Friday, May 31, 2013

Flipping through the pages as I made it through Friday :)

Flipping through the pages as I made it through Friday :)...again another weekend rolls in..goodness time is starting to go quickly...and still I've got lots of things to pack up...but it's been so warm in the mornings..waking up to 74 degrees ya know the rest of the day is gonna be muggy..OUCH.

Morning I got a call, Clancy was coming back over to finish the yard work..that man loves the heat..Lord help him cause I watch and wanna go jump in the shower to cool off...but he works and doesn't stop..One of a kind.

My yard looks so good...Bless you Clancy !...and now all I do is water all them plants and feed them wild birds..and by the way those black nasty birds are back and keeping all my Cardinals and Blue Jays away..that's nasty.:(

Manage to pack up one box of "Plastic".. I can still hear Diane complaining about all my plastic containers as I would attempt to explain why I have to have them ..LOL  and I laughed as I put them in the closet..for next time....see I do save money cause I reuse and reuse till they fall apart ...Frugal Me hahaha

Then for the rest of the day I folded all the night clothes and jeans and tops..OMG I hate folding..hahaha..but I now only have one more load to do and that's the bedding..that will have to be done early ...

Next is that Vacuum job..mmmm I'll have to think that one over hahaha...I just can't believe how my chores are stacking up and as the day progresses...I find a place to lay back hahaha..hey I never said I could handle too much heat...but I do enjoy warmth..up to a certain degree haha...

Tonight I really didn't do too much ..but chatted with hubby and I did call Ms Dawn to see how she was doing with all the storms in the area again..and oh my stars I watched Fox News as they were broadcasting the Tornados that were hitting Oklahoma again.. those poor people.. I just don't understand the same areas again and all those damages and injuries...What is happening in this world ?

Now I'm read to hit that bed again and pray for all those poor people such a shame and for all of you traveling Stay Safe...God Bless Us All

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tready Through the Day on Thursday

Tready Through the Day on I dragged all my laundry into the garage and it was just a mere 73 degrees at 5:30am ooooooooooh my stars !!!

I knew this was gonna be a muggy day as the morning was starting off that way...put my big load in the washer and on I was getting the critters out..well Mister Zeke first as Ms Reba usually waits till 9am.. I mean the gal has to get her beauty rest...started heading out and was so happy the trash was at curb side cause for some reason ME one person here with 2 Dawgs and a goofy Cockatoo get lots of trash...and I know who has the most..psssssst..Ms Shug !!! LOL

However, it was gonna be gone, gone, gone ...thank heavens as it was beginning to attract other noses..NOT MINE :) that was one beastly chore that was gonna be complete ..then on to the plants, and the wild birds and yeppers squirrels.. I have the fatest ones in town..hahaha.

Got inside and phone was Clancy and he was coming over to power wash the roof and my driveway..and maybe do some weeding..gawd knows it needs it crazy as it sounds but I enjoyed that but now I can't get down on my knees and so the weeds come up and greet me..buggers..

So I was happy about that...I feel so much better when things get done..but onto my laundry..gawd knows I have a I make my excuses.. I do big loads hahaha..and it was a big load too..and when it got dried..well..this is what I really hate..FOLDING ....FOLDING...OMG I HATE FOLDING CLOTHES or MATCHING SOCKS...guess you know I hate that ..hahaha

My afternoon consisted of talking to myself..(giving myself a lecture hahaha) and folding and matching yeah you got it..and I thought I'd never come to an end but end I did...

Clancy worked his butt off.. 6 1/2 hours on the roof..and he does a job .. I mean that roof was sparkling..and cleaned the screens on the gutters which get leaves still trapped but not in the gutter but at the seems..and they are a doozie to get loose too..but I heard him.. hahaha..he's a character but I just am so happy to have him do the job..he takes pride in what he does..

My garden looks great too as Clancy started weeding and will finish the rest tomorrow..and ya know he even power washed my car for me too.. He is such a neat person..Elsie always said, "Clancy was a good guy"..he is and for Elsie he was a wonderful husband..I do think of her often when Clancy does work for me..and how proud she was of how her husband did "A GOOD JOB".

Tonight crap was on TV..but I did watch something..nothing that I would write home about any way.. so now I'm dragging and tomorrow will be here before a wink of an eye...

I've got another batch of laundry..Bed Linnings and I'll flip the mattress..lucky me folding just slap that baby back on hahaha...Gonna make a roast beef tomorrow so I'll have open face sandwiches when I want a quick meal..they is good :)...

Have to use my YoNanna tomorrow to make up some fruit pops..need restocking..and that's about it for now..thank goodness..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All !

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Work out on Wednesday :)

A Work Out on Wednesday :)... Oh yeah or should I say, "Smokin"...woke up to 71 degrees outside at 5am..holy Hannah (won't say Banana cause they is all in the freezer for my Yonana ) LOL...any way got up and I knew this early being this warm's coming into the rainy season for Florida and it's gonna be hot and muggy along with mosquitos and thunder storms..YUCKO !

So my day was get er done and it was Rice Fields and what ever was gonna come next..and I had trash to get ready as Monday was a holiday soooooo my trash took on a perfume of it's own...hahaha...and I felt like Santa with all the bags..

By noon time my brain was becoming fried..and lately it doesn't take much but I did get my order in to CVS for my pills of life to be picked up on Saturday...(an outing woo hoo)

We all did get in our afternoon nappy ...hahaha..yes, critters and Ms Shug all rested well..(Ms Shug is definitely fitting in really well) ..I'm so surprised how Ms Shug will snuggle up right next to my pillow and she keeps one eye open to see who is gonna attempt to come close...hahaha..she's become a Watch Bird Dawg...OMG too funny .

Tonight watched the special with Blake Shelton and felt such a lump in my throat ..watching scenes from that tornado..Lord help those poor people...something we all can't stop but only help after...One of those "Why" thingies.. I guess.. Can't understand the happenings but guess it's a part of nature and if we're in it's path so be it...Sucks ..!

Now I'm ready to hit that bed with my crew all nestled down and start my early morning chores as soon as I get up..cause another warm morning is in the happening...I'm become a MOLE people..cause once that heat hits.. I don't go out unless it's a major thing...even my Zeke and Ms Reba will sleep till it's busting time  LOL poor babes..but I can't say I blame them.

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All ....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's Toodles Tuesday !

It's Toodles Tuesday !....and I was on the up weeee early and had to wait to daylight which came in at 6:30am and then got Mister Zeke out and did the plants and birds and squirrels came back in and started on Ms Shug and waited for Ms Reba to wake up...

Once all were fed and watered I was off to Walmart and I couldn't find a blessed thing cept I did get my bird seed for my outside birds and a few things but wound up stopping back at Winn Dixie to finish my shopping.

Came home and put everything away then made my list of what I've got to do tomorrow..and I can't let it the race will be on from the minute I get up...
Rice fields, Chicken Salad, Gravy and Yonana goodies...gawd that stuff is good !

Took a nap around 2pm and just watched a little bit of TV then it seems like I just did this but had to get my big one out and feed all..Yes, Ms Shug got her goodies too..

Later tonight watched the Voice..and I picked who was going home and I was spot on..but I have to say Holly and Amber did an excellent duo old Reba tune and they were great..

Now I'm ready to hit the sack as I've got lots to get done and thank heavens I can put trash out..cause Monday was a holiday and you know what is building up...YUCKO..

This is a short one cause I'm to tired to think so that means I'll play catch up maybe tomorrow..Who knows :)

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always....God Bless Us All..!

Monday, May 27, 2013

It is Memorial Day and on Monday

It is Memorial Day and on Monday...saying prayers for all those that lost their lives giving us freedom and protecting us from harm..

Watched the news and most of the Morning Show and thought about all those who have family members still missing and those that have others that came home with very fortunate we are that we live in such a country that we have so many freedoms.

Why we have to fight for our rights and our freedom..until you have lived in other countries and see how much we take for granted the picture never enters our minds.

I pray that some day all this nonsense will end and peace will flow through the homelands..maybe a dream but you do know dreams can and do come true..!

Today my morning was a tad bit busy as I paced myself to get a few more things done..nope I didn't go to the Rice Fields had enough to make it till Wednesday and that will be my hectic day...LOL

Tomorrow I've got to take a quick run out for a few things as I decided last minute to not go to Walmart instead I'll go tomorrow..remembering that it was Memorial Day and people tend to go a bit nutz on SALES..and you know they always have them..

It's like I don't go out on Black Friday (After Thanksgiving) cause it's sheer madness and I know there are bargains but those people seem to wild and grab all kinds of things and even camp out over night waiting for those doors to open..not me..did it once and that was enough for me..

Enjoyed my BBQ pulled pork and coleslaw and watched a good movie chatted with hubby as he was home cooking ribs..then took my nice nap and just watched the crew snore..and boy Zeke was in heavy snore mode..hahaha

Watched the Voice tonight and those kids can Danielle the 16 yr old what a sweet voice and pure I'm ready for bed..Scanned my computer as last night the AVG said, "I had a Trojan" looked it up and it was one of those false positives..cause I had just upgraded Windows and I do believe it had something to do with that I did a look me up on the net and sure enough AVG was working hard to figure what in the world was I just scanned and it's all clear..thank you AVG..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All !

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Peaceful Sunday

A Peaceful Sunday....all quiet on the Eastern Front ...and that's how it was most the day with a few little funny happenings..

Morning is a routine and better not deviate from it at all or other wise it gets crazy...Get up take meds give meds let critters out water plants feed wild birds then clean wild bird in house hahaha then feed wild thing and then feed critters then it's my time..Got that ???? seems that's how it really goes and there's only a few hubby getting up and calling then him leaving house and on the road driving to his destination..via talking with me every now and then...oops did I say, "this is a new thing"...never before until I came down here that we keep in contact so much..but maybe it's a good thing too..:)

Did up sweet potatoes for the critters ..chopped up then cooked in micro for a few minutes then froze then put in zip lock for ready to use..yeah it was a little bit of this and a little bit of that..tomorrow I'll go to the Rice Fields and then when that's done I'll add those taters to each container..

Ms Reba loves them and so does Zeke and now looking like Ms Shug is certainly enjoying her afternoon feed ..she waits for me to stop by and dump her portion as I walk into the dawg room to feed the critters...yep, she's a part of the pack !

Most the day was just lobbing...and it felt good and even though I would have loved to get into getting on the Internet I declined..I spend enough time on the net was just spend time with Critters and Shug..

Shug's latest antics is to jump down off the couch and chase poor Ms Reba..some how I'm just watching and laughing and Ms Reba is not too happy although she had to stop and see what in the world is driving Ms Shug so bonkers...and Shug..well...she's just enjoying it as she's barking and grabbing on to Ms Reba's's too funny..gots to have my camera ready for this ...

Watched HallMark Channel and it was pretty good just wish they didn't have commercials..saw a new thing...are ya ready for this one..
this seems like an interesting new gadget hahaha..maybe..maybe maybe

Now I'm ready for bed as tomorrow like I said.."it's Rice Fields for me plus BBQ"
so those traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless Us All

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sailing along on Saturday

Sailing along on Saturday as I manage to get out of the house and get a Egg White McMuffin...was good too..and then I bee bopped into Winn Dixie for some bananas..Yes, I'm getting prepared for Memorial day as I will make up a batch of YoNanna Cream..hahaha...

Morning I had to get all my kit and caboodle together as I needed to make a dash for a few things the birds and the hummers taken care of then on to the plants then next Ms Shug and then Critters ...last but not least was me..hahaha..and I'm out of breath..

The day went on as I cleared one complete area..woo hoo space appears and I need to dig into the deep closet and put the plastic away and only have out what I'm gonna need ...

My feeling of going home is starting to get stronger as this month is almost gone and June will I need to start getting more motivated and make arrangements for I talk with her regarding taking care of the house..

Also I need to call up North and make my appointments for all my testing at the hospital so that will happen on that note pad going...I'm getting hitch itch can ya tell..

Watched mostly Hallmark when I did watch and started jotting all that will be coming back if I get time this week I need to go over to the rig and run the genny and the engine a bit...

So that's my story for today ..not much but Sunday will be interesting..hoping I don't gather too much stuff coming from the store..haha..perhaps I'll treat myself to lunch that would be nice...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Flipping on into Friday

Flipping on into Friday..woo hoo.. and it's also the weekend and a Memorial Day weekend at that...goodness I sure hope all out there watch the roads carefully cause ya know traffic is gonna be there !

Morning was warm and by the end of the day a real hot one..kind of like going out and needing a scuba it's heavy breathing time..and thick hot air ain't real healthy for anyone..

Got my outside birds done and plants watered as I knew they would all be smoking by the end of the day and my darling critters well they weren't anxious to go out at any time .. kind of had to sort a push them along...

Ms Shug was ready for her bath easy this morning in fact she started laughing before I started.. she loves that game I play with her as I spray her upside down and inside out..she flaps them wings and yells and laughs..and when I'm done I pop her in her cage and she laughs really loud..hahahahaha

What a hoot she is..and she seems to be enjoying it more and more and really putting on a show all fluffed up and letting me know she's a tuffy..hahaha..she can sure do some strange moves with her head and waits for me to laugh and I do...then she's happy and proud of herself..:)

The rest of the day I just took it easy..I did pop a meat loaf in the crock pot so I'd have a few meals ahead plus I had made the Stromboli and I had that for lunch..not bad them do aheads when I muster up the energy lately..

Ms Reba was even good..she ate her dinner and was looking for more..she's a class act.. but I do think she likes me feeding her..cause she's getting so she meets me at the chair when she doesn't "here I am, feed me".. :)

Watched Dateline tonight was pretty interesting and always sad but at least the creeps were caught and some justice was served..but never a happy ending at all...

I can't believe how the day passed by so quickly..oh I did make a dessert and it was gooooooood... I made it with my "new " gadget a YoNanna Machine ..I know you are laughing but check it out on the web page watch the it really works ... I made a banana, strawberry, peach cream and it was good.. only made a small amount it was refreshing and without the heavy creams and sugars ..low cholesterol but you do get carbs with the banana and some fruits so that you have to watch but delish..gonna try a few different flavors ..I'll post a picture of my gadget...of course it's purple ..they now have red ..after I buy my one...sure ..LOL..

So that's about it now those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.

Here comes YoNanna..hahaha...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thirsty Thursday :)

Thirsty Thursday :) and I sure was..Thirsty for "news"..and new I searched the internet today...can ya tell I'm getting antsy ???..Well I am and I was trying to find traveling cages for Ms Shug...

My morning is always busy and dizzy..all in that order as I have this set routine and I hate when I go off it cause everything just goes me Hahaha..

Get my outside birds done and water my plants and then it's on to the next project...and I do mean project..Ms Shug..clean her cage and get her food dishes in her cage then play with her a bit as I hose her down hahaha..well I don't hose her but I spray the Wah toosie out of her..and she yells and as I put her back in her cage she laughs as I laugh with her...but I flop her up and down and upside down spraying to make sure she gets a good bath..hahaha...and she let's me know as she says, "WoW" "Woo hoo"  wings flapping in the breeze and Zeke just watches us two go to town...I do make a big thing of it as I really soak her hahaha..I wanna make sure she's clean..and I get no dander cause me with Asthma it will kick my butt..!

Then I get the 4 legged critters fed and hope that Ms Reba eats all her breakfast other wise it's make the meat balls up and toss em down..Yeppers..she's got to eat all her food..and she seems to like it better when I add more sweet potatoes too it..that's fine with me cause it's good for her..

After I get all that done then I wash the patio down with chemical that cleans and makes it smell better then I'm next..No silly, not hosed down..but I's my breakfast time if I have an appetite..LOL

Oh, I saw on the internet one of those perches you put in your shower for the parrots..hahaha..I almost bought one but I have to think that one over..some how I can't imagine having Ms Shug in the shower with me..when Ms Reba was young she's walk in my shower and I'd give her a bath..she loved it..crazy dawg :)...but Ms Shug..mmmmm I'll think long and hard ..hahaha

Tonight watched a little TV as Ms Shug was in one of her wild and crazy modes and I kept playing with her till she nestled down in the pillow..then I watched some crazy show Save Me..something like that..strange but lately most shows are..

Now here I am ready to get to bed as I look over and see Zeke and Ms Reba already in sleep mode...Me next ....and hope those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another Special Day this Wednesday :)

Another Special Day this Wednesday :)  it is Ms Reba's 17th birthday...HOLY Mollie..LOL...I mean she was with it today ..even ate her breakfast and dinner all by herself.. I didn't have to make any meatballs and go..Open up here it comes ...hahaha..and she was really feisty and demanding..Like she isn't ..LOL

Morning was my usual ..getting my act together getting the critters done and of course he wild birds outside and the flowers..all at 6:30am so I can get on with the rest of my chores then I crash..hahaha...

Today though I had to go into Leesburg to see if I could buy a traveling cage for Ms Shug for when we head back to the pet store the lady has several birds...and I didn't want to look but she had some puppies..OUCH.. I have a thing about puppies in a pet shop...:(

Anyway this lady shows me dog crates which you all know I have several LOL and I looked and thought not a good thing because they and mine are too big and that would be too much moving besides the fact I'd like to have a grating on the floor so she's not walking in her YOU KNOW WHATS...eeeek..!

But I did buy a few more goodies for Ms Shug and then left and hit Capt D's for lunch now that's always a treat..and I was a good gal too.. I only ate the fish and hush puppies and a couple of I didn't want to over indulge ..i'll save that for Perkins and that great Honey Mustard Chicken Salad..oh yeah !!!

Came back and kind of unwound and then Ms Reba and I had a few little goodies..I mean it's her birthday and she doesn't mind having anything I am having..cept it was an apple..yeah she eats apple if it's a Gala apple hahaha..

Did watch Modern Family..gawd that's strange first time I ever saw it..LOL  sure miss my entertaining shows...then I played with Ms Shug..omg...she's a hoot but then she went goofy really yelling.. I do believe tonight she broke the sound barrier...WOW

Took a picture of Ms Reba on her 17th year..gawd God Bless her she's going strong and Zeke just watched us and I know he thought..They are nutz..:)

Now I'm ready for bed and can't wait...cause my fingers are even giving me the..Let's get out of here...So with that I'll say...."Those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All. !

Here's Ms Reba 17 years young...God Bless you Sweetie..!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Fun Filled Tuesday

A Fun Filled Tuesday :) and I'm still smiling...Today Ms Shug is 10months old and I'm telling ya.. since the day I got her she has been a treasure...and has filled my dark days with laughter...

When they say, "Cockatoos are the Entertainers and Lovers of the Feather Friends", they weren't fibbing !.. Ms Shug it's truly the Clown of Clowns...hahaha..

Today for me was a tab bit busy as I had to chore of cooking up the Critters Chicken..yeppers a big pot and with all the seasonings..garlic, parsley, celery, black peppercorns..and a pinch of salt. It's just like making chicken soup and I use the broth to cook up their rice and veggies...even we could eat it..hahaha.

The aroma went through the house and Ms Shug got her chicken leg..and she enjoyed that..guess I could tell her that was part of her birthday month treat..she loves that marrow you wanna hear her crack them ouch !!

She's still trying to say, "I love you"..she says, I WUV YOOOOOOOOO...and it's so comical as she twists her head and cackles..then laughs..and Zeke and Ms Reba just look at her..

Most of the day I just started going through what I needed to put up and also what I needed to have to take back..and do I need to go to Sam's club for my last trip...that I still might have to do..

I still have to meet with Marty (friend of Clancy's) and talk with her about taking care of my home while I'm back in I'll most likely do that next week and get things squared away...

Also need to get with Clancy again before I leave as my plants are really looking so good ...I water them every morning and I know I'll have the bird feeder (little hopper one) filled so they'll have food for at least a month or maybe two cause the bigger birds can't get in it...

Tonight I watched most of the news about Moore City, Ok...and I became so depressed how very very sad for all those people..then I know instead of our government helping other countries and spending foolishly...why don't they help all these people...

We the people always donate what we can and I know the Entertainers are doing their shows for support so people will donate then I thought ..why don't the entertainers instead of playing music why don't they donate not their time but their bucks as well..I mean they pay 10K to 20K for a plate for a political party..HUH.. I know some may feel that's awful of me..but think about it...

Then I watched the Voice tonight and caught the end of Dancin With the Stars...I wasn't surprised that Kelly Pickler won..they were really good...and the Voice I wasn't surprised who made the cut too...I'm getting too good with all these shows lately which means I'm watching too much TV  hahaha..

Ok,  so here is the latest pictures of Ms Shug...on her 10 month old day :)

First one is Ms Shug Spinning her Yarn...hahaha

Second one is Ms Shug Barking out Orders and then laughing..:)

Happy 10 months Ms Shug :)

So now I'm heading to bed and I hope and pray you all keep Safe and God Bless Us All...and please let's pray for those in Moore City Ok and their families.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Another Monday Morning Shows Up :)

Another Monday Morning Shows Up :)...and another storm is in the making for today as well..seems we will be having storms every evening of this week...makes me a little nervous especially after seeing the Tornado that hit Oklahoma..OMG... I'm praying for all those very very sad..

My morning was busy as it's also trash day and now being I'm putting my trash out the night before as our trash guy seems to come earlier and earlier each it's a guess when he will show up...boy wish he'd go back to the 11am jobber cause I could put it out the morning and gather all up I gather and I have more after the truck leaves...LOL...never satisfied is I ?????

After I go the critters done I had to head out to Winn Dixie to get some things in for the's cookin chicken time..I don't use as much but I was on my last container ..and I needed Sugar Snaps for Ms Shug she loves, loves, loves those...also picked up a few goodies for me as well..OH YEAH :)

So my agenda is planned for tomorrow morning..yeppers get those pots and pans busy plus gonna put on a meatloaf in the crock pot too..that kitchen is gonna be a makin some stuff...ugh I'm gonna crash on the couch afterwards...LOL

Later today I got a call from Ms Betsy, my neighbor..she informed me she and Dick will be leaving around the 4th of July..I got very down as I truly enjoy Betsy and Dick.. I always enjoyed our chats on the phone and our occasional I'd pop in and sit a spell...I will miss her laugh and that twinkle in her eyes when she was conjuring up some great info to deal with this so so board of directors here.. and I so enjoyed how she could put it all together..but most of all I'll miss her friendship..

I will feel it when I come back in October..big time..but I hope they have the internet hooked up so she and I can write back and forth..She and Dick are a Classic...I'm so fortunate to have met them both and know them as well..

PS...Betsy you and Dick will always be in my heart and prayers no matter where you decide to be...and if ya get a wild hair and wanna come back.. well ya know you would always be welcomed.. I promise I'll try not to cry ..:(

Now I'm kind of tired did watch the Voice sort of as I fell out on the couch but I can watch it while I'm working tomorrow..good thing I recorded it LOL...Pray for all that we will find peace and these Tornados will stop...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saved by the Bell on Sunday :)

Saved by the Bell on Sunday :)....see I must have known things were gonna go a muck and Lunch time..hahaha.. I'm good but didn't realize how good :)

Morning came and I was just so anxious to be a fly on the wall at that restaurant cause I just knew things were gonna go off to the wild blue other words Jet Propelled..hahaha

Later on in the day I got a phone call of why I was so wise to have company LOL well you and I know but they don't..any way seems a little tiff did start but was some what held down to a minimum...but you could bet your sweet bippy that if I were there it would have been in a loud over tone...(shout)...and I would have crawled under the table hoping no one would have known I was there....

Most of my day was pretty darn good I just hung around and watched a few good movies and made myself a Philly Cheese Steak..cause hubby sent down the bread (rolls ) for me ...and it was sooooooo good ..infact toooooooo good !

Come evening I was getting jumpy as too much laying around for me makes me crazy so tomorrow I'm having to get off my laundry and run to Winn Dixie for a few things and then come back and get a few boxes together to start packing up..

I've got lots of plastic that I use for the critters foods that I try to do up ahead of time and plus I like to make triple batches of gravy (spag sauce) and I won't need all that now so those will get put in the boxes for next arrival..

Chatted with hubby for a bit and as I watched Celebrity Apprentice I fell asleep hence I'm writing late and guess he must have too cause we always say, "Good Night" but not this night LOL..

Seems we are having Thunder Storms every night this week ..that's ok as long as it's not severe..we need the rain big time..but that lightening well ..another story..

Ok, now I'm ready to say.."Adios Amigos"...I'm tired from doing nothing  LOL..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All...:)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Little Fibbing on Saturday LOL

A Little Fibbing on Saturday LOL came in handy...well it did !.... I tossed and turned all night long and woke up thinking how was I gonna get out of going to that Brunch on Sunday with the fighting duo...OMG !

Morning came to too early for me.. I mean I had such a crappy night sleep I woke up at 2:30am and then tried to go back to sleep and then got up at 3:30am and came into the living room ...found my spot on the couch again and watched American Idol the last two days worth I had recorded it..

I kept thinking about Sunday Brunch and it just wasn't setting right with me.. One thing about me..(take notes) I can fudge my feelings and if things aren't right in my mind I have to straighten it out...sometimes it calls for some tack...even though sometimes I don't get it exactly right LOL..Hey that's the truth as far as I can remember :)

So when Jane called me to meet for our early dinner tonight I made up a she has been begging me and even me telling her the truth didn't stop her from constantly pestering about my fib came into place and it went over..I just simply stated I was having company...Now that could happen and I could consider my critters company couldn't I ?????

Anyway I had a really enjoyable early dinner with Jane and we always chat about things we did years ago when we were at the dog shows..and all the people we knew and all the new products out there...

By the way that's how I actually got to know Jane. Was through the dog shows and she was just starting her business (dog show vendor) and I was selling my products that I manufactured ...and eventually Jane took on some of my products..She had known of me from some of her friends that I showed dogs with also...That was kind of a long story told short..hahaha..but that was almost 30 years ago...Time sure does fly.

So getting back to our early dinner, we went back to Perkins and had a huge salad with honey mustard fried chicken and glory be it was big and had bacon and cheese and all kind of greens was excellent along with the hot bacon dressing and honey mustard combo..but that wasn't too bad till we did do dessert OMG.. Lemon Meringue Pie...oops hope that spelled right LOL..but we left that place full..hahaha...and did have a good time..

One thing though, I did feel bad that I had to fib...but I knew in my heart that if I went to brunch with them would turn out awful if not in there but as soon as she would get in my car and go with me to Walmart..that man would freak out and I'd hear about it for ages when she would leave on Monday for the next dog show...OH NO I wasn't gonna go through that crap ...

Ok, Ok...this is what we Catholics call a White Lie...hahaha...they do and come in handy every once in awhile...sure hope my nose don't grow..hahaha

Most of the day was really good and tonight we had the big bang of a thunder storm with a nasty nasty lightening...and I'm not great about that..but the rain came down so hard..and I mean these double wides with them tin roofs boy that sounds like a heavy metal band ..

It's time and I'm tired and tomorrow I'll try to be good and pray that all goes well...and for those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All !

Friday, May 17, 2013

Here it is Friday..Woo Hoo :)

Here it is Friday ....Woo Hoo :).....I can't believe how fast this week went but it did..and it's the weekend rolling in...Good Golly Ms Molly  hahaha.

Last night I forgot to mention American not that I'm bragging.....BUT..LOL... I sure done did pick Ms Candice to be the Winner from Day ONE...yeppers she did do it and this morning I even downloaded that Benny King song she did..."I Who Have Nothing"...that young girl can sing..!!

Now as for today..well I started it off mighty fine..with one of those big muffins that Jane bought from Perkins..and that sucker was mighty fine..blueberry and lots of them..OMG I was stuffed..could have put an apple in my mouth I would have looked like that little piggy hahaha..

Today was a warm one too..on my temp gauge it was 90..and the humidity was climbing to beat the ban...that does me in so I got my chores done in the morning and what did I do...NOTHING>.. I leaned back on the couch, Shug, Zeke and Reba..yep we were like slugs..and didn't care who even knew it LOL.

Towards mid morning got a call from Jane and now we are gonna have early dinner tomorrow (Sat) and then came the plea for me to join her and John for brunch on Sunday as she doesn't want to go with him but has to take him because it was his birthday...HUH??????>>>.and again I gave her my reasons and then she did the ...begging..OMG...I finally said...(now all listen up).. "The only way I'll go is if I drive and meet you there and if he starts his CRAP, I'm leaving"...She agreed and even said, "And I'll leave with you"..hahaha...

Yes, I'm suckered in but not stuck with them because I've got me wheels and I can leave ...and then my other reason hahaha..I need to go to Walmart sooooo...I'll be right there after our brunch head in..then Ms Jane says to me.."Oh, good cause I'll go with you"...HUH>?????? OMG>>>he's gonna have a bird...oh my stars..

This will be a chapter ya can't miss...hahaha..or maybe not maybe he'll be on good behavior...NAH...I'm dreaming on that one..but we'll see..:)

Now as for this moment I'm ready for bed and anxious too I mean all that laying around I did made me even more tired...perhaps I have tired blood...where's the Geritol..eeek.. I remember that STUFF..Momma use to give that to us all..we had to line up and out came the biggest tablespoon ya ever did see and we all had to open up and swallow...OMG...that is those memories you kind of wanna forget but some how they keep coming back as nightmares hahaha..

Ok...watching Dateline and then I'll doze off me timer set and the next thing will be history  !!!!

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another Gooder on Thursday :)

Another Gooder on Thursday :)...morning was busy, busy, busy...and I do mean busy... once I got done with the critters and finished up in the rice fields..and put everything in the freezer I was ready for another event.

Called my friend Jane and told her I'd be over to pick her up and away we went..first off to Verizon to get her new phone fixed then after that we went to Perkins for a great brunch ..and I do mean it was delicious..and even saw something the next time we go we is gonna have..French Toast with loads of Strawberries..OMG that was awesome looking..of course we won't be able to move..hahaha

Then on to Publix to pick up some "Stuff" and then homeward bound.. I dropped Jane off and we made plans for her to come back over so I could help her set up her phone...

Now that was something that usually is simple..but OH NO !!!...She didn't have an email account so I had to call Verizon and see if I could get her logged in on their service..but that wasn't gonna happen either then we went into Gmail and I tried and tried and tried..finally had to call Verizon and they tried and tried and tried...What the heck is going on ?????

Next thing I knew they were calling Apple to help us..hahaha..yeah it was a long long night..finally as I'm waiting for someone to get on the phone I shut the phone down completely ..come back on and  click the phone onto my system using WiFi..and come up on the internet and start all over again and this time the dang thing is working..

Then I go into Apple to get her an Apple account ..wooo hooo I'm sailing along with the breeze now..finally go that up and running and download some apps for her and even showed her how to use Face Talk with her Sister...yeah haw  LOL

All and all the whole thing turned out great thank you Lord..cause it was such a crazy evening...and now I'm beat and ready for that big bad bed...LOL  Oh and before Jane left she again tried to get me to go out with her and John..."OH NO"  I told her not in mine and your life time...hahaha..she smiled and then left..

That's my tale for tonight now those traveling Stay Safe and as always and like before..God Bless Us All...:)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What A Nice Wednesday !

What a nice Wednesday !... it truly was..calm, quiet (well almost) and enjoyable..hahaha.. I did say that didn't I...

Morning was a little bit of a "What's with it" to start but wound down pretty smooth...although I had my interruption with Mr John (of the fighting duo) as he and Ms Jane were having their spat again ...(what's new) and of course he had to call and tell me as he knew Jane and I were going to lunch today.

I've learn to just put that behind me and know that with Jane and I nothing will be mentioned as she's in the stage of trying to make me believe that going out with them this coming Sunday for dinner will be peaceful but Momma didn't raise no fool ...hahaha..

Our lunch was a good one as we went to Cracker Barrel and then after went on to Lowe's ..she needing light fixtures and me needing more hanging plants..hahaha..I just love how they make the house look..and I bought to pots of geraniums....but could only find red it was and is..doesn't look bad..

Then coming back to the house both Jane and I hit the couches..she on the big couch and me on the smaller one with Ms Shug and we took our naps..hahaha ..that is something Jane and I always did when we'd be working the dog shows...and being she always came to my rig to have dinner she'd wind up staying as her crew would be in her rig..and with me it was just the dawgs and there was always room for Jane..

Oh and as I left to go out for lunch...laughing here my ABS light came on so I told Jane if after we get done and it comes back on I need to go to the Chevy dealer..and of course that sucker never came back on again...go figure..

So all and all..even with John's moaning and groaning Jane never mentioned their fight but again asked me to go out with them on Sunday...and I again told her..."Not in this life time"... as I never let on to her either I knew they were fighting AGAIN..hahaha..

Tonight I watched American Idol and I'm telling ya that Ms Candice did a wouldn't surprise me that she would win...and Kree who I like also wasn't bad either..but Candice for me is more versatile....and has more style to her voice..and a power house as well..

Then on came So ya think you can dance which I have to say.."I fell asleep and woke up at the end..OH WELL... I did record it :)

That's my day today and on to tomorrow as I go to the Rice Fields in the morning....

Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All... 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It was "get er done" Tuesday :)

It was a "get er done" Tuesday:) by that I mean today I made my complaint known to the Doctor's office...not sure if I mentioned it but when I was at the Doc office for that follow up I registered a complaint and the person (to be) called me today..

Seems that my Doc's wife (through their partnership and nasty divorce runs the group)...and as I was leaning back pondering what I needed to get accomplished after I had peeled and diced the sweet potatoes and cooked them and flash froze them ..then on to the veggies chopped up for Ms Shug and then cut up the liverwurst for Ms Reba..(I'm breathing here) the phone rang..

"Hello"...a voice softly speaks to me and introduces herself...and asks me all about what happened a few weeks ago..that's all I needed as I was preparing a letter to be sent this was even better...and it flowed, better than the Mississippi River...hahaha..Yes, I was on a Role and not one I'd eat..LOL

After I got through I could hear her sigh with relief.. I mean I just couldn't shut up to give this woman a entry...NOPE she was gonna hear from me what I thought of her X husband and I'm sure she probably was grinning from ear to ear....well maybe half way.

She did apologize and the usual standard procedure that follows...but we'll see what happens next.. I mean I don't see that Doc till Nov....wonder if I'm gonna be the Turkey...????? Nah.. I'd probably give him another roast job when I see him...knowing ain't over till it's over...(hope he don't have to dig into my chest anytime soon) !

The rest of the day I just was starting to put things in boxes..(here I go with them boxes again) well it's giving me some head way and that makes me feel a little better although sad too..happy to be home with hubby but sad to leave my sanctuary...I mean I love the view I have watching all the birds and critters and seeing my flowers bloom.. I enjoy just the simple things in life ..but some how there's always a lot of work to them simple pleasures...

Tonight I watched the Voice..Gawd those kids are talented and was glad to see my favorites made the until next week oh and also taped So You Think You Could Dance and Dancing with the we go again hahaha..

Now it's gonna drop down to the 50's tonight so my electric blanket will kick on so my legs don't ache and tomorrow my friend Jane is coming over and we're going out to lunch Cracker Barrel and then hit Lowe's and Publix on the way back...Here I come outside world..wonder if my ABS light will click on ...????DUH>>>>

Those traveling Stay Safe..and as always and like before God Bless Us All !

Monday, May 13, 2013

Results coming in this Monday :)

Results coming in this Monday :)'s the day I visit the Doc regarding my Blood Pressure plus results from tests I had's one of those kind of days...expect the unexpected ...!!!!

Didn't sleep well, guess my brain was in high gear preparing for my event of the day and wanting to jump out of my skin if any one dares change any of my meds till I get back home...I'm saying my prayer before I leave this house !

Got my Shug done and Criters fed and done and even my plants, birds and what ever is out there for me to take care of..cause it sure seems like more is moving in .....:)

Had to pull a fast one on Ms Reba cause I feel she's becoming glued to my umbilical cord..she and I have become ONE...OMG LOL...but it's true ..where ever I am she is..and visa versa..see what I mean :)

So I had to sneak away when she was laying on the couch and as I went walking out the door Ms Shug pulled a surprise on me.. like a loud shriek.... I mean a Sound Barrier one...YIKES...and of course that started Mister Zeke...Lord help me..and Ms Reba popped up and I slammed the door..."Sorry Charlie, I need to get"...

As I'm driving to the Doc's office I see my ABS light come on and the Check for Service number shows up..."What the """""""""?>??????:::::"""""" (that's me slapping my steering wheel)... I just had my car in for service for a touch of 300 buckeroos.. I mean give me a break...perhaps it's just a fluke..(HA!)

So I pull into the parking lot of the Doc and say my little pray that it will go away...and in I walk and believe this or not.. I sign in and just sit down and I hear my name being called...HOLY HANNAH... I mean I couldn't believe how fast I was in the office...

Nurse had me step on the scale and I lost another pound..well I know that seems like nothing but for me.. It's hard as I try I'm not able to walk a mile ..lucky if I can walk 10 steps without forget about riding a bike or walking on a tread mill..and my meds help me add weight..Yeah.. I can go on and on.. and I hate it..but some day ...(like Christmas it will come)

So I was glad for the pound..then she took my Blood Pressure..and then Doc came in...I'm telling ya I'm stunned..but I'll take it.. I mean for a change I don't have to wait an hour and a half..

First thing he says, "Wow, your Blood Pressure is much better".. I ask, "What was it"?  He smiles telling me it was 152/80.... and I explain why it's high.. he then says.."Hey, It's so much better than before, I'm happy the meds are working".... I laugh and tell him.. "you'll never know how well they are working cause I was screaming and slapping my steering wheel in the parking lot "...He bust out laughing.. cause I know me.. It should have been 200/100...with how I was yes the meds are working...!!!

Now I leave the Doc's office and I turn on the car and there it is again .."oh, you SOB"... so I call the Chevy Dealer and bring it over and pull in turn the car off go inside and they come out take the car and then come back and say..."The Light isn't on">>>HUH????? So I go in and sit down and wait...and wait...and wait... like 3 hours as they took it for a drive had it on the machine and NO LIGHT...but they say, "Something is a MUCK"...HUH?????  "You'll have to bring it back when the light is on"..

All that for a sum of 100bucks..Yeah, what an adventure and I have to come back cause something is a MUCK...well, after that deal I drove over to Capt Dee's and got me a fish fry dinner..figure I might as well .. I mean I needed to feed the fire..hahaha... even bought a power ball ticket cause with this kind of luck I might even surprise myself..what the heck :)  LOL

Came back and just laughed and watched my Humming birds fight and feed..zooming all around...gawd they are awesome and of course Ms Reba was giving me what for along with Zeke and Shug...OMG... I need to hide..:)

Now tonight I watched the Voice and recorded Dancing with the Stars...boy those talented young people..what good voices they have ..this is gonna be a tuff decision...

It's time for me to now take a nose dive into those those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All....We sure need it !!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

It's Mother's Day on this Sunday :)

It's Mother's Day on this Sunday :) ...and for me I thought about my Mom and my Sister who just recently passed...I thought about growing up and all the good times we had..Not having much at all..but we sure had great imaginations and great radio programs..

Holidays were always special ..everyone coming to visit and celebrate and our gifts were all hand made or hand me I'm smiling just writing these words..I had a busy childhood, with lots of people surrounding me..Growing up in New York was a life experience was the world in my hands !

I tried to keep my thoughts on all the good things as it's easy to become so down when most of my family is gone..but those early days were so exciting..what seemed like not much then by today's standards I lived the life of Riley ..hahaha...

This morning I was a tad bit off kilter as last night I didn't get much sleep I was having one of those bad legs moments..nothing I could do could stop them from aching and up and tried to work it out..NOT GOING AWAY...(sigh)

So by about 3:30am I finally got to sleep and come 4:45am I was up again so that meant I was not in for an exciting no means..but I did have to go to the store for a few things and I even treated myself to breakfast..Golden Arches LOL  yeah I did that new thing...Egg White McMuffin and it was pretty darn good ...:)

Came back after stopping at Winn Dixie for Ms Shug's stuff and then flopped on the couch and leaned back and caught up with my lost hours...I had too...I mean I was not good for anything...not even myself.

Sometimes we have to do those catch ups...and later on I was zooming with the vacuum cleaner ..yeah my great chore..I could hear my new vac giving me that last go round..hahaha... I'd be tired to sucking up all that dawg hair...nothing like tangled dawg hair in a carpet hahaha..

Now I'm watching Survivor and shaking my head at the comments people make when the game is at the sad..but the game itself is a complete challenge and very difficult to separate feelings...I know I couldn't do it..and I feel I am a Survivor...

Any way now tomorrow I'm going into the Doctor to do a follow up with our Blood Pressure and so far I'm doing ok ..other than the normal crap that goes on with me...but I ain't's part of life..

Those traveling Stay Safe...and as always...God Bless Us All..

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Winding down on a Saturday

Winding down on a I start to make my changes in the house and clearing out, packing up and putting away's getting closer...and yes, I know it's not till the first week of July but knowing me it takes me just a little longer lately..or haven't you heard ..hahaha

My morning was a drag as I could have lit a match under my butt and maybe just maybe moved a little faster..but then again I wasn't going out so I didn't have to move to darn fast..:)

Got my chores done and I was about ready to call it quits.. I mean my legs were going in their own direction and it wasn't in the one I was headed...soooooooo I decided they were telling me..Sit a Spell....LOL

Then I picked up that blanket and realized I made a big error so I had to pull out like 12 rows OUCH..and that meant I had to redo that sucker because it was in a pile on the couch and I couldn't let Ms Shug out she'd think  it was SPAGHETTI...wooo hooo...hahaha

So I sat and redid what I that's a mouth full.. and I called it quits after that and leaned back and took a I'm telling ya this retirement is killing me... but what a way to go :)

Most my day was just sorting a lot of the things I'm not gonna take back with me..and getting those boxes ready to store my "PLASTIC"...I just love plastic..hahaha..well it's those containers I make all the food up in and freeze so I get a few breaks here and there and besides the only ones that come back with me are the filled ones cause I have duplicates at home..yeah I cook at home too  LOL..

Tonight I was "How Green Was My Valley" an excellent movie and I  watch it every year..haha..and you know tomorrow is Mother's Day and that means.."I Remember Mamma".... Now that is truly my favorite film..and I remember as a child watching the TV version as was a series..we'd all sit in the living room and sit around and watch..sure does bring back memories and good ones at that..

So now for those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All !

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's a Friday happening.....Maybe LOL

It's a Friday happening ....Maybe  LOL....that was the mood I was in and I was anxious to get things done early as it was suppose to get very almost in the  90's...YIKES..!!!

My morning was a little bit of this and that and going through my frig to see what I could possibly throw together and I was in one of those moods that nothing I looked at even looked good ...sooooooooooo on to the freezer mode I went..pulled a few things out for later on fixins...

Hence tomorrow will be a Crock Pot deal...Pot Roast with Veggies..a definite one potter and that's fine with me.. I mean who wants the mess and besides I need to start emptying things as I don't have a lot of space to carry back home and I'm on a count down schedule now...:)

I did a lot of work on that baby blanket which I'll post a picture and I still have to figure out how in the world I'm gonna edge it...but I'll come up with something...

My critters are lazy today..everyone including Ms Shug is being exceptionally quiet..Ok, what's now gonna be my next surprise..hahaha

My garden is looking nice although I could still put in some more color but I'll plan that again when I come back in Oct...however those geraniums are looking so much better..I keep telling everyone that asks.."Water them daily and tell them how beautiful they are"...hahaha..but it really does work..

Tomorrow I've got to head out to pick up a few things for Shug and maybe a few goodies for me...the quick fixes kind.. Make my life easy cause I need to start emptying my cabinets..

So it's that time for me to say, "Good Night Sweet Heart"...and my body is trying to come down with a cold..but I ain't having no cold...taking my Tylenol and crossing my fingers for sure..

Watched a movie called "The Vow" was pretty good but left me hanging..however it was based on a true story and the ending told of the actual couple how things worked out...I won't'll have to watch it yourself..LOL

I'll say this..."Safe Travels to All "  and as always God Bless Us All...!

Psst...Here's how much I've done on that Baby Blanket :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday and I made it through with flying colors :)

Thursday and I made it through with flying colors :)...Yes, I sure did... in fact John was on his best behavior at lunch time..cause Mr Paul was there..he's our friend and the Cpt of Police in our town...

Morning for me was not bad and I got up not feeling to too tired but come later on I became a Zombie...sure did..hahaha..but I knew that was gonna happen..

It was John's 81st birthday and we went to O'Shea's in town and it wasn't bad..and John was happy ..thank goodness..but he is ok, just gets in those nasty situations because of Ms Jane..actually the two should never be around each other when I'm there hahaha..

Those nasty love bugs are back.!  Good Golly Ms Molly those suckers stick to your car and ya need to wash them off. I did that several times already and when I pulled in the parking lot of the restaurant I was attacked hahaha..those bugs were like a curtain..OMG.. I couldn't believe how many were in the air..YIKES.

Anyway this afternoon like I said, "I was the Zombie that lived" but embedded myself into the couch.. I had too... I mean I could barely get my body to move..although I had to get up and feed the critters and Ms Shug..cause I can't walk by with the critters food without Ms Shug stretching her neck to see what's in it for her and I give her some..heck if it keeps her quiet..WHY NOT !

Later tonight I watched American Idol and glad Candice and Kree made it .. I liked Angie but she for me was always sounding the same..but she's talented and will do well...however I feel Candice really is the one that should take it..we'll see...

Now I'm ready for bed..oh and I worked on my blanket tonight..wait for tomorrow to show and tell.. I'm amazed hope y'all will be too hahaha..

Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yes, I'm up past my bed time on this Wednesday late night

Yes, I'm up past my bed time on this Wednesday late night..ok, so it's now Thursday but I started it on Wednesday so there :)

My morning was the usual ..drag arse and get er done...and so I did..but then I needed to find out from hubby when he is flying down so I can start to get this house in order..Yeah it takes me that long hahaha

So it looks like he'll fly in on the 5th of July...and then we'll head home either the 9th or 10th of July..that gives me time to get things done and empty out the Lock Nest Monster hahaha

Then I made my big mistake I started on me blanket..well the new one cause the old one still has to be edged...and ya know I think edging is the most boring and takes forever to decide what looks best..

Ah but this new crocodile pattern or gator to me hahaha is really neat and it's sure coming along great..have peach, green and now yellow being installed and it's looking nice of course I haven't a clue how the heck I'm edging this but that will come by the time I get this done..

Ran around the house today looking to see what I could get rid of as it's trash day tomorrow..some how I enjoy that day .. I empty my frig too as that's my clean up day...

Tomorrow I'm taking John to lunch it's his 81st birthday..and he's as nasty as the first day I met him..he and Jane two birds of a feather...but he will always do for me even though I put up with the nonsense. I just make sure I never go out with the two and from time to time I take my sabbatical ..hey ya gotta..

Now I'm in desperate need of getting to bed ..not much else going on other than me wanting to get this blanket the race is on :)

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Is it Tuesday, Already ???????

Is it Tuesday, Already ????? My goodness this week feels like it's flying by me again...but that's ok cause I've got to start getting my house ready for when we leave to head back to Pa.. Yes, I know some of you are thinking.."Well, it's only the beginning of May and I don't leave till the 1st week of July..."

But if you knew all that I've got going and collected you'd understand I've got to start not clearing out cause I've got so much stuff and my freezer could feed an army and I only have so much room in my freezer in the rig.. the portable one holds 100lbs plus what the frig freezer holds like almost nothing LOL

So I've got to cook up some fiddles and then start making my stash that's gonna head back with me..and I do believe I will have plenty going back...Why is it I can hear hubby talking loud..hahahaha...well, I'm always prepared for storms you know ..people that go to stores to stock up because they may not be able to get out...the looks of mine I may not be able to get IN ! LOL

Today I basically did squat !..YES, you read that right .. oh I mean I did my morning chores those are things I have to do can't get away from that..but the rest of the day I learned a new crocheting stitch.. like I really needed to do this..but again, I did ..I mean I have to do another baby blanket and although I didn't have the colors I wanted this will make due..

It will be a cream orange and a light green and it's a (I call) gator stitch other wise known as a Crockadile Stitch or better yet could even be called a Fish Stitch or Scale..take you choice  LOL

Watched the Voice tonight and it was excellent I'd say this bunch really has some great talent and I'm not sure who will win this..but they are all good !
Now I'm ready for bed not much more to say while I'm anxious to call it a night .. I'll say ..Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All !

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Sad Morning on Monday

A Sad Morning on it was the day Ms Abby was coming back home..well her ashes were and I placed them on the dresser next to Joseph's.

Joseph was happy as can be when we brought Abby home as a pup..Ms Reba had her nose bent out of shape..but she was that way too when we brought Zeke home...Ms Reba is the  "BEEE" all of everything...and she eventually warms up to the others but the first few weeks is a "hard nose" ..:)

So as I ran around the house with all the things I had to get done I knew that Ms Reba and Zeke would get fed when we got back home Zeke was having his EKG and I knew Ms Abby's ashes were waiting on us..

I was very proud of Zeke as he was so well behaved..He's known to be a tough one and don't mess with much fact best not to even attempt it..just do what ya have to and get it done quick..

But this morning he was extra special..although when that tech came for him he wasn't budging till I told him it was ok..he gave me that look and I just patted him on the head and told him to be a good boy..get er done !!!

After the EKC, Doc had us come into the room where he examined Zeke..Doc was happy he actually got a chance to chat with Zeke..LOL  Doc's comments were..."he's such a grand looking fella, so regal" and that Zeke is..and he sure lets you know his presence.. I mean you can feel he's the king of his kingdom !

Coming back home was kind of sad as I knew Ms Abby was now at rest and so we all were..I even got a photo frame and on one side is where you put the picture of her and on the other side was a paw print done in plaster and it's of Abby's foot..kind of felt strange but ya know I had to touch it..

Most my day was kind of down and out but later I started to get it together Ms Shug was doing her crazy stuff and she just cracked me up.. good thing she's a nut job cause she really does help..

Zeke came over and lay down next to me..and I just patted his head and we all took our nap..even Ms Shug quieted down...thank goodness she can definitely break the sound barrier

Watched the Voice tonight gawd those kids can sing..recoreded Dancin with the Stars so I'll catch that in the I'm ready to hit that bed...and get my stuff done tomorrow..

Those traveling Stay Safe..and as always God Bless Us All....

Sunday, May 5, 2013

And it came Sunday Morning :)

And it came Sunday Morning :) night was a little restless and it seemed every hour my eyes would open up...and then morning came rolling up and made my pot of this was the day I do my Sorting of the Pills of Life and I do have a bunch to sort.

Once daylight broke I watered my plants and fed my wild birds let Zeke and Ms Reba out and then started on Ms Shug..and her daily routine...glory be she's a handful and always ready to flap them wings, ruffle that crown of feathers, cock her head from side to side and proceed to let out the wildest yells and giggles and then the barking...yeah it's my morning ritual...hahaha

Then it suddenly becomes the critters breakfast and as I sit on my perch to watch Ms Reba eat her breakfast and I don't wanna say too much but she is eating pretty much on her own...(for now )

Ok, now it's my time..woo hoo..I get to sit back and enjoy my Coffee Mocha which I mix my own concoctions...and it's pretty dang good too :) then maybe I'll have some toast as I'm too tired to make eggs and bacon...although my taste buds are calling for it... BIG TIME !

Today I put together a few things...Made a batch later on of pancakes (blueberry) and then made a big pot of chili and put that all up in the freezer so I can just grab and reheat.. for my lazy arse days ...yeah team :)

Most of the day I just kept myself busy doing my setups also.. for my Bird grouping I do up my newspaper in sections and also have my paper towels and plastic bag..yep that's me sure does help when I am getting things done..

Everyone that's been here and catches my routine laughs at first but when they realize how it does make life easy they wind up doing the same's just that I have so much time before my energy level winds down and without these setups it takes a toll on me..sure putting it together can be some what overwhelming but I guess I've been doing this for years it's part of my lifestyle..

Got my new gadget in on Saturday but I haven't taken it out of the box .. I'll do that this week cause I put the bananas in the freezer so you know I'm anxious to try this what cha ma call it  LOL...

Now it's bed time and where did all the day go ????? but I'm ready and willing to climb in bed and be ready for tomorrows Vet visit.. sure hope and pray all will be ok for Zeke..he sure is missing Ms Abby and truthfully so am I..

Those of you that are traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday morning Adventure hahaha

Saturday morning Adventure hahaha...well for me it is and was.. I mean started my morning the usual mad dash to get things done before I run out of steam..had my pot of coffee going and grabbed the chocolate chip cookies...Why >????? because I didn't want toast and I was craving something and I didn't feel like making anything...YES< a case of the Dawg Gone Lazy Arse :)

However I did manage to have a few things going in the crock pot.. I made cabbage rolls and also made a Lemon pound cake all to go into the freezer for my do ups...(not dooo wops it ain't no song)...

Then I had to go into town to pick up my pills of life and I decided to take Zeke along with me.. he's been so down in the dumps and still searches for Ms I grabbed his lead and his eyes sparkled and he became so alert..

Just what he needed but I didn't put him in his crate I put him in Abby's..and he was sniffing and then settled down..and down the road we went..I was so glad to see him enjoying I think I'll take him a few times for a few rides..even Ms Reba can join us...Just me and me DAWGS :)

Came back and we all settled down for the rest of the night after me putting everything up...Played with Ms Shug and got a call from Sharlotte and ya think Ms Shug would let me talk..NOPE she was on the attack cause she was caged most the day and she went bonkers once out...

Sorry about that time I owe you a call..hahaha.. we'll face talk so you can see Ms Shug in action...hahaha..Plus enjoy her antics..and I'm tellin ya be prepared she's a strange one.

Later Ms Shug and I enjoyed a pear together..YEPPERS she loves pears...and watches me as I take a bite ..she don't miss a trick...

Now I'm ready to call it a night downloaded a few new patterns for crocheting and will have the baby blanket finished edged ...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All..

Friday, May 3, 2013

An Overhaul on a Friday :)

An Overhaul on a Friday :)....and my car surely needed it.. it was time for her Oil and Filters and Tires Rotated and Balanced...and now she's in tip top shape and ready for when we head back North ...

I was so anxious to get caught up on getting my car serviced and I have a great place I take her too (notice my car is a she :) )....and they really make sure everything is working..thank goodness.

Morning was looking gloomy and I knew we were gonna have more rain but was hoping it would come late afternoon..and it did woo hoo..but got my errands done and of course my quick stop to Winn Dixie.

When I got back in the Vet's office called to remind me of Zeke's appointment for Monday . He gets his EKG done and I will also bring home Abby's Ashes..I'll feel much better when I know she's back home and she'll be right next to Joseph..

I still have to edge that dang baby blanket and I was gonna do it while waiting for my car to get done but there was a nice ole gent sitting in the room with me and he was wanting to know how you can just tell.."here it comes" and so it did... I learned all about him and his losing his wife back in 09 ...

Sometimes you just have to let people talk and he spoke of his battle with cancer and now is fighting again...and he lived in the Villages...and we talked about life there...I got him through his loneliness and I must admit I enjoyed his stories as well..

So you see I never got the chance to finish my blanket but I will some time this I so want to start on my next project..and when I got home because I hadn't taken Lasix for a few days I was feeling the pressure in my chest so I took it right after dinner...Good luck Charlie... hahaha..

I've been on a mission...hahaha.. and I sure hope now that it's bed time I can get to sleep without intermissions. As my luck would have it...:)

Tomorrow I have to go back into town to pick up all my scripts from CVS so another jaunt into town...looks like I'm gonna be putting on a little mileage and perhaps I'll hit the Dollar Store to pick up some Dawn dish detergent and some bleech..

Didn't watch much TV as I have been pre occupied with Ms Shug...she is such a hoot and gets wild and crazy..and again broke her new tail feathers.. I think this sweetie just wants to be a bald asp bird ...LOL  oops bird dawg..she's barking for my attention all the time...and the Hello is when she is being covered or when I just come back in the room...LOL 

Alright it's that time and my fingers are puffing now those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All....

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finding the Result on Thursday :)

Finding the results on Thursday :)  ..I was anxious to hear what was the latest on this new fang test that was taken awhile back and lost in the mail..go figure...

This morning I was buzzing to get my chores done and it was raining to beat the ban ..everytime I opened the door to let the dawgs out or came the heavens opened up...Come on be nice to me I need to get done..

Even through a load of laundry in and was so .. I wanna get to know how I am doing I mean after all...something new might even surprise me hahaha

So I got Ms Shug done then on to Zeke and Ms Reba..wooo hooo I'm coasting now ..even feed the birds and the rain stopped I'm dressed and I'm outta her as soon as I get the clothes out of the dryer...uh oh.. here comes the rain..

I sit down and fold anyone knowing me knows how I hate to fold's the worst with matching socks...that's why I buy the same kind of socks so I don't have to worry about matching...Lazy sucker I is..:)

Now the rain stopped and I'm out the door into the car and down that highway to Leesburg..yeah I'm so anxious cause I know I might have a chance to cut some of these dang drugs out...wooo hooo...

I go into the Doc office and the Doc is out of town but the nurse has the info...Lucky Me...only thing is.. she doesn't know any more than we sit side by side reading the data...HUH??????

My blood insulin is very high and to get it down..(I don't know about this one) I need to take a higher dosage of asprin ?????????? Ok, the moon is blue...hahaha

Then there was a notation of changing the Zetia to another drug..HUH..oh my stars another pill added and another type drug to replace the other..and I though I was gonna be cutting back...but I'm confused and I think I need to talk with the Doc that means not until what else is new ?

Next I head out and go into town to find out the Verizon store has closed and where do I go now as my cell phone won't rang a couple of days ago but now nothing...

So I go over to the Villages as I remember seeing a Verizon there..I mean with all those people there's got to be one, right ?.. so in I go and feel like an idiot..yep, I sure did.. it was the button on the side of the phone and I worked for hours trying to see what I did or didn't do...

Then I treated myself to lunch..good ole McDonalds..and then headed home shaking my head..two stops and both came out the same..DUH ?????? cept with the last one at least my phone that I can hear it..hahaha

Tonight watched American Idol and felt very sad to see Amber go..she was really good and I know she'll have a career but she shouldn't have went this time..sorry folks..

I'm ready for bed and tomorrow I have to bring my car in for an oil change and tires balanced and then stop off at Winn Dixie for a few things then I'm gonna come home and chill ...well kind of I've got to edge that baby blanket and get that put up...and start on the other one..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...