Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oh Happy Halloween on Thursday ......Wooo Hoooo :)

Oh Happy Halloween on Thursday .....Wooo Hooo :)...

Tis my favorite holiday really...ever since a kid I so enjoyed going our and trick or treating...we'd grab some old clothes and a cork from an old wine bottle Momma would save us..burn that and then smudge our faces and  grab our stocking with flour and out we'd go...most back then would give things they made and boy they were delicious..candy apples, fudge, cookies and some penny candy..lots of times it was those dots on paper..and of course the famous MaryJanes..yep and my best of the bestest was the all day suckers .Those were the days...and plus we never really did have fancy costumes..guess cause none of us could afford them ..but we did have some wild masks..mainly we were either bums, Indians, cowboys/girls and ghosts...yep, I remember them days way to well..(big smile on my face)

Today was just another good day for me..even got a call from Jane and Doris and they'll be over tomorrow to clip Ms Shug's Wings...gosh I'm gonna her miss her flying to me..but also safer and she won't be able to chase Ms Reba too much...I still think she'll try..

My treat today was watching old horror movies.. I have a bunch of classics that I recorded..Dracula, the Mummy, the Wolfman, the Invisible man, Frankenstein, and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein..LOL..yeah I love those classice..

Called hubby and he was having a flock of kids all wild costumes and enjoying himself..we always made a big thing of it..sit out on the porch and have our pot of hot chocolate ready for the Adults and have our kettle with goodies and have the kids come up and do their routine and tell us who they were..yeah, that part I do miss of being back home.

Here where I am is over 55 community..they have a Halloween Party up at the club house and they enjoy it..maybe one year I might go...but I'm to dang tired or maybe to lazy hahaha...

Now it's the end of my day and tomorrow I'll be busy so with that I'll say.."Safe Travels to all and God Bless Us All...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Simple Wednesday :)

A Simple Wednesday :) From Morning through Night...OMG...mark this date in history..but of course it's the night before Halloween...woo hoo..Yeah, this is my favorite Holliday...really I love seeing the little kids in their neat outfits and chanting that tune.."Trick or Trick Smell my feet Give me something good to eat"...LOL

Honestly got up and did a few things and before I knew it my day was almost over with..and no crazy loony stuff happening..not yet LOL..nah it's time for bed but I'm just so pleased to let you all know I had what is called..." An Unusual Day".

Talked with my friend Jane today and of course the Duo is at it heavy but good thing is, Jane's friend Doris will be coming over on Friday to clip Ms Shug's wings.. Now the darling won't be able to chase Ms Reba through the house...LOL

It will also be safer too cause lately she takes off and I have to go after her...she's lovin the free falls but I'm watching for Zeke's Jaws to open..cause he watches her and I read his thoughts...LOUD and CLEAR

Tomorrow morning I've got to get a little more list is long but it sure is starting to feel good that I'm able to do a little more..still can't bend over without feeling a little dizzy..but hopefully that too will pass.

Watched Survivor tonight and just about go through the program..seems my times are getting earlier that I'm feeling ready for bed..maybe I need that ole Geritol..gawd I remember when my Momma brought that home it was awful..don't even know where she heard about it..but there we all were standing in line up and she had this huge spoon and one by one we got a it if wasn't that we got Cod Liver Oil..OMG.. I can taste it...I must be having flash backs...

Don't forget, tomorrow those kids will be out waiting for their goodies...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What a funny Tuesday :)~

What a funny Tuesday.  Woke up feeling pretty good and even was anxious to water my plants. Ah life is good! Gonna be a nice morning and maybe I'll attempt a little crocheting (which I'm way behind) even turning on the news and hoping no more Drama.....

Got the crew done and Ms Shug was just dancin in her cage..Yeah Ms Shug is sure happy and all is beginning to turn around....writing my list of things I need to take care of and starting a list of things next week I'll pick up when I'm out and about.

Pulled out the vacuum cleaner and really my rugs needed it badly but am taking it slow a little at a time....I thought I heard the phone ring but oh well I'll keep going and who ever it was I'll just call back when I'm finished.....

Put everything up and checked for phone message and it was the Doctor's office calling so I need to call back..."Hello, Let me speak with Pam".  Then the young girl says, "we called to ask you to come in today at 1:45pm".  I look at my clock and it's 10:45am and I had taken my reply was, "Sorry, but I can't, I'm not really able to drive right now and I also took Lasix ". The young girl comes back with, "can't you find someone to take you or call a cab"?  

At that point I got a little annoyed and my reply was,"look you're only just calling me and I'm just home from the hospital and really don't feel right driving. I have an appointment on the 4th and I'll see Doctor then".

This young girl wasn't gonna give up and her come back to that was, "Do you know by law Doctor has to see you within so many days and your appointment on the 4th is for only 15 minutes and a hospital follow up is 30 minutes". I almost bust out laughing. Can I really be hearing this. I mean do they really treat their patients like this and get away with it?

Now you know me this isn't gonna set right so my last words were, "young lady, for your information, legally I wasn't admitted to the Hospital according to their paper work I was only in oberservation so there is no Hospital follow up and Doctor's assistant said, "My appointment time was just fine...within 2 weeks    If Doctor has a problem with that have him call me and I'll make sure I get my full 15 minutes too"!

She hung up and I had to laugh. I mean don't call me the night before and ask. But just call me a few hours before and hop skip and jump. Lord help us. Is this the system that's gonna get better? Now I can't wait to see what is gonna happen when I go see him. Betcha we have the "War of the Roses". And ya know my blood pressure is gonna go up!

See it doesn't matter how my day starts off I have these little things that find their way to me....but ya gotta just keep rolling with the punches....and to think my day is not over I'll put this on hold ...

Thank goodness no more surprises other than our family finally finished our legal case with a probate from my Uncle's estate and we won the case..Now that was a good piece of news for a we all have to get to work and start the process of following what he wanted..

Watched  The X factor and twisted and turned to watch part of the Biggest Loser and also the Voice..omg..I'm not suppose to get this dizzy  hahaha...but I recorded them any way because I missed so much going back and forth...I was like Rockin in a couch :)

Ready for bed now and I'm glad this day is over...hmmm wonder what tomorrow will bring...?  Wanna take a guess ??????  Hahaha..

So with that I'll say, "Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Life is but a Dream , on this Monday :)

Life is but a Dream, on this Monday :) that's a catchy tune...and of course with me it's almost an on going symphony LOL.

This morning as I woke up at 5:30am I began my post, Good, good Morning and it truly was and a chuckle at that as I was thinking..Now I wonder what my readers will think of this story...and truly some times I have to shake my head cause it's like a Country Song or perhaps a Soap Opera..maybe Soap Opera fits the criteria ????? Duh !

On my post from yesterday I didn't finish with all the rest of the goodies as I felt you all had  enough, but there is more...of course there is. It's the At Home part...and trust me it's a whopper.. I mean I'd be so out of character if I didn't have the "At Home Part"...hahahaha..

My hubby swears that I'm BEWITCHED by Murphy. For me it's a "Go with the Flow" but for others...well I let them speak for themselves...some handle it and others it's like watching someone take their finger nails and go down a chalk board..OUCH !!!!

It was Tuesday night and hubby just left the hospital and no sooner did the "Doc" covering my "case" came in and said, "I feel you are doing better and you can go home"..HUH????  yep that's what he said... I could barely walk to the bathroom but I was stable enough and HOME I was being sent... Doc left the room and I called hubby on the phone.."Come Get Me".  I didn't hear anything so I repeated it again.."Come Get Me"...hahaha..

Half hour later hubby showed up and the nurse came in with lists of Do's and Don'ts..and script for what I needed..and out the door we went...Bye All ....Amazing Grace How Sweet Thou Art !

In the car hubby was just in shock and it was a quiet ride home cept I had him stop at the pharmacy and also had him pick up a pizza as he hadn't had as he drove I closed my eyes..couldn't stand to watch the road move .

Once home my critters went bonkers and had to settle them down.. Even Ms Shug went into Overdrive...she has such a loud shriek...Lord help me..don't wanna bust my ear drums and have to go back  hahaha...

Got settled in and hubby was working overtime himself I felt so bad for him.. he ran to the stores, did the chores and I tried to help as much as possible..I manage to mix the food up for the crew and he served it out..then came making up Critter food..again hubby did most the work I just manage to direct ..He looked exhausted and I'm sure he was..

He also had to work from home and log into the office computer and his days and nights were long..then come Thursday night Zeke took ill...was off his food and HELLO MOMMA he had a severe case of an explosion...OMG here we go.. Got Zeke out into the run and started to clean up...bring the bucket with disinfect I use for the crew..KILLS EVERYTHING..and sprayed and then got out the rug shampoo machine..

Got Zeke settled down and called the Vet's office to see if anything was in the muck around first off..nothing happening but hubby ran up to pick up meds for this . Got the fans going to attempt to dry the area as well plus help me breathe..Yep, I was trying to clean up the mess as hubby was running again.. poor guy and poor Zeke.

One thing about Rotties, this is a breed that can stress out pretty much and with me being gone and all that happened this could be one of the reasons this happened..and also since he had that HGE a while back you just never know..So it was here we go again..

My eyes not focusing, this was really hard to even work right.. so the night goes on and he settles down ..hubby shaking his well I'm with it maybe ..we all make it through the night and I take Zeke's temp, my blood pressure and we all take our pills...So be it !!!

Friday all goes well and Zeke is eating but I've gut his amount back and only feeding certain food...just to make sure we don't have another onset..still give his meds and we make it through that day and night...come Saturday morning...HELLO MOMMA... Ms Reba starts a bout with the same dang things...again here comes clean up and out comes the meds.. I quartered one of the pills and pops that baby right into her sweet mouth..

Now mind you none of them were sick and it just comes out of the blue..(does it remind you of something ???) and on we go..they never refuse food either but I make sure I only feed certain things ..chicken with some rice (and I always have rice) and by morning she's still doing ok and all are getting meds...

Come Sunday morning hubby is packed and ready to fly home.. I'm sure he was overwhelmed and kind of anxious to get away from the action..One thing about me the more action the more I forget my problems..and always, always have a punch line come into play..

Hubby took the trash out for me..that man of mine he's a GEM...and I was so glad he was with me.. and we all watched him drive out the driveway...and as towards evening I missed him..Got the crew fed and Ms Shug was doing her little cute tricks and trying to say something...not sure yet but I'll get it soon ..

Walk back to go to bed and I hear this motor running..and it's sounds like it's in my walls..What the ???????  my vision isn't great but I'm going around each corner to figure out where it's coming from.. could it be my A/C unit outside??? nope and still can't figure then head towards the back bathroom and feel the wall actually vibrating...OMG..what's wrong ..why is it doing it.. then walk closer to the back bathroom.....OH NO !!!! ...Hubby when he took his shower in the morning had the fan on in the back bathroom and never turned it off...OOOOOOH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... the lucky guy glad he wasn't here...YES.. that man of mine is a WINNER>>.hahahaha...

Went to bed and just laughed myself sick...I mean some days ya love em and some days...well I won't go there...

Now where here this I said, "Got up at 5:30am and boy what a good night sleep for me.. was able to get out of bed without too much dizzy stuff and even posted on the Early Risers face book page ..and gave meds out got the critters up and about..but taking my time .. Opened the blinds by 7:30am as day was breaking..let the critters out and coming back in I looked out front where hubby stacked the trash....

HELLO THERE MOMMA...have I got a surprise for you...YES AGAIN...Murphy strikes....My trash was all over the front of my driveway...hahahahaha...Does it get any better or am I making this Chit up ....????  Don't think so, I is good but not this good I grab my dolly as I can't really walk that well and my broom..( I know it's almost Halloween) and trash bag and gotta clean that up and I'm just laughing .. I completely lost it.. I mean it's just a given that these treasures are gonna happen to me.. and if you're lucky to ever be around me sit back and watch the show... I'm a novelty...or maybe an oddity...who knows but some day I might get lucky and win the Lottery and send for you all to be around me for the week...hahahaha....Make my day !!

Tonight I'm not planning much but who knows you'll just have to stay tuned..mmm maybe I could write a Sitcom.. bet I'd have a least you wouldn't have to watch all the trash that's out there.. cause I've done swept it up..hahahahahaha

OH, I am gonna watch the Voice and can't wait till hubby calls so I can tell him the with that I'll say, (early too) those travelin, stay safe and as always.. God Bless Us All..

Psst, Sharon, I sure hope this part doesn't keep you in chills but keeps you smiling..I'm sure you know with me it's "Go with the flow" and hopefully it's a good ways too.. as my world is like a Roller Coaster.. many ups and downs and twists and turns....and I survive  It's what I'm all about . :)

Just a little heads up to my readers... Some of these issues are really things that we need to think about. Those of us who are by ourselves Rving or living..the What Ifs are a real factor and having a pet when an ER team comes in. Large dogs it's a fact. Human life comes over theirs and I've tried to work on this situation to help others. So far I've come to no open door, but I haven't let the issue drop. So all please pray that we find some help for all of our Fur Kids
Thanks God Bless.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Revolting Development and it's now Sunday

A Revolting Development and it's now Sunday a week later...I don't even know where to begin other than the last time I posted I was feeling a little light headed on Saturday and by Sunday morning 2:30ish I woke up and didn't know where I was and couldn't stand...called Zeke over to me and as he came close to the bed I grabbed on his neck .. I slid some what around and felt the room shift on me..Uh oh !.. What the heck is happening to me ?  

As I attempted to get to my feet I felt my stomach turn and felt that burn in my throat.. I knew I had to get to the bathroom and with that I had Zeke back up.. (yes, if you are wondering, Zeke is very well trained to help me and strong enough to actually lean on) I got to my feet .. but boy I wasn't making much progress.. I couldn't focus and then I had that strong pain in the pit of my stomach...

Zeke actually got me to the back bathroom along with me holding on to the walls as I struggled with my footing.. my brain just wasn't functioning. I was disoriented (Doc says, I shouldn't use that term ????) I had that dry heave and raunching stomach going big time...after what seemed like an hour but probably was only a few minutes and extremely weak I made it back to the bed..

My head was just spinning, my legs were like jello...I was just so lost and just tried to figure what was happening.. I then had to make a call for 911 but I also knew I had to do something with the dogs...OMG fear stepped in big time..and I do mean BIG TIME !   I remember the Sheriff telling me along time ago when I first moved in and asked questions about ..What if ? situations..and here I am with a  What iffer.

A quick flash came to me and that was to call my neighbors Holly and Val and I had their number on my phone I mean it wasn't a no brainer I clicked on the phone and dialed their number.. I remember just saying, "please help me I need to go to the hospital"..and I gave them the code to the front door as I told them Zeke was with me... then I called my hubby and told him to get down right away...and then I had to make my way to the front of the house...yeah gawds that was gonna be something.

I had Zeke come back to me and help me get up.. Ms Reba was in bed sound asleep and thank goodness the ole gal was gonna be it was a journey for me and Zeke to make to the front of the house..and so we began slowly..I was holding on to Zeke and the Wall and God sure was with us..

As I got to the front I heard Val and Holly trying to get in the door and Zeke went into action.. I had to hold him close to me as I could feel his tense body and I told Zeke to Stay by me which he did as the two came in through the front door...

I had Zeke in a down stay and Holly grabbed the phone and called 911...then told Val to take Zeke out side in the car port...Zeke wasn't gonna move so I had Val get Zeke's leash..and I told Zeke to go with Val..I could feel the cold sweat coming down my face...and Holly got a cloth and wiped it..and held on to me..

My voice was shaky and I could sense I was losing it by now..and next thing I knew the ER team was coming in the door..they got to me within 3 mins as I heard the dispatch voice..that amazed me.. Holly grabbed my sheet of paper with my meds on it which I had just called in the pharmacy for...thank goodness as everything is on my computer ..but Holly would have been able to access easily.. I keep it on my Desk Top ..just click it.

The ride in the ambulance I'm not really that clear about as they ran a IV line which I'm very difficult to start as my veins are not good being a heart patient..then attacted a monitor and checking my heart then the BP cup and at that I heard the one fellow say, "We've got a problem"...ok, now I can feel my heart racing ...To the Moon Alice....but my head began to pound heavy and I was seeing sparkles at this point..

I don't know much about entering the hospital that I can remember ...but I do remember in the ER room...lots of people around me ...everyone moving quickly and handing things back and forth..lots of fast action...Doctor leaning over me and telling me I'm gonna be ok...OK, then what's all the hurry?????

Then I heard someone, not sure who..280/156...HOLY CHIT !!!   Is that me ??   Yeppers that's how high my pressure was ... now at this point I'm not sure I even gave a rats patootie cause my brain just couldn't gather anything.. the voices were like murmurs...and there was too much moving..

Someone shown a light in my eyes and I felt like it was a big search light and I didn't even know that I had a cat scan either..but somewhere along the line I had that done plus me..but it's what was said.. finally at some point the Doctor came in and told me I was now stable... they had given me a shot that dropped my pressure so quickly I had a seizure but was ok.. no heart my pressure was 174/100 and coming down..

At one point I wasn't sure who I was talking to but a priest came in and was praying for me...OK, was this my last rights ??????  but also a good feeling someone was praying for there I lay in the ER room and not sure who was next coming in.. I drifted off for a few and of course you know that's not gonna last long cause in came this nurse and she says, "if we can keep you stable you will be able to go home"   "WHAT"?...

Now I'm thinking, how? I mean I came in with ambulance, no shoes, no undies, just night gown. Then she says," who do you want me to call.."?  now I have to tell you I couldn't answer her.. I couldn't even walk my head was floating and my eyes weren't focusing...OMG...I'm gonna be let out in the street..Fear shot in and before you knew it my blood pressure went right back up to 220...the bells rang and the Doctor ran in...AGAIN...what the .... I could see the shock on his face and I know mine must have turned another color..cause here they go again...

Needles to say I was moved into a Observation Room ??????? that's what they told my's a step before they either admit you or remove you..OK, what I'm there and then come the Doctors.. ENT Doc, Neurologist Doc, Cardio Doc, and PhyTherapist, Ocupational Therapist and who ever else wanted to join in...It was the more the merrier...and of course the routine of "Stick ME"  get all those samples...and in the mean time I'm still in a state of confusion .

I did have a roommate that was having the same problem with Blood Pressure so every two hours they were hitting both of us.. REST..what's that ?????  I'm  trying to figure out where and what is happening..and of course I couldn't remember phone numbers..Why????  because all are in my computer or phone and I just click on a name..DUH??????

Finally my hubby came in around 6pm Sunday night and boy was I ever happy to see him...he then tells me he talked with me in the ER room.. ????? Do I remember NOT...I probably didn't even know my own name...but never the less I was so at peace seeing him and finding out everything was ok at home.. and just let's try to find out what is going on with ME.

Now to get to the chase as there was so much that went on ...Long and tall of it.. I have fluid behind my ear cause me Vertigo...they don't know what cause the Blood Pressure to go out of control and I've got more meds added to my on going list... I was released from the Observation Room on Tuesday Evening and have been on meds for Dizziness and my Inner Ear and have to see the Docs on the 4th of Nov...

Hubby was with me until this morning as he had to fly back to Philly and I am so thankful he was with me and thankful to Holly and Val as well.. in fact tonight Holly called to let me know her neighbor on the other side of her went into the hospital Saturday morning with the same thing as what I it Viral ? Could be..Still haven't a clue but my focusing is a little difficult .. I had to enlarge this to type and read...but Doc said, "it will go away"..

I'm feeling 90% better but I have my moments when the room will float...but I'm praying this crap will leave and all will be well...and ask did I see a bright light...well I told ya, "I did"...but about anything else it's like a dream...not really sure...

I want to thank you Li, for calling me at the hospital that made me feel so good and for all of you that emailed and sent a message and Linda, for posting on my blog as well.. These things  made my day, knowing friends you make on line do become apart of your life...

So that's my saga and I'm so happy to be back and still alive on this those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All...!

Psst.. if there is any technical errors they'll have to be fixed when I can see better....but you can add your own twist  ....:)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My oh My it's Saturday

My oh my it's Saturday...and my adventure still goes on.... I woke up with a weird right ear since my cold has been blocked and still causing me a few right now I'm slightly light headed...Wow is me...what in the world is this going on...but not to panic as I know I've not been eating right either so could me my electrolytes might me just a bit off...well I'll make sure I step that notch up..

Today John is coming over to pick me up to take me into town as I've got all my scripts to pick up plus I need a few things from the hopefully with a little slowing down I'll be ok..

I had John come over about 2pm as I decided to rest up and see if that mornings have been too early and not getting enough now here comes John...goodness I sure hope I don't have to hear about him and Jane in their latest episode..

Now I have to tell you.. driving with John is nerve wrecking..this man doesn't know the word slow nor does he slow down for turns...YIKES...and as we are riding down the road I feel his car shimmy..yeah it's either tires need balancing or an alignment.. I mention it too him..and it like goes in one ear and out the other...then I ask him could he slow down as my foot is trying to find the brake...HELLO world this man shouldn't be driving...and not with me in the car..

I can hear my voice saying a prayer cause he is just about all over the road..then I have this instant flash back...This was a dumb thing to I hope we have no major problems....couldn't wait for this event to come to an end and not mine !!!

Finally we got to pick up the scripts and to the store then it was off to the races again..hang on to your hat ...thank goodness we made it back safe and sound and I felt I could have kissed the ground for landing safely...

Will I ever do this again... Not in my life I remember ..never go out to dinner or drive any where with him...he means well but he obviously isn't aware of how bad he drives.. I'm a firm believer people should be tested again after a certain age !

Got in the house and my head was I lay back down and come dinner time I fed the Critters and just made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich ..hey it's protein and I wasn't really able to cook...

Watched Halmark channel tonight and now I'm ready for bed..hope this feeling goes away...but I do think it has to do with my inner ear...the last part of this rotten cold I had...

Well, I'm gonna stay good night and hope tomorrow I'll feel some what better. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All....

Friday, October 18, 2013

Flip Me For IT on Friday

Flip Me for it on Friday....I'll say... Got up a little early to make sure I'd have a few things done before leaving for the Car Dealership...and it again was a Foggy morning....but I was out and there by 7:30am..

Ms Debbie was there and took my car right away...normally she's the one that drives me back and picks me up when my car is finished but today she was doing desk work and took the car into the bay for the mechanic to take it out and test drive it...

Kevin took me back to the house where I finished all my chores and even went to the Rice Fields too...only have Ms Shug's veggies tomorrow to cook up and freeze ahead.

So I waited most of the day to hear the results of what was needed to be done on my car..and low and behold Ms Debbie called and broke the news to me...and yes, I was sitting down..

Seems my front brake pads were shot along with the rotors..and my tires weren't looking too good either..and then came the price which included balancing New Tires and Front end alignment as well...Hold on to your HATS!

All total as I remember Ms Debbie saying was "1300 and change"  but who's counting change at this point and car won't be ready till Tuesday...HOLY Chitski :(~

Now ask me if I feel good today....HA!  I choked on my words but there's nothing I can do because the car is not drivable and it has to be why this happened not sure..could it have been from the tire tread that hit underneath don't know but I'll ask..right now I was lost for words and some cash as well...OH MY STARS !

Then I thought I have to pick up my scripts tomorrow at noon I had to give John a call..Lord help me ...but he said he would pick me up and take me and I offered to buy him lunch..praying that he will behave himself cause ya never know...and being he and Jane are going at it again I'll have to hear all that crap...Aren't I really Lucky...Two Birds with One Stone

Tonight I just watched the HalMark Channel cause at least that would be pleasant and no horror stories all happy endings..and in my case I need happy endings..

Speaking of which I need to head to bed and pray my day will be a better one...and so all of you that are traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Amost back to Normal on this Thursday :)

Almost back to Normal on this Thursday :)...has a whopper of a wake up.. phone rang at 3am and I woke up startled.. first thing you think of is.."What Happened"...and I got up out of bed and answered the call..and it was a wrong number...Just what I needed..and of course I was wide awake and couldn't go back to sleep got up and walked up to the front of the house and tried as I might...grabbed my "Blankie" and couldn't go back to as soon as the news was on ...I was never mind the fact that the rest of the day was gonna be a whopper as well...Who knew ??????

About 10am I got a call from CVS in Pa asking me if I wanted my scripts ????  What was that.. I mean I know I called them in here in Florida...I knew I I explained that I had already called them in...then she says, "well I hate to tell you but the CVS in Florida hasn't requested us to transfer.."..

Ok, this has got to be another I hung up and called in to the CVS here and low and behold ..Nope the gal didn't put the transfer in and didn't even log in the scripts...HOLY CRAP...glad they called me..even if it was in error...

So I again place my request for scripts and then go on about my business..about a half hour later they call me back and seems my Insurance won't pay for's too soon ??????? OH NO !!!... it's not as I explained I picked them up last month on the could it I then call back up in Pa and explain my situation and they tell me I'm right that's when I picked them up ..

It's now..I got to call the Insurance we go I call up and tell my story and thank goodness I get this young gent who listens and doesn't have a he looks it up and says.."nope you can't get them.. till the 28 of this month"... I explain how wrong they are and some where some one put in the wrong fact I ask him to go back to the following month and he thing he says.. Hang on something is not right...No kidding..

He puts me on hold and I ask him please take my number down in case we get disconnected and he did..and I'm on hold as he's calling to another department...well make a long story short.. I was on the phone for 45minutes..and I was feeling my heart pounding in my chest...and then I realize I know what went wrong.. and it was back in August that the mishap happened.. the Doc wrote the scrips for 90 days supply with 3 refills.. and when they attempted to fill them they couldn't because I only get 30 days at a time so it bounced it and they had to redue it to get it to go through...

When the young man comes back on the phone he then goes into what went wrong..and  I told him I knew where it happened and that was then straightened out cause I got scripts after that.. so again I was put on hold and they cleared the mess up.. thank goodness..

So now I'm scheduled for my scripts this Saturday when I go into town.. and all is happy with the world..I hope..but dang that Murphy he did his best..but failed this time...

Tonight the drag hit me and I mean I'm so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open ..I gave meds a little bit early and I'm ready to say "nite nite..."  tomorrow morning I have to be at the dearlers at 7:30am to get my front end aligned and I hope that's all it is..

So with that it's Safe Travels and God Bless Us All.....over and out !

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Today is my Birthday and it's on a Wednesday :)

Today is my Birthday and it's on a Wednesday :) I'm officially 70 years old....where did the time go ?  Hubby called me first thing in the morning to wish me a good one...and of course my good one was I'm alive and thanking the Good Lord for all that has come my way... through good times, hard times and most of all adventuress times...

I had planned to just take it easy but I did have a few things I needed to get being going to the grocery store...(a chore I really don't like) and then come home unpack it and put it away...

I did treat myself to lunch and I was very surprised by the waitresses ...they all sang Happy Birthday to it made me feel really good too..but that chocolate cream pie was delish :)...

Also on Face Book a lot of the Sistahs wished me a Happy Birthday as well.. that was something special for me as well.. to feel that I've reached their hearts as well...only one sad moment and that I'll keep to myself...but I'm over it..

On the way back to the house I had to stop in the Chevy dealer as my car is not driving right's the front end.. I'm afraid it's out of alignment so made an appointment for Friday morning 7:30am.. yep, gotta keep that gal in condition.

Came back home and just leaned back and took a rest..I was tuckered...for me just being out and about was a lot.. and I could feel it.. but at least I wasn't coughing and my legs were a little weak but I made it through..

Fed critters tonight and all gobbled down their food even Ms Reba..she's been doing pretty decent and I hope and pray she continues...and of course Ms Shug she was showing her tail feathers..hahaha...she was wanting a lot of attention so she and I had our down time

Tonight watched Survivor and chatted with hubby and it's now the lights out scene...and I know I'm gonna sleep really good too...

So with that I'll give you that tune...Safe Travels and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

And On Rolled in Tuesday

And On Rolled in Tuesday....and it seemed like I've done this number before...woke up at 5am strolled into the living room turned on the TV to listen to the news and weather...

Started my pot of coffee and had to make a coffee cake as I was having a visitor..yep, my first for the first time I arrived...and it was nice too..of course it was with a project in the making...the kind I don't mind to do...

Come day break hubby called and he was just getting up and not feeling that great yet...we both chuckled cause it surely was a rough go for us both...and it seems as we get older it gets tougher too..

Most my day was just on a slow pace..and starting to sort through the bundles that are waiting for me... and of course I didn't go out and I now have to do it it or not !

Most of the day was gloomy but still warm ..was suppose to get a sprinkle but I think that passed us by...and I'm glad cause I've seen enough rain coming down and I'd just like a few more weeks of just nice weather..:)

This morning when I went out to water my roses..I noticed my bird bath lid was on the ground and cracked..really bummed me out.. must have been a raccoon cause the squirrels are not that heavy to knock it I called Dr Foster where I got it from and they don't sell just the replacement the gal gave me the name of the company that makes them..

Did a search on Google and got the number called them and they are sending me a lid for 30 bucks will be delievered by Fed X...OH LUCKY experience with Fed X has not been hopefully I'll luck out..Now that made me happy cause this bird bath is really nice..has a beautiful pair of Cardinals on it.. and you all know I love those Big Red Babies...

Tonight watched Biggest Loser and The Voice and then it was curtains for here I sit..just got off the phone with hubby to say "Good Night"...and I'll say again, "All those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All "

Monday, October 14, 2013

Goodness Gracious It's a Monday

Goodness Gracious it's a Monday and boy was I ever put out trash or not.. I mean I looked out the night before and no one had put theirs maybe there's been a change in the "Rules".. hahaha.. so when I got up at 5am I knew I had already had my cart packed to roll out to the I waited for day break..and still no one put theirs out..mmmm ok I know it's a HOLIDAY...Columbus..but would that mean no pick up ???? 

So I called up at the front gate..(smart move) and asked Security..."Is there gonna be a trash pick up today"?...sure enough.. so I wheeled mine out and just came back in the house and started my routine of Letting the Critters out..and then cleaning Ms Shug..feeding and giving her "the bath" which by the way she really loves to spread them wings and laugh while I spray that Looney bird down... I also giggle with I guess we were too Loons this morning..

And speaking of this morning was strange as hubby left Sunday and the house was quiet and I guess it will take me a few days again to get back into all the routines...and it will be more of pacing myself to get all my work load done.

Infact today I really only did a few things and no major coughing issues..a little here and there but no big blow outs...spoke with hubby off and on today and he was really I took a nap for him hahaha...yeah .. at about 3 I lay down and next thing I knew it was 5pm..hey, it felt great..even Ms Shug was napping..lets face it my whole crew was napping...we is one happy group.

Really haven't felt like eating much so I had some soup and even that was a little difficult to go down...but tomorrow I'm sure slowly I'll work in all back in..still the house feels strange...but do so enjoy watching through those big windows the birds that are starting to come back to the feeder to eat..

Tonight I watched the Voice..and recorded Dancin with the Stars which I'll catch some time tomorrow...but those singers..were really good..gonna be a tough choice for a winner...

My posting is gonna be short cause I'm still a little off kilter..seems as we get older it's harder to bounce back so quick...but I'm not in any hurry...not yet anyway..

So with that I'll say..."Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All"

Sunday, October 13, 2013

And Here's Sunday !

And here's Sunday !...boy it was an early one too...hubby had to be up and ready for the 6:30am pick up to the airport...and were we ever dragging ...of course it didn't help the night before we did up the veggies for the critters..

Hubby had just bought the Sweet Potatoes and Butternut Squash and as bad as I was feeling he offered to help...thank there we were chopping and me quick cooking getting ready to put up in the freezer...yep...we were team work but in the meantime thinking.."wish this was over with"...LOL

Come the morning hour I called hubby a few times and by the looks of him..he could have just said, "The hell with this " and went back to too...but this was our last morning together till Christmas..

Most the day I just lobbed around only doing a little and of course my critters always come first...we all watched the birds slowly coming back to the feeder and I waited for hubby to call and let me know he landed safely..

Now we are back into the routine of Wake up Calls ..on the Road Calls...on the way home calls..yep, but it does help and at least we know we are both ok..

The house was quiet and Zeke was looking for the Big Guy and so was Ms Shug..yep, she missed that man of "hers"...but hopefully she'll behave herself cause today ...this morning she was a bugger...not wanting to get back in her cage and really giving me a hard time..mmmm is this the rebel in her coming out now ??????

Although tonight Ms Shug was kind of warming up to me..even slept on my chest as we lay on the couch watching TV...mmm..she's a sweetie...but I'm sure she's got some things on the agenda...LOL... I'm gonna order her a play station so she can at least do things to keep her busy..and that helps me..and I need to get her wings clipped cause she's like a bumble bee ..all over when she puts her mind to it..

Tonight I just watched an old movie and waited to see how hubby was feeling..I know he's really I hope he just lays in bed most the day to make up for his loss of sleep..

That's about it other than I need to start pacing myself as I do feel the difference now with not moving around's like I'm playing a game of a few weeks I should be back into the swing and get my energy level up..

So with that...those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Saturday, October 12, 2013

From Sunday to up coming Sunday...Yes, I've Been MIA

From Sunday to up coming Sunday ....Yes, I've been MIA....where do I begin..or how to I begin..but a must too begin is where I is at ..

We left Sunday morning with a delay of the Fog..and slowly made our way through the bowels of Philly..and into Maryland.. where we stopped at the Flying J in Rising Sun... un hooked the car and hubby drove over to Mary's place...JeMar Pet a good friend she is.. we picked up my Critters food and cookies and then loaded the car with them and then re hooked and headed down and across the Francis Scott Key Bridge.. (the nose bleed to the world high) and as you all know I'm not very fond of going over any shape or form.. but I did what I had to do.. and then on down through and around back on to I 95...

I started to feel a little queasy and a little rolling going on in my the night before I really didn't sleep well and all the stress going on.. had my flu shot and thought I was having a sinus problem...

On down the road we go...and come into Silver Springs Md and go that route as I don't have to deal with any high ramps..(cause ya know they are making ramps reaching up to the heavens ) and I swing down and through a really neat area  ..looking of to the Mormon Church.. that is awesome.. Hubby took pictures but omg...well I'll have to plug em in when I find that attachment to my camera..(don't go there )..

Which we are now on 495 belt way..coming into the DC area and all of a sudded comes that bubble going along the bottom of my stomach.. HOLY MOLY... you got it.. up here they call this the Texas Two Step..not really sure why..but all I know is I Got IT !!!!...right in the midst of loads of traffic too.. OMG !!! 

I can only explain it this way... no place to pull over (if you've ever been on the belt way with a rig 38ft long with an extension of a car making me close too 50ft attempting to get to the inside of the lanes..and no one wants to let you in...and by the way I never saw so much traffic with people supposedly  staying at home on a was packed...

Ok, getting back to that feeling of.. It's gonna happen like it or not... I  can only say.. "if you watched the movie Bride's know what happened to me.."  I was the one in the wedding dress sitting down in the road..LOL  cept I wasn't in the road I was in the driver's seat...I started to cry and laugh at the same time..and just yelled to hubby... " Help me" was awful and I had to stay in my disaster till I could get off the road...

Talk about it now and I'm smiling but not then.. it's one of the "added moments you want to forget"...and was I sick from that point on I became very ill.. I mean I thought I was gonna die on the road.. my head ached body ached throat was sore and my lungs couldn't expand...and I was driving to Florida....My Lucky Day !

After cleaning up at the only rest area from the belt way to Va..I had to lay down for a few hours and make it to the Flying J at exit 104 Carmel Church where we stayed the night...

Come Monday Morning..I was feeling not good but new I had to move on and our next stop was gonna be the Flying J in South Carolina..but there was one in North Carolina if I didn't feel I could make I pushed on... and stopped at rest areas along the way...

Now I know some of you are thinking.."Why didn't I just stay in one area till I felt better." reply is simple.. I had only so much time to get down before my hubby had to fly back..remember this is his vacation time and with all the mess that is happening within his company it was not gonna be that easy...

So I managed to make it in to Latta, South Carolina and park again for another night...and I paced my time in leaving so that I had a few extra hours to sleep in if I could..which I couldn't sleep well.. coughing and sweating and then burning up.. I wound up taking hubby's meds ..well we split his now cold was a week ahead of mine...still could barely drink but I had to get fluids in and also keep my electrolytes in tack.. hubby did the critters .. I mixed their foods but he did all the rest...

We left and onto the next destination.. trust me every place I stopped was like the feeling was I gonna be able to go on to the next and in between did I mention the was like a Cloud Burst and heavy Winds..some times I had to just stop  driving as I couldn't see and couldn't fight the winds..yeah it was a surprise trip for sure..

Another night and one good thing I didn't have to fight for a parking it seems most the rigs were not staying in the Flying J's.. that's alright with me.. I've been doing this route for ages and it works for me best of all... also know most of the people that work in these Flying J's.. now that's amazing.. and Denny's isn't too bad.. try their Chicken Pot Pie Soup... it's pretty good... well I've had it before but must tell ya ..not this time.. I barely had much of anything..

Tuesday Morning we were heading on down (yep) to the Flying J in Brunswick, last stop over till we head into Florida and I figure if I still feel really hurting I'll stop at a rest area on I 75 and stay over night there ...but we made it in and I was in touch with Lori and Ernie from our RV group..and made arrangements to meet up with them..but told them it would be more hubby and I would stay in the rig.. I was not too good or safe to be come Wednesday morning we drove down to Exit 3 off I 95 and parked at the Cracker Barrel ..they came over and I talked with them through the window and hubby went in and had breakfast with them... I felt so bad as I so enjoy those two..but I did show them Ms Shug through the window... we said our "Good byes" and then we headed on out...

Oooops For got to mention as we left the Flying J in Latta, SC heading towards the next Flying J..about 20 minutes into our dry as the road was narrowing a Tractor Trailer up ahead of us lost the tread on one of his tires (don't cha just love that) and along I came right in the middle lane and cars on both sides of where to go...WACK I get his with the tread.. even though I tried to avoid it no where to even move I had tried to steer a little to the left side of it..but it didn't work.. NOPE.. it hit me up under the rig and into one of my compartments fact dented it from underneath and came up and out and slapped the right side of my car.. In fact left the marks of the tread right on the paint...and as soon as I was able to get off the road hubby got out and took a looksee...Now ya know I was just thinking major, major chit...but luck be on our was just the rubber marks and it wiped off with a little elbow grease and the underneath compartment not a big deal..but it's one good thing one got hurt but I felt like crappola....

Got into Florida ...took a short cut around 295 by pass and took the old road I use to take years ago cut off a couple hours drive..and got in and dumped the rig and flushed the system at my friend's house..she wasn't home but that's something we've been doing for years since a lot of the places have done away with dump when she comes back I'll have her over for dinner or we'll go out for dinner...then it was home sweet home in our Winter Haven...gawd it felt good.

Once I got into the house I hit that bed and I have to tell you I was bed ridden with a few exceptions of mixing the critter food and getting some hot tea, lemon and honey... I coughed my brains out ..felt like I did when I had pneumonia ..and just kept myself under the electric blanket...

Thursday and Friday I really can't even tell you all what happened cause I'm not sure I even know.. I mean I was just a mess..hubby kept asking me.."Want me to take you to the hospital "... but I learned with me.. don't take me any where call and ambulance cause I know I'll get looked at when I come in.. couldn't sit up in a chair in a waiting room for hours till it was my turn.. I might not survive..

Saturday has been so far my best day so far .. I even set up my computer and sat up for a few hours..but needed to lay back down again.. and I'm a little stronger and even drinking more fluids.. I still have some antibiotics left for a few days..and coughing (although I still am) is not as bad.. my headache has so far not been hurting as bad..and my throat is not as painfull..I've used all kinds of remedies..and who knows which ones worked the best...but it's working..Made a pot of chicken soup and that I'll have for a few days...

Did hubby's flight ticket and that I'm sad...but I know he sure needs a break and I've worked him so hard...but I also do realize he was scared with how sick I was.. so was I ..but I didn't want him to know that... I will miss that man of mine...and I know when he gets home he's gonna say.."Thank Goodness I know have a day of rest "... LOL

Now as for Sunday..who knows..but one thing.. I've got to take it mighty slow so I ain't doing only what I have too...That's my story as what I can recall..perhaps I'll have a few flash backs..but one thing...There is a God cause if not I'd be sure a Goner !

All facts are to the best of my recollection..I think LOL..and as I always say...Safe Journey to all that is traveling these highways.and God Bless Us All..

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Day To Take A Break on Saturday

A Day to take a break on Saturday....thank heavens...but we did do a few things go over the check list and have to make a few stops at the store for things that needed on last minute...

Got up this morning and felt a little better and still taking my tylenol and even had a cup of tea with honey and lemon..that sure does make the throat feel better from this hacking..but this sinus is a bugger...and hubby was feeling a little better..his antibiotics have kicked in..

He mowed the yard and the field as that was the last thing that needed to be done..and tomorrow morning I'll put a few things in the frig and then we'll be heading down the highway..

Have to stop at my friends place to pick up the dog food and cookies I orederd so that will take us a little she'll be at her place around 11:30am..So we decided that hubby will unhook the car and swing in as I drive down and we meet we did when coming back home..

I did rest up a lot as I just felt I couldn't push any what I had to do I did a little at a time..had chicken soup for dinner as that's all I felt like..and you know they say, "Chicken Soup is good for the Soul"..:)

Tonight I'm gonna try to get to sleep early so that I can then get another good night sleep..and I'm only gonna give the critters a light breakfast but Ms Shug will have hers in the rig..oh boy LOL

Got one of my small toy carriers for her to bring her out in the rig..and learned my lessong from the first experience..I'll do it I don't get the bites.. 

So this is short and sweet and want to thank all those that called me and sent me kind emails..and I will post as I go from Flying J to Flying J..LOL  

All those trucking down that highway to Adventure, Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, October 4, 2013

On Another Mission for Friday

On another mission for up this morning feeling like a mack truck ran over me..sore arm from vaccine..dang it..but need to get everyone taken care of so I can get up to Saul's early.. Need to make sure Ms Shug is secure as she learned a new escape hatch...Yes, that was added to my other surprises...

Seems she unscrewed the one latch on the side of her cage..let me tell you I couldn't open the dang thing..but this loony bird with her strong arse beak done twisted and some how not only unscrewed it but it fell on the floor..

I'm going to be calling her pretty soon..Dini with the phillips head beak..honestly I could hardly get the door back on and screwed in..How in the world did she do it ?????  64K question..she's she's damn good !

When the hubby got home and saw me attempting to fix it.. he ( like what all men like to do ) takes a go at it.. took us at least 45 minutes to fix the door latch.. and I'm telling ya we worked at I still shake my head..

Hubby still not well, but I figure maybe in a few more days he'll be on the mend..and what do I wake up too..ME..with the sinus drip..HOLY CHITSKI..but I'm not gonna let that sucker get me..Popped a few tylenol and let's get on with this day !

Zeke has to have a blood test done again and Saul wants an EKG..then we'll spin the blood and go from there...if there is meds Zeke needs that's fine but last night as I tried to sleep I thought long and hard on this and in between a few tears I made up my mind.. I'm not putting him through any more ...if he can live what ever life he has left without be it... this poor boy has been through the meat grinder and's not fair and for me as in how I feel about what happens to me.. it's the Quality of Life that's what's important.. 

Ya all know I'm praying really hard that this will pass as well..all this nonsense  does get to me.. I try and joke about it and boy there is sometimes when it's almost impossible but today I'm gonna tuck it in and get back to accepting things that you just have no control over...and my usual saying and I still stand by it.."Go with the Flow"..

Got to the office with Zeke and the vet tech had a little difficulty taking the blood not to make her feel bad cause sometimes things happen that way I just did it.. I mean I'm use to doing these things with all the years me being in Dogs and Horses.. it's like second nature to me and then the waiting for the results...This time his potassium level showed a little  we opted to do a little more in contacting the Cardio Doc and she was really busy but would work us in.. so home I went and waited for the call.

Just like in children it never gets easy...but in the afternoon she called and out the door we went... Doc checked him over thoroughly and she cut his Enalapril back a half a tab twice a day..and we'll retest but from Florida as Zeke  has a Cardio Doc there's actually  the Tampa Medical Center ..and they have an annex in the Villages..thank heavens..but we've been there and they were excellent.

Got home and hubby called and we decided instead of leaving Saturday as both of us are exhausted that we will leave Sunday's really best as I'm still feeling a little off kilter with just having my flu vaccine and stressed ..well no need to add more nonsense to it..and there isn't too much to do but last minute stuff..

Not much doing for us tonight other than maybe watching Under Cover Boss but for me I might be Under Cover Zeee...I sure am gonna make it an early night..and I looked over at Zeke and he is already under cover couch.. and Ms Shug is still locked in her cage..Thank Heavens...

That's about it for me today...and sure hope no more news either..other than maybe I won the lottery...HA !...

So those trucking down that highway..Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.....

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Go For It on this Thursday

Go for it on this Thursday...and I'll say.. I was up and in the shower and ready to hit the open road..had to be at the Hospital first then down to the Doc's office and went from one side of the room to the other... as I have two Doc's that I see that are in the same suite..just slip from one to the other is how I try to book my appointments..

Needless to say I was really exhausted and my blood pressure was on an up trend..and to hear results was like making me a tad bit nervous.. as I didn't want anything to change for me to be able to head south..

Still gonna have to see what we need to do for Zeke and that will be tomorrow morning..but let me finish this day...If I I was leaving the hospital I was grabbing a cup of coffee and waiting to hear what the results were if I needed to be infused or not..and that would mean I would have to then go down to Xray again and have a pik put in..

Got the high sign from the Doc and I was out the door..thank goodness ..that's one down and two more to I was in with my Cardio Doc and had to have my Echo done and my leakage is still the same (thank you) and next I slid over to the other side of the room..watched some whacky program and heard people conversing on "the Government"...oh give me a break puh leeez..I don't want to hear any more nonsense on all of those idiots..and I include all of them..!

Get in with my last Doc appointment and the office ran out of Flu vaccines..the ones for 65+  OOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!...lucky me so  then after his visit as he's  giving me the..Get my act together and calm down..HA !  Sure if you only knew what all I had on my I gathered all my "stuff" and out the door I went and now find someone who had that vaccine..wound up at CVS..and here's another joke for you... the Insurance company will pay for my Flu Shot but not the Over 65 one..hahahaha... so I had to pay 50 smackeroos and I'll call the agent when I get home...the SOB..

But if I had gotten it in the Doc office it would have been paid...?????DUH ???? you know all those that think this is gonna be some easy times ahead better get ready to flush your toilets cause that's how quick things are gonna go...Oh, and I checked into the Gov .com....well..I'm over the age LOL..

I'll leave this a topic for you all to discover and find out how lucky we all are :) and then I go on to my next stop over..and I realize I have the wrong handicap sticker..and so does the officer who stops me as I'm getting out of my car....Yes, my new one came..and I forgot to put it in the fault...did he write me up...NO, but he made me move my car and park way at the end of the parking lot cause there was no open spaces up front...Kiss my Derriere

How's my day going so far...other than having some good results...the rest can't go by fast enough...and hubby is as sick as of dawg...great guns... I mean where's my plastic bag  LOL..  

I'm now gonna take my shoes off and lean back and rest a bit.. I may more or I may just stay here till tomorrow...LOL..I do need to rest as I feel my heart beating really hard and that's not good...perhaps I'll watch a program I taped.....Ohhhhhhhhhh no !  Hubby changed the player box last night..oh don't wanna even talk about that just yet..that's a little much for me right now...but however as I did try to explain this...(get the picture here) those recorded shows and movies are color me gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need a break...catch you all a little later on...ta ...ta.... 

Well I had my little nap and woke up not feeling great but I've gotten my super dooper flu vaccine and feeling a little off kilter..and I'll manage...hubby gets in and I'm moving in the slow zone and he asks me to look at the phone bill...HA !...well I take a look and am speechless...

Taking you back when I was in Florida and I had all that problem with Verizon and the "new phone set up".well all this was suppose to be all taken off my bills and no charges both coming and going...HUH..again I take a look at this bill and for the past 3 months I've called and asked, "What gives"...

Today was no exception to the room.."What gives, and I feel like crap"..took me and hubby two hours to explain and have them explain why my bill is reflecting close to 800 dollars..yep you are reading that right..but I'm not crossing my t's or dotting my I's either...cause they think they have it fixed...

Needless to say...I just had a Dr Pepper cause I didn't feel like eating and hubby sure as heck didn't even feel like talking but talk we did till I'm blue in the face and tomorrow I've got another deal to go through..

Another early run out of the house and take Zeke up to Sauls..and I'm just so not wanting to hear anything bad.. I'm wiped mentally and physically but hey, there's got to be a light at the end of this tunnel...for sure..

I'm gonna call it quits and head to bed..hoping that I wake up feeling like I can lick the world..well at least a Popsicle.....For all you traveling down this highway..Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sun is Shinning on this Wednesday

Sun is shinning on this Wednesday morning..and hubby is still a little under the weather...but is still functioning..and that's a good thing ...His fast moving is some what slowed and that's a safe thing for all of no Dagwood Bumpstead out the door..

For me I did get to sleep in a little longer..was up at I'll settle for that cause it gives me a little more time to wallow..after all when we start out on the road I don't get to sleep that great and although my bed is comfy I get that feeling of.."can we get up and get going "... I know it's whacky but remember I never said, "I was normal"..I mean really who is actually "Normal" we all have some sort of hang ups..or downs..

Me, well I'm a bit of a "get your motor going" but me legs have other is what it is and I'm attempting to deal with it..some days I win and some days, "they win"..hahaha..In fact you should hear me argue with that's wild..:)

Cleaning out the frig and making some it's been a train wreck in there ...can't find a blessed thing . Been shoving things in and out so I have no choice besides if I don't do it now it will never get done till I get back and by then you just can't imagine the Forrest I find..LOL..gotta love that man of mine :)~

Not much cooking today cause with hubby off kitler  I have that pot of chicken noodle soup I made so that's what we'll have again tonight..and you know always the next day things get better..and I have some orange sherbert in the freezer and that will help his sore throat too..

Got a call from Saul a little after 9am and when I heard his voice I just knew it wasn't just a I had mentioned he had taken some tests of Zeke and was waiting for the results..well it seems Zeke has a high elevation in his potassium level which is not always good.. As I spoke with Saul we had discussed several reasons..and both of us ruled out Addisons Disease..and then we went down a few other items... 

Zeke's out put of urine is not restricted and his intake of water level is still the same..he's always been a big water drinker from the beginning of that hasn't changed and all his other testings have been diabetes and as I was talking I mentioned his Enalapril which he's been taking for 2 years or better and that can cause an increase of potassium.. 

So as it stands now I need to bring Zeke back up on Friday around 10:30am for another see if it's a false positive..but then my brain goes into over drive out comes my microscope and centrifuge..yes, done many a tests and stain them slides better than most..never out of practice here...but you know sometimes with knowledge it can also drive you bonkers.. 

Ok, so I am now at the waiting game and I just hope and pray this big boy don't have any more issues..he's gone through so much his entire life ..I always hoped and prayed that the rest of his remaining life would be much better..then I think maybe it's what I'm feeding.. like he gets all kinds of veggies and sweet potatoes, yukon gold potatoes,butternut squash..yeah I'm a nut case but all my critters eat this way.. like I mean I make it up in tiny cubes.. I put a little in each bowl..a mixture..see here I on another wild goose chase..

Can Friday come soon.. I mean, what ever it takes for this big boy we'll do..but Lord please help us all make it through this ordeal..I did ask Saul to also fax Dr. Porter in Florida to keep him updated if there is treatment or what ever we won't have to wait it rosary beads are spinning now. Heck if I burn a candle I'd probably have to use a torch ! 

Tonight hubby and I are gonna just sit back and watch X factor I need a little music in my heart and I'll record Survivor..but I bet I could teach them a thing or two about surviving real issues..

Just got a call from hubby he's on his way home so I'll make this an early post  and call it a day...pray to God that this too shall pass...So with that all you traveling the highways Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh Good Grief, Now What's Happening on Tuesday ?

Oh Good Grief, Now what's happening on Tuesday ?   hahaha..Ok, another interesting episode..and in cause you are asking.."No the faucet is still not fixed "...puh...leeeeeeeeeez  I've got the biggest sponge you ever did see in your life.. I think the man went down to the deep blue sea hahaha...ssshhhh I need to think positive...I called the plumber he'll be here tomorrow..after hubby goes to work...I couldn't stands no more .!

Now I'm up at 3am couldn't sleep..maybe feeling guilty cause I called the plumber ???? NAH...just guess it's more anxiety of being on the count down ..but what ever I tried and I tried to go back to sleep ..but no I crocheted a bit then turned on the news..UGH...what can I say ..more nonsense about the government..To me personally they're all idiots..the play the blame game well and each side isn't any better than the other... 

Perhaps We the People should make some decisions after all we run our homes better than they run the government...I personally feel these jokers should have only a short term and forget about retiring in office..heck they sleep half the time and lie the rest..mmmm sound familiar..????

So I'm back to sitting in my chair and wanting to get some things done but it's only 5am..well, soon I'll put on my pot of coffee and make a toasted corn muffin for breakfast..clean Ms Shug's cage and feed her then give her a shower..which she loves and laughs..then on to feeding the Critters and clean the run and sit back while hubby rushes down the can hear the thunder...woo hoo.. and out the door he goes with cola in hand...Happy Trails Buckeroo..:) 

Well, by 11am got a call from Hubby...he was having problems with his sinuses..wonderful and he couldn't get into the Doc's office so he went to CVS clinic and got some antibiotics...and went back to the that means he'll come home and go to bed...poor guy see I must have had insight to schedule that plumber...:)..

Sure hope he's not to sick when we leave on Saturday..but if he is, he can just lay down in the back bed or on the couch as I do the driving any way...and, oh my I'm just smiling here..I should be ashamed of myself..but goes.. I don't have to hear the back seat me the ..Watch of this..did you see that.. LOL...yes, he is a wonderful man but some mind does the quick flash...yep, some days what a pain in the arse !!!!...

I made up 4 dozen pancakes for the freezer ..vacuum sealed them too.. so this way it's gonna be easy for him ..also have corn muffins in the freezer ..I think I do hear my freezer burping..but I will take a few with us for the travel down..

Friday I'm gonna turn the frig on so I can load that up in the evening..while it's plugged in electric it always gets cold fast..nice about that.. and just make the bed as well.. I feel my adrenalin mounting as I'm writing about it..

I think I'll make some Chicken Soup I have some chicken breasts in the frig as I was going to make baked garlic chicken..instead I have some egg noodles and carrots and celery.. that will be easy for hubby tonight and always good for you..something in that chicken soup remedy.. 

Oh yeah before I you remember me telling you all about my DirecTV episode and we cancelled out them sending the box as we weren't going to be home and couldn't guarantee  it being sent back in time.. well surprise, surprise..the dang thing showed up at my door this afternoon..WHAT????  even after the young lady said, "She was canceling it out till we called in...hahahaha...guess our word means something hey????

My stars it just keeps getting better and better don't ya think ..hahaha.. Wonder what next I can do to have more that they even over night it's delivery...

Tonight hubby wasn't good although he did get his scripts and decided to drink one of my concoctions.....that took me almost 35 years to get him to even try...and here he is sitting in his recliner drinking my potion..wonders never cease me...but he did stay up to watch the voice ..and it was pretty good too....he has no fever just a bad sinus infection which he gets almost every year...sure hope the meds start to kick in and give him some relief ..

Now it's time for me to get my butt in bed...and again see what tomorrow brings I mean I may get another surprise at my door..ssssshhhh we won't talk about  it any more LOL..

Those trucking down these highways Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..