Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Few Surprises On Tuesday

A few surprises on Tuesday.....Now you know I'm always good for a few laughs no matter how you look at it...and this day was one of those..OMG!! 

Morning goings on is always a winner..Miss Annie got into the newspaper and there were tiny bits everywhere...but it happened while I was in the room and on the phone...:)~

I got a call from the Power Wash Guy.. (you all remember him?) well he had a problem..his phone some how erased all the numbers so he was calling to apologize and set up an appointment to do my home...LOL  It is what it is in Florida is all I can say .:)

So after I got off the phone Miss Annie must have heard the conversation and decided to throw a parade..hahaha.. but Ms Shug was screaming too.. yes!  I lost my control and burst out laughing and then after I vacuumed up that disaster I had to take a break.. a big break LOL

Later in the day.. I got another winning call..(this one be prepared...don't have any liquids around ..just in case :) )...it was a collection agency ????? yeah???? Like why me ??? dunno but it was my lucky day.. any way ..make a long story short ..she was asking me.."if I was me and could I prove it ???? she needed my info before she could recite her poem. Of course I told her NO WAY.. and I would call them back.. she had to get the Supervisor on the phone and I called back but I googled just to make sure who they were..

Then we got into the crust of the call.. It appears that back in 2013 when I was in the hospital I was sent a bill and never paid it...?????  I explained.. any bills I received were paid and I had proof of that.. but for some reason they claim, my insurance company denied this one... HMMMM  so I gave her my old insurance number and she tried to call them but only got a claim number..

So then I asked what was this bill for ? .. Now hold on to your hats..

She responded.. "This was for the E R Doctor who treated me for my "Spontaneous Abortion"... I heard my self bust out laughing.. and again I asked, "What was that "?... she again responded..."My Spontaneous Abortion".. in other words folks my "Miscarriage"..hahahaha..

I then said to her, "Ma'm, do you know how old I am "?... she probably couldn't understand that question.. as there was a blank.. so then I explained... "You see, I at that date was 70 years old.. and it would have to have been the "Immaculate Conception"... I had had a Radical Hysterectomy in 2007 also..

I heard nothing for a bit then I heard her bust up laughing... Me too!!  Now serisouly I  know I was gasping as I laughed so hard... but hey, it was a good one.. then she suddenly said, "Oh, I'm so sorry"... hahaha.. "for what " I asked ?... the "Spontaneous Response "  hahaha..

It was such a funny day.. it was one of those classics..can it get any better..???? who knows..but I can't wait for tomorrow.. Lord knows what will happen next..

So that's my story for today... Hope and pray all goes well for the next few days..no more shockers please hahaha...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hop To It On Monday !

Hop to it on Monday !...Got up early and started a few things ...ie laundry and putting more plastic in boxes...Where does it all come from.. "The Plastic Factory"...LOL

Got everyone fed and I sat down finally for my coffee and toast and to listen to the news while I catch my breath...Took Miss Annie for a quick run to the mail box to send off my semi annual O&M so that's done for the rest of the year..

Then came back and took a quick run to Publix..picked up a few things and back home and it was lunch time..OMG..where does the time fly ????  but fed everyone lunch and then decided I was gonna take a quick run to Kentucky Fried...big mistake their food was awful..Oh well...won't I ever learn..make it myself..

Most of the day it was so hot and muggy you could barely move..got what I had too..didn't vacuum as that would make too much work.. and as hot as it was..even with the air going.. I just will do it in the morning hours..

Then afternoon was through and before I knew it ..Dinner time..Again here we go.. everyone got theirs and I had Ms Shug out as after dinner she comes out and gives me her "what for".. and she's out till about 7:30pm.. then it's Annies turn... you see one in and one out..

Watched and Viggled..Maxed out (12K pts) and then my night was over..and here I am...at the computer getting ready for bed..Dish Washer is doing her job..thank you !!!  Miss Annie is gnawing her bone..and life is good..!!

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Day Of Nothingness On Sunday

A day of Nothingness on Sunday...now by that I mean..No Hard Labor..but I still have to do my normal chores..and so they got done..and so was I.

Morning was a Hot One..and as soon as I got done letting Miss Annie out.. I chilled out..did water my plants and clean the bird bath so my darling Crows could have a clean bath and my Cardinals had clean water before all stopped in to have theirs too..hahaha

Changed my Hummers feeder might do one more before hubby comes and then we get ready for the road trip back home.. boy that's gonna be a rough one with out my Rudy ... I sure miss him..but I know Rose is giving him a lot of attention and he's playing with his cousins LOL

Miss Annie is Queen BEEEE...and I do mean that..she bosses or tries to anyway ME...but not for long..but she is a sweetie and great company too.. Ms Shug is also getting much more closer to me..until Robert comes in on Friday..

My toe is coming along not so purple anymore and I'm starting to get that feeling of missing my home here.. it's not that I don't want to go home..but now home is here for me with all my critters and I have peace here.. I mean no traffic when I go to the stores and I can just relax.. watch nature..that's the most enjoyable thing for me... I think of my Grandmother and how she's be loving it here..

Well, tomorrow I have to really step it up a notch and gather more of my stuff together and put more away.. it's difficult because I am always working with setups for myself so my work load is not over bearing...but I have to start putting all that away and make sure hubby has that frig cleaned so I can have all these veggies and meats I have to put away..

Oh well, here will be another wild and crazy ride..and of course the long days waiting for him to come home to fix dinner..these are things that I have to now change back to his style.. UH OH..hahaha..

So now it's bed time and I'm so ready.. the heat was a whopper and the body needs to relax and sleep.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Much Much Better Saturday :)

A much, much better Saturday..:)...although I didn't go anywhere but to pick up my car and bring her back home..woo hoo!!!.... It was the shift cable ...thank goodness and only cost $276....could have been worse and they had the part in stock..another thank you Lord !!!...

Woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep..guess it was anticipation ...wondering is this was gonna knock my socks off..as we all have had those happenings..

Miss Annie has been really good ..although I know she's lonely and keeps looking out the window..she misses that big lug...and so do I...I sure hope and pray he gets his act together and comes out kickin arse !!

Most of the day I sat and waited for the call and did a few things not much as when I let Miss Annie out at 5am..it was hot and muggy...Lord help us...so I only did a few things and then sat back and knitted on that new afghan..it sure is coming out purrrrty :)

Then when I went and picked up the car I was gonna go shopping at Publix for a few things..but I thought...I can wait.. and come out on Sunday morning when stores are not packed.. and with the heat.. I didn't think I'd last that long ..I mean I was dragging and breathing was heavy..

I did my Viggle thingy and I maxed out a little after 1pm..not bad..and then I just leaned back with Miss Annie as she was wanting some attention..she got her lunch along with Ms Shug..whom by the way is now enjoying hers with me.. and starting to snuggle and give me kisses..till Robert comes next Friday then I'll be dust in the wind LOL

Ok, it's bed time..and I need to get a good night sleep..so it's Hi Ho and off to Slumber land I go..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always.....God Bless Us All.

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Mad Dash To No Where On Friday

A mad dash to no where on Friday....well, I did start off to go somewhere and got there...but that was about all...

Morning was ....I gotta get to Walmart..it's not my favorite place to go ..but I was on a mission and I needed to pick up just a few things as really Robert (hubby) will be here next Friday....

So I got Annie fed and Ms Shug and then took my pills got dressed and out the door I went..got to Walmart and got my usual parking spot and pulled in..put my foot on the brake, put the car in Park...took my foot off the brake and I was rolling backwards ?????? WHAT>>>>???????

Yeppers, so I then put the gear in drive to move up ..but I didn't move up I still went backwards..put my foot on the brake and UH OH!  I realized I could not get the car to go in drive or park was locked in reverse...OH HOW NICE....

So I turned the key off and stepped on the emergency brake and hit that blue botton..ON STAR to my Rescue !!  and they truly do too....they dispatched a tow truck and called the Chevy Dealer I use in Wildwood..

They told me the tow truck would be there in 45 minutes..so I hopped out into Walmart and got a few things..but they didn't have my tapestry needle..which is what I needed...then got back out into the car windows open as it was hot..but of course..

Tow truck pulled up and he helped me climb into his rig...Big Step Up!!  and he hoisted up the car and away we went.. I had called ahead and asked about renting a car while mine would be in the shop...

Got there and everyone was happy to see me...Cha Ching !!... but seriously the girls in there are really sweet and they know me as I get my car serviced there.. and Paul, got me a car to use .. and away I drove..

Later in the day, Paul called again and said, "Car will be done tomorrow" so I didn't go anywhere just stayed home and knitted on the new afghan and the rest is history.. will find out what everything has costed me...but hey, it's only money and I can't take it with me  LOL

I'm tired and ready for bed.. just brain fried and some what disgusted ..but it is what it is... Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wishing Me Luck On Thursday :)

Wishing me luck on Thursday :)...that my trash gets picked up....and maybe I'll hear from the Power Wash Guy  who seems to have disappeared...or maybe washed away ????? LOL

Well, my trash did get picked up ..but nope, the Power Wash Guy still hasn't showed up...oh well, perhaps he meant "Next Monday"...who the heck knows LOL..

Warm day again and at 5am it's steaming before the sun comes up.. sure could use a blast of Artic  air...and Miss Annie is really being good.. better check as I hear her gnawing her bone..LOL

My day was just an easy does it day..cause if I don't get it all done by 10am.. I ain't moving..really that's how hot it is..you have to stay in the house and keep cool..ceiling fan going and feet up LOL

Ms Shug is getting more talkative but I'm still not understanding some of the words she's saying..but I answer her back any way.. I mean she's sounding like a word I know..hahaha

So my day went ok, and that's about all I can say.. Tomorrow I need to make a run to Walmart..Lord help me.. I need to get a tapestry needle so I can weave in the ends to this afghan I made and also get it in the mail on Monday..

Now it's time for bed and I'm barely moving..Miss Annie is still gnawing on that bone..and hopefully she'll give it a rest when we turn the lights out..HOPEFULLY.

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On A Whim, On Wednesday

On A Whim, on Wednesday.....by that I mean..perhaps my Power Washer guy will show up ????? but the long and short of it... He didn't :(

Morning again was steaming hot as I got up and dragged my body out the door sore toe and all... I don't think Miss Annie even wanted to go..but she had too...kind of nature thing !!!

Sat down and took my inhaler as I could hardly catch my breath..the air is so thick...which means .."Stay inside today"... and I did..after I watered my plants cleaned the bird bath some my wild birds could have fresh water and a clean bath..my crows come daily...they know a good thing LOL

Did a few of my setups up for Ms Shug and still have more to do tomorrow ...just moving like a slug...too hot to even think..and Miss Annie is really missing Rudy..so am I ...but it is what it is..:()

I started on my 3rd Afghan ..this one will be in shades of pink...it's looking good too and I increased the width a few more inches..I love the pattern easy to work on and I like the fact you make a border along with it in the pattern... nice and easy and only have to weave in the ends..

A storm rolled in later this afternoon.. a whopper of one ..lost phone and internet but Directv was up in no time.. when the cloud passes ..back it comes..but the other service took about an hour..

Tonight watched Big Brother.. not sure how this is gonna play out..but we'll see and played my Viggle and maxed out with 12K points and the best part is I don't know how I acquired them LOL...but with this.. when you rack up points you can get nice things..so I'm watching I might as well earn too...like the FREE word :)

Now it's bed time Miss Annie is gnawing on her bone and soon it will be lights out... hope her jaws get tired LOL..she had her snack..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Now Tuesday Was No Better !

Now Tuesday was no better !... The trash was still out at the curb and the power wash guy never came back... although like I said, "he did show up Monday morning before 8am and was suppose to come back between noon and 1pm..

So here we are no call, no show..but I did call the office and finally they sent a truck in and picked up around 1pm..and again another day goes by... hot and muggy and I had my toe throbbing..

Got some things done but didn't care if I did or didn't...but I kept my foot up when I could and I did finish that afghan..came out really nice ...love the colors..like the lilacs..

My day was kind of drawn out but I wasn't gonna attempt to even change it..as long as I was feeling ok, that's what mattered..and there's always tomorrow..

Watched some TV and Viggled ..a new thing..but hey, get points and get things without spending money..just for clicking on programs and adds..no big deal..have to watch them anyway..LOL

Now I'm ready for bed.. my toe looks like a plum..and as soon as it stops throbbing I'll be happy..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, June 22, 2015

What A Messed Up Day Monday Was :)~

What a messed up day Monday was :)~....

Started off with the guy that was to Power Wash the house came like 8am and was suppose to be here at 1PM...so I asked him how come so early ..but ok if he wanted to do it..then he replied , "I'll come back at 1pm then ..if that would be ok..." ?

Well, then I dragged my trash out to the curb..got my yard done and washed the dog patio and then fed Annie and Ms Shug...then I tried to gather up all my laundry...

Then I sat down to have some breakfast and nope ..no toast, no corn muffin..but there was Strawberry Shortcake..HOLY CRAP... and I had that for breakfast...

So as laundry was going I cleaned Ms Shug's cage..she's such a putz..but I got that done she had to be out and give me my what fors and then where ever I was she had to be...Parrot on my Shoulder..!!!

Then it was time for Miss Annie to be back out ..where was my time for FREEDOM...not today...then it was lunch time..got Annie her cookie and Shug her mixture of fruit and veggies..I again had another piece of..YOU GOT IT !!

Hello, where's my PowerWash Guy ?????? 1pm...2pm....3pm....4pm....5pm...uh oh..where's my Trash Men ???????  Hello Momma...I done got dune again..!!!
Crappola...so called the Security and the last trash truck left..so that means come tomorrow I call the front office ...bitch and have a truck come in and pick it up cause I ain't dragging it back in...Too Bad !!!

Oh, and my PowerWash Guy..didn't show up nor call...SUCKS...but I do know it was HOTTER than BLAZZES...but he called before why not now ????/ We'll see if he comes tomorrow with a good excuse..(I do need my house washed )

So then I fell into the state of... Chit always happens to me...so I knitted on that afghan now I only have 3patterns to go plus 4 rows..and it should be fininshed all but for the weaving in on the ends..

Now I'm ready for bed..and hopefully a good night sleep... So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dawg Tired On Sunday

Dawg tired on Sunday.... we (me and Miss Annie) were on the road by 5:30am ..on the way to the dog show to see Rudy... talk about rushing around.. Got Ms Shug fed and I didn't feed Annie..took her water and big cookies with so she could have a snack as I wasn't staying all day..and Rotties were on early..

Car was loaded late Saturday with the dry food and in the wee hours of the morning I loaded the frozen food..Holy Hannah.. again my arms grew..LOL  we got out and hit the open road..

Got to the show grounds and parked behind Rose's rig and she helped me unload and she put everything up.. then we walked into the building and she had a crate there for Miss Annie... and I was so impressed with Annie..she was good !...but she did get excited to see Rudy...her partner in crime..the big lug !!

As for the show.. well, my Rudy showed great but the judge only saw one person ...gave him everything... so what can you say..."politics is in everything"...but one thing I was pissed about..that said handler..showed dogs that were sick.. vomiting and diarrhea..and to me that is disgraceful..and not right for everyone and the poor dogs...is the ribbon that important ????

Got home and I was wiped out..long drive, long day and I just took a nap..Miss Annie was right along side of me...and then dinner time I went and got Chinese..didn't feel like cooking ..but we all ate and then here I sit..ready for bed cause tomorrow I have a busy day again..

Not only trash day but the guy is coming to power wash my house..and I've got to do some serious cleaning...OY !!!

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, June 20, 2015

WoW Is Me On Saturday

Wow is me on Saturday as I hustled to get my things done and food picked up for Rudy...

Morning again was ..Hello Momma..are we gonna lag or we gonna drag ????  Neither. I got my big panties on and just did what I had too.. I also made sure I got to pick up the kibble and cookies close to closing so I wouldn't have to unload, load and lug all that stuff in and out... also filled my car up with gas so I wouldn't have to do that in the morning and even picked up that script from CVS....I huffed and I puffed too cause it was HOT out there !

I was tossing about taking Miss Annie..but she's been acting strange since Rudy has left and when I leave her to long she gets to howling..which isn't cool..something I'm gonna have to break her of..

But because I'm leaving around 6:30ish in the morning I don't want my neighbors to have a fit.. I try and respect all .. and my dogs are usually pretty good ..I don't allow them barking a lot ..only if something is happening..

So I talked with Rose, Rudy's handler and asked if she had an extra crate I could put her in once I got there..she did..and there was no problem ..thank goodness..other wise I would have just dropped things off said "hello " to Rudy and had to leave.. wasn't crazy about leaving my car running with me in a building...some days I wished I had a smaller rig so I could just get up and go..oh well.. near furture...but I do love my big rig just too much for me to get ready and do things with..

Now only thing I have to do in the morning is feed Ms Shug ..load the box of cookies and unload the freezer into the freezer bags and put in the car.. and Miss Annie will be anxious to take that ride..

So it's off to bed I go ..get some sleep...and on with tomorrow.. sure hope the big lug behaves..he didn't today... What's with him.?????

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, June 19, 2015

I Splashed On Friday...:)

I splashed on Friday :)  sure did !  It was hotter than hatties too..and I got out around 10ish and then stopped by the vet's office picked up flea meds for Annie and Rudy then hit Publix..then stopped in at Sparr's bought the Kibble and cookies and left it there for Saturday late in the afternoon this way I won't have to unload and reload my car..have to stop at CVS too..and then home..

Morning again being it was gonna be another hot one I tried to get my chores done early..no way was I wanting out at noon time..but I did manage to get home by 11:30pm...and that was my day...

Got Miss Annie settled after she had a bout with the howls ..she doesn't like being left and she's so use to traveling with me...now she comes if I'm just gonna pick up my mail or going for a Hardee's but with it being so hot I don't like to take her out much..

So hopefully she'll settle down as I really don't want to take her to the dog show..I'm gonna leave around 6:30am takes about an hour to get there not really sure where I'm going but I'll use my handy dandy travel mate..LOL

Tomorrow I just have to go over my list making sure I've got everything ready for Sunday morning..also I will only feed Ms Shug and Miss Annie will get a cookie..I'll feed her when I get back..she will be pissed I'm sure..

I will be only gone about 4 to 5 hours and she will be fine.. I mean if I had a Doc appointment I'd be gone that long too.. plus I always stopped at the store on the way home..

Yes!  I'll be a worry wart..because of my nature..but being home in AC ..is better than worrying about letting my car run while I go inside..that don't work for me..:(

Most of the day I was just putting things up and starting to make a list of what's coming back home with me to Pa..sure gonna be missing that big lug.. only one brat plus a feathered brat..OMG..this will be something new for me.. in all my years..

Now we are ready for bed and I will need another good night sleep.. one thing.. Miss Annie is certainly getting to be a great sleeping partner..oh I hear the thunder..YIKES..!

Those traveling Stay SAfe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I Didn't Go Fishin On Thursday :)

I didn't go fishin on Thursday :)  Nope!  I had several things I wanted to get done today and only one got completed.. I had my plans (always in Jello) and when CVS called and said, "My scripts would be ready tomorrow "  well I thought to myself.. why go out today when I can get it all done tomorrow..

That sounded great right ????  well, later in the day the pharmacist calls and lets me know that the script won't be ready till Saturday...Crappola..so that meant I could have gotten a lot of things done but didn't..

Morning is always a hoot here as Miss Annie is now being a "lady"  (i'm sure just for a short time ) and Ms Shug is being the "BRAT" and then there's me..who by the way is the "Saint" hahahaha... I thought I would just put that in there...NO WAY :)~

So I worked on that Afghan that I should have gotten done but didn't.. so I guess you might say, "I'm procrastinating.."   Big Time...and my clock is running out of time as the hubby will be here July 2nd midnight..hmmm might turn into a pumpkin hahahaha..

Most of the day... by the way it was a scorcher..and only went out to water plants and feed birds and pick up the deposits Miss Annie left me.. :(..and then back in the house sucking up the AC...

But I did do up Miss Annie's chicken.. I ground with my little Ninja 3lbs of chicken thighs and wrapped them in press and seal then put them in a container then into the freezer...and I've got 6 more lbs to do ..but I'll do that in a couple of days..need to empty the freezer..which I will on Sunday as I take Rudy's food to Rose..

Now I did Viggle tonight and my Ipad was giving me the "what fors" and I have to figure out why ..but right now I'm ready for bed..will call Dawn back and then it's tuck in for the night and on the road tomorrow to do that shopping I needed to get done today..ugh !!

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Alrighty Mighty It's Wednesday

Alrighty mighty it's Wednesday and I'm still huffing and puffing but getting some things done..not much mind you as I have a lot of interruptions..called attacks of lazy dazy days..

Morning again was ..ok, I'm up and I've got to write a list so I can get going in the right direction...seems without it I stray...right to the couch LOL...nah!  I just do the wrong things and then I turn around and look I need to get those things done and they are piling up.

Was a hot one too.. I mean stepping outside was a really slow process ..takes my breath away and when I come back in..it's like freezing although I never turn the temp down low..it's the same setting since I came in the house in Oct..both winter and summer..same setting..

Did manage to make a shopping list as I have to get things ready to take with me to Orlando on Sunday to see Rudy and give Rose all of the food I have left here for the big boy.. sure am missing him.. I'm praying he starts getting his act together and pays attention to get going and gather them points so he can come home.. you know.."home is where the heart is " :)

Miss Annie has sure been sucking up the attention and is getting better although when I say that she looks at me and look out..here she comes..so I'm saying it in print no longer vocal LOL

Robert went to see the Doc in Philly and they are all surprised how his tumor is shrinking...YES!  Shrinking and they want to do a study on him as they can't explain it..without radiation or medication... so God is sure good and all those prayers sure help...

Now I'm beat and tomorrow I've got to put some steam on and get my stuff done and go to the store and pick up only what I need..close my eyes as somedays I could buy anything LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'm Ready On Tuesday :)

I'm ready on Tuesday :) for the guy to come and power wash the house and clean gutters..get the house looking cleaner on the outside...and even get my windows washed...I'm sure it will sparkle LOL

Morning again, I'm on an attempt to get more things packed away.. well, the thought is good..but not sure how much I'll get through... once the temp climbs I'm on the down hill slope..

I watch every afternoon the biggest crows I ever did see ..they come and take their afternoon bath and I'm telling ya they enjoy it and I'm smiling watching them...

Annie is kind of settling down somewhat although she still looks for Rudy and so do I ... I sure hope he gets his act together so he can come home...I really never wanted to have another show dog..not only because the cost is ridiculous but him not being home.. SUCKS !

However, Rose is really great with him and cares and that to me is well worth it..but like I said, "I'm not into this anymore, but I'm keeping my promise"..wonder how many other people would have ?????

I'm almost finished with my Afghan and today I also made a decision to leave a group.. I'm not into cliques and when there is one, I really don't like it.. I don't like seeing other people ignored and so for me.. I like including everyone..

As you can tell I'm not into Social Who's Who...and if all are not treated equal well then I'm history rather than blow up and speak how I feel..not worth the nonsense..I do like a lot of the people so I'll just leave it at that.

Now I've also been Viggling..LOL  get points for watching shows and at the end you can cash in for some decent rewards..so why not.. and it's kind of neat but wow a lot of knowing what's worth it.. but I'm learning  and when it's free..hey we all like free stuff :)

So it's my bed time and I'm glad too.. tomorrow I have to write my list and get things done.. I'm in a slump..so a big push and Get Er Done ...

Those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, June 15, 2015

Oh YeahI It's Monday :(~

Oh Yeah! It's Monday :(~.... this day has always been a tough go..we get up with a..Crap! It's Monday attitude and the rest of the crap day follows..and for me it was a race day.. like I was running at Jamaica...it's a New York Term...and you run that race too..

Got up, got Annie and Shug fed..watered the plants and gave fresh clean water to the birds in the bird bath..as you know I have visitors daily taking their baths.. these crows are so big and they do so enjoy that plunge..the whole troop.

I got out and went on over to Walmart as I needed to get the chicken for Rudy and Annie and had to pick up a few things as well..a few things they were out of like my vacuum seal bags..good thing I had two boxes under the counter.. I stock up on them when they are in as I do a lot of that with Rudy and Annie..

Got home and I was so glad as the heat index was over 100 and it felt it too..On days like that here I get my crap done in the morning and just lay out or should I say, "Veg out".. and that's what I did..

I need to pick up that Afghan and get that finished only lack two stripes..then I need to weave in ends with the other Afghan and start working on finished the ends on all those dish rags..ugh!!!

MOst my day I was just leaning back and put up Rudy's chicken so I can bring that to Rose on Sunday also need to make sure I pack his Heart Worm Meds and Flea Meds as well and pick up 2 bags of kibble..the car is gonna be packed again LOL

So tonight I did the Viggle thingy...and now I'm up to 300K points..I'm getting there ...and watched a little TV ..So You think you can dance..and now I'm ready to call it a night and Miss Annie got her night snack and she is now in bed..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Good Sunday

A good Sunday, I mainly just did a few things and waited for my call as to how Rudy did...when the call came I got flashed the ribbons..he went Reserve..so it was the last show and for the 4 days..he got Reserve 3 times and Winners Dog and Best Of Winners ..not bad for his first time out with Rose..now he goes to Orlando for those shows and hopefully he'll be a little more assured and confident..as he will realize that nothing is gonna happen and Rose is their to protect him..it's a mind thing with him right now..and he'll get a lot of attention and love from her..

My morning is always full of surprises..Miss Annie is becoming a sweetheart really and also doing her best to perform for me..she's a hoot..and Ms Shug, well she's into her own thing right now hopefully they'll all get back to the NORM :)

I can't believe this week flew by but it did and now tomorrow is Monday >>>Yikes!  Trash again and I have to go to the store and pick up a few things and then gather a lot of Rudy's stuff as I will bring that to the show on next Sunday and I'll give him a big hug until I see him in Oct...that's gonna be a tough one but at least Rose will keep me posted and I'm sure she'll send me a few pictures and videos..that will all help..

I also have that family reunion coming up in August that I'm so excited about..it's gonna be a good year and that makes my heart feel good too..!.. Now I'm trying to gather things in the house I'm gonna take back with me and also what's staying..

Tuesday I've arranged for the house to be power washed and I must remember to call for service on my AC/Heat Pump it's due for it's 6mos service as well.. so i'm ready for bed and on to tomorrow Lord willin.

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, June 13, 2015

What A Saturday

What a Saturday....started off waking up again wee early then from their my thoughts were on my Rudy as he was showing again today... Last two days he was having problems...not that he didn't go around the ring ok..but standing for examination ...he was not happy...then that day he got Reserve...the next day which would be Friday he stood ok, went around ok...but it was like he had ADD..his head was looking all around..any noise or movement he'd follow with his head..again he got Reserve..

Well this morning a little after 9am my phone rang and it was Rose..letting me know how Rudy did...which by the way she never calls me usually tested and then we'd talk later in the day..not this morning..and I thought ..OMG! now what did he do...my heart was in my mouth and I heard her say, "He Won, I got to go"...hahaha...

I took a deep breath and I could feel the tears come down my cheek..YES!  Now I couldn't wait to hear all about it..but I had to call my hubby and Jerry, one of Rudy's breeders as Nancy his wife was at the show and Kim was also at the show..HELLO THERE..Then I called my hubby and then my friends.. I was so excited..it was like my very first..

I guess it also was because I was so worried.. I just wanted him not to be frightened and show..didn't care about winning..although we all like to win..but it was I wanted him to work with Rose..this was all new to him and he had a bad experience before with being ill and confusion..

So that started my morning and I just glowed the day through and I felt a huge load leave me.. now for him to continue on this path of liking it..and wanting to compete... Dogs do get that attitude..they like the thrill as well..once they like it !

Hubby was home fixing our fence..and I thought..Oh NO !!  it's hot and he's doing it by himself.. so I called to check on him and just remind him..doesn't have to be done in a day..take your time plus we will only have Annie home and he can still work on it once we get home.. now I worry about him ..don't get hurt..Lord help us !!!

Tomorrow Rudy shows again..and it will be at 9am they go on ..and it will be after 10am that I will hear anything ..and of course I'll be praying he just shows as well as he did today...then we get a break till next weekend..and we do this all over again..but this time I will be going to the show..

I need to bring Rudy's food and heart worm med and flea med as I won't see him till he's finished..Good Gravy the house is gonna feel so strange..LOL..but I know he will be in good hands and anything wrong I know Rose will do the right thing also she will be in contact with me..that makes me feel better although my heart will miss the big boy...he's such a gentle giant..

So my day was buzzing with excitement and also missing giving him a big hug..but I have Annie and she is such a hoot..she keeps me popping..hahaha..but she's been a lover lately..so who knows ..this might also be good for her..but I pity Rudy when he comes home...She's gonna give him what for !!

Ok, I'm tired and tomorrow I have to go to the store but after my phone call..so with that..Those that are traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, June 12, 2015

It Was Up And At Em On Friday

It was up and at em' on Friday....however, my at em' didn't show up.. I think it went some where over the rainbow...I did wake up at 3am and then came out and lay down on the couch..forgot to call hubby to wake him up instead he called me on his way to work..HELLO THERE :)

Rudy was shown again today.. he got Reserve Again..Oops I didn't tell you Thursday he got Reserve also.. any way he showed a lot better but picked up another new habit... looking around..guess he wants to see if anyone is watching him...but he's showing and that's important..so we'll see what tomorrow brings in..

Today because I didn't have a great night and I was so off, I just paced myself and when I got tired I sat down..getting done but not as fast as I'd like..but I'm getting there too...

Robert's flight is booked for the 2nd of July and will arrive here around midnight..and most likely he'll sleep all day the next day..no big deal .. in fact that's why I wanted him to come down earlier so he could lay back and relax before our journey home.

I did manage to grind more chicken up for Annie..so when I go shopping I need to pick up several more package for her...also I need to pick up chicken for Rudy...

Made a decision to leave Rudy with Rose while we go back home so he can be shown and hopefully get his title..he's starting to bond with her and if I take him back we might be going through all this when I come back..so the best way is to leave him and get him either when I come back or when she comes up to Ohio and he's finished.. I sure will miss the big guy..and so will Annie.

Now I'm like just trying to get the rest of my chores all done and I need to start getting a little more energy...Lord knows I need it.. then hopefully Clancy will let me know who is going to take care of my plants.. this also worries me...I'll be so glad when my friend Mary moves down..I've already hired her to take care of the plants and check the house..

So with that.. I'm heading to bed ..my brain is tired and that means I'm tripping over my fingers hahaha...dragging would be I'm slurring my words hahaha

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Out With The Trash On Thursday

Out with the trash on Thursday I went LOL...again like I keep saying and so hard to believe...that I feel like Santa's helper taking my trash out... where does it all come from..only me, two dawgs and a bird...not just any bird..a Ms Shug !!

By the time I get back inside I'm huffing and puffing and I ain't blowing any house down....I can barely speak !..so I take me a few minutes break and then it's on to the next level..

This morning I was hyped as Rudy was being shown for the first time with a new handler for him..and she's really sweet and loves the dogs..as she's had Rudy all week and they have been working out pretty good...but being at the show I was somewhat nervous..

So I counted the moments and then I got her text..Rudy got reserve and then later on she contacted me to tell me what was happening with Rudy... his nerves got to him.. he moved ok, but she had problems stacking him.. he would lean into her and then not want her to touch him to setup.. WoW is me..he needs work and re assurance that no one is gonna do anything to him...

That kind of upset me..but the last show which was in January circuit I was not a happy camper..not one bit of how he showed and acted and also the mass confusion and to top that off him being sick too..

I didn't really want to be back into the dog shows as me not being able to show my own dog..but I agreed to it in the purchase of Rudy so I am a person of my word, so here I am now back into this game...and not being able to help drives me bonkers..

I have faith in Rose that she will be able to turn this situation around and get Rudy on the right track...so again tomorrow I'll wait to hear how he does..I pray he'll improve slowly and realize he'll be ok..

Sucks ! ...However, life does go on in the big city...and Rudy is young thank goodness so lots of things can change..and making it fun is the most important part of it...

My day kind of dragged after that news and I was just gonna take it easy and give Miss Annie and Ms Shug their attention..but my mind was elsewhere..

Tonight I watched a little TV, not much really as I was looking up some data for another project...almost finished with this latest afghan and then I need to step it up and get my house done..

I have set up for the house to get power washed next Tuesday then I need to set up for Suter to come out and service my AC/Heat Pump then arrange to have DirecTV turned off and also Bright House too for when we leave for Pa..

Time is sure flying now and soon we will be loading up the rig to head out on the highway.. YIKES...but yep, it will be here before I know it..

Robert is scheduled to fly down on the 2nd of July in the evening so that will give us an extra day to get more done and together..thank goodness..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Did I Whip It On Wednesday ?

Did I whip it on Wednesday?  that feeling of gloom...well, kinda sorta, I mean I attempted too...but I'm getting better as I look out my big front windows and enjoy my outside plants and all that enters in my garden...I will manage as I know I'll be returning Lord Willin in Oct..:(

Again my morning was strange... I just seem to lose that get up and go more like get up and went somewhere ..perhaps over the rainbow (as long as it's not the bridge ...ssssshh)...but it's that feeling that I've got to get things packed and close the house down and get ready for the hubby (Robert) to fly in on a mad dash and the wild action begins..step to the side or you may fall..and I've done enough falling thank you very much !

Also thinking about my Rudy, as he will be showing tomorrow through Sunday..which i'll be there to see him on Sunday..too much for me right now to go to Tampa every day..but I'll wait anxiously to hear how he's doing and if he behaved.. this is a big turn for him as he was use to showing with Randy and Rudy is drawn close to the male image..being Jerry played with him as a baby and then my hubby (Robert) also played with him when we got him..so this is a big change for Rudy.. but I do have confidence as Rose works with him and gives him that one on one attention..bonding..

Later today we had a Whopper of a storm blow in.. goodness it got so black I started to worry and the winds came in strong..then the power went off and so did my phone and internet.. TV went out with the storm...so we sat back and just curled up and waited for it to pass..

I did switch on my cell phone on it's own power and checked the radar..it was scary...but thank goodness it was fast..however the power was out for an hour..and then after that I went out and fed the birds...they swooped down as soon as I moved away from the feeder..

Got everyone fed and I just relaxed.. when I get tense like that with those storms...it takes me awhile to get it back together.. that's usually when I get a slight hit from Angina... and I did.. but again I rested and prayed I didn't have to use any meds..

Tonight I did up some ground chicken patties for Annie.. from the boneless skinless chicken thighs.. she really is doing much better with her tummy.. and I don't worry now with her not chewing..that always freaked me out.. this is safer..and as soon as Rudy is able too, I will also put him on the ground chicken as well.. perhaps do a mixture of pork, chicken and beef.. with his kibble..

Annie got her night snack..some rice with pumpkin and a ground charcoal biscuit.. she loves it and it does well for her too.. now she's waiting till I give her the OK, to come into bed..that happens when it's lights out.. she's really a great sleeper now..gets her spot and out she goes...

So it's that time for me to say..."Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All "..:)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Roundup on Tuesday

Roundup on Tuesday...as I attempted to gather more of those things called plastic containers... I hummed the "fair thee well " tune...till next October...I was gloomy...but I managed another box filled..

Morning for me was a drag to get up.. I wound up staying up too late..don't know why but it was close to 11:30pm before this ole gal jumped in that bed..and me and Miss Annie didn't get up till 5:45am..she was as bad as I was and Ms Shug probably was wondering.."Where are they" ????

Most of the day I was in an out of the "What's next and where do I go from here"..but I made it to the end..thank goodness...but I did get a sneaky hit of angina..something I don't do much of..thank God...but it came on and stayed for a bit so I rested.

I also have been noticing my urges of hunger lately..something I'm not normally doing but for the last two days...Open the Frig and get out of my way hahaha...it's a fact Jack!!

Tonight I watched America's Got Talent..a show that has so many strange but some interesting acts..and some really awesome..from one extreme to another but you know, we need those type shows..

Now I'm ready for bed.. Miss Annie finished her night snack and she'll be hoping in bed and it's lights out and on to tomorrow...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, June 8, 2015

My Trash Day, Monday

My trash day Monday....and I was ready for it too.. I mean I had so much...but I want to know...How does 1 person acquire so much ???? I mean I always feel like Santa's helper..hahaha

Again I got up wee early..not sure why..perhaps I'm a tab bit nervous as my Rudy is being shown this week.. I know he's in good hands...however, I just always worry... it's my nature..my big boy has been having some training and his handler, Rose, really does a great job..I just hope and pray he behaves and those two work together..

Got up and dragged me ole bones into the kitchen...I'm not as achy but I will say this, the other night after taking my shower I got a good look at my bruises..HOLY MACKERAL... my right boob looks like an Eggplant ...NO CHIT!

Didn't realize I got such a whack..but when I think of it.. I fell smack dab right on my chest.. I mean like lean me forward with force will ya ...LOL  so now I best stop that crap.. seems like once a year I'm in for a fall..how about a fall for my hubby when he comes down.. instead of the ground ...PUHLEEEEEEEEZ!!!

Packed up one box of plastic.. yes! I cried a few tears...but I've got more to go and I need to start getting myself in some action.. I mean one box does not make a dent..but it is a start....but I need to do more than those little chores..

I did clean out the frig and also did grind up some chicken for Miss Annie.. she no longer gets with bones cause she don't chew..she gulps and that scares me.. so now I buy boneless skinless chicken thighs and eventually I'll put Rudy on it too..but he needs the calcium and marrow.. and he does chew !!!

My little Ninja does a great job ..I do up a few days at a time..but eventually I'll do a few weeks at a time.. perhaps when I get back down in Oct..right now this does ok for me..with all my setups going.. I'm telling ya that plastic does come in handy.. from Ms Shug and her breakfast veggies, her lunch and dinner.. Rudy and Annie's Breakfast and Dinner... lunch they get that big Lunch Cookie.. things are coming along..

I have setups after setups.. no chit.. I mean to tell you.. Robert keeps saying, "write it all down"....hahaha.. but he'd never follow it.. maybe a few things but not all.. one week and he'd say, "Screw this".. hahaha.. it does keep me busy maybe that's why I can't get all my other chit done..

I am getting Ms Shug to eat a few more different things...she's a tough bird and spoiled.. like the book says, "they are like two years olds "  she throws fits every now and then if she don't get her way.. like tonight she got pissed at me and starting her chanting... now that's the time I can send her flying through the air... jet propelled too !!!

Watched a few shows tonight.. like that So you think you can dance.. there are some talented young people..my bones ached after watching a few of them.. I can tell them this.. when they get old.. look out her comes some heavy arthritis ..I know, been there ..

So now it's time for bed and I'm ready to let Miss Annie out from her crate as she devoured her night time snack.. some rice, pumpkin and crushed charcoal, mint, parsley cookie...yeah she's spoiled too..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, June 7, 2015

I Survived My Sunday

I survived my Sunday, because the night before I woke up at 3am with such a strange feeling.. not like an anxiety attack, but just felt so strange...I just couldn't put my finger on it..   

My chest felt strange as well..and when I got up and looked I saw why.. my right breast looked like an eggplant..it was so deep purple..from the fall I had..first when I saw it.. I was confused then I realized ..DUH !!  Dummy, you fell..maybe this is also why I was feeling so strangely..

I couldn't go back to sleep so I lay there and finally got up at 4am.. went into the living room and turned on the TV to listen to the news.. Miss Annie decided it was just to dang early for her and fell asleep at my feet.. thank goodness.

Took me awhile to get my wits about me and then I just started my morning routine ..after I finished the breakfast I laid on the couch and drifted off for about an hour.. I needed it.. it just was so weird..

I did manage to make a quick run to Publix picked up a few things even a Strawberry Shortcake which by the way SUCKS.. so it will hit the trash.. hate that but I'm really funny  about what tastes good and what needs to go.. and this by far needs to be put out of it's misery...LOL  the whip cream doesn't taste real.. YUCKO..

Did stop by and pick up some Chinese food.. it's not bad.. in fact it's the only stuff I buy from this place.. remember I told you..Chinese food in my area here stinks...

My evening kind of slid in ..watching the Tony Awards and then I'm gonna go to bed.. Tomorrow is Monday and Trash day and I have to get my stuff packing.. as I want to go to the dog show on the weekend to see Rudy...

So with that.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, June 6, 2015

What A Race On Saturday :)

What a race on Saturday :)  got to watch the Triple Crown be taken..woo hoo..

Morning for me again is busy.. this morning I wasn't really sore..just a little achy...but I got through it..and I really just did a little more ..not much .. didn't want to push it as tomorrow I've got a lot to catch up on.. and start storing things and putting things up.

Have to figure on what I'm taking back as well..and we'll most likely leave the big freezer on as only being gone a few months but then again that's playing by ear..

Miss Annie is finally settling into not finding Rudy...she's been really missing him and so have I...but I know in a few weeks he'll be home and then we shove off to Pa..the LONG LONG RIDE HOME...

Exciting part about it.. I'll be with hubby and then we'll be spending a long weekend visiting my nieces..that's gonna be terrific..I am so looking forward to it...just wished my sister was alive to be there with us..but I know she'll be there in spirit..

My plants are looking so good.. I'm worried as I'm hoping that Clancy does get someone to take care of them till he comes back.. I've worked so hard to bring them back from almost losing them... YIKES..

I'll be so glad when Mary moves down as I already told her.."she has a job".. she's happy cause she'll make some extra spending money and it will also keep her busy.. and I know she'll do it.. Mary is good about that..

So now it's bed time.. and I can tell you ..come 9pm I'm ready.. thought I'd never say that..but I'm up at 5am and the day is long..so come night time I'm barely keeping my eyes open..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, June 5, 2015

And Friday Came Upon Me

And Friday came upon me... I wasn't as sore as yesterday but still not able to move around as easily..I did manage to get a few things done and when I started aching I sat down and knitted on that afghan..

Morning is always a rush but not that bad as with Rudy being away, Miss Annie will wait for me.. however she has her bursts of energy...and runs around the kitchen into the living room like Jet Propelled..

Ms Shug is becoming more interactive with me..and now likes to sit and chat a bit and then watches me with my coffee and toast and then she goes in her cage and gets her food and brings it out and eats along with me.. Ok, if that what makes you happy Shug :)

Again my day went slow and so did I .. I need to start laying down instead of just propping my feet up.. I need to get more comfy.. and take a decent nap.. I think that will do the trick..

Not really having an appetite, I guess it's also because I don't want to move too much hahaha..yeah that lazy act has snatched my identity hahaha... Hey, I need the break.. I am constantly moving.. and my bones are really gnawing at me..

Ok, that's about all that went on..and so now it's bed time and I sure could use the fall in feeling LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ok, I'm Stiff On Thursday

Ok, I'm stiff on Thursday...woke up and wow is me ..LOL  I was sure stiff..didn't think I would be ...but surprises always in for yah....I could barely move my arms and my chest was like I was hit with a hammer...so as soon as I got Miss Annie and Ms Shug fed and cleaned and watered my outside plants I was in my chair just a knitting...

Also this morning my hubby, Robert, was going to the U of Pa to have that needle biopsy done.. and I made sure I called him at 4:45am to get him up as Mike, the minister and who is also a male nurse was going with Robert.. I was sure happy about that..

So I knitted and knitted till the phone rang and I heard the results.. so...the Pathologist felt that the cells looked benign, and was even shocked that Robert's tumor had shrunk about 20% ... that's when Mike told the Doc, "You need to believe in the power of prayer".. She nodded...but she double and triple checked those results and just shook her head..

Most of the day I really was just not doing much.. but it's not like I'm not moving.. I still have to let Miss Annie out and clean up and then come back in and fix lunch for Annie and Ms Shug.. and clean up the mess Ms Shug makes as she likes to share her food.. good thing I have those puppy pads.. I buy the extra long and wide ones..sure helps me out.

I did manage to get in a nap, as by 2pm I was really sleepy.. so me and Miss Annie and even Shug closed our eyes.. felt good..and I took some Tylenol and hope for the best tomorrow.. but I should start to get a little loose..

I started to give Miss Annie now ground chicken in her food as I had to stop with the whole chicken thigh..she just was not chewing and woofing it down.. so again, more work for me.. I buy the chicken thigh boneless cut it up and then pop it in my Ninja and grind up patties.. just like I do with Rudy and the pork..

Yes! I have more plastic.. you open my frig and there is Ms Shug's setups, Rudy's set up and now Miss Annies.. OMG!!  do I have my hands full.. I just add more work.. well it sure does keep me busy and active...of course my vocabulary is increasing ...

Now I'm ready for bed and I'm looking up how to increase a pattern I like to make it wider.. Yes I know add more stitches but it's a design so I'm not that gifted so I have to figure how to do this.. but in the meantime I'm working on that pretty lilac afghan.. it's sure lacy..

So with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ouch! On Wednesday

Ouch! On Wednesday... you see I fell the evening before as I rushed out to feed the outside birds before the storm hit... like they were gonna starve..DUH !!  Now I never said, "i had all my watts in the bulb plugged in "...

Right straight forward down.. right on my chest (thanks for good size boobs) and hit the soft ground as it has been raining and here in Florida it's sand LOL  thank goodness.. so when it was time to go to bed.. OUCH!!!!... I could hardly sleep so I was up most the night.

Come morning I felt like someone done run me over...but I survived..and so as I tried to move and pick things up .. OUCH!!!  so I did what I had to..then I sat and knitted...another Afghan in the making..

I did go out to Publix for a few things then back home.. and the rest of the day I just took it easy and if I feel the same way tomorrow.. that's exactly what I'm gonna do... I'm not in any big hurry and what needs to get done will.. another day..

So that's my story for today  LOL  interesting.. recouping from wounds hahaha.. like I've gone through some battle..actually I have..my own.. watch where I'm walking and pick up me feets ..hahaha

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always.. God Bless Us All.

Oh!  My latest Afghan  :)

To go with my Lilacs :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Sad Tuesday !

A Sad Tuesday !... A year ago today June 2, 2014 I  helped my boy Zeke cross that bridge.. and I've thought of him every day since.. at night I look over at where his ashes are placed along with Abby, Joseph, and Ms Reba..they were the best buddies and so many many happy memories..

We will meet again in the Lord's Garden.   Rest in Peace Zeke

                               June 9th, 2004     -   June 2nd, 2014

Monday, June 1, 2015

It Was A Monday, Alright !

It was a Monday, Alright!..... busy, busy, busy... I tote that barge for sure.. got the trash out and cleaned the frig.. and sat down and took deep breaths.. I mean it was warm out there even at that early hour..OUCH!

Cleaned Ms Shug's cage and she was in one of her wild and crazy modes..OH Thank You Ms Shug....she was a pip!!!...but I got through that...had to do up my meds as I didn't do them on Sunday..it was a oops moment.

Started to put a lot of my plastic containers away.. I could hear the taps play...but I will start to put a lot in vacuum seal bags to travel home with..as that does make it easier for my setup back home.. not like here..

Then the rest of the day I worked on my "New" Coat of many colors, Afghan..and it's the same pattern as Hubby's one but a lighter version thank goodness.. I don't think my hands could deal another one like that..

Annie is somewhat depressed..she's missing her buddy.. the one she always attacks and romps through the house..so she's not sure of what to do..but in a few days I'm sure she'll come around...hopefully..

At night time she comes in bed with me and likes that..and it helps her..although she checks Rudy's cage out daily...I know that empty feeling she is having..but not too much longer and he'll be home ..3 weeks..

Then the long trip home, gosh I dread it in one way..but at least hubby will be coming home at night time..day time sucks for me.. as I enjoy here really.. I get to watch critters and I have all my plants.. at home I don't have that.. as it's impossible to keep plants..for the couple of months I'm home.

Ok I'm tired and tomorrow is gonna be alittle rough for me.. it's one year since I've walked Zeke to cross that bridge.. there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him.. but he is now with the Lord and all his siblings...and one day we'll all be together again... Still have that empty part of my heart that aches..I guess this is just the way our lives go.. my memories of him are wonderful..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..