Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's Toodles Tuesday !

It's Toodles Tuesday !....and I was on the go..got up weeee early and had to wait to daylight which came in at 6:30am and then got Mister Zeke out and did the plants and birds and squirrels came back in and started on Ms Shug and waited for Ms Reba to wake up...

Once all were fed and watered I was off to Walmart and I couldn't find a blessed thing cept I did get my bird seed for my outside birds and a few things but wound up stopping back at Winn Dixie to finish my shopping.

Came home and put everything away then made my list of what I've got to do tomorrow..and I can't let it go..so the race will be on from the minute I get up...
Rice fields, Chicken Salad, Gravy and Yonana goodies...gawd that stuff is good !

Took a nap around 2pm and just watched a little bit of TV then it seems like I just did this but had to get my big one out and feed all..Yes, Ms Shug got her goodies too..

Later tonight watched the Voice..and I picked who was going home and I was spot on..but I have to say Holly and Amber did an excellent duo tonight..an old Reba tune and they were great..

Now I'm ready to hit the sack as I've got lots to get done and thank heavens I can put trash out..cause Monday was a holiday and you know what is building up...YUCKO..

This is a short one cause I'm to tired to think so that means I'll play catch up maybe tomorrow..Who knows :)

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always....God Bless Us All..!

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