Saturday, November 30, 2013

Oh It's Only Saturday

Oh it's only Saturday.. I'm so confused LOL..these holidays do this too me.. I mean being I heard all the sales on Thursday then Black Friday I done plum forgot about Saturday..How could I ??????

Easy, Ms Reba done had my butt up early again and boy does that play numbers on this bean..I mean I'm not sure if I'm coming or going or did I sleep past a day ?????  well that's how it was for me..but I did get laundry done and even folded put away..OMG  I can't stand myself..LOL

Today though I did really very little...I mean my brain was foggy but I did manage to start another (oh yeah) blankie and got 30 rows done already..this pattern goes really quickly and it's not like I'm just sitting in my chair..although to tell the honest truth when I sat in that blessed chair I fell asleep..OH YEAH...I leaned back put my feet up and it was toodles to all coming or going .

Hubby was busy back home..even went to Sam's club and brought a list.. I'm so proud of that man..and then did his chore and even worked outside awhile picking up limbs..came back in and told me "he celebrated Thanksgiving all over again"..hahaha.. with his left overs and even froze then vacuum sealed it..

See I keep teaching him methods to cut it short for himself and that's a good thing Hahaha..Ok Martha I hear ya.. but I'm really trying to help in make life easy for himself and if something should happen to me (which I do believe I'll be the first to hit the skyway) he'll be able to handle it all..without disasters.

Now I have to teach him how to do the critter food..LOL  he's got the chopping down pat just next the rice and all the good stuff..he's coming along LOL..He always complains but finally I'm winning  LOL

Tonight I just played with Ms Shug and trying to teach her new tricks..she's a little brat some days but boy is she getting so loving..she loves to cuddle..but then loves to snap my barrette..the bugger .

I hear Zeke snoring so it's that time for us all...hope all that is traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Friday, November 29, 2013

It's the Day After and it's Friday ..:)

It's the Day After and it's Friday :)...oh my stars !...I can not believe the time is flying and now we're heading right on down to Christmas..YIKES..!!!

Morning for me again came mighty early as Ms Reba decided she was getting up at a little after 2am..OH NO !  and so up we got and then she just wouldn't settle Zeke decided he would go out..HUH????? it's not even 3am and we are all awake, well almost..I mean Ms Shug was snug as a bug on her perch..thank goodness..all I would need is a wild Cocaktoo howling..or screaming more like it...

So I attempted to settle the crew down and we all crawled back into bed and don't cha just know it every hour on the hour I was looking at the dang green glow from my clock..SUCKS...I was on a count down mission....and I couldn't get away from it.

What's a body to do..well for me, I went into the living room sat in my Crocheting Chair..(now that's the official yarn use yarn and you can even tell a few yarns ) I became to crochet and crochet and before I knew it I completed the baby blanket..

The colors actually are quite stunning and the trim I did in white which brings out all the colors..aaah thank goodness now my hands can take a breather..till I start Blanket # 4...

At least it wasn't as cold and the wind wasn't too bad so hopefully tomorrow will be warmer as I need to do up some laundry..and it's back to the grind...Oh but I did cut up my butternut squash for the critters got that in the freezer..see I am finally getting things done..

In between all that I had the fighting duo going at it..and believe this one at a Doctors office..well Urgent Care and you might say they needed Urgent I had their calls off and on till finally I turned mine off...see there is a method to my least if things went to bad they were able to get help LOL..nah they don't get violent..well not really but they do get loud !!

Didn't watch TV ..although it was on guess I was just too busy in that chair..:)

So now I'm ready for bed and I sure can't wait.. I mean I hope Ms Reba sleeps well..cause me and Zeke is gonna..he's already snoring and Ms Shug did say, "Nite Nite"..LOL

Those traveling stay safe and watch that weather..and as always God Bless Us All...

Oh.. here's my sweet Blankie..LOL..

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving ! (it's Thursday)

              Happy Thanksgiving 

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone..May the Blessings fill your plate and May your day be filled with fond Memories.. God Bless All .

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What A Nice Wednesday :)

What a nice Wednesday :)..... I survived the night before with all the rain, thunder, lightening and winds..and thank the good Lord no funny kind of whirly fact none in Central Florida..cause I always pray that NO ONE will get hurt..

Went to bed finally around 12:30am and was up by 5am so I knew sometime this day I was gonna attempt to catch a nap..oh YEAH !...but got my chores done early and I could feel the lag trying to get me to give in..

Got a couple of nice calls for invites for Thanksgiving which was really a good feeling but I decided to stay in and chat with hubby on Face Talk and we could have dinner together..he's making his Momma's Chicken and Dressing..I know he loved it and I found the recipe for it..wish I was with him to share it cause it's really a good one .

It started to get chilly late this afternoon and the winds were kickin up and glad I brought some of my plants in. One of my Christmas cactus is's my white one.. and it's really pretty ..duh..forgot to take a picture so I'll have to do that tomorrow for my Thanksgiving Table shot..

Watched Survivor tonight and of course nothing surprises me with all their flipping and sneaky tactics of "hello buddy you're gone"..LOL  but it was neat to watch..then turned on Xfactor which I've been recording..I like that Lil, she's quite a gal and has a great set of pipes..she is now my favorite..

So that's pretty much my day and yep, I am almost finished with Blankie #3 picture will follow soon after I edge ..Now those traveling Stay Safe weather is a bit  nasty  and as always God Bless All...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday Wasn't So Bad Till

Tuesday Wasn't so bad till later this evening with the storm rolling in and the announcements of Tornado never rest easy with  something like that happening around you and there's nothing you can do but ride it  out...YUCKO !!

Morning for me was a little interesting.. I mean heard from John (of the fighting duo) as Jane is now back in town and he was doing shopping at Walmart and then a flash came to I then asked him if he would pick me up to packages of Chicken..(you can tell I'm getting ready to make Critter food up again) and John was so willing..but the catch was he had to bring it to me LOL 

Yeah he moaned and complained but he did.. some days he's not so bad but other days..well..I could really do with he gets an ATTA BOY !  LOL and of course Ms Jane is sleeping the day away after being on the road and then driving all night long..not her, but her helper..the boy guy I'm sure he must have been exhausted..those days are far gone for me any more..

The rest of the day I just did some work on the new blanket and yep, about 7 more strips and it's done..but had to stop cause my hand was aching..and I knew the storm was rolling in..maybe I might finish it if we get really bad down pours and wind...cause ya know I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway.

Dinner for me was a quick Stouffers..yep, sometimes you just got to give in and let the Red Box do it for you.. it wasn't bad really and of course I had another jug of Egg Nog..ahhhhhhhh good to the last drop .

Watched the Voice tonight as the elimination went on..The three I really liked got picked so I'm good to watch it next week too...LOL  now I'll see what happens with the X factor next ..and I haven't been keeping up with Dancin with the Stars..but did watch also Biggest Loser.. I'm so impressed with the results those people get..

That's kind of my day and sure hope my night goes smoothly.. I'm a tad bit with that I'll say.. Safe Travels to those on the road and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, November 25, 2013

Ah Up and At em' on Monday

Ah up and at em' on Monday... and I was up early and as soon as I got me critters all taken care of I was out the door ....Why? cause I was out of Egg only treat that I so enjoy and I hurried cause I knew for sure there'd be no more...LOL  You know this week being Turkey Day...

I'm so proud of myself I only went for a few things and that's all I did get but I did treat myself to a Hardee's burger..oh yeah !  I haven't had one since I've been here so this was truly a treat I didn't have to cook  hahaha..

Got back and yes, I saved some French fries for Ms she always has her left over breakfast for's been a thing with her.. I put it in the frig cause she really is not a breakfast eater more a picker but come noon time she is sounding off for I heat it up and add a few extra goodies..and she licks the plate almost clean ...but Mr Zeke comes in and does the clean up..he's taken over Ms Abby's spot.

Later on I sat back and yep, went to work on another blanket..didn't even want to mention it but it's sure is pretty I'll post a picture (now you know I will) when this one is completed...

Watched the Voice tonight and I have two favorites one from Adam's team the lad sang an Etta James song  "At Last" and then the young girl from Christina's team..she's really really good..oh wait.. I also like the other lad that sang the Queen song.. yeah you can tell I'm tired can't remember names places or things LOL..wait that's Senior moments hahaha

So now I hear we are in for some nasty weather ..oh brother..sure hope no major problems you all know how I'm not wild about this..and looks like I might finish that blanket as I won't be able to sleep and I'll be watching the weather on my computer cause I'll lose satellite for sure..

Any way, those traveling anchor down some where till this bad weather passes you and Stay always..God Bless Us All..

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Great Sunday :)

A Great Sunday...:) up early and went right to work getting my cookie batches going..the kitchen smelled Heavenly..and was great having everything ready to jump right to it..

Morning was not bad a little drag later on in the day but that was me running out of steam..LOL  but my day over all was wonderful..even watched QVC and didn't buy anything...(hubby is happy about that part)...and then I went right back to finishing up another batch of cookies..

Got all my boxes ready and my tins were fitted with their wax paper as the cookies cooled then they were put in the tomorrow I'll finish up the dish clothes on who gets what..(color schemes) from my list and by the end of the week everything should be ready to be brought to the post office..

My next Blankie will be started also and then I need to get a few more things done and a box of special cookies to be sent to Hubby..sure wish he was able to come down but he used up all his vacation time and with what has been happening with the company who knows.

Didn't watch TV as I was just so busy.. I mean it was on and I could hear things but my brain was in one direction..and then the clean up and also have to get things ready for TRASH day tomorrow..oh yeah !

Got a message from Connie who owned the litter mate to my I had mentioned about getting another pup..and she sent me a name to call.. I called and spoke with Kim who then directed me to  Jerry and Nancy who co-bred a little with Kim and pups are 4 weeks old .. Jerry will call me in a couple weeks to come look and if I like take my pick..uh oh.. I'm feeling the excitement..

I know Zeke is gonna be surprised and he will love the pup ..he has missed Abby so much and which ever one I decide to take he'll really love it.. it will be his little buddy..and then we start the training again..but Zeke will be great as he will mainly guide the pup..but Ms Reba..well ya know she will be a little pissy as she usually is with any new babe brought in..till she gets use to it..hahaha

Now I'm ready for bed it was a long long with that those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Saturday, November 23, 2013

What's Up Next on this Saturday

What's up next on this Saturday...well my morning was hectic as I was getting my goods together for some cookie baking and also gonna finish that sweet baby blanket..

Got up early again so I immediately went into my Crocheting chair hahaha..well that's what I call it as all my yarn is in that corner and it lets me be able to sit upright and see outside as well ..once daylight breaks..and then I'm right next to Ms Shug so she can do her little the other two, Ms Reba and Mister Zeke still are sleeping..boy they have the life.

Then once I chat with hubby I get going to get Ms Shug cleaned and fed oh and bathed..yep she gets the hose LOL..and laughs while I'm swinging her up and down and making her flap her wings so I spray under the arm pits hahaha..

Got my two fed and then I had a glass of Egg nog and out the door I went ..right to the post office to get some boxes and ship a couple of things then I forgot to refill my Egg Nog so that means tomorrow I'm making a trip in town..Hey, when it's that season for Egg nog I go forth and grab my batches.. I even make Egg nog ice cream..

Came back and have to start getting my setups ready so I can get things done without major messes.. like an assembly line and it makes it so much easier..even have my Christmas Tins ready too..but this year I'm only making a few types of cookies..don't really have the energy right now..think that Vertigo set me back a few notches..

Later in the day I worked on that baby blanket and finished her..she's really sweet love the color combo and boy it's a nice size too ..that corner2corner pattern goes really quickly.. I really like it here's the finished one as I have it folded in half ..hard to really see the colors ..ah but so nice :)

Now I'm ready to hit that bed as tomorrow I want to start early..put my butter in the cabinet so it will be soft for to have butter in my cookies sorry Charlie..

Those traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Friday, November 22, 2013

Hey! Hey ! Hey ! It's Friday

Hey ! Hey ! Hey ! It's Friday....amazingly I accomplished another blankie..guess some times it pays to get up wee early LOL..any way I now am just going to have to put an edge on the sweetie and weave in the ends and she's ready to roll..:)
Of course Ms Reba was sleeping in her PJ's and wasn't gonna move in fact she was cozy and not even caring what I was doing as I folded the blanket in half so I could take the picture ...she's such a gem !

Morning for me was good ...I'm always happy when I complete another project and to think I only have a few more to go  hahahaha...but it does make me feel good when all my ducks are in the water ...:)

I can't believe it's Friday already and it seems like my weeks are rolling by so quickly.. I've been watching out my window and watching all the inspections that were done to Betsy's house and soon there will be new people moving in..sure hope that they are at least nice neighbors..

I'm not one on being a "visitor" to my neighbors..but Hello and Goodbyes are nice and if we are out in the yard a "How are you doing " sure helps..and if I can luck out and have one like Betsy..well that would make my day..and rest of my time here in my little cove just wonderful.

Chatted today with a gent (on the phone) who is a Breeder/Judge (AKC) as Jane was setting up on Thursday she told me about this man with a gorgeous young Rottie..and you know my ears went up..of course I'm still waiting on Connie to get back to me about the two litters that have just been born..well anyway this gent let me know he will also have a little coming..but asked if I was interested in taking a 6mos old male..

I explained and he should know this too..with Zeke a pup is much better and wouldn't be a challenge for him.. that's something about Rotties..not that easy to just bring in another male with a dominant male in the's asking for problems and I wouldn't do that to either ..

Chatted also with Jane tonight, as she is up in West Friendship, Md and feeling the chill...she can't wait to get back to Florida and I can't blame her ..been there done that number too many years..

Not much on TV but did watch Stevie Nicks and Lady Antebellum on a music channel  Crossroads..was really good .. and now I'm ready for bed..woo hoo.

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Out and About on Thursday HA!

Out and About on Thursday HA!  My morning was "el stinko" as I woke up at 2:45am and been not able to go back to sleep so I went into the living room and in my "crocheting chair"  I worked on the next baby blanket and I must have been on full speed ahead cause I only have about 25 more rows and it's completed..I'm shocked..but that corner2corner pattern does go quickly..

After I chatted with hubby (7am) I started getting the critters out and cleaned Ms Shug's cage then on to feeding everyone.. and I was out the door by 9:30am.

Stopped at CVS and yeah team my scripts were ready and then hopped over to Winne Dixie and picked up a few things for Shug and US...then went and filled my car with gas.. Now I want you to know just the other day when I was in town gas was 3:159..and because I was going to fill up today it was 3.259...HELLO...10 cents in a day ????? I'm so lucky.

Headed back home and gave Ms Shug her treat..a chicken bone..hahaha.. I had chicken thighs cooked and I give her a little chicken with the bone..she gnaws away ..she was a happy Bird Dawg cause she done barked for her din din hahaha.

Put everything away and forgot to pick up boxes to ship the rest of the stuff I'm making to send back I'll make another trip in a day or two when the next one is ready to depart Florida :)

Oh, Egg Nog is now back on the shelves..oh yeah and yep I did get two bottles of's my treat and sometimes I put it in my ice cream maker and make egg nog ice's really good..

Watched the Big Bang Theory. I really enjoy that humor..I did sneak a peak and saw my favorite singer got the so much for X factor..that Cohen girl was a good singer but what songs they had her I said before..."they need to let these people sing their own tunes"

Now I'm ready for ready and I hope I sleep through till at least 5:30am would be might fine...with that .. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Things don't always turn out even on Wednesday

Things don't always turn out even on Wednesday...LOL..yep, seems I've had such good days that I forgot how things can go astray...or is it ashtray HA !

Morning for me was the usual..get up get things done and then go from there..good, bad or indifferent...well in this case all was falling into place until I got out and about..

Did get to the post office and even the store but my mistake was heading to the pharmacy..yep, my scripts were screwed up and they had to call the Doc's office so that meant I had to either come back again or come back tomorrow..

So I'll be making that run again tomorrow..but I had to call up to the pharmacy in Pa and find out where the scripts were that I dropped off to them..and that was a mess all were there but a I had to call the Doc's office in Pa and get them to send them in again..Now you know when I come back my Doc is gonna tell me about this again ....

Why is it every year I go through the same crappola.. I mean it's always one or two that have this happen..and my meds don't change well haven't in the last 15 years..added a few more but always the same..DUH..comes with the territory..

Headed back home and sat back and had to laugh but I did take a nap .. I needed it.. I get exhausted when there's too much for me to just lay down and say, "For get about it"

Later I managed to do a lot of work on the next baby blanket and it's about half done.. you know my tension came out on that.. I must have been crocheting like a machine gun...hahahaha

Watching the Voice and I don't know why they chose this music for tonight..Guess it must be me I'm getting too old .. I mean I'm not impressed..time for a change..Shame on you Simon.. why in the world this style music...YUCKO...thank goodness I taped Survivor.

So with that.. wish me luck for tomorrow and those traveling Stay Safe and God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tag Along on Tuesday

Tag Along on Tuesday kind of day... mostly did what I had too... like clean the house ...feed the critters and even water the plants..yeah it was that kind of day..

Morning again for me was busy.. but got most of my work completed and even started another baby blanket...drum roll please..hahaha.. yeah it's again another blanket...and I've got 5 more to go..!

Afternoon dragged a bit but I got a visit from those long lost Sand Cranes..Hecliff and Gertrude came wandering through and even honked a few times..yep, I came to their rescue....fed them and on they went ..LOL

Evening was more or less hum drum as I was caught up in the battle of the fighting duo..Gawd help me..and this time I can't even explain what it was I had to block their numbers for the night.. I needed the break !

Watched the Voice and we're getting down to the nitty gritty..however...I'm not even sure who I really like.. I mean it's all running together on me..

Did watch also The Biggest Loser and was happy no one went home..boy they are really doing great and I love when this one comes to the end as really they all are winners to lose all that huge amount of weight..YIKES !

Now it's bed time and I'm so ready...tomorrow I need to run into town and do the scripts, post office and Winne Dixie...another outing I don't know if I can stand it hahaha..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.....

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, Monday, Monday...yes it is Monday :)

Monday, Monday, Monday, ...yes it is Monday:)...holy mackerel it sure is Monday... Morning was my get up and get the trash out and I try to get it all out by 7am ..and don't ya know it the truck doesn't come till almost 2pm...HUH... but I'm telling ya the first time I don't have it out early the truck will be there early...oh well..

Today I'm heading out with Jane for our lunch/dinner thing and then pop on over to Walmart to pick up a few things...and of course our day is a good one cause I hear all the latests and then make sure Jane gets all my stuff out and about with the girls up north..

Heard about all of them getting together on the show grounds and cooking the Turkey..something we always did and everyone would make their special dish and bring it under the tent and we'd all chow down.. Yes, I miss all that neat stuff and as competitive as we were we all get one tries to be something their not and always help each other with a problem pup..that's what we all enjoy..

So now I won't see Jane till probably after Christmas as the shows will be going on and then she and John go away for Christmas..but I'll then have to play catch up cause the Florida Circuit begins in Jan..and all my other friends from what I heard are coming down...good going.. nothing finer than having my old dog friends come visit and see who has the neat pups out..

Jane and I had a great time and certainly enjoyed our dinner and the crew at Perkins know us so well..they go overboard for us..but then again we're good tippers too...but it's so nice to have a good time with everyone..

Tonight watching the Voice not bad not bad at all..and soon I'll be off to slumber land to start another blanket tomorrow..yeah, I'm the maker of the blankets and boy I've got a mess to go...hahaha

Well that's my story and soon I'll start another chapter of What's Next..hahaha..So those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My oh My I Done Did that Blanket on Sunday :)

My oh my I done did that blanket on Sunday :)... Holy Hannah this blanket is done and so am I... hahaha

Morning was a long one for some reason..guess it was because I've been trying to finish this baby blanket and get this ready to go to it's owner LOL...but because of having Vertigo I'm been a little bit off kilter and now attempting to get it all back together..HA !

Most of the day I really sat back and in that chair and crocheted my hips off.. seems this edging took for ever and a day..or maybe I just was procrastinating..:)~

Did manage to watch a few Football games..and I'm glad the Eagles pulled that off I mean toward the end I thought Washington was gonna come and bite them in the buttox !

Now watching Denver (Payton) and Kansas (Andy Reed our old coach from Philly) and it's an interesting game both teams are really good..I mean they've been doing well all should be a tight game .

My afternoon was ok..but off and on I'd fall off to slumberville was that kind of day oh and I did watch QVC..yeah I bit the big one..bought a little something for the holiday...hahaha.. well that makes it feel better can't help I'm a gadget kinda and it's fixed :)

So that's my story and here's the blanket.. I had to fold it in 1/4's cause the dang thing got so big.. the yarn is really soft and as I was making this corner2corner pattern with the weight it began to sag.. and sag and sag well you get the picture.. I'm sure John and Lindsay will love it cause it's a BIG ARSE BABY BLANKET...hahaha

It really came out nice and I'm sure they'll really appreciate all my hard work !

Now those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Right Between the Eyes Rolls in Saturday

Right between the eyes rolls in Saturday... and I was sure ready for another day off..although it was gloomy again but I wasn't going anywhere nor was I having was gonna be MY DAY and maybe even finish that edging on that baby blanket..

Morning for me was another early wake up.. What gives 3:30am it not my kind of thing but up I was ..making that visit to the Latreen ..and then back to bed I was determined not to stay up.... and I made it to at least 5:30 am woo hoo..

Strolled on down the hall way like I hadn't a care in the world and fumbled for the switch to turn on the light..yeah I needed to find my glasses out the critter water and then got the pills ready as I heard Zeke following me.. he and I get our pills at the same time.." Me and My Dog we live in a Shoe"..LOL you all do remember that slogan for Buster Brown Shoes..boy that's dating me !

Got most my chores done and I decided I was gonna rest my brain and fingers including my little toe which by the way is kind of more like a Big Toe hahaha..but I just leaned back and took in the sights of the birds coming to the feeders and watching the New Neighbors that bought the Franklin's house clean up the limbs that fell from their tree..

Chatted with hubby off and on most of the day as he was in the same rut as I so we were like two peas in a pod..and then I know he took his nap cause I was just ready and willing to hit that couch..Yes, we were couch potatoes !!!

Tonight wasn't much happening and I watched a few HallMark movies and it's Christmas time on that network.. loved everyone I watched...and now I'm ready to hit that bed cause I'm tired from doing NUTTIN'

Those travelin Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Great Friday !

A Great Friday even though the morning was gloomy outside and fixin to rain..hey, we could use a little .. I know my plants needed it and honestly everything needed it...just a nice light rain off and on..

Morning was again another up and out early and I did my vacuuming..gawd I really needed to do that I could hear my carpet sigh ...along with my vac puff the magic dragon hahaha

Got all my chores done and then I had to make my pan of Lasagna for this evening and also made a ├ęclair cake..well it's made with graham crackers.. I made sure I put every thing in "To Go " pans so the girls could take everything back to the R V with them so they'd have some quick meals as they will be heading out on Sunday night.

What a great visit I've had..even though short but awesome..I've known these gals for ages and when they do come down in this area they always make sure to let me know they're in town and this time they stayed at the Campground I've always stayed in.. in town and boy it was neat hearing all the latest on the Dog Show scene..

When they left this evening I felt sad..cause I so miss all that action.. I loved showing my dogs and traveling all around the country.. it was the best of the best besides the day I said "I Do" to a really great friend and now hubby of mine..Yeah, I have a few tears going on but they are tears of joy..

Cleaned up all my mess and leaned back and watched a little TV.. the Undercover Boss..OMG.. stop them tears cause it was a tear jerker too..but a good feeling to see someone actually cares for their people.. wish that would be practiced more in this Whacky World..

Now I'm ready for bed and oh, Murphy did come back to visit me.. I think I broke my "little toe"..stubbed that sucker when I was moving things around vacuuming..OUCH.. and yes, it's deep purple and I ain't singing..

With that I'll say, "Safe travels to all that are heading out down that highway and as always God Bless Us All ".....

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Made it out the Door on Thursday :)~

Made it out the door on Thursday :)~   yep, I sure did.. went out early to Winne Dixie to get a few things in and back home again...I'm becoming a hermit but I needed to get in some things for tomorrow night's dinner..

Morning came around and not too bad weather wise although I did last night have my cooking blanket on hahaha.. sure did feel mighty good and even Ms Reba enjoyed the warmth ..Mister Zeke hit the floor he likes it cooler..

Did a few chores as I needed to get to the store before the crowd comes.. I'm not a crowd people gets to much for me trying to get around everyone that seems to be reading the label for a life time..and then discussing the events of the day in the isle...and don't even know your there or maybe couldn't care less..give me my space ..just like my rig I need space and windows.!

The rest of the day was just hummmmm drum..and I do mean that althought I looked out my window looking at Betsy's house and got SOLD.. I'm happy for Betsy but also sad.. sure hope the people that bought her house are as nice and she and Dick...

Saw my Cardinals finally coming back..been awhile since they've hit the feeder but this morning and this evening big Red was back in town..thank goodness I sure have missed my neat friends..

Ms Shug is doing really good on her eating the Nutri Berries..she likes it and I like it cause I don't have a major vacuum job..and Ms Reba isn't eating strange things...but boy is Ms Shug a pain in the butt on fruit..picky lady but soon I'll solve that problem but she is now eating more of her pellets which is really important..thank goodness and is she getting ever loving too me..YEAH till the hubby comes down then she'll swoon his butt..she knows who to kiss up too !

Watched the Voice again for to see who was going home and what a shocker..I mean my favorite two were in the bottom and I don't understand that..sorry to see Rachel go home ..don't understand but then again those songs they had to do ...SUCKED ..Hope next week will be better..

Still haven't watched Survivor so I'll watch it tomorrow night as only Under Cover Boss is on..and that's ok..I mean just ok..

My day was an ok day there ya go.. Oh and Linda...Ya know it's gonna happen soon.. pups are still too young but there will be a Rottie pup or should I say, "Bear cub"  coming to my home ...and I know Zeke will be thrilled and Ms Reba...well at this stage she's in she may just ignore it but Ms Shug..not sure on that one...but she will bark at it for sure  LOL

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

To The Rice Fields on Wednesday

To the Rice Fields on Wednesday...and then some..yep, it was fix critter food and that I did..then arrange the freezer..oh yeah it was a work out day on Wednesday...even cleaned the Frig on Wednesday hahaha.. cause tomorrow is TRASH DAY...wooo hooo..

Morning for me was a little brisk and it was more like..keep undercover till the sun comes up..even Ms Shug agreed with that too..she wasn't that wild about looking out and her bottom of her feet were cold..poor babe..but she was so ready for her food..she was talkin up a storm..what I haven't a clue but can't wait till it all comes together...but it's something like this, "I'm hungry where's my fiddles"..hahaha

The rest of the day I just took it easy in fact I didn't even work on that baby blanket but I will tomorrow as I'd like to take it to the post office on Saturday along with those dish rags I've got done..

Tomorrow I've got to head into town Winne Dixie for just a few things and then home I is coming..and it's suppose to be another chilly morning so that will mean another late I don't let Ms Reba out when it's really cold.. I've got those wee pads for her..being almost 18 it's a little rough on her..

Tonight watched the X factor and I have to say, "I didn't like it "  I think the music they choose for them is awful and all that crazy stuff behind them just doesn't make it for me..oh well.. but I did record Survivor so I'll watch that tomorrow..

So that's it for me today and another decent day..did get a few things done and that's a gooder !!!  Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another Great Day Tuesday Became :)

Another Great Day Tuesday became :)... I mean I can't believe it so many good days all in a row..uh oh best not say that too loud >>>> you know who might be lurking in the background .

Got up wee early and did a few more things.. made some banana nut blueberry bread for the gals when they come for dinner to take with them on the road.. I made those tiny loaves and made a good size batch too..some for them and some for me LOL...hey they are really good .

Then called Ms Dawn to see what was happening with her as I hadn't heard from her since September..guess that song See you in September really means something..hahaha...any way checked in and chatted with her for about an hour and we had some good laughs and told some good stories too..but glad she's coming around..hard when you go in those's like get a wrecker and yank yourself out..

Then met up with Ms Jane...and we had a great lunch/dinner and the waitress enjoy us too cause we carry on so much.. it was really relaxing..dunno what I've done to deserve such good days..but I ain't complaining.

Got home and fed my critters watched the Voice and ready for bed..oh I did finish that baby blanket well almost have to put the edging on it and that sweetie is ready to find it's way HOME..LOL  and on to start another one ..wish my family would stop increasing so rapidy..dang it ..catch that rabbit will ya >>>>

Now I'm ready for bed myself and tomorrow is Rice Fields ..yeah it's that time again and then do some catch up for myself too..maybe even flip me mattress ..
Oh and it's suppose to get chilly here my electric blanket will go in high that's it.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All

Pictures will follow when I finish the edging..:)

Monday, November 11, 2013

A busy and Fun Monday :)

A busy and fun Monday :).... My morning was a bit hectic as I was hurrying to get things ready for Monday afternoon.. my friends were coming over for dinner and I was sure anxious to hear all the "good stuff"..

I had made Italian Roast with roasted veggies..but first course was a little pasta then came the main coarse...then a salad (we Italians eat our salad last ) then with a pot of good coffee (perked I'll have you know )  I had made a tiramisu for dessert..

We all pushed ourselves away from the table and headed over to the couches.. yes, we fell out and laughed..then talked about the good ole days when we all were showing our dogs...and we just started laughing about the silly things that happened to us and the cranky arse judges ..oh yeah there were many of them too...hahaha

Later as they scraped themselves up and left I had the strangest feeling come over me.. how much I really missed all that and how now I'm settled into a slow paced routine...gawd some days ya win and some days you just kick it..

I did so much enjoy this day and I'll have a few more as they will be here one more week..their show is in Ocala next weekend and then they'll pack up and start heading back north...

They'll be doing the Turkey Cluster in Friendship, Md and that was always a fun show as we all would make our Thanksgiving dinner and pull it all together and toast all that came along..the good ole days for sure..

Now I'm back in the swing of getting all my mess cleared up and planning dinner on Friday night and I'll make a Lasagna so they can take most of it with them for on the road travels ..and I'll make up some banana, blueberry, walnut bread for their coffee time..

Watching the Voice tonight..and I think most of those have not had good songs to's been ok but not my favorite night for sure..Speaking of which.. All of you traveling Stay Safe and God Bless Us All..

Sunday, November 10, 2013

What A Nice Sunday

What a nice Sunday from the time I got up till the time I'm getting ready for bed....AMEN !!

Morning for me is now as it seems 5am and that's fine as it gives me an hour to sit in my chair and crochet a bit without having to do anything but listen to the morning news...then by 6am it's pill time for Critters and ME..yeah, we now are joined together ..hahaha..

Chatted with a few of my girlfriends from the Dog show seems a couple are looking for homes for a few is a Chi only 4mos old and he's a long coated sweet heart too she's gonna send me a few pictures and the other one is a few Rottie pups.. which by the way I'm gonna look into myself..

I had planned on getting another pup as Zeke is really missing Ms Abby and as my Zeke is aging I hate the thought.. Ms Reba will as she has always done snub a new one..but soon she accepts ..she's a character herself as you all know..and also she's gonna be 18 in May..

My house and my heart can't deal with emptiness, I actually live through my critters..yes, they keep me active and complaining..but what is life all about but complaining anyway.. if you think not..stop and think a few minutes..

The weather is lousy, oh that crappy rain, dang this heat and hate all this traffic boy what pain in the arse those neighbors are..see what I mean.. for me it's about having a crew on board that keeps me busy and filling my empty nest..

Hubby is prepared as he has always been..yes, he complains but in the real of it..he's lovin every moment of it..and always laughing as we go through all the crazy stages..and yes, I've thought about it with my age someone once pointed out so rudely when I got Ms Shug..because of my age "there group would never allow it"  can you imagine.. I mean not to say, "that I'm a responsible person and I have always thought ahead no matter how old I was ..what would become of my critters"...well first off I have a hubby that most likely will out live me being he's younger..but then if not I have a will on where my babies are placed..

I'm sure most of you that have critters have had this thought cross your mind.. cause we all know.. it's not the age cause anything can happen at any age..and then there's the home we provide for our babes.. when I was up at the pound and saw how many are in need I felt so bad.... I stopped breeding many years ago as I was no longer able to show and to just produce was never my intention..but always bred for an improvement in our breed..and that is truly what a good breeder does..just like in horses ..not often but selectively.

Guess I got lost in the heavy thoughts again.. happens but now I sit and look over at my critters all tucked away on my bed..Ms Shug got her lights out as she was mumbling ..she's just so neat... I feel so at peace..we all turn at the same time too hahaha.. yeah they've got their space and I've got my 1/4 edge :)

Worked a little more on the baby blanket and soon it will be finished .. I can't get over how fast it's going..but tomorrow I won't be able to do any work on it as my friends are coming over for dinner .. so it's get out the fine china..LOL 

Making Italian Pot Roast already have it marinating in the seasoning's gonna be so good..ya have to love garlic at my will be good to hear again the latest of who's winning and all the gossip from the Dog show..LOL

Chatted with hubby off and on and he made an Italian roast today and he'll have sandwiches for the week.. he's a good cook and really enjoys it too..of course I get the call step by step  to make sure he's doing it right..LOL..His Momma really taught him well..that was one thing Nettie Mae made sure all her children could cook..You did good Nettie Mae !

Now I'm ready for bed.. and can't wait for tomorrow..So with that all of you traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's Hubby's Birthday on this Saturday

It's hubby's birthday on this Saturday...and I wait till the man in my life calls so I can sing..(awfully) in his ear...Happy Birthday Baby  LOL...yeah I wish he was here we could have a nice dinner and a small cake so he can blow out the candle..notice I say, "Candle " only..cause once you are past 50..forget the bonfires..:)

Morning for me was not bad as I got my chores done and out to the store and CVS to do my pickups..and I couldn't wait to get back. Yeah, it was that kind of day that I just felt like not going any where.. kind of blues.  just I guess lonesome but I'll be talking with hubby off and on most the day.

Ms Shug is becoming more and more loving lately and she really is entertaining me as I sit in the chair next to her cage..She loves to swing upside down and laugh..yes, Ms Shug is a bit loony..LOL she fits right in with the rest of the group.

Worked a little more on the baby blanket and I have about 25 more rows and it's finished all but for the edging..can't get over how fast it goes this pattern..anxious to see the results..but one thing this yarn I'm using is so soft that almost difficult to work with..and seems to stretch a bit much too...

Tonight I did some pattern searching and found some really interesting ones to make in the "future". After this I need to take a break hands seems to bother me a bit..

Now here I am ready for bed..where did my day just swooshed right by ..and I sure hope my sleep last longer LOL..ever notice you lay down and next thing you know it's time to get up...did I really sleep ????? or was I just dreaming I did..hahaha

So with that I'll say, "Today was not a bad day at all from what I can remember "..hahaha... Those traveling Stay Safe and as Always...God Bless Us All

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Nice Visit on Friday

A nice visit on Friday from a couple of my girlfriends from the Dog Show world..they are in town for the shows this week and next..and they are staying at the campground right in town so we can see each other..

Morning for me was great slept till almost 4:30am..yeah I know it's because it's really 5:30 LOL..but I'm ok with it as I do catch a nap in the afternoon..but today was gonna be a little bit different as I was having to of my old friends come for dinner..and that is always a nice feeling.

Weather wise it was ok..and great for showing (in my old days) not really hot and not chilly..but just great for the dogs..and the show this week is in Brooksville and next week in I'll have company a few nights this week as well..

I did work on the baby blanket and I've got another two good days on it and it's's an easy pattern but a little strange working from corner 2 corner ..but I'll be anxious also to see how it goes when I do up a couple of ponchos..I love making little things and sending them on as surprises..

Later this afternoon the gals showed up .. I made Eggplant Parm as being it's Friday I'm a no Meat kind a's a thing from when I was growing up.. our house was always NO MEAT on Fridays and Holy days of Obligations..yes, I'm Catholic and hold habits (no pun intended) LOL  are difficult to break..

I did have a bottle of Lombroso to serve with dinner.. had pasta with it and a big salad (Seinfeld) and made a cobbler..blackberry with vanilla ice cream..have to say "Nothing left"  and that's a good sign..

They'll be back on Monday to visit and let me in on all the scoop..LOL we dog show people are great gossipers..all about who's the top dog and all that stuff.. they'll also stop and see Jane at her booth as she is Vendor at both shows and I'll see Jane also on Tuesday too..

It's good seeing old friends as they've always been good about stopping in when they are in the area..and I would do the same with them as well..sure miss the dog shows but can no longer keep the pace..

Tonight I just sat back and did a little work on that baby blanket and cleaned up and tomorrow I have to head into town pick up them ear drops and a few things from Winne Dixie..

Tomorrow is Hubby's birthday..sure do miss not being with him but we'll chat on Face Talk and that will's those hard times again..but we'll get through it..and hope and pray we both stay healthy.. I don't need any more surprises..

Critters are doing pretty good..and I'm amazed with Ms Reba ..God sure is granting me some nice time with her..she is doing pretty good for her age a little problem with being steady on her feet but her mouth of the south works fine to let me know what time it is..

Ms Shug is doing great on her new food .. and hardly any waste ..nothing like before and no major messes for me to constantly vacuum.. thank goodness..sure hope this keeps up.. and yep, she likes Eggplant LOL..

Well it's that time and I'm ready to hit that bed and dream so great adventures..all of you traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Treading Nicely on Thursday

Treading Nicely on Thursday... I sure was.. most of my day was a smooth sailing if I say so myself.. did the normal routine and then made a few changes in my schedule for the up and coming visits and that was the extent of my day..

Amazing..sure was I mean it all seem to just fall together and that for me doesn't always happen most my day I took it easy and worked on that baby blanket..if this keeps up I might have to start taking count hahaha.

Did an upgrade on my computer and crossed my fingers ...been there done that..but it was one of those.. HAD TOO !!!...don't ever understand if things work well why don't they leave them alone ?????

Tonight watched the Voice and also X factor..well I taped one and watched one then after one was over switched and watched..just love them talent shows.. I mean I'm so impressed with these young ones coming on so strong and there voices are so developed..

That's about it for my entry for today..Making note to one's self..What ever I did to make these last few days smooth..keep practicing cause it's sure bliss..hmm perhaps Murphy done bit the bullet hahaha

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What A Relief on Wednesday

What a relief on Wednesday... I had a very relaxing morning .. no rushing to get out or get things done.. even got my appointment changed with the Cardio Doc which wasn't until the end of Nov but late in the day to the 3rd of Dec in the early afternoon..

Most of the morning I just gathered up all my paper work and filed it all away and then sat back down and worked on the baby blanket I had started the other day while waiting in the Doc's office..

Yes, another baby is being born to our clan so I had seen this new pattern called Corner 2 Corner stitching and what's really nice about it as it goes fast and one of the women I chat with in another group did a poncho from this and I thought how neat and had to attempt to figure how she did it..LOL 

Let me tell ya my brain just was going in all directions and finally a light bulb turned on and low and behold I figured it out.. so when I get done with the blanket I'll make up a couple of these ponchos for a few of the little ones..

Here is the blanket in early stage and then I folded it the right way and made it look like the poncho...Ole'
This is the beginning of the baby blanket starting off from the corner and next you'll see how I folded it too (took forever LOL ) right off into a poncho

Pretty neat and really simple by folding the two points to meet in the middle and then sewing up the front and folding over the collar adding edging and ta da a poncho..

In about a few more days the blanket (getting back to the blanket) should be done and edge and I just thought well it could be made into a set.. Blanket, Poncho and Baby for me LOL

The rest of my day went quietly and of course I did manage to get in my nap..aaah that's nice..LOL  and important too..and as for the crew they also took theirs.

So far so good with Ms Shug she seems to be eating all that I'm now giving her and not that much waste as with the other type of food.. I was just throwing money on the floor...what can I say...just have to find what clicks with these kids.

Watched  the X factor and I don't know why they give these young ones Motown hits to sing.. but a few did really good as for the rest..well hope a few make it .
Now I'm ready for bed and on with tomorrow..and it's trash day.. get my dolly ready..So with that .. those that are traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Good Feeling on Tuesday

A Good Feeling on Tuesday... my morning started off great.. I mean everything just fell in line.. Critters got done and Ms Shug is doing pretty good on her new regiment of feeding (so far so good but sssshhhhhhh) and the day is looking good as well.. My oh My !!!

Today my friend Jane and I are gonna head out to our favorite place for lunch/dinner and sit back and just enjoy .. our waitress is a doll and everyone knows us so well..yes, we are known as the Girls are back in town LOL..

A little twist though as I sat pondering about that pup I saw at PetSmart by the Marion Animal Shelter.. I began to think....YES, I should have taken him home .. this pup was just so cute and really I connected but was I ready for a "New Babe".. would Zeke do well ???? Ms Reba would get her nose bent out of joint and being she's gonna be 18 would this be an over load for her>>>>???

So I sat and thought and thought and finally I called the Shelter and he was still there...UH OH that did it.. I called Jane and talked with her next thing I know I was picking up Jane and heading up to we go..

It took forever and a day to get there the way they gave me the directions..but we pulled in the parking lot and I took a deep breath walked in the place and said, "Hi, I'm here to adopted "Gunner".. that's the name they called him.. and with that the woman said, "oh my I'm so sorry, Gunner was just adopted about an hour ago" brain went into a nose dive and I looked at Jane and said, "Well, it wasn't meant to be"...

Jane said the same thing I said, "He then went to someone special"...yep, I hope and pray he did.. he was absolutely adorable and his eyes swallowed you up .. then they asked would I like to see the others..well being I was there and Jane looked at me.. we then followed them down through the door and down the path of so many that need homes.. OMG I was looking at all of them and their eyes were the Wanting many Pitbull Mixes..and desperately needing homes.

Unfortunately I came home empty handed as most were older and I knew that wouldn't at this time be the right choice with Zeke.. and I need to consider the fact that he is the Dominant factor and with the A Fib he has I wouldn't put him in that situation.. a pup would be fine but an older dog ..NOT ..

After we left the shelter we headed to our favorite place to have dinner and we talked about the place and I have to tell you.. they really take care of those babes.. everyone looked good..and clean.

Homeward bound after all that and I was just as happy and all was well with the world.. gave my crew their hugs and fed everyone.. Ms Shug was out and happy and barking up a storm..she's so cute right now as she looks like a little chick again without those big wings..

Now I'm ready for bed and my car is parked for the day LOL... So with that I hope all traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Monday, November 4, 2013

Well, It Sure Was A Winner on Monday !

Well, it sure was a Winner on Monday !...and not only that the night before was an eye opener as well...I know you all wanna know why too :)

Starting with late Sunday night as I lay on my small couch I kind of was just drifting and praying to St Anthony (for those Catholics you understand) that I'd find that dang leash.. I know it was not just about the leash but more about the situation it became.

My neighbor Val, wrote me a note saying, "how she felt so bad she had cause me such a problem"... now with reading that I began to feel really bad for her.. I mean I know I just was so puzzled as to what could have happen but then I got beyond it and just felt it was a dang leash and I could get another one..not like the one I had as they don't make it any more..which again was another pain in the ARSE but I didn't want  Val and Holly to feel that they came over to help me in my time of need and this is what the results turns out to be...CHIT!!!

So I had written an Email to Val to tell her let it go no sweat it will show up when we least expect it that I felt what they did to help me was far and beyond and I so appreciated it...

Now getting back to late Sunday evening... I just was trying to picture what really happened that evening with all the commotion ...and with that I started to ask St Anthony to help me...and I started to drift off..Here comes the strangest thing.. I hear this voice in my head saying.."Just roll off the couch onto the floor and on your knees ...reach your hand out and grab the string.."  before I realized it  I was down on the floor and with my left hand (don't know why left hand cause I'm a righty) I slid my arm and hand towards the left side of me and under the couch and I reached and grabbed the "string"... and as I pulled out came the leash..

Are you shaking your heads...that's what actually happened out of the blue and I was down on my knees and got up without pain.. which I can't do any more...I looked at my hand and there it was this huge Flexi .. it's the old style for 200 lb weight and it extends 26 yards.. a heavy sucker..

I got up called Val and Holly and told them what happened and I could hear the sigh of relief and along with me.. then called my hubby and told him what happened...Now I want you all to know that I did look under that couch before and never found it .. I looked everywhere...and I'm not gonna even go the guessing route as to HOW...I just know it was a gift !!

Here we are Monday morning now and I'm getting everyone done early as I have to go to the Docs I ran around like a wild chicken..and before I knew it I was in the car driving to get to my appointment.

I sign in and sit.. even started another baby's blanket.. a corner to corner one.. really interesting pattern too.. and then I hear my name called..every one was so nice.. I go in and soon the Doc comes in and smiles and says, "How good it is to see me up and about"... Ok, we are now talking about my Hospital stay and then what happened...

This was one of the best visits and he explained what happened to me with all the Doctors.. and it seems that one of the Techs misdiagnosed me as having a malignant tumor behind my inner ear..Ah so that's why I had so many Doctors show up and then also explained my high blood pressure as that's why I had Cardio Doc ...which they still don't know why it went out of control but fact was I could have had Stroke or process of or bust my heart.. OH BOY..any way that was the wild and crazy event..

Next thing he says, "let me check your ears".. it turns out my good ear was plugging up and so he had the nurse come in and flush.. another winner is coming up... she then says, "She can't get something out".. Doc returns and then takes the hemostats and starts digging... took forever it seemed and then says (those magic words) "What the hell is that"?... pulls it out with my ear throbbing... a pebble...a pebble... even showed me... Now how in the world...I ain't going there...

I left that office 3 1/2 hours later.. and drove straight home and fell on the couch.. had to drag myself up to feed all and then I'm telling you I just thought about my whole day and all that happened..

Here I sit ready to just go to bed and thank God I am so relieved with everything...until my next on going event... I might even make HISTORY...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Early Post for Wannabe Late Sleeper on Sunday :)

Early Post for a Wannabe Late Sleeper on Sunday :)...ok so I can at least hope. Today was another one of those..get out and go to the store to come home with something I forgot to get...So much for the list as I left it in the car "DUH".

Got up and did the challenge of the sorting of the Pills of Life and also started Ms Shug on a new schedule of food..yeah, I picked up these at PetSmart yesterday where I saw that sweet puppy with wish I had brought him home..but oh well on with my story...hahaha

Ms Shug is getting these nutria berries which has everything in them and there for I'll have less mess to clean up..cause the other costly stuff is always being vacuumed up as I think how much I spend and I'm gonna give this a try and she also seems to like my Oatmeal in the morning with a few nuts and that's another winner.

Today she got a special treat I bought a roasted Chicken and she got the leg and thigh bone with some chicken on it...and she devoured it..OMG watching her eat it I felt my fingers crunch..hahaha..and then later she ate some of my banana...are we making progress here ????? dunno..but Umbrella Cockatoos can be some what puzzling...mmmm she fits right in :)

Rest of the afternoon I just was gabbing on the phone some of my friends called and we kind of rekindles old stuff..but was good hearing from them..some times it's years and then it's like we never left each other..

Tonight I'm getting ready for my Doctor's visit tomorrow..Lord help us.. I just hope it's not gonna be a nasty bit cause I'm just now getting to be 95% better and it's Kick ARSE and Take Numbers for me.. so this should be very interesting.

Gonna head in and watch a little TV then get Critters out and then head to bed..I'm just plain ole tuckered out..have lots to do this week with the cooking of critter food again it's that time again...WOW...hahaha

Ok, so that's my story for now and you know I'll always have something come up and bit me in the BUTT...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Fun Day on Saturday

A Fun Day on Saturday (for a change) ... Got up a little early and realized we were going to have some rain so I needed to get Zeke at least out as Ms Reba could use the wee pads and that would be fine...

Zeke insisted upon me getting up even early..for why???? not really sure but he came and lay down by the couch and at 6:15am I had him out and no sooner did we get inside and the rains came...(did they ever)

Morning was a fast pace for me and I am still not able to find Zeke's leash.. I had to call Val and ask her where she put it..but unfortunately she doesn't remember..OUCH...oh well hopefully sooner or later it will show up.. but it's wild..

Right now Val seems to be having some difficulty with maybe she'll remember..other wise I'm gonna have to buy him one and it's a special Flexi for 200 lb weight capacity..

By about 11am I was through with my work and I had planned to go to lunch with Jane and off we our favorite Perkins and did we ever pig out..LOL then we wandered to Petsmart..and I have to tell you they were having an adoption day and all the rescues in the area were there..

Did I see something I could take home...Absolutely there was one pup that was solid black and had long legs and big feet and long long ears..hahaha..yeppers he stole my heart but I had to resist.. I mean I had to be fair to my two back home..wasn't sure how Zeke would react and I know Ms Reba couldn't handle it right she has enough to deal with Ms Shug.

Whom by the way has managed now (with clipped wings) jumps down on the floor and chases Ms Reba and even jumps up on the couch and right at Ms Reba's butt comes Ms Shugs beak...she's just too much..

I did manage to buy at Petsmart some goodies for Shug which she loves.. the Nutberries and I bought a variety pack..which I think I'll start feeding her along with the other veggies and fruits and her what I'm giving her now she just tosses out only eats a few things the rest is gone like the wind..

We got back and both Jane and I were worn out..we wanted to go to Walmart but it was packed so looks like tomorrow I'll head into Winn Dixie just to pick up a few things

Now I'm ready for bed still stuffed from lunch and then grab my list of things I need to get done and cross off nothing hahahaha...but again there's always tomorrow..

Those of you traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Psst..don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour...:)

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Shorter Wing on Friday !

A Shorter Wing on Friday...!  Oh my stars..well my morning went well and I at least felt better and was eager to have my company come..Doris and Jane  were gonna stop by in the afternoon and Doris was gonna clip Ms Shug's Wings..

First off my day started with a little sadness.. I had received an email from my dear neighbor Betsy and in it she wrote that Dick (her hubby) passed away yesterday afternoon...

Now I have been so worried about those two since they moved away in last July.. I just in my heart felt the emptiness.. as I so looked forward to each time I came to my winter haven ..and seeing those two..hearing Betsy laugh at my latest stories and how she and I would talk the talk..and Mister Dick, would sit back and watch us and smile as he knew I was always ribbing Betsy..

My heart felt the loss and how I wish I could just reach out and give Betsy a big hug..They were to me, the best of neighbor and even though they felt they couldn't do anything to help me..they never realized how much they did by just being there and keeping an eye out for one another..

Please those of you who read my blog ..please say a prayer for Dick and Betsy as tonight when I lay my head on my pillow I will thank the good Lord for having them become a part of my life...

Dick, now you are in heaven with our dear Father..may you soar the heavens and rejoice for no longer are you suffering the pains of what earth brought too you..!

This afternoon Doris and Jane arrived.. I was happy to see the two of them and even though it was a short visit it was a good one..except Ms Shug wasn't a happy bird...OMG..I have to tell you when I took Shug out of her cage she knew she was in for something and was she nervous.. had to grab a towel and cover her and with that Doris grabbed her neck (now I was nervous) hearing Ms Shug yell... I felt that.. I mean I was so worried about my poor baby..

Doris moved swiftly... I mean this woman has many birds ..big ones..Mc Caws and she moved right along.. I then spread the wing out as Doris requested..and then clip clip wing..HOLY CRAP...and with that I went to the other side...clip clip clip...done !...hahahaha...

Next we moved on to the claws..and again.. while she had Ms Shug by the the towel..she did them claws and next thing I knew I was bringing Ms Shug back to the cage in the towel..cause I knew better..she was not happy and I wasn't gonna be her bone !!!!

After that we visited for a short bit and out the door they went...and I was worried cause I didn't know how Ms Shug was gonna behave..she was so quiet.. I think more shell shocked...till later on when I was making dinner she started to call over I went with her night meal and she was ok..

Critters were quiet with all that action..hahaha..then after dinner I let all out and even Ms Shug..she clung to me and I was just petting her most the night and spreading her wings..she did try to fly but didn't go any where...Ms Reba was grinning I saw it...hahahaha

The Doctor's office called to verify my appointment for Monday and I spoke with the office manager and told her what happened.. figure I might as well set the ground work for Monday... and Pam, apologized to wait and see what the Doctor says .. ought to be interesting...

Ready for bed and tomorrow I'm gonna head out to have lunch with Jane at our favorite Perkins..we'll stop at Walmart on the way home for a few things then take a rest on Sunday ...

Those of you traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.