Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hitting And Missing..Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Hitting and missing..Thursday, Friday, and Saturday too !  Oh my stars..I've been so behind I'm falling forwards as well....seems my night time I'm so zonked I just crawl into bed..and now that Sept is just a day away..look out world I'm on a big spin..

I'm working on getting things together for leaving in October so that I don't have the mess we had leaving Florida in July..that was awful and short fused as well..I like to be able to gather my wits about me and not put so much pressure on making sure everything was done right.

Although some feel I fly by the seat of my pants it's not true..I'm a planner especially when I have to take care of things coming and exploring is a moment to moment for me. As when I was traveling and I was in a certain area..then "look out here I come searching". I also had planned days for that...

However, for these trips back and forth to Florida I only have so much time with hubby's work schedule. For him to at least get a few days of enjoyment and be relaxed for the return flights to go to work...I just try to make sure most of the work load is done..but all the lugging I can no longer do...therefore I've had to change how I do things...yeah again that I have to plan..

Last night was another fall out as I was trying to gather stuff up I wound up over stretching on a ladder...something I should never do...but I needed it and dang it I pulled my shoulder..I didn't let go. Hahaha later on I wished I had cause when I woke up.  Crap!  Where's my Tylenol. LoL.

Hopefully it will ease up if not I'll have to see the Doc now that I'm leaning back from dragging things and just get my list of what needs to go into another. Of..hahaha. Poor hubby he's gonna moan.. Hopefully not to too load..hahaha..

Ordered a movie off DirecTV last night. Hey for 5 bucks was worth it...watched "blended" was pretty funny..and made a root beer float. Woo hoo...then took myself to bed...and looks like it will be another early night tonight...

Hubby went to the store for me with my list of things we were out of  as I did my meal planner for the sure helps as I've got too many things going all together..I feel like the Mad Hatter...yep I'm running and soon I'm gonna run out of steam...

Month of Sept is gonna be sheer madness..I may only post every now and then..although I miss it. But the brain is going be like sparks. now I'm getting ready to take more Tylenol give brats their lunch cookie and Ms Shug a treat...

Hope those travel stay safe and as always. God bless us all.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Struggling Through Wednesday

Struggling through I'm trying to get in all the work I need done...getting in all my appointments and also juggling for Annie to be spayed....and hoping she calms down a bit as keeping her some what down to heal.  Perish the thought right now.

Seems a lot of what I had planned to get done is shifting to another I'm trying to also get to the Dentist and have all that work done...I. Igbo have to do it when I'm in my jaw is healing slowly...ugh !

Today I felt just over took me...and I found myself pacing...worrying about things I have no control over...I need to shake myself loose from ties are becoming somewhat undone over my Uncle's estate..sad as the things being done my Uncle would have never wanted...

So my day went crappy...and I just had to keep myself busy so that I wouldn't get upset...but when I sat back my thoughts were pounding my brain...yep! I need to head south..and not soon enough..

Later today hubby on his way home from work picked up my scripts.well that even went chitty. The pharmacy now has my scripts all messed tomorrow I have to get that all squared must be pouring cause the chit keeps falling..YIKES!

Tonight watched Big Brother....and was hoping Donny would have won the power of Veto. But no that didn't work out either...then on to America's Got least that was decent...ok time for me to end this crappy day and pray tomorrow will be better..

Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all

I Thought I Did, But I Didn't On Tuesday

I thought I did, but I didn't on Tuesday....I don't know where I was but I wasn't that busy...might have been because I was catching up on all the blogs. Dunno.....however, here I is !!!! :)

Morning was a little wild..I'm truly believing that Miss Annie has jet fuel in her veins...she gets up and zooms through the whole day...she tires all of us out...and still can keep going..she can't settle down....she's got to chew or get into something and poor Rudy...I bet he has battle scars. Hahaha.

I did get laundry done as Monday I never got to maybe that's why my brain is confused...or could be senior moments...what have week I can see is gonna be strange .

This weekend I'm gonna get my license renewed then start getting my boxes ready to start loading cause the month of September is just around the corner. OMG! Time is really flying now.. Also hoping my motor home is back a week before we leave..but I do have my doubts...Wayne does good work but woe is me, he promises everyone and gets too much work and can't fit it all in...ouch!

Watched America's Got Talent and it was pretty good...then just fell out...yeah it was one of those throw everything into the can never play catch up and think you are done.!

Ok, my day finished and so was I....

Safe travel to those that are and as always. God bless us all....I think Wednesday is here :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Didn't Miss It ..Monday That Is..

I didn't miss it, Monday that is..I was just trying to go around it..well kinda sort a...I woke up wee early and was a little antsy...I had an appointment with the Asthma center...and I just wanted to get that over with..

Critters woke up like two jet propelled fighter jets...they were wild..not sure if it's in the water...but when I opened their crates you could feel the breeze as they passed you by...oh this is gonna be my lucky day!

After I got everyone fed I was out the thing about this center you never have a long wait..of course ..get ready to feel light headed blowing into all those machines and X-rays...but when you're done...You Is DONE...!

So I'm back to using my breathing machine for a bit..but it does help..just so I don't have another attack..that was not good..and it leaves you shaking that every breath you take might be your last..the meds are opening up those air ways..but what a taste you get. Yucko..

Most of my day was trying to control the brats..these two are the worst I've had..then again maybe it's my age..can't remember ever putting up with this...soon I keep thinking they'll grow out of this!!!

Miss Annie has so much energy she just doesn't matter how many. TiMes I wup her butt..hahaha. I think she loves more attention she's getting...goodness gracious..

Diner was simple...had chili over brown rice with cornbread and a salad...I didn't have any energy to cook..most was in the freezer already done up..salad was simple...and then leaned back and watched the Emmy...sad on the tribute to Robin Williams...such an interesting human...but living in this world was just to painful.

After all that was over I staggered to bed...took a few breathing treatments and fell out..not really forgetting to post but too dang lazy to look for my I put it up while Ms Shug has her out time..and it's a nightly thing...she let's us's her time by loud blasts of air..hahaha

Ok, so now I'm finally posting. And hopefully I'll be back later..with some good stuff...oh did I tell you all...I like my NuWave oven...leaving this one here with hubby as he's liking it as well. But bought another one for the house in Florida....

With that..those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all..

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Alas, Sunday Is Almost Over

Alas, Sunday is almost over and it will be time to go to day wasn't a bad one but just a long one..well that's how it seemed to go...

Morning is always hectic...feets running in and out and trying to catch up with Miss Annie and see what she has brought in with her jaws....then watch her and Rudy wrestle all before breakfast...when they are fed I get my coffee and a short sit down then it's off to the races for the next bout where Miss Annie takes down the couch with Rudy in it !   She shows him no mercy and the sweet heart he is comes back for more. :)

Hubby leaves for teaching Sunday school and I attempt to watch a morning show with Charles Osgood....Sunday morning which is pretty good..I do put the brats up as I crochet and have my actual favorite time on Sunday...

Later it's lunch time hubby comes home from church I give the brats their lunch cookie and hubby and I sit back and chow down...he takes a quick nap and YES! I crochet..then again the brats are let loose. ...

Kind of how my day goes and before I know's dinner we go again..hahaha. Ah but tonight was Big Brother. Interesting and then Rising Star which by the way I picked the winner from day 1. Hello there Momma!!

Now I'm so ready for bed to start Monday off with a mad dash to get the laundry done...and the days are in counting till I start packing and heading south time is surely flying..

Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all....

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I'm Movin On, On Saturday

I'm movin on, on Saturday...a little bit better since I've been using my machine for treatments..I'm sleeping a little bit better..of course a little edgy from the meds but I can breath !

Morning for me dragged a Saturday seems so long...not getting things done...and of course getting hubby up and movin..he probably can't wait for me to head to Florida and I can not blame him..I'm an early riser..I like to get things done so I can have the rest of the day to do what ever I want..

I've been asking about going for a drive...of course the brats have to come and he's not excited about that..for me it's like no biggy...I'd love to go to a state park for the that's when the rig is back..just camp out and enjoy the surroundings..I can't do any hiking but setting out and enjoying the scenery is on a grill ...just talking or even leaning back and reading a book..plau some cards...oh well..I'm dreaming. LoL

Hubby did my grocery shopping thank goodness...a job I hate but I do it...but hubby did help I gathered up my list..we discussed what to make for dinner for the week and from there it was history...simple..yep, that's me. Simple..

The brats were in rare form today so a lot of in time in the making..had to step it up a notch..they are getting too big to race through the house and knock me over...heck knock any one or thing we is now on the kick of, " in your cage" sure hope this works...they is WILD !!!

Worked some on my Afghan and it's getting big..I do an hour on it almost every day..kind of my time for's really turning out nice..can't wait till it's finished..alas something for me. :)

Not much else in the happening cept gonna lean back play with Ms Shug then the brats then dive into sheer heaven. A good nights sleep. Those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All

Friday, August 22, 2014

Already Friday

Already Friday and I'm still a little on the slow asthma is still giving me a bit of a I've been using my machine and taking my breathing meds...made an appointment for the Asthma Center and will go from there.

I've been doing pretty good so with this set back I most likely will have to continue with breathing treatments to get it back under control...also it seems back here my house seems to collect more dust...and that doesn't help..

So on my downtime I've Been keeping myself busy crocheting and my brats have been entertaining..watching how Miss Annie rules the roost. She's a character and Rudy is truly a love.

Right now as I'm trying to type Ms Shug wants in to the action as it's her time out and "she" wants her attention. Life is never dull in my house...the critters do take charge.

I'm gonna make this short as it's now med time for me and Ms Shug is pecking at the glass of my IPad and I keep pushing her away...she can be very bad too!

With that those traveling stay safe and hope and pray this weekend some of the rain will slow uP ...God bless us all.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Took Off Wednesday But Here Thursday :)

Took off Wednesday as I needed a break...but actually I was crocheting on one of the 9 blankets I have pledged to after I got done my chores (which I can't get away from) I got cozy and grabbed my yarn and hook ..watched the brats wrestle and Annie unveil her couch cover...then again go back to chewing on poor Rudy..

Being it was Big Brother day and America's Got Talent and ( catching my breath here lol ) So you think you can dance.  Hahaha our night of watching was occupied..OMG! I'm addicted. Hahaha. Not really but it does pass the evening by while I'm on a mission to get these baby blankets done!

Went to bed a little  late and darn it I had an Asthma attack..haven't had one of those in ages and I was up all night.. Took my inhalers and prayed I wouldn't have to go to the hospital.  Meds started to work by 4am and it was almost time my house starts to I have not gone to bed..

Hopefully I'll catch a little nap which will help and I'll head back to bed right after Big Brother tonight. Can't miss who will get the door.. Plus I'm working on that blanket.  Remind me to stop taking on more projects...just do what I can when I can..

Talked with Clancy regarding the house in Florida. She's still standing. Hahaha that's what Clancy tells me..looking forward to getting back to my plants and flowers and sure hope Miss Annie is more settled. Rudy is really doing well and getting to be a strong handsome young lad..his show career starts when we go back to Florida. I'm excited for him...

Now I'm gonna put my feet up..have BBQ pork for dinner tonight..and gonna finish this blanket maybe today. That's blankie #2. Those traveling stay safe and as alway God Bless us all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oh Heavens What A Tuesday :)

Oh heavens what a Tuesday..... My morning was the norm get up get out of bed ...let critters out put down fresh water. Pop a few pills and let the day start to slide into place...

Now this morning was just a little different. It had an interruption in it...that being a visit to the Vet's office and normally I'd do it on Sunday but Saul was away on vacation so I went up to one of the younger vets that works for Saul..

Getting the brats in the car was simple as they were excited to go any where. Making sure the slider door to the car was opened and their crate doors as well they just jumped in..and Hello Momma we is ready to ride..!!

I had already called ahead and made arrangement for one of the girls to help me bring the brats in. As with my legs not wanting to work well it gets difficult at when I got their I went inside and got my beeper...yeah you're reading that right beeper to let you know it's your turn,,, it's really a very safe no dogs, cats or what have you pass each other...never know how sick they are...

When it was my turn Sue came out and she took Rudy and I took Annie and in we walked through the back up the hallway and out of the blue comes this wise tough kitty..she's the resident cat of the office and loves to intimidate the dogs..well ahe came out of no where and Annie and I were taken back and about that time my boy Rudy full force come charging through us..with Sue hanging on and as I looked it appeared as if she was trying to put her brakes on and her feeta were skidding across the floor...the cat...her body looked like it had blown triple her size and her hair was spiked...I heard the loudest hiss sound and scream...her claws looked fully extended and everyone around was gasping..Rudy was like a. I'll in a china shop...OMG I started laughing as all of a sudden I didn't see the cat and looked up...someone said, " I never saw her jump so high"...then I heard did you see where her claws went".  Not sure. might have been left on the ceiling. She flipped so High and with a leap and bound she was she was faster than the speed of light...

I bet she spent her 9 lives in that short minute...OMG. It was wild but then everyone started laughing..she's such a tuffy and I think she got shocked as Rudy had never seen a cat before and I'm sure when she was heading towards Annie...Rudy was not gonna let that happen...Annie sat back and watched. Can't say she was the bad one..hahaha. It was so crazy...never saw the cat after that...and Rudy was lookin'

Rudy got weighed he is 105 lbs and got his first vaccine for Lyme disease  and Annie got her booster and she weighed 60lbs  made arrangements for Annie to be spayed on the 10th of September.. Then was so glad to get out and home...hubby did come up to help when  I got in the office. He hit traffic and was gonna surprise me. He was lucky he missed the action hahaha

Got home and we all took a nap. Hahaha we needed it and hubby picked up Tacos for dinner so I didn't have to cook. Uh oh I'm getting watching America's Got Talent and gonna hit that bed..

So those traveling stay safe and most of all. God bless us all..

Monday, August 18, 2014

I Wasn't Thrilled On Monday

I wasn't thrilled on Monday...getting up early no boggy..doing laundry again no buggy...but having to call regarding a bill that was already paid and they're still trying to collect is a nightmare!!

Getting all my chores done to get myself prepared to settle an on going issue which already is annoying me is not my favorite thing to do...dealing with the billing clerk that most likely had a chitty call before yours...oh lucky me I can't wait....:(

So I got the brats all taken care of and had my coffee ( no coffee first is dangerous) and then got my copy of my cancelled check...didn't have my previous information as I had went through this in March and all that data was in Florida...oh lucky me again...

Ok, I'm now on the phone and get the billing department and I'm placed on hold.  Hello there...anyone ...someone.....finally after listening to some horrible tune a voice comes on and says" who are you holding for" ?  Now you know you never got a chance to ask as you were put on hold as soon as they answered..

So as I try to remain calm I ask for someone I can speak with regarding this past due notice and I give the account number my name and D O B. Oh yah I'm trained well been there before and now back again..

I get the " one moment". Yep on hold again...give me strength that I can get through this like a normal human being. Hahaha. As I feel my blood pressure rising ....again the voice comes back and says, " now what would you like to know" ?  There are no English words I can even speak when you deal with idiots!!!! Other than attempt to hold it together and try to get it straightened out...

I had just heard of someone having a bout with road rage well I was about to enter "phone range". And it's a horrible feeling. Like if I had a button to push. " POOF" she would have been took about an hour to go through all the finally having to call up to the office where the major screw up happened and then to my insurance was a never ever land call...

Finally got it cleared and I remember my last sentence. LoL...letting these idiots know that it's illegal to double dip ( this ain't no ice cream cone) and think you can get away with it...lord only knows how many times they have gotten away with it...but not today!!!

My day was so long and I never left my chair..I became apart of the dang cushion...I was absorbed in the bowels of the fabric...I was spent...brain fried..worthless when I got finished..a day from hell.  I was glad I wasn't around anyone and I had to get myself together for when my hubby came home. The lucky guy!!!!

I lost my appetite didn't want to cook as I could look at food. Sure was hoping hubby wouldn't mind grabbing something on the way home. And he didn't. Thank the rest of the evening I chilled out...tried to keep myself  comfy and crocheted ...which let me think of good things...

Played with Ms Shug and the brats just to keep my blood pressure down...I get so annoyed with things like this...I guess it's my inability to accept these screw ups...and from so called professional people..

Relax...relax..relax...better days are coming. Like tomorrow. Taking the brats for their Lyme vaccine. It ought to be a good one. those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all....

Sunday, August 17, 2014

It Sure Is Sunday

It sure is morning started off with some catching up and trying to figure how I was going to get all my ducks in the water...

I was very upbeat with getting my rig worked on as that means it's getting closer to me heading back to Florida...some sad feelings though leaving my hubby and worrying if he's ok...and that we both have a healthy year..

Called my vets office this afternoon too and finally got an appointment for Miss Annie's spaying...and also Ruddy's Lyme vaccine...then made sure all their records were up to date to register for their license in Pa.

Worked on my list of what I have to get done before leaving also. And then moved on to all the blankets I have to get made to send to this orinization for the new born babies..even have the big box which all will be placed in and shipped out.. I am almost finished with the one blanket...:)

Worked on my afghan as well. Only put on a few rows and that made me feel good too..a few rows a day is my therapy and it really does the trick. This one I'm making is really pretty...a first for me. Hahaha I usually make from what I have left over..

The brats were pretty good today and I was shocked. Must have been  something in their water. Hahaha...but Ms Shug was on her High and Mighty and look out she was gonna break the sound barrier today....

Got a call from my sister in law late last night as she told my hubby and I she was diagnosed with M S and was finally ow accepting she wasn't looney..that does happen to as I remember with my mother how long it took before they knew what it was...

Today there is more they can do with treatments but it's still no picnic...will keep her in our I started thinking about my Mom and how difficult life was for her...and how she let the Doctors use her with their experiments that hopefully they'd be able to help someone else..she was bedridden for over 25 years..

My day had a few highs and lows but I got through it and now tonight watched Big Brother and then Rising Star...just let the brats out for their last go round and I'm so ready for bed.. So those traveling Stay safe and as always. God bless us all.

I Was Bizzy Bizzy Bizzy On Saturday

I was Bizzy , Bizzy Bizzy on Saturday...took forever to get hubby up and going as I had wanted to bring the rig down Friday night but that didn't come into play so it was on for Saturday morning and that was like pulling teeth...OMG!!!

I was up wee early and trying to get the brats settled...along with getting my chores done...getting Ms Shug' s packages together.  All her stuff came in..oh no more boxes..Yes! The story of my life and of course I have to have things in order to make it easy for me to handle. Again with my "set ups" which drIves others crazy.

For me, it makes handling everything I do legs are not strong so all that carrying and lugging wipes me I make it easy...just like if I was running a production line..all things within reach and it a set up that handles the weekly load..not. O placated at all in fact if you look at it. Less steps less pressure...yes! Life becomes a little less complicated...

So finally got hubby up and moving...then decided I wanted to take the brats with me along for the ride..they needed the out time...hubby got a little miffed.  Hey , get over it..they are like my kids and were so excited to come along...which meant hubby had to drive my big deal. Cause once we got to the RV dealer and got things taken care of..we then put them in the van in their crates...they were grin'n and their body language was so neat to watch..

I always took my fur kids along for the ride and I really missed from now on I'm doing that..they are so much a part of me..and even Ms Shug will have her spot..once the rig is back she will be placed on top of the two bottom crates..where I use to have Reba and Joe..and boy let me tell you I miss those two ..I still cry thinking of my kids..they all were my world  I use to talk with them and tell them all my deep dark never gets easy for me..

I'm excited about getting my rig worked on..this last trip to Florida I had some problems with the satellite dish getting it up and in position..she was the original dish when I bought the rig and being exposed to the weather I'm sure detereation happened with the wires and cable . So it was time for a "new" one..I ordered the covered dome type...I had to laugh as Wayne asked," did I want the one in motion". Now there is no way I'm watching TV while driving...LOL and I did ask hubby if he wanted that....he just hubby is so busy telling me how to drive how could he possibly watch TV????

After leaving the RVDealer it was on to Petsmart and then the JoAnn's shop to pick up yarn...I'm doing an Aghan for ME!!! I don't often do much for me but felt this would be my gift..I also have to do up those 9 baby blankets I pledged I'm on for some busy times. But I need that...I mean some things in my life have started to make me feel sad...keeping busy helps me get through it...

So now I've got my list going on things I need to get ready for the return trip to Florida..I'm excited about it too..I love my place in Florida...I enjoy looking out my windows and seeing the birds fly in..wild life cross my path and my they reward me with their gifts of beauty..I get away from a lot of the pain others cause...the back stabbing and not even a kind word..yeah, I can understand why some stay to themselves......

I rid myself of John and Jane after I went through such turmoil and when I was so down with losing my fur kids they didn't give a chit and just put me through such dragged me down so depression reached in and was trying to choke me...I won't allow it!!! I won't allow that to ever happen fact like will not let others to inflict any more pain...

I'm getting my list together for all the things I want to get done in the house in Florida...never thought I'd be so content in a double wide...hahaha my new song..the trailer life..hell, it's like being on the road without moving..hahaha...but it's so neat..not fancy but so enjoyable..

I use to feel bad about not having"friends" to stop in and visit me...but that's changed as I realize they really aren't "friends".  I put too much value on friendships where others don't. It's not their fault's more mine I guess I just expect too much..that's why I've decided to just slowly start withdrawing from these so called social medias...

I'm not one to follow the swing of "who is in". I just like to have a few laughs pass some good recipes and ideas and make life simple for me for how ever long I can stay healthy..this October when I return to Florida ...Rudy starts his show career..I'm gonna enjoy it.  But again not that crazed as I've done it...I'm only obliging my commitment to Kim, Rudy was her pick of the litter and this will thrill her to no end..he's amazing well put together...

Most of all what I do love about Rudy, is his temperament...he is such a sweet heart and  oy he's put together nicely..not what I'd say Thad handsome but true Rottie look...I say he reminds me of Pluto. You know he one in Poppeye. Hahaha. But I love this boy and so did Zeke...Zeke really took a liking to him from day one....

Anyway getting back to my Saturday...I managed to get a lot done and by the end of the day I was beat...fell asleep in the chair hence I didn't post..but here I is and so is Saturday...those traveling stay safe and as Lways. God bless us all.  And on with Sunday. Woo hoo.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Up And At Em' On Friday

Up and at em' on Friday....felt like I had to get off to a good start and I did...brats slept till 5am and without breaking out and racing to the moon...I could pace myself....and I did that too..

The hubby even was up and about which doesn't happen that often...he was good enough to pull my car out of the driveway and parked onto the street so I could have my get all my cards were being stacked...I had a Doctor appointment and then I wanted to stop by my friend ( long time) and wish her a happy birthday as she was 85.  Then from there I had to do a little grocery shopping..

Got my brats fed and Ms Shug...and hubby left as I was..I waved he waved and down the road we two passing ships at sea....first time I got a good parking spot at the Doctor's.  The weather was nice...a little cool breeze but it felt great...didn't have much of a wait either.  Hey this is going good..

Heard my named called and in I went..Doc is always smiling and we tell our few little jokes and then we get down to my blood pressure checked and it was great..122/72.. Ok works for me...and then doc was really happy reading my results. Oh great balls of stress test was amazing (for me) I showed good flow to all the places I haves tented. The LAD. And my EKG remainder stable with no signs of stress during the.test. Even my blood press showed no major change...ok, those brats seem to do the trick for me...all that up and down chasing after...dragging out the door...yes, they stressed me. It prepared me for this...hahaha. I had Doc laughing as I explained to him..

Of. Ourse he was thrilled and simply said, "what ever it takes to keep you ticking". Works for me too...then we have our great talks as to what level I'm at and about my Echo test...of which I have some leakage in my motor it's still at the same major change but it needs now to have more monitoring...that also is with keeping my blood pressure in check..some days I'm good but as I was explaining I've gotten more into meditation. And also making sure I take my down time or chill out...I Find I'm needing that...and for me that's a good thing.

Doc was really pleased and so was I...I always hate to say goodbye to him as this was my last visit till I return from Florida..sure wish I could find a doctor like him.  Who knows...then as I left the gals all gave me their latest chat of what's in the happening...I didn't make a return appointment as I'll do that when I go to my internist in I set them up on the same day...two in one I call it..LOL .

So off I went feeling really good...and called my friend Helga to find out if she was up and to stop in...I'm a little uptight although I enjoy my visit but seeing her as she seems to be just letting go of life...granted she's 85 but for years Helga has just existed in her own little world or should I say "chair" she has kind of in prisoned herself to that being her "safety device". And I  get flash backs when I see her..of how I use to travel with her..I'd have her so upbeat and she had no choice but to explore with me..I'd get her out and about with all my crazy friends and dog shows and places of the neatest for with me any and everything was seeing her now makes me feel so she is just existing of her own choice...

Then I've got to keep saying to myself, "you can't control someone else's destiny...if she is happy let it be".  For me that takes a bit of "big time shut my mouth". And again maybe to others I'm kind of out of control...who knows. But for me it's a fight to live and keep pushing...I get frustrated myself on things I was able to do but can' that pisses me off, and I fight myself constantly..

Like being home here In Pa I feel like I'm in a prison...I'm not able to do the things I do in Florida..I no longer enjoy my surroundings...I don't get to see all of nature that I watch out my front windows. All I see is cars fly bye and nothing else...the hustle and bustle of traffic...the crowds of people in a hurry...yucko...

Now I miss my hubby as he's gone most the day and comes in late...we eat late he's tired and barely wants to talk I have to pry things out of him and come the weekends he wants to sleep and I'm so anxious to want to get out and take a ride some where which isn't going to happen...I'd love to pull the rig out load up the critters and just go to a state park...just to look at nature...set up and sit outside as I can't go hiking anymore. But breathe air and look around...even. Ok out...yeah I know the brats are with us...but they love just being out too...I have the Xpens set up...cook on a grill or pack some sandwich ...but just get out of Dodge...I miss those adventures...

So for me to be in the house constantly is like a  So my time is now moving fast...I have an eye doc appointment  in a few weeks. A GYN doc a Mammo and then my Internist...hey it's long as no major set backs I'm gonna be on the road again..

Taking the motor home in Sat morning and getting her taken care of. And that gets me going big time the before I know it...I start pacing getting all my things together and feeling that rush come over me..I become my old self....hit energy blast from the past.....if I was to fly well I'd be out of the wild blue yonder.

Now I need to pinch myself and get back on track....and now I'm at the grocery store...getting my shopping done....then homeward bound...the rest of the evening will drag as it's. Itching on TV and hubby will get home late as he had a viewing to attend....

So with that I'll say, safe travels to all and God bless us all....

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Not A Good Day Start For Thursday

Not a good day start for Thursday...being the night before I didn't get any sleep..I did a dumb thing...first off hubby got home late so dinner was really late then I also had a Dr Pepper and some M&Ms while watching TV. Another dumb thing.   So what was the outcome ...

Too much caffeine big time..I lay awake all night and when 5am came around I had to get up and start my day...but when I could I was going to be taking a big nap or I'd never make it..

Of course the brats were not going to be willing and it was up and down ...slide open the door in and out then. OMG!!!! A wasp nest right over the top of the sliding door so had to call hubby on his way to work. HELP...being I don't do bees well at home he came and boom they were done...done....done...!

By late afternoon finally I put the brats up and got in my 2 hour nap while my crock pot was cookin...I had put together stuffed cabbage rolls and even cut up potatoes were waiting in the frig to go in the microwave cooker for mashed....yeah dinner was gonna get done too...

Tomorrow morning I have the Cardio doc appointment and on my way back I'll stop at the store for flounder and hopefully no surprises...

Now I'm ready to watch Big brother and enjoy the night and hopefully I'll get. Good night's sleep..just remember no caffeine after 6pm....and everything will be fine..

Those traveling stay safe and as always God bless us all

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'm Back Even Though It's Wednesday

I'm back even though it's Wednesday...the morning was a little damp and the brats were ready to jump up and out. Till they got outside and there feet got wet. they came and then the bouncing off the walls started..

Brother this was not going to be my lucky day..more like jump up and down to let them in and this is my form of exercise big time...and if you think this don't tire your butt out...mmm come stop and spend a day with me !!!

Did manage to get my crock pot going and made pork BBQ for dinner tonight and enjoyed the chuckle of Big Brother. On who is telling the biggest whopper. Then on to America's Got talent.  I really could enter my brats and Ms Shug as they put on a show every night.

Now I'm ready to head to bed. Been long and tiresome gloomy day...those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all. Till tomorrow :)

No, I Wasn't Missing On Tuesday

No, I wasn't missing on Tuesday. I was just overwhelmed by the sad news of Robin William's suicide..the news media never stopped and then later on in the day they had to go into the gory way that he took his life..

When will this ever stop on how they report the just turned my it all of us who thrive on this nonsense???  I for one have gotten to the point where I don't want to listen. Just turn on the news to hear the weather...seems we've lost the knack of how too!!!

It's how they now want you to think and only report partly fact and seem to even tell you how to think. Goodness we've certainly gone movies...they always have a political message to influence you...give me the good ole days when journalist were a talent enjoyed reading their column and unbiased..

Yeah I'm on a roll here it kind of just got to me...and maybe all the rain played apart of it too. As I'm just wanting to hear some good news for a change..we need that badly...some good ole fashion comedies as well...ah and the talent shows. Lol

Watched America's Got Talent last night... Ok, it wasn't that impressive..perhaps tonight (Wednesday) will be better..

Catch you a little later on...down the road. God bless us all.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Got Those Monday Morning Blues

Got those Monday morning blues...oh yeah. Got up at 5 am and let the brats out and grabbed the laundry.  Got that going and then as the brats came in I filled up their water bowls and tuned on the TV to hear the news..

I like to get done early so I can at least get to put my legs up a bit..hubby is still sleeping as I'm opening Ms Shug's drape...and my morning has begun...get my pot of coffee on take my morning meds and then start to get to feed the wild bunch...

By the time hubby gets into the shower critters are out of the way and I'm now having my coffee and first load of laundry is in the dryer and as soon as he leaves second load is going. Yes my chores are almost done..hahaha

If I don't do these things early I'm done's how my system functions. As by afternoon it's down hill. Even as far as going to the stores it's got to be early..and same with all my doctor appointments ..I've got it now that my doctor in Florida sees me at 7:30am. Bless his heart it works fantastic for me!

Called up the R V dealer and I bring the rig in on Friday night. Get some work done and get inspection. Yes, the time is moving fast now..still have to get to the dentist and Annie to be spayed. I see my Cardio doc this Friday and hear the results of my stress test..

Later tonight heard the sad news of Robin Williams taking his life...that one hit me hard as I so enjoyed his talent but again the sadness behind his laughter seems to be a normal way of life lately. So many suffer from depression via drugs...

My list is starting to decrease as my appointments  are getting  set. Even got my scripts for Florida already and hopefully this time I won't go through the crazy crap.. Now  I'm not asking for much just hope they get it right. LoL

So it's lean back watch a little TV and then tuck every one in and start all over again. :)
With that those traveling stay safe and God bless us all.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Very Relaxing Sunday

A very relaxing Sunday. And it was a "Me" up at 5am and let the brats out. Then I did the sorting of the pills of life and on to my all the fur and feathered kids fed and went to the grocery store by 7am...did a fast spin on a few things and home I was...

Hubby did his Sunday school class then on with church and a business meeting and home.  It was a peaceful day even watched QVC didn't buy a thing but did pop up on Amazon to see what specials they had going..

Most of the day was just read what's happening and then had to go to PetSmart to pick up special treats for Ms Shug.....and took Rudy and Annie for the ride...they were excited and happy to get home...they ran into the house and it was feed time for them..

Tonight watched the finish of the PGA golf tournament and now 60 minutes...waiting for Big brother and then calling it a night..have a few things I need to get done and need to make that appointment for Miss Annie to get her spayed..

Have my cardio doc on the 15th and then come Sept I've got several appointments from Eye doc to Gyn doc to Mammo and before I know it last visit Oct3rd and I head back to Florida..

Need to call the RV guy and get my rig in this week too. Yep my list is growing and I Ned to step it up a notch...gaining a few pounds back which I'm not happy about but I'm not as active here. Ok. Another good reason to head back. Plus I sure miss all my plants and birds...of course I miss hubby but the way he works and  the times we eat at night are killers..sure hope he can retire soon while I'm still somewhat in good condition..

Well I need to get the brats out and then pace myself...those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Got Er' Done On Saturday

Got er' done on Saturday....and to think I messed up falling asleep in my recliner. And had to do a double post...could my brain handle all that over load...Absolutely. Woo hoo....

Yes, I got back on the merri-go-round and even grabbed the golden ring....the brats didn't know what to expect..I was in and out and over and the hubby in high gear and we were off to the races..

First off hubby went to McDonalds and we had breakfast even Ms Shug got an egg...then we were out in the rig. Backed her up flushed her system and started to take down the top crate as that is now where Ms Shug will ride...she'll love it...I can hear her now as we drive down to Florida..

Now I have to call the RV dealer as to what day to being her in...then got a call from the garage to come pick up my car...she was ready..ok..popped in hubby's car and soon we were back..ok..this day is moving right along.

Here it was lunch time and again hubby got a lesson on using the NuWave Oven. He's liking will work out for him great as for when he comes home from work he can just pop a steak on and have a decent dinner..he's a good cook anyway and this will cut his work load a bit...

Was going to go to the grocery store but decided I'll do that tomorrow morning while hubby is teaching Sunday school...and less traffic and crowd..making my list up . Gonna lean back and watch some old movies and then tonight I hope to sleep in my NED..

That's about it other than time is starting to move an appointment for the eye doc in Sept...and also the dentist..hoping my jaw is fully healed too..

Ok, so now those trucking on the highway. Stay safe and as always...god bless us all

Ok, I Fell Asleep On Friday

Ok, I fell asleep on day wasn't a difficult one..I mainly just gathered up my things I needed to get done to take my car in to get inspection and a few things done...

Brats were at their finest...I mean disrobing the couch several times a day...emptying the trash bins and devouring some paper towels. With annoying me top on their I've now realize that Miss Annie gets more destructive as she can see the wheels in motion as she sizes things up..she has no fears!!!!

So my day had a lot of interruptions and then a fall out came into place..yes! I needed a nap. The body can on,y take so much and mine reached it's limits...hahaha

Evening was when hubby got home..Pizza and then drive my car up to where it was going to be inspected on Saturday then back home and let Ms Shug out for her play time which is a must...then we sat back and watched a movie hence I fell out.

Woke up at 4:30 am in the recliner and let the brats out then attempted to lay back down. So I know later on when I come back to  write on my blog I'm gonna be dragging.....cept I have to get the motor home down to get work done...Hello there...hahaha

Ok, need to move other wise I'll be a bump on a log.

God bless us all.     To be continued on Saturday.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dragging My Arse On Thursday

Dragging my arse on Thursday was a fact....I could not fall asleep Wednesday night no matter what I did...I tossed and turned my asthma was kicking in to join in my misery....I wanted to scream. I just couldn't calm down either..My heart was racing.  ..what gives? Am I having an anxiety attack???

Finally I got up hearing Annie do her yodel at 4am and I truly felt like CRAPPOLA ...I was not a happy camper and I was hoping the brats wouldn't be off the wall..cut me some slack please!

Everything that I did today took forever...I had to force myself to get up and move..I didn't want to give 2pm it was fall out and I did but so did Annie and Rudy...I leaned back and I fell asleep...this was one time I was so glad all of us got in our Zzzzzz :)

Woke up it was 4:30pm and I felt like a new person...Annie and Rudy and even Ms Shug were zooming..I could see Shug bouncing around and baiting the brats up to her cage...yeah a much better feeling..

My evening went well. Hubby got home by 6:30pm and dinner was over by 7:30pm...boy I was glad too as we've been eating so late maybe that's one of the reasons I'm running into problems..watched some TV and of course Ms Shug got her party time bouncing back and forth between hubby and me and taking things..

Now I'm ready for bed and crossing my fingers I'll get to sleep...yes, this is short but my brain is sort of in reverse. Lol.  Those traveling stay safe and as always God bless us all..

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Winging It On Wednesday :)

Winging it on Wednesday....:).  Sure did and as I flapped my wings things got done...even got treated to a breakfast as hubby had a late meeting so he hit the McD's and I was so thankful. Felt good sitting back and enjoying my pancakes and sausage. Woo hoo...

Brats got up at 5am and were so ready for full pack contCt sport tight beneath my feet...Ouch! Guess they wanted me to move. NOT!   But they sure did move the furniture around. I swear they are growing stronger every day..

Still have to make Miss Annie's appointment to get her spayed and also get Rudy his Lyme vaccine then I can relax and not worry about Annie coming into season...don't want any problems...

Also later on I got to watch "The Good Earth " as I had taped that earlier so when it was. Nap time and we all settled in I leaned back and enjoyed. Even hearing Rudy snore...Miss Annie was on her couch laying upside down....and Ms Shug also was in her position. One foot up and feathers ruffled. Squinting eyes Yes! We all were so ready :)

Hubby got in late so it cooking as again he brought something home..we watched Big Brother...come on Zack you need to go home!   And then on to America's got talent...the ones chosen to stay were ok.  So glad that skater went home...he shouldn't have been put through but you know if he would come on as a comic...he made people laugh he most likely would have moved up...he was so terrible it was really funny..

Now I'm so ready for bed and ready to get a little Seinfeld and call it a night.

Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Strange Day For Tuesday

A strange day for Tuesday.  Starting off with I thought it was the 6th due to the fact my calendar said so.  Then come to find out it's only the 5th. Hahaha. Why????? Because Miss Annie ate the page. LoL ...I was celebrating her bing 7months when in fact she had one more day to comment was...Miss Annie you plea the 5th not eat it!!!!

So tomorrow will be the 6th after Ll and we get to again celebrate I survived you 7 months....and a few more you may settle down. Well maybe....I mean she's a bolt of lightning every morning...poor Rudy ...he gets the brunt of it...I only get the clean up after destruction..

I did get to sleep a little longer again as hubby got up early and that gave me the extra hour....then it was off to the races....finally by 10:30am those brats are slowing down.....and so am I.. I get to put the couch back together for the umpteen time....and dig out the chew bones that have been buried in between the cushions..

Today was really a strange one for me...I tried several attempts to find some lost papers...I put them away but it's been so long who knows I could have tossed was articles that were written on some of my family members of when they came to this one Uncle had done some extensive research and sent me I felt so weird looking through boxes and coming up dead end...

From there on in my day was not going well....and even tonight watching TV ..America's got talent wasn't that good either...font even want to talk about dinner. That was a pick up on your way home as hubby worked late and didn't want me to cook...

So now took my pills and hope I get a good nights sleep to make up for today to start over better. So those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless us all

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Good Start On Monday

A good start on Monday.  I slept through the night with no early wake up.  Wonder if it was the flea meds I put on Miss Annie and Rudy before bed time :).  What ever it worked and felt great the next morning....even got my laundry going at 5:30 am. Hooray !

Got the brats fed and Ms Shug taken care of by 7am.  And the rest of the hour was mine...I got to enjoy my coffee listen to the news and had my feet this really happening.  Hahaha. Even got hubby his lunch made to take with him as his day was gonna be long and not able to go out and get I told him, " lock your office door, put your feet up and eat your lunch"

It's only taken me over 30 something years for him to do, I enjoyed packing my lunch and even if is sat in my car I had peace...usually I'd listen to music and eat...anything to get away from the crowd and interruptions ..

Even got in a nap for this afternoon. I'm telling ya I need to knock on wood. Hahaha. My day was just so dang good. Hopefully the rest of the week will follow suit. :)

Tonight not much going on other than getting a few new recipes to try in my NuWave Oven. Oh yeah that really is coming in handy..Keeping a file so hubby can use it when I'm in Florida...this will make it easy for him as well..

Made arrangements for my car to be inspected this weekend then the following one will bring the motor home over and get her worked on...also got my renewal for my driver's license and I need to get that done. Have my list going now to make sure I get all my appointments done...

Have to get to the eye doctor too...and then finish up with the dentist..and time is flying by quickly...I mean we are in August and I'll be heading back to Florida right after my Doctor's appointment Oct 3rd...if all is ok..

Just put Ms Shug up...she is really getting more and more fun to work with..she loves playing between hubby and me..jumps back and forth and even loves up to the two of us...she is such a pleasure to be around. Even Miss Annie and Rudy still every morning go up too her cage to greet her..she comes down to the bottom as well and their noses meet. LOL

Now it's time to call it a night...those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Amen! It's Sunday :)

Amen! It's Sunday :).  Although my morning started off with a double wake up.  Yes, a double wake up...first time was at 2:30am and then went back to bed at 3:30am then back up at (get this) 7am...thank you Miss Annie!!!!!

What ever woke her I hope it moved on down the road cause it really through my day for seemed I just couldn't catch it up...hubby wasn't feeling well when he got up so he stayed home didn't go to we all just hung out..

I took breaks when I could and hubby had the opportunity to play with Annie and Rudy and all I heard was.." Whatcha got Annie, where are you Rudy".  I mean it was a constant up and down and in and out. Oh yeah they gave hubby their best performance ...hahaha

We took turns picking movies and playing a few card games..neither he or I felt that great..we did get in a nap as well now that was a good thing and the brats finally crashed. I heard the thud. Hahaha. They were so wild I couldn't wait for bed time..

Ms Shug was even on. My goodness it must be something in the water. Shug bounced back and forth between hubby and me grabbing everything in sight then she began her high whistle.  Is it tea time?

Just before I put the brats up tonight I put their flea meds on. I do that because it drys without those two chewing on each other and it's safer.. So now it's time to hit that bed..we watched Big brother tonight and then Rising Star..and speaking of rising.  Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all

Saturday, August 2, 2014

I've Landed On Saturday

I've landed on Saturday by gosh, by golly!   That's how my week has ups and downs and twists and turns and I've still landed.....and in one blinkin' piece too!!!! Thank you Lord :)

This kind of drizzle morning I woke up to a nice soft sound coming from in the dog room..Miss Annie was just waking up along with me so it wasn't her vocals but more the yawning sound with a little whimper. Hey I can deal with that....and we all cept ing up and started our morning routine.

Then I got the urge for breakfast with out me doing all the work. Sooo it's off to McDonalds. The Golden Arches , just waiting to serve me. Woo hoo. Here I come...and so that made my morning..I even shared my egg mcmuffin ..Shug got the egg and I got the muffin :)

The rest of my day was sort of mundane with a few..."Annie whatcha got...Rudy, let her go...and so on and so forth".  Yeah it was mundane alright...

Hubby took a run over to Sam's club and pick up our paper products with a few other things...and then he went grocery shopping for the rest of the week.  He sure did me a big favor. I'm not a fan of shopping...I get a list and get in and get out.  Hate the crowds.

The rest of the day went by quickly and all settled in for a good night rest...hopefully. With that. It's those traveling stay safe and as always God bless us all

Friday, August 1, 2014

Good Grief It's Friday

Good grief it's Friday...I do know where my week He'll and back!   This morning was an early wake up call thanks to Miss Annie..lately she's been getting up at 3:45am.  What gives?

This morning I had to get out early as I had to have a cat I got the brats and Ms Shug fed. Got washed dressed and out the door..wait wasn't to awful but I forgot my cell phone so I watched the in coming. Hahaha...

When I got home I leaned back and took it black and blues ( from Wednesday's encounter) were showing their color...looked more like a wounded pigeon. :).  So I let the brats out gave them their lunch cookie and we all took a rest..

Got a phone call from the Doctors office in Florida. Seems my insurance company wanted to know who and when I was going to the eye doctor. Huh?  I was caught off guard on that one...why would they even want to know. I mean isn't that my call?  Sounds to me that now expect they are going to decide what is good for me. So come Monday I will call the insurance company and find out what gives.

Now I'm glad the insurance company is concerned for my health and are they doing it for everyone???? I sure hope so. But still I think they should have called ME!! So we shall see what this is all about. Another adventure in my simple life. Hahaha.

Ok, so it's Friday night nothing great on so guess it will be. " hubby and I challenging each other in a game. What one not sure yet. But I'm sure it will be a game of wits. Hahaha.

So on with the dinner as hubby just called and the rest is History.  Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all.