Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Day of REST on Sunday :)

A Day of REST on Sunday :)  No Surprises, No Phone Calls, and No Knew News ...thank really was a day of REST :) I'm thankful !

Morning was a bit of a get my list going for this coming week as the Hubby will be landing on Friday and then the MADNESS will begin .....!

Most of the day I did my usual gather the trash and make sure lots of the stuff in the frig that needed emptying was done cause Monday is TRASH day :) and as usual I clean out the frig and you'd be surprised what I find...hahaha..

However we had some off and on rain so what I wanted to do with the hanging pots I couldn't but I can wait till Thursday and if need be next Monday.....putting the hubby to work ...hahaha..he'll love that one.. Hate to see those babies go but most of my geraniums have petered out ...I sure got my money worth.. they were from the year before...and did their best to show me more happiness..

Now I won't worry about the plants hanging and having Clancy having to come over and take them down in case of bad weather and strong that will be one more thing off my check list..Still have to get with Marty to see if it's a go on her checking in on the house..that will be this week some time.

Tomorrow is run out and pick up Zeke's food from Diane..He's been doing really great on the Evanger's Grain Free I'll bring 2 bags home with me..I can hear hubby already..LOL..Hey, I'm wearing ear plugs for the ride home with the crew...just in case Ms Shug desides to hit High C above E..:)

So this is gonna be short and sweet cause I just mainly took my big break today and now it will be off and running and get ready for the change over on the phone on Tuesday..gosh all I can say on that one is..."Stay Tuned In"

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Left Me Puzzled on Saturday !

Left me puzzled on Saturday !... well my day was going along fine.. got a lot of things on my list visited the Rice Fields wee hours and batched up some of Ms Shug's veggies as well so I was just a hopping right along wee early and then had my list to go to Winn Dixie..

Yes sirree bob...I sure did get my chores going ..even went to CVS for the pills of life for the month and said my "So Longs" to the Pharmacist Shawanna, that makes sure all my meds are in order..Thank you !!!

Hopped over and filled my tank with that Winn Dixie Card discount..this time I got $1.10 off a Gal (20 gal worth)...and that made me smile but of course I spent that money and then some at the store :)..

Then stopped at John's house to pick up my Tomatoes that he got for me at the market (he kept calling me to remind I'd forgot DUH ) and then headed home in the heavy down pour..

Thinking that all my chores were done I could relax a bit and enjoy the rest of the day as for my Sunday I have my list going already..fixed lunch and then leaned back and the phone rang..

A voice came on and said, "Hello, this is Bright House"...and I'm calling because we are unable to process your order to port your phone number back to Bright House.."... I couldn't talk I was speechless and let the young girl continue...

She then said, "The reason is because Verizon won't release it till we give them the order number and your pin or password"...I then choked up and said, "What the hell are you talking about, I've given that out 3 times already and did the verification and even spoke with a Supervisor and repeated it because the reps got it screw up "...silence on the phone and I hear her say, "Oh my" !  I guess so ...then she says, "hold one second please let me look at these orders and go through and see where it is "....

Ya know in everyone's life one time or another things come in that shock the Chit out of you..but in my case it's been a continuing HORROR.. and it just seems to keep coming...I'm to the point I don't even know where to begin with this or when will it end...

Then I hear the young girl come back and say, "I'm so sorry but it seems none of the reps or Supervisor you spoke with logged in the order number"...Now I have to say, "I'm confused and can I really believe this " again I give her the number and I make her repeat it and ask her name and what department she's from ..Yes, I have it all written down..and then I ask..."Now is my number still gonna get ported over on the 2nd of July and is the tech coming out to install the new box and remove all these wires.."... and with all those questions she replies.."Yes"

She keeps apologizing for all the mistakes..HUH and then we say our "Good Bye".. after her call I then call the Supervisor but she's not in and left a voice mail hopefully I'll hear from her tomorrow..or maybe Monday.. but I can tell ya this is still not over and I have to send all this equipment back to Verizon as I'm waiting for them to send me the return labels..

Am I laughing.. I don't think there is any more laugh left but total shock right now and like I'm telling ya... Who knows when or if this will all come in to play before I leave for Pa...that's another story..

I then leaned back and took a nap brain was exhausted from the confused state of this what the business world has become a bunch of screw ups Gawd help wonder our country is in such a dither...

So hopefully I'll have a good dream cause my day has been a nightmare ..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...there is hope out there some where over the rainbow...God Bless Us All !

Friday, June 28, 2013

Is it Is or Is it Isn't on Friday

Is it is or is it isn't on Friday....well, would a could a should a more like it..but on with my STORY.....

Morning came and I was so ready for a new beginning an ending to a horrible week of "Goof Balls" that's really all I can call it and still smile..but again my day started with a question..Is it gonna be done or is it just beginning again ?

Got my chores done and Ms Shug being impossible this morning cause she was wanting her play time with me but not this morning it was the day Bright House was coming and everything would be back to "NORMAL" I thought !

Went through the house like Grant went through Richmond and then I could take my break ...even rushed through that cause I was also gonna get rid of that spaghetti mess under my desk ..wooo hooo...

Much to my surprise Bright house showed up 2 hours earlier ..YEAH and I got Mister Zeke in his room ..(not willingly) and Ms Reba came out with me to meet that wonderful Tech from Bright House :)..

He was in a jolly mood even told me he had a few cancellations which moved my spot up and then he said, "I'm here to connect a new box and new telephone number "...WHAT ???????? (me falling on the floor ..sorta well gasping anyway)...

Please tell me you are joking I mean I am only porting my original number back from Verizon to Bright House again...and not a new phone connect why the new box ???? all my questions flying along with my hands..(you all know how we Italians talk..with our hands )...He (the tech) looks at me strangely and then says, "Nope, new number"...I think I really got this sick feeling in my stomach and he could tell by my reactions I was going into SHOCK..."NOT AGAIN"

So he came in and sat down and called his dispatcher..and I heard the conversation..he tried to explain what I had told him and they told him that wasn't on the order  and if that's what I wanted done I'd have to call back in and arrange that with my "order number from Verizon along with my pass word so they could port over".....OMG... I'm going brain numb...

I then got up went inside grabbed the phone and of course you go on that automated setup and as I was waiting the Tech said, "I have to go but let them know I'll be in here working and they can contact me and I'll come back" I waited and it was exactly 30 minutes when the rep came on.

Now I have to tell you I must have talked like a mile a minute cause I was in high speed and not even taking a breath..then I heard well I thought I heard.."Hold on and I'll connect you with a Superviser in the Phone Connect Dept"..did I have a I was on hold again and I heard that awful music...GAWD I hate that music !

Again come a man on and says, "how can I help you" ya know they may say it but it is never gonna happen they are gonna follow the prompts and here we go again.. and again I have to go into the drama of everything and then they say, "no problem, we'll take care of that"... Good Luck Charlie !!!

This one promises me that the Tech will come back and we'll hook up and he'll have me forward my number to my cell phone till the port connection comes in and that will be July Verizon isn't releasing until then...

What could I say, what could I do ...get upset..not worth it I'm stuck in a catch 22 and I have to go with the flow or I'm tossed in the pile of .. "I'll get back to you" I said, "ok,"  and that was the end of the conversation..

I wait and wait and wait and now it's 4:45pm and still no word and no I get on the phone and here we go again..I call up talk with a rep and then comes the ..well if you would have taken the other number things would have been done and then you could always put in a change number request for 19.95...LOL  yeah sure and if my Aunt had testicles she'd be my Uncle..!!!

I told this rep up front I'm not wanting a new number and I'm not paying for this screw up and I need a I wait again but this time I get one that is kind of "Get this straight and gonna fix it NOW"...ok we'll see how this goes I have no choice..

Now to make this short and sweet...if I want peace of mind and a good night sleep I'm gonna take the easy way... I'll not change my number that's a fact and I'll wait for the Tech to come back with the new orders and my port transfer and be done with it...

As the Supervisor goes through everything and double checks it.. I have to then go through the 3rd party verification the way I've done this now 3 times and still not she assures me this will be my last go round..I tell her the usual..."I hope so"...and next thing I know I'm on the verify my info and then it says, "Good Bye"..  

I can only tell you I sure hope this is all I have to write about my Saga cause it's getting old with me like me I'm aging while I type...I have never in my life seen things go so wrong and they call this Business...Gawd help me....!

After all this was over it's wait and see what's next cause come July 2nd supposedly this is all gonna be done...between the hours of 8am and 10am...

This will one day make a great movie.. I'm sure maybe I can by then have a great connection too...but we'll have to wait it out..if I live long enough..

Was too tired to cook so I ordered a Pizza and that SUCKED...I'm on my 3rd Strike for the I'm gonna call it a day...

Safe travels to all and as always..God Bless Us All....!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Handy Dandy Man Showed Up on Thursday :)

Handy Dandy Man Showed Up on Thursday :) woo hoo a few of the things I needed done..but first before Marvin started I had my PEP talk... kind of goes like this...

Ya know it would be really nice if you would just call and let me know you're not coming.. I do understand when things happen cause they happen to me..however, one thing I won't tolerate...( listen up folks)  When you make a deal with me and then leave me hanging in the breeze then it's "Shame on Me" but I guarantee you that it will only happen one time and then it's "See Ya Later"...

Now I do realize this doesn't sound like I'm a/was a professional but ya have to believe cause I WAS and still IS... I just have to relate to people on the level they understand or I'm waisting my breath and for me breath is precious and sometimes difficult...and why hit someone with words they most likely wouldn't even comprehend..makes a fool out of ME instead..

So Mister Marvin got my I never said "he wasn't a hard worker" but being dependable comes under a different category...and I'm sure most of you that read or follow me understand and know and probably feel the same way..

I was not long winded as sometimes I can type that way cause my fingers occasionally now.. they is tired from working and to type..well they give me the itch  LOL...

I did tell Marvin he'll have to prove himself before I commit to giving him employment on a full time like I did with Bob and Diane.. and yes, like always it's a promise..but we shall I said, "things can happen, but call and that helps..and don't make it a routine.....ya all know that one too..!

I was happy that all the jobs I needed done were completed and I have one more for him to work on and that will be next week and we'll go from I said, "he does fantastic work" doubt in my mind he already put in my AC unit last year along with Bob and Diane's before they sold their house..So we shall see..

Next project is Brighthouse is coming back tomorrow (Friday) to reconnect me and of course I was sure hoping that Verizon would have worked but it didn't I just couldn't hold the signal and no matter what they tried it didn't it is what it is too... The guys will kid me as they like to tease when they have worked here before and I'll eat crow...hahaha..

I'm gonna hope that they take up some of the wire as it looks like a bunch of spaghetti under my desk..more like "What the ??????" and I'll have a phone back that I can also use my fax setup as well...Guess it's "All's Well that Ends Well"

I can't believe how fast the time is going and soon hubby will be down and then the joy ride back home.. Ms Shug's cage is here and that will go in the rig and strapped in clearing out pantry and also if there is too much in the freezer I'll give that away...can goods will go to the pantry for the shelters as I have plenty at home and always someone needy could use..

Still have to get with Marty to see if she's the one I'm gonna use to check on my house that will happen when Hubby is here and then the rest will be ..bring the rig over and get er' done...

I'm anxious to go home for several reasons of course Hubby being first and then my Doctors and then see what I'm coming home too LOL>..but ya know when I'm home I can't wait to come back as I so enjoy my front window view and all the birds I get to see and my garden..which right now looks iffy..weeds growing madly..have to give Clancy a call..LOL

Ok, that's my story for now and tomorrow I have the rice fields to visit one more time and my lights will be somewhat BRIGHT..hahaha...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another Day Another Dolla on Wednesday

Another day another Dolla on Wednesday.....can it get any better ?????

My morning was busy and before I knew it FedX was at my door..wooo hooo and with 2 packages no less..2 you got it 2...the guy was even laughing cause he was here not too long ago with the other fact he did say, "I sure hope you got it all" truer words were ever spoken.

So I was smiling cause I knew it wouldn't be long and I've be hopin on the Verizon Net..and smooth sailing...Ok, now you all know things have a way of just putting a little damper on me..and so it went..

Called Verizon to ask for assistance to make sure all my connections would be ok and they walked me through some and the other part I already did on YouTube..thank those step by step videos..

Of course I asked about the Xtra unit that now showed up and was told take it to a Verizon Store and they will send it back of give me a return label for with that I hooked up the phone connect and that was so simple and couldn't wait to hear that dial tone.

Called John up as I knew he wanted to go to Verizon for something and told him I was ready to go but first I had to see what happened to Marvin...Remember my handy dandy man...well that will have to be another topic cause it's too long to go into but Marvin did say, "I will be over tomorrow"..So be it !

I go and pick John up and head on down to the Verizon store in Lady Lakes..and pick ask about my Xtra package and they tell me .."They don't do that any more"...wonderful so I came for nothing..but about putting this SIM card in this Mifi for me as it's a bugger to get in..and they did and that baby worked great even connected John's phone and let him back up his data ..

Decided to treat John to lunch and told him in no uncertain terms that if he acted up he'd have to call a cab..cause I didn't need his crap today...and off we went to Perkins...we have a terrific waitress that is really great and she knows Jane and I well and really steps it up a notch with us...of course we do tip her well but she deserves it ..

Came back and hooked up Jane's phone and then dropped John off and headed home and boy I was wiped got the Critters done and leaned back and started to connect my computer and ipad and iphone to the "new" system and DUH it wouldn't work.. it kept bouncing off and no where was I going anytime I called Tech Service and my phone was awful I could barely hear nor could the Tech hear me as well...UH OH>>?????

She ran a few tests and then said the word I thought I'd never hear..."We can not provide you with good service "  WHAT ?????????? OMG>....NO< NOT AGAIN...but true and I'm cutting this short cause I'm brain fried...Everything they attempted to do didn't work and my phone service was like talking in a well with echo and vibration...and the internet would not hold..kept coming and going...

I started to laugh.. I couldn't help it and I could hear the tech saying, "After all you went through, I'm so, so sorry but I can't lie to you .. it really is awful and you should have never got this service for your area.."... she was being honest and she did say, "you're cell phone doesn't get a good signal, this will not either so you should have never been sold this"...Holy Hannah !!!!!!!!!!!

Long and short of it I had to call Brighthouse and come back on their service which will happen on Friday as they will come out and make sure everything is connected and then I'm back to square one...however, Jane's service works great and she's good to go..Thank Goodness..

Now I'm beat and maybe I'll tell you a few of the jokes that did happen ..but like I said, "Brain Fried"...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Enlightening Event on Tuesday

Another enlightening event on Tueday....I am so lost for words.. I mean I was always told I had the "gift of gab"...but today was the Crème de la Crème...hahaha..

Started my morning getting a lot done and I was so happy about that.. Marvin had come over yesterday (my AC man and handy man too ) cleaned my AC unit and took my list of things that I needed to get done and repaired...

Marvin is one of those guys that's an all around Handy Man plus and I was happy to hire him to work for me when he can..that made me feel great...Missing Bob and Diane has been really hard.

So as I was saying, "I was a happy camper this morning".. and I also knew that today was the day I was gonna get that Phone Connect finally from Fed X then make my trip to Verizon to get a new SIM card..that part I wasn't too thrilled about but so be it !

As I was busy working I realized it was almost noon time and no Fed X well, I'll give it till at least 3pm and where is Marvin..he was suppose to come over ..but he didn't say what time as he had to pick up a few things to fix the screen door and also my sprinkler that has been slightly leaking..well dribbling.

Went into the carport and swept that up before it got too hot and also washed down the Dawg Patio and then came in and my cell phone had a message on it.. It was Marvin..he was running late and would be over as soon as possible and that was at 1pm..okie dokie I now feel better will get things done..

Here it is 3pm no Fed X , no Marvin...perhaps they both met up ????? LOL  well I'm gonna call Verzion and see what they can tell me.. is it gonna be 7pm tonight ???   so I dial up my 611 and get my rep on board.

Her name is Paula and she is somewhere in the Carolinas..ok, then I proceed to tell my tale of WOE is ME...and she is (gasping ???) silent then says, "that's absolutely ridiculous that you should even have to go or been going through that nonsense..hold on let me call Fed X and I'm going to have you on Zeee so you can listen to what they tell me"...OKIE DOKIE...

She dials up Fed X and asks the $64K question..."Where is the package"? silence then the voice says, "Let me check"..we wait then she comes back on and says " It's in New Jersey"...?????????????????????????????????

"New Jersey" both Paula and I say at the same time.. I just knew this wasn't gonna happen no matter what...then the Fed X lady says, "we tried to deliver it twice and no one was at home "..HUH?????????  Paula responds with, "That was suppose to be rerouted back to Florida and we have been told it was...Get that on Over night Delivery NOW"... I like this Paula she wasn't taken any Chit from anyone...wooo hooo...

So the Fed X lady says, "I need confirmation"...Paula says, "You GOT IT"  and sends an automatic delivery ticket...then the Fed X lady says, "You know this isn't our fault we had so many tickets for this to be routed we didn't know where to route it.."  Paula's response was...short and sweet "Then why in the beginning didn't you say that and stop this nonsense of telling the reps it was being transported to proper address correction.." 

This young gal was so overwhelmed by what had taken place and couldn't believe what she was reading on the nonsense of all the requests and lies that came down..then at her last statement she said, "If you people lost it you should have told us in the beginning instead of playing this cat and mouse game our customer has been without and stressed . She deserves an apology ."

Hello there am I hearing all this ..Amen Paula, Bekki, and Stacey...those are the young ladies who have been working behind the scenes and constantly calling me to do follow ups..and Paula, she was the pro..she just said, "Enough is Enough"....

After she disconnected from FedX she said, "Now Zeee, I don't trust her and I'm gonna put in an order for a new one and send it out overnight and also that SIM card that doesn't don't need to go anywhere I'll send that out too've been through enough and being decent .."... I have to tell you Paula made my day and I said to her as she sent me confirmation that it was going out and infact get this.. Sent already..Paula, I said,,,,I wonder if I'll get that one being Fed X is delivering...she said, "if you don't get it I'll drive down and deliver it myself"  we both laughed...

Hung up the phone ..oh and she forwarded my number (of the phone connect) to my cell phone so anyone calling my number here in Florida will get me...I relaxed and sat back and had a cold one..hahaha..then I looked up and realized Marvin was no where in I go again..

Well, by 7pm Marvin hadn't called or showed up.. I can't wait to hear this you see with one ending a new one begins MAYBE...

Watched AGT (America's Got Talent) and the last 3 guys that sang were absolutely amazing.. I didn't get to watch too much of it as I was getting Critters out and just so wiped out...

So on for tomorrow..Will the Phone Connect Show Up...and where in the world is Marvin...?????

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All.....

Monday, June 24, 2013

There's Got To Be A Method To This Madness on Monday!

There has go to be a method to this madness on Monday !   Holy Chitski...I'm telling ya I still can't believe what's been happening...

As you may remember I had ordered a Phone Connect and a Jet Pak 5510L from Verison..on the 17th of June..and come to find out as I looked through my junk mail that I got a notice they shipped it..and to my Philly address when it was suppose to come to Florida..Ok, so I called up and reported the error and they were correcting it...HA !!

Well come Thursday when they said it would arrive...The gadgets never showed up so they put a trace and called FED X..( I did tell you how I dislike FedX ) and they claim they corrected the route and they turned it around and it was gonna be in Florida on Friday...MMMMMMM

Friday came and went and of course no GADGETS...sooooooooo I called up and they told me (Verizon) that it would be here on Saturday..hmmmmm well Saturday came and went...WHERE IS IT ?????

Next thing I know I get a call from Verizon it's gonna be coming Monday...wooo I'm recouping from Ms Shug's episode from Saturday and resting big time on Sunday and can't wait for Monday....Do I sound like a broken record or perhaps a Soap Opera ?????

Here it is Monday..wooo hooo and low and behold the Fed X truck shows up and with one package.. I ask the driver.."Don't you have another one for me "...the guy shakes his head..and drives away...go into the house open the box and it's the Jet Pack for the Wifi...hmmmmm maybe just maybe I'll get another delivery this afternoon...

Called Verizon...and get to talk to the rep and I go through the same case again and they look everything up and give me the.."It will be there, it's showing the delivery"...I then ask to speak to a Supervisor..and low and behold I get a Wacky Winner.. I mean this guy had an attitude and told me.. "They are doing their best what more do I expect" reply was ...Compedent people to do the right thing from the beginning and how dare he talk to me a customer like that.. he then comes back with..."You know we can only do so much as it's in Fed X what would you do if the driver had an accident or died.."...?  hahaha.. I replied
"What will you do if you get fired"?  then my come back was.."if this was done correctly in the beginning we wouldn't even be talking"...

This guy was a real typical "I'm in charge and I don't have to take anything from anybody"...Now I then got really ticked ..didn't lose my temper but put it this way...  " I the customer has been done unjustly and now sit here without a phone cause my phone service was cut off (that really annoyed me) because someone made an error and I feel Verizon has to make it right"...  However it went to deaf ears cause he wasn't gonna do anything to make it right... I suggested let me go to the Verizon store and get the phone connect so I could have a phone and when the other one comes in I'll return it... that was a no go either..

So my day dragged waiting for Fed X which by the way never came and while that I decided to connect the Mifi..hahahaha... put it together got the SIM card in and the dang thing wouldn't work...found out the SIM card is I have to go to the Verizon Store to get a new one....YIKES>>>

Called back up and got a really great rep and she was so kind she made arrangements that if my phone doesn't come tomorrow I can get one from the store and they make it right plus I have to get a SIM card and I also reported that young wise ARSE...sure can't wait to hear the results and tomorrow..well let's just say..."I'm praying but I still now have to go to Verizon..."... I just can't win...

Now Murphy is sure to leave me soon... so beware that SOB is rotten to the core... I pray it won't hit too hard...

Those travelin Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us..we need it for those idiots out there are what's causing us all so many problems...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Attempting to Get Over It on Sunday

Attempting to "Get Over It" on Sunday...seems crazy but for me Ms Shug's adventure took it's toll on me..I was so shook and the stress of the waiting game played havoc on nervous system..kind of like in Over Drive..

I tried to sleep last night but was up at 2ish (am) and wound up laying on the couch and watching TV...every sound coming from Shug's cage had me getting up and looking...

Finally at 6am I gave Zeke his meds and of course Ms Reba wanted hers too..pill pocket that is..and then it was my start of the morning chores..and I kept myself busy to try to work this uneasy feeling out..did take my meds today as I forgot yesterday..glad I didn't take my blood pressure.

By 11am I started to get drowsy and I leaned back in the chair looking at Shug and fell asleep what seems likes hours for 45minutes..hey but every little bit helped...woke and new I had to go to Winn Dixie so off I went.

Was good to get outside even though it was a hot one ..but I was out and about and picked up a few goodies for Ms Shug as well..the biggest strawberries I've seen in a long time and at the Farmers Market I got great tomatoes and a huge cantaloupe..yeah I was ready for some goods..

Surprising how your body takes control and there's nothing you can do about it..being a heart patient I've noticed the changes I've gone through..cause never in my life was I shaken by much..and so I need to make sure I pace myself and get back to doing meditation.  I use to laugh about that but it really helps me in dealing with stress..

Later in the day Ms Shug and I shared a few strawberries..Ms Reba didn't miss out I can assure you she got hers as well..Zeke got his biscuits..but I wouldn't be surprise if Shug would attempt to try one ..she certainly is ready at dinner time for her share of the "dawg food"..rice, veggies and shredded chicken..and even barks when I'm putting it all together..:)

Evening time I had my fill of the day.. and tomorrow I have a handy man (Marvin) coming to work on a few things for me and also clean my AC unit that he put in.. He's one of those type man that can fix anything along with being an electrician...and a very kind and caring young lad at that.

Can't believe my days are getting closer and my spare room is starting to fill up ..but it's got to go somewhere LOL...and with that it's my time to go somewhere over the rainbow...LOL  like good night and sleep tight :)

Safe travels to all that are on those highways..and as always..God Bless Us All

Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Worst Night Mare on this Saturday

My Worst Night Mare on this Saturday....although I thought my day was starting off as usual wasn't to be...and that's not the question either..

I had just started cleaning Ms Shug's cage and she was out and about and getting into my "hair" (literally) so I put her on her perch where she always jumps down and runs the back of the couch laughing and just saying "hello" and more laughs and then usually grabs her treats and eats..

Well not this day..this day she decided to be a BRAT and just not care about what she was gonna get into.. I knew I needed to get all her stuff done quickly as I could see the burning naughty bird just go for anything she could..

I just was putting her feed dishes in her cage when I turned around and couldn't find her..UH OH now where is she..and as I walked up to the couch there she was in the center with the pill box which had Zeke's heart meds ..Opened and she had one in her mouth...I grabbed her quickly and held her mouth open and tilted her over so the pill dropped out and as I looked there were no more pills (which there was only 2 as I had given Zeke his one pill at 6am) I got this sick feeling to my stomach..

I put her in her cage and proceeded to search the couch cover then the floor and nope nothing but crumbs and a few pill pockets..OMG...I'm now breaking out into a cold sweat and I make a quick phone call to the Avian Vet ...which has an emergency number to call as she's not I call that number and tell them all what happened..and they refer me to the "poison control" number.. I then call that and the first thing they tell you that the call will cost you 65 bucks and ask are you willing to pay...

Now of course what can you do you need this info before you can go to that emergency I then proceed to tell again what happened and give them the name of the drug Diltiazem 30 mgs's one of Zeke's heart pills..and they ask how much does she weight...she's about 14ozs...

I'm put on hold and I can feel my stomach go in knots..and after what seemed an eternity the nurse came back on and said..."We can't really tell you anything about this drug as we do not have an antidote for it and don't know how it will affect a bird.."...OOOOOOOOOH !!!!!!!!!!!!

Then she says, "you have two choices ..1, wait it out and if you see she can't perch take her to the emergency....2...take her right away and they'll flush her with Active Charcoal..that will absorb what's in her stomach.....then she said, "I'm not going to charge you for this call because we are unable to help you"..

I don't think I could even then I thought.. let me call the fellow that breeds these I called Joe, he told me basically the same thing other than if I were to drive down to him he would flush her as well..but he felt I should wait and see cause maybe she didn't eat the pill ..maybe she crumbled it..

Then I called my friend Doris, who also breeds birds and she again said the same thing..and talked to me for awhile to calm me.. I was shaking inside.. Yes, I even cried cause how could I let this happen..

See we immediately go into the blame game and guilt of the Gazooooooo...and I did feel I should have been more careful...I've tried to be and with Shug it's amazing what she is capable of doing...They are truly Houdini's..

So I decided to wait it out..if I saw any signs we'd be driving to the emergency I sat and waited and waited..6 heart was in my throat .. I also realized I hadn't feed Reba and Zeke..Ms Shug had food in her cage and she was eating it...

I got up and fed all then realized again I hadn't taken any of my this time I was way too late to take a few of I just sat in the chair and watched and watched...

Did I tell you this was one of the worst days of my life...I've had others but this I was heart broken and frightened and alone..nothing I can say can even explain my emotions..

I talked with my friend and neighbor Betsy and she said, "isn't that what they call, "Shit Happens".. I had to laugh cause Betsy doesn't really talk like that..she did really make me laugh and gave me some kind words of fact all I spoke to ..even Joe who I got Ms Shug from said, "he'd keep me in his prayers and he was around if I needed him.."..Doris too was kind and explaining things that happened to her with birds...John also called me off and on all day..Hubby was in total shock and just kept telling me.. "it's not your fault"..but you know you all have had things happen and that's the first thing we do..

After 7 hours Ms Shug was her own loud and barked for her dinner..Thank you Jesus ! I'm still not these kind of things really hit me hard and most likely tomorrow I'll be a little off kilter...but Ms Shug is ok..

Now I'm ready to go to bed and believe me I will say "Thank You to the Lord " for helping me get through this..I'm so attached to Ms Shug and my fur babes that they are truly my world..

I took a few pictures of Ms Shug as the 21st of June she was 11mos..check these out...What a sweetie..She has made my days full of laugher cept for today...she's gonna owe me big time...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All..and I mean that !

 Ms Shug Lookin Atcha!
Ms Shug given Attitude

Friday, June 21, 2013

Flipped Through Friday

Flipped Through Friday kind of easily but of course still no package from fact it's in Philly...Like I thought that was where it would go .. I mean when you deal with Fed X be happy it's still together...

This morning I woke again at 3am and just knew I was not gonna have any package other than my package from Wags..which had Reba's diapers..that company is good about service and it's where I get the best price for these diapers..

Nope, no Fed X in fact when I called Verizon at 8am they tried to help but facts are facts the dang thing did go to Philly and the best they could tell me might be on my porch they again did a tag to have it sent to Florida and they>>>>>notice I say, "They".. well it might get here Monday...LOL..Sure ????????

I had to make a quick run to PetSmart for Ms Shug as she was running out of food ...and then another quick stop to pick up something for it's Friday and I needed a treat..cause the only treat I've been getting is.."Trick Or Treat"..and I don't think I'm the winner...not yet !

Today Ms Shug is now 11mos..oops forgot to transfer her picture DUH.. I will tomorrow I'm dawg gone tired..Brain Tired and yep it was another hot day..the kind that you want to stay indoors...and I did .

I did copy the picture of Ms Shug's new cage to go in the motor home..but I didn't get the stand as I didn't need you'll see what she'll be calling her travel cage..however, the picture of the parrot inside is not Ms Shug it's a stow away..hahaha..

I'm ready to call it a night so hope all you traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Murphy Strikes Again on Thursday :)

Murphy Strikes Again on Thursday :)  What can I even say...?????  you all know how I am so fortunate to be a member of the Murphy family.. by that I mean, if it's gonna happen it happens to me !!!!

Morning was hot and I was a little anxious as this was the day I was suppose to get all my new gadgets from Verizon.. (HA)...and I was hyped ... I mean so anxious to get rid of a service that everytime it rains I may or may not have service..and then to call and get on that round robin that goes no where and to hear..they may or may not be able to get to you today >>>>>>HA HA !!!!

So I stepped it up a notch to get done with my chores and for me that's kind of a little bit legs want to go but my knees won't co it or not that's what it is....but I got done and then I decided to check the Fed X tracker...(this is where I went wrong)...

What the ??()*&*^^,..... it's going to Philly..????? OH NO !!!  so I get on the phone and call Verizon and then ask for a Supervisor..cause the gal that placed the order was off and I had already gone through with her to make all the corrections a few days ago...

Next thing I hear is the Supervisor is calling Fed X...while I sit and listen to that awful music...wish they'd change the tune...and then she comes back on and says, "I called Fed X and they are putting a stop and re routing.."...Now I just shake my head cause no where did I ever say, "Ship to Philly".. I mean why would I buy something for Florida and use it in Philly ????

This has been a mess from day 2...first day I placed the order second day I saw the mistakes and called and they were changed but...Fed X went their own way...Good Gravy it doesn't get any better...

Trying to stay calm when you deal with idiots is almost impossible and not lose your temper.....HELP...and trying to keep my blood pressure that's a horse of a different's not easy..

So now we'll see if it comes tomorrow...I'm taking bets ..LOL... like I said, "I'm a Murphy"...and I have to accept things that will go wrong cause nothing I can really do about matter how hard I try  !

My day was exhausting because it was a screw up..not the hard work I did..that made me tired but not wiped out..trying to get things straight exhausts me when you deal with people who don't give a Chitski...plain and simple.

I did manage to get a cage for Ms Shug..and it looks pretty nice..crossing my fingers it will be what it looks like...I'll post a picture  tomorrow as I need to transfer my photos...and I'm ready for bed..LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All....and please let my gadgets show up in Florida :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It was an enjoyable day this Wednesday

It was an enjoyable day this really was..first off my chores done..wooo hooo and then the rains came woo hoo...something about those quick rains..cools things off for 5 minutes then come that blustering heat..yeah man fry my brain cells..:)

Today I had planned to have an early dinner again with my friend she does really well when her fighting partner is no where around..and she and I do enjoy our laughs..and our favorite place to dine..which by the way they are getting to know our routine ...they have our Ice Tea ready when we walk in and our favorite booth we are drawing a crowd when we show up..

Most the people that are in there seem to know each other and that's nice cause if you should go in by yourself they make you feel not alone..and that's a good I'm one of those that hate to eat by myself in a restaurant .

I also fixed Jane up with the same service that I am going to be using.. the Phone Connect from Verizon..sure hope it's good service as I've done a lot of reading about it and so far all seem to like it..and for 20 buckeroos it ain't bad.

Most my afternoon after dinner was just relaxing cause I was almost full like a tick hahaha..fed my critters and Ms she now is the one barking for dinner and she jumps over as I walk by and waits for me to put her food in her bowl...ok I know this is so crazy but she loves the critter food..the mixed veggies with rice and shredded chicken..she eats it all..hahaha..

Tonight when I had her out she was in the OOOOOO stage a really sweet loving little bird....hahaha..but ya gotta watch out for the quick..Gotcha !!!

Now I'm tired and I'm still full..we had a really big was a lot of veggies and goodies..but that pie did do the trick smooth :)

All traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

All is going ok on Tuesday

All is going ok on Tuesday....woke  up before the day even knew it was Tuesday ...LOL...and my neck is starting to ease up some..but I'm still taking my time.. I mean I have a couple of weeks to put it all together..

Ms Reba is starting to eat better too..Alrighty now that makes my day !!  I've only had to make a few meatballs up for her (stuffing) and the rest she's been letting me know she hungry...that's even better..and of course still not eating the dry food only on her terms..well that works for me as well... I mean so she likes to eat it a piece at a biggy but she is eating ..that's all that matters.

Most the day I really just did my usual and notice I'm running low of wild bird seed but I won't replenish as the little feeder is loaded so when I run out they will have to go to that..or they will fly away.

It was another warm day..and this lady does her stuff early cause I ain't about to mess around in the heat..nope, been there done that one...sooooooooooo it's lean back and listen to music or play with Ms Shug..which by the way is liking the in flight..oh my stars..visions of this happening in the rig..hahaha.

Tonight watched the Voice and yeppers Ms Danielle won..she well deserved it and the Swon Brothers..well I know they will do really well..and Michelle..she has a career going..they were all good and tonight's show was great..but Ms Cher are in a world of your own..hahaha..was entertaining I will say that..God Bless Her !

Now I'm beat and tomorrow is a busy day so with that I'll say, Safe Travels and as always..God Bless Us All

PS...Mister George is back blogging so I added him to my list again..sure happy to see him post..followed him for years..that's Tioga George ! Welcome back :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Monday and All went to He77 and Back !

It's Monday and all went to He77 and Back.!  YIKES ...last night we had one heck of a rain and rain and rain and more rain..Thunder and favorite topic..NOT!!!....

Went to bed not feeling that great..not sick but a pain in the neck..and it just wouldn't quit..took some Tylenol and fixed my pillows just right...fell into a deep sleep and wham bam thank ya m'am I was up at 3am..OH NO :(...not again..I couldn't sleep as my neck woke me up..(new one on me)

So I got up took more Tylenol and got on my favorite couch and attempted to try and close my eyes..well that's not gonna work so I watched a recorded movie...and then by 6am it was meds time and next it was feed the birds outside and water the plants under the overhang..then in to take care of Ms Shug and on and on...I noticed I didn't hear from hubby but I did remember he had to have blood work maybe he forgot me..:(

Next thing I hear is my cell phone with a message..yep, hubby tried to call but my phone is out of order and no internet either..HUH...seems Bright House went down with the storm..well my line anyway...and lately it's off and on when it rains..mmmm not a happy camper here..and I've been getting those drop calls again..OH Good we go again..

Well I had said last year, "I'm not gonna stay with Bright House as they are Dimming...."...and when I called for service..(oh I hate that music)...then the wait then the rep ..sounded like this was not gonna be my lucky day..her attitude was not the best for customer service.. so I tried to explain my problem and tried to tell the young lady I can't just get down and crawl around on the floor..that would she try and boot the box...but nope she was gonna put this in for service and they couldn't come out till tomorrow sometime..

Well, like I said this was not my lucky day and I finally said, "I'm a heart patient and I need my phone working get someone here"..she had me on hold (me on my cell phone) and then finally said, "Someone will be out tonight"...LUCKY ME !!....hung up the phone and I was ticked...I haven't been happy with this service for awhile as when I first hooked up they were really great..but now..forget about it !!!

I called back later and got someone else and they finally booted the box after I explained there was no restart button no where even though she kept insisting there was..but it wasn't in my world that's for sure..and ta daaaaaaa the box worked and I had my phone and internet back...but I still was stirring...

So with that I did some searching on services and I made a decision ..this was the last of this I was gonna put up with I let my fingers do the looking across the internet read pros and cons and then I made my call..

I went back to Verizon..Yes, I know they have their nonsense too but at least I'm not paying a lot of money for it...I've cut my phone bills in almost half and that works for me..I am having the Connect a Phone and the Mifi sent on Thursday and will hook everything up.. I have 14 days to try it and if I like it's a go..if not well I haven't lost anything yet..but I don't think I'll not like fact I bet I like hassle..

Watched the Voice tonight and goodness those young ones sound good but I do like Danielle and the Swon Brothers...hope either one will win but I'd like to see Danielle..she really has a beautiful voice...clean, clear and solid..

That's my story for today and on with tomorrow...and days are moving fast..have to call Joe to find out if he has a cage for me if not I'll order on line..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Sunday, June 16, 2013

It Came to be a Father's Day on this Sunday

It Came to be a Father's Day on this Sunday....and again my fond memories of my Pop came to me...a few times my tears flowed and then again I would look out the window and smile...been so many years since Pop left this earth...

Amazing how as we age things seem to start coming back in our minds and hearts ..guess it could be that (and I do believe this) their spirits are near by us and whispering in our hearts all the things that were so special to us..

Morning for me was a rough go as my neck and shoulder were still gnawing at me but that is something I just have to deal with as life goes on for me and I'm here by myself so girl stop wallowing in self pity and get off you butt and get your work it was off to work I went..ofcourse moaning every now and then.. I mean some days ya need a little drama in your life LOL..

Later on I did take a couple of Tylenol as I had a phone call from John and ya might know it him and Ms Jane were at it again..Just what I needed..but it got my temper going and for a few hours I did forget about ME>..hahaha..

I did call it quits early cause I just couldn't move much longer but I managed to put a big bunch of stuff in the trash and's getting better in here.. I mean I can actual find a few things..hahaha...

Now it's been raining off and on tonight and I do mean heavy down pours with some lightening..YUCKO>>!!...but the sound on the tin roof is neat ...maybe it will put me to sleep...

Only a few more weeks left and we'll be heading home..Lord willin..and I'm praying our weather will be good to travel..last time I had to drive in such a heavy down pour on I 10..that I had to pull off as no one in their right mind could was like the heavens opened up...

I'm a bit tired and it's that time for me to say.."NITE NITE".....Those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All..

Saturday, June 15, 2013

And the Rains Came on Saturday

And the Rains came on Saturday...did they ever.. I woke up at 3:30am with my neck really doing a number on me..walked up to the front of the house and tried to lay back down on the go..I heard that rain hitting on the roof I watched and listened to the Thunder and Lightening..OH BOY it was really clapping up a storm..

Not sure whether I slept wrong or it's from an old injury but this is definitely a pain in the neck..LOL  I've tried to just ignore it..did my vacuuming ..and kept busy but this sucker is just gnawing at me...

Later this morning after the rain let up a bit I got my outside work know the routine..watered under the over hang as those plants don't get wet..and feed my wild birds and then back into the house to feed my "Bird Dawg"..yep, Ms Shug was just a barking letting me know she wanted attention..this is so wild ..a barking Cockatoo..what's next ??????

I think this week if I don't hear any word from "joe".. on the cage I'll order it from Foster and it's almost what I want..and I'm starting to get closer to the time and I  need to have everything ready for when hubby arrives..

My list seems to grow ..and I'm wanting it to decrease..but I keep adding stop that nonsense..hahaha...but I am making some head way..if I don't have to many interruptions.

Had to lay back down as that dang neck starting acting up ..guess I was just pushing it a bit more than what I should of..but I'm not one to give into the old aches and pains..sometimes for me if I keep going I will work it out..boy wish hubby was here ..the ole Ben Gay might just do the trick LOL

Tomorrow I've got the kitchen to finish packing up..(all my plastic put away) and then I can move on into the living room..with all my crocheting ..finish a few more things and put the rest of it away..that will make a big empty spot in the living room..hahaha

So that's about it other than my aching neck is saying, "Go to bed" I don't need any more hints...those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All

Friday, June 14, 2013

A Day of Remembrance on Friday

A Day of Remembrance on Friday for me.  Not because it's Flag day but because on this day my Mother went to Jesus in 1982.. it was just one month before her 65th birthday..

Momma had been ill for over 25 years with MS and the last 15 years of her life she was bed stricken...although her body was wasting away with that dreadful disease...her mind was as sharp as a tac...She allowed her body to be used to test new drugs to help cure others...How brave she was...but she felt that perhaps it would help others even though she was too far gone to regain anything .

I wish I was half as brave as she...and from time to time I think of things she would do and I smile..She and I did not get along as well, I was my Grandma's favorite..guess it's because my Grandmother actually raised me..Momma had to work so didn't have time for me..the youngest of the brew.

Although when ever there was a major issue I was the one she'd reach out too..she felt I had more gusto or maybe I should put it.."The Brass" to handle the situation..hahaha..Yes, I'm much like Momma but a lot of Grandma did rub off..but again as ya think about it..Momma was  like her mother :) there ya go..not far from that limb.

My morning was a little bit of a rush as I had to stop at Winn Dixie and I did real good I only bought what I needed and I hit the jack pot ..I got all the bonus points so when I fill up with gas towards the end of the month I'll get 90cents off on a gallon and I'll get 20gallons..wooo hoo...thank you Winn Dixie..hahaha

Ms Shug is starting to explore different foods now..that's neat as this morning I gave her a piece of my strawberry ..the big ones and she enjoyed it ..and I watched..neat how they just lean on one foot and the other holds the food and she watches I picked up a couple of pears and a few more naval oranges...melons didn't look good.

Ms Reba is starting to eat better since I've cooked up a batch of couscous...I'm just so glad I didn't have to stuff her..but she's like Ms Shug day I'll like it then next I won't...Surprise !

So the rest of my day moved by as I had to stop and John's house to pick up newspaper for Ms Shug's cage and then head back home..and again it's warm and humidity is high..too high for my in I went to suck up more AC..LOL

Night time rolls around fast and my countdown is progressing...I've got a few more things packed to go into the spare kitchen is the next attack and that will be tomorrow...YUCKO..

Tonight I watched Forrest Gump..good movie and nothing else interested me..then on toward getting ready for bed...and here I sit writing my blog...

So with that ..those that are traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Thursday, June 13, 2013

We did it again on Thursday :) LOL

We did it again on Thursday...LOL..yes we did..Jane and I had dinner together..this time we made it around 6:30pm..and we enjoy our Honey Mustard Crispy Chicken Salad and our dessert...could we not ?????

Morning for me was really busy as I was in the Rice Fields..the day before I had done up the Sweet Potatoes so they were in the freezer but washing that rice..ugh I have to some times wash it like 8 times because it's so murky..but I got er done and I have enough now for 15 days..

Later on I got another box packed up and put away..Where does all this stuff come from..OMG...but I find it.. I mean I even have some stuff I didn't know I had...crazy...gotta stop collecting stuff...Yeah I hear me :)

It was a hot one for sure today and of course Ms Jane and Mr John were at it again.. I often wonder .."Don't they tire of it ".. me I'd be so exhausted I'd move to Alaska "  LOL...but they love it so poor pity us around ..Yikes it's sometimes never ending over NOTHING !!!!

Well later that evening Jane called...guess it was around 4ish pm..and asked "if I wanted to go for dinner"...hahaha...didn't have to ask me twice ..but I did have to feed my crew and then get dressed.. I mean I was in my tee's..and as hot as it was I wasn't gonna wear any thing heavy like jeans..

So about 6:30pm I picked up Ms Jane and off we went to Perkins...They know us by heart now..and we walk in and order our favorite..and it is good and not heavy but we scoff it up...and always room for dessert hahaha

Got home and Ms Shug says as I walk in the door..."Hello,  I love you"...and then proceeds to bark along with Ms Reba...and tonight Shug even flew to me after she got done chasing Ms Reba...poor Reba...

Now I've ready for bed and tomorrow I need to make a pit stop to Winn Dixie for Shug's Sugar Snap Peas and a few odds and ends... flash hahaha...Ms Shug ate her first piece of Naval Orange and boy did she love now her fruit she likes is Pears, Naval Orange, Peaches and maybe Mellon..iffy on that..not too bad..but boy she loves her Sugar Snap Peas and Mixed veggies and butter beans..oh and her dawg food..rice and veggies and shredded chicken...and she'll bark till she gets her bowlful...well just a few Tablespoons..

So I'm dawg tired and tomorrow will be here quick...those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Fantastic Wednesday :)

A Fantastic Wednesday :) it sure was and I felt great too... Jane and I had our lunch day instead of early dinner LOL well you could call it early dinner..hahaha..cause that's all I had..I mean what we ate we didn't need any more..

Morning again was HOT HOT HOT>.and your brain couldn't think ..maybe that's why I was kind of lost for words..and that's a new one for me..but everytime I tried to say something I couldn't put the words in what I wanted..HUH???? what's that about.. but I was really having to think..must have been the heat..

Got my chores (normal stuff) done and Jane called and decided to "let's go to lunch"...well that was fine with me cause I had just got done cutting up my sweet potatoes for the crew here and cooking them in the microwave then cooling them and putting them in the freezer..Yeah, let me tell ya it's a job..but the critters love em and I'm just glad they eat all their meals..

So I got finished and I was planning on doing a little more but I thought "Why not" got dressed and out the door I WENT...:)  wooo hooo and outing..and picked Jane up and off to Perkins we went..

Ya know you've been frequenting a place often when they know your name and when we walked in the waitress all said "hello"..hahaha..they know us as this is becoming one of our favorite places to go too. Plus it's relaxing, not crowed (the time we go) and we can just lean back take out time and tell our stories..

Our favorite lunch (well one of em :) ) is the Crunch Honey Chicken Salad..that is big and delish and of course we had to share a piece of pie..LOL..hey we were good and it was shared..but dang it that sucker was big too..

It was a good day and a fun one too..and we then stopped over to the rig and I got the measurement for Shug's cage..and we sat in the rig.. I ran the engine and also the Genny and had the AC running.. we stayed there for about 45 minutes but my engine and genny needed charging..and we talked about all the neat times we had in that rig..all the places we went plus all the dogs I was showing..yes, it was a Memo day..

Now tomorrow I'm in the rice and the Rice cooker are gonna be working and also I need to check in the freezer and see what I need to take back and what I'll give to John..also need to order Ms Reba's diapers...she can't go home with out them..LOL  she is really good about wearing them as she has to wear them all the time now...

Then it's start clearning out the kitchen cabinets too...go through my lists..stuff I use to have Diane help me with..but that's now a thing in the past..although I'd like to hire my girlfriend's daughter...she's a fantastic organizer and does an excellent job of cleaning too..only problem is, she's not dependable or I'd hire to take care of the house for that's a bummer

Oh well I'll figure what's best for with that I'm gonna say.."Good Night and those traveling STay Safe..and as always God Bless Us All "..

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Toot Toot Tootsie it's Tuesday

Toot Toot Tootsie it's Tuesday ....holy Hannah the time is flying by and I'm now getting the woolies as I've got to start breaking down the house time to really play..(wait, always time for JELLO) so I must go over and check the Rig too..cause nothing like surprises..

Morning for me was get my list going big I sort through more "STUFF"  where does it all come from..why do I collect such "STUFF"...eeeeeeeek...but it's all gonna be gone the next few trash days hahaha..

It was too hot to even go over to where the rig is parked and so I'm hoping tomorrow I get in and check things out ..let the engine run and turn on the AC and make sure all is functioning..and do the measurements for the cage for Ms Shug.

Made a quick run to Winn Dixie and wouldn't ya just know it they were out of what I went I have to do a return and that will be by Friday...I can hold out till then (maybe ) ...and I have to order Ms Reba's diapers too..I'm down to 3 package..

On my way back from the store I stopped in and visited with Ms Betsy..I'm so gonna miss that Lady..she and I have had some great chats and laughs..but I do so wish both Betsy and Dick the very best and they need to do what's best for them and their ease of living..instead of worrying ..that's never a good thing..but I hope we keep in touch ..cause I so enjoy her..She really is a lot like me but more Lady Like..Ya read that Ms Betsy..LOL

Watched the Voice and was good to see Danielle and the Swon Brothers made it in the final 3..I wasn't surprised Amber went as the songs she chose were not really good for her..and I did like Sasha..however Michelle well she's a little different for me but she does have a good voice so I can see why she was one that also made it in the finals...

Also watched America's Got Talent as I got all the critters done for the night..You know that is always a trip of a show to watch..and always something strange...big time hahaha

Now I'm ready for bed and already plotting my day Ms Jane of the fighting duo is in town and she and I are going to an early dinner tomorrow and we planned an outing for next week as I won't see her till I'm back in Oct..

Did hear some rather sad news..that J. B.  Jane's husband (a long story) passed away..although Jane and JB haven't lived together in over 30 years they were still good friends..they never divorced as JB told me because of Jane having Cancer in the early 70's he knew she'd never be able to get insurance so he kept her on his..and they each took on other life partners..

JB was a good person and was always concerned for others.. I'll miss him as well..I did get to meet him and he and I always had a few laughs ...JB may you rest in peace more pain so deserve your place in heaven..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Monday, June 10, 2013

Come Monday Morning

Come Monday Morning I was ready to get on the final stretch of planning all that was gonna be tagging along..yes, I'm definitely on a count down and need to now step it up a notch...

And speaking of notches I've got a few more in my belt..yes, I've lost a few pounds and it is slowly but they is finally getting down in numbers..woo hoo..and it's not any diet plan actually ..just merely cutting back ..not leaving things out cause that becomes might even say that it's more like just using a smaller plate which still gives you the look that you is eating hahaha..and I've gotten more into salads with a little bit of dressing..

It's kind of the old theory..trick the eyes..but wait, I'm half blind...well not really but I only see what I wanna..How's that ?????  but it does work and limiting a few carbs also helps..but I still have my pasta...not as often .

Today was a warm one and boy my plants by the afternoon looked like they had the case of the droopies..along with me..just taking the crew out was not what they wanted..but it was a "Have too"...and as quick as they went they were back in the someone called."Fire"..I mean I'm sure they're feet felt like it..

Tonight watched the Voice and boy they were really all good ..don't have a clue who (well they're are two that will be cut) will be going. This is gonna be a hard cut . They all will have a great career no doubt..and I'm sure even their coaches will even help.

Now I'm ready for bed as tomorrow I have to make a quick stop in Winn Dixie as I've got to go to the "Rice Fields" again's that time..

Those who are traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

PS...I will be cutting some of the blogs I've followed as they no longer are in action and I've got a few more I want to add that I've been following long to Tigoa George as he is no longer blogging..I'll miss him..he was a fantastic journey to follow...God Bless You George ...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Speical Day on this Sunday :)

A Special Day on this Sunday :) was my Zeke's 9th Birthday and ya know I can't believe how time has flown.. This boy came to me on a jet plane..LOL  Yes, it's true.. he was flown into me at the Philly Airport and when hubby and I went down to pick him up ...we opened that crate door and oh my stars .."it was love at first site"..he was so beautiful even as a pup..

This morning I got up have fogged and today being the pills of life there I am in the kitchen at 5am sorting pills.. Why don't I do it the night before ???? I try but it seems when it's time to go to bed my mind is one track..and so therefore I'm up sorting and I could go in colors too..hahaha

My Zeke come wondering out and was giving me that was too early haha..but he and I have our special time as the rest of the crew is still sleeping so he gets in his special hugs...and let me tell ya..this bad boy is something to hug..

The day was gonna be muggy and warm and I decided because it was a "Special Day"  it was a nothing day..just lob around and so we did..but ofcourse I mean I still have morning chores ...

A new thing is also going on with Ms Shug too..well, she's decided she is gonna chase Ms's funny at first but now I'm having to watch as tonight Ms Shug grabbed onto Ms Reba's diaper and when Ms Reba jumped down off the couch Shug was on the ride of her life..(where was my camera)...but I need to figure out how to stop this..cause now it looks like Shug is really trying to intimidate Reba..OUCH..!!!

Didn't I tell ya that even though I'm not going anywhere I have Adventures..of all kinds..heavens knows what's gonna be next.. and when we start to leave here well that in itself is gonna be a hoot...Bird Squawking...

Now it's time and I'm getting ready for bed and I had Mr Zeke do his song..he's a true baritone..hahaha..just for hubby ...he sang.. and he can hold a note too..LOL...

So those that are traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

A picture of Mister Zeke..9 years young today !

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Hop To It Kind of Day on Saturday

A Hop To It Kind of Day on Saturday....and so it began my race to get my chores done and get to the store..Publix that is.. and I was so good too.. I didn't buy any goodies..nope I bought lots of fruit for my pops know the Yonana pops and even instead of going out to lunch I bought a Chicken Ceasar Salad..woo hoo and I topped it off with sliced Strawberries...and boy it was good..well it was good just getting out of the house..

Morning for me was a mad dash as I needed to get done and get out and back in before the heat hit..I'm not good in that kind of I buzzed around and got through..

Ms Shug was in rare form today..her new thing is chasing Ms Reba around..and she means it too.. I have to get my camera..only thing is I don't want Shug to bite Reba.. I mean to tell you Ms Shug means business and I figured out why..

I have Ms Reba's dish (with her dry food) under Ms Shug's cage cause Ms Reba feels she is stealing something..and it's better than her food..HUH..I know it's her little game and she eats it..but Ms Shug..gets ticked off when she sees her under when I have Ms Shug out and Reba walks by...LOOOK OUT comes the Bird Dawg..and she flies down and her wings are flapping her head fall is all full and her beak is open and looks funny but..I don't want it to hurt Reba..

Now do I have a strange group..hope Ms Shug don't attempt to surprise Zeke..ouch.. that would be a BIG MISTAKE..but I watch..I never have Shug out when I'm not in the room...

Had a heavy rain storm this evening and watched a Humming Bird set on a branch right under my window..he actually stayed there a long time and every once in awhile he'd go to my feeder and then back on the branch..I'd say he was there almost an hour..interesting to watch as he pruned himself and even stretched and watched everything around him... Neat..I wished I videoed it..

Well, I'm ready for bed watching 48 hours then it's night night...All you out there traveling Stay Safe and as Always..God Bless Us All.

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Rather Hot Friday

A Rather Hot Friday......the day after our visit with Andrea..I could see the steam coming off the ground..yep we is done cooking..but I'll keep my big mouth shut and accept and thank God we all are ok...

Morning was a little busy as I also watched Clancy come over to Betsy's house and fix the damage that was done by the storm..Yes, it was my neighbor Betsy who got the Boo Boo...but our man Clancy was on the job..He's a keeper for us all..:)

I went out to feed my wild birds and I think I heard them whistle.."it's food time"  LOL they were hungry ..I know sooner moved away and I had several come visit..scooping up plenty..hahaha

Put my hanging plants back up and was glad no damage to any of them..sure always looks nice having something there and with color..makes ya feel good..well it does's those little things I kind of enjoy..

Was planning on going out today but the heat does me in and it was warm even at 5am..goodness I know I was gonna be sucking up that AC...and I'm not a big fan of it..but hey I ain't dumb..well maybe just a little sometime..:)..shhhhhh I'll never admit it..

It's official now it will be 4 weeks and hubby will be here..goodness time is flying and I'm gonna need to step it up a notch..start getting my list together and one thing I need to do measure the area I'm putting Ms Shug I can get that cage for traveling with her...

I'm smiling cause I'm telling ya this is gonna be a trip..She has a great vocal ability and also able to reach high places and a high impact on breaking the sound barrier..hey, I think anyone parking next to me..well..maybe I better put a sign on the door..BEWARE OF LOUD BURSTS..BIRD DAWG ON PATROL..hahaha

Tonight really didn't do much watched DateLine again.. I seem to like some of those programs more the mysteries amaze me..and when it's a heart felt one..well, my box of Kleenex is close by.

Now it's bed time and tomorrow I need to make a run to the store..well not me..but in my car...if I ran I'd never make the driveway..LOL..oh I did that number before..falling I thought on to my car instead hitting the bumper with my face..OUCH...yeah don't ever wanna repeat of that EVER !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Day The Rains Came On Thursday

The Day the Rains Came on Thursday...I'll say... more like Tropical Depression Andrea..( you know I always liked that name ..but I don't know)...

Morning started for me at 4am as I heard the rain hitting on my roof..(living in a double wide you hear it all ) and it wasn't soothing as I always use to say when I was traveling in my Rig...that always put me to sleep..what  did I know I mean did I realize that although the sound of the pitter patter seemed enjoyable that there is always the howling of those twisted winds that can come along with it..YIKES...See when you're young you don't think about things like that ..but now I'm an OLD LADY WHOOOOOO...forget about it !!!!

Anyway...night before I watched intensely as the news casters talked about the up and coming Tropical Depression..and it went on and on..OMG.. I was gonna have a nightmare I just knew it..could I ever get to sleep...knowing how I handle storms.. I'm a trip to begin with...I think as bad as my knees are I could out move a track star LOL..hahahaha

I finally fell off to sleep about 2am and was back up at 4am..I know this is going to be a long, long, long day...but I'm ready for I walked into the living room got in my favorite position.(on the couch) turned on the TV and listened again how this storm was progressing...bitting what use to be nails now is skin..ugh..

I then thought about my hanging pots which were still up..I better go out and put them down on the out I went ..turned on my outside light as it was still dark and raining..and took them all down..(only 6)..then came back in the house and Zeke was looking at me..

I told him, "Zeke, it's your turn'll have to grin and bare the rain...I've got plenty of towels" he knew and what a good boy he was..out he went and even closed his eyes..hahaha..but loved the drying time..Ms Reba was still in bed no way was she getting up and I can't say I blame her..

Later on the rains came harder and harder..not too much wind but we lost satellite and I was so glad I had downloaded those apps on my Iphone cause they came in handy to let me know how the storm was going and where..even the tornado thingy worked although when it gave me that message OUCH..where in the world do I go ???????

All day I sat glued to the TV and Iphone..sent hubby a text to let him know what was happening and also that to contact me by cell phone..Yes, I was a bundle of nerves..nothing like not knowing where to go ????

Those news people can do a number on ya..and I do mean a number..every event was a major issue..but I can understand cause you can't take these things lightly.. I know I won't or don't..

The day went on and on and I finally leaned back on the couch and just said a quick pray and me Zeke, Reba and even Shug took a few winks..yeah Ms Shug was on the pillow and when I woke up she was still there..she wasn't gonna move thank you !!!

As I looked out my window I saw my neighbors roof..the gutters ..and it looked like the tree limb hit I called her up... felt bad too..cause I was sure hoping we'd all have no issues...

Now it's still a Topical Depression till tomorrow morning at 6:30am..and hope and pray no surprises and from what the news says.."We'll have more rain"..

I am tired from being tired and now I'm needing my brain to rest with that I'll say.."Those traveling Stay Safe and as always ..God Bless Us All ".