Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What a Wednesday ...:)

What a Wednesday...:)  Starting off with the hubby rushing out the door..apparently our power went off again and everything came on as a surprise ... and of course (as I always call that hubby of mine) Mister Bumpstead came charging down the stairs...Look out world here he comes..and I do mean "here he comes"..  Ya know I sometimes have to laugh cause his feet move so quickly and he can make those sudden stops and quick turns.. My knees would be killing me for sure in fact I might have fallen..but not my hubby.. Now if you're in his way.. well that's another story..

So off he went into the wild blue yonder..(smokin feet that is) and he'll be home tonight Lord willin (no row boating) and I'll have dinner ready.. Got a recipe in my email from my dear friends (ones I've had from my cooking class on Microsoft) and low and behold I had told a few how much my hubby loves "Big Macs"..and in the email was a recipe (no crock pot though) for Big Mac it's gonna be a surprise for him.. 

I have everything on hand..(amazing no store stop) and it's really quick to put together..I'll post the recipe at the end of my blog in case you all decide after reading that sounds good..  I can tell you from my friends they say, "it's like eating a Big Mac" but healthier.. Ha !.. Hey if it tastes good..once in awhile it's ok to stray off the "Healthy"... You know like walking on the wild side  LOL

Last night watched America's Got Talent..( Tuesday usual) and there is only a couple on the whole show I really we'll see..but I'm sure America has more talent around.. maybe they were in hiding..but I'll recover cause tonight..Did you think I forgot what tonight was....Big Brother and you know that's gonna be a good one !  OUCH..Rachel and Jordan 

I made a pot of coffee and I surely needed it.. I mean the blurr that happens in this house in the mornings ..I always smile cause I know no one in their right mind would believe it.. but some how we pull it off...and to think I've been doing this for years since I've been retired...DUH...hahaha..Hubby says, "See all the things you missed while you were working".. now I don't know about missing this...cause well let's just say.."it takes stamina and plenty of it"...maybe that's what keeps me ole heart ticking..speaking of which.. I have to reset those dang clocks again... Holy Hannah !

Ok...let my show begin and I'll start posting that recipe...

Big Mac Casserole

1 cup onion, chopped  ( I used red onion what I had on hand)
4 oz dill pickle, chopped
1 1/2 pounds ground  beef,  turkey or ground chicken what ever you like to use
10 slices American Cheese  (what ever brand you like 2 %)
1 pkg reduced-fat crescent roll dough (or regular)
Shred lettuce or buy bag shredded lettuce...
Thousand Island dressing (low fat or fat free)
Salt and Pepper to your taste in browning the meat..


Spray a 9x13 casserole dish with Pam.

Saute onion and pickles with ground meat or turkey. Season with salt and pepper to your taste  When browned, layer in casserole dish.
Place 10 slices of cheese over the meat mixture.
Unroll the crescent rolls and seal the perforations so that its in a shape of a rectangle.
Place on top of the cheese and meat mixture.

Bake at 350 for 22 minutes or until golden brown. Serve over a bed of lettuce and top with thousand island dressing. Tastes just like a big mac!

Make sure you cut in squares or you'll wind up eating the whole thing..!

God Bless and Enjoy 

PS... I'm halving this recipe  using a 9 inch square pan.. it will be dinner tonight !

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Calming Tuesday

Calming's on the down trend ..thank goodness !  Kind of recouping from Monday's off and on again power.. and surprisingly  Verizon was up and running.. maybe the water washed the grit off the wires ???? For what ever reason the dang thing was on this morning..Hooray !!!!!!

Hubby had a difficult time getting into the office yesterday as the area the one plant is in was under water and everything had to be diverted to another area. Most of the office staff managed to make in hubby had left message on the emergency line..."If you can't get in don't worry ..we'd rather you be home safe .."  and we sure hope all knew we were wanting their safety.

Most of the day here at the house power was blinking..felt like I was sending "Morse (and everyone around here says " morris code" .. hahaha ) code" and I kept resetting the clocks.. I was the keeper of the clocks..and at one point I set them way ahead..hahaha I was just crazed with doing it so often..had to make it a "funny" ..Now I know how Peter Rabbit felt in Alice in Wonderland :)

Hubby got home around 7:30pm last night and I'm telling you we could have went to bed by 8pm.. Just felt drained..and I think it was mainly from worrying about what was gonna happen and staying up half the night..!

I had heard several comments on how the News media blew things out of proportion..and I can agree to some extent but I also feel had they not there would have been a lot more people injured or possible killed..cause you know Curiosity is a killer in itself..

This morning I don't have  much planned.. I could go to the store for a few things but decided it wasn't that urgent and I'll wait till Friday and make due with what we have handy..nothing like emptying the pantry and a few mad experiments ..

Gonna make a frittata for dinner tonight..that's making it simple ..have lots of veggies and I'll throw that in with mushrooms and onions and I have a piece of sausage which I'll break up and that will be easy ..always have dessert..oh yeah I have some raisin bread and that means Microwave Bread Pudding..see how simple it can be....

Speaking of which .. My coffee is some what ready and so is my pallet..waiting for that Hot coffee..Yippee !!   So it will be on to the next level of adventure what ever that may be... 

This is making it a short and simple kind of day... God Bless

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday...well it was here and now it's Monday

Sunday...well it was here !  and now it's Monday (phew)Irene paid us a visit and left  us lots of water (in case we were thirsty) and a few little things that might belong to someone in the neighborhood..The winds howled and the rains came straight down and then sideways and stung like the bugger. Even heard the house creak..gawd that was a weird feeling.

Me and hubby and critters kind of just tucked in.. I wasn't too worried (I can fib here) as hubby did his check and recheck and check the recheck (you get the picture)  We had the Generator filled with gas and ready to kick off once the rain stopped .. We lost power at about 1:30am Sunday morning and from then on we just huddled in the living room..Critters on the couch.. and me and hubby in the recliner.. The crank radio came in handy (that we got at radio shack) it has batteries but also the crank to use when your batteries start to go out.. (need rechargeable ones to use for the crank) and had the cooler set up with water and drinks plus stand by Peanut butter and Jelly..

I also had 2 chargers that were plugged in for a couple of days.. that we were able to run lights and a that part was good..Couldn't turn the generator on till the rain stopped .(.For those that don't understand that...unless you have a cover for it you can't run it out in the rain.. and you need to make sure the fumes don't come back in the house.. We put one of the dog crate pans (made of tin) one of my 36 x 24 pans on top of the generator so that protected it from the rain and I put the other  3 pans..(smaller size) to go on the sides..Yes, it was a real "Red Neck" operation..but it did the job..!!  Ha.. hubby was credited for that one.. That Mississippian man of mine does have some clever ideas. So, I've drawn up a model to have one of the guys at the plant make for me.. a special generator cover ..with the mesh on the bottom sides.. Yeah, just like how ours are in the motor home. 

We hooked up the freezer and frig and other fans in the house to keep the air moving..only had to really run the generator about 12 hours total.. Our sub station was under water,  (some areas power is still out now )and when we had talked with a neighbor it might be 2 but we were prepared. 

We offered one of our neighbors if they didn't have a genny that we would run a long cord and hook them up to the genny for the frig.. that's the best we could do..and you all know with motor homes we have those long, long cords..well I do from doing the dog shows and have had lots of experience of connection long distance..where a few of us had to share...

All in all we just hung in and even played a few card games and scrabble..just like we were camping.. oh and one of my coleman lamps worked great too.. had the grill to use for cooking and had to have my coffee.. I had made two pots and put the coffee in jugs so I just had to heat it up.. I did that from my plug a mug  hahaha.. I was thinking to myself.. Hubby always complained when I would buy these types of "gadgets" but my oh my do they come in handy when ya need it.. )~

I was not able to log on as my Verizon was up and down so was the cell phone so I kind of was keeping a log of happenings.. which really wasn't much.. other than Philly being under water and above me  flooding....We sit basically between New Jersey and watching the river fill up Yikes.. and listening to the happenings on  the radio.. My imagination was exploding.. could see Washington crossing the Delaware in this.."Row men Row "  !  

So here we are Monday and hubby's company is some what under water (Trenton area) and he left a message on the service ..for all to do what they needed to stay safe.. Hopefully all those will be ok and the pumps are going to clear up as much as they can..

You'll love this one.. Hubby looked at me and said, "Well guess you won't have any crock pots going".. huh?   he doesn't know the power of the "Crock Pot".. yep I did.. I had one hooked up and you all know from Motor home it doesn't draw that much power..and so we did have a hot meal.. :) I reheated dinner from the other day.. Hahaha...

Ok, time to let Critters out again and get on with my blog posting.. I sure missed it.. and am happy that my friends and family were ok.. Thanks all for the wonderful emails.. I got a chance to read them before posting.. 

Back on track and Happy !   God Bless

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Warily Welcoming in Saturday

Warily welcoming in Saturday and preparing for the arrival of Irene..Hubby is going out to fill the gas cans so that in case we lose power we can have some electric for the frig and microwave..We won't have TV as we are Satellite and when the storm is upon us the only thing we'll have is the radio..might not have Internet either cause I'm sure that the air card and cable won't be up and running.. My cable Internet is barely running now  I mean with Verizon..heck when all things come settled I'll have better service..Cha Ching !!!

Last night I was glued to the TV listening to all the reports on the where abouts Irene was and what damaging winds and surges were happening..Made me nuts actually.. Now I know we need to be aware but don't beat it to for the people at the shore if they choose to ride the waves..What can I say, "There's an Idiot born ever day " !!!

I've put lots of Milk jugs filled with water in the Freezer in the event we lose power..which will help keep things mighty cold and I can also move them into the frig too..Thinking a head I have my cooler and our trusty Ice maker..Hey, that can run on the genny LOL.. got to have ice ..

Only thing will be the Critters in all this water.. I've set up the Xpen with the heavy shower curtain down on the floor and then newspaper will be put on top so the little ones have not problem and won't go outside..but the big ones..well.. Twinkle toes ain't a gonna like it..but she'll be ok..and the big bad boy..he'll go out as he doesn't mind rain ..might be a little testy with the wind..  I told hubby, "think I'll make sure I have the flexi on them when they go out.. don't want any problems in case of winds.. at least I can guide them back in.. hopefully we won't have any major issues.. 

We've bungeed the lawn furniture to the front porch took the cushions off so the air will just go through the webbing and they won't really move ..they are heavy to begin with and being bungeed they are pretty secure.. The grill will come in the back side of the house ..that we might have to use when no power to cook on.. I'll be camping inside out.. :)

Coffee pot is on and I'm a little bit edgy..The wait is the pain and according to the news we are suppose to see Irene like maybe early morning hours.. So I might not be able to post ...but hopefully not too long..cause ya know I'm addicted to this blogging now.. I mean it's my inner voice...hahaha..

So all of you in the area of Irene..please be careful and you are all in my prayers..I'd light a candle but I'm saving them cause we might need them  LOL

I'll keep myself busy today and make a good dinner..Chicken Marsala is on our menu and I might even drink the wine LOL.. heck I might need every drop..
Please keep us in your prayers too..

God Bless till we do a catch up again..

Friday, August 26, 2011

Drying out for a short spell on Friday

Drying out for a short spell on Friday but will be prepared for Irene when she comes ..and it ain't around no's more up the coast...dang it !

I am happy that Florida is being by passed..I need a break I got a call from Diane and sprinkler system went on the blink..Cha ching.. sounds more and more like the  Money Pit. However, it sure is a nice place to go when no storms are happening or better yet.. that flaky white stuff starts falling.. if I start to miss it I can always watch a movie or look at pictures from days gone by..:)

Watched Big Brother last night..Oh my stars..always full of surprises ..a double eviction..Yahoo..doesn't get any better..this show always has those twists and turns..and just enjoying every moment of it too ! Dani was a good player and boy she did try to make a few deals..however like always who can you really trust..NO ONE..then Shelley had to make her deal if she wants to try and win... awesome..cept she got caught..however the twist was Kaliya won H O H and then power of veto was won by Porsche..finally she comes up and wins something.. well sad to see Jeff go but the girls had to make a move ... it was  good one.. and now we're on the edge of our seats..and of course Hurricane Irene will show up .. and on Big Brother night..Sucks.. !!!  We'll have to hold on to our hats and not for a show ..but for this visitor..YIKES !

Gonna watch the news and have my coffee and then might have to call the Doc and cancel that testing for next Monday and Wednesday...not that I'm overly unhappy but I know these have to be done . I'll reschedule them before I leave for Florida.. I still have to see what's happening with Zeke my calender if filling up with Mine, His and Ours.. Also have to get my car in for inspection and hear the news on my motor home as I had lots of work and tires done..Cha ching ching ching...... I don't even want to think about that one...

Time for my coffee..I'm going into that nose dive of darkness..cause there has to be light at the end of this tunnel..other wise I'm gonna have tunnel vision for sure.. I might as well get things ready for what we're having for dinner tonight..and do some chopping up for salad..I must be part rabbit..cause I love that simple Romane lettuce, Red Onion, a few curls of carrot and sliced radish and maybe a few cukes..then just a simple dressing oil and red wine  vinegar..uh oh it's early and I could go in and attack a salad..hahaha... Making Shrimp Scampi with rice and then gonna do a quick Bread Pudding via microwave...LOL  yeah I know you all reading this are thinking.. "This Woman thinks food"..yep, but not in large quantities..and it's all simple ..

Ok, coffee is calling my name and I'm in dire before I go into get my cup filled ..and me and the Critters enjoy our feast together..they with their food bowls and me with my big mug of HOT COFFEE

Hang on and hold on to the one you love..God Bless keep safe

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trying to get through Thursday

Trying to get through Thursday...well, cause I know it will soon be Friday and that's the start of another weekend..and also getting close to my Heart testing. Which I'm not happy about going through.. I mean I've gone through enough this need to test my heart for it's endurance..just back up and follow all my happenings cause that was enough STRESS for me..!

I already feel like a chemical pin cushion...a steady flow of how chemicals  can blend.(.yeah that sounds pretty darn close). Just not crazy about the up and coming week. Like I wish I could click my fingers and make it all go away..

Ok, so I'll start thinking better thoughts and positive ones as well..Like last nights Big Brother..Ouch that was a good one. Another blind side..which is always the best way to go..only surprise (and you all know you can't trust Big Brother) it's a double eviction tonight.. Then on to the America's Got Talent Show...that there was no surprise..although I enjoy watching talent shows cause most shows on TV I don't like..

Another big whopper..Irene..(not like the song at all) is coming our way..yeah..Earthquake one week and a Hurricane the's that for a show of shows....I'm gonna hang on to my seat for sure..and just pray no one gets hurt..It's been along time since we've had one  (hurricane that is) and well we'll sit back and watch this sweetheart come in... Better make sure we have gas for the generator....

I almost over slept this morning as I stayed up late watching the weather and news..and I could hardly get to sleep..What is it.. I go to sleep with out a problem and I wake up before the crack of dawn.. I have difficulty sleeping and I over sleep and feel like "what the cat dragged in".. can't win.  One thing..better get my asp in gear and get the coffee pot on..cause I need caffeine quick..

Time to make a dent in another day 

God Bless

Psst..another Verizon adventure..seems my Internet is not awake when I am..ugh...well some day soon ..but we're up and running here now to the posting...and watching the weather report...YIKES.. I might have to cancel my appointment on Monday now that won't bother me..although I really need it done..but hey I ain't swimming in.. So I'll wait for tomorrow before I call.. ..back to the drawing board..(don't do ironing)..have a great one..!!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm still here and it's Wednesday

I'm still here and it's Wednesday... all I can say, "What a Tuesday".. I mean an Earthquake ..and not just an Earthquake...a shocker ...a 5.9..ain't no slouch for the East fact the only other one I felt on the East Coast was back in the 70's ....and that was in the wee hours of the morning and hit Philly..Gawd what is happening to us...Maybe we is trying to keep up with the Jones..hahaha..on the West Coast...Holy Cow..

I was sitting in my recliner..(of course leaning back) talking on the phone to "Diane and Bob" when I felt my chair kind of wobble..I thought immediately it was Abby doing her "Thing"...she actually is a reincarnated BEAVER...her preference is "Cherry Mahogany"..she will do Oak or Pecan...but Cherry Mahogany  is her all time favorite...So, with that I yell..."Abby quit it" and it's still in the happening and I lean forward and she's not there.. 

The light goes on and I realize .."it's an Earthquake".. I then tell Diane.. "OMG it's and Earthquake in the happening..."... yeah well what do you do when the whole house is moving.. I didn't hear any rattle noise but just that motion like I was riding a happened 2 times..a few seconds in between..

What a day..and so I ended my day still wondering.."Are we gonna feel any more"..?  Sure hope not..but I still am feeling strange.. Cause I guess that can happen any where..and then I get a call from my friend Mary in Maryland..and she tells me about the Earthquake and the damage it did to her home.. Her walls have cracks in them.. and she then says, "thank goodness I have Earthquake insurance"...DUH ?????  I had to laugh.."Mary, why the hell would you have bought Earthquake insurance 25 years ago.. I mean what made you think about it here on the East Coast..??????  Ya have to understand .. why would any one want it.. we've never had one.. (boy ain't I a dummy) ..well long story short.. her agent told her that we live in an area that can have...mind you..can have.. Gawd..she lucked out but not too much luck cause her house in Florida..behind mine had a tree fall on it yesterday morning ..the same day as the Earthquake...what timing..for action....YUCKO !

Now here I am ..still getting up before the crack of dawn..making sure this time I have my escape ..just in case something else happens...Oh then I watch the news this morning and it shows..Irene coming right toward philly.. Hello Irene....where's my coffee...Doesn't get any better than this.. ..well maybe Irene will say, "Good night " and head in a different direction..

Watched America's Got talent last night too..what can I say.."I'm not over thrilled with most of them...but I do like a couple..and tonight is Big Brother..oh my that's getting crusty now..Who is gonna win the power of Vito...wooo hooo..

Ok, need to get my coffee down and gather my thoughts for what's gonna be on my plate for tomorrow..hahaha.. well, I'm doing a Chicken Stir Fry tonight and I think I'll make Chicken Francaise..that's simple and tasty ..and I always have plenty of chicken in the freezer..pretty soon I'll start cackling....(better than laying an egg )  HA ...ok I need that caffeine   

Again Verizon is having it's difficulty...soon Zeee, soon this will get better !

God Bless the sun is shinning and the rest of the day will be a good one for all .

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Tootin' Tuesday is here again....:)

Two Tootin' Tuesday is here again ...:) and we had no rain last night...woo hoo..finally a dry day and a little cooler too..however, I hear tell we is gonna get more rain come Thursday. ACK!

It was the nothing ness last night..I mean nothing great on TV and I was getting the bored attack ...which usually leads me to trouble land..but I stayed calm and just chit chatted (an ole saying) with hubby.. He was fed and stuffed and very tired. In fact we both said (at the same time) "we could go to be " I mean it was only 8pm..but wow it felt like midnight.

Did manage to get caught up with a lot of my "stuff" that I've been putting off.. I packed a box with "take to Salvation Army"..I really like that organization .. They did a lot for my family when they first came to the USA.. Went way out for us during the holiday times too.. I remember going to see Santa and having dinner with a huge group of people (other than my clan) and everyone was so nice.. With out a doubt they are tops on my list..have never said "no" to any one that I'm aware of..and when I see them on the corner ringing their bell..if I got it I drop it..(money that is).

This morning was great I got to actually stay in bed to 5:30am..gawd I got a break here.. I mean I'm not up at 4am..finally I'm edging into maybe a little longer..I hit that bed like a rock..I went out as soon as my head hit the thing I know Zeke was breathing in my face...HELLO MAMA !!!

My coffee pot is on..(thank heavens) and I'm gonna sit back read the local papers and then watch the weather report on that Hurricane that's gonna hit us this weekend...Hoping everyone will be safe and no major damage..and there will be more rain heading up to us again next week.

Dinner will be easy tonight..Pulled Pork sandwiches with cole slaw..yeah it's gonna be easy pickin's for tonight . I'll also do my chopping of veggies for tomorrow night's dinner. This way I just have to throw things together.. it will be Chinese style.. quick cook and got plenty of rice (from the fields Ha!). Have to just get my wok out and set up. The rest will make history..

Tonight will be America's Got Talent..Hahaha.. I'm laughing cause I am so in to all this lately.. I can go day by day with a schedule.. not like when I was traveling in the motor home cross country.. I miss that a lot..but I get to follow others from our RV group.. as the Sistahs do their traveling.. I've been down those's like a memory every minute of it..

I see my internet is back up and running so it's time to post ..can't wait till Verizon settles their contract..Ya know it ain't no heavy bird on a wire..LOL

God Bless...

Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Monday morning, are we dry yet ?

It's Monday morning, are we dry yet ?  Dang it, we had some wild and crazy storm come through.. in fact hit us twice in one day... The rain came down so hard lost power off and on and then looked out my kitchen window and the street was flooding by the drain...Golly, haven't seen this much rain in ages..especially at this time of the year up here in Pa.

Yesterday was a good day and dinner was delish...Hubby surprised me and came home right after Sunday school.. He had a lot of work to catch up on from the office so in and up the stairs he went to his office..I was good..didn't get the chance to watch QVC..(why, you ask ????)  Hubby was home and I was being "extra good".. that will make up for the next time..besides I didn't want to blow away my Christmas present too..oh yeah, the recent deal was a Birthday one..hahaha...

I leaned back in the recliner and took a good nap, hopefully that would make up for my not so great sleep the night before and boy that felt great..Critters were also napping... My poor Joe, he keeps falling over and hitting his head.. I'm seriously looking into making a cap for him.. you know like the kind the fighters use to protect their heads when practicing..or better yet maybe a helmet from Football...what ever but I need to do something.. it's just so sad each time he falls ..which is lately a lot.. and he gets so stiff and just crashes down and yells so loud and cries.. breaks my heart to hear him.. He's getting so old he's creaking when he walks..just about.

Chatted with Betsy for a bit yesterday too.. as I got an email from her and I always enjoy our chats.. didn't really think about emailing cause I like to some times hear voice..and yes, we did chuckle..Told her I had talked with Clancy and he's another one of my favorite people to talk with.. He has a dry sense of humor that is so neat..He was talking about a job he's doing and to hear tell the story..well it was  good enough to repeat to Betsy and yep, she laughed as well.. Gawd I can't wait to get back to our little retreat (now that's what I'm calling house in Florida)'s a place that has such wonderful surprises..and I do so enjoy looking out my living room window and watch all those amazing critters that cross my those flowers..(no Diane hasn't killed them )

Big Brother was great last night..watched Jeff win the H O H..and now for the next interesting saga cause you can see his game plan and I have to say.."The best one too"..   as we watched the storm proceeded again..I have not seen so much rain at this time of the year here in Pa in a long, long time..gawd power off and on and I crossed my fingers cause ya know it always happens just as you get to the "Main " part  something is sure to happen...but we were saved by the bell..LOL.. 

Again I'm up before daylight didn't get to hear the weather but I'll see if I can catch it before hubby comes down the stairs..My coffee pot is on and I'm anxiously awaiting my cup of hot coffee and I do like my coffee HOT. 

My day today is gonna be a catch up and do laundry and Yes, get my Crock Pot out for another dinner..See as I have explained in the past..if I can make it easy without all the mess I go for it..and tonight is Meat Loaf ala Crock Pot style. In my smaller one I'll do Baked Potatoes..Hey, it beats putting on the oven and  they come out great. I save the rest for a  brunch for fried potatoes down the road..see I'm traveling on with my Crock Pot HA! 

Alrighty time to post..(sounds like I'm running a race here ) and then get on with "poetry in motion"  hahaha..

God Bless


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ah, it's the Blessed Sunday :)

Ah, it's the Blessed Sunday :)  Soon hubby will be charging down the stairs with books in hand as he says, "See ya later ".. and heads off to teach Sunday school and then church after.. So, he'll be off for about 3 to 4 hours.. I tease him all the time. Telling him ,  "You always complain about our Catholic Church Mass when you Baptist are more long winded than US.."  it's true..think about it.. He does Sunday School ..gets there about 9:30am and starts at 10 am then after that church starts at Noon..they do their thing and then they always have a meeting of some kind..(hubby is on the board) or the ladies bring in goodies for after..then he gets home about 1:30pm.. it's almost the whole dang day..See what I mean.. Hahaha.

I don't mind at all cause he does his thing and I do mine...watching QVC and oh boy can I get into trouble..hence he goes and prays for my soul as I make the deal of the day ...spending his money and him wishing I'd go to HELL...Yeah I'm the sinner.. hahahaha.. 

Then of course he comes home and I don't tell...(wait till the end of the month he finds out ) and then I have dinner on the table and he tells me all about what happened in the church... I see the glow on his face and you know if that's what makes him be it !... Now for me.. I do go to church on High Holy Days..Us Catholics have lots of them too !!  :)  

Yesterday was such a calm day I thought I was in another world..but hey I ain't complaining not one bit.. in fact hubby went to the store for me as he did his errands and that was a big break for me.. Then we watched a Netflix and I made Carbonara for that's a great dish.. One of my favorites..

Still I have the issue on not sleeping..I'm up and it's before the dawn..but perhaps I just have this on going issue with Zeke and it's back in that gray matter..just have to wait and see.. 

My coffee pot is on and so am I, AGAIN...but maybe today will be another one of those.."quiet days".. and hey..I take all I can get.. Oh I did tell hubby I re ordered my Vacuum Sealer and it was not a big issue.. he smiles and says, (you'll love this one).."Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday ..which ever one you want to use it for"... HUH...What can I say.. 

Pork Roast is going in the oven (I'm using my Nesco Oven) and let that slow cook.. I've made the chutney and we'll have that along side of Sweet Potatoes and Greens.. yeah that's a lip smackin meal ..can't wait.. lots of pulled pork sandwiches for later on.. during the week... My favorite thing to do.. cook it once and eat it several more meals..See, less work for Mama..:)

Getting through now all the pill chambers..yeppers lots of pills to fill..Mine, Joe's and Zeke's..all shapes and sizes and all colors too. I definitely have a rainbow effect in the happening..:) 

Tonight is Big Brother...and can't wait to see who wins H O it's on with the show of show today...Wishing you all a great one..

God Bless

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Riding it on into Saturday

Riding it on into Saturday...seems like I just laid down and it was time to get up.. that always boggles me..Wonder did I get a good night sleep or did sleep just pass me by..????  Yeah, you can tell I'm in one of those..Wonder Moods..

Got a call from the Vet's office (Sue) to let me know that Zeke's Digoxin test came back ok..his heart is tolerating the dosage..that's a good thing and I hope we don't have to up it.. He seems to be almost back to signs of coughing or panting..and as far as lethargic..well, he loves his couch and both he and Abby like comfort..they ain't no fool.. When he goes outside he's up and alert so I'm still keeping a close watch.

Last night we had another light show..and gawd that thunder ..I could feel the vibration and hear the window pains rumble..eek it was like right over the house..oh how that makes me feel weird.

I'm up again before the crack of dawn and making a pot of coffee..Gonna put my list together as hubby will be doing his chores...and then he'll pick up a few things we need.. I'll put my pork roast in garlic and seasonings to marinate for tomorrow..Over night does an amazing job..and yep my chutney is in the frig..that stuff is wonderful..and so simple to fact no work at all..the crock pot does the job..

Today I'll make carbonara for dinner with a romaine salad..make it simple ..and the rest will be just lean back and watch our Netflix movie time..Hubby likes that and so do I..we do our catch up on what's happening in the office and then what's going on with the house in Florida...

Yep, I heard from Diane and Bob and they are just about finished with the painting inside..and a few things I'm having them do before I get back.. Called Clancy to see how he's doing..but he must have been working so left him a message to call me.. Clancy is a hard worker and he loves that yard stuff..and loves the heat...OMG.. don't know how he does it..

Now it's on with the rest of the event of the day cepting it's so dang early I'm the only one awake..well sorta ..I mean Zeke is here at my feet the rest of the crew ..I hear the Zzzzz and boy do they snore loud..Maybe that's what's waking me up ...dunno..

Have a good one and you know how it is here..anything can happen..!

God Bless

Friday, August 19, 2011

Finally it's Friday

Finally it's Friday and the weekend begins..Wow, I made it almost through just a couple more days.. It's been like a roller coaster but again that's what are lives are really like.. Some have more ups then downs . What ever it is, it's always a surprise..just when you think you understand things, comes that Whopper..

Last night we watched Big Brother and yeah we were smiling through out the game. Then (boy do I dislike commercials) as Brendon leaves I was waiting for Rachel to go into her usual..Stare, be nasty and go for the jugular..Surprise this time they went right into the H O H competition ..darn, darn, now we have to wait for Sunday...Now see that's the easy stuff in life..just staying tuned in..if only it was all that simple.

Still having difficulties with sleeping. That most likely is because I keep trying to understand what's happening with some time I'm gonna just let it go and deal with it as it comes..I just haven't gotten to that point..I'm wanting answers to questions that at this point are not there for me..

Coffee pot is on and I'm anxiously awaiting it..I need my caffeine fix. Hubby is doing pretty good still not feeling great but this is the last day for work and he'll lay back the weekend..Uh oh that means I'm on the "Gofer" listing..

I know one thing I'm back in the rice fields again..Yesterday I did up all the veggies for the critters so I'm almost through..Now it's to load that darling Rice cooker and smile as I wait for the beep..ah that's a good pot of rice..LOL

Oh, my "new" gadget came in yesterday too.. It's the Magic Mesh...I hear you all giggling..Yeah the one that goes in front of your slider..I'll put it up on the door this weekend...and I had to listen to hubby about another one of my wild and crazy ideas...Well, if it really works..Hey, I am the one that gets up and down and in and out with the Critters...and on a nice cool day or evening I can leave the back slider open and they can go in and out themselves...Now that I call progress..(maybe a tad bit lazy too ). Here's the link to Magic Mesh...LOL I know you'll all get a kick out of this..

Oh but these little things make my life simple..and simplicity is my key to why not enjoy while I'm here...and I have to tell you.. when you order have to make sure you get what you want..cause the first time I tried to order..almost bit the big one.. the buy one get one is not always as free as you think.. I had to call the company and cancel my first attempt cause the bill was close to 100 bucks..I said, "Oh no you don't "..they did straighten it out and that 19.95 is a come on..cause you do pay the S & H on both (the one you are suppose to get free) and it ain't that cheap..but if it really does do the trick  I'll be ok with it.. 

Now I need to get in the kitchen and rattle something..cause I ain't doing pots and pans.. this is Friday and it's a Fish day or Free day  LOL.. Having Flounder done Italian style with Broccoli (garlic and oil ) and Baked Potato...ah I'm so into habit.. Since I was a kid..Friday was a Fish day.. You know us Catholics..So now I can add, "it's healthy for you too".. Mama would love that !

Just heard weather report and more rain this afternoon..pretty soon I'll be swimming around the house or better yet spouting gills..Ha ! Okie dokie I need to move on and hope you all have a fantastic day and weekend..

God Bless

PS..stay tuned to the Magic Mesh episode.! I feel another Jack Rose might be in order for tonight...Pssst.. Ali, they are good and just in case you missed the recipe..(just for you and who ever else is peeking )..

Jack Rose Coctail ...(from the 60's)
 1 ounce fresh lemon juice
 1/2 ounce grenadine
 2 ounces applejack brandy

Shake all ingredients well with ice; then strain into a cocktail glass or serve over ice. If you need to sweeten this up add a little bar sugar or simple syrup and you've got a great drink..Delish !

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Timeless Thrusday

Timeless Thursday..and so it seems.. I'm some what getting over yesterday.. I was so hyped with bringing Zeke in for a follow up.. My wanting good news and trying to put pieces together is a game I think we all seem to do. It's I guess our easy way of handling a bad situation.. 

Zeke's visit wasn't all that bad..I mean Saul was just right to the point.. Understand what's happening to Zeke with his A fib and still having to wait this out. Inside I'm just saying, "Let's just go for the cat scan and find out why"..that would be what I would want..and then comes a reality check..the cat scan is only 2500.00 to have done at the hospital..OUCH..

Saul then gives me my reality check.."Zeee, be real about this..wait it out as we will know in 6 weeks "  I understand what he's saying and my hubby is looking at me like,  "be real".. I kind of wanted to crawl in a hole.. I mean everything comes down to dollars and cents. Even with our fur babies.. 

I think of families that have to go through this and can't afford this.. my stars we have become so..Dollar orientated...Doctors, just like our people Doctors have to make a living..but why do they have to make it so that others almost have no choice..Shame on us..!

Good thing on the visit..Zeke has put on 6lbs of they 25 lbs he's lost..that makes me feel a little better and he's getting his demeanor back..he's got that "get em" attitude. Boy was he up in the car.. Excited to go for the ride and when we got there gave everyone that "LOOK".. Yeah it was my Zeke back again.. 

His heart rate was 76 and his blood work looked good ..Saul did the Digoxin test and we'll get the results sometime today.. I can't wait.. that will tell us how Zeke's heart is handling the dosage..

We got home and it was a mad dash to feed all and by the time I got done Big Brother was doing it's thing and then America's Got Talent came on.. wow the night rolled on in and out..and now here it is Morning..

I didn't sleep well but I'll catch a nap sometime today..Hubby is going off to work and is dragging..hopefully he'll be ok.  I game him my Italian Mama routine of..if you don't feel well come home early don't be a "I can do it".. no sense..I'm sure he listens.."sometimes".

So I'm still that square peg in that round hole.. YIKES.. oh and I read the morning paper yesterday and saw a friend of mine passed away.. Linda Pursell ..she worked in my Doctor's office.. I've known her from a long time ago when she was a member of the same Kennel club ..She was a neat person always she and I would just talk dawg stuff... I'll miss her.. Linda rest in peace dear friend..

My coffee pot is in high gear and I'm ready to sit back a spell and gather my thoughts and wait for tonight again ..the Big Brother strikes.. I think Brandon is going home...AGAIN.. and then the dealings with that they deserve (all in the house) a big reward for putting up with her...EEEK...

Catch ya a little later on...God Bless

PS  Ali,  I use Crock Pot liners by Reynolds..they usually are over where the foil and wax paper are..they are fantastic and save you lots of clean up..and when I don't use them I do spray my crock pot with pam..for easy clean.. Try them you'll love them... Later :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whipping through Wednesday

Whipping through we take Zeke up to Saul's for his EKG to see how things are going and also do the Digoxin test to how his heart is handling the meds..Also want to check and see how he is coming along in his weight gain.. I had decided to continue on with the 4 meals..not just yet wanting to change it..His stomach is handling food much better..although I try to slow him down ..but that boy can devour quickly.  That has always bothered me as with large breeds their tendency to bloat is always there.

This morning Hubby is still home and feeling a little  better but still iffy and wanting to make sure he doesn't spread this to the office..but we all know how that goes and as far as I'm concerned.. I started taking some Tylenol and just in case I do have Zpak ready as sharing is always a part of marriage..good, bad or ugly !

I have on my list as we go out to make a quick stop and run in for some liners for my Crock Pot.. they are so handy and less work for Mama is the key word here..They are always at the top of my list to have in my pantry.. Bless the person that invented those..

This week my trusted Crock Pot is going into high gear..from Soup to Chicken Spaghetti (which I always called Chicken Rotel) and towards the end I'll make some stuffed cabbage rolls..all of which can be I'll have another quick fix . I'm gonna make a batch of apple sauce up too.. that makes the house smell heavenly and it does it all by itself..and that also freezes well.. Got a bunch of apples in and I like to make a variety of apples up ..makes for an interesting goodness.. Gawd I'm on a food kick..look out cause that's when I can get into trouble...a food feast..YIKES. 

Spoke with Diane and Bob (for our check in and updates) as to what they have gotten done and then there is that always add on surprise..I want Bob to make a tree that goes around the tree.. I told Betsy, my neighbor..she'll enjoy it too.. cause we can sit under the tree and watch them Squirrels chatter above us..we might have to be a little careful cause they may decide to bop us with a few acorns...(a get even with us)...

My coffee pot is going and boy that haunting aroma just calls out my name..and it's so good...sit in my chair, watch the weather and sip that hot coffee...Oh, I have to tell ya..if you want to make a Ham sandwich interesting...put it on Cinnamon Raisin was excellent..That ham that I got, Heavenly Ham, is like a Honey Ham..and I'm telling ya it was lip smackin'  good..  

Well at 3pm today we'll be heading on up with Zeke and my stomach is a tad bit nervous..again just another little notch in the tree of life..we'll deal with it as it comes...and pray that God will give me strength .

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hop Skip and Jump to it...It's Tuesday

Hop Skip and Jump to it's Tuesday and the week still has more to go.. Speaking of which I did get out yesterday and hubby is still home and even more sick ..well not from his illness but from me...Tapping into that wallet of his. :)
Guess the shock of me actually being out and looking in the store was a little too much for me and I know him..HA....Hey, I told him, "He can't take it with him,but I could and I did !!!!   I bought things we needed and I'm telling ya I was grin'n ear to ear cause these where things I had before and gave them away cause I hadn't used them in years... hahahaha...but I do need them now and that's all that matters...So hint...Don't give anything up unless you absolutely, positively will never use..not in this life time or the next..See I do long time planning for my return  hahahaha...

Yes my humor is a tad bit wild today and I figured out why...I got too much oxygen being out doors and then there was the aroma of "Store" you know the Wally World Events..everything coming at you...Hey,  it was a good thing and even a blessing in disguise...oh yeah !

Watched a Netflix movie last night as Monday doesn't seem to have much on so it becomes a movie night for we watched "Life as we know it" was a sweet movie a little tears flow but has a happy ending and boy I needed something with a happy ending...:)

This morning hubby isn't talking too much ..not because he can't but because he's still in shock... I already told him I'm like his Doc, giving him Shock Therapy to get him up and out. :)  I think I can hang up my waitress outfit for today cause the man is moving but just not talking...Out of some bad comes some good...I'll get my rest today ....Ha!

Oh, I went on line to Coleman and tried to get a replacement for the inserts to my 14 cup Enamel Coffee pot.. I love that pot..any way my insert is starting to wobble more and soon will be biting the dust..and I got that Shocker..can you believe I can not get the inserts any more..NOPE..they no longer are ordering them (they come from China ACK) so in order for me to still have that coffee pot I have to buy a new one...Now I told that nice lady ..(cause I had to call I couldn't believe my eyes) How can your company do this to us loyal fans.. then she also said, "they may not have that coffee pot (14 cupper) any more "  OMG..I'm now in Shock...(paybacks are a whopper) So, now I'm gonna think this over and see when I have to...where I can find another coffee pot and a 14 cupper...

Speaking of which I got mine on perking...I love perked coffee it's the real thing ..and it's my joy to have quietly in the morning when all is still sleeping..I'll have to do a Google search and see what's out there...Now I'm gonna have to do some comparing....

Zeke is doing pretty good and so is Joe..both of them are sleeping more and I know with Joe it's his age...hell, I'm sleeping more.. I mean my naps are coming more often..Do a little, rest, do a little more and rest some more..Hey the rate I'm going I'm gonna be living in my recliner..perhaps I can get a new one with push buttons..hahaha... my mind is leaving me...I'm planning on a new invention..Gawd I know it would sell millions..wait, don't wanna do that cause then I'll have to pay more friggin taxes..Chit.. I might just as well leave it alone..get off my duff and shuffle around ..LOL.. 

Ok, it's coffee time and I definitely need it cause that will calm my thought wave..and tonight is.."America's Got Talent"....Heck I've got talent..I could do stand up..wait..sit down would be much better...:)

Later all..have a good one ! 

God Bless

Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh my blue heaven it's Monday

Oh my blue heaven it's Monday...this week I'm gonna start Zeke on his 3 times a day meal...he's handling the meds pretty good..sleeping more than usual. I figure that's more the heart meds keeping him calm. His pulse rate now is at a steady 76 with that A Fib still there. 
Sometimes when I'm listening I wish I could say, "I don't hear it any more"..but so far it's still staying and he's not showing any signs of coughing or panting. Hate even thinking about that but those are two issues I have to keep track of..If he starts any of those I have to bring him in to the hospital.

This morning I've got to clean out the frig...I'm smiling cause reading Ali and her frig cleaning...You're not alone Ali. Finding things that you are not sure of...I always call my frig my Laboratory.. It's Alive or has it been ???? 

Coffee pot is on and I can't wait for my cup of..That's one of those fine pleasures that I so enjoy.. along with something to munch on I'm on a kick for cinnamon raisen bread toast with a slobber of butter..oh yeah..nice and hot . 

Hubby had to go to the Emergency room on Sunday ...he was not feeling well since Friday and when he got up..he looked awful rather than wait till this morning he decided to get something for it.. We don't have any Urgent care around us so it was to the Hospital.. Lucky for him..he was in and out right away and they gave him Zpak..He came home and took his meds and went to bed..was up for dinner ..ate just a little and went back ..

I try to keep Popsicles in the freezer, as when I'm ill I use them cause I've been through that scenario where I've I'm one up on it and they are pretty tasty when ya want something cold and refreshing... Mama always had a tray of Italian Ice that she had made..usually it was always lemon and boy that did the trick..we'd scrap some off and spoon it down..

Oh and last night Big Brother number was just the icing on the cake..Daniel pulled it through and of course such deals are made..but we all know how deals go..but Daniel did a smart move doing Adman and Shelly as the flipped back and forth..and if by any chance one of them wins power of veto..well go for it cause that's your chance to get rid of one of the most powerful players..Like sheep they'll all's getting nitty gritty as it progresses forward...

For tonight I don't have to cook dinner, it's been made since yesterday and I'll just reheat it for tonight..and I also put up that Onion Soup I that will be an extra bonus for just a quick bowl and I'm anxious to see how it freezes anyway...

Hubby is staying home today so I'll get a chance to hit Wally World..(Walmart) and pick up a few least I'll get a break to go out of the house..I've been house bound to long..I'm beginning to make imaginary people up..UH OH !!!
Catch you all later on.... Hubby has me running the gambit ..the voice comes in a little weak..but never the less the words are spoken and my waitress outfit is back in full swing...taking orders again..OMG>.was I gonna get a break or what...?

Never dull that's for I'm gonna attempt to make a quick get away to the "STORE"...list in hand and from there on's history in the making..

God Bless Us All !

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sliding in on Sunday...

Sliding in on Sunday...ah the home stretch and it's on to another event. I'm not sure I even remember much of the beginning of last week and by the end I think I have been going into numbness....However, I did learn a few more things in life....DUCK...cause when it's coming at ya, your stuck with it !
It was one of those toss and turns last night and I was glad that morning came ..again for me it's 4:30am ACK!..what is with this extra hour early crappola...well I'll get a few things caught up but I know I'm gonna be taking a nap sometime today.
Made Onion Soup for dinner in my crock pot and boy that was delish!  The aroma was haunting through the house and finished it off with crusty toasted french bread with cheese..YOH MOMMA...put up a few quarts too..Yeah I made a big batch and thank goodness..cause I used a lot of onions..and I does love them sweeties..Vidalia . So later on this week I'll see how the freezing version comes out...nothing wrong with instant replay :)
Put my pot of coffee on already but haven't turn the flame on as of yet..Today is get all the pills together for the WEEK..and then I'm off to the races again for the sit back and pop a few. Now I have company, Zeke and Joe. Yeppers we all sit and the timer goes off mouth and pop a few. Interesting affair we're having.
This week (on Wednesday) I'll bring Zeke up for his EKG and Digoxen test and then make appointment for Sept for the Ultra Sound and Echo to be done..Now here is where I want time to fly. I have done so much reading on what could have caused this A Fib my eyes and brain are crossed..Then I say to myself,
"Accept this and go on from it..Zeke is here with you and just be happy for that. He's not in any pain and he's by your side..". So that's kind of what I'm going to do..As my friends have written to me.."Take it one day at a time".

Tonight is Big Brother..Now that should make it really see the "newbies" jump through hoops is gonna be wild and crazy..cause you know it's pay back time if Brandon or Rachel win  Head of Household....
Ok, pill time get together and then coffee will be done and so will I..I'm gonna also put Zeke on the 3 meals a day and see how he tolerates that...cause my body is getting tired of the Ups and Downs and Mix and fix...:)
Later folks..

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Can I really believe it's Saturday?

Can I really believe it's Saturday ?   Why not ?...The weekend popped in on us and here we are Saturday Morning...rushing around trying to figure what and where I'm gonna go or do ...Ha, I've got that pretty much figured...give hubby the list and he'll be gone for a few hours..I'll get the critters all under control..set up that kitchen for all that needs to be stored and or thrown away...then it's on to the next level of...Holy Crap... I need more of..yeah same old routine...we throw stuff out and re buy the stuff we got rid of cause we realized that we needed it....Sure we do !
It's a crazy morning and until I get my coffee down nothing is gonna seem right.. I've already woke up in a blur...and that's usually a good indication of how the world is gonna be for me today !  Yes, it's before the crack of dawn and even though I wanted to sleep just a little longer..NO DEAL...oh well that's how it's gonna be..
Zeke's heart rate was 76 again last night and this morning..and we've got all his meds in order for today.. I'm still with the 4 day feeding program but this week I'm gonna attempt to do it 3 times a day..and give the biscuits with apples for last part of his snack..
Yes, I'm back to making another batch of Rice and Veggies.. does that surprise any one..I mean I'm telling ya.. I could plant a rice field and I'd bet I'd run out of rice..Ha !  One rice cooker is preforming her little bells off and that's a good thing according to Martha !!!!
I'm gonna attempt to do an Onion Soup in my Crock Pot..found a recipe on it and heck that is such a good thing and delish is not the words and then this week because of another Sistah  Ali, talking about her Chicken Spaghetti Dinner I went searching through my Crock pot recipes and low and behold it's most of you that know me..know I love my Crock Pot.. I mean I'm gonna have that baby "Bronzed" so she comes with me when I cross over that hubby would say, "Might have to tote that baby"...sure will :)
Hopefully this week I'll get my act together a tad bit better ..been there and done that thing before and I need to stop letting so much come down on me all at once...but it does seem that way..
Alrighty,mighty I smell that coffee pot boy that is one sure fine aroma and gonna make up something good to go with it.. Got a box of Jiffy mix corn muffins so I'll whip that up and make small ones...they pop in the mouth pretty darn quick LOL...
So on with my day and what ever else comes into play and speaking of play just got in my is good and so on and so forth...
To All have a great adventure and may your dreams come true..
God Bless Us All.....

God Bless All !

Friday, August 12, 2011

Flinging into Friday

Flinging into Friday again and it's the blessed WEEKEND...and on with the show...and speaking of shows..Yes, I watched Big I knew that always BB has a kick surprise to it...but guess the people playing it forget hence..Lowan went bye bye birdie..oh yeah and smokin' token' Branden is back and the "Game Begins Again"...That made my night I gave Zeke his bedtime meds and we all said..Nite Nite and Sweet Dreams...

Got up bright and early and am still smiling about last nights episodes.. recorder So Ya Think Ya Can Dance..and those kids are fantastic and any one of those remaining 4 could go away the winner..So I'll watch that with hubby tonight.

Coffee pot is on and Zeke is doing ok..his pulse rate was 74 this morning and last night too..Meds are holding that part together and yep, still hear the A course I had to "Google"  his affliction and some times ya should just leave well enough alone..but then I need to know all of it..not just parts..Can't do a guessing game with me ..and certainly can't do it with my Critters either..

Betsy, my neighbor and neat novelist (a plug for ya Betsy) sent me more pictures of the house in Florida ..and boy it's really looking good..Wished I had my before and after ones..but they are on my computer in I'll just post what I have here...
Completed the drive way around the carport..and to the garage.

Also completed in front of the house walk way...

Inside the carport done in a texture. Also a different pattern..looking good

Also had the steps inside carport and outside in front of the house done with texture prevent slipping.

Also going out to the dog patio..see one of the doors leaning up against the wall that was painted ..has to be placed inside...Looking good ....
Talked with Diane and Bob and they are taking a breather..finished the one bedroom and getting ready to do the other one...and they painted all the doors ...told her..she forgot one..LOL... Things are looking so much better...
Makes ya feel good just have to wait it out again..and I'm now in need for my coffee.. I smell that aroma ..and it's calling my name..:)

Seems like this took forever to post..kept losing my signal and don't know what's going on with posting pictures lately.. My spaces are way out and when I look at it in preview...Forgetaboutit !!!!  

Time to get to work !  Ha!

PS...just did a quick fix..helps if you read when a problem arrives on the scene...well I mean when you can find it...LOL...

God Bless  forums too !

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Treading lightly through it all on Thursday ...

Treading lightly through it all on Thursday... Starting morning is not bad..Zeke is handling his meds pretty much...and I have to check his pulse and keep a chart..that's a little bit strange for me.. I mean I can do it..but listening to his heart with the A Fib takes a bit getting use to.  Having the timer set for 15 sec and keeping track.. it's like ok, I can do this..sure you can.. but it goes so fast.. Then of course Zeke has to start sniffing..and that throws me off..

Guess you might say I'm just a bit nervous.. I want to make sure I get the count right.. and it goes so's so different when you hold your own pulse ..nice and steady..Well, Zeke twitches and moves about.. and then I'm feeling the sweat beads form on my forehead..Then I hear myself saying, "Stay still".. sure he will.. I'd flinch if I saw me coming...uh oh my waitress outfit is changing to a nurse's outfit..wait one side waitress do a twist about and behold nurse in motion... (I know demented humor over powers me some times) 

Last night and this morning his pulse was 86 ...the meds are working as at the hospital it was out of control 240 . I thought my stars it's gonna explode..How quickly they got it under control with the injection into the IV...but I was told by the Cardio Doc.."He can not sustain this high rate..we have to get it down and stay down..."

So the meds are doing the trick so far...he'll have to have another Digoxin test to see how his heart is handling the dosage...I'll take him in next Wed and they'll do another EKG also..  I'll tell you they are so advanced in procedures for Critters.. just amazing.. I almost asked the Doc.."hey, wanna check my heart while we are at it..."... 

It is strange how the mind starts to play tricks on you.. I watch Zeke more when he's sleeping.. don't know what I'm looking for ..guess I want to re assure he's breathing ok.. that's never been a problem ..only the day he had that attack of HGE...

Don't get me wrong but Zeke is also sucking up on all this attention too.. I mean he's laying on the couch with a pillow..I need to take a picture of this.. This DAWG is a HAM to begin with..I have all my pill alarms set.. sounds like a fire drill when they all start going off... 

Coffee is perking and boy do I ever need that's my relaxation time along with writing on here and Facebook.. I have to tell ya I'm still confused by it.. messages coming from all directions...some days I'm not sure who I answered ...and if I got it right.. but one day I'll be surprised .

Watched Big Brother last night and now can't wait to see what's gonna come down for sure..cause ya just never know...but I have to tell ya,  I can't believe how foolish some of these folks are playing, so dumb..Never ever do you throw a game or trust someone to be put up on the block..Oh boy what ever was he thinking...He's in for a big surprise...betcha they vote back in Brendon.. OMG.. what a nightmare..more of Rachel and Brendon...we'll see.. 

Now it's on with the rest of my day and who knows what's next ?????

God Bless

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Wishing Wednesday

My Wishing Wednesday...and how I wish it really was !  I'm at a loss for words and I know those that follow me are probably saying, "I can't believe that" and normally I would say.."You are right" !  Unfortunately today I really am.. I don't even know how to begin this...or for that matter, how to deal with it.

Here goes..yesterday was Zeke's visit to the Docs..and the first part with the Internist went rather well..but then that was the end of the "good " came reality check ...and it still is....I'm still having a problem with accepting ..

The Cardiologist was right to the point..Zeke still has the A Fib (Arrhythmia ) and his heart rate..(this was a shocker) was at 240 beats per minute and they had to give him IV meds to slow it down...while doing the Echo and EKG...she also noticed a small about of fluid around the heart called a pericardial effusion.. she couldn't aspirate it to draw off some of the cells..however her feeling is that usually when seeing this in a dog of Zeke's age (and particular to this Rottie breed) that is usually is a mass... 

My heart sank and so did hubby's. We both sat there staring into space..understand the words as they were spoken and not wanting to really hear them as loud and clear as they came across..but understanding what this means...Shocker...yes, wanting to handle it,  No... Knowing that what I have to do is coming really difficult ...  

Of course the Doc did also say, "Now this could  "Possible be his norm"  and I could be wrong ...but...(the key word) in 6 to 8 weeks we'll know if it is a will show itself loud and clear..."....Word I can only tell you echoed in my heart and in the pit of my stomach...

Our day was long ...this made it even longer..We had gotten to the hospital at 10:15am and left there at almost 5 PM... and for Zeke, I have to say, "the techs there were wonderful with him.. He went with them very easily..not like he would have normally been..cause he would have never left my side...He knew I'm sure of well as I knew when we walked in that door... 

I've cried my eyes dry and as he lay down at the foot of my bed I kept touching him...I just never thought it would be like this ..not now.. I know I have those weeks ahead...and then there's the heart beats.. I mean he can't live with his heart racing like that..  I would have thought being a heart patient myself .. my Lord he would have had a stroke... and the Lord only knows what this is all about...

Now I'll bring him up to Sauls (my friend and vet) in a week and do an EKG there and then that report will be sent to the Cardio Doc at the hospital.and then the wait to see what's with the fluid...again, I don't like to second guess anything..but my gut feelings ...if there's a mass there isn't any hope..and I won't let it prolong.. I won't put him through any more...

My brain does a quick flash of all my Critters I've had and those that were extra special... and I've had only 1..yes, you are reading that right ..only 1 that was that extra mile.. Barry.. my Dane..he was exceptional and a one on one reading all the way.. He seemed to know my every move and went far and beyond any Critter I've ever owned...and now here is Zeke..a close second ..I'd say not as smart but damn close.. The wildest things is I lost Barry at age 7 with  Caner of the lung...and here is Zeke age 7 and possible Cancer again.. 

I ask myself, "How can this be"... Zeke became a service dog to me.. he was there for me and what I needed and couldn't do Zeke made it possible.. How can I lose my best friend... again.. I'm trying to accept things I can't change and ease pain..but it's not working out to well.. I'll miss him terrible...

I know you're asking yourself.. "Why am I writing in the past tense " ?   Well, for me it's the only way I'm able to get through any of this..I've also thought about my other Critters.. Joe, Reba and Abby.. they too are walking on the within a year or so I'll have an empty nest.. and for me that's gonna be so hard.. I've had critters all my fact my life evolves around my critters as they are my world.. Hubby included of course..but think about it.. through my illness the only ones I could turn to was my critters..

I'm sure there is a lot of you that can relate to I have read all of your hard times and tears, as I did I knew I'd be facing this too.. I mean I've faced a lot of hard happening through out my life.. from my first husband becoming a Quadriplegic in the first year of our marriage to losing my child and husband. To losing other pregnancies years later after I married my hubby.. it's been on going... I've accepted it...I had no we ever ?

It's strange when something is happening how we reflect back in time as to all that has happened...Like I've often said .."My life is like a Country Song or perhaps a Day Time Drama..."   I've never let it show much.. I had to keep truckin' on...but here I am life in another turmoil and I'm trying to keep it from totally doing me in.. I've lost a lot of my drive as with my illness which is trying to take control and I'm not letting that happen...I'm trying to fight back..

Sure good reason for why I started my blog too... I can write and read it and then say,  "Screw it".. I have to go on .. there is a purpose for this..Maybe to help others...or maybe to just help myself.. What ever it is...I guess I'll find out...and then I look down at my Zeke and smile.. Thank you God for letting me have him, for letting him be a part of my life . He will live on maybe not on this earth..but always in my heart..

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today the Day of Reckoning ..Tuesday

Today the day of Reckoning ....Tuesday.  Here it is, we'll be taking Zeke for his checkup and follow up.. I know the Doc will be pleased at the weight gain Zeke has had.. He's still on the 4 times a day feed...(his normal amount of food divided by 4 and I'm still in my waitress outfit)  This has enabled Zeke to not have problems with his stomach ...of course all the other Critters are getting their food the same way... Those of you that seem confused...well answer to that is.. if you have more than one Critter and you try to feed  only one while the others watch..well, you would find out quickly.. How they can get into a match fast and of two reasons... 1, the male being around the female if she's in season..Ha !...the other  ..2.  When food is around.. the hunt is on or should I say...Action !!!
Simple as 1, 2, 3..see what I mean :)  anyway that's how it goes in my house hold and all is well that ends we will be off to the Docs. and the only part that is a pain I had to fast Zeke..12 hours before bringing him...You ought to hear the complaints I got this morning...Not an easy chore...

My coffee pot is on and so am I..I'm feeling better than yesterday morning..and so far the morning isn't over..which means any thing is possible..I'll have my coffee wait for hubby to get his act together and then the fun will begin... Walking back into that hospital and hoping it will go smoothly...No surprises.

I'm a little jumpy, a little nervous as I just hope Zeke will not have any major issues...also can't wait to get the results of the tests they'll be doing this morning.. EKC and Echo...also he'll have a scope done to see how his intestines have healed... boy this is gonna be a long day...

Catch ya a little later on ...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Opening my eyes..It's Monday

Opening my eyes...It's Monday...ah one more day to go with Zeke and his 4 feedings and we see the Docs..I'm praying he'll be ok.. He's really getting back to his self big time..and that's a good feeling.. All the other critters have been enjoying the frequent (mileage) feedings..of course theirs is spaced out to their normal amounts with a little extra (rice and veggies)..hence I've had to cook rice more frequent.. Yes, I felt like I was in the rice patty..Ha !

Diane called me yesterday afternoon to give me reports on what's happening with my house.. They are excited with how things are coming out.. Diane and Bob love re doing anything in a house.. So I let them know..Hey, I'll like all what you two do..just please keep it simple..hahaha... nah, they know what I like and are having a blast..although Diane keeps telling me she's gonna have to go to the chiropractor as up and down on that ladder is killing her..

Got a quick note from my Cousin Bill and looks like my Cousin Kathleen might be coming to stay with me for the Christmas holidays.. I sure hope so.. I haven't seen her since she was a baby and she is now we have a lot of catching up to do...and beside I just got that spare bedroom she'll have a really nice room ready...wooo hooo

My pot of coffee is perking and so am I...cause I'm in the count down mode.. and wanting Zeke to be ok.. what ever it is I know we'll deal with it..and I just want my Critters to be ok..What ever it is. 

Last night I watched Big Brother... Oh boy, I love it now when it gets into the "crusty" stuff..cause now the game begins.. I mean the first few weeks it's so so.. but now the "Nasty Nasty"  LOL  gawd I love this game stuff.. but they have to remember's only a game so get off the personal attitudes... but hey, I'm enjoying it ...that's all that matters hahahaha..

Well, I'm gonna get into the kitchen and rattle those pots and pans cause I do have to do up Reba and Joe's food for the month.. I know you all are probably saying to yourselves ..cause I know I am... "What is with this woman and her cookin">?  Truth be know.. I cook for my Critters.. haven't bought dawg food other than dry food (which I use Verus) in over 30 years and I've been doing this and complaining for years too.. cepting I have to say.."I ain't never cooked so much rice in my life "...Ha!

Flash before breakfast !

Ouch, my Joe had a bad fall.. as I was sitting in my chair and he came over to me wanting his breakfast..he backed up and fell over my pocketbook..there's not much to Joe and the slightest move can just about knock him over..and over he went..hitting the floor with his head HARD... Joe belted out a loud howl and hubby came running out of the bedroom and all the Critters came towards me and Joe.. I had already got down to pick him up.. the poor guy was just as stiff as a board with fear and howling very loud.. 

I have to tell you my heart sunk as I was picking him up.. trying to calm him down but Joe was not really with me.. it was like he was in a trance, just howling...Lordy, please let him get through this..Zeke was like, right on top of me and so was Abby... Reba jumped up in the chair behind me and Joe.. they all were on me like bees to honey...Gawd I could feel Joe's heart pounding hard..hubby was trying to get to me and Joe but Zeke wasn't gonna let that happen... it was just so unreal and happened so quick.. What is it with this crap?   

I got Joe up in my arms and sat back in the chair..Reba was over my shoulder checking what I was doing with Joe.. Zeke and Abby right in my face..I sure know that these Critters do come together when something is not right !.. 

It took like what seems hours for Joe to calm down and I could feel him deep sighing in my arms.. held him close..and then he snapped out of it and wanted down cause it was breakfast time... and my next nightmare..

When it seems like all goes well...don't even think that..especially in my house.. I do realize that Joe is really up there and his days are numbered but I'm tellin' ya if this keeps up..So are MINE..!!

To let you all know when I served the Critters breakfast, Joe ate every bit and was looking for what I had...guess this gave him an appetite..I know I lost mine...glad they are doing ok.....I need a break..I need a rest...I need a vacation....I need something...perhaps another Guardian Angel cause I'm positive mine QUIT... 

I sure hope all your day is calmer than mine...but I guess it's just another part of Life's unexpected Adventures...Stay Tuned !

God Bless

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Wet Sunday Morning

A Wet Sunday Morning...not to bad but we needed it..However, Ms Abby is not going to be happy.. I call her Ms Twinkle Toes cause she don't like getting her feet wet...and for the rest, well they just deal with it..Afraid I'm gonna  have to push Ms Abby out the door ! 

This morning I'm getting all my meds in order and Joe's too...Zeke's well we'll have them till Tuesday. Then we see the Vets..(Internist and Cardio) and am a bit jittery. I'll also do another (yep here I go again) batch of rice up and Joe and Reba's theirs well I do enough for the month..(that's a break in itself).

Put on my pot of coffee and am waiting for Ms Reba to get out of bed (you sleepy head) she don't move till 6:30am as a rule... Yeah and now Ms Abby is starting to sleep in too....sure wish Mama here could do the as for Poppa...Ha !  That man of mine could sleep the whole day through if I let him...He sure saws logs and he has an alarm clock that will knock your socks off...

I can remember from the day we said our "I Dos"...that horrible alarm was the loudest thing I had ever fact that was my constant complaint...(one of a few anyway) that blast was so loud you could wake the dead...Why?  well at that time I didn't understand it..but now..I long for it..HA!  I get up automatically...(that sucks) as I was so use to waking up early and catching a train to go to work in New York...even on my days off I woke up at the crack of dawn...Gawd, I wished I could have slept in..Now that I'm retired...well I have no chance..even when in the dang hospital they wake your asp up !...So I just have to deal with that..but the alarm clock well..once I'm up I get out of that room..cause in a couple of hours it's a blasting sound that drives chills up your spine or better yet can almost make you deaf !  He needs doubt in my mind that man can sleep through anything...and he promised to protect me...Ha!.. He wouldn't hear anything unless I knock him out of the bed...Thank Gawd for my Critters...hahahahaha..

Ok, so now it's on with the show of the day here..Hubby will be doing his Sunday school lesson in about an hour and then the mad dash down the stairs.. I have his cola in the frig getting cold and Me and the Critters will sit on the couch and watch it all take place...ah life is grand and my day will begin after the hubby is out the door...Why you ask?   Cause I get out of the way till the tornado passes by...

I smell my coffee...and the day will be starting soon...My Crock pot will be soon turned on..Making Country Ribs for Dinner...can't wait...Is it dinner time ?

God Bless...