Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Good Feeling on Saturday

A Good Feeling on Saturday...slept like I was zonked out cold..woke up feeling much heavy feeling in my heart or that matter (gray of course) my was truly a good feeling.

Early on got a call from Bob (of Bob and Diane) he was coming over to put up my other two planters..and I couldn't wait..I love hanging plants. They make everything seem so cozy..and of course adding more color for me is a "Plus".

So I got the Critters done and Mr. Zeke is never a happy camper when he has to miss out on all the action...but in he went with his partner Ms Abby ...Ms Reba gets to declare the living room as hers and runs in just as I'm closing the crates and gives them both her "What For"...and let me tell ya she does some fast action spinning...with a few loud barks as well...if only she ever would realize that one of these times the crate door won't be completely closed and uh oh..her "What Fors"..could wind up being..."Oh no you don't "...LOL ...she's most definitely have a shocked look..."Surprise"..hahaha

Most of the day it looked like the Heavens were gonna open dark for a while and I did hear a little pitter patter on the roof but only a short stroke of it...and then came the sun back out..and brightly...oh in the background I did hear some rumbling of some thunder...sure we might get some tomorrow..we are in need of rain for sure.

Hubby slept in too...I mean he finally called me at almost noon time claiming to have just woken up... the man must have been exhausted..but he said, "He was up at 4am and decided to just lean back"...Oh dear, that's all it usually takes !!!

So he's running around like a chicken without a head ...and trying to get everything done...Good Lucky Charlie Brown cause I know ya...and I'll hear him complain later on in the day..hahaha..thank goodness I'm not around the it be my fault for some good reason...

Got a call from my niece Theresa...they will be here it seemed her daughter had bought tickets for some events last year when they were at Disney and this was Theresa's surprise birthday gift..Strange how things work out...and with my Sister passing they weren't sure they were even going to come... I told her..."Don't be foolish, this is something your mother would have wanted you to do " they will be in Florida till next Thursday..good thing we're gonna have good weather...and I'm gonna see if my Cousins who live in Tampa can connect with them as they will be in Clear Water .

Not much of an appetite but have to figure what I might just have to just quickly heat up...been just grabbing something every now and then...and I'm appled out..don't think I want to look at apples for awhile ..

Tomorrow I'm gonna try and run to Walmart to pick up a few things and maybe a few plants :) to put up..if not I'll go to Lowes and see what they have on hand on Monday..yeah I'm planning already.

That's about my day anyway..a good feeling kind of day and sun shining in the window makes it surely a BRIGHT one..

Lori, thanks so much for your kind thoughts and hopefully we'll get to meet up again this you'll be back in Pa..I'll see if I can get the hubby motivated..hahaha...

God Bless All...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday is almost over

Friday is almost over and so is the page to my Sister's funeral...Theresa called me this evening to let me know that all went well...Thank you Lord !

There was a sigh of relief in her voice and then she told me she would be sending me the prayer card from the service...I was happy to hear that..also that my Sister looked peaceful and yes, as crazy as it sounds...looked beautiful..

I never ever understood that but today I did...Her suffering had changed my Sister's it would do any one hearing how she looked was a good feeling inside..and this day was hers and hers alone.

Funny how when this morning came I looked out my window and I had  a few Humming birds at the feeder and all getting along...Surprise...just like the Sisters did this morning..No one making nasty when I saw that sign I thought to myself..."This is gonna be a better day".

Theresa said, "The mass was beautiful and the music had everyone filling up...that Ava Maria does it every time"...she had a little choking up happening..and I told her, " Theresa, you did good"...

The good thing out of all this mess is that Theresa and I have gotten closer...and like I've always heard.."Out of something sad, something good comes along the way"...and it sure has and I know will continue on as well.

See these pages turn so quickly...gone before we know it..almost like the seasons...God's will is always done whether you recognize it or not...and now at the end of this day I'm beginning to feel an inner peace.

Paulette, you are one special lady...and I thank you for being with me through your thoughts your wings will be Gold...for sure ..

Sharlotte, you too ..was good hearing your voice and such a lovely Grand baby..she is precious...that picture made me smile and want to hug her...She's gonna be one spoiled baby when she comes to Grandma's house :)

Now I'm ready to hit the "hay" and have a good sleep cause I've been so tired and not really sleeping well.....

So it's Good night to all and God Bless...a new day will begin and quickly too !

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Eased into Thursday

Eased into Thursday waiting for the phone to ring...This was the day of the viewing for my Sister Alice...can she please have peace...It was what it was..the early morning the X and his two daughters showed up and as the Funeral Director promised things went quietly...Thank You Lord !

As the day moved on I felt the empty feeling..not being there to say my I prayed and then thought...I was thankful to know that as I spoke with my Sister...she did make the attempt to let me know she heard me...

Tomorrow will be the Mass and then on to the Mausoleum and then I know all is now at peace for her daughters as well..I will also arrange a Mass to be said here at the church I belong and I will have one said on her birthday, May 7th...

Then it's on with life's surprises as closure comes to us all..From time to time as we all know our thoughts drift back to events in our lives that some days brings tears and other days a smile and then a few laughs...and I sure do have some of those laughs coming...

Tonight I kind of just hung in there and prayed no phone calls ...and it seems I got my on to saying my prayers and knowing Alice is with the Lord and our loud and funny I'm smiling..

So I'm gonna bid you all "Peace" and  "God's Blessing" for another page will turn

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday turned out to be a difficult day

Wednesday turned out to be a difficult started off as I thought not so bad...morning was normal..well for me some what normal...Diane was due to come over and we were going to clean the carport furniture...and sure enough she's on time and I had already pulled my car back so we could set the furniture in the drive way..

Yep, Diane had her bucket and the stuff she uses has a pretty strong odor and it "does the job"...and away she went...She gets right into action..God Bless Her !!

During which time my phone started ringing....Did I ever mention that Weddings and Funerals bring out the "Best of the Best of the Worst of People"...well it does and did...That simple ain't no way of getting around it with out putting it out there !

Seems my Sister's X...(the man that treated her like chit all her married life) decided he wanted a private viewing...Yep, you are reading that correctly...and I almost came undone... I mean he divorced her when she was not even aware of who anyone was...and all her married life she was treated lower that he wants a private viewing...

Last thing my Sister said to me was, "I never want him to come to my funeral"..this was when she was able to speak ..She feared him all her life and now in the end this S O B wants closure....GOOD LUCK!!!!

The calls came in all day and all night and we even had the funeral director what surprised me the most...(get this)  The funeral director said, "Don't be embarrassed, this is something we come across a lot"...HOLY MOLLY.

I could not believe this happens often...when someone is grieving...I just can't imagine it...but he did assure me I have to believe...well to cut to the chase all the Sisters have been fighting ...and it's been a mess...and all I can think of is my poor Sister couldn't even leave this world in peace...

After all day "War of the Roses"...the best for every one's peace of mind and well being..we agreed to let him have a 10 minute visit and be escorted out...and Why you ask?????...This man is evil and is vindictive to the point of flattening tires, putting sugar in your gas tank.. I could go on...Yes, he's immature and is one of those Control Freaks and enjoys Intimidating...

For me I'd not have a problem having his ARSE arrested...and I have no love loss if they put him away and through the key away too...but for my Sister and the Family (hers) I have to try and give peace and have her buried without a mess and fight ..She doesn't deserve that at all....

So that's been my Long, Long, Long unwinding day ...and if that's not enough one of the Sisters got so upset she had to be taken to the hospital...thinking she might have had a heart attack...and I'm waiting by the phone to hear the results...

Again my prayer beads will spin in double time...cause this is like a freakin' Soap...I mean if someone called me with this story...I'd ask ..."Who do you think is gonna believe this " ?....and now I even feel worse for my she lived this nightmare...

God Bless You Alice...I'm just sorry I couldn't grant you your wish...but I'm trying to get all the Sisters to not fight...and be together for YOU..

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Sister is now at Peace on Tuesday

My Sister is now at Peace on 11:35am my Sister Alice left this world...She is no longer suffering...I'm sad for losing her but I'm thankful that she's now with the Lord.

This has been a journey of remembrance ...and for that my heart is filled with love and even a smile cast on my face...I spoke with my Brother and I could hear the sigh of relief too.. We will always have her with us and that's something that will never change..

On her birthday May 7th, I will have a mass said in her name. When we return to the North my Brother and I will go to the Mausoleum and have  a Memorial Service...that will help both my Brother and I as well.

As I spoke to Theresa I could sense her feelings..she too is now at peace with her Mother now resting..All those years of suffering also took tolls on the daughters...and finally all the daughters are getting along...My Sister would be happy about that...

I thank all of you reading my blog for the prayers that you have been offering is so appreciated...

God Bless You Alice...RIP !

Monday, March 26, 2012

Still Somber on Monday

Still somber on I sit by the phone and wait to hear...nothing all day cept my niece Theresa called and said, "Aunt B, Mommy is still with us and I know you'd want to say Goodbye"...OMG...I shook inside as I heard my voice tremble...softly I spoke...and eyes filled with this would be the last time I'd talk with my Big Sis...

I just told her how much I loved her and I will miss her...I couldn't get the words to come out right..I felt like I was tripping over my tongue...then I heard my voice say, "Go home Sis...Mom and Pop are waiting for you"...

These words were so hard to get out... I didn't really want to say "Good bye"...but I did want to tell her...she would have no more pain and suffering...and she'd be with our family we use to be when we were kids..

Next thing I knew Theresa was on the phone and then told me she was calling my brother so he could say his Good byes as well... and I thanked her ..We hung up and I just sat and looked out the window...My Hummers were there..they hadn't been around all morning and all of a sudden my garden had
Doves and Hummers...I smiled and thanked God for giving me a Blessing..cause that is what it was for me..

I waited awhile and then called my soon as he heard my voice he broke down crying..and we could barely talk...He managed to say, "I'll call you back when I get home"...and he sure did..We spoke for about an hour..remembering our sister and laughing about when we were kids and all the antics we got into...and then we planned to get together when I got back and go to where my sister is being placed..We will have a Memorial for her and share our life with her daughters..

Later Theresa sister is still with us..although her pulse is getting weaker and her breathing is becoming labored...Lord I keep thinking..Please let her go in peace and soon...but for some reason she's not wanting out yet..

It's been a long day and still going but tonight as I go to bed I'll say my prayers that my sister will leave this world and be home with she was always Momma's favorite..and we always let her know that too...!

Good night my dear Ali Baba..(from Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves came her nick name) and may your leaving be on that Magic Carpet and Fly high in the Heavens....

God Bless....

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Sunday was a quiet one

My Sunday was a quiet one..only a phone call from I sat by that phone most the day...I tried to keep my mind off things but I kept could I get things ready in a short time..but my answer was.."it's impossible"..

Morning was a little damp from the night before and my Gardenia is blooming more and the fragrance is intense..but sure does smell good..The roses in the front of the house are really blooming and so are the it's looking pretty good..even the Red Leaf Hibiscus had a few red/purple flowers..wish they'd stay open longer but it's like Now you see them ...then you don't...but my other Hibiscus had several flowers open..they are huge and deep orange almost a blood orange..awesome looking..glad she survived those dang Squirrels.

So most of the day I sat on the couch even watched an old movie with Bing Crosby...Going My Way..and boy can that bring on the tears...but I enjoyed it along with my Critters..then kind of took a fact I never moved from that spot...OMG.. I opened my eyes and saw the babies..Woodpecker family all at the feeder..and even my Blue Jays..(only have 2) stopped by..yep the gang was coming back..and I've got the biggest set of Doves..they're almost a pinkish gray but big babes for sure and they sit on top of the feeder...and once they plop down in ..they're almost like homesteading..LOL  yep, they're there for a long feed ...:)

That helped my day go by but still no word from my niece.... I just pray that the morphine is keeping my sister pain free...and that my niece Theresa will have the strength to carry out her mother's wishes...

Sometimes I think we put too much on others..My sister never did a will but just spoke what she had wanted along time ago...even though I had urged my sister to write things down...but we never do expect the unexpected to happen to us..

Tomorrow afternoon I'll go to our Board Meeting..the beginning of the new board and see how things go...I've heard from others that the work shop they had recently went pretty good with a lot of good ideas in the making..That's a good thing...keep it positive and listen with your mind..(ears help)...lots of professional retired people in here that could well help turn the mess that took place around..

Well, I'm gonna attempt to make up a batch of brownies for the freezer for those quick fixes and if I get my act together I'll do some planning for the week...Have to get a list together to make a visit to the store..and then check
with hubby when he'll be booking his flight to come back for our trip home..

Have Diane scheduled to come over on Wednesday so we can clean up the carport sure does need washing down...and then we'll see what's next on the list of "get er done"...oh, I did have another plan in the making..
Gonna take up the carpet in the dog room and have tile put down..much easier to clean .

That's about it other than Ms Reba is giving me her two cents worth as it's "pill time" and of course "out time" for the later all ....

God Bless

Psst.. Paulette..thanks so much for those kind words.. I can't reply on my blog for some reason when I click on it..(reply) it don't work..DUH..another winner for me to figure out...HELP :)

Update :
My niece Theresa just called...The Hospice nurse said, "it could be any time now"...just hearing those words I so wish I could be there with her... The nurse did tell all the girls.."Let your mother go, tell her it's ok to go home"..

Theresa had already told me that she has been mourning her mother now for 8 years..seeing her live in that condition..I just knew what she meant as I watched this with my mother how she suffered with MS . You pray every day that the Lord will take them home..

Please pray that my sister goes home..and I pray that the girls (her daughters) will have peace in their hearts..

God Bless you Alice, it's time for you to go home . I will miss you every day but I know we'll meet again..and you'll always be in my heart.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Not so good news on Saturday

Not so good news on Saturday...very early this morning my niece Theresa called. To let me know that her mother (my sister) took a turn for the worse..and that the Nursing home requested she call in Hospice. This was something we were about to do within a few weeks ...but unfortunately my Sister was no longer in a stable state..

Her temperature had risen again and her pneumonia was making it difficult for her to breath.. So they now have my Sister hooked up to Oxygen...She is also not able to swallow on her own and they've put in a tube we were told they now have started Morphine.

My heart sunk...I could barely keep it together..but I had to as my niece was notifying her sisters and I was to call my brother..I got a big lump in my throat as here I am in Florida and unable to get back home at this time.

I called my hubby to also let him know what was happening as if my sister should pass now he would have to be available to help my niece..I so pray my sister doesn't linger..I pray that she will go peacefully..

Hospice got their today and will start their process of taking care of everything which will be a big I've said before, "They are Angels".

So that's been most of my I've been reflecting on my childhood memories with my sister and family..Amazing how you can remember from a tiny tot..and some days I can't remember what I had for dinner !

I ask those of you who read my blog today please keep my sister in your prayers

God Bless

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tis Friday and Weekend Begins

Tis' Friday and Weekend Begins...strangely enough last night around 10pm I had a I was letting my Critters back in the house I heard a voice call my first I wasn't sure but then again softly I heard my name once more...when I realized who it was I quickly put the Critters in and went to see what was up...was this going to be another round 2 or what...

To my surprise it was a rather sincere visit and in some ways a plea for help....for those that know me well, understand I can't refuse helping matter if it was my worst enemy..after all we all do make mistakes..I mean we're not made perfect and I haven't noticed any holes in my wrists for feet (for those that don't understand...I haven't given my life to save the world as Christ did ) I listened and felt bad for this human being and at that same time I was given an really wasn't needed after I understood her situation..

I sure do believe that the Lord has a way of spinning things around and opening up your eyes as well as your heart...and after our conversation I came into the house and the anger that I had left me.. Which was a good thing..cause as Momma use to say, "Anger destroys YOU as a person"..I do believe brings hatred and I'm not really about hating..but on the other hand..I don't cut much slack either...

Today again brought another turn of events for niece called with news on my eldest sister..the doctor is ordering in seems that her organs are starting to shut down...I feel so bad as I'm here and not able to just pop up and get to her...So I have to keep her in my prayers..My sister has been in this one nursing home for over 8 years and ill about 10 years with a no return of ever getting better..

She had a procedure done in the hospital as she was sick..walked in..but never came out of the anesthesia and was in a coma for several years ..when she did come out of it  she lost short term memory and the ability to walk or even feed herself..she was in a fetal position too long...such a nightmare..

I pray that she won't linger long and that she goes in peace and I feel better that Hospice will be with her..they are truly Angels..and I pray that my sisters daughters will get their acts together and be by her side... I know my eldest niece is dealing with a lot of decision making and I thank God that she and I have gotten close.. I'm here for her to vent and to help her get through this..

Most of the rest of the day went by smoothly...a few little bumps in the road but that's norm for me...but I am forever thankful that I'm able to vent and even to my friend and neighbor "Betsy"..she's an ace...I enjoy our chats and especially when we get on a good topic of "What's happening in our community"..her eyes sparkle...YEP, she's got that kick to "fight to the finish" sharp as a tack..Thank You Betsy for being there too !!!

Paulette, you too...I know you are always near by to give a few words of wisdom and when I can get on line and get our chats feels good too..Thanks so much for keeping a watching eye on me..

Lizzie, your prayers are always a good feeling..cause I know the Good Lord is right by you...and you are always passing it forward 100%...God Bless ya too!

The weekend is rolling in..we'll have a little bit of rain (hope no major storms I'm a chicken at heart) and my flowers are growing nicely...Yes, I've got to get my act together and take pictures are coming..before I have no more flowers...LOL

Those traveling have a safe journey and always keep your eyes on the sky..

God Bless..

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Thursday and I'm sad

It's Thursday and I'm sad..sad by the hurt people put on others...Guess maybe I put to high of a value on "friends" maybe I should just say, "Acquaintances"...cause to be a friend you need to step it up a notch in my book..

Maybe it's because I am a rather "Frank" person,(way I was brought up) and I just don't flower anything up...cause I really can't..I mean to me that's like just covering your feelings and telling lies.

Hence, I am a loner...but I do have a few "FRIENDS"...amazing...and they are very much like we get along very well..kind of a "brave and bold" or "brace yourself" conversation...and we leave smiling too..although there's been a few times where we've left without talking but in a few days got over it and back to normal.

A lot with me is also that fact that I've worked with "Men" 90% of my life..and in a rough, tough they would always put it.."No Candy Arses (cleaned it up a bit) Allowed"...and that was the way it was and still is for me.

Now getting back to my sad day...well, it is for me.. First off, hubby is back home and I'm going through the.."He's not here stage"...Secondly, I say things like they are and people get up tight and turn bitter...but the strange part is not at that time..they sit and dwell on things and then go into the.."I'm gonna getcha and show ya" mode..wild but they expect me to just look and say nothing...NEVER HAPPEN.....and Thirdly, I try and not take it personal but feel like I'm always on the outside looking in ...

Yes, it's a chit day for me but it will get better and I work my way out of the "Doom to Gloom" day...and then move forward...however, my writing always helps me get through it and discover the "Where or What  did I do or go wrong"  ?...

Where's my couch I need to lay down and discuss this Wacky scenario...cause that's what it has become...then I'll go into the "Straighten Out and Fly Right" mode and spread my wings....See what I mean..:)

Tonight I'll chat with hubby and discuss the "Who is gonna get the boot" on American Idol...I did record Survivor and I'll watch that over the weekend in fact I taped a few more shows that were debuting on last night too...

Saw several Humming birds this morning so looks like the troop is coming those darling little cuties...well I best get back to clean up committee...SUCKS..never was a domestic..but could always work my hips off...and by the looks of it..I need to go back to work ...hahaha..

Hope your day is better than mine and that those traveling are staying Safe

God Bless Us All....!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wishful Wednesday for Hubby and Me :(

Wishful Wednesday for Hubby and Me :(...we said our "Fair thee well" as best we could as it's always a tough go...I worry till he lands and he worries that I'll be ok...Hey, it comes with the turf of us traveling so much in our lives..both of us having to do a lot of coming and going...We use to mark dates on the calendar...hahaha..and I'm still doing it...

Someday we'll finally show up together at one location...hopefully I'll be still trucking and keeping my health some what together...Hubby is hoping and praying that with this economy he can retire in 3 years without any major draw backs...but we've been in those tough times way in the beginning...and we managed what is to be will be...any lottery tickets hahaha...

This morning was a tough go...but hubby walked out without the Critters going bonkers and that was good..guess they figured I had the man on another run to the stores..hahaha..see there is some consolation to that after all :)

The Limo was a little late in picking hubby up and that got a little nerve wrecking cause wasn't sure if they forgot we've had that happen long time ago..but seems new driver and wasn't too familiar with our area..but all went well.  Soon as hubby got to the airport he called and I know he was hungry ...cause he didn't eat breakfast..he has one of those nervous stomachs..and don't do well when having to get some place and he ain't on the other hand me...shucks I'd pack stuff...yeah eat on the way...that's from all the trains I use to take back and forth on my way to and from work in New York City...Yeppers many of us had them  hard rolls and butter with a big cup of coffee..hit the spot every time.

I never got to make the Dutch Apple Pie so that's what I'm gonna do tomorrow...and I know hubby was wanting a piece too..just didn't work out that well...but I'll tell him all about it...a "Food for Thought"..

Tonight we'll watch American Idol..OH YES ! and we'll be back on schedule on the phone works for us and I think makes us feel we're on the same tune..better the same house..just using walkie talkies hahaha

It will take me a few days to get it back together...but I'll keep myself busy and I'm sure things will pop up from time to time..cause I know he left me laundry ...good man..:)

Called Diane this morning I've not heard from her in about 2 months but that's norm for Diane..unless something I need to have done or she gets a wild hair and calls...but I need to do my carport furniture..So she loves to do all that plus I need to go over some things I need done when I leave...Wait till she sees all the plants..OY!!!!  I can hear her now...LOL

Ok, I need to grate some chicken up for the Critters and move my butt and get the sad face out of here...I'm praying all in the areas of those nasty arse storms are ok...hate to hear those Tornadoes...Keep Safe !!!

God Bless

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Toodles on Tuesday for Hubby and Me !

Toodles on Tuesday for Hubby and Me !...The morning started out hectic as Hubby got up and was ready to "get er done"...The usual routine we do on the last day of our week together... Hurried up and grabbed all the throw rugs, blankets and list of things I was short on...and out the door he went.

While I did the gathering of the Critters so he could get out the door . You see they sort of know this routine cause when we get ready to pack up and load up the rig to go home we do the same they were eager and looking for the rig to get loaded into... I had to let them know .."Next time ".

Then it was on to stripping the bed sheets and flipping the mattress...Hang on cause we're going over...."Dawg over board"...LOL  yeah they get into the act too....and then the next procedure is...vacuum through the house while Zeke attacks the big bad vacuum...That's a sight for sore eyes..and a heavy one too.

I get a lump in my throat cause I know the evening will be our last together till he comes back down in June and we take that long, long ride home..Critters 3 and Hubby and Me !..again that wild routine before we go..and also unloading the frig into the rig and freezer too..YIKES..don't wanna go there just yet..

Watched my hummers fly in for a quick stop and slurp and then before I knew it hubby was back home with all kinds of stuff..OMG..yes, more stuff to pack in...hahaha..

Dinner was good as I had made Lasagna >>>I call that my kitchen helper as I throw everything in to it...Sausage, peppers, onions, ground turkey and mushrooms..didn't have any eggplant or that would have fallen in too..lots of cheeses, 3 to be exact and the creamer the better..and of course Lena's was delicious too...gawd I could have fed an army..but for hubby's last had to be that one...

We watched Biggest Loser tonight and just sat on the couch and didn't say much...kind of solemn..but that's how we always get when it's time for hubby to head back..sure wish we'd hit the lottery..but I guess ya have to play it first to even have a shot...DUH ?????

Tomorrow the limo is coming to pick hubby up at 9am and I never look at him leaving..something about that ...I just make like he's going to the store ..some long store trip..SUCKS...but I know when he gets home he'll call and we'll get back into the routine of talking several times a we have to discuss..American Idol..hahaha..

So that's my day today...and I'm ready to call it a night..Hope you all had a great day and those traveling..take care and be SAFE..

God Bless........

Monday, March 19, 2012

And it's Up and At Em' on Monday :)

And it's Up and At Em' on Monday :)  Yes indeedy !!!..Hubby was up and out early to go fishing with Bob (of Bob and Diane) and I could hear him whistling as he rode the grape mobile over to Bob's house..

Hubby well deserved that break..I mean he's been doing all the shopping and digging for me ..and of course helped me (according to him, he showed me how) make the sauce that my God Mother Lena makes ...and boy it's really good too..not spicy..but garlic and onions and basil...and tomatoes are more on the sweeter side..delicious...

I know when hubby gets back to the office this will be part of his "Brag" on what he he earned his right to dip that string in the water or what he calls..."Wet a hook"..the man has many sayings...all inherited from his Daddy ...

Today was get things ready for tomorrows trip to the Laundromat in town..that is bring the throw rugs and heavy covers to be washed and dried...and that's a job but so much easier using those big machines... He'll also fill the gas tank and get the car washed..that's his gift to me... hahaha..hey it all helps.

We also went over to the motor home and she started right up..thank goodness ..started the genny too and ran the AC unit..we were there for about half hour..and she's looking good too..only a little dusting has to be done as before I parked her ..we cleaned her up she felt good sitting inside.

Tonight I made Ribs for dinner and they hit the spot too...and tomorrow I'm making a pan of Lasagna as hubby will be leaving for Pa on Wednesday morning...Time sure has moved fast..and I'm gonna miss the guy..

He'll probably be glad to sleep in on the weekends when he's back home...LOL I sure had him do some running...the kind I hate to do..but he enjoys it..and also gets a chance to see everything that is being built up around us..

We'll also watch on TV ..the Voice and record Dancing with the that's on our agenda ...and mainly just make sure the things that I can't get done are done...

We also did a ride around the community in the Grape mobile..and it was rather nice ..came back and visited with Betsy and her hubby Dick..that was really enjoyable..good to have good neighbors that you can laugh with and just feel down right at home with.

My humming birds are coming which also makes me feel good too...they sure are liking all the flowers around the feeder..makes them feel safe..and of course gives me a good feeling too...Birds are busy and even my Doves are getting a little on the "Plump" side...guess I'm doing my job keeping everyone fed..even those bugger "Squirrels"..they keep an eye out for me when I come out to the feeder...they zip on down the tree to check and see what's for long as it's not my wires...!!!

Paulette and Lizzie, thanks so much for those kind words..I always appreciate those thoughts..and can't wait to get to see you all too...Be safe in your travels and know that I keep you all in my prayers...

God Bless

Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's Our Happy Anniversary this fine Sunday !

It's Our Happy Anniversary this fine Sunday !...Twas the day hubby and I said, "I do" and I was 15 minutes late to the church...Sister was so nervous she got ill and got sick on my shoes..Yep, you got it...right in my I went to the church barefoot and no one knew the difference..thank goodness for long white gown :)

So the truth be known, I got married on March 18th, without any shoes and here I sit typing without any shoes...must be something to this story..or maybe it is...the world seems better barefoot !!!

Today hubby went to Walmart as I dove into the Rice fields and when he came home he had lots of goodies plus got me some potting soil so we enjoyed our afternoon re potting plants and ...ta daaaaaaa...

The Humming birds came to wish me a Happy Anniversary...all 3 of them..that was a nice surprise..good thing I put up my feeder..and hubby and I got to watch too...that was neat..and tonight our dinner was Steak, Taters and his favorite Corn..mine was Spinach..just call me Popeye..LOL..

It was a nice day really and hubby and I did a lot together without getting into the..."Oh no you don'ts" yeah you know it's easy to happen too when you have to strong minded coots together..

Was really a good day and I was so glad hubby did all the shopping and checking out things cause I hate to shop..I'd rather work all day than go out shopping...Lordy that's just not me...EVER ...:)

The days are moving fast and I'm dreading it..really hate to see hubby go back home...and he'll be leaving here on Wednesday..I won't see him again till we head back the end of June..Gawd that 's gonna be a long, long time..

Ok, I need to get some things done pick out pictures from my Niece's Son's wedding so she can order my pictures to go on my dresser...

Hope you all had a great day and if traveling..Stay Safe..

God Bless.....

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Calming Saturday Happy St Patty's Day !

Calming rush in anything today..just shred up some of the chicken for the critters and pack and stack in the freezer...Watch a little TV, mostly some Irish stuff :)...yes, it's St Patty's Day for sure and the wearing of the Green...I have a little splash of green on and I ate some green leaves (like my salad) LOL  so that's about it..

Early up and got all my watering done..I'd turn on the sprinklers but I really enjoy watering my plants..I kind of let them know they're doing a fine, fine job in showing their stuff LOL..yes, I'm a bit a of a strange bird...(hence my birds enjoy me) but I've noticed in my years of having lots of plants on my porch that they do better when they know you appreciate their gifts..:)

Hubby has always said, "I never heard of anyone talking to plants"...but does he realize my plants grow to the max and produce really beauties...just like the birds that are coming to the feeder...I have Woodpeckers now every day..not every now and the morning they come for breakfast and in the evening for their late night snack...and if hubby was up early with me he'd hear the Cardinal chatting with me..letting me know he's above my head watching me fill the feeder..then after I move back he flies down and enjoys his breakfast too..Yes, I think I could now claim the name..Zeee doolittle..or is it...(wait this gets really good) Zeee do..a ...little..hahahaha...

I'm glad I'm just about caught up with the Critters fiddles cept I have to go to the rice field tomorrow...yes, 10 days are up..and no room in the freezer for me to make a double batch I'll grab my hat for the rice fields tomorrow as hubby will head out to WalMart...and I'll get fixin what we'll have for dinner ....

Gonna go checking on Netflix to see what movie we'll want to watch and then just enjoy the evening watching the birds fly's sure getting interesting as more and more are finding my Bed & Breakfast..some what a little crowded at times...hahaha..

Here's hoping you all are enjoying your travels and staying Safe...

          Happy St Patty's Day To All !!!!!!!!!!

God Bless ......

Friday, March 16, 2012

It was a Fine, Fine Friday

It was a Fine, fine Friday...hubby and I just enjoyed the day...WE (notice I said, "WE") made a pot of "Sauce today.. Hubby was showing me how Lena, my God Mother had showed him how we made the "special sauce"... I watched as he was so pleased with how our progress was going..

Step by step instructions he had wrote down so that "he" could make this delicious sauce..I just watched as he appeared to have a gleam in his eyes...He stood by the pot with the butter and olive oil ...and several whole cloves of garlic (8 total) and 1 yellow onion that was cut in half  and placed in the pot...He'd say, "Don't worry about the onion, just keep turning it every now and then.."...I almost bust out laughing as I remembered as a young girl making this sauce with Lena..from the tomatoes she grew in her back yard..boy was that a big job all of us got together and did...

It came time to add the whole tomatoes...and we use a special brand..they are on the sweet side and so good...I put them in batches in the blender and pulse till (as we call it) the tomatoes had the consistency of Italian water ice...LOL...yep it sure did..then as the garlic got golden we took that out of the pot with the onion and put that also in the blender with some tomatoes and pulsed away...then all back into the pot with the oil and butter..and let it cook for 2 1/2 hours...mmmmm good !!

Hubby was proud as a peacock...strutting around and I just enjoyed the whole day..of course we were dragging a bit from last night.. I mean we cooked up all that chicken and it was late getting to bed...and my day was awkward but good...and now I'm just about ready to crash in bed...I know when I hit that pillow I'll be in Zzzzzzzz land..

Tomorrow we've got nothing planned as it's St Patty's day so we'll lean back and maybe I can get hubby to put them bulbs in ...they need to be planted...we've decided to go to Walmart on Sunday..and then later celebrate our anniversary...I've got New York Cheese Cake in the Freezer..and got steaks for dinner...

So that's about it for our day and I hope all of you traveling are nestled in for the night too...God Bless and Safe Journey  All !

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Chicken Cookin' Thursday

A Chicken Cookin' Thursday...ouch !!!...Hubby was off to Sam's club early this morning and that's where it all began my chicken cookin' day... He bought 30lbs of chicken breast and other "stuff" for the house with a few little trinkets of goodness for "US"..

Then came out the 16 quart pot and I've been going at it steady...package by package (a hell of a chicken broth going) and each batch up for the next process of vacuum sealing and shredding..and my Critters are looking like they have mighty big grins..Yes, it's for their food...I did mention I cook for my Critters ...haven't given them canned food in over 35 years...learned that lesson from having problems with bad food..

Getting back to my day's been one heck of a busy one..but hubby and I got to sit back and enjoy the scenery as the Big Birds came by for their feeding..(yes, I'm trained to jump up and feed them too) then we decided no cooking for dinner we'd get a pizza...

Bad mistake cause it was not good...another hit the trash gawd what is happening with these it looks like I'll be cooking for the next dinner..ain't taken any more chances...I know mine is good !!

Tonight we watched American Idol results and it's always sad to see someone go. Yes, I'm still cookin' my last batch of chicken up and then will wait till it cools before going to say, "Lights out"...I'll be tired for sure..

Tomorrow we're heading out to Wally World (Wal Mart) to pick up some potting soil and a few things we need at the house ..oh, and my Gardenia is blooming and I'm gonna take a picture tomorrow..(chained to the stove ) it sure does look pretty and the smell of the favorite.

Just heard from my friend Sharlotte, her daughter Candi just had a baby girl today and she was so excited..I too for her as I could hear it in her voice..Proud Grandma that's for sure...So it's Welcome to the World Ms.
Savannah Marslet Samuels.

So that's my story and I'm still stuck to the Chicken Pot..and can't wait to move on...just checking to see if I layed an egg ????? LOL...

All that is traveling be Safe and as always God Bless

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Eagle has landed on Wednesday !

The Eagle has landed on Wednesday!...Yes, the hubby called to let me know he's landed at Orlando Airport..I am just so happy everything went alright..We had spoken at 5:30am and as he was making sure everything in the house was ok and that I was ok too...yeah, he worries, like me too...So now I'm just waiting for the limo to pull up..that will most likely be around 1- 1:30pm.

My day has started off early and I've been just making sure I've got all my oars (hahaha) in the water or maybe I should say, "Boat".. I've even recorded a few shows that I know he missed while working late at the office he'll do some catch up too..Of course he tells me, "don't worry about getting up with the Critters cause I'll do it" I wish I could tell you that it's a fact..but knowing hubby...his eyes won't open up till around 8:30am..that's ok cause the rest of the day he can do the ins and outs..:)

Last night I watched the Biggest Loser and I always feel bad for those that get sent home...but the out come of how they turn FABULOUS..and that's what counts..Just an amazing show as how they turn those folks from really bad shape into a "new" person...I know I couldn't make the exercises not in my shape with my knees...I'd be crippled...for fact just thinking about it my knees ache...Where's my Dolly ?????

Tonight is American Idol and hubby and I will enjoy it together ...I was gonna cook but decided "Chinese" is easy for us and gives me a break...but for the next few days..I'll be rattling those pots and pans..and of course a few Crock Pots thrown in :)

My friend Carol and her hubby Larry stopped by yesterday to bring me two pieces of Junior's Cheese Cake from Brooklyn, New York..that is by far the BEST in the that will be a surprise for Sunday's dinner ...and I thank you Carol and Larry...and I can't wait..

Yeah I do have the list for HUBBY...he'll get that in a few days...he'll complain but because the weather is gonna be warm he'll enjoy Washing the Windows..LOL  I can do the inside while he does the outside..I'll do the "Team Work Pitch"...

Lizzie, I'm happy to read you got your "new" rig to replace the one that got the boo boo..can't wait to see it in person...on your way back from Texas stop in and spend a couple of days would love it..and you can fit in my drive way..

Safe travels to all and of course as always  God Bless...!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jumpin' Jack Flash on Tuesday Here !

Jumpin' Jack Flash on Tuesday Here!...Oh Yeah :)...Getting things in order so I can relax and enjoy hubby's visit..hahaha..Well, it sure does seem that's his get away from the "North Pole" and my anxiety breaker, well, kinda, sorta..You know it gets difficult when trying to talk with the Critters and they tend to agree...along with a few cookies :)

I am sure anxious and I know hubby is as well as this morning he said to me, "Make sure you record the Biggest Loser as I won't be able to watch it or talk with you till bedtime"...The man has got lots to do and get done before catching that plane tomorrow morning. I don't envy that plus make fixin's for Medusa, that she'll be ok....

This morning I got a lot done and now only a vacuum away from almost finished but I'm never ever finished..not in this house..cause always something else that has to be I just remembered critter dry food bag and fill the bins..See what I mean ..hahaha.

Laundry is going while I'm taking my break and having my coffee..sure does taste good too..then I'll have a few more plants to re pot..did some of the Geraniums this morning and I've got to do that Red Leaf Hibiscus...yeah it's coming together slowly...but will have to pick up more potting soil..for the Christmas Cactus.

Going to have hubby go with me to Lowe's to find bar stools..solid wood ones that Clancy said, "he'll spray paint them for me"...gonna do them in a bright yellow to sit inside the carport and hold my Christmas Cactus..they'll really brighten up that room too.

My list is slowly dwindling down thank goodness but as I delete a few I wind up thinking of things I'd like to get it grows again..aaaaah what's with this list thing anyway..only that it keeps me on track and how I can complain to hubby on how hard I really work...Like you think that man will care..don't think so cause he's got his going to complain to me too...hahaha

Zeke seems to be on a mend thank goodness that had me going there for awhile and my Sister seems to be doing a turn around too...oh how I hope and pray..although her life is sad they way it's played out...God Bless her !!!

So it's time for me to get off my duff and attempt to make another wave...of energy...outside plants are coming together and I love having flowers and plants it makes things feel like home..Color brightens my days just like light..and we're gonna have some really nice days...come on sun ....

Tonight I'll watch the Biggest Loser and before I know it morning will be here and hubby will be walking up the driveway around 1- 1:30pm..and the Critters will go ballistic..might have to put them up so he can get in the door..oh my !!

Safe travels to all that are on the roads and as always God Bless

Monday, March 12, 2012

Big Bad Monday !

Big Bad Monday !  and I was busy as all get out..only 2 more days and hubby will be walking up the driveway....You can bet that me and the Critters can't wait...Yeah, this year was a tough one for us..Me with having fallen and then ill and hubby having his knee having problems and also getting ill..Seems we've just been a bumbling bunch of aches and pains and sickness...but hey, that is a part of our life cycle...only wish some days it wouldn't hit us so often.

This morning again Zeke woke me up but this time he wasn't last night before going to bed he was you can imagine my brain..thinking of what is causing this..did he eat something..was it his heart..oy !!!  I'm just gonna pray and hope for the best.

Tossed and turned and it was about 1:30am before I felt sleep over come me..and at 6am Zeke's nose was in my face and I could hear him do the heavy, out, in, out..oh yeah and it surely woke me up....Out to the kitchen we all went..Ms Abby, Zeke and myself..Ms Reba was still in zzzz land.

I gave Zeke his meds and then took my ..put on a pot of coffee and then out the door I went with the two bears :)...yes, they made sure it wasn't raining..cause Ms Twinkle Toes (Abby) don't like getting her feet wet way.  I also don't like this darkness..I mean it's like I should be still sleeping..why am I awake...LOL..

I had my list of things I had to get done and one was make Ms Reba's food up...Chopped carrots, celery, parsley, garlic powder, Chicken Broth, Brown Rice, mixture of greens..and chopped peas and green beans..yep and then 3 shredded chicken breast..yeah that's my stew or should I say, "Ms Reba's stew...and she loves it..

Had that pot going and finished up with 32 containers (small ones) which gives her 64 days of fiddles..AMEN !!  Yes, with Ms Reba it gives me a long break in between...but it ain't always that easy..cause I still have the extras I've got to get in her...but at least that part is over and now in the freezer ...

My list is slowly dwindling down..still have Rice Fields and empty bag of Critter dry food for tomorrow plus laundry..hey, it's gonna be done and last but not least..the demon itself..the Vacuum..yeah Mr Zeke has an issue with Mr do I but because it's bag less and I have to dump that nasty stuff...seems they should keep them bags much easier and much cleaner...but someone has to do the deed ...YIKES ...

Tonight I'll watch the Voice and I hear it on it's Boot Scoot and Boogie into the living room sit back and relax and discuss all this good news with hubby...

Happy Trails and Safe Journey to All...God Bless....

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Broke the chains that bind me on Sunday !!!!!!!

Broke the chains that bind me on Sunday !!!!!!  YES, I sure did and to boot it was Day Light Savings too !!!!!  I mean I went the whole package...set my clocks ahead before I went to bed and complained till I could fall up with Zeke's nose in my face...(now that's a weird feeling)  opened my eyes and all I saw was this "Big NOSE"...wet too..yucko  LOL

Jumped out of bed and looked at the clock...HOLY COW I over slept it was 6am what was wrong with the other world it was only 5am..but because someone had nothing better to do but change our time...we now lose that hour...and it was DARK too...SUCKS...but up I got and dragged around letting everyone out..even Ms Reba was awake..(now that was a surprise) then came breakfast and fed them Critters and had to make my coffee...boy I was in need...

Went out and even fixed the Bird Feeder as it was wet from the I dumped a lot of the seeds as those little squirrels will eat anything (I can testify to that) and put fresh dry seed in... I hear someone chirping looked up and it was "Big Red"..yeah he flew down after I backed away from the feeder..he was hungry...looks like they are getting fussy..hahaha...but a few seconds later came Woody..yeppers and even little Woody...boy that little one is cute no bigger than about 3 or 4 inches..but fuzzy and can't tell if it's male or female yet so I call it..."It"..hahaha..

I debated on whether I was getting myself up and out and I sat back watching Fox news and finally decided if I don't do it now I'll not do like a dedicated soldier I marched my way in got dressed and whipped on out the door....and guess what...Got a great parking spot..right up front near the main door....AMEN !!!

When I finished scooting around the store and just getting out to my car the Heavens opened up..YEP, I got soaked...wonderful but I did treat myself to some chocolate know the kind I mean..the ones with icing...OH YEAH ....SMOKIN' JOE... they are DELICIOUS..and I ate on the way home enjoying every bite...hahaha...Hey, I needed a quick fix and they caught my eye on the way out...

Homeward bound I be and sure enough more rain to meet me at my door...of course I'm now ready to unload...Why not get more wet..I mean I sure needed the shower..hahaha..well my plants did and I looked over at the feeder and several little Finches were all gathered together...Cute they are but they are like piranahs ..LOL...they gobble and gobble ..OMG..they are bottomless pits.

I did pick up 3 bags of feed for them..and of course I got the NUTS and crew don't get the cheap stuff..HUH...I'm well trained and got the routine down pat...:)

Tonight I've got the recorder going for Oprah's interview with Whitney Houston's daughter...I guess it's one of those "Want to know the facts" I've said before, "Such a tragedy and wasted life because of drugs and alcohol"...I think Whitney's voice was a beautiful gift from God...and when I hear her music I still feel her loss to the world .

Haven't scanned to see what's on TV tonight but I've got Netflix and I'm gonna watch DE LOVELY...with Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd... it's sort of a musical story of Cole his music..

Zeke is doing pretty good and my Sister, I haven't heard any more word other than we will talk with the Doctor on Monday..on a conference call to get the facts and what we can do to help her.. I sure wish I was able to take care of her..but she really does need 24/7 car with nurses...

That's about it other than my hubby will be here in 3 days...I can't believe it but I'm so anxious...

Safe Journey to all that are on the Road ...and God Bless

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Quiet Saturday

A Quiet Saturday..thank goodness !...Zeke seems to be on the mend as well as nerves have been jumpy not knowing if I was going to have to take Zeke to the Vets and start that same procedure over..This has been laying very heavily on my mind. Night and Day I've worried about leaving him to go to the store which I need to go desperately...Thinking "What if"..not a good thing...

Today went smoothly with no hitch and I just basically chilled out...been just taking care of a few things and keeping my fingers crossed that there would be no surprises...So that means tomorrow I'll get the critters done and head out to the store..might not know how to act...LOL

Talked with hubby on and off as he too was worried..and finally I just said, "WE can't change what's gonna happen, we've been doing our best"..although you can't help beating yourself up with this...and in the mean time my niece called my Sister isn't doing well...HOLY CHIT !!!  Yeah just add to the rest of the melt down..

My Sister has been in a nursing home now for almost 8 years due to something that went a muck during a procedure...We never got the right answers other than a virus attacked her brain...which they now claim was the results...However, she walked into the hospital sick and they did a scope on her and put her under anesthesia which she never came out of..went into a coma and was that way for 2 years...then finally came out of it and was left in the state she is in now...LIMBO...horrible and none of us could help her as she was married and this jerk husband of hers wouldn't let us do anything...and he kept us from any info...horrible, horrible..long story short he divorced her after 50 years of marriage cause he didn't want to be stuck paying bills...but didn't use those terms...GAWD ..we all wished this would have happened years and years ago before all this...but again it is what it is...What a life she has...what a life she had when married too..such a shame..

Anyway my Sister hasn't been doing well...and now I'm waiting to hear what's happening..See, when things change there is always something else in the Momma use to say, "you cried cause you didn't have shoes till you seen the boy who didn't have feet"....I guess just praying that things will change all way around..

My day has been quiet and I've mainly just tried to make some light in everything...but it seems I'm got to change some light bulbs...(my humor kicking in)...One good thing though...hubby will be here now in 4 days and tonight I get to change my clock an hour ahead...lucky ME or should I say.."Lucky US ALL"...we give up an hour of precious sleep...but we get to see more light...Like at the end of the tunnel ????????

That's my saga for today....and I'm sure tomorrow it will have a better jump start as being I'm gonna be up earlier...LOL Hey, I'll get a better parking space cause ya know people get screwed up on the first day of the time change....

Have a good one all and Safe Travels...God Bless...turning another page !

Friday, March 9, 2012

What part of a picture am I in on Friday ?

What part of a picture am I in on Friday ?......Some days I'm not actually sure myself....but then tend to just go with the flow of what's happening in my day.. I've been rather out of a lot of things (not goodies, never) but the world around me. That's not always a bad thing either...but for's got to be in with the "in crowd".

Personally by the looks of some of the "In Crowds"...I'd rather be an observer hahaha...but hey, different strokes for different folks...Right ????..So for me my day is one of those...I hope my picture changes...I mean with my scene right now and that don't include looking out my windows...but my surrounding environment...Zeke and his on going issues...makes one rather depressed but things could be a lot worse. It sure does make one humble...that's for sure as I can't get down on my knees and pray but my heart is aching for I just am at a loss....for what to do and am I doing enough that I can....(sigh)

I guess I should thank each blessing that I have and that could be enough...or could it ???? My mind tells me one thing and my heart tells me you see my Critters are my whole world...I've learned to trust them more than I have people...Surprised ???...It's a fact from so many heart aching experiences...Friends that call themselves friends and those that just are standbys...but Critters they love you unconditionally..that's what's so wonderful about them...good, bad or indifferent they wag their tails or squawk (those bird lovers too) and those that don't have any tails...wiggle their stumps cause they do have somethin' there ...LOL...

Today it seems Zeke is a little better but the day isn't over yet...Gosh this stomach situation he has is awful ...I'm sure for him as well.. When he wakes me in the morning (which he does often) I look at him and ask, "How's it gonna be today, Zeke"?...His eyes look at me and some days they are so sad but some days you can actually see that "sparkle" and I know he's up and at em'...this morning it was so so...and that's ok too..again it's like every day, "what's it gonna be"?

I hate to put him through more testing..this poor fella has gone through so much in his almost 8 years of life. I sometimes feel so guilty...but then when he's up and giving me his "full of life" attitude that thought leaves me...Yeah, this is another one of those..."He's my boy" type stories I guess...Like my Joe and Lord knows I miss him terribly...Zeke slid in at home plate and grabs as much attention as he can get from me...He's my service buddy...and loves to please and just enjoys picking up things and bringing them too me...hahaha..some days I wonder.."What does he have he's bringing "...ya just never know..hahaha

Watched American Idol last night and of the 6 cuts that they made I agreed with 3 of them...hubby and I was chatting back and forth...that always neat ...and we chuckle like we're the Judge and Jury...HELLO !!!!

Flowers are perking up and looking mighty fine and on my number one list is to re pot several and "TAKE PICTURES"...yeah that's on the top of my list plus hopefully I can get out to the store...I sure hate leaving Zeke as he is..just in case ...don't want him to get sick in his crate...

Ok, let me brighten this up a bit cause it sounds like I'm really down in the dumps...I am a bit but not dropped on my head..I do rationalize a lot and some times as I write I come to my senses too...So, I'm ok...just wish I could figure out how to help Zeke...can't help the World..that's something the Lord is gonna have to do.....Maybe our prayers can help...can only give that a shot..

So my best to all that are traveling on the highways..Stay Safe and as always

God Bless !

Psst...hubby will be here in 5 days !

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday is still here ?????

Thursday is still here ????? Yes, I ask that question because my day was not great...but I am almost through it...Zeke got me up very, very early his stomach is at him...and I'm really worried as I don't want a relapse of what happened to him last July...So my nerves are shot !!! What else is new..???? 

I've been on the go since 4:30am and trying to wind down..Yes, I went to the Rice fields again (making rice and veggies for the critters) that will last me another 10 days and it's back at it...but it's not really that bad ..just that sometimes I like to complain..but I'm not sure who too..other than those that read my Blog..cause hubby turns a deaf ear !!! (wise arse)

Zeke, the poor guy really has his bad moments..I thought perhaps it is with the way the weather has been then chilly..but nope...then I always think it's the water (Like I'm in Mexico ?>???)'s this thing he never seems to go away...and for the last 5 months he's been doing really I'm just watching and if I think it might be the Vets we go...but I have to go to a Gastroenterologist (all in one breath)...I'll call back in Philly and see who they might recommend..might be that Tampa Center I went to before with start getting some data together...Oh Lord, I sure hope and pray not ...:(

Last night watched American Idol and let me tell ya that young girl Jessica Sanchez..(think that's how you spell her name) what a stars she's wouldn't surprise me that she'd be this years American Idol...

Did record Survivor also and because I was up so early I got to watch that..What a dummy those men were..haven't they seen what happens when you do such dumb things...I couldn't believe that they actually, after winning agreed to go to council to vote off someone...DUH!!!!  That will come back to haunt them...

Tonight will be again American Idol to see who goes home..there were several I thought could make the walk away...shame though as you know your knees would be a knockin' knowing all who's watching...OUCH !

Now I'm gonna attempt to clean up my kitchen and thinking hubby will be here in 6 days...YEAH...I need some support and also my bathroom light is flicking off and on...Yeah, he's gonna have to replace it.. I can't reach it or stand on a step luck..well you know how that goes...

Flowers are looking good ...I need to get my camera out ..that might even cheer me up a bit...and those Woodpeckers are making my feeder a definite stop in and before bed time too...cause the Doves are enjoying it..Big Red..well I think he's a little ticked off with all those Finches...hahaha..they sure have a flock come in...I can hear that dinner bell ringing..and beside I'm having to fill that feeder a lot...HEY guys..slow down...cha ching LOL

Safe travels and God Bless Us All....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A New Day, A New Way on Wednesday !

A New Day, A New Way on Wednesday !... I'll make this day a short one as I did not sleep well last night..My knees were hurting..something I've been dealing with for a long time ..but it didn't pick a great time..however my news is good...

Our choices to be on the board to fill those empty seats went well..well as well as can be expected..I didn't go to the morning meeting cause I don't think I could have sat there that long..but the word is .."We are gonna look a lot brighter and although there were some least we've got some positive objectives and that should help the morale.

Now you know you can never please everyone..but my feeling is..."give it one hell of a shot"..and keep positive thoughts open to all suggestions and go from there...So be it !!!

I'm not feeling that great so I'll end my topic..and go lay down and take it easy for today..cause there's always tomorrow...Come what may !!!

Zeke along with me isn't feeling well either and I'm hoping it's not a re occurring I need to pay close attention to him.. Oh I just pray it isn't that illness coming back with avenges...

Hope all are traveling Safe and remember..God Bless All !

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Hell of a Day Tuesday !!!

A Hell of a Day Tuesday !!!... This morning I went with my neighbor Betsy to vote...and not for a primary...but for our Board of Directors...3 seats were open and of course I'm also a certificate holder on the Golf course as well so I got double duty...hahahaha..Betsy and I enjoyed the ride up and chat as we did out duty to vote...and boy do we need some "new blood" on our Board..

Later this afternoon I went to the Annual meeting ..of course still don't know if our candidates got on but there was a good show of people and good size amount of ballots to be counted along with the Absentee hopefully we might learn something tonight or we'll find out tomorrow as we have another meeting to "let all know and place the "new" people on the Board.

Of course like everything else that happens with me or next to me..interesting things tend to develop...The Auditor was in for a surprise..something we have (my friend Carol and I ) have been discussing for quite some time as things have been changing in our neat community...

Carol with the little help from her friend (ME) LOL  got up and asked a logical question ..(here it comes).. "I'd like to know, where is the money that we gave for a deposit to be returned to us upon returning our Clicker (remote) for the back gate... being we are putting in a new system...Why, isn't there an Escrow account and how come the Auditors have not picked up this sum of money...and we're talking well over 10,000 dollars..."...a silent pause..and then the auditor takes a deep breath.."Good Question, but I don't know and I don't know anything about it "...HUH? 

The room went silent and all ears were listening... I could barely keep myself from laughing as I knew this was gonna be the proverbial nut cracker.. Carol then says, "You mean to tell me you don't know...that these people have our money...not theirs...and are using it ..and you don't know where it is or why it wasn't handled properly..."... he replies..."This is something you'd have to seek legal council, or ask your board"...

As I looked around the room I saw every one's express...DUH ?????  So then Carol says, "That's pretty good...these people take in money and it's not theirs and it's no where ....and I guess if we all ask for it at the same time there would be some strange words spoken"....

I can only say..."The next meeting is gonna be really interesting "  cause this session stopped and you could hear a pin drop...YIKES ...Go Carol Go...I'm right behind you..trying not to laugh to loud but just wait for the next meeting it's gonna get a lot of attention drawn....and I pray our Candidates get on the board...but in case they don''s "never give up" cause there is next year another election..

So we all sit with baited breath waiting and watching for emails or phone calls and look for a brighter day...and speaking of was really nice but a little windy...but still nice..and my plants are looking good..but boy do I have my work cut out for me..cause hubby will be here next week like 8 days exactly and lots to get done...lots.

Tonight I'm gonna relax and watch the Biggest Loser (sure hope it ain't us) and enjoy the rest of the that's my story and I'm stickin' too it !

God Bless...Go in Peace !

Monday, March 5, 2012

An Unbelievable Monday !

An Unbelievable Monday !  My morning started out with a bit of a was 39 degrees..a mere change from yesterday ...when we were in the high 80's..HOLY CRAPPOLA... thank goodness I listen to the news/weather before saying "Night, Night"...and I turned on the heat to keep the chill out of the house...brrrrrrrr it was chilly letting the Critters out..Ms Reba was not a happy little critter and Ms Abby (Twinkle Toes) stepped rather quickly as the ground was damp and cold...I could see her feet pick up high and shake a bit...LOL

So my mission was planned for this morning...picking up my "Meds" for another stay in life for the month and to mail a few bills out and above all stop by and see why I am not getting my Echo (the community news/whine paper)...and the saga begins.

I spoke with the HR person as the other woman is not a friendly lady..(I'm putting that mildly) as I am aware of how evil I can get and why create more havoc with someone that "Hates" herself (most likely to have a bug up her arse) ..The HR woman is soft spoken ..and tries but is not that skilled in HR but humble..

I explained my dilemma ...I mean I do realize I'm a "Snow bird" and I'm only here from Oct till the end of June...and my bills go to my Pa address as that's what hubby insists there is no mailing involved..(well, they won't mail anymore and they now finally wised up and put it on line ) so what is the problem I can't get my Echo...the people that hand it out are some what confused as well..

Story goes...(this gets better each time) because I don't use my address here for the billing they will not put me on the list for Echo to be handed out..but if I want I can come up to the office and pick one up each month...and that's that... WHAT ??????

This reason makes no sense as it only consist of a list to follow...What is wrong with the people that come down for the time being adding their names to the list and when they leave all they have to do is delete it ??? I mean we are living in a computer's a simple add or delete..??????

Answer, Well they have too many that come and go..HUH ????? Who can't just add a name or much time does that really take...and why would you only do it for the people that live here when we all pay our O & M ...????

I guess this is a jump out of your skin thingy that's gonna have to happen at a get the Attention of those that perhaps haven't a clue..or maybe those who will care and make some changes...

So I went on my way as it was either..Get Pissed or make my day go happy and treat myself to lunch (which I did) and head over to Lowe's to find some Geraniums...I was not only looking for more for myself but for Betsy's porch as well...I want to find a certain color that will blend in with our Roses...

I picked up two hanging baskets of Geraniums ..but they were on the pinkish/orange kind of ..not what I really wanted there but only what they had that looked my search will continue next week...

Lunch was great by the way..a Hardee Burger and Fries..something I only have once in awhile and of course a big Dr Pepper... I could hear myself singing as I left...and drove down the road  LOL...

Tonight is the Voice..YEAH and I'm kind of needing something to relax and then I've got some catching up to do..and a big load of laundry but I think I'll do that tomorrow...early.

Hubby is sending me down some canned tomatoes..well Italian Peeled Plum Tomatoes.. I know I hear ya..but these are a certain kind we use to make Sauce and I can't wait...They are a huge can ..more like what is used in restaurants...what we used anyway...they make the best sauce..So I'll be making up a few containers of Sauce...

I picked up some herbs to grow in my pots..some basil, Italian flat leaf parsley, chives, rosemary and I've got to get my pots ready and Yes, I need to transplant some I've got my work or should I say, "Hubby will be busy "...LOL 

So that was my day and it's not over yet..who knows what else is gonna happen....Weather get nicer..Oh, oh....the babies are at the feeder..Woody's babies are so cute all fuzzy...can't tell yet if they are male or female..but they are cute...they'll be more babies coming soon with the Cardinals spring around the corner..and Yes, have to get my humming bird feeders ready cause I'd another week they'll be buzzing by....

God Bless

Sunday, March 4, 2012

What a Sunday morning !

What a Sunday morning !  Woke up with the sound of winds howling and then a few flashes of light ...Zeke was on the bed letting me know.."hey, somethings are happening out there "...yeah, he's really good about telling .

Abby and Zeke followed me out as usual and boy I couldn't believe my eyes..(it was still dark) at 4:00am the blinds I have in my carport were flapping..I had already moved my Red Leaf Hibiscus inside as she wouldn't stand any wind...I call her my fall over plant.. but to my surprise my Gardenia was over and so was my Geraniums..WOW..the wind had that mean sound to it.

Then all of a sudden the rain came down and I mean it dropped buckets with a few clappers of thunder...Just what I really needed or even wanted after looking at the devastation that happened in the Mid West and Southern areas..OMG!  I could feel my heart pounding I always think.."Where can I go with my Critters"...not a place around...I still have to do something about that.

After awhile it calmed down..this storm was a fast moving mean thing and you could start to feel the temperature drop..going from a warmth to a chill and quickly...uh oh better get my jacket and long pants out cause this is cold !!!

I waited till day break to check the Feeder as last night I put a small amount of feed in it..Seems those little Finches are inhaling the goodies..and so are the Woodpeckers..I'm happy but I didn't want to put too much in as I knew we'd have some rain and the seeds do get wet. So this morning I filled it up and I looked up hearing a loud whistle..yep, it was Mr Woody...letting his mate know..."Come and Get It"..and so did the Blue was a "Charge to the feeder"..soon I saw those Finches and honestly they look like an Army..cause the feeder all of a sudden got crowded..Hahaha..

Now it's much calmer out and some sunshine but our temp is down to 58 from yesterday of being in the high 80's...a big drop and my Critters are just curled up one wants out..HUH ???? Got to shake them sweeties ..they need to get some air hahaha....

Not sure what I want to do and by the looks of it..I might do just nothing..or is it only what I have to get done..well, that's more my big hurry not until tomorrow ...When I need to put on my war dress and go up to the administration building and AGAIN attempt to get this nonsense taken care of...I've never seen an office run so poorly and the workers have a crappy attitude towards the people who live here...something is wrong with this picture..????

So I'm gonna lean back and take in the sight from my front windows and maybe just maybe take a nap with the rest of the gang..later I'll make for dinner Carbonara..that sounds mighty good and really simple...Just my style for today..

Tonight I'll scanned the TV selections and see what stirs my brain and get my list going for all I need to get done while out on the prowl tomorrow...

Keep safe all and God Bless

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The March Winds Doth Blow on Saturday

The March winds doth blow on Saturday...and I ain't a kidding....what started off to be a really nice day (a little on the warmer side ) turned into a "Batten down the hatches"...or is it "Hang on to your Hat"..which ever fits it..but it sure is windy....

This morning I had all good intentions till I watched the people who deliver our Echo..(that's our news mail from our community) and I was going to go out and get it and thought..ok, I'll finish my chore then grab the Echo and sit down with a cup of coffee....WRONG...!!!

I go out to my little basket and low and behold...No Echo..what is this ????  so I call my neighbor..(she really laughs at this) and ask ..."Who is it that gives out the Echo"...well, Betsy didn't know her name but offered me hers when they were through...(thanks Betsy) but I declined cause..."I Wanted MY OWN"..hahaha...well off I go in the car to track down this couple...and then I remembered who they were and drove to their house..NOPE they weren't home so I did a round about through the area I thought they would deliver and met up with a few other people ...who didn't get theirs either...

Finally after awhile I drove back over to this couple's house and they were home and really very my name was not on the list for getting one...(What the ????) and showed me the list and even brought the one out from last month which I got one..showing me that my name was inked in..not printed in..?????? So that means come Monday morning I have to go up to the office (AGAIN) and other way to put it..cause I've done this so many times...and it's getting might I'm not gonna be a happy camper and most likely have a really crappy attitude...Look out Monday cause here I come.

Got back home and just shook my head and then laughed ..just thinking about the moron that takes care of it...She and I have gone around a few times..and talk about nasty...she's got a chip on her shoulder and is rude to everyone...if she ever would have worked for me.. I can tell ya...she'd be color me gone from the Get Go !

I smiled and thought, "here we go again and just before election too"...then I saw my phone blinking..HUH????  checked it out and just as I was listening to the message ...Clancy was in the front yard working..Yep, he's raking the leaves and going to town...That's my Clancy...but wow as he was working the wind started picking fast as Clancy was working...the wind was giving him what for... The man has such fortitude...on a mission...and ain't gonna quit either....I'm telling ya...He's a man for all seasons...

I had to go out and chat with him..cause he's such a neat person to chat with and boy when you get done you walk away smilin...he's got a very dry sense of humor and you have to listen cause there's always that punch line coming..and then he'll chuckle with ya... I do so enjoy his humor..and some times I even play on it...we both get a kick out of that...

My Father in law was very similar to Clancy..a hard worker and boy he had a saying for just had to admire him..He never spoke a bad word about anyone...not that I ever heard..and the same with Clancy...

Tonight I'm gonna try and finish up that book..only a few chapters and not much on TV and I'd like to just sit quite and relax.. Might even start that Table Cloth next week.. I have all the supplies and I need to get a little back in the swing..

Checked off the calender and only 11 more days and hubby will be here...can't wait as it's been a long time since last visit..but I did tell him..(jokingly) if you feel like you're gonna be sick..don't get on the plane hahaha...He laughed too...maybe he should wear a mask..LOL.. I just want to enjoy the visit and ride around on our Grape mobile and check things out...

That's my story for today...and the rest of the days should prove interesting as I get closer to MONDAY !!

God Bless Us All !!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fixin' Stuff on Friday

Fixin' Stuff on Friday....wanted to head out early this morning but got side tracked..(don't cha just hate that when that happens?) When I was feeding my Critters this morning and opened the Freezer I looked and UH OH !!!! I had no more food for Ms Reba other than todays...soooooooooooo I done got out my big pot and chopped me carrots and celery (thank you Ninja) and had a box of brown rice and yeppers gots plenty of chicken stock (remember my fabulous buy..shocker..hahaha 6 cases) and got that baby on the stove ...had to shred up 4 large chicken breasts that I had in the frig thawing for Monday...surprise, I thought I didn't have to do this till Monday...GREAT PLANNING ZEEE....oy!!!

So my outing for today was cancelled...but there's always tomorrow...but me hates doing any shopping on Saturday..too many people going in my direction..LOL  however, I am planning on heading out now on Monday..multi tasking...pick up Scripts and a few goodies and, and ya just never know I might head out to Lowe's....YEAH :)

My day was busy and another surprise... I looked out my window and my Bird Bath was "GONE" where in the world could that have gone ????? I found out ..heard Zeke give the warning signal..(he's real good at that) and went to the window and low and was Clancy...Yep, he snatched that Bird Bath up cause it was leaking and he done fixed it up and even painted it...woo hoo a man with a mission..I can always depend on Clancy... and it's looking might nice..cept I can't fill it for a few days...but sure does look good :)  Thanks Clancy !

Checked my plants this morning and boy they sure do need re potting so I need to get my ARSE in gear and get them done..they are looking really good and the Roses..the color is kind of glowing amongst the green leaves..they are like a Cherry Pinkish...need to take pictures.. (I will)

I've got my Crock Pots it's so warm today and I didn't want to turn on the stove or oven...(that's why I love my crock pots) so I made a Meat Loaf in one..and Baking Potatoes in the other...the smells in the kitchen are haunting...and it's not hot in the house...

I have a few more chapters to go on my book and I had to stop eyes were really bothering me..that small print is a killer...I was going to down load it on my Kindle but I wanted the book..maybe I'll think again next time and look and see if large print is available..I'm spoiled..

American Idol was pretty good last night..most that were picked were my choice too....So the challenges begin..and I can't wait...I'll watch the shows I recorded to do a catch up on what I that will take care of my weekend...and HEY !  The weekend is on us again..

Count down on Hubby's arrival...12 more days...Thank goodness..

Oh and to one of the Sistah's in our RV group.. I hope you are safe as I know you were heading back to Huntsville Al..and I just heard a tornado had touched down.. I pray for your safety and I know Carolyn was also following you home ...Please stay safe and watch that sky.

Now back to the kitchen and rattle those Crock Pot Lids :)

God Bless

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Race is On ....On Thursday

The Race is on...on Thursday...What race you ask ?????  The Trash Race !  Yes, it seems now on Thursday (which is the only trash day we have now) our driver is getting earlier and earlier..and for me..well that's kind of a bit of a pain in the ARSE!!!

I get my Critters fed and done by 8:30am now as Ms Reba takes her sweet time and that's no biggy.. I mean I get to chat with hubby while he is on his way to the office and that's about 8am..although he calls me when he first gets up and is non that's usually a "I'm up" we've got a little time for me to have that cup of coffee and get myself functional...I mean I am up at 5am but kind of watch the news and let the big ones out (Zeke and Abby) then curl up on the couch and wait for Ms Reba...yeah it's tough unless I have major things to get done I'm kind of in limbo...hahaha

But this morning that Driver...hahaha..yeah he decides he's gonna get to my house at 8:25am..holy hannah..but I was ahead of him only by about 10 minutes...yes, I did some hauling..and with my trash that's exactly what is was...Hauling YOU KNOW WHAT..:)

Can't wait to see what next Thursday is gonna be like..woo for me it's the Race is On !!!  thank goodness for my dolly..yeah she helps me gallop through the hedges ..hahaha...

I can't believe's March 1st and time is just flying by it seems..but again today is gonna be a hot one..and then listening to the news of all those tornadoes...oh my so sad...I'm sure hoping that this crazy weather will give us a break.. I dred the storms here as again in the back of my mind...where do I go  "If"...see that's the only thing that always gets to me.

Tonight again is American Idol and after last night with the girls singing there was only a couple that I really liked....but no one has "Rocked my socks off " yet...I'll watch to see who makes it into the final "20"..should be interesting.

Nothing major today other than I I might finish my book..but my eyes from the small print are bothering I might have to take a break..but a lot of the questions I always wondered about the Hasidics is coming to make sense...wish my friend Toby was around..but hey, maybe she's reading the book too..???? 

My roses are looking pretty good and my Gardenia and Hibiscus are starting to come together... I fed them yesterday as I bought some Miracle Grow for those types of tea brew didn't seem to be doing the trick..maybe my tea didn't have enough acid in it...but boy this morning that Red Leaf Hibiscus produced some flowers...and the Gardenia is producing lots of buds..can't wait till she blooms...

I need to make a list up as I'm gonna head over to Lowes to pick up a few more plants and try and find a special battery for my remote..then I'll make a quick stop in Publix..planning all this for Friday.. and I need to re pot a few of my other plants too I need a big bag of soil...the treated kind .

That's about it other than I'm sure glad soon hubby will be down..sure miss the guy and I've got some things I need for him to do...hahaha..yeah I got to keep him workin'...stay in shape and stay healthy...hahaha..

God Bless......