Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter and its Sunday too!

                                                                  Happy Easter.  !

Psst. Like the goose that layed the Golden Egg but
This ain't no Goose and it ain't no Golden Egg but 
It's a Happy Easter Egg Y'all !

May the Lord's Blessing Shine On All  !

Saturday, March 30, 2013

It was a Peaceful Saturday :)

It was a Peaceful Saturday :)  over slept this morning... I was up at 5:30 am as my electric blanket is doing the trick... keeping my legs most the times I'm awake because they ache..and with that little touch of heat seems to be helping..ah that feels so good too LOL

Morning was a little brisk again but I don't mind it as long as it's not frost ..however my big guys are wanting to sleep in especially Ms Abby..her hip bothers her with the cold..and I keep telling her .."Ms Abby, your not alone we'll limp out together "...she's so sweet and I'm dreading her going down hill on me..She's 11 years old and Rotties have those problems that comes along with big dawgs..Age is not long.. I pray every day that she'll be ok for me..not like my Ms Reba who will be 17 in May..she's got her moments but so far so good..just stubborn on eating and that I take care of..

Hubby did a few errands for me..which was wonderful.. and then he always likes to be the shopper...hey, he can gladly do it.. hahaha.. I'll cook and clean and he can shop...that's one thing I've always forced to do it...ugh..I'd rather work long hours than be the domestic diva..ack !!!  hahaha..

Most the day though I just did some straightening up and cooked some Baby Back Ribs for Dinner tonight and they were good..cept boy you can stuff yourself on them..OUCH...

Tomorrow is another one of those eat your face days..OH MY STARS...I'm so not use to this..but making hubby enjoy his time here..and today was one of those gooders too...Ms Shug was just enjoying hubby..she finally was sitting on his lap and letting him pet her...they became a team today finally..I knew it would as she is such a sweet heart but was just different for her..took 3 days and they now are good buddies...Thank YOU LORD>....I didn't want her to be mean towards hubby.. I mean that can happen just like what I went through all those years with Medusa..but she and I did get along on short this had to be a good thing as I felt if at this time I were to get sick..she and Hubby would be ok...

Watching the Ten Commandments and you know I don't care how many times I've seen's still a fantastic story and movie and acting is Superb !

Now I'm ready to lean back and enjoy so all of you that are traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless....

Tomorrow is Easter ....May God's Blessing fall on all of you !

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday...That it was !

Good Friday....That it was !....Morning again a little brisk..and got my chores done with a quick step hahaha...I do not like the chill ..going from warm to cold is a little difficult for me..feel like I need an oiling the Tin Man..OMG :)

Afterwards hubby and I went out for a few things and decided the stores were just a little too crowded..and home we came and put together the "new" vac..yes, it works great and still a tad bit heavy but not as bad as the Bissell..did a great job..and I'm telling ya.. anyone wanting Rotties understand you need a heavy duty vac cause that's what your gonna do constantly...

Now I love my kids...and I'll miss them when they cross over that bridge..and I thought what would I ever get...I still hate the thought but each time I vac I keep saying to them.."You are leaving lots of DNA, so you must be coming back"...LOL

Tonight Ms Shug was doing her crazy stuff and I gave her the end roll of the toilet tissue..she loved it and so did my stars she made the tiniest pieces you ever did see...and yep, another vacuum job..OMG..She's now joining in the rank of the Rotties hahaha..

Hubby is enjoying his rest..let me tell ya that man is enjoying that couch..and I can't blame him..he needs the rest and he gets in the grove might quick..I always joke with him and tell him how lazy he'd be if he wasn't a workaholic..hahaha...Working is one thing but at home he has the fall out case and is always "fixin too"  !!

Tonight we watched Hallmark channel as nothing great was on and looks like it was all about "Teachers influences " tonight..but it was good..

So I'm about to hit the sack and ready for another day...Hope you all traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless...

Remembering Good Friday...May we never forget what our Lord and Savior did for us !...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Traveling out in the world on Thursday :)

Traveling out in the world on Thursday :) ...Yeppers this morning we were busy getting things done so hubby and I could get out and do a little shopping...He's getting the routine down...hahaha

Went to Petsmart to pick up feed for Ms Shug then headed over to Lowe's to pick up the filters for the Frig and then did a little looking around ..and hubby was getting the itch for his "Greens"..

So we stopped for late lunch early dinner at Cracker Barrel..we sure enjoyed it.. hubby got his Fried Okra, Pinto beans,  Turnip Greens and Corn Bread..lordy he was grinnin' ear to ear and his Sweet that made that man happy..Course when we left we could barely move ..but it was so enjoyable for me too...I mean no cooking or cleaning up...WOW..and hubby also bought me the big clock..looks like Big Ben..hahaha..but is neat and we both can see now what time it is...Big NUMBERS  LOL

For the rest of the day we just enjoyed looking out and watching all the happenings...cause the sun was feeling much better than morning..OMG.. it was really chilly...too chilly..!!!

As we sat around I saw the UPS driver pull up..OH YEAH.. my new Vac arrived and I was so wanting it to be delivered while he was here...taking this out of the box is a project hahaha...

Tomorrow I'll get to use it..:)  Also we hooked up the new phones I bought since Christmas...I mean not that I didn't know how..but moving all that stuff around and editing everything..ugh..while hubby relaxed he did the entering...boring :)

We watched American Idol and I'm so ticked off with their nonsense.. I mean Lazaro should have been gone..but was Devon and he didn't deserve to go..however the judges chose not to use their SAVE..wonder why ?????

Oh well, another disappointment... Although the guys are not great..and I can't believe that in all their pickings that they didn't find better singers ???? but I heard it was set for a Female to win...ticks me off as I try to believe we can do things fairly...but it is what it is !!!

Now I'm getting ready for bed and I am tired...So those traveling Stay Safe..and Paulette as you venture out in your "New" rig on it's maiden journey I'm excited for you and can't wait to hear all the good stuff...Have fun and enjoy...God Bless

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Wacky Wednesday

A Wacky Wednesday...starting with being really cold and that icy feeling was there right on the tip of me nose...OUCH....Got up really early and had my quiet time while hubby and Critters all were tucked in...

Today we really didn't plan on doing much of anything as both hubby and I just needed time to chill a fact we talked more about what we were planning on doing if and when he could bail out back home...whether to sell the house up north and or just rent it till the market was better...who knows but a lot of good thoughts came out of it..

One thing is for sure we will keep a motor home for us to get out of town come summers in Florida and yes, head up North country...then back to Florida just like I'm doing now...Oct till June's really the best timing actually.

Ms Shug is getting a little use to hubby ..but not quite there just yet although this evening she did put on a show for him..her barking is getting lordy I think she thinks she's a DAWG !!!!

Watched American Idol and by far my pick for the best tonight was Janelle..she did the best song and the arrangements were from when she was 14 and it was excellent..then we switched over to Survivor as we recorded it and got to see that ...nothing surprises me..but I don't think I could stand being around Phil too much longer..

Tonight I had a little bit of a migraine....haven't had one of those in so long but for some reason I got zapped...and I had to just lay down and  let it pass..

Tomorrow we're gonna head over to Lowes pick up some filters for the frig and ice maker and then head over pick up some food for Ms Shug then stop at Cracker Barrel for lunch hopefully it will be a warmer day..

So it's night all and those traveling ..Stay Safe and as always..God Bless

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Well The Hubby Arrived on this Tuedsay :)

Well, the Hubby Arrived on this Tueday :)  woo sure was good seeing the man walk up the driveway as the limo dropped him off from the Airport...:)

Morning for me was busy as I had a few errands I needed to get done and plus stop at the store and pick up something for tonight to make quick and also for tomorrow night's Crock Pot dinner..LOL...Yeah, that baby is gonna be doing her thang and make life easy so I can catch up on some quality time with hubby..

It's a little chilly in the morning with the wind blowing..kind of bites ya..and heard that tomorrow is gonna set a record on cold ..brrrrrrrrrr and poor hubby was wanting to be able to bask in the warmth..but at least it's only gonna be mornings..and towards the rest of the day a little warmer ...

When hubby got in it was almost 7pm and Critters were fed and Zeke spotted hubby walking up the driveway.. I could tell that boy was happy..his whole body was vibrating and Ms Abby did the Rottie Wiggle and even Ms Reba was bouncing....surprise surprise...but Ms Shug..was some what reserved wasn't sure and just stayed close to me and really quiet..

I'm sure it will take her a couple of days and she'll be fine...I mean the only one she sees is me and the Critters...she needs more activity...she'll be fine..and towards bed time she started to warm up some..

We did watch the Voice and hubby was coming too..hahaha..the guy was exhausted and once he layed on the couch I knew it wasn't log...yep, gone for the count...

Tomorrow not planning anything letting hubby just relax and of course it's gonna be chilly...and knowing hubby he'll be working on his laptop for a few's a thing...can't get away from the office no matter how hard he tries.

Guess I won't see the window guy either ..not that cold is what it is here in Florida...I'm getting use to it...but I want to make sure when they take the windows out it's warm not cold..brrrrr...

So with that I'm gonna call it a night and all of you traveling..Stay Safe..and as always...God Bless...

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Great Monday :)

A Great Monday :)  got most of my list done and even went to the store right after breakfast and got me a few things in and made a Jewish Apple that we have a little bit of something at breakfast or evening...and boy is it ever tasty ...too much so..but them apples are good for ya !!!

I forgot to mention on Sunday, I bought a vacuum cleaner..yeppers before the storm came barreling through I watched QVC and it was a "Today's Special Value" how could I resist that...

But I really did need one..however I did want one with a bag but this again was such a great deal and unique like all Shark products are ie Ninja kitchen blender (I love my Ninja) and my Steam which makes cleaning the floors simple..and squeaky clean...and now I bought the Shark Vacuum.. it's like 3 tools in's an upright then goes into a canaster and also a small vacuum to carry and take with you for the car or steps or what have you and only weighs in at 16lbs..the only down side is no bag..but it empties from the bottom not like the one I have that don't hold much and is heavy to use ..

My Bissell does clean great but I seem to drag it and I'm wiped out by the time I'm done vacuuming the house..and for me I have to do it daily or at least every other day with the Critters...not to mention my little one under Ms Shug's cage that I use 5 times a day..YES, she is Ms Piggy !!!

So now I'm excited and can't wait till it gets here ...which they said, "it would be her on or before April 3rd"  woo hoo...

As to my Sunday with the Storms... don't even want to go there they were so strange and boy my app on my phone went off several times letting me know Torandos in the area..YIKES...see these are things I didn't mention but am doing it now ..cause once I'm tired the brain does it's own SHUT DOWN..!!!

Tonight watched "The Voice"... I only saw one I really liked and she picked Adam...but I'm sure there will be a lot more...was good and tomorrow I'll watch Dancing with the Stars in the morning while I have my coffee and again record to watch another day...LOL...They always seem to come on at the same time ugh !

Now I'm ready for bed and tomorrow I'll do some laundry so "No Work when Hubby is HERE"...only cook a little hahaha..just a little cause most is already done and froze for later use...:)  yeah love that freezer...

Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless

PS....Thank You Todd....remember we need to get together and go out for dinner have a few good laughs..We really appreciate your kindness taking hubby to the airport and picking him up...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday...OH MY STARS !

Palm Sunday...Oh My STARS !... I can't believe it next week will be Easter and hubby will be here for Easter Sunday...WOW..that's gonna be great I'll have to get a little Easter Basket with a few goodies in it..and I know Ham is on the menu...

Today I did absolutely nothing..well not really I mean I have to do my usual like it or not but after that I just leaned back and watched the rain come in and go and come in and go...heard that thunder and saw a few flashes...but mostly heavy down pour and then by 4ish it was all gone...

Got all my trash together and wheeled that to the curb so that is done and then made sure I washed all the feed bins..cause they have to be refilled...yeah it's the normal routine and I even cooked up several batches of sweet potatoes and froze them for Ms Shug and Critters...

Watched Second Hand Lions again and boy that is really a great flick..enjoyed that movie and everytime I watch it I still feel the same ..great feeling and really and enjoyable movie..

Now I'm ready for bed.. I mean my day although not much I did but just in and out dragging this and that getting the Critters all done and Ms Shug.. I do believe she now feels she's a DAWG..she barks about everything..hahaha. and then laughs..OK, now where's the I LOVE YA ?????  nope it's barking just like Ms Reba..I now see who rates...hahaha

So tomorrow I have a few things to do and mainly make sure I have my hubby's soda..well, I make my own so he's gonna just enjoy's a tad bit different and not so sweet but it's we will see how it goes..

It's that time and I'm really ready to call it a night...Safe Travels and oh yeah..God Bless...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday, Saturday LOL

Saturday, Saturday LOL....I was on a up wee early and realized I need to get some bread ..NO TOAST...with my Mocha Coffee...hahaha...So when I got up as soon as it was 7:30am and I let the critters out..Ms Shug was still covered as it just started breaking dawn...I put my jeans on and out the door I went...

Riding down the highway on a mission..even called John and asked if he had some newspapers as I use them for Ms Shug's cage..and that I would stop on my way back from Winn Dixie...hahaha

Got In the store and zipped around picked up some sweet potatoes and butternut squash some milk and some Jewish Rye bread cause that makes the best toast with my Mocha in and got out and then quick stop at John's house ..honestly I don't think he even reads the papers.hahaha...he just gets the Sunday paper and I think for the coupons cause the paper is never know what I mean..when someone reads the pages hahahaha...

What ever it works for I picked up my stack and down the road I went..and got in the door and Ms Shug was at the bottom of her cages saying, "Hello, Hello.  Yoooo hoooo"..hahahaha.. I came in the door and she was jumping I picked up the sheet and she was just a bouncing..ready for me..:)

Got her done and got the Critters fed too...and then on to me and my toast and coffee..ahhhhhhhh life is grand my enjoyment and even had a couple of chocolate chippers too.. so that meant that was now my breakfast and lunch combo...cause I was full...but ah that Mocha coffee is gooooood...

The rest of the day I was just busy putting up Critter stuff so I'll have a week of doing actually nothing..but maybe going for a ride around the community in my golf cart with we go down to the lake here...and go out for lunch as we are more out to lunch than out in the evening...we are basically lean back and relax as our pace is always so now he joins me with bad knees and legs hahaha...

Tomorrow I'm just gonna do nothing.. .other than vacuum cause that's something I have to do all the time..ugh with these two hair is unreal...and now Ms Shug and her least Ms Reba and Redi Whip don't shed..hahaha..

Now Redi Whip comes to the side of the tank where I am and just looks at me..and boy in the morning when I turn on his light he's up at the top waiting for his food..he now is more relaxed longer nervous...thank goodness..

Time for me to head to bed..watching SNL..and then I'll fall out as I have it on timer...I never make the end of it as a with that I'll say..."Good Night All"....Safe Travels and as always...God Bless....

Friday, March 22, 2013

Winged it on Friday

Winged it on Friday....oh boy did I up early and had a pile of chicken I cooked up that was cooled in the frig and it was get er done my day consisted of Shredding chicken and I do mean lots of it..but got it put up and in the freezer so I'll have some time to spend with the hubby when he gets here..

Also did a batch of sweet potatoes and butternut squash..chopped it all up and steamed it then cooled down and froze it also..yeah it was a day to get all the Critter food done up and put up...

Only thing I have to do is put the dry food in storage bins but I petered out by afternoon... I mean my legs and arms were tired and it was time to do a little lean back and take it easy...

Tomorrow I have my list of things need to get done along with make a pot of gravy and put that up in the freezer too...oh yeah when I can give myself a big jump start I get that poetry in motion....

Still haven't gotten a bed spread yet as the ones at Walmart looked terrible so maybe I'll go to J C Penny and check out what they have when the hubby gets here..then we'll make it a lunch date...LOL...yeah sounds pretty good to me..

Didn't watch much TV ..but I did manage to catch up on Survivor that I had recorded..and it was a good one...

Now I'm dragging my butt to bed and get a good night sleep cause I wanna get done early so I can enjoy some lean back and get some time in with me critters..and Ms Shug is getting a little bit of a character for my spilling her feed dish..several times...ugh ...and saying.."OH"..and me trying not to laugh after the umpteen time of picking the crap up...!

So I'm off to listen to some soothing music and drift off to slumberville..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless..

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tis Thursday WoW !!!!

Tis Thursday WOW !!!!  the days are rolling by and soon hubby will be here in 5 days...WOW again !...:)

Got a call from the Window people and I'll see them next week...can't wait to get all this work done and do a few more changes in's coming together nicely ..slowly but nicely..more and more feels like home cept for the Summer time...OH NO WAY... I'll head back North...:)

Today I did a lot of cooking so that I won't have to do it while hubby is here..Chcken is done and Rice and Veggies are done as I have to put the dry food in the storage bins..that's a pain but I'll get that done too..

I am gonna have to step on that baby blanket and also those dish rags.. I need to get them done in a few weeks and out of I don't have more stuff to find a place for...things seem to get caught up in bunches LOL..

Also have Doc appointment on the day hubby that sucks too but I should be back home before he gets here...and most likely  it will be something simple for dinner and just relax..

Watched American Idol tonight and what a rip off.. I mean Paul wasn't my favorite either in fact the guys are not really that great the competition is in the gals and that's how it should be to the finals as well..

Oh before I forget today Ms Shuga is 8 months old...yeah the sweetie (although she was a bad bad girl today hahaha) is growing and yes, I took a picture when I could catch her being still..LOL...

Now I'm getting tired as my pace has got to step it up a bit and tomorrow is dig in and get er done LOL..them bags of food are heavy suckers but I'll slide and heave ho hahaha..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless... I'm getting under cover..psst rain this weekend..boooooo

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's Raining It's Pourning and NO WINDOWS for Wednesday :)

It's raining, It's pouring and No Windows for Wednesday :)...Oh My STARS...LOL

I woke up to rain pounding on me roof and I said to me self..."no windows today"...hahaha.. I was right..oh well another day will go by but I should be use to this being Florida...I mean I've never got things done when they say they were going to.....hence the name Flo ri duh !!!!

I was busy and boy I just was crossing things off my list but tomorrow I've got chicken to cook up..big time  like 30lbs of it...Holy Hannah...

Most of the day my brain was working on what I needed to get out of the way and what I wanted to make for when hubby gets here...but I've done up lots of goodies in the freezer and then I thought..Make it simple stupid LOL...yeah see I do talk to myself to get some good answers...

Then the day looked gloomy and I knew the rain was a gonna come and we so badly need it..but couldn't it on with the show as we say..

This afternoon I got the "jet lag" feeling and we all took a nice nap..even Ms Shug was nestled down on the pillow..she by the way is a riot..she just fits in and I hope she doesn't change cause when I leave this earth and she goes to her new home she will be a well sort after sweet heart.. I mean to tell you she gets right in on the program..and tomorrow she'll be 8mos old..yep, I take a picture every month so I can see her progress of course she's a bald asp bird and even her top knot feathers are kind of sparse...she sure is active and does those flips and attacks on her's wild watching

Tonight as I fed the Critters she was waiting for hers too... I'm telling ya she was barking..I stopped and put those veggies and chicken in her dish and she was heading for it..and just a gabbing...she's one of the critters for sure..

Watched American Idol and I don't know why they choose the Beatles's a classic and no one does it justice but the's a fact.. those kids most of them never heard the music..can you imagine..omg...but any way I picked out my 3 or 4...and even though I really think Candice is by far the best she didn't make my cut this was Kree, Angie, Devon and Janelle...but the one I feel that should go home is Lazara...sorry I know he tries but it wasn't good tonight...

I did record Survivor and I'll watch that on Friday cause tomorrow is American Idol dump day..and I'm beat after the show any that's my story for today....

Safe travels to all that are on the highway and as always  God Bless

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Day Another Dollar on Tuesday

Another Day Another Dollar on Tuesday...or should I say, "Easy Come, Easy Go".  Cause that's what it seemed like today!     Spoke with the Window people and they will be here to install new windows.

Morning is busy as I prepare for hubby coming..Need to get all my critter food done up and bagged food put in storage bins...also have to get over to Lowes and get all the plants for outside and find a trellis for the Moon plant that's going to be planted..

I've got the adrenaline flowing cause it's been way to long since hubby has been able to come down...and tomorrow he has a Doctor appointment so I'm praying that all will be ok.

I've got my list going so I won't forget to get things done...cause lately I've been having so many distractions...even put John and Jane out to pasture for awhile.  I needed a break from those two!

Ms Reba seems to be slowing down a bit..making me a tad bit nervous but she did have that mishap with Ms Abby...I've been really watching Ms Abby a little I know when her hips are bothering her she gets a might testy.

Ms Shug is still losing feathers and all the research I've done on that says, "young birds are pretty rough on themselves". So I guess that's her problem and hopefully she'll maybe slow down..she does eat good and barking is improving. Hahaha.

Ok, I'm wiped and I need to get a lot done tomorrow morning so it's off to bed I go

Those traveling stay safe and as always. god Bless

Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Happy Anniversary to Me and Hubby :)

It's Happy Anniversary to Me and Hubby:)..and boy I sure wish we could have had dinner together and a few good laughs of stories of when we were young and goofy...but I didn't have a pity party... I just thank the good Lord that He came into my life....Now I'm being nice ...(for a change) LOL

Today I did get out and go to Walmart..woo big treat and my intentions besides the normal was to get another bed spread as mine looks like it went through the Civil War...I mean it's a war zone in itself ...LOL

I did get to treat myself to a "Angus Burger" those I don't have often and it sure was good going down..and a DR PEPPER...hahaha... picked up my ordered dawg food..OMG.. and then meandered home..

Spent most the day dragging in "stuff" and then taking my nap with the Critters and now Ms Shug..oh yeah she's into napping with all of us..she cuddles down and in..closes her eyes cause I peeked  and takes the count down..LOL..we are all peas in a pod...woo hoo..

I did get a nice surprise from Paulette she sent me a Text wishing hubby and I a Happy Anniversary..and you know it felt good too..cause she took the time out to remember me..

Funny how when you just give the social network a chance to prove you wrong you lose..Your wondering ????? well, I've always been about caring how to make others feel good and trying to treat others as I would want to be treated and then it bites you in the's not their fault's mine for expecting a little thoughtfulness..I'm not angry that would be foolish of me..but I'm a little set back..but if you really been reading me you know I get back up again ..brush myself off and carry on..

Tomorrow is another day and another the days are getting closer for when hubby finally comes down for a week...gawd I sure hope and pray we have good weather...he goes to the Doctor on Wednesday too ..seeing how his leg is healing...praying that too will be better...

Now I've got lots to do again tomorrow too..Picked up Critter food so I'll be cooking up a few batches...oh tried Ms Shug on some butternut squash..cooked it up and mashed it in her dinner tonight...I did say, "Ms Shug now has shredded chicken and rice and veggies with the Critters in the evening meal..LOL  she barks better now too ...but she sure liked that squash...

Ok, it's time for bed and I'm in need of a good night it's off I go to slumber land and for those traveling and reading me blog..Safe Travels and as always...God Bless

PS...Robert, Happy Anniversary.. I love you with all my broken heart's been a heck of a ride for 35 years...YOUR the BEST !!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St Patty's Day on Sunday :)

Happy St Patty's Day on Sunday :) and it's the wearing of the Green...and as I've seen most have worn green even those who aren't Irish..but for today...We'll all be Irish...where's me Green Beer LOL...:)  YUCKO  hahaha

Morning was ok and as it dragged on I was gonna get up and go out but decided after I took charge of my pills of life I would not go for Monday Morning..YEPPERS...

I'll be on a mission as I have to pick up me DAWG food I ordered in and will first stop off at Walmart get that done and also need to pick up Chicken for the Critters...and of course cook up a batch when I come back home..

But it's also a Special Day for Me and I need to make sure I can sit back and have a few sips on the I pad with hubby as we Toast !!!

Tonight I really didn't do much but did a little more work on the baby blanket..this one has so many loops in it that it's light and airy and takes forever..lots of counting..OH MY STARS...

Watched a movie today that when I was 7 years old I went with my POP see.. it was the Daughter of Rosie O'Grady...yeppers I remember it well and of course I got a little teary eyed..sure brought back memories..

Watched the Amazing Race and cried when the Father and Son team called it quits as I know how difficult it had to be...didn't help my down in the mouth feeling..goodness it's been a long long time since hubby and I have been together....crazy but when I was working and traveling and had to be away it wasn't bad..but for some reason this time it's been really bothering me..guess cause he's had so many problems with his leg..

For me it comes natural to just deal with it and make the best but for him.. I worry..I know he's capable if something isn't right to let me know..but there's that feeling that I should be back home helping..of course I'm not much help with how I've been..but maybe moral support anyway..

Soon he'll be fact I'm starting the count down...LOL  9 more days..!!!

Ok, I'm tired and a little Ms Abby pulled a "Gotcha" on Ms Reba..I hate that it happened..but when Abby is in a deep sleep and anyone walks by..and just touches her..LOOK OUT MOMMA...and that's what happened to Ms Reba...

Another added bad feeling I needed NOT..well, I need to just say my prayers and sure hope tomorrow is a gooder..but it will be cause it's our Anniversary..

So all those traveling..Stay Safe and as always...God Bless....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A rather peaceful Saturday

A rather peaceful Saturday as I'm watching my next door neighbor's house being painted...and I smell the paint in the air....OH YEAH... but at least it will be something bright and cheerful to look at ...Thank YOU !!!

Morning was a little brisk but not bad and the day really came in nicely ..and for me that means so much as my work load gets easier.. I have the door open and my big critters lay in the carport on the cement ..and I get to be able to vacuum and the rug stays clean...hahaha..

Most of the day I was busy with going through junk files and getting rid of old stuff and also cleaning the frig out cause it was a needed job...LOL  and tomorrow I'm heading out to Walmart to buy my Anniversary gift...hahaha..

Now I know I could go anywhere but I need to get a new bedspread and mine looks like it's from hunger...someone done did some of their own art work..holes here and I'm gonna buy a new one..

I'll call it my Anniversary gift..cause that will make it special..hahaha...and I've got a bottle of wine for Monday as hubby and I will toast each other...35 years where has the time gone...

I've really not had too much going on other than I found another site to follow with my Cockatoo..cause I'm always wanting to learn more about these darling creatures...

The latest with Ms Shug is she's now eating the Critter mixture of shredded chicken with rice and she only gets like a tablespoon but she's eating...perhaps that's why she's barking hahaha..

Ok, I need to get in bed and get ready for tomorrow's sorting of the pills of life..dear me..that week went fast...and speaking of fast...soon hubby will be here on the 26th of's around the corner...

Have a great day all and those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless..

Friday, March 15, 2013

Brrr for Friday Morning....:)

Brrr for Friday Morning :)..holy smokes it was brisk but from what the weather man says.."We is over the frost"..sure hope so and come on nice mornings and nice days...and soon hubby will be here...woo hoo..

Today I really did not I was just bundled up on the couch till about 9:30am.. The big ones went out and came back in fast and as for Ms Reba well she wasn't getting up anytime soon...hahaha...can't say I blame her either..

Ms Shug was ready willing and able to perform and she was at her finest too.. I still can't get her barking like a dog.. I mean..a Bald Barking Bird..ah but her feathers are slowly coming back in.. if she don't break em..she's so happy to swing upside down and then hang with one leg..."Show Off"..hahaha

Most of the day I kind of just took in the warmth and later went out and watered my plants and fed my wild Big Red was chirping away...he always lets me know when the feeder is empty...

So that was about my day..just watching the critters and thinking of what needs to get done in the house...have to call the Window people as I'm gonna replace the front windows and I'm hoping I can keep the big windows as I so enjoy watching the birds and even those rascal squirrels..and looking at the flowers's so peaceful...

I even enjoy the sunset..ah now that's one that can make you feel really at home...I miss this view when I go back to Philly because I don't have such peaceful settings...more like busy traffic on my use to be quiet street...

Ok, I need to get my butt in bed and it's time to vacuum ..oh brother that's a job in itself..but someone's got too do it ....Lucky me  :)

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always....God Bless....

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Busy Thursday ::)

A Busy Thursday !  and I did get to go to Winn Dixie..woo hoo..did my out side run and even filled me car up with gas and them points from Winn 35cents per gal off..not too bad :)

Did show a friend how to make gnocchi today and gave her even a quart of gravy (marinara sauce) take home and put enough in the freezer for several meals..was a long process but well worth it..

Felt good getting out for a bit and I still have another run to do to pick up my dog food I ordered.. I use a grain free food because of Zeke's problems and they all seem to be doing really good on it..

So most my day was busy and it went by quickly too..thank goodness and I'm now on the count down for when hubby comes in...and I know that time will be here before long..

This time we'll celebrate  Easter together that will be nice..been a long time since we have been able to do that...although we'll chat on the phone for our anniversary on the 18th of fact I'll even have a glass of wine with him LOL..

The day was a sunny one which makes me feel good and although the mornings are brisk it doesn't last long..but soon can't wait for a warmer morning... I did put the heat on for tonight as it's suppose to be a little colder and maybe even frost brrrrrrrrrrr for tomorrow morning...YIKES..but still better then nasty weather..

So now I'm ready to hit that bed and tuck under that electric blanket..makes my legs feel good...and I'm able to sleep through without the pain waking me up..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Washed that feeling right out of my Wednesday

Washed that feeling right out of my Wednesday...oh yes I did ! was a wash out wash out day .. I did all the wash that was out hahaha.. but I got er done ..never did get to Winn Dixie..but I did clean up my carport of debris..and Lordy there was lots of it !

After I did that messy job I came in and just leaned back and relaxed and watched the that made my day.. I was so happy to see a Jesuit Priest get I learned so much about the Jesuit Order..

My Uncle Jim (Bing as we called him) went to a Jesuit school and was taught in that order...His teachings were always that of Jesuit and what a difference in mind set..they are as what I always felt the "tell it like it is" type of priest and you always felt that warm loving, tender, kindness that they portrayed but Sticklers on Obedience...

What a wonderful site to watch as I've lived to see many different Popes..some very strick and some extremely caring..and now I've lived long enough to see a Pope resign..which kind of made me not fully understand as I was raised devout Catholic and I always thought a Pope was a Pope till the day the Good Lord Called his Name.. However, I do respect his decision ...what ever it was >>???

The rest of the day I did folding and sorting..oh I hate that job..but someone and being I'm the only one here had to do it..hahaha..and it got done so I'm good to go..that is to the store tomorrow cause I'm out of milk..and I need it LOL

Tonight watched American Idol and taped Survivor..that I'll watch later on when nothing is best not read anything telling me anything LOL..So mums the word out there..:)

Now I'm fixin to get in bed and call it a day or night and start all over again tomorrow..Maybe LOL..

Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless....

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ah! Now My Tuesday just washed through :)

Ah !  My Tuesday just washed through :)...had some rain ..actually much needed rain and most of the day was my mood was swing low sweet lady...cause ain't no sunshine ain't no smiling...just floating on about my business..

I did get to make a batch of Rice and Veggies which made the Critters happy and also Ms Shug is barking up a storm..and her tail feathers are starting to grow back soon I will have a Barking Feathered Friend..LOL

Sorted through all my paper work of what I need to get done and get rid of and as I was going to run or should I say, "Drive to the store, I decided not "...I'll be out there pounding the pavement tomorrow..Lord willin :)

Did manage to get a few more inches on that baby blanket and hopefully I might be able to get it finished before hubby comes..which will be in 2 weeks..Now that's some pleasant news for a change..

I did cook some BBQ pork in the Crock Pot so I've got some for the freezer as well..and I'll make a pot of chili up tomorrow so that when hubby is here I can just do heat up instead of being stuck at the stove...

Watched Smash tonight and really just wasn't in the mood for much TV..guess some days I get bored with it.. just have it on for noise really..and playing with Ms Shug ..she's getting so smart and such a entertainer...I'm really enjoying her more each day..

Now as I look over I see my Critters are all tucked in and so will I be..still can't get my time right's a tough time change for me..personally they should leave it be...we'd all be happy ..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless.....Nite All :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

My not so great Monday :(

My not so great Monday :(.....and it truly wasn't .. the night before my legs were bothering me..and again I didn't sleep well.. in fact most the night I was awake..My knees could have been chopped off as far as I was concerned cause no matter how I tried to get comfy they weren't gonna let me..

Sucks when you don't sleep well..but I got up and just started to work on the baby blanket I had promised and soon to be getting that one done then I need to start on the Christening Blanket..of course I'm still waiting on hearing Boy or Girl..

My niece called to ask if I would make her some more Dish Rags..just what I needed another project..well if my nights keep up the way they are going ..heck I'll have that completed too..!

Tomorrow I have to get out of the house as soon as I get the rice made as that's the priority for tomorrows job plus throw in some laundry..OH YEAH.. my bag is full...hahaha and it's ain't Christmas ! :)

Watched the Biggest Loser tonight ..just Amazing..that's all I can say.. the transformation that is happening with those people...Amazing..and I'm so happy for them.. What a wonderful show..truly is and it does help so many people..

I've got to start writing my lists of things I need to get done again as I really need that to help my day..cause I get side tracked to easily lately...perhaps it's this depressing Day Light Savings..HUH?????

Ok, I'm really not in a great mind set and I need to perhaps just thank the good Lord for letting my pain ease up and thank him for the day I did have..good bad or indifferent.. I was still here on this ole earth..!

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless....that's a fact !!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Hour Change does not come easily on Sunday

The Hour Change does not come easily on Sunday....oh brother it sure doesn't.. confusion to the max for me and me critters..even Ms Shug got in on the act..everyone doesn't know whether to come in or go out of eat or what have you....and my day of sorting the pills of life...Good Golly Ms Molly...give me a break !!!

Morning was rough I kid you not.. I am not a good person on change of day light savings..personally I think it should never change..why mess with what comes natural..but NO..someone has decided this is what we all need to do..with a few  that Sucks !

I had planned to do several things but just couldn't get guess what now I'm gonna have to bust my butt and get the motion in gear..and that means I'll be whinning hahaha...So what else is new ????

The day was a gorgeous day if I could have gotten off my duff..but I did feed my out side critters and watered my plants even swept the carport and later on in the day dragged out the trash for Monday is Trash day...

I need to go to the store in the morning and pick up a few things plus fill my car with gas as towards the end of the week I need to visit's again that time to replenish stock and of course see what's interesting to add to my collection...

Tonight I kind of just leaned back and watch Hall Mark I do so love those movies...decided didn't want to watch people attacking others on Celebrity Apprentice. Needed other entertainment..LOL

Now I'm getting ready for bed although I know it's not time yet according to my body but my clock..(tells lies) so I'll watch TV till I fall asleep...I'll set the timer cause we all know how that goes..laying in bed watching TV eyes shut automatically LOL

So safe travels to all and as always...God Bless....

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Getting Ready for the Time Change AGAIN this Saturday

Getting ready for the Time Change again this Saturday...geez.. I sure wish they'd leave it alone... I mean Spring Forward and Fall Back...YIKES>. I could fall back any time and springing forward..who the heck wants to do that ..last time I sprung forward I busted the orbit of me eye and jammed my knee wound up in the hospital a week...forget that number LOL..

Morning for me was busy and getting my cousins off and out was simple..they were ready ..typical New Yorkers.. like catching our trains..hahaha.. made a breakfast casserole and some biscuits yep it was good and waved bye bye..till next year LOL

Most of the day I really just did some catch up work and had to make a run to CVS as again my scripts got screwed up.. never fails every month it's something of these times perhaps they'll get it right ?????

My day was kind of boring and I just let it all happen..although I did manage to put some new toys in Shug's cage..and look out Momma she was wild and on the ATTACK...hahaha an Attack Bird :)

Watched some of the American Idol I had recorded to hear those singers again..boy they is a few that are really good but I'll go with Candice..she is by far so good...don't know how she slipped through the cracks last year but then think of the Judges  LOL

Ok, I'm really tired and I need to get ready to lose another hour in my sleep so that means I'm taking a NAP..LOL..Hope you all that are traveling Stay Safe and as always....God Bless

Friday, March 8, 2013

Doctor visit on Friday !

Doctor visit on Friday...oh boy my nerves get going thinking about my blood work and what if..ok, so I'll keep myself busy till I get over there..hahaha..

Morning I was up at 3am ..I know that sucks and I was not able to even take a little few winks on the couch..but I did make a Banana Nut Blueberry Bread and that helped.hahaha... did my coffee mocha too..ok that's now getting better...and then got all the Critters done, Ms Shug taken care of and Redi Whip fed..all over and done even my outside birds and squirrels..

Then it was time to hit the road to get to the Doc's office..and of course I brought my crocheting to keep me busy as I wait..and in fact I had a long wait due to one of the patients getting ill...was hoping the woman would survive as she looked pretty bad..

Now my turn and ok..step on scale..HELLO THERE gain/ and I lost a couple..ok..I'm off to a good start then wait in the little room again LOL...yeppers he comes in (the Doc) all smiles and says, "Don't know what you're doing but keep it up"...HUH?????? Yep, my blood work was awesome..

My A1C was 5.4 and my other numbers were below my level..can't remember them now cause they are still in my note book..UGH..but I'll repost them tomorrow ..hahaha...The Doc was happy and really talkin up a storm and asked if I would log down what I do for a week so he could kind of follow and maybe I could have some good input..

Seems I'm back to my research without even knowing it...but I do a Mediterranean life style actually ..something I was raised on and I do have a glass of wine a couple times a week..not a sweet wine but a sort of dry one..My intake on beef is not high..although I do eat steak but not often..mostly chicken, pork and fish..and I do eat salads and veggies.. I do have sweets but not a lot I go in spurts..but again I do things in moderation... I don't deny myself anything but I don't gorge either..

So I was really happy about my results now only if I could get my knees done..I surely struggle in my work with how my knees are..but I don't  allow myself to brood about it either I just struggle..

Wow I'm really tired I need to go lay down today was a very busy day I'll have to do catch up Good night and Safe Travels All.. God Bless..

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tried and True through Thursday

Tried and True through ain't that a mouth full..well the tried was my new grill and the True pick on American Idol...woo hoo..

This afternoon I had my steak for lunch ..I tried my new grill and really was happy with the results..and not to say .."A good lunch/dinner too"...LOL 

Morning was busy ...Laundry and I could hear my washer gasping..(don't wait so long hahaha)..and then fold and put away..gawd I hate that job...but got it done and then it was on to putting my little little grill together..not my favorite job ..but that got done too..

Later in the day I had a neat time playing with Ms Shug..gosh she is getting so smart..and really entertaining...loves to pose and make you laugh at her and then she laughs back..that is so wild...and of course the Critters watch too..

Did get in a nap, as I need one.. I get up to dang early and by afternoon I go into La La mode it's best I just lean back on the couch and watch a little TV if I fall asleep so be it..but if not the body feels good just relaxing

Got a reminder call for Doc appointment in the morning and then get ready for a little that's a nice a..well it breaks up my week anyway..hahaha..

Watched American Idol and yep, picked 4 out of the 5 guys..the 5th one I really was iffy about..but the all 5 of them and I'd say.."if it's a gals time to win it will be Candice"...

By far one of the best singers in a long time and guess cause she sings with such soul and has a jazz twist to it..and very much control...I'd say more like "Nina Simone"..smooth..

Now I'm ready for bed as I've got a very busy morning ahead of Those traveling Stay safe and as always..God Bless..

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wham Bam and Wednesday is almost over !

Wham Bam and Wednesday is almost over !...It seems like I just got up and my day is almost over...I did do something today...I think I did..hahaha...well of course silly ya know I had too..Maybe ?????

Got my chores done and that's always a challenge cause I never know what I am gonna have to do...but one thing I know I've got to do and that's Laundry..holy Hannah it sure creeps up on ya.. so tomorrow my thing is LAUNDRY..

Most my day was just gathering things I don't need and need to find a place for and not I'm doing up a Good Will box..and will take that over soon..and then I need to give Debbie a call and have her come over and help me ..cause my bottom cabinets need to be cleaned out and I know I can't get down on my knees that's on my list for next week..

Most the day was just trying to get this baby blanket done..seems I'm dragging on it ..guess last year I got burned out on crocheting..cause I did a mess of blankets..

Tonight I watched American Idol..and I really like Devon..he sang It's Impossible in English and Spanish and did a fantastic job..he by far has the best male voice..and I actually put him in the category of Mark Anthony..same quality ..

I taped Survivor so I'll watch that tomorrow while I'm doing laundry..and then watch tomorrow night to see who on American Idol gets in the final 10..

That's about it for my day other than the election for the Board of Directors here was not even worth mentioning..shame but it's that way..hopefully with hiring a Management group they will help straighten out a mess..Maybe ????

Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tootin' Tuesday for Me :)

Tootin' Tuesday for Me :) it was voting day in our little community for Board of I did my vote early this morning and we'll find out the results tomorrow morning....

My morning was pretty good and as I managed to get a few things done and Ms Shug said, "I love you"...yeah she's now getting that down pretty good..YOO HOO....LOL

Had to go up and vote then mad a quick stop to Winn Dixie and bought a rack of back ribs that is...and after my last episode with cooking them..well... I'll give these a try on the weekend..hahaha...sure hope these turn out better than the last ones that were so greasy..YUCKO..

Woke hubby up at 6am as part of our agreement.hahaha..yeah when he has to go to the HOOK as we call it..he asks me to make sure he gets up...and I do and he does his usual call for me at 7am...cause I'm up so early and if I lean back on the couch I could go for the count hahaha..

Nah, he just calls me to make sure I'm ok..and that's a good thing..and it helps my day too...cause it's long and it's been a long time since he's been able to come down...lots of things have happened ...

Now I'm on the count down for when he will be arriving...come on March 26th..:) it will be here before I know it...and the Critters will go bonkers too..but I can't wait to see how Ms Shug is gonna act..LOL  this ought to be good ....LOL

Watched American Idol tonight and I already picked my 5 that should be one of the winners..those gals are all good .. I mean these 5 could be a star easily and their voices are unique, and powerful..and talent..oh yeah.. as for the guys well they are ok...don't think I could even pick 5..I think this season a gal will and should win..if not.. I ain't a gonna watch this show ....

Now I'm ready for bed cause tomorrow I've got lots to get done and it's gonna be windy I don't like that number..but at least no down pours or freezing weather...

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless...

Monday, March 4, 2013

Well Monday was chilly but turned out better

Well Monday was chilly but turned out better towards the afternoon...I got out the plants from the garage as I knew it was going to warm up..but waited till around 10am..cause when I got up on my temp gauge it said.."29"..hello there Momma was bitter cold...brrrrrrrr

I had a morning chore which I surely wasn't anticipating but Ms Abby got a little ill and I had to shampoo the dog room carpet..yeppers I did that at 6am..had of those if I didn't get it done it would only cause me more problems I may have been a little mouthy..but I do realize Ms Abby is an ole gal and these things will least it was the dog room...thank goodness..but I got it all cleaned up and rug shampooed and was done by 8am.

Thank goodness the sun was coming out and I could feel the warmth fill the room from the windows and next prodject was to uncover my out door plants and clean the bird bath and it was all mucky..

When I finally went to take the sheet down from the Purple leaf Hibiscus I noticed Mister Red..(Cardinal) talking to me from the branch..Yeppers the feeder was bone empty...they all were hungry and I had filled it up the day that goes to tell ya when it's cold them birdies will eat to store fat !!!

So I got a big gulp cup and filled the big feeder and yeppers ..they all flew down and so did the Woodpeckers..they weren't gonna beat their beaks in that cold tree hahaha..

It felt good to feel the warmth of the sun and I was able to move a little better ..I guess I'm like the old lady that lives in a shoe bones creek when it's cold..hence why I came south but for some dang gum reason the ole north still isn't done with me yet...

I didn't do too much today as I mainly just took care of the critters and of course Ms Shug and even Redi Whip got my attention as I had to change the filter in the tank and also change some of the water...Yes, Ms Dawn another process for me to do..hahaha..

Tonight I watched the Biggest Loser and glad they all were and are looking mighty fine..I'm so glad to see that .. now if I could only get walking knees just ain't a playing my game..but I'm still pushing..When I think how active I always was..and I'm some what but struggle it ticks me days are if I'm good I go for it..and if I'm not I'll push a little but when I'm really bad well... I just do a little and complain...

Now I'm tired from my day and I'm ready to hit that's looking might good...tomorrow is election day here in this community..and I'll do my voting..not that eager cause there is really only one person I feel is really worth while..and I'm praying that he gets in...

So with that...all of you traveling Stay Safe..and as Always..God Bless...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cold and Chilly on Sunday too !

Cold and Chilly on Sunday too !... boy the morning was really chilly and I could barely move..even my critters didn't want to go out till later on and I don't blame them... I did put a pot of Veg Beef Soup on as it was that kind of day and will be that kind of day tomorrow as well...

In fact just listening to the news and we are gonna have frost tomorrow morning..eeeeeeeeeeew...well at least my plants are in the garage and my one plant is covered... I also keep Ms Shug covered on all 3 sides going in and out in the morning...just in case..

Most of the day was really my day... I did nothing but relax and keep warm..I did go out and feed the wild birds as their feeder (big feeder) was empty and I imagine tomorrow morning will be the same.. they were hungry and brrrr cold too ..they flew in Puffy LOL..

So that's about my day other than I watched a couple of old movies and only did what needed to be done..and tomorrow will most likely be the same cause it's cold and I don't go out...not if I don't have too...:)

Watching the Celebrity Apprentice..what a group ..and I can see the sparks flying and it's just the beginning...I also watched the Amazing Race...I was glad to see the Father and Son win that part..tough being the Dad is injured...

Now I'm ready for bed and making sure it's warm before I crawl in for the count down..and it will be more soup for tomorrow..nothing wrong with that hahaha..

Have a good night all and Dawn if you read this..Enjoy that New Orleans's mighty good...glad all is well and safe..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless..

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Cold and Windy Staurday

A cold and Windy Saturday....boy was it ever windy..had to get my meds at CVS and again I'm missing some ...does it ever get done ..I mean have I had one month in all the time I've been in Florida since Oct 2012...till present..each month something is wrong or missing...What can one say.. "it's the nature of the beast"..!

I made a plan for do nothing today and tomorrow's my own weekend and being it's gonna be or is now cold ..I'm just staying cozy and hopefully get my blanket worked on..

I even bought a pizza from Papa wasn't that was a waste..YUCKO...I'm just so lucky..should stop trying and just keep to my usual..and just cook and get it over with..

I did get my plants into the garage ..those were my Christmas Cactus and I did get the Purple Leaf Hibiscus I'm set till after Monday when the weather will start to warm up again...but until then this gal is staying in.

Tomorrow I'll go to the feeders and make sure them birds have their food cause it was standing room only as the word was out ..fill up cause it's gonna be bitter cold...and they sure did..:)

Chatted with hubby and his flight is booked so he'll be here March 26th and be here for Easter..YEAH..!

So that's about it other than I'm now ready for bed..and tuck in and stay warm..

Hope you all traveling are staying tucked in as well and watch them high winds as you know the March winds do blown hard and strong..

God Bless

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fixing Stuff on Friday !

Fixing Stuff on Friday!...OH YEAH....I had lots of stuff to get fixed and put away plus I had to shred all that chicken I cooked up...and I was just dragging my feet but today I needed to get off my asp and get er done..

My morning was busy and my brain was busy haha...Ms Shug wanted to play while I attempted to clean her cage..nothing finer than to have a bald butt bird keep calling you and jumping on your shoulder as you try to get things done..finally I had to stop and play with her ..and she she won...HUH?????

Then it was on to vacuuming my rug that now looked tweed again..see with this weather going from hot to cold me Rotties decide to drop more hair..and boy it was looking pretty bad...I didn't have a choice and I could hear my vacuum not wanna give either..hahaha..

Later I got to that chicken and I shredded and shredded OMG..but now I won't have to cook chicken till hubby comes down which will be on the 26th of March..Yahoo !

Oh, he called tonight to tell me he got his new full length leg brace and it felt weird but he managed to keep it on all day and when he went to get up from his desk he had only half a pant leg ..hahaha..the brace from his bouncing his leg all the time cut his pant leg...hahaha.. he's a one legged pant man..OMG..

I had this strange visual but if you knew my hubby you'd be laughing too..he can never sit still nervous energy in motion and his leg is always bouncing so maybe this will be a cure or he'll be going through lots of pant legs hahaha..

I'm so lucky what can I's what it is..and does it get any better..????Perhaps..hahaha..but he's a great guy and daffy like we get along cause no one could put up with us..LOL

Ok, I'm beat and my dawgs are now all sleeping and tomorrow I have to go into town again and pick up my meds..yes, it's that time again and I'm really wanting to make something good... Got a recipe for Eggplant Parm in the Crock pot so I'm gonna make that I'm wanting something different..

Good night all and all traveling stay safe..and God Bless....:)