Thursday, February 27, 2014

Woo Hoo Got Er Done On Thursday

Woo hoo got er' done on Thursday....Me and Ms Reba didn't do to bad last night in fact because I had the electric blankie on she curled right up to me...ah thank you electric blankie LOL.

Got up with a lot of things on my mind and to make sure I get done with my list..without a list I'm not useful...plain and simple.. I know I have to get things done but I go at a slower pace...sometimes even backwards LOL..but it's true !!

Well, I called the flooring place and seems he's just to busy to do it now..oh my so then I thought about it and called back and said, I'll be over to pick it up..and hung up...then I thought about it.. and I remember this man Rick who John and Jane have used and I had his number and I gave him a call..he was free and would only be to glad to help me out..

So he went into town and got the stuff we needed and then came over...He works slow but does very good work..wants to make sure everything is lined up properly and boy it sure did and looks fantastic..

As I spoke with him I learned he just lost his wife from Cardiac Arrest..OMG how sad..she was never sick and just like that she was gone.. I could hard talk I was getting choked up.. he looked so sad..

He then told me what kind of work he could do and so we set up a few jobs to be done..and he even cleaned up his mess..YES!  some of the people I have had do work were not clean...this man took a lot of pride in what he did..

After that I left and picked up my food bin and a few things from Sparr's and home I went..but I did take Zeke and Rudy for the ride...Rudy still got a little sick but next time it might not be so bad..HOPE

Got Rudy a play toy came home and put it down and Mister Zeke ran over and grabbed it was an on going issue..till Zeke got up to get a drink of water..then look out the MONSTER got it !!!  OH MY STARS...Mister Zeke was on a mission and so was was fun to watch but I had to keep remembering  Rudy will at any moment stop and pee..LOL  so when he looked like he was gonna I jumped up and went to the door and all of us went out...

Sure can't wait for a relaxing time that I can finally let them play and not worry...soon Zeee soon...

Well watched American Idol again tonight.. I'm still not impressed..but it's early and now it's late for me so it's Good Night and Safe Travels to those on the road and as always...God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Foggy Rainy Day This Wednesday

A foggy rainy day this I woke up from Ms Reba pestering me most the night I too was in a fog...looked out to attempt to see..but nope it was not gonna be a nice warm day..more like a wet day ...:(

My morning goes rather swiftly as getting Rudy up and making a charge for the door to get him out and potty without any accidents..but he seems to get one down pat...still only one mishap and a bugger to get that one down ..but we're working on it..

As I was cleaning Ms Shug's cage this morning Ms Reba wandered by and there she be..Ms Shug flew down right on Ms Reba's back and they were at the races again...darn it no camera... I just sat back and looks so weird..but worst of all..Ms Shug laughs...just like me too  hahaha

Most my day was sitting in the house and trying to get Rudy on target..and with the rain off and's not an easy he's such a stubborn boy..oh man he's gonna be a handful training.

Tonight though I didn't give him his raw chicken..that still gets me..and not sure if I'll give it to him for tomorrow either...just I worry so much about having something go wrong.. I've raised many a dog and litter and never have I fed raw of anything...

Tomorrow I have to call that Flooring place again as I did today and the younger fellow was a JERK. Explained the call and then it was like talking to a blank I'll have to call tomorrow and talk with the older gent.. as I left there the other day ...and was told they would cut the sizes I needed..Does it get any better or what.?

Now I've got the critters all settled down for the I'm ready to take a nose dive in under the covers...and hope tomorrow no rain..and warmth..

So, those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Rodeo At My House On Tuesday :)

A Rodeo at my house on Tuesday :)  hahaha...well I'll tell ya all about it soon..LOL...but first my morning was...Get up and Go.!

Clancy had called me the night before so I know he and the gal he has now working with him was coming over first thing this weed and trim all the hedges and clean up my rose bed and make more room for more...yes, I extended it so that it will be a longer wall..

After I got everyone fed and cleaned I had to drive over to Wildwood Flooring to buy some remnants to have cut for the bottom of the trays in the cages..and then go to CVS to get that credit on my Charge card done..then I decided I was gonna treat myself to McDonalds for breakfast...came home and let the critters out...cause I know my darling little/big MONSTER would have ate his bed..but surprise he didn't..

Clancy was working up a storm and boy he does a great job..and he likes me to come out and check and tell him so...LOL but that's ok..cause it really looked good..although this time he didn't rake the leaves as they are still falling so next time will be that big job.

Rudy so far has been doing ok...notice I said, "Ok"...and I'm still not liking feeding him raw chicken thighs.. I know it builds muscle but the thought of bacteria drives me up a wall...YUCKO..and I do mix some of my cooked food in with his dry food we'll see I ain't promising nuttin'

Later in the evening after I fed the crew I bring Ms Shug out for her outing as the crew is in their crates.. I like them to rest after eating for at least an hour so Ms Shug gets her time without a problem.. and as she was jumping around Ms Reba came by...well that's all Ms Shug has to see..and next thing I see is Ms Shug down on the floor chasing Ms Reba...ok..that's normal too... they run around the couch next thing I see is Ms Shug up on Ms Reba's back riding her like "Hey, Cowgirl.."..hahahaha... I went to grab my cell phone and was laughing and I had to code in to turn the dang thing on.. next was they past me and heading into the Dog Room..hurry hurry... I clicked just as they got in.. so when you click on the picture enlarge it so you can get a good laugh.. wish I had videoed it.. OMG.. too funny...

Remember to click on the picture to get a closer time I'll try to get a better shot...but omg..Ms Shug will do anything to make you laugh...wonder if Ms Reba did..??   I'm sure Ms Reba was as surprised as I was..Oh, no animals were injured during this rodeo...LOL

Watched the Voice tonight.. they have some really decent talent and I'm liking this show better than American Idol...but I do so enjoy watching talent..

Now I'm ready for bed...Rudy only had on accident ...we're getting there SLOWLY... so with that.. Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All

Monday, February 24, 2014

Heaven Help ME It's Only Monday

Heaven Help ME !!!  It's only Monday... I know  that Monday was always the word day but I didn't think I'd ever wish a day was over...My darling Rudolf is fixing to run me ragged .

Morning for me was a blurr.. woke up very early.. and I dragged most the day because of it.. as I chased that darling little MONSTER.....first off started with Ms Reba..then worked my way down to Rudy...and what ever he chewed last night didn't settle to well as he had a case of the "D's"...omg..but I popped him some meds and he wasn't thrilled...however, the rest he took gave him energy plus..

It's was the Indy 500...big time..between him and the big guy... I could feel my house move and things started falling..uh oh..HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS.. Stopping them was another neat trick..using my body as the wall  NOW wasn't that DUMB...I look like I've been beat up.. my arms and legs are bruised..

Being I'm on a blood thinner any bump looks nasty...and sure enough I have enough nasty going big time...but I stopped the race..then they plop like they were dropped out of a plane and Ms Shug starts..OK...give me a break..she's hitting the high notes and I know these windows are vibrating..I mean my inner ear is "gone fishing".

Most of the day was a, not get any thing done just clean up..and so I did..I don't remember ever going through all this...where have I been ?  anyway..Rudy did good as far as the house until this evening.. and as I was watching him he'd go in and out the dog room..and I'd follow..then back again.. now I turned my head for one second and ta daaaaaaaaaaa he was peeing..OMG.. I grabbed him and took him out side ...came back in the house picked up the throw rug and put it in the washer...then the lights went out.. the breaker tripped...Thanks !

Now I had to climb up to push the button ...lucky me..finally the lights came back on.. then back into the house with the little chit !!!!  put him in his crate and went back into the laundry room..OH NO.. the rug was falling apart...and what a mess I had to clean up... Does it get any better..???

After I talked to myself I finally got everyone ready for I'm listening to the Voice ...enjoying it..and sooner or later it's gonna sink into this little potty outside...Lord HELP ME !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All....

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Can't Believe It Was Sunday

I can't believe it was Sunday... I mean my days having been running into each other..and trying to get that little bugger house broken...he does one step forward and 2 steps back..but today I caught him just before..hahaha.. and swooped his butt in high gear out the door...maybe I'm getting finally in the groove..:)

Morning again was and is always lately.. The Race is On.. I get an hour of quiet time and from there on in.. it's well....grab it if you can.. so when they are having breakfast I get Ms Shug hers and clean her cage then on to my cup of what ever I got and sit a spell then attempt to put thing up ...ding goes the bell and it's off to the races again..

Today I called the insurance company on one of my meds which CVS charged me full talk about a challenge and while I was on the phone, yep, that little bugger struck again..dang it !!!

Any way it took me a few hours..Lord help me .. to get through to get things corrected and now tomorrow the Agent is calling me back to make sure I get credit for the over charge...DUH..

I think I had dinner tonight..not sure that's how it's been going..if I don't grab something at lunch my night time I'm too wiped out.. while I feed the big ones I then let Ms Shug out for her she has to have that...then I put her back and it's the Boys again..out and potty...then hello there..who am I..????

Now here I sit again really anxious to have a good night sleep..Ms Reba was good today and only alittle up and down last night..right now she was off the bed 3 times whining...Lord please let this be a good night ...(sigh)

We had a fast and furious storm roll in and rains came down it's quiet and I hope tomorrow it will be as well...Rudy is tucked in and snoring and the big guy Zeke I hear him...just looked over at Ms Reba..she's curled and going down for the count...good signs till I get in bed LOL

With that.. those that are traveling and do peek in..Stay safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Oh, here's a shot I got of the crew today...Rudy and Zeke were in their play mode while Ms Reba was walking into the act..LOL

Saturday, February 22, 2014

And Here I Sit On Saturday

And here I sit on Saturday....well I didn't have a good night again..but it wasn't as bad as the night before..but Ms Reba seems to be very restless at night time.So what ever it takes to settle her I'm doing..and it's again by hit and miss .

Morning was dragging for me as I had to make a trip into town to pick up scripts and then stop at Winn Dixie and on to Spar's..but I needed to do the critters and Ms off I started.

Rudy gets up at 7am and it's out the door and go potty..he's getting good about that..then he'll play a bit and before 8am he's out again and then into his crate for his breakfast.. I rest the guys for an hour after eating..while I clean Ms Shug then once she's done I think can get something..if I'm hungy..LOL..

I let everyone out for a little play time before I left to do my chores...big mistake I should have gone after I finished with Ms Shug cause when I came back home Mr Rudy did a number by chewing his rug..I have these carpets  indoor outdoor that are put in by double faced tape...however Rudy had other plans..LUCKY ME !!

I do plan to have some vinyl cut and put down in place so I can clean the crates easier...that will hopefully be next week..when the handy man comes...and then I did manage to get most my chores done...however Spar's sold that bin I was wanting to pick up so I'll have to wait till they call me when they get it back in and on the way out I bought Girl Scout Cookies..yep, I really needed that hahaha

I'm still having that one issue with Rudy as he drinks a lot of water he'll piddle but it's getting a lot less..however I watch him like a hawk and when I say, "let's go potty" he runs to the door ...thank goodness..

Tonight I talked with his breeder Jerry.. and I discussed how I really am not that eager to feed raw chicken...but I am still doing it.. and he told me he stopped that but Kim the other breeder feeds that I'll see I bought another package that will last me till next week ..if I still feel the same way..he then just goes on cooked chicken...but he does enjoy it and chews ever so slow..thank goodness..but as I sit and watch I gag  LOL

Well, I'm really tired from the race as me and Rudy do a lot of it..and Mister Zeke watches..probably thinks I've lost it...which I think I have...but you know they keep me alive as once this boy is trained he'll be a pleasure...and ooops the little girl will be coming in 3 weeks..YIKES...well that's if they are still considering me as a never what happened with this boy..if it's meant to be it will be...Lord give me strength LOL

Those traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Friday, February 21, 2014

Is it really Friday ??????

Is it really Friday ?????  My days are running like mad and I am too...YES, this Bomber of a Giant Pup is running my arse off..and although I'm tired it's giving me lots of excersize..both physical and vocal...oh smokin'

Last night was rough as Ms Reba really had a rough bout..she couldn't get comfy and then she would whine and get up and try to get off the bed so I got up with her and then we went out to the kitchen ..she's still whined until I figured maybe she wanted a drink..YEP>..then back to bed we went...again she started to whine..OH DEAR down she got again and into the front of the house just walking around.

Now I'm worried is this a sign for me to make that final decision..Lord I hope not..not just yet...she's not in pain..she's whined so much all her life this isn't nothing knew except I can't figure then as she walked by me again for the 8th, 9th, 10th time I finally grabbed her and sure enough she wanted her diaper changed...ok, now hopefully this will be it.. I mean it's only 2:30am and I'm so dang tired I can hardly stand..

So back to bed we went and then before I knew it, it was 5am..holy crap!  I know today I'm gonna get me in a nap one way or up I got and I had to do up Rice and Veggies cause yesterday I only got a few things done..

I had the veggies already in the frig ready to be put in the steamer all I needed to do was wash the rice..then pour in the chicken broth and let it sit for 20 minutes before steaming.. I find this gives the rice a more fluffy texture..:)

Then it was time for the MONSTER to come out was 7am and out went the crew..and he did good..(so far so good) next by 8am I needed to start their breakfast as I changed it around and do Ms Shug after they are done and in their crates this way I have no major issue..

So by 9am I'm finished and the guys are still in their crates resting..yep, I make sure after they eat they lay down ..with Big Dawgs it's really important because they can bloat..and this puppy is finally catching on to that as he lays down and sleeps for that hour..and gives me a break too LOL..of course Mister Zeke is not a happy camper..

I still have a few bouts with his peeing..only two mishaps today...and I'm trying to figure breaking him..being he was in a kennel ..makes it difficult as they go when ever..but we're getting close..and tonight I stopped the water at 8pm..which my big boy wasn't happy...but only for a short time till Rudy get's the message..hopefully

Not much on TV and really I'm so bogged down with when they are in crates I'm able to get things done... and again at dinner time.. I put them up and then took Ms Shug out for her time...LORD HEAR MY PRAYERS...

Now it's my time and it's bed time..and hopefully Ms Reba will sleep through the night..and Mister Zeke will move over so I have a little more room for ME..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

And The Beat Goes On ..Thursday

And the beat goes on Thursday....up early and that truly now is my only quiet time..I sure can't wait till this little sucker gets the routine down..only two mishaps today..not bad but he's in a hurry to get into things..LOL  ah the joy of puppy hood..OMG.. run my legs off for sure...and he even scoots when he grabs something .

Morning for me was a busy one..trying to get a jump start on getting the critter food done before the little MONSTER is up..once that happens..look out world this bad boy is moving anything and everything in his way...HELP ..but my big guy Zeke comes to the rescue..thank heavens...and you hear the thunder of his heavy clubs (feet) coming at you.

He's so happy that he's bouncy.. and boy when he lands in your know you got a lap full..gawd he's heavy LOL... and when he's done running.. I try to scoot his butt out and go potty. It's the in and out several times in one session because a leaf blows and he's got to attack it..LOL..forgets about what he's suppose to do and looks at you when he comes in and does it.. DUH...

My rug shampooer is screaming for a rest  LOL.. I hear it gasp as we charge after the little MONSTER...gawd can this bugger piddle..where does he put it all ?????  and don't talk about the other know.. my stars..he puts Zeke to shame... where's my shovel LOL

I have to say, "my day disappears and before I know's that time again"..where's my bed.. I need to fall into it...and just wallow in the comfort of no in and out ..up and down....round and round...omg.. I think I'm losing weight..cause I'm too tired to eat.. If I can't drink it down it ain't going anywhere LOL.. too tired to lift my skillet and cook.. but I will say, "he's about 85% if we could only get to that 15%..quickly..

So with that I'm gonna say..."Good Night" and Safe Travels to All and as always God Bless Us All "

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's Only Wednesday

It's only Wednesday and my race is still going..LOL...I'm starting to get some sort of a system going..and today was not that bad...although exhausting..reason being .. I had to go on a wild goose chase to get Rudy's Dog Food.

I had called yesterday to make sure Spar's would have it in..and it's right up the road from me.. the gal that I spoke with said, "We have lots in stock" I was pleased as punch...!

Got up this morning and the Big Guy and Little Guy headed up to the front and out the's neat to watch and both did their thing..YEAH!...and back in the house.. Ms Reba has her moments and she tries..but I use a wee pad for her and her diaper...cause her balance is now starting to go..she falls over a lot..but she's still eating her meals and walking around when I put the crew up.

So I got the big one and little one in their crates and off I go to pick up the food..get there and NOPE..not the one I'm using..what????  so I then ask for the gal who takes care of the feed if she can get me the one I use being they carry the brand...says, "not till 2 weeks.."  well that's not good.. I mean I have a cup left cause I was told it was here...DUH...

I click on my IPhone and check the website out and find it at another location.. I call and yep, they have it only in I head out and down the road about 10miles not bad and sure I pick that up and head back and on the way back my sensor start going off and I had to listen to this ding ding ding all the way I stopped in the Chevy place where I get my car serviced and the mechanic came out and wouldn't you know.. he turns off the car and turns it back on and it stopped...HELLO

I felt like my day was passing right before my eyes.. Running from one end of town to another was like a wild goose chase..and thinking..if they don't have it in .. I'm out of food ..and here we go again with another bout of the big "D"...and in that department he's doing better since I gave him some meds and back on his normal food..thank heavens..but we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

I bought him those chew bones..and he devoured  it in 3 was a huge one.. that boy's teeth are in high gear..look out furniture...he surely keeps me on my feet..other wise he'd probably eat my shoes...LOL

Most of my day was trying to get a routine with him..and it takes time...but we are improving...he's so big he's a moose !!  when he sits down and I want him to move.....good's a job.. I mean I slide him  LOL  you can't pick him up he goes limp...and you wind up dragging the upper torso..LOL

Ok, I'm really tired and tomorrow is another day of let's get this routine down...hahaha.. So with that..any of you traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All....

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

And We're Off To The Races On Tuesday

And we're off to the races on Tuesday....I'll say..starting with calling Waste Management to come pick up my trash...and that went into another scenario...I mean did you figure it was gonna go smoothly..HUH?

These calls were made at 7:30am and continued till 9am..yep, went from one department to another and then called the main office where I live too...but I did get a really nice gal at the WM place and she was really helpful.. I mean I was trying to be nice about it as I had explained.. didn't want to clean up a major mess and I wasn't carrying my trash back's they're mess up not mine and I had a huge amount out..since hubby was here.

After getting that done my boy Rudy was awake and needed out..oh brother did he ever..had a bad case of diarrhea and continued on most of the morning..with me and the rug shampooer going in high gear..and sad too because he didn't want to come in the house as I thought he was finished..well he proved me wrong OUCH !

Finally I gave him some meds for it..being it was change of water, change of environment and attempting to change foods which I decided not too...sometimes you have to leave well enough alone and wait for when he gets a little tomorrow I'll run up to the feed store and buy a 20lb bag of SportMix..and yep, he's still getting his raw chicken..OMG.. but I said, "I would try"..doesn't mean forever ..but I'll try !

So that's kind of been my day and also Ms Reba was not doing I was so concerned as last night she wasn't good either..I hate this time of their lives..I mean I do realize they can't live forever...I just hope and pray she would go in her sleep...but I'm watching her and if I don't think she'll turn this around then I have to let her rest in truly is the worst part of owning a pet.. they are your family and best friend ..things you share with them.. SUCKS!

Watching American Idol and really not much so far I'm seeing is overwhelming me...but then could be the mood I'm in.. so with that.. it's on to tomorrow and Lord I hope it's a better day..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

Monday, February 17, 2014

Man Oh Man, It's Monday

Man oh man it's Monday and I'm on a fast pace..need to take Rudy to the Vets have him checked and also get some heartworm as I don't have enough in ..will have to order.  Not going to feed breakfast as Rudy does get car sick..will feed the critters when I get back.

Ms Shug got her breakfast...but I didn't have much chance to do more added to my list of needs to get done !...and it's trash day too..Lucky me.. I need to drag all that out..before I leave.

Did get in some quiet time for myself before Zeke and Rudy got up.. and then it's the race is on ...LOL  and that's ok.. every now and then it's good to have that "Rush Feeling".

Got to the Vets with Zeke and Rudy.. thought I'd bring Zeke so Rudy would get to feel more comfy..and it worked..Doc went over him and Rudy was really good we weighed that boy and 48 wonder I felt like I was picking up a log..

All went well and got home and the race was on to feed cept Mister Rudy did have an upset tummy...the Big "D"..omg!...boy these Rotties are a hoot..lots of things going on in their bellies..

Got all cleaned up and got to sit down for myself for about half hour then the warm weather took hold..felt great but all of us like got thing I realize is my trash hasn't been picked up...well, they done forgot to come into the cul de I called up the Gate and now I have to call Waste Management in the morning to pick it up...cause I am not dragging in back..

Tonight I put the crew up while I took out Ms Shug and she was delighted she giggled and hooted and yelled..yes, she broke the sound barrier..I could hear the window pain rattle...she was all full of herself..

Now we're watching Olympics and ready for bed.. cause I am bushed and on to tomorrows events...Lord only knows...talked with hubby and they are expecting more snow..OMG..sure wish he was here..

So with day is done and I am done and the critters are done..those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kind Of A Sad Sunday :(

Kind of a Sad Sunday :(... this morning we all got up very early to make sure everything was put in hubby's brief case and that he had his plane tickets...

Was a quiet morning ...I mean neither hubby and I had much to say... more like this seemed so short.. he was here and then he's leaving.. I worry about the flight and I worry about all the snow he's going home too...Sucks !

Hubby kind of snuck out without the critters knowing he'd left as Zeke gets a bit upset..and so do I too..but it's like he went out into the carport to check on something and he was gone...that quick.

Of course the little one, Rudy kept me jumping..and he's doing good so far one accident yesterday and one tonight ..I know I stepped into it..but it wasn't poo thank I got out the rug shampooer and yep, done washed up that spot..and right before I was getting ready for bed too...but hey, he's really doing pretty good.

Most of my day today was in and out..he plays drinks water ..gotta go..oh yeah .. the old in and out number all day long..hahaha..but he also has a little diarrhea from the changing of the foods...and again Mister Zeke..never ends.

Tomorrow I have to take Rudy to the Vets get him checked over then when I come home I'll feed all breakfast..including again my days are gonna be really busy till I get this young boy going in the right direction..

Problem is he's so dang cute and funny and when he jumps on ya..he has these big I'm gonna be black and blue for sure..

Ok, hubby just called to say "Good Night" and so am I... Safe Travels to All and as always God Bless Us All..

Psst...Rudy in his zonked position ....just like the big guy too...LOL

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our Last Day On Saturday

Our last day on Saturday...well we knew it was coming sure as shooting and we tried to get as much done as possible without over doing it so that hubby could at least get to enjoy his week in some warmth..cause back home it's been bitter cold and SNOWING...Lordy has it been snowing.

Today we just kind of worked on our screen room and hubby did a few errands for me.. like pick up more chicken..oh I didn't tell you.. that our pup is on a "Special Diet"...(I'm gagging) he gets fed RAW (yes, you are reading this right) chicken thighs.. 2 a day with his dry food which I mix mine in with it and some veggies too...YUCKO...don't know how long I'll be able to continue this..but I said, "I would at least try"..

Worrying my head off... I make sure I really wash this chicken and separate it for the days..2 per in the morning and one at night meal..and I also make sure I wash everything near around and beyond with bleech...however, most these Rotties breeders as well as others really swear by this...mmmm

So got that all done and while I thought my darling treasure was sleeping.laying there so peaceful and all..he was eating my cell phone favorite purple one.. YIKES..hubby brought it too me.. should have taken a was he went to the Verizon store and bought another cover..mmm this bad boy is costing money now..don't even wanna say, "What's Next" ?

Ok, got through that one and then on to the wild running and racing through the house..we all sat back and watched..he had so much energy stored..he was "Jet Propelled"...and then he flops..hahaha...

We had Ms Shug out for a bit and all she did was look and swell up.. she was in her Bride of Frankenstein Modes LOL..she was awesome..but I worried.. I mean this boy eats raw chicken and Ms Shug might look like a chicken to I made my mind up... She's out..he's in...better Safe that Sorry !

Also I realize it's been awhile for me with puppies..What was I ever thinking..this bad boy is full of himself..he's now becoming like..Hey, this is my home and I'm the King of my Castle......HELLO THERE CHARLIE BROWN  LOL

Seems I'm having some issues with this latest upgrade trying to get things working and I'm forever clearning my cache..and Blogger will work or not..duh !!!

I did manage to get a few pictures posted up.. now to upload...hope you get a kick out of them... one my hubby was in a crazy mode..and he and's a treasure..he came in laughing so hard.. I couldn't believe my eyes either.. He took out his partial and put on his cap..and next..well I titled enjoy it's just a hoot...LOL

So with that I'm gonna say "Safe Travels to All and as always..God Bless Us All"

Zeke and Ruby...

Rudy in his innocent mode....

Rudy, the Redneck Whisperer :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day on Friday

Happy Valentines Day on Friday.....what a wonderful day both hubby and I had...we finally brought our "Rudy"   Rudolf Valentino home..and he's a lover and so sweet...and even Mister Zeke enjoyed meeting of course there was the moment that did the "Big Deal"   messing with Zeke's one and only toy that he enjoys...well, this didn't set too well...but as I look in Rudy's crate which is in my bedroom for a few nights to get him fully potty trained and use to the crate..

He just made himself at home and enjoyed walking around and even did a few barks when my next door neighbor wandered by...Good Boy in fact both boys sounded off...Ear plugs anyone :)

Took a few pictures but I'm having a little problem with uploading since I've upgraded to Windows 8.1 with we go again..but eventually we'll get it straight.

Most of our day was spent with Kim, the breeder and what a nice place she has and her dogs really looked nice..and when we met Rudy (my Valentine baby) it was instant...he took to my hubby and of course me next cause I was the feeder and cleaner upper..LOL

By the time we got back to the house got the critters all taken care of it was grab something to eat and fall back and tomorrow hubby has to make a run to Sam's Club for me...and then our last night together before he heads home on Sunday...boy I'm gonna miss him.. it just seemed not long enough.

Every one is tucked in and soon I'm gonna follow...been a long day and I have to get use to the puppy routine all over again...been a long time for that one two..

So with that.. it's Safe Travels to All and as always  God Bless Us All..

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Not To Bad On Thursday

Not to bad on up early after that fast and furious storm and we had a lot of branches down off the trees...Hubby gathered them all up and put them to the curb as today was Trash and Limb day...thank goodness.

Our morning weather was gloomy till late in the afternoon but the temp had dropped about 20degrees and maybe if lucky by late in the afternoon it reached to 60ish.

Most of the day it was gather up the rest of the veggies that had to be chopped for the freezer..and still have all the chicken to shred ..that will get done tomorrow in the afternoon.

Hubby had to do some work on his computer so I just watched a few neat programs...and we did go out to Lowes to check on some planters and also stopped and had lunch at Cracker barrel...

Both of us just kind of just leaned back and ooops we got in a NAP..LOL  yeah it sure was a tough day :)  then got a phone call from Kim, and we made an appointment for tomorrow to look at that young Lad :)  and we shall see..

Tonight we watched American Idol... and I sure was sad to see some of the ones I liked get the Yellow Slip..cause some that they kept..oh we go again..

Now I'm anxious for tomorrow...and hopefully it will be a smooth transaction..for all stay tuned :)

With that I'm gonna say, "Good Night All..Safe Travels and as always God Bless Us All"

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Well it's Certainly Wednesday :)

Well, It's Certainly Wednesday :)...finally a full night sleep and then up and ready to feel better . Got Critters done, pills and all and Ms Shug was bright and chippy .. I sat down to take my pills and ooops... I done took my Lasix...well that means..NO WALMART for ME !!...

Hubby did my chore..he went to the store and boy I never heard the end of it either..LOL  but he's a good guy and weathered the storm (crowd) and got the "stuff" in.. but I did make my list small..hahaha..

Then it was the chore of cooking up the critter food and dicing the veggies and getting that ready for in 10 days I'll be making my batches..but this gives me a jump start and hubby don't mind helping..thank goodness. finally I'm getting a little relief..but not only from my Lasix  :)

We even got a Hardee's burger for our treat..yep, hubby stopped and brought that back for our lunch..was really good too.. and I was really being careful I didn't want a repeat of what happened yesterday.

Even got in a NAP...hey there that was wonderful and then our storm rolled in..came fast and furious but with no damage thank goodness...after that we sat back and enjoyed American Idol..with some cheese and crackers and a glass of red wine..OK...that's a nice :)

Now watching the rest of the Olympics ..the Ice Skating and then gonna hit that bed and on to tomorrow...heading out to Lowes as I need to get some planters for my Christmas Catus...then we'll stop and have lunch at Cracker Barrell...

So with that I'll say.."Good Night, Safe Travels and as always God Bless Us All

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

An Induction on Tuesday

An Induction on Tuesday....oh yeah !... woke up and felt great and even Mister Zeke was coming along much better..(wonderful meds) and all was fine with the world..

Had planned as soon as I got hubby up we was going to Walmart..(notice I said, "Planned") and got Ms Shug cleaned up and fed and on to the fur was get hubby moving...hahaha..

Decided since I had to wait for his LONG, LONG, LONG shower..(pain in the butt) I'd make us a quick fix of blueberry pancakes and sausage...with a couple of eggs for the guy too..(I was so thoughtful)..

We sat down and started breakfast and all was well with the world..till I went to drink a glass of milk... I got this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach and broke out in a cold sweat..Hubby says, "I went chalk white"...I could hardly face started to flush..and my tummy felt like I was on fire...

Holy Cow...what is happening to me ?   I sat at the table because I couldn't move and I then felt so washed out...I just made it to the couch...OK, what's with this crap now ???  I stayed on the couch for a bit and then slowly made it to the bathroom...

Thank goodness it wasn't that far of a drag (that's how I felt I was moving) and sure enough Me and Zeke now had something in common..wonder if I could take his meds LOL. I then became a wet was like out of the blue and that weird feeling (hope that doesn't ever come back) it took me all day to even feel a slight bit better...but the run back and forth to the bathroom was .....Get Out Of My Way !!!

Now hubby didn't have any problem and he's so far ok.. hope it don't hit him..but it was so wild...  I thought perhaps something I ate didn't agree with me, but was not even finished eating...and wasn't from last night either or I would have had this bout before I woke up..

So needless to say..."We didn't go anywhere, nor did I even want to think of going outside" was beautiful ...but I didn't care... I started to come around a bit by 8pm...and still a little shaky.

Watching the Olympics and attempting to enjoy the Ice Skating and the Snowboarding..but when I watch my insides felt the same way LOL  no slopes for me..thank you..

Now I'm ready for bed and pray this all shall pass as well...Listened to the weather report for home (PA) ouch...and hubby changed his schedule to fly home on Sunday so that gives us an extra day and a day break too for him when he gets home Monday he will sleep most the day LOL  I know that man to well...hahaha

So with that...those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hey A Monday Showed UP

Hey a Monday showed up and I was so hoping to stay with Sunday..but nope not this time LOL...

Morning again was ..Up and at em' but em' never completed itself..but I did manage to get some more blueberry pancakes and even Ms Shug enjoyed hers too...Oh yeah, she's in 7th heaven cause the Hubby is here and she's oozing big time.. I'm now just the Maid on Duty !

We had planned to go to Walmart but by the time I got hubby up..well, it was too late and I'm not a big fan of afternoon at Walmart with all the crowd..YIKES.
I like to get in and get out.. remember I'm not the big shopper...NEVER HAVE BEEN !

Zeke woke me up with a problem..yeppers he had the Texas Two that meant give him some stomach meds and pray nothing I was in for the day with the big boy...Hubby took the car to get the tail light bulb put in and also the back windshield wiper replaced.

Then of course it was trash day..and wouldn't ya know it.I get it out early and they come almost at 3pm ..What is with that ? Let me not have it together and they'll be there at 8am..hahaha

Most of the day it was take care of big boy and then hubby. he was hungry and it was.."What cha got to eat"...hahaha....

Had a call from Microsoft and they did a follow up again with me checking if all was ok and I again asked if those numbers I gave them would help.. I'm sure they can trace that right through...Love to hear the results..

Now I'm ready for bed..a day of just making sure all was ok and watching Ms Shug play up to Hubby.I mean she just melts in his arms.Lord I am just the Maid in her eyes...till he goes home  :)

So with that.. hope all traveling will stay safe and as always..God Bless Us All

Sunday, February 9, 2014

An Enjoyable Sunday

An Enjoyable Sunday  thank up at 2am and went back to bed..Ms Reba done got caught in the blankets and was fussing that woke me and as soon as I made sure she was ok..back to sleep I went..then got up to do my Sorting of the Pills of Life..

Hubby got up shortly after me and helped me with the Critters...He's a good guy !  boy that felt great I mean I was able to just do my fixin of the fiddles and everything else he did for ya know I'm gonna miss him !

We had blueberry pancakes, sausage and eggs and he had his coke a cola me and my coffee and life was good..we sat back and enjoyed the moments and nope we didn't get to we were gonna have company for a late dinner and that was ok..there's always tomorrow :)

We cleared up my storage area today and also fixed a few things up for Ms Shug as Jane had bought her this huge toy so hubby broke it into several ..that was a good thing..then we watched a movie took a little nap and on came company.

Dinner was delicious Italian Beef and veggies kicked off by a little pasta some vino and a great salad..desert was just fruit as there really wasn't much room for anything.. so I had really good pears..they hit the spot .

Later tonight we watched the Olympics as I so enjoy them and so does hubby ..and now we are ready to call it a was nice too ..we did make the 70's nice so peaceful and bed looks so inviting..

Those traveling do Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All..

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oh What A Saturday

Oh What A Saturday...well it was because I really didn't sleep well and when hubby landed in we stayed up till 1:30am..sooooo for me that was a long day and with everything that went on my brain was in OverDrive and Whirlwind.

I tossed and turned and just couldn't close my eyes and got up at 4am then just rehashed everything that went my way ...and figuring how did this happen..
Hubby got up and came out to the kitchen and of course was supportive and thank heavens so far no major issues..

After I got the Critters done I lay down on the couch and figured with hubby here he would take care of things and he did but I still couldn't I looked out the big windows and it was raining and gloomy..Lord what a day .

Made us some Oatmeal and Bacon and we both just seem to have that same look these things shall pass as well..but you know you can't help beating yourself up for falling for such crap ! They were good I'm telling ya..

Later on as I kept dwelling on it ...the brain went into high gear and I figured how they dooped me....Listen up.. they did bring me to a Microsoft page as they had me type in and when you put that in your Internet Explorer Browser you go right to the Microsoft page..and the twist was..they had me type in a 6 digit code and then that's where they got me into their net work...

I was like hyperventilating when I realized I figured it out and I contacted Microsoft..hopefully someone in their investigation they can possible trace this out.. more like  "I Spy".. I just hope and pray that catch these buggers before any more people get caught in their web.

Then after that I felt better..not great, but better and hubby and I just leaned back and watched movies as there was nothing to do with the way the day was fact I still had that roast in the frig marinating in the garlic and herbs but didn't cook tonight we had Chinese food..

So the Italian beef is for tomorrow and pasta LOL traditional Italian Sunday Meal..and that will be great..also we'll take a quick run over to Walmart and pick up a few things..

Now I'm tired, really tired and hopefully a good night sleep in coming my way.. so with that I'm gonna say...Safe Travels To All...and God Bless Us All.

Friday, February 7, 2014

It' Friday the Big Day !

It's Friday the Big Day !......starting off pretty chilly with drizzle of rain..and hubby was hoping for warmer weather but to him it might be warm..I mean coming in from 12 and under's warm !

Morning was rushing as with the rain dogs in and out quickly..and put up all the junk I had from sorting through things..why always the last moment ????

Then along came afternoon and I get a phone call from Microsoft letting me know my computer hard drive was hacked OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...I get up off my butt and hurry to my computer the man on the phone is telling me what I need to do..but he first goes into my info and my acct number and then I turn on my computer and he proceeds to tell me what I need to do..

Shows me the letter Microsoft sent..and sure enough there it is with my acct number and all so I proceed to follow his instructions to the T..even has me type in the which brings me to a Microsoft page and then says.."Click on this and then a box appears and he's chatting with me in the box..then tells me to put in certain commands so he can show me my hard drive is corrupted..

Now what makes me crazy is..HOW  I mean I never clicked on any emails with links nor go to any sites that show as dangerous..only just a few stores I buy from regularly...and I head Yahoo got hit and I do have an account with them but I never use it.. Don't store my could this be ???

So Thankful that Microsoft called me.. then we proceed as he tells me I'm going to have to buy a new license and I ask, "how much" and he tells me to just follow what he's asking and he'll make sure my computer is fixed..and I start to ask questions and he tells me to be quiet and listen..

My hackles go up.. What is this .. I mean how can he talk like that to a customer..and then I ask him about my I pad and Iphone and he says, they are corrupted as well...Wait a minute here.. I mean they don't have Microsoft and how could this be... I'm starting to ask a few more questions and he gets a little nasty with me.. UH OH.. I smell a RAT... I then ask him for the number there and he gives me a number and I call it...and I get some Tom Hello Microsoft.. I get a little nervous and he then says, "Are you listening to me "... I then realize.. I've been doooped !

I disconnect the laptop and then hung up on him and he tried to call me back a few times.. I then call my ISP carrier asking if they got hit ..they said, No.. then call Microsoft and sure enough.. I was hacked... I was a wreck.. it took them about 5 hours to clean up my mess and also changed my passwords and then went into my bank and changed that as well... omg.. I'm sick..

Also bought a program from Microsoft for Protection Service for a year that cost 149 but for what I just went through it's worth every penny...and if I need help I just call in no service charge...

Now did I tell you hubby is on his way.. he tried to call me and all I could tell him.. I'm hacked...have to take care of this I'll talk to you when you are the meantime I'm so behind I'm forward...

With that I'm gonna tell ya... I need a DRINK...and for those traveling Stay Safe and Lord please Bless Us All...

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Well Hello There Thursday !

Well Hello There Thursday !...and when I awoke it was a gray day with sprinkles off and on and the temp went from high 80's to low 50's with that dampness..this really sucks..however, on the brighter note we do need the moisture .

Morning for me was "Get your motor running" cept my motor went PUTT PUTT LOL I started off with good intentions so that means tomorrow I gotta put Woop Arse to it ! Plain and Simple :)

I did manage to get the trash out and clear up some of the carport with those empty boxes that I was asked to keep....out they went !  Then I did manage another major step clearing out the critter room...however, I still have to vacuum..

Got a call from the gal with the "other " pup, my first choice boy and looks like he's gonna be mine, when I come down and take a looksee...but we'll see how this also plays out.. and yes, this was the first of my pup that was originally to come to me but got sold because I didn't want to show any more..mmm strange things do happen but Why? always to me ???????

Hubby will be here tomorrow night close to midnight as he's catching the last plane out of Philly to here.. so this ought to be interesting as Zeke has been looking out the window when I mention hubby's name..I know Zeke is gonna be crazed..Ms Shug..well she's a hoot so she'll probably make a loud blasting noise to wake the DEAD..

Speaking of which I am about to say.. "Take Cover".. and yes, electric blanket on tonight and I'm gonna attempt to watch Jay Leno's last show but just in case I have it set on RECORD...

With that I'll say... Safe Travels to All and God Bless Us All !

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

LIfe Is Always Filled With Surprises :)

Life is always filled with surprises :)...or an easy come easy go..take your pick...for me it was another Surprise !...LOL

Morning again was "The Race is On" as I've got to get all that I needed finished as hubby will be here on Friday I still have some play time..maybe

Critters are moving slowly lately..liking to sleep in and I'm anxious to get them fed and done so I can get on with all my "Stuff"..and of course my phone is quiet because I have the fighting duo on Blocking..boy is that ever a blessing.

But my phone did ring..and it was the gal I was originally to get a pup from ..well rather than go into all the details I'll make it short and sweet...

The pup is now mine, if I want him ???????? and he's now 14 weeks old as the person who put the deposit down never came back for him and she's tried to contact him but no response..... oh brother ...LOL  Hold it just a moment..back up a few spaces..DUH..

I already have committed to a female pup and she won't be ready to come to my house to the 1st week of March...and now this big boy..oh my stars.. I don't think I spoke right away and then I heard sounds coming out of my mouth..

Yes, I was surprised and excited but two pups at the same time ...and young too...OUCH.. but how exciting too...but then before I gave a YES  I also explained again that I know this is the pick of the litter and you want this boy shown I'm not really interested in doing my motive for getting him was to train him to be a Service Dog as I would also do with the female as well..just like my Abby..

I did want two but not together I was more or less hoping to get one done then later on get another...but again, what's meant to be will be..and I just can't wait to see my hubby's face...however I did slow things down a bit.. like first check and make sure this other person is make sure ..I don't want problems and then let me go take a looksee and go from there...

So did I tell you my life has strange twists and turns...????? well, it never runs smoothly I can swear to that and by the looks of it.. it's gonna be one hell of a week...

The rest of my day was kind of blah as I just didn't have the get up and fact it was more like get up and I leaned back and just paced my day..
Later tonight watched American Idol and now I'm ready to say..."Good Night"

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...and sure hope no more surprises...:)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Marched On Through Tuesday

Marched on through Tuesday with just a small glitch...but I learned another lesson...isn't that what life's about  learning as we go through it ?

Morning for me was foggy so I sat back and waited till it cleared up.. Critters were sleeping in..but Ms Shug was ready willing and able to perform...:)

Finally after hubby called and got out on the road my day began..did a double batch of corn muffins got the critters fed and out the door I went..yeah, it was like a Jail break LOL...Free Scarlett you is Free :)

Of course I went down to my friendly Winn Dixie... I really like that little place..especially their meats..but the other stuff..well pricey but for conveyance that's what you pay...and for me today it was worth it..they had their buy one get one...woo hoo :)

After that I loaded my coolers and off I went..(you got it) to Hardee's I grabbed a burger ( they really make the best) and a Dr Pepper...and sat in my special spot and listened to the radio and enjoyed my lunch then headed back home.

Even got in a Nap...well sort of.. I leaned back and watched TV and then before I knew it was time to fix dinner...did talk with a couple of sistahs on the phone and had a few laughs but again a few more surprises..

Now tonight watching the Biggest Loser and again I'm just so happy for these people with all their struggles and have done so well..God Bless Them..

So here I sit thinking soon hubby will be here..down now to 3 more days..unreal and I'm praying we have good weather so he can enjoy his vacation time..he needs the break big time ..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as Always..God Bless Us All..

Monday, February 3, 2014

Heavens Monday Moring Rolled In

Heavens Monday morning Rolled in and as I spoke with hubby in the North (POLE) the snow was coming down...and that always gets me worried as he has to drive in heavy traffic in the mornings...YIKES...

Woke up early and just didn't want to get a move on but had to get the trash out and then feed those darling Wild birds then on into the house and hear Ms Shug give me What For !!!

Wait for hubby to call then I know if I don't hear by a certain time I call him as he's hit the snooze button..once we chat he gets up and in the shower and when he's on his way to work we chat...but this morning it was "Call me when you get to the office"

So I sat and finished that other Cowl..yes, another one is completed..and it's neat looking too.. Black, White and Gray..and I think I'll make a Tam to go with this one..

Most of the day was another mess with the two fighting duo..It never does finish it's a continuing of "Punch and Judy" show of which I blocked their calls..had to other wise they'd drive me crazy. Then after a few days I'll unblock them..crazy pair but they are perfect for each other.

Listened to the news in regards to Phillip Seymour Hoffman..such a fine young man, excellent actor..and so sad..such an addiction and it finally took his life..such a waste.. Kind of hit me.. I guess because I just felt in today's world with all that is available to us.. How does this happen still ?

I know tomorrow I've got to get my butt in gear and head into town to pickup a few things and then get a move on as now it's only 4 days and hubby will be heading here..can't wait..but then again that means Cookin'..hahaha.. nah I'll enjoy it and listen to him gripe about the cold up north and how lucky I have it.. He's right (this time)...I'm so lucky :)

Well, my brain is saying, "it's time" and so is my body.. so with that .. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

And It's Super Bowl Sunday !

And it's Super bowl Sunday !... My favorite day and TV show :)... so today I'm gonna just take care of critters and sit back and knit another Cowl ..that's what I'm doing all day LOL

Well, I did start off early and wanted to make sure I just took an easy day as it was gonna be a WARM one..and sure enough it did get WARM..had to turn on the AC.. although I had the door open for a long time but no breeze and the air trickled in and the fan swirled and me and the Critters just took it easy.. Even Ms Shug decided she'd like to nestle down on a she did and we watched TV as I knitted..(I'm almost finished OMG )

Tonight watched them Seahawks Whoop the Broncos badly.. Their defense was so strong that poor Payton Manning couldn't get a connection till almost the end..Sad to watch in one way cause I was hoping if they won that he would retire..

So that's about all I did today except munch on goodies too and yell at the TV LOL.then I called Li, in California and conceded defeat haha..she loved it too !

Alrighty, time to hit that bed and start another Monday.. and on count down hubby will be here 5 days..:)

Safe travels to those that are on the road and as always.God Bless Us All

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Better Saturday

A Better Saturday ...thank heavens !... woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep.. I really think when Zeke comes on the bed it wakes me..don't wanna go blaming him just yet LOL  but that's the only thing I can think I went up front and pulled out my laundry basket and started a load of laundry..

What can I say... I mean I have to take advantage of quiet time where I'm not tripping over Ms Reba and having to make sure everyone is not getting into anything..and Ms Shug is being quiet cause you do know Too's can wake up the dead with their vocals..BIG TIME !

It started off a little dreary and chilly but then towards noon time it did about turn and started to feel much better although still some what dampish...and I brought my new Christmas Cactus plants outside too..

Oh, forgot to mention I bought some cuttings.. a Yellow one, a Lavender one and a deep Orange and Fushia..can't wait till they get in pots and who knows maybe by next Christmas I'll have a floral garden of Cactus..they always look so beautiful how those flowers just hang like a water fall..

Started on a cap for that Cowl and completed it.. went pretty fast although my hands hurt from doing so much..need to take a break but I do so like to get a jump start on I also have that pledge to do 9 baby blankets ..

Most of the day I just folded clothes and crocheted...and enjoyed the nice day..even had my kitchen door open so Zeke could sit in the doorway.. he loves that..watched the birds come down to the feeder too..

Tonight watched The Wizzard of Oz..always enjoy that  and then it's off to bed and tomorrow do the sorting of the pills of life...and now on official count down for when hubby comes..woo hoo..

So with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

Here's my Cap !

I Didn't Forget Friday :)

I didn't forget Friday :)   Nopes !  I just couldn't get on my blog to post..did I go a little, "Goofy"?  Of course .. I mean this is my daily post my day and to talk to myself and those who attempt to read and follow ME !

My morning was a bit of a "Get things Done"  cause I had an appointment with the Doc to follow up my blood work of 2 weeks getting Ms Shug done and attempting to wait for Ms Reba to get up and about.. Mister Zeke giving me the "LOOK"...yeah it was busy and it was also cold and NASTY rain !

I did manage to get Ms Shug taken care of and as for the Two Doves..well, Zeke got a couple of bisuits and Ms Reba got one broken up ..when I get back they'll get a few more goodies and tonight they'll get their dinner..doesn't hurt to give them less for one meal.

Out in the cold damp weather I was..and I turned on my heater and also push the button to warm me bottom and back..Oh yeah..something you want to have in your's wonderful..

Got to the Doc's office and as usual it had many I had started working on a little hat to go with that Cowl..and as I was crocheting I saw this little tiny tot just sitting in the chair crying...and as I looked at her she wasn't really dressed properly for this kind of day...but Momma was watching TV and this little tot just had this sad, sad look..

You know how you often scan the room your in..well that's kind of what I did and as this hat grew (fast crocheter here ) this little girl's eyes grew big and wide...a thought came to my mind.."this hat could fit her".. as I had more of a ways to go for an I kept watching this child and the hat and before I knew it I was making a motion to this little girl would she like this..and she smiled and nodded..then I asked Mom, "excuse me,but would you mind if I give this to your little girl ? ...she's been watching it as it's been growing "...

The woman looked at the hat and her daughter and then smiled at me and said, "Thank you".. I got up from my chair and gave the little girl the hat and helped her put it on ..she had such a big smile on her face..and I felt that funny feeling .. I was glad I could .

Next thing I know after sitting there for a few hours ( don't ya just love appointments) my name was called and then again to go sit in another little room ..OH!!!! I grabbed some more yarn and started another hat LOL..

Finally the Doc walks in the room comes over towards me and gives me a big hug and then says, "Where's Mine " ?...hahaha.. We both laughed and then he read me my report..

Goes like this.. my blood sugar was 110, my A1C was 5.6,but my glucose was 32 and he explained that my pancreas was working hard to produce  and that he definitely feels I'm pre diabetic..OK, and that possibly with some changes I could /might prevent it...and we talked about what I could do..and then also said, "Get that weight down too"... oh, I did manage to lose 8 lbs.. and my blood pressure was 138/78  so there was some good news..

As for my exercise which is always a joke as I can barely walk now but I guess my cleaning the house going in and out all day long and bending ..stooping and what have you just isn't enough.. when I think how active I've always been to what I am now..he's right but for me I have a lot of pain in my knees but I still get up and maybe if the sun ever comes out and it warms up here in Sunny Florida.. I'll start doing water aerobics ...can't ride a bike...

The rest of the day was .. (get this)  I left the Doc's office and went right to Capt D's and had me a fish platter.. and yep, it was deep fried..hahahaha...but I don't eat like that all the time so this was a treat...didn't even go to publix cause it just was so nasty out.. came back home let me critters out cleaned up Ms Reba's mess..*yucko...poor ole gal..

Then I decided I had a day and I'm taking a Nap..Ms Shug was happy with her new toys...not happy about her new food..but she'll eat it, like it or not...look at the floor .. might be NOT...but she needs to eat this glad now she eats her pellets..that's really important..such a fussy bird !

Then before I knew it .. it was night time and bed time and that was my long lost day...So with that.. I need to get into the kitchen start my critters water then get the pills going...

Those traveling Stay Safe and Watch that Weather... God Bless Us All.