Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Am I Ambitious on Tuesday ?

Am I Ambitious on Tuesday ?  Dunno...but I've been busy in the kitchen that's for sure... I made up a big pan of Meat Loaf...like in the individual size..actually like muffin size..So this way I could freeze them and when I need a fix of meat loaf ..well just pop it in the microwave..and I even went as far as making small loaves of corn bread..So that was my busy morning..Oh and I do have a Crock Pot going of Baking Potatoes..for them home fries I like to make with almost everything...

Now as far as vacuuming...is there a strong wind ????  Haha..that will be later on this evening cause I'm almost at a break time ...soon as my rice cooker is finished and I mix those veggies up for my Critters..and that will be put in the freezer too...something tells me I should have bought the bigger freezer..but my hubby would say, "They don't make freezers the size I need for the house"...LOL  wise guy !!!

Today is actually nice out..already watered my plants that I need to re pot and that's got to be done before the end of the week... I mean I need to do it !!!...Also watched my Woodpeckers..yeah they like the feeder big time..oh and I saw a Dove fly up..took a few tries but he made it up there and nestled in and enjoyed the feed time ...Of course Big Red wasn't a happy camper about that...and wouldn't ya know it.. I had a visit from the Crow family..yeah they stopped in and hung around awhile..

Saw Clancy's cat make the surveillance...yeppers She's thinking..this could be her Thanksgiving....oh no..don't wanna go there..hope I don't see it..if ya know what I mean....:(

Tonight is Biggest Loser and I'm hooked on watching how these people get back into shape and on a road to a better lifestyle..of course ya know I'm feeding my face while watching...but nothing bad..I do the healthy snackers...hahaha.. I'll maybe have a Yogurt..yum, yum...wishing it was (just for you Todd)  a Klondike bar...(never had one but I might) LOL..

Today is primary day here in Florida for the Republican Candidate...gawd I can't wait till it's over cause the commercials have been awful...and then soon it will go on to the Presidential Elections...YIKES.. more commercials..or should I say..."Here comes the Bull Dingy"..

Ah let me get back to the kitchen and rattle those pots and pans..and by the way I did the 3-2-1 cake..with Milk Chocolate cake mix...it was pretty good..a milk chocolate angel cake it was...:)  NO ICE CREAM..just a dab of redi whip did the trick...

Have a good one all.. I'm off to see what else I can get into before the day is over...perhaps a little vacuuming...but I'll debate that one ...

God Bless

Monday, January 30, 2012

I got inside out pictures taken on Monday :)

I got inside out pictures taken on Monday :) yeah, I got out this morning and got my Xrays done..Critters weren't happy cause it was..."Ok kiddos, let's eat so I can hit the open road"...It felt good...I mean getting out in the open air..a little nippy but not bad...pulled up and actually found a close parking spot.."Amazing"..and in I walked.. was greeted with "Do you have an appointment"...oh brother..nope I didn't so I politely says, "I'm so sorry, I was told I wouldn't need one"..young girl looked at me and smiled then replied, "No you don't but you're gonna have to wait awhile"...DUH...!!!

So I sat and watched all the different folks enter with all kinds of "thingies" that had to be done..some where still drinkin' that chalk like stuff..Oh My !!! and others had that far away look ...some a little nervous while others brought their books...Yeah, we're in for the count down....:)

I guess I was there maybe an hour and my name was called...Hello, I'm gonna get in and out..and sure enough that's what it was like...zip, put this on, zip, take this off and head out the door...Done !!!

Next I headed out to Publix..another one of my favorite stores..picked up a few goodies and then headed home...Ms Reba was in the chair giving me the evil eye as she continued to let me know that I pulled a fast one...so I gave her a few goodies and I was back in her good graces...

Zeke and Abby just about did the Indy 500 around the house..oh my did they run and oh my did they take the paper bag and make it look like confetti...Is there a parade near by ?????

All and all it was a good day and I got a few things done ..now it's I'm too pooped to pop..and will lean back read my email and see what else I can catch up on  ....

Hubby just called to let me know he's on his way home...ok hubby, but you've got a long ride ahead of you ...hahahaha... we always laugh about that..cause he always calls as he's heading home so I would start supper...but afraid it would be dried out by the time he'd get here ....LOL

That's about it other than I'm gonna look and see what Netflix has to offer for tonight and maybe, just maybe do some searchin' on the net to see what I can check out... maybe even see why my computer is so dang slow...I mean dawg gone slow..almost like reverse...is it telling me...time for a "New One"...

Well have a good night all and catch up with you another day...God Bless

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Captured Day here Sunday

Another Captured Day here Sunday...but not like I'm a hostage..more like it's my QVC day ..Yee Haw!...Yeppers I get to see what good gadgets and new "stuff" is on the market and I don't have to leave my living room..and I even if I choose get it delivered to my door..Now ya can't beat that and I don't have to go out in the cold and drive on the highway with all those "Strange Drivers"...lovin' this day :)

Morning was a little brisk again but it's suppose to warm up to the 70's..not bad ..spoke with hubby and he had to pre heat the car before leaving for church...brrrrrrrrr..yeah I remember saying to him, "Make sure you wear your scarf"...LOL...and then he always asks me, " are you staying warm there"...oh now ya know I just have to add a little too make it sound really rough..."Well, I'm doing my best, dear "...hahahaha..he knows me ...and I hate making him feel like he's freezing just to give me what I want...you know that guilt feeling that sometimes can over take ya if ya let it...

I've got a few things to do today for the Critters...Empty those big feed bags you know the 40lber into the storage bins...and then maybe if I feel more energetic I'll go to the Rice fields again...LOL  better where my hat..LOL...

Dinner is gonna be another easy one... I picked up some Chicken Cordon Bleu...and I'll pop that in the oven with some baked potatoes and creamed spinach..yeah that sounds might good and with really little effort...me liking this more and more...

Hopefully I'll get my package in to start my Tablecloth.. I get a bug and I gots to get a rollin'..I start looking to see what else I can do in the meantime...now there's always vacuuming...gawd I dis like that job.. this vacuum I have is the bag less kind and when you open it to dump it..(that's nasty) the dust is all over...ack !!....Why don't they leave something that works alone..I don't mind those bags..in fact I rather think they are much more safer or is it healthier..what have you but they leave no mess....!!!

I do have an Oreck and I love it..but with my carpet..it's like pulling a tank across the floor ...it almost wipes me out..and even Diane when she takes care of my house complains about it.. and I put her in the category of knowing what's best to vacuum with... I mean that women is a clean machine in herself...I simple adore her..but sometimes..YIKES..when she gets on a roll..well let's just say..."I stay away from hearing the complaints"..hahaha...
so I use this Bissell...ouch..it cleans well but look out when you open it up...

Tonight mmmm nothing on but maybe some HBO stuff or NetFlix...and then next week...Yippee...the Superbowl...no one better be mowing..I can tell ya that...cause I will be in the "Out of this world stage".. I do so love my football...and Superbowl..whether it be my team or not..it's one of those ya gotta watch...

So it's let's see what I can muster up today...and where will my mind wander if I don't do anything...now that could go any where just about..oh and I need to look into why my computer is getting so slow...I've cleaned all the files...perhaps I need what that commercial keeps trying to sell me...PC MAGIC..hahaha...well what ever I need to take care of it...

Have a good one all and stay warm and safe...God Bless...turning the pages as fast as I can...:)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I've been saved on Saturday

I've been saved on Saturday...truly, I got off my ARSE ..got things done and got out of the house around 10am..had to make that run to the Post Office and mail my niece that card and check for her son's wedding this February...only to let her know how sad I felt that I couldn't attend his wedding..but I'll be anxiously awaiting pictures to put on my dresser .....

Then off I went to Winn Dixie..got my few things and at check out the lady says, "Wow, you've earned .35 cents off a your gas...I could get up to 20 gallons of gas taking .35 cents off per gallon..not bad..but that was a whole month's worth of groceries and by the looks of the prices it don't take much...plus..that gas price now is higher...can I ever win ????

Sure felt good getting out and seeing actual people and checking out the area..even drove by where the Villages is building.."Brownwood"..looking good so far..come on baby..get them houses up and prices will begin to make a turn around...

Stopped at my mail box on the way in and there was a gathering of people ..our residents..not to happy from what I could hear of the real estate meeting the day before..and lots of not happy about what is going on..my simple reply was..."Only you people can make changes by voting the right people on the board of directors to get things done right"...sure hope they pay attention...things right now are a "Muck"...and it certainly does need changing..this is really an awesome place to live...but how power can ruin things...It happens all over the world..so I guess why should here be different...ack !  I can't buy that crappola...

Got back to the house and boy I was tired..just from that little jaunt so that means a few trips are in the making...I know Monday I need to go into town and get that Xray done and then by next Sunday it's a trip into ...Wal Mart..oh yeah... I hear that applaud coming on...

That's about all my day cept I did the trip to the Rice field and have 9 days before I need to visit again LOL..Hey, if I get real ambitious I might make another batch tomorrow..we'll see how it goes..

So now it's lean back and watch a few free HBO's as they are running a special so might as well check and see what's on...can't beat it when it's a FREE BEE

Have a good night all and God Bless...psst notice it's a little chilly in the mornings again....bundle up...brrrrrr !

Friday, January 27, 2012

It's a dreary beginning for me on Friday

It's a dreary beginning for me on Friday...and I ain't got a dang thing done other than my Critters...Last night I could hardly sleep with hearing about the weather..as most of you that follow my blog know I is a CHICKEN when it comes to bad weather here in Florida...one reason.. I ain't got no place to run...and that's a fact JACK !!

I mean if that weather radio goes off I'm ready to hit somewhere..but where I dunno know...no cellar to hide in..no inside closet to duck into..cause I'm in a mobile home silly who in the world would stay inside..and what about me Critters...OH NO !!!  See what I mean...and now you might understand why when it's bad storms here I DON'T SLEEP...cause I hear all that happens around me and it ain't good..eeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now getting back to my dreary morning and ain't got nuttin' done yet ....well I did manage to get dressed and there was so much I wanted to do...but looked outside and said to myself .."Self, you just got over being sick...it's chitty outside so stay in doors and go to the Rice field cause that I needs to do...oh and empty the big bags of Critter dry food in their storage bins...so see I do gots things to do ...but I'm a lazy arse and I'm fixin too...Now that my hubby's saying..."I'm fixin too"..when is another question...but I'll get it done cause I done put it in black and white and if I don't I'll have to pull a "Pinocchio deal"  (my nose will grow for all the lies I'll have to tell)  hahaha...

Again another push off for another day...OMG...get going here lady ...LOL... I'll have my list going and I can hear me as I head out the door tomorrow and complain about crowds...sure ya waited to the last minute you deserve all you is getting....blah, blah, blah, blah......!!

My conclusion ..Saturday I'll be burning rubber and Monday I'll be griping as I head into Leesburg and get that dang Xray...but it has to be done and so will I...that is .."BE DONE"....

I did manage to make a pan of brownies.. Now everyone needs a brownie..but I'll put them in the freezer so they'll be when I need one I have to defrost or other wise...they could be gone in a few days...LOL...

Tonight nothing great on other than the "Gifted Man"..I maybe could watch another re run..but then I'll check and see what Netflix has ready for me...Love that Netflix..and my black box...woo hoo...

Oh and tomorrow I've got to run to the post office..YIKES..that's a must on the HIT LIST...need to get a few big envelopes too...and stop right next store to the Local Hardware store... I like that store...

Dinner is gonna be simple  Chicken Parm and Pasta ..big green salad and YES that brownie for later..:0  Have a great one all and be Safe...

God Bless....checking out the goodies on the Internet :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trash day in more ways that one on Thursday !

Trash day in more ways that one on Thursday !  Had to get up early and drag myself to do the job I hate...Clean The FRIG !!!  Boy that can always be full of surprises...and especially cause I do it on TRASH DAY....hey, I know when to dump stuff...LOL 

Yes, my frig can become a laboratory with out a doubt..I mean I've seen veggies do the most amazing things and some things almost jump out at cha..WOW...what was that ????? hahahaha..

My clean up on Frig here is once a month ..cause I don't dare to let it go any longer than that....and then there's always that favorite saying too..."Oh, that's where I put it"..hahaha..yeah and if ya say,"oh I don't do that" ...than you're one of the only ones cause I'm sure you've found hidden "things" in your frig too  :)....

Last night Ms Betsy and I drove up in the "Grape Mobile" to our "Meet the Candidates"...well the place became packed..and we got there we got a seat in the second row..(remember that's what we thought) and before the Ball of Wax started we wound up being in the 4th and almost 5th row..the place became packed and it was like  Stack the Deck...OMG..

There was no way any one could ask more than one question as we'd still be there..so they got away with that..and then came the comment.. "Well if the candidate don't want to answer they don't have to"...So then why are they running ?????? but from the Questions that some people asked...like "Do you like the General Manger or Do you want to get rid of the GM .."   Now I ask you..if you're running for the board..would you even answer that one..cause with the Deck STacked..(and I say that proudly)  You'd NEVER GET a VOTE....

Yes, it was a "JOKE"..but hopefully the 3 Candidates that are good will get voted on ....cause this beautiful place I stay in ..is so worth having it run right and stop the INSANITY...shame but that happens alot all over the Universe..Power sometimes takes over the brain...

Got home just in time (although I had my program set to record) to watch American Idol...well, there was so good ones and some strange ones..but my oh my they will have a lot to go through..so I ain't a saying who I like so far..cause last time I did that ..they let that one go home..although I did pick the winner....(taking a bow)

I had a lot planned for today and did nilch..(my wording) so that means tomorrow like it or not Rain or Shine my ARSE has to get out on the streets...Get that Xray done and then pick up a few things and go to the post office so I can mail my niece this package...

Made a big batch of Chicken salad up ..(I'm on a chicken salad kick) and then made a pitcher of Ice Tea.. use to make sweet tea but no more.. now it's you add what ya need ...but I do put lemons and oranges in it...just to kick it up a bit.... and I don't need my sugar...funny but that's the only place I liked sugar in ...I don't use sugar in hot tea or coffee...but Iced Tea..another story...but I'm getting better....sugar was 101 this morning so I'm doing something good...

Undecided on what's for Dinner/Supper...have a few quick throw togethers but I'm in one of those moods..nuttin' ain't right LOL... I guess last night was so impressive to me.. I'm still in that shock mode...hahaha..

Okie Dokie Smokey...time for me to attempt to look like I'm doing something...now what do my Critters give me that strange look ?????

Weather is beautiful ..in the 80's ah I'm liking it as I watch my birdies...So all have a great day and stay safe...God Bless

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Will be another interesting day on Wednesday

Will be another interesting day on Wednesday...that it will be as for tonight or this evening Betsy and I will go to the Meeting of the Candidates for our next change of events for the Board of Directors (voting time in March)...This should turn out to be rather an interesting or boring chain of happenings.. Last year I was told that who ever was in charge of this "Challenge" only allowed one question per person and if the Person running for this wonderful office wanted to speak they did..if not you were to just go on your way...hahahaha.. I guess they called that session "Democracy"...Holy Hannah .. I can't wait for this evening and someone tries to pull that off...I know for sure Betsy will jump up and I'll be right along side her....Maybe I should video it ?????

This morning again I had a late start..I'm kind of in this slump of not sleeping again...and boy is that a pain in the ARSE !  cause the next morning I'm in high gear attempting to catch up...Look Out World Here I Come !!!

My bug man came today too..(no I don't have bugs..just critters) and sprayed around the house and yard.. now I'll be on the search for them strange looking things they call palmetto bugs..in my language..Coca Roaches..eeeeeeek... big suckers that are strange..but BIG....

Finally getting my scanner to work..don't know why it went blinkin off ..but I had to un install the program and again re install it...but hey, as long as it works that's the main thing...but my dang computer now is on a sluggish mode...if it ain't one thing it's another...but I'll do a clean sweep tonight before I go to bed....maybe under the bed too ..hahahaha

Tomorrow I'm gonna head into town and get that Xray done and then on the way back stop and pick up a few things...I've got a recipe to try..and I'll make sure I do it for the WEEK END...I'll have to suffer through it.. It's a Boston Cream Cake...yeah you got it...and I'm really smackin my lips now..that's one of my favorite goodies...of course I have several...but this is like next to Lemon Meringue Pie...ooooh so good !!!

Tonight is also American Idol...but I set my recorder ..just in case I'm not back to watch it...never know what this session might bring...kinda can't wait if ya know what I mean..

I should be getting my "stuff" in next week to start my Table Cloth..Now that I'm so anxious for...oh my .. my alarm just went off..it's Wednesday and yeah it's testing to see if it works...That Weather Alarm gives me the Woollies..:)

So that's about all I've got to say .."Until Tomorrow "   LOL  All that are traveling...Keep watch to the skies..just in case you is in bad weather areas...Be Safe... and God Bless..

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another Late Night and Rush on Tuesday

Another Late Night and Rush on Tuesday morning..OMG !  What's with me ..I'm becoming a Late Nighter AGAIN ????  I'm draggin my butt this morning as I attempt to do my chores..YIKES.. I couldn't get to sleep and sat up trying to fix my scanner..Yeah, don't know what's the problem as it was working fine...now I go to scan and it's Kaput!!!

I'll most likely uninstall the program and reinstall and see if that clears it up.. it will make copies and even print from the computer but I can't get it to scan...duh!  Don't cha just love it ????

Woke up again at 6am and for me I'm already one hour and a half behind myself..and even though it seems hard to imagine...it's a bummer for me..I wake up and do the mad dash...Open door throw Critters out, grab their meds on the way.. pop a few pills myself put on my coffee open the dishwasher as I run through the kitchen grab the water buckets and Open the Frig grab a container of Lemon Water (yes, I put lemon in mine and critters water) run into the dog room flip the switch so I don't pour on the floor and grab the bedding make an about turn and charge out into the carport in to the garage and throw the bedding in the washer ...yeah you got the scene.....Critters are in the patio area doing their thing...grab a plastic sac and do the Pooper Scooper and then on to the next level of entry...Are you following me so far ????

Back into the house put my coffee pot on and empty the dishwasher ..turn on the news so I can follow what I thought I dreamed about...good or bad weather...and then start getting the Critter's breakfast ready...all because I over slept or is it STAYED UP TOO LATE ?????

Clancy is already over here finishing up his work and I went out and asked if he would sprinkle the feed for the roses..this is like white powder dust for me..and right now I'm not able to handle it...but when I am ..I have my mask..been there and done that.. Clancy always has some good story to tell me and I always praise him for the "Job well done"...we discussed getting more Knock Out Roses as I'm going to make a rose hedge on the side and in the front of my house and  Clancy told me he is gonna do the same for Betsy's house... I already new that so I told Clancy, "We'll buy the roses at the same time this way we'll get a discount..."   I figure I'll need about 20 bushes and with Betsy's 15 or so...we should be able to buy from a nursery at a decent price...

Today I need to do some work on this computer..need to clean up some old files and probably uninstall some old soft ware..it sure needs a cleaning..and I've  got to do some printing out of some really nice patterns I've found...future projects...LOL  Like my Table cloth one..I'm so anxious to get that going...

Forgot to post the French Toast in a Large Mug recipe and I'll post the 3-2-1 cake recipe for those that may be also interested..these are simple and anything that can be done in a micro wave and taste decent is alright in my books...

So with that..my day has got lots to do....Keep on Truckin in Safety...God Bless

French Toast in a Mug ..(Big Mug)

 1 Tbsp fat-free liquid flavored creamer, Coffee-Mate Sugar Free French Vanilla, liquid    
 1 tsp ground cinnamon    
 2 packet(s) SPLENDA® SPLENDA No Calorie Sweetener    
   1/2 cup(s) Egg Beaters Refrigerated Egg Whites    
 4 Tbsp Pancake Syrup Sugar Free (use what ever you like)  
   1/4 cup(s) fresh blueberries    
   2 slice(s) Pepperidge Farm Light style white bread, toasted    
 3 Tbsp water    

Combine creamer, water, cinnamon, and Splenda in a medium bowl. Add eqq whites and stir.
Set aside. Prepare your mug by spraying inside with nonstick cooking spray. Tear the toast into
cubes, and add them to the egg mixture. Stir gently so that bread becomes soaked, then add to
mug. Microwave for 2 to 2-1/2 minutes, until just set. (Don't be alarmed -- this will puff up while cooking!)
Allow to cool slightly, then fluff gently with a fork. Drizzle with syrup , and if you like, add some fresh blueberries.

***  This recipe is reduced fat and sugar free ..you can change that by just
using regular sugar and creamer with added flavoring...also Micro waves cook differently so make sure you keep an eye on this.. I did mine at 2min.

3-2-1 cake recipe


1 box Angel Food Cake Mix

1 box Cake Mix - Any Flavor

2 Tbsp Water


In a ziploc bag, combine the two cake mixes together and mix well. For each individual cake serving, take out 3 Tablespoons of the cake mix combination and mix it with 2 Tablespoons of water in a small microwave-safe container. Microwave on high for 1 minute, and you have your own instant individual little cake! Keep remaining cake mixture stored in the ziploc bag and use whenever you feel like a treat! You can top each cake with a dollop of fat free whipped topping and/or some fresh fruit.

Helpful Tips:

This recipe is called 3, 2, 1 Cake because all you need to remember is "3 tablespoons mix, 2 tablespoons water, 1 minute in the microwave!" Try various flavors of cake mix like carrot, red velvet, pineapple, lemon, orange, etc. Just remember that one of the mixes has to be the angel food mix; the other is your choice. The flavor possibilities are endless!

*** Again this may seem like a lot of cake mix..but I put this in a Loc and Loc container...and it keeps...but the nice thing is you make individual servings so you won't over eat...well maybe just a little by the toppings..LOL  
Make sure you use a coffee mug !!!!!!

Try both these ..they are amazing and really are good... Enjoy !!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday morning dragging Arse !

Monday morning dragging ARSE !  I sure is... stayed up too late last night..Watched the finish of the Giants and 49er's Game and that too ending with a field goal kick that made it a win for the GIANTS...wooo hooo..

Then I proceeded to wait for American Idol..omg !  That was a big mistake..I did manage to watch part of it but fell asleep while it was still on..and woke up...LATE... didn't get out of bed till 6am..NOT A GOOD THING.

You've heard me use the expression.."The faster I go, the behinder I get"..well it's a fact.. I'm ARSE backwards today..and barely getting my "stuff" done..then Clancy called me this morning to let me know "he's coming over to do the yard"...Okie Dokie...bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yes, that's what I'm hearing then and now....

Tried a new breakfast this morning..French Toast in a mug..a big mug and Surprise, Surprise it was very good..now that's on my list of quick fixes..and later today I'm gonna make for tonight's snack..the 3-2-1 cake in a mug...I'll post the recipes for those that may want to try it or have never heard of it...it's one of those..You make for single servings....Works for me..and no mess folks..that's even better...next I'll be looking for Soup in a mug..hahaha..hey I do that already but with Campbell's..Tomato and my Cheese Toast..ok, ok, I need to stop this cause it's making me hungry and I've got too much to finish...

Gonna head on up to our Board Meeting today...hopefully something will be accomplished....and I'll try not to open my big mouth too much..maybe someone else will take a turn...and I know there are some that have many complaints...for one..the once a week trash pick up... it's a mess and just thinking...when the heat hits Florida..the Trash will really be nasty...Hey, that's a health issue..yeah I'm gonna complain...LOL

Other than that...I'm planning my week so I can get to that Jo Ann's shop and begin to start my Table cloth.. Idle hands get me in trouble...tooooooo easy !

Need to make an appointment to get that Xray done this week too...so it's get off me duff and start moving...ACTION ..!!!!

Have a great day all and may your travels be Safe ones too...and I'm ready for the next page of events...God Bless

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ti's Sunday, A Day of Rest

Ti's Sunday, A Day of Rest or so I thought...everything was going well..Weather was showing it's sunny side off and Critters were fed I had taken my Fosamax dosage for this day and life was good... I had my breakfast of Bacon and Eggs over medium (love the yoke runny) and my toast was hot and so was my coffee...all was smitten with the world...

Today I had my day planned...to do nothing but only what I had too..and to watch two Football games back to back..aaaaah The Ravens and Patriots and the 49er's and the Giants...Life is wonderful...until..What's this sound I'm hearing...a mower and a blower..on Sunday?   Who dares to disturb my day and why on Sunday...why not ON  Mon - Sat...OH NO this ain't Kool and I can barely hear the TV..OH This SUCKS...and there goes Zeke..Oh I've got to do something about this...and can you believe the sound is actually vibrating my windows....

So I rush out the door to see where this is coming from...HELLO...it's my next door neighbors house..Well, this ain't a making my day to wonderful..so I put on my shoes as I'm in my socks..and bee bop over to the young lad with the mower and blower...of course he can't hear me cause I can't hear me either..so I wave at him to try and flag him down as he's going up and down the yard..and in front of my neighbors sidewalk...

Yoooooo hoooo !  and I wave..he then sees me..and smiles and waves and then I flag him over..he stops what he's doing and says, "Can I help you "...Oh ...I'm ready..."Yes, you can.. this is Sunday and I'm gonna be watching the Football Game...and this ain't making it.. I can't hear myself think and my windows are making noise..."... He looks and then smiles and says, "Ok, I won't go by the side of the house"... I then nod and say, "Thank you, that is very nice of you"...Bet when he went home he told his wifey..." boy that neighbor of your friends is a winner"...he'd be right, but I'm right in your face if you bother me :)...hahahaha..made his day I'm sure  woo hoo !!!!

I go back in the house and I finally sit back down..yes, I hear the zooming and blowing going on but it's not right at my carport..and then I think..Why is he doing it on Sunday.. I mean, this is really peoples day of peace and quiet...and then I get lost in my thoughts and the Game begins... New England and Ravens played a tight game and the Raven's which I don't understand ...really didn't play the end well.. they didn't go for field goal till the 4th down..which was foolish..as they attempted to try and get the ball down their to touch down but did it several times and blew it.. then the kicker blew the kick for the field goal.. shame shame.. I was so hoping the Raven's would have done it...but New England won by default...Hey, they still won..

In the last part of the game my phone rang and it was my neighbor ..yeah the one who's house was being mowed..and before she could speak I said, "Speak quick you got 10 seconds I'm watching the GAME..." 

I could hear her laugh..and we both did..then I said,  "Hey, I told your guy not to mow by my carport as I was watching the game "  she laughed and asked "did I wanna be on the game.."   we both laughed ... I'm always up front with people no matter who they are...and I like my neighbors but I just felt that today was Sunday...and it's my day of rest !!...LOL   They know me well enough that I'm not a complainer (wanna bet ) LOL  but this day was special and I was intent to watch and because it was so beautiful out my doors were open and fans were going..and boy that blower and mower were so loud  I couldn't hear much of anything....

Life is now good and I'm watching the Giants and 49ers ..and yes, I'm taking breaks in between just so I can write my blog...see how I care about all of you wanting to know my day and what I've gotten myself  into...

Tonight is also American Idol ...Betsy if you're reading this it's after the Football game...:)  and yes, I'm gonna watch that too but from my bed...then it's lights out and on to another page in the Adventure of BarbZeee and her Critters 3...

Hope all of you had a great day today and it was "Peaceful"...LOL

God Bless.....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's Saturday Afternoon :)

It's Saturday Afternoon :) the sun is shining nicely and I've already finished up my laundry since 5:30am put my first batch of "stuff" in that washer..yeah I was anxious to get it out of the way..

Zeke was feeling a little better this morning although I'll dose his ears all week and watch Abby make her get away as she thinks she's next..mmm perhaps I might give her a dose just in case...Oh brother that will make her a happy four footer ...LOL

Shredded up all the left over chicken I had from that roaster and put some in the freezer for chicken salad later on and put some in for Chicken Soup for the soul :)  the throw everything in the pot deal..

Saw something this morning on the Red Tail Flyers that will be on the War Stories channel on Sunday at 3pm...although I'll be watching the "GAME" (football) I'll record this to watch it later.. I know there is a movie out about the Red Tail Flyers and I saw something a way back I think it was an HBO deal..but it was excellent...and while talking with hubby this morning he was telling me...at where he goes to lunch during the week  (Steve's diner) that one of the friends in their, father was a Red Tail Flyer...and talked a lot about it... So, ya know my curiosity is in high gear..Just Amazing..!!!

Also found a pattern for an Oval Table cloth which I have been searching to find...make one for my table here in Florida..I'm excited about it and even played around with the pattern..I kind of like to check it out as I've never been one to fully understand some of the lingo.. I was always able to look at something and do it...So with my little crochet hook and some spare thread I did a few rounds...yep, looks might interesting..now I have to go to the JoAnn's shop and pick up all what I need..learned that lesson a long time ago as I was making something for someone and didn't buy enough yarn and boy what a pain in the butt it was cause I couldn't find the exact dye lot...NEVER AGAIN...!!!!

Kind of just taking it easy for the rest of the afternoon and finishing up the spare yarns that I have..maybe later on throw something together..like a Hodge Podge as I call it...it may look strange but it usually turns out interesting to say the least.

Have to schedule this week an Xray so I can have that for when I go again to that Pulmonary Doc..then have to go to the Eye Surgeon and make sure everything is alright with the orbit of my right eye..yeah it's never ending is it....but I'm staying on top of it..

Tonight not much on...this is where I wish I'd have my project going...but I can wait cause it's gonna be a lot of work...and the type of work that you can't talk as you have to be counting...and it ain't blessings...LOL

That's about all I've got to say other than...God Bless You All !

Pssst..here's the picture of the "future" table cloth LOL

I can't wait sure will look great on my table................................................

PS ..Today would have been Joesph's 16th Birthday and tonight when I go to bed I'll say a pray and thank the Good Lord for letting this wonderful Critter come into my life..he truly was a Blessing to me and my Best Friend I miss him every day but I know that one day we'll all meet again..

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday...Friday....Friday..Weekend rolling in

Friday...Friday....Friday...Weekend rolling in again... Started my morning with my Zeke not feeling well..His ears are bothering him...off and on we battle this awful pain in the ear...So I whip up my concoction and he sits like a "good boy" and even leans his head over...cause he knows I'm trying to make him better.. He truly is a really good boy..I've never had one that would actually just lean his head over in my lap while I put the meds in...My Abby, takes off and hides...once she hears me say, "Come get your meds"...she's gone in a flash..even to the point if it's her time..I have to drag her out...LOL

So that was my morning wake up and then from there well it just kept kinda going somewhere other than where it should be..but I'm persistent ..I'm gonna get out of this funk no matter what !

Last night watched American Idol and I'm telling ya they have some really good singers this year should be really a good show....and I'm sure they had to step it up a notch to compete with the Voice as well.

I also made a batch of banana, nut blueberry muffins..you know the kind you pop in your mouth...I froze a good batch cause they are too tempting..and I don't need that added "sugar"..but I can when in need head to that big white box..LOL Freezer land >..LOL..

I just put on another pot of soup..making Lentil and Sausage for later on... Might as well get my big jump starts cause with me it's "Get while the gettings good "....and once my Lazy Bones start kickin in..well ya just never know...hahahaha.

Weather this morning was a bit chilly but it's starting to warm up and I'm hoping enough so I can do some transplanting..as my plants inside need a new environment...LOL  Also would like to get out and take care of those Roses..they sure do need feed...

Talked to hubby wee hours this morning and things are going ok at home cepting it's a bit brisk...sure hope that man of mind takes it easy this weekend he's been putting in a lot of hours at the office...

Ms Reba is giving me a little "What for" as I type..must be close to her snack time...she's got a built in clock...when it comes to "goodies"...she's my instant reminder for "Pill time" too...yep, cause a treat goes along with that as well..

So I best get into the kitchen and see what's next for me to stir up ........

Turning pages comes so quickly lately...best hope we all kind of slow down and enjoy them "flowers"  specially those "Wild Flowers"...God's gift to us all

God Bless

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mid Morning here on Thursday

Mid morning here on Thursday and already I'm running be hinder.. over slept this morning and boy that makes me jump almost out of my skin..Seems I tossed and turned and finally fell asleep at 3:30am ...then woke up and it was 6:30am..holy banana hannah...jumped out of bed and quickly gave Zeke his meds and opened the door and Abby was right behind me..now I know I had over slept cause she can be a bugger to get her butt going...but nope..she was ready willing and able and then along came Ms Reba...yeah the whole gang was all together...and it was TRASH day too...OH YEAH ...!

So I gathered everything up and put it all on the dolly and dragged it out to the curb..then I had breakfast going all before my coffee...OH NO !!!!... phone rang and hubby said, "I've been dialing and dialing and can't get through..always busy circuits"...this phone by Bright House SUCKS...the digital service for some reason has always had a problem in me getting through to my area back in Philly and every year when I come down I have to go through the same chitski and have them (BrightHouse) re route my calls...and re connect the connection in another sub station..yeah, yeah same old crappola..

Next thing I did was dump my bean water...(soaked navy beans last night) and put them in  my crock pot with that Ham Bone from Christmas...and you got it... I'm making Ham and Bean Soup...right now the smells are heavenly...:)

Watched American Idol and I have to say..."Some of the talent seems to be really, really good..."   of course I'm never crazy about how things are cut in and out before you even know it...it's over.....DUH ?????

Today I have some plans to finish up my work load without wiping me out..so I've got my list going and will cross off and I complete...yeah I even watched my Cardinals this morning...love them critters...haven't seen Hecliff and Gertie..so they must have flown the coup for a few days..perhaps to a warmer area..can't blame them.

Next week I have to schedule my Xray to be done and then I want to hop on down to the JoAnn shop and pick up all what I need to make that table cloth..I need to get myself involved in a project cause as I'm starting to feel better I'm getting bored...Need to keep my hands and brain busy...or trouble I can get into....Not that I don't have house work..but that's kind of a thing I have to do...and not always willin....guess it reminds me of punishment days with Mama...:)

Laundry is just about finish a couple more loads to do and then I've got a break from that chore....gawd it's the folding that always gets me.. socks and socks and socks...hahahaha...

Tonight is another episode of American Idol...can't wait at least I can enjoy another evening..but I hear tell soon Survivor and The Voice..oh yeah...come on good programming....

That's about it other than my niece called last night for a quick laugh...she said, "my brother" had called her and told her "I never called him on his birthday"...DUH...What's with that brother of mine... I called him and wished him a Happy Birthday and here's what he said to me " Thanks Sweetheart, I'll get back to you"  hung up and that was the last I heard.... Me thinks me brother is having a little memory loss or is it he didn't recognize my voice ..I mean I at that time and still can hardly talk...What a Winner !!!

Such as life in the big city now to get on with today's events...Soup kitchen detail and of course Laundry Maid is ready to get another deposit of clothes...and towels...wonderful

Have a good one ALL and may all your Travels be Safe !  God Bless...turning another page :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Morning Dark and Dreary

Wednesday Morning Dark and Dreary...goodness it sounds like a tune from Way down upon the Mississippi...but it was really dark and dreary and as soon as I got the Critters fed and done their (You know whats) I curled up on the couch with Ms Reba and we watched a movie...yeah I know the lazy part comes easy lately..

However I was a little productive..I pulled out me two (2) crock pots and put baking potatoes in one and a meat loaf in the other..yeah I love this kind of cooking and of course I used me liners..Hey, do I want more work>>>??? NOT!

Watched a good movie with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn...don't ask the name cause I'd have to look it up...but it was an oldie and a goodie..love Turner Classics...:)

Also watched several of my Woodpeckers come to the feeder..I put a few special goodies in there for them..and boy they know it..they even go up inside the big feeder..it's more like a flat bed feeder with a big room..well a high one ...at first they were a little shy but soon they got the idea and right in they go....Enjoy the feed cause I certainly am enjoying watching you all :)

Then the sun starts to come out..HEY...make up your mind cause now I can't get away with sitting on my duff..ok, I need to get up and make like I am doing something...I mean even if it's just a quick dust....yeah I can do that..and then have to bring out the HOOVER..cause it's a must..can't let this slide by...

Tonight on TV is American Idol...just can't wait to see what's with that show and of course last night I did watch the Biggest Loser..boy oh boy I couldn't believe Joe just quit...and poor Lauren got the boot..but she looked good on the .."How she is after leaving"...They sure do go through a lot of heavy workouts..I'd be on the floor.. I mean I'd be flat out...but then again when I was their age...I was lean and mean..LOL  and I never could sit down..more less remember to eat...LOL  things have sure changed for me..

I pop so many pills a day I sometimes have to remind myself what day is it..and move..heck I'm good and flying through the air..me ole joints seem to creak when I even speak...hahaha...Hey, I guess it comes with the territory of having a ..(shhhhhhh) Disease...the awful word...

I tell everyone that asks.. I'm mentally capable but physically challenged...Sometimes they look at me strange and other times they don't even bother to think about what I said...Guess they feel I am strange :)

This afternoon we're suppose to get some rain..sure hope so cause we need it badly..of course I won't go do a rain dance..and if it has that funny streaking in the air with cracking..you know I'm gonna hide...Me no likes that stuff..oh maybe I should order one of those snuggies they sell for Critters that have fears...LOL...Have to big a big snuggie...but can it be lined with Flannel :)

I hear a bell going off so that means...things are getting close to being ready...and it's almost lunch time too...YEAH...me worked up an appetite and the smells coming out of the kitchen are calling my name...

Have a good one ALL..and God Bless...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Early Post this Tuesday

Early post this Tuesday cause I is bizzy bizzy bizzy..(more like dizzy if you ask me )  and I've been to the rice fields already and dislike my new bowl... (gag) it's deep but not wide...and has no spout...Yes, I'm complaining cause I have to rinse this rice like 5 to 6 times to get all that mucky water clear...can't clog up me rice cooker...sigh.......

Been up since 4am and moving things around...cut up all my veggies and done the crap work first so I'd be in a pleasant mood to finish up the other crap work...LOL ... I'm just not a domestic...what can I say..."But I'm doing it".

Critters all fed and resting (from what????) and next I'd like to find me a spot but no can do..still have a chitski load to do...so I'll be on to my next big job in a half hour..

Gonna put my roasting chicken in the oven by noon today and let that cook up and that will give me another area of "Stuff done"..don't wanna over tax myself..hahahaha...sounds good hey...but I sure need to remember that the Earth wasn't created in one day...yeah I know I'm looking for a way to call it a day....but I won't cause I'm the only one that's gonna complain about not getting done..

Weather is being nice and that helps me and the sun every once in awhile peeks at me..come on sun I need a bright outlook...even gonna start a load of laundry...Wow I'm really getting motivated...and then..Who knows what ????

Sending out my niece's son's wedding invite as I'm not able to attend ..I picked up a Wedding Card and I'll put a check in it for them...shame I'd love to go but no way...

Ordered Reba's Diapers on line from Wag's and I understand they are apart of Amazon...small world but got a great price for 30 pk of Critter Diapers..so Reba will be set for a few months...yeah got that done..next step..LOL

Gonna go out on Friday to pick up a pair of sneakers...boy I sure do need them...I'm walking out of mine big time so I'm gonna splurge...my big treat and maybe ...just maybe I'll make it a lunch too...:) ah life is getting better..

So it's back to the salt mines and oh..Biggest Loser is on tonight so I'll watch that and a little goodie for being such a good gal today..hahahaha...

Have a good one all and Safe Travels...God Bless

Monday, January 16, 2012

An Outing this Monday

An Outing this Monday...Holy Banana Hannah !  Yes, I finally got to get out ..but I was on a mission...Had to get a bowl for the rice field pic kin's and I needed to pick up a script too...

Morning was a brrrrrrr 36 degrees and I had another one of those up and down nights...boy they suck don't know what's going on but I wish it would quit...Getting back to getting the critters out this morning..Zeke and Abby did a quick in and out and I gave Zeke his 6am pill along with Abby getting a little token...then we made it to the couch and under blankie...Oh yeah !  Along came Ms Reba at 7am and again we watched the news and the Cardinals...no short stop this morning hahaha...

8am Critters got quick out again before breakfast and bam it was feed time and my coffee ...got dressed to go out at which I left around 10am...and surprise here comes WalMart...man oh man that place is busy, busy, busy...but I found a up front parking spot.

What always amazes me is the handicap parking spots... which I now have to use while I can barely walk ... I find a spot right next to a pick up truck that towers over my car..the tires are so big and when you open the door you need a parachute to get out... I think to myself..."How can this person be handicapped...perhaps it's mental cause if it was a problem with legs back or what have you..they'd never be able to get in this truck "....Yeah you follow my lead don't cha ??????

So I did my Thang and shopped in my electric card...heading to the critter department for me birds and flowers..then on into the kitchen ware department and found a metal bowl..the plastic ones were so hard I could just see this one snapping as I tap with my big spoon...So it was a big metal bowl 6 quart..which I'm not happy about as it doesn't have a spout.. rinsing rice is a pain in the arse and I have to rinse this rice 6 times to get that water almost clear...Ok, Ok, I'll stop complaining...so then it's to the grocery part..

Help me make it through the crowds...YIKES !...So I start at the bottom of the store my bread and things then work my way up to the frozen part..and ready to get out of here till I remember I need to get a chicken..(not a live one silly) a roasted one so I can make chicken salad, chicken enchiladas and chicken soup...but no deal ..the ones they had looked awful...so I bee bop back and pick up a Perdue Oven Stuffer the ones in the Oven Bag...so tomorrow while I'm in the rice field I'll make the chicken..

Ok, time for me to get out of here !!!  Look at the time and yep it's lunch time and I treat myself to a McDonald's Angus Burger...Alright and a Dr Pepper..which I don't normally drink..like once every couple of months..but man it went down smooth...and home I go...only to unpack the car on to my trusted dolly...Yeah Team !!

That lunch also became my dinner cause I'm still so full ...I'll have a yogurt later and watch my pre recorded Abbott and Costello films...Yeah it's been a good day and gonna be better too..cause tomorrow I'm gonna be a busy bee !

Vacuuming cause my living room looks like moss is growing..hahaha..it's dawg hair...yucko...I mean I can always say, "I have a tweed rug"...NAH...get off my duff and zoooooooom.....perhaps a strong wind ....nah...the only strong wind will be me..!!!

So that's it folks..my tale of woe...and now it's on to another Adventure...cause ya know it always happens....I mean..there's never a dull moment as my day starts or ends....

God Bless...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Brrrrr Sunday Morning Wake Up

A Brrrrr Sunday Morning Wake Up...holy smokers it was chilly willy this morning....well for starters I had a crappy night...couldn't sleep..kept waking up every hour..felt like I was ready to spiel off "Coo coo  with a gong"...

No way could I get a good night sleep and I don't know why...but come morning when I got up at 5am it was just 32 degrees and Me and Zeke and Abby went out quickly and hurried back in..

They got their pills and so did I and on the couch we went...Ms Reba came out about 7am and snuck back under my blankie and we finally got out and about around 8am..we watched the news and even watched the Cardinals come in and get breakfast at the crack of dawn...I saw the Big red nestle down in the seeds (I have a good bed of seeds in the feeder) and along with him was Mrs Red..LOL  but they hung in their eating and keeping warm..

My plans of going to WalMart quickly changed as I decided to catch up on the night sleep I didn't get...till hubby called and let me know he was heading out for Sunday School (he teaches) and then church... I do remember saying, "Pray for us...we need sunshine"...he laughed and that's all I remember till I guess something came on TV and I sat up...LOL

Later on this afternoon..my (2) Sand Cranes..HeCliff and Gertrude stopped by for their little tidbits they're getting so I can almost touch them.. They stand pretty close as I come up with the goodies...but I just throw the seeds on the ground....I guess they are now enjoying their safe spot to rest a few moments..and then off the wander .

So that's most of my day..."Sleep Mode" and boy it feels good too...normally I'd be bouncing off the walls but I can tell it's much needed....One thing I did notice...that fall I had surely put a damper on me..I mean I feel like a board..so stiff..come on warm weather I need to get moving here...perhaps a hot tub would help...yeah sounds pretty good.

I sent for an estimate to have one installed in one of my bathrooms..it's the "Premier Bath tub with whirlpool".. I thought that would be something that would work for me...getting in and out of the tub isn't easy any more..hate to say it.."but I have difficulty and don't want to have another fall"...so I'm exploring another new Adventure...can't wait to hear how much this one is gonna cost me.

That's about it for now..haven't a clue as to what's on the TV ...but wait I did set my recorder for late tonight..Two (2) Abbott and Costello flicks are on...and one being one of my favorites...how could I resist..Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein...and the other was the Invisible Man...so while I sleep it will tape for me and tomorrow night when nothing is on..I'll watch those...and put them on DVD's too..

I'm gonna make a pan of Lasagna tonight and will cut up and freeze for later on ...that will make the house warm too..hot oven ..woo hoo..and a good dish for tonight with a big salad..yeah that feels even better...

Later all and keep warm we have another cold morning and perhaps the weather will make a turn for the better...God Bless.....

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday morning a little nippy :)

Saturday morning a little nippy :)  I'll say ..more like "Cold as a well diggers arse in the Klondike "...LOL  and much to my surprise when I was getting my feeders filled...I opened my front door to head to the big feeder and was met up by HeCliff and Gertrude..we kind of looked into each others eyes ..that's how close we were...so I said to myself, "This is gonna get interesting"...but I did say "Good Morning You Two"..hahaha...and spread some seed down and boy they were hungry...and filled my open feeder as the Woodpeckers (Red Bellied) were might hungry yesterday.

Diane and Bob dropped over at 8:30am to give he some Apple pie as they were heading over to visit friends of theirs in New Smyrna...and will be back on Tuesday...They are my worry warts on me..they check on me and make sure I'm ok...and ya know it really is wonderful...I feel good although sometimes it can get smothering..but right now I'll suck it up LOL...

Critters were out early and boy once breakfast was finished we all were and under "Blankie" we all went...we're snug as a bug in a rug..hahaha..

Hey Paulette... yeah I thought it was your birthday..some how in my address book I had it down for the 13th..so look at it this way ... I sent your card "Early"  LOL...Hey gal..you best get that big rig out for the summer...Ya need to get out and about and "Have Fun".....I can't wait to read your travels...:)

My day is kind of hopping along am gonna attempt to use that cracked bowl for my rice just for today...but will be heading out tomorrow to Wal Mart and pick up another bowl and a few tidbits too..Yes, something for the Wood Peckers too !!!

Have been searching the internet for some patterns and found a few ...but have to get over to the JoAnn's shop to pick up all my goodies...then the projects will begin..hopefully.. also want to start getting back to that group of nice ladies that love to chat and knit and crochet..some sew too...but enjoyed them...that's after I finally get a clean bill of health..

Energy is coming..but so is Christmas again hahaha..no, I am getting more on the mend...left my lights up on my Light Post cause they are so dang pretty and I want to stand out in the crowd..hahaha..nah, I just love looking at something so pretty and colorful...makes me happy  and my neighbor too !

I've got a hankering for some Oatmeal,Choc Chip,Raisin,Walnut cookies..wow what a mouth full so I think by the end of the week...my big mixer is gonna get busy ..just to have a couple at night with a cup of tea...yeah sounds mighty fine ...and in case I have company..ya just never know..

Right now I have my Crock Pot going with Baked Potatoes...will later make some baked potato soup..and some for fried potatoes with eggs too..not bad see I'm thinking ahead and that means I'm on the mend...Whoopie !!!

Nothing again great on TV so I'll NetFlix tonight too..that's pretty neat and I get to see some movies I missed...not bad Ollie ..:)

Hope you all are staying Safe and Warm...till next event God Bless

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday...the 13th ....

Friday....the 13th.....Wow..yes it sure was and still is... I'm not that superstitious as my Brother's Birthday is today...My Abigayle's too and my friend Paulette and hubby's secretary Paula...So see it's really a good day ...Also was my appointment day with my Pulmonary Doctor...:)

It was more of a surprise day for him !  He got to know that I was not a happy camper with him in fact as I went into the office and they gave me the usual paper work to fill out I politely told that..."This Doctor is not going to be my Doctor....so I'll only fill out the paper work for him to get paid for my visit and hospital care....

The girls looked shocked...(me standing so proudly I hail ) hahaha... well it was funny but I was really ticked off.. I mean how could you send a patient home from the hospital without cough meds when I was in for pneumonia and a double duty of it too...

The Doc was kind of caught up in the moment...like lost for words but did smile and humbly apologize...but do you think that mattered to me..oh no..not this gal... I had to spiel my guts out and let him know...hahaha..

I was on a roll and he was the bread I was parting ..or is it the sea  ????? any how he got the message... as he asked could he please listen to my lungs...and what really sucks is I still have a little crackling going on and I have to continue with some meds plus in two weeks get another Xray and come back in a month....

The nurse said, "Oh, you are coming back"????  as she smiled..but I politely smiled back and said, "Only to finish up my visit...but I will be moving on".. She understood and by the way she was from Connecticut and said the same thing as me.."Florida is not good with Doctors"... wonder why..... I mean I still call Florida..."God's Waiting Room"... they way I've seen how things go so far...

On the way back I stopped at Publix and picked up only a couple of things and treated myself to one of those "Everything Bagels"  which I had for lunch with my Chicken Salad...and it was darn good and tasty..

Bob and Diane were over and took down my lights but I did leave my front lantern still with the colorful lights..hey they run on battery so no big deal and they sure twinkle pretty and very colorful..not Christmas type but pretty colors...so they'll know I'm back here ...Whoopie :)

Oh my Woodpeckers are at the feeder...Mom and Pop are hanging out so they must have a nest near by... I'm anxious cause I think these ones are so neat..have to look up what they are called...but they don't mind the big feeder and it's pretty big and they can sit inside it...........have to try and catch them with the camera...

It's gonna be another cold snap again for the next few days so Diane and Bob covered my plants and I'll make sure I put some extra goodies in the feeder too.. and even HeCliff and Gertrude stopped by.. I went out to feed them as they were walking away and I said, "you want some goodies"... they heard me and turned around and wobbled quickly over and dug in...Yeah it's chilly and they are hungry...

My critter population is on and incline...wonder who'll pop in next.... this is so neat and I don't even have to leave my living room....just call me Ellie May :)

Have to call my brother and wish him a Happy Birthday.. that's about all the time I get to talk with him..once a year...LOL  strange dude...but I guess it comes with all families....

So that's about it other than it's Hot Cocoa time...and whip cream too !!

Keep warm and stay tuned...next page ....God Bless

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Pick Me Up on Thrusday

A Pick Me Up on Thursday.... Yes indeedy !   I done picked myself up and got with it...did a little bit of this and that and told myself I had enough of this crappola of being under the weather....well not in those words but you got the idea...

This morning was pretty darn good I did some laundry at 5:30am as I was in the "need to get done" stage...and I'm up so why not !!!..So I got finished and then I decided I needed to make up some corn muffins and small ones..you know the kind that you pop in your mouth..well I whipped up a batch and then froze a few dozen but put the others in the container...yeah I'm cookin with (gas of which I wish we had) electric....LOL 

Dragged the trash out on the dolly..cause there was no way I could carry it all...being that this foolish BOD decided to put us on once a week pick up to save some buck..(by which will cost more as it goes by volume DUH) can't wait for the next board meeting ..it should be a WHOPPER !!!!...

Next thing I have to do is vacuum but I don't think so today cause I'm about pooped and that will take more energy than I can muster up so that's for tomorrow after I get back from that Pulmonary Doc in the morning...ought to be good ....hahaha

TV schedule looks crappy too so I'll Netflix tonight and then lean back and just play some computer brain games..you know the kind to keep your memory in tact..hahaha....where was that thing ?????? :)

Not too much other wise...but I do have to re pot a few plants that might be after this weekend as I hear another cold front is coming in again ...boo..well at least it's not snow :)

Have a good one all...oh yeah what's for dinner you ask..."Stouffers"...nothing finer ..pop in the microwave and make a salad...yeah nice and easy :)

God Bless......

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Detour for me on Wednesday

A Detour for me on Wednesday...woke up not feeling to great but still attempting to get little things done...heard the weather man at 5am and again said, "Oh crap, I had plans on getting a few things done and making a meeting"...I'll wait it out...thing may change...

Sure did for me starting to run a low grade fever..SUCKS !  and I just finished my antibiotics...rained like the dickens and hopefully it will move on out but my attending a meeting this afternoon is Kaput !...

Can't take the chance although my mind set was to make a point be known at this meeting( within this community) that our BOD needs to wake up and start paying attention to "The People"...they have certainly been violating our by laws and some times people get power it goes to their heads...Gosh doesn't that sound familiar even within our Government.

This is really a lovely place and majority of the people really are willing to participate in helping one and other and wanting this place to grow..but again you have a few that seems to spoil the "Oil" as I call it...Hey, it makes life interesting....but me being ill right now puts a few dampers on things and my voice still hasn't come back....Hubby is probably a Happy Camper on that one :)

Eye Surgeon called again this morning ...wanting me to make that appointment and I assured the office I will as soon as I get a release from the Pulmonary Doc...Lordy I don't need any more issues...for sure..

Still need to get a large bowl as mine cracked yesterday so that will be put on for another day as without it I can't go to the rice fields...LOL well I can but I'd have to use big pots...yikes... but gots to do with what I gots for now...:(

Watched the Biggest Loser last night and it was good..I can't believe that Red Team playing those odds on losing that much weight on the second week...poo poo girls... but hey,  Mike had to go with his attitude...but glad to see he lost that weight even after....See I do pay attention and I even stayed partially awake...in between the New Hampshire elections...boy can't wait till this stuff is through......Lord help us !

Now I'm gonna lay back down and try to get this headache gone and hopefully my temp will go back to normal...not fun having this crap...and boy it takes forever to get rid of.....Need a Magic Pill...perhaps a Fairy Godmother...any one want to apply ?????

Later down the road....God Bless....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Toggled it on Tuesday

Toggled it on Tuesday...Waiting anxiously for the Vet in town to call with the results of Zeke's EKG...and he did by noon time anyway...Zeke is still with the A Fib and to just keep maintaining him with his meds...well at least he wasn't worse...of course had to go in and pick up Abby's meds as well..so yes, I toggled my day to make a run in town.

Early this morning I was at the Rice fields and in fact I broke my big plastic bowl...shucks !!!  Now I have to go to Walmart to pick one up...I mean I had that baby 5 years ..what can I say ...that last crack with the spoon done did that bowl in...wonder if I could use Duct Tape...nah have to go ...

Most of the morning I was busy with doing up veggies and Zeke and Reba having some stomach problems again !!  It's go to be the water here..no matter what I do they go off and boy it's sure a pain in my butt...more work for me and I'm just about getting up to half speed....:(

Tonight is Biggest Loser so at least I'll get something more to watch then those dang political satires...(that's what I call them)...I hate to say, "But this election is gonna be a fight to the finish.."  Getting my hide out ready just in case..

Day is beautiful but just heard that by Sunday we'll have some more cold fronts...yikes I can't stands no more of this...Where's my warm weather...maybe south of the border...Nah, I can't go there !!!

Planning my day for tomorrow is my bowl will hold till end of the week...plus I need to do some laundry it's about that time again...plus I need to check my supplies and hopefully next week I can wander over to the Joann shop and pick up all what I need for that table cloth... the bug is biting me and I need to get myself busy ...or look out world I'm a gonna be in trouble..don't cha know it :)

Checking the schedule for hubby too..as he'll be coming back in March..was trying for our anniversary but not sure if he'll be able to make that date...I'll keep trying..ya just never know..

So that's about all for now other than pretty soon it will be dinner time for the critters and I'm too pooped to pop...missed my afternoon nap....(yawning here)..

My pages are turning and who knows what's next....God Bless

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bizzy, Dizzy Monday

Bizzy, Dizzy Monday...that's how it went...Got up this morning and only took an 1/8 of a teaspoon of that cough syrup and felt a wee bit dizzy...That baby puts you out in 15minutes..my eyes gets heavy and my brain gets boggled down and out I go for the count...So I figured with what I had to do this morning I was only gonna take 1/8 of that syrup...Holly Hannah..it still works good !  in fact too good !!!!!!

But I was up before dawn with the help of Zeke..he came by my face and gave me one of those deep inhales..you know the kind I mean..like deep, deep, deep hahaha in fact so deep I heard his snort hahaha...I woke up and thought .."Did he inhale my brain"?   I know I'm nuts but hey it was funny..I haven't heard him do that in ages...So Ups I got ...had no choice and put me socks on cause I don't walk barefoot..:)

Had to shake Ms Abby a bit...I think she's losing her hearing or maybe she's pulling "Selective Hearing" (learning from me I guess) any way up she got while Ms Reba tucked down in between the pillows wasn't given me any indication she even wanted to go out...Don't blame her as I turned the heat off yesterday and this morning it was a bit chilly and damp in the house...So come on crew let's get going here.

Then I put my pot of coffee on and gave Zeke his 6am med and turned on the news and me and Ms Abby cuddled and before I knew it coffee was made, phone rang it was hubby and then along came Ms Reba....Ok, it's time for breakfast...as we had a 9:30am appointment for Zeke we needed to get the chairs in the wagon (hubby's favorite saying).

I got everything done and out in the car me and Zeke went...he was a happy camper and had to let the world know he was riding in the car...Oh yeah, he'd wake up the dead...but his presence would be told...He so loves the ride but dang it when we pull up next to another car he let's them know he's in the car and with that ...as he's barking and rocking so does the car...almost like I'm doing a boogie woogie...without music...!!!

Got to the Doc's office and in we walk..of course he is proud and kind of puffs up a bit...looks bigger than life itself...and as the young girl behind the counter peeks over and says, "Oh, my what a big boy you are"...he snorts a bit...thanks Zeke...so we take a seat and I'm praying he'll behave cause he can be a bit ornery at times..(like Momma) ...in walks these little doggies..mixed breed and don't cha know they decide they wanna take the big boy on... I bend down and tell Mr Zeke...behave they is too tiny and not a mouth full...he snorts again and gives out a big...growl..Like the lion he truly is...the little guys back up and walk on by...Thank you Lord !!!

Everyone giggles cepting me..cause I know how Mr Zeke can be if they pester him...and at the stage I'm in.. I don't have the strength to even hang on...so with that I nicely say, "Please keep your dogs close, let's not have any surprises.."  and the people look at me and him and agree...hahaha..thank you Lord again !!!

Out comes the two girls (techs) with a leash and muzzle...they ask..."Do you think we'll need this" ?   I reply... "Zeke is good just talk with him and he'll be ok"....." but if you don't feel comfortable then sure go ahead "... I always try to explain he's very well behaved and knows you're not going to hurt him..and he will let you do what you have too... Surprisingly, I do know what I'm talking about..he's had so much done to him that when it comes to just the EKG he will lay down for you and let you connect the wires....

The girls took him back and he walked with them but stopped and looked back at me and I told him it was ok...and off he went...about 20 minutes later they came out and said, "Oh my goodness, he was so good and listened"...Yep I was proud of my big guy... The girls were  laughing..couldn't believe what just happened...even said, "We told him to lay down and put the wires on his chest and talked with him and he never moved"....then they said, "When we were finished I told Zeke, he was done...he got up and I could hardly hold him as he was coming back to you ".... Yeah that's my boy Zeke... I am truly proud of him...

After that the Doc came out and said, "I'll call you tomorrow with everything plus I have to come back and pick up Abby's meds as they wouldn't be in until tomorrow too...So that was my trip to the Doc..oh and the girls all came up front as I was leaving and brought Zeke a big Cookie...he was happy and so were they :)

Now I am ready to lean back for the rest of the day as that little outing.. a tad bit nervous ...but did go well..still it was a bit much for me and boy I was glad to get back home... but I felt good being out for a bit...just can't seem to be up and about for too long of a time...it will come  slowly I guess.

For tomorrow I'm hitting the rice fields..hahaha..yeah I am in need of it being done I'm let it go to the last so now I have to ..like it or not !!

Gonna take an afternoon nap and then watch a little TV and do some reading on the pattern I got for that table cloth...hope to maybe next week head to the Joanne's shop and pick up all the material I'll need and by Feb start my project...I seem not to be able to concentrate to long...but that will pass too..

Have a good one all and again another Adventure will begin tomorrow...God Bless Us All.....

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Little Bump in the Road on Sunday

A Little Bump in the Road on Sunday...Ho Hum !...yeppers I was happy as can be on Saturday as I got lots of things done...not that much but all my meds for me and Zeke were picked up and Sunday I was just gonna stay in my night gown and lob around...So I thought...:)

So here comes my little bump in the road..as I opened my bag of goodies...(meds for me and Zeke for the month) low and behold....(what is this ?) only mine was there...NO ZEKE...!!!!..and here it is 9pm Saturday night and CVS is closed till tomorrow at 10am...See what I mean about the bump in the road...

Again I have another little adventure..my fault I should have looked before I left the pharmacy....SUCKS doesn't it ????? Yeppers..so I have another adventure for tomorrow and what else is new...hahaha..

Me gets up Sunday and made pancakes up for the whole week with brown and serve turkey sausage....so I put them up so all I have to do is Zap in the toaster oven...and add my Sugar free syrup..(it does get better) and I'm ready for a good start...Yeah team !!

I got the Critters fed and then myself and had to wait till 10am which I called..of course they always say, "I'm sorry"...sure you is...but I'm even more sorrier cause I have to go fetch...so outs I go with Ms Reba..she wanted to take the ride and she was just in her glory as I put the big ones up she ran in and gave them her "What For"...did a few spins and out we went... I zoomed in and like a flash I had it picked up and headed back home.

Weather is sure nice and I even put feed in the one feeder and watered my plants and at that I could feel myself getting tired...What's with that...but I understand I'm just not completely over it..so I'll suck it up and move on..

Couldn't wait to get in the house and take my jeans off and slip into that long night gown..the one where I look like Grandma Moses..hahaha..well it's a warm one and I feel cozy...so why not ????

Later on I managed to muster up some more energy and made up a batch of pudding..(sugar free) and then even did a batch of Chicken Salad for the week..ok, now I'm on a roll...just hope I don't slip off...made a pot of chicken soup for later too...yeah it's getting in the grove..till I stop and look around...OH NO !!!  Dishes, yep I got lots to do... now that's the part that I hate..Clean up..all of a sudden I get that tired feeling coming on..but I need to fight it..cause I'm the only one here so I have to clean up...

Took a nap and got my energy back and now I have to get things ready for tomorrow as Zeke has an EKG to have taken ..have to get all his med records from his last visit...made copies and got them all in a folder...ok, I'm good to go for tomorrow.

Talked with hubby a bit and boy he sounds tired..the poor guy hasn't had a break ...he's another one that don't listen....so I need to make sure I pray that his butt don't come down with anything and that he at least gets some rest.

Watched the Green Mile tonight..Show time is having specials..so I jump on and watch a few old movies and click ..No, I don't want that premium channel...haven't watched Netflix lately need to click on it and get it going too...that I stream from my connection on to the TV..not bad..

Today is a little bit better for me..however I have my bouts with needing a few naps...can't wait for that to leave...but I'll grab em' while I can...breathing is a little bit better and yep, I'm almost through with my antibiotics...lots of yogurt in the house and I have to keep on that for awhile.

That's about it other than..is it time to go to bed yet ???  hahaha...Looks like also I'll have some good weather tomorrow ..have to be at the Vets at 9:30am so I pray Zeke will  be ok and above all " Behave"..:)

God Bless.....another page turning...forward march !

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Better Saturday !

A Better Saturday !  To begin with...yesterday afternoon I went to my notorious Doctor..Yes, I finally got in !  Had a "great" visit which I was surprised cause I was fit for bear but instead I had to "eat crow"..well kinda, sorta...but I did get my few pennies worth in...

He walloped me with what I had wrong with me...(ready for this) I had double pneumonia...WHAT ?????  Yeppers, I can't just have one I gots to have two..more for ya money I guess plus my left leg was infected with cellulitus... The leg actually turned black, green and red and hurt like the dickens..I had to google it to understand how I got it..and according to Doc and Google.. from the slam I took on the ground (concrete remember) had such an impact that I bleed inwardly and of course what's best for infection...internal bleeding...YIKES ..then he proceeded to tell me that I could have lost my leg or even died...now I kind of got very humble..and thanked God I'm still amongst the living...(so I'll stop complaining)...and after all that he went on to continue about my fractured orbit...Now ya know after all those wonderful sentences that seem to run together I could hardly catch my breath.

Which came down to why I'm seeing the Pulmonary Specialist next Friday and can't wait till that gets cleared...and all because of a little fall  (now you listen to me it wasn't no little fall, it was more like I fell out of a plane the way I hit the bumper and driveway ) and I pray that I'll never have one of those again !

I left the Doc's office, like I said.."Eating Crow"  but he also knows now that I'm not one of those that calls because I have an itch ...but something not right...pssst ..like me ...sssssh  So I promised if some thing is a "muck" I'll proceed to get it all checked out....and he promises (now that I'll have to see) to make room for me !!!

That was my day yesterday to finish and of course yes, he gave me a script for cough meds "phenegan with codeine"...the Cadillac of cough meds...and I promise to take it only at night cause this stuff knocks you out !

Today went well ..drove into town and picked up my monthly supply of meds and hopped on over to the Winne Dixie..even picked up a Roasted Chicken of which I made chicken salad, chicken soup and chicken enchiladas...yeah I made it all up and now all's I have to do is grab and run hahahaha...

Came back home and got back into my night gown and you got it...I'm on the couch cuddling up to my Critters..will take it easy tomorrow too and on Monday I've got to take Zeke for his EKG...which should be interesting...

Taped a few movies for me to watch later on and the day was so nice I just watched out my window and watched the birds fill up...yeah they love their goodies..I make sure I get the extra nuts and berries for the cardinals and those small sun flower seeds...they love em..and I even drizzled a little on the ground for those dang squirrels...maybe I can choke em' with kindness..??

Not too much more other than I'm just getting a little stronger and not really pushing it..a little each day so I don't fall too much behind...and of course Diane is anxious to come over and do something...but I'm trying to do for myself...hard to explain it cause she's one of those...Gotta Do ...maybe I'll let her come in next week..hahahaha...she's like a tornado...

All the Critters are doing pretty good and Ms Reba is finally settling in.. Don't know if I mentioned it..but she has been missing Joe...and really kind of down ..but today she's back to Ms Reba...mouthy and jump in your face attitude...

All and All things are slowly coming around with the warmer weather too..hope it stays...need to transplant some plants...

God Bless and we're moving on to another Adventure...Life is so full of surprises ..just like a box of chocolates..You never know what you're gonna get !!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Flipping through Friday

Flipping through Friday...getting my act together as yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from my notorious busy Doctor that he would be happy to see me Friday at 2:30pm...Whoopee !!!  So I'm finally getting to see this Doc...Lordy I just can't express in words how this is over coming me  HA !

Well, I won't kick a wounded horse so be it and plan my day accordingly...At this moment I've just done that...My big event leaving and getting another check up..which I need to be on the safe side.. I've mainly taken it easy doing just the things that have to be taken care of..and with a little extra added but slowly.

Morning was pretty good not as chilly so my skip in my step was with a little more of a "Yeah"...and the Critters are really being extra good and going along with me..without the hesitation of..."I want to Play "...Abby is being extra nice..so I'm prepared for her ..Tare everything apart and eat it...yeah she has this thing that every once in a while she gets into destruction mode...like a throw rug...now that's not too bad it's the out come of it that's awful....gulp!!!

Zeke has also been in a low profile mode as well.. I mean not too much guff and listens....but I'm sure he'll get back to himself soon as he sees me stepping it up a notch...Like moving furniture and taking the throw rugs and putting them in balls oh and raiding the trash baskets in the bathrooms...but shhhhh it's not happening yet..so I'll walk slow just to make sure I get a few more days break....

Aaah but Ms Reba, well she's a gal of her own..She tells you when, where and what for ....like it or not..her constant yap grows on ya !!!  Yes, breakfast, lunch and dinner and pill time..she's like an instant clock or reminder and what gets me is...her clock is on target..Daylight Savings Time or Not...DUH??????

Weather is not bad today and I'm kind of looking forward to taking my ride into Leesburg...and even if it is only for a Doc visit..it's getting out and seeing more that four walls and Critters...:)

Can't believe the Weekend is a up on us again..but it is...my Saturday will be another event of getting out even if it's just to pick up meds and stop at Winne Dixie...whoopee...

Later today I'm gonna make a pot of Lentil Soup with Sausage in it..and freeze up a few quarts..that's one of my favorites and just a bowl of that fills you without having to make a lot of stuff..

So now it's on with the next event of the day..Lunch which will be a yogurt and a cup of tea...sounds yummy...hahahaha....have a good one all and who knows what will happen before my days over....

Psst..found a Oval Table Cloth pattern now my next move it to pick up all that is needed...most likely that will be next week some time...but I'm anxious to get started keeping my mind busy...cause I can go a stray :)

God Bless