Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I can't believe it's Wednesday

I can't believe it's Wednesday...already ..where is the time going.. my days seem to be just rolling by and soon I'll be making plans and making my list to head back south my home away from my little quiet corner of the universe...well that's what it seems like.. I mean I look out my big windows and watch nature in the happening..

Now loud cars riding by with loud radio's blasting..and lots of dogs barking in the area..oh yeah and those racing 4 wheelers through the fields..oh and the motor cycles coming up and around the bend roaring...WOW

Life in the city I call it..but I have to say this, "When I lived in New York City all that noise never bothered me ..even the trash men that were out in the wee hours of the city clanging those garbage cans.."...amazing how we seem to accept certain noises and then as we get older..maybe I speak for myself but I think it has to do with the surroundings..if we are happy were we are ???

Had a long talk with the hubby tonight and I really seem to like being at my little hideaway...I guess it's because lately I feel like I'm trapped in my house.. I'm not able to go a lot of places as I do in Florida..and when I'm there I seem to be able to do so much more..dunno, have to really give it some thought..

I know one thing...The Doctors SUCK in Florida so that's one thing I'm not thrilled about and I do realize I don't just have a common cold..things have been very lucky for me even though I've had a few misfortunes...but my health has been stable..So that's one factor I really kind of am shaky about..

I'm in that decision making situation..although I really wasn't ready to make any major moves ..not just it's just food for thought on our table..and the part of Hubby and I living so long apart.. I know we talk every day and even video chat..but it's those long nights that make it difficult..

He's also said, "How he enjoys coming down and staying the week and relaxing and things are so much better there "..however, when he leaves that empty feeling happens...for him it's not so bad because he works and has the church which keeps him busy ..for me it's really empty nest ...

As I said, "if he were to have passed away that would be different and even though that feeling never really ever leaves..but you know nothing you can do can change it you accept it.. (been there done that) this would be a different way for us to live out our lives till he could retire or I expire...

This is kind of lots of heavy thoughts and maybe some what difficult to even put down in writing but it's things I need to start dealing maybe one of these times I will only fly back for Dr visits and then return back...

Things to just toss around in our minds and hearts..and what's best for make it easy on either one of us..oh and then hurricanes and tornados..yeah you know this woman is shaking in her boots... I never said, "I was brave" I'm a realist...facts are facts...where do I go what do I do..????? 

Well, I've wrecked my brain for the day and night ...LOL   So hubby and I watched some TV and watched Big Brother...never surprised by the games some play and how badly too...and then we watched America's Got I'm ready to hit that is Ms Reba I hear her complaining...hubby has already went a drifting LOL..

So with that.. on to another day and what other thoughts will ponder in my brain...Those traveling Stay Safe and as Always...God Bless Us All 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And Tuesday Sneaks Right In :)

And Tuesday Sneaks Right In :)  Did it ever !!!...I woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and read through some neat stories on the net ..even looked up a few good recipes to try..but when I logged into Facebook..well let me tell ya.. lots of great recipes are flying through and all look so good...Look out world  ....:)

Got my chores done and really just leaned back and listened to some music ..starting looking at what I want to try and make for next week... it was one of those days...try something new for a change..

Watched a movie this afternoon..De-Lovely, story of Cole Porter and I must say, " Great music along with good actors"...made my afternoon pleasant..

Now gathering a list for the motor home to get work done as Saturday we bring her down to get her overhaul...and I'm kind of of these days I might decide to venture on another trip..ya never know with me.. that was one of my things I wanted to do when I retired..unfortunately Lady Luck had another avenue she wanted me to walk down..and so it is..

I'm not complaining cause it's been an Adventure and I've met some really neat people and I'm still enjoying my winters in the little place we bought and like watching those darling birds and get excited over my plants..yeah, I'm becoming a real good "lover of nature" well I've always been but always loved to explore different parts of the country side..

Sometimes ya just gotta let it go and enjoy what the good Lord lets you share and hey, if I can at least keep my health in some what good shape I'll accept it for what it is..

Tonight we watched some of "So ya think you can dance"  great dancers and then switched as I was recording both shows anyway..America's Got Talent...a couple acts are really good the rest can go out to me LOL

Now it's night time and I've been ready to call it a day and on to what ever tomorrow brings...So those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All..

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ah Shucks it's Monday !

Ah Shucks, it's Monday !...yeah that's how I felt too.. I mean the long weekend LOL well kinda sorta..came and went and before I knew it ..Here comes Monday...Ya know something is missing here and I just can't seem to figure what...when I do I'll shout it that some that read this will know all about it ...

Morning for me was a blurr as hubby had to get up really early and that meant...get out of his way..he's a hell on wheels cause his feet move fast but he's in a tail spin...just like Dagwood Bumpstead...they are two peas in a pod...

So I wait till he leaves and then I start getting Ms Shug her breakfast cause she now hit's High C about E early and my ears just can't take that "Shrill" she gets her first then the Critters 2 get theirs but this morning I had to feed Ms Reba ..she's on that kick hopefully it won't last too long.. 

I finally get my coffee and that ain't good cause I should some how come first especially since I can't function with out no use complaining cause it's how it is for this moment. 

Mainly today I had to get into the freezer and start dumping things that have been in there for a long, long time.. cause it seems I was having no space..which means hubby really didn't take much out but brought more in  and when I came home..oooops there was no more room in the it's give away what is still my neighbor will enjoy the Turkey..from Christmas...she was happy and I was happy to give it to her !

That was my major project for today...and soon (cause tomorrow is take out the trash ) I'll be able to get that cleaned and make room for "stuff".. and then it was break time and I just did just fact I didn't cook was pizza ..hubby got in late and he surprised me..OK, I'll do that   :)

Tonight I kind of just leaned back and shredded the chicken I had cooked up so that's done and (guess what) in the freezer it goes..see make room for "stuff"...and now I'm ready to hit that bed..cause I is dawg tired..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The end or beginning of the week on Sunday

The end or beginning of the week on Sunday...don't know what you want to call it but I call it my ending...and on to the start of another busy week...but finishing off with a really relaxing family day..

Morning again is like a mad dash for me as I try to get as much done as possible..cause I had to make some home made pasta and my pot roast and all the's a traditional Italian Sunday for me and my family..

Hubby went on to church as that's his thing to do and he loves teaching Sunday School..(he should have been a teacher in his life) and then comes home and the race is on again...of course I get the "Lesson" of what he taught and a few little other goodies but I always remind me I have a lot of Saints on my side hahaha..

We had a heavy down pour ..goodness the heavens opened up and it was loud and I saw the street corner fill up with water..cause it's near the drain but I have this flaky neighbor that thinks his grass clippings can go down and wash away...some people have brains others just take up space...LOL

Ms Shug put in her request to be noticed and let me say this, "when she speaks ya gotta listen or go deaf" out she came and did her little clown act and was great the rest of the night...but it's a must cause I don't think anyone could handle the volume she can put out..LOL

I notice that Zeke is starting to have some problems with his back legs..I hate seeing that as he's had so much surgery as a young lad and he's starting to show his age...Lord this is the part I hate most..  I just am not ready for any more sad news...I pray I have him a few more years..Ms Reba is doing ok..has her off moments but goodness she's 17 plus..

As for me I'm still kickin up a storm and on rough days I make due but then gather my good days and do catch ups..although back home here in Pa I don't really go out much like I do in Florida...seems I'm really more active and I get to do more outside work too...

Tonight after it got quiet hubby and I settled in and watched Big Brother..and it was then time to let the critters out and again here I am blogging or logging take your choice  LOL

Gonna call it a night as I've been going since 4am ..yep, sorting pills of life then making fresh pasta for family dinner..yeah I think I've had enough for the day...LOL

Hope you all traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Come and Go quickly on Saturday

Come and Go quickly on Saturday...boy did it ever..although we were pretty busy and a stop in at Sam's Club and Shop Rite ...the time flew out the window...

Hubby was busy cutting the grass...and on the tractor cutting the field as well and our day was just whizzing I knew it was time to fix dinner..HOLY Molly...!

Cooked up a pot of Chicken for the critters and will soon put that up and away and in the mean time picked up veggies to blanch and put in the freezer..was watching the news on all the problems with Veggies and Fruits so I am making sure I'm washing and blanching before we eat any of it..

Most the day was planning for next week..seems being home with hubby's schedule that's what I have to do..and at the same time empty out the frig and get that will be to do the freezer.. I might have to call for help on that job hahaha..

Tonight we mostly relaxed...too much in such a short time and then tomorrow will be a mad house as  we do our traditional Sunday it Oct yet ?  LOL..

Well, make this short and brief..  it just was a getting things done and out of the with that..All traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All

Psst.. Betsy, it was wonderful getting your email ..I know you are doing ok.. keep them emails coming..cause I do miss ya !

Friday, July 26, 2013

Yahoo ! It's Friday :)

Yahoo !  It's Friday :)...well so much for that...but I got up way too early as I couldn't sleep had the thoughts of the kitchen getting finished as when I left it last it looked like a train when I woke I went in and started just getting rid of old stuff and speaking in my native tongue..LOL..

As soon as the hubby come charging down the stairs I knew the safe thing for me to do was sit back and watch  Dagwood Bumpstead go through his routine...Gawd help any one in his way...hahaha..

After he left for work I got the Critters done and Ms Shug too..and she was a bit strange guess I woke her up when I got up and she was looking half perched hahaha..but she was wanting her she got her strawberries and pears and veggies and she chomped down..I do believe I heard her whistling "Dixie".. :)

Finished up just a little before noon time and that was all I was doing.. I mean those cabinets needed more than just a little bit of this..more like blasting away..but there done till I come back again..(sigh). I'm getting too old for this !!!

Most the day I really just relaxed as I kind of over did it..but I didn't want this to drag on any longer..the more it would drag the worse I would be to live with LOL...I'm that kind of person..haha...but i did buy something for the critters and me..hahaha..wait till hubby gets his American Xpress ...OMG..!

Tonight hubby and I just relaxed and chatted about what to do with the beam and the house shifting.. (I think I mentioned that one ) and who we're gonna call in..making our lists of what has to be done..

Also have to take the rig down to get serviced and make a list of what needs to be fixed and light bulbs as well..make sure they caulk all the vents and around the windows...that's kind of a must as it sits in the sun baking..that those seals will crack as well..

Other than that tomorrow head to Sam's club early and pick up what we need and come back and I'll be fixing the Critters Chicken up as I'm just about empty and make a pot of Gravy for Sunday and my week starts all over again..

Sometimes you feel like you're on a merry go round..keep going in circles..but that's kind of what life is..just don't make no short stops...not just yet !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Trashing stuff on Thursday

Trashing stuff on was one of those..get rid of stuff and clean them cabinets..Oh my goodness...!...Why did I ever start hahaha...but it had to get done.. and so was I afterwards..but I still have more for tomorrow and being Friday is trash night I gots ta get er done :)

Morning for me was here so quickly and lately I notice I get Ms Shug fed wait for hubby to leave ..lean back and catch a few winks then finish the critters..for some reason I've been doing that lately.. and I'd rather get things done first..but hey, it is what it is and I'll just go with the flow..

There's been a lot happening with my friends Jane and John and too much to even go into but my phone hasn't stopped..and it's so crazy..that I'm thinking it's got to be ME  ....but it's not...not for right now any way..

It's one of Jane's deals but in her eyes.."It's never her fault,always some one elses..."  sure and I guess when she caught me in my moment of wanting to pull my hair out.. I told her ...and so far my phone hasn't perhaps she's ticked..but ya know sometimes ya got to put the blame where it belongs I'll have peace and quiet the next few days...:)~

Most the day I was using my hubby's name in vein so I had to stop and take a break and ask for forgiveness in case I croaked while I rested...hahaha..hey got to cover all angles...but I'm tellin ya that man can make a disaster and live with it..!!!

I left the kitchen in some kind of scramble to finish tomorrow as I was finished steam wore down and so did my tomorrow I will complete the area where something strange transpired hahaha...He is a good cook but you can tell where he cooked and maybe some residue of what it was.. 

My suggestion  to him is gonna be..Paper Plates, Cups and Plastic Silverware this way the trash can be thrown out... I think my toaster oven is coming back alive.. I mean the poor thing didn't know what it was to do ..hahaha..

Watched Big Brother tonight and I can see the wickedness coming through.. this is gonna get nasty...hahaha...and now I'm ready to crash as my arms feel like they've grown longer...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All.....

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Outside world on Wednesday

Outside world on Wednesday....oh joy to the world.. I got out and about very very early had errands to run and then do a little grocery shopping...and homeward bound.....

Woke up very early and sat and watched the light turn on at 5am..always cracks me up cause hubby says, "he don't want to change anything on the timer cause it may not work .."  LOL   Ok, so I'm up and about and it's just a strange feeling but I'm getting use to it..

It felt good getting out and about even if it was for a few errands and then seeing all new stuff done around the neighborhood...but boy to I long for a trip in the country..but I'll get that one day...

Got back and my critters gave me the evil eye..LOL yeah they sort of don't like when I leave so I had to make it up big time and give those little treats and all was happy..

Hubby got in late but we had steaks on the grill which is mess, no heat and not much to clean kind of living...and Ms Shug was at her utmost best cause she likes being out in the evening..we sit around an watch her show us her new tricks...

Watched America's got talent and all 4 acts I picked are going into the semi finals...I'm getting good at new hobby.."become a judge" LOL..but I'm kind of dulled out and I'm heading to bed..won't even pass go to collect my bucks..(monopoly) 

So with that..all those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What's to say about "Tuesday"

What's to say about "Tuesday".....Well I was at the chop shop  LOL..I chopped veggies and got them all put up for those throw together meals and I started to empty out my spice cabinet..OMG..I won't even talk about it..but I can tell ya this..."it was some kind of brew happening"...:)~

My mornings are always early like 5am and my darling hubby has the timer on that turns on and off the lights and they seem to be accommodating me rather nicely... I open my eyes and it's lights on..yep, the living room light is on at 5am..and goes off at 11pm..

So no matter what you is either up and at em' or down for the count..LOL  ok with me cause I'm usually getting ready for bed time at around 10ish but tonight well I had to do a little bit of gathering up things..

Crock pot was going today and that helped keep the kitchen cool and tomorrow we'll be cooking out on the grill..that's even better cause it's the hubby who cooks on the grill..woo hoo.. Steak Night !!!

My little vacuum cleaner came out of the box today.. I had bought another one like I have in the Florida house cause it's easy to sit under Ms Shug's cage as we all know she's Ms Piggy...(definitely) and it makes life easy for me to just click and zoom and done 

Tonight watched America's Got Talent and liked the first little girl that sang and played piano and a few other acts..but not sure who should win the big bucks..not yet..

My day went by swiftly as I just mainly did small stuff and then crashed for my afternoon nappy...LOL yep all the critters and Ms Shug settled down and aaah such a nice rest...LOL...sure gets tough !

Now I'm ready as lights went out and I'm hearing Ms Reba let me know she's wanting up to go to bed...LOL  I'm trained with that...Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Monday, July 22, 2013

It's Wash Day..on this Monday

It's wash day on this Monday...sure enough good ole labor day..well more like house chore know the big old wash tub well now we just stepped it up a notch or two and have the electric kind..but even one better ..the "new " electric kind that ain't worth the dang cent..the one that makes like it's a washing machine and hardly wishes and washes.. I mean you can't hear nuttin' ..nope no action ..and that means ya hoping your clothes come out clean and supposedly uses less water and has a wash tub made of steel and is so deep you have to step on a step stool to load it..hahaha...I hate that dang thing..can ya tell..

Can't lift the lid to see what's happening and won't fill water in the tub till the lid is that does tick me off cause I like to move things around and add a few things know I must be just an old coot cause I'd take them big arse wash tubs that had the spinner on it.. I mean you could pack that full of clothes and let it go and wish and swish and swash..hahahaha..but ya clothes came out really clean...

So it is Monday and I was complaining at 5am this morning doing laundry while the house was quiet and so was that machine..ugh !!!  but I got it all done and then by 9am I was finished on what I was gonna do today...and yep, I did some searching on the web for a few goodies..and even looked up a few other thingies..

Waited to hear of the birth of Kate and Williams baby..I guess everyone was and in fact you didn't have any other choice cause it was a constant.."not yet"..I'm sure Kate was giving some good meds..LOL..

It rained a bunch this afternoon and boy we did need it..and most the time it kept thundering in the background and then get dark..well ok come on let it come down and cool us off..Big Time..

Tonight mainly it was left overs and there was plenty and tomorrow will most likely be more added to the left overs..cause hubby will be getting in late it's one of his late days...and I have a few little chores to get through..

Have to call about the ceiling beam ..that's on the list to get repaired..but for some reason I think I'd like to wait till I leave..hahaha..just in case..ya know I have several more beams and they ain't moon beams...:)

Now I'm kind of tired and again I'll be up at 5am cause I just can't help them morning with that.. Hope you all traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Great Sunday for All !

A great Sunday for All !...Today was a special day as it was Ms Shug's first birthday..yep, that dang bird dawg is now 1 year old and making her presence well everyone that meets her...but before the group arrived it was "her" time with the "man"..yeah the hubby and boy does he enjoy her antics..I took a few pictures..just a few I've tried to take one of her each month so I can see the changes..but the personality is growing stronger and she shows no preference  (well maybe just a tad) to either one of us...hahaha
Ms Shug getting a little bit of lovin..or as hubby calls it "some sugar"
 Ms Shug making her presence known..more like it's my turn !
And to finish it off with her.."Ya got that big guy "   LOL

It was really a fun day and a relaxing one..Hubby enjoyed all the attention from now his "bird dawg" as Ms Shug really enjoys barking ...but will give a few words like.."hello"   "I don't know"  "WHO".."NO" and last but not least "Okay"...she's getting better with these words as they are coming a lot clearer. She is still trying to master "I Love You" will come  hahaha

It was a really enjoyable together and lots of good food...and then the part that always gets the after..How quiet it gets and oh yeah..the thought of eating all that food..YUCKO...but it was good..

Sunday is a traditional meal for it's Pasta, Meat, Veggies, Salad, Fruit and what ever you can drink to wash it all down..hahaha...but then the lean back in the recliner and pass out :)

Weather wise it wasn't bad..had some rain last night and today while eating heard a little thunder in the hopefully this coming week will be a lot cooler..cause we sure need it .

Tonight when all was said and done hubby and I watched Big Brother and with that I think I was falling off to slumber land ..but managed to get through it..and comes tomorrow it's back to the grime..and laundry..

Nothing much planned other than make appointment to bring the rig in and get her taken care of and I'll check with Clancy and see how things are going along...hopefully no more suprises..

So with that I'll call it a night and hope you all had a great day too...those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Went to town on Saturday

Went to town on Saturday...well not actually but did go to town finishing up the rig to get her ready to take in and get re charged and ready for the trip back to Florida come Oct...Flushed the system and vacuum and dusted and cleaned the cabinets out...she's looking might fine..and still clean from the truck wash I drove her to..

Morning started off as another warm day but for some reason didn't feel like Fridays..but it still was not hopefully by tonight we'll get that cool down promised..

Put on a pot of "gravy" for the Sunday dinner..(wondering if the God Father music will be playing in the background ) Sure have missed those slow meal sit at the table and it's like for the rest of the day..LOL...make sure I have plenty of vino..and fruit ..that's for sure !

Had to change Ms Shug's set up in the feed bowl category as she's done her finest to tip them out and now I put them twist lock type and we is good to go..she's not happy but I am..:)

Most the day it was kind of put things up and make room for more "stuff" and I hope this week to unload a lot of things that just gather dust..if I can't use it sense in keeping it..

Other than that we decided to just veg out and give us some rest time and got the two Doc appointments out of the I get a break until Sept and see my GYN and get those tests done and it's Critter time with the Vet and before ya know it...I'm on the road I got some catch up time to do..

Again not much on TV and we watched an Old movie..and just talked about what needed to get done in the main house cause I know what's gonna get done when I get back to Florida...WINDOWS...

So that's my story for tonight..and I'm dawg gone those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All...

Friday, July 19, 2013

A Scorcher of a Day on Friday !

A Scorcher of a day on Friday ! ....Holy Cow it was blazing hot as I had to get ready for the Cardio Doc today at 12:45pm...Now this is a time I never like cause the parking lot is always "Packed"...and the pavement is steaming .

Morning started off warm and I do mean warm..golly ..a hint of how the rest of the day was gonna be...and so it was..HOT critters done and took Ms Shug out to play with as I was gonna be off and out and when I'd come back I'd be wiped out...

Got my list of things I needed at the grocery store cause that was my stop after the Doc visit..and I was in for a lucky day..hahaha..Got to the office and sucked in some A/C as my car was warm even with the A/C running...golly sitting in that hot car to let it cool down..OMG...drove with windows open and air running..still no relief but I did bring a ice cold bottle of water with and I had that next to my neck..sure felt great.

I lucked out and got a close parking spot and ya know you could actually hear the bubble of the black top..yikes..but I got inside and it was cold..but felt on the elevator and prayed I wouldn't get stuck in it..cause I'm always the lucky one..

Got to the office and such a pleasant receptionist NOT...she was like a drill she gave out her orders of what she wanted me to do..fill out this !!! no smiles, no jokes even though I attempted to be pleasant...then I asked.."Do you hate this job or is it just me "..? reply..just.."are you done yet"...YIKES...!!!

Thank goodness my wait wasn't to long and Doc was ready for me..Saw him and we both laughed..yeah, he's pretty cool Doc and always has some great new items to discuss and then I had my EKG done and he checked it over and told me .."No changes from last one" for me that's I then asked.."Ok, now when do I get that blippin stress test " ?  and happy news was.."I'm not as I've not had any changes and had one last August.."...woo hoo so I'm good to go but I'll see him again in Oct...YEAH..

One more Doc down and next will be my OBGYN..that's in September and I get my Mammo and Bone Density Tests then Pap test and back to see my internist and cardio then if all is well head back to Florida...WOW...

I've got to have blood work done and that will be in September as we'll cross my fingers and thank the good Lord and pray I'll have a good year.. now as for my knees..well, I'm holding my own and until I have some good reports for next time ain't a gonna happen..get use to my cane and wait and see...OUCH.!

Went to the store and was packed..It's Friday DUH?????? and everyone was shopping...HELP let me out  LOL...picked up what I needed and I got out of there quickly...I'm not good at those places.. I make my list and get out and home...

I checked the weather report in Florida and we are hotter here..I can believe it...and I can't wait for a cool front..come on Canada or Alaska send up some cool breeze...

Tonight is an early posting cause my brain is exhausted from exposure to heat hahaha...I'm not good at it so I better practice on being good cause I won't make it in HELL..hahaha..I'd be a robot..:)

Will watch a little TV and take a cool shower before bed cause I feel those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Swelting Thursday TOO !

Sweltering Thursday TOO !...OMG...I'm telling ya the brain has been cookin...cause I kept smellin' smoke all day...LOL...Got up early to get my things done cause I knew I'd peter out..that wasn't a difficult decision....

Morning was "get er done" theory cause for me by noon time I'd had it...and I just have to kick back...Got all the critter food done up and cooling on the table..(that's a joke cooling on the table ) ready to be put in the big enough for 2 weeks worth and praying that we'll get some cooler weather..maybe a rain dance might help..but for me.. I ain't dancin...more like weaving from the heat...hahaha..

After I made lunch for Ms Reba and gave Zeke is COOKIE..Ms Shug got her treat as well...she liked her grape tomato...gave it a good look er over and then chopped down and was good to go...Alright there gal, your variety is broadening..:)

Then it was Movie time cause I was putting my feet up with my glass of Sun Tea (Iced) and maybe I might even catch a fine for me..and as I watched "The Vow"...I did so doze..not bad.

Zeke woke me as it was out time for him and when I opened that slider door..HOLY HANNAH...He gave it a second thought but was a trooper and out he went...a quickly at that..

Soon to be Dinner time for the crew and Ms Shug was waiting for her meal as well.. I think I've got her spoiled I mean she really barks alot come dinner time and I have to stop and put some of the critter food (which is rice, veggies and shredded chicken) in her bowl and she goes to town...LOL...

Hubby got in and he looked beat...again another brown out..but it's gonna happen with out heat wave we are having...and now it's getting Big Brother time and then I'm gonna head to bed..

Have Cardio Doc appointment tomorrow and at 12:45pm..YIKES it's gonna be another scorcher too..and I'll be out in it...HELP...but I'll feel good seeing my Docs as they always are interested in how I've been and what's happening with the Doc's in Florida...and I don't mind sharing my always amazes me..and them too !

So now I'm gonna hit this blog early as my brain is ready to crash...and just leaning back in the chair I can drift (wish it was in cold water LOL )...Hope all traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All !

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oh My Stars, The Heat Goes on this Wednesday too !

Oh my Stars ! The Heat Goes on this Wednesday too ! about a having a heat wave...I still think Florida is cooler right now...and again tomorrow..I'm sucking up that A/C and won't ever complain again..well, maybe till next time:)

My morning was busy as a bee and I mean buzzing too..Trying to get my routine down easier as things here in Pa are set up so different and I have to try and figure an easy way...but I still got it done with a tab bit of belly aching..and it felt good too hahaha.

By noon time my brain was melting and the A/C in this house is not central so you have this huge motor rumbling as you try to think...and that cold blast of air blowing at you like a wind tunnel...and my chair, where it's located by the end of this week I'll have an ear ache...but I can't change is what it is and I just have to get over it..

I was planning on going out in the rig today and vacuum up but when I opened that door..I said, "Forget About it"...I'll wait till it some what cools down a bit..cause I'd be one dragged out ole gal by the time I got done and I might have second thoughts and head out on the highway ..maybe northern bound but as I looked at the news there isn't too much cold air up there..YIKES>>>

Tonight we watched America's got talent and kind of just sank in our chairs...cause hubby was tired as they had a brown out at his office..and when he got home he looked like a wet dish rag ..poor wasn't much conversation other than drink lots of liquids to hydrate himself .

Tomorrow is another scorcher so I'm not planning on going anywhere will wait till after my Doc appointment on Friday and I'll make a quick stop to pick up a few things and hopefully with the rain that is promised we might cool down some.

That's about it as when it's hot like this..there is no action in my location..LOL and the critters all agree as with that..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All....

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A rather warm day here on Tuesday

A rather warm day here on Tuesday...and my first outing since I got home Sunday...and wouldn't ya know it was a Doctor visit...but all went well as my Internist was happy to see me and had a few good stories to tell ...and I showed him the latest pictures of my crew..

Morning again is always hectic for me as getting things organized back at this house is kind of "where is everything" know the hubby puts things some times in strange places LOL..

Once I got finished at the Doc's office it was so hot walking out that door and I thought..why bother head home and go out in the early morning to the that's what I'm gonna do on Thursday as tomorrow I have another visit to the rice fields...Yes, it's that time again .....

Most of the day I just started to put the things I brought back away and attempt to search for missing things..hahaha.. I even had to go in my old shoes and I mean these are really old and falling apart as I use them for my kennel shoes..couldn't find the pair I go out in..OH NO !!!  but when I got back there they were on the stool looking at me..DUH...hahaha

Critters are getting some what settled in and of course Ms Shug got a few toys put up in her cage so she can chew at her hearts content..LOL..and she even got her bath this I know that had to feel good to her..

Tonight we watched America's Got Talent..I don't know to early to tell but as what I'm was more mix mash of throw together to follow anything ..and finally internet is up and running and so am I bed that is..

Tomorrow I'll be busy and trying to get a few more things done so I can plan a day of heading out early...(depends on the heat) and I looked .. it's hotter here in Pa than in Florida..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Oh Boy It's Monday

Oh boy it's Monday...and I am dragging butt..big time !... Slept in my own bed and felt like I was still driving in fact I sat up thinking I was still parked at a Flying J...hahaha..yeah it's one of those normal things that happens to me when I've driven through all kinds of interesting things...but sure am happy we didn't have one of those "Oh NO" moments..

But walking into the house and finding the ceiling beam across the dinning table was a bit different..but for me all things tend to turn out different...When I was speaking with my SISTAH  Dawn ...she could only say, "Ive never heard of such a thing and laughed and laughed.. I'm sure glad I made her day ..and all of you who follow me..well somewhat..know this is really not out of the ordinary for ME>....:)

Today I did "nuttin"... only what I had too.. and I took a nap too.. I mean I was just wiped out from the heat and the long haul...and I think about how many times I've made these hauls..yep, I'm getting older but still keeping with tradition .. My Sense of Humor...won't talk about direction cause now I depend on GPS..hahaha..well sometimes..cause even those things go wacky...hahahaha

Tomorrow I have Doc appointment early and I'll hit the store for a few things and then head home .. I really don't plant on venturing too many places this week..maybe next week but this week..well I'm staying close to home..

Ms Shug is settling in nicely which I'm thrilled about and so is Ms Reba and Zeke..we all kind of are glad are feet are planted on the floor..and no moving parts other than our own..:)..cause anything is possible...

Heard from my niece to make sure I had landed and she had a good chuckle too.. I mean if I can make your day that makes mine..after all we have such crazy stuff happening in this world we all need some laugh time.

Not much on TV tonight cause it is Monday..yucko and next I'll start my list checking to make sure everything is in the house and then the fun begins..CLEAN UP...omg I won't even talk about that part...but it looks like I could keep things in the same place and just turn around and head south again hahahaha

Will call over about getting my rig in for service and then start the complaining .. I'll give myself a few days and I can hear me now...poor hubby will disappear cause he'll know I'm right but then again the guy puts up with a lot from me...maybe I'll go light..we'll see ....depends on how much I find that is gonna tip the scales.

Now I'm ready to just lean back and up date this computer which hasn't been touched since I that will be fun those that are traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless

PS  pictures of happenings LOL...I'll give it a go ..hopefully :)

 What Beams look like :)
 Missing Beam ?????

 Found a Beam :)....yes, we put it in the back..didn't know what else to do with this big ARSE heavy SUCKER..I mean one doesn't often lose a beam from the ceiling...??????  We'll work on this one for next project.....and I still say, "It's always something "..

Home sweet Home on Sunday

Home sweet Home on Sunday.....what seemed like an eternity was just a long drive with a few stops in between...all of the critters on board traveled well even the two humans. Hahaha.

Morning started off with a delay as the foggy morning made it a "stay for breakfast". And it was a great treat for "all". Ms Shug and Ms Reba shared a pancake and even a little bit of French toast...then Shug was giving me the. "Is that all there is "?   So I gave her a little scrambled egg and yep she liked that too.  OMG!   Next she'll be ordering out". Hahaha

About 9:30ish we shoved off and as it seem to get a little heavy in spots we pulled in a rest area and just waited it out..I mean again no hurry so why worry.....that's my motto....and again within the hour we were back on the road Again....

As we got to the Washington DC beltway traffic started to build and the it was the slow crawl but really kept moving...that has never really bothered me ..but one thing I've learned during the week is certain times I do not even attempt to drive it. I'll pull over and wait it out cause it's shear madness.

When we got into Pa I looked at the time and pulled into the Welcome center as there was a game in Philly and I knew better..we had lunch and a nice rest...who wants to sit in. Imper to bumper traffic..NOT ME !

Felt good driving up 95 and seeing the Ben Franklin Bridge cause soon we'd be home..and Home we were pulling up the driveway.  Then reality sets in...ugh!  Unload again..

Now how do I say this?????  Well only really one way.."MURPHY STRIKES AGAIN".  YES!!!! When we walked into the house and toward the dinning room there she was...the Ceiling Beam fell out of the ceiling....I know sounds weird and  as I walked closer this big Arse Beam was laying half on the floor other half across the dinning table "What the ????"

After the initial shock wore off. The only thing I could say, "Be glad you weren't sitting at my table"  I just don't know how to follow that other than last night I tried to. Log and I kept getting errors so I figured if I kept up I'd strike out for sure.

Hubby worked his butt off unloading , I fed the critters and Ms Shug was getting use to another new home...and we ordered out. A real pizza.  Hahaha sat back and just decided we'll tackle this another day.  

So you see my adventures just keep going..even while I'm not those traveling Stay Safe and as always. God Bless

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Another good day on Saturday

Another good day on Saturday...traveling that is....we left early (for hubby that is ) at 8:30am. Had a little issue with the towing apparatus ...the arms as I call it would not release or extend when turning. So got held up a bit figuring how to release it..finally after unhooking and reconnecting they started to work..I drove around the back making right turns and left turns and wha la it worked.  I had already decided if we could not get it right.  Hubby would follow up in the car...

Thank goodness I've learned I'm not in a hurry...things will work out. One way or off we went backup cam on and saying that prayer all the way...!

Gave the critters a litter something and Ms Shug was swinging...yes, we were on our way to Virginia.  One of my favorite stops...amazing how you get to like certain places....and of course the rain proceeded to follow in spurts...

I did a few rest spots to get out of the heavy sense in trying to drive in that mess. One time the big delay was a fifth wheel ran off the roads..might have gotten into a spin. But was glad to see no ambulance just tow truck.

It took me a little over 6 1/2 hours and was I ever glad to see exit 104 in Virginia..filled up with petro and even got my favorite parking spot..hey, I'm thrilled..didn't even make dinner. Treat was Denny's. but I did get a Banana my potassium. Hahaha..

Now we are relaxing and just planning our next hop skip and jump up the road...I'll fill up at the flying j in Rising Sun, Maryland. Then it's on to home..sure hope we have a sunny's been raining ever since we left Florida.

Took a picture of Ms Shug in her cage and she just laughed. Took one of Zeke in his cage but I think he was sleeping. I mean it's been a ruff go. Hahaha..

I might have to post them when I get home so I don't lose my connection but this personal hot spot worked out well and for 20 bucks it was well worth it rather than the other wifi that I kept getting bounced off...

So it's on for tomorrow. Lord willin..those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sing a song, it's Friday

Sing a song, it's Friday !    More like  "Happy Days Are Here Again".   Cause our drive from Brunswick, Ga were not bad..had one rough go but not mine.  2trucks Jack knifed on 95 in S C I don't believe anyone was was off and on rain...and can never understand why it's like a race to get some where...we were held up in traffic for an was smooth sailing from there on.

My morning was just a little bit off but my fingers were working better....and Ms Shug was back to her routine of barking for breakfast with a sweet "hello". Really innocently.  Wel as innocent as she can be :).

About 9:30am after fully coming too, reality check set in and hubby and I just had a good laugh. I mean what else can you do..also advised him.  Per Ms Dawn (which by the way Dawn, Robert grinned).  Read a book. !!!!!

Getting to another one of my favorite spots ( can ya tell I love flying J ) and getting a good parking spot. Only thing was they no longer have a restaurant but a Big Mac across the guess what was for dinner...I wasn't cookin...hahaha

Had a great nap and just as I was waking more rain. So it was in and out between the drops...and  getting a signal was in and out too.  And here it is bed time and we are all fully relaxed I'd say, "about time".

Hopefully we'll have a drier time for the next journey up the road..another Flying J (ah but of course) and this one will be a 6 hour drive but maybe a rest area in kind of helps me mad the critters with a break it will be Carmel Church or aka as Ruther Glen, Va.  Woo Hoo!!!!!

Those traveling stay safe and as always....God Bless

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Murphy came along for the ride on Thursday

Murphy came along for the ride on Thursday.......and so it is said, so it is written....!

As I left off from yesterday's episode of the sprinkler leak went to bed with the plan I would leave and hubby would follow up after Mike was done....a good plan.....I could rest well.

Come morning I was eager to get the chores finished up..clean up the toaster, wiped out the microwave and do up the critter dishes..I was so anxious.  Hubby got up at 6am.  Game is on :)

I started to run the hot water in my bucket when surprise. My water was beet red...yep, beet red.  What the?????   OMG now what's with this...but I have hot water and it was fine last night.   Call the hubby to come check this out....his look was without saying, "what the #£%€".  Just what we needed.
So I called Clacy and asked if he knew what to do.  My thought were hot water is working it's got to be the sludge.  How do I get rid of it.   The cold water was fine..Clancy told me to call "Jim".  So I did and left a message.  Here we go again.  Can't leave till we know what's the scoop.

I sit down and just smile...ok, I will just get the rest of the odds and ends out in the soon as I got done Mike showed up and went right to work digging that area where the pipe broke...he sure don't mess around.

We dragged all the trash out cause it was also the big trash day and soon Jim showed up and sure enough it was what I thought and another tid bit of new the maintenance crew was working around the corner and had a break in the water pipes and fixed it and they flushed the system.  Wasn't I told ?

Now that would have been to simple but really nice....then my brain starts clicking....I just washed all my dishes in the dishwasher.  Uh.  Open the door look inside.  Yucko.  Orange/red. OMG. Gotta rewash all that AGAIN!

Ran the hot water for a long time and it did start to clear up. Thank goodness.  Now I'm ready to wipe down the microwave and finish up when I feel a crusty feeling in the upper inside.  Of course I yell at hubby, "did you splatter something in this and not wipe it up"?    Well you should have heard his lips smack together . So I lean in and look cause it's feeling crusty.  Sure enough I pull my cloth out and Surprise it's the coating of the white layer that lines the inside of the microwave.   Well I'll be a S O B.  I had to sit down and shook my head. The trash truck had just left and this Humperdinck was heading right out the door!

Good thing I had one large box left cause that houses the microwave now until Monday as Clancy will put it out....then as I take a deep breath Mike says, "Oh Zeee, we got a problem here".  These seem to be famous last words for facial expression probably indicated I was about to explode. I walked away and let the hubby handle this one..

Inside I decide it's time for me to head out...hubby comes in and I ask him quietly..."don't tell me, I want to get the critters in the rig and leave".  Shakes his head and I reach for Ms Shug.  "We'll put her in first and the others next".   Hubby then says, "let me get a towel to wrap her".  I feel no need for it and ask him to get my jacket and I'll tuck her in and zip up and she'll be fine....but NO, hubby tells me he knows best! So rather than have the who knows best game I agree....

Well as I'm holding her he comes in and covers her all HELL broke loose she screamed and bit. And I mean HARD. Broke skin on 8 of my fingers and hit the nerve on one.  Hubby got pinched and yelled and let go. I hung on for dear life and was dripping blood down my arms...I was so pissed. Well I'm going to HE'LL that's for dang sure.....why did I listen when I knew better??????

I wrapped my bleeding fingers grabbed that bleeping BIRD and walked out to the rig and planted her inher cage.  I had enough and critters followed.  Off we drove to the flying J in Georgia.  Fingers swollen that I could hardly hold the steering wheel...

Hubby called later to tell me about the sprinklers. Seems we had several broken pipes. When my neighbor had her trees cut down the guy drove over them with his I care...nothing I can do now.  So what ever lesson I am to learn.  Don't know. All I know is my fingers are resting on ice...

And there is always tomorrow.

Those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless us all

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Broken Pipe on Wednesday :(

Broken Pipe on Wednesday :(...well Mister Mike came in early this morning and as hubby and he walked around trying to find the leaks ...I heard the shout..."WE GOT A BROKEN PIPE "...yes, that is what caused the leak in the sprinkler we couldn't shut the system down...

Morning for me was another race is on and where did I put that ????? OH it was a bit hectic with everyone showing up as to "what was happening" know how people have that curiosity.. I mean I could have sold hot dogs and made a few bucks..everyone giving us their opinion...YEAH TEAM...

But it was good that Mike came to our aide... I mean that man is like Clancy..when he says he's gonna do something or be there.."He's Johnny on the Spot"...and he's GOOD TOO!...

Clancy was here this morning as well finishing up the rest of the yard and I was glad too as I know he's another "I can count on you"...he was joking with hubby and of course all the guys were was nice to have some laugher cause I was so bummed out..

Doesn't always go that way..You bust your butt to get ready and "hello"..something goes "kaput" Murphy strikes again...Get down off your horse will ya ...hahaha..

So that again made our decision that hubby stay back while the sprinkler system is being fixed and I finish loading and drive on up the road..We are also gonna have some rain and some strong winds and Rt #75 is a bugger in a half with the open on both sides ...strong cross winds hit there big time and it's hold on to your rig cause you is gonna work keeping the rig on the road and towing is also an added plus of aggravation..been there done that so many times and the way I'm feeling (still sick) I'd be working at it..more white knuckle.

Hubby really put the peddle to the metal today as I was just bringing up the rear and my Kleenex I couldn't be without it..and my Tylenol to keep my temp down..and when I could I had to sit a spell..but back up I got and on with the show.

I have this method everytime any one of us went out the door we had something in our hands headed for the rig to load tomorrow is also trash day so we've got a bundle out there..LOL...and I'll dump the ice from the frig into one of the coolers and then unplug and another wipe out of frig and go through room to room..last minute what have we my check's looking like a tic tac toe...but almost finished..

Last but not least is all the meds..they are all packed and they go out last with all the phone and computer stuff..yeah if you put it in first you'll never find it till you unload.. I learned that one..hubby puts things in strange places and things on top of things to make room...hahahaha...

Hey the way I have been feeling I'll deal with it later when I feel better and can scream louder...hahaha...but this is my last post here in my winter home and I feel sad..I know crazy but I do so love this little place it's so cozy and so out of the way of the hustle and bustle..which I love..and all my neat critters I watch and my plants..

I've already got my plans for when I return in October ..the things I need to get done and I'm excited about that..and hopefully Betsy's house will sell fast and crossing my T's and dotting my "I's"  I get some nice neighbors...well interesting ones at least LOL.

Now it's time to crawl in and under them covers and get some sleep for the action of tomorrow...and I hope all you that are traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shamooze Day Tuesday

Shamooze day Tuesday...boy was I ever in trouble.. I have a cold coming on ...just what I needed (NOT)...but I'm still holding it together...took Tylenol last night before going to bed and most of the day today and tonight...

Morning for me was not the greatest but I dragged my arse to it and look out get out of my way.. I was fit for bear...when I'm not feeling well and I have to get things done I force myself and I don't need anyone around me that is slowing me down... I have just one speed and that's full ahead..and while I've got the momentum. Get er done!

Come noon time I was huffing but I still had a little more steam but not much..and of course had to wait on Marvin and that ticked me off..Nice guy but he talks too much instead of working..and in my mood that ain't gonna make it..

Clancy called and he was on his way over looked at the yard and said, "oh my look at them weeds" now that man can muster up more energy than any one I know..he went right to work heat or not and I'm telling you he put a hurting in that yard..

We sat and talked a few minutes as he will be taking care of the house as well..just looking in to make sure all is ok and I coded in his numbers so he can just come in through the front great no need to worry about keys.

Then on to the next project as we strapped down Ms Shug's cage thank goodness and the big freezer is empty just filled with water bottles to get frozen so we pack them in the great always cold water on trip..

Started emptying out the frig only a few things left on that and all the plastic..OMG my plastic..hahaha.. well it lasts me as I rewash everything including the plastic bags..hey, I'm some what frugal..hahaha..

Then by 4ish Marvin shows up..replaced the switch in the bedroom closet and couldn't fix the sprinkle system so I called Mike who by the way (get this) is 80 and you would never know it..the man is so physically fit he'll be over tomorrow to fix it ..I hope...and then as far as Marvin goes...I'm some what iffy.. I mean I just can't depend on him..he does good work what he knows but if you take forever to show up..then I don't care how good you's Hi and Goodbye..see ya next time....

Tomorrow is load in the clothes and then do some laundry and vacuum through and steam clean the floors..Hoping I'm feeling a little better I should get most finished and when Thursday comes I can get all the critters in early and put trash out come back in house and unplug everything and vacuum through...

So it's on to tomorrow and making sure my lists are crossed off and wait for Mike and the fixing of the sprinkler system..

Now I'm ready for bed took more Tylenol and drink my fluids and turn on the electric blanket cause I'm chilly...Maybe make a pitcher of Lemonade and flush them kidneys...

All traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Monday, July 8, 2013

Oh My Stars It's Monday !

Oh my Stars it's Monday !  and this is truly about how we both feel...Today was one busy day with a few interruptions..but we did get a large chunk done and that's what counts.

Morning for me again started way too early.. I woke up at 2am and couldn't go back to sleep so I dragged my butt to the front room and tried to lay down on the couch and one by one my critters came out..hubby was snoring away I could hear him all the way in the living room...boy he was sure sawing wood LOL

I had to make a few calls early in order to make sure we wouldn't have any major issues..Where I live is kind of an HOA..pain in the butt but I guess most of Florida is that way...but anyway I'm only allowed to have my rig here 72 hours and with my legs and hubbies bones we is a poor show of talent in moving..but we get it done with a few breaks in between and the breaks help as long as it ain't our bones...pssst..we've done that number before LOL.

So I made my call early and let the guards know why I was staying longer ..they are great about that as they know I'm a heart patient and I do try my best to not stray from our "rules" and I've only had to do that a couple of times .

As of right now it looks more like we'll be heading out Thursday morning as we need a rest before the long haul..that works for me ..and I'm sure hubby as well.. I've been letting him sleep till 8am.. kind of me I know but I'm up and ready early I do my part and when he is up and about it's..Heave Ho !

This afternoon I had Marvin show up and gave him my list of things that needed to be done and he's coming back tomorrow and get them done before we leave and I'll also meet with Clancy tomorrow as well and give him my list for him..He did let me know he was sure hoping I would have made a pan of I usually try to do that but not this time.. so now I must make sure I do one when we come back..

Tonight instead of cookin, we did Pizza ..I was just too tired and that hit the spot got a small one and big bottle of milk and it all went down well and so did we..LOL..Got my list going constantly cause things are passing me by to quickly have to stop hubby and make sure he grabbed the right box..LOL

Emptied the Big Freezer and got that little on in the Rig packed..will drop off what's ever left to John so it won't go to'd be surprised how many places won't take things like that..shame cause some family could use it..but what ever at least I have someone to give it too.

Now I'm ready for bed or should I say, "My bones are" and tomorrow is another run for your money..will have to go to Walmart to get some bungies..Ms Shug's cage is ok but when we took it out of the box it wasn't what I thought it would be but it will work ok for the traveling..might not last too long but it will give me time to find a better one down the road...don't like the fact that the whole bottom is as to strap it down might crack..crossing my fingers I ain't having no flying bird as I drive...LOL

That's my story for today and you all know tomorrow is a Horse of another those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

PS...Betsy, I hope you are tucked in cozy like and as soon as you get your internet up and running make sure you send me your new email address..Miss ya lots !!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday, A Day Of Rest but Not for US !

Sunday, A Day of Rest but not for US !..... it was more like the heavenly flow of lifting us up and into that rig..each step we took was bringing in more "stuff" and checking that list to make sure nothing was left behind...OH MY STARS !!!

Morning was different for me as I open my blinds and look out at Betsy's house and watch the sun come up but no movement of life opening of the sliding door as I would see Dick come out and go for the morning paper...OUCH.. I'm so sad...but I do understand their decision...and just pray they will be happy..

Next was the movement of me opening my kitchen door to start my morning with ..Zeke and then move on to the plants and the birds and then taking a quick look and watching those Hummers get into action hitting that sugar flow..yeah they give me a little attitude as I spray that feeder to make sure no dust or dirt is on their long beaks can reach in and enjoy their juice :)

Then it's start Ms Shug and send Zeke in to wake up the hubby cause I'm ready to get things done...before the heat hits us and then that wipes me out..going into the AC and out and back that does do a number on ya..

Of course hubby and I have our little tiff on using my Dolly.. I mean that makes life so easy but no...he likes to carry things and walk back and forth and then later on tell me how tired he is..Sure he is.. I mean if you can make it simple why not..but who am I to say, "Break your back"..hahaha.. Ain't love grand :)

I had my list going as we got things loaded in. I would check off to make sure all was accounted for...cause ya know nothing like getting half way home and you forgot something really that has never happened hahaha..OH YEAH !!!

Tomorrow we'll unload the freezer so I can see how much more space I need to have for the frig...that will be a whopper cause I can hear hubby about "Why do you have to have all this " is what it is...and I'll just whistle a happy tune..hahaha...I'm so use to it...

I have to say, "I've been enjoying our evenings together as we sit down and have dinner and talk about all that we did and how much more we have plus clean the house because we've made such a mess..don't ya just love all goodness.. I mean I had my house clean and now..LOOK's a disaster. So it will be my turn to bellyache about what I have to do...LOL

This evening we watched the Hall Mark Channel..always enjoy it and it's one of those sagas that keeps going...and I know I fell asleep through some of it. That goes without saying..:)

So all you traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..and on to tomorrow !!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Is There ever enough time in a day, this Saturday

Is there ever enough time in a day, this Saturday it didn't seem started off with a late night getting into bed..more like falling off my horse and splat right into the mattress ..hahaha...

Got up again early and I knew I'd be paying for it later on..but I was on another mission..had to say my "So Longs" to Ms Betsy and Mister way could I let them go  and I'd do my best not to tear up ...but had to get the hubby up cause I know he'd want to be there too..

So it was like, send in Zeke to wake the big guy up...and then hear him moan and groan..but it wasn't that bad..a few off the wall comments and I had him his Cola and he's ok..and then it was get him out the door..

I knew Betsy's Son and Daughter in law would be there around 8ish so  I skipped my chores and got over to visit a bit and I know it was a little rough as Dick really was sad and Betsy did a good job of trying to be jolly..we all made it through and then I did the.."We've got to get a move on too as we needed to bring the rig back"

Off we went and I had the big lump in my throat and hubby said nothing..which for him was unusual but we headed on over to bring the rig back...when we got their we looked at her and both said...She's in desperate need of a bath..BIG TIME...she really looked bad..After we got the wheel covers off and the mirror covers and washer blade ones too.. I had her started and running the genny and had the AC felt good sitting behind that steering wheel...

Pulled out and we went over to the Truck was well worth the 75bucks to get her clean and she looked good..inside was pretty much clean just a little dusting as we always make sure she's clean when I park her..Got back to the house and plugged her in and Betsy and Dick were gone..

Turned on the Frig and big Freezer and later we'll start emptying out the ones in the house..but for now I needed to cook up chicken for the critters and yep do up sweet potatoes that I won't have a lot to do when I get back home..I'll push to get what needs to be so I can at least have a few weeks when I get back not to do too much..

Had to also get the critters fed as I decided to feed them a little later in the instead of their regular time it was a couple hours late for all..and you wanna hear Ms Shug... if she could have said, "Where's my food" I think it would have been in harmony with Zeke and Ms Reba..all at once it was like a glee club...OH MY STARS !!!

Hubby looked tired so I tossed this day up as a "Give the man a rest"..and for me..well I'll catch my nap after 2pm..LOL  but I had things I needed to get done..and you all know tomorrow is gonna be a day of reckoning..OMG...LOL

Tonight we had Chinese Ribs and Baked Potato..I mean that's all we wanted but maybe a little Wonton Soup..LOL..that was our treat cause we both flopped down..see that late night and then anxiety hits ya...

We did our plan of action thoughts and look out cause tomorrow we'll pass each other like Ships at sea..hope no torpedoes..  I'll make sure he has his list which I know he'll just love's the only way I can do my work as well..and we'll get a lot done..

That's about it cept is there ever enough time in a day...when ya need so much to do ...perhaps it's kind of like this.. if ya don't get done today there's always tomorrow...Sounds Good To ME ...!

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All

Friday, July 5, 2013

I'll take the 5th on Friday :)

I'll take the 5th of Friday :)....oh yeah smoke that thing !!!

Today hubby is to arrive and then the race will begin...Tote that Bale are ya bringing up the rear...LOL  Oh yeah I can hear that melody as we stumble through the our journey home...OMG...hahaha

Morning for me is always ..busy and always lots of things to get picked up or vacuumed up ..thank ya Ms Shug..hahaha she now has joined the forces of the powers that be..Zeke's hair and Ms Shug's toss out what she don't like..

Watched Ms Betsy's Son Matt and his wife come in with the UHaul and start loading up..goodness those two are a force to be reckoned with..I'd hire them in a heart beat..they worked on into the evening..

Hubby got on the plane late as it was delayed and so that means he'll be coming in past bedtime..but I'll wait up...I know Zeke has been looking out the window of course I keep asking him if he sees the big guy :)

Had to hop on over to Winn Dixie and of course they had some good sales..could I resist I got some steaks and burgers for the ride home ..we'll eat breakfast out but the rest we'll have some good food..have to stop them quick fixes they is doing a number on me.

Sent off my Verizon stuff and it's on it's way back home..wished it would have worked but not for I'm back on Bright House with a faster speed internet and I'm kind of enjoying it..but have to buy a new router..

Watched Dateline tonight waiting on hubby and ooops got a call he's now leaving the airport..will most likely get in at 11ish..or I sit and ponder what is our next big move..what goes out the door first LOL  ME !!!

Ah got call from hubby he's at the front gate seems the van was loaded with late arrivals and he felt bad for the guy and just had him drop him off at the guard I'm out the door to pick him up...

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Happy 4th Of July this Thursday

A Happy 4th of July this Thursday to sure has been a long day for me and also a bit of a sad one...

My morning was hectic as I am doing my last roundup of things and packing away my clutter ..crocheting, knitting, plastic for storage and all other things I've accumulated..gawd can I accumulate..!!!

Stopped by my mailbox which I didn't do yesterday and low and behold my labels from Verizon were sitting there waiting for me tomorrow I will pack them babies up and ship them on their way..woo less thing to worry about..

Still have the frig and freezer to clean up but that will happen when we have the rig over and I can empty into..and discard what I don't need..then that part will be finished..also have to make a dash to pick up a few things for Ms Shug so when we get back in Pa I don't have to go anywhere..but just my Doc visits that week..then slowly work my way back into the mad routine of the RUSH .

As I took my break I looked out my big windows and saw Betsy's son and daughter in law pull up into her driveway.. it then hit me as I've been really trying not to think about it..but it was getting close to Betsy and Dick's time to move on up the road...

For me it will be a sad time as I've come to really know and enjoy Betsy and Dick .. I've always looked forward to our chats and they were on just about anything and great political debates from time to time..and I so enjoyed how Betsy even taught me a few things..We both had that little chuckle and even go to the point we'd talk about the shows on TV.. I'd once in awhile call her to remind her of a few and then we'd even chat who we liked and didn't..

Yep, I truly am gonna miss them both.. Home won't be the same as I look out at the yellow house and see Dick come out waking in the cul de sac ..his daily exercise..and Betsy, who has such gobs and gobs of talent.. I so enjoyed her novel "Summer is her Name".. I am so much in awe of that gift she has and I only wish that story continued on...

Saturday I will say my "So longs" and try not to this move is something both she and Dick talked about for awhile.. I do understand it and I know this is the right decision..but being a selfish individual I'll surely miss our friendship. I always knew if I felt down I could reach out to Betsy and she the same and feel uplifted...I'll miss that chuckle..and that gleam in her eyes..

Hubby will be coming in tomorrow night around 9pm so it's gonna be a long day for him as well.. and I know he's gonna be dragging.. We'll bring the motorhome over on Saturday and then slowly start to load things in.. We're giving ourselves some time so we're not rushing..and that drive for me is a long one..but it will be an Adventure..

So now I'm ready to hit that bed and hopefully I'll get a good night sleep I need to stop these wake ups so dang early...and Mister Sandman bring me a neat dream will ya HUH ????

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Thought About Work on Wednesday :)

I Thought About Work On Wednesday :)... I actually got to sleep in.. I mean I actually slept till 4:30am looked at the clock and went back to sleep...Got up at 5:45am.. Holy Hannah... I was so amazed I just had to say, "Thank YOU"...

I've had so many restless nights and days I was beginning to think this was now my "new lifestyle"  and boy did that ever SUCK !...but now I sure hope on back on the right track ..with a few little hitches of course :)

Well with my over sleeping I was in a little bit of a rush and then I stopped and thought.."What for"????? so I started to put my gear in reverse hahaha..hey, it sure helps every once in awhile to back up..

I did get a few things done on my I called back to Pa and arranged for my tests Mammo and Bone Density in Septemeber...My Doc appointments are already scheduled...and good thing I did because for some reason the one test had the wrong codes which would have meant I would have had the wrong test done...OH MY STARS !

After that I did the best thing..leaned back and just took it easy going over all that needs to be done and what I'm gonna take back to Pa with me..that wasn't so bad and then I thought well I need to think about what work I needed to get done..but it only became a thought in process hahaha...cause I was pulling a LAZY STREAK...I needed one !

Towards the latter part of the day I thought OMG better get all my trash gathered up and so I did and put it on the Dolly to tote to the street and then another thought hit me..."Hey, You Forget tomorrow is 4th of July"????? DUH.. and so here I am with a big bag of trash on a Dolly till Sunday night..OH NO !!!

So I put it back in the trash bins and just shook my head ..all that digging up and no where to go..hahaha.. Well, that was so much for my work load but tomorrow even though it is the 4th of July and Independence Day.. I'm claiming my INDEPENDENCE ...and my fire works will be the sparks a create dragging my laundry out and getting that done and FOLDING>..which by now you all know I hate to do..Match Socks..oh that's a life sentence in itself..

Watched Big Brother tonight..and not sure if I'm gonna really like this episode as the group of people are more to into themselves but we shall see... I like better when they have mixed ages..more interesting.

So that's my story and I'm gonna just stick to for the rest of you...if your Traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Day Has Come on Tuesday :)

My Day Has Come on Tuesday :)....Oh Boy !  I was so anxious in fact again I was up at 3:30am..just tossing and turning and I guess you might just say it was "Anticipation"...or..."Am I really gonna get it "...hahaha..

Night before I got a call.."Bright House 3rd party "  HUH>>>???? Guess this is something new that they started..but I don't care as long as they'll get my phone ported over and my system up and running...and not to Jamaica LOL

I paced the morning waiting as the hour they were coming..(love this ) was between 8am and 10am...I mean that's ok as long as they show up I got Ms Shug cleaned up and fed and then I paced myself and got the Critters done too and the phone rang...UH OH what ????

Bright house 3rd party again telling me their will be a delay...OMG I hope no major problem.. I mean my story so far has been rather nothing is gonna surprise me...MAYBE ??????

So I decided while I wait I'll steam clean the floor which is pretty fast and dries instantly..that's what I love about steam cleaning...and before I could say, "Jack Rabbit" I was done and the phone rang..."Now What"...?  

The Tech was sitting out in his truck and was letting me know he was ready to come in if I put that big DAWG away LOL...okie dokie so with that I did the .."Comeon let's get a movin"...and Zeke went into his crate not a happy camper and Ms Shug was reciting.."hello" "hello" "hello"'s wild trust me.

In comes the Tech guy and the first thing out of my mouth was, "Is my number ready to port over"..he smiled and replied "Sure Enough and I got your "new" internet connection too"...ALRIGHTY MIGHTY....I'm ready for some speed in surfing :)

He was here a little over an hour as some of my connections were fraid..guess the outside critters were that could mean why I was losing my phone and internet when it rained...DUH ?????? and then he came in and set everything up and of course he told me my Router Linsky was out dated..(like me) and needed to be upgraded to an "N" series and he recommended NetGear said, "it was a lot easier to set up "...

So I decided I'll keep what I have running till I return and I'll bring the new router down as I will be leaving Florida on the 9th or 10th of 7 days from now..wooo hooo..

After he was finished he gave me the usual paperwork to sign and then asked me for 8.67 cents for the remainder phone service >>>hahahaha... I shook my head and asked if he was joking...NOT...seems Bright House wanted him to collect that.. He felt embarrassed and I can't blame him as I mean I've been a customer for 6 years ...but if that's what they want then so be it...but I only had 10 bucks and gave him that and told him to have them put it on account...too much..

He left and now I'm back up and running and I'm just glad that part is over with now tomorrow I have to go to the mail box and see if Verizon sent me their return data for me to ship this stuff I have with Fed X Mistake..that's what I call them...and if they do what they did to me..let Verizon search for it like I's now their call..

Most of the day I was making some head way and then the bottom fell out I was tired.. and I had no choice but to lay down.. I was really beat..I only slept maybe an hour but I needed that down time and tonight I'm hoping I get to sleep till at least 5am..

Watched America's Got Talent and taped Big Brother and So Ya Think You Can Dance so I'll have a few things to watch..tomorrow I've got to get laundry done and get my pack of things to go back ready too as in a couple of days hubby will be here...time is surely flying ..

So with that I'll say, "Good Night Sweet Heart "  all those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Monday, July 1, 2013

Drope Me Off, Pick Me Up On Monday :)

Drop Me Off, Picke Me Up On Monday :) kind of day...yes, it's kind of what I did...

Started my morning getting up again at 3:30am..EEEK...what in the world and I was up and it was dark and not a thing could I do to go back to bed..So I got out my "plastic" (containers) and started sorting what I actually need till we are ready to leave...turned on TV and listened to the news...

Soon daylight happened and I was so ready to get things on the move as I was on another Mission..hahaha...Got Ms Shug done even though she had other plans..last words she said as I sprayed her (bath time) NO NO NO !!!!!

Then on to the big guy and little gal..Mister Zeke and Ms Reba them fed and then on to me with a quick fix of chocolate milk and yeah a cookie..hey, I need the sugar high..I was ready to roll out the door..

Had to go pay my O&M (another word for Operating and Maintenance) so I drove up to the office and low and behold Ms Jackie is now working for our establishment...wonders never cease me ...... then out the gate I drove and on to the next stop..

Had to pick up Critter food.. Evanger's Grain Free Chicken Dry  (2) 33lb bags and then next stop was to hit Publix I picked up some fruit slices. Watermelon and cantaloupe and even strawberries for ME and Ms Shug..yeah she got in the act..but of course ..then a few other goodies and then I headed home in the rain ..heavy rain...aaah but my garden upon driving in looks good  except for the that's a different story ..need to call Clancy :)

Phone rang and it was Bright House..OH NO !!!..but thank goodness it was just letting me know they are coming tomorrow between 8am and 10am..ok, so it's a guess again..sure hope things go smoothly.. I mean knowing my track record you will have to wait for tomorrow's posting...might be in smoke signals..LOL

Not much on TV ..kind of a crap shooter night but then again I wasn't really into listening or watching TV..kind of vegged out from being up without catching my nap..maybe tomorrow..but then again I've got laundry coming out the Kazoooooo.

Made a Burger tonight and it was so good but for one thing.. I ran out of Ketchup..OMG..but I put steak sauce on it ..ok..but was missing that red stuff ..LOL

Now it's bed time and I'm so ready.. hope I get a full night sleep and tomorrow well we'll see what it brings...but my list is going strong and hopefully I'll last..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All !