Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Little Rough Going On Saturday

A little rough going on Saturday... Zeke was trying to get on the bed at 3am.. I had to stop him.. I could hear him panting.. he was just so upset.. I walked him into the kitchen and gave him some water..then took him out to potty.. and he wanted back in the bedroom.. and I let him lay by the bed.. I feel so bad.. I know he wants to be close to me... so I leaned over and talked with him and then he started to lay down and calm down..

About 5am the critters got up and back into the front of the house we all went.. I realized my arm wasn't hurting as much.. thank goodness and I was gonna be taking that soon as I made breakfast..

Tried to get Zeke to eat breakfast and it was a no go...ugh, my heart sank.. he did drink water and so I figured maybe a little later he'll eat something.. can't make him eat..but I can give him things in his water..

The Brats weren't bad at all today..guess they know I'm on edge and you don't wanna make the wrong move with me.. I'm just not able to handle all this and me not being able to function and struggling.. OUCH!

Later on Zeke crawled (actually) across the other side of the living room where I was sitting and put his head on my lap.. now I have to tell you my eyes filled up so quickly I was over flowing... this just breaks my heart..

I also realized that my elbow wasn't throbbing and I could move it a little more ..oh man I wish I could give this to Zeke.. then I also realized I got up off the couch without the double try... Hey, I'm really gonna be moving.. and if this keeps up it will be for 5 wonderful days.. woo hoo..

Did a burger and French fries in my NuWave Cooking Oven.. loved the fact no heat in the kitchen little clean up and I didn't have to stand over a stove nor out in the heat on a grill.. comparing the Geo Foreman Grill..and this.. the GF grill cooks away a lot of the juices.. it's like steam cooked.. this air cooks you do lose fat as it drips out but you still have juice in the meat.. I'm still learning as I go along..joined a group that cooks with it so get the tips from them  not the infomercial.. cause that's the bunk !!!  I followed their recipe and was garbage...they fib!  well not exactly I think everything they do is with certain weights..but you buy in the store you don't find it that way... so it's the BUNK !!

Tonight Zeke was fussing.. he wants to much to be able to be on the bed.. I see his looks.. I'm praying for the big boy.. he's always my Hero.. he's fought his whole life with surgeries and illness.. and he's fighting now.. please keep us in your prayers..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always... God Bless Us All..

PSSST.....Todd, Happy Birthday :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Thank Goodness It's Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday.... and I really mean that.. I had the worst night with my arm aching like a constant tooth ache matter where I placed it it throbbed... and Miss Annie slept through till 5am .. amazing.. although me and Zeke were up at 3am.. he couldn't sleep well either.. he was on the floor and wanted so much to be up in his spot in, well I just couldn't find a place that I could get my arm to rest..

Up we got and I hustled and popped them Tylenol and got Zeke out and then the brats.. they started to play and I let them go... as come 7am I was gonna pop all of them in crates and head out on that highway...I need to know what the hell is going on..

Arrived at 7:15am.. and went into the office.. Doc came in and I was the 2nd one to go in.. He came in and just shook his head and said, "Guess you just wanted to see me again before you went home".. Sure !!!..

He checked my arm out and checked the range of movement I have.. and I told him ..."today, I have a little more than yesterday" .. he knows I don't baby myself.. it hurts but I have to deal with it.. I can't just sit back....I've got critters that need to be taken care of..

Then he also said, "I do think this is more than arthritis, I believe it may be also Gout".. HUH>>>>????  Oh lord what now... but he explained to me because I'm on Lasix for such a long time ...that is one of the benefits  I receive..

Now I looked up at him (tall doc) and shook my head and said.."Doc, I take Statins which gave me Fatty Liver, and Fosamax which gave me a jaw disease and now I pee and I get Gout ?....What the hell next "  .? 

He bust out laughing.. and we both then just shook our heads.. He was going to give me a shot of cortisone...but then said, "you've got enough pain, I'll give you some pred..take it for 5 days..."  

I have to get a blood test to see if that is what is my problem as the Uric Acid will show in my blood.. in the mean time I'm here still not being able to brush my hair .. that sucks.. I looked wind blown.. or better yet.. BED HAIR !!

Got back to the house and boy the critters were anxious.. fed them breakfast.. Zeke didn't eat.. but he did eat a lunch biscuit.. and then later tonight I mixed some of Ms Reba's food that I had in the freezer in with his and he gobbled it up.

Hopefully once this Tylenol kicks in I'll get some sleep.. so with that.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Couldn't Wait For This Thursday

Couldn't wait for this Thursday.. as the night was a hard one for me.. most of it I just cried through and worrying myself to death over things I can not change.. but still the heart takes over and just whispers in your ear the beat of sadness.

Zeke so much wanted to climb on the bed and there was no way that I could even help him.. I took him by his collar and let him lay on the rug in the vanity area..

At 3:00am I felt Zeke come by the bed and check on me.. even in his pain he still was making sure I was ok.. and he slowly walked up into the front part of the house...

Then at 4am I felt this little wet nose come by me and touch me ever so gently.. it was Annie..she was out of her crate.. I must not have latched it.. as using my left hand always makes it difficult to do most she then climbed up in bed with me.. she lay still. which isn't like Annie..

When we finally all got up  Zeke was in the living room really trying to get up.. I walked up to him slowly and told him everything was gonna be alright...I had prayed most the night and morning.. I couldn't wait till 8:30am came as I needed to call the Vet..

I knew I couldn't get him in the car but if I could get some meds perhaps that would help.. so as soon as it got to 8:30am I was on the phone and then out the door to pick up some pain meds...

After 3 hours my Zeke was looking up at me.. I gave him water and I gave him about a 1/2 cup of rice and chicken and vegs with some of his dry food and he ate that down... then as I was giving the brats their noon cookie he looked at me and ok, I gave him is X Large biscuit.. he ate that.. I was just so happy he was eating.. with a big boy like this .. not eating is not good and they go down fast..

I had given him earlier pedialytes as he had diarrhea the night before.. and this would help him.. and he drank it down.. always good to keep in the house.. I was feeling better as my stomach was in knots...

Later in the day when it was dinner time.. I fixed a small amount for him and put it in front of him where he was laying.. but he looked at me and didn't go to eat.. I looked back and said, "Zeke, you want to come in the dog room and eat there ".. up he got and that's what he did... I didn't have a dry eye in the house.. I mean I was just so overwhelmed with how much he wanted to be apart of what he was so use too...

Most the night it poured and so I just leaned back on the couch with everyone just laying around as well.. got to play a little with Ms Shug and she's been so good too..

Now I'm ready for my Doc appointment for tomorrow at 7:30am.. and just pray he can give me something to ease this pain and give me back movement in my arm...

So until then I'm off to bed.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God bless Us All..

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm So Sad On This Wednesday

I'm so sad on this Wednesday... it didn't start off well.. but at least sleep came easily for all of us.. but wake up was nothing but more heart ache..

My boy Zeke has not been doing well.. he's not eating..but maybe a little biscuit and drinking water.. I watch as he pants.. and as he tried to get up.. his legs are really bothering him... From that fall he had a couple of days.. when Clancy had power washed the house and sprayed the screens.. Zeke ran out and jumped up on the door and flipped over backwards..

I thought he was ok.. maybe a little shaken as he got up and walked around.. hubby came down and Zeke was excited.. but I guess eventually the problem set in.. and now he's not doing well at all..

My arm has been throbbing like a tooth ache and as I called the Doctor to find out what the hell was wrong with me.. the nurse said, "Doc had left her a message ".. HELLO why didn't she call me with it"... any way it seems I have osteoarthritis in my elbow and that he will see me.. at 7:30am Friday Morning..

I could have come in Thursday at noon but I wouldn't have gotten out till after 4pm as they were squeezing me in.. so this way I'm in early and I can get back home..

My Zeke has just been laying around .. I'm giving him water and when I talked to the Vet I did discuss if he wasn't better I would bring him in.. so tomorrow with what happened tonight I will bring him in... don't know how I'll get him in the car.. but I will..

I have been so down I can't find my way back up.. I cried tonight on the couch.. knowing things are not good and I'm so helpless.. fell asleep for an hour woke up and talked with hubby. ..

I know hubby's right.. Zeke has been with me almost 10 years.. and Rotties really don't live long.. and with all that's happen to him I should be thankful I've had him as long as I've had... but again and too soon..

Just losing Miss Reba and now maybe Zeke... I can't help these hard feelings.. I am trying so hard to keep it together.. again I have to do what's right for my big boy..

It's like a big black cloud has just fallen down over me and my family.. I just pray this will lift and what ever I must do I can do..Please keep us in your prayers..

God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Not Tooting Too Much On Tuesday

Not Tooting too much on Tuesday... my day didn't start off great although Miss Annie did sleep through however my arm was aching most the night.. still don't know what I did or how I did.. so today as I go to the Vets with Annie and Zeke I'll call the Doc when I get back home....

Robert is heading back to Philly too.. so it's a bummer but he's been such great help and am sure gonna miss him.. but as he says, "he'll be back in just about 5 weeks .. actually flying down on the 4th of July... and then we'll head back to Philly after we close up the house..

Went to the Vets and Miss Annie done gained a few pounds LOL 37.5..she's growing and she also got her Rabbies vaccine as well.. and Zeke had his chest Xray and not showing any signs of fluid around the heart or a (what they call) Pumpkin Heart.. although he was having problems with his hips.. He had a fall a few days ago where he slipped as he was jumping up.. the floor was wet from where Clancy had power washed the house..

Got back home and hubby was leaving.. then called the Doc.. next thing I know the Imagining place called me to tell me to come on in.. so got the critters taken care of and in I drove...couldn't put my seat belt on as I can't snap it.. my arm is so weak..

Took several Xrays and then they let me go after they were read and faxed to the Doc... I then called his office and the nurse said, "he'd be intouch.."..oh my .. waited all day and evening.. so I'm guessing it's not broke or I would have heard from him..

Manage to get critters fed but Zeke wasn't eating.. and again that always worries me... hope he's some what better tomorrow or you know I'll be calling the Vet again..

Now my arm is aching and typing with one hand is some what difficult.. so it's good night from me now.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day On This Monday

Memorial Day On This Monday

Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Sweet Sunday :)

A sweet Sunday :) and Miss Annie let us all sleep in till 5:30am.. AMEN!... she's such a good girl.. but she does have her moments...LOL

Morning for us was busy as hubby was making another trip to Walmart.. that man of mine sure doesn't let the grass grow under his feet.. or should I say, "my tires".. any way..this time he made his notes on his IPhone.. so he wouldn't forget his list hahaha

Today was gonna be a busy one as well.. Did up the sweet potatoes and got them in the freezer and also shredded the chicken and that's in the freezer ..then on to the Rice and Veggies ..that's in the freezer.. oh yeah we was busy....

Then I put my NuWave Oven to work.. I did a London Broil in it.. now it was tasty ..but it was like baked in the oven ..a little different for us as we always grilled ours..but this was good.. I won't lie.. I still like it grilled but let me tell ya it tasted good and it was done medium rare like we like it.. and I have plently left for sandwiches..which is always good too..:)

However I still have to figure how to do the brownies right in this thing.. I've read where they say .."their's came out great" and I'm sure they did but I haven't gotten the nack just yet.. I followed exactly what they did..however mine were over baked on the sides and soft and thick like in the it could have been because I didn't mix it right without my hand mixer..

Tomorrow I'm gonna make BBQ Chicken in the NuWave..yep... need to get this gadget to work or why have it.. and pay so much for it.. DUH.. watching the infomercials are always the come ons..but from what I've heard from the group I just joined ..they say, "It does what it shows ya".. we'll see ....

Now I'm ready for bed and hubby and Critters are Zzzzzzzzzzz away.. so with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Up And About On Saturday

Up and about on Saturday.. and Miss Annie let me sleep through.. well all of us.. she was so good I knew I was in for more action  LOL..

Morning we all were in tune and just buzzing along. Critters were ready to prove they were gonna act like "Angels"... well that was a good thought but really they weren't too bad today..

Hubby did his morning run to Walmart.. honestly that man knows what's best to keep "domestic tranquility".. hahaha.. but he did and when he came back he said, "Ya know I know I missed something".. HUH?????  yep !  his list was left home and so what he went for he only got a few things.. so guess what..he's going back tomorrow..hahaha.. well if that's what makes his day.. So Be It !!!

Most of the day it was get things done for when he'll be coming back in July which by the way is not that long away that means I have to put the pedal to the medal and get stuff done !!!

Start to keep track of what needs to go out and what needs to stay.. and the critter food situation.. decided I'm not gonna change anything right now.. cause all is going smoothly..

Zeke was a little off kilter this morning..and as you all know that always gets me worried... but he goes to the vets on Tuesday and we get those tests run.. however, I really hope and pray he'll be ok..

Today or should I say, "tonight, we tried baking in the NuWave Oven.. hahaha.. well it did smell heavenly .. and brownies were what was happening.. but I did follow the video and I have to tell ya.. 42 minutes was toooooooo long.. they were over baked on the outside and in the inside were gooey.. and the brownie itself seems too heavy or thick.. not sure why.. but I did join the site on Face Book to find out why..

I'm doing a London Broil tomorrow for dinner.. read where someone was talking about how delish it came out.. so I haven't had one for awhile.. and tomorrow is the day...

Other than that we just enjoyed our laughs and critters antics.. and Ms Shug was in heaven with her Man LOL.. too funny..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All..

Friday, May 23, 2014

A Very Tired Friday

A very tired Friday....and it really was... Hubby's plane was delayed in Philly and by the time the storms passed through he boarded almost at 11pm and got in close to 2:30am.. I was a nervous wreck for him.. I'm not great about storms to begin with and hearing the news about the Tornado Warnings and what was happening in Delaware..Ouch it wasn't a good night waiting and I'm sure for him it wasn't a great feeling flying either..

When hubby arrived the critters woke and it was like the 4th of July .. I mean it took about a half hour to calm all down and then to try and sleep wasn't easy for him or me.. so when Miss Annie yodeled it was like.. OH NO PUHLEZZZZZZZZ..but up I got and hubby finally fell asleep..

So it was trying to keep the brats quiet..OH MY STARS ...not a easy thing to do..but for some reason they only played till 6:30am and then settled down.. I felt like I was in a fog.. from when I got up till most the day...and did the day drag.....

I had made the pancakes and sausage up so that was a easy throw together with the exception of some "eggs over easy".. and breakfast was done.. then it was lay on the attempt to get over the fog in the brain feeling.

Hubby decided he needed to get a few things at off he went..God Bless that man.. I couldn't even get my head together much less attempt to be out and about.. so while he did that .. and picked up a few things for me.. I proceeded to get our lunch/early dinner together..

Used the NuWave Oven too.. made French Fries and had steak neither one of us wanting anything heavy...even checked a few things out on YouTube using it.. almost made a pan of brownies..hahaha.. but that's gonna be tomorrow.. we both decided on that..

Then tonight we just leaned back and let the brats entertain us.. LOL  they do a great job too.. and even wait for applauds..Miss Annie was really good today so I figure it's gonna run out and be prepared for tomorrow.. hahaha..

So now it's bed time and I can't wait.. it takes me a few days to bounce back from worrying and not sleeping.. and tomorrow we are just gonna break down a few of the boxes I've collected and start getting the dog room in shape.. I have lots of things I need to give to the Vet's office to give to someone in need as I have 1 1/2 dozen diapers from Ms Reba.. I know I'm gonna feel it in my heart ..I so miss that gal ..

Well, it's that time and I'm running into a snag..called brain freeze..LOL  Those traveling Stay Safe and as always... God Bless Us All..

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Big Day On Thursday :)

The big day on Thursday :)... YES!... Hubby will be coming in tonight and really looking forward to it... and I know he is..getting away from the stress at work and seeing the critters and Ms Shug.. and then little ole me  LOL..

Well Miss Annie is settling in to her own schedule.. and it looks like maybe she's gonna stay between 3:30am and 4ish.. but hopefully as she gets a little older that will change as well..

I see Zeke starting to show is age which now is making me feel sad.. He's such a wonderful big lad.. I do hope and pray I have him a few more years.. he does go to the vets on Tuesday to see what's changing in his EKG.. but I'm still not that overly concerned as I think it's mainly with his age..

Rudy is such a smoocher and he's gonna be a great boy.. I can see him shaping up nicely.. and I'm slowly starting to give him some lessons on what he needs to do I did with Zeke..

Miss Annie..well, she's a terror and I'm afraid she's got a long time to go before she gets in the picture...she's so full of herself but she's now starting to GROW..I mean right before my eyes too !

Went to the store picked up a few things and we should be ok till hubby leaves again..sigh.. but this way he doesn't have to do as much running but help me get my boxes together with what I need stored and what will be going back with us..

Got a call this evening from Hubby.. his flight is detained..there are lots of storms in the area plus tornado warning.. and I just saw on my news that Del. was having bad storms and that's where he'd have to fly through.. yucko..

Watched a little TV but nervous till I hear from Hubby.. the Big Bang Theory is always a hoot.. but for tonight I couldn't keep my mind on it...

Finally at 10pm hubby called they are boarding.. thank goodness but I'll still worry till they touch down.. which means he'll be here around 1:30am.. so I called the front gate to let them know ..also turned on the outside porch light too..

Critters are settled in and I'm gonna lay in bed watching TV.. till I hear him come in the door..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Winging It Through On Wednesday

Winging it through on Wednesday... I'll say... Morning was my usual now as it seems..Up at 3:30am and pray we go back to bed until at least 5:30am if not pray for a Nap some time in the afternoon..:)

So it begun and the rest followed through..hahaha.. well that's how it does seem.. I mean as hard as I try things don't always fall they way I would like.. but I go along with the flow and work around all the interruptions and surprises..

Tried to get a few more things done as Hubby will be here tomorrow night .. I'll try to stay up..but I ain't promising nuttin'... in fact tonight as I was watching Survivor I fell into a deep sleep and woke up at the end.. HUH.. but good thing I recorded it cause I'll have to catch it tomorrow..

This afternoon I got a hankering for Onion Soup.. so I had the onions.. and the rest fell right in.. yes, I even had beef broth..that lucked out as I was gonna make a pot that will come later on... so I picked up my Crock Pot and tried another type of Onion soup.. this was easy as one two three..

While it was cooking my oh my the aroma in the air was heavenly.. and I'll have to tell ya .. this was pretty darn good.. now not like the intense one you do on the stove ..but this was...."EASY"  and got the good results.. Yes, I'll make it again..:)

The brats played hard but as the day progressed they settled down..and they are getting better but wow can they wreck a room.. Miss Annie has her quirps while Rudy is such a sweet heart..he just loves to be cuddled..but boy he's so strong and doesn't even realize his power...but Miss Annie..she's now a "Don't take any Chit"  and goes for the GUSTO !

Towards evening after dinner as I do every night we sit out in the carport..and I noticed ..Miss Annie can't fit on the step..LOL  yep !  She done grown again..

Ok, I'm ready for bed as I stayed up to watch (I thought) Survivor..but I'll have to watch it tomorrow..hahaha... Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Holy Smokes It's Tuesday

Holy Smokes it's Tuesday already... can't believe soon hubby will be here..but I'm glad.. I need the break even if it's just a couple of days..

Last night was good..Miss Annie is settled into her 3:30am wake up but I can get her to go back to bed cause I know Rudy is always willin to's Miss Annie who's the stubborn one...

Woke up for the second time and I had a lot of things to get done..still do but at least I'm half way there..didn't go any place as I will make my dash out on Thursday ..I'm out of Cola and that is hubby's drink..without that I'm afraid he'd go in withdrawls..hahaha

No phone calls today and that was so nice.. I mean no one bickering a bunch of bull crap..I did here from Jane..her usual as she's driving she gets bored and HELLO THERE...but I have to let her know I can't talk all day.. cause she'd want too as she had so many hours to drive..

I'm gonna also start to break down things in the house that will be coming back as the 2nd week of July we'll be heading back home if I get a good head start when hubby flies in ..we won't be running crazy as most of what I need to go back will be put in boxes..(see that's why I always have boxes ) LOL

Most my day was pretty decent the brats did let me get in a nap..thank goodness and they were really good this evening..again thank goodness..

Watching the Voice and I do hope that Jake the country boy wins..but Josh is also darn good too...oh well..

Here comes the announcement...winner is  Josh... like I said, "he was darn good"...but I know that boy Jake will do well in country music..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, May 19, 2014

And Along Came Monday

And along came Monday.. we all were up wee early and no return...Miss Annie had no parts of it...sooooooo up we got and boy the day did drag..

The Tree guys came and cut back the one tree behind my house which was leaning..of course towards ME !...but  a really neat treat for now was one of the guys called me and said, "they will come back and trim it more but because there were two birds nest with eggs in them and they were Woodpecker "  they know I love my I have the feeders always that made me feel better..they cared !

Then I made a quick stop to Winn Dixie and even stopped at Hardee's for a burger ..a real treat no cooking..then headed back home..ah it felt good to get out and about a bit..

Of course as soon as I got back those darling were ready for their Lunch Cookie..and they let me know it..they gobble so quick I don't think they even know what they had...but the did give me another treat..they took a nap at around 3pm..hey, it felt good  LOL

I did manage to make a pot of Sloppy Joe's and put that up in the freezer my do aheads and tomorrow I've got the sausage to cook up and again more pancakes.. with blueberries..yeah.. love my breakfast morning noon or night time..

Tonight I got rid of the pain in my butt John, he just finally broke the record of causing me headaches..never stops and always about him and his problems and screams I decided after all these years of trying to deal with it.. I no longer want too.. I even told his partner Jane that this was the kiss good bye..

Don't get me wrong these two deserve each other..they are so miserable together..and being sometimes in the middle sucked big time.. so tonight he push my buttons too much and I'm DONE!..NO RETURN either !!!

Watched the Voice and I still think that young boy that sings country did such a great job and constantly improved...should win.. it wouldn't surprise me at all and his song tonight.. by Keith Whitley, Don't Close Your Eyes was great.. I felt it ..I hope he wins..

Now I'm ready for bed and tomorrow the race is on to get the house in some kind of only if it would stay that way LOL...can't wait till Rudy and Miss Annie get grown up..:)

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Good Day Sunday

A good day Sunday.. thank goodness and my night was decent with a little wake up at 3:30am and then we all went back for a couple more hours.. and as always.. Sunday is my sorting of the pills of life.. and so I get to live another week LOL..

Rudy and Annie enjoy their wrestling match and stop around 7am.. time out I call it..get their drink of water and then fall out.. which then gives me a little break too... or should I say, "A breather"...and pick up the mess left behind.. I think I've thrown the last toy out.. :)

Today was really a catch up on things I had to make up for the freezer so I don't have to be standing at the stove.. I always did this when I was traveling and it always comes in handy..

Also it was clean the frig and that is always a surprise.. I had enough goodies in their and made a Nacho Bell Grande for dinner...worked out great .. Now to hall all this junk out to the curb tomorrow..LOL

Had to make a run to Sparrs.. really liking that place .. and picked up a crate for Miss Annie.. as the one I have in the van is now to got that done and also picked up some more biscuits.. then dropped by Jane's house to give her the other crate .. and she gave me a really nice pad for Miss Annie..

Got home and the critters were waiting for their LUNCH.. LOL yep, out came those biscuits.. and as fast as I give them.. they is gone !!!  don't even know if they new what they just ate..LOL

The critters took their nap around 3pm and so did I.. boy that was good now tomorrow I've got the tree guy coming to take down the last one.. and hope and pray no more cause I'm broke !!!!

Ready for bed and got my laundry basket by the door so when I take the critters out I can load the washer and get that going.. need to also go into town and pick up a few things for hubby.. like his Cola.. can't be without that LOL..

I'll make a pan of Lasagna for Saturday as I have made gravy and I've got plenty in the freezer.. in fact my freezer is ready to burp..LOL..

With that I'm gonna say...Those traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Getting Things Straight On Saturday

Getting things straight on Saturday...and it was so needed !...

Morning was not to bad, and of course Miss Annie is (hopefully) getting into the routine...Lord I sure hope so !... and we all were up at 4:30am.. Rudy and Annie played hard till 6:45am.. and then they fell out.. Great Day in the Morning !!!

Of course they did to their rather unique challenges.. like running around with the dremmel.. I guess Miss Annie figured she could just trip Rudy's nails.. I didn't know that she got it.. and it had to be Rudy to grab it off the counter..HUH...but that he did... and she took it from there.. then I'm hearing this buzzing sound.. What the ????  so I get up to track those two villains down and there she be.. laying down with the dremmel on the floor and it's on.. (it's a portable ..did you think she plugged it in LOL )

So I grabbed that up and again she took off for something else to grab.. and Rudy right behind her..they are really bad together... you have to be on your feet constantly cause they always get something.. and it's really different each day...LOL 

Then I got a call from Clancy to come over and power wash the house and then in the mean time he said.."the guys that did the tree broke his sprinkle head".. wonderful so I told him I'd call them.. and that I did... and by the looks of it.. Jack told me that it was broke when they checked the lines.. so it looks it's gonna be me that pays for it..

When Clancy got done power washing the house I had to have a talk with him cause I know he was still hurt about me not using him to do my yard work..but I tried to explain I could not afford 30 bucks an hour.. and although he feels with two people they'd get done and it would balance out.. it didn't from the time I used him .. 5 hours work which should have been with two people 10 hours work ...and it wasn't.. I asked him to quote me a price for the yard.. and we'd go from there..

So we had a good talk, and got a few things straightened out.. I don't try to cheat anyone..but I don't want to be ripped off either.. I have a good size yard and most lawn people charge by the job not the hour.. so Clancy and I settled our differences and he'll do the yard himself..

Clancy is a good worker and I've not been unhappy with his work.. and I do realize that Clancy is trying to help out his friends or who works with him..but if you are doing a lawn business, as far as what I'm use to up north.. it's by the job not the hour..

Was glad we talked as I know he felt I did him in.. which is no way my intentions..he did a great job on my house he always there is peace in the valley tonight..cepting my two brats.!

Got in a nap this afternoon and boy I needed it.. lately I've been just dragging..always having to get things picked up and run after those two...

Checked my calendar and as of tomorrow it's 5 more days and hubby will be here...thank goodness...then after that it will be start to sort out what I'm taking back with me..cause in July we'll be taking that long drive home and to the grind of getting all those tests done...OMG.. hate the thought of it..

With that.. I'm ready for bed and my critters are all tucked in...those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, May 16, 2014

Doctor Day On Friday

Doctor day on Friday...and I was glad they called to change my time too.. Last night Miss Annie slept thru to 4:45am...yeah.. we is getting better and up we all got...and I decided I wasn't gonna give them breakfast till I got back..

The tree man also showed up as well...OH JOY...but I did give the critters two large biscuits and out the door I went.. got to the Doc's office and they took me in right away...well I thought this is wonderful..however I didn't get seen for an hour later and then by the time I left it was 11:30am...yep, 2 hours later..oh home and everyone was soooooo good !!!

Let everyone out and fixed lunch but decided I'd give them another big biscuit and just feed them dinner later on..and they gobbled that cookie so fast I could see the dust spew out their mouths  hahaha..

Tree guy finish late in the afternoon and then called me out there to show me the tree in the back, the one I had him look at and he said, "Sorry lady, this one is bad and it's cracked almost all the way down.. it's gonna come down with strong winds"... now I could hear the next line.. yep, it's gonna cost 600 bucks but because I just spent 1200..he'll give me a break and only charge me 400...

There goes my windows I wanted to put in.. but I can't deal with this tree falling on my house either..not with this insurance in Florida.. and also this isn't my tree but they won't pay to have it done.. so now he'll come back next week and chop that baby down most of the way..

Did I tell you I was having a good day ???  well I was till I came home.. anyway the Doc was pleased with my numbers and took me off Zetia as it's been now noted to cause cancer..and he upped my Crestor to 40mgs..

I kind of dragged most the day still gasping from what a friend did yesterday.. they skated out of paying over 100K in credit card bills by filing chapter 7...and are thrilled.. I'm sure they are..but you know they were gonna do this any way cause they just totally didn't give a rats patootie on paying any bills .. business is not great yet they continued to spend and charge... I'm so pissed I just can't even go into the fraud they pulled ...

Always someone pulling a fast one.. and those that struggle to make ends meet to pay their bills.. oh well, I'm getting ticked again.. just need my space from these people..

Now I'm tired and gonna call hubby to say, "Good Night"...with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ok, Ok...It Was A Restful Thursday :)

Ok, Ok...It was a restful Thursday :)  with a little interruption LOL... Last night was also a good night sleeping cept for the heavy down pour and Miss Annie and Rudy were up at 3:30am..again !!!  Like I said before, as long as I can get them back to bed and get a couple more hours in.. so be it till we finally get to sleep in longer ...someday ????? maybe???? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Morning again was a rush to get them fed by 7am to prepare for tomorrow's Dr visit where I have to leave the house and be gone for several hours..knowing a Doc never keeps appointments on time..HA!

While I was getting my chores done the phone rang and HELLO was the Doc's office calling for me to change my appointment..Here we go again !!..but this time they wanted me to come in at 9:30am...OK.. that will work out even better..

I'll not feed them breakfast and just give them a cookie till I get back and that will work out surprises I HOPE ! I'm all set for tomorrow..HOPEFULLY...

In the mean time we got a few showers.. more like blasts of heavy rain and boy the thunder and lightening..OUCH... and the ladies called to say, "Sorry, we'll see you in a few weeks"...UH OH ...all that cake..OH NO .. I'll give it to my neighbors...cause I sure can't or won't eat that amount of cake..OMG!!!

So my day was kind of a humdrum..with only one exception.. but I don't want to write about it cause it makes my stomach curl.. maybe some day but not today...

Watched the Big Bang Theory and kind of just leaned back.. didn't even log on the internet..oh but I did register my Annie on Petlink..took forever ..but got that done and now filling out her AKC papers..Lord have things changed since I did this..

Got everyone out and they are all in bed and snoring...boy Rudy is as bad as Zeke...and in 7 days hubby will be here.. thank goodness..I'll at least get a full day to myself..

So with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Repeater On Wednesday

A repeater on Wednesday...seems my little darling Miss Annie is starting to get a little more together..well she still isn't an Angel..but someday she may sprout some wings LOL

Yes, we are up at 3:30am and then I get them (Rudy and Annie) back to bed and they will sleep almost till 5:30am..thank you !!!  This gives me a little more rest..although sometimes I just lay their...and normally I'd get up and go into the kitchen but the way these two go through the house I need the down time when I can get it !

Today was just a nice day..warm but nice and the brats weren't too crazy..just half way.. and Miss Annie is still a pistol.. she goes after Rudy at the drop of a hat....aaaaaah but today I'm starting to pick up some of those (use to be) toys and getting rid of them.. I mean these brats eat them and when they (sorry about this) poop it's always.."What the hell was that ?"..

Scary some times too ! to be on the safe side those things are going bye bye and I'll pick up a few more Nyla Bones and let them chew on those..safer for them and me..

Watched Survivor and boy Trish got the shocker..she got blind sided by her buddy..can't wait for next week as it's getting so crusty..LOVE IT !

Now I'm hearing the thunder and the heavy rain fall... just after I washed down the run too..darn it LOL..

With that... those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ok, So In Rolled Tuesday :)~

Ok, so in rolled Tuesday :)~... and as usual we did our Morning Thang !!!!  Like I said before, "This is Miss Annie's schedule"...and so we all are now on her little plan for now ....and the good thing is that we all get to go back to bed and catch another hour or maybe more..that's ok, I mean normally I'd stay up but with these two brats I gotta grab them zzzzz's while I can.. cause I certainly can't let them out of my sight .. not just yet ..soon though soon :)

I had to make a run to Walmart so after 10am I put everyone up.. but Miss Annie wasn't gonna go along with the program.. she didn't go potty.. so I just know there's gonna be trouble in paradise...

Stopped by Jane's house to trade up on cage size and the one I used to take her to the Vet's office she now has out when I got over to Jane's and she pulled out the other crate.. (my luck here we go) the dang thing was broken.. so as soon as her crew gets over they'll check in the truck and see if they have another one...

Jane also decided she needed a break so she came with me to Walmart.. I picked up my sink filters (Britta) and the looked for those planters for my Christmas Cactus..but nope none in ..seems like they are really not ordering much again..

I treated Jane to lunch we stopped at Arby's ..their roast beef sandwich was pretty darn tasty then I dropped her back home and when I got in was silent..ok, I know why.. Yep !  Miss Annie done did her self in.. I knew it.. but she just wouldn't go when I was ready to leave..I was not a happy camper and neither was Miss Annie..Yes, she got what for !!!

Later in the evening Jane came over and I made Chicken Parm and a little pasta and green salad with garlic bread..Yes, we were stuffed.. LOL  but it sure was tasty... she had to get back home as she has a litter of pups ..YIKES.. wait till they get running around.. I can't do that any more.. this was hard enough and still is..

Watched the Voice and was sorry to see Kat go home but I got a feeling that country boy might win.. he is getting better and better.. now I'm so ready for bed.. my day was long and it was warm too..

So with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hooray It's Monday !

Hooray It's Monday !  HUH????? well I'm sorta of feeling good.. I mean if Miss Annie don't sleep through the night at least I know she'll go back to bed now but I'd still like the unbroken sleep through.. if I had my druthers !

Morning for me was busy as I had the tree guy coming and also I needed to make a run into Winn Dixie..(my favorite market) and then if I have the time I need to stop at Sparr's and pick up a few more things ..

This morning was a cute episode with Miss Annie and Rudy.. and Ms Shug egged them on too.. but they did the tag routine then on to the "What Cha Gots " to the final struggle for the "said bone"... I was amused as I sat and watched because staying out of the way is the safest and if you let them go full steam ahead they will tire out and then I can get my break too...You got to keep on top of things that way..

I am noticing that Miss Annie again had another growth spurt some where in the night I guess but she stood up and was barking at something and all of a sudden I looked and she had longer legs..HELLO THERE :)

Finally the tree guy showed up and I watched them take that big limb down and then as I was out there I noticed the tree by Clancy's house was leaning right over my house..OH NO !!  I asked Clancy would he go half with me on taking that tree down a peg or two..but he said, "Nope that tree ain't bothering me but it's sure leaning towards you"... Thanks Clancy ..guess he's still mad at me for not using him for my yard work..but again like I told him.. "it wasn't personal, but I can't afford to pay 30 bucks an hour.. that's not in my pocket book.."

So the tree guy gave me a price of 500 bucks because I just spent 300 on this limb..I'm so impressed but it's one of those if I don't do it.. I might be really I have that SUCKS !  So the tree guy will come back on Friday and take that big top off and the tree will still be alive..but down a peg or two..

Then I headed out to Winn Dixie...Lord it felt good getting out even if for a hour but it was a break away.. bought a few goodies and then came back instead of stopping at Sparrs and let the critters out..Miss Annie was good and so was Rudy... Zeke my big boy is always good ....then we all had lunch.. and they enjoyed their big biscuit..

Ms Shug tonight said, "I love you".. she doesn't say it all the time but every once in a while she comes out with it..but she sure does bark up a storm.. and she was just so sweet... and her food I ordered from Amazon got here so they must have shipped it from a local I only ordered it on Friday..

Watched the Voice and all are good singers..but tonight the only one I liked was the country singer.. the rest although talented I didn't like their choice of music..

Now I'm ready for bed...and the critters are in the zzzzzzzzzzzzz stage..ah to feel that comfy bed..woo hoo.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...psst.. hubby will be here in 10 days..:)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day On This Sunday :)

Happy Mother's Day on this Sunday:)... it was a day of a lot of memories for me as well as a great day ... Starting off with Miss Annie giving me my Mother's Day gift of sleeping through the night... AMEN!!...

We all got up at 5am and the race began...I mean what can I say.. the two brats are so full of energy and especially because they slept with no interruptions so look out world they were ready for ACTION !!!

The day in itself was really nice and relaxing and in fact at 2pm I went and treated myself to Chinese.. I had given Zeke his pills and the brats their treat and put them up and off I went into town... boy did that feel good :)

Came back and ate a nice quiet meal then let the critters out.. they were so good..ok, what am I in store for next >>>>>LOL I mean if the day goes that good for me.. I know something is a MUCK...been there done that :)

However most the day was absolutely great in fact I even did Miss Annie and Rudy Tootie's toe nails.. the ole dremmel was being charged I called them over and one by one 20 toe nails got the ground down.. Rudy was a little hesitant but soon after we had our little twist and turn he relaxed .. and Miss Annie well she's little and mighty but she's more use to it..

So off came the tips and again I'll repeat it on next Sunday...doing it this way makes it much easier than letting it go several weeks and you have a lot to take back..more a chance of the ole burn baby burn..

For the evening I played with Ms Shug.. golly she is just full of ooze.. and just loves the attention and does her little cute dance and swells up and gives off that ungodly sound..but then it's rub me under my wing and I'll follow you anywhere..

I watched my all time favorite movie.. "I Remember Momma".. I grew up with that as well..and even remember when they had a TV program as we all would watch it.. I do think it was one of my mother's favorite as well.. kind of reminded us of what we would do weekly with the money that came in.. and Mom and her shoe box of envelopes that would hold what went to who..

Now I'm ready for bed.. and the critters ran back and got in their crates..and you know I'm sure hoping that we have another good night sleep.. now that would be really wonderful..

Oh and I'm on the count down to when hubby will be here.. 11 more days !!

With that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Peaceful Saturday

A peaceful Saturday... and it surely was but also a warm one.. Last night went well with Miss Annie.. I do believe she's starting to get the hang of her schedule   or I hope so.. but any way come the morning hours.. it looks like she's right now stuck on 3:30am but a quick return back to bed till almost 5:30am..

We all got up and the race was on.. I let them go cause there is no way that I can get them to settle down.. they is up and ready for fast action and that's what it is.. I give the pill to Zeke at 6am and they get  their treat then again the race is still going till almost 7am.. which by then they go out again drink a gallon of water and pee me a river LOL..come back in and lay down till I feed them breakfast which is any where between 8 and 8:30am...

Most the day was really not too much happening.. I did manage to make a big batch of Blueberry Pancakes and froze them for later on.. but did grab a couple and they were good with the sausage.. hey, I finally got a good one LOL

The rest of the afternoon was really warm and they kind of went in and out and had their tug of war ..dropped for a few minutes then the lunch wagon came along  LOL   Yep, they got their biscuits and gave me a break..

My day was just replanting my few new Christmas Cactus and boy did they ever need to be done plus water.. they were pretty much dry.. just haven't had time to do much I leave them buggers and do something I come back to a nightmare..

Boy I can't wait for these two to grow up.. HURRY PLEASE !

Did manage to get in a nap between 3 and 4 pm.. thank goodness and then it was back to the "Where are you, What do have, What are you eating "  LOL  Those words should be written in stone !!!

So with that I'm gonna say..."Safe Travels and God Bless Us All "

Friday, May 9, 2014

Today Was A Gooder And It Was A Friday :)

Today was a gooder and it was a Friday :)..... right from the get go..too !.. Last night Miss Annie done slept through till 3:30am .. we all got up and back to bed by 4am..ok, I got to sleep till 5:30am..and I was ok with that..

Morning they were ready to romp through the house and do their damage as I sat and watched cause no use trying to stop them.. their force can't be reckoned with..hahaha.  I get tired just watching them..

By 7am they are petered out and lay down till 8am then it's breakfast time..but in between I'm watering my plants and feeding the wild birds come back in and start getting breakfast for Ms Shug and the troupe :)

Most of the day went well.. Mike and Robert (the garden crew) came over and measured my yard for mulch as they are ordering it in bulk and will have it dropped on a tarp then spread it in my garden..

Also the tree man is coming on Monday to whack down a huge's too close for comfort..and less leaves falling in my yard too.. but hate that it was one of the hang outs for those birds...but needs to be done as it's drooping more than what I like.

Was quite warm today so we all were in the house but I did leave the door ajar for Miss Annie to make her quick runs and she does..and she is trying although she still has some bad habits..but we're working on those !

Not much else other than we did get our nap in.. thank goodness cause I felt the afternoon lag coming on.. and if I can catch even a half hour I'm ok.. but these late nights and early mornings do play a number on me.

Ms Shug was in a great mood..she just wanted to cuddle.. as I cleaned her cage..she's ok with the later hours too.. when I put the brats up at 7:30pm for their chill out before bed.. I get Ms Shug out and play with her and clean her up .. then I finally get my time around 9pm.. hey.. gotta have ME TIME..

Now we all are ready for bed.. The crew went out and then got their little treat and now they are settling down and I will be soon.. thank goodness and on to tomorrow...

Gotta make a list and head in to Sparr's for a Gnawing bone for Rudy as Miss Annie took his over...and another storage another big bag of Xtra Large Biscuits...

So with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always.. God Bless Us All..

PS.. forgot.. Registered Annie as ... I'm a Pistol...LOL  fits her !!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ok, I Get A Break One Day Then Look Out Thursday

Ok, I get a break one day then look out Thursday all hell breaks loose...HUH? ..
Last night was a good night sleeping..and come 4ish the day starts and I do try to get the brats back for at least an hour or maybe two .

Today was too hot to leave them in the carport with the door ajar so they could go in and it was shut the door and deal with the up and downs..but this time it was more ups than downs..

Miss Annie was not going for this and oh my stars we are back to square one.. she plays so hard and look out Momma she's gonna go..but I caught her and yelled ..she jumped and tried to get out the closed door...sorry Charlie you now see a puddle...I couldn't get to the door fast enough...but I did let her know with a swift grab and toss..yes, I did !!! 

She's been doing so good and then to top that measure off I put them up for a noon break gave them a cookie..well Miss Annie stomped and yodeled and yes, again peed  in her crate...mmmm this is not setting well with she got what for..

I sit back and try to figure what is going on in the pea brain of hers.. because the door is shut and they can't run in and out.. her whole schedule has changed and she's confused...poor baby.. CRAP !  She's gonna have to learn..even if it kills me..(probably will)

I don't like being mean to her or any of them but If I don't stop it...look out later down the road..Don't understand why all of a sudden this task is becoming a nightmare.. and it's all MINE...What was I thinking ?????

Later on this evening I discovered she also wet my blankets..LUCKY yes, I'm doing blankets as I am trying to relax.. Put the critters out for their last go and put them all to bed...and after my blankets are dry I'll go too..Guess that's my payback for being so MEAN...

With that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as Always.. God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An Easier Wednesday

An easier Wednesday...and boy I really needed it.. Miss Annie did again sleep through till 4am..but I think she barked before that and I sat up and told her I'd be right there LOL.. or maybe it was in my dream ...don't know but what ever we all got up together..took them out and then tried to see if they would go back to bed...They DID !!!  So we slept till 5:45am...hey, what ever I can grab works for me..:)

After breakfast I had to go to the mailbox ..which ours is in a center location for the I took all the critters with me.. put them on their leash and we walked out to the car all Miss Annie feels more secure and so does Rudy.. Mr Zeke played big cheese !!!  and they hopped in and away we went.. then I took them for a little drive around the complex.. so I could get Rudy use to being in the car..he's doing not too bad..again just a little bubbles between friends..:)

Most of the day I mainly put a few things up and attempted to make the living room look some what normal  HA!...these brats just have their toys and shred them looks like a bomb hit it !

I did manage to get them all to take a that was a song and a prayer..but they finally did..and that was great even if it was just an hour.. my back is starting to feel better I'm not pushing it..

I waited for my call from my Vets and finally it came in late in the day.. Their suggestion was to get an Xray as that would show fluid in the chest area if there was any or if possible an Echo.. and yes, I need to get that Digoxin test done that's always done to make sure his levels don't go over..

I feel much better on that part and the rest I'll go with how I feel .. if I see any change in Zeke, which by the way I really haven't..and Zeke himself does pace himself.. I don't allow him to get over excited.. and I definitely watch his in take and out take of fluids..something heart patients do..

I even got to make myself dinner.. well at 3pm cause when I get all the other stuff done it's too late for me so I eat a late lunch/dinner combo.. and Nacho Belle Grande it was .. and was good.. of course I had another root beer float..who could resist on 90 degree weather LOL.. any excuse I'll take it.

Watched Survivor tonight and as always interesting plot however that Tony has got to GO!! 

So with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ok, Pick Me Up Then Slap Me Down On Tuesday

Ok pick me up, then slap me down on Tuesday....holy crappola... now last night all went pretty good.. my BenGay was working and Miss Annie was in full co operation.. but I ain't saying nuttin just yet..

Come morning when we got up at 4am I tried to let us all go back to bed..well it worked for a bit..but them brats were ready for some action.. with me dragging behind.. so in the living room they romped and romped till they fell out..

Now I'm not gonna say how the living room looked cause at that point I could care less..but by breakfast time they came alive.. I then got them out and they did their thang then I put them up .. said, "Be Good Or Else".. (like that really mattered) and off I went to Winn Dixie and then to Spars for the biggest darn biscuit for my boy Zeke.. as the brats get the Large size but my big boy gets the Giant size.. one cookie for Zeke and 1 1/2 cookies for Rudy Tooty and Miss Annie ..that's their lunch ..

Got back home and put everything up and then it was let the brats back out.. I made myself (my treat) a root beer float..AMEN SISTAH !!!!....and tried to relax as the brats ran rampart through and out the door to the dog patio.. I could hear the stones hitting the wall.. OMG !  just glad I have no neighbors next store :)

Well about 3pm I got a call from the Cardio Doc for Zeke.. and he explained to me that Zeke's EKG showing his A-Fid had not changed but however there were changes in other areas of his heart and he would like to have Zeke have further testing.. one which is for the Digoxin in his blood which he takes 3 times a day and then others which included X ray of his chest and Echo, and wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours and then an Ultra Sound..

I asked the good Doc if this was going to improve his condition or was it just to find out what's causing these changes...I mean this poor boy has gone through the meat grinder ever since he was a pup... and if he's not having major problems or showing signs of congestive heart failure.. What is the point.. ?   I don't want to give Zeke so much meds that he's barely functioning.. as it is he does sleep a lot with what he takes.. and since the brats have come on the scene he is a little more active and attentive..

There was silence on the other line and then I just replied.. "I'll bring him in for the one test on the Digoxin and I'll have a consultation with my Doctors in Philly which I called and had all this data faxed up.. we set a time for tomorrow and we'll go from there..

If I felt that Zeke was in a major situation as I do realize this can happen with what he has now.. I'm as cautious as I can be with him now.. I limit his activity I don't allow him to get over heated and I do my best on watching his diet and special foods...

I felt the bottom drop out again.. I mean I'm not over losing my Ms Reba and I certainly don't want to make the wrong move with Zeke.. and being he is going to be 10 on the 9th of June I also realize that Rotties don't live long.. I mean there are some that make 14 and that's pretty darn fantastic because there are only a few I know.. most usually from 10 on up.  I lost my Abby at 11 years old to bone cancer.. that came on quick..

The rest of my day sucked from there on.. although the brats weren't too bad..but just looking at my big boy.. I could feel my heart aching.. I do realize with what he has, as I've been told so many times.. every day I have him is a blessing... and this, well it just didn't do me any justice..

We sat out tonight in the carport...and about 7:30pm we came in and I put the brats up till 10pm which gave me my time to take care of Ms Shug and also make something for my dinner.. don't like eating so late so I need to go back to early dinner time for me and a light something.. for evening time..

Talked with Hubby and he's coming down May 22nd and will go back May 27th.. thank goodness as I need to have him here for a little support.. and he does make it a lot easier for me..

Watched the Voice again.. hate to see those good singers get bumped..but they are all really good... and now I'm so ready for bed.. and praying Miss Annie sleeps again through the night.. hopefully we are finally setting a pattern..

With that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, May 5, 2014

It Is Monday But I Ain't Over Sunday :(

It is Monday but I ain't over Sunday night just yet.... It was a tough night as my lower back and hip were giving me problems..and then along came Miss Annie...what can I say, where do I start UGH!!!

Let Miss Annie out at 10:30pm as I couldn't last any longer and climbed into bed..put the heating pad on my lower back and just hoped that the ache would stop.. around 1:30am Miss Annie was barking..Uh Oh !  I had to get up and it took me a bit but up I got and opened her crate..Now for some reason she just doesn't come out.. so it's a go for a drag..yep, that's what I'm saying.."We go for a drag down the hallway to the door"... she then gets up and walks the rest of the way..

Out she went and ran and did her business..thank goodness now we can get back to sleep...HUH !!!  well I crawl into bed and Miss Annie is in her crate not yet settled and decides to chew her big arse bone.. well ok, she'll fall off.. NOPE !

She then starts growling in which I then say, "Annie go to sleep"...and again she starts moving from side to side as I'm laying there and hearing her... then again she starts moaning.. "Hey Annie, Quit it".. she then starts pulling on her bed.. again I say, "Annie I'm gonna wup your arse, go to bed"...

Again she gets up and I hear her now with the bone scraping the sides of the crate.. now picture this in your mind as you read this.. Picture an Inmate in a cell taking his tin cup and scraping it across the bars and yelling.."Let Me Out"... well Miss Annie wasn't saying that but what she was doing was "Yapping kind of bark"... HELLO THERE I"M GONN KICK YOUR BUTT"...

She and I went back and forth till 2:30am.. yes, you are reading that right.. as you see I couldn't get up my back was hurting so bad and I tried to threaten her with my nasty arse voice LOL...but to no avail.. so I finally managed to crawl off the bed and to her crate in which I told her she came close to being kicked out !!

I then told her "If I take you out and you lay down are staying there got it !"  sounds good hey..????  so  I open the cage and yes, we go for another drag down the hall way and she then jumps up and goes to the door... we go outside again.. (I swear my lights go off and on so much they must think I'm sending an S O S.)  and she runs into the run and proceeds to poop her brains out I mean this poor girl had the squirts....

Yes, the guilt trip hit and I felt so bad and I did apologize for being such a nasty old fart.. and then I had to wash the run down with disinfect ..before I could come back in the house.. she ran back to her bed and I dragged my arse to the bed .. we all slept till almost 6am..

My day sucked there after for being such a chit head...and later on I got everyone fed by 7am as we had a vet appointment.. and I was sweating this out cause taking all three...YUCKO..but much to my surprise as I put everyone's leash on .. we all walked out together very nicely.. they were like groupies..!!

Got there and the techs came out to help me each took a pooch and in we went.. Zeke got his EKG and no changes.. great .. Annie got her vaccines and Rudy got his Rabbies and last Parvo vaccine.. Annie weighed in at 25 plus lbs and Rudy was 75 plus lbs..

Then home we all came..Rudy did good in the car only had bubbles .. poor boy but his carsickness is getting better.. then we all took a nap .. we needed it.. and the rest of the day I took it easy.. and hopefully my back ache will leave..

Watched the Voice tonight and then as soon as that was over took everyone out.. Lord I hope no repeats..but I do realize why Miss Annie had the problem.. I gave them too many cookies as I was doing toe nails.. a dumb thing specially cause they were new type too.. DUMB I was  !!!!

With that I'm gonna say.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All... and I won't argue with Miss Annie any more !!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

All Day Rest, Maybe On Sunday

All day rest, maybe on Sunday....well it almost was but only a few little things to do... like "Toe Nails"...YIKES...

Last night was a good night for us.. only I woke up wee early but then got everyone else up and then went back to bed.. my lower back and hip just kept gnawing at me... I could feel the beat down deep in my soul ???? well, it was down deep that's for sure..

Come morning,second coming anyway.. I was ok..but not great..only did what I had to..but also I had to do toe nails and I used the dremel's a lot easier than attempting to cut toe nails .. Annie was good and Zeke is always great but Rudy..he gave me a run for my money..

I mean that boy has strength..and he's only a pup.. but me being Alpha.. it wasn't gonna happen.. it was gonna get done by hook or by crook.. and so it did.. we tossed and turned and I then picked his butt up and tossed him on the couch.. I then got a good hold and from there on in. I was in soon as he finally submitted.. it was over with quick.. he's just so frightened to have his feet done..

This will take a little time but once he realizes I'm not going to hurt him he'll be just fine..but until then.. it's batten down the hatches for next Sunday's trimming...Ride em cowgirl :)

Most of the day I really didn't do much as I couldn't ..but I did manage to get a few little winks which helped..then later in the day we stayed out in the carport and enjoyed the evening..

This time was much easier..and the brats go in their crates easy and I let them stay to almost 10pm so that meant Annie would go out and hopefully get her business over with so we could all have a good nights sleep..woo hoo..

Now I'm ready for tomorrow as we have a Vet appointment with all 3..this is gonna be interesting.. but I'll use one of the techs to help me bring the crew in... too much for me with my back..

Safe travels to all and as always...God Bless..

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wake Up, Wake Up ...It's Saturday

Wake up, wake up, it's Saturday... well that's what it felt like as Miss Annie is doing not too bad on sleeping in.. she did make a growling sound at 2:30am but never got up ..woke up at 4ish and I let her and Rudy out then we all went back to bed till almost 6ish..Hey, I needed to catch up on lost sleep...LOL

Most of the day was awful with down pour and of course Rudy doesn't like to get his toes wet hahaha..but out he went and Miss Annie is a trooper..although she did the front feet were out but back end was in ...ooops !... Mister Zeke is my big boy and he just does what ever it is to please me.. he goes out and closes his eyes as he does his business in the rain...but he knows Momma has a nice dry towel for the big lad !

I had to make a run into Sparr's as my food container cracked and I needed a new one..but I bought 2 .. they hold 10lbs of food and because now I'm feeding 3 different kinds of food... Sports Mix to Rudy and Eukanuba to Annie and Mister Zeke has his special blend *(which I won't change)  Evangers and Verus Mixed it gets a little hectic feed time  LOL

I also picked up some biscuits for the critters too.. they were Sports Mix Golden Biscuits Large size..and they love two 4lb bags..those I give at lunch time and the Charcoal ones I give with their the morning and at night time.. they love them too..!

I had to stop at John's house to pick up a nylon chocker for I can't find them on line.. I like the thicker braid..and of course John has his usual complaints..DUH... shame he means well but some days.. I have to stay my distance..cause I get a sore ear from hearing the same thing over and's never gonna change they are just a fighting duo..

It seemed everytime I went outside it down poured..goodness I got home I was soaked...and was glad to be back home.. my hip and lower back is aching.. and I just can't lay down or sit right.. Put BenGay on it last night and will do it tonight as well..

Chilly and damp was the whole day and I just dragged...we didn't sit out in the carport at all.. to nasty ..but I did make sure I fed the birds...and of course Ms Shug was at her best..she's becoming more and more a love bird...I also put a new toy in for her..she tore apart the other one.. but that keeps her busy as I just haven't had the time I usual spend with her in the I try to make it up to her at night.. she even helped me fill the water bottles tonight LOL..

Now I'm getting ready for bed.. let everyone out as it's so nasty ..Miss Annie did her thang..and I'm hoping because it was close to 10pm....that this will last till morning..cause I'm so ready to get under covers..Yes, the electric blanket is on :)

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, May 2, 2014

Off To The Races On Friday !

Off to the races on Friday !    and it surely was ... I mean I was out the door by 7:15am to come back to feed the critters a little on the late side..but not that late.. I was home by 8:30am woo hoo..

Last night again I did the late outing for Miss Annie..but this time I only stayed up till 10:30pm as I was just not able to stay up any longer.. my body was aching and my lower back was really at me.. my touch of arthritis was acting up...I surely felt like Ole Mother Time.

But it worked again as Miss Annie slept in till 5am.. thank goodness and so this might be the trick as we go along.. and that's fine with me cause it does give me that extra hour...I so badly need it..

Getting back to this morning.. I did get Ms Shug fed and then let the critters out and then "to your room"..LOL  they marched like Zeke led the pack..and out the door I went.. the rain was coming down like a water fall..oh man this is gonna be a soggy day for sure..

Got there a about 7:30am and there were 6 people ahead of me.. we all got in and I'm telling ya it was fast.. one by one..there was several gals working there and the one I had was great..never felt it at all.. and she did what I asked.. use a butterfly set up and my vein will behave.. and sure enough it flowed..woo hoo. but they gave me a kit to take home..Doc ordered the fecal test for blood in the stool..

Got out and came right home as the rain was really coming down hard.. and I didn't want to take any chances with when I came in they were ready to go out again and I fed them breakfast..they rested and life was good.. no major crazy happenings..other than Miss Annie and Rudy go at it most the day..with a few minutes breaks..

We did get in a nap around 3pm..for an hour and that was fine.. but my lower back is still aching and with the dampness  Ouch !...but I'll survive just moving slow..kind of like reverse..

By dinner time the gang wasn't anxious to go out as you think the wetness was gonna make them disappear..but out they went..fed them and we then sat out side in the carport till 7:30pm.. this works for me and them and then they come in get their treat/pill and go in their crates till 9pm which I take Ms Shug out and clean her cage..

This is working out pretty good and it gives me a some what break as Ms Shug and I play for a bit.. then it's out the door again and get another pill and then back to the bedroom... crazy as it is.. but keeping them on a schedule has really helped in breaking Miss Annie and Rudy.. they now go right in without any hassle..thank goodness..

Now I sit and write my blog and to my friends on facebook..then out with Annie and to bed to bed to bed..YEAH !

With that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ah May 1st And It's On Thursday :)

Ah May 1st and it's on Thursday :)...Last night again we had a good night sleep ..I let Miss Annie out at 11:00pm and she slept till 5am..OK I can handle that..only a little grumpy cause I like to be in bed by at least 10ish..but for now I'm not gonna fuss too long as she keeps up the good work !!!

Today was another winner..well sort of.. most the day the brats weren't to bad..but they do love to wrestle and get into anything that might be some great damage material... they also got their Heart Worm ..always on the 1st of the month :)

I did get in a quick nap this afternoon and then woke to the phone ringing.. it was the place where I'm having my blood work done... they called to let me know that they will not accept my insurance..???????HELLO THERE ..what in the world..

So I asked the girl..."What in the world.. you called me on Monday to confirm my appointment and not today the day before you're telling me I can't come ..??"  ..she then quickly replied.. " Your insurance won't pay us"... so I called my hubby who buys the insurance for our company.. and I found out they are negotiating contract therefore they won't accept Aetna...LUCKY  ME

Again now I have to go tomorrow to Quest..which I don't mind accept I never called to arrange an appointment which I do back home.. so it's first come first serve...and again.. with all the Seniors down here I'm sure the place will be packed..ugh!

Florida keeps getting better on their medical my opinion they suck ! I've been in the hospital and OMG!  the care was awful..and they take advantage of elderly people..and for me.. I got a big mouth and I won't allow them to treat me that way and I even fight for who ever is in the room with me...and I pray I don't have to go ..but chit happens..

This evening after I fed the critters I sat out in the carport with them with the fan going..and it was nice.. I find it's better to do that with them..they run and play and can go potty without me getting up and down.. then they lay on the cool concrete and we're there till 7:30pm then come in .. I give them a treat (pill) and they go in their crates so I can let Ms Shug out ..clean her crate and play with her.. she is such a sweet thing.. loves cuddling..and still barks looking for Ms Reba..and rocks back and forth to the music..

Now I just got everyone out and we're back in the bedroom they are in their crates and Zeke is on his spot in the bed.. but I'll do some emailing and write a little on Facebook as I'm listening to I Heart Music Awards..then try to get Miss Annie out before we go to new time  11ish..:)

With that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...