Thursday, May 31, 2012

What ? Another Wake Up Call on Thursday !

What? Another Wake Up Call on Thursday !...Surprise, surprise. Just when you thought everything was popping up Daisies...I get "Rag (not my dish rags either) Weed"...

I thought this morning was going rather well..Got up at 4am and thought, "Oh My I'm sleeping in a little "..:)  then on with my start..Trash Day too..Yeah, had to get the trash I gathered my trusty worthy Dollie and off I went..Grabbed all sorts of Trash..Good Bad and Smelly ....(holding nose here) and I dragged it out to the curb..(end of my driveway)...and as soon as I walked in side (6:20am) the Trash Truck Arrived..but it was only for the Leaves and things..hahahahaha...a little later on came the "real" trash truck :)...and off it went to no man's landfill....

Then I got all my Critters fed including ME..I mean my coffee was badly needed and then I made a quick dash to get dressed without Ms Reba following me and giving me "What for"...and I got away with it too !

Then before I could say, "Jack Be Nibble" I was out the door and heading down the highway for ESCAPE...Woo hoo...I was on the road..First to pick up my Dawg Food.."Taste of The Wild "  (Wetlands) and visit with my friend in her shop...then on to my next big stop..Walmart...again I was smiling..and tried to find a Rubber Maid Step Stool...surprise..Walmart no longer carries them...(frowning now) but I did manage to pick up a few goodies.. like Sugar Free Ice that was a big treat for me..

Headed back home to my Crew and got the EVIL EYE...when the phone rang....Now who could this be ????? It was my friend Mary to let me know my DAWG foor was on I hung up and went on line to find out more about it..then called my other friend (from where I just bought it) and she told me that I was ok.. the bags I just bought were clear...then I asked, "What about the last 2 bags"..?????  as I don't keep the bags I dump the food in storage bins...HOLY I getting nervous.. I mean I've been feeding this food along with Verus and my Zeke is doing really well...

Should have known...the company that makes this food is "Diamond" and they have been off and on having recalls...because they get their supplies from China...OUCH again...well that's it.. I finally made up my mind after these two bags are done I'm switching...should have thought this out before going on to this food..The product itself is excellent if you can trust where they get their ingredients from..First it was Ethoxyquin and that was from Monsanto...and again that was the company makes many of the Top Brands..such as Wellness..all these healthy foods are or should be fined big time..

So I'm going to be switching to Evanger. They are out of Illinois and was started by a Dog Breeder (GREAT DANES) it's an excellent food..and I had thought before of using this product..but was talked into Taste of the Wild.

Luckily my Critters did not get sick or ME..yes, you're reading that correctly..cause being that I handle the food the illness could effect me..Salmonella...those words haunt me...and this has come about with like I said, "many major dog foods"...

This just made my day and I thank the Good Lord no one was ill and all that I've read they found the plant it came out of...and all I can say is "What a fine mess" .

After that episode I kind of had to take a breather and thought, "should I return what I just bought"..I did call my friend up and she didn't have a problem if I wanted too..but with Zeke I can't just change in mid stream and knowing that this food was ok...I bit the bullet but I will change very soon as I have to wean him from one to the other and make sure he has no major's never simple but you know neither is "Life".

Tonight I watched that Duet program..still not sure if I like it..but I do like the singers so maybe another week or so then I'll decide..still kind of numb from today's event..I should be use to all this nonsense..

No matter how well things are planned something is always a muck in my life and again no matter how much you "think" you know, you don' learn from each lesson that falls in your lap

With that I'm gonna say, "Thank You Lord for giving me Strength to endure another day"

Safe travels to all...and as always...God Bless

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Kind of Wednesday :)

My Kind of Wednesday :) went literally to the DAWGS !  hahaha..but it's true it really did... I mean to tell you after finally getting a good night sleep (my kind of quick sleep still up before the break of dawn hahaha)  I was so happy not to hear that weather alarm blast...and feeling my knees shiver...Like where in the world am I gonna run...Run?  I couldn't even if I wanted to..more like shuffle off to Buffalo..(singing that song while I type).

Well, this morning looked a little on the grim was looking like the heavens were gonna bust wide open AGAIN...but it didn't..but it was sure nasty around us...Guess the wind man was doing his blowing...(real hard)

So after I got my chores done I knew I had to do up the Chicken..hahaha..not really do it up cause it was already done did..(now I sound cajun ) what I had to do was grate (shred) chicken for my Critters.. I had cooked up 30 lbs when hubby was here (in March) so I had a few packages (I vacuum seal after I cook) in the freezer that needed to be prepared .  I like to shred/grate the chicken and add it to their dry them a little more extras..and they look for it too..Spoiled ???? HA !

Again I sat on my chair and watched the Tube and Grated/Shredded away ..and boy that chicken was cold and my fingers were getting numb..Then I packed the chicken in containers and now I'm set up for when we get back in Pa and with a couple packages left too...Whoopie !!!  This surely gives me a break but I can't help gripping..I mean it comes with the work load..and makes ya feel better.

Then I went on to the Veggies..OH YEAH, Like I said, "Went literally to the DAWGS" to watch a few that part wasn't bad and Ms Reba was giving me her orders..of which I was glad to see..She wasn't feeling to great last night..kind of had an upset tummy..and ya all know I was just a little (a lot ) nervous..she gets off her food and I worry..can't help it ...I mean she's a little ole gal that never has been real sickly.....anything that's not right with Ms Reba...Ms Zeee goes into OVER DRIVE WORRY....

After all my jobs were was I and me and the Critters curled up and took an afternoon delight ..hahahahaha...NAP :) watched the Birds do their fighting over who was gonna get to sit inside the Big Feeder...and ya know what I think my Woodpeckers have decided not to peck wood..hahahaha they enjoy that feeder...and the berries and nuts...Yummy...a Woodpecker ain't a Woodpecker any more..hahahaha...I wonder if the Bird Group would appreciate my story..."I Spoiled the Woodpeckers" or is it better.."I Broke the Spell of The Woodpeckers pecking wood "...Crazy isn't it..but from what I see of them daily..They ain't a peckin Wood !!!

Tonight on TV is.."So ya think you can dance"  interesting and after I get done watching those kids jump around I'm sore...LOL  time for good ole BEN GAY...:)

Tomorrow I have to head into the Villages to pick up my Dawg Food and then hit Publix and Walmart...golly it's gonna be in and out and make sure I have my list...I need to pick up a Rubber Maid foot stool..keep trying to find them and not one was found..might even have to go to Ace hardware...Oh and I need to get a Bird Bath..might go with a concrete one...we'll it's off to get comfy and maybe play a few word games on the computer and check to see how my Sistahs are doing..the ones heading to Alaska...sure do wish I was tagging along..

Safe travels to all and of course as always..God Bless

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Wake Up Blast on Tuesday !!!!!

A Wake Up Blast on Tuesday !!!!!  From my weather radio..eeek !...Run for the hills or wait..there isn't a hill here what.????  Well at 3ish am this morning I heard the alarm blasting from my trusty Weather Alert Radio.

That sound is something you don't mistake...I mean I woke up out of a sound (I thought anyway for me) sleep . Sat straight up, eyes opened wide..Where, What and How Soon ????? All in that order too. I could feel my heart pounding hard in my chest...Even Ms Reba woke up ya know it was a loud sound.

Heard the Weather Radio do their WARNING...and then I was at full attention..The First Alert was for the "BAD STORM"..and then came another one for the "Tornado" that one does you in, Big Time !

The crazy things that come to your mind...Like where do I really go..What can I do..Dig a ditch in a hurry...I ain't laying in no ditch here not with the gators...oooooh I'm not a happy camper at all..So me and the Critters marched into the living room turned on the TV and just listened..intently too.

The rains came heavy as I listened to it hit the, ping, ping...gawd I sure hope that's the only sound I it was too dark out to even see what was happening..but oh my that bright light that was having that cracking sound it was like over my head....ouch....not a good feeling.

So all of us (the Critters 3) sat on the couch and just listened to what was happening and brain waves were attempting to get what was happening under some sort of control...although if I heard the word take cover...well my feet would have not ever touched the ground going some where but no where.

Most of the day it was off and on with rain then we lost power..that makes ya feel good too...and my computer and radio went on battery stand by..ok that's not too bed when you think of it...but my stomach had the jitters.

As I look on my computer now and see what is still coming our way in the Gulf...eek...well we'll just have to deal with it and pray that all near by me will be safe...and coming towards evening well..I'm gonna make a pot of coffee just in case ...but in the mean time I'm gonna catch a nap for a few hours and so will the Critters..cause they are like my shadow...those brave darlings  hahaha..

If I get a chance I might watch America's Got Talent...and that sure has had some different acts..Strange, Stranger than Strange...I can't believe this is a family program...What's happening with them ??????

So Safe Travels to all and I just read that Carol will be heading back with her son when she gets released from the hospital..

God Bless

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Wet Memorial Day here on Monday

A Wet Memorial Day here on Monday...and boy do we ever need that rain..come on rain..but no strong winds please :)

This morning was a little on the wet side for the Critters and I might add none of them were at all happy about it.. I for one had all the towels ready.. I mean a towel down on the steps coming into the house and several by the back door to the dog patio ...yep, it's gonna be a lot of wash tomorrow cause I ain't a doin' nuttin''s a day to just hang loose as a goose.

Oh wait till you read this . Big Red flew down and sat up on the Humming bird feeder pole and was chirping away at me really early because the feeder was empty from those "Piggly Wiggly"..yes, those dang Doves/Pigeons what I looked out my front window and there Big Red he was dancing and singing..cept I knew he was complaining..(oy, I'm going to the birds) I got my shoes on and filled the big cup and treaded out to the big feeder and filled that baby I stepped back Zooooooom...they came out of the trees and Big Red was flying around my head...DUCK MOMMA !

That was my start up morning plus I had to water (imagine raining and still having to water plants) my Geraniums as they hang under the over hang..LUCKY ME...but boy them roses on the side by the car port look mighty fine...ones in front are kind of iffy..not sure why but maybe after all the rain we are suppose to have I'll mix up a batch of Bloom Feed...

Today I wallowed in my world of TV..nothing but War Movies.. and I'm not a War Movie I searched my Netflix and watched a few good ones..Leap Year, Romantic Comedy and Date Night too funny for words..yes, I was grinning from ear to ear and at one point I laughed so hard Zeke got up and came over to me see if I was alright...Sure was..just to too funny ..

Kept tabs on our Tropical Depression Beryl...sure hope no one got injured as the news said, "winds were hitting hard in certain areas"...then I saw some people at the beach while this was going on... Are they crazy??????

Read news on our Women's Forum of one of our Sistahs with the group heading to Alaska took ill..Carol..she had stayed back to lay back for a day or so to see if she could get rid of her cold..but instead got worse..she's now in the hospital in the intensive care unit with pneumonia... God Carol I'm praying for you that all will be ok...and her dog Maggie was taken to a shelter to be taken care of.. I guess her son is on his way to be there with her...

I know all the other Sistahs have got to feel this..cause everyone is so close and traveling like that..well, you all become one ....which is really a good thing...Please all that read my blog think of Carol and pray she'll come through this ok..

Now I'm gonna head back into the kitchen and rattle those pots and pans..cause that's about all I'm gonna's reheat microwave style tonight !

God Bless and Safe Travels to All....and remember our Men and Women who lost their lives to keep us FREE...!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Plastered to the Couch on Sunday

Plastered to the Couch on that sounds like I was tying one over but was because I was "Spent" (that's what I call totally wiped out) on Saturday...I mean I think it's because of all those meds I take that things tend to push me a little over the edge...not to speak of my legs driving me BONKERS...but hey, I'm alive and some what kicking...well not that high anyway...but I'm doing my best.

I decided after I did my morning chores and being up since 3am that I was not going to do a blessed thing no matter what..however, I did manage to make a few things (dish rags) and put my chicken in the oven for later this afternoon...but I have to say, "What I remember of Shake and Bake didn't hold true"... It was stars what did they do to something that was so tasty..or is it ME????? dunno ...but I do know where that chicken is going....Healthy trash this week...YIKES.

I even watched QVC and didn't call that #800 number so I'm doing really good well kind a sort a...but I did manage to clear up a few things on my computer..that was a MUST DO.

Hopefully by tomorrow morning I'll feel better this glumpy feeling SUCKS and it makes it difficult for me to get any thing accomplished..but my writing skills (lists) is growing and I've got to start getting a little serious and clear out a lot of things I need to either put in "Boxes" or "Throw Out".

Before I know it hubby will be landing in my butt has got to start moving in higher gear...I know I need to get a Bird Bath as the one I have is really starting to break down.. so I'll take a ride over to the nursery on 27 and see what they have..then head over to my friends shop and pick up Taste Of The Wild (Critter food) I'll need 2 bags and that will take me home to Pa..

I'm gonna see if my friend can get the other brand I use I have to bring down 6 bags with me and I mix the other Taste of the Wild with it...The Critters seem to handle it well and no major issues with Zeke's stomach.

Tonight I'm just gonna start checking what I need to put into the spare closet has become my Critter pantry...and really has a huge closet so everything fits fuss no muss !

Waiting the Tropical Depression that we will be getting some parts of..we sure do need the's been really dry...just pray no other funny stuff follows it...

That's my story for today...sure hope my Sistahs heading to Alaska are doing ok...God's Blessings follow you all the way .

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Scary Moment on Saturday

A Scary Moment on Saturday...and I'm still remembering on this Memorial Day weekend..from one extreme to another...OH BOY !

My morning was earlier than usual.. I mean 3:30am my eyes opened up and my legs were aching..NOT AGAIN... I just couldn't get them buggers to stop and the only choice I had was to get up and head into the living room in my "Big Chair"..Yes, another dish rag was in the making...I had thought of starting my laundry but my legs were really hurting and I wasn't anxious to go up and down and in and out I sat back too an Aleve (guess that's how it's spelt )...and tried to watch some program...not much help either..

Around 6am I got up and gave Zeke his meds and I took mine then I let him and Abby out and started feeding the birds..(yep they got breakfast early) as it started to get a little light out I started watering my plants..get a big jump and then I saw the Bird Waterier tilted..hmmm those dang squirrels I went and grabbed it and took it into the garage and washed it and then (dumb thing to do) I filled it and carried it out and hung it up on the pole..YES, I keep forgetting to just do it with the hose..duh !!! So I got a little wet...

Came back in the house and laid on the couch as hubby called then Ms Reba came out and I let her out..She later started her demands but this time very jumping up and hitting me with her paws..(bony they is ) and barking..."Be quiet Reba, I'll get you breakfast.." with that I got up and figured let me let the crew out again so I called all to order...but Zeke never came..hmmm is he sleeping on the bed.. He'll do that I head back and NO ZEKE...I go to the bathroom, NO ZEKE...did I leave him in the carport ???? NO ZEKE...Is he in his room ?  NO ZEKE...then all of a sudden a panic attack hits me..."Where is ZEKE"...OMG !!!  Did I let him outside...????

Out I run to the front of the house calling him..ZEKE, signs of him not even a sound...He wouldn't just run off.. I mean I would have seen him and heard the commotion for sure.. I mean if he was chasing a bird ????? I'd hear him barking...Wild thoughts came to my mind...OMG...someone seeing him would scream for sure.. I mean my boy Zeke can be intimidating...HOLY CHITSKI... I then have this wild thought of him coming running up the drive way with a Sand Crane in his mouth..."Look what's for dinner"...OMG>..YES< I'm now in over drive gasping ...

At that point Ms Reba and Abby are in the carport carrying on.. and so I figure I'll let them out then get in my car and drive the breathing is becoming rapid...I'm in a cold sweat...I just know this is gonna have a horrible outcome..I can hear people screaming in fear and Zeke enjoying that.. I mean he's ready to scare the BE JESUS out of any one who decided to shoo him away...I'm now sick as I walk back to the patio and then...

Ms Reba stops in front of the garage door and starts barking and jumping up..what is she doing ??????  I yell at her to stop the nonsense..and get outside...but no way ...she's wanting me to look..and I open that door and there "Low and Behold"'s Zeke... I closed the door on him when I washed the Bird about a pissed off DAWG or MAD DAWG..he come out of that room like he was shot from a cannon...and jumped right on me .

I fell back against the wall and I was so happy to see him..He was excited to be "Set Free"...he grabbed my wrist and was tugging on me.. and I mean to tell you  I felt like a wet dish rag (not the ones I'm making Hahaha)...Happy isn't the word..We all went inside after I let him out in the patio...boy was he ever happy...

After I fed everyone I was starting to have my coffee when I could barely solar plex was so tight I felt like I was gonna be ill.. I could barely move...catch my breath.. I was so filled with emotion...I couldn't believe it..this never happened to me before...NOW WHAT ?????

I had to go lay down on the couch and calm down...I was so caught up in emotion and fear all at the same time..WOW, I will never doubt anyone that tells me about how that feels... I mean I couldn't move, I could hardly catch my breath..and the ill feeling that came over me...well I thought I was gonna just crumble...What a thing to remember ....

I mean from one extreme like I said to the rest of my day I took it really easy and thanked the Good Lord that I survived another adventure...I may not leave my drive way but I can tell you I travel many roads to no where and some where all at the same time...WOW !!!

All this and my weekends not over..With that I'm gonna say..."God's Blessing to All"...I'm gonna hit the sack before my lights go out ...

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Rescue on Friday

A Rescue on Friday .... Sure did happen... Morning was the usual with a few exceptions.. Mixed up my batch of Rose Food in my "New" Thing!!!  I bought a 2 gallon sprayer from Walmart and put the "Thang" together last night and was anxious to feed my "Roses"...:)

So got all my chores done and proceeded to fill up that 2 gallon jug..and the "Smart" person I am, I forgot that water is not light and I didn't have my cart to put the "Thang" I had to do the shuffle off to Buffalo as I called myself "Dumb Arse"...but I managed to get this "JUG" onto my other "new" toy..the Rubbermaid cart...Yeah Team Go !!!

Now I had to put the Rose feed into the I grabbed my trusty Miracle Grow for Roses and put in 2 large Tablespoons of PINK STUFF..and then I was just so anxious to get out that door and Feed them darlings..hahaha..YEAH I was excited..can you imagine just to feed my Roses..(and I've got lots of them)..

I must say, "It was a lot easier after I figured out what I was doing wrong, first"..then the rest was history in fact I fed anything that was in my way and even Big Red flew by to check out "What in the World I was doing"...

After I made my mess and had to come back in and clean up I thought.."This was suppose to be simple"...but I should know better anything that appears to be simple is the person doing the "MESS"...hahahaha

Ok, on with the rest of my story...(Nose growing here )..I came back in the house and started to relax and cool down cause it was sure mighty warm..even the Critters didn't care what I was doing as long as they didn't have to participate..hahaha..Lazy Bones !!!

Leaning back in my big chair and sipping a little ice water I heard this bang on the window..UH OH...!!!...I got up from my chair and looked out and saw this "Splat" on my window..UH Oh !!!  I thought, "This isn't going to be good by the looks of the window" out I go with my trusty plastic bag cause I just knew that hit was OVER for what ever it was...

I slowly walk out the door looking all around and I see a bird up in the Geranium pot looking at me and then down and chirping..UH OH !!!  I then say to this bird that's trying to get my attention (this is amazing when you think about it) "Ok, OK...give me a minute let me see " and at that point I walk over to where the bird is and look around and then down on the ground and low and behold there is a bird laying on it side...OUCH...I'm afraid to look closer but I had slowly I walk over and lean down..I reach over and touch the poor bird and it's unconscious..

Brother this is not cool..what am I going to do...wait let me pick it up ..figuring I'm gonna have to put it in the plastic bag and then bury it.. I touch it's chest and I feel the heart beating...HOLY MACKEREL, it's alive still..!

Ok, let me think...I now have this bird in the palm of my hand and walk over to the front stoop and slowly start moving the at a time and then roll it over and look at the chest and I see where it hit the's got a little opened wound..OH NO !!... as I'm examining this bird it's starting to come to..and it's claw grabs my finger and it's eyes start to roll..

I then get a better hold of this little bird and start talking calmly...and just slowly start stroking it..then it tries to sit up..still a little shaky..and me too.. but it's like it's trusting me..and the bird that was in the Geranium pot flew by me.. like it's letting me take care of it's partner..and it zooms by us several times...

What seemed like maybe 20 minutes it is coming around but still now squatted down in my hands..nestled in for safety.. I then start thinking where can I put this little I am sitting on the stoop I look next to me and I have a Hibiscus bush and that would be perfect as it would protect it from the sun and it could nestle down in and be safe...

Still holding this little bird I then begin to talk with it and it's cocking it's head and I speak..Ya know I had to tell it how dumb it was..I mean flying into a window is not a neat thing to do...Like did it understand me..but one thing it certainly was trusting me cause it was no comfy in my hands...That part was really awesome... it knew I wasn't going to hurt it and I was making sure it was safe too..

Ok now I have to put it down as I can not bring it in the house..although I thought about putting it in the crate but then..I didn't want it to be frightened seeing the big critters in the house...and then the thought of a bird flying around in the house..HOLY CHITSKI...hahaha..

I put this little sweetie down in the hibiscus bush and it moves in close and looks up at me.. I told it, "You are gonna be ok"....and I left and came in the house...Yes, I came out several times and checked to see how it was doing and it looked up at me each time...and by the end of the day when I came out it was gone...Thank YOU GOD !

The rest of my day went by and I felt really good about saving that little darling...but I then again said, "I have to change my windows cause this is a normal routine birds, hawks and doves fly into my windows every week...YUCKO..

These windows are old and they have like a reflecting film on them ..they came with the house when it was made in they need to be changed anyway...but I do have to get windows that have a shade to them as I get so much sun in the front...I need tinted windows for sure..

Evening came and I'm dragging and wondering about my bird it's doing and I sure am glad it made it ok...maybe it will fly by and say "Hi"...ya never know..

Hope you all have a great Adventure and God Bless  ...was sure a good day !

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Traveling out on Thursday

Traveling our on Thursday to get what's on my list..Got up early again (this is a routine that is becoming a habit) it wasn't even close to daylight or day break...but up I was...Me and Zeke...Ms Abby was sprawled across the kitchen floor and didn't care that I was stepping over her...hahaha..

I was on another mission..first and foremost..GET THE TRASH OUT...all my neighbors as I looked out the window had put their trash out night if it was me..mine would be scattered all over the street...See I did this along time ago and learned my lesson.....I'll get up extra early and drag it out the morning of..:)

Had planned to head over to Walmart and pick up a few goodies and also make a stop and fill my car with gas...Wasn't bad I had 45cent a gallon dis count and it came to $3.069 a gallon and right at 20 gallons the flow of fuel stopped...Hey, not bad at all.. This I get from my shopping at Winn Dixie..(my favorite store) now I'm good for another month of fuel..hahaha..

I still haven't bought my Bird Bath and my new Bird water feeder is not being used..DUH..guess I need to put it in another location..maybe ???? I'll have to think this one out a bit...

Ah but I did buy a 2 gallon sprayer for my Roses..this way when I mix their feed up I can spray instead of refilling the watering can..I'm getting to dang lazy for that mess..and those Roses are looking good..(nope don't ask I didn't take a picture but I'm gonna ).. yes, I am gonna take a picture (promises, promises) fact all the flowers are looking really neat...Gonna hate to leave my children..hahaha...well I do talk with them and tell them they are really Gems from God...they are !

Tonight I decided I wasn't cooking so I ordered a "Pizza" from Pizza hut.. eeek it was awful.. was I disgusted..what in the world .. it was gummy and the sauce was like tomato paste really nasty... What a bummer I sure won't do that again..I should have made my own pizza..but like I was saying, "I just didn't want to cook and I was wanting to treat myself.."

Watched "So you think you can dance".. now this program amazes me with the talent of these young ones.. the movements as I watch my bones ache..and to think I use to love to dance...No I didn't flip through the air only in college...LOL  Yes, I love the uneven parallel bars ...that was when I was really young and a strange brain  hahaha...I was limber for sure wonder why I'm suffering in my joints...

We did have a little rain..sure wished it would have lasted all night but maybe tomorrow we'll have more...heard near Sarasota a tornado hit..haven't heard much more so I'll have to listen to the news...

It's that time and I'm gonna hit the sack and it will be Rice Day yes, the Rice Fields are calling my name and also maybe I'll get to do some laundry...

To all traveling..Keep Safe and God Bless

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wilting on Wednesday

Wilting on Wednesday... and I don't me was a hot day here in Sunny Florida ....Morning wasn't bad as I was able to get my work done and then by afternoon...well forget about it !!! Plain and simple...

The Critters and I just leaned back and let the fan blow and watched the action out at the feeder....Did I tell ya I have "Fighting Doves"...I mean to tell you they will fight any thing..and the Wood peckers came in for the "Attack of the Doves"...Momma, Poppa, and even baby Woodies were up and ready...

I think I could even shoot a movie...I mean it's well worth watching who plays "King of the Feeder"...and no matter how many times I shoo away those Doves they come back and in multitudes too...

Watched American Idol, America's Got Talent and Dancin' with the Stars...omg everything on all at the same time...but I did record several and bounced in an out often...

So tonight was the finish of two of the shows..American Idol which Phil Phillips won ...and Dancin with the Stars  (don't remember his name) the Football player (I'm really bad about that one) and now the rest of the other new shows will be coming on...

Heard from Jane (the fighting duo team) late last night as she had an accident heading to the dog shows .. They totalled the Van and Trailer and all her merchandise was all over the was a wild frantic call with lots of screaming and yelling...I couldn't make heads or tails and I figured I'd wait for the next day when things would calm down... and it did..Seems her "new" driver was going a little too fast coming down a hill and instead of slowly applying the brakes he panicked and hit them and it caused the trailer to sway and he lost control and instead of attempting to straighten it out with a little more gas he slammed the brakes and turned the wheel and over they all went..Van and Trailer totalled...Ouch !!!

My phone rang most the night and into today and as I tried to calm Jane down I finally said, "Just be thankful you didn't lose your life or hit another car and kill someone else"... sometimes that's how you have to look at things instead of blaming everyone around you...

I feel bad for her and I know being on the road going from show to show making a living is not easy and all that driving around things happen...I sure hope and pray that all that are with her will be able to handle the rest of the mess that goes along with this....Been there done that routine with Jane several times...

Tomorrow I've got to head out to Walmart and also Ace hardware..need a few things and also start getting my house ready for leaving in another month...I can't believe how the time is just flying by...I'm sure gonna miss it here..I mean my front window is a world of it's own with all kinds of adventures that happen with these critters...

I'm brain tired and I have sort of an ear ache (wonder why>?) so I hope and pray that Jane has a peaceful night and she gets her rental truck..(another story)..

For all my Sistahs on the road..Safe travels to you all...God Bless

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday ! Ms Reba's 16th Birthday :)

Tuesday ! Ms Reba's 16th Birthday :)  Happy Birthday sweetie .. This morning when Ms Reba strolled out of bed (her time 7:30am) and walked into the kitchen waggin' her tail...I had to sing Happy Birthday Baby...cause she sure is one heck of a Critter...a personality beyond..She strutted in and looked like she had a big grin too... hahaha

My morning started at 3:30am..don't ask me why ????  cause I just sat up in bed and I had to get up..couldn't for the life of me fall up I got and went to my big chair..uh oh I think another dish rag is in the making.....

Turned on the news to see what the weather was gonna be strange but I listen to it before I go to bed...but I have to hear it again in the morning.. Is it I don't believe my ears or is it ..."Senior Moments"  I forget..DUH ?????

Last night I got my Amex card at 7:30pm ...was a long, long day.. When you wait it seems like "Never, Never"..but the driver was really nice and did apologize...said, "Truck was full today"..guess that sounds good cause at least he had a lot of runs to make...

Then I got on the Internet and Activated and began my ritual of going on to the Web sites and changing all my data..Gawd do I pay a lot of things with Amex...Yep, I fit into that.."Don't leave home without it "..

Watched that crazy America's Got Talent and recorded Dancin' with the stars will watch that one today..but as I sat and listened to AGT I did all my input on the computer....

Ms Reba will have her goodies for her special day..she did get part of it this morning at breakfast...boy did she ever gobble it down too..guess she was dreaming about all that good stuff...hahaha

I chopped up some apples and carrots...(my crew loves them ) and they'll have another batch tonight at dinner the way they don't just get any apple..they only like..(get this)  Gala apples and they do know the difference..hahaha..well trained they are ...

I'm kind of draggin' right now as I was up too early so I might try to take a nap after 2pm at least till 4pm..this way the crew can sleep too.. I'm sure they are exhausted from all that they did today.....(that's a good one )

Tonight will be another episode of AGT sure hope it starts improving..never saw so many strange that's about it other than I have to mail a birthday card for Diane...that I'll do when I go out to the store..

So I'll take a quick look on the Internet and see if my friends have posted any thing new...Safe travels to all and God Bless

Monday, May 21, 2012

Here it is Monday and I'm "Waiting"

Here it is Monday and I'm "Waiting"...waiting for my Amex card to be delivered and I have to sign for it too...!!!  Ok, ok I know that's important cause I have it being delivered to where I'm at instead of my home base..So I'll sit and wait and maybe make a few more "dish rags"..and then I won't be complaining "I ain't a doin' nuttin' "...

Morning was not bad. By that I mean I wasn't on a marathon race and I took my time getting up..I actually slept till 4:30am and got up at that for me is a big "YEAH"...the Critters were still sleeping as I walked down the hall way.. I mean I had to step over Abby as Zeke was in bed with his head on the pillow..(what a life) and Ms Reba was curled between the pillows..If she would have opened her eyes she would have met up with the "Big Bad Wolf"..hahahaha...Zeke and Reba get a little bit up tight lately with each other...Mood swing again !

Fell asleep on the couch last night as I was watching Celebrity don't that tick ya off..I mean I was watching to find out who was gonna win...and didn't find out till this morning on Today show..OH MY STARS !!! and then woke up with a cramp in my neck and went back to bed at 1am..hahaha..never fails I'm just not good at watching programs late in the evening...

Today is a meeting (Board of Directors) and I'm planning on going..well that's if my Amex card gets here..I'm hoping it will be before noon..but as I just tracked it..well let's say "I'd like to go to the meeting"..but I do need my Amex Card to take care of all those changes that have to be made..and that's gonna be a pain in the ARSE...

Tonight is America's Got Talent (AGT) and if it's anything like last week..oh brother is it gonna be strange...but isn't that always interesting.. I mean just think of those people who actually get on TV and make fools of themselves..I'd have to hide..but then every once in awhile I've been known to make an ARSE out of myself by opening my "Big Mouth" as Jackie Gleason on the Honeymooners use to say..hahaha...

I'm posting rather early as I had to do a few searches on the Net this morning so I thought.."Why Not".. I mean maybe that will be a different out look for me if I post early.. My day could become surprisingly different..hahaha..not that's a hoot !!!  My days are always surprises but I'd like a few...Hey, nothing days...that would be nice.

Sure wish I was traveling to Alaska..that's on my bucket list and when I do down size my rig..that's exactly what I'm gonna do...but sure hope it will be with a group of Sistahs so we can have a blast...Cause they really are the neatest group of "GREAT WOMEN"..happy to be a part of them..even though I haven't been writing on the site lately.. That I need to start changing too..Page by page as I say.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it...Have a great day all and Safe Travels and most of all....God Bless

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Quick Fix on Sunday :)

A Quick Fix on Sunday :) out wee early this morning to make a fast stop at my favorite Winne Dixie...woo hoo..I got the Critters done and even manage to have my toast and coffee...course I was dressed so Critters didn't get the opportunity to give me a bit of a "no you don't"...and even got the plants and birds taken care of...WOW...must have had an energy blast Hahaha

Did a little bit of goodie shopping..and even treated myself to some "Ice Cream" which I don't normally buy cause I make my own..(now I'm bragging) bought some Bryer's Sugar Free (gawd will I ever get use to it ?) and even picked up a few my preference in steak is Rib Eye... I know they are not heart healthy but neither is cardboard...LOL well that's how most steak taste to me with out some "FAT" and as Emeril says, "Fat rules "  wait it's usually "Pork Rules" but pork ain't got no fat ..hahaha..Where's the bacon?

After I spent some bucks pulling out I meet up with John (the fighting duo partner) and he was smiling...Yes John, now what ?   He asked me when I was making sauce and cake again...hahaha.. I always give him a little goodies as he does favors for me...(wait to you hear this one ...mmm I mean wait till you read this one )  John ships me special bread..hahaha  I told ya it was gonna be different...any way there is special bread I buy here that I can't get back home so he goes and buys me 6 loaves and UPS to me...So when I'm hear I make up certain things he likes and can't get and that is our swap !

Heard from Amex this morning too...told me my "new" card will be delivered to me Monday...and then it's notify all that I pay by Amex..pain in the ARSE..but needs to be done.. I already made my list so when I have card in hand I start dialing..and posting.. Still bugs the crap out of me and I wish they would catch these jerks..and put them away..but then it gives the a place to live and eat on our money..heck put them to work on a "Chain Gang"... Jail should never be a hotel...3 squares and all the benefits you need...and even AC and TV...better than folks that have lost everything and are living in cars and begging for work...oh don't let me get started..BUMS !!!

Did I tell ya I've made so many Dish Rags I'm going into the Dish Rag business..hahaha... one of my friends sells at the Flea Market and she keeps at me about selling my Dish Rags...Honestly, that's not what I want to do.. I make them up for gifts that go out with my Christmas Cookies..a complete package..LOL  but if things keep going like they are.. I might just take her up on a deal...omg..that would mean WORK..that dirty word..mass production..HOLY HANNAH... I'd definitely be tied to my big chair..OUCH !

Tonight I'm gonna watch the finals on Celebrity's down to Clay and Arsenio Hall.. think that's how ya spell his name..Does it surprise me ?  NOPE..but the winner will...LOL

Well that's about it other than I'm having a STEAK for dinner tonight...even have a Baking Potato and a big green salad..Alright now I can just call it a day even though the day isn't over....Sounds good to me and then some :)

Sistahs safe travels and I'm checking your blogs...Lizzie, Carol, Nan, Mitch, Tina, Birdie and Beth...yeppers them gals are on the road and loving every minute up it..and what a group know there is lots of laughs for sure and oh..Good Fiddles...God Bless

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Stinky Saturday !!!!

A Stinky Saturday !!!! I'm such a lucky soul.. My morning started off as usual (notice I didn't say "Normal") Got my Birds fed, my plants watered and my Critters fed and watered too LOL..then it was my turn...again you notice I'm the last woman standing or seated.

I made a fresh pot of coffee...the aroma was just about putting me into the high atmosphere when I heard my phone ring..hmmm it's only 8am wonder who cause I know hubby is still sleeping in..I mean on Saturday the hubby gets to keep under covers till almost noon...hahaha (the lucky dawg)

Who is calling me so early ???? "Hello"...well it's American Express. The I don't leave home without it...Security...UH OH !!!  That knot gets in the pit of the stomach and the back arches...OY.....OY....OY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice man on the phone who I could barely understand (don't wanna go there) says, "Good Morning....I am calling to let you know your Credit Card has been (my term) Hacked"...I'm speechless and listening with all ears as being his English is rather difficult to understand and my Ms Reba is wanting my attention..I'm almost deaf ...HELP ME !

I ask the young man (I presume he's young) to repeat that again "PLEASE"..and so he does and then proceeds to tell me that they (Amex) has frozen my card for my protection..and because I use ON LINE services for me to go on the Internet and check this out...Now my legs aren't great for running but for some reason I was back to the back of the house before the young lad could say.."Jack Be Quick"...cause this Jane Doe here was like "Super Woman Speed".

Yep sure enough it was hacked and used several times..first with Dollar amount several times and that's to see if the card is going through..(those dirty bastards) and then the big hit a few times..and the strange part about this...I caught something that happened to me on the first day of the strange charge...

I had went to a Web site to order some Yarn and I placed the order and then it sent me to paypal of which I no longer will use...Why you ask>?  Because at first I liked Pay Pal until one day they sent me a notice I couldn't use them any longer unless I would give out my Bank number account...NO WAY !

They had already my Amex card what was the big deal about wanting my Bank Account no longer were I ever gonna use them...and when this happened on the site I immediately cancelled..after I had put all my data in..

Next thing I knew I was dumped from the site and I wrote an email to that company and  I never got a cancellation so I called the company the next day and they finally sent me a note..but I wondered..and when I checked the billing in Amex charges there it was $ 1.00 amount from Pay Pal several times and also Google Account $1.00..and that was to see if my card would go through...

Now on Monday I'm calling that company and I want answers...of course Amex is sending me a new card and I have to go through the ordeal of contacting company who charge my card for services on Auto Bill Paying.. and I just got finished speaking with DirecTV what Arses they were about it..

I spoke with the Billing Department and the young girl had this kind of attitude..."Well, you are responsible for your payment and changing the card takes 30 days and if your bill is due you have to pay it"...Holy Chitski that wasn't guess what I'm gonna do on Monday..Yeppers speak with a Manager and get that crap taken care of...

People some times act like Arse Wipes when it comes to dealing with issues... not that the person having the problem feels great. I mean why not just rub it in more...and you wonder why people have these nasty attitudes when they have to get something straightened out...Sad, sad world we are becoming.

This is some Saturday and it's not over...however, I could call it over for me cause my brain is wanting a break.. I am so glad I don't have to deal with too much nonsense cause I'm sort of at the end of me being a "decent human being".. if I was a bird you know I'd fly over  and ...oooops yeah right on the bean head ...LOL

Tonight I've got nothing planned maybe watch a Comedy..but when I think of it...Life is becoming a Comedy of errors..coming and going...maybe even a revolving door...."Going up Madam" ?

Where's the tub I'm looking at...I surely could soak a few hours..hahaha...

Hey Sistahs heading to Alaska.. I'm really anxious to follow your travels and better yet if I could get my arse in gear I'd be right behind you all....Have a Blast and keep blogging cause I need some laughs..

God Bless......

Friday, May 18, 2012

Flip Flopping Friday :)

Flip Flopping Friday :)...and the weekend is here AGAIN !....I really did a Nothing kind of day...and more or less started making my list of all that needs to be done when I go back home...Which put me in another frame of mind...The LONG drive HOME !

My morning was rather dull other than I had my little routine with my "Birds of a Feather" and those industrial "Squirrels"...I some how think they enjoy me being here...cause they love to just annoy the chit out of me !!....and they are so cute but VILLAINS...

Flowers are looking good and even the Geraniums are doing well ...when the Squirrels stop eating them !!! (See what I mean)  The Doves are back and getting fatter cause they found a HOME...and my other feathered friends are complaining...I hear them every morning giving me their two feathers worth..

Only one bird hit the new water feeder...sure hope I seem more in fact I didn't see the bird on it only when it pushed off ..the feeder rocked...I was so excited ..YEAH..some one discovered the water...but only one..some maybe before the weekend is over they'll be more.

I need to go buy a Bird Bath cause the one Clancy fixed is scaling inside and looks nasty...I know it's gonna be out at the curb come next Thursday (Trash Day)...and hopefully I can go by a nursery and buy one..maybe a concrete one.

I was in a strange mood..guess it's because I know I have to start packing up the house... I so enjoy here but don't get me wrong I love my home in Pa too..but something about how I can just look out and see so much Critter Action in the home it's much different.. The homes built up around me have made it almost impossible for Critter Action..all the farms are gone..(sad) and my area has become METRO..

So now it's get serious about getting things done and lists for Bob and Diane on what I want done and needs to be done...They are going to tile my Dog room so that will be much easier to keep up as I have indoor/outdoor carpet there and it's a pain...I'm kind of anxious for that as eventually I'll have most the house Tiled except for the Bed Rooms... I love area rugs for the living room and dinning room..

Still haven't decided on what I want to do with the Bathrooms seriously looking into putting a Premier Bath I would love to be able to soak in a tub..hahaha..(like a pool) and these have whirl pools and it has a door you can walk in and sit back and fill the tub...woo still use a shower also..Now that's my kind of relaxing... check this out...

Now I'm ready to hit the sack..tired from actually "thinking"..hahaha..well I did do some things but not much...I'm taking this weekend for me and a few more dish rags ...boy Christmas gifts will be easy this year...only have to make up cookies by the time I come back...

Have to check our forum and see how my friends are doing on their way to Alaska..I sure wish I was tagging along..

Safe travels to all and always...God Bless

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Dashing Thursday !!!!

The Dashing Thursday !!!!  I kid you was a dashing (like running ) to get the trash out to the curb.. see I did say "Dash" 50 yard dash... that it really was..for Me, and my neighbors..but at 6:45am...HOLY HANNAH...I heard the trash truck and it was...OMG get that trash together and out...cause here comes the BIG TRUCK...:)

As I looked out my window no one had gotten their trash out to the street..but I figured well I'm up it's day break and let me get my stuff together and be done with it..Ms Reba hadn't gotten up was just Abby and Zeke...I had already given Zeke his 6am pill and they went out for a quickie  :) why not .

Well much to my surprise I heard that big truck and I thought, looking around and no one was insight...Do I yell, as I didn't have my phone..(The British are coming, the British are coming) LOL yeah you can see why my brain goes into overdrive at times.

This morning was sure gonna be thing I notice is Ms Holly, my next door neighbor was rushing out with her trash and then I look up the street and my other neighbor Ms Judy was getting hers together and the Big truck had entered our area and was backing up to take my tree branches and I thought my trash too...good thing the two of them were out..but OH NO !  I didn't see Dick, Betsy's hubby...uh oh...better start heading over that way and yell at the driver "Hang ON"...hahaha...but he pulled away faster than I could say.."Jack Rabbit"....but I did see Ms Judy stop him..and then next thing the Truck was gone...

Well, me and Ms Holly had this look on our faces and Ms Judy was heading back towards us...then she got up to us and said, "The other truck will come for the trash"...OK sounds good to me..cause I just had this thought enter my head...I with the Van..would have to gather all trash and get Ms Betsy's too and drive to catch a truck...LOL  Thank Goodness...and yes, later on the other trash truck came and got us all...

Those wild and crazy thoughts can play with your Gray Matter big time..but how would I fit every one's trash in my VAN ???????  Thank you Lord...cause I was beginning to get this strange look on my face...

So that started my morning Big was get my Critters I came back to the house all 3 of them were watching me from the steps...and I'm sure they had these thoughts..."Now that was different " ?  LOL  "Where's my Breakfast"...?????  those darlings...they have got the life...

My day was a little weird but not out of the norm for me...I had a couple of errands I had to do...and manage to get them done...and I was done for the rest of the day...sure waited to have some nice rain..but not much a few sprinkles...I had to water my plants and make sure my Birdies got theirs too..and still they haven't hit the "new" bird water er...maybe tomorrow...???  but Big Red hit that Humming bird Mote..he likes it plus he gets to look at himself in the window...He's smitten with himself...and even let's me know he's there...ok Big Red you are handsome !!

Tonight I watched American Idol...Surprise, Surprise...Josh got the sweep..I think because the judges kept up about him and always a standing ovation every time he sang got he didn't have a bad voice but to me he wasn't the "Hit Parade"..(uh oh that dated me)...and now it's Philip and Jessica...Philip has a fan club for certain..he's very modest and to me one dimensional..where Jessica had a voice..for a 16 year old..she will grow and grow to a beautiful voice...her pitch is darn near perfect and control  amazing...She's my pick..but it won't surprise me if Philip wins..

I'm ready to hit the sack as I've seem to just get exhausted ...I'm gonna have to adjust some of my meds..I think that's why I'm so tired..but we'll see..I'd love to say "Good bye" to at least half...but I then think.."They are keeping me Alive" suck it up and just be glad I'm still ticking...although I'm not "Pink"...hahaha.

Safe travels to All..and God Bless

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday for the :)

Waiting on Wednesday for the Roofer to appear :)... Yes, it was that kind of morning for me...The company that I had put the roof on was due to examine a problem or should I say, "Correct a problem"..

I got a call around 7am this morning asking if I would be home and could one of the roofers who was in the area working stop by ??????? HELLO..of course as I looked out my front was so dark and dreary I thought to myself.."The Heavens are about ready to open"...the roofer is coming to go up on the roof...???? Hope he has a large umbrella...hahaha

Morning was busy for me as I waited to hear when that Roofer was gonna appear...and I thought while I'm waiting I'll see if Clancy is he washed my roof and he knew more of what was happening with it than I.. I mean I haven't been up on the roof lately..nor do I want to if I don't have too....Remember height and me is not an IN thing :)

As I was hurrying to get the vacuuming done I did the "Never want to do" thing... I stubbed my big toe on these bar stools that I they ain't wood they is "Heavy Metal"..GAWD that HURT..and I went around limping...didn't even want to look at my foot...all I knew was I felt the throbbing in my brain...BIG it's black and blue....YIKES!!!!

When I went out side to sweep away those "Love Bugs"...(hundreds of them) my neighbor was riding by on her golf cart...and as I looked up...YEP, there was the roofer riding by..he missed me... I mean he was "LOST" and not in I asked Val if she wouldn't mind and ride down where Clancy was working..(around the block actually at Mary's house) if she would let him know that the Roofer was gonna be here...

I had made arrangements with Clancy to talk with the Roofer and show him where the problems were.. and soon after Clancy showed up and we both saw the Roofer ride by again...OH I called the company to tell them there man was lost  and to let him know we are in the drive way watching him pass was funny I mean several times he was on the next block from us..and then one time passed right by the can get a little confusing in here .. I mean lots of loops to ride around in ...:)

After the roofer fixed the gutter and took pictures of the roof..he said, "It's not a problem at all and not to worry...but knowing me I'll call the office tomorrow and speak with the owner and get that in "Black and White"...

Val came back with her little dogie a Jack Russell and we sat and just chatted as Clancy brought out his kittens..they are so cute but those cuties grow up to be Big Cats..and with my Critters I don't need anything more..but it was fun to see and even that little JR was anxious to taste them..LOL  Oh and I had to tell Clancy which were males and females...and NO I don't want a cute kitten LOL...I got enough..

While we sat there it was enjoyable to watch my birds..right in front of us they flew in and ate..and looked at was a show or I should say.."They put on a show for us all "...NEAT

Then I got another surprise...Betsy's hubby Dick drove up with a sack of great tomatoes..what a neat surprise and they are so good.. I eat one every day..and I just can't tell ya how appreciative I am.. and I was just thinking I missed going up for tomatoes..our Rooster man comes in on Wednesdays...
Thanks again Betsy and Dick they are delicious !!!

There was a workshop meeting today at our community but it's at 4pm and way to late in the day for me... my Critters get fed at 4:30pm and my meds are given at 5pm..and my brain is on the down side with my body... it's my fall out after dinner ....let's me take a break and just lean back and watch my birds fly in for their dinner too..and boy the Doves were packed in again...They get a hogging so none of the others can enter..have to do something to make some changes again..they learned how to get by with what we did...another new trick in the making....

Tonight watched American Idol... I don't know..nothing overwhelmed me at all...what songs...but I can tell you those judges are pushing for Josh...but for me I still think  Jessica Sanchez should win it..she is the most gifted voice...

Now I'm ready to pack it in and fall out..bed is looking mighty fine and tomorrow again is another busy day...not going out but house work and it's "TRASH DAY"...and it's get all out and to the curb before 7:30am..cause ya never know what time they're coming...

Have a good night and Safe journey to all...God Bless

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catching Wild Horses on Tuesday...HA!

Catching wild horses on Tuesday ...HA!...well that line with wake ya  :)...

This morning it was like catching wild fact the horse was/is my car..Surprise..seems this mornings event was to take my car to the Chevy Dealer in town as my ABS light stayed on while I was driving...(Is this a familiar story or what ?)  Any way I had to be at the Dealers at 7:30am so that meant I had to get Critters, Birds and Plants taken some what care of before I could leave...although I'd feed my Critters when I got back but water and clean bedding had to be done...!

So I got on the phone and called my friend (fighting duo) John and asked if he could drive me back from the Dearlers..which he said, "No Problem"...John is a good soul about those kind of things and he's usually up and running errands for Jane (the other duo ) .

Now there is a shuttle that would have taken me back as it was scheduled to pick me back up to get my car when it is finished...but because I was there at 7:30am sharp..the shuttle doesn't start till 8:30am and I didn't want to sit up there an hour ..I knew my Critters were gonna be hungry..and they were...

John doing this favor for me was great but it comes with a price tag..hahaha..yeppers, he wants a piece of Italian Lemon Drop Cake and some Sauce for his pasta...we'll see about that..:)

Now the reason I'm calling my car situation Catching Wild Horses is because it seems that the "Harness" (there are all kinds of harnesses on this car) went and they had to replace it..hahaha..Got me a Wild Horse is all I can say..

When I got the bill I thought to myself ..."Someone Need to Geld this Bad Boy"... hahaha...this way I won't have to keep spending on these Harnesses..dang it..they are costly ...WOW...

Oh when I walked in I'm now officially known as the "Squirrel Lady"..seems I've been the talk of the Dealership...and I guess they wondered did those beasts strike again...and let me tell ya.. I was thinking the same thing..I did say a pray and begged, borrowed and would have stolen (not really) for it not to be the "Attack of the Squirrels...OUCH !!!

Got my car back late this afternoon and I was sure glad to have her home..and just was in that "down in the dumps" kind of mode wondering what now with this car ????

Watched America's Got Talent...good Lord that show is weird and what strange acts are on... I don't know I sure hope something gets better..Now there was an Opera Singer that was good and one guy that played the piano and say..almost like Joe Cocker...oh and impersonator  not to bad...but wow..what strange, stranger than strange acts...Some of the dance acts were pretty decent ...oh well...can't wait till the auditions are over with and the good stuff begins..

Other than that I went to the "Rice Field" and also made up some of Ms Reba's special dinner ...she's really getting better at her finishing her meal...with the help of Big Momma feeding her..Yes !  we are back to making meat balls...but I don't care as long as she eats it all...and barks when she wants more :)

Now I'm tired and tomorrow I'll be in fall out stage..seems I get more like that when I worry about something...the body and brain won't work together...So I'll do what my body says.."if it's rest I need, it's rest I'll get "..Works for me :)

Have a good night all and Safe Travels...God Bless

Monday, May 14, 2012

Twas a Good Monday

Twas a Good Monday (surprise, surprise !)  it really was.. I was up before day break (norm for me) and even had a hop in my step...I was going to WalMart..wooo hooo..and might even have company to go along with...:)

Critters were a little dragging but I promised them some extra goodies tonight if they all behaved..and let me get dressed without the usual...I mean like they get in those moods of  "I wanna go, you can't leave me "..oh yeah them big brown eyes do the stare down too..and also getting them to go into their room is like taking them to the VETS...all four feet don't move you have to drag them...and then when you shut their crate door..the teeth smile at ya..!...HA !  ya missed me..hahahaha..

Well, I got my birds taken care of...even heard Big Red give me a whistle..still no one has hit the new water feeder..we'll see, we'll see..Any how on to the plants..Yeppers they got their blast of "temped water" cold water in this hose...hahaha..this amazes me.

On to the next the Critters fed and Ms Reba was giving me her.."I'm hungry where's the fiddles" I knew I was on track and all was gonna go smoothly...then my phone rang...It's my neighbor Ms Betsy...!!! Alrighty she let me know she was ready and willin' to go...See I told ya I was gonna have company...:)  Betsy, that made my day !!!

Off we went cept I notice my ABS light on the dashboard was lit and wouldn't shut I made a quick stop on the way to the Chevy Dealer and pulled in got an appointment for tomorrow morning at 7:30am to drop my car off and have it all checked out... I don't let things go..cause I've had those strange experiences to wait it out..and best get er done and get the oil changed before I head back to Pa..

After my quick stop Betsy and I headed over to of my favorite places to shop..and yep the parking spot I normally get was waiting for me and surprised me that there wasn't much traffic..even Betsy noticed that..guess them "Snowbirds" went home...cept they left me..hahaha..

Got back safe and sound and Betsy says, "Look, there's Clancy"...yep, he was back and cutting back those bushes...boy he loves to work in the heat..but I am so thrilled he loves to do that work..He does a good job and makes my yard look so much better..

I had Clancy take down some of the hanging branches near my bird feeder..cause I noticed the other day those mighty flying squirrels were up to their tricks...they were attempting to land on top of the one feeder..."Sorry Charlie not this time "...hahahaha...

Got a call from the Roofing company..they will be scheduling someone out to check out my roof and also look at the gutter that the seam is coming's always something but I'm anxious to see these people...cause they is not walking away with a story..they is gonna fix it and fix it right...Don't I sound mean..hey, what we paid for that should be in "Gold"...we'll see.

Watched Survivor final last night and Kim won..and well she should have she was pretty sharp how she played this game and won several challenges..and the men never learn..Women will always stick together !!

Tonight is America's got Talent and I hear it on in the back ground..I'm not thrilled about Howard Stern..but we'll see... I certainly hope he doesn't pull some of his strange antics...Gawd help us..!

So that's my story for today and now it's on to the TV..

Safe travels to my friends and as always...God Bless

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday and it's Mother's Day too !

Sunday and it's Mother's Day too !...

I'd like to wish all a Happy Mother's day was a quiet one...Most Mother's Days for me is rather a difficult one..Remembering my Grand Mother, Mother and now Sister.

I think back on all those holidays and how very special they were in our house..Lots of cooking (Italians love to cook) and lots of laughs.. I sure do miss them. So for me I try to keep this day quiet so I can just spend time with them in my heart.

My Critters were very good this morning .. I could have even slept the entire day cause getting them to move was like putting a stick of dynamite under their butts...but I ain't a complaining..Not Me !... it was wonderful...

I did have my usual...Get the pills ready for the week for survival..yeah, it was that time again..(gulp) drink a big glass of water for that first one..Fosamax..YIKES that's a nasty pill...LOL  but on to the next level..and so on and so forth...but I'm here and making noise and that's a "Good Thing".

Hubby called on his way to church to pray for me (hahaha) as he says, "You Catholics need lots of prayers"...sure Mr Hubby...hahahaha...Love the man dearly and I don't know what I'd do with out him..well, I have a few good ideas..but hey, he sure does make my days complete even long distance.

Tonight not much, I mean there's a movie I watch ever year on Mother's Day...I Remember's my all time favorite and that's what's on my agenda for tonight..I'll fill up with tears cause it will make me think of my family and how we all sat around the table as Momma did count out what had to be paid and always wrapped the money in butcher paper..cause that's all we had..even to the part of what we needed for school or was her thing ...she sure was the bookkeeper of the house hold amongst other things. My pop would just always agree...I can still hear him saying, "What ever Momma says goes "...Yeah she ruled the house and then some !!

Tomorrow morning I have my schedule to head out to WalMart and pick up a few things..I mainly just need a few things as soon I'll have to start emptying out the Freezer and Frig...yes, it will be getting close in time to head back...can't believe how fast time is flying now..

I'll make my list up for Bob and Diane as that is another thing we do before I head back..we have our little meeting on "What's Gonna Get Fixed or Changed"...kind of neat but it's something I'm so use to doing and the best part is..It gets Completed..on time too ...Amen to that..

So now it's time to feed the Critters as they were still sleeping and I hear Ms Reba calling me...hahahaha..yeah she's a little late but what the heck they're giving me a break...

Safe Travels to All..and God Bless !

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A calming after a storm on a Saturday

A calming after a storm (shocker) on a Saturday....thank heavens :)

Not much was done today..I mean I was spent from Friday and didn't dare want to touch anything for fear something else might go a stray.....So I just did only what I had too...

However there was some light at the end of the tunnel today...I got a surprise..My Mailman delivered my Bird water's neat and nope I didn't take a dang picture..didn't want to touch anything..other than open that big box with diapers for Ms Reba and my little bitty birds can now have a place to drink water other than my Humming bird feeder moat..LOL 

So I cleaned it up took it apart and checked it all out then loaded it with ice cubes (cause it's hot out there and the water gets warm) and filled it with what they call cool water (difficult to get cold tap water ) and out I went with this sweetie in a proud Bird keeper hahahaha..

I placed it right on the other side of the fancy wind chimes that don't chime..they're plastic but sure look pretty when the sun stars they are.....any way  I sat in my favorite big chair and watched off and on most the day...NOT ONE BIRD stopped near it..but sure flew around it often..

Maybe by Monday they'll hit it..but I know those dang Squirrels have looked but so far they haven't explored.. ya know they's part of the ritual  around my funny farm.. LOL

Guess yesterday was a bit over the edge for me on my nerves cause I've been really dragging..that happens to me when I let things get me.. it takes a bit to get over...might be because of all the meds I take ..not really sure..but I know it kicks my butt a notch or two..

Also had to put down a new mat for the Critters..the other one was breaking up so I rolled it as best I could and tucked it in a large lawn bag..have to wait till Thursday to get rid of it...Gosh I hate this once a week pick up...any way I put the new one down and it's PURPLE..hahaha with dog bones around the edges...actually purple and black...The Critters are gonna check this out.. for sure...

These mats I used all the time I showed my dogs..I love using them.. and they lasted me a long with being here in Florida I only get about 7 months tops before they start falling apart..but they are terrific for cleaning up and not having problems with nasty paws..and when I had the long coated breeds ..they were messy coats... I always used the 9 x 12 they are nice and big...easy to wash down daily..even have a purple pooper scooper...gawd I'm in style here..

Well I'm about beat from actually doing just a little....but it's that day before that did me in...something again I've had to get use too..never could believe little things can play havoc with the body..but it does as a heart patient..guess I should have another pity party..Nah!... I'll be fine tomorrow or the next day  and if not I'll just watch some good movies.. :)

Now I'll catch a Hallmark movie..I really like those..some are such tear jerkers...but at least they have a happy ending...

Good night all and Safe travels...God Bless..

Friday, May 11, 2012

Today was a "Freaky" Friday !

Today was a "Freaky" Friday !  and I can't wait till it's over... Why?  Well now that I ask myself..."Why did I even think I'd have a quiet calm peaceful day"..When on any given day things do happen...Like out of the Blue.

Morning was wake up and make a mad dash to the front of the house cause Zeke was growling loudly...OMG !!!  That woke me and it had to be maybe around 1:30ish or maybe close to 2am.. Couldn't see as it was pitch dark but he heard something and his "hackles" were up...So that kept me a little on edge but slowly we walked back to the bedroom and I tried to lay down..(Good Luck)...

A few hours later we all got up and back to the front let everyone out and then it was get the water, get the pills, feed the birds, water the plants, feed the Critters and have my pot of coffee on...I'm breathing a little heavy...and oh yeah..when I opened the door there was like zillions of "Love bugs" all over the place ..when I walked I crunched...eeeeeeeeek!!!!

I came back to the bedroom and turned on my computer as I was expecting some data for a project I've been working on.. Opened my email and there it sat looking at me..a notice from USPS Global that my package couldn't get delivered and they needed me to take this notice to the Post Office..I had to unzip and download to print it out... at first I thought.."hmmm, what package, when did I order and let me look "   I re read the email again and it says, "package was held up in Ok" I had to go to my file cause anything I order on line I have a copy in there...I have a completed file and a work in process or order in I checked and nothing showed up..but I also saw on this email that my Virus program snatched the file and if I wanted to open it I had to clear it...hmmm another little itch there...I then went on line and looked up USPS Global got there phone number and called..with the case number that was included in the email...Ah Ha !!!  spoke with the rep and it was a Hoax or better yet had a Virus in to gather up all your data...WOW that was the start of  first Freaky :)

Then as I was having my coffee Clancy called..he was coming over to "Wash the Roof"...ooooooooooh another loud and wet experience..but I'll have to tell him.."Clancy I know you do a good job but I can't climb a latter for you to show me I believe ya "  hahaha..Clancy always loves to show you what he does and he does it well too...

So Clancy was up on the roof and boy it was noisy..but that's ok cause he's gonna be happy and proud and I'm gonna be happy he's done a good job...hahaha...well, if that wasn't enough I get a knock on the screen door and it's the AC man..."Hello".. I'm shocked cause usually they call and let me know when they are coming...Not today...nope they just showed up...

Again I tell the AC man.."sure go ahead but I can't let ya in..Dogs are in the other area...can you do everything you need from outside" ? He nods and away he goes and does his thing...LOL  I thought...but he has been here before so we just said a few words and that was it... He was done in about an hour and then he left..

Clancy got finished late in the day.. that man is a worker..he's there till the jobs done..and my goodness it was almost 5pm when he finished...I went outside and boy he looked exhausted and still had a few things more to go..but he said to his nice calm voice and low..Barbzzzz you wanna hear the good news or bad news first..  My comment was....(I hung around my best friend too long) "Oy"...LOL...Give it to me slowly...Clancy proceeded to tell me that my "New" roof was losing it's finish in several areas...(my knees are wobbling) and plus over he walks me there.."Look up" I look up and then he points..."The new gutters where the seams are .....are separating"....HELLO THERE...ANYBODY HOME....??????  That's my Brain talking to me...hahaha... and then he says.."That was the hardest roof I've ever done to clean.. I didn't think I would ever get it clean"...oh my stars !!!

"Now the good news"...I'm all ears..nothing left in the brain ..just ears...."It's not gonna cost you much"...and so he worries about how much he has to charge me.... and if any one would ever deserve top dollar it would be Clancy....I looked at him and said, "Clancy what ever it is you are worth every penny"...he smiled....aaaaah but my day wasn't over yet...cause ........

Went back into the house and as I sat there with the Critters I noticed that they were panting alot...Now what ?   Then I realized the house was feeling warmer..mmmm I know I was outside but dang it ..the house doesn't feel cool...let me go kick up the AC a bit... so off I go..turn down the temp and I don't hear the AC kick on...well I'll wait a few minutes....Nope nothing..let me turn it down more..and turn the fan on....NOTHING !!!  

I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach... Ok, the AC man always tells me.."Remember Barbzzzzzz, this unit is an ole baby so some day you're gonna have to replace it..."  and that was said again today..but we say that all the time...and she's never caused me any problems...NOW WHAT...???

Maybe the AC man didn't turn the unit on after he finished cleaning it..???? I'll go out the door I go..and I see Clancy and I call him over..he comes quickly... I must have had that strange look on my face...He goes and looks at the breaker and it's on...but says, "Maybe it has to be reset."  so he does and I go back in the house and nothing...nothing...nothing..

Oh brother I look at the temp in the house and it's almost 90..YIKES...I've got to watch Zeke as he's panting a lot.. so I take him and Abby and let them stay in the carport with the fan going..come back in the house and call the AC company..get the answering service...and tell about 10 minutes which was pretty good..the Tech calls me and I explain what happened...So he gives me directions on what to do..turn the temp setting all the way down and give him about 15 minutes and he'll call me back..

So I waited and then he called...Nope, no AC...Well, he was on a job and he'd be here within an hour...nothing more he could do till he got here...So that hour seemed always...the mind goes into fast OVER DRIVE..and I'm already counting out the bills for the "New AC"...I mean the unit is 16 years old..

Tech shows up and he goes right to the unit..within 20 minutes he was at the door.. I had this lump in my throat and then he says..."Well, what happened was the lid got closed and some insulation fell on the relays and it shut down the unit...I've got her up and running and you'll be ok for now "...Oh there is a Angel watching over me..cause I was sure as shootin' expected to hear..."YOU NEED A NEW ONE"...

Well that part was over with and on his way he went...and on to my next situation...I called the company that put my "New" roof on and spoke with the Agent who handled it...He tells me.."He's no longer with the company"...OH NO !!!  but he's in good standards with them as he just started his own business so he'll have someone contact me Monday morning and will follow through to make sure I'm being serviced.... I hope so I mean this baby was a big bill and it's just a year old or maybe year and a half...Good Golly Ms Molly !

My day isn't over till I shut my eyes..and right now I'm afraid to touch anything but it is cool in here ..and I ain't touching that AC...I'll put my flannels on first..hahaha...

I had one hell of a day...and I'm still ticking...What can I say..."it's been a revolting development and always a learning experience...

Hope all you traveling are having a great time and staying Safe...cause if you ever get a wild hair and decide to visit're in for a few surprises always....God Bless

Ps..if this doesn't read right it just might be me or my eyes...LOL..

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Treading lightly on Thursday

Treading lightly on Thursday....sorta, kinda...well just tip toed a bit...LOL..I stayed up too late that's what I did and I also ate some Italian Lemon Drop cake...OUCH..but it was oh so good...:)

Morning was a bit weary because of my night owl activity...and even the Critters looked like they were walking in their sleep...however, I did have to make a run to Winn Dixie..I was out of Moo Cow Juice (MILK) and I needed a Green Pepper and Onion to make up some Sausage/onion and peppers for the weekend..Yes, I'm jumping the gun here cause it's only Thursday...but you do know Friday starts the weekend..and um let me see isn't that TOMORROW ?....

Well anyway or any how I stopped over at Betsy's for a quick "Hello" from our meeting and bring her and hubby Dick a goodie..(they like them goodies) and always a joy to chat with both or either one...and because Betsy is also following American Idol we discussed who we thought would get the "Boot" tonight...hahaha..

Show was pretty good last night and I still think Jessica Sanchez should take the show..but we'll see..and then I wound up watching something and didn't fall asleep till almost 12:30am...Oh my !!!

So I was yes, dragging butt and like I said, "So were the Critters.."  plus it was that awful "TRASH DAY"...the one and only day that everything had to be out at the curb...Gawd this is really awful...:(....

Also watched to see if those Ring Neck Doves could get into the bird feeder..they tried but only one succeeded...but the other Doves..(they're too many of those squirrels) and they remind me of the pigeons in New York City park...pain in the butts..and fight to get their share of food...

Met up with John (the fighting duo pair) at Winn Dixie and brought him some of the Italian Lemon Drop cake ..he always likes goodies too and bugs me all the time..."When are you making"...and I always tell him..."Ole Man, get your girlfriend (Jane) to make you something...instead of fighting.."  his comment back is..."I'd be afraid she'd kill me with it"  LOL... guess he's right the way those two go at it...just like "Punch and Judy"...OUCH !!!!

Got back and it was really quiet in the house..(not normal for my house) and I walked in and even Ms Reba didn't come to greet me..Ok what's going on ?  So I put the groceries away and then went on my search...Uh Oh !!!!!!!!!!

Zeke was in his crate and so was Ms Abby...but Ms Abby's crate didn't look so good...You might have all forgotten but Ms Abby has been known to chew...I mean Cherry Mahogany is her favorite of all times first and foremost...but this wasn't was the carpet in her crate...Guess she was a little ticked at me..(for what I don't know but will find out soon or later)  She was looking not so good and so was her crate...

Did I scream ????? Whatcha think ????? 10 guesses:)...I was in the "Kill of Mockingbird Mode"...I let her know she was treading (there's that word again) on thin "Threads" (mainly the carpet cause that's what it looked like )...and what a mess it was to clean especially with her breakfast ..OY  :(

So that was part of my mid morning episode...Aren't I lucky?  and my Doc says, "You need exercise"?  Is he kidding me... he ought to spend a day in my shoes..oh and speaking of shoes..did I forget to tell ya...that Mr Zeke done ate my "New"  Reebok's...I mean I bought myself a pair with the open backs so I can where them without hurting my feet and he ate "My Left Shoe"...

Can I start this day over or maybe even this whole year ????  I survived it and they sure did test my blood pressure and my heart.. I mean it skipped a beat a few times and if it pounded any harder it might have cracked my ribs ...not sure if it was when I was picking up the whole crate and moving everything out of my way or when I found a few (tiny bits) of my sneaker...

Now I'm in resting mode.. I mean I did make the crew their dinner although I thought perhaps they might be full ?????  Ms Reba was making her entrance known and demanding dinner and now she's back to the old Ms Reba of...Feed Me..and I literally mean Feed Me...cause I have to make tiny meat balls up and feed her one at a time and she tells me when she wants the next bite...

Ah love it just wonderful and life is just flying by before my eyes..not sure if that's an indication of mine is almost over or I'm gonna take all 3 for a "Ride"'s been a day that's all I can say...but my reward is..

Leaning back and just watching the Humming Birds as they come to the feeder and FIGHT >>>>>!!! LOL...See even the birds can't let me rest in peace...Where's my box ?????

Tonight I'll watch to see who gets the Boot and try and catch up on a few other things and I'll have a cup of tea with that Italian Lemon Drop cake..that will make my day as I think of Momma when she use to make it for us...

Have a good evening and Safe Travels ....God Bless

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Wiser Wednesday

A Wiser Wednesday was my kind of day...and NO RAIN...but I was smart (hence the wiser day) and watered my plants ..cause lately the weather man ain't showing me that I've said that I'm sure tomorrow will be a wicked day..hahaha..hey, we need the rain and that's all..nothing more..just drops of rain..

Morning was a bit busy as there was a "Meeting" in mid morning for the concerned residents...a group of a few people that have good intentions and stirring the pot to get things done...which is a good thing for any community..Everyone there had some good input...and were civil..yes, I behaved myself..bit my tongue a few times...but I let those who were "in charge" do their thing...after all I've had many years of going to "battle" for just cause...and it does wear you out..and with me and the meds I take..heck I could be laid out if I don't behave ..hahaha...Close the box please :)

Afternoon nap was not in this picture today...but I did get a Lemon cake made..and it was delicious...great with ice tea or hot a fresh zest of lemon does the trick...

Was kind of down from last nights winner from the Voice..although I have to day Germain's rendition with Blake  doing "A Soul Man" was excellent..and Juliet's song she did was not good.. I mean who ever picked it should have taken another look..cause it just was NOT gonna take her to the bank.. Shame but I'm sure she'll do ok..

Tonight's American Idol..well I still think Jessica Sanchez should win it all..She is one talented young girl..I mean 16 years old with a voice like that...WOW..

So most my time was going through "Stuff" to sort out for "Trash Day" tomorrow..and I mean I so dislike this once a week nonsense..but I hear we are stuck with it for the Year...YIKES...glad I'm going home in June..cause July, August and's gonna be nasty..

That's about all of my story for tonight other than I'm a gonna head out to Winn Dixie tomorrow and also fill my car with gas and get it washed..Yes, I do those fill ups and wash and go...:)  Some one's gotta do that and I'm not good at I love the drive through ..neat to watch and hear that water...wooo hooo..

I'm tried from nothing ...oh one more thing...Bob came over this morning and added a ledge to the roof of my bird feeder and also put a wire across the top so those big Ring Neck Doves can't get into the feeder...they fight..shame they are so pretty but are so nasty...none of the other birds can get in the feeder when they are they are on the outside ...Shame on them...they'll have to eat what's on the ground...

Now I'll go to bed and sure hope all you traveling are Safe ...

God Bless