Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Quiet Sunday

A quiet Sunday....and it sure was .... Miss Annie was missing her big brother Rudy... she was so sad and I tried to play with her a bit..but boy you can tell she really was down in the dumps.. I think it will take her a few days and she'll bounce back.. I hope 

Most of the day I really just did only what I had to but took it easy.. I kind of needed it.. felt drained ...and I realize I only have 5 1/2 weeks left before we head home..

I can't believe the time flew by ... and so it is.. in our lives.. I keeps saying, "Do things while you can, cause life just passes us by before we know it..."   Sucks for sure..

This time when we head home  I'll meet up with my RV Sistah Paulette and stop at Mary's and stay over night ...and soon Mary will be my neighbor..that will be neat..then we head home to Philly and again we head out to meet up with my Nieces..... I can't wait for that.. it's been so long overdue

I started another Afghan but this time it will be one of many colors..use up my skeins of yarn I had extra from other afghans I made.. so this will be like the song ..only Aghans of many colors..:)

Now I'm ready for bed for tomorrow is Trash day and clean frig too and start to get this house in some kind of order..also have to make a fresh pot of coffee and do a pot of rice up.. soon it will be Ms Shug's setups on veggies..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Big Saturday !

The big Saturday !  The day I bring my big boy Rudy to meet up with Rose his handler..My heart was feeling the ache but I knew he was going to be in good hands and with someone that would give him lots of love and attention..

Woke up a little bit uneasy from thinking about a friend who just had a traumatic experience and I was feeling so bad for her...prayed that all would work out and that the rest of the week would go smoothly for her..

Got up at 5am and loved on my big boy Rudy as I knew this was gonna be the last time for 3 weeks..( I'm such a woos!)....Miss Annie was her usual tough gal and gave Rudy his what for..LOL  He loves it ...but again, I wanted my time with him to hug on to the big lug ..

Didn't feed the brats breakfast as I worried with driving, might be a bit too much and also Rudy was like on the edge..he knew we were going someplace and he would not settle down.. drove me bonkers!

Got Ms Shug fed and she was acting like, "Where the heck are you all going ".. I didn't have my breakfast with her and her beak was out of joint..Oh well ...she'll get over it ..hahaha..or she'll bite me..

I loaded up all the stuff...good grief I had a mess going.. frozen pork patties, frozen chicken thighs, biscuits, charcoal biscuits and 40lbs of Eukanuba..2 bottles of water and Heart Guard for 1st of June..the list on how I feed and what have you...hahaha..oh yeah!  the two brats :)

Got everyone in the car and Rudy would not sit or lay down..he stood looking out the back window the whole way he sleeps good tonight LOL.. but Miss Annie..she leaned back and took her snooze..

Stopped at McDonalds to grab coffee..which by the way is terrible and an egg mcmuffin...I didn't need to go on an empty stomach with taking all my meds..drove down and I was there within an hour and a half.. don't know why someone told me over 2 hours..

So I was the first one their and soon after Rose came in and then Nancy and Jerry...we all met up and chatted a bit ..they were anxious to see Rudy and they brought two dogs with them as well... we all hugged loaded the dogs into Rose's van and away we all drove..back on up that long drive...

I got a text from Rose letting me know she made it home and all were doing well and then I talked with Jerry and seems we all got in at the same time... was a good feeling that we all communicated...something I wasn't use to from past..

The rest of the day was quiet and I'm telling you we, Miss Annie, Ms Shug and Me...missed that big lug...Annie has been very quiet might take her a few days ..but when he comes home.. I know she'll whip his butt.. and he'll love it !

Now it's that time for bed and I'm really so ready and on with tomorrow.. So with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, May 29, 2015

It's Flippin Friday

It's Flippin Friday and I'm telling you I'm down to the wire !.. Got up and felt like I was missing something..not sure cause I still haven't found it just yet..but I'm looking...

After I got the brats fed and Ms Shug and I had breakfast I got up and out the door to Publix as I needed to pick up a package of chicken Thighs for Rudy's to use all the others were frozen and I did up 6 pork patties also this morning.. so that will be his... I'm ready to eat while Rose sets the others in their neat little vacuum sealed bags to thaw. She will appreciate mess !

While at Publix I walked by the isle that has those dear ladies cookin up something for you to just try...and I always try to avoid it..but not this time..Oh NO!!!  She got me.. she kept calling me to come over and try thing I look up and she's at my cart with that plate of something??????

So I oblige and low and behold that chit was good LOL... next thing I realize is she's loading my basket with all the stuff I need to make it... Perhaps she gets commission ????  dunno...but I'm tellin you this was GOOOOOOD!   It was called Creamy Horseradish Pork with Sauteed Brussel Sprouts and Mushrooms..OMG.... and yes!  I will be making it on Sunday..:)

Finally I got out of the store and hurried home to get other things packed and print out my feed list for Rudy LOL  I know this gal is gonna think this Ole Gal is a Nut Job... I am ... I admit it... but I do try to make sure my crew eats good..

Before I realized it the day got away from me.. and now here I sit at my computer getting ready for bed ..and I had to do Rudy's toenails..Oh LORD Have Mercy...he was so bad.. I flipped his arse over on the bed and I just wasn't gonna let him get away with it... as big as he is and strong as he is... if he would have gotten mad .. well, I'd be on the floor lookin up.. but I did pop him a quick one and let him know.. I ain't no push over..Hence we got all 10 nails done and I then hugged him and played with him to make up for it...

Don't know why all of a sudden he's not wanting this.. I never had problems with him like this..but he'll be gone 3 weeks..I know Rose won't put up with it either...and that's a good thing..

I also have to do Annie and she's a she's always been the worst...I need to rest before I do her..but she's getting done soon.. ok, now I'm wiped out..

I need to get my butt in bed as I'm loading up tomorrow and then heading out only a few hours driving but I'm a little uptight.. so it's sweet dreams all..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Took A Me Day On Thursday :)

I took a me day on Thursday..:)... I needed a Me Day !... and I got it..well almost as I still had to do some work.. I mean, what's a day without a job to do ???????

Morning was warm and I was just dragging butt....but I got the brats taken care of and my plants watered and  Yes!  even the outside critters were looking at me... have a few that actually come up to me while I'm outside....ok, I'm the feeder of the group ...hahaha

Came back inside and me and Ms Shug have breakfast together..she's made that a ritual.. I mean if I'm not in my seat next to her eating while she is..she complains big time...I mean high it is what it is..

I also finished the Afghan other than weaving in the ends and I took a picture.. now I have to tell you I was shocked and ticked off cause it's shaded.. even though I got the same dye lot.. it's shaded.. I wanted it to be so right on too..but hubby feels it's gonna be just fine and keep him warm..

It's really nice .. I mean the pattern I really like it..but boy I just don't understand..companies today don't give a chit.. anyway it is.. I have it folded ....
The rest of my day went well.. and now I'm just ready for bed and to get my list of things I need to make sure I have to bring with Rudy when we leave Saturday and Rudy goes with his handler.. I know I'm gonna miss that boy..he's wonderful to live with and Miss Annie is gonna be missing him too.. she won't have any one to pick on other than me and Ms Shug..Uh Oh !                       
So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....................

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

And The Race Is On, On Wednesday :)~

And the race is on, on Wednesday :)~.....It's the day we, Annie and Rudy go to the Vets.... now you all know what an experience that is and always is.. the Cats jump and the folks all laugh their sides away...

Morning for me was the..."let's get it done "  and I only fed Ms Shug as being we had an early appointments and Annie and Rudy were getting their booster shots.. I didn't want Rudy to get sick on me..

So I got all the rushing out of the way and they (the brats) were waiting for their breakfast until they saw me reach for my wallet and keys.. then holy  hell broke loose...they went bonkers..raced through the house like gang busters and ran out side jumped on the screen door...almost like a bumper car ...ran out to the back patio and was just a barking like two crazy kids...Oh this was gonna be a wild ride.. I could see it...

Getting them out to the car isn't always that Annie runs right for the sliding door and hops in her crate.. (I left them open the night before to avoid crazy stuff)...and I had Rudy on the short lead and I politely gave him a good yank to let him know.. No Pulling... as this bugger can drag me across the room effetely....

So we, Rudy and I walked to the car and Miss Annie was just a barking..oh she can be a pistol..hence her name.. I'm a pistol .... it fits !!...and Rudy jumped in the car into his crate..he is good about that as long as Annie doesn't jump out at him and start a wrestling..

As I drove out the driveway, Miss Annie was settling down and so did Rudy.. thank goodness cause usually they got something to say about it...but  I drove out and down the road peacefully... Thank the Lord !

Got to the Vet's office and I went in and spoke with Rosemary..she's the receptionist......and she said, "Being you are just getting boosters, Doc will send out the Techs...and they'll do Rudy and Annie in the car...Holy Hannah... I'm saved as the office had lots of little dogs..(yappers) in the waiting room I could just see how this would NOT work out..

So the girls came out.. and they are so good and sweet.. they gave Annie and Rudy their boosters and Doc yelled, "How's Annie doing"?   She is so well known for her antics.. I mean, she's the joke of the group.. in fact she's the joke in my house.. she's so sweet and those eyes of hers.. well they sparkle with mischief...

As I replied ...and giggled the whole time..  yesterday as I was in the carport I heard a loud "Snap, Crackle and Pop" as I looked at Miss Annie. I knew it wasn't cereal. I asked her "Whatcha got Annie"?... She turned her head and as I approached she turned again the other way. I then reached for her and saw something hanging out the side of her mouth. So I had to pry open ( those that have Rotties understand this) and as I got it opened reached in and pulled out. "Bubble Wrap". I looked at Annie shook my head and said, "Annie, this is Bubble Wrap not Bubble Gum"!!!! Doesn't get any better folks ...

Doc shook his head and just laughed... You know I often wonder sometimes myself..but I look at it this way... Miss Annie is forever keeping me on my toes and laughing..sometimes !!!

We headed back and the brats were really hungry.. so I fed them and they took a long nap.. so did I... but I'm glad everything went better.. and now that's all done... till next year...

Most of the day I just did setups for Ms Shug.. cooked her Sweet Potatoes and I didn't have any white potatoes so I'll pick some up on Friday and add that too her stash >...

Now it's night time, and I didn't work on Robert's Afghan so tomorrow I'll start weaving in the ends and that will be done and put away till we head back to Philly which isn't too far away..

Bed time as my bones are dragging and tomorrow is Trash day from the weekend and holiday .. and I need to clean my frig.. oh brother !!

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Welcoming Tuesday

A welcoming Tuesday as I got through the day pretty darn good ... Morning was the normal hectic, wild and crazy with my zany brats but I enjoy otherwise my life would be BORING !!

Today thought I had to run to Publix and to Sparr's ..had to pick up a 40lb bag of Eukanuba for Rudy as he will be heading out on Saturday as I drive down to meet up with Rose..and his show career starts..he's coming very much into his own longer looks like the young pup.. he's becoming a Big Boy ...and he's just about ready..

I'm a tad bit nervous, but I also know that Rose is very good with the dogs and doesn't have a lot where her attention is spent on too many.. so she'll have that one on one which for him, is really important..

Most of the day went by rather quickly and I also finished Robert's Afghan all I have to do now is weave in the ends..and I'll work on that more Thursday as tomorrow I have to take those darling two the Vets..

This should be another interesting event..everytime it's something crazy .. I leave the place with everyone laughing.. including me ...I even think my two brats leave grinning LOL..

Haven't felt much like cooking..but I need to start as I'm eating JUNK...and that's not good.. so tomorrow I'll start getting on the band wagon and cooking..OMG!  well sorta of LOL.. My NuWave Oven sure does make it easier..

So that's about it.. other than it was HOT>>>>HOT<<<<

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, May 25, 2015

It Is Monday, Memorial Day !

It is Monday...

             Happy Memorial Day

As Maxine puts it so nicely :)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Appeared With Out My Help !

Sunday appeared without my help!  and I'm still going ... got all of the things needed for Rudy to travel with.. am a bit nervous..but I know he'll be in good hands...but oh my..the empty nest syndrome is hitting Momma

Got up this morning and didn't even want my cup of coffee I had so many things on my mind..what to do ..where to go..what else did I need...Oy!!!!....I'm getting there slowly ..

Have to remember I need to go to the Vets on Wednesday to get Rudy and Annie's Booster and then gather his bags to put all that frozen food in ..OH!!! Yeah, I'll be just fine..

Then this afternoon my niece calls and they are coming down.. only problem is.. I'm not going to be in... I mean I have the dog shows..Holy Crap I felt like chit.. I had wanted to see her and her hubby and now I might only see them just for lunch.. if that... I feel so terrible.. but I am planning on going and spending the weekend at the campground 5 min. from their home in August..but still that doesn't make me feel that great either..

Now my stomach is a mess.. I went and got a Wendy's ..shouldn't have but I didn't want to cook.. sucks and it's bed time.. so this is short and sweet and hoping for relief ...LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and remember this is Memorial Day ..not to be yours !!  God Bless Us All..

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ok, I'll Deal With Saturday

Ok, I'll deal with I go through my lists of things I have to get ready for Rudy.. the days are coming closer I meet up with Rose on the 30th and Rudy will be away from home for 3 weeks... Yes! Momma here is getting nervous..

Morning for me I've said many times before is hectic... I have my getting ready for the brats and Ms Shug going ...and the darlings are always in High Gear..charging through the house ...growling, jumping and rolling on the floor as they knock into me...always everyday I get my feet stomped on.. I'm surprised I don't have all my toes broken..they show me no mercy LOL.

Then after I get all that done I get my turn to sit back drink my large cup (2cups) of coffee and have my raisin toast as Ms Shug joins me for breakfast...I take a breather and watch the goings on outside and listen to the news..wait for hubby to call on his way to work...

It's the same everyday till I run out of setups and then the work load intensifies and Yes! I complain all the work I cause myself.. I know, I'm the only one that listens to it..hahaha... but once I'm done I get a major break in work load..although I always have a lot to do..

Now here on Saturday I treated myself to some awful Chinese food..I do mean it's not great.. only a couple of the items they make do I even I've said before, "Not sure what happen to the Chinese in Florida, but they gave up n cooking really good..same with the Pizza.. awful"..

I had to get all the pork and chicken in vacuum seal bags so they didn't get freezer burnt ...then made sure I have all that I need for Rudy to go on the road.. that's all done..have to pick up the 40lb bag of food and everything else is done..

Now I'm ready for bed..gave everyone their night snack and I'm just getting my night gown on and leaning back...been a day and tomorrow I start all over again LOL... cept I've got to cut up some Sweet Potatoes for Ms Shug to cook ahead..
It's what keeps me active...LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, May 22, 2015

Gawd It's Friday !

Gawd It's Friday !...and that's how it goes...I was hoping to get out for a bit but it didn't go that way instead it was rather an unusual day...LOL

Morning again I got up wee early and boy that warm air hit me smack dab in the face...I could hardly catch my breath..nothing like waking up to 78 degrees..and no breeze..Hello Florida !!!

Got the brats taken care of and talked with the hubby on our morning ritual as we do every morning ..he let's me know he's up and if I don't hear from him by a certain time I call to make sure he's's how it is..

Then I get a call from him as he drives into the funny part about that is the whole time I use to travel he would never talk with me.. I mean I use to call but he was like, not really wanting to talk.. see how times change..but I do let him know how I use to feel.. it was a thing that needed to be said.. I did many a miles alone and needing to talk and I'd find a friend that would come along the miles with me..thank goodness or I had my critters with and I'd talk to them..although I didn't get much of a response but I wasn't alone..

Then it was my time to sit back and enjoy my coffee and toast and Ms Shug as she and I have breakfast together..that's our thing now's ok, she's a hoot and the brats are in their crates resting from the huge amount of food ..they don't need to be out running and fighting which they do all the time..!!

Most my day was getting things ready for when Rudy heads to meet up with his handler I packed his frozen food in vacuum sealed bags and got his biscuits all done up too.. next I have to get his bag of food..40lbs and then last I'll get the car set up with cooler bags for the frozen food..

That was my whole day other than watering my plants and feeding my wild birds.. I'll be heading over to Walmart as I'm just about out of bird seed and I need to pick up my trellis (5) in all..and a few other things ..

Towards evening my darling Miss Annie got herself into trouble.. I mean doesn't she always.. it's her way of life.. she chewed up a pair of metal knitting needles (don't ask how) and then ate a ball of yarn (5 oz) .. I suppose tomorrow she'll decide to chit a pair of socks.. what color did you ask ????  Sky Blue .. better put your order in.. geeeeeeeeeeez !!!  doesn't get any better..

So it be !  it is what it is !...HELP!  She's the brat from the bowels of HELL.. LOL.. she's a love but oh my stars...she's gonna drive me nutz !

Now I'm ready for bed and still have to do Shug's veggie set up but I'll do that in the morning...already did a pot of rice up for Annie with her 1/2 tblsp of pumpkin that helps her tummy.. don't know why cause she is determined to eat weird stuff... Lord help her .

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All... and Miss Annie so I don't whoop her arse !!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oh! I'm Here On Thursday

OH!  I'm here on Thursday in body but not in spirit..LOL... I stayed up to late the other night watching David Letterman's retirement..and I payed for it all day on Thursday...

Struggled to get up in the morning and get anything done.. it was like pulling teeth..of which I'm almost out of ...and then the rest of the day I struggled to get through it ..if into the evening as I had to do a few setups for the rest of the week...

I was so wanting to go to body just wasn't with me.. I mean I had an out of body experience...hahaha.. I was wanting to be in the horizontal position but my body stayed upright.. I can't believe I made the day..

When I think I use to be a night owl.. good grief that was so long ago here I am and ole lady and attempting to think in another world..but reality sets in and I'm dragging..

Now it's bed time and I'm so ready have to do a few things and I do believe I will sleep through without a problem..and I've got a list of things I need to get done..

Have to get Rudy's stuff together as I don't want that last minute rush.. praying he will be ok and do ok..and it goes smoothly..and now my brain is saying, "Sign off woman"...LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.. and my bones !!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Over The Hump on Wednesday

Over the hump on Wednesday....woke up much better as I gave it a lot of thought about the implant procedure and I realize I really don't have an alternative being I have the problems with bone I'll do my homework and will get another opinion when I get back to Philly.

Morning was hectic as it always is... the brats are in high gear from resting all night and let out like Wild Boar..and I just sit back sense screaming or attempting to get in their way..they do settle down after they've exhausted themselves...

Got everyone their breakfast and headed out to Publix ..picked up a few things then headed to Sparr's as I was out of their Lunch Cookie.. a huge biscuit..and then headed home..

Amazing how stress can ware you out..but I was really just not full of energy and most of the day I kind of just paced myself.. and looking at my list .. I have setups tomorrow for Shug ..(it's always on going) but it does give me a break once I get them done..

Tonight watched the Survivor.. always interesting and now that comes to an end and I see Big Brother will be starting up along with America's Got Talent..Oh yeah !   and here we go again..

Ok, I'm wiped and tomorrow is trash day...LUCKY ME !  so it's  Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Tuesday Was A Crap Day !

My Tuesday was a crap day!  No need to embellish on the I mulled over what happened on now it's get a second opinion and then go from there..

So my post tonight on my blog is just Simple.. I need to clear my head and do some research and do what's best for me..

Watching the Voice now and enjoying the music...and then I'm getting to bed and starting tomorrow with a better outlook..

You know we all have them Winners !!  Well, This is MINE !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, May 18, 2015

WoW Is Me On Monday

Wow is Me on Monday...and I say that very easily too.. I mean was an eye opener from the Dentist office..oh yeah!..

Started off not really sleeping well had that dentist visit on my mind ..but dragged up out of bed and didn't feed the brats as I wasn't sure how long I'd be there so I just gave them a large biscuit....I did feed Ms's a bird thing ya know..but I couldn't let her go without her food..then I got dressed and out the door I there early too...

Sat in the lobby and just hoped this wasn't going to be a major wrong I in the office and met the "new" young doctor..and we got right to the point after my Xrays..cha ching !!!

Well, it's kind of like this.. I have to explain..implants are done in it takes 3 months to heal once they are implanted..and he would do them at the same time he removes my front teeth..(which are loose as heck and I have an infection under another crown)..then after that I would go back to my other dentist where they would have the teeth made and I'd bring them back and then they would take out the screws and the rods would come down and they'd install (sounds like a nasty mess) the snap on's.. am I in tool time show ??? 

Big thing is .."there is discomfort and always a chance of rejection".. knowing my track record I'm kind of knee knocking right now..but any way I have to wait as my jaw isn't healed enough so looks like (if I go for this) October and he suggests that I take a sedation...OH MY !!

I left the office feeling somewhat depressed.. I can't believe how this is all playing out for me.. and it's folding before my eyes... I was quiet most the afternoon...and am giving it some thought.. but I think I'll also get a second opinion and go from there..

Tonight I watched the Voice and it was pretty good..but I sure wish Sawyer would have sung a more upbeat tune...he's talented but this is also competition and I think he might get lost in the shuffle..wouldn't surprise me if Koryn would win...

Oh well, time for bed and I need to do some research and some heavy thinking on this whole matter the meantime I'm missing a lot of teeth thank you very much...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ok, It's Sunday I'm Caught Up!

Ok, it's Sunday, I'm caught up and tomorrow I have a Dentist appointment regarding implants..whether I get them or not..we shall see..

Morning for me was as always is..busy !!!... I mean there are no words that can explain the wildness of my morning and until I settle the brats down and get all's a blur ...plain and simple ..

I had several things to get done because my Monday would have normally been the day I would have done laundry, vacuumed and steam cleaned the floors..but nope...I'm gonna be pre occupied.

In fact I will leave before feeding Annie and Rudy but will give them a big biscuit till I get back home..but Shug has to be fed.. it's a bird thing !.. but Annie and Rudy will have their run as they always do...just will be cut a little short..Have to get the trash all out too..but got that all ready except for the doggie bags LOL

No coffee in the morning for me..YIKES.. I'll be a DEVIL WOMAN...but I'll grab one after I leave the dentist office...hope so anyway.. don't know how long I can go with out my coffee..and be civil.???????

Working on Hubby's Throw (Afghan) and he tells me he wants it 66" long..heck that's taller than me..hahaha.. this is heavy but really nice and I can barely hold it in my lap it's WARM !!!  more like I'm roasting...but my hands hurt after 8 it's on going but getting there..

Watching BillBoard Awards...and I'm dragging so it's gonna be lights out shortly and on with tomorrow..YUCKO.....

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Oops! I Did Miss Friday, I'm Here For Saturday :)

Oops!  I did miss Friday, I'm here for Saturday :) they say, "Chit happens" and it sure did.. by the time my day ended on Friday I was color me gone...hahaha.. I hit that bed and I was out like a flash... been pushing and the heat ain't helping..

Now here I am putting the last of my work for tomorrow as on Monday I have an early appointment with the Oral Surgeon regarding see if my jaw is healed and we can go forth and get things somewhat back to normal.

Today I was just trying to finish all the things needed on my list.. I have Rudy's food all vacuum sealed for when his Handler, Rose, will call and I'll meet up with her so she can do some training and then start showing Rudy..

Robert has to get another MRI and then the Doctors will schedule his needle biopsy..I can't wait for that to be our worry will be some what reduced..and then we will find out if they will attempt to shrink his tumor by radiation..

Lots of things on my mind...and so much to do too..!  I also have to make a reservation for a campground near my niece, I'm excited as it has been so many years since I've seen any of them... It's awful when you have a bad situation that changes your life completely..

My sister's husband was a "bastard" no other way to put it.. he kept her from her family and until her death,  it was a after almost 50 years, I know sounds wild but it's a fact..I'm going to meet and greet all, maybe, and their children and grandchildren... As I said to my eldest niece, "I really want to see all of you, and not at my funeral".

I can't even express how I'm feeling..but I'm so thankful to God, that I'm still here and I know I'll be thinking of my sister guarantee I'm not gonna ball my eyes out..

Anyway, I'm now ready for bed and I have a list of things to do with that.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm Out And About On Thursday

I'm out and about on Thursday...I know it was only to the grocery store but I got actually out of the house and it felt good..the butcher knows me really well as I go and have him cut up the pork and the chicken for Rudy...and I guess they are kind of shocked as most people are not into that..

Slept pretty good and had a strange dream with hubby's brother George in it (he passed with Leukemia several years ago) we were sitting at the table and George was saying how he needed to get someone to come over and take care of the bears...and then hubby was telling him about my English Peas..LOL  it was strange..

Got the group fed and as soon as I could get dressed I was out and about.. it was also trash day and I was sure hoping I wouldn't be forgotten again...but I backed out that driveway and down the road I went..

Store was nice and cool and not to crowded and I got an up front spot too..saw the same man that helps me carry out my groceries..he is really sweet and even opens the door for me.. very kind man ..I've tried to tip him and he won't take it..

Anyway got all my "stuff" I needed and came home and the brats were like off the wall..they wanted out and to charge through the house..only to be put back up with their lunch cookie..and Ms Shug was yelling too..she wanted her they were all tuned up.. so I fixed everyone and including was relaxing...

Got up and cooked up Sausage and Peppers as I promised Clancy and when he got home he called.. only thing was this time..the sausage wasn't really that juicy ..I wasn't happy with how it turned out and I told Clancy but he said, "I don't care I know it will be good anyway"... he looked tired and I'm sure that made him happy as he didn't have to cook..LOL

Watched a little TV tonight and mainly chatted with he went down to the University of Pa yesterday and saw that other Doctor..who convinced hubby to get a needle the facts are ..Yes! it's 95 % benign but the other 5 % could be malignant. Get it checked to make sure..and also they might try and shrink it with radiation..but we will talk about that down the road..

I'm kind of glad he's going to get this checked to make sure..cause there is always that.."What if"..which can worry you to no that's our next step.. He has to get another MRI as the one he had done is older..and they want it done right before they do the biopsy..

So that's about it..other than tomorrow I've got lots to get done..wrap up Rudy's food as he will be going on the road the end of May..and also cook up a few things so I don't have to during the week as I tend to get so wiped out..

That's my story for today...other than ..It Was Hot !!...had to use my inhaler ..felt wheezing...needed to clear them lungs's the humidity.

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wait It Out On Wednesday

Wait it out on Wednesday....and that's what I did.. I had wanted to go to the store but seems my body had other intentions...hahaha...yeah!  I was lazy, plain and up this morning and forgot to turn on the dishwasher..WAH!!!!....So that sent me into a tail spin..again I was not together..and once that happens... well, you  might as well forget anything I wanted to get done .

I did manage to do a set up for Ms Shug and did up the rice and pumpkin for Ms Annie and never got to do for me...I'm always last..but tomorrow I have to get back on target and make my lists or it just won't get done.

Most of the day after I filled up the little bird feeder and cleaned out the feeding tray then went over and filled up the big feeder and those buggers..squirrels were waiting for me to toss them a little and I did..:)

Watered all my plants and they are now starting to take off and looking good..must remember I need to get 5 more trellis for those other vine plants ..they will look great next year..lots of color out front.

Now starting to get Rudy's food together for when he leaves to go off to be I want to have that done that I don't have to throw things together..and tomorrow I need to make sure I pick up more ground pork and chicken..

Also gonna make Sausage and Peppers as I know Clancy is ready for some too..!.. Gonna make a few things tomorrow so that it will make it easy for me.. if I don't do the do a heads I'm never gonna make the day..I'm dragging.

Tomorrow is trash day too... now I know they won't forget me and probably come extra early..LUCKY ME ...... so I best make sure I have it out there by 6am.

Watched Suvivor..and it was Dan's turn to say, "Good Bye"..getting pushy now..LOL...ok, I'm ready for bed and have the dishwasher on .. I hear it....yes! I'm paying attention..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What Can I Say About Tuesday ?

What can I say about Tuesday ?....Oh Yeah!  I broke loose again .>>>>yeppers .. I got the brats taken care of and Ms Shug and I had breakfast together..(that's now a thing with us )...and then after I let all go potty ...I left the establishment...but more thing..:)

I called the Office here where I reside, and I complained about my trash not being picked up AGAIN...I tried my best to be decent, I mean the nice woman was kind of pushing her luck with giving me reasons why it might of happened..

I politely interrupted and in my vernacular I explained ....."I don't give a rat's patootie"...I pay for a service and service I excuse unless the guy died while picking up trash, got hit by a plain, train or incoming flying object...but I want my trash picked up TODAY !!!...

Now I do realize it's not her fault but Why, oh Why, do they have to go into a story of what they think happened.....who really cares ... she wasn't driving the truck ..she's a nice old lady doing an office job which has nothing to do with Waste Management...DUH....when will people ever learn to just listen and pass it on and get the job done..?????

So then I got in my automobile..hahaha..and down the road I Walmart..and for once....I got everything I needed..OMG!!!  it was a treasure day..oh and I met this nice lady, actually she was the same age as me and came from Long Beach Island...neato...and apparently the poor soul doesn't have many people who talk with her..cause I got to hear her whole life history and yes! I was captured..but she was pleasant and I sure hope she gets more out time to talk with others.. she asked if she could contact me from time to time...and I said, "yes".. I mean she was interesting..but I'm telling you she was in full speed ahead on talking...she went on and on and on....finally I got away...hahaha...

Got home and realized I forgot to stop at the Vets to pick up Annie's Flea Pill as he was out of her tonight at dinner ..Rudy and Annie got the new flea pill that last 3 months..

Tonight watched the Voice and Sawyer made it in.. I hope he steps it up a notch..and then I just petered out.. so here I done with my shower and ready to go to bed...

Tomorrow not sure if I'll go to the store Publix..maybe stay home and just go on Thursday...I promised Clancy I'd make Sausage and that's what I'll do...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, May 11, 2015

OMG! It's Monday

OMG!  It's Monday...and I did not get a good night sleep.. I made the mistake of having Annie and Rudy loose...DUH!  what in the world was I thinking...they got along ok but it was up and down and then panting and then finally Annie got into her mood and it was CHARGE poor Rudy ...and then I was up ..

By the time we actually got out of bed I could have just drove away..hahaha.. I mean it was such a long day and a hot day and I wanted to get over to Walmart to pick up the rest of the yarn to finish hubby's throw and I never got out the door.

My phone never stopped but I did accomplish a few things.. I got my appointment with my Dentist and he also informed me he was retiring..UGH!  but I go next Monday for an evaluation on my implants..

Then I got Rudy registered in the MicroChip..appearently I thought I had registered him but I only did Annie..another DUH moment.. but he's now done done done..

So by the time I got that all taken care of .. I then had to lean back and rest.. I could feel myself getting really tired...I had dragged the trash out and got all that work done..and low and behold again... the trash guys didn't pick mine up.. I was pissed...!

Tomorrow I will call the office and get them to call waste management and pick that up and I'll register a's happened too many times..enough is enough.

Tonight watched the Voice and then got the brats out.. had to put them up earlier as they got into a happens but tonight I wasn't in the mood for that they weren't too happy..but they got over it as they got their cookie before bed.

So hopefully tomorrow I can make a quick run over to Walmart and get the few things I need..then I need to start getting things ready for Rudy to hit the open road.. I have him going with another handler..she's really very nice and really loves the dogs and Rotties are mainly what she handles.. So she'll take him for a week before he starts showing to get Rudy to bond with her.. Smart Gal !!

Ok, I'm beat and I need to get a good night's sleep...Those traveling Be Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day On Sunday !

             Happy Mother's Day

Saturday, May 9, 2015

I Was In My Own World On Saturday

I was in my own world on Saturday..reason .....because I didn't get to bed till after midnight and I was up again at with that little sleep this ole gals brain was called.."Fogged In "....Oh most definitely ...

I stumbled around and made my coffee a little stronger as I sure needed the get up and go cause mine got up and left the area ...I mean to tell you I could barely function.. I can't believe I use to be able to go and go all, I'm good for the first 5 and then I'm on the down hill slope.

I did manage to get a few of my setups (here we go again) done .. like I put up the ground pork for Rudy ..I did up the rice and pumpkin for Miss Annie and I got the feed bins loaded and opened the big 40lbs bags into the large bin..did up the charcoal bisuits for Rudy and Annie..did up the nuts for Ms Shug .

Tomorrow I'll do up the veggies for Ms Shug and dried fruits as they get moistened up when mixed in with the greens. I also took the frozen sweet potatoes and greens mixture out to thaw so in a few days that will be set up for the next 9 days ..the Quinoa is already cooked.. I did the red and white..Ms Shug will like that..

I'll have a breather for a few days ahead anyway..but do need to pick up more sweet potatoes and Yukon gold potatoes and dice up and steam and freeze ahead for Ms Shug..

Yep, it's a continuous job and if I didn't do these setups I'd be in an blur..too much to do daily.. bad enough now I have to sit by Ms Shug and eat breakfast, lunch and she's wanting my company wanting a piece of what ever I'm having.. but she eats that's what's important.

Tonight I watched I Remember Momma, that has always been my favorite of all times.. I do so remember when I was a young kid how we'd sit around the kitchen table and Momma would go through the money and wrap them in paper the coins for us to bring to school to pay for our milk and cookies LOL  also she'd go through the bills on what had to be paid and also give us money to get our shoes repaired  either it was new soles or heels..LOL  our shoes lasted till our toes were coming through...was no buying new shoes that I recall ..and going up to the shoe maker was neat..loved the smell of the leather when I would walk in his shop...those were the days alright ..

Now I'm ready for bed..loaded the dishwasher and that sounds puts me to sleep ..nice and steady...and on to Sunday...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, May 8, 2015

A Shopping Day On Friday

A shopping day on Friday...Oh Boy !!... I get to go out again..two days in a row ..I'm not sure I'm gonna know how to behave myself..LOL....

Well, I'd like to begin with...Why am I waking up at 4am..?????  This is not going to keep happening I hope... it makes my day so dang long and I'm running out of speed.. ...but I keep truckin on....DUH !

Got the brats all settled down and Ms Shug wasn't thrilled as normally she's out with me having breakfast..but no today SISTER!!.. I am on a mission...hahaha.. have to pick up a few groceries..and of course stuff for Shug and Rudy.. I mean it's always more needed..

Good thing too because they had pork on sale so I picked up a few more pounds of it and got Shug her Corn..she so loves corn on the cob.. the white and yellow mix.. must be real sweet...but she does the Yum, Yum, Yum.....and that works for me..

Store was crowded..and I wanted to get in and get out and don't cha know I left my list in the car..UGH... so I got what I thought I needed with a few goodies.. those Krispy Kremes..OH ! take them away I have no control...

I was gonna stop at Sparrs but it was so hot when I got to the car and I left my cooler bags in the home I went.. and unloaded and then let the brats out.. they were bouncing off the wall...Ms Shug was screaming.. Let me out of here LOL

Took like forever to calm everyone down.. goodness I'm not allowed to go anywhere it seems...but that's gotta stop..cause tomorrow I'm heading out again I have to go to Sparrs..LOL  I also need to go to Walmart to pick up more yarn for the "throw" I'm making hubby.. it's coming along nicely but no way what the pattern calls for is it gonna make it.. I need more yarn..and only 5 oz on a skein.. it called for 8...should have been 18..more like it.

I didn't eat dinner as the Krispy Kreme was over my I just had a glass of milk..I mean I was a "Bad Bad Ole Lady Whoooooo" I did a little more knitting not much as my hands are really hurting..they cramp..this yarn is thick and the throw is getting heavy in my lap..

Watched the Amazing Race and chatted with my friend Dawn who has just bought a smoker and did up a brisket and made pastrami...oh yeah I could sure go for that...but as I tried to explain... it's only me..hubby is not here yet and that's a lot of smokin' I'd have to be doing and I'm not big on smoked foods.. a White smoked white fish..

Now my brain is in shut down mode cause it's late for me.. so you know I'll be dragging tomorrow...oh brother .....Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, May 7, 2015

To The Doctor On Thursday :)~

To the Doctor on Thursday :)~..... It was up and get everything done and out the door by 7am... Only gave the Brats their cookie and had to feed Ms Shug..then grabbed my bag and out the door I went..

The drive in is always a treat.. the Morning Sun is beaming right in your eyes.. Yes!  I'm traveling I squint all the way in ..even with my bad eye there with no problem and in the office.. I barely sat down and the nurse came and got me..

Took my weight (lost 8 lbs) and my bloodpressure.. 160/80..mmmm wonder why????? could it be I was still in shock from yesterday...or maybe cause I didn't take my meds as it was only 7:30am.. mmm well we'll see..

Got put in that little room.. you know the one where you check everything out in the room.. and listen to those footsteps as they walk by... but surprise.. Doc walked in and HELLO There..

He always likes to joke with me.. it's kind of a New York thing and then he goes over my meds and my blood work.. my numbers were good..cholesterol 143
HDL  60....Triglycerides 103...LDL  62... Bingo !.. My A1C was 6.0 still not bad really.. but my Bilirubin was high 1.4..all those meds and I have that fatty liver as they call it.. just give me more meds LOL..

Had a good visit with Doc as usual...we joked about my last experience and then he tells me all his good stuff.. I have my list for him and he chuckles and he addresses each one and those he is not sure he writes them down and if I don't see him .. like now I'm going back to Pa in July he'll email me or call me

Then I was out of there stopped at McD's for breakfast...grabbed my bag and headed home to let the brats out then feed them.. then I sat down took my meds and ate my the way.. McD's coffee was full of coffee grounds.. yucko.. it was nasty !!

Most the day I just puttered around and watered my plants fed my Christmas Cactus and then worked a little more on Hubby's to lean back a little and then before I knew it .. it was night time..

Now I'm ready for bed and tomorrow I have to go to Publix.. pick up a few things and then just come home and take the day a little easy... so that's my story and those traveling Stay Safe and those in Oklahoma and surrounding areas.. Hunker down... Safe.... God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What A Day On Wednesday

What a day on Wednesday... and I do mean what a day!... Got up and I didn't even make a piece of toast as I had things to do and get the brats to the Vets...and of couse I had the rotten night sleep..waking up at 4am.. took me forever to get to sleep on top of that.. Should have known why

Didn't feed the brats breakfast as Rudy doesn't like riding in the car  I mean he likes it but his tummy doesn't.. so I only gave them a cooking and got Ms Shug fed and she was wondering why she wasn't out so she began to scream...

I got everyone out the door and we headed over to the Vets... look out Wildwood here we come !!!!  Got their and Rosemary was outside having her cig and coffee..LOL  she waved and she knew LOOK OUT.. WE HAVE ARRIVED...hahaha..

She's really great too.. we both laugh as I open the slider and open Annie's crate and she bolts out but I caught her..had to hang on to get that leash on..and then I gave her to Rosemary and off they went.. next was Rudy..Gawd help me that boy is strong...but I hung on got his leash on and prayed he wouldn't knock me over.. he's really STRONG!

We get inside and there is a Cat...just looking at us and Rudy and Annie are looking and I see Rudy's hackles go up.. UH OH.. I'm prepared to hang on... TIGHT!... next come the other techs as we have to weigh in the brats..

We get that done and the one tech has a hold of Rudy.. then the cat comes back..HELLO...there she goes... I mean I could say..."She skidded down the hallway...hahaha.."... Was waiting to smell rubber burning ...hahaha

Next as Rudy comes back up there is another cat in the corner on the chair sleeping... well he thought he was.. Miss Annie got her nose in and up that cat went... Everyone was laughing as it became a blurr.. and some people came in with a feisty little dog.. and that dog was wanting to take us all on.. OH NO!!

It was loud and Doc came out laughing.. but wait his turn was we got into the little room.. Annie was happy to see Doc and as soon as Doc kneeled down.. it was over... I mean Rudy just jumped on Doc and was licking him and Annie was tugging him.. hmmmm Doc got a dog bath .. and he was just laughing and saying, "Thank goodness these have good temperament LOL.

After that episode we left and went home.. I pulled in the driveway and was tired.. I figured I'd open the carport door and then let Annie and Rudy run in like they've always done... NOT TODAY...they jumped out and took off... OMG!!  I called and called and do you think they'd even stop and look at me...HELL NO !

I tried to run but my legs are bad...but I did catch up to Annie as Rudy was busy sniffing and peeing on the trees..thank goodness... Once I got a hold of Annie I grabbed her collar and walked back to the house.. Rudy then stopped and turned around and starting following us... Got Annie in the Carport and Rudy took off for the front of the house and towards a neighbors garage door they had opened... I jumped in my car ..backed out the driveway ..made the turn and opened the slider and as I was in motion I called for Rudy ..he came running towards the car and jumped in... Good Gravy.. My heart was pounding in my chest so hard..

If I was to go.. that would have been the time right then and there.. I mean my heart beats were so hard they hurt my rib cage.. that's a fact.. I could hardly catch my breath as I had some problems with my Asthma...well hello Lungs.. I heard you plead and say..."Chit heads, they are Chit heads"...

Drove back in and put Rudy on the leash.. walked in him the carport and really I wanted to put my foot up both their arses.. but it was my own fault .. I broke my own rule.. I'm the jack ass !

When we got in the house.. I gave them their lunch cookie and put them up and I fell out.. I was so wiped I could barely move.. I had to rest or I just knew I'd be found later on..turned blue !!!

The rest of my day was spent .. I was going to go to Publix but you can forget about that.. I couldn't even if I was given the store.. I had to take it easy and that's what I did.. the rest of the whole day... I didn't care..but I do know this.. these block heads I have don't give a rats patootie ..if they get loose they is on their way to FREEDOM...

Now I watched Survivor and I'm ready for bed.. tomorrow I have a Doc appointment at 7:30am.. so it's off to bed I go... Those traveling Stay Safe and those in Oklahoma, I sure am keeping you all in pray... God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Nothing Kind Of Day On Tuesday

A nothing kind of day on Tuesday....and so it was.. I was really exhausted from Monday and I felt I needed to take a "Me" it was ...although I still did my chores.. I mean that's a given...but the rest of the day I just veggied out.

I worked on Robert's Throw I'm making.. and boy let me tell you.. this is some heavy stuff.. my hands are aching.. I did like 24 rows and I was maxed out.. now I didn't do that at one sitting.. it was a little in the morning, a little at lunch time and a little before dinner...but that was all I could handle..

He will be warm in fact it will be like a furnace..hahaha.. it's in a denim blue.. it's pretty neat looking and soft but heavy LOL.. and I think I'm gonna need to pick up more the pattern says, "8 balls"..these however are a different type yarn a little thinner that what it called for and this of course has only 5 ounce to a skein (ball) the other (big deal) is 6 oz...hahaha.. but no way is this gonna only take that amount.. plus I'm using a smaller knitting needle ..yeah, I somewhat changed things but it was like this.. that's all they had in the store as far as round needles go.. 10 1/2.. instead of a I think I need more yarn as I did buy 10 skeins.. hahaha..

So that was my day other than my brats weren't as bad as yesterday but soon I can tell that broom is coming out of the closet and a big swing is gonna take place..even Shug..I mean she was like a mad bird.. hahaha.. squawking LOUD.. drove me bonkers.. I could have ran away...if I had my rig out there .. I might have hahaha..

Tonight watched the Voice to see who made the cut..Sawyer made it in.. so he best step it up a notch and so that was it.. I mean I did watch a few shows during the day.. and I feel much better .. my asthma is kicking up ..but it's because the humidity is up too.. had to use my inhaler..

Now I'm getting ready for bed.. Brats have a Vet appointment tomorrow at 9am.. so I won't feed them breakfast just in case.. Rudy doesn't like the car that much.. he's ok in the motor home .. but car..different story and of course Annie loves anything but good golly she barks at everything.. Where did I go wrong ???? LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, May 4, 2015

Oh Help Me, It's Monday !

Oh help me, it's Monday !... goodness gracious..this morning was a rush and I do mean a rush... seems like I was in reverse speed..getting the trash out and all my chores done..then on to feeding the brats...I mean to tell you I was gasping when I sat down and had my coffee with Ms Shug... I mean I'm so glad this day is just about over !!!!!!!!

The weather was great, but my day was just to dang busy... I was going in so many directions I had to stop myself as I wasn't going no where fast ...hahaha.. and of course Miss Annie and Rudy were feeling their oats... I need a broom ..I mean to tell you I could have put that in full use..

By afternoon time I was going on the down hill fast...made lunch and Ms Shug didn't have any of her corn left..OMG!!  but did have her sugar snap peas..but she did give me the look..hahaha.. even Ms Shug .

I had to lean back as I could feel myself just wiping out.. I was for some reason ..felt like I was racing inside myself.. too much I'm trying to get done.. and I need to start to pace myself.. I keep forgetting that if I do this too much I'm done for the rest of the day..DUH!!!  Some day it will sink in .

Later tonight I did watch the Voice and thank goodness Sawyer did sing an upbeat tune..Take Me To The River..woo hoo.. He needs more of those type tunes ...

Now it's bed time and finally Annie and Rudy are calmed down.. it's got to be something in the water.. I sure hope tomorrow will be a lot better..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

I Made The Break Out On Sunday :)

I made the break out on Sunday :)... and I didn't watch QVC...well truth be told I haven't watched QVC in a coon's age...been just not needing anything and I guess I've been so involved with what Hubby is going to do about his health and maybe soon think about Retiring..

For some reason this morning I woke up at 4am..Good Gravy what was I thinking...but I couldn't get back to sleep ..but I did let Rudy out and on the bed being Miss Annie was still in her sleep mode..she was kind to him for a few minutes then she went on the attack as soon as he stepped closer to me..poor boy.. I'm trying to work him in ..might have to squeeze a smidgen ..but he needs to have his time too...

After I got everyone fed and including myself .. I kind of lagged a bit..but then headed out..and to Walmart ...I so do not like going there anymore..seems their stuff is getting junkie...and when you go in to the food area..well, not appetizing for sure..

I did get my trellis..and I found two hanging baskets..but when I got home with them...they are too big..I can still use them in my planters next to the house..but I do need to buy 6 more smaller hanging mine ...well I might get another season..

I did buy some neat yarn..the thick stuff and it's a steel blue color ..gonna make hubby a lap type throw..maybe a little longer..but this sweetheart is gonna be heavy and with the winters being so cold this will come in handy..and I'm knitting it..already had to take it out...hahaha.. somewhere in this pattern I'm missing something..but I restarted it so the border is done now tomorrow after I get my chores done I'll start the pattern ..and count !!!! but wow it's heavy on my hands... this is on a round needle called for an 11...but I only had a 10 1/2 .. so it will be ok..

Other than that.. got back and put up my my Mandevilla and boy it looks nice.. I need to take pictures..but now I need to get a few more trellis for the other plants... as they will need something to climb up on..

I did go to stop by that nursery and they were closed on Sunday so I'll have to swing by one day next week..and get a few more plants to put on the side of the carport...with a trellis of course LOL..

Now I'm tired ...need to head to bed.. busy Monday..lots of things to get done and laundry..OMG!! Trash too and oh.. change my filter in my Heat Pump..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Watering The Flowers On Saturday

Watering the flowers on Saturday...sure am.. I've been working on those geraniums and they are starting to blossom really nice and full.. and also my bougainvillea and Mandevilla..  they are really all coming along nicely.. my Roses that Clancy cut back like to the ground..OH MY STARS !  I hope they come back..

My mornings are always a rush and as I sit in my chair by the window next to Ms Shug as we share breakfast I look out watch the Hummers and looks at the birds flying in to be fed and later take their drink in that clean birdbath..I do think they watch me.. hahaha

However, I'm just so happy to see the colors from the plants vibrant they are becoming.. I feed them now every week with Miracle Grow and they sure do show it.. this is something I'm enjoying and I think of my Grandma, who basically raised me ...she loved to feed the birds and loved her little flowers in her flowerpots.. yes! I do believe I take after her Big Time !!!

Then I think in about 10 weeks I'll be heading back to Pa...UGH!!  I've asked Clancy to please take care of them..but he's been so busy.. I'm gonna worry.. I know he'll do his best..but and that's where I have to put it..

Now this coming Oct when we come back my friend Mary will have moved down to finally live in her house around the block from me.. and as I've already asked Mary if she would take care of my plants again when I head back.. I've given her a paying job.. LOL.. I know she's good about her word and will like that paycheck too hahaha..

Amazing how we attach ourselves to things.. for me it's just the simple things I so enjoy.. I mean, I do so love watching the birds and growing the plants.. it makes me feel good.. I'm not able to much physical things but I get out there every day and water and tell my gifts from God .. how much I enjoy them and I even enjoy those bugger squirrels.. they come up to me as I fill the feeders and if they are not there I whistle and they come out of the trees..

I've been feeding late in the day as those black birds are eating everything up and I'm trying to make sure the other birds get some..the small feeder is always filled and I have the smaller birds that will go to it.. also my Woody..they come to it..don't want to put up with those blackbirds..

Tomorrow I have to make a run to try and get a trellis for my Mandevilla she's growing and her vines are looking for something to attach too.. she's gonna be pretty and I might pick up another one or two ..we'll see or I might wait till next time I come back down...

Today I really didn't do much but Viggled..hahaha..that's a new thing for me and what a bugger it is..but you do get reward points and can get some things and even dinners or shows to I've giving it a Viggle..hahaha..

Well, I'm done and tomorrow comes early and I already put the brats lights out.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

Friday, May 1, 2015

Grood Gravy, It's Friday Already

Good Gravy, It's Friday Already... I'm not counting any more the days are flying by.. and in about 10 weeks we'll be heading back up that highway back to Pa...Geeezzzzzz!

Morning as always and always will be a blur.. I mean I am up at 5am and it's Go, Go, Go...get my setups out of the the door let the brats out come back in and put on a pot of coffee open Shug's cage and then unload the dishwasher...get the meat out of the frig and cut it up to put in the grinder for Rudy and get Miss Annie's Rice and Pumpkin warmed up..oh yeah! she's doing great on that with her tummy..fiber ..fiber..she sure needs it !

Ms Shug's setups are with her veggies and nuts and her pellets..and fresh water..not to speak up Rudy and Annie's Gallon Jug of water hahaha... I'm a going and then go outside and do the flowers and the birdbath with fresh water as my darlings outside like their fresh water too plus later on in the afternoon their baths..hahaha.. the birds also got fed the night before so my Cardinals can get their now I fill that feeder up at dinner the little feeder is always full and Woody likes that one better..hahaha..

I'm on the go till I fed everyone at 7:30am and then I have my coffee and toast or muffin with Ms Shug as she won't eat till I sit down with her...oh but before she goes in her cage.. I give her a spray bath...need I not forget that..

Then down I sit in my chair ..hubby calls as I'm trying to catch my break and enjoy my coffee cause soon Ms Shug will come back out and sit on my knee for me to pet her...mmmmm did I forget I take my deep breath..hahaha...

Of course it all depends on what day it is.. if Monday it's usually laundry going in between everything..and dragging trash out..oh and Thursday is trash also ..yeah you got the message.. I'm pushing !!!

Everyday is kind of like that with the Brats in their wrestling match from 5ish till I feed then I do get that break as they eat I make sure they rest as they are too big to jump around after eating.. so I'm kind of good to go ..while loading back the dishwasher till like 9am..HA !

Now taking a breather are you ????? well if it's setup day.. it's holy heck ...better get them in between minutes as I've got lots going on.. those days are me.. but those setups do let me get some time in for me now wanting to make sure I can catch a nap in..well, I do try..

Today was no different ..but I didn't get my nap.. my brats were ON...with it being a little cooler they were ready to beam up Scotty !!!... maybe I was Scotty..who the hell knows but it was a wild scene... I think I lost my voice too ..LOL

Now I'm ready for bed..well, more like I'm gonna fall in..cause tomorrow I need to vacuum.. I hadn't done it for a few days.. and it's time.. I mean it's time with these Rotties..hahaha..

So short and sweet.. I did enjoy watching my hummers and of course always my brats even though they were holy terrors.. Ms Shug was sweet and not being a pain in the not to too bad ...LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..