Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Little Tough Go On Wednesday

A little tough go on night time wasn't to too bad..but still having to make sure Miss Annie gets her business done so we can sleep a little longer in the eve..and it was about 12:30am when she went out again because who knows what she got into...

We were up at 4:00am and "All" went out side and then it was the free for all till about 5:30am and they seem to settle down for a bit...that's when I can at least get in a cup of 6am...huffing and puffing..chasing them suckers down !

Today I got a call that Ms Reba's ashes were ready and I have to tell you I got choked up..but now she was gonna be home with Joseph and Abby and at night time I can say, "good night".. I know but you know we all have our little quirks !

Jane called and wanted to come with me....OK, so I went and then we went to Walmart first to pick up a few things then went and picked up Ms Reba..and home I headed after dropping Jane off.

When I got in the door it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop >>>>UH OH!!! yes, when it's quiet with a house full of critters somethings I put things up and walked slowly into the dog room..checked Miss Annie first and she was "surprisingly good"...and then scanned down to Rudy...OH MY STARS !!!!

The S O B ate the vinyl flooring I just had hubby put in his crate  .. I mean it was in pieces..I let out a scream..that sucker new it was curtains for his young arse !!!  He got a "What For" and all the others ducked .. I mean this chit was all over his crate and outside too... in tiny pieces.. a 24 x 36 sheet..shredded like cheese..I was so furious I forgot about feeling sad with Ms Reba coming home..

Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise..don't know but I do know I was so pissed I could feel steam coming off the top of my head... Rudy stayed out of reach as he knew he was treading on thin ice..and Miss Annie was so good..too good so I'm waiting cause the day isn't over just yet .

After dinner tonight I've been sitting out in the carport with the this way they can run in and out and play and then drink their water...then they seem to lay down on the cement flooring..and I stay out till almost 7:15pm which then I come in and give Zeke his meds and they get their make believe ones..and I put them in the dog room so I can take Ms Shug out...

So Ms Shug gets her hour and I can clean her cage as well..and tonight I did my setups for Ms Shug for the month.. makes it easy with her food so I can get things done without the brats causing major you all know puppies are noted for..

Then watched Survivor..I feel like I'm a survivor..!  and tomorrow morning I have to go and have blood work so it's gonna be another run for my life issue..

Now I'm waiting on the last go out for Miss Annie and hopefully this will set her a pattern that we all can sleep some...With that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Trailing Along On Tueday

Trailing along on Tuesday I tried something a little different with Miss Annie... I waited till 11pm to take her out again before going to bed..Yes! it was past my bed time..but I figured this might do the trick...and it did..well for last night anyway... she slept straight through and got up at 4am...

I'm sure hoping that I will get a nap in the day ...LOL...I'll squeeze one in some how...but most of the day went well.. Rudy and Annie did their usual destruction and I was right behind them with the broom...

The Roof guy came and checked the roof..said, "Everything was ok and check my vents as well..and told me not to worry I have a life time guarantee.." for me but he came and checked and signed off all was well..he did a little touch up on the part where the coating was coming off .. and then he left..

Mister Zeke gave me the "What the @^&## is going on"?....and I assured him that soon this will come to an hook or by crook...and it did towards about 2pm..we all caught a nice nap..and I prayed no more surprises..LOL

Then the storm rolled in and it was banging and snapping..OH YEAH !  it was a gooder and we all sat out in the carport..didn't bother Miss Annie one bit she was busy getting into things and then running out to potty with Rudy and I was standing by drying them...

Me thinks they enjoyed this deal as I was going through several towels..YUCKO..another load of laundry coming up...and I took a few pictures which were pretty cute..have to figure how to transfer from my iPhone to here..but I'll post as a catch up..

Watched the Voice and glad Kat got saved..I really like her...and then it was get the crew out and attempt to clean up the mess they left me in the living room.. oh yeah.. LOL That's a full time job.. who'd a thunk it with these little ones..????

Now I'm ready but can't go till I get Miss Annie out for the last go round..hopefully... so with that.. Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hubby Went Back Home On Monday

Hubby went back home on Monday...hated to see him go..but I understand he had to get back to the office...still was good that he was here and I'm sure Ms Reba wanted that way too !

Miss Annie is still a pistal..still not sleeping through the night..up at 1:30am and then again at 4:30am...sure wish this would change...gonna try something a little different and see if that works...before I end my night I'll take her back out again..perhaps that will do the trick :)

Most of the day was just keeping up with the brats and of course Miss Annie got into another chewing episode..the other lamp..I mean this gal has got some chewing action and no matter how much I give her to chew she still goes for more...and Hubby just fixed the other lamp the day before..

They're gonna call my house patch work if this keeps up... but I took that lamp cord and she got you know what.. and when I showed her the cord she made a bee line for the door..YEP! she knows what she did..

Jane came over later this evening after I put the brats up and I made Nacho Belle Grande for our late night dinner..then Rudy wanted out.. and boy what a mistake that was.. He jumped on the little couch almost knocking that over and if that didn't matter he jumped on Jane and almost sent her over backwards..WRONG...well she let him have it.. I wasn't happy about that..but I did understand..but however I will correct him..

So my night was Crappy..and I told Jane I understood her reaction but don't do it again... I'll take care of it and it was my fault..he's a pup and doesn't even realize his strength..he was just excited to see her..

We watched the Voice but I can't even tell ya how it was I was not really in the mood ..kind of ticked off but like I said, "I do understand"..then Jane left and I gathered up the brats and we headed to bed...

So here I sit..still thinking of all that I should have done and didn' tomorrow I've got the roofer coming to check out my roof and see what's happening..and I called Joe to come over and fix my of those days..

With that..those traveling Stay Safe and Watch that Weather...and for the rest of us.. as always..God Bless Us All..

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Bizzy Dizzy Sunday

A bizzy dizzy Sunday it surely was . This was the last full day that my hubby was going to be here..sad too..cause I really enjoyed the breaks I got and most of all the warm love and support from this wonderful human being.. I call "the hubby"...

Last night I did have a little bout of empty feeling and I'm sure in time it will slowly fade but my feelings for Ms Reba and all that she and I and Joesph and Abby..went through together.. they were my rock to help me make it through those difficult days..

Ms Annie again is still on the several times a night getting up..and she's getting better in the house..I've also increased her feed too.. More in and more out as hubby says LOL..

Most of the day we were really busy doing the last minute getting things done..and even made a pot of gravy tonight.. Hubby made dinner and we had Nachos Bel was gooooooooood !

Also we got the carport cleared out and I just couldn't get to it.. but hubby worked his but off.. and I heard him tell Zeke.."boy, I'm glad I'm going home tomorrow and rest "  LOL..

I told him he didn't know what he was in for.. and I'm not kidding..these two brats are on a high energy level that you are on the go constantly until they plop...and when they do.. YOU DO TOO !!!

Just printed out hubby's boarding pass and feel sad now..but I know I'll be ok.. just have to take it easy and if I need to cry .. I need to cry..however, I know when Ms Reba's ashes come home I'll feel better..and then soon after I know I'll dream of my little gal..

So with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.....

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Difficult Time On Saturday

A difficult time on Saturday...after a very hard night ..I cried myself to sleep..I'm at peace with Ms Reba passing but missing her was just so difficult..She's been with me for so long and each night we'd have our little ritual.  These things you just take for granted until they're no longer there..

Just climbing into bed and knowing she was no longer with me..was do sad..and Yes, I realize it was what was dear little partner in life was no longer there..

You know you morn when you lose a person and you understand that's our life cycle...but for some reason these fur babes hit right in the center of that muscle called a heart...they've made such deep tell them things that you know will never be repeated...they console you when you are feeling blue and lonely...and most of all they bring you such joy and happiness without any strings...just loving them in return with a hug or a pat or even a treat...makes their world go round..

But cry I did and tried to sleep...but it was just too difficult and then Mister Zeke came up and laid beside me ..just like he'd did with Ms Reba careful not to step on us...and snuggle in as close as he could..

By morning Ms Annie took over with her antics and then big little boy Rudy as goofy as he is followed suit...the morning became a blur and kept me hoping ..running after them as they were getting into things..

Hubby got up and said with a grin from ear to ear..."This is really one of the dumbest things you did "  meaning my two brats just made his day...and they do as they get into anything and everything.. We both laughed...and my day went on..

Only when things got quiet did I start to fill up again...but as the day progressed I realized my heart was going to stop aching as I will dream of my little I've done in the past with all my others that have gone over that bridge...and I have to say, "I can't wait for that dream"..

Hubby and I kept busy most the day and that helped...he did all the running to the stores for me and we put up some veggies for the critters as well which will help when I have to make Critter food again..

I did get a nap in as it seemed we all just tired out at the same time.. Ms Annie and Rudy plopped down and Hubby and I took a couch.. Ms Shug was nestled as well and Mister Zeke came right up along side my thing you could hear the ZZZZZZZZzzzzz and it was well needed..

Tomorrow morning is a big push to get a lot of things done before hubby leaves at  6:15am Monday morning..and boy am I gonna miss him...

With that I'm gonna get my butt in bed and watch a little TV and home Ms Annie sleeps in ... So those of you that are traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

Friday, April 25, 2014

Rainbow's Bridge On Friday

Rainbow's Bridge On Friday..... I dreaded this day..and here it was...The night before was hard enough ..knowing that I was going to let my Ms Reba go...

Ms Annie was on her marathon of getting up and down and Ms Reba again was restless..and when we all settled down Ms Reba rested her head on my neck..right behind on the pillow and I could feel her breathing...I so wanted to just cry...but then I thought how selfish I was being...I mean this little gal stayed with me 18 years through thick and was my time to let her go..although I know she didn't want too..

Come morning I could barely talk..but I knew I had to make the I made breakfast for the critters I gave Ms Reba her bowl of water and with that she really wasn't that much interested...and changing her diaper I could also smell the sent of death..oh my little one... I'm so at a loss.. I just don't want her to suffer..

I called Dr Porter and Rosemary told me "Doc was out of town today at a seminar.".. my heart sunk as I explained about Ms Reba...Rosemary then said, "I'll call Buffalo Ridge Vet Hospital"..(this was where I had taken Zeke to have many tests done as the Florida Institute comes up from Tampa and uses this place as their annex) and then I called an made the appointment...

The girl said, "Bring her in at 9:40am".. I just wanted to crawl and hide.. as I was getting Ms Reba ready I just knew I couldn't do this.. I mean I knew it had to be...I just couldn't hold it together to go.. my hubby looked at me and said, "I'll take her and hold her as that will make it easy for both of you"..

For me my whole world was just turning upside by one I was losing my babes...Joseph was very hard for me..and I had months where I would break down ...and then Ms Abby... Robert flew in for that and held her as she was his baby...and now Ms Reba...OMG... my heart was aching..

I did hold her close and I could feel her lifeless body just tremble.. I told her I would never forget her and we'd be together again..and that Joseph and Abby and all the others were gonna be waiting for her...she was so limp..

Hubby grabbed the blanket and wrapped her and left.. my heart fell as he drove out the drive way...Why couldn't I be with her.... I was so heart was aching..

When Robert came back he told me.. the Vet was really very good..they gave Ms Reba a sedative first then another shot to stop any sickness that may happen and she just relaxed and was sleeping.. Robert held her to the end..and hugged her..and gave her a kiss on the forehead just before her heart stopped..
Ms Reba is now at peace and off and running to meet Joseph and Abby..

Most of the day was hard as I was going through her things..and putting things away...I'd have my bouts of not holding it together..and then hubby said," let's celebrate Ms Reba's life and what it meant to us" we did..

Now it's bed time..and I'm looking over where Ms Reba would be...and it's tears are falling as I so wish I could go back in she was such an important part of my life and how she helped me get through so many bad times..she and Joseph and Abby..

Mister Zeke now jumped on the bed and looked for her..and now is looking at me.. he knows..and he now is getting in her spot...I guess he'll be here to comfort me through the night...Hubby is putting the brats up as they are all coming racing into the bedroom...

I see the look in hubby's face..he too is missing our little gal...I just wish I could give her one more hug..

My pray tonight is simple..."please God, she's spoiled and it's my fault, but she'll love you forever and keep all the others in line..may her wings be strong like her will, thank you for sharing her with me for all those years "

Good night Ms Reba... You are now in God's Arms

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happiness And Sadness On This Thursday

Happiness and Sadness on this Thursday....morning for me was hectic and I raced through the house chasing after the Two BRATS !... Ms Annie is still a 2 stopper...she gets up at 12:30am and then at 4:30am..oh my stars... and Ms Reba again had another restless night..poor sweetie..she's trying so hard..

After the house is up and all is getting going I had to makes sure everything was done as Mike was coming over to complete the frame on the screen door.. he and this other fellow picked up a grating to cover over the front of the screen to prevent anymore ..gotchas !

When they finished ..Clancy called  OH NO !!! Yep, he was coming over to wash the room ..TODAY ????  yep! again everyone had to be put up and the sound of the water force hitting the room...Good Gravy...

At 1pm hubby came walking in.. of course there was a mess all over and the room noise was loud.. Ms Shug was screaming and the Critters were barking..HELLLO THERE....YIKES !!!!

Was good to see hubby as I was so down in the dumps... we chatted a bit and then he went over to see Ms Reba... and I knew and so did he..I could feel my heart paining me... I didn't even want to go there..but I had too...

Breakfast I had to force feed her and dinner she is just not wanting to eat..but she'll drink water and as hubby picked her up I saw his facial reactions...Yes, she's waisting away... I have prayed for God to take her..but I guess not..she isn't suffering but mainly just sleeping now..and she still is passing her fluids as I have her in a diaper.. but my Ms Reba really isn't there..

When she wakes she tries to come into the kitchen and falls down several times..but she comes to me..and my heart just breaks.. I hold her but I know she's not really with me...

My love for her is for her to be at rest..and I have to let her go.. She's not wanting to leave as she's trying to still be with night time she comes so close to me.. and rests her head on my shoulder..It's such a pain I have right now... but I have to do what's right for her..

Our strength in believing we all go to a better place...and that's what I have to trust in.. that she can cross over and meet up with Joseph and Abby and all the others that have gone over... and one day we all will meet again..

So it is with great pain tonight as I will hold her close that I say my Goodbyes..and tomorrow call Dr Porter up and make arrangements... he's such a caring Vet..and so gently he'll talk with me.. as he's done before..

I'm so thankful that Robert (hubby) is here...and I know he feels the same way to say his goodbyes as well..

I ask those that do read my blog tonight ..please say a pray for Ms Reba..and also for those that are going through the same with their fur babes..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Much Much Better On Wednesday :)

Much much better on Wednesday :) thank goodness..although between Ms Annie and Ms Reba I is still hoping along...Ms Annie is sure stubborn but me broom has many many swings left and she's getting the idea..a little on the slow side but when I go swoosh..she high tails it...she sure can move fast..!!!

This morning after I got my chores done I packed the group in the car..each has their own crate (yes, I left Ms Reba home her space is in her cuddle bed on the couch and sleeps most the day now)...and off we went ...

Trying to get Rudy over his motion air was on and Rudy could see Annie and Zeke and hear my big mouth...and he didn't do bad...I had a few to stop at John's house and give him that extra package of chicken I only needed he got the other one..and of course he had to look at the crew..well..that was a big car rocked at that..

Mister Zeke is very protective and that wasn't sitting right with him...then I left there and headed to CVS...another whopper...when the gal asked for my info..the crew chimed in big time.. I do believe we broke the sound barrier..and I'm still hearing ringing in my ears..

The weather was pretty nice and I had my door open to the carport so the crew went in and out..and I left the screen door ajar so Ms Annie could access..and then after they had their wild race they all plopped don't on the floor and slept..
hence I got my nap too..YEAH !

Night time after dinner they were a little bit antsy so they jumped off and on the couch..LOVELY...and then at 7:30pm I give Zeke a pill ..they get their goodies and I put them up.. Got to Watch Survivor...

I'm doing that now so I get my out time with Ms she needs her time too..and she was a little wild..yelling all kinds of crazy sounds then dancing around the back of the couch ..then finally came up to me for cuddles and lifts her wing for me to scratch her..yes, she's a sweetie and boy she's gonna flip when the hubby comes in tomorrow.. she won't know me then...

However, I'll be able to get a great rest..and I do need a day for ME ! tomorrow Mike, is coming over to fix my screen door..put a large grating to cover the bottom half so I won't worry about my screen getting hit again.

So with that.. I'm ready for bed and had my Root Beer Float..boy that was good too...and lean back and watch some TV...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Holy Hell On Tuesday

Holy Hell on when I say truly was...Ms Annie started off being a pain in the arse the night before..when she went to bed within a half hour she was up yodeling....ok, so out we went and she pottied ..big time... now it's not like I don't put them all out before bed..but for her..she wasn't ready yet so it was tuff chitski ..

So in we came and I lay back down and within another hour she was up again complaining...oh...ok, out we go again and she then goes and lays down...WHAT?????? OH NO WE DON'T!!!! I get her up and bring her back inside..a half hour later she starts again... mmm...see it's not like we haven't done this before but because the little wench eats anything she might have an upset out we go.....well she walks around like she owns the place..then she looks at me..and yep, she goes..YEAH !!!  back in we go..

Now it's about 2am and I'm dragging.. Please Annie let's go to sleep !!! we get a few hours and then she starts I look at the clock and it's 3:30am..up I get and drag her out the door... my house lights must look like I'm sending an SOS....

By this time Rudy wakes it's his turn and I finally give up and get him up ..he goes out and looks at the stars..WHAT????? then goes potty comes running in and the charge of the light brigade begins...that lasts for an hour and they all fall out.. and so do I...

About 6:30am I get back up and let everyone out because Mike and a few of his crew are coming over to do the yard...NO REST FOR ME...then I get them fed and sure enough Mike shows up.. everyone is in their crates...

Ms Annie was not a good girl..nope..she done did her business in her crate and I was not a nice lady.. I done whipped her butt..and threw her arse out the door...I'm not gonna let her get away with it..

Meanwhile I'm having problems getting my scripts again..Same Chit..and I call and talk with the Pharmacist.."What is it this time"...They claim they faxed the Doctor and he hasn't responded..which is I call up at the Doc's office and talk with the nurse...she tells me .."No fax came in".. so I call back to CVS...again they claim they now sent 3 faxes..HUH?????  So again I call back the Doc's office...and the nurse then calls CVS...come to find out CVS had the wrong number...?????? now this is crazy because they've faxed my Doctor before..

Ok, now all is well...(maybe) and then I back to find out when I can pick my meds up..and their reply..Doc hasn't responded..HUH...I wait a few hours and then again..No I call back the Doc office..and the Nurse tells me...their fax won't go through...HOLY I call CVS with the nurse on the line and the pharmacist won't talk with me only the the nurse then says, "Look I'll call them and see what the hell is going on"...

Talk about a Chitty Day...I had it.. and in the mean time I have Jane coming over as she went to Sam's club for me to pick up Chicken that I cook up for the critters and I was making Shrimp Scampi for dinner...did I feel like cooking..HELL NO...but I made a promise and that I had to keep..

At 5pm I called CVS  and hello there finally they were gonna do my scripts up.. now I have to tell you I'm so sick of CVS and their bull crap that I think next time I come down I'll go on mail order..and Lord help me I hope I don't have the same chit.

Again Ms Annie did another number in her crate.. this time I really done a number on her arse.. she is being a real BITCH...and the day before she was an Angel..but then I think about Rudy and all I went through with him.. Stubborn and took forever..well I got news for this GAL...she's gonna be in for a big surprise...her fun time is limited..and her crate time is increasing and I'm gonna put her arse in a tiny crate she poops or pees in it..she'll be in it up to her eyeballs...

Well that's how I feel..who knows if I'll really do it..but I'm so angry with her...did I tell you this is the dumbest thing I've done at age 70....DUH..

Ok, watched the Voice and I think I fell asleep for a few minutes and missed most of good thing I recorded it... I'll watch it tomorrow..with that I'm gonna say.."Safe Travels to All and as always God Bless Us All"

Monday, April 21, 2014

They Call It Easter Monday !

They call it Easter Monday !... and that it was cause my day was just a little laundry and eat left overs..:)

Ms Annie is still on that double wake up and at 4am I let her and Rudy out and this time they didn't play too much..just a little then curled up and slept for an hour...HELLO THERE..

Ms Reba is coming along slowly but this time she really has made another down hill slope..she's not suffering but she's really getting weaker.. I'm still feeding her and I still believe she's waiting for hubby to get here...

I still give her those hugs and she comes close to me as we lay on the couch together and even at night time she'll move close to the back of my neck and I feel her lay her little head down on know this little gal is surely gonna be missed when she joins Joseph and Abby...and all the others that have crossed that rainbow bridge..

My day was pretty good as Ms Annie and Rudy were really pretty I'm not saying they are gonna stay that way cause I think they just had one of those moments...Like..hey, we could be this way..but we is NOT ..!!!

I did get to spend some fun time with Ms Shug and she really was so sweet and doing her dog barking then squeaking like one of the toys..oh and she can dance too..when the music comes on..look out Ms Shug can bop with the best of them..LOL..

The count down goes like this..3 more days..woo hoo.. and I'm gonna take a day for myself to just if you believe that you is better than me ...:)

Ok, I'm watching the Voice and I'm about ready to spread mine..across that bed..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter On This Sunday !

Happy Easter On This Sunday !  April 20th 2014..

May your Basket be filled with God's Love....Have a Fantastic Day !

A Quiet Saturday :)

A quiet Saturday :) for a change..thank you !!!...Last night Ms Annie was at her finest..she was such a good girl..and of course we had those two wake ups.. I hope this changes..but it was a midnight and then again at 4am...but at least it was not in her crate :)

Morning the brats were going at it till about 6am then they plopped and by 8am I decided to feed them breakfast a little I needed my coffee...then once all was fed it was Ms Shug's time and of course Ms Reba..

Reba is still holding her own and trying..but I'm still shoveling it in..but she's at least keeping it down and no major issues...that's all I can ask for but again this morning as I got up she moved over into my area and yep, I was changing sheets again and washing..but I did put another pad on both sides now so hoping for the best.

I got to make a little potato salad and mac salad and tomorrow I'll make some baked beans and cook the small there will be some quick fixin during the week..and speaking of week.. in 5 days hubby will be here..woo hoo !

So far so good with Ms Annie..she's been not having major accidents and I'm not gonna brag cause I just want her to keep on this upward trend..guess she finally is starting to grow up..of couse Rudy I don't think will ever...he's pure demolition man !

Also part slinky..he folds when you pick him up ..his body gets so limber..he's pure Doofus!!..but such a sweetie..right now I decided to write my blog as I put them brats I could make my  bed too LOL

Gonna just take it easy and get up front and take Ms Shug's her time now to cuddle..she's pure sweetness..and what a fun gal too..she's big into making all kinds of sounds..a little talkin but much more noises..

So with that.. I'm gonna say...Safe Travels to All and God Bless Us All..

Pssst..Happy Easter Too !

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday !

Good Friday !  and it was from start to finish..even as far as Ms Annie and Rudy Tootie..they were not so bad..and Ms Annie was so good I don't even want to brag about it..NOT JUST YET !

Most of the day I let the critters play till they dropped...and I did put them up around 2:30pm for mine and theirs nap time...and then at just 3:45pm I let them out and by 4:30pm the thunder came and lightening..WOW  heavy rains that you couldn't see in front of you...and the winds..YIKES... I sure don't like these types of storms..

However, as quick as it came it was color me gone...thank you Lord and I know this was a very special day...and I thank the Good Lord for all that I have and am...

Then towards night time I put the darlings up at 7:45pm till bed time when I let them back out and then to the back bedroom we all march..they get their treats and my treat is to lay down beside Ms Reba and Mr Zeke and thank our Lord for it being a better day than yesterday..

Now this is short and sweet cause I'm just wanting to hit that bed and wait for Mister Sandman to drop that fairy dust and let my good dreams begin :)

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless..

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Been Tried On Thursday

Been tried on Thursday...I'll say...Ms Annie pulled her usual..and here I thought she'd start sleeping through the night..NOPE.. I think she likes being dragged out of her cage and then carried to go potty outside...all this special treatment she feels is right up her alley...any one got a bowling ball ?????

Well, we all got up at 4am and low and behold even Mister Rudy was up to no good... I let them all out (the brats that is) and then they came back in the house and played like there was no tomorrow...Good Heavens !

Then they settled down and went to sleep and so did I.. I must have been just too dang tired...and I woke up about 20 minutes later and started to get their I walked into the dog room...HOLY CRAPPOLA...YES, both Rudy and Ms Annie left me deposits...NOT GONNA HAPPEN>..but it did and I was one mean Momma !!!

I grabbed them two and put a shaken to their brains and tossed their arses out the door ..when they came back in they were crated for several hours...and I don't think I could even speak their names...

Don't know what's going on with those two as Rudy has been doing fantastically...but for some reason..whether I slept through their attempt to let me know ...don't know but I can tell you ..they won't forget those moments..

So with my spare time (hahaha) I put my Crock Pot to work and did a BBQ and also made a double pan of brownies which I'll freeze for later use...and I had a few moments to myself..:)

Later I made a trip up to Winn Dixie for a few staples and then stopped by John's house as he went to Walmart and picked me up a few things..then headed home...

Most of the day was good with a few little set backs..but I'm gonna start riding hard on these two...seems it's Misery likes company...and my foot is gonna connect to their behinds.

My day was kind of slow after awhile and we all sat outside in the carport with the fan going..felt good..chatted with hubby for a bit and then put the brats up at 7:30pm and they were in till 9pm and out time and now to's my only free moments and I intend to grab them..

Those free moments I speak of allow me to spend some time with Ms Shug and she needs her time too..she's such a sweet thing..and boy does she love to snuggle...

Ms Reba is holding her own and eating what I feed her and still drinking water on her own...I still think she's waiting for hubby to get here..I might be wrong but that's what I feel..

Now for bed time for me..I so need my down time..wish it was with that I'm gonna say.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm Still Kickin' On Wednesday

I'm still kickin' on Wednesday....I'm telling ya I'm amazed I can still move's been a little bit much since last night...Although Annie slept through till 2:30am but she got back up and yodeling at 4:30am...I didn't get to lay my head down to even think...and forget about going for another half was do or too bad!

Rudy is a tyrant, and he just has Annie's flame growing brighter..she is like electrified by his presence that she has to engage in ACTION...Lord help me those two are unreal...

I finally get to put them up by 6am in the holding stage till 7am when I feed..and then they give me enough time to get Ms Shug fed and some what cleaned and I even get a cup of coffee...and I beg for mercy as I feed Ms Reba..yes, you read that right.. I beg for mercy cause I threaten to end their place on this earth...maybe it sounds awful but it's just words in heavy desperation LOL

I did manage to get out as I put them back up around 10am to head over to Ace Hardware to pick up some things I needed for the a rake and weed killer and rose and shrub food..oh and I even got some leaf bags ..

Haven't heard from Mike (who lives in her and does yards) so I had talked with Lonnie, who once before did my yard and he works for Jane..he agreed to work for tomorrow I'm gonna call Mike once more and if he can't get over than I'll have Lonnie to clean up the yard .

Most of the day the "brats" were good but then after dinner they were at their finest of driving Ms BarbZeee up the freakin wall in they went with a little help from my broom...and they were sentenced...Hey, if it works I've then got peace and quiet..and I'll take it.!

Watched Survivor, but I didn't see the ending fell asleep and woke up to Ms Annie giving me her standard out they went and then it was give pills..and put them all up...and here I sit at my computer...

Got Ms Reba taken care of, she was a lot better today..more active but still not eating on her own..only her "pill" treat..but at least no upset tummy and I got her breakfast and dinner in...and she is drinking water on her own...that's a good thing !

Now I'm ready for bed gonna hit the site to send Easter Cards cause if I don't do it now I'll forget...with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....psst. can you whisper in the brats ears to at least "try and be good "..

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What A Dark Tuesday

What a dark Tuesday...:(....started off with Ms Reba peeing through her diaper so I had to strip the bed..and it would be that she moved off her pad that she lays on and on to my is what it is !

Wasn't really that awful I mean I had just got the last outing on Ms Annie and got to lay back down for a half hour ..(that was wonderful) when I felt wet..I'm sure most of you that have had their babes in bed have had this experience one time or another..

So I got another wash load at 5:30am and on with my day.. now most of it wasn't to bad.. I mean the critters were playing and they tired themselves out and then I wised up and closed off the dog room so they had to go out to get their water and potty...(Finally)

Then a mean arse storm rolled in ..the heavens opened up big time !  and the down pours and wind were unreal...I kept my cell phone handy which I have the alerts on and also tracking the storm as was Fast and Furious..

Jane didn't come over as she was stuck with all the rain and a leak in her that breakfast casserole got cut up in pieces and I hope freezes well..Later on Ms Reba started to have some problems..(when it rains it pours)

Came time to fix the critters dinner and the storm passed.. Ms Reba didn't do well ..everything I gave her she brought back up...I sure hope this is just a little glitch..but she slept most the day and is still..although tonight when I gave out the "pills"..she did eat her little treat..

Got her all set for the night but will watch her closely.. I'm hoping and praying she holds out till hubby gets here...but again..if it's her time..I have to do what's right...she isn't suffering but so not really wanting to be bothered..

Now watched the Voice some really good talent..any one could be the winner ..

With that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Labor Of Love Was Not This Monday !

A labor of love was not this Monday !...Heavens to surely was not..woke up with Ms Annie at Midnight then again at 4am..come on sweetie this is getting old...but I did make her go back to sleep for a bit..even if it was just a half hour.

Once Rudy gets up it's over with and the war of the warriors begins..and I'm telling ya these two are unreal..they play hard and anything in their way goes down like Timber ....heck I get out of their way and I give them till about 6am and toss their butts in their crates to cool down before I give them their breakfast..

Again I still have that on going issue with Annie..must be something in the air..cause like how Rudy was ..I don't care how many times I jump on them they still continue to do what they want..and with Annie it's still pottying in her crate..don't care if I just took her out..OH NO !...well, I'm fixin to do a number on her young arse !

I hate when I really have to come down hard but this is now getting to be a challenge between her and  me..and I'm GONNA WIN...or she's gonna walk a little crooked ....LOL

Today I made an appointment at the Chevy Dealer to get that dang back wing window still wasn't closing and tomorrow it's suppose to be a down pour and that's just what I don't at 2:45pm I drove down.  Just as I get in the slip for service I press the button and the friggin window closes..HUH?????

Cindy the tech comes out and I tell her..."Hey, the dang thing is working" she gets in and pushes the button several times and it's working ???????? She then tells me.."Look, if we start trouble shooting it could take all day or maybe quickly but it could cost you mega bucks.."... I think about it and then tell her..."I'm not gonna use that window"...LOL  she agrees..but don't it just bite your arse when things don't work you go to get it fixed and it's working ????

I did get my tires rotated and my oil changed and then I headed back home and of course Ms Annie was I let them out then started making their dinner...I go in and there she's done peed in her crate... was I ticked..YOU BETCHA... so I pushed her nose it in ..and picked her up and put her out.. then when she came back in I put her back in her crate..

Later we all sat in the carport till about 7:30pm and then I put them in their crates so I could watch the Voice...and just now I let them out and then put them back to bed...Looks like we is gonna have a little bit more crate time..

Ms Reba is holding her own and today I had to give her a bath as I'm putting a little of the dry food in her mixture so she had a little soft stool...I see her now going on the turn ...I'm just holding her as she sure is trying...but I do feel looking at her she's getting tired..

Hubby comes down in 10 days and I'm so glad..I know Reba will be as the last time he came she was happy to see him..maybe that's what she's waiting for..I hope so..

Oh well, I'm ready to climb into bed and finish watching the Voice it's really good...those traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless Us All

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Here It Is Palm Sunday

Here it is Palm Sunday, a day where it should be peaceful...Notice I said, "Should Be "...but not for me.. Murphy Strikes Again !!!!!!

Last night Ms Annie did not too bad..she woke up her usual time and then again at 4am..yeah, we need to get her on some sort of better time schedule..ugh ...but I'm dealing with it if I can catch a nap..only way I can keep this up ...

Most of the day the two of them (Rudy and Annie ) were complete nut jobs.. in fact they raced so hard jumped on the small couch and sent that over was like Tally Ho or perhaps..Timber ..take your choice but it was wild..

My yelling means nothing until I get up and get one of them and make them squeal..yes, that's right I'm awful...but remember these are Rotties not no little whimps..and hence..spare the rod spoil the this case get two wild big huge bone heads Momma has to be it or not..!!

Later towards dinner time I got everything ready and low and behold my Micro Wave seems not to be working again I try to heat up the water (I use warm water to their dry food) and no I check and re program it and again zap..nothing..ok, one more time...and Holy CHITSKI...the dang thing goes up in smoke...

Now I would think this was not a good thing.. I's Smokin' I unplug it and I give the pooches just their dry food with a little water to moisten..(never feed plain dry cause it cause the dogs to dehydrate and they drink too much water which for big dogs could cause bloat) and then after they are done eating let them go out to potty and then charge out to Walmart.. Just what I needed  :(

The parking lot was packed..OH ME OH MY OH !!!!...and I finally find a parking spot get into the store and go to where the microwaves are..hmmmm now I see one I like but nothing underneath to show me they have it..just the display...WHY?????

Find another one but it has a browning element..NOT FOR ME>> I'd burn the sucker down..with my luck ...then I find one a Hamilton Beach so I grabbed that one..and here we go again..lugging that baby back and into the house and take the old one out (which by the way I just bought that GE last October) and my arms are feeling like they've been stretched past my knees..

Let the critters out and Annie stops at the water she looks like the goodyear blimp..she drank so much..she must have been yodeling since I left..too bad and I made up my mind ..if she pooped in her crate she was staying in it till with it if you is a PIG !!...but she didn't ..however she pottied in the dog room..out comes the rug shampooer...good grief I sure hope this stage goes by soon...or I'm gonna ship her to the MOON !!

I also had to feed Ms Reba as I make a special meal for her so I had to have it heated..and got that done..I stopped before I got home and picked up a burger I was so hungry I woofed that down..tonight I'll have indigestion for sure..

When I get back to Philly and my doc wants to do a stress test..I'm gonna tell him ..come live with me and you tell me if I need one of those suckers..I live in stress... I am stress...I breathe stress...and I wonder why my blood pressure is so high..HUH ?????

Just put everyone to bed and that's where I'm headed... may we please sleep all night... just once ...pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Saturday, April 12, 2014

What A Nice Saturday :)

What a nice Saturday :) it turned out to be !....Last night Ms Annie slept till 1:30am then back up at 4am..ok so I only got a couple hours and no sleep in..mmm maybe later on I'll catch it up..

Most of the day was pretty darn good.. I got to even take a let me tell ya this one did make me a little nervous..but most the day Ms Annie and Mister Rudy were in their.."run for your life" mode and then all of a sudden they seem to just collapse..LOL... and at that time they were out like a light..

So I leaned back and thought I'd just watch ..well I fell asleep..the ceiling fan had a nice breeze going and my door was slightly ajar so that they two bombers could go out if need be...however, sleep I did !

When I came too (from being unconscious LOL ) I had this awful feeling I was gonna open my eyes to something unbelievable...sure enough it was..NOTHING they all had slept just like me...Oh how Wonderful !!!

Most of the day they weren't too bad..cept for that one mad dash as I filled the bucket with ice would have thought I put a steak down..but Rudy loves them and so does Ms can hear them crunching on them..well Zeke went to get a drink and Rudy charged and next thing I knew I saw my Christmas Cactus go over...

HOLY CHIT !... My big one too my gorgeous white one..OH NO I"M GONNA KICK THEIR BUTTS...they took off like a bolt of lightening...just a quick flash Rudy was in the dog patio and I saw the matt go flying up in the air..stones flying every where ..hitting like they had been shot from a canon !

What my day gonna end a night mare...went over and picked up that plant checked her over like she was my child..only a few broken pieces..ugh !!  and then they all quieted down...they better had..Momma was steaming .

These two seem to just enjoy their battles and Ms Annie really starts them..she now has taken to jump on the little couch and wait till Rudy passes by and she jumps on his back...YES! Jumps on his back...I just shake my head..

Now I've learned another thing.. to put them in their crates at 7:30pm and let them relax then by 8:45pm they go out potty and get their treat then head to the bedroom to gives me a break to get my morning pills done..the ones I use to be able to do have to do them Sat night..I no longer have my quiet time.

With that.. I'm so ready for bed myself and it's Quiet..for I'll say.."Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.."

Friday, April 11, 2014

Holy Smokes It's Friday

Holy Smokes it's Friday and I have a Vet appointment for Ms Annie...woo hoo..:)....last  night was one of the best sleeping that is... Ms Annie only woke up at 12:00am and then slept till almost 5am...I'm telling ya my prayers were answered...LOL.

Then the crew all got up and the fun began...Ms Annie and Mister Rudolph were on till I put their butts up at 6am..gave me time to get my coffee without a fuzzy wuzzy in it !!!

Then come around time to get to the Vets I decided to take all of them..Yes, that's right ..ALL OF THEM....Rudy needed a road trip as he gets car sick and I need to get him prepared for when we head back home and that's a long, long ride home.

When we got to the Vet's office I made sure all the windows were open as it wasn't a hot day and there was a breeze...and me and Ms Annie went in..well low and behold Rosemary, who works for the Doc..came over to say hello to Ms Annie...

Dang it that little huzzy was nasty...and I mean she wasn't gonna let any one close or I gave her a what for under the chin and a little put her arse in the right spot..and each time she showed this side of her another WOP !..yep, if you don't correct this now's too late down the road..

When we got into the Vet's exam room she was on good behavior..thank goodness ..but this is a little something I think that needs a little more attention..and because she plays so rough with Rudy it doesn't help matters..but we will fix this ..that's for sure .

So Annie got her vaccines and even her chip inserted..and then we came home and all of us took a nice nap..YES.!  got one in ...and the rest of the day was not bad.. she was a little tired from the vaccines...and later on we all sat in the car port and the breeze was nice..had the ceiling fan on and didn't come in until almost 8pm..

Now I have all back in the bedroom and Annie is attempting to settle down..and I hope we have another nice sleep...and still in training but we are getting better...a little each day...

With that ..those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All..

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Swift Kick Off And It's Thursday

A swift kick off and it's Thursday....was not a bad night as Ms Annie slept through till 2am..I am ecstatic ! Then she thought she'd just let me know that was just a little kindness for the day we got back up at 4am ...:(

Ms Reba decided she wanted up and she jumped off the bed in which I sat right up and proceeded to follow her and with that Ms Annie woke up and even
 Rudy got up so the race was on till just about 6am and I had to put them up as they were tossing their toys and hit me in the head then one winded up in my cup of that was a chit off they went till 7am as that was breakfast time for the gang.

After that my day went down hill and I do mean down hill...Ms Annie decided that she was gonna be a CHIT !  and that she did in her crate..OH NO WE DON'T and it became Wup your ARSE DAY...even after I cleaned it up she went outside played came back in and peed in her crate...WHAT THE $^&#$!...

So it was a day of WUP ARSE MS ANNIE ..and she squealed like a PIG ..that she was...!   I was on her ARSE like a Fly on way was she pulling this you see some times they can be spiteful..and here I done did some bragging on how good she was getting...

Guess you might say if I had neighbors they might have thought I was killing her ...the thought came into mind..(I know I'm going to hell in a hand basket)..she had me so angry..then afterwards I feel terrible..

Wonder if my Momma, every time she kicked my butt if she felt bad..cause sometimes she really did WUP ARSE  and I'm telling ya, it Stung !!

Later on as I calmed down she and I made up...however, I hope it stuck in her pea brain..cause I sure don't want to repeat this's too exhausting..

Now we're at bed time..she went out and did her business and came in and went right to the bedroom as I gave everyone their little pill ...:)  and here I sit at my computer ready to just drop off the face of the earth into the world of Slumber ...come on Mister Sandman...bring me some great dreams that Ms Annie is finally housebroken..!!!

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Holy Banana It's Wednesday

Holy Banana it's Wednesday...and getting a little better with Annie..although we still have this several times a night or should I say, wee early morning hours that we have to get up ..but I'd rather have than then her doing  it in her crate..

Got up at the last go and there was no going back to bed..(sigh)..and the rest of the crew got up..then it was the battle of the fittest ..hahaha..yep, they have this wild exercise that included the Big Guy...and I just sat back and watched it take place..

After all got tuckered out and were fed I decided to take a quick run to the store (big mistake) went to Winn Dixie and heck they were out of all what I needed so I then went down to Sweet Bays which by the way is going out of business..HUH?>??? so then I got back in my car and went to in a few good stuff and even bought myself a piece of Coconut Cake..and when I got home..OUCH !

Yes, I was gone way too long and HELLO THERE ..Miss Annie done did it !!! YUCKO...but I got everything cleaned up and all went out..she stayed far from my reach as she knew I was pissed at her..she's been doing so good ..but not today..not now...back to the drawing board..

Some days you win and some days you just is a big JERK..cause they got ya !..So now I know she has only a short span still..ok, get over it..into the washer goes the beds and all and tomorrow starts another trial and error..

I'm still trying to figure out her time span..I mean she's just 3 mos and I remember what I went through with Rudy..I've also changed the food amounts as I feel she's getting too much and it's in and out ..hope that helps too..

This afternoon I did get to take a nap..even if just an hour..and in fact all the critters did ..they were stretched out on the floor and all were we all did our rest or fall out together...

Tonight watched Survivor with the pups up and I let them back out to potty and back to bed..this was my time..even if it's just an hour...they are getting use to going in their crates at 7:30pm ...they don't fuss which is good...and look forward to the last go out and "pills"..which Zeke is the only one that gets a pill LOL  but they like the pill pocket..

Miss Reba is still holding her own and I'm still feeding her..but she gets up and walks around..but seems to sleep most the day...I'm glad she's in her comfort zone..

So now those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thundering On Tuesday

Thundering on Tuesday.....yes, it was gonna be a stormy Tuesday and trying to get the critters all done before the down pours or even in between..with a little help from the clouds :)

Ms Annie was up and about several times ...and she seems to be now changing time on me..just so I don't get too use to it !...However, I'm still attempting to get some kind of sleep in there...and the final out for her at 4am I attempted to lay back down till 6am if I could..but nope I was up at 5:30am..ugh !!

Most of my day was weathering the storm and hoping no major crap..and speaking of that..well Ms Annie did it in her crate..OUCH...but it was trying to get her out and it got a little good thing..she didn't devour it..Thank YOU!!

Ms Reba is coming along but she has bouts of not wanting to I make her a small meal and let her try ..then I make them meat balls and stuff her..sounds awful ..but it's not.. she then gets up and goes for a drink of water..then settles down and sleeps...and lunch time she wants some of what ever I'm having..mmmm .

By afternoon the storm blew off and it was shuffle the critters and try to keep them from jumping all over the place..cause not being able to let that energy out is dangerous LOL...well in my case it is..cause they reach for the stars...that's how high they jump LOL...yeah I know a little bit of hyperbolizing..:)

I did manage to get at least an hour down time..and I sure did need it... and that came when the Voice came on.. I put the two wild ones up and I leaned back on the couch and watched...

Sure can't wait for them to get to a calm stage so they can enjoy being out and relaxing with me...seems like that day may never get here...wish I can a tenth of their energy level...Lord help me..

Now I'm ready for bed and put them out for their last go..well except for Ms Annie...and bed seems so wonderful...wish it would last a little longer ..soon ..soon...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

Monday, April 7, 2014

Will It Fly By On Monday

Will it fly by on Monday....well again my nights are interrupted and soon I'm hoping that Ms Annie will sleep through like Rudy...that boy can saw some wood !

Morning again I let Ms Annie out then took her back to bed instead of staying up.. I need to catch up on the loss of sleep so any way I can I am gonna try..and so far so good she lets me sleep another hour..

Most of the day it was making sure Ms Reba was getting enough food in her..she only nibbles on her food and then I do stuff the rest to build her strength then when I fix mine she's in for what I'm I give her a little at least she's eating it on her own without me plunging it !

My problem so far is with Annie and her problem of eating fecal..she's been not too bad today as I'm out there.. I feel this is something she's been doing as a babe and when crated too early she ate it instead of laying in it.. I've googled to solve I do know dogs in the wild will do that's a disgusting habit and lord don't cha just know I'm the luck one to deal with it..YUCKO

I've use Adolph's Meat Tenderizer as it's an enzyme problem so maybe that will work..when I remember to sprinkle..and then when I take her to the Vets on Friday I'll discuss it also..

Her potty time is getting better but I still have to keep on top of she has to run out the door and to the back and when she's playing which she does so often and hard..she and Rudy are a wrecking crew...

I'm also now putting them up more often to slow them down..they wrestle so hard don't want them to get hurt..but she is the culprit !..but their out time gives me a break I said, "When I can get a minute or two I go for it"

Spoke with hubby tonight and am so glad he's flying down even if it's just 4 days..heck it's worth legs are holding up and I don't know how..but my nerves YIKES..puppies can put you over the top quickly...LOL

Watching the Voice as I have no more left..from yelling STOP...NO...GET TO BED ...yeah I could hit that high note...but all and all once these pups are trained they'll be wonderful..just getting through it...that's the tough part.

With that...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wow Is Me It's Sunday

Wow is me it's Sunday....(sigh)...My morning was rather different..this time I only got up twice and then I decided I was gonna attempt to go back to bed even if it was only for 1 1/2 hour.. and sure enough it worked..thank you !!!

Got up and the rat race was on..these two youngsters are a burst of energy that don't seem to peter out.. instead I do...then I get up grab them or should I say "Con Them" into going into the dog room and in their crates..(I know I'm mean) and then I can get on with the rest of my work...once in awhile going in and threatening them within an inch of their beings...hahaha...well it works that's all I care..

But today Ms Annie was pure unadulterated rotten to the core...she didn't listen and didn't give a hoot either. Mister Rudy tooty was a pistol as off they went to their crates and they sang a mean arse tune...ear plugs needed !!!

Ms Reba today, was the first time she actually ate on her own..and I was happy to see that although it wasn't a lot but it was something..later on I did stuff her again as she needs to eat !...she seems to be coming around a little more and I'll take what ever she can do for how ever long she can..

Then it kind of hit me..all this trying to get things together and keep things going and I got zonked..I mean I just had to stop and take time for me ...I mean I needed to lay down on the couch and take a nap.

Later in the day hubby called and he booked his flight for April 24th and return on April 28th..I'll take it.. I need a break..although I'll wait on him..but at least he can do some of the in and out routine..but probably by then I think Ms Annie might be just about broke...SHE BETTER BE...!  but she sure does have a temper...too bad Ms Annie.. I'm ALPHA !!

Tonight as I started to write my blog I checked on a few that I follow as I really haven't been on line only to post days have been difficult and that old crappy self pity sometimes whacks ya...any way I see where Tioga George had open heart surgery to replace a valve ...and he had wrecked his RV in the process ...sad but happy to read George is mending well..

Also read where Elisa Bond lost her battle with cancer..such a loss..she and Nathan and Sadie had some tough goes in life and Elisa was such a brave woman. I will miss her writing as strange as that seems..she truly was an inspiration and how she wanted to be a part of Sadie's life...but Elisa you did give Sadie a big part of you that will live on in peace your suffering is over..

With that those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Day Of Challenge On Saturday

A day of challenge on Sunday...and it truly was...Ms Annie's night call was several times...and I felt like I was never gonna get to sleep..although I did manage to catch 2 hours...

Then Ms Reba was having a restless time as well..she couldn't find her "spot" and up and down and twist and then finally she collapsed..then went into a sound sleep..thank goodness..

By morning time I was just about functioning..although I went through the motions I really just did it by "what's next" ? ...then towards mid morning I just sat back on the couch..had the door open and the screen door to the dog patio ajar and in and out they went on their own.. my legs just could not carry me any more..

Annie follows where ever Rudy goes and Rudy has become a good boy and I just watched the two of them tag along..perhaps this will help Annie with her confusion of outside potty inside play..but she is getting better and her tummy problem seems to be at a stand still till she eats something strange again .

Ms Reba most of the day has been sleeping and I wake her to get food into her..some times she'll nibble other times it's "open the hatch and down she goes"...but I've got to get some strength back in her...she also hasn't had a bowel movement since her bad diarrhea....but she also has only been having small by tomorrow she should be starting too.

She's been walking around a bit and going into the dog room to get water but then comes back to me as she stays very close..she and I are like two peas in a pod..and tonight she came into the kitchen as I was getting the pills ready for the week..(I no longer have my free time in the morning) and I gave her a little treat..then got the others out and we headed all back to the bedroom..

Annie and Rudy go into their crates and Zeke jumps up on the bed in his spot..Ms Reba waits for me to place her in her spot and then I give all but Annie a little drink of water..Annie will get hers when she gets a little older and is potty trained...I get up enough times during the night..

I'll feel good once I get into bed and get my legs up...just only wish it would last a little longer..and that soon Annie will start sleeping a little longer...soon I keep telling myself..

Now I'm so ready for bed...and my jaw is feeling pretty good since the surgery and in 3 weeks I go back for more OUCH.. can't wait till this is all finished...

Speaking of which.. all of you traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Tootless Friday

A Tootless Friday...this was the day I had to be at the Dentist office by 10am and get everyone done and taken care of...

Again Ms Annie is on this schedule..1am and 4:30am she sings out her tune.. I had Ms Reba up and down through the night..she couldn't get comfortable...and so we all tossed one side and up and down the other till I did my morning marathon...

By 5am all was up and the house lights were on.. I decided in order for me to get any kind of break I needed to feed everyone at 6:30am and then by 8am they'd be all ready to go out again...even Ms Shug was a little off kilter with the new agenda for today...

I got Ms Reba her breakfast but she just licked so again I made those tiny meatball...and gave her some water..and tried to get her as comfortable as I could..then I had to get myself ready to leave to go on the other side of Leeburg on 441.

Got there and he had an emergency in before me then it was my turn...OUCH !  He's really a terrific dentist does a lot of reconstruction work and cosmetic surgery as I got my double whammy shot and a few minutes later they came in for the attack..

He was a Major in the Service and I felt like my tooth was the enemy...but out if came and next thing I know I was heading home..I have to say, I felt at ease in the chair cause it was my only resting moments...

Home I was and the race began..everyone was anxious to go out and Ms Reba got down off the couch and was walking around..she does go into the dog room and drink water..and she seems to be getting a little more strength back in fact later in the afternoon I got hungry and I had a small piece of cheesecake in the frig..

How perfect for me to have saved it..LOL..anyway it was easy to eat without any pressure..and next thing I realize is Ms Reba was barking at me..she wanted it...I did give her a little bit..smitchen...but was sure happy to see her come back to her at that moment..miss her yacking at me..

Ms Annie now seems to be settling down tummy wise..(I hope and pray) and Ms Reba hasn't gone since her bad bout but she hadn't ate much till today when I stuffed her a couple of times..and I did give her a pill for the diarrhea.

My legs were swollen to the point they were throbbing so I tried to lean back on the couch with everyone but no I was anxious for 9pm to come.. that's my down time and boy does it feel good..

My tummy has been in knots and now I have the Texas two step..what else is new ????  and tomorrow I plan on just taking it as easy as I can...I mean I'm praying that Ms Annie will get it together and the rest will fall in place..that would really be a big help..

Ms Reba is now resting as I just gave her a little water and changed her diaper ..she's gotten in her spot where she is right next to me...thank you Lord !

My router just went kaput and I'll have to figure a day I can go and replace now that's another thing to do ...but that will have to wait..and as I talked with hubby tonight..he said, "Maybe the end of April he'll be down"...

With that I'm gonna lay my weary bones down and pray that tomorrow will be an easier day and I can at least maybe catch a nap to keep my legs up..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lagging Through Thursday

Lagging through Thursday...and boy was I midnight Ms Annie was letting me know she had to go potty...and Ms Reba was haning in there..although needed to change her diaper...and then got back into bed and before I knew it Ms Annie was singing her song...Got up to let her out and again Ms Reba was missing in action..she had headed into the dog room..and she had the Texas two step as they call I cleaned that up and went back for Ms Annie to come back in...and wondered back into the bedroom to hope we could all get at least 2hours in..

Come wake up time Ms Reba was looking for something to eat but when I fixed it she didn't want it..but I know she just didn't have the ump to eat so I made it into little meat balls and down the hatch it went..she did drink some water and I decided to give her med for the diarrhea.

Annie again is off and on with that too..I let her go most the day as I was hoping it would stop..but just before bed time to night I gave in and gave her a pill...gosh I sure hope this stops .. I'm beside myself ...although Annie this morning was fine, but during the day no telling what she chews on.. and gets into...

Her potty time is wild..she plays so rouch she just tinkles out side comes in and has to go and ooops..there she goes...and between her and Rudy it's a rat race all day long they seem to have never ending energy...

Ms Reba slept most the day and in between she'd get up and get down off the couch.. now this amazes me how she's able to ..but she seems to fall onto the floor which has heavy carpet..but she still wants to try and walk around..

Most of my time has been with her up and then making sure she's drinking..and every once in awhile I give her those little pieces of pill pocket with chicken in them..

Towards the end of the night I'm anxious for 9pm to come I can put all to bed and I can just try and legs have been throbbing..but laying in bed feels so good even if it's only a few hours..

Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist at 10am to have work done and two of my other crowns to be removed..can't wait to get all this work over with...and I'm hoping all will be ok when I leave..

Have American Idol on but I don't think I'll be awake long..with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Dark Days On Wednesday

My dark days on Wednesday....I don't say that last night was a hard one... Ms Reba had been on a spiral downwards and during the night she became toxic..just as I hear Annie wimper to go out.. Ms Reba was sick..

I always have a pad on the bed for her ..she wears a diaper but some times she's been known to since I've always had them even for me when I'm ill...they sure do come in handy..

I woke up to one having to go potty and the other being's kind of a catch 22, which way do you go..I made sure Reba was on the pad and grabbed Annie and hustled my legs outside for her to go ..then hurried back in to clean up Reba and change the pads and the pillow case...

Wiped up Reba's face then held her close as we all went back to bed..then at around 4ish Ms Annie was making her presence known up I got..Zeke and Rudy were snoring..and as I got Annie out of her cage I noticed Reba wasn't on the bed..???????? What the ???????

So I stumbled down the hallway holding Annie and looking for Reba.. I can't believe she got off the bed as sick and weak as she was..but she did!...and when I came into the kitchen there she was standing near my chair...I guess she was waiting for me...

Got Annie out to potty and then came back in and changed Reba's diaper ..put her on the couch and tried to give her a little water..wasn't interested.. my brain is like diving in and out of what's happening...and then I lay on the couch with her and cried..guess I needed it...but I then realized I had to make that decision to say Goodbye...but how does one say Goodbye to my little gal.. she's been with me for 18 years and so much a part of my life..even to the fact where she ruled the roost and told you want time it was to give her, her "pill" by which she's never had to take one..but being Zeke is on meds..she made sure she got hers..

Again I held her close and rocked back and forth..knowing my 9am I was calling the Vets office to bring my sweetheart in...what a sick feeling I didn't want the time to about 7am I got up to start breakfast for the crew..and while I was ..Ms Reba came into the kitchen..yep, she got down off the couch and wanted to be with fact she tried to go into the dog room...

Then I thought..Wait a minute she's still wanting to be with us..she's not gonna go that easy..and I can't just do it.. I mean she's not in pain, she's slowly fading heart hurt..

I put her back up on the couch and had to make a quick run into town to pick up my script for my surgery on Friday and then I went to Winn Dixie and picked up some pedialyte to help her...I bought a roasted chicken as I new I wasn't gonna be able to cook anything.. so when I got home there she was meeting me at the door and looking for something... I cut up some of the chicken and tried to see if she would eat any.. and sure enough a few pieces..then I took her mixture of food heated it and chopped the chicken in it..she ate some of it.. and drank some water..

Ok, now I know I can't do it.!  She's still fighting and I'm not gonna stop her..I picked her up and was so thankful to have her even if it's just for a few hours or days ..what ever..she's my baby and I just have to let her go when she's ready...

Most of the day I was struggling with Ms Annie..she's off and on with her bout of diarrhea with that changing of the food ...and oh she's now off going outside..OMG.. I tried to catch that little bugger and when I was wup arse..then my shampooer was gasping.. and so was I..

Tonight I tried to watch Survivor and I swear that's how I feel.. I'm just at a point that I don't know what to do next.. some times I catch myself crying.. trying to keep up with everything that's happening to me and to my hubby...our life and which way to turn...SUCKS!

Then I think, I know people who have it a lot worse so stop the pity party chit and get on with it.. things that we have no control over we just have to accept..and pray for those that can't help themselves..

Tonight I brought Ms Reba back to bed and placed her next to me where she's been for 18 years..gave her the "pill" which she took and a little water and changed her she's curled up and sleeping..

As I go to bed my pray will be to Thank the Good Lord for allowing time to be with her and pray that maybe she'll go in her sleep.....that's all I ask...

Those traveling Stays Safe and as always God Bless Us All

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

When It Rains It Pours On Tuesday

When it rains it pours on Tuesday...and I know it's April Fools Day but for me it's on a downward spin..

This morning Ms Reba was off kilter and I thought ok, she'll be alright and bounce back and I went on about my I had a dentist appointment to discuss what they will do removing two more teeth that have been crowned and are infected...(another round of this )

So I knew Annie would be ok as Jane was coming over to sit with the crew (thank goodness she was in town) and I asked her to keep an eye on Ms Reba..she didn't want to eat but I made them meatballs up and got a few in her..

Left for the dentist and they did more Xrays..(I'm gonna glow in the dark) and set up for removal on Friday...and then after that I stopped at Capt D's to pick up dinner for Jane and I...came home and I saw Ms Reba...

Now my heart sunk cause I've been through this a few times before but something about this time.. I don't think she's gonna bounce back...Lord I hate this...

My heart is breaking with these feelings and all the news that's been happening...but I've got to stay strong and just let the good Lord lead me in my thoughts...

Tonight as Ms Reba lays next to me...if have a feeling that this might be the last few days...Oh how I hate this part of life..she's been my little girl for 18 years..and has really filled my heart with lots of love and laughter...

I need to lay down..been another long day..Ms Annie is coming along and I did give her another dose of meds just to be on the safe side.

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All