decided I was too tired to do it the night before..

Then I needed to do my blankets as they were looking like on to the next level..and boy was that blanket looking bad...them critters do numbers on my's a wonder I don't shed from them..hahaha..wait .. I think I do LOL

I wanted to go grocery shopping but decided I needed to stay on Lasix a little longer as with taking care of John I surely wasn't able to and my legs suffer I decided tomorrow I'll go sale day...YIKES..might be crowded..:(

Was good seeing everyone and I was so surprised Ms Shug was really quiet.. she was a little uncomfy with I'm here by myself and all she sees is ME and the Critters...sure hope as she gets a little older she'll get a little use to all those that come to visit...

After everyone left she bounced back and was a little ticky with me..hahaha..yeah she gave me attitude..but I guess that comes with her feeling left out..strange but I know how that feels..

For me those that usually come to visit me don't ever say anything about it..guess they feel I'm like the Kiss of Death from the Groupies...don't know but I guess that too will pass...shame as I've tried and tried to figure it out..however, I just don't seem to fit in...not that I'm complaining..but I've never been able to figure it out...

So when and if you ever come to visit me...Mums the word..cause you might get put to the side...then again you can't even say if you had a good that's a shame cause with me..anything is possible..

Oh yeah Mister Zeke does his grumbling..that's kind of a thing with Rotties..and he being a dominant it can get a little intense..and he senses when I'm not feeling well...which I've not been that great but I'm managing..I keep busy and active and it helps..right now he's at my feet and if I move he moves....looks like tonight he's gonna hog my spot...hahaha

So that's my day as it is..and tomorrow I'm sure it's gonna be a whopper as I need to make my list and also need to make a pot of Gravy..well's that time and I'm hungry for Pasta...gonna make a couple of cakes too..

Good night and Safe travels and as always..God Bless..

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday...always gets me down

Monday always gets me down...and of course it seems to be just running a muck for good thing though ...John's girlfriend (Jane) came home..woo I am no longer on call..:)

Got rid of more of my junk and that made me feel good..although I wanted to get into more but figured I best not cause just as I would start the phone would ring...DUH..

Mostly went thought some paper work that needed to be shredded and filled my cookie jars ..(dawg cookies) and mixed a batch of dry food up (mixing two kinds of dry food) cleaned out another box...gawd to I have boxes...:)

As the week is going to be nice I'm gonna get the screen room done as the chairs and all need to be wiped down again..they get all that dust and dirt from the wind blowing in...boy I sound ambitious...hahaha..we shall see..:)

Tonight I watched the Biggest Loser and that was about it.. I've just not into too much TV...but one thing I have to do is find some baby blanket patterns and start getting to work..

Heard from my Niece and her hubby is now home from the hospital and they have closing on their new place in a couple of days..Lordy I pitty her cause she's gonna have a lot of work to do..everything is in boxes..but the move and hubby not being able to help..OUCH...

Now I'm tired and ready for make it short and simple..Safe Travels and God Bless..

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thought I'd have a quiet Sunday HUH ?

Thought I'd have a quiet Sunday ...HUH????? not in my life time...Morning went a little off kilter but soon got back in momentum...till I got my call from JOHN...I feel so bad cause this call made me get UGLY...YIKES...

I guess if I ever make that age (80) and have to go through things by myself I might do some of the same I say, "But"...I just think no matter what you try and tell him ..he's gonna do what he wants cause he knows better !!!!  That's plain and simple .

He called and I could hear his voice shaky and I then knew something was wrong so I asked ..... "What's Wrong" ?......his reply was..." I was not feeling good ..couldn't go to the bathroom so I took EXLAX".....OMG!!!....Now I don't get it...a day or so he was eating Sausage and Bacon with his Fried Eggs..and a couple cups of coffee and suffered after that...with a little he feels he can't go to the bathroom so he takes EXLAX....?????? HELP ME>>>

I tried to light and make sure you drink plenty of then I asked him.."Didn't the Doc tell you to take stool softeners " ?   He says I'm now wondering what in the world did he listen too..then he also says.."Doc told him he could drive in a couple of days"...I am lost here..????

So I lost it and really yelled.. because I don't want to see anything happen to him as being by himself..would he call 911 or just lay there..????? My nerves are crossing to the edge...and then his girlfriend is just as bad as him..I did tell you they are a perfect match..even though they argue over anything..and everything...

I'm just hoping she gets home when she says she is..cause she has always some excuse why she can't do for herself as well...he's the this relationship...

I went to Publix to pick up veggies for Ms Shug and I made sure he had the stool softeners..and then asked if he needed anything tomorrow morning I'll call him again to see what else is happening..and praying he'll be good and just relax and take it easy...

Tonight watched the Superbowl..interesting game...I liked both teams so who ever would win I was a winner too..LOL  not often like that for me..Maybe my luck is changing..HUH ?????

Now I'm ready to go to bed cause I'm beat mentally...physically too...I need a full night sleep...hope all you traveling stay Safe and as always God Bless..

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Woe is ME on Saturday

Wow is ME on you know sometimes things planned don't happen well in my case it started to happen but soon changed quickly...:(

Morning was a good start as the cold wasn't to too bad but not overly anxious to get critters out and begin my I did at least a few things and managed a little quiet time in between..but when 6am starts it's the beginning of the med routine and Ms Reba isn't gonna let me forget it either...:)

Then my gang will lay down till 7:30am then it's, "Ok, I gotta that door"..LOL  then Ms Shug starts her little grumble in fact this mornig she was down at the bottom of her cage looking under the sheet .."HELLO>>>HELLO"  like checking to see if anyone would respong...PLEASE hahaha.....she knows how to push your buttons hahaha..

So she gets her time at getting out and her cage gets cleaned then we beging the cute stuff as she laughs at me..then I get back with the.."it's your bath time"..hahaha..yep I let her have it ..I spray her and she giggles then turns around and flaps her wings and gets me back..YEPPERS the water hits me off her back and she ain't no DUCK>>LOL

On to the Critters 3..they get their food done and race me into their rooms letting me know they've gone all through the night without food..hahahaha..cause my big ones gobble down...and of course Ms Reha gives me the look she may or may not eat but that means "here comes the MEATBALLS"  cause she is not gonna go without eating..SORRY CHARLIE !!!

Then it's my turn..GEEEZZZZ thanks..and by that time I'm too tired to even wanna but I know I have too ...and I hear all the crew complain hahaha..yeah they want what I have toast...and I share..but not my coffee or café latte..which lately that's what I've been having for breakfast ..kind of chocolate milk with coffee heated..hahaha

So today was a Special day for me as I was gonna deliver Ms Dawns Kayak and enjoy lunch with her and her Aunt Betty and her brother started off great Dawn and I sat and chatted a bit outside and then we went in and her Aunt showed up and all of a sudden I got a call...John was having problems and needed my help...he was having pain and called the Doc and got a script to be picked I had to leave..I felt so bad.. but I was committed to help and once I say, "I will help, I don't go back on my word"...that's the way it is.. and lucky me...I had to go to 3 different pharmacies to get it filled which means a lot of driving and when I got it..I was in a bit of a nasty other way for me to say it..

Got to John's house and I know he was suffering but here I go.."Opened Mouth " I let him know that this was because he wouldn't listen.. who in their right mind eats Sausage after having a Gallbladder removed.. are you NUTS or just plain STUPID"..... I was so exhausted and stressed when I got home I lay down on the couch and fell asleep..felt like crap afterwards too...but called him again to make sure he was ok...

I felt bad as I was so wanting to spend some time with Dawn but we'll get together either Wed or Thurs and cook out on their grill cause I don't have one LOL  have Steak and Roasted Veggies and I'll also make a cake..then on Friday have Dawn come over and we'll have Pasta Paul being Kosher will be practicing Shabbat.(I think that's how it's spelled ) but we'll have more get to gethers as I promised I'll make Pasta Marinara..and maybe a little egg plant parm..we'll see as we go along..

Now tonight I just put in some time with the Critters and Ms Shug..she's getting to be a brat too...she's joining in with the rest of the group...and it's again my time to say, "Good Night"..and I am DAWG TIRED...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless..

Friday, February 1, 2013

It is Friday, isn't it ??????

It is Friday, isn't it ??????...this was another LONG, LONGER than LONG Day...I waited and waited for the phone call to pick John up from the hospital...Was I or Wasn't I was the Question....and finally after not being able to get anything done I got the call...Thank the Good LORD...

This for me was so wild as no matter what I wanted to do I couldn't ..cause with me if I started to do something I'd be right in the middle and "HELLO THERE" I just leaned back with my feet up and watched boring TV...GAWD and it was BORING !!!

Aaaah, but I did have a funny.. and I mean it was funny too...wee early this morning as I was cleaning Ms Shug's cage she was out wandering around and just a talking some strange things and laughing..then I heard my cell phone ring..ok, who's calling me at this hour on the cell phone..hope nothing is I answer and it's my friend from the police department asking me if everything is OK ????? HUH????

I had to think about what he was "Why"..???  and so I  then said, "Well, I called you yesterday to let you know how John was that's all didn't you get my message" ?   his reply was, "Yes, I did , but you called me at 6am and I kept asking is everything ok but no answer but I did hear music "...hahaha.. that was so weird...I didn't make any call at all ..only hubby had called when he got up as he usually does..

Again I told him, "Nope I didn't call you...then I thought Ms Shug was walking over in this area picking up things ..oh no...YEP, she had my cell phone and I took it off her...I started laughing...then I told him.." It wasn't me it was my Parrot..Ms Shug..she must have touched something on the phone and it called you .."  

He was quiet then started laughing..."Ok, I get a call now from a Parrot" ?  hahaha...Yep, Ms Shug done turned me into the Police and she was doing a citizen parrot arrest hahahaha...unreal..all day I thought about it and sure am glad it wasn't the fire department...I could just imagine a big truck pulling up in my driveway...OMG..too tooo tooo toooooo much !!!

Well at a little after 3pm I went and picked up John and he wasn't a happy camper as he didn't like not getting out when he was ready to go...Good Golly Ms Molly.. he has no patience what so ever...I could just imagine how those nurses felt...give him another shot let him sleep the time away ...:)


Now it's time to say, "nite nite"  those traveling stay safe and as always  God Bless...