Monday, July 27, 2015

It Was A Winger Of A Monday

It was a winger of a Monday... it started off with me knowing I was going to have to make a call to Quest regarding a bill they sent me as they sent it to the wrong Insurance and of course it was denied...Surprising LOL

So my night sleep was not great..again I had it on my mind as I can never comprehend how they can screw up ..but they did and still at 8am I was no the phone and had to wait and wait..till finally by 9am I got a voice !

I again with through the nonsense of explaining my "new insurance info"...and as I asked .."how does this continue to happen"  I got the response which to me doesn't make sense..."it's because the orders from the Doctor come in with the insurance on it..."..

Now after the woman made the correction I had to leave to go to the Doctors for an Echo test..and there I asked regarding that.. and of course there response was, "that's not true"...

Oh! Again going in for the test I had to fill out the same forms I did last week..asking if I was near anyone or been to West Africa ???? Oh! also if I will be responsible to pay my bill...hahaha..Each time you go you have to fill this paper work out which is crazy....guess I just am too old to understand this type of reasoning...maybe I'm just not politically correct hahaha

Had my Echo test done and now I'm home till my next Doc appointment..other than we have that family get together in August and then in September I have Mammo, and Bone Density Test plus of course Pap Test..

Goodness time if flying..then I go back to my Cardio Doc and Internist then it's head to Florida if all is well..and I pray that will be...then I have all that Dentist Crap YUCKO!

Oh, the pool removal is in the works..we'll see how that takes place..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Here I Sit, Sunday Night

Here I sit, Sunday night...just finished watching Big Brother..doesn't anyone realize that all that scheming usually fails..that ole saying, "best made plans" mine have always been in Jello LOL so the giggle will make me smile..

Today was starting off great as Robert and I planned to go to breakfast in the morning to our favorite Greek Dinner but when he woke up he was feeling best not attempt it..

Most of the day was really a nothing kind of day...did a little looking up "Thanks Google" and also got in touch with another excavator to see if he could give us an estimate before we sign on the dotted line..

Kind of like this...anything less than 12K would be wonderful ...cause we only have 14 days and counting to get this all done..or other wise we pay a fine that adds up daily until it is completed..

Working on my 4th Afghan and it's just about finished have about 15 rows and then it's weave in the ends.. I have several I have to weave in too.. like 3 other I need to weave in ends for the dish rags I made to bring with me to the family get together which isn't  that far off...a little nervous...but also anxious.

Tomorrow I have to go to the Cardio Doc for that Echo test and then I also have to call Quest labs as it seems they keep billing my old insurance company.. I honestly don't know why.. I mean I've done this thing before..trying to get the info straightened back in Jan..

I don't know how people hold their jobs..they are so incompetent. It's a wonder all the records are ever correct..scarey !!!

So that's about it for now.. I'm brain fried and still trying to get this new computer squared away...soon ...soon..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Here It Is Saturday Night

Here it is Saturday night and all is well, so far...however......

This morning was a fun day...we had to head back up to where the motor home is being repaired and serviced at in Hatfield, Pa.. Why?  did you ask hahaha... well Robert forgot to take the bag of dog food out of her...

See, I know longer bug hubby as he claims..(you know how hubby's can be) so I didn't say a word other I check my list off..."Did you get everything out of the rig"...and of course hubby says, "What do you think ">? 

Now for me that can be a leading question and I really try to stay away from all that can and will bite me later I didn't bother to respond.

Hence we headed up this morning to pick up said bag of dog food, nice trip :)Weather was great too and we took Miss Annie for the ride and she loved that was fantastic..

Ok, getting back to my saga...from the trip home...

We got in and unloaded the rig..and I made my Doctor appointments and my numbers were that was a plus.. also the insurance company for the man that backed into me had called and he was very easy to work with..thank goodness...and life seems to be getting back on track..

Now coming home from the Doc's office I get a call from hubby telling me I received a registered letter and he picked it up at the post office..and it was a summons..????????

Panic I was...For what ???? Who would summons me..What did I do..where did I go ????? over the accident ?  When it wasn't my fault >>>>> Oh please tell me what in the world is this happening..

So hubby said calmly, "It's over the pool, we have 14 days to empty is or pay a fine of 1K per day till we comply "  ....OMG!  then he said, "there was a complaint registered with the township "... I had this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach...who would and why???

Well when hubby got home he then says to me, "it's our neighbor, as something was said regarding our pool being closed 2 years in a row"... now this causes me to turn beet red and speak in my native language.. "Italian.."  and if you know me..when I start speaking in an other language it's because I can't think right and only start perking and wanting to choke the S. O. B.

I mean I live not far from this jerk and if he has a problem he could knock on my door.. I'm not a monster..although right now I'd like to rip his tonsils out !

So the next day I go down to the township building and talk to the Township Manager and explain.. I'm 72 and not in good health and I can't use my pool by myself and my hubby is working long hours and exhausted and no longer can keep up the pool so we kept it closed and with chemical in it..(shock)  but because this is going to be an on going issue  I've decided to remove the pool..and I have an excavating company that is going to come in and do the job..

Now this is going to cost us 12K for everything..removal and fill.. something I wasn't planning on doing at this point in time.. and really not happy but I have no choice as this again like I said will be from time to time a major issue..

I felt like my insides were ripped out.. the township manager was really great in fact he as a kid use to come down on the corner of my house and catch the school bus and also with the group of kids have swam in my pool..

He felt terrible about the whole thing and I explained I wasn't blaming him ..the law is the law...however, my neighbor will have his share of aggravation as I'm a firm believer in Karma..he will get his !!!

So that was the next bolt of lightening to hit but I'm sure like always things for me happen in 3's...I don't want to think "what's next"  cause you know from following my blog...that can be dangerous..

Back to Saturday...

It was really a good day after all.. I ofcourse chuckled... I just couldn't that's it for now.. and I'm tired and still have to figure my new computer out.. I like it but again.. need to learn the ins and outs...but one good thing.. I'm posting and attempting to catch you all up on my madness..LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe, and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, July 24, 2015

It's Been Awhile And It's Friday

It's been awhile and it's Friday and I'm back in Philly...Trust me when I tell you it's been one hell of a trip !! 

Started off..everything was I to Brunswick, Ga just fine and Robert didn't come up till the next day when I was in Latta, South Carolina...but on the way there I had a few little experiences..

First off ...left Brunswick, Ga just fine and had a good night sleep just me and Miss Annie and Ms Shug.. I managed well ...I mean walking wasn't the greatest but it wasn't the worst..

Then stopped in Welcome center in South Carolina as Miss Annie had to potty and so did I....took her out and made sure she behaved going down the I have to go down them backwards and using my cane for balance when walking Annie..she is really being good...

Go to come back to get in the rig and can't get the door open..????? What's with that ? and then it came to I was going down the steps I hit the bottom button and it locked down the coach...HOLY CRAP... I have no keys with me..nor a cell phone...Give me  a break !!

I didn't panic...but I looked around to see who I could get to help me..No one was near me..and all the truckers must have been sleeping...for their stop over..down time....and then I saw some woman and I called her to please help me if she could just call someone ..

She got the custodian and he came over then called a Lock Smith as he said, "the police no longer do that" waited for the Lock Smith..he came and opened the door..for 125 buckeroos..CASH ONLY... and I hadn't a clue how much I had as I don't normally travel with money just credit cards...and by George I had 135 exactly...

First time I ever used a locksmith and by the way... my insurance covers it cept I didn't get a receipt as he was going to the hospital his father was just taken in an ambulance...was it for real ???? who knows..but one thing I got in and that's all that was like 100 heat index..Me and Miss Annie wouldn't have survived..she was such a good girl too.!

Pulled out of there and got to Latta, South Carolina ...Flying J...and it was packed everyone lined up to get gas...and I got in line behind this guy with a pull trailer.. so I sit and wait.. a little upset I paid out because I didn't carry my keys...not beating myself up..

Next thing I look up and see this guy in the trailer starting to back up.. HUH???? and Yep! I blow the horn cause I can't back up.. cars and rigs behind me..and the guy keeps coming...HELLO you hear my horn ..???? BEEEEEEEP and then CRUNCH...yes indeedy.. he bumps into me.. his bicycle rack goes right into Mabeline's hood... I could feel the pain LOL..but oh my stars !!!

2 things in one day and the day isn't over...I get out and the guy fills up his tank pulls over to the side and comes over and says, "Did I hit you " ?????  HUH????  is this a dream ??? 

So I have my phone with me and take pictures and he does too..then takes my info and I take his... and away he goes... I pull up and get gas as Robert is still in Wildwood, Florida and won't be up till some time tonight...

I pull over to a parking spot and get comfy ..walk Annie to Ms Shug and then just lean back and shake my head... talk with sense in getting upset one was hurt just my pride..

Robert finally gets up around 9 pm and we get something to eat and then go to bed and in the morning we will hook up the car and head up to Carmel Church, Virginia...can't wait.

Next morning up we get and gonna top off with gas and head out.. I go to make a turn so Robert can hook up the car and go to put my foot on the brake and I have no brakes...OH NO !!! 

Tell Robert and he looks at me ...You got it !!  No BRAKES !!  So I call Foremost Insurance...they are sending a tow truck...and we wait and wait and it's hotter than hot.....finally some lady pulls up along side of me and asks .."Am I broke down" ?... I said, "YES" !   and she proceeds to tell me she's with the garage and my Insurance is arguing with the owner ??????

So I call my Insurance company and get the low down... I get it squared away and reason was..the garage owner wouldn't tow cause he could do the work .... ok, lets get this show on the road...

Sends two men over and they work on the rig.. brake line broke and they didn't have a part so they made one...HUH... works for me...but by the time they finished it was late in the day and my generator quit got over heated and vacuum had to wait that out till it cooled then we pulled back over to the same spot and parked for the night... filled the rig up again with fuel and in the morning out we went..

Made it up to Carmel Church, Flying J in Virginia...hello there..and stayed over night...left early in the morning to head to Rising Sun, Md to my girlfriends place then spent a few hours with her ..headed out and home we came..

I really cut all the drama out as I'm tired and too much and could I remember all the details..HECK NO... I'm just glad we all got home safely ...

I will continue with my story tomorrow as again I'm tired and it's past my bed time hooking up a new computer so I could write...LOL

So as it is..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Blurr On Tuesday !!!!

A Blurr on Tuesday !!!!.....oh brother where art thou ?????  it was a whopper of a start off and then some... as we were getting things to go out into the rig... don't tread on me...or don't get in my way..Look out you #%^@...... yeah it was a happy day...

Morning I was up at 5am.. of course me and Miss Annie tip toed out the bedroom down the hallway and kept quiet..something we are not use too.. and boy I can't wait for Oct..hahaha... hate that tip toe crap !!

Anyway.... we was not in the greatest of spirits and between the rain and the heat...Why are we doing this ????  Well, have to till hubby retires cause there isn't any other alternative... I mean I can stay longer but still have to come back for Docs and Car and Motor home inspection till I change my driver's license and insurance...OY!!  don't wanna go there just yet ..

Tomorrow don't want to think about it..but we still have that check again list and the heavy sighing.. then when I'm ready to push off.. hope and pray no rain and may all things come together and Robert not roll his eyes and make those funny sounds and that strange few words that seem to trip through his lips..Puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeez!

So now it's bed time thank goodness.. and I'll say my prayers and next thing I know it will be morning...OUCH!

Those traveling...Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, July 6, 2015

A Monday That Was The Beginning And

A Monday that was the beginning and the end as well.. One of our R V Sistahs lost her battle with Cancer today... so it was rather a sorrowful day... remembering Sharon and her radiant smile.. her wanting to explore the USA ..her laughter so real, her caring for others as well.. Today we lost a great person, and God gained another Angel..where now she's driving the Lord's Highway...she was too young to go, but perhaps her job (nursing) was done on this earth and she'll fill other positions..and as we both said, "We'll meet up again on the other side ".. God Bless you Sharon, we'll miss you !!

I had completed and Afghan that I wanted to send to her.. as when I began it, she was on my mind, and I saw this neat picture of Lilacs...and I thought, "how beautiful they are, their fragrance and how delicate they look...and also come out in the spring..when you see them and smell them, you do's a heavenly scent.. so I made this afghan in the shades of the lilacs...and thinking of Sharon..

For some reason, I couldn't find my tapestry needle..and I went several times to Walmart as that's where I had gotten it.. I wanted to get it out to her..and as I spoke with one of her friends and got Sharon's address she told me that it was Sharon's favorite color..another surprise..

But that didn't come into place as I thought I'd mail it from home as I am heading to Pa this week..and maybe I could surprise her..again that didn't come to pass..but as I spoke with one of my friends she said, "Perhaps this was for Sharon's Mom..perhaps it is... so I will as I head home finish this afghan weaving the ends in and send a note to her Mom..

My day of packing up is going ok.. my momentium is not there but tomorrow we'll get er' done... I went to put the slide out in the bedroom and it won't open.. called the RV dealer in Pa..and another surprised..they closed down and now are in Media.. spoke with the repair guy and he feels it's the I'll be pulling in there when I get home..

And all is well, now it's time to hit that bed.. and in my prays I want to thank God for Sharon, as she no longer is in pain and suffering.. she is at peace, and may God's blessing help her family through these rough times.. Letting go isn't easy..although we say, "it was for the best".. it's still hard on the heart..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Sunday, July 5, 2015

What A Great Sunday !

What a great Sunday !.... Hubby and I took it easy..took Miss Annie again for a ride and breakfast..she had her treat and we had ours..came back and gave Ms Shug her let me say this, "if I had Shug's crate in the car..she too would have come along...hey, they is our family and Ms Shug and Annie, well they sold me out since the "Man" came in town ...LOL TRUE !!!

Most of the day we took it easy as tomorrow is the get the chairs in the wagon..although we did bring the motor home over to the house and plugged her in..but before we could do that we had WASPS Nest in the outside mirror cover and under the steps and underneath the wheel base where the cover for the tires are.. we think it might be the material in the covers that the WASPS like...oh man they were swarming...

Robert went to get some Wasps spray and when he came back I was inside the rig with Annie she and I were ok..air was on and we were relaxing as we watched hubby fight them buggers... oh they were swarming big time.. and I had the door shut .. I heard him yell, but I never opened the door.. I know I'm bad..but get this.. I'm allergic to beezzzzzzzzzzz and no way...was I opening that door hahahaha..

After that deal we then drove over to the house plugged her in and then came inside.. it's great being inside her.. I have always loved this coach..she was my Shangrala....and still is !!...

So we really just took our times today and enjoyed dinner.. Meatloaf made in the Crock Pot.. Baked Potatoes and Peas and Mushrooms in a garlic sauce..YUM!
Then we watched TV as Hubby laid on the couch and just relaxed..he needs it and so tomorrow we'll get all the stuff and start loading up ..Turn on the Frig and Freezer...

It will come together as we are not leaving till Wed and then it's on the way home and again I only drive so many hours a day due to me tiring out and for me it does get stressful although I never realize it till my legs are as big and tree trunks..

The feeling of going home is starting to come to life and with Rudy not being's a strange feeling also..but I know he's in good hands with Rose ..but sure to miss the big lug !!

Ok, time for bed as tomorrow is gonna be busy..maybe a few yells..but we will get it done...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Birthday To The United States Of America !

Happy Birthday  !

Friday, July 3, 2015

We Were Wiped Out On Friday

We were wiped out on Friday....because hubby got in around 2ish (am that is) and Miss Annie went ballistic ...OMG!  I woke up from the noise as at first Miss Annie was growing big time..then it went to a Yelp, and then the bed went in convulsions ... literally with me in it !!

Annie was so excited it took her an hour to calm down for us to all got to bed and when I woke up at 5am it was like I was hit with a heavy hammer.. I mean I dragged around most the day and when hubby got up ..he looked like he suffered a hangover... but Miss Annie and Ms Shug once she realized her Daddy was home.. good Golly Ms Molly.. .it was unreal..

Most the day all we did was lay on the couches.. got up to go out for lunch came back and down we were was one of those.. WE AIN'T DOIN' NUTTIN' kind of days.. I mean it's because we couldn't..hahaha..

I'm happy he made it in safely as the storms were nasty last night for flying as well.. white knuckle kind of night.. and then the next day you're good for nothing at all.. so that's what we did..

I had made the French Dip for dinner.. that was really pretty good.. I got a recipe off the internet using the Crock Pot..In fact I have several meals made up from it.. vacuum sealed for latter date  :)

Even have a meatloaf done up for on the way home.. and a macaroni dish too.. stuff that can be put together easily and less work and only buy breakfast out.. I'll make up two pots of coffee and put them in half gallon milk containers so I can heat in the microwave and have my coffee..can't do with out it..

Tonight we watched Jersey boys.. I smile when I watch it as I knew the Four Seasons from when I was in my 20's ..we all knew the same friends. Small world you know..

Ok, time for bed and on with what tomorrow brings us.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Main Man Arrives On Thursday

The main man arrives on Thursday...sure enough.. Hubby comes in from Philly...although there was a plane delay ..he finally boarded at which means..he'll be here at the house midnight as I expected..

Morning was a little busy..and again the rains came.. and I just happen to be outside when the heavens opened up...Drenched I did get...should have had a bar of soap could have taken my bath....but I was DRENCHED!

My boxes are lined up in the hallway..looks like a train station..but it's not a lot of things but things we need to take back with us.. ie dog supplies, bird supplies and my meds and clothes and a few groceries.. hahaha..

No matter how we say, "we're not taking much back's always a bundle"..but the long ride cures us and some what we have cut back a good deal..but we still have that in and out, up and down ..and the long winding drive..

This time when Lord willing we come back I'm gonna stay till the end of July..and be home for Aug and Sept..visit my Doctors and tests done and then visit with my nieces if they'll have me..:)

Hopefully the next two times hubby will be able to retire and then sell the house up north..but we have decided to also still come back up north..Doc visits and visit family for those hot summer months Aug, and Sept.

Now I've got everything done up and ready to hit the bed.. Miss Annie is gnawing that bone and I sure hope when hubby gets in's not crazy like..but Miss Annie is sure becoming my protector...I can hear the yelling now..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Wishful Wednesday

A wishful Wednesday..... again I made a run to Walmart to find that tapestry needle and NOPE!  they had everything else but looks like I'll have to get one when I'm back home or is hubby will drive me over to the JoAnn's shop which is near Sam's club...way other side of town.. I can give him the sorrowful eye routine ..but really I can do it when I get home..just that I made this Afghan for someone and I wanted to get it to her to cheer her up..

Morning for me..again, like I know some can't imagine but hectic..I have a routine I do and if that goes day goes as well.. I'm kind of limited on my pushing to the metal routine.. I have to get things done early or I'm done for..

Talked with hubby and tomorrow night he'll be here around midnight.. now that's wonderful and I sure hope he will relax a few days and then the madness begins.. the long drive home is the killer takes me a few days to get it together ..but I do pace myself..

Only thing is .. my Rudy is not with us.. now that will be a strange it is Miss Annie is really missing her partner..she so loves to play and with's short spurts I can't keep up with her.. but she is being really pretty good with me...every once in a while she gives me that look and takes off like a bat out of hell... I just sit and watch..LOL

I'm halfway through on this other afghan I'm doing ..the pattern is really nice and it just seems to move quickly... I do a few rows each time I sit back ..kind of the pattern is 4 rows and I do that 6 xs.. so I get a good chuck done daily.

I'm trying to come down with a cold..and I'm telling myself.. NO YOU ARE I'm taking Tylenol..and just making sure I'm drinking fluids..sure don't want one for the drive home..

Need to make a few things up tomorrow so I can have that for us in the RV when we stop for our meals.. that helps cause a lot of the times..the food out there is garbage.. only thing we buy is breakfast..

So now I need to get my act together and get to bed..tomorrow is gonna be busy and then from then on...OH MY STARS !!

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.