Thursday, January 31, 2013

Doomsday this Thursday !

Doomsday this Thursday !.....OH was it ever...this was the morning I was to Take John (the fighting duo) to the hospital for his surgery....WOW!!....

Last night I cleaned Ms Shug's cage before I went to bed as I knew there was no way I would get a chance when I got up this morning it was "let's get this together "...and together it got !

Critters were a little confused but they could handle the skip of breakfast this one time after all I did give them their biscuit and treat and they were out so they would just sleep listening to music :)

Picked Mister John up at 7:30 am and he was waiting..but he gave me a few calls before just to make sure I was gonna be on time  0h no !!!...but I was being good after all this was the day he was having surgery...

Got to the hospital and of course we had to walk all around to the other side...never understood they have you come in one end and then walk all around to the other side for surgery..DUH.. and my legs were saying,"DUH"..

Then as I sat in the Holding Room with John I could see the expressions changing as he was getting more and more antsy...OH brother this is not going too good....and sure enough it wasn't...after all they told him it would be 10am and here it is almost 10am and no one is saying anything..

Prior to this the nurse made the mistake and told him.."Doc is on schedule"...LOL  any one who's been in this situation knows that things can change in a New York Minute !!...and they did...oh brother..(didn't I just say that)...

The nurse did come in and give John the.."Relaxing Shot"...hahaha and it wore off and he got really ticked...and I kept thinking...."Why did I do this"...and then my answer was, "Because he has no one to help him ".... and then I felt bad..but the more he got his usual Horse's Patootie" the redder I fact the nurse asked me if I was ok ...hahaha...I could feel my heart beating in my throat..and words started to form...OMG...

Next a tall handsome man came in, in Scrubs...and I thought oh this might be someone that's gonna take him in..OH PLEASE..cause I'm about to choke him...he won't need surgery hahaha...

John went into ATTACK MODE..demanding and then making the dumbest statement..."What's wrong with this Doctor?????"...."If he's not doing a good job and on time why should I let him do me " ??????/  it just kept going and getting deeper as this man kept looking at him...then finally the man smiled and said, "Now aren't you glad that the Doctor is making sure all is going well and because he ran into a problem he stayed on top of it and had to take care of all the complications..and you know they have to clean the room for the next patient and that's for your safety"...and John came back with the classic.."Well,would you have him operate on you and how do you know "..?   and again that nice looking man replied..."Because I'm the Surgeon that's gonna open you up and make sure you are gonna be ok"...hahaha

I bust out laughing and said to John, "Didn't you know that he's your Surgeon "? and we both laughed after that John calmed down....Thank You  Lord cause shortly after that they took John into surgery...and as the Doctor left the room he gave me a wink hahahaha..

I waited till the Surgery was completed and John went into recovery....Gawd I was so tired and then I had to walk all around the hospital to the other side..couldn't wait to get in my car to drive home and boy my critters were them all feed and then gave Dawn a call and went over to visit with her and Paul...Picked up some pizza and we enjoyed the evening ..laughing and just telling our stories...then as I was leaving..Yep another Murphy struck again..

My alarm sensor went off and no matter what we did it wouldn't quit..even called OnStar to have them do a diagnostic and they couldn't figure out why so I had to drive home with this noise and I kept thinking ..OMG.. I have to pick John up tomorrow with this clanging going I know John is gonna be freaked out..LUCKY when I got in I turned everything on and off several times and finally it stopped...

Now no telling what tomorrow will bring cause ya know...Murphy Likes me !!

I'm gonna go to bed I'm tired and hope you all have a fantastic day and Safe always  God Bless.....

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wishful thinking on this Wednesday

Wishful thinking on this Wednesday and my race is beginning...Got a jump ahead on the Rice Fields but will have to shred chicken up in the next few's thawing now :)...

Morning was a little jumpy as my Niece's husband (Nephew in law) had his surgery and hopefully all went well..last I heard he was in recovery...and tomorrow morning I bring John for his surgery..yikes...

I got most of the list done and even dragged my trash out for tonight..which I normally don't like to do but it was a MUST..don't want to be rushing around like a chicken without a head....even changed Ms Shug's cage tonight as I knew tomorrow would be not enough time as I have to get the Critters out and give them some biscuit ..I will feed them later when I get back..

Also had Clancy come over and check out my golf cart and the batteries were bone dry ...we put distilled water in and still they wouldn't take a charge so Clancy went to Hank (who repairs golf carts here) and Hank is coming tomorrow to put his special charge on and see if they will take the charge if not he'll order me batteries..for the sum of $ 700 smackeroos...OMG...but it's a must ..and you all know how things go with me...oooops...

Talked with hubby tonight and he seems to be handling the news pretty good ..and staying on the crutches..both he and I watched American was pretty good then after that I got busy and got Ms Shug taken care of..

Tomorrow can't come fast enough so I can get all this rushing over with and hoping and praying John doesn't have any major issues..Deb, the girl who took John's dogs home with her is wonderful..her mother has been breeding and showing Poodles for fact Doris's Standard Poodle won Westminster..I'll have you know I know "famous people"..hahaha..

Now I'm really tired and have to get to bed as I need a good night sleep...and tomorrow I hope the rain has passed us as it's suppose to rain tonight..

Those traveling STAY SAFE and as always...God Bless

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Results in on Hubby on Tuesday

Results in on Hubby on Tuesday...this was a long day for me although I kept myself busy hubby had an appointment with the Ortho Surgeon and it was to be at 2pm but they called and moved it up to 6pm as Dr had emergency ...WOW this is gonna be a long long day !

Morning for me was rough.. I tossed and turned all night long wondering if I should just get someone to help me hook up everything in the rig and load up and head home..that empty feeling in the pit of my stomach was gnawing at me big time...

I kept busy most the day...vacuuming under Shug's cage is a ritual.. I mean to tell ya ..she laughs and carries on big time and then I got another surprise..Mister Zeke actually let me vacuum him..all that lose hair that I am constantly vacuuming up... I mean I feel like my rug is a TWEED...with all that hair from him and Ms Abby...Gawd !!!!

So that was another exciting event and tonight I didn't feel like cooking so I drove down to KFC and yep, got me a chicken dinner..and it was good too.. boy I could like this...hahaha

Then I paced waiting for Hubby to let me know all the details..but no word and then I saw Ms Betsy had come home from her trip up to Mayo Clinic and I was anxious to hear her news...and I was praying that all would be ok for her...she's a really neat neighbor ..and one that actually understands that's saying something..:)

John called and of course he and his "TRUE LOVE"  were fighting again..they just never know when to stop..imagine she has him doing errands for her ...and he's gonna be going in the hospital in a couple of days...boy did I ever read the riot act on that one...Oh I just hope and pray things go smoothly for him..

Then my Niece's hubby is having his Gallbladder out tomorrow...Can this stop ???? I'm praying he'll be ok they may have to do it the old fashion way because the stone he has is too large...Lord I hope not !

Finally hubby calls with his news....He has a fractured Fema at the top of the knee..Good Golly Ms Molly...and that might be because his bone disease is back's been a few years since we've gone through all those treatments and it went into remission...I just feel so bad for it's extremely painful and he has to be so careful as he can break his bones easily ...The rest of the knee hasn't changed ..not any worse and not any better..kind of in he's told to be on crutches for 3 to 4 more weeks and if no improvement he'll be casted...Gawd I hope not..

Now for me..well I'm hanging in but my chinny chin chin...and I feel like my brain has been in a mix master...but soon this all shall pass..hopefully...

It's time for bed as I'm just mentally tired...I do hope those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Gee Whiz Another Winner on Monday :)

Gee Whiz another Winner on Monday..:)  I'm telling ya things just seem to fall on me...well, not me but poor Ms Shug...the new perch I bought her which she loves ...fell and not by the way side fell with her on it...I heard the boom and the OOOOH>..LOL that was Ms Shug speaking up...and from the bottom of her cage...

Woe is me..I just bought that thang and from Walmart..I'm telling ya lately their stuff is becoming that was added to my things to do today which I didn't want too..but I knew she needed it as she loves to play and swing and this was now an empty spot in her casa LOL..

Got my trash out the night before cause I figured that would give me a jump start to get rid of things I've had and been just hanging out it went in one of the many boxes I have...yeah, UPS brings me nice boxes hahaha..

Then after I got all the Critters done and Ms Shug I was dressed and out the door to Walmart..and I was so good I didn't buy anything but another perch and I got the one that was broken she now has two more spots filled and when I put that in her cage she was jumpin..

But I also got a surprise when I came home..My new Eureka RediForce Vac had arrived and I put that sweetheart together.. and even used it..wooo hooo..that made my day..see those little things..(and it is little) mean a lot..and it can hang out along side her cage ..Readyi Willin and Able to do the JOB..:)

Not much after that other than I emptied some old stuff out of one of the closets and have that on the dolly in a box ready for the next Trash Day..but I will put it out the night before as that Thursday I'll be taking John to the it's gonna be a mad run..

Tonight I attempted to watch Biggest Loser but I was the Loser ..I fell asleep on the couch and woke up it was over..good thing I had it on record..cause at night time I don't last long..especially when I get cozy...and being this morning I was awake at a little after 3am..YIKES.

Now I've already got my things ready for tomorrow to get done and Laundry is the biggy on the list..turn my mattress OH YEAH...and more emptying of things.. never realize how much junk can gather..

Oh I saw this morning some car pull up in front of my trash and a lady got out and grabbed that Oreck..well I hope someone can fix it was smoking..but someone told me that they take the copper from the motors...didn't know that one..

So it's that time and I'm really half with it..or is it half out of say Night to All..and those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless

Oops I forgot's a picture of the "New" vac and also where she's gonna be parked LOL....

It works well and fits right in :)   !

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Really Spent Sunday !

A Really Spent Sunday !......and I didn't buy anything...I TV shopped only and just looked around at all the stuff I have to get rid of and there was no room in the inn..:)

Today is always my Sorting of the Pills of Life and my Chop Chop day for Ms Shug as well...and I was so glad I got er done...and I'm good for a week for me and Ms Shug too...and Critters pills as well...however, I am gonna have to step it up a notch and perhaps make another trip to the Rice Fields to give me that extra as I've got a lot of in and outs coming up and I know I'll be falling some what behind..

Watched as my neighbor left this afternoon to head to Mayo Clinic to get some tests done and find out what they can do for her...I'm worried as I really hope she'll be able to get some results...Never like to see anyone have to go through a bunch of nonsense.....I find here in Florida that Doctors play too many games and talk to people like they're idiots...

As you know from reading my blog I don't mince with words and if I have a Doctor that plays those games I don't keep them...cause with me I need to know facts and what can be done...I guess I'm spoiled by a group of good Doctors up North...that treat you with respect..

Today I did a little relaxing after doing a few pace is some what slow because of my legs but I do a little bit..then rest with my legs up then go on to the next step..clearing out for me is sometimes a little difficult but if I do it in stages I don't run into problems..

Tomorrow also John (of the fighting duo) goes for his stress test and then on Thursday I take him for his surgery.. I'm praying all will go well for him..I'll stay at the hospital till he comes out of surgery then head home to take care of my critters...I've planned that I'll take care of Ms Shug's cage it at night time before I go to bed..this way in the morning I'll just give her food and water and then let my Critters out give meds and take off...

It won't be so bad if they get fed later I just won't have that time to spare...and can't forget to take my meds either...and I'll be able to be back at the house let them out feed them and relax myself for a bit..

As Dawn reminded me she and Paul will be coming in also on Thursday..woo hoo..but I'll try and pace it I make a stop over to visit..I can't do evenings as I have difficulty in seeing for night driving lately..something new always added but I ain't complaining ..just need to go to the Eye Doc...

It will all work out I'm sure just pray John has no major issues and listens..he's bad about that..thinks he feels good and can do anything..DUH..????  Told him he won't be able to drive for a that means if he needs anything I'll try and help as best as I can...but I also have to watch myself..cause it's easy for me to get into a problem...

Now I'm trying to keep my eyes open and I'm finding it a little comes tomorrow..hahaha..oh I did do a jump start..put my trash out tonight..hope no animals get into any mischief...

So those traveling Stay Safe and as Always...God Bless...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Roughing It Smoothly on Saturday :)

Roughing it Smoothly on Saturday :)......and I sure was !...Today was a "Do I really need this" kind of I sorted through things I've had stocked up on..Have I used it, Do I need it, Will I ever use it"....hahaha..that was my kind of day today.

Morning started off a little slow as I had given the Critters their 6am pill I leaned back on the couch and next thing I knew it was almost 8am..HOLY HANNAH...Up I jumped got the big ones out and then on to Ms her cleaned up as she was peaking through the bottom of her sheet for me to come and rescue her hahahaha...

Then had the big guys fed and Ms Reba got her "MeatBalls"...if she don't eat I stuff her ..and by the looks of it she'd rather I do that than eat...go figure..but it works for her and me..

I then hurried up outside got my birds fed and plants watered now on to ME !!!  Yep, buy the time I get all that done I'm kind of dragging but need my coffee..but I've started making a sort of Latte...Milk, chocolate and coffee..and it's mighty good that's my drink for now..

Re Arranged my supplies and put up a few more things in containers giving me more room...gosh I hate when things start to build up around me..feels like I'm getting closed in...Give me SPACE....and not OUTER SPACE either..:)

Tonight I really didn't do much watched an older movie I had recorded and then put some time in with Shug..even Face Talked with hubby for a bit..cause it's been too long of a time that we haven't really had a chance to chat..

Even did a little Skype with Ms Dawn as she is enjoying herself with the Florida GTG and I'm really glad for her..sure wish I could have gone but it's almost impossible for this time..

Now I'm ready to hit that bed and call it a NIGHT..and boy am I ever tired..So those traveling Stay Safe and as Always...God Bless

Friday, January 25, 2013

Finally on Friday :)

Finally on Friday :)  I got out and went to WalMart and PetSmart and Publix...woo hoo...yeppers I got er done ...ta daaaaaaaaaaaa!

Morning I was up at 4:30am and ready to get a roll on down the road...I was so anxious and I had put this off for days.. I was lagging and dragging my butt so I knew if I didn't get this done I'd be mad at myself..hahaha

Got the Critters done and Ms Shug and I had a little conversation as I also knew I wouldn't have much time with her she did her thang and I did mine and when I got all what needed done I was on the road..wooo hooo here I come..

Went first to WalMart and returned that bleeping hand vac which didn't work and then I was happy as not much of a line in Customer Service and the lady was pretty fast..(thank you ) and then I decided pulling out of the shopping area that I'd head on down to PetSmart as I needed food for Ms Shug.

That took a bit as it's on the other side of the Villages and I learned a new short cut...which helped with that in there and was even told by one of the sales gals that they have a Bird Vet that comes in once a week...ok..that's nice to know.

Then I headed on up the road and stopped in Publix and picked up veggies for Ms Shug and a few things for me...I'm telling ya this dang Ms Shug sure gets great treatment...just like the rest of my Critters...and I come last..booo hooo :)

Got back and I was zonked, too long of a day for me and in and out too many legs were aching...Lord help me  LOL...but it was so good to get out :)

Ms Shug gave me a what for for leaving her and my Critters looked at me like they lost their best friend..OH PLEEEESE !!!  give me a break...hahaha.. Now I'm back to my routine for the next few days...and waiting for my new vac to come...

Tonight was a blah blah blah kind of night..hubby called and he was exhausted..and my niece called to tell me her hubby is going to have to have his Gallbladder out ...OMG...They thought he was sick with the flu and he got so bad they had to take him to the hospital and found out he has Stones...just like what happened to my friend John..say scenario...hope it's not catching ...!!!

Well, now I'm gonna hit that bed and wrap myself in that warm blanket and before I know it will be morning...and the race is on to get the rest of my work load done..only to start again next week..hahaha

Good night all...those traveling stay Safe and as always..God Bless

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday What can I say ?????

Thursday, What can I say?????? got warmer around 11am but when I woke up it was 39 ...and thank goodness I didn't unwrap the plants...I had also made sure my shades in the carport were all down so to keep the cold draft from coming at us when I opened the door..

Got up at 4:30am to give hubby a call and wake him...even though he does use his alarm clock but he's bad about the Snooze yep, I did my wifely duty and woke him up...and I might say, "he wasn't too happy"..

I dragged my morning out being so cold as I don't like to let Abby or even Zeke out and Ms Reba well that's another being my crew is getting older I try to make it easier on them..

Abby has her hip problem and Zeke has his Heart Problem and Ms Reba well she's just an ole gal with only a few issues..but doing pretty good..and Me..well I'm a horse of another color..hahaha..

Even Ms Shug wasn't to happy this morning as she falls into our system ..we sleep so does she..which is really pretty good..and she's starting to say "I Love You " more clearly's getting there and she also lost another tail feather..

Now this bird is gonna have a bald bottom tail at all...she's so active and flips and falls and uh oh is what she says ...and yep, there goes another feather...

I did manage to get the books off the shelf and into a box and I'll call tomorrow on my way out and see if I can get someone to take them ..and yep, I didn't go to Walmart but I will tomorrow...Hahaha

I did treat myself to KFC a 6 piece dinner and I'll have a couple of meals out of it..nothing wrong with that..means no cookin...:) and it was pretty darn good too... satisfied me for fried chicken...

Watched American Idol tonight and some of them are really pretty darn good..sure hope when all is said and done they'll pick some really good ones..

Now I'm ready to hit that bed and have some great dreams...cause tomorrow I need to get more stuff done..but I'm almost through every room...and can't wait fo my other vacuum to come..cause Ms Shug is sure a messy bird..

So those traveling Stay Safe and if you are going to the Get Together in Florida have fun cause the weather is gonna be gorgeous...God Bless

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It was a bit chilly this Wednesday Morning

It was a bit chilly this Wednesday Morning..OMG..I got up and turned on the morning news...(do this every day) and here I saw it was in the 40s..hmmm and they said when I went to bed "we'd be having frost"...well, that is not to too bad..till I opened the door and saw the temp..we were in the 30s..HUH..then I realized it was Orlando temp not ours...Son of a gun it was brrrrrrrrrrrr...

Good thing I wrapped that Purple Leaf Hibiscus cause that be turning more purple hahaha..and she's still wrapped cause it's again suppose to be in the 30s during the late night mid morning..

So needless to say I wrapped myself up in a blankie on the couch and no one even thought up moving till almost 8am..WOW!...but that was ok cept I never went to Walmart so that means I have to go tomorrow..ugh...

Most of the day I was just gathering up junk that I don't need or want and am also gonna gather up the books and bring them up to the library here ...someone will want to read they won't go to waste.

Was hoping to get a few more things accomplished but that didn't happen..although I brought out the other big bag of dawg food..and that will go in bins then I get a rest for a month...

The day was a long one because I just lagged and played some with Ms Shug and she's getting to say a little more clearly..and she even rested with me on the couch.. I do believe we all took a nap..hahaha..yeah, Ms Shug is enjoying the cuddling..but don't let Mister Zeke pop up cause she then goes into the warning sound..hahaha...plumps up all her feathers and let's out a loud blast..

That was that and we all sat up hahaha...I mean to tell you she's got a pair of she could break the sound barrier..oh yeah !!!  Even Ms Reba heard it too.. and she's almost completely deaf..

Tonight watched American Idol...and some pretty good singers and also some strange folks...Why oh Why don't even go makes a show I guess..

Now I'm ready for bed and have my list of things I need to get done tomorrow and one is..GO TO WALMART...return that thang !

Those traveling Stay Safe and As Always...God Bless

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gleaming on Tueday :)

Gleaming on Tuesday I is :)  oh boy am I ever...I got me my little canister vacuum cleaner.. I am so happy about it too..hahaha.. made my day.. and I didn't have to leave my door either..

As I was wallowing in self pitty about having to go back to Walmart tomorrow I was thinking of all the driving around I was gonna have to do shopping..and any one that knows me knows I hate shopping... I mean I literally hate shopping..!!!

I mean I'll buy things over the internet and QVC if they have good deals but going to the stores and looking at things..YUCKO... I think my Sister did me in on that one when I was a kid..she'd drag me to so many stores I'd be exhausted and sweating..YES sweating.. cause the heat from in and out of the stores (of what I can remember ) and the sales..and back and forth..omg.. I am sweating thinking about it.. and trying clothes on and off..Did I faint yet??????

Any way I did a Google Search (love Google) and came up with two kinds of vacuum cleaners that had bags and were canisters...and WAH LA...I found a Eureka that was right up my alley...small enough to sit under Ms Shug's cage and plugged in cause that baby will run off and on all day long..cause Ms Shug throws things out her cage...

Morning was busy as I had to be in the Rice Fields cause I was lazy yesterday.. I think because I was disgusted knowing I had to make a return and that means customer service stand in line..YUCKO...

So I was extra busy thing morning..then onto emptying another bag of dog food in more bins..not bad really as my system is pretty's dragging that big bag out and lifting it onto a chair ..ok, I'll sit awhile hahaha

Then onto the rest of my usual fact I saw Mister Woody come down a few times to the feeder and that's always an indication is not so ready available...but I enjoy watching them...and my Blue Jays were back too..ok so I'll fill the feeder cause tomorrow I know the platform is going to be loaded with the birds..

Tonight got a surprise of a Face Talk with Dawn, Wendy, Sarah and Paul..was fun and of course my crew got involved..Zeke first then Ms Shug and Ms Reba..Abby was under my feet and not wanting to move  LOL..Was a nice chat and we all enjoyed it..

Now for me I'm ready to dive into that warm bed and get cozy and dream some nice warm weather and sweet sounding birds and a nice tall glass of Ice Tea with Lemon please hahaha..

All traveling Stay Safe and as Always...God Bless..

Monday, January 21, 2013


OH What a Monday !!!  LOL...oh yeah I was smoking..(no not cigs) as I hurried through my chores cause today was a day I was heading out to Wal Mart to buy a small vacuum cleaner for under Ms Shug's cage...(all good intentions I'll have you know).

Hustled to get the Trash out even had a quick chat with my neighbor at 7am and then water my plants, fed my outside birds and squirrels (if I don't feed them suckers they eat my plants and anything else in their path)...then onto cleaning Ms Shug's cage and telling her she's a dirty bird as she laughs...then giving her a spray bath which she proceeds to give me back talk and then she hops in and devours her green beans LOL and laughs..then on to the Critters and get them fed ..of course stuffing Ms Reba, burping and then potty time..let critters back in and wash down the Dawg Patio...(i'm running out of breath here) and then pop my pills and get dressed..cause I'm gonna be out of the house by 9:30am..(that's the best time I can do)

Ah at last I'm on the road and I'm even humming..hahaha..get a good parking spot..seems that time I arrive I'm almost certain to get an up front spot..and hey, in case you don't realize this but Florida..almost everyone has a handicap if you don't go early you don't get a good spot and may not even get an electric cart..(oh yeah I always have to use one ).

Got most of my things and found a small vacuum's a shark..but for some reason I think as I'm looking that this might not be the one..but I go ahead and buy it cause I'm desperate..moving the big vac over several times a day is tiring for me...but I do it cause I don't have a choice..

Get home and I'm anxious to try this baby out..get it all unpacked and notice first off it's heavy in the hand and has a short hose..and even if it works well I'm stuck bending under things to clean..but I'll give it a try.. and I'm ready..plug it in and hit the button...NO GO>..What ..???  NO GO...Are You kidding me"????? No don't work..all that and it don't work...SUCKS!!!

So now I have to bring it back ..OMG>.I hate this..and I didn't get a chance to make the Rice and Veggies today so tomorrow first thing in the morning  I'll wash the rice (do that to remove all the starch) and then load up the cooker with veggies and on it goes...I'll think about returning that junk tomorrow or maybe Wednesday as I need to pick up Shug's veggies from Publix so it's up the road..yeah that's what I'll do...drop off and pick up hahaha

Tonight Ms Reba ate her dinner all by herself..AMAZING..guess she figured I'll try...but I don't expect her to do a repeat..cause she's an of and on again GAL..:)

Watched Born Loser and YEP, I shed a tear cause I hate to see the ones being knocked off..they try so hard..but later on you see that they still continue to work on their weight loss and do good...Thank Goodness..

Now I'm ready for bed and I'm tired but tomorrow I have to step it up a notch and it's gonna be a bit chilly in the morning too..brrrrrrrrrrr

And by the way..Ms Shug is officially 6mos old today  woo hoo..and so cute and naughty too..but not to too bad..

Hope all of you traveling stay Safe and as always..God Bless...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Busy Sunday

A Busy Sunday for me...morning was a little bit of a change of plans as I had wanted to go to Walmart but I decided to go Monday morning instead...however I did get a few more things caught up..

It's always my day of sorting pills and my Fosamax to make sure my bones are still with me..hahaha..but they sure do ache...and after vacuuming they want to quit and go home on me too...I can't say I blame them cause vacuuming is a tug of war..

I have Mister Zeke who hates it and Ms Shug now chimes sounded like the war zone...golly I can't believe what I have to go through to get anything done with now the two of them..

I put some feed in the big feeder and HELLO THERE came down Mister Woody..haven't seen him in awhile but I guess the pickins are getting slim so rather then bang his beak he decided my food was good enough hahaha..

Also saw my set up BlueJays..seems I always have just one pair and they sure are neat...lately all the birds seem to be getting along that one surprises me cause those Ring Neck Doves sure do a lot of fighting..but so far not this time...hmmm maybe the word got out when I left..figuring they couldn't get any food but only the little hopper and that was for just the smaller birds...

Watched football tonight and was happy to see two teams I've liked win..49ers and Ravens can't wait for the SuperBowl cause that should be really a great game..

Ms Shug today was so crazed..she did so much laughing..and then started I was telling her tomorrow she's gonna be 6mos old she was jumping up on the counter and then snatched a letter out of my hands and walked around the top of the couch with it...So I asked her, "Shug, are you sending an invite out to your party"?  she tilts her head and walks with this envelope and laughs.. I could a picture of her so I'm gonna post it here too..

Now I'm ready for bed and tomorrow I'm gonna be busy again..It's to Walmart and then to the Rice Fields..yes, it's that time again !!!

So all traveling stay Safe and as always..God Bless

Ms Shug's Got Mail :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My oh my I eased on into Saturday

My oh my I eased on into morning was not so bad.. I mean the temp wasn't as bad as yesterday but the Critters slept late and hence we strolled on out the door and not freezing..thank goodness..

Most of my day was cleaning out my closet and then my break times with Ms Shug as she was letting me know..she wanted out ! So I played a few games with her and as the Big Boy himself watched..Mister Zeke never missed a move..his eyes were glued to that antics of Ms Shug..but from a distance as I'm still not letting him up any closer....

I did learn one thing I've been reading on Parrot forums on what to feed and how to introduce things to YOUR COCKATOO>..hahahaha...I introduced Ms Shug to a Banana...yes, Chiquita Banana..(not sure if I spelled that right) ..I took a bite and she was watching very carefully...she walked over to me and then I took a tiny piece and gave it to her...Ms Shug looks surprised and slowly with her talons..hahaha..took this little piece brought it up to her beak and then turned her head and I watched the talons squeeze that and then came the surprise...(ready)...she reached over and grabbed my hair..YES that banana was in my hair on my shoulder and even on my neck...OMG !!!!

So I had to wash my hair today..cause I was wearing the perfume of the I learned one thing..Don't believe everything you READ...cause like my neighbor Betsy said, "Maybe they were wearing bathing caps "  LOL...

Although Ms Shug maybe ate a little bit but I think in fact no thinking about it I'll cut one piece up for her and put it in her her cage...easier to clean her cage than wash that banana out of my hair..hahaha..

Rest of the night was quiet and I was tired...seems I'm on the down slope ..That sometimes happens when I'm doing a little too much..but I needed to get my closet cleaned will be those books ..need to see if I can call the office on Monday and someone will take them out of my car cause I'll never be able to carry them.

Tomorrow I have to make a stop at Walmart as I have to pick up Wee pads for Ms Reba ..when it's too cold she doesn't go out.. I put them on the tray and she's really good about using them...thank goodness cause at her age I can't afford her to go down hill..bad enough I'm having to feed her as she is in the picky stages again...Never ever was she that was..she was always a good eater but again she's gonna be 17 and it is what it is..

Watched an old movie I had taped...The Farmers Daughter..I really like old classics and it was good...enjoyed it and now I'm ready for another day's Adventure...

Hope all those traveling stay safe... God Bless....

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Blah Blah Blah Friday

My Blah Blah Blah Friday....and so it went that way or it seemed so...but I'm kept some what busy...yeah my chores get done and then I'm done..but the cold it was made it so blah.. I mean I opened that door this morning and bit me...yeah, it was too cold from 80 one day down to 30ish in the morning...OH NO !!!!

It really didn't start to get warm till the afternoon and then the breeze came in and back came the chill it will be that way tomorrow then a few warm days then from what that Weather Man is's gonna get cold again..HOLY HANNAH....

I'll be living in Flannel if this keeps up.. no way do I like this I'm not belly aching too much..but I mean come on this is suppose to be Florida...hahaha..well it really does have a short winter maybe a few weeks off and on..but it's that sudden drop that does ya in ....!

Tonight watched Under Cover Boss..OMG...I was in tears..can't watch these programs they really work on ya.. I mean I'm all for helping out but when it comes to my eyes watering all the time..and my lump in my throat gets to big and I can't swallow..well..what can I say..."But bring on the Kleenex"..

Now I'm ready for bed and hopefully I will get something done tomorrow...I need to start emptying out my book shelf and donate them to the library I'll not read them again and don't know who would want them..

So I best get my butt to bed and remember tomorrow is gonna be chilly in the shocker..LOL  and maybe I'll also be able to comb through Zeke and Abby as their hair is coming out in clumps from the change of weather..yeah it's called "Rolling their coats"...

All those traveling Safe Journey and as always God Bless..

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Science on Thursday

My Science on Thursday is's a rush into day's entrance which has my heart racing as I make the mad dash to the curb at day light LOL...and I smile and walk away..I've accomplished one chore hahaha...

The irony of it too is as I'm doing this my Squirrels are waiting and so are my Cardinals..yep, they fall into that brisk thrust that little saying goes "Kill two birds with one stone".. That always got me..but I ain't killin nuttin''s more like "get er' done"...all in that one swoop..

So I bring the feed to the feeder and toss some on the ground for those dang Squirrels head back and water my plants and flush the bird bath then fill it and then on to the next level...hahaha

Then it's into the house and get Ms Shug done first cause she screams the loudest hahaha..then onto the Critters and lately my stuffing of Ms Reba..she's back on the "I don't wanna eat"  but eat you will my darling..Momma is gonna make up them meat balls and shove em down the of that after I'm done feeding her..she burps..good girl and then comes into the kitchen and demands my measly toast...huh ????  Don't even want to attempt to figure that one out..

This afternoon I did take it easy as I just had that sudden drop out and on the couch I got.. I had Ms Shug out as I had to toss one of her toys..and boy she threw a fit..didn't like the new one and didn't hesitate to tell me all about it..

Hopefully she'll get use to it cause her old toy is color me gone and it was gone to begin with .. I mean to tell you she tore that sweetheart it was time for a new one...Crossing fingers for tomorrow she'll be content..:)

Tonight I did watch American Idol..boy I'm telling ya I've got a case of the weeps cause some of those kids have some major issues..and I'm so happy to see at least they might get a break in life..tough world today..

Now I'm ready to hit that bed..but not before I tell ya..John now has his surgery date of Jan 31st and already he's thinking .."Do I really need this"..????..Brother he better get it done.. I am now harping..(hear the music ?)...and won't quit till I take him to the hospital..then the rest will be history..hopefully

So let me dive into my bed because it's chilly here tonight.. We've went from 80 now to 40ish with a chill factor in the 30s..tomorrow morning will be rough but Ms Reba will not go will be too cold for I have those wee pads she can use..and the big guys..well they like the cold anyway..brrrrrrrrrrrr I'll be bundled up for sure

Those traveling stay safe and as always...God Bless...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Brighter Day for me this Wednesday :)

A Brighter Day for me this Wednesday :) after dealing with some heavy issues the turn around was really needed...and so life goes on in the big city...and pray that tomorrow brings some joy ..

Morning for me was a little difficult but I managed to make it through them tangles and now all the knots are tied and life goes on an usual..and as I'm watching my RV Sistah Dawn make her way to another stop on the road...neat thing this follow me ..I mean it really does give some comfort to track your family, friends and who ever else wants to jump on my wagon LOL...

Got to have a little play time with Ms Shug and she's really getting a bit more out going ..she's found her nitch as I always say...and becoming quite and entertainer ..from what I've read they really do enjoy it..

Still watching Mister Zeke and Sneaky pete Ms Abby cause she's the one who can come up and surprise for Ms Reba..well Ms Shug just enjoys watching her and even talks to her...sweet..but unfortunately Ms Reba is some what deaf and I think they still connect in some ways..

Went into town to Publix as I needed to pick up veggies for Ms Shug..yeah she gets these little treats..hahaha..but I buy the tiny packages as other wise it goes bad before I use it all ya pay whether ya like it or not !

Now if I was back home hubby would have said, "We'll plant a garden for her and then no waste "..yeah he's my man...he has the answers..just maybe someday I might pay some attention to them...hahaha..

Got a call from my friend John (the fighting duo) and he saw the Surgeon today and he was told ..."The Gallbladder Has TO COME OUT" knowing John he tried to convince the Doc.."Oh, but I'm feeling better" I had put the fear of God in him get that dang thing out..before they have to cut you in half"...hahaha...but the Doc said, "NOPE, IT's GOT TO COME OUT" !!!!...

So now he has to go to his Cardio Doc and get clearance for that and then I told him I'd take him to the hospital and stay till surgery is over and then pick him up the next day and make arrangements for his Critters to stay with a he won't be able to drive for two weeks and I'd get in some groceries and cook up a few things for him...He'll do fine as long as the girlfriend don't bug the crap out of him...Like I've said before, "These two are a Fighting TEAM"..they thrive on it and any one that is around them...LOOK OUT !!!

Watched American Idol tonight..YEAH..I'm glad it's on as I like to watch talent and enjoy seeing these young people getting some where..just like the Born Loser..I enjoy the accomplishment that comes out of it..but not thrilled with all the yelling and gawd God Bless them for putting up with that brow beating...I'd be thrown off the show hahaha.. Don't yell at me.. talk to me..but if ya yell..well it's pure evil that comes out of me..hence I'd never make boot camp LOL

So that's about most of my day..busy and got things done and just pray for those that were so caught up in such a mess...Families need to come together instead of pointing fingers..never any thing solved but hurt and pain on top of sadness...Just keep those in my prayers..

And speaking of prayers I sure hope RV Sistah Sharon is doing ok..and that all went well for her today...

Now I'm ready to head to bed as tomorrow comes too quick..(but thank goodness) and it's my big day...TRASH...wooo hooo...LOL

Those Traveling Stay Safe and watch the weather and as always..God's Blessing Shine down on all....

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Dark Day for Me on Tuesday :(

A Dark Day for Me on Tuesday :(...starting with late last night some very sad news and then on to today...How we sometimes have to struggle with sadness but try to keep busy to keep things from making your heart ache....

Morning was a little hectic but I managed to make it through the day...and then attempt to get things caught up..and boy I'm really having some tough go..but my list is helping me.. I mean if I don't cross things off and go back and look at what's next it's to the couch MABEL...:)

I also got several deliveries today.. My Amazon was flowing in along with my QVC ...holy cow..more boxes..hahaha.. I'm gonna be called the Box Lady if this keeps up..but it was things I Diapers for Ms Reba and Storage Bins for the DAWG Food..and Pills for Ms Abby's for Ms Shug...Pill Pockets for Mister Zeke and Ms Abby oh yeah Ms Reba too...and nothing for me :( (YET) :)

Then once my legs started to swell...back to the couch I went..yep, I'm good for a few hours then I need to stop and put me legs up..that part Sucks..just as I get going..and speaking of going about that time Lasix kicks in ..wooo hooo...

I got a call from my friend John (fighting duo) and he has a Doc appointment for tomorrow thank goodness and hopefully they'll get him in and get that Gallbladder out..but he's got second thoughts now cause he's feeling ok...Ya know I jumped his butt on that one...told the man.."you is 80 years old don't wait for another attack ..get it done while you feel ok cause next time might be your time over and out "...He may get the message...hopefully

Tonight I did a little bit of getting newspaper together that my neighbor Ms Betsy brought over (thank you Betsy) for Ms Shug's cage..I like to have my setups done so it makes it easy for my legs aren't always steady and all that bending doesn't always work for when I do the life is a lot easier...just like my critter food and storage containers..honestly, everyone can't understand it..but it works for me without major problems and that's all that matters..

Speaking with my niece yesterday she mentioned having a canister Dirt Devil and I thought that might be good for under Ms Shug's cage cause me dragging out the big a lot of work and it's clumsy and heavy...this would be simple if it just sat plugged in and ready to go daily..and even by the way she tosses stop several times a day would work LOL..she is messy with her wonder why I call her "Dirty Bird"..hahaha

Now it's that time for me to call it a night.. I did watch NCIS tonight haven't watched that in awhile..was pretty sad..just what I needed ....right ????

Ok, well I know what I need right now and that's bed time I sure hope I can sleep tonight..looking over Ms Reba and Mister Zeke are down for the count and Ms Abby is on the other side of the bed on the floor..feet up and she's gone already...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Be With YOU ALL...

Monday, January 14, 2013

WoW is ME on Monday !

WoW is Me on Monday !....and it sure it's my TRASH DAY too...hahaha..and we were off to the races but this time I used a "cheat sheet" other words the night before I had all my trash gathered on my cart ready for the curb...yeah I figure the early bird can catch the worm this time..hahaha..

For me I kind of like to get things done early and I've always waited for the morning to get the last of the last and being I get up early I can do my once a week clean out the frig and gather from here and there ...and I've always just made it to the curb cause my trash guys now come earlier...and I'm always I got my act together the night before and just when it gets day break the cart is ready and so am I....

My morning was planned in action as I had bought 20lbs of chicken at Walmart and had to cook it up and then vacuum seal it for the freezer..this again is another one of my "things" all I do is grab a pack and thaw and shred...and that kind of makes it easy for me..

So while the chicken was cooking I did a little bit of getting er done..and got a surprise phone call .. My niece called to tell me that her son and his wife are having a baby...woo hoo....another new addition coming in August so that give me time to make up a few baby blankets and the Christening Blanket...the White of Whites...bring out the gloves for that on...LOL

Most of the day I played with Ms Shug as she is getting to get more action going and boy she is just a bit much..she loves to hang upside down from the top of her cage but she's so goofy she swings around and then falls to the bottom of her cage..I don't know about her ...LOL

Got a call from my friend John (fighting duo) and he got his appointment with the Gastro he looks like he's on his way for that Gallbladder to come out ...

Hubby went to the Ortho Surgeon and got a shot of (I call) WD 40 and then had to go and get a MRI so me thinks that might be he also maybe getting some work done on his knee and might not be able to come down ...

Yep, my world is going Whacky again !!  It's the norm for me as I've always said..."Murphy loves me"...but I'm ok as I know hubby can't go around like me for too long...

Now I watched Biggest Loser and fell asleep so I'll have to watch it on line tomorrow...duh..sure wish I'd not do that but I got so cozy that the next thing I knew Zeke was waking me up....

So I'm ready for bed now so I hope all of you traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless

Sunday, January 13, 2013

An Outing on Sunday :)

An Outing on Sunday :) even if it was to go to WalMart..I got away for a couple of hours and it felt great..however, the store was kind of empty..perhaps it was good timing or maybe cause we have a Flu epidemic and people are avoiding crowds, like ME ...oh yeah... I mean I brought my Clorox wipes with me..cause if it's out there it finds me..!!!

Morning for me is always a blur..and being Sunday I mean it's my pills of life sorting that I do at 4:30am then on to taking my first pill ..Fosamax..for me bones ...and then at 6am it's Critter pill time for Zeke and of course the others share the pill pocket.. I mean Ms Reba snatches it out of my fingers ouch !!!..

So then I start with Critters out and Ms Shug gets her cage cleaned and she dances around on her Play Stand and watches and laughs at me.. some one of these days ..hahaha..guess it's cause I'm always tickled with her antics..then she's fed and it's on to the Big Critters and little Ms Reba..their pills and their feed and I sit on my perch and watch..(on the chair in the dog room ) then of course Ms Reba is now again playing.."I'm not gonna eat that " I make them little meatballs and down the hatch they go..

Funny about that after I get her done she comes into the kitchen as I attempt to get my toast and coffee and barks at me and wants my toast.. so I give her a little bit..and tell her..."you won't eat your food and I have to stuff it down ya but you'll eat mine..."?>?>>> but stuff it I do and even burp her..cause she's not gonna go without eating..and then the little twit that she is goes over to Ms Shug's cage and eats what ever Ms Shug dumps out the bars...go figure that one????

Ah but my jaunt to Walmart was so nice got a few things in but..didn't get my Dutch Oven ..they had one but it was blue..(not that there's anything wrong with that hahahaha)..but I want a red one, cast iron with porcelain I'll check Bed Bath and Beyond or order from Amazon as they have one for about 60 bucks..not paying 250 for that Expensive Named one..however they are nice but just not worth that kind of money for the little I use it..

Got home and put all the stuff away and then had lunch.. I would have ate out but I had some frozen goods and it was in my cooler but..didn't want any more messes...I've still got things to do...LOL

Did get in a nap too..oh yeah I've decided that's my thing for me to keep my legs up during that time and even Ms Shug gets her nap too....yeppers my Critters are liking it and that's all that matters..

I un installed the virus program that came on my computer as I had one more day grace but I decided to go with AVG...I have it on my computer at home and really have no problems with it and easy to work with and support is great I installed their trial version which gives me a couple of weeks till I get all my data I need straightened out.

Still have to take my other lap top in to get all that info off it and then install some on here and use my portable zip drive for my back ups..always something plus I am using my printer but the software is not compatible with Windows 8..and I can't use it but only to in the future I have to look at getting a newer printer but that will be awhile..

TV was a tad bit boring have watched the Global Awards..and so so ..but other than that I did some searching in the Internet for a few things and making my lists for my next shopping day ...wooo hooo..

Ok, so that's my day with a little help from my friends...mmmm might rethink that one...but again I'm looking at how people treat other people and if they can't even acknowledge others than who needs them ...that's how I'm feeling..I just think too many just want to be Social Climbers...and the only climbing I'm gonna do is into my I come...:)

Hope those traveling Stay Safe and as always and from my heart..God Bless..!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kept a movin on Saturday

Kept a movin on Saturday...oh yeah I was smoking up a storm got a few things done and even got to sit out in the carport a bit with the Critters and Ms Shug..

Yes, it was a good morning and I was feeling pretty darn good..kept movin so I wouldn't slag off..but got a few more things accomplished and that made me feel good..

Even put me Soda Machine together and made some soda..well now I have to admit the choice of soda I had wasn't really that great in fact I know I've made better  hahaha...I mean I did work for PepsiCo years ago and Soda is what I made and made well...

The concept of this Sodastream machine is pretty neat but I'll have to come up with a better syrup to add to the carbonated water...and make it a lot better..yeah, I mean I still have some tricks up me sleeve..hahaha...and another thing.. I hate all those empty bottles so this is another crowd pleaser for me cept..gots to make a better product..

I did notice that the syrup is made in Israel....which is fine with me cause I'd toss it if it came from China..sorry folks..however I sure wish it came from the USA...are we getting that lazy ??????

Today was such a nice day I did enjoy my carport a bit after I swept it and wiped down the furniture.. I brought Shug out to check the area and she was enjoying it as well..head twisting in all directions and my outside birds were chirping..she was listening..and the Critters lay down on the cool cement floor..

Later on I did manage to get in a nap...and that made me feel pretty good too..cause I'm definitely not missing them I mean I get a couple of hours and I feel so much better...makes up for my wee hours I'm waking up at..

I had bought a frozen pizza and had that for dinner tonight and it was awful..and of course I have not had a good pizza in the area I live in Florida ..I just don't think they know how to make a good I'm just gonna have to start making my dough and maybe freezing it ..and just make personal size pizza..sounds good to me..

Tonight not much was good on TV so I mainly played with Ms Shug and I just can't believe how she twists and turns and falls in her cage..I laugh and she laughs in fact I watched her fall and she got up and laughed.. I busted out laughing and she came over to the side I was sitting on and just laughed with me..Crazy Daffy Bird hahaha..

Ok, I'm beat and I'm gonna hit that bed...and I know it's gonna feel really good..tomorrow I'm gonna head out to Walmart ..although I hate going any where with this flu outbreak but it's a must .. I need my out door bird seed and bread and a few other things plus want to buy a Dutch's a must !

So that's my saga for today and look out for tomorrow...those traveling stay safe and as always...God Bless

Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm getting fiesty and it's Friday :)

I'm getting feisty and it's Friday :)  OH MY STARS !!!!....hahaha.. yes, today I  was feeling much better a few things done and I still am pacing myself and my leg..well it's still there but getting much fact it looks like Alligator skin hahaha..but hey, it's better well not just better, much better..and that's all that counts..

I'm starting to also think of what to make for dinner that's a plus..and planning on heading out to Walmart..but I'll do that on Sunday morning early..maybe might even wear a mask and gloves..cause the Flu is ramped here in sunny Florida..

My friend John (of the fighting duo) is fighting with Jane on the phone..she just doesn't know when to quit...he's starting to feel a little better because of the meds...but still has to see a Surgeon for removal of his Gallbladder..that's gonna be a trip...!!!

I've been talking to him several times a day to calm him down..soon I'm gonna need a VALIUM if this keeps up..but I feel bad for him cause they just don't know when to quit..but I told him..that if he wants to survive without going by ambulance to just hang up on the girlfriend...boy some days I have to wonder ????

Yes there are people like this that thrive on causing others misery.. Some days I wonder about people I try to be friends it really worth it..I mean I get the feeling I'm beating a dead I should just click them out of my life and just pay attention to what is important to me...goes back to what my Momma use to say, "if you only have one friend in life, consider yourself lucky" I never understood it..but I think I do now..

It's truly difficult to have "true friends" you can always have the so so kind that you help them pass the time of day...or the social network of friends that just need to chat with someone...but a true friend...I'm sure there out there and far and few in between...I know I've had one here and my life span evolved...I know my hubby is My BEST FRIEND...and I have a few that are Social Friends...but I'm still working on the "true friendship"..but I have hopes...!

Had a good chat with one of the RV Sistahs on Facebook Video..she was really neat and I enjoyed our fact Ms Shug even got involved..We both laughed well I should say, "All 3 of us did"...:) Another neat appreciation of a good chat..I enjoy her humor too..and her experiences.. I look forward to more chats..

Now I'm getting ready for bed as I'm dawg tired...and tomorrow does come those traveling I pray you are staying safe...and as always God Bless

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I started getting things done on Thursday

I started getting things done on Thursday...and being Trash Day you betcha..I felt a little better and a little stronger so I got a few things done..Rice Fields is always a biggy...but got er done and I did shred the chicken up yesterday and that's my Critters are taken care of..

Now tomorrow morning I have Ms Shug's chop chop LOL..yeah cause I petered out and I put it off for tomorrow..what the hey :)

Morning went along pretty good and the sun was out and the AC was on..yeah it was a need to have on..but looking out at the brightness made me even feel better..Told ya I'm a light person..:)

Later on this afternoon I did manage to rest a bit as I'm trying to pace myself..and I heard from my friend John (the duo John and Jane) and it wasn't too good ...he has been ill and thought he had the flu and I kept telling him go to the doctor and stop guessing..Well he did !  What it turned out to be was not the flu at all..but Gallbladder..ouch! 

Yep, they took a CAT Scan, a Chest Xray and an Ultra Sound and found his Gallbladder was filled with stones..told him it had to come out so they will refer him to his Doc and then to a Surgeon..

Sad I'm not able to help him with his Critters..but he does have someone that will take care of them but I did offer to take him to the Hospital and take him home and go to the stores..that's the least I can do.. I'm not all that able to do much ..but do what I can..cause he would do the same for me ..

Other than his girlfriend Jane being a JERK and fighting..amazes me..but fight she does knowing he's not well...She's a piece of work !!! Told him tell her to call me I'll take care of her...and I would..I can't tolerate someone that does that knowing someone is so ill...JERK !!!

Most of my day went pretty good and I did manage to get my leg up a bit's healing nicely..just have to make sure it the time I get to the Doc it will be all better..(hopefully)..

So that's about most my day other than I hooked up my Facebook with Skype and that's pretty neat too..another toy...and again a great way of communicating...tomorrow I'm gonna have a connection with another one of my RV Sistahs in Southern Cal..this should be neat..

That's my story and I'm ready to call it a night and then on to tomorrow..All that are traveling stay safe and God Bless

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

And it's only Wednesday

And it's only Wednesday...isn't my week over yet ????? well unfortunately NOT..but it's getting closer..and tomorrow is the big TRASH DAY and Rice Fields but I'm able to do them both.. I mean the cooker will take care of one thing and the dolly will help me carry my load out to the curb and the rest will be history :)

Morning for me was a little rough but not that bad..I've had worse ...however what the problem was "NO CAFFEINE" pick me up and carry me through the day...almost as bad as cigs..but I just inhale and swallow..hahaha..

My sense of humor is a bit strange but that's because I'm heading on the uptake of the mend..thank you LORD...and tonight I even managed to do laundry. (had no choice) and felt good ..of course most the day I did lay down and even my leg is getting better too..Two birds with one stone LOL..

Nothing too much happening other than my friends tell me they are "dying"  I feel for them cause I know it's not pleasant but thank goodness I did not get it as bad as they did...and I ain't bragging..

Tomorrow I do have to attempt to do a little more work vacuuming..I mean it has to be done but I'll take my time and do one room at a time in between me laying's rough out there..seriously when you are by yourself and not feeling great and still have to make sure the Critters are taken care of you force yourself..but you know I've always said, "it's a good thing cause other wise you find yourself feeling sorry and that makes it worse"...So you pick yourself up and do it !!!!

Now I'm ready for bed..not tired but I know I have to lay down or I'll drag tomorrow..this is the dangerous part when you think you are doing ok and you over due I need to pace myself..

So it's off to slumber land I go and I hope and pray those traveling are staying safe and as always  God Bless...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So I've got a bit of a bug still on Tuesday

So I've got a bit of a bug still on Tuesday....and boy it has knocked me down a peg or two..but I'm still able to do a few things...I mean I don't have a choice..and in away I'm glad I have to cause other wise I'd wally in self pity..not that it wouldn't be bad..but it gets me to get up like it or not !

Morning I dragged myself to the couch and waited to the alarm went off for pills which is 6am then I lay back down and waited till 7:30am to get the Critters out and Ms Shug out and clean her cage..oh yeah that baby has to be cleaned same as the Dawg Patio..daily and rain or shine..LOL..

After that my Critters laid down and so did I ...after taking my Tylenol sure does help and I wasn't running all day today to sit on my I had heard my friends were really bad..Thank YOU LORD for making sure I got my Flu Vaccine...

I'm down but not out !...and tomorrow I'm gonna do the same thing..drink fluids and I have Popsicles that help..cause when you can't eat you can at least have flavor and refreshing at that...I keep a box of Popsicles in the freezer all the time..just for that reason.

I can't believe how good my Critters are including Ms Shug...I mean she kept herself busy most the day and towards the evening I did let her out..I felt so bad for her and she was so funny ..running around the back of the couch as I lay down and playing Peek A Boo...hahaha...yeah the little feathered friend had me laughing.

So my plans are for tomorrow to do a repeat of today so by the end of the week I can feel better...the weather was fantastic as I had to go out and feed my outside birds and they were happy...

Now I'm ready to lay my head down I have the ceiling fan going and it feels comfy...oh I forgot..I think my dish washer may be going on the this morning when I got up the light was still on it and it made a buzzing sound..till I turned it we'll see as I have her running now...please, cut me some slack LOL..

So I am saying to all of you out there that reads my blog..Make sure you have your flu shot cause it's a bugger and I know I have it light compared to my friends ...

Those traveling stay safe and as always...God Bless..

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday done me in !

Monday done me in !  sure as heck did... I was fine this morning and then by afternoon it hit... I had a mean asp headache and the two step run to the bathroom then the bottom fell out..

Morning I did my mad dash for the Trash as I woke up with a little bit of a headache and didn't think much about it as it had rained last night..and when I woke I got my chores done and just leaned back on the couch for my quiet time which seemed to have never hit as last thing I remember was hubby calling me and then I realized it was almost 7:45am ..HOLY SMOKES !

I jumped up and ran out the door..well not actually ran cause I can't but I hurried anyway..and grabbed the trash and rushed the cart throught the doorway and down the driveway to the curb..thank goodness with the rain the trash trucks were running late..phewwwwwwww.

I also had to run into town to pick up another screwed up script that CVS messed up again.. every month there is always something wrong..DUH ?????and then I went into Winn Dixie picked up a few things then came home..and as soon as I got in the door..UH stomach and I made a mad dash to the bathroom..then bam my headache hammered me..

I had to lay down on the couch as I thought what in the world..then I got a phone call from the Doctors office ..due to the high volume of Flu my appointment was changed...OH MY STARS...what has hit me ?????

I sure hope it's not the Flu but then another call came in and my friend was down with a mad headached ..stomach problems and the two step..HOLY CRAPPOLA...

So today I spent the day on the couch again and barely making it to fix dinner for the Critters and the night was not any better other than I took some Tylenol and it eased up my headache somewhat...

Now tonight I'm gonna lay my head down and not get up so early if I can help it but it will be another lay down day..Ah but one good part of leg is some what getting better..thank you LORD...

So it's good night and pray I feel better tomorrow..and all of you out travel and watch out for the Flu is running a MUCK..

God Bless

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Very Relaxing Sunday :)

A Very Relaxing Sunday :) and I thoroughly enjoyed it too..Got my pills of life sorted and then had an old fashion breakfast..Bacon, Eggs, Toast Coffee and boy that was good too..LOL

My morning is always busy as I get Critters done and Ms Shug gets her cage cleaned and I play with her as I then I give Ms Shug her spray bath..haven't even thought about taking her into the shower with me... I mean I know lots of parrot owners do that..but I think that's a few feathers away for me  hahaha..

Watched my favorite TV show..QVC..yes I'm a gadget junkie and some of them were hard to resist..ah but I did buy a few things to go along with my Dishes !!!

Did manage to sort through newspapers for my setups for Ms Shugs having them done way ahead..I'm that kind of person..always have to have setups on everything to make it easy..

Later in the day I just leaned back and kept my leg up as I have that Doc appointment on Tuesday and I wanna make sure it's much better..don't wanna have to take any more meds..I'm kind of meds out...

Watched the Biggest Loser and WOW I'm telling ya that show is awesome..but if I were on it they'd be calling the ambulance...shame how some people get so heavy but I can understand it happening... I can gain lbs overnight because of my thyroid..but these people are so young...I never was heavy until my late years and having several heart attacks..and went down hill from there..

I joke about it but I have so much wrong I'm amazed I can keep fact my Doc keeps saying, "How do you do it"..?   Wish I knew other than my strong faith and believing in myself that I'll get through this..

Now I'm ready for bed..and I know I can get through that..hahaha..tomorrow I have to run to CVS again they messed up my meds so in town I have to go and I'll stop at Winn Dixie for a few things then homeward bound I am ..

Making my list of things I need to get done and then I'll be done..:)

So those traveling stay safe and as always...God Bless.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My What a Nice Saturday :)

My What a Nice Saturday :) and it surely was..just relaxing and entertaining..even had a visitor for a short bit..a friend that wanted to meet Ms Shug and that was a hoot..

Morning again is like a time bomb in my house..I have my quiet time and then I have my gang busters..I'm busy when I first wake up cause I was just plum lazy yesterday when I got home from the it was Chop, Chop, Chop for me for Ms Shug..but I did manage to Chop up enough for the week ...Wooo Hooo !

Then I had not a goodies to have for breakfast so I did whip up some corn muffins..thank you Jiffy...and later on I made a box cake..Yellow cake which I tweaked a bit with Orange Zest and put on a Milk Chocolate that I would have something to offer my friend when she came in..and I even sent her home with 3/4's of the cake cause that can be dangerous for me...I mean I'd eat this way I know she doesn't do things for herself it was my way of giving her something to have for later on..

I do that when people come to visit.. I always send them home with's kind of something my Momma always did ..and I guess I carry that tradition on... Just ask anyone that comes to visit me..they'll tell ya.. it's like Zeee's take out :) 

Later on I did manage to lay down a bit as my leg was throbbing..boy this bugger is giving me what for...but it's looking a lot better ..only problem I'm having is getting out of breath so I need to step up on my meds and also do my inhaler...It's always something but hey, I'm still kicking and fighting with all my might..

I did mange to have some fun time with Ms Shug as she is quite a character and loves to steal.. I took a picture of her with my pen.. I should head it.. Shug's gonna sit right down and write herself a letter ...yeah I am humming that tune..kind of liked it a lot.....but I named it Ms Shug and her Hot Pen  :)

She is really so sweet and loves to entertain..and is starting to pay more attention to me when she's out..although I love watching her play..soon I need to get her that Play Pen..that would really give her a neat toy..speaking of which she loves hers and swings like Tarzan LOL...but no yelling thank you !!!

Now my eyes are getting heavy and I'm really tired..this coming Tuesday I have my appointment with the Cardio Doc ..kind of anxious in away but I'm not really at ease with him..He's just so into himself..and I'm sure that has a lot to do with it with me... or I'm so spoiled by my Docs at home ..they care..that's the problem I'm a number here ...we'll see..

So now I'm gonna post a Picture of Ms Shug and my pen she clipped..LOL  Hope all that are traveling stay safe and dry..and as always God Bless..

Ms Shug and her Hot Pen !

Friday, January 4, 2013

Got bailed out on Friday :)

Got Bailed out on Friday :)  W00 hoo...I sure did !...Morning was a blurr as I hurried to get things done being it was gonna rain...yeah, we've not had much rain and of course I wanna go out and it's dark and dreary but I'm still gonna go out cause I'm out of veggies for Ms Shug and I also need a few things..

So I zoomed thought my chores and still have to vacuum, but that I'll do tomorrow as I'm staying in ...and doing up my list so I can get things done that need to be...

Went to Publix and the produce guy always chuckles when he sees me.. I guess I must put on a good show cause he's grinning like a Cheshire Cat  LOL..So I start asking him questions and then he asks, "Do you like all those veggies"..?  and I look around first then say in a whisper, "It's for my Parrot"...he gets this strange look on his face and then says, "Are you kidding"......What can I say..LOL  but my standard answer.."Oh, you didn't know???? I have a Parrot???? like he should know..but then he gets the look like..{OH YEAH THAT'S Right) would he know..I mean I never told him and for that matter I don't even know him other than he's always smiling LOL..

Now he knows he's dealing with a Bird Lady..wait till the next time I buy veggies for me Critters..hahaha..He'll have a fall out of perhaps a frozen smile..stuck in limbo...

But Veggies I bought so that should make Ms Shug happy ah but I did buy some Shrimp and Catfish and lunch was good and dinner was great..:) so we all is happy till next outing..look out world here I come..

Ya know it felt good getting out and even just if it was just to the store.. I saw the outside world and what was happening around me...but going to that Publix and passing their bakery..HELP..I did resist ..but I'll make some brownies this weekend and a few other goodies to help me get pass my urges..

Later on this afternoon I did get in a short nap with my leg up and it's really starting to look better as next week I have a Cardio Doc appointment on the 8th which is Tuesday..hate that it's in the afternoon but at least I'll get that over with...

Now I'm ready as I said before "To Hit the SACK.."  cause for me it's like this..Lay down close my eyes next thing I know it's time to get up"...I'm telling ya some where a long the line I'm missing out on something..

Those traveling stay safe and dry and as always..God Bless