Friday, November 30, 2012

Got Me Vaccine on Friday :(

Got me vaccine on Friday :(...didn't hurt at all and had to chuckle as it came out of the freezer..but one good far that is..only one time why didn't I get that before I had my bout with Shingles...they were awful and I was really bad..had them in my ear up my right side of my face and down my neck and in my head...over my eye..well you get the picture and still I have problems because of them and that was 6 years ago...Gawd they were awful..

Morning I was a bit busy..had to get things caught up as I had that appointment and also had to fill my car with this was the last day at 50cent a gal off  ..that is 20 gallons worth..and I wasn't giving that one up..

Then I came straight home and vacuumed up the mess Ms Shug left me..and you know what..she laughed as I vacuumed..I thought ...she's lucky I don't suck her up in this brain was going in all directions..and she laughed so hardy....sure I would too if someone was cleaning up my mess..!

I did have a little out time for her and she was falling asleep in my arms..she and I almost took a nap..but I was afraid too..not that the critters could get her as I had them up..but I was afraid I might lean on her..she snuggled right up under my chin...she's a sweetie..

Tonight she even had a fit I was in the back of the house working on my laptop and she was yelling.. I came up front and took her out and she said, "I wuv you"..omg..she's getting it..almost a few more days and she'll be adding more words again...and another video will be in the making hahaha..

I plan on going to Petsmart and buying her a play station as she needs one and something I can sit down and watch her go to town..riding not on any pony but my arm..LOL

Not too much happening other than I plan on going to Sam's club on Monday and then Petsmart which is across the that's for Monday..Lord willin..

Didn't really watch much TV was kind of busy shredding 10lbs of chicken and putting it up in the freezer then went on to chop some veggies for Ms Shug for tomorrow..oh yeah..this house it busy and I like that cause I have them lulls that really get too me..

Haven't put any decorations up am really not in the spirit of it..Hubby won't be down till maybe Valentine's day..and that's a little ways away..other than that it will be me the Critters and Ms Shug..we'll be ok..maybe I'll start playing some Christmas Music that always helps...we'll see..

Ok, I'm tired and it's that time and being my day was So So...I'll be on my way..LOL.

Those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Neat Surprise on Thursday

A neat Surprise on Thursday...first off I went to pick up the Critter food so that was a hop, skip and ride...then I didn't even stop for a goodie...nope I came directly home..I had plans...I was gonna video Ms Shuga in one of her routines..

Morning was hurry, hurry as it was TRASH day and boy I thought I almost missed it.. as I was watching the news and I heard the Truck..omg I hadn't put my trash out...and up like a flash I got and to the door I ran..HUH..doesn't this sound familiar..any reindeer around..Nope I didn't say "Ho, Ho" either..hahaha

As I raced to the front of the driveway I just made it in the nick of time..but guess was the truck but the one to pick up the branches and stuff ..on Thursday we have two trucks one for Debris and the other for Unadulterated Trash ....OH MY ..:)

So now I'm back at the house gonna fix a little lunch and then get my "Star" out and ready for her lesson...She and I have two lessons a day..sometimes if I have the energy and Zeke don't mind we have 3..but today was a "Special" one cause I was gonna attempt to video..OMG..

Let me tell ya this little one is a doubt about it and entertain..holy smokes she can put on a show..and you just don't know what to expect..and she has this thing for the towel that covers the hassock..hahaha..and she went to town and not riding on a pony either..

She is so much fun and Ms Reba every once in awhile will come by and look and of course go on her way..but Mr Zeke well no way not right now ...and Ms Abby she's another winner..not yet those two bears are too fast and wouldn't think nothing of blowing a few feathers......

That was my day sort of and then I enjoyed a glass of Lambrusco with my dinner tonight..was good hadn't had one in a long time but that sure did relax me..and I'm still feeling it and it was only one of those tiny pony bottles we call them..they come like in a 6 I've got 5 more to go..whoopee...

Watched the Xfactor to night and felt bad to see Vino go..but again those kids are pretty darn talented...look out Carly Rose I think you could definitely win this ...She's so good..

Tomorrow I head into Leesburg to get my Shingle vaccine..yep, it's on again and this time all I pay is the 30 bucks co pay...but I'm glad as I don't want them suckers ever again..I had a very bad case and still till this day I have some problems because of them..ouch.

Now I need to say.."Nite,Nite "  and Stay safe to all those traveling and as always....God Bless..

PS in case you are interested here's Ms Shuga :)


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Outing on Wednesday :)

Outing on Wednesday :)  Yeah, I got a break out ...hahaha..well I had several errands that I had to get done and done I did get fact in the morning I was up early (as usual) got me critters done and Ms Reba did eat most her breakfast with a little help from Mom...and then Ms Shug got her outing as I had my coffee..she was ON..and I do mean ON..she ruffled her feathers, did the chicken walk and laughed and then proceeded to get into a disagreement with Sir Towel that covers the hassock..that was a after she got her exercise I got myself dressed ...let the critters out for a potty break then back in and off I went into the wild blue yonder....wooo hooo !!!

I had to first stop and buy some critter food and I've been not to happy with Taste Of the Wild wetlands lately as some times the aroma is just a little to strong for my liking and I have to keep a watch as every now and then they pop up on the ReCall list..and Diamond is the company that makes it..So I felt it was time to make a Ms Reba is completely off it.. I mean she won't even look at it.. my big guys I can't judge by them cause they'd eat saw dust if it has some good stuff in it LOL

So I went and bought a small bag of Evanger..which I knew the original owners as they raised Great I thought ok I'll buy this bag for Reba and I thought I'd get a big bag for the critters but their order didn't come in so I picked up again Taste of the Wild...

Went to Walmart and picked up some toys for Ms Shug and a perch with pumice stone for her nails..and thought I'd might be able to find perhaps a table I could set a play station up on ..but no dice ..but I did buy the chicken to cook up which I did when I got back home..and tomorrow I'll shred it all and put it up in the freezer in containers..

Picked up a few things for what I was out of and then stopped and picked up my Scripts at CVS then treated myself to a Hardee's burger and Dr Pepper..alright made my once a month treat when I'd go into town and pick up scripts.. I'd do a run to the store Winn Dixie and then Scripts then Hardees...

Got back home and when it was time to feed the Critters I tried the "new" food for Ms Reba mixed it up with her Chicken, Rice and Veggies and a tiny piece of liverwurst and I do mean tiny..heated so it would coat everything..and she ate the whole thing ..the whole thing..made my day !!

I've mixed the dry food in with Abby and Zekes..because it's grain free their won't be a problem as it's the grains that cause the main off set..however, I still have some other food left so I mixed 1 cup of this 1 cup of that and 1 cup of it should really be ok..

Then I let Ms Shug out for her evening jaunt..and boy she had a good time..acting really silly..and both she and I laughed..She's such a sweetie but boy I can see how easy it is to spoil her but I am working very hard as not too..but when I open that sheet in the moring..and she says while tilting her head and looking at me.."Hello" just got to have a big smile on your face..

Later I watched The Voice and recorded Survivor..I'll watch that later on I start to get really tired and by 10ish I'm done.. and I do mean done..Now I'm just about getting this typed in and soon I'll be color me gone..

However tomorrow I have another run for I talked with the girls at the shop and I'm gonna go back and exchange the Taste of the Wild for 2 bags of Evanger..and then I'm heading I have to shred all that chicken and put it up ...Golly it's gonna be a long day ....

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trick playing Tuesday :)

Trick playing Tuesday :)...certainly was..started morning off getting things ready for Shug's special mix and then Ms Reba's jump for joy and of course Ms Abby and Master Zeke....LOL  let me tell ya by the time I was done I was done..:)

I felt like I was in a "Chop Shop"..but am hoping Shugs will eat at least a good part of it instead of sharing it with the Floor and Crew...and of course trust worthy little shop vac..(boy do they ever come in handy)

Then it was on to some fun time with Ms Shugs and is she ever getting more curious..and laughing I take her out she says, "hello" and then chuckles..and I introduced her to the hassock and did ever like that of course I had a towel covering it and she tugged and soon she and I had a tug of war..she's good too..hahaha

Then off to the couch she wanted up and on the back next thing I know she disappeared..yep, she slid off the back down to the floor..(which is carpeted) and she stood there a "Where am I"..then I called her and soon she came out from behind the couch all puffed up..she looked so funny and was making some weird sound then she started chuckling..which had me laughing..

Then along came Ms Reba to check into what in the world was going on ..and immediately Ms Shug puffed up...gawd that looks so funny..she almost looks like a fluffy chicken hahaha..but soon Ms Reba walked by her and I think Ms Shug thinks she scared her off hahaha..but Ms Shug started doing her strange dance..

I am so enjoying these little spurts of entertainment and of couse she ends them with cuddling right up next to your face..and we are working on some other words..not sure what she's trying to say..but I'm sure soon they will come out..

I play with her a few times a day other than that she's in her cage so I can do work other wise I can see how people keep them out and that's where I think (not that I know for sure) they get into trouble because these fine feathered friend demand a lot from you...but I was told by the breeder..let her be independent and give her some quality time ..but don't spoil her..Hahaha..that's a tough job cause she sure is easy too spoil.

Later on tonight I leaned back and just watched Dancin with the Stars which by the way is still on going and I'm getting really tired..really tired..Tomorrow I have a lot on my plate to get done..

Have to go to pick up some Critter dry food Taste of the Wild and then go over to Walmart and pick up some fiddles and 2 large packages of Chicken to cook up for Critters..then head into town and stop at the Vets to get meds for Abby and drop off files from Pa..then on to CVS to pick up my meds..OMG..yes, and then fill my tank up with gas..

So that's my day for tomorrow set out and of course have time for Critters and thing I have to do is start taking pictures and possible a's too funny and worth sharing...

Ok, for those traveling...stay safe and as always..God Bless...

Monday, November 26, 2012

WoW is me on Monday :)

WoW is me on Monday :)...and it was ...cause I didn't chop veggies up for Shugs so I had to get up early and I decided I was gonna try something a little simple (like me :) ) and I made up some couscous (1/3 cup dry and 1/2 cup boiling water not hard at all mix together and cover for 5 min) and I added some mixed veggies (they were frozen so 7 min in microwave) and I added some fresh cranberries and chopped grapes oh and I snuck in some chopped almost shredded kale and mixed it all together and portioned it out for 5 days..but seeing tonight's left over I can say I made up 10 meals worth..yeah she ate it but still a lot left..

That's one thing I have to learn with Shugs is her portions..but this sweet bird can eat.. I mean she gets into it..hahaha does some heavy playing then wham she's chowing down..of course she still tosses so my critters are enjoying what's hitting the floor oops rug and I did another bright thing..

I had a small shop vac for my car..a really small one and I brought that in and I use that to vacuum..and I mean it's a thing, a must cause this fine feathered creature is a "Dirty Birdy"  LOL  her food is all, there and every where in fact I think I wore a few stems...

Morning was busy as you can see I was making Shug's food...and then I did another batch of laundry..uh oh it's still in the dryer OMG..that means tomorrow morning I'll turn that baby's just towels so no big deal..

Had to have some one come out and look at my roof..(the new one I just had put on) in my carport I had some condensation coming down the wall ..and I was worried..but Jim told me it's because of the cold and this side of the wall is next to the water heater...(I hope that's it) but he also said, "keep and eye and see if it gets worse)..that made me feel wonderful...but what I think is some where there should have been a vent to let that heat escape...who knows but I'm sure I'll find out..

Later on I realized I forgot to eat..yeah I'm having one of those days..oh and I got another surprise...always ready for surprises..

The phone rang and it was Florida Heart and Vascular calling me regarding my Shingle vaccine..seems the Legal department of AETNA got in touch with them regarding my episode of having to pay 250 before given vaccine..which being in Net Work I or anyone shouldn't have to pay ...only just your co pay...well this young woman apologized for the confusion and asked would I still want my vaccine...Of course I mean I need to get she transferred me to be scheduled I'm on for Friday at 11:30am...

Long story short...AETNA really did look into this..and did make sure that I was taken care of..that's important for everyone..if something isn't it..don't let anyone take you over... I felt not only was I doing it for myself but any one who has insurance and follows going to an in NetWork...that's what they agree upon regardless of how much they tell you things cost..that's been a said package arrangement...

I still haven't forgotten what was done to me in the Leesburg Hospital..going to into the ER and being admitted and then them trying to get paid asking you to use your Credit does one get admitted in if not going through ER unless you Doctor orders you in then you wouldn't go through ER to begin with...DUH ????

Ok, now I'm brain tired and have a must to do tomorrow...VACUUM...yeah it's that time and I need to gather data for the Vet here in town for my Critters..also I did already order meds so that I'll pick up on Wednesday..

Safe Travels all and as always..God Bless

Sunday, November 25, 2012

IN the Kitchen with Shug on Sunday :)

In the Kitchen with Shug on Sunday :)  look at that I've already cut poor Shuga's name short but ya know she's a southerner and if any thing it's how it beezzzzzzz..LOL..

This morning I was up at 4:30am and I couldn't believe how chilly I was..yes, it was only 38 degrees..(give me a break) and boy my knees were locked..and saying, "Fool, I ain't a walkin no where" !

I did my sorting of my Life's pills and Critters Pills to.. I have it down to a science now only takes me like 20minutes hahaha...and gives me a week's worth of Life..hey, not too shabby..:)

After that my crew slowly came into the living room as I was on the couch thinking what could I get done today..well I knew I had to be in the Rice Fields..and then I thought I could make a batch of tiny muffins with veggies in them for the I got them done in no time...I mean I make a pan of cornbread so just omit the oil and I used apples sauce and I used self risin flour (no southerner wouldn't be caught without..hey, I'm southern Italian)

Then I washed the rice (yes, washed to get all the starch off) and put my veggies in the top tray of my wonderful rice cooker and added chicken broth to the rice..yeah team...and closed the lid ..let it set for 1/2 hour then turned her on..and I'm telling ya I get great fluffy like a charm..(so far)

My (Shug's) muffins came out I let them cool and I put them in zip loc but I just remembered I didn't make any veggies up for her tomorrow..Oh well, I'll do it when I first get up...better watch me fingers :)

Most the day went by as I did some sorting and now have to find records for Vet Doc in town for Zeke, Abby, and Reba...and I did call CVS to make sure I can pick up meds on Wed as that day I have a lot of running to do...

Played with Shug for a bit today and I'm telling ya she's a now trying to laugh like me..took my pen and ran with it then I called her and she was goodness and then she does her dance..she keeps this up and we'll be ready for "So Ya Wanna Be a Star"...not sure there is a program but if not they should start one...would be a hoot..

I had to laugh myself today...I cleaned up Ms Shug's cage and boy she's messy any way after I got through how nice and clean within a half hour looked like a train wreck..OMG..I called her "Dirty Bird"  she cocked her head then laughed..yeah..she knows when she's got ya hooked..however, I only take her out a few times and each time at different she doesn't get a routine..

One thing though at 7:30am she's shaking her sheet to let me know she wants it open and then when I do..she says, "Hello"..too cute but she's ready for her food and this little baby can gobble down groceries..hahaha..wait let me back up there I mean she attempts too but lots drop down on the tray...some things she's looking at and others she's attacking..guess she has to learn about these..

Now it's night time and all is peaceful and I can't wait to lay down..have to clean critter room and do laundry...I only got half done.. I got caught up in something else...but again their is always tomorrow cause I'm not in a big hurry...I mean I still have undies hahaha...

So with that I'll say, "Safe Travels and as always God Bless"

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shopping For Shuga on Saturday LOL

Shopping for Shuga on Saturday LOL..oh boy was it ever..I couldn't believe how happy my produce man was...not to say that I didn't chuckle as I did my check off list of what would make a Umbrella Cockatoo named Shuga...WOW...

First off morning was rather interesting as Ms Shug (as I call her) gets antsy at around 7:30am..I see the sheet (which I cover the cage with) ruffling..I mean like the wind is blowing and I hear her making little noises...and then finally I walk over to it and lift the sheet and just as I do I see her face up against the bars and says, "hello"...hahaha..cute and I'm tellin ya "smart".

She knows I'm not going to open that sheet until she hears me talking..cause I get up so early I do the water for the Critters and then take my morning pills then lean back and watch the weather then at 6am comes the Ding Dong bell for Zeke's meds in which he and Abby and Ms Reba get their little bit of pill pocket..(you can't give one without giving others) and then I let Zeke and Abby out..and sometimes Reba if it's not too cold other wise she has a diaper..and no big deal ..cause at 8:30am when I get ready to make their breakfast they go out again just before and boy I'm telling ya they is zooming back to get their goodies...

Now Ms Shug she gets her breakfast at 8am ..water, seed mixture and then the veggies and fruit..and she's hungry not interested in anything other than.."Where's my Viddles"..which is good cause that keeps her busy for me to do up the Critters breakfast ..then guess what..I'm next..whoopee..hahaha

Yeah my coffee and toast of which I give Ms Reba a little and now Ms Shug..yep a corner of a piece ...please leave me some then it's on to the next chore of cleaning Ms Shug's Crate...and by 10am I give her a bath of warm water in a spray bottle and she now is loving it...helps with the dander and loose feathers...yeah does the trick..

Well this morning was my shopping spree.hahaha..boy was it ever.. I got Ms Shug (as my produce man enjoyed my story) Cranberries, Grapes, Apples, Broccoli Cauliflower and Carrot Mix, then a bag of Kale and Sugar Snap Peas, some string beans and corn on the cob..holy Hannah it was Ding Ding Ding along with Cha Ching too...and I even looked for some nuts (wait I was one LOL) you know the loose nuts that use to be out around Thanksgiving time.. I didn't see them  ...they have Walnuts, Brazilian Nuts, Almonds, and Hazel nuts..they would have been perfect but no where to be found..perhaps next week when I go to pick up a bag of Dry food for the Critters I'll find them..

Almost left the store with out something for me..WOW and Double WOW...this is an ongoing thing..Oh and I did buy a bag of Mixed veggies to cook and add to rice too..another rice deal and perhaps put some cooked kale in it too...golly this sweet thing is gonna be enjoying her dinners..she's a good eater but only learning about veggies lots fell through the cracks and of course my critters were right there to gather up...

I had to laugh when I gave Shug the string bean...she attacked it..and carried it around looked so strange but she did eat some of it...soon she'll get into the swing then next I'll start taking her requests hahaha...forgot to buy sweet potatoes...what can I say...????

Most of the day I kind of just leaned back ..played with Shug for a bit...but still keeping her to a limit and she isn't being too bad..being a baby it's so important to make sure I don't make her a I have to remember my time with her and her lifespan don't match so who ever she goes to after I leave this world I want to make sure they "Love her"..cause I'm praying I do the right thing!

Reading so many horror stories and then hearing others how they have a really sweet one...tends to make me believe that it's what you put into them that matters...

Now the key is for me to try and stay at least reasonably healthy.. I mean I do have heart disease and all the rest of the crap that goes along with it and not to mention Thyroid, and Diabetes..hey I can go on..but I'm maintaining without too many issues...and if I can make sure I have no falling..and when I'm tired remember to just stop and take it easy...yeah..sounds good ...

So that's my story and I'm stickin too it..and now with my new addition I so appreciate God's wonderful gifts even more...She truly is a joy (so far) and my Critters are making sure that I don't miss them..but never..just have to be really careful with my Zeke..he's got that eye on her...and Ms Abby she won't bother cause she'll associate keeping her with more food..I mean Hover didn't get her name for no reason :)

Ok, now I'm dragging pushing these keys on my Gateway..LOL and so I'm going to say..."Safe Travels to those on the road and as always God's Blessings Shine Down On All"..

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday I didn't Miss :)

Black Friday I didn't Miss :)..nope I stayed my butt home as I saw on TV all the lines the night before..I'm still kind of dumb founded that people do that.. I mean I know a bargain is a bargain...God Bless them all !

Morning for me was stay at home and catch up on what I hadn't gotten done since Ms Shuga came into the house...or should I say, "arrived"..and she's a hoot and I'm really trying not to spoil her which by the way is very easy to do !

So I got up and kept Shuga covered and got my critter water done then did pills for Zeke and Me and of course Ms Reba and Ms Abby got their taste..then we all sat on the couch listened to the news and then it was out time for the group which on my way in I saw Shuga trying to grab the sheet from inside her cage..hahaha that was weird..

Hubby called as he was going into work to catch up on things that needed to be done but said, "I'm only gonna work a half day"...that will be the day...but he did and went and got his hair cut..and sad news, the girls who have taken care of hubby's locks are closing their shop after 35 years in business..said, "it's not out there and they can't meet their rents and bills "  so they will work for the shop near by...well I hated to hear that one but at least they will still have a job .

Again back to my being...I took the sheet off and got greeted by.."Hello" and she just cocked her head ...I was busy ...had to clean her crate..bottom draw slides open which is great and removed the paper and sprayed with my Clorox and water...wiped up and then put fresh paper down..(thanks Betsy for your donation)...then filled the clean cups with her feed and some fresh veggies..and of course fresh bowl of water..she was happy and went right to town eating and gabbing one point I thought she said.."Ok, what's next"..hahaha

Got Critters fed and on with the show of vacuuming..and boy it was chilly this morning ..too chilly for me..but I knew my outside birds had feed till night time anyway..and I didn't water the plants to dang cold..

Have a list of things I need to get done and boy oh boy by lunch time I was took my break and then made a sandwich and thought .."Wonder if Ms Shug would like some chicken..cause Ms Reba was there yakking for I cut a piece and warmed it up (in frig too cold) and put it in Ms Shug's cup and sat back and slowly she walked over to thing I knew she was attempting to eat it..OK, that's something she'll like once in a while..

Ms Reba was in rare form and she decided I need to pay her attention so up she got and in my face telling me what for LOL...later on I did a Face talk with Dawn and yes, I watched her fold her clothes...she's as bad as me with that..HATE IT !

Chatted with hubby on Face Talk too and of course Ms Shuga did her antics..he laughed and I know he most likely thought..glad it's not me..LOL..well, soon dear when you come down you'll have your go at Ms Shug..(sure hope she likes him)...hahaha

Tonight I just vegged out and watched Hallmark channel ..was afraid to watch regular movie with all the cussing..YES< I don't want her to cuss !! Lord help me please...

I did join a Parrot Forum as I want to learn ..I'm not that knowledgeable in Parrots even though I owned one for 35 years..Medusa was an Amazon..and totally different personality...and feeding although similar..but different..

Now I'm ready to lay me down and Ask the Lord to Bless my Soul and sure hope he Keeps me around a long time...if not I pray he Blesses hubby for longer so he can take care of the Critters 3 & 1/2  :)

So for those that are traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Everyone !

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Day this Thursday :)

Turkey Day this Thursday :) and all went well...that's surprising cause I was very uneasy with going out to dinner...kind of been there done that...but I thought I would give it one last go...and John is a good person it's just that he and his partner Jane just love to fight and to them that is their normal...sooooooo like I said, "I gave it one more shot" the dinner went well not too much happened other than when we went to leave and get in the car the line was blocking the path to get out..well, ya thought I committed a mortal sin..cause they weren't gonna budge..HUH???? So this one nice man said, "Would you like me to help you back out"...Sure I was...wasn't gonna wanna fight on Turkey day LOL...well, even he had problems this one man popped up and said, "I ain't movin.."...HUH???? yeah I thought ok I'll call the cops..I mean if I can't get out of the parking lot how am I to leave ???? This is in the Villages by the way and the reason I am saying that is because that's suppose to be "The Friendliest Villages "  hahaha...well, the guy helping me back out said, "Hey Buddy, it's the holidays...lighten up"...and soon other people turned and slowly opened their line...Gawd I couldn't believe it I mean I understand they were standing in line..but the line was across the path of getting out....Oh see I told you I have these crazy things happen.. I mean I would have pushed that blue button OnStar and had them dispatch a patrol car..not my thing to argue with Idiots..

The rest of my day was great .. I mean I am so health is so, so but you know for all that I have wrong with me... I'm thankful I can enjoy my home in Florida and the few people that I chat with where I am..and then my online Sistahs..granted not all know me but the ones that do... well, they have a place in my broken heart..

Then there is my hubby, who let's me do just about anything my heart desires..and I do that for him as well...and letting me buy that sweet Shuga..she's an added joy (so far) to our lives..and boy is she getting more bonded with me..but I have to remember I can't let her have her way...or else..

As I was reading on Umbrella or better known as U2s..hahaha..a Rock STAR...well they can be very loud and also nut jobs..OH MY STARS...but I think once I get things together she's gonna be a sweet heart..she is already but again she's a baby...4mos old...WOW...I'll have to put her in my will..and so will hubby..

My Critters were happy I was home Zeke is a little bit on edge with the new addition but I'm slowly working on him and Abby she is only there at food time..and Ms Reba..well she knows she's got her own spot and no one can take that !!!!

So I'm now getting ready to hit the sack...Dish Washer is doing her job and as I look over on my bed Ms Reba is in her spot and Zeke woops he just jumped off the bed...that gives me more room..LOL

Those traveling..again as I always say.."Stay Safe"..and God Bless

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

News is out on Wednesday :)

News is out on Wednesday :)...a new arrival has come to stay with me and the Critters 3..yeppers her name is Shuga (pronounced as suga.."like give me some suga"..) a southern term and boy does she ever..She's an Umbrella Cockatoo and it was a really hard decision (sure I bet) but when I first met her (yesterday) she never let me be..she was like glued to me..and of course the sales pitch was.."She was made for you"..."you two are meant to be together"...Lordy it kept coming but one thing was for sure..She was hooked to me..

So when I tried to bargain..didn't matter what I offered it was a set price ..take it or leave I left..but not for long cause I sure as shootin wanted that sweetie.. I mean I really cared for Medusa but she didn't like women..plain and simple..this one..OMG..she coos when she cuddles up to you and even rolls over and looks up at you...yeah I'm hooked..line and sinker LOL

Morning was wacky as always but I had to rearrange furniture and it wasn't easy for me but I got it done then had to sit back for a couple of hours..I was exhausted...then drove about 20 miles to pick her up and bring her back crate, cage and all..

When I pulled in I saw Clancy's truck in his driveway and thank goodness he came over and helped me carry in the wasn't real heavy but awkward and  hard to move around..after that I then had to bring Shuga in..and she really didn't want to come out of that dog crate...I thought for a minute..(that's about all I had time for) and then I talked really soft to her and she came to me and I hung on to the house we went and into the cage..I have a picture Hahaha..well it was a quick shot with my Iphone so I'll post it..

Spent about an hour with her tonight as I chatted with Dawn on Face Time and she watched Shuga do her little cute thing...and we both laughed..yeah she's gonna be a show stopper and oh yeah...she (Shuga) did let out a few shreaks..and I'll tell ya they are Ear Poppers ...

Ok, there is more to talk about but I am so dang tired and I need to get to bed cause tomorrow is Turkey day and I promised John (the duo team) I would go to Golden Coral and he wants to be there at 11am...Gawd help me :)

Those Traveling Stay Safe and Enjoy your Holiday..and as Always..God Bless

Here's Shuga ....:)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What a Hell of a Tuesday :)

What a hell of a Tuesday :)....boy do I ever mean that...well started my day with waking up at 2:30am...What Gives????? I guess I was worried about my car...hoping that it would be just the seals and hoses and nothing more.. I mean I hardly drive my's a 2005 Saturn Relay and only has 23K miles now that's fact every time I take her to be services them mechanics always say, "When you get ready to buy another car, let us know...we want this one"...

So any way here I am up and can't go back to sleep so I go out on the couch and turn on the TV and attempt to lay back and hopefully fall asleep till hubby calls around 7am...but not this time..I was up and anxious..

Got the Critters done and then my birds and plants then my cup of coffee ..was listening to the news off and on and then next thing I knew it was almost 10am so I figured I hadn't taken my water pill for two days (2) I best take it as I'm sure my car won't be done till most likely Friday..being Thursday is Thanksgiving...

No sooner I took the pill and the phone rings...Guess Who?.....The Chevy guy and my car is ready... I could hardly hold back my laughing cause if I would have attempted to go out the door I would have had to find a whole...Any one that takes Lasix knows..don't go no where till the time passes..hahaha..

So I politely made an excuse and told him that I'd pick the car up in the afternoon...and would they then send someone to pick me up...Sure enough they are good about that...and it was close to 1:30pm cause I gave Zeke his meds early and off I went to pick up my car...oh how good it feels to have me wheels back...:)

After that I went over to John's house (of John and Jane duo) and asked if he'd like to come with me to look at a Parrot..hahaha..yep, I went to look at one ..and we drove off..omg it was a ride to almost no where.. my GPS wouldn't work right and I hadn't a clue where I was going other than it was down the road a bit...hahaha..yep, it was down the road alright..:)

The kicker is once we get to this place John comes out and then says, "Oh, I've been here before" DUH...won't go there..anyway when I walked in the place I headed right over to the Parrots..and low and behold there was a Umbrella Cockatoo that had my name on it..well sorta.. this young one is only 4mos old and already saying "Hello"...and is a sweet heart.. and I do mean sweet..but at 4mos old it hasn't had the chance to gather up bad habits yet..but oh my this baby latched on to me.. and kept giving me kisses and pulling my hair and twisting it's head and looking at me saying, "Hello"..yeah.. Like "Take me home" and you know I had a hard time leaving with out her...However......

Talked with hubby tonight and he knows I really want her..and said, "your call buy her" tomorrow I will call the breeder and see if we can make a deal..I know this is gonna be so strange.. I mean I've had a Parrot for 35 years that she didn't like me... not just me but females..that's how it is some times..but this one..stole my heart..OMG..

Next will be getting Zeke and Abby and Ms Reba into the swing..this will be a treat and maybe a little headache at first..but a little bit of patience and perhaps things will smooth out...LOL

Now I'm tired, excited and need to lay down..been a long day and I need a break but tomorrow I have to get my asp together and do my house work..Lord knows it needs it....HELP...:)

So those traveling stay safe and as always...God Bless...tomorrow is another day :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

What a Fiasco on Monday

What a Fiasco on Monday....does it surprise me..NOT...Murphy done struck again!....Yep, I got up and was just whistling in the breeze..and it was gloomy another hint of my day...lay down on the couch and jumped up "Hello There" it was trash day and I was just lagging...I mean come on Woman get your act up I jump and on with the rest of my morning...Ms Reba is back to her ole routine somewhat..

But I got my mind set I'm gonna get her eating, whether she likes it or not...and so she ate some and walked away..Me following behind her..Here comes the Meat Balls...and down the hatch they went..she burped and we both were happy...grabbed my coffee and toast and then got dressed..I'm gonna get out on that highway..hahaha..

Got into the car and I could hear Ms Reba giving me her sorrowful routine..but I had things to do.. backing on out I thought this car is giving me a little bit of.. I ain't a gonna do it..but she did (I know my car is a "She") and then out of the community and onto the Highway...she was tugging some what but then on the way we went into town...a few times she kind of slugged and then caught up to herself..ok, now's cold I know it..but what's with her...

Got to the Store which is only like 4 miles up the road and grabbed some stuff and then thought I best go back home as I'm not really in the mood to go any where else and again my car tugged and slugged..I even pasted the Chevy dealer where I take my car for service...

Thought to myself .."Ok, I'll call them next week and bring her in"...and when I got to the entrance of my community boy I thought, "I ain't a gonna make it."..but I did .. I like coasted down and around and when I stepped on the gas pedal I saw the RPMs raise and the engine race but we weren't going any where and I knew...I just knew .. I looked and seen the engine light come on..OH first thought was those little buggers (Squirrels again)

But as I got to the front of my driveway I knew.. I saw the "Pink Stuff"...yeppers it was transmission fluid.. I thought I smelled something but then again I thought it was in the air.. I must have blown a seal coming out my driveway...Crappola...

So I pressed the blue button..(OnStar) and called for Road Side Assistance..and boy I love my OnStar..and sure enough they dispatched my Wrecker...yep same one I had a few years back..good ole Ace...LOL so I got out of my car and I hosed down the driveway..

Not too long came the Road Service Truck..and I watched as my Car went away.. I had already called the Dealer so they knew she was coming in...and then it was the wait...

A few hours later they called..the hoses to the trans broke..ok, and they would replace them and then check to see if I did any damage to the now I'll wait for tomorrow for that call...Sure pray not...that was my day...

Called hubby to let him know the wonderful news and told him.. this is my Christmas present...LOL  cause it will be a big bang for can almost here the piggy bank cracking...

Watched a little TV but boy my stomach had that awful I just leaned back and tried not to think about it... I called John to let him know that I might not go out to dinner but he insisted .. that he'd pick me up and so I just figure I might as well...staying home I'd be depressed...but it will pass .. just like gas cause life goes on.. and I look at it this way... No accident, I didn't hurt anyone and it's this crap that happens...

Now I'm ready to hit the hay..and I'm mind tired...and hope no nightmares...and there's always tomorrow...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All....

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Sunday kind of Day :)

My Sunday kind of Day :).....Morning I had ambition...after that it went downhill..well I knew it would..Stayed up way late for me almost Midnight before I got to bed and I thought for sure I wouldn't get to sleep but it did come thankfully...and I was surprised waking up like I did..but got the Critters all taken care of and myself too..and then..well along came Ms Dawn LOL we chatted for a bit and I then had another mission to install on my computer...

Enough said !!!!..hahaha..I look at it this way..Every time I turn on this dang computer there is a world of Surprises..and like they've always said, "Life is like a box of chocolates"..well honey, I hit the Hershey Train LOL...

I have to laugh myself because I'm just so amazed at how far I've gone and how little I fact the errors that I do ...well the computer has a mind of her own..and just poo poos me and off I get dumped..hahaha..

Turned on the computer today and low and behold it said to me , "Psst, Windows will not open till it has a chance to down load important data"...Oh MY STARS what did I do now ?????

However when I went to slide to the charms..(lucky charms that is) It did work so I don't know what part of windows is working or not ...but I'm sure I'll find out sooner or later..hahaha..

I will say this, "the more I use this computer, the more I'm liking it" that's a shocker but I'm not sure of what I'm liking hahaha...

Today I took my nap and I sure did need it .. I was feeling icky and thought ok I'll lean back on the couch at 2pm....(my golden hour) and just cover up with me "blankie" and go for it..and sure enough I did and got up at 4pm on the for me...:)

Oh, John (of the fighting duo) called this morning to make sure if I could and would pick him up at 11am so we could go for dinner on I had already talked to him the day before and said, "I'll pick you up at 11:30am cause I need to make sure my Critters are done and that's not good enough..HUH????? well cause as he explains the Hostess at the Golden Coral told him that if we didn't get in early we might not be able to get a seat.....Good I said .."It's never easy with these two" nicely and I was nice surprisingly...I said, "John, I'll do my best, but my Critters come first...if you'd like to meet me over there so be it"....I hear a clearing of the throat..(oh boy) and then.."Uh ...yeah ok what ever I just want to make sure we get a seat"...

My only prayer is asking the Good Lord to give me strength to endure what's coming on Thanksgiving...cause I did tell him.."If you don't behave I'm gonna leave your Asp and might even Fork Ya .."  hahaha

Sometimes I feel bad but today "I don't " for hubby he said, "he's cooking a turkey breast"  and I feel so bad we are not together...but I know he'll get a kick out of what will happen with me and John...LOL  I'm sure it will be a tale to tell..hahaha

Just feel I'm gonna fix me some OJ and some cheese and crackers..I did have a meal at lunch time this will be easier on me..and tonight..not sure oh..The Big Race...I'll watch that and do some knitting and comes Monday ...the Trash Day...Run for it LOL

Hope those traveling stay safe and as always and like before..God Bless

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Can I believe it's Saturday ?

 Can I believe it's Saturday?.....Heck NO!... I'm still working on Friday with my up wee hours and got what I needed's gloomy outside and I'm dealing with it.. I'm a light person..I need my bright makes me feel good inside and out..but ok, I'm stuck with Doom of Gloom..

So I got breakfast for Critters and Ms Reba has been eating..I'm not saying a word..of course I have to put a little bit of Liverwurst in her food and it needs to be heated slightly...and don't over power it either...yeah you are all getting the drift. Ever so carefully cause if it's not right it ain't getting past her lips !!!

That was done and then I got my birds fed and my flowers watered and then it's MY TIME..yeah...I can sit have a couple pieces of toast with butter and jelly (plum jelly that is) and then I'm done for the morning..maybe..

Ok, so I got on my computer and attempted to load my software for my printer HA!...what a fiasco could this be happening..Windows 8 says.."NO"..again I think to myself.."Why did I buy this "...but had no choice..there has to be a way..and best bet was go and "Google" so I did..and yeppers it sent me to a page and low and behold was a link to install drivers for my printer..and ta daaaa...which by the way you don't hear any more on Windows...

Now printer is now installed and operating..not to it's complete setup..that's long gone but it will print, scan and to fax I have to do that big deal..but it's in the computer and I'm a happy camper...(I think)

Tonight was neat I chatted with Dawn (my RV sistah) while she was preparing dinner hahaha again a pork dish..and we laughed..nope I wasn't sitting on the toaster this time cause she made a place for me on the counter..I was eye level with the skillet..hahaha...

Talked with my niece tonight as she's happy...her house got sold and the house she wanted to buy is now she'll be closing on Dec 27th...I'm tickled pink and she also said, "She's now only smoking 10 cigs a day and that's wonderful from smoking 2packs a day...I'm praying for you Theresa...that soon you'll be down to just a few and then no more..

Ok, now it's late and I'm late but I enjoyed my chat with my niece...and that's what counts...and also getting use to this dang Windows 8...I hope..still got a few more hours to go hahaha

Those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless

PS..A Special prayer for Sharon (Sprinter) as she is now battling lung cancer.. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I know you will beat this demon !

Friday, November 16, 2012

Late Post this Friday

Late Post this I worked through understanding my "new" computer and finding my way around Windows 8...I have only a couple of things I can say that I like so far..."It's colorful, getting to favorite sites I use is easy" ...that's about it as I'm ticked off I can't upgrade Adobe Flash ..seems there is an issue within the windows I have to wait for that part SUCKS...but I'm still searching..

As for my router..she's fully secured via using my seems Windows again wouldn't let me access the this is really ticking me off...but hopefully things will be better as I progress...:)

Most my day was just getting caught up and vacuuming...a little at a time..I mean I vacuum dump the cup and vacuum some more...I don't like the bag less vacuums...give me a bag any day...I can get done and no mess or odor..gawd that really is awful...(yes, I'm whining)

Started my last Cowl and am almost finished..then I need to start making up some store in freezer till ready to ship hahaha..a few for the table too.. I mean how could I bake and not ?????

Had an issue again with the Medical regards to me getting my Shingle Vaccine...I had been at the Docs and he ordered the vaccine and then told me I'd hear from the Leesburg Family it seems that's where I get the vaccines...well a couple days later I got a call and the young lady gave me my appointment which was to be today...Nov 16th at 10am... I proceeded to ask her, "Did I need anything, such as my ID and my Co pay.."..well to my surprise she told me "NO" ok I'm one I thought.

Yesterday afternoon I received a call as I was just coming in the house with the Critters and I couldn't reach the phone so it went to my answering I sat down and played it...and I hear this, "Zeee, this is Renee' from Leesburg Family let you know you need to bring 250 dollars tomorrow to get your Shingles Vaccine and we will process it to your insurance company and when they send the money we will reimburse you" she left her name, number and extension...

So I immediately called her and ofcourse I couldn't get through ..seems the office was closed and no matter how many times I called I kept getting another person and they didn't know I called my Doc office and explained to that lady what had happened and there was no way that I was going to pay...I have Insurance and they are NetWork and I got pre certified to make sure that vaccine was covered which it is therefore cancel this .

This morning I called Ms Renee' and spoke with her direct and I wanted to know they were balance billing.. (that's what that is called when they take your money and when they are paid and if not the right amount they take from your money and send you the balance)....and being they are NetWork they've signed agreement and not allowed to do that......Well Ms Renee' informed me that they changed their policy and that is how it was going to be...LOL..surely now you all know I was sitting on the edge of my seat..

So I then said, "Renee' let me tell you..I've never heard of this and I know when you make an agreement in contract you are bound to abide by this...So I am going to call AETNA.."....and I hung up...and called my insurance company.. Now can you imagine if this is the said policy any procedure you would have done you'd have to pay first then they would reimburse you once they get paid...what a mess this is going to be..and how many people will have that kind of money available...

The insurance company called and again they were told what I was told.. and this rep Doug was a very soft spoken man..and just kind of didn't know what to say.. So I asked him to transfer me to the Head Supervisor or Legal Department..and he did... once I got to the higher level.. this Supervisor Tammy was outraged and was contacting the Legal Department...So again, I'm in Limbo as they will be calling me for the follow up... I do intend to complain to the Insurance Commission...Again the heads up is.. this is a signed agreement contract and they are bound to abide by it...So I will do a follow up on the out come..

I seem to fall into this kind of nonsense like what happened when I was in the hospital...and they tried to make me pay for coming in through Emergency as I was admitted..due to the accident I had ...I won that battle too.. How does one enter a hospital in an emergency when you have to go through the ER room..gawd...again another Net Work Hospital saying, "the ER room is not in NetWork "...yeah mind blowing..

Ah what's another bump in the road...but, making others aware is important and I can only say, "I fear what Obama Care will be like If I have paid insurance and I get this treatment"....things to ponder on..

Ok, Now I'm gonna watch a little TV and do a little tour on Windows 8 hahaha..

Those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless..things got to get better !

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Whoopee ! Computer Solvent on Thursday !

Whoopee ! Computer Solvent on Thursday !..... I finally did it..yeppers I did.. Went out early this morning..well not too early but after critters were fed and went to Walmart...did some looking around and my RV Sistah Dawn had bought a Gateway and was saying, "how she really liked it" and so I took a looksie...and I was gonna by the Dell and then thought.. mmmm they are a great computer but dealing with their TECH service..NOPE.. and I've heard good words on Gateway's service I thought why not... I mean I've had Sony which I really loved and I had her over 10 years and she would still be going if I would have unplugged her from the cable box...ugh.. but any way I bought this little unit and it's got all that I really I do connect with my other computer at home..and that's a big baby.. Dell..and a truly a monster unit..

So I'm please and so were the critters cause they were examining them boxes..oh yeah even bought a wireless that's one thing I dislike about the laptops the keyboards are so small..

I had a little problem attempting to set up but it wasn't with the unit itself it was with my that got zapped back to default and when I called the company on how to go about resetting it... They wanted to be paid for their service which I've never used...and of course because I was out of warranty..well I got ticked ...and so I just said.."NO THANKYOU.."  I'll google it or I'll call a friend and ask how to reset so I can lock in my setup.

Windows 8.....what can I say...??????? Not a dang thing cause I'm a hit and miss myself right now... I mean I have to figure how to move from one site to the other without getting caught up in the MAZE....hahaha

Tonight I'm just gonna go up on YouTube and take a few lessons..and of course I still have to figure how to turn this computer off.hahaha....yeah you need to find them Lucky Charms and Go for it :)

I looked for instructions but didn't see anything and I was waiting for the computer to tell me what to do as that's what the screen was saying.."You'll follow the instructions.."  but I never saw anything more..oh my.. well some where some how I'll get that down too...

Have to make a rescue disc...that I have to figure too..hahaha... I can always dial help LOL..might have too..but wait.. it can't be that difficult..??? can it ????

Wait till hubby calls tonight... now I know he doesn't know Windows 8..he's lucky if he remember Window at all...he has the inside help.. the techs at the office...lucky man.. maybe I might bake them some cookies hahaha.

Ok, that's my day today but I did it....I finally did it.. now let's hope and pray I'm happy with my done deal..hahaha...oh and I'm making another cowl..last one and it's really purrrty..LOL

Those Traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Winged it on Wednesday

Winged it on Wednesday...yep, sure did..tried a new dish ( not a plate silly) and was so anxious.  Bought it yesterday and boy I could just imagine how good this was gonna be and so simple. (Famous last words).   

Murphy strikes again!  Hahaha. I'll say...any way this so called pork steak sure wasn't good... I mean the aroma was awesome and I had roasted veggies going too and when it came time to eat this beauty. Ack!!!!!

Now let's start with my not sleeping well maybe that had something to do with it. Ha..don't think so butnim giving it every benefit...but again like I said,"my day wasn't a good start and sure hope it ends better"

Was up since 4 am and didn't even get my nap. But I did have a neat face talk with another RV Sistah out in the state of Washington...which was a lot of laughs and then my day started to turn around  even had a quick chat with Ms Dawn and we laughed about my experience but she had good results different cut of pork steak. Lucky her and she also got good report on her driving skills on her new rig. And she wasn't overloaded. Yeah Dawn !!!!

For tonight I'm just gonna lean back watch Survivor..but I think I just went through a survivor course hahaha and talk with hubby on Face Talk..then maybe I'll get a good night sleep ..maybe key is stay up late hahaha

Tomorrow (I know you've heard this before) I'm going out and buying my laptop. Who knows what I'll come home until then. Those traveling stay safe and as always God bless

Just a quickie here..we have been notified that hubby's first cousin's murder trial will be scheduled in Dec ..please keep us in your prayers that justice will be done. It's been very difficult these past 3 years and to relive it all again is not only going to be painful...and pray Angie's Mom,Dad, and children will be ok..

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I can't believe it's Tuesday already.

I can't believe it's Tuesday already..where is my days going ??? Next thing ya know it will be Turkey day (Thanksgiving)... Now the bummer is everyone I know is going away..oh well looks like I'll make a turkey breast and a sweet potato...I'm not big on turkey but love stuffing. What can I say.

Well last night I watched the Voice was ok but I guess I'm not into the music that this folks are singing. Uh oh does that mean I'm getting old ????Nah, just like music I can understand....LOL

Morning for me was quick had to run into town and pick up a few goodies just basic stuff and yep even bought that Pork steak gonna give that a try tomorrow with roasted veggies. All in one tray hahaha have to use a half sheet tray to Roast on.

Later this afternoon I did another search on laptops....and I finally decided I just want a simple one with enough ram and memory that I can do a few things with and hopefully a lot of my other files I'll be able to install back.

Tonight I'm gonna start on my other Cowl and then just one more to go. And that will be last of my projects I have to get done then start making up some cookies. That's gonna be a good one. Cause it's one for me out of each batch lol for sure I'll miss Diane as she sure loved to bake those good Christmas cookies and loved to decorate...

Ok that's my day and tomorrow I have to go to the rice fields yep it's that time again hahaha sure does come around quick ..oh and Ms Reba is back to eating on her own..still a little picky but not bad...but she's eating..and that's all that matters

Safe travels to all and as always God bless

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sweet Asp Monday :)

Sweet Asp Monday :).  Ah yes it is and up to dang early thinking I had over slept and guess what????? I was wrong as I looked at the clock glowing in my eyes it read 2:10am. OMG!!!!!! brain is yelling "go back to bed fool"...

So I did, but had to convince myself that what I read was the real McCoy know some days we just don't know when to give in :)...but when I woke for the second time I sure was feeling like a Mack truck done run over me..

So that was kind o my day..slow and steady she goes hahaha.  I managed to get a few things accomplished even if I had to talk myself into things..and I am sure it's happens to us all..

Late today I chatted with my RV Sistah Dawn and as I sat up on the toaster..that's my spot ..well it's where Dawn puts the ipad as we face talk. No we joke about my location but tonight as she was preparing dinner I got a lesson in cooking hahahahahaha, I've never heard of a pork steak much less know how to cook step by step she showed me. Hahaha my own personal cooking show. Hahaha 

We both laughed as she did the demo and hey we is getting good at it too. And Dawn's Mom popped in with her comments too. Awesome. So that was another level of using our iPads to learn something new hahaha a good one..

Later on in the day I finished another Cowl so now that's two down and tow more to go...good thing this is a simple patern and really goes fast with these big knitting needles...

Tonight watched the Voice, and for me it wasn't that great..guess my taste in music is changing and when hubby called ..."Surprise " he felt the same way..hahaha.  Now I done loaded up the dishwasher and she's going to town. Love that sound.

Tomorrow I need to head out and pick up a few things at Winn Dixie and I also got a call from Doc office to come in on Friday morning to get my Schingle vaccine. Oh yeah had them really bad in my head, ear, eye and neck and they did a number on me ..and still is. Left me with eye problem ...and loss of hearing in my right reading this if you haven't yet ..get your vaccine if you've ever had chicken pox!

That's it for now so those traveling stay safe and again as usual. God Bless

Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Veteran's Day this fine Sunday!

It's Veteran's Day this fine Sunday...and many thanks and prayers to all those who fought and lost their us freedom....and this great USA...

Morning for me was the sorting of the pills of life..yes,every Sunday I begin my sort for the week. And I still am surprised with all the pills I take..but I ain't complaining cause they do their job!

Next was I started my crock pot for Sunday dinner..cause this was my day of leaning back and watching TV and knitting..I had finished one project and now I'm on to the next..and infact I've got now about 16 inches completed and 10 more inches to go and that one is done too cept for stitching the ends together.

I've got to do a couple errands tomorrow and I need to think what ok puter I'm going to buy cause this week I have to bring one home and stop putting around. So I'll be doing a little surfing on what's available and what I actually need.

Not much more to input cept my break time is over and I need to get down to business...that was simple hahaha. Ok now back to knitting and watching TV

Those traveling stay safe and as always God bless

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oh what a Saturday :)

Oh what a Saturday :).  Woo hoo!!!! Finished the cowl I was making..I'd post it but can't get the upload working so that means next week I is buying the dang computer. Cause this is too frustrating...

Morning I was up at 4:30am and so was the rest of the crew. Hey this is my quiet time what gives.  But before I turned around everyone was in their spot and back to sleep so I put my pot of coffee on tuned on my oven and baked a lemon cake...yeah I surely needed it. Hahaha. Well it goes good with almost anything !

I emptied the big bag of dry food for the critters got that in bins and then as soon as the sun popped up I washed the dog patio..while I was doing that Mr. Cardinal came by and was chirping to me...yeah seems he lets me know when the feeder is sort of empty...and so asi went out front he sat right over my head on the branch and watched..then when I left he flew down and ate..yeah I'm trained well..

Replanted several of the branches from my purple/red leaf hibiscus and watered al my plants..things are starting to grow again and hope we don't have another frost just yet..need to take some cuttings and start a few more plants.

Received in the mail the Moon flower plant seeds from one of my RV Sistahs..Pat, out in South Dakota and boy I'm anxious to plant those but need to get a trellis and catch up with Clancy as to where we are putting this beauty..

I really get excited over making this place a little haven..seeing pretty plants always makes you feel good...and between the geraniums and roses it's looking nice.

Starting another cowl later tonight and then I have a couple more things to make and I'm finished with projects...then I an get to baking cookies after Thanksgiving...then get my boxes ready for shipping..not doing too much this year...hubby isn't coming down for the holidays so I won't see him till March. That's  just gonna be a little rough but well get through it.

So now I need to make dinner and what I was gonna make well I'm not that hungry. So guess I'll make an omelet..simple and light enough so I don't feel full..

Hope all you traveling stay safe and as always. God bless

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday, Nov 9th...Hubby's Birthday !

Friday, Nov 9th,  Hubby's Birthday....this is a tough one cause I can only wish him a Happy Birthday.  But it will tweet a bit cause I bought him an Ipad so things like this would make it a lot tonight as I sit and wait for our call to connect.  I'll be able to wish him face to screen.  Hey, that's better than nothing.  :)

Today was a mad rush kind of day...had Doc appointment and then after that it was to Publix and of course I behaved..I mean this store has a lot a bakery goods that greet you when you first walk in and of course I was HUNGRY. But I resisted temptation and only bought a few things and fruit. Sounds good right? NOT I wanted something good. But hey I'll settle for my blueberry cup cake hahaha I'm gonna put a candle in it when hubby calls and sing. Omg maybe not but then again. Why not?????

So when I got home which was close to 1pm..I was gone most the morning..and I was tired and hungry...I did manage to get a quick nap at around 3 ish....tok my meds which I forgot in the morning and wham that pill hit me and I nodded out on the and Ms really felt good too cause the morning was really chilly brrrr don't like that cold stuff felt like the Tin man's sister Hahahaha 

I can't believe the weekends here and I've got to buy me a computer..I mean I can't do too much on my ipad...and there are things I need to get done..

Now I need to fix me a little dinner..and then sort all these can goods and put stuff up...maybe I might see if I have enough flour to make a pound cake if not looks like I'll be going into town. Hahaha..

Ok, show time here at the funny farm..critters are done eating now it's my time. And so those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Being thrifty on Thursday :)

Being thrifty on Thursday.....I am, I am....and this morning it was so chilly I thought as I was cleaning out my frig for "trash morning".  I had a little bit of this and that and I put a pot of chicken empty frig soup on. I had a little celery, some onion, and stand alone carrot and a huge potato...found some parsley hanging out and before I could say "jack rabbit" I had me a soup I did find in the cabinet one can of rotel. Oh my stars...yes we is in for some good dunkin too...

So that started my morning doing double duty as I also had to cook up some chicken for the critters..I was buzzing along with the cold breeze...brrrr but when hubby. Alled me and told me last night we had some snow..I made sure I told him, "not me dear, it's all yours ". :)

I also started knitting a cowl last night and did manage to work a little on it this afternoon..I'll get back to it later tonight as I watch T.  V...cause this is a little bit of hold on to your hat..the needles are kind of big and the yarn is extra soft so it's more like slip sliding your knitting..

Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment so I'll have to feed the critters a tad bit early and then get my butt in gear..make sure I have my med folder and yes, my empty bottles so they can see I'm a good girl and take my meds. So silly but that's how this office only if they'd get their acts together and keep the dang appointments you make and stop changing them!

That's my story for the day well this day anyway...all traveling stay safe and as always. God bless

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What a Wednesday !

What a Wednesday !   I went to bed last night before the election was over and woke up to all the news..all I can say, "they all ought to be ashamed of themselves for all the monies that were spent that could have gone to "Help Others".   Te rest is just a bunch of Hoop La. Ad things will continue on like before ....with a few whopping surprises that I'm sure and even positive that loads of people will be complaining.....

Now as for my day..Ha!  Well I did get out and went to WalMart and picked up a few things but as far as computer....would you believe.   Yes I know you will but the one I decided to buy they didn't have and won't have in until the 16th of November and even if I order it on line it will be delivered that same time hahaha so I came home with just a few things and again no computer..

However I did buy some strange yarn. All soft and bumpie. Hahaha and big knitting needles. Like a size 15.  And every time I attempt to knit I have to hang on to the needles as they slip right out of the yarn and hit the floor. Done that thing many, many times.  Omg. I don't know but I'm working on it. I think hahaha

I want to make my niece a Cowl, and I thought with this soft and bulky yarn it would be really pretty. Ad the color is called Painted Desert and looks nice..that's another Christmas present in the making...

I can believe my day has gone buy so fast. Where did it go ? But I know tomorrow I'm gonna be really busy need to cook up chicken for the critters and open big bag of food and put up in containers then's that time again plus clean frig as its also trash day too.  Yucky.

Well that's about it so I'll take my leave and go back to knitting and watching the Voice and record Survivor. 

Those traveling stay safe and a special prayer goes out to one of our RV Sistahs who had open heart surgery today. Joan B you are in my prayers. God Bless

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday. Is it over with. ?????

Tuesday, is it over yet.?????? Today is the last day for all that nonsense and nasty stories about each candidate.    Thank goodness.  And the sad part is they all lie...once they get in, they either move to the right or left and we is left dangling.  Amazing!!!!

My day was just slow with a few showers and then the blahs set in. Oh my stars...why they hit one never really knows but they jump up and snatch ya...had to shake myself loose but free I is.  Ad now on the rebound for tomorrow.

Have to go out and get a few things then by the weekend I have to purchase a computer...what can I say.....?   That's on the top of my to do list...

Not much other than I'm watching a comedy couldn't and wouldn't listen to all those who report every minute, every second on the outcome. Omg. That drives you now it's show time hope you all have a great evening and those traveling stay safe

God bless

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday was a "Gooder"

Monday was a "Gooder"...such an interesting day and a nice rewarding one too!

Morning for me is always up early and do this and that then flop on the couch for a break then as soon as Ms Reba is up it's up and at em' to get critters cleaned and fed then my cup of coffee and some toast...

I watched the birds hit the feeder this morning as I filled it up and even watched  those goofy Doves...who ever said they were peaceful needs to come meet mine! However, they come in eat challenge then move on...even the Blue Jay doesn't seem to want to bother..

Saw my Woodpeckers fly by and as soon as it starts getting a little chilly they'll be stopping in for feeding..they are so neat. I really enjoy them and when they have young ones they bring them over too. Like they are showing me. Proud parents. LOL

Ms Abby today decided that Ms Reba's Matt looked rather tasty...did I tell you all that Ms Abby (Hoover) will eat almost anything but she does prefer wood. And cherry mahogany to be exact..although pecan can be a filler but today it was rug.  Omg I heard this strange sound and I went over to where it was coming from and low and behold it was Ms Abby bringing back up the memories of "the rug" I won't go into the sight of it but I do know I didn't go to the store afterwards even though I needed to I'll have to do that tomorrow ...but I had to shake my head and wonder what ever made her do that...YIKES!!!!!

Tonight I'm just going to lean back and make out my lists of what I need and then after critter's breakfast I'll head out and get things done... I do have a Doc appointment and then I'm good till almost the end of the month when I see the cardio Doc too.....

So with that I'm gonna make a glass of something old lean bak do a few searches and then call it a day and face talk with hubby for a bit..

Those traveling stay safe and as always. God Bless

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A neato Sunday :)

A Neato Sunday....well first started off with that extra hour sleep.  Wait who got that one....not me...I was up at 3am. Darn, darn, darn.....however it was also my sorting of the pills of life. You know my weekly chore and my colors of the rainbow...then on to doing critter meds ok..I'm done for another week !

Next I fumbled through sorting junk and what was going to be tossed out as come Monday.  It's trash day.....and slowly my critters one by one came strolling out into the living now my couch is getting filled up...

Turned on the news to see how my weather was fixing to be...then thought about my conversation with Dawn, my RV Sistah....which by the way is getting to be our normal routine.  Yes, we get along so well and have the same sense of humor and I might add a positive attitude...thank goodness..

Now I've got to do my catching up with Paulette another R V Sistah that we are also similar and do have a few good laughs too...yeah been awhile for her and I too.  But I'm working on it. Kind of difficult with the IPad for chat. Although Paulette tells me Yahoo will support it.....

So as I proceeded with my morning I got a call from Dawn on Face Time and she showed me that great cake and said, Hey, I'm bringing you t the Get together".  I was so excited as I was gonna meet some of the other Sistahs that I've been friends with for years..."Hey, this is my lucky day"

Next thing I know I'm chatting with the Sistahs...they were coming up to the screen and waving and saying who they were and I know I had to be grin in' like a Cheshire Cat ....hahaha. It was so neat. But sad part our reception kept fading in and out....however I enjoyed every minute of it. Woo hoo!

In January we have another Get together but this time in Florida....I won't be able to go but I'll meet up with several as they stop in...and that I'm anxious for too....gonna be a gooder too...

Hubby won't be back down till March and that's gonna be hard as with so much happening with the company times are really tough right we have to tighten our belts and pray that the company will hold it together .

The rest of my day was mellow but I'm telling ya that was such a great event and I so thank Dawn and the Sistahs for making my I'm gonna lean back and wait for hubby to call on face time. As that makes it so much easier on both of us..

So those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless