Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The End Of A Wonderful Tuesday

The end of a wonderful Tuesday....It started off with a mad dash and get the Critters done and get me out the door before they realized what was happening...but then again who am I kidding. As soon as they seen me head back and get in the shower and go into the closet...the race was on to see who was not gonna be caught...taaaaaa daaaaaa.....Yes, I caught them all..and I heard the "Glee Club" sing as I left the building  hahahaha... I'm sure my neighbors loved it too...but hey, it's free and it's harmony ..4 part at that..difficult to do if ya ever did harmonize.

Got to the Medical Center and took a number...(not really but that's how it feels) and waited and waited..yep you got it..even got to watch a morning show ..Regis and what's her name...I'm awful but I don't watch much morning shows..mainly news...

My name was called and I jumped to attention...but that's about all I could do...as they lead me down this long and I do mean long corridor...gawd I did my cardio vascular work out ... then into the tiny room and wait more...don't cha just love that.. I mean haven't you waited enough...

In comes this nice looking young man...(sure hope he's the doc) and he proceeds to inform me of the test "We" ( I didn't know he was taking it too) are about to take...HA !  Psssst just in case you didn't know...but I did this one before ...this is a repeat...please make sure my DOB is correct.... He smiles and then tells me..." Ma'am please take them jeans off and socks and shoes.."...sure enough... he leaves the room and there I sit again this time in my drape..hahahaha... you got it...another session of waiting...yooo hooo... anybody home ??????

Well, back he comes and it was like Hello, Goodbye, we is done...Wow.. he was fast and talked just as fast in a dark room.. all I could see was the glow of the machine and the warm gel I got smothered in... ..Then he says, "We're done"...Throws a towel at me says, "Get dressed"...bye...all in one breath...

Now I have to smile as I'm rekindling all of today...it blurred past me... zoooooom and I was dressed out the door and on the highway hitting the Publix...oh yeah....couldn't go by without a quick fix...

As soon as I got in and got the Critters settled made a glass of tea and called Clancy... He had the Social Worker and the Hospice Nurse there and would call me back... My heart beat with a big thump... I sure hope all was going alright.

Little later the phone rang and it was Clancy.. he was sounding much better and said that "the Nurse was going to be in for the night" and I asked..."Can I still come over and visit with Elsie"...  ... Clancy said, "Sure come on she'll be happy to see you....she's doing good today"... and for sure this was one of her better days.... I was so happy to see her...I waved at her as I walked in the door and I could see her smile.

The Hospice nurse was in the other room and Elsie was set up in the living room all cozy...She had oxygen on and she looked content...I sat up next to her and we talked as she drifted in and out...not sleeping but fading off as her pain meds were doing their job..

There is lots to be said about Hospice...I asked Elsie did she have any pain...her reply to me was.."Barbz, hospice is wonderful...they take good care of me and they make sure I have hardly any pain.. they are so good ".. I saw her look over at the nurse... I thanked the good Lord as I know Elsie is in good hands...Clancy is so devoted and caring...he too has a peaceful look..knowing she's ok.  Her face had a glow to it....although weakened.. I still could see dear Elsie... it was good sitting by her and holding her hand.. We did our giggles and I promised her I'd be back and I will.

It was a good feeling inside I got...knowing how much she has endured and more to come but that inner peace was there...her comfort was being controlled...and that was a good thing.

The room was decorated ...Christmas tree and garland hung around with soft lights..I could see her look off into the colors of the tree how it soothed her...and also gave a warm feeling... her Christmas is everyday...a gift of love and devotion...

Ali, I want to thank you for those kind words and prayer..you truly are wonderful I will share them with Elsie and Clancy.

Now as it's my night time and soon to be sleeping I can lay my head down and thank God for this wonderful day and enlightening...I was so afraid but now I'm not...I felt the presence of God in my toughing of Elsie's hand..she truly is with the spirit...her radiance was the love of God.  It shown through.

Thank you my dear Elsie..

God Bless

Monday, November 29, 2010

It was dreadful Monday

It was dreadful Monday...you know those Monday blues...I got my running done and all the goodies that had to be mailed off to the attorney for my Uncle's Estate was done... My feeling on my brother was still hoovering over me but I worked through it... Got in a few minutes of shopping..groceries that is...and then proceeded to head home.

Even stopped and filled my gas tank...gawd those gas caps can be a pain in the butt...they screw this way and that way and still the dang alarm goes off as it's not yet sitting right..ok, so I go and do it again..this time with a little more "here's that"..and thank goodness it worked... such technology..really I mean can't it just be simple ????

Then home I went and ready for the next adventure...not really looking forward to it..but gots to be done...I'll get through it...have before..maybe this time they'll have my right  D.O. B.  HA !

I'm still struggling with the tired feeling and of course being and over cast day and a Blue Monday it went along with the way I was feeling... So me and the Critters 4 did a nice Nappy Poo...oh yeah... all 4 and me on the edge..some nap :)

This evening I called my dear Yard man and heard more bad news...I'm not doing well with it...as I became so close to both he and his wife..She was so full of joy and such an up beat ...Now, as he spoke very softly ..he brought the reality of what's happening... The cancer has really spread to far and she's so weak that there will be no treatment..

God Bless her... I could barely hold it together...How could this be.. I'm so at a loss for words.. He is holding it together and I so want to embrace the strength that they both share. I really didn't know what to say...  I asked if there was anything I could do for him... and he did say, "Would I mind and come sit with Elsie"... Mind, God no.. It would be my honor to come and sit with her...and do what I could for these two wonderful  people.

You know with all the rotten crap in this world going on.. why bring such sadness to  people that care and are so willing to help others... That boggles me... I know I'm taught not to challenge things of the Lord...as he knows what's best for us... but somewhere along the line there is some miscommunication...

So I'm asking those that follow me or by some chance read me...tonight when you lay your heads down please say a prayer for Elsie and Clancy...That she can be home for the  holidays for her children and grandchildren and great grand baby..

God Bless Everyone

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday is done did !

Sunday is done did !... I done did is correct...I got all my laundry done !  Where did I accumulate this..omg...shame on me...but when you're ill and by yourself...it's so what ...who cares ... and now I care cause I done did it all..and in one day...YIKES>

My next procedure was to tangle with my long lost brother...That wasn't cool in fact it was awful...I stood my ground but felt like crap afterwards...but we did manage to be civil afterwards...for how long ...not sure..hopefully till the twelfth of never...I still love him anyway...but if he was in reach I'd a snatched him "bald".

Now on for tomorrows work load..of which I have to get out and head into town and get things mailed... Forms from my Uncle's Estate that have to be certified...then on to the "store"...getting things in for Tuesday's adventures.

I'm wiped and brain fried and hoping for a good night sleep..hopefully no nightmares !

Good Night dear brother... I do love ya...even though you are a "shhooot"

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Forgot About Friday and Moved On To Saturday !

I forgot about Friday and moved on to Saturday !  Yes, indeed I did !... I plum got wasted out on Friday...thinking of all the work I have had to get done ..even wrote it down and looked and looked and looked..(are ya getting the message) I was wowed out ..plum tuckered out.

What did I do... I "lobbed" (getting use to this word) and then this morning I said to myself "Self you best get your butt up and make a move or this house will over power you"...So that's what I've been doing.

I had so much laundry (how much?) and it became a real chore..in fact if I could have figured away to get the Critters to join me I would have..but they done deserted me. I can't blame them as there was no room in the laundry room for anyone cept that LAUNDRY...ouch !

Now tomorrow...I'm gonna attempt another chore..HA !  Yep, it's like this..being I'm the only Sapphire here...I gots ta get er done !...So my list again will begin with a "Pep" talk...and then "Shame on ya". That always seems to help.

Gonna get out my trusty crock pot again and get her doing her thang as I zoom through the house. It ought to be good I sure hope everyone is out and about. Zeke is not a happy camper with Mr Oreck...and boy does he give his opinion loud and clear...maybe I'll wear ear plugs...turn up the music and let the orchestra begin.

Later tonight I'm gonna fix me a coffee cake one of my recipes that's simple...throw together kind of... not much of a mixin' and a fixin' but it's sure good with a big cup of coffee...it's a PA Dutch Coffee Cake. It sure does hit the spot...this time I'm gonna also try freezing some of it..see how that works out.. never done it before but I do freeze cookies..so why not...

It's getting close to fixin' Critter food so I'm gonna meander down the road a bit ..(hall way) and rattle those pots and pans :)

Catch ya later on...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Happy Thanksgiving quietly.

A Happy Thanksgiving quietly... as I lobbed (new word) around...I made a Turkey Burger with cranberry sauce..was a bit different but it was "Turkey".:) I just wasn't up to all that cooking and cleaning.

Spoke with hubby off and on all day as we both leaned into the depth of the "Big Chair"... it felt good and I had to keep my legs up. It was like when I first was dating hubby, we'd talk on the phone..(company phone) as we were in work like the crack of dawn..I'd have my coffee with him and he'd have is cola...So we had a flash in the past..and laughed.

The Critters enjoyed it as well as we all just laid around the house..goodness we have joined the "fall out people"... but it did feel good...however, I have to get a move on and start to clean up my mess..yikes.

Now if I can stop thinking tomorrow as Monday I'll be fine.. It will be laundry day...and I'll be in that room most of the day.. I can hear that Washing machine sighing as I load that baby up...

Here it is bed time and I'm struggling to go to bed..HA... I think perhaps my nights and days are running a bit together...Sure hope there's a good movie on and I'll set the timer on the TV and get cozy and pray for sleep to come.

Wish me luck !

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday I was relieved

Wednesday I was relieved of all my duties :)  Yes, I was set "free"....

Tuesday I was literally .."Queen for a day".. I sat on my "Throne"...oh my stars...Those 3 little blue pills did the trick... and then some.

I'm now down 15lbs of fluid. I can't believe it..but it's true...I was in chf with fluid build up.. I thought my asthma was kickin my butt..but not so..My edema was taking over..How little we forget that these little simple singles are a sign of "Danger"...

That Doc (who had the attitude) He earned it I'm sure...and I have to eat humble pie and suck it up...Now I'm feeling much, much better. I can not tell you how bad I was dragging.. I could barely make it through the day. Each time I had to do things I had to push hard..

I have to keep reminding myself (as I seem to forget) that I need to pay attention to signs..not only on the road but of the body...Wake up girlfriend !

Now I'm making my log on my health issue and keeping track..just like I do for my Critters...I need to start doing again for me..Not really hard at all.. Like I said, "Sometimes you have to come first".

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for...such a blessing, I got to visit with Elsie and see her smile and bring joy in her heart...and for my hubby who makes this all possible for me as well..What he's given up to make me happy...See, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out simple things...and for all my friends (even if I only have a few) and all you readers for sharing with me as well..

God Bless All Of YOU !

Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Golly Ms Munday !

Good Golly Ms Munday !   Oh smokin'... I was dancin' alright but not on the floor...Yep, I took my second "blue" pill and away we went... Holly Hannah... these pills are magic.. I mean I didn't have time to even say, "Thank ya"..

It sure was busy... I was up at 3am..(again) and from then on it was running back and forth...I did get my exercise..bending up and down and around LOL..

In fact I weighed in like the Doc asked me too...and between Sunday and Today... dropped 12lbs of fluid..now I'm tellin ya.. that's a gallon and a half...

Gawd help me...I'm flushing the night away...but a good thing is my legs are almost down to normal and I can breath better...(nothing like chf)  I was beginning to worry as I thought I might have to call the hubby down...and I sure was keeping my thoughts positive and thanking the Good Lord.

Now for tomorrow the last of the "blue" pills..thank heavens... cause if it were a few more days I'd be a dish rag...it just amazes me how these little suckers work...

As far as the rest of the day..it whizzed by...LOL  I was preoccupied :)

Now it's bed time and down to the count down...and my leg looks so much better...next plan is that "Test" again.. that will be on the 30th...That's a piece of cake...well if they slice it right :)

G'nite again... and Here's lookin' at cha

Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Active Sunday

An Active Sunday... without leaving the house too.. It began with my Fosamax..yep, keep them bones healthy...and then it was the "new" blue pill from the Doc that I had to start..and only for 3 days...Now I know why...Holy Hannah...Active was the word...a bit of a hop, skip and jump too..

This pill was to help with the excess fluid..beside my Lasix..Gawd help me.. it's was a ready, set, go...dang it... I mean all day long in fact I was told to weigh before the start...and by the end of the day I was down 5 lbs.. that's almost a gallon...yeah gawds !

Tomorrow is another event..and the next day too... I wonder if I'll be able to hang on.. hahahaha... I mean me and that Royal seat are getting chummy...Good thing I have a phone in each facility..hahaha... being nice here..ya never know when ya need to make a call ..:)

So you see why I say, "it was an Active Sunday" and now I'm exhausted. In fact I bet you can see track marks from where I wore down the carpet going back and forth.

I'll just be glad when this is all over ... I might belly ache a bit but you just got to get these things done and out of the way..

This is all in prep to help clear up my legs and get on with that Test again.. you remember the one that the results wasn't mine...but I'm one up.. it's a repeat but a freebie..now you know they loved that one..Hey, ya catch them with there draws in a knot..They gotts ta fess up..  ON with the Show.

It's night time and crossing my fingers... I get a good night sleep a little bit lighter..

G'nite all !

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Into the Nothingness of Saturday

Into the Nothingness of Saturday.  I took this day for ME!  All week I had not slept well and I'll be darn if I wasn't gonna do a catch up of all... That's what I did... I did manage to get dressed and even do a few things. Mainly I took this day for ME...and it was marvelous...

Sometimes ya just got to do that... I mean, not make it a habit..cause I'd be bored to death...I just needed ME time and I dozed off from time to time and as I woke I looked around and my Critters 4 were in the same position...Yep they did their catch up too.

Later tonight, I called hubby and guess what...He played catch up too..but after doing the leaves...poor guy, I know he's been running like a chicken without a head and on crutches too... Remember his ankle..well still not well and will be heading to the Orthopedic Doc on the 24th.. Imagine that.. I mean if ya don't get one from the Hospital you is out of luck...

Wish you well dear hubby, wish you were here, I'd help ya..but you being up in that cold asp North, all I can do is send my love via phone, fax or Internet...

Ok, now that I'm tired again from doing NUTTIN' I'm gonna jump in bed and wallow some more..:) aaaaah it's a grand Saturday after all...

Sweet dreams !

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Heart Felt Friday

A Heart Felt Friday....and it truly was. Today I went to visit my friend Elsie...I was nervous as knowing all that she has been going through I felt sadness in my heart. I did not sleep well last night as I was anticipating this . I had hoped that I could bring some comfort. Make her smile and perhaps laugh a bit...

The drive over was anxious and of course the idiots were out on the road..so my shouting kept my mind off thinking of what was to come next. Maybe that was good...as I sure was glad when I got to the parking lot...Now I have to say, "there are hundreds of handicap stickers...the whole area must be handicap cause there wasn't a spot to be had"... I drove around and around in hoping I'd find some place close.

Finally I see someone getting to their car...now ya feel like your on a "hunt" cause it's first come first serve and when a woman is determine...gawd get off the road !.  Alas, I got a spot...it was a ways from the entrance and my next thing was to make it to the door...Lord, I need your help cause I feel every step I have to take.. This is really difficult for me .. my knees don't want to cooperate at all.. and I'm struggling...having to stop a few times and lean on  a parked car...Now why didn't I bring my walker ? (brain freeze) .. I got to the entrance and there was a bench ...yes, I sat down and took a breather.

I still had a ways to go...but determined I got up and just walked slowly...hoping someone would come along with a chair..HA... electric one at that... but no luck...Once inside I went to the desk and asked where the elevator was...and the gift shop... I didn't want to bring flowers...cause I remembered when I was in .. I would look for some mints or candies as you get so dry and nasty taste in your mouth.

Well, found the gift shop and you just wouldn't believe ..(yes you would) this lady that waited on me.. was so confused...she wasn't sure what she was doing...OH NO !   I found these great mints the kind that just melt and are creamy..well, they didn't sell by the container...Ha.. She counted everyone out.. I mean please let me just buy the whole container..NO... hahaha... Ok, I give up... I'll go with the flow...what an experience...so now I had to find something to put them in..Hahaha.. that was another mess.. I won't even begin to explain it..but I did find a nice (what ever ya want to call it) vase like dish.. that's safe... Then comes the next question....

"Where is the elevator"?... That charming lady tells me "out at the front where you came in..."   So I go out and start walking to the center and just curious I ask the guard.. "Where is the elevator"... he smiles says, " right where you came from"..HUH..?  "Yes, right next to the gift shop"  DUH... I couldn't resist as I walked by the gift shop I yelled in.. "Ladies, do you know the elevator is right next to you "?...they just looked ...confused ...what can I say.

Now I go up to the 4th floor and not far from the elevator was Elsie's room.. thank goodness.. and as I walked by  I heard Clancy say, "Elsie here comes Barbz"... My heart was in my mouth as I walked in ... Clancy was happy to see me and so was Elsie... My dear Elsie...she has lost a lot of weight but she had that beautiful smile...I held back my tears...took a deep breath and just was so happy to see her.

Not long after I was there came another friend and then another couple.. Clancy left as I knew he looked tired and this would give him a break..God Bless him.. He is so devoted to Elsie...so wonderful to see that...

Our group was a happy go lucky one and we had Elsie just a beaming.. in fact when I first saw her she had no color...but when we got her going she had lots of color she was a good pink... We told her..we were her treatment..We so much enjoyed each other and boy did we laugh...and tell our stories of Hospital Times.. It was a good feeling..

When her doctor came in..he did give her some good news..That her lung was showing some improvement and they would take her down to Xray and if it looked good they'd pull the chest tube... Oh yes, my poor friend has gone through such pain..and even the tube into her kidneys..were helping her... So the doc said, "if all looks good, you might be able to go home.."... I know Elsie wants to be home for the Holidays.. nobody wants to be in the hospital at that time..

My prayers tonight are that she gets strong so that she will be able to start her Chemo... She has a very hard road..and I ask all that read my blog tonight keep Elsie and Clancy in your prayers.. Only through God can we all walk through these detours in life.

So you can see today was a Heart felt Friday...but a good one. It was good seeing Elsie...it meant a lot to her and to all of us..

Good night my dear friend !

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thoroughly Moe dumb Thursday

Thoroughly Moe dumb Thursday !   You got it !!  Yes siree Bob...No doubt about it...what so ever...Have I made my point clear... Well, if not let me just briefly explain.

Yesterday all my troubles seem to come my way (humming along) with my "new" setup DirecTV...and I was just whistling along with the breeze (another tune) till late in the evening when I attempted to click on a station to be reminded when it would come on....and I didn't have the "remind" thingie...So along came a "Spider" (customer service) and from their we went down the hill to fetch a pail of (not water) nuts and bolts perhaps.

It was then notified that the "new" toy didn't have all it's components..Ok, so I stretched it a bit...just like the picture on the screen..attempting to stretch that at the moment.

Scheduled for today the "Same Tech" thank goodness..great guy that had a good sense of humor...so now on with the rest of this Moe dumb day... He comes in and all smiles..and nicely says, "Ms nice lady what can I do for you today"... 64 thousand dolla question...HA.... "Well, I says... "Mr TV Man, the Service reps says, "me box ain't right" ( oh my I'm not toughing that one) and you need to re program... and I'm confused with the latest in Technology why couldn't they reprogram from there"...(kind of dumb, hey? )..

He looks at me and shakes his head...then smiles and says, "I've never heard of these boxes doing that"   HUH?????  He's the installer and he doesn't know????? OH SWEET JUMPIN JACK ... So he goes out to his truck brings in another unit..but before he disconnects the  old new one...he attempts to reprogram it...and we sit and we watch and we sit and we laugh...He's thinking the same thing I am... What is wrong with this picture...????

Ok, now he calls his supervisor... He asks, "is there something new I don't know about....have they changed the programs on this HD DVR box.."...now if he don't know..who does??????   The supervisor says, " I've not heard of it...maybe attempt to reprogram and if that don't work...replace the new old box.."... okie dokie...we sit and again same thing happens...he says, " I can set up for recording anywhere and playing anywhere but it don't remind me of when a program is coming on"... His supervisor says..."Wait, that was the old boxes, the new ones don't do that any more"...HUH...

Now why all last night did each person say the same thing.."Somethin wrong with that unit it needs to be re programmed.."  So for 2 hours the poor guy worked and worked just to try and please me...or maybe show me he was right and they were wrong...????

All I ask..."Doesn't any one know anything where they work"?   just a simple yes or no would do.... but I'm now sitting looking at my "new, newer box"  looks pretty in color...has a nice blue mist to it when it's on..:)

Only if life could be so simple ...it wouldn't be so bad...well maybe not half as bad any way...So tonight I'll watch a movie...from NETFLIX... hahaha.. thank goodness that's simple...

I must say that Tech was sure enjoying our afternoon...of course Zeke every once in a while let him know he was being watched.   I learned a few new tricks too...I mean I could now set ya up for TV and all the fixings....Goodness maybe I'll become a Tech for TV too..:)  at least I'll know what box works and what doesn't...

Clicking the night away...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Wishful Wednesday...yes it really was.. I was sure busy this morning.. Had the Directv guy and then the Cable guy..it was getting crowded...any one else?

All went according to plan..(HA) well I thought it had...The Satellite was up and pointing the picture was crisp and clear...oh yeah and the TV guy was happy all went well...even put some cement in the hole to make sure my cutting crew wouldn't knock it down...(another story on that crew).

I was happy all channels were coming in and even had the download to upgrade the equipment...and of course like anything new all kinds of buttons and doo dads to punch..

Everything was fine and dandy...(ya think?) not in my life time...told ya I was a "Murphy"....later on this evening as I was busy I clicked on my guide found where the program I wanted to connect with later was on  ...highlighted it and then WHAT....I don't want to record I want to be reminded...hummm not there where oh where is the remind thingy. I searched the system and then I decided it's time for "HELP".

So I dial up Directv..and right on..got connected to a "Customer Care Rep"  told him my story and then he says, "Well, maybe you don't have the latest equipment.." ...huh... I just got it installed today...what's going on..not the latest...then the dude says, "Well do you have it on the other TV...?  click on it and let it remind you from that one "?   Now I have to admit that was one of the dumbest answers I've heard in a while.. I then replied,. "I don't think so"...please transfer me to someone who might be able to help me....So he does.. I hear the beep beep beep and the music...Gawd I wish they'd get a better tune.

On comes a nice young lady who almost goes through with drawls trying to help me..she tells me her prompt says "I have it"...but I don't...so now what ..she searched and searched and then says, "I have to transfer you to the tech department..."  Okie Dokie...I'm willin'

Next comes Craig...Hey Craig, I continue with my story and he says, (as he laughs) "I'm so sorry you were told all that nonsense...but let me see if I can help you..."  Yep, Yep, you are suppose to have that and why it's not showing up I really don't know...let me call my Supervisor"....OK  I sit and start laughing...only ME...What is it...can't I ever get anything done right ?????

He comes back on and says..(famous last words)  "We will have a tech out tomorrow to check those boxes...your program didn't connect and he'll have to do it from there"...So here I sit...still laughing and saying..."Did I ever think that maybe it's me"...Nah...it's just more fun in my life to make me wonder ..."What's my next Adventure"...but in the mean time I can record anything and play it all through the house and I even get to watch channels I haven't seen in a long time..cept I'm tired and who wants to watch TV...

Till tomorrow my saga will continue...

God Bless Us...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday was a better day !

Tuesday was a better day !  See told ya...keep positive and things will get better...dragged out the morning and got a few things done..not too much ...but come time for Dr appointment and I was palm sweating...All that action and really no need, but I did say, "This was gonna be the day" and it was... Doc was just fine and we had our say and also regarding a test that he also felt like I did...wasn't my results.. He yelled a little at everyone that would listen and in fact had the office staff go back into that date I had it taken and see who else did...

Our meetings of the mind was great...now I can feel a little bit more confident and we'll go from there.. of course I have to take that test over again.. Should have asked.."Who's paying for it " ?  

Have some meds I have to take to get the swelling down in my legs and plus I need to keep my leg up to try and clear this abscess..other wise I'll be heading for the Wound Center... but it is a lot better than it was..

I'm wiped out from the late action.. when I have late appointments it throws the rest of my schedule off...and oh, I did watch Dancin' with the Stars in between the Biggest Loser... Sorry Bristol, you should have been let go...she has improved but Brandi was far better..although I think Jennifer and Dereck will win.

Now on for tomorrow as the Cable guy will be here to disconnect and DirecTV will be here to re connect..Amazing...will be such fun..

G'nite all..

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wanna forget about Monday ?

Wanna forget about Monday?  I'll say... I had such a whacked out day... I chose not to go to the Board Meeting. I had already decided that it was in my best interest to just take matters into my own hands. If you know it's not worth the effort and the out come is not gonna even make a difference, then why waste the effort and get your blood pressure in High Range.  Just make the changes that benefit YOU. So I did.  On Wednesday I will have the Cable company disconnected and DirecTV will be installed... Done.

I had many thoughts about my decisions...also had the toss and turns and then the thoughts come into the (Insecure) Brain... Will other people not like me ?  Who gives a Rat's Patoonie...really, do they care whether I'm ok ?  Do you become a pawn for others, cause they don't have the nerve to speak up for themselves?     Am I just the Mouth Peice ?    See these were the thoughts I was going  through...Although I'm always there to help I finally decided  that in the shape I'm in...to take care of Me for a change.. I am surprised but I know I made the right choice for ME !

Now the rest of the day went smoothly, and I  didn't have second thoughts   ..SURPRISE...is this a "New" me ?  Maybe...but I still go to the "mattresses" ( from the God Father...here the music ?) when it comes to my rights...and others these are things I have a hard time keeping quiet about.

Maybe me and Glenn Beck have a few things in common and you ask, "how many friends do you have"...well, if I only have one (1) I know it's a true friend...and too many wow, that means lots of cards you have to send LOL

Ok, now tomorrow I go to that Doctor that made me feel like death warmed over and I can't wait to see how my next meeting will be...However, like the Cable company ...if he doesn't get with the program...he'll be gone too !  

Sometimes you just got to take the "Bull by the Horns" and make changes...and that's where I'm at...making changes. I've had to make many in my life and I've survived this long by  the grace of "God". My odds were not favorable, but I kept positive .  

So now it's on for tomorrow...and it will be a better day !

God Bless

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday was a basking day !

Sunday was a basking day !  I wallowed in the depth of it all... My early rise was just a mere open me eyes...walk to the front open the door and let the Critters 4 do their thang.

Did my morning pill routine as today was my Fosamax day..woo hoo..more bone power :).. then sort the pills in to the Sun - Sat selection..I'm now set for the week...on to the next plan...which was to lean back at watch them cardinals enjoy their "Berries and Nuts"...and boy did they ever.

Made my breakfast of Bacon and Eggs and Toast with a good cup of coffee.. this is my Sunday treat...(not that often) and it was a "gooder"...then on to the Critters 4 breakfast...it all disappeared.

My next step was to climb into that cozy chair "Blankie and all" Yep you got it...it was my under cover day....and dream away...what a nice day...a pleasant day...I earned it...No phone calls, no nonsense...just me and the Critters 4.

Now it's bed time and I'm just so relaxed...making up for all my lost sleep...Sometimes ya just got to do this...Ya gotta "live in the moment" cause Tomorrow may never come...gawd sounds like a good "Country Song".

On to my next event and with me, no tellin'

As Jimmy Durante use to say, "Good night Mrs Callabash, where ever you are"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday and it's almost done

Saturday and it's almost done and so am I. Let me think, "What did I do"?  hmmm, I guess I could say, "nuttin'.."...Yep, that's right...just plain ole nuttin'.  It did start off with "plans" but I decided not today !

I was up before the day knew it began, again ...and so that makes for a difficult start...I did my usual...if I get up all gets up cause if not...when I get cozy then all starts heading out to where I am and I'm up again...Make Sense? Does to me...

As my day progressed I regressed into that fetal position and just as I got so into the "Deep Sleep" the phone rang...ok, so it's not my turn to sleep..and of course could I let the phone go unanswered..NOT!  I'd miss something perhaps...and would I really want to do that..NOPE.. the curiosity gets me Sucks big time...someday I'll just put all and everything on IGNORE...

I did manage to move a few things in the house....like maybe a pillow or two...and of course the trusted "Blankie"...and along with that came the REBA and JOE... and two bears ...They follow me everywhere...I sometimes feel like the Pied Piper...

Now here I sit...wondering what my day was about...Maybe it was just about "nuttin"  Sounds good to me... perhaps I should have more of these "nuttin" days...Sure, if you believe that one...now tomorrow is a "Catch UP"  to replace the "NUTTIN"...boy am I gonna be miserable...HA !

What's on the Tube..wait, I have Netflix...ta daaaaaa !


Friday, November 12, 2010

Fickled on Friday

Fickled on Friday... Didn't sleep well, (me thinks me needs a new mattress) tossed and turned and along came 3am...I was up and so were the Critters 4. Ok, so we'll do our thang, sit in the chair and curl up with "blankie" and hope for the best...well at least 5am. It came and on with the rest of the "march" .

Critters got their breakfast and I got mine (peanut butter toast with sliced banana) and a big cup of coffee... Got the patio washed down and put them sweeties up . Heard the choir (they have such harmony) and I got dressed and quick as a bunny I was color me "On the road to Wally World".

Got a great parking space (wooo hooo) and on I went with note in hand. Now let me tell ya, "If I don't have a note on what to buy, I'll buy everything in sight...well just about.

I goes to the back where the bird seed is and yep got the Cardinal's their favorite "nuts and berries" (they are getting picky) and then went to look for my special brand of cookies.. Blue dog Bakery Peanut Butter and Molasses...no where to be found. So that's on the list to order from Amazon...gots to love Amazon... plus I keep my friends working :)  (Merritt badge)

I then head over to looksie for my Christmas Cookie Tins..aaaah what's this ?  No Squares all Rounds HUH...wait.. let me ask...Can you believe I found a winner...yeah, a live one too.. I ask, "Excuse me, can you help...I'm looking for square tins for my cookies"... He gives me the big smile and whips out his phone and proceeds to ask..."Where on the Tins"  reply... "Isle 5 in the food section..."  Wonderful... so I push the pedal to the metal and zoom away...no puff of smoke in fact no skid marks either...one speed SLOW

Nope no Squares...Just Rounds...oh my...now what I have all the boxes from last year and I'm just wondering...will these fit ?   So I didn't buy any but did manage to buy other goodies... more than what I wanted..Wait.. I did get another "Crock Pot"..hahaha... this time a 2 quart...it was only 9 bucks and ya know I needed another one...

My cart was so full it was speaking to me...HELP !  I couldn't wait to get out of the store...all the Christmas stuff was looking at me...but I know I'm gonna have to go back cause I need those tins...darn it.. Maybe I'll try the Dollar Store and see if they have before I venture back.  I can't wait to long or they'll be gone...

Got back and my choir was in full force...opened their crates and I saw fur fly they were anxious to see what I bought...man they are worse than Kids !  They jumped over the couch.. like the cow jumps over the moon .. and I actually saw their eyes gleaming with big grins... Amazing...but no cookies sorry  kids.. I have to do that as soon as I'm done with my Blog...yep, I'll hit Amazon.com.

Here it is evening and I'm thinking I should have bought them rounds..but there is tomorrow...if I have the stamina...then it's on to the next phase...making cookies...OMG !  No room in the freezer...but that will be ok cause I'll make some space as I re arrange the mass of stuff...

Chatted with hubby and we've got the reservation in for his flight in Jan...got a great deal from South West that made me feel some what better..Although Christmas is gonna be tough...let alone Thanksgiving...but I will have a good surprise .

My 1st Cousin Mary Ellen and her hubby will be stopping in to see me... haven't seen her in over 57 years... now ya know that's gonna be a good visit...hope she likes dawgs !

Let me go place my order and make my Critters happy as I only have one box left and that's gonna be rationed until the others get here...Oh joy..

Here's lookin' at tomorrow...Ho Ho Ho

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Treading lightly on Thursday

Treading lightly on Thursday....yes indeedy.  My day was uneventful. I did the "Sapphire" routine. I cleaned out my dresser draws and put my soap bars ( English Lavender) in them so they would smell fresh...gosh that's an old habit I have from when I was a little girl. Kind of brings back good memories too as I place a new bar in and take the old one out.

Now I use to know someone that would take the old bars and shave them and make them into candles...wonder where she went ?  Perhaps I'll do a google search and see how to do it...would be interesting.

After that I still had some ambition and I did my closet and then I sunk . Yep, I got in my front chair and watched the cardinals come into feed...I was done for the rest of the day. 

I had planned on taking a ride over to visit the "Girls" in the needle craft room to say, "Hello" but my butt was draggin and I was lucky I had enough energy to make lunch. 

Tonight I waited to hear if the dinner date that was planned was on, but like usual this person kind of forgets. Now that doesn't bother me but a phone call would be nice...and I might have reneged myself cause I sure was wiped out . I have to laugh cause every time I'm invited it never comes to pass...I've come to just go with the flow and shake my head and laugh. It makes for an interesting guess don't cha think :)

Now I'm ready to have my fall out and tomorrow it's off to  Wally World...Oh my I know I'm in for a few treats...and of course my Cardinal food is running low so I'll get some goodies for them as well. Then it's the mad dash down those isles and try to just come home with a few bags...remember no room in the inn here.

Bed is looking mighty fine and I'm sure ready for the horizontal position...

Good night and Sleep tight...I know I will !

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Way Fairing Wednesday

Way fairing Wednesday... came along and merrily we did our thang. I whizzed through the house with my trusty Oreck...and that sweet heart just purred along. I could tell the bag was getting full as it became a heavy push... time to dump the bag. Doesn't get easier than that cepting (yes you got it) the bag breaks as you proceed to do the departure... Yucko...Dust and dog hair fly...OMG...and I only have one bag left...but have no fear I'll scoop up..(I'm good at scooping gots lots of practice ) 

With a cloud of dust and a Heidi ho...I'm off to work I go. So much for that tune . It was messy, dusty and nasty. When I finished that task I had to do a quick jump in the shower. Of course the phone rings (that's why I have phones in every room) Yes, it was the AC/Heat pump man on his way in... Oh Lordy, feets don't fail me now.

I jump out of the shower and rush to get the Critters rounded up... What !  Zeke decided it's game time.. grabs my shoe and it's around the couch we go...Joe is sitting in that same position I left him in...looking far off into the distant future, perhaps... Reba is yakking...in her baritone vocals... Abby is doing the tip tap dance on the floor and I'm still chasing Zeke.. Something is very wrong with this picture...Yeah.. ME !

After what seems liked hours, I rounded everyone up...half dressed I had to do a quick step into somethin..never mind my hair.. I looked like I was caught up in a wind tunnel...and then low and behold the nice AC/Heat pump man smiling at my door. 

He sure is friendly but I bet today when he goes home and talks with his wife I'll be one of his topics !...However, I went through the routine of what to do to keep your Heat pump alive...Hey works for me.. and letting me know my system is now 14 years old.. Oh brother I can feel that plunge in my pockets coming.... I ask, "Is she still ok" ?  "Will she last me another season" ?  "How much did you say it costs"?  

I felt this gulp in my throat...and then the man says, "But her coils are still clean and her compressor is just humming along,  I think she'll hold up for you for another year or two"... ah  God Bless that sweetie !  Now I have fond regards for "Her".  He then tells me..."you keep changing them filters monthly and that's helping her..."  Ya know this man loves his job !

As he drove out my drive way I can only imagine my Heat pump has a healthy beat !... Now I'm smilin cause I just got that up and close to my Heat pump.. May she keep on kickin' in ...

Tonight as usual my hubby calls to say his "Good Nights" this time he called and said, "Hey Zeee, guess what " ?   Hum, no tellin...  "I heard a noise on the front porch with a sort of bump, and as I looked out the window I saw a black cat with a white mark around the nose and mouth curled up on the chase lounge"...I sighed... as the last cat I had "Sunshine" passed away a few years ago... Am I gonna have another critter ?   I'm getting excited...but wait till (if it stays) it meets the rest of the crew... oh my that's gonna be another Adventure.....  but I did ask  hubby to put some food out tomorrow...just in case it's hungry...

Okie dokie I'm a lookin at that bed and I'll have to make some room cause I feel that Sandman is gonna hit soon....

Good night all till tomorrow...it's always an Adventure

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yes ! It's Tootin' Tuesday :)

Yes, It's Tootin' Tuesday :)... I got a few things done. I had those "Crock Pots" purring. All 3 were going in rhythm. I could even hear those lids tap out a sizzle. The aroma was "just like heaven"... and yep I'm grin'n ear to ear .

As for the Vacuum...well there's always tomorrow with a strong gust of wind :) It's a good thought...Ali, if you're reading, I'm sure your smilin too...My thoughts can be a quick flash in the pan, sorta .

What was in the Crock Pots? mmm well, I did a meat loaf, a chicken noodle soup and another batch of Spaghetti Sauce. It was rather nice and I just leaned back and supervised...if ya wanna call it that.

So now I'm set and there is absolutely no room in the freezer... I mean I could squeeze a thing ...in fact I made sure I used different plastic containers so I wouldn't have to dig for what I wanted..(love that plastic)

Tomorrow I have the AC/Heater man coming to do the 6mos service...he'll tell me all about the filters I use and how and what is the latest technique...ya know they always feel it's important to share this  and best of all I get a new calendar. The one with the nice big boxes you can write all those neat appointments in...boy I like those kind.

Weather wise today was pretty darn good and was nice having the side door open . I felt I wasn't encapsulated any more. I could actually let the Critters out in the car port and feel a little bit of fresh air come rolling in.

Today was hubby's birthday, and of course I did the usually song . The crew in the office made him a pie..(the man don't like cake) so he was happy and we did our usually chat on the way to work and on the way home and then tonight as we watched TV. Of course I miss the time with him to share his birthday...and he always asked for "Fried Oysters"... So when he comes down I'll make sure we have "Fried Oysters"...and must be in cornmeal, like his Momma did.

Today was a good day, a calm day till I got a call regarding our community . My home is in sort of a "home association" something I'm not really use too...and certainly one that will get to know me .. This enlightening news is not settling with me ...in fact ruffled my feathers and it seems it's not done with me yet. It has to do with our cable service and fees (for snow birds) to reconnect when you put your service on "Seasonal"  and in fact they have dates that you are only allowed too.

The price they will charge for some will be outrageous and unfair. That alone is having me perk. Then the idea of telling you when you can, is another bite me.  I will ponder on this and then do more research...(yes, I contacted the cable company and asked many questions)  I'll then attend a meeting and (if you know me I make no bones about anything) at that point if nothing can be reached, I'll make my changes. For me it will be simple, for others I'm not sure.  This should be interesting....another Adventure . I sure hope I can help others .

It's time I tuck in as I will have to use a strong force wind to get house together early...come on wind

God Bless and give me strength to endure idiots !

Monday, November 8, 2010

This was Monday...

This was Monday...not gloomy ...but a bit roomy ...like a dip in the pockets.. The morning went well....we slept till almost 4am..Hooray !  Then from there it went...so far so good...Till it came  Noon...dang can we start the day over..maybe in reverse ?

Went to the GM dealer for my appointment...it was to be a simple fuse ...I thought..(maybe it pays not to think) I took my seat and waited and waited and waited..(yeah you get the picture)..They did a diagnostic...Ya think I was in a hospital..and said, "This was wrong, that was wrong, Oh, and it ain't the fuse"..Huh???? Now what, I just had this done before I left Pa.

Seems somewhere between then and now, my electrical system went into "Shock"...and they had to replace a few things...Can I drive it?..."Oh, it will take another hour, and sign here"...go sit down and watch more TV...with the rest of the people that look like they are digging deeper into their pockets too..

So the simple buck fifty cents turns out to be more like 125 bananas...but I did get the complimentary "Car Wash" and she looked really good...Did I go away smiling? What do you think?...Let's say, "I'm glad I had plastic"

Got back to the house as I didn't have the energy to go into town and get some milk.  Ah, thanks to my Diane (housekeeper) while she was out today she thought I might need some milk..(I'm gonna miss her) That made my day...even put a piece of cake on my counter for a surprise...Diane, if you only knew...had you left the whole cake I would have devoured it just from being depressed..hahaha...that would have  been complete comfort BIG TIME.

It's time now for me to get under that Electric Blanket and call it quits...For tomorrow I have to Clean Sweep this house... aren't I lucky

Sweet dreams ...where's the broom... ABBY !!!!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday...what a beginning

Sunday, what a beginning... To start off with, we turned the clocks back an hour...wooo hooo. Meaning I'll get an hour sleep more..WRONG !  I was up at 3am..and boy what I woke up too...

My Abby, (the termite/beaver) done her thang... I walked out into the living room and I saw one of the throw rugs in a ball.. the one that goes from the living room into the dog room...well, I scratched my head and thought.. "Someone was playing"... yeah, I'll say...in fact when I attempted to straighten it out...some how it just wouldn't ... I mean there was this huge bite mark, like someone just took a big bite..huge bite...enormous bite out of this shag type rug... Now who the heck would do that ?   well, it didn't take long to figure that one out.

As I walked into the dog room...Dear Abby...(darling dear) crate had the tell tale evidence.. it was a huge mess of furry substance .. did I really need this at 3am...NOT...

Some days it takes a brave soul to look forward to a better ending...however, I done my job and then some...I needed a rest. My eyes saw the mess and my stomach finished it off... Do I really want a cup of coffee..not yet...maybe not ever....let me lie down....let me rest my head and close my eyes...let this be a dream !

Later on I got my act together and my dear Abby, (and she is sweet but just gets in those wild moods and can go into High Gear...doesn't matter what it's made up of.. in fact her favorite is "Cherry Mahogany "... but when it comes to rugs she does prefer "Shag")   came by me and laid down...and looked up with that innocent look and proceeded to burp...

Yes, my Sunday with that extra hour was well spent... I also did a batch of Spaghetti Sauce for the freezer. Of course had a taste and that made my day along with watching QVC...I'm addicted to gadgets...but I was well almost good...Ho Ho Merry Christmas :)

Now here I sit rehashing the day and looking over at the Critters 4...What can I say, "They make it worth all the effort"...just wait till tomorrow.. I might change my mind :)

Good Night !

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Saturday was a blur

My Saturday was a blur...and I'm glad... I did up a lot of groceries and my freezer is ready to explode...It was chilly when I got up and that seem to put a zip in my step and everyone else...Yes, we got things done quickly... Poor Reba and Joe, with their PJ's on they still looked like the were cold.

Already plugged in the "Electric Blanket"..boy I don't  leave home with out that baby... I see the Critters are curled up on the bed..must be toasty.. and now I have to figure how to get under...always a puzzle...but then I hear Zeke do his growl as I shove my feet under and begin to slowly push his butt off.

I watched as it started to get towards evening my Cardinals came to the feeder...I got me one "Big Red"..he's gorgeous...and his partners for their quick bite before bed.. Still amazes me the pecking order they follow.

It's sure chilly tonight too...and I just read my weather bug.."Cold Front hits the East coast..."  sure hope we don't have a repeat of last year brrrrrrrrr...

Now, I've got just a few more things to do for tomorrow and I can take a nice break...Oh, did talk with my Aunt Martha, hadn't seen her in over 50 years..my stars.. Since the death of my Uncle ...seems that it opened up a new door... Out of the darkness comes a new light.. I'm just so pleased to hear from lots of my cousins as well... Even going to have a few surprises... can't wait..

So it's off to slumber land with sweet thoughts and warm flannel sheets (who'd a thought I'd need them in Florida)...Till we meet again tomorrow

God Bless

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday is here at last !

Friday is here at last !... I actually went out to the outside world today...Did some grocery shopping (not my favorite thing) and then went to the GM dealer to arrange to have my Saturn serviced... I need to have a fuse replaced...and by the looks of the book...(now that's a joke) it's not something I can easily do... So I bee bop in and see if I can get someone to just show me how...Forget About It...Ya have to make an appointment..Ok, so that's what I gots ta do...so be it... I'm set for Monday at 1PM...

Was great getting out even if it was to just go shopping..being house bound was kind of like "LET ME OUT" after a few days..with having to  keep my leg elevated. Ah a few good steps..makes you really appreciate being able too !

Then I brought all the groceries home and the mad rush begins putting things away..Did up my Critter packs for the freezer and set up my "To Do "  List for the next few days .. My Freezer is getting full..it looks like it's gonna burp .

Now it's been a little chilly this morning and windy this afternoon ..So the little ones (Reba and Joe) have their PJ's on and they are snug as a bug...they look so cute..now only to find my camera... I will before the weekends over and take a cute picture of those two.

This morning I made the little ones their pancakes with chopped apples..Yes, I'm a little whiffy...but they eat it and enjoy ...and being they have only a couple of teeth...Why not make them happy ...that's their breakfast...and the big Critters...they get their stash... it disappears so quickly as I sit on my perch in the Critter room and watch that no one steals the others... We have breakfast together :)

Tonight I'm gonna snuggle on the couch as it's a little chilly and watch a "NetFlix"  yep they are delivered in.. I'll even do up a Hot Cocoa.. it's getting better...

So, it's off to work I go...contemplating what's next for tomorrow...

Catch ya later "Gator"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday is almost over

Thursday is almost over...it was a quiet day, a day I did manage to get a few more things accomplished...and most of all, it was a wet day !

Started the morning with a tremendous rain and a few splashes of "white Lightening"...yeah it woke me up !  Had to get the Critters out...and Abby (my twinkle toes) hates her feet wet...oh joy, but we got er done ...

I managed to get into the closet in the spare bedroom and do some sorting and I just can't believe all the plastic I collect...I'm a Lock N Lock WOMAN...omg. I had to laugh but ya know, I'll use every bit of it. Just wished it stored better.

Talked with my Yard man and heard the news..Elsie did have pancreatic cancer...that really made me sad...She has a tuff battle ahead... being it spun off in her breast and liver...Lord help her.

The rest of the day kind of just went on... my mood went into low and I just leaned back...maybe some times you just have to do that...Meditation is good for the soul.

Now here it is..catch up with emails and put my little ones pj's on as it's gonna be chilly here in the am and with Joe being so weak...he and Reba always love those.. I use to say, "They were my dress up dawgs".

My prayers will be heavy tonight...so many of my friends are ill and so many have just crossed over...The world is sure losing some good people...and I know Heaven's elevators have been busy...

Sweet dreams dear friends.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's been a long Wednesday

It's been a long Wednesday...not that I over did anything..but it was a mentally draining day... My friends (you know the two) J & J..well they were at it big time. I became the in between..which some times can be in the worst place.

I wonder how two people who can't really stand each other but are so much alike ...wind up being together. Perhaps that's where that "Aiding and Abiding" comes in. I know it's not the Ying and Yang, that's for sure.

A trying of the nervous system more like it... It seemed to never have ended...I only thank goodness I wasn't there in person..it was all via the phone...but at one time I did disconnect.

Now you'd think these were young folks..NOT...would you believe in their 70's..shame on them ..could you imagine what they were like as youngsters...Gawd help us !

This took up most of my day....and you ask..?  Why did you even bother?  Now that I can't even explain..maybe I need the Doc...????  I just tried to smooth things and make them see what they were doing....Did they care ?  Not in the least...but at least I got peace I mean...they exhausted themselves that they are off in La La land...and tomorrow, it will be nothing.. they will have made up and life in their big mess continues... until the next blow up !

Me, I'm drained...I did manage to make up a few things for the freezer..so that wasn't  that much of a loss...and still trying to doctor up my leg. Which if it doesn't get any better in a few days I'll have to visit the Doc myself...wonder if he has a couch ...

My lesson for today....don't answer the phone ! 

Now my critters are in bed and I have to make some room...cause I'm ready to fall out..sure hope I don't have any nightmares !...I won't answer  :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Tuesday.. Election Day !

It's Tuesday...Election Day !... The TV is going with all the promises and all the theatrics...Lord help us.. People make sure you VOTE...one of the only privileges you still have left...I mean, so far we still have some freedom of speech and what ever else...but who knows, I mean, Who do you Believe?

Amazing how when you listen as I have to all the commentators..you'd think you lived in some foreign country...but no, it's the good ole USA. Where are we going wrong..ack!

Today I'm doing up my Critter food and making that big jump to a "get er done" attitude...I want to do some roaming through the community...get some pictures of the"Wild Life" and then sit back and take in the atmosphere.

Maybe even get to watch the "Launch" which I can from an area by the golf course..now that would be neat. Have to make sure it's a "Go for Launch". Then that will make my morning and back to the house for my "Coffee Break"

My leg looks like it's starting to heal...about time.. and then I'm gonna break down and go "Shopping"...(Ya know how I love that)...need to start a project as well.. One of my Cuzz just adopted a child and ya know she needs "Blankets"...and I can pop them out pretty darn fast...

Now that I've exhausted my fingers here...it's time to package up the Critter food and pop in the freezer...oh, yep...Crock Pot is on...Brisket is going good...can't wait till dinner time.. Boy my Crock Pot, she does good !

Catch ya little bit later on....and DON'T FORGET TO VOTE !

Monday, November 1, 2010

Topsy Turvey Monday...but of course

Topsy Turvey Monday...but of course !  It's the day after Halloween and my poor buddy here looks like I feel.  Talked with hubby last night and the kiddies were out, in full drag. Yeppers all 80 of them. They know a good block and what goodies are out there. Almost say, "they're part Blood hounds" you gots the good stuff we find it !

Watched a few horror movies...(I use to like them) then turned on the Roku and watched an Abbott and Costello favorite. I was settling in and then I felt that "Empty Nest Syndrome" again. I sure am missing  all that excitement as the kiddies come up to the porch...Watching my hubby going through his routine as well...and yep he puts on a favorite Halloween tee shirt and I wonder if he took out his front teeth (you know to look like a vampire)..he's sometimes just as bad as the kids.

This morning I did sleep in, only after going to bed around Midnight..humm gots to figure what's going on with me...maybe I'm not just in the swing of the warmth and quiet..although I've got lots of work to tire my butt out...I'll find a solution soon.

Today was trash day...and boy did I lug out a bunch...where does it all come from.. it's only me and the Critters 4...Yet I have more than my share. Well at least I keep the economy going.

Oh, I'm tired of all those commercials..the Political ones...and tonight it will be sheer madness and tomorrow.. those anchor people will be in the height of their glory..Lord help us ! 

I might keep myself busy. Make up a few batches of cookies.. get my early start for Xmas and freeze..now that's not a bad idea..one for the box and two for me :)  That sounds like a good idea "Ollie"..

To the kitchen I go...wish you all could join me. I'd put on a great pot of coffee (love that perked kind) and we'd be just a gabbing and passing some good recipes..Now that's my idea of a good chat. Love learning new goodies and sharing .

Ok, gonna catch up on some emails and then it's off to the kitchen..Oh, and I do have a Crock Pot going.. Making up some stuffed cabbage rolls to freeze for later...Yeah the smells are coming out and I bet I could devour a few :)

Catch ya a bit later..