Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lots happening on this Sunday !

Lots happening on this Sunday !...Got up at 5am and of course it was the ritual of the "Pills"..yeah, those that help me live another week without major issues and of course Mr Zeke's and Abby's and Ms Reba' pill gathering is getting bigger..but I have a system and it only takes me about 20 minutes to put all those colors of the rainbow in their little weekly holder :)

Then off I am to start a big pot of hubby had picked me up two large packages at Sam's club the day before.. then there is the Rice field too..oh my stars it's a busy morning and breakfast is thrown in too..

Well Ms Reba ate a whole chicken breast cut up...all by herself..and I just sat back and watched of course it had her bacos and pill pocket included..but she ate and it was "Chicken"..Hint..she only eats it when it's first cooked LOL..she's getting picky .. I mean I always give shredded chicken in their food that's the main staple plus veggies and rice with their dry food...however the story of Ms Reba's eating issue is on going..and we all are dealing with it.

Then today we also had a Vet appointment for Zeke and Abby.. normally all go up but because of the Holiday, Saul was only scheduling short times.. and hence the different appointments..

Zeke and Abby did pretty good...Zeke had his EKG which I have to take to the Cardio Vet and also Abby's blood work for her pill she takes to help her with her hip problem the liver had to be checked every 6mos..yeah it can drive you bonkers but if you have Critters it's kind of comes with the territory..Just like us we have those issues ...well my critters are in the same boat..

As Saul looked over Zeke's EKG he was pleased with the pulse rate and also the rhythm..still indications of the A Fib ..but he is living well with the meds and of course the Cardio Doc will put her final spin on it as well..She says, "Zeke's her favorite patient "...He plays up to her and she loves the attention he gives her..Thank the Lord..

We talked about Ms Reba's surgery come Wednesday, Oct 3rd..and I am not good about this but it's a "have too"...whether I like it or not or the tumor will eventually burst ..and that is Saul discussed his concerns he also felt we had no other alternative...So my stomach is in knots and so is my heart.

Coming back tonight I just had to keep my mind busy so all the chicken I cooked up this morning was cool and in the frig so I grabbed my containers and shredded chicken..lots of it..and I put it in the freezer and wouldn't ya know it Ms Reba wanted I dished her out a little with her mixture from dinner which she snubbed and I'm tellin ya she gobbled it down..again always surprises and I had to laugh..cause she also let me know it was PILL jumping up in the chair and stretching her neck over and talking her funny talk ..yep, I got up and gave them their "Pills"...LOL a character of her own...!

Tonight I'm watching and recording so old movies..The Mummy and Abbott and Costello (my favorite comedians) Meets the Mummy...Yes, I love old movies...and I'll put them on DVD's for when we travel...

Dinner was Pot Roast with veggies from the Crock Pot..I'm so happy some one invented that sweet heart..cause she saves me a lot of work and it always comes out great and those I have to tell you I've been using a liner before they came out.. I used the ones from Roasting in the Oven type..they worked great and see I was ahead of this product...dang it  LOL..

So that's it for now other than tomorrow is another busy day as I have a Doc appointment for my Internist and I'll get all my scripts for Florida and results of my tests (blood work) to bring with me too...and also my rig is "Suppose" to be ready too..HOLY Hannah..!!!

Okie Dokie.. I'm gonna hit the trail and say, "Be safe in your travels "...God Bless !!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dawg Gone Tired This Saturday !

Dawg gone tired this Saturday !   I am to pooped to pop as the saying goes.. Me staying up late is never a good thing..cause the next day I'm slower than molasses..and even slower than a "Slug"..hahaha...

Last night was a very enjoyable night however it hit me big time... I watched everyone mingling and laughing and all that good stuff..and yes, it was really wonderful seeing everyone..but honestly, I'm beyond the "big deal" thingy..hahaha...horrible aren't I...but I could appreciate the "retirement scene" as mine was not done willingly and way, way too soon.!

Ms Priss as I call Priscilla is retiring after working her whole entire life...actually she's 70 years young and a Professor/Biologist/Researcher and a fantastic individual.. She and I go back years and I just love being around her but our lives went different paths..and later on in life we caught back up with each other..and it's kind of like we never were away from each other..wild but true...She as I always referred to her as "The Mad Professor" hahaha.. 

There was about 30 people, close friends that were there and each spoke about how their lives was really pretty neat and the food..well there was lots of it and all kinds of flavors too...and believe it or not, there was hardly any left overs..these people were serious eaters..hahahahaha..

Sure hope now that Ms Priss is gonna be having some time she'll come to visit with me in Florida..that would be wonderful and lots of fun...I'll keep letting her know I have an empty room maybe she'll get the hint ...!!!

Got home late and I just went to bed and ya know what I was so dang tired I couldn't sleep right..had wild dreams and was up and down so many times..gosh I hate that..and today...I'm in a world of my own..(aren't I always)

Ms Reba was kind to me she ate her breakfast and then even had my doughnut..then at lunch time she ate half my sandwich..which don't bother me and I'm happy to see her eat..but sure wish she'd try her own food LOL..

Kind of leaned back in the chair and watched (well I thought I was) hallmark channel and woke up with the phone ringing..was my friend Helga..i hadn't heard from her in ages ..but I guess she felt like we did talk for about half hour..

Helga was my traveling buddy as I crossed the USA and she was a lot of company and loved to talk and could converse on any topic..which was pretty neat and she like me was from New York so we had a lot of things in common.

Was good hearing from her and as always we had a few things to laugh about the way Helga (like her name) was an excellent baker..good golly Ms Molly she could make some dynamite cakes and cookies and pies...but look out world when she made sandwiches..LOL... She was a Better than Butter type a person..if it didn't have butter on it..well it wasn't good !!!  hahaha.. and ya know I always use to kid her about it.. I mean my first dose of it was she made a sandwich for me while I was driving (the motor home) and I took a bite and it squished ..I mean it actually squished...hahahaha.. I said, "What the #@%^@$#@ is on this sandwich...her reply was..."it helps you swallow"  and I replied laughing.. "I guess so, it slides down"...I'll never forget that's one of my favorite stories hahahaha...

Well, now I had my good laugh and I'm still dragging ..have to make dinner and hubby shredded the cabbage for me..and I'm gonna fry that with ham and potatoes and make a pan of corn bread.. and I'll whip up a blender pie...

Remember those pies..they were the kind that made their own crust like..well I'm making a sweet potato one...and got a can of redi whip..yeah I'm real ambitious ...LOL..

Watch a little TV and if I can keep my eyes open drag my butt to bed...and get ready for tomorrow to bring the bears Abby and Zeke up to get their vaccines and Zeke his EKG...

So I'll say "Safe travels all and as always God Bless...


Friday, September 28, 2012

An Early Post This Here Friday

An Early post this here Friday..... I'm wiped out and need to just lean back and relax...did all my "to do lists" and have been up since 4am completing all the added "Surprises" gifted to me..Hahaha..Me and my big mouth !!!

At 4am I awoke and went right to the kitchen..How's that for eye openers.. I had two sheet cakes which had to be made for tonight's retirement being the Banana Nut Bars with Brown Butter and the other Brownie S'mores cake...with shaved chocolate bars hahaha..omg..the aromas coming out of my kitchen would have knocked you into...Gibber land..all that caffeine and sugar..HOLY MA-GILL-A-CUTTY...hahaha..

I had already the day before and before that made all the other goodies up..Lasagna Rollups both Spinach and Meat and made the Spinach and Mushroom Wheels ..(they still have to be put in the oven but are ready to go) and I made up Puff Pastry rollups with different jams..they are great treats and also did up the Cocktail Sauce as I bought the Shrimp already steamed and just needed to be chilled and put in my ice tray...

My work load was completed and the other gal not sure what she was making but hey, all I cared about was my part was done and so was I...will I ever want to look at all this food again..well not real soon I can tell ya that...

I joked with my girlfriend and told her this was my party I retired to expire after this..putting a sign on my door.."Gone Fishing"...heck I don't think I could even cast a line ..LOL  only ones that I give..hahaha..

Glad I had no major issues this morning as my Critters ate ..Ms Reba pulled her walk around think a minute I may like it  I might like it.. I'll eat some and come back...she did eat 90% and Ms Abby cleaned up her mess hahaha..

I welcomed my recliner boy after I got done and made sure everything was on trays and ready for Ms Priss to come by and pick everything up...I am one happy camper let me tell ya... 

Party starts at 7pm and I'll be done by 8pm..hahaha.. no kidding I'm not good lasting long hours..not any more and I certainly don't mind excusing myself...cause I've got  a lot to do starting tomorrow..oh my stars..!!!

I have to start cooking for hubby while I'm leaving..after Ms Reba is done with her I need to make double and triple batches of stuff..although hubby likes to cook..which let me tell ya that's really a big break..cause I remember the days when I'd cook for a month before I'd leave..Soups, Stews, Spaghetti Sauce, Chili, Pot Roasts with Gravy all packed up so all he had to do was heat and eat..oh yeah defrost LOL.. 

Well now he's given me a list of things he wants that his doesn't turn out  LOL but I keep working with him..he does make a mean Spaghetti Sauce as my God Mother Lena taught him an easier way..God Bless ya Momma Lena..LOL..

This coming week is a tough one as Ms Reba has her surgery on the 3rd of Oct..and I'm praying she does's right in the pit of my it was a good thing this week I was really busy...

That's about it other than I can't wait for my Rig to get home..boy she's sure gonna feel good to sit inside...I know I'm gonna need to dust for sure and wipe out the frig again with my Clorox and yep make sure no surprises...LOL

So that's about it other than keep us in your prayers if you I keep you all in mine...Safe travels to all and as always God Bless...

Catch ya tomorrow If I can move LOL..

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Here it is Thursday ...Already

Here it is Thursday ...Already and I'm on the roll..Mr Zeke woke me up at 2:30am he had another bad flight onto the bed....guess Ms Abby was at his heels..however he moaned and wimped for me to help me..more like "Save my Arse" .

So I had to get up turn on the light and move Ms Abby then he slid off the side of the bed..."Oh, puhleeeeeeeeez give me a break...and as you know once you are awake..well...but I did manage after an hour of being up going back to bed and then when I did wake up...well Doo Doo just doesn't quiet explain the feeling...!!!!

On to my next level as I had hubby charging through the rooms attempting to get himself together and of course added pleasure.."it was raining"...HELP ME !!!  off he zoomed out the door and there I looked at the Big Guy, Zeke and Killer, Abigayle...yes, she was right there with her fangs hanging out..guess Mr Zeke got her ticked hahahaha...she will getcha !

Now Ms Reba comes strolling out waggin her tail ready to give me a run for my money this morning..but !!!!  I take that back.. I was surprised..she ate her breakfast and even cleaned her plate..Oh mark this day down...hahahaha..

On I moved to cutting up my veggies for dinner tonight..which was and is..Stew in the Crock Pot..even got a loaf of Crusty bread going on in the Bread Machine..(ah another useful gadget )...

I have everything made for that retirement party on Friday evening cepting the two cakes I'll make tomorrow morning oh and pick up the Shrimp I ordered to be steamed..and I'll pack on ice as I made the cocktail sauce so I'm just about good to go...but don't talk to me's gonna be a blur...LOL

Tonight when hubby gets in we'll have our dinner do our gab session and then lean back and watch some TV what we recorded we missed..and I'm hoping that I'll be able to go to bed early hubby can let the Critters out and pill them...but for me.. I'm in need of a "Place to hide".

Rig will be coming home Monday and I'll start getting her ready for the road trip..of course that depends on out come of Ms Reba...she has surgery on Oct 3rd...Lord I sure hope this will be ok..

Now my brain is dragging cause I'm really tired so forgive me..but I'm out of here..Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and always those Traveling stay Safe and God Bless..

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Winding down on Wednesday, Maybe

Winding down on Wednesday, maybe...but I do know this..being up since 3:30am is kicking my tail ...It's that dang Sleep derivation ...LOL  gotta blame something..wasn't a bad dream..well that I can I've had so much on my mind...Need to maybe change sides of the bed..hahaha.. I tried that once..and that was a night mare... I had to wake hubby up and make him move over and I got back in my spot..So that was a no brainier..NOPE won't change my side of the bed...hahaha 

So what did I do...I cleaned out one of my nasty cabinets and when I got finished it was 5am..and then the lights in the living room came on..OH no resting now cause next came Mr Zeke and he had to check and see what I was in too...

By the time i got finished it was feed Critters and yes, Ms Reba ate..took her forever but she ate...I sweat bullets with that ole gal but she did do it...and I then could make my breakfast...Yeah Ms Reba you was a good goyle..LOL

I made up a couple of trays of puff pasty that only had to be put in the oven to finish off...and that can be done where the party they are in the freezer as well...and I ordered some Shrimp ..I'll have them steam them and I'll have the cocktail sauce already made up...yeah this thing is coming together..

Tonight is The X Factor  and I'll record one and watch the other..only thing I can do...LOL  and of course it's gonna be a simple meal tonight ..hubby gets his hair cut and that means just a quick something..and that's ok with me...Italian Sausage, onions, peppers and potatoes in pizza bread..

You wondering about that pizza bread..well long story short..we get a special bread that comes round with a whole in the center and we cut it in half or even quarters and make a slit in a pocket..and it's made out of pizza dough..yep mighty good too.. and we either make Peppers, Eggs and Potatoes or Italian Hot Dogs with potato, pepper and's always a good filling throw together ...

I'm really tired so I'm gonna lean back and take it easy...cause most my work is done...and tomorrow I have to make a quick dash to the store..and pick up only a few Friday I is gonna be putting those cakes together ...

Those traveling stay safe..and as always God Bless...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Almost Forgot Tuesday

Almost forgot it was Tuesday...but how could I... I mean I woke up and did my chores and played the game of food for your life with Ms Reba then had my lists of things I needed to make for some one's retirement party that I got (well kind a sorta got sucked into) self volunteered without realizing  when I said, "sure I'll help"..Momma always use to tell us as kids, "Don't say yes, until you know what you are agreeing too"...did I remember that???? NO!!!

So today I made two pans of Lasagna Roll Spinach and the other with meat so that's in the freezer and next I have to make two sheet will be Banana Nut Bars with Brown Butter Frosting and the other will be a Chocolate Brownie Cake with Marsh mellow fluff and sprinkled with Graham Cracker crumbs with shaved chocolate...gawd I'm hungry writing this...

Morning went fine and Ms Reba did eat breakfast ..took her awhile but she ate and then it was on with the show of getting my lists done..Still haven't called on the motor home yet and that will be something I will do perhaps on Friday.

Got to take a break and a little nap as my 4am wakes ups drag me by 2pm so I usually just  lean back in the recliner and watch a little tv or perhaps just close my eyes..cause I know Mr Zeke is gonna tap me at's a done deal.

Tonight is The Voice again and also Dancing with the Stars and again have to record one and watch the other...goodness when these shows are on at the same time we toss for it..hahaha..

So that's about it other than now getting the anxious feeling to head south and get in my other house and get my windows done and plants going..have to also make sure I plants some herbs in small pots.. I sure do love my fresh herbs plus hate paying such high prices for stuff..

It's that time again so I'll say..."Safe Travels and most of all.. God Bless"


Monday, September 24, 2012

A Much better Monday :)

A Much better Monday :) by far...woke up at 4am and it was a little nippy and I sure wished I had my flannel night gown on..brrrrrrrrr but I made it into the kitchen and got that pot of coffee ready ...

Soon after me critters came meandering in and then I opened that back slider..WOW it was nippy..hahaha..everyone ran out quickly and back in before I could get back into the kitchen..Yes, they didn't like it either...hahaha..

Breakfast was ready and Ms Reba looked at me and I looked at her and my spoon was in hand..yes, she ate it..and kept checking on me..hahaha..I don't care if she gives me those looks but she is eating and that's all that matters.

Now being Monday I had laundry to do (with my cheapo detergent) and I whipped out my Gallon jug and poured in 1 cup of detergent and a 1/2 cup of white vinegar for the rinse..(psst that's to remove any suds or residue) and then on into the dryer with those cheapo drier sheets...Yep, hard day at bedrock..

I also had my 2 Crock pots plugged in.. One with Meat Loaf and the other with Mac and's that kind of day and weather..So as you can see I had a hard, hard day.. and then I leaned back and watched a movie..LOL..

Even took a nap..I mean I had too..I was up before the day began and it was those Monday blues that can sneak up and "Gotcha"...

Now I need to fix dinner for the Critters and I hear Ms Reba giving me what for cause she's hungry...well so she says...but we'll see cause my spoon is setting "Ready ".. Wish me luck !!!

Tonight is the Voice and premier of Dancing with the Stars..Yes, one will be recorded as we watch the other...and I have some cut up fruit for our dessert cause we need to start cutting back..(till tomorrow hahahaha)..

So as it goes..Safe travels to All and always..God Bless

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Little Ticked On Sunday

A Little Ticked On up early as usual..and did my pill setup for the I can live another week without any major Blood Pressure or maybe a little taste of Angina..ha!...and then along came time for Critters to go out and then get their breakfast..(now here's where I got ticked) beside the fact that I had made a brunch casserole the night before I was gonna make a pan of home made biscuits..simple as pie.. I mean a little self rising flour a little milk and some Crisco that's it and of course my trusty cast iron skillet..:)

Any way I got the big bears (Abby and Zeke ) fed and then it was Ms Reba's she has been doing ok..not great but ok..and after last night's episode with her dilly dallying on eating I was prepared for a touch of the Ole gal pulling her Crappola... Can you tell I'm at my wits end...Who ever said "Patience was a Virtue" ?  Kiss my butt !!!  (that's how I'm feeling today) .

So I prepare Ms Reba's breakfast and I figure I'll cut her some slack and just use the half of dish of this beef dish and I added some bacos and her pill pocket with meds..and she looked like she was gonna gobble everything up..HA !  She stood around that dish and licked and just ate what she wanted..mainly the goodies...and then color her gone...

Well that did it.. I grabbed the dish mashed the meat and then added about 2 tablespoons of her dry (ground up) food and mashed it all together and made little balls up...Ms Reba was sitting in the recliner ..and "Hello There"  Yep I did it.. I stuffed them balls into her ...LOL  She was shell shocked at first then proceeded to bite me..well more like gum bite..hahaha... but I was not going to let her go without eating and I was at the level of.. This is your lucky day !

We use to have to do this with some of the show dogs when we were traveling on the road as sometimes they'd go off their feed..and you can't have that happen... they wind up getting ill..they become so weak...and none of us that show dogs ever want that to happen..of course let me say this, "We make sure that they are not ill..I mean we just don't do it for no reason.."  and in Ms Reba's case..she's not ill..just now becoming a spoiled brat and an old stinker at that...

After she got her food (not by her choice) she then went around the house (get this) bitching..yep, you are reading this right..she yapped and yapped and then jumped up on my chair and got in my face...hahaha..yes, she was ticked off..but so was I...but she got her breakfast..!!!

Then to make matters worse.. I was having my coffee and plain doughnut and she decided she wanted it.. Oh that's ok to eat..HUH.. yes, she ate it.. See that's why I decided this morning I had enough...I'm extremely conscientious about my Critters to the point that sometimes I get stressed out..worrying about what's going on with them..

I periodically run blood work and urine samples, this was how I was trained. In showing my Critters all over and yes, in other countries.. it was imperative that they were healthy and no on going issues..Some days I wished I didn't know all these things..but other days.. I'm so thankful...

It was also another reason I went into my own business ..making Pet Products and am still dabbling in working on two patterns in research with Veterinary usage.. Make my own ear meds, and eye meds as well . Huh, maybe that's why I can never sleep brain is always mustering up ideas and potions..LOL..

Well you all know I make my own Laundry detergent and Liquid hand soap..oh yeah and also Fabric softener now too..hahaha..I mean if I think it ..I can make it too..hahaha...

So now I'm back to my ticked off thing Hubby leaves the door..his worries behind them and I'm here to gather my next thought of next issue with Ms Reba.

I was asked by several of the Sistahs on why I'm gonna have Ms Reba operated on at 161/2 ..well her tumor is so big that if I don't it will definitely rupture and I will lose it's true I could lose her under surgery but I decided that was my only alternative...Who would want their critter to suffer  and her odds of coming through are not that bad either.. 

I want her to be safe for what ever time I have with her...and I want to also feel I've done the best I could...I look at it also...Look at me.. I mean I went through a hysterectomy that everything went wrong and I survived with a bad ticker as well...true comparison is a little wacky when considering dogs life age ..but I can deal with the out come ...and that's where I'll leave it..

Hmm I just thought..No Big Brother that means "What are we watching tonight" ?   well maybe I'll convince hubby to play some cards...or perhaps I'll pick up that dang knitting with I haven't touched in ages..golly I need to get back to it... as the weather is getting cooler and this is a gift for one of my nieces..

I found a pretty good recipe for Scones which I think maybe later I'll attempt to make.. and some home made strawberry jam.. simple too.. 4 cups of cut up strawberries and 4 cups of sugar cook till everything is like a mush..sugar is melted and all.. then add some sure jell ... I think there was a pat of butter but not sure have to check it out..but will go great on scones...

Oh, and I have to call this coming week to see what's happening with my Motor Home..sure hope she is close to being ready.. I'd like to get her back home and clean inside..and maybe even go out and sit in her and have lunch..I know that sounds  wild but it does feel like I'm on the road..even in my drive way .

So that's my story and I'm stickin' too it..and those traveling stay safe..and as always...God Bless

Psst.. please don't think I'm cruel ...cause my Critters are #1 in my priority !

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Whopping Saturday . First Day Of Fall

A Whopping Saturday..The First Day of Fall...Yippee!  I mean I'm excited cause this is my time of the year ...I love it, love it.. and seeing all the trees turn color..omg!  it's God's paint brush at work..and of course my favorite Holiday ..Halloween..lordy I love seeing those little kids all dressed up and chanting..Trick or Treat Smell my feet give me something good to eat !!!  LOL..

See I'm still a kid at heart and I so enjoy watching others have fun and those fantastic get ups.. I mean some of these momma's put these kids in some dynamite outfits..

Now as for yesterday my day was a happy one.. I mean Ms Reba made my day..she ATE..yes indeedy..she was so into her food... I tried another container of Cesar's Gourmet Fillets of Prime Rib (really) and only gave her half cause she's been a pip on anything..and everything..and she licked first then started chowing down and cleaned her plate.. I was gonna give her more but felt I'd save the other half for dinner time cause I needed to add some rice and veggies..just all meat isn't good enough.. so later at dinner time I added the rice and veggies and some bacos..just in case..and she done did it..she cleaned that first she walked around it..hahaha..oh and yes, I warmed it up..cause this gal ain't a eating anything cold...

As our dinner time came which we had Flounder she wanted I cut up a piece of that and she was begging for more..holy cow she was driving us bonkers but hey, I was tickled pink...and as I said to huybb, "I sure hope this is the start of her coming back to normal"..

Last night we watched The Xfactor which I recorded and also the Inn of the Sixth Happiness..what a great picture ..and then it was lights out for me cause I could barely keep my eyes opened...

Morning for me was GREAT !  Yes, Ms Reba was hungry and was telling me the whole time I was mixing the rice and veggies into this Filet Minon  (hahaha) I'm telling ya I bought several little containers of all the beef mixtures that I thought would sound like she'd eat it..and so far so good..a little slow on the take off but now enjoying and wanting more..which is great but I'm still slowly increasing the uptake with a few things she needs to have..soon it will be an attempt to add her dry food (of course ground) into her food ..but easy does it..and I'm sitting back watching her..

Hubby went off to do his errands and I put Country Ribs on in the Crock Pot..I was gonna make a Stew but think I'll do that for Monday night dinner..make up some bread to go along with it...That means the Bread Machine and Crock Pot are gonna unite together again :)   such wonderful music I lean back and take a breather...LOL

Made some mini loaves of Banana Nut Blueberry breads which I'll put in the freezer for grab and run ...and need to make up a breakfast strata for tomorrow... I like those and simple make ahead deals..I can pop that in the oven while hubby is at church and when he comes home it's brunch :)  so now you got a jump start on what's for Brunch on Sunday..

Well Ms Reba was a fuss pot tonight for her was like tug and torture but she kept coming on back and eating a little each time..I'm not really sure what this is about..other than she wants what I have... so I just left her plate down for a bit ..took it up and then a little  later set it back down...gawd she's a pistol..she did mange to eat majority of it..then that was ok we'll see how it goes I keep tugging away myself.

Tonight again we'll watch movies as I've got a few that I recorded and I also need to set up my TV at the house here that Hubby can stream from the computer as well.. I have it set up on the Ipad when we are on the road too..just need that Internet connection and Netflix or Amazon does it's thing .

Told hubby that's what I'm getting him for Christmas..and I pad..yeppers this way we can Face Talk each other and that will help..cause it does get really hard on both of us..and seeing each other...even if we have to point every now and then LOL..but at least we can get more visual..So that's a done deal...

Now it's time for me and Critters as hubby is already zonked out to hit that big bed..boy it's gonna feel great tonight...and I love them flannel sheets and cool nights..makes sleeping so much better...but don't like them shocker wake freezing cold..brrrrrrrrrrrrr Night All !

Safe Travels to All and as always God Bless...


Friday, September 21, 2012

A Some what Lazy Friday for me :)

A Some what Lazy Friday for Me ! :)...oh up wee hours and started my Weekend yesterday I stopped by the store on the way know one of my round up numbers..while I'm out I do what needs to be done and then I'm home bound till next time....the price of gas the best way to "Conserve"..uh oh there's that word again...hahaha..

Anyway today I was just plum tuckered out.. I had to visit them Rice fields and so I had that going after I fed the critters..and YES, Ms Reba liked the "new" can of was by Cesars.. I keep thinking of the salad..hahaha.. any way this was "gourmet cuts.."  Prime rib in sauce.. I mean nothing but the best for Ms Reba...and always with hesitation when serving the "BRAT".. I'm hoping and feeling the sweat beads form across my forehead...

Well this morning I only gave her half with a few little sprinkles of bacos to entice and her nose twitched and then she dove in.. and cleaned her plate... I was gonna give her more..but decided to save the rest for tonight's dinner with some rice and veggies mixed as this pure stuff is just not enough bulk and knowing Ms Reba ..what turns her on today might not work tomorrow..ugh :(..

I bought these little cans and got one of each flavor..sort of trying to make it more interesting..hahaha.. and of course my other two..well the looks I get when I put her food I have to give them a little extra something..
Yeah, I'm trained....:)

So I leaned back in the recliner and before I knew it I had fallen off to sleep and wow I slept a good 2 hours..unheard of..but I must have needed it.. I think when seeing Ms Reba eat without hand feeding her and making a big fuss I was just over come with "finally"..but I ain't counting my chickens just yet..

When I got up I mean to tell you I was like in another world...and had to push myself to get a move on...Lordy I still can't believe I I put the pedal to the metal and zoomed around putting the rice and veggies together and then into the freezer..won't have to do that for another 8 days...

As for my menu for the next few days..well, I'm glad I have it in.. so I'll prep my veggies and put them in storage bags... I like doing that cause it really cuts my putting things together for meals... just one big day of chopping stuff and I even mark on the bags  the meal it for..hahaha.. I know it's kind of a thing for me...even when I make a cake I have all the flour and sugar and baking powder and what ever dry ingredients are all put together and mixed only thing I have to do is add the liquid...guess it must be from my working days as I always prepped up for the week....

I remember doing the prep work in Momma's restaurant too.. we'd have a black board on what was being made and we all knew our jobs..hahaha.. chop, chop, chop.. even the salads got them lettuces all done up perhaps it's a carry over from that..what ever but it sure does cut my work load in the kitchen and anything that does that..well, it makes life simple  Amen !

This is Friday so in this house hold it's either Pizza, or Fish of some type  and tonight it's Flounder breaded  with Broccoli with Lemon, Olive Oil and a splash of butter (tiny bit goes along way) and Baked Potato...which by the way are going in my Crock I'm making a few extra for breakfast to be fried..see what did I tell ahead to lean back later hahahaha..

I think we'll be watching the Voice we recorded...and what ever else..Oh I know I taped the Inn of the Sixth Happiness so we might watch that over the weekend and of course a Foot ball game too..hahaha.. that I have Meat Balls and Sauce done up..take that out of the freezer

Also celebrating the Last day of Summer cause tomorrow..well I don't have to tell you this..but....It's the first day of FALL....

Hope you all traveling stay safe and as always...God Bless ...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Having a Withdrawal on Thursday :)

Having a Withdrawal on Thursday :) that is correct it's give my blood ....sorta willingly...but more like I have too .. So I did that Fasting thingy last night and watched Survivor, recorded the Xfactor, and then watched later Big Brother while the Voice also was being recorded...What a NIGHT..and 

The winner of Big Brother was he wasn't my choice however he played some what of a game ..more like being the "sneak"...but Dapper Dan who is now known and Dirty Dapper Dan played a game of ruthlessness..(is there such a person none the less word) He swore on anything he could rest his mitts on..and by golly those people followed him to the "T"..what can ya say..."they were gullible, the wanted the easy way of winning "  ???  dunno but one thing they showed their dislike by not voting for Dan..1 vote for Dan was from Danielle...of course he lead her completely around...and then the 6 votes when straight to that's it..the end !!!

Now getting back to my morning episode with Ms Reba..a no win situation she wouldn't eat no way no I figured when I got done at the Lab I'd head on over to the Grocery store which I did...and picked up a few tiny cans of Caesar's...

Got to the Lab and there was no waiting..I'm liking this so far...and then a young woman came out and asked a few questions and zip we were in the office and I was sitting in the chair...The next part isn't that easy as this young woman was new...How do I know, you ask ?   LOL..well, she tried several times in fact she blew one vein and was starting on another...HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS...I squirmed and I made jokes and then finally I said, "You can't do any more ..get someone that knows what they are doing..practice on Oranges " she looked at me like I was a crazy woman.. and i probable had that road rage look in my face...but my arm was ready to fall off..and as I looked I had this huge purple looking spot.UH OH... don't want no repeats either...another lady came in the room and wham bam..I was done and out of there....I don't think I said to much after that and I was out the door..

When I got back from the store I quickly opened the little tiny cute can and cut things up in little pieces and Ms Reba went over sniffed and then ate...she ate half and that was pretty if only she will continue..:) Pretty please !!!

Tonight we will watch the Xfactor and kind of chill out..have crock pot going with country ribs bbq and some cole slaw...took rolls out of the freezer so by time hubby gets home we should be good to go...and I sure could use the rest...hahaha..

Gonna lean back for an hour and then attempt to get a move on afterwards..

So make it simple..Sure hope you all have a great day and RELAX..

Safe Travels to All..and above all...God Bless..  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This is a Wishful Wednesday !

This is a Wishful Wednesday ! ...Morning for me lately is a little uptight as I'm not sure how Ms Reba is gonna be at breakfast time...I mean is she gonna eat ?...This morning she was a little better and of course not her own food but her favorite meat loaf with some rice and veggies mixed in ever so carefully ...and yep, then half a plain doughnut... honestly if you knew me well enough you'd know this is something in all the years I've raised critters cepting for when we were kids we had a dawg named McCormick (my brother's best friend's last name) and he ate everything including the linoleum floor...Momma called him other names and nothing sounded like what we knew  LOL...anyway getting back to Ms Reba...she likes it and that's what she will only I crumble it and heat it up a little cause she won't eat it cold LOL...Spoiled (NOT)...and she then cleaned her plate..course it took her a little while Zeke and Abby lay down and watched..

Ms Reba always eats her food last cause she liked the others to watch..and they did and still do...I told you she's a hoot !!!...then when she finished and I was having my coffee with a plain (small) doughnut..she demanded..oh yes she did...and I had to give her a little piece...well that wasn't good enough she wanted more of it.. so I had the "little piece" and she had the bigger piece...and then she walked away..satisfied...

So what was my chore today...Make Ms Reba her own Meat Loaf...and that's what's cooking now. If that's what she'll eat well I'll just make sure it gets a little more "stuff" in it.. and that will certainly help me.. I mean it's a challenge to figure what she will or will not eat...

She took her nap along with me.. in the recliner and she had hold of my arm so if I was gonna go somewhere it would wake her..What's with this Ms Reba? ..Ok so we got an hour shut eye...and I slid out and about ..boy I smell that crock pot..hahaha..

Got a call from our friend and vet Saul and if Ms Reba keeps going well she will have surgery to remove that tumor on Oct 3rd at 9:30am...when I hung up I got that lump in my throat...but I know it has to be done..

Tonight is Big Brother and also Survivor.....and that means a great TV night and that will help me to last night we watched the Voice and the last young man that sang..Wow, he did an Al Green tune and he was good !  

Looks like this season we are surely gonna have a lot of good shows on..however I'm not thrilled with the panel of judges for American Idol...but we'll see..

Received a lot of new recipes in too..some I'll have to try in Florida and they look mighty that means I've got a lot to keep me busy plus I have to finish that dang scarf.. I mean everything has been on the back burner and I need to get my act together and get it finished...and start on all those Christmas gifts... I've got several almost completed only thing is tying in the ends .

Then of course I have to bake the cookies...I bought all the tins and have the boxes to ship via post I'll be busy for sure ..which is good as I'm not sure hubby can come down for the holidays with work...I hope he can but I have to understand...

Well, that's about it for now..other than tomorrow I have to go to the lab for blood work so it's fasting tonight...only water and the shows on uh oh.. hahaha..but I'll be fine..

With that I'm gonna say..."Safe travels to all and as always God's Blessing Shine Down on All...and please if you can remember Ms Reba in your prayers.."


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

HuH ! A Stormy Tuesday

HuH!  A Stormy Tuesday...Oh my Stars !!!!  Morning was a bit of a  quick pace ..I mean we had rain wee hours and Ms Reba woke me up..she was "Hungry" so with that it is..Do it while the going is good I did at 6am she was in my face and I have the pictures to prove it too :)

Now she didn't eat "her" food but mine...and I even got a little rice and veggies mixed in which she ate it and get this..a half of a plain doughnut..OH YEAH.. I almost asked her if she would prefer it dipped ? ..

Got her meds in to..which as those of you who have critters can understand how much of a pain that can be ...and then some too..but we managed to get er' done :)

On towards afternoon the winds started to get moving..I was chatting with Paulette and ooops lost power...didn't even say..Bye Bye...but I'm sure Paulette knew as the storm was also moving into her area as well..

I hurried up and got what I needed to get done as I figure we'll be having that on and off again type service...heavens knows what  I made sure I got the Critters fed ...

Hubby called said, "He was on his way home coming up the Jersey Turnpike to avoid the traffic in Philly..."  Oh boy...I tried to tell him he'd be better staying where he was till after the storm passed through..but okie dokie and pray he'll be ok..

Don't know if we'll be even able to watch yeah cause you know lately when we have any kind of bad weather out everything goes...don't know why lately cause we've never had that...I mean all the years I've lived here this is a "New Thing"...wonder if they changed the "grid"..????

So with that I'm gonna post Ms Reba's pictures so you all can get a kick out of the faces and antics...sure wished i would have taken it in time..but this ole gal is a hoot from the get go..and by the way..she's wearing her Pj's  Leopard style LOL..

Those traveling stay safe and as always...God Bless

Here comes Ms Reba :)

Are you listening to me?

I want what you have !

I see it !

I want it now !!!!

I'm ready :)


Monday, September 17, 2012

What will Monday bring us ?

What will Monday bring us ?   After having a little rough go last night I wondered what will it be like tomorrow... I mean I am so worried about Ms Reba and trying to handle the fact that life is all about changes that happen.
Things that are really not in our control..

Sure we may think they are...but if you stop and think about things...and how they unfold...we say, "We can't change the past (which is true) but can only control our future"...but can we ?.. I mean we can guide it some what but not actually change things ..for in our life things happen that we can not control.

Here I go on this kick again.. guess I get kind of into the reality of our lives..the meaning of what's happening...see I've been this path before when I begin to worry about the "What ifs "  I try to reason as to "Why" and then I go into these questions of the "Who do you believe"...see what I mean..

Guess it's a way for me to control my emotions and handle the stress and say to myself, "These issues are totally a part of life's expectations"...golly do I hear any little "tingling sounds" or perhaps some incense burning LOL 

Getting back to what my morning was like...(tend to flow with the breeze here) it was ok..I mean Ms Reba surprise me and ate all of what I put on her plate..which was, meat loaf crumbled and heated to take the chill out and a part of a pill pocket with her meds in and a few baco bits...and I was happy to see that ..but I know she is hungry...

Later she again wanted something and for the life of me..she wanted my plain doughnut so I broke a few pieces up and she ate that and has been I'm a little jittery knowing that she has to have surgery..but it's a MUST..

Tonight I haven't figured what to feed her what ever we make she'll most likely have some...but it's not a full day for the meds to be working right any way...

I'm kind of mentally exhausted just from worry...and it seems lately I've been getting into this mode more..and that I'm not liking...but it is what it is..and I guess I'll have to figure out how I can relax..

Made an appointment for my blood work on line with Quest ..that was pretty simple and boy I got an early one too...hubby says, "Just go up there and sit and wait and they'll work ya in"..NO THANKS...I'll make appointment then I know I don't have to wait...(hopefully)..

Just now finished feeding the Critters and gave Ms Reba her baytril with her dinner....1/2 slice meat loaf crumbled with a spoon full of Liverwurst and some bacos and she ate it all..and then ate half a charcoal biscuit crumbled...

Eventually as she continues (again eating) I'll slowly attempt to add her dry food in...a little at a time..cause this is extremely rich ...really to rich of a diet to think about..but it's getting her to eat...and I'm trying to feel more relaxed as I watch her..

You see every time I put that plate down I gasp and try to take small breathes as I get so tight in my chest worrying.. I know it's crazy but it's who and what I am about..

What a heavy weight just lifted now I can relax I'm doing these baby steps with Ms Reba too...and I just saw her go to the door..she now stays by the door waiting on "the man" to come home..she actually comes alive as she knows he stops at the store and always has something good coming in ...she's no fool and he makes sure he gets her something too...:) Yes we are both that way with our critters ..even when Medusa was a live she would get that big head rub and she's wait for it too...

Yep, hubby misses her and I see him time to time stop by her big cage and just look in...sad as she was with us the whole time through all kinds of critters too...I know as soon as he can, hubby will find him another ..not sure what kind..although I keep telling him I'll bring one home but I think this is something he wants to do himself..

Tonight is "The Voice" so we'll be watching that as we lean back..I didn't plan on much for dinner tonight so it's..quick fix chilli dawgs LOL..I sure hope he had a good lunch... I was just to down in the dumps to even want to cook...

Ok, now I need to make myself look a little together..and just keep thanking the Lord I'm making it through and so is Ms Reba..

To all of you I pray as you travel across our great country (those in the USA) and for those from foreign soil..Stay Safe 

God Bless


Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Nervous Sunday

A Nervous Sunday.... hubby left for church and I'm sitting here waiting to the clock to tick away... today is the day we take Ms Reba to our friend and vet Saul... My nerves have been at me since yesterday.. 

I kept myself busy making my home made products and today I'm a little jumpy.. didn't sleep great but I sure did say a few prayers... I know it's about not wanting to hear any more bad news...but then I keep saying to myself I've had 16 1/2 wonderful years with Ms Reba...and I'm just not wanting to change anything...I'm still not really over letting Joesph go... that really broke my heart..he was such a special little guy.. and did he ever show me how much he wanted to be with me...

Ms Reba right now is barking at me.. I mean she talks a lot ...LOL  and you know she shows me what she wants too.. and best I pay attention..cause she comes up and slaps me with her paws...OMG. wildest thing ya ever did see..

She didn't eat breakfast this morning but kind of picked..more like what ever I was gonna have she'd want...ok, so I did try a few things and that didn't work...but she shows no signs of being ill..she does however have a huge tumor that has grown and that makes me really worried....Now she is feisty and jumps around like no tomorrow..but eating..well.. it's pick and choose.. what ever hubby and I have we share with Ms Reba... 

Ok, so now I have to wait till hubby gets I guess I'll start looking at what else I can get into ...perhaps find another something to make up...

Be back later on...keep Ms Reba in your prayers ..Please ! 

Update on Ms Reba !

Saul did blood workup and Xrays and Ms Reba is holding her there was no loss checking back last years weight comparison.  Results of blood work shows high elevation in her Lipase ..indicating Pancreatitus...and her Xrays shows no sign that the Tumor is she's on Meds ..Baytril and Amoxicillin and also given a few more to help in the increase of appetite..
I'm to call back on Wednesday and if she is showing improvement in eating he will then schedule surgery to remove the Tumor...

Now I was given for warning that this is not a done deal as several she may not make it through...but like I've said before, "I have no alternative as the tumor is growing and I do not want it to rupture...

Reba was spunky with the Techs and they all think she's a hoot ..which by the way she when ever someone talks with me they hear Ms Reba and at one time it was Medusa and Reba together..that was a sound beyond...

I'm feeling some what relieved and when we got home Ms Reba was hungry ..of course not for her food but her trust worthy Liverwurst...even Saul had to roll his eyes..but like he even said.."if it works so be it "...

I've been so uptight and nervous and I will be till this is all said and done but at least I feel a little better knowing that we are doing what's right for her and no matter the out's the right thing...!

Tonight I'm just kind of mellowing out.. I'm just not myself and I need to chill out or I'll be back visiting my Cardio Doc..and this time having more I'm gonna attempt to watch some cheerful movies..perhaps an old comedy ...

Thank you for all those kind words I received in my email and for those prayers cause ya know we all need them..!  

Safe Travels to all and remember Big Brother tonight too.!  

God Bless..  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday...All day long :(

Saturday all day long :( hubby was outside mowing..yep, yard and field and as he zoomed by all I could hear was the mower going strong...and he in his glory ..Grinning ear to ear..(takes him back to his farm days)...!

Morning again for me is..Up before the house and get everything ready for the gang to appear and hubby to stumble down and half eyed talkin some strange mumbo jumbo that I still till this day don't quiet understand..but that's how we managed to stay together so long hahahaha...

I was ambitious and decided I needed to get my jugs refilled..(jugs of Laundry detergent and hand soap) so I had my pots on the stove going and hubby went to McD's for our breakfast..(nice guy..well maybe cause I'm saving him bucks in buying these products...the fruits of my labor lol )..and then it was feed the critters get everything going so he could jump on that tractor..Woo hoo !!!

I had several bars of Yardley English Lavender that I buy from the Dollar tree and put them in my dresser draws..they keep the clothes smelling fresh and also my sheets and pillow cases..oh and then there's those nasty socks..LOL yep they get it too and also the "undies"...hubby complains his shorts have the fragrance.. and my comment is always.."Be Nice" at least their not nasty "  LOL...

So this morning I grated a bar of soap and only use 1 cup of the flakes to 10 cups of water and heated it on med heat till the soap flakes melted then let it cool till the mixture got like (hate to say this) snotty looking and used a funnel and filled several of my pump bottles that I keep.. I had bought some when they were on sale and I don't throw them out if I can use them..and I do..several with this batch I got a little over 6 1/2 bottles of hand do the math..1 bar that I've had for a year LOL I can make almost 13 bottles..but I save the other 1cup of dry flakes for next time I batch... Don't want to have too many jugs around..hahaha..

Then I whipped up another gallon of Laundry detergent..ok so I'm really frugal today...but it does save bucks and I get good results and that's all that counts...Must be something with me lately.. I've been doing a lot of research again looking for a few more goodies to make up..UH OH...look out world here I come :)

Kind of like what I did..created my own products and traveled around the world setting up distributors...Thanks Pepsi for teaching me the ins and outs of Marketing and Government Gobblely GooK..cause there's sure is a lot of that..and boy I met some wonderful people and enjoyed so many cultures..goodness... maybe one of these days I'll put that book together..lots of good stories I can promise you that...

I'm going to give Ms Reba her bath for tomorrow's visit with Saul and boy I'm a little jittery but I have to do it.. I so want it to be simple..but I know better than that.. I mean is anything ever simple in life ?  

For dinner tonight is Carbonara and Salad..simple dish my family use to make and then we'll watch a  movie and try to our appointment is at 2pm ..hubby will go to church in the morning and then we'll head up...

So that's about it other than I'm gonna get back to cleaning up my mess and start with Ms she gives me her attitude of "I'm not gonna do this"..she's surely a "Gem "...

Hope all of your days are good ones and those traveling..Stay Safe and Enjoy

Most of all...God Bless...


Friday, September 14, 2012

Ti's Friday and We got a "Face Lift" :)

Ti's Friday and We got a "Face Lift" :)..and I am just getting use to it..but it's pretty neat...Up wee hours again as I have to see my Cardio Doc and hopefully I can skate by..but we shall see....

Watched X factor last night and yep that one young lady (13yrs old) blew us away..she is and will be a "Great " performer...and if ain't no body better she's gonna be the winner...!!!

Got Zeke and Abby fed and of course they gave me the "Look" ..they know I'm going out the door today...and boy are they like slugs to get moving..Ms Reba is of course and always will be...."I'll do it when I want"..and I'll feed her when I come back...

Yep, you got this right this is a 2 part segment..NOW and LATER LOL...but I'm sitting here waiting for my time to venture out the door so I couldn't just sit by and do nothing...Now isn't it nice I'm spending my time sharing my thoughts and actions..

Oh! heard from my friend Carol last night..she called to let me know what my neighbor has done with those "trees"..and all she said was, "When you come back try to be calm and think of "Petrified Forrest" and maybe even possible "After the Storm"...."...OH MY STARS !

So there will be a picture posted when I get down there..if I can even talk..I'm such a stinker on being a "good neighbor"  I mean in minding my own business and keeping my property looking good so not to make others ashamed to live by me, so I pray that you all will keep me in your prayers so I don't blow my "Stack"...I'm known for speaking my peace !!!

Have to stop at the stores on the way back from the Doc visit and also the Post Office have to pick up application for my Absentee know "Do the right thing"...and then get prepared for the...WEEKEND..

Alrighty mighty it's getting that time to travel out on the road and see all the traffic...(this I don't miss) and get er' done...

I'll be back ! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I'm back :)...and have I got a Murphy for ya all !!!

First off Doc checked me out ok..said, "If it ain't broke we is leaving ya alone" that works for me..and I  zoomed out of there to the Dollar Tree and bought a few bars of English Lavender for my "draws" and also my Pump Soap..the one i make up...and saves me Bucks !!! know like my Washing Machine Liquid (which works fantastic) and a few tea towels and I spent a whole 7 bucks...(always amazes me)  

Then on to the Grocery Store picked up a few things for dinner tonight (Friday Fish Night) and then on to the Post Office ..cause someone told me that's where I would get my form for Absentee ballot...NOT...the guy in there looked at me like I was a  Nut Job..(Thanks ) and then suggested I go over to the Court house annex..and I that done and I was so glad now I'm anxious to get home....

Home I am ...pull up front and decide I'll unload car and just carry stuff into the house much easier than getting out opening the gates ...back into the car back up then get out walk back down to close the gates then walk up and unload the car...(am I puffing ya betcha) so I open the slide on the other side and reach in and drag the satchel of groceries and a few bags and turn to step back the door slide closes and I hear the lock ..LOCK..!!!  Uh Oh... I looked and I can see my car keys laying on the floor..UH OH and I look and I see in the front seat my cell phone UH OH...and I'm stuck...NO KEYS< NO PHONE>>OMG...and I look around outside and no one is out and about..UH OH>..I then see the neighbor across the street coming out her door and getting into her car and I yell over to see if she could help me...She yells back.. "I've got to go" and gets in her car and zooms away...but she did say something about her son...I didn't hear what but next thing I see is the son come out...

Now not to say there is anything wrong with it if it's your style..but I had to take another look...UH...Mohawk, rings and pins..OMG. I'll try not to look and just talk slowly... as he walked over to me...I was trying to tell him that my car was locked and it was in shutdown mode...and when he touched the door the alarms went off..OMG Now I'm hearing BEEP BEEP BEEP and I ain't driving no Nash Rambler ..I'm on all two feet that's it !!!

Between the beeping and me trying to explain I was kind of losing it...LOL  well sorta...I mean when he asked me "Who do you want to call"  I couldn't think and then couldn't remember the number..hahahaha.. I mean all my numbers are on my phone why would I need to remember...well maybe cause one day you might not have your phone..which on this day I didn' was on the seat :)

Finally we get my hubby on the phone and he asks "Where are you calling me from "...HUH...well I tried to explain and I could barely hear him.. then I said.loudly..."Just call ONSTAR.."  hahaha.. I was trying to tell hubby I was with the neighbors and I was trying to be gracious..Hahaha...

Hubby asks me.."What's that number"  hahaha.. I couldn't even if I tried to explain...and again I said..."Just call 800 onstar"...I was getting a little testy and at the same time this young boy... with the needles and pins was giving me the strange looksie...OMG...I'm so Murphied out..LOL 

Hubby hangs up and as I walk across the street to my LOUD BEEPING CAR my neighbor down the road  comes by.. I haven't seen him since his wife passed away and he comes over and I explain what happened so he and I busted out laughing..yep, Lou and I go back years and we have the same type humor ..He says, "Don't you wish it was the old days when we could use a coat hanger to get into the car".. I replied .. Yep sure do ..but would have to have key to the house to do that one.. and we both laughed... Lou then says... have you tried any of the doors...and with that reaches over and opens the dang door...LOL

Well what happened is hubby contacted Onstar and they opened the door...and you know they use Google Earth to check you out...aaaaaah Big Brother is that was my Murphy...I mean could I not have a episode of some sort when I'm out and about..

Good thing out of this I got to see Lou again and hopefully he'll come visit ..we sure do miss his friendship and laughs...and now it's on to dinner time and it's Friday night Fish night...and we'll get to watch America's Got Talent cause we had to tape the episodes ...too much other stuff was on..

So that's my day and I hope yours was a lot better than mine..and those traveling stay safe and as always...God Bless...

PS...Thank YOU ONSTAR !!! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tiny Steps on Thursday

Tiny Steps on I dragged my butt out of bed...I had stayed up a little late last night as one of my RV Sistah's mother had to be taken to the hospital... I was so worried..and was praying that there would be no major problems and something that could be resolved easily... and thank you Lord as it was (not that  any of this is ever easy) G G, Dawn's mother was having a bout with edema..and had to be treated for it and although I surely thought perhaps they would keep her over night ..they didn't, but sent her home...and as I chatted with Dawn on our Face Talk and even with G G everything was a lot better...again Thank YOU Lord ! 

So back to my morning drag..yes, I was like a human slug...and it took me most the spite of the fact that Dawn and I were gabbing and OH, yes, she talked me into another winner (you reading this Dawn ???) but some how I couldn't complete the's a Murphy thing..but what it is and I figured it out DUH.. I don't use a Gmail account even though I have blog setup but through my Yahoo thingy.. I know a bunch of gobble gook  but that is the reason soooooooo when I am ready to do this down load again I'll have it all together..(well hopefully).

I did get Ms Reba to have two meals..well if that's what ya wanna call them.. like open face liverwurst..(yucko) and spaghetti and chicken parm..hey she ate it all what I put down and again like I've said before..."I've never fed any of my critters like this, but she won't eat anything so if that's what it takes on her last go round that's what it will be...God Bless her" !!

Also I did get my appointment for her (only) on Sunday at 2pm so I'm happy about that and Zeke and Abby will go next Sunday...and they will get their check ups and vaccines...

Tomorrow I have my Cardio Doc appointment and I need to get through that...then set up my blood work..and I'm working down all the rest of the list 

Tonight watched the Xfactor ..fantastic young girl did a Nina Simone song that was dynamite.. I'd say, "if she continues with great music..she's the winner"..that good and only 13 yrs'd never believe it with her voice !

Then on to Big Brother..OMG Dapper Dan you deserve the MONEY...He did another amazing move...golly I can't believe these folks were so gullible to let Dan control their brains but it was just a great play...

We will watch America's Got Talent tomorrow night as I taped both sessions..too many shows on all about the same time...goodness gracious..but we'll have something to watch :) I can't peek and hope no one tells me hahaha..

Now I'm ready to bail out and go to have lots to get done early then off to see the big boss man...and decide what's my next adventure...YIKES

Those traveling down these safe and as always..God Bless

PS...I'm so praying for this latest situation..the horrible killing of our ambassador to Libya..and all the others...What is wrong with this picture...Why are we so gullible...Please all pray that we get out of this mess and make those that did this suffer the consequences ...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whizzing through Wednesday :)

Whizzing through Wednesday :) it be said.."I was up and out the door by 6:45am..had been awake (thank you Zeke) since 4am as Mr Zeke had a dream and I felt like the race was on.. I mean he was at the bottom of the bed and hit feet were moving and so was his vocal...HOLY BANANA HANNAH.. I thought I was in and earth quake..the bed was shaking so...and of course (I can't believe this) no one else woke up but ME !!!!  Am I lucky or what..????

So Ups I got and stayed up couldn't for the life of me fall back to sleep and so I decided I'd wash some towels and wash cloths..yep, got out my trusty 20 cent washing detergent and loaded up that HE Washing Machine and Zoom it went off...LOL  I still can't get use to not being able to watch my water fill.. I like moving things around..OK I'll let it do it's thing..aaaaah but I learned something....I can put it on pause !!! and play in the water hahaha...

Then took me shower and by that time the Critters were getting out of bed.. I mean come on I'm up these dawgs should be protecting me Hahaha..well Mr Zeke stumbled out first then I hear..Ms Reba sounding the alarm to have me come in and get her out of bed...well Ms Abby she was snoring and couldn't care less unless I rattled her dish LOL..

Then had to get hubby up so he could move his car out of the I use to do all that but not any legs are bad and getting in and out and pulling each car out.. I'd be parked on the side.. that part stinks..cause I some times feel helpless..however, I had already gotten a load of towels done and in the dryer ....

So left the house and my Critters were annoyed..Yep, they had to stay behind.. I did give them their 6am meds they'd just have to wait till I got home to give them their breakfast with their meds...

Got up to the hospital and wow again they are making changes..this place is getting bigger and bigger...I'm gonna need a road map and for the first time I actually got a good parking spot.... I mean right at the that was a bonus ...AMEN...

In I walk and yep, have to fill out the same form as I did the year before and before my question is.."Why don't they just have that in the computer and just amend it each year if there is changes..????? guess that's just to simple and would be less hassle...Oh well.. 

All the Techs in the Breast Center were dressed in pink..well I could understand why.. but I really didn't realize I was wearing a pink top too..HELLO...and they all smiled..guess they thought I was joining them all...

Once I was finished ..and boy I was glad too..cause that's not the most favorite thing I like to go through..ugh...but anyway on the way back I stopped at Mc D's  yep, I wanted to make sure I added to the economy ..LOL also some of the money you spend there goes to the Mc D's center and that's a plus as far as I'm concerned...

Got home and my darling dare devils were looking at me like they were ya know the big bears ate but Ms Reba..well she sounded me out first then picked a little here and there...but I do have her appointment on Sunday and I can't wait...I surely wanna know what's going on with her !

Tonight is  Big Brother..and of course the Voice  and America's Got Talent.....oh heavenly days...geeez..but I'll record all that I can't watch and watch later on... 

PSST...just also checked the X Factor is on too...Just Ducky !

Tonight for dinner is gonna be simple..Throw together..yep, I have a little bit of this and a little bit of that ...and that's what it be !!!  Now dessert is simple and that's what ever I whip up....and I do have some pineapple. strawberries and there she be..I might try and whip it all together strange ice cream..hahaha..but it's gonna be good no matter what...and I always have vanilla wafers..:)

That's my day today and now I can lean back and kind of catch up a few things on the Internet..ooooooh I saw something interesting on Amazon...I put it on my wish list...cause I don't need it now..but when I get to Florida.. I mean..Surprise, surprise..hahaha...ya all know how that goes...MERRY CHRISTMAS to ME !!!

All traveling stay safe and as always..God's Blessing Shine Down On All ... 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Charging me batteries up on Tuesday

Charging me batteries up on I dragged through most the day I managed to get a few things done...Morning for me was not great had to struggle getting Ms Reba to even look my way..the big bears (Abby and Zeke) woofed down their food but boy did I stress myself out.. Made up some scrambled eggs with (I know my tummy turned too) liverwurst.. I mean she eats weird so this should do it NOT...OMG ...well ok she wants to be left I start to worry..out comes the Nutri cal and zip into the kisser she gets it..

Lunch time I make a got it..Liverwurst and she comes over to me and will eat plain bread..(the crust) so that's a start and slowly I work in the rest..she ate about maybe half..then walks away..well that's score one for the Gipper !

Everything I think she'll eat..well I'm stuffed..yeah if she sees me eating she'll come over and bark and want..fooled me.. so I ate a donut..ugh I really needed that ..and on to the next..You got it...I'm not gonna look at food right now...HA !

So now I have a pot roast on as hubby wanted that done up so he can make his open faced sandwich..Ok, well maybe Ms Reba might like that..time will tell but right now she's walking around sniffing the air..and boy it's smelling great...

Yep, I have an appointment this Sunday for her and the Crew ..she'll get checked out and Lord I'm praying it's gonna be simple..I do know as I've talked this over with my friend Mary...that I've got to have the tumor removed from may be not a good move but it's the only move I can if this ruptures I'll lose her..and surgery for her is not favorable..however I'd rather have it that way then to have her I'm sad with the decision I've made...

In the mean time I have to not think about I'm not good with these things...I mean I understand why, but I had a very bad time over Joesph and still do at times...Sucks that's all I can say !

Tonight is another episode of the Voice and I'm telling ya these  talent people are really good..and I see I'm gonna have a few conflicts too..oh well isn't life a bunch of conflicts..

Critters are's their dinner time and Ms Reba will get hers when Hubby and I are eating.. I think she looks forward to see what we are having ..she wants trick is...will she eat it..and if she does wonderful but I can tell ya, "she won't eat it tomorrow"..

So with that I'm on to the next level and tomorrow I have to leave the house really early to be up to the hospital to have my Mammo those on the road traveling..Stay Safe and as always..God Bless

PS..Ms Betsy, I sure hope Mr Dick is home and settled seeing you all soon as the days are on the count down :) 

Monday, September 10, 2012

OH what a Monday Morning !

Oh what a Monday Morning !  Mine of course started wee bit early as I had several things I needed to get go to the Rice Fields...LOL  someone asked me what was that all about..well make it simple I have to make a huge pot of rice and mixed veggies for my Critters that I have enough for at least a it was I made enough for 9 days..and that's a big pot of rice  LOL...mixing in the veggies then putting it up in containers to be ready for those darling critters..who gobble it down like no tomorrow..aaaaaah the joys of cooking for me 4 legged family...

Got that all done by 6am and then on to the next chore which was open up the big bag of dry food and putting that up in containers..all so it makes it simple for me to mix food..yeah I have this system that drives everyone bonkers..a little bit of this and a little bit of that..but I feel if you have something that works well...Don't change it !!!

Next I was on to making a batch of waffles as my freezer was getting empty..(oh my stars) and then it was time to feed the crew..gawd and I haven't had my coffee yet...but I did ...I finally got my cup and sat for a few minutes while hubby raced down the stairs..said "Hello" zip, zing and fling out the door...Okie dokie smokie see ya tonight at dinner time :)

Then I proceeded to make up my critters ear medicine..Yes, I make my own.. I mean I've been doing this for years even got my vet hooked on it..and told him.."if yours don't work try mine "  so he did..and guess what.. If his don't work he has them trying mine Hahaha...What can I say... ?????

Now here it is almost dinner time where has the time gone... Getting ready to feed my Critters and then move on to making dinner for hubby and I... it's Chicken Parm with Pasta a green Salad and 5 minute Ice cream with a vanilla wafer for when we watch.. The Voice !!!

Yep, that is back on and I see by the looks of all the programs coming back that there's gonna be a lot of record now see later happening..cause several are on at the same time and also FOOT BALL>...and in my house..the F B comes first ...:)  along with you know some one's got to do a touch down...

That's my story and I'm stickin to it today and then we'll be movin on for tomorrow..cause it's just around the bend...

Checking my calendar and I have 2 Doc appointments this up at the hospital for my Mammo on Wed and the other for the Cardio Doc on Frid..well not too bad cause I have some errands I can do on the way back from both...

So on with the show..get a long little doggie cause it's that time...Those on the road keep safe and as always..God Bless....


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday, Sunday Foot Ball Games !

Sunday, Sunday, Foot Ball Games  !  Ah this is my favorite time of the year.. I'm a fall baby anyway so that's got me on a high before I start my day to begin with and waking up to cooler weather don't go thinking I'm into the Cold Weather (brrrrrrr) I don't mind chilly, just don't want that white stuff unless it's the color of my hair :)~

Morning I've had that "let's get er done" mode and I started making my meat loaf in the crock pot  for our Sunday dinner and hubby's lunches and then did a crock pot of Baked Potatoes for this weeks Baked Potato Soup..see I'm multi tasking and everyone always asks me "Why do you have so many crock pots"..ha.. my reply is as follows.. "When I'm in the mode of "let's cook" I put things together and all are going at the same time...hence I can lean back and watch the Games :)"...Yes, I'm lazy..but well think of it.. I still have to hustle to get it all together. hahaha..

Right now I even have a pot of Gravy on the stove..yep, and tomorrow I'll make a batch of meat balls up and get them in the freezer..remember it's foot ball season and who likes to miss them games..NOT ME !!!  and it's fix what ya want LOL.. 

Ms Reba surprised me this after noon guess it was the aroma of the meat loaf cause she was hungry.. I've been stressing as I know these signs are never good and I'm a wimp when it comes to she wanted and I picked out the onions and peppers and she ate 2 pieces...WOW that was a lot for we'll see how later on goes...cause I've been down this road.. I mean if she'd eat it.. I'd make her, her own meat loaf...heck I cook for my critters so what's the diff if it's meat loaf..course I'd shove some veggies in and a little bit of her dry food..hey, gotta sneak it in some how...:)

Tonight is Big Brother..and I'm ready too..I mean it's getting to the end and it gets really raunchie..oh do I love it .. I mean you have to be able to lie on a minutes notice and Mr Dapper Dan has proven himself to be "King of the Hill" and if he does make it to the end.. he then deserves them Bucks !!! 

Well, I need to wander back in the kitchen and give that pot a stir..the smells in the house today are heavenly...better than perfume  LOL   Oh and I did make a batch of laundry detergent up and found a good one for floor cleaner ..we'll see if I get ambitious enough.. but I like steam cleaning my floors hence no labor involved...hahaha..see I told ya I'm lazy ..

Those safe and enjoy those wonderful colors that are starting to change.. God's paint brush at work !!!

God Bless..

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sat through Saturday

Sat through Saturday..well not actually all day..but took a break to keep an eye on the weather..since 5am watching the report was..Warning a Bad Arse Storm coming your way...well ya don't have to tell me hubby did the store routine and cleaners and what ever else was on the list while I took care of what needed to be done on the home front..

Yes, I'm posting early cause I don't know if when this sweetheart hits us if we will lose power or for that matter Internet..and knowing me I don't like to touch anything while I see flashing and hear all that crazy stuff that goes along with it ..

Absolutely I take all kinds of precautions...Momma didn't raise no fool..and I still want to stay on this good ole planet ..I mean unless Scotty beams me up I'm gonna batten down the hatches...:)

Talked with Diane and Bob last night and low and behold Diane was all excited ..they bought a house and yep a couple blocks away from Diane's sister so that should make her really happy and Hey, they'll have a wonderful Christmas too.. Happy to hear good news for a change..

Spoke with Clancy and he's gonna take care of my plants till I get back..thank goodness at least I know now they will be all ok...

Next week I have Doctor appointments and then I need to call on my RV and see how much they got done and when I can bring her home...sure would love that as I'd like to just go in and sit in her...even though I'm not ready to roll..something about just being inside...and cleaning up makes me feel I'm ready for a road trip...and I am..!!!

So that's it for now and praying no one or any thing gets damaged in this storm that soon will be in our area...Take cover and be safe all..

God Bless..