Friday, May 10, 2013

It's a Friday happening.....Maybe LOL

It's a Friday happening ....Maybe  LOL....that was the mood I was in and I was anxious to get things done early as it was suppose to get very almost in the  90's...YIKES..!!!

My morning was a little bit of this and that and going through my frig to see what I could possibly throw together and I was in one of those moods that nothing I looked at even looked good ...sooooooooooo on to the freezer mode I went..pulled a few things out for later on fixins...

Hence tomorrow will be a Crock Pot deal...Pot Roast with Veggies..a definite one potter and that's fine with me.. I mean who wants the mess and besides I need to start emptying things as I don't have a lot of space to carry back home and I'm on a count down schedule now...:)

I did a lot of work on that baby blanket which I'll post a picture and I still have to figure out how in the world I'm gonna edge it...but I'll come up with something...

My critters are lazy today..everyone including Ms Shug is being exceptionally quiet..Ok, what's now gonna be my next surprise..hahaha

My garden is looking nice although I could still put in some more color but I'll plan that again when I come back in Oct...however those geraniums are looking so much better..I keep telling everyone that asks.."Water them daily and tell them how beautiful they are"...hahaha..but it really does work..

Tomorrow I've got to head out to pick up a few things for Shug and maybe a few goodies for me...the quick fixes kind.. Make my life easy cause I need to start emptying my cabinets..

So it's that time for me to say, "Good Night Sweet Heart"...and my body is trying to come down with a cold..but I ain't having no cold...taking my Tylenol and crossing my fingers for sure..

Watched a movie called "The Vow" was pretty good but left me hanging..however it was based on a true story and the ending told of the actual couple how things worked out...I won't'll have to watch it yourself..LOL

I'll say this..."Safe Travels to All "  and as always God Bless Us All...!

Psst...Here's how much I've done on that Baby Blanket :)

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