Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Thursday Night !

It's Thursday Night !  Tomorrow hubby will be arriving..we'll take a day for him to rest and then "the journey will begin".  Well actually we are looking at maybe leaving next Thursday morning.. It will be a trash day (and we'll have lots) and want to make sure everything is put out that needs emptying.

I've got lots of "stuff" I accumulated (shame on me) and I need to get rid of it..Some will be going to Habitat ( someone could use this stuff) and the rest will meet it's maker.. Simple as that and of course I've got lots and lots of boxes...Still don't know why I'm saving these things ?????

Tonight I have by myself and then it will be a two some..YEAH.. Hubby and I will do a lot of catching up and I'm sure even though we talk everyday we'll do a little bickering..more like a nervous thing ...or maybe not HA !

Today was a rush to Winn Dixie for some fiddles as I've been trying to get the frig empty and that's almost impossible some times.. things seem to just Magic...WOW...where did that come from?????  I have the most magical refrigerator..might even write a book about my frig.. trust me it would be a "classic".

John called me this morning . He and I have been watching the trial and giving our own opinions and then we have this pact call each other to make sure we both are still kickin' ..Well it was his idea cause he says,"He needs someone he can trust" of course I want you all to understand this is the John from the dynamic duo known as "Punch and Judy" in my book..they are the only couple that have fights about nothing...but I do have a few laughs with them separately only......So I agreed to make sure John is still alive and kickin' if he does the same for me...but it won't count when I'm back in PA...he's on his own !!!!  HA !

Any way John called me this morning to let me know he was cookin' in his Rice Cooker ..(the one he claims I made him buy) and after the rice was done  he claims "it's just as good as what he makes"...Now my input to him was simple..."If you can make rice that good then why did you buy it "?   Get ready for the reply...uh hum... "Because YOU (meaning me) intimidated me into buying in"..  HELLO FAIRY TALE...or better yet..."LIAR. LIAR YOUR PANTS ON FIRE"....or here's my other one..."You must be suffering from PINOCCHIO syndrome.... (if you don't understand it..just think of the puppet who when telling lies his nose grew and grew....) 

Some days you just have to go with how the wind blows and it was one of those kind of days...Now I'm getting ready for another storm..this time it's my Hubby as he rushes into the house and the Crew go ballistic .  I won't be able to hear for awhile and then it will calm down and I can hear him now...Where's my Cola  ?????  I best put them in the frig before going to bed..

Speaking of which I need to cause it will be a busy day....Sooooooooo

Night All ....God Bless

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can't make rice on Wednesday :)

Can't make rice on Wednesday :)  That's right on the money..John (of Jane and John duo) called to ask me how I make my rice ...well, I could have told him a long tale but I decided to fess up. Yeah, some times you just have to admit the truth....So I did !   He giggled of course as he's a "Southern from Tennessee and he can make rice ...Sure then why is he asking me how ????

Long and short of it...He has the same problem I do..Sometimes it comes out great and others (which is most of the time) it comes out gummy ... Now Pasta I can cook...was raised making pasta..but rice...nope I can do Success Rice and it's why bother with the Rice that don't make it..

So like I told John,  "I done bought a rice maker"  it's called "Aroma"..HA!  but guess what ?  It makes perfect rice every time and no mess other than you have to rinse and rinse and rinse the dang rice before you even make it..

I've watched many a cook shows and they just take the rice (raw) and measure out a cup and then put in 2 cups of water, pinch of salt and maybe a little butter  and crank up the fire cook till it comes to a boil lower the heat and simmer till it's done...Sounds good but that never happens for me..

John went and bought him a rice cooker...HA !  Now I told him read the booklet first and then call me in the morning...Gawd I sound like a "Doc"..:)

I can't wait to hear his results cause if it don't come out..I will be glad I won't be around...but I have faith as it's so simple he should be happy..."Maybe"..

So that was the extent of my boring, gloomy day cepting I watched the trail and WOW I was in tears watching the Father get done by the defense atty...I don't think I could have sat and watched my father take a brow beating...or better yet if I was him...I don't think I could have made it through that session..

Then the rains came and boy it was like the heavens opened up and then disappeared..Ok, won't it rain a little steady for a day ..that would be so nice..maybe tomorrow..and thinking of tomorrow I have got to put the chairs in the wagon and get my asp in High GEAR...cause hubby will be here on Friday....OMG>'s only 2 days 

With that I'll say... "Happy Trails" and then the long journey home...I asked hubby to bring his air he told me he will have his computer with him as he has to do work while I drive...That means I can post when we pull in for the night...YIPPEEEEEE

Now I lay me down to sleep and pray the Lord will give me ENERGY cause I need all I can muster up...

God Bless and Sleep Tight !

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wake Up ! Wake Up ! It's Tuesday, already

Wake Up ! Wake Up !  It's Tuesday, already...Holy Hannah the week is starting to fly by...Soon the hubby will be here and then I don't even want to think about it..Things will move quickly and I'll hear his southern twang muttering...of course my Brooklynees will fly into action...Amazing but we're still together HA ! 

Hubby is kind of a mutterer (funny word) and always has to have the last word.  That's kind of difficult with me cause I'm just as bad cepting I don't mutter I kind of speak loudly...Sort of an Italian heritage I do believe :)

Anyway the day rolled in gloomy and sputtered off and on.. waiting for the heavens to open up but NOT.. I didn't water my plants as they were damp so I just sat back and mellowed into bliss..(only for a few moments)

Watched that dang trail today..(I did tell you that I'm addicted to it) and between John (of the John and Jane duo) called each other and made our comments...Gawd I don't know what's wrong with this defense but they just ain't a gonna make much of a head way...more or less grasping bent straws.

Then later on towards evening I watched the humming birds get into it..  4 came to the feeder at once and it was.."What's this"  they all lifted into mid air flapping their wings and kind of just looking at each other..was a site to watch then the dives started and zoom they were on the chase... What a gift and to be able to move about like they do... must be my juice I make them ...HA !

So that was my day and then I watched America's Got Talent.. I have to say this year that program is getting strange...or is it just the acts...dunno but a lot of nonsense being chosen...Where oh where has the talent gone >>>>maybe Gone Fishing :)

Now I'm ready to fall out and begin another day of getting things sorted and then ready for trial...Honestly I can't help myself.. I just pray that poor Caylee gets justice ..then I think about my hubby's first cousin her life was taken and we still have that murder trail to go through..OUCH..maybe that's why I'm watching so intensely

Doing the search of room on my bed and I see I'm gonna have to move the Big Boy..El Zeke..yes, he'll grumble and even show some ivory..but I think he kind of enjoys our little game..(hopefully )

With that it's off to see the Wizard in dream land...

God Bless and Nightie Night .

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Monday wasn't blue !

My Monday wasn't blue !  Not in the least and I was even enjoying my day.. Started off with having a good night sleep..That seems to always be the answer to a lot of things. Then I got to hear some good news from Hubby...All is set for him to come down on Friday...Yeah :)

Then I got to have a good cup of coffee and listen to the news and watch my humming birds come and enjoy their nectar...I made a fresh pot for them as I was here for another week.. boy when it's fresh they come in by the numbers..must be a good sent in the air..of course the big guy ( I call him Julius) he was on the mark to guard his food supply. Every once in awhile when I'm near the feeder  (usually watering my plants) he'll fly down and give me the (once over) buzz and I let him know.."Hey, don't bite the hand that feeds ya"...he zooms by so quickly and flashes his ruby throat..(show off)  I have to tell ya I enjoy it !

Well today I went to our board meeting with Betsy..we had made arrangements the day before and you all know how I enjoy that "lady" ..we always seem to agree..(not always) and we smile and a slight giggle come out..well today we had another neighbor join us.. I'll just call her "Mary L"  and after the meeting we took a tour of Mary L's garden..very nice ..a bit over the top for me ..but never the less, very nice..

Me, I kind of like simple stuff..a little color to make "pretty" but easy stuff that I don't have to be on a constant I do enough with my plants and feeders I really don't want too much more... but like I tell Betsy.."Pretty stuff so when Betsy takes a gander over she can enjoy too..."

Of course Clancy enjoys fixing things for me too.. and he and I have already decided on putting stone edging around the other side of the garden where it has some kind of black banding... YUCKO ...

Came back to the house and then took a rest of course my Critters were all bickering because I left I had to share my chair with Ms Reba and hear her complain...she does do that.. then we all shut our eyes for an hour and it was "Feed the Critters time"... My Joe paces in front of me to let me know he's hungry...that dawg is like the Rabbit  in Alice in Wonderland..he's got a built in clock...all for food too :)

My niece called this evening wondering where I've been as she tried to call me in Pa...of course I'm still in Florida...HA !  I had her laughing and we had a really enjoyable talk ..even went on a web site together so she could show me the dress she's going to wear at her son's wedding this coming Feb...Gawd the dress was gorgeous..and I know she'll be a real beauty in it too..

It's a good feeling that she and I are getting closer...I realize I'm kind of taking my sister's place...being she's not able to hold a conversation any more and pops in and out of reality.. I feel her loss even though she hasn't passed over...So for Theresa, being able to share thoughts and even some tears with is a good thing... it's been a very long time.  God sure does have a way a making things happen..may take years.. like for me and Theresa ...last time she and I talked or were even together was when she was 15yrs old and now she's 57.. I've missed out on so much of her life..Her Graduation from High School...Her Marriage, Her children and now I'm just getting caught up on the Grand kids..

I shake my head when I think about all the years I've been so alone without my sister and her children because of a bitter man (her husband) wanting to destroy any  of my sister's connections with her worked for a long time ... I use to think some day things will change and just prayed . Nothing more I can say about it without feeling more pain.. Things changed but it was because my sister became very ill.. Wish it could have been different  some things we can just never understand...It just is what it is and the evil person is no longer in the picture and my poor sister lives in a nursing home.. How very sad.. I just keep her in my prayers nothing more I can do for her other than help her children when they need me..

Those doors will open some day for the rest of them and Lord willing I will be there to hold them all close.. for now Theresa and I once a week talk...and I'm enjoying all of it... Next will be the big visit..that will be coming soon... can't wait..

Looking over at the clock and uh oh "it's bed time"...have to do another push to get in.. Love how they make room for me... and it's on to another day...

God Be With You Alice !

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Calming Sunday

A Calming Sunday, at last !  It certainly was so peaceful. I stayed in my night shirt and just relaxed and watched "Good bye Mr Chips". I had recorded that and finally got a chance to watch it. Now I know why I still enjoy those old classics.

Zeke has been on the mend thank goodness and the rest of the critters have been doing ok with the heat. Today wasn't as bad as it has been so all seem to blend well together.

Not often I write those words so I have to tell ya that it was wonderful. Had a few phone calls but mainly just vegged ( yuppie word) out and took in all the sights of the yard.

Clancy had done such a great job that I got to enjoy the scenes happening in the yard.. Of course those daring squirrels were checking all that had been done..might even say the are like Inspector Clueso...(I hear that pink panther music going on in my mind) They climbed up on the trellis holding those roses and of course they heard the "tap, tap, tap" of my ring on the window..they turn and look back at me and then (I can just imagine their thoughts) they tell each other..."she can't make it fast enough. so don't worry munch while you can"...Why do they eat the flowers ???? I thought squirrels ate nuts ?????

So that's how my day went and I slowly drifted in and out of consciousness..I was just pure LAZY...and lovin' every moment of it..cause this week the race is on again..Hubby is due to come in on Friday and then...LOOK OUT !

Crossing all "T's" and dotting all "I's"... I sure is hoping all will go without too much confusion...cause for me that's my  "norm" lately. I might as well take a deep breath as this week is gonna roll by quickly. Better get that check list out again and start all over... first pinch me...cause I must be dreaming all this.

Don't know why I'm so tired as I had nothing but lean back suck in and enjoy the day...but I'm dawg gone tired..I'm ready to go for the plunge to dream land and hope when I wake up I'm home already...Would that be asking too much ?  

Good Night and God Bless..or better yet..Sweet Dreams !

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Arrived and

Saturday arrived and all went as planned..Surprised ?  Nah!  All things work out if you don't attempt to jump start or over react..HA !  I should maybe take some of my own medicine....However, the day did go ok. In fact Clancy called and came over to do my yard work and did a fantastic job.

He sure loves working in the heat too...Clancy you tend to amaze me. My garden is looking better and better and boy after that weeding in the front ..looking good !

Bob and Diane showed up and we went to Red Lobster for lunch..Now that's another topic...Our lunch was not the greatest. In fact our food was luke warm and the rolls were on the hard side..soup was great..Yes, we did complain after the fact as the place had some huge parties going...that doesn't a make up for it but we also knew it would be a long wait if we sent the food back can tell we all were hungry...

We did manage to get some rain..sparingly but it did come and went ..Maybe tomorrow we'll get some more...a nice long gentle rain would be nice. I felt bad I didn't water my plants this morning as the sky was so dark I thought we'd have a down pour..I did mention that I'm often wrong in guess work .

When we all got back from our "LUNCH"  I knew we'd all be in the counting down stage of "fall out" other words that Horizontal position...Works for me and yes that's exactly what happened.

Watched some kind of program not really sure but was upset about this mornings happenings with the trial..Lordy this is the show of show..I'd say, "getting more and more like O J's trial"..wonder what happened in the judges chambers ?????  Well I'll catch up with it again come Monday morning..

Speaking of mornings  it's time to say..."Night or Nite which ever comes first..

God Bless...

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Flip Flop of a Friday !

A Flip Flop of a Friday !  My morning sucked as well as my afternoon but I did manage to get with Bob and Diane about plans on what is to be done on the house while I'm away.  We didn't get to go to lunch but will go on Saturday.

My Zeke had a bad night and day. His stomach was off kilter and I was out of whack from taking care of him..Never had a dawg like him in all my over 50 years of breeding and showing Critters. So I had explained to Bob and Diane please understand I don't go any where when any of my critters are not well.

They are good people and know I'm one of those types of people that refer to my critters as my chillens (children in your term) I would have been a nervous wreck if I went out and something would go wrong.

Home I stayed and me and Zeke were like two peas in a pod..where ever he went I was there to "Clean UP"..YIKES ...don't even want to try to remember it..

Rest of the day (you got it) I watched the trial..this is really taking another turn for the worse..I do understand why a parent will say anything to save their child..however, I don't quite understand how to justify the loss of a life..
I personally don't think that First Degree Murder will stick...but I do feel this Casey should get life without parole. I don't think she intentionally murdered her child but gave her chloroform to put her to sleep and she didn't realize she overdosed her..then panic set in and she dumped the child's body... but I can't justify her behavior after that.. that's where I have my doubts again..  That's where I come in with the Life without parole...

Alrighty I'm ready for bed and so are my critters...I hear a little rain...maybe someone is spitting from up above on all of us..Can't say I blame them..cause lately it seems very few people care about any one or anything...OUCH !

Good Night and let's all pray for better times

God Bless

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Morning Dash for Thursday

A morning dash for Thursday. That's right at 7am I was off and running and not at Jamaica  (race track in New York )HA !  Although I must admit it felt like it.  I had a few things to do and I thought the best was to get out and get back..Why you ask?  cause I couldn't miss that trial.

I had to make a run to Wally world and then to one of Jane's favorite places..Dollar pick up for John and myself Chicken hear me. It's only a buck a container and we use it in making up our Critter food. Also had to run in Wally World and I must say that the one in Leesburg is really cutting back on products.

Back home and all before back into the swing and made Critters breakfast and mine too and the rest was fall out cause the heat wave came along...again I'm becoming a part of my chair..HORROR !!!

I got my plants watered and watched that "Bugger" come up and look at me and then turn around and leave...Don't he ever get heartburn ?  My plants are looking good cepting Ms Hibiscus..maybe she'll have a chance.

This afternoon I managed to do my sorting of things that have to go out in the trash on Monday.. I am a collector lately and I need to get my act together..Hubby says, "it my compulsive behavior.."  Joy to the world I'm becoming a part of society that needs help...well I don't mind as long as it's not gonna cost me more bucks...maybe I can fit into the group of...Lost souls hey it's worth a try.. I've never gotten anything in my life for nothing..and now that I'm going towards the ending..(hate to admit that one)  I might be entitled to something...ok,ok quit the dreaming.. Ya know my last dream was a nightmare so I best just tuck this one under the covers.

I hear thunder in the background..sure do need some rain. This heat is playing havoc with me. Just thinking of my excuses.. Come south in the winter months cause I can't take the cold and now complaining I can't take the heat so I'll head North again..See how fickled I am..I can remember when I use to chuckle over people that were like that..So moral to my story..Don't laugh at others no matter what cause they could turn out to be YOU...!!

I'm dragging and tomorrow is another busy day..Going to lunch with Diane and Bob to discuss what needs to be done in the house and our check lists..See I'm still spending money..YIKES..but the house is really starting to come together and I can't wait for the house and driveway to be done..I'm gonna enjoy it when I come back in Oct.

Alrighty I hear my name being called by my bed...(I'm only kidding) and I can see the Critters all comfy...gonna have to move a few..especially the big boy..I can hear him complaining..and he does that . So it's good night and sleep tight...

God Bless

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Wicked Wenesday

A Wicked Wednesday. I woke up at 3am having a nightmare. Just what I needed.. it seemed in my dream that I was running towards the door and guess what ???? I was ! I got up from my sleep and was confused as in my dreams someone was smashing the glass sliding door . I found myself at the front of the house and my Zeke was right with me..Guess he was confused as to what I was doing..."Zeke, you're not alone, I wasn't sure myself".

Guess when I finally came to my senses I felt this throbbing headache and then had that sick feeling to my stomack... I just love those dreams. Don't have them often but when I do it screws up the rest of my day.

That it did ! I cancelled my luncheon with Jane as I was not feeling well. I did not go back to bed as I was restless and then the rest of the day I was zonked..To top it off it was a Hot one ...too hot for my liking.  I worry about the older critters as when they go out they get sort of wobbling from the heat.. So it's always a and out and I'm ready in case the heat over takes well as for me..

I hear lots of thunder as I'm typing..haven't lost my signal yet but it wouldn't surprise me cause my day was that way why not my night ...

Weather alarm going off and the voice comes on...sounds like Robby the Robot I can hear him now.."Danger, Danger".  I'm all ears as you all know I don't like storms.

Tomorrow I have to make a quick run to Wally World. Seems I'll have a few things to get before we pack up.. Hope it's not crowded.. Like to get in and get out list is ready and of course I'll do my usual sneak out..

Uh oh that sound is getting closer so I'll say..."Nite Nite"  and hide my head...

God Bless

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Toot To Tuesday :)

Toot To Tuesday :)...Began like normal..up in the morning and out to ( singing cause I was ) water the plants while the critters have their bounce around the patio.. then it's the clean up duty (I could go places with that word) and all that while my coffee is perking. I can then come in and sit down and have a good cup of coffee and be able to speak. 

I'm one of those that can't talk till I have that first swallow and it has to be hot coffee. I guess it's those working days that did that number on me. Can't think, can't speak till the coffee hits the system .

Well anyway today wasn't a bad day other than HOT and you felt like sitting under water with a long pipe (so you can breath) and stay there till the day is over..Wow that's wild thinking...must need a quick fix of something ...HA ! It does sound nice and cool..have to attach some weights  so I wouldn't float up..wait, wait...I got enough of that to hold my bottom to the floor..HA!

I did manage to watch the trial..yes, I'm addicted I can't help myself. I've gotten so caught up in this and I just shake my head at this defense lawyer..where is he going?  what is he thinking.? Unless he wants a mistrial or maybe just maybe it's so the appeal will be easy..and that it will be..No doubt in my mind.

Got a call from Jane and the luncheon is on for tomorrow..which will be nice cause she's in a good mood ..She and John are not fighting so that means they'll be peace in the valley..Thank Gawd .

So that's about all other than I hope we get some rain...we sure do need it but no major storms cause then I have to stay up all night till they pass..Don't like that feeling of no place to go..just in case  YIKES!

It's that time I hear my bed calling my name and boy it's looking inviting more and more..only thing is you lay down close your eyes and before you know it's time to get up..where did that night go ????

God Bless

Monday, June 20, 2011

It begins with a Monday !

It begins with a Monday !  the race will begin but not today. Early rising and mind set to not let too much get me down. I got my cup of coffee and looked out my window and watched my Humming birds come for their morning juice .. How beautiful they tiny but yet so fast..They buz in and zip out that quick and make sure they don't bump into another "boss man"...Yes, even in Humming birds there's a king of the road .

Hubby called and let me know that he will be coming down July 1st..Okie Dokie..what can I say...So we'll watch the fire works in Leesburg together..take a little time and get things done and mosey on down the highway..

Meanwhile I went into town this afternoon picked up my scripts from CVS and went and had my Hardee's once a month job.. Love it and I don't have to cook or clean up ..just dump in the trash when done  ..Love it !!!

Had to make Zeke and Abby's Rice and Veggies up so I have enough for 15 days till it's do up again. They sure do enjoy it and I don't mind doing it now that I have a Rice Cooker... I can not cook rice and I'll be the first to admit it..mine comes out soggy..this comes out perfect every time and easy clean up...Yipee !!!!

Tried to watch the trial again today but wow that judge got ticked off and I can't blame him..seems lots of games on both sides ..wouldn't surprise me if this goes to a mistrial...or you know they'll appeal easily. Sad though cause that child Caylee deserves justice.

I've got a busy day for tomorrow as I need to get in and clean my closet and put more junk away. My week will be busy as well ...Jane and I will have lunch on Wednesday going to our favorite haunt..Apple Bees... then on Friday I'm taking Diane and Bob out to lunch at Red Lobster..have my list of things I need  them to do ... and that's always exciting as we discuss making changes in the house.. They just love doing that kind of work and I'm lucky that I have the two of them !

They'll paint my two bedrooms and Bob will put up molding which makes the rooms look really nice.. I've decided to stay with one color..Bleached Wheat with White Trim..This way what ever colors I want to add will be fine.

My house will be painted the end of July and the driveway will be done also..sure hope my plants survive...cause ya know that little "Bugger" will probably be waving bye byes to me as I pull out...

I'm now kind of sleepy and my eyes are just about with that note I'm gonna say,  "Nite Nite"..

God Bless

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tis' Sunday and it's Father's Day !

Tis' Sunday and it's Father's Day !   I sure do miss my Pop !  He was a to me the  greatest in the whole wide world.. I know that's what we all say and I can fully understand it. For me it was the best time of my life and the most fun I now know. I met so many characters with my Pop . I'm sitting here smiling cause I could write a book about just him alone.

When he was a young man he was a professional fighter. I think they call a "Feather Weight" and he had to retire from the ring early because of having "thin skin" he wasn't afraid..HA !  it was the cutting man (the guy in the corner that patches all the cuts you get while being hit ) who told Pop that he couldn't close some of the gashes he would get and that it would eventually cause him serious problems. His skin was thin and would tear easily. 

I have to tell you he was fast.. I mean that man could throw some shots at you and you never saw them coming till they landed..also his foot work was awesome. He could do an Irish Jig his feet moved so fast. I do remember one time when one of my Uncles challenged Pop..that was a sight to see. Uncle Bill was teasing and said, "Come On Ole Man put them gloves on and let's see what cha gots"... I know Pops was gonna love this one !  Those gloves I might add were the biggest I've ever seen and heavy too.. my whole hand got devoured by them. How could anyone even hang on to them..cause I was like maybe 5 or 6 years old.

So on with the Gloves..and next thing I knew Pops was in position as my Uncle Bill was showing off dancing around him  (Uncle Bill had just come home on leave from the service) and shouting.."let's see what cha gots".. next thing I saw was Uncle Bill hitting the floor...Down for the Count...HOLY HANNAH... Pops done knocked him out...that quick...I know Uncle Bill didn't see it coming..cause neither did I... My eyes and mouth were open wide and Pops winked at me and walked slowly over to Uncle Bill.  

Those were the days..HA !  My Pops as you can tell was king of the castle...and I was his little princess..(spoiled brat more like it)  Pops and I would go to the race track as in those early days he did a little booking..:)  well you know how it is ...and I got to meet a lot of the jockeys..hence my love for horses...also would go with Pops to the Gym and meet some of the fighters..gosh I'm laughing now.. I was his little "marker".. no wonder I like that movie...

See how your thoughts can take you down  memory lane..I hear the Andrew Sisters singing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company C...alright loved that song.. Pops and I would listen to the radio a lot and even go to the city and see some of the vaudeville acts.. Pops knew a lot of stars he sure was well liked by many.. oh and yes I even got a few ice cream sodas too !

Getting back to this day.. I did my thing this morning. Got out and went to Publix brought home 4 cases.. and my arms now have grown another few inches...My dolly was waiting and I could even here the wheels sighing as I loaded her up and dragged them in the house..So glad I got that done and then leaned back in the chair and wished it would rain.. I might even sit out in it.. So dang hot..more like steaming. I considered filling the bath tub but then I thought I'd have to get out of it and I'd be like a prune...cause I know I would fall asleep being so cooled down.. might even have to call 911 to get me out..HA !

Talked with hubby this morning and now we have a few more issues.. (am I going home ?)  so he might have to come down  July 1...he feels that when the service man comes that the rewiring will have to be done and then our luck will take a few days..and he has to be in Boston next week..and then there's the stomach was in knots last night and this morning...where's that bath tub I might want to sit in it forever !!!  Any way we are now looking realistically at July 1 where he doesn't have to rush and we can take our time...

Mean time I am still getting things emptied and eventually at some point I'll be on the road...when I don't know look at it this way..Every day will be more surprises...What can I say ?????????  HELP !

Now I will smother myself in something cool...and then fade away into oblivion...that means I'm gonna eat ice cream or better yet make me a Banana Split and pass out from the sugar get over my blues ...

Ta Ta all...I might return ..well ya know I will but maybe tomorrow  :)

God Bless

PS in case you're wondering about the "Bugger"  he's still going strong and so am I... wonder who will win ??????

Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Hopin' Popin' Saturday

It's Hopin' Popin' Saturday.  Would you expect anything different ?  Not in my case. Here's how it began.  At 5am the phone rang and I was just coming in from the Critter detail.  I went over to the phone and thought, "now who could be calling me"?  Didn't take very long and if I would have looked at the caller ID I would have known. So I said, "hello" and I heard that I'm very very familiar with...It's the Hubby...Uh, what's up ?????? 

Here comes the beginning of another interesting day on the "Funny Farm"...Hubby says, "Barbz, I woke up this morning ( no kidding) and it was really warm in the house...went into the living room and the AC isn't blowing cold air, but rather warm "...Now at this time my eyes are wide open (even if I didn't have my cup of coffee) and I can hear myself saying, "OH NO" !

What else could I say...only thing was hubby was due to come down today and the limo would be at the house in a couple of hours..(getting the picture yet ?) So I told hubby, "you better call the limo and then call and change your plane reservation...check with Blonders (that's our place where we get appliances and other thingies for the house) and then call me back "... See I'm so proficient with these things..HA ! Maybe cause I'm use to having things go a "Muck".....

I have to say I was really down in the dumps..looking forward to seeing hubby and getting things ready for the Long, Long, Long ride everything is Topsy Turvy...however, it didn't go smoothly cause when he went over to Blonders the service man couldn't do the work until Monday afternoon...

See, there's always something happening in my life and it doesn't have to be major but it will turn into a fiasco before it's over..just keep in tune and you'll find out...Now getting back to the "hot house".   I am glad that this happened now and not after hubby left..That would have been a nightmare and the man is trying to get things fixed before I and the Critters get home .

I can only imagine how he was spinning..knowing my hubby he has that same luck as me..perhaps that's why we are a good match. "Watch them flames" !
He was upset as well and when we hung up I could tell we were both on a downward trend. Just thinking of all we have to do and have to load up and hook up gets me exhausted.

I'm looking around and thinking do I need all this junk..maybe a clean sweep here would help ..then thinking, but I'm addicted to all this chit !!!!... HA !  I have plastic for everything..what's wrong with me ?????  Lordy I don't want to even go down that avenue...but I am tired even thinking about it.

The day dragged for me but I did manage to click on the "new" vacuum and attack the carpets and boy I was ready to dump that "cup" of  junk...had my newspaper ready.. I learned my lesson...but I do think I like the bags in the vacuum better mess and just throw out..Worked for me !

I manage to watch that case again and I'm tellin' ya I can't believe all the screw ups..How the hell do they ever get anything wonder why we have so many appeals. Maybe they should have watched Perry Mason...:)

Tomorrow is another long day cepting I have to go to Publix and pick up 4 cases of Brisk Orane drink I had ordered for hubby as we can't get that up in Pa...and I had a quick flash.. I have to load that in my car, bring that home and unload it and carry it into the house...See what I mean, that was intended to be loaded into the motor home as we were packing up to go home... More crap to store till we are ready to head home.

I don't even want to go into when he is going to finally get here cause we won't know that till Monday and then if he comes down Tuesday he wants us to be ready to leave by Thursday...(pssst maybe Friday)  

Does my story sound like a Country tune...or perhaps.."The Race IS ON" it certainly ain't (sshhh)  "On the Road Again"..cause we ain't  !  :)

Good Night and God Bless Us All

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Flippin' Friday !

It's Flippin' Friday !   and tomorrow is the big day for hubby to arrive. I'll miss my little hideaway and all it's critters. I'm never bored no matter what. I mean I just look out my big windows and low and behold something wanders through...Whether it be Hecliff and Gertrude or Ike and Mike and then there's always Mr and Mrs Cardinelli...or Leaping Lizards..we've got em' all !

Of course there's my chat with Ms Betsy, as we giggle through our sessions. I ofter hear her hubby "Dick" chime in and Betsy and I giggle some more. Today was one of those chat days ...I told her I'll be coming over to get my book signed. So I need to keep my blog updated as much as possible. HA !

It was another swelter of a day and again I was a slug..(that's happening a lot) but I didn't miss the trail again.. I'm addicted to this and I just keeping of that little girl Calee. For her I want to see justice prevail. In my heart I feel that even though her mother is a pathological liar. I don't believe she wanted to murder her but knocking her out with Chlorophyll so  the mother could go and party ...then again even knowing her child was dead she partied hardy all the maybe I'm just trying to believe people are not that bad.. I must admit I'm not always right !!!!

So tonight I stepped it up a notch and got a few more things done and tomorrow I'll have to do the "Hustle"  (play that music loud, get them feets movin') and by 4pm when the hubby arrives I'll have a good bit done...

We plan to leave Thursday morning and I hope we can get out early enough as I hope to drive at least 8 hours to give us a good start...and make one of my favorite "Flying J's".

This will be an interesting trip...always is and always a few good surprises...Ya know it's got to have some good laughs.. I best remind hubby to bring his lap top so I can log on ...making my list now...

Alright I'm gonna hit the sack and move a few critters..hear Zeke give me his normal show of Ivory...and a little deep growl and I just push and push ..boy he is a heavy load too...

So it's on for tomorrow...God Bless

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday and things did not go well :(

Thursday and things did not go well :(...Unfortunately the "Bugger"  struck ! Yes, he ate all the new gems ready to open...I saw out of the corner of my eye that little chit head hit and as fast as I could get back (dragging out the trash) he was color me gone with a few pedals spilling out...He left his traces and alls I can say, "I wish I had my shot gun". Never thought about killing anything but on this, I don't have any qualms !

So depressed I was I dragged my sagging bottom back to the house and looked out my window and alls I could see was a naked Hibiscus plant..don't even know if she'll make it with me leaving. Alls I can do is hope for the best.

That being said, I decided to take a few of my plants back home with me. I know I'm whacky and probably not realistic. I worked so hard to bring my gardenia back and those other two plants, I just can't leave them.

Already had the conversation with the hubby and it was a hard sell. He's a great guy and gave in..(did he have a choice?) any way they will come back with me and when I come back they'll make the return trip back too.

The rest of my day sucked.. I watched the trial again and got lost into watching the Defense Atty make an asp out of himself.. You can tell he really isn't in tune to this case. It's more that I believe he is able to deal with..he should have let the other atty be lead. Oh well, this case is really sad and this woman deserves everything she should (may not get) get. !

I'm kind of on a down side and need to get a pick up note..Maybe my email will have some kind words to offer me..So it's off to bed I go and hope tomorrow brings a better day...

My hummers did surprise me though. When I was watering my plants one of the Head Guys  LOL  came right up to me...and gave me the buzz..and flashed his ruby throat.. I had to tell him.."Hey, drink up cause next week it's dry time at the hotel"  . Hate leaving them too..gosh I'm a sucker for critters cepting one right not....Don't like that Bugger !!!

Good Night and God Bless ...May tomorrow bring some goodies.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday, Already ?

Wednesday, Already? Oh Lordy the week is rolling on by and soon hubby will be pulling up in the driveway and then it's the "On the Road Again".  Some how I feel it's more like "The Race Is On".

This morning I woke up about 4:30am and it was WARM ...I can tell it's gonna be another sweltering day...Holy Hannah keep the hose ready :) . So when I went out at 6:30am to water my "babies" I could hear them whispering...(more like gasping) Water, Water, Water... So I did.  I gave them their burst of energy.

The Hibiscus was producing another gem. These flowers are like big trumpets. The only way I can describe them and the colors are so intense with shades of yellow through that back of them...and a bright red orange...Gosh just gems sparkling in the sun.

Yes, the bugger was here this morning and boy I let him have a blast of water and I know he had some cayenne on those toes...I might be calling him "Sparkly " next.

Wow, as I'm writing this I hear the rain coming about cloud burst earlier this evening we had a whopper of a rain storm (thunder and lightening) and I just hung in tight in my favorite and Reba were glued together...Yes, we are chickens...and I ain't ashamed to tell ya I respect them flashing rays of light...even to the point of ducking under my blankie .

We need the rain so bad and  I sure hope it cools us down a bit..cause Diane called me after the first go round of storm to see if I was ok...and we both laughed...I told her, "If ya see someone running past in a flash it will probably be me"...She's as bad as I am !

Watched a little of "So ya think you can dance" and I have to tell ya those kids are fantastic..What a talented group... my bones ache just watching and to think when I was young (oh here it comes) I use to be able to dance like that...(Dream on woman, dream on)...Those were those early days our parents and grand parents use to tell us about :)

Getting back to how hot it was...I could barely move..the slug routine is becoming embedded in my sole.. but no kidding the heat index according to Diane was that's hot !...I didn't get much done in fact I didn't care but I did watch that Trial it's on for tomorrow...I guess I'm so caught up on it as that all took place when I was here and it made me feel so bad for that little child...So I'm kind of wanting to see the out come and pray that justice will prevail.

Alright I'm off my soap box and I need to get to bed and it's raining cats and dawgs...with lots of thunder again..don't know how much sleep I'll get cause as soon as that weather alarm goes off...I'm up till the storm passes...

God Bless

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday and no surprises

Tuesday and no surprises...the bugger boy didn't show up today..maybe he's cooling his feet..but I ain't a gonna say too much..cause you know how that can bite ya in the butt !

Did a little today but not much was caught up in that trial..didn't come on till 1pm today so I got my stuff done till then..and now tomorrow I'm gonna have to work in between as the defense should be presenting their side. 

Don't you just love that when you get so caught up in something and you can't help yourself...Wonder if I need to go for "treatment"????  Hey, I don't think I'm alone in that one.

Had a little bit of rain today and boy we sure do need it things are just so dry.  I check my Hibiscus and I've got another flower about to open up..they are sure big flowers...but pretty and even the humming bird stopped by to check the flower out... If all goes well I hope to plant this right by the humming bird feeder..So it will be Double your pleasure dear Humming birds :)

I'm still in the slug mode and I'm gonna attempt to slip on in bed as I watch some TV...Gawd I'm getting addicted..but when it's hot I'm just a slug at heart...

Good night sleep tight don't let them buggers bite...

God Bless

Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh it's Stormy Monday but no rain !

Oh it's Stormy Monday but no rain !...My darling bugger came back but not for long..He jumped into the Hibiscus plant and I caught him..tapped on the window and he jumped out with some cayenne dust..took off like a bat out of hell too...I can only imagine his feet were smokin'.

Later on his return was to do another rose plant..this time he took off the unopened buds...Why?  Do they taste that good?  Or is he just the "Devil in Disguise?  Dunno, but I'm waitin' on his next return..Darn I wish I had some buck shot...Ya know I'd do that damn sucker in...I could see him running away with tiny holes smokin'.

Later on today I got some sad news. My Aunt Martha passed away..She and her daughter Kathleen (my first cousin) live in California..Have lived there over 40 years..Kathleen is a Professor and teaches English..Only hope she doesn't correct my English Grammar...HA !   Aunt Martha was a Registered Nurse who taught Nursing...She was my favorite Aunt ... I was so happy I got to talk with her recently.

I had thanked her for being so kind and caring. She was the only one that came to visit me when I was sick and shared such wonderful stories with me. I will miss her ..She also made a very powerful decision which Kathleen had told me today.. Aunt Martha donated her body to science. In hopes of helping others. 

Aunt Martha became very ill 6 months after marrying my Uncle Walter.. She was bed ridden for many many years and almost died several times..They were told the only way she would be able to live without being in an Iron lung was to move to Arizona. Now this all took place when I was 6 years old..

Many years had passed and Aunt Martha got better in fact she had a child. Kathleen..and soon after they all returned back to New York.. It was like a miracle her getting well. What a wonderful human being she was. I think of her and I smile. As I told Kathleen today,  "Aunt Martha is now with God and living on in all our hearts..and she will continue to help others through her donation ".

I'm smiling now even though it saddens me. I know she's left a great impression on me since I was a little girl and will continue too until I meet her again.

Got a few more things done today and my list is starting to look smaller...and then for tomorrow...another event will take place. I'm kind of anxious to see what else that bugger is gonna do..Now I have to tell you..That is one Mean Asp Squirrel that has lots to accomplish...HA !

So it's on with the Show..and tuck in and dream good thoughts.

God Bless You Aunt Martha

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Bugger Came back, even on a Sunday !

The Bugger Came back, even on a Sunday !  I was up before the dawn and got my Critters out so I could get my "Stuff" ready for the action...Day light broke and the Hummers were busy....boy they fly in and out quick.  I got out and started watering my plants..Yes, I checked over my poor Hibiscus and she was looking mighty thin... So I gave her a good drink and watered her leaves checking all the gnawing marks...the poor thing !

I proceeded to do all the plants as today was gonna be another swelter and I wanted to make sure they wouldn't burn up... Ya know I get so into these plants...and boy are they looking really really good.

I come back to the Hibiscus and give her a good dose of cayenne pepper all on her leaves and the soil around ...then in I go into the house get my cup of coffee and sit in my favorite chair to watch.

Along comes that "Bugger"...he even strolls down the driveway...and then he slowly walks up to the Hibiscus sniffs and moves on down the line of plants...and then before I could say, "Jack Rabbit" that bugger had the pink roses...OMG that thang even jumped on one of the statues and sat there eating...(like his curds and whey) I jumped out of my chair..tapped the window..didn't budge him at I came out the door and he still stayed there... Now I ain't no fool I'm not gonna touch him although if I had a bee bee gun that bugger would have been hoping... So I grab my hose (weapon loaded) and zap I hit him with the jet spray and he takes off..but leaves traces of pedals... Yes, I took a few pictures... but none with him.. I'm gonna try and see if I can get him on camera...

Later on my day went pretty I was gasping at that Hibiscus as she blossomed a gem for me... I know it took all her strength but it's truly a gem..You all shall see...(I'm getting better at picture taking).

Got a few things done in the house as I'm pacing myself . I'm gonna miss all this action cause I just know this bugger is up to no good .  I've got lots of cayenne pepper and I'll make sure I show Diane and Clancy my routine.. I know they'll both think I've lost it...but if it works so be it .

The heat here has been awful and I'm still in the slug stage.. I don't do well in this kind of heat...and all you can do is stay inside and suck up the air conditioning....How did we do it before when we had no air conditioner...YIKES

Just took a glance and all the critters are out cold...that means I have to shove a few to make room for me...I can hear Zeke giving me his "What For"...he sure does show lots of Ivory ... more like Ipana Smile..

On to another episode of the Bugger... I'm ready to watch him in action and got my Cayenne sharp shooter ready... it's straight out of the mixing...wonder if he had heart burn last night. One thing I did do tonight is put cayenne on the roses..strange though the only roses he goes for are the pink ones..wonder if they are sweeter..HA... So far my yellow ones are safe.

Off to wonderland now....Good Night and God Bless...Pictures are next enjoy:)

My Hibiscus she looks almost naked but the flower she produces is a gem but oh that bugger did a job on her leaves and stems...

This is amazing the flower is so big and beautiful. You can see some of the cayenne pepper on the leaves.

Here is the tell tale traces of that Bugger as he sat on the statue and ate that flower and just watched me

Here are a few pictures of some of the other plants as they show off their gifts to us. This is a vine type plant I have to look it up.. it's good for humming birds too .

The purple flowers are butterfly plants and the Orange flower is some sort of Daisey.

My Rambling Rose (Orange) is starting to show her buds..I know this is gonna be awesome and I'm heading home...Betsy you are gonna have some pretty stuff to look at :)

My Gardenia is finally coming back strong...She is really getting full and I did have a few flowers...I might take her back with me...cause ya know I've been working hard to save her too. Uh oh, I might have to find spots to haul all this..I can hear hubby now on the trip back...!!!

Here are the Impatience..they are really taking a beating with the heat and sun..but still holding their own...Lots and Lots and Lots of water...I can hear them gulping and gasping as I water them morning and night...They are praying for rain !

Ok, now you all have seen my plants cepting the "Roses" ... I have a decapitated bush and the yellow ones are doing tomorrow I'll take them... hopefully... Ta Ta !!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mission Impossible...(Maybe) on Saturday

Mission Impossible...(Maybe) on Saturday.... I guess I should start from coming back from my luncheon and getting the Cayenne Pepper...

Well, I went to Wally world and it wasn't there..(how could they not have cayenne pepper?) and then went on to Winn Dixie...ta da!  I got only small bottle (2) and dropped John off. Mixed up my batch and sprayed the plants...but it was difficult as the powder didn't break down so I wound up sprinkling it on the plants...

Later that night that bugger came..jumped up on the Hibiscus and sniffed around and left...I was chewing tonight...get your lettuce elsewhere.

Needless to say I was thrilled and went to bed brain tired and with a smile..Did I accomplish my mission or what...Well I'll have to see tomorrow what happens.

Now here is where we are at...the "Tomorrow Day"...Got up bright and early and did my usual routine...Critters out my pot of coffee made and pop my morning dose of Meds ...and on with the rest of the events.. Out and water my plants ...letting them know they are doing fantastic and I'm gonna give them a refreshing drink...Yeah I know, but it works for me and that's all that matters..

I go in side sit in my favorite chair, watch the humming birds come to the feeder and sip my cup of coffee slowly as I listen to the morning weather report and all the trash that follows.. Ah, I see that bugger. I watch him carefully and he meanders about and heads right for the Hibiscus.. He climbs the trellis and reached his paw out for the jump and in he goes..Next I see that bugger going to grab a branch...Oh no you don't...I lean over my chair and start tapping on the window..he turns around and gives me the look and still stays there.. I see his jaws moving..wonder is he's saying, "Screw you, you ain't feeding us so we is eating all your goodies"...HA!  My mind is in overdrive can ya tell >???

So up I jump (well not exactly more like stumbble) and out the door I go with Zeke in my way...He's ready for the attack and I'm wishin' I could..however, I open the door and then that bugger looks at me..and slowly jumps down and walks away..The gaul of that sucker !

I shake my head and go in the house get the cayenne pepper and just figure I can't get it to spray so I'll dust the plants..and that's what I did...all over as much as I could. I put a good layer on the soil so if he comes back he'll have to step in it...

Fast forward for you cause today I was another slug in the wood pile and I watched the Belmont (horse race) another long shot does the job. Yes, I was yelling those races..but boy I was nervous when I saw Animal Kingdom almost fall...those muddy tracks always make me nervous..but thank goodness no one was injured.

Later tonight comes that bugger...(I think that's his name) and he does the trellis routine and in the pot he goes..right into the cayenne pepper and sniffs around and goes to grab a limb when I tap..this time he jumped out..I have to tell you his feet have to be loaded with hot pepper and I'd love to see his reaction when he touches his paws... Do I hear Spanish being spoken in the trees ?????  HA!...He didn't come maybe just maybe...

I'm ready for tomorrow...and again I'll repeat the dosage on the soil and hope for maybe he's had some heart burn... No tums here !!!

I'm ready to tuck in for the night and later on look for more remedies..possible red hot some water that would spray better..cause I sure clogged up a few spray bottles...

Good Night All....I'll dream of the bugger blowing on his foots :)

God Bless

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday early and I'm on a MISSION

Friday early and I'm on a MISSION...To get them's got to me big time. They are so brazen that they don't move when I tap on the window catching them in my plants. In fact that "Sucker" sits there and watches me yell at him...(and it is a male). I come out and I'm telling him to get out and behave...he sits up and looks at me with his paws close to his chest..then thinks a minute or two ..I'm so close I could tap him...but I don't and I grab the water hose and let him have it....

Well this morning again..there he was chewing on my Hibiscus like it was lettuce for his BLT...and then I looked he also got my roses that just opened up...OH YOU DEVIL..!   I run out and Zeke is at the screen door letting his presence be known..but did that shake that "sucker" fact he just gave me the "Who the hell are you " ?....

So I did my quick spray...(full force this time) he jumped down with still a green leaf in his choppers and walked away with a little shake or two to rid the water from his butt ....Damn that bugger !

I came in and did a quick search on the trusty (maybe, maybe not) Internet and low and behold a remedy (they say works)  1 TBLSP of Cayenne Pepper and a Spray bottle...fill with water and spray on the plants... now the only hitch was every time it rains or you water the have to re spray...for me..NO BIGGY ..if it works..

Then a flash came to my brain... Mr White the man who owned this house before I bought it..had the most gorgeous roses and had lots and lots of cayenne pepper in the garage...Me who really never grew that kind of stuff  (mine has always been in pots and mainly Orchids) didn't get the picture ...DUH...

My MISSION...after lunch stop in my favorite haunt..Wally World pick up cayenne pepper and a few spray bottles...and we shall see...Called Diane (she's having the same problem too) and she said,  "Get me some of that too" we shall see... (wonder if they'll speak Spanish )....HA !

Be back later...(tap tap tap)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Big Boy's Birthday...Thursday :)

The Big Boy's Birthday...Thursday :)...It sure is/was (almost over) and the rest of the Critters even sang Zeke his birthday tune...(Should have videoed it) I could hardly hold it together as I presented him with his special dinner and the rest of the crew...and then tonight we all had our "Apples and Cookies"..

My day started off crappy...I did not sleep well last the time I got done tossin' and a turnin'  it was 1:30am before I closed my eyes and then I was up at 5 am...Not a good thing to today was dragging like a slug and I had to fight that mighty squirrel that keeps attacking my Hibiscus .

Now I'm ready to crash (brain and body) and hope for the best... as tomorrow I have that luncheon with John (the team of John and Jane ..the fighters) I'm praying it will go peacefully.

So this is short but sweet and my crew is already tucked in. Now I have to make room for ME !

God Bless and Sweet Dreams .

Here's Zeke....He's lookin' at ya !

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whipping in and out of Wednesday !

Whipping in and out of Wednesday !  Yes, that's right !  I done did it today... Got up a little bit on the late side...5 am and got all my stuff done..You  know the Critters and all that follows... Had to do my usual sneak out and just about got to the car when I heard the Glee Club...Gosh their harmony always amazes me. I can actually pick out whose voice is whose...Yes, I have a well trained ear .

I drove into Leesburg to my Doc's office and of course like I had anticipated my files weren't around...and I got the, "I'm not sure where they are, could you ?????  Don't go there cause I can't.....Yep, I had a nice smile (I don't smile that often) and said, "Well, I'll just sit here a few minutes while you gather them up for me, thank you " !...The look on this young lady's face was well worth the little effort.

Along came Ms Nurse..okie dokie I'm ready...She then looks out at me and then says, " Someone must have misplaced it"...Sure they did, you probably never got it together I'm thinking.... I pop up and say, "Well, I'll wait I have a few more minutes to spare"... I'm so kind...but I wasn't going away and coming back another day...:)

After a bit she came out to the lobby and handed me my files..I of course gave her another smile and said, "Thank you so much"...I left and I'm sure I felt those daggers ....Ouch !!   Now I still don't understand why everything has to be so difficult.. I mean I know it's been awhile since I've held down a job..but to me being a  professional...this should kind of be "routine"...

Back out on the road I go and head right over to "Publix" this store has some very nice goodies...HA !  Yes, I had to check it all out and even got the "Buy one, get one FREE"...don't cha just love those..Well, I had a basket full...hey Zeee, anyone tell ya you're gonna be heading home >>>>>>>????

Got back to my hide out (actually I call it "Sanctuary" ) and unloaded the car when I saw that darling Squirrel..he's been attacking my Hibiscus with a vengeance... Oh that bugger !...I can't believe how much he's ate of the leaves and branches ...She was looking so good...Oh NO !....

So I called my "trusty" neighbor (Betsy you smiling?) and asked her if she knew what I could do...Her comment to me was ,  "Pepper Spray" some time ago she had a problem and the man at the Hardware store gave her that advice...She's not sure if it worked or not...can't remember ...HA !   Betsy you are a dear... Yes, she and I giggled and I told her I'd check it out... Gotta love ya Betsy...I do so enjoy our chats... and I can't wait for that next book ...hint hint...

Oh I forgot...While Betsy was giving me some advice her hubby "Dick" every once in a while chimes in... and Betsy always asks me ,  "Did ya hear that Barb" ...I have to laugh cause Dick comes up with some good ones too...They are a perfect match.. Wish more people would be like those two...Sure makes life here in the Hollow worth while.

Alrighty it's now way passed my bed time but I got caught up in a few little odds and ends... Now I know tomorrow morning I'll have a bug up my you know whats . I've got a lot to do too...where's my list again ...see what I mean I write em down and then can't remember where I put the dang thing...Oh there it is right in front of me...I put it on a stickem  (love those things) and it's looking right at me...DUH...time to say, "Good night folks"

God Bless my journey is looking better...:)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday went the same

Tuesday went the same as Monday... I got up before dawn decided to open it's eyes...Let the critters out and then I got right to work..Well, almost work. I bought a rice cooker cause I ain't ashamed to admit it....."I can't cook rice" !  Mine always comes out now I don't have to sweat the small grains..this baby does it's Thang !!!

Yes, at 4am I was cooking rice and veggies for the big critters and got them done and pot cleaned and put away and my "stuff" was sitting in it's containers waiting to cool down to head into the "Deep Freeze"...Whoopie !

One more job done and out of the way...only a few more to go and we're heading for the "home stretch"...Keep em' rollin'...:)

Then I turned on the Boob Tube to watch that case again..(Anthony trial) and I was hooked into watching.  The next thing I realized the phone was ringing and it was the Doctor's office... the nurse "Mel" was giving me the report on that test I took.. the one that measure the oxygen while you're sleeping... the one that lets you feel the pulsing and seeing the flashing light while you attempt to sleep...HUH??????

Seem that while I'm sleeping I have intermitten lack of I said to Nurse, " You mean I'm in a dead sleep"????  She some how didn't get my humor..meanwhile I thought it was clever ...HA!

She then gives me the routine.. "You have to have another test done, and it's for Sleep Apnea...."... Sure I do, but I'm heading back to I tell Miss Nurse,  "Dear, have that report ready for me and I'll pick it up and bring it back with me for my Doc at home"...the sigh comes over loud and clear... then the comment..(why do they do this >>>>)  "I'll have to ask Doctor and see what he says"... Of course you all know I don't take that to lightly...I politely tell this darling nurse..."Oh, while you tell him, let him know that I want all my tests and I'll be by tomorrow morning"...she then comes back with,  "I don't know about that"...hmmmm Now what part of what I said didn't she understand... So my comment was..."Dear, if you can't get them I'll call my insurance company and have them request them...but just to let you know that all patients should get copies of tests done for their own records as well and I think if I'm not mistaken, they're entitled to them "... I hear no comment and I nicely say..."I'm sure Doc won't have any problems with that he's always asked me if I needed anything to let him know"...

Sometimes I don't really think the Doctors ever really know how their patients are treated because most people just swallow it cause they feel that if they say anything the Doc might get angry... For me it don't work that way. If you don't speak up and I'm not saying to be nasty cause that don't get you any where ..but to the point, maybe it might make that Doc get his head out of the sand...???????

I know I'm on a roll...HA... but I needed that today cause I  was in a dump of a slump and dragging my butt Light My Fire ever once in awhile will ya !

Oh, so the results of my conversation with Miss Nurse ....Outcome.. I'm picking the files up tomorrow and didn't get ask to find another Doc..hahahaha!

I'm brain tired and I'm gonna hit the sack hoping I can at least sleep till 5am that would be nice...and then it's off to the races again...

God Bless and Sleep Well...(notice I didn't say, "Tight"...I need room)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Up and Ready On MONDAY

Up and Ready On Monday...yes, I got up bright and early (3:30am) as my Joe was doing one of his spins...He shot off the bed and hit the TV stand...of course I woke up with all this spinning and turned on the light to see what was the matter (sound familiar>?) and it was Joe looking like a helicopter but more like dawgcopter and off he went...Dang it that dawg can fly...!

Zeke was laying on the foot of the bed and all he did was pick up his head and watch (like me ) and boom Joe was gone...(not gone, gone but down on the floor) and Zeke laid his head back down...Like Zeke really cared in fact it more or less disturbed him !

I got out of bed and went to the bottom and picked Joe up..checked all his bones and they seems ok and so did he..a bit shaken but fine and we got back in bed...Lord help me, I now know what it's like to be ready in a minutes notice...where's the pole..(like firemen going to a fire).

So that started my day and the rest was just smooth sailing.. Diane went to Wally world for me as I just couldn't return to the scene of events...So I got a good broom.. Mine was like kaput..I was swooping more that sweeping..this works great..

Started my pot of chicken for Reba and Joe and got that all done packed and in the 32 days worth..wooo hooo !!  That will give me some what of a break..Now tomorrow I have to do Zeke and Abby's Rice and Veggies..does it ever end..NOT ...but I really don't mind just love to complain and hopefully someone will listen...HA!

We had a neat little storm come through tonight and I ran out and protected my plants..took down the impatience as the wind was really blowing..didn't want them to come in and visit..(like through the window) the way my luck has been running why take the chance..

Now I'm kind of dragging...been watching that Casey Anthony case..very interesting today..Forensic Science has been a thing for me..wish I would have switched my Major...I can see it sitting on the stand and testifying..Lordy with my big mouth...and the attitude that seems to be coming across from the Lawyer...I'd be fined with contentment ..for sure ..!!

Gonna hit the sack as I'm beat and need to start cleaning out frig tomorrow too..should have done it today being trash day..but I have till Thursday...Uh oh !  I'm milking this :)

So it's nightie night to all and God Bless

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Blessed day of Sunday .

The Blessed day of Sunday....all went well and I didn't even attempt to try something new :)....Nope, I got up and did my usual cepting I had to go to Winn Dixie...cause it's  "Make the Dawg food time" and I need to make sure I make enough for when I get home and I at least have a week off...HA !

Oh did my support to QVC...I couldn't resist but I am buying for Christmas gifts...makes my life easy....and I can't resist GADGETS...not in this life time anyway.

I have a theory....If it makes my life easy ....WHY NOT !  See how simple that solution on to my next. (Wish it was that easy :) I have several things in the planning stages and I'm always lookin' to make my life or for that matter any one's life easy... Latest idea...(you'll love this one)..

I hate to mop floors so I thought of making "Mop Socks"..yes, you got it.. or for that matter "Dust Mop Socks" too...sounds interesting.. Ya have to walk on the floor so why not swish while you walk and clean the floor too.. I personally would like the throw away kind rather than the throw in the wash..that's extra work ....HA!

See my brain goes into over drive on these things in fact I dream of ideas and wake up and jot them down..only thing is I have to start making them...then maybe I can "RETIRE" ...

Today was another hot one and I just don't do well in the heat..Did talk to my plants and even fed them tonight my special brew...sure am gonna miss doing all this neat stuff and am really hoping that they will be ok...Love just looking at nature.

I'm making my list of things to do as my time is running short before the hubby comes down and it's "Off to the Races"...I'm thinking of the long drive and those dang bridges I have to go over...I just don't like them..

Looking over at the critters and they are in "Sleep Mode" which pretty soon I'm gonna be..can't wait...Close my eyes and next thing I know it's "Wake Up Time"...where did I go ...????

There goes my phone it's hubby...our night chat and then it's off to La La land...Ok, so I'll catch ya tomorrow with some goodies.. I'm sure !

God Bless

PS...Ali, you ask, "What kind of a Toaster Oven I have"... I have a Hamilton Beach Toaster Broiler Oven...and I love it... but the next time I have to do a mad dash to replace I will get one that also does convection too...Hope that helps you !

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday was a resting day

Saturday was a resting day...more or less.  A recap of memories that I want to say, "Was like a roller coaster".  Had lots of ups and downs and then later on humor. I could also say, "Lots of exercise, challenges and then it had a good ending"... Getting my hot coffee in the morning HELPED!

Weather wise it was HOT and that's all I can say about it. Look forward to a little misting or perhaps an afternoon shower or two or three. My plants would really appreciate it and so would my water bill. :)

I'm packing up my plastic and I have a little tear falling cause that means I'm heading back home and my house will be empty....but not for long. Going to have it painted and the drive way done and that will be exciting. Plus having Diane and Bob paint my other two bedrooms...So things will be looking better when I return...for another adventure of surprises .

Now I'm gonna attempt to post pictures cause I promised and that's when things went wish me luck and let's go for it..

Roses, Impatience, Hibiscus, and other interesting plants. I forgot the names of.....

My Gardenia that I'm working hard to bring back to full stage..She was almost gone when I came back in Oct so this is a "special" plant. She did bloom for me and it was awesome.

Impatience...and I have to say, "these plants are awesome, but be prepared to water and water and water"...These are also where my "Leaping Lizards" hang out or should I say "Drop out"...

Climbing Orange Roses..These are really beautiful..can't wait to see it in full bloom. Of course I had a rose on it but these little creatures with tails did a number on her as soon as I put her in the ground.. They love to play on that trellis.

So I have Mister Owl and my 2 buddies...Ike and Mike, the Flamingos watching over those Roses...and guess what...those little squirrels now jump up and bop the owl and watch it's head spin....!

In the front by the light pole I have a few plants..some are butterfly plants and they have purple flowers..the others are an assortment of a Daisey and they are orange and pink/salmon colors...

Side of carport I have a rose and a lily and then a gardenia plant that is on the come back also...if the squirrels leave her alone !

The one the only "Grape Mobile"..Her parking place, guarding the Gardenia and ready for me to hit the road :)

These are just a few of the pictures and I hope to get better ones with Flowers . Perhaps even a better angle to see it all as it's in the shaping of things to come....!

Ok, I've had it as I've waited awhile to upload...sure hope it gets better..Would have helped to if I would have reduced the size of pictures but I'll do that another time...I'm just lazy  !!!

Good night and can't wait for tomorrow...Cooking Critter food and packing ..YUCKO...

God Bless and Sweet Dreams !

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday, Friday, Friday...Whoopie !!

Friday, Friday, Friday...Whoopie !!... Alas, it's almost done..I mean the week of I promised I'd continue my tail, tale or kick asp action of "Woe, is me !

So I called it a night and couldn't wait for morning so I could return my Horror and my mind went into "Over Drive"...lots of What ifs...and How comes..You know that instant shocker of going to "CUSTOMER SERVICE"...with the person who really has an attitude...Getting my pictures in my wild and crazy brain ???

Morning was spitting at me and my blood pressure was a rising and I just was ready willing to get it on...Got the critters done. got me done and had my last sip of coffee (could have drank the whole pot). Heading out the was really bright and I made sure I watered my plants and have happy thoughts.

In fact my friend John (from the fighting John and Jay) came with me..He was gonna show me the vacuum he bought and said, "Works great" I knew he was the right person to come along...He enjoys the "FIGHT"...and ya know he gets loud and puffs up..hahahaha... Yeah I needed this person to come along.

So out the driveway I go, turn the corner and I see one of my neighbors out and about. He had one of those special bird feeders so I stopped to ask him where he got it and "DID IT WORK"...he gave me the ins and outs of the whole set up..So I thanked him and started to go when I looked at my windshield ...and low and behold I had one of those Lizards on it...WHAT?????

Oh no, they are coming with me..the fighting Lizards and John...HOLY HANNAH...I'm really gonna have a fight I can feel it..Now how do I get this Leaping Lizard off... I get out of the car and try to swoosh (strange word) it off and it just looks at me.. Wonder if it's thinking on biting me...OUCH.. So I try again with the sales newspaper I had in my car...NO DICE... Ok, now what do I do...Quick thought....Turn On the Windshield Wipers... so I did....OH NO!!!  I ain't a gonna tell ya..cause I think it swooshed by me...OH MY!!!!

Ok, let me get out of town and go and pick up "Fighting John" I did and I told him my story and he was puffing as I was a talkin' as we rode on down to Wally World..(WalMart) gets out of the car and get a cart to put this Vac from Horror in and walk in ...Meet the Greeter..and he checks it all out and tells me .."Head on over to Customer Service"... I take a deep breath and I'm ready.

No line to stand in...No people there, not even the Customer Service Rep....ok, maybe they are hiding.. So I say, "Hello, any one here"...a head pops out and a smiling lady comes over...Maybe I got a chance...she then asks, "How can I help you"...well I have to tell ya all...I was on a role...I started and couldn't stop and even whipped out a picture from my cell phone of the tracks left in my carpet from this Blinkin' Vac... She never said a word.. I guess I was rapping so fast she didn't have a chance...Next thing I know she issues me credit and tells me to find what I need...

See I had this all in my mind I was gonna have a fight and even to the point I was anticipating John going into ACTION...but no Dice...nothing like that at all...this has got to be my "LUCKY DAY"....Can this really be happening...

I head back over to the area with Vacuum Cleaners and John shows me the one he has and tells me all about it and in fact he says, "You'll love it"...ok John..maybe you should work for Walmart cause I never found a sale person to even help me... So I buy this "New" number and it ain't got a's one of those that has a cup that fills up...(another issue)

Head back home and drop John off..and I'm a happy camper..Ok, this one is a little heavier that the one I had and it has a few issues I'm not crazy about...but if it does the job...So WHAT...I go into action and pull everything out of the box...oh my lots of parts...I'll call Diane and Bob..(great idea)

Next thing I know Diane and Bob arrive and so does the young man that's gonna paint my house and do my drive way..(another story) and so we go into the carport and talk. Getting everything down that I need to have done.. Bob and Diane are very sharp on this stuff.. They love restoring homes and are the ones that will be here when it's being done... What in the world would I do without them two..!

Get everything done everyone goes home and it's getting late in the day.. I had Bob put the vac together for me so now I'm plugging this baby in and vacuuming through the house .. The cord is much longer so I can go from the front room all the way to the back bedroom without unplugging... I'm lovin' this !   I zoom through and no fighting big dawg attacking..He's in his room and so are the other...Go baby Go !!!

I get finished .. a little heavier but damn it did go ...Oh and I have a light in the front so it shows you where you are case I want to vacuum in the dark ..HA !   Now I look and boy that cup is runneth over...oh my better empty it... so I grab the book.. on how too...Who reads anything before ya use it ????... Simple, just pull the lever in the front to the other side and grab the rails in the front and pull it out... So I'm in the kitchen as the light is brighter and  I proceed to do that ..and woof...out comes the cup and dust and dirt all on the kitchen floor as I cough a little...OH NO !!!   I just vacuumed and now I have to clean up this mess...HA ! 

Yes, I shook my head and then laughed.. Again a winner !  Next time I'll make sure newspaper is down before I attempt this act..but on the brighter side..after the dust cleared up.. it picked up a lot of mess...that means that other vacuum cleaner wasn't really doing a good job..or my house was a mess!   Hey, I'll go with the other vac's problem.. HA!

Now it's time to feed my I let them out and they are leaping and bounding all over.. they've been penned up too long...I have to settle them down and get them out.. Then start their food...and by the way I'm hungry haven't eaten all day...just morning coffee and toast...I hear my tummy talkin'.

I get the Critters done and boy that was a wild event..I head back in the kitchen take out some Lasagna that Diane had made...put some garlic bread in the toaster oven (love that appliance) and then put my plate in the microwave...hit the start and KAPUT...YES the MICROWAVE DIED !!!

I was lost for words... I couldn't believe it....Is this really happening to me ??? What in the World... I can not live without a MICROWAVE and it's 7pm...You got it... I got up ...put the critters up and grabbed my keys...Guess where I'm going.....WALMART......

Back out the drive way head on down the road to the Highway to Wally World...Feet's don't stop me now.... traffic is a little busy and I'm in no mood to put up with much more...What did I do to deserve all these treasures..Is this a TEST...?????   How to drive Zeee, Bonkers ???????

I get to Walmart..even get a good parking space...I know where I'm going don't anyone get in my on down the isles and there I am one isle away from the I look at several kinds of Microwaves all promising to do their best...big, small, tall and wide loads. Most of them all black (had a white one) and even some had browning elements..nope don't want them cause with my luck I might burn my hand...Ok, so I see one that I had before and I do a quick (if I can think right) analysis...this brand I had for 4 years when I bought this house so why not go with it...can't go really wrong..simple not a lot of do's and don'ts..Ok, where is someone to help me...HA! 

So up I go and pull the biggest box (that's what it looked like) and drag it into my I feel like my arms have just grown 10 ft long..and again I go up to the front to check out... I see the same lady that waited on me with the vac I bought...She smiles and says, "Didn't I just see you in here earlier"... my reply was simple.."Yes, I burned up my vac and got home and blew up my Microwave"... next thing I hear..the guy behind me say, "Lady, don't touch my cart, it might rub off on me"... Yes, it was a winner but the winner isn't over yet...cause I have to drive home and get this baby in the house...

You know my drive home I thought...this shouldn't be so bad..I have a dolly I'll slide it in on the dolly and I'll figure how to get it in without hurting "too bad"... Yep, sounded good and I knew if I just thought it out it wouldn't be to too bad....famous last words....

Home I am ...get out and grab the dolly slide that baby onto it and wheel it up the driveway into the carport and at the bottom of the steps... I open my door and just sit for a bit and ok, I got it figured out.. I grabbed my throw rug and put it on the top steps...had to lift the microwave a bit and got the top part on the rug and next I did was slide it in and across the floor into the kitchen... So far so good !

I took the old microwave off the counter and slid it onto a chair...and made sure I took out the glass plate..Was hoping that would fit in the other one but no luck so that had to hit the trash as well... Next thing was taking this box apart...Now I have to ask..Why oh why do they use this awful styrofoam that falls apart as you touch it..and you can't grab anything...Again my brain went into "thought process" HA !   I turned the box on it's side with the rug in front...I hated to think after all this I'd break the dang thing... I pulled and tugged and the plastic was coming out... out she came and it seemed to have grown...GAWD this baby was BIG... but she was I had to lift her and place her on the counter... Here comes those long, long arms... when I got it up I sat back and just took deep breaths... It looked good and I no longer was hungry..just thirsty... and I wanted to go to bed..Ha!

Now I had to get the old microwave in the box to take out to the trash.. Oh yes, trash day was the next day..wonderful all that trash had to go out as we had no collection due to holiday..Just what I really felt like doing... but I did !

So my new microwave works..used it yesterday morning and still working today too..and the vac is picking up as well... and now I'm beat just thinking of my stories that actually happened.. I couldn't make these up even if I tried....

Today I did nothing and tomorrow I might do the same...and then there's the story of my birds...HA... that's another event...I'm now brain logged and I hope Betsy you are enjoying this as you were around when the happening began....

Vickie thanks so much for caring and laughing along with me and my escapades... I hope to some day put this all in a book... might even make a good history book too... HA...

Waiting for should prove interesting...and now I'm on the count down of when hubby will be here and the race will be on...or Adventure in Current Affairs..

God Bless stay tuned..oh wait I think I hear a bell..that means an Angel got it's wings...Stay with me and I'll make lots of Angels :)