Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Fun Filled Tuesday

A Fun Filled Tuesday :) and I'm still smiling...Today Ms Shug is 10months old and I'm telling ya.. since the day I got her she has been a treasure...and has filled my dark days with laughter...

When they say, "Cockatoos are the Entertainers and Lovers of the Feather Friends", they weren't fibbing !.. Ms Shug it's truly the Clown of Clowns...hahaha..

Today for me was a tab bit busy as I had to chore of cooking up the Critters Chicken..yeppers a big pot and with all the seasonings..garlic, parsley, celery, black peppercorns..and a pinch of salt. It's just like making chicken soup and I use the broth to cook up their rice and veggies...even we could eat it..hahaha.

The aroma went through the house and Ms Shug got her chicken leg..and she enjoyed that..guess I could tell her that was part of her birthday month treat..she loves that marrow too..wow you wanna hear her crack them ouch !!

She's still trying to say, "I love you"..she says, I WUV YOOOOOOOOO...and it's so comical as she twists her head and cackles..then laughs..and Zeke and Ms Reba just look at her..

Most of the day I just started going through what I needed to put up and also what I needed to have to take back..and do I need to go to Sam's club for my last trip...that I still might have to do..

I still have to meet with Marty (friend of Clancy's) and talk with her about taking care of my home while I'm back in Philly..so I'll most likely do that next week and get things squared away...

Also need to get with Clancy again before I leave as my plants are really looking so good ...I water them every morning and I know I'll have the bird feeder (little hopper one) filled so they'll have food for at least a month or maybe two cause the bigger birds can't get in it...

Tonight I watched most of the news about Moore City, Ok...and I became so depressed how very very sad for all those people..then I thought..you know instead of our government helping other countries and spending foolishly...why don't they help all these people...

We the people always donate what we can and I know the Entertainers are doing their shows for support so people will donate then I thought ..why don't the entertainers instead of playing music why don't they donate not their time but their bucks as well..I mean they pay 10K to 20K for a plate for a political party..HUH.. I know some may feel that's awful of me..but think about it...

Then I watched the Voice tonight and caught the end of Dancin With the Stars...I wasn't surprised that Kelly Pickler won..they were really good...and the Voice I wasn't surprised who made the cut too...I'm getting too good with all these shows lately which means I'm watching too much TV  hahaha..

Ok,  so here is the latest pictures of Ms Shug...on her 10 month old day :)

First one is Ms Shug Spinning her Yarn...hahaha

Second one is Ms Shug Barking out Orders and then laughing..:)

Happy 10 months Ms Shug :)

So now I'm heading to bed and I hope and pray you all keep Safe and God Bless Us All...and please let's pray for those in Moore City Ok and their families.

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