Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saved by the Bell on Sunday :)

Saved by the Bell on Sunday :)....see I must have known things were gonna go a muck and Lunch time..hahaha.. I'm good but didn't realize how good :)

Morning came and I was just so anxious to be a fly on the wall at that restaurant cause I just knew things were gonna go off to the wild blue other words Jet Propelled..hahaha

Later on in the day I got a phone call of why I was so wise to have company LOL well you and I know but they don't..any way seems a little tiff did start but was some what held down to a minimum...but you could bet your sweet bippy that if I were there it would have been in a loud over tone...(shout)...and I would have crawled under the table hoping no one would have known I was there....

Most of my day was pretty darn good I just hung around and watched a few good movies and made myself a Philly Cheese Steak..cause hubby sent down the bread (rolls ) for me ...and it was sooooooo good ..infact toooooooo good !

Come evening I was getting jumpy as too much laying around for me makes me crazy so tomorrow I'm having to get off my laundry and run to Winn Dixie for a few things and then come back and get a few boxes together to start packing up..

I've got lots of plastic that I use for the critters foods that I try to do up ahead of time and plus I like to make triple batches of gravy (spag sauce) and I won't need all that now so those will get put in the boxes for next arrival..

Chatted with hubby for a bit and as I watched Celebrity Apprentice I fell asleep hence I'm writing late and guess he must have too cause we always say, "Good Night" but not this night LOL..

Seems we are having Thunder Storms every night this week ..that's ok as long as it's not severe..we need the rain big time..but that lightening well ..another story..

Ok, now I'm ready to say.."Adios Amigos"...I'm tired from doing nothing  LOL..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All...:)

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