Sunday, May 12, 2013

It's Mother's Day on this Sunday :)

It's Mother's Day on this Sunday :) ...and for me I thought about my Mom and my Sister who just recently passed...I thought about growing up and all the good times we had..Not having much at all..but we sure had great imaginations and great radio programs..

Holidays were always special ..everyone coming to visit and celebrate and our gifts were all hand made or hand me I'm smiling just writing these words..I had a busy childhood, with lots of people surrounding me..Growing up in New York was a life experience was the world in my hands !

I tried to keep my thoughts on all the good things as it's easy to become so down when most of my family is gone..but those early days were so exciting..what seemed like not much then by today's standards I lived the life of Riley ..hahaha...

This morning I was a tad bit off kilter as last night I didn't get much sleep I was having one of those bad legs moments..nothing I could do could stop them from aching and up and tried to work it out..NOT GOING AWAY...(sigh)

So by about 3:30am I finally got to sleep and come 4:45am I was up again so that meant I was not in for an exciting no means..but I did have to go to the store for a few things and I even treated myself to breakfast..Golden Arches LOL  yeah I did that new thing...Egg White McMuffin and it was pretty darn good ...:)

Came back after stopping at Winn Dixie for Ms Shug's stuff and then flopped on the couch and leaned back and caught up with my lost hours...I had too...I mean I was not good for anything...not even myself.

Sometimes we have to do those catch ups...and later on I was zooming with the vacuum cleaner ..yeah my great chore..I could hear my new vac giving me that last go round..hahaha... I'd be tired to sucking up all that dawg hair...nothing like tangled dawg hair in a carpet hahaha..

Now I'm watching Survivor and shaking my head at the comments people make when the game is at the sad..but the game itself is a complete challenge and very difficult to separate feelings...I know I couldn't do it..and I feel I am a Survivor...

Any way now tomorrow I'm going into the Doctor to do a follow up with our Blood Pressure and so far I'm doing ok ..other than the normal crap that goes on with me...but I ain't's part of life..

Those traveling Stay Safe...and as always...God Bless Us All..

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