Monday, March 31, 2014

Struggling Along On Monday

Struggling along on Monday...and how..although the night wasn't bad and the diarrhea seemed to be slowing up..and Annie only got me up once during the night at almost 1am and then again at 5am..which for me was great..but during the day as the day progressed..and she ate breakfast, lunch and dinner...

Well let me say... "I sure hope this is the last I've seen of by 6pm I did give her a dosage to stop ..and I'll repeat the dosage at 6am fact I don't believe I'll give her heart meds as that will cause it she'll skip this month and start in May.... I just don't want to cause another major set back and the meds will start working sometime tomorrow ..

She's been doing good and only had one mishap in the kitchen..and again she was trying to get out the door..but ooops..and most of the day we stayed in the carport for them to run in and out..

This has been a tough go..and it's really ashame as I had to cause this by changing her food...but she wasn't doing well on the other and that was she eats and at least that's one part on to the other..

Then tonight when my hubby called we had hard news..our company has been having such difficulty and struggling to stay together..but it seems that it may have been sold..or being sold..which means most the office will go..and that's a heart those people have been so loyal and hard workers..

I'm praying it was just one of our divisions..but we'll find out for sure through the board of directors...if it's not one thing it's another..and to think all these years of hard work just going...

Who do you blame it on...Economy has been rotten and the way this government has been running..oh well don't even want to go there...

Need to let Annie out as she's then I'm gonna turn my lights out and go to bed...those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Gang Buster On Sunday !

A gang buster on Sunday !... I'll say...started off with my usual..early morning wake up with Ms Annie...that I really don't mind cause she goes potty then goes back to bed and no mess in between...then it's on to the next wake up in which all get up and out again... I let the two kids play and then I pop them back in the crates for an hour which lets me get things together then out and breakfast time...they're in again and I'm cleaning Ms Shug's crate and she's doing her funny stuff ..then she's back in and I'm having my coffee till it's out time which is about half hour break in between...Are ya gasping yet ?  Don't worry I'm doing it for you !!!!

This day I was having my girlfriend over Jane...Yes, the battling duos..but only her.. I learned my lesson on that I was really anxious to see her as we do have a good time inspite of their relationship...remember it's always different strokes for different folks..

In the meantime I've been a little worried about Annie as her eating habits haven't been good and she really hasn't taken to this Sport Mix food..Rudy has no problem he gulps it down...but Annie picks at it and I'm wanting to see more weight on I've pondered about it when this morning she really didn't eat her food and she's been eating fecal..(don't gag, cause I have..but this is something puppies will do and if they are not eating properly) so I decided to try some of Zeke's food..a little not a lot...OH BOY !!! she gobbled it up like it was a STEAK.

So now I'm realizing..and I just bought 3- 40lbs bags of this Sport Mix as it was on Sale..(so much for my sale) and I contact Randy..he's the co owner and breeder of Annie..and he simply says to me..."If I were you, I'd keep her on the food she was on before"  which by the way is I go and ask Jane on her way over to pick me up a bag..and of course can't get a small bag..NOPE that wouldn't be in my I had to buy a 33lb bag...

I think I'm running a food store here I have huge bags now blocking my other room...Good what..well I'm gonna start crossing it into her food..and hope and pray no more problems...

Jane comes over and she picked up the food plus a great salad from Perkins that we always get and I made us Root Beer Floats...well she and I couldn't hardly eat it..only ate half..we actually could have split it..and then I start getting critter food together...and as I'm ready to bring it in...low and behold I look to see where the critters are and they are in the hallway by the bathroom and Annie has had..the Texas two step (as we call it) OMG !  from one end to the other...

Jane says, "Get the crew in their rooms and I'll start cleaning it up and grab the rug shampooer" I charge into the other room and the crew follow and I give them their food..then come back and OMG ..that's all I could say and she and I start to work on cleaning up the mess...

Now I have to say, "how many of your friends would pitch in and clean a mess up" I can count on one fact maybe a couple of fingers..but she and I worked diligently and then had to sit back and gasp..YES< big time..but it's all clean and shampooed...

Then after the crew ate..which Annie only ate a little we had them out and in the carport cause it was cool..she and I sat back and laughed...but I knew after she left I was in for it this just wasn't the end...

Later on I took Annie out and Yep, more of the repeat but this time in the run.. I feel so bad as one thing I try to do is make sure they're food is good for them..however, this food, no way does she like or even I'm now in the process of changing over for this time...don't think I can handle another bout with Rudy just yet...and I go through this periodically with Zeke and his condition ..but he's fed a special food...and some times that doesn't work when he stresses..

Now we are at bed time and I'm wiped (no pun) out and need of a good night sleep but I'm prepared for more of the Texas two step...just hope she lets me know before hand..

With that..Those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

WOW! I Give Up On Saturday

WOW! I give up on Saturday....holy about total wipe out.. that's what it felt like...started with Ms Annie waking up at 2:15am just right after the clapping of the thunder and the flashing of the lightening..Dam, what a storm we were in.. it poured heavy and the winds were howling...I could feel the electricity in the air..this was furious...sure hope it would pass us without any major damage..

Annie went back to bed and then got up again along with Rudy at 4:30am..OH MY STARS!...the rain was back with more force...and I was trying to figure how to take them out but for some strange luck the rain sort of slowed down and out we all went...Gawd ..I put a towel over my head as wouldn't you just know it Annie and Rudy decided to have a race...HELP !!

After we all dried off we went some what back to our corners LOL..yeah that's what it felt like but I knew this was gonna be a really hard day for them and ME !...So I made up my mind that I would crate them till there was a break in the rain then let them out to romp a bit and potty...that's what I did most of the day...along with the Tornado Warnings...doesn't get any better..

I felt bad for them as I knew being confined they were gonna go ballistic once they were let loose and boy did they ever..Me trying to keep up with these two ..Lord my legs were throbbing..

And I also had to make a run to pick up food for Rudy and Annie as Rudy went through 40lbs in 6wks...well just I called the place in Leesburg and they had a sale...through the rain.. I was gonna go fetch..I picked up 3 bags and that will give me a break and not have to chase down or oder...I even got a McDonald's breakfast...LOL 

Most of my day was just in and out between the storm and I was so glad when it was over..poor Annie did potty in her bed once..that couldn't be helped..although she did her best...Rudy was very good even weathered the rain...which something he really doesn't like..then I made a big fuss and toweled them all...Even Mister Zeke was happy..

Ms Shug now makes the sound of a sqweaky so strange but she loves it...and so do the critters as they look to see where it is.. I even got time to take her out too..that's something I try to do every day..when I feed the crew she eats hers then comes out with me for at least an hour..gets her lovin...she's so sweet..

Tonight the crew was up they went..but they really couldn't help it but I couldn't deal with they were rested again..and came out for their treats and then last outs and now back in the bedroom ...watching me..

Not for long cause I'm gonna make a nose dive and hope we all sleep through soundly.. With that..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All !!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

I Think I'm Getting My Work Out on Friday

I think I'm getting my work out on Friday in double step forward and 9 steps's not going good..but I have high hopes Annie will get back on she was doing so good..and now gone bonkers...!

Morning again was 1:30am and then 4:30am...and from there on in it all went SOUTH...and I have been on a go constantly...from one mess to another and to top it off she got into the bird seed ..well that means..the big "D" and sure enough...I'm so grateful for all these wonderful gifts I keep on getting...UGH!!!

MOst of the day was nothing but clean up, shampoo, clean up and scream...oh I did get to make a dash to Ace Hardware and picked up the larger pipping and the special tool...also bought another flat bed dolly..:) then went on to Winn Dixie and picked up a few things..filled my car with gas and got home...YES< too late..Annie pottied in her crate..and she usually does good..but I should have let them out before I left ...but they were sleeping...SUCKS!

Then this afternoon is what can she get into..Anything and Everything and this little girl who was so sweet has now become a DEMON..OMG !  Rudy has been on the good side and has been doing well..but I'm not gonna brag either...

Now I'm so ready for bed I don't want to think about all the crap that happened ..let me go to sleep and wake up and think it was all a dream..!

Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

It Was A Grinding Day on Thursday :)

It was a grinding day on Thursday :) that being said...It was all about doing toe nails of Rudy and Annie...Randy made a trip up as he also was taking one of his dogs to have an OFA Xray on his hips..

Morning was again..up at 2:30am and then again at 5:30 am.. so the day started off not too bad...but did it progress that way..."Hell NO"...Ms Annie forgot all her manners and decided she wasn't gonna potty outside..HELLO THERE> comes my foot up your butt...and when I caught her he nose followed...she did her little song and dance but she wasn't gonna get away with it...

You wonder when she was doing so good, WHY?  Maybe spite as Randy used the drummel to grind down the toe nails..she wasn't happy and neither was Rudy..but down they went...However, I am proud of Rudy ..he was totally shocked but got through it as I heard Randy tell him "He was a good little Man"..I kind of chuckled..

Randy, like me was a junior handler as a kid and grew up in dog shows..and we did talk about old times too...My girlfriend Jane was over and all of us had a few good laughs as they watched me pulling out the rug shampooer and going to town following Ms Annie...UGH  she was a WITCH !

Also as we were putting dogs out in the run...don't cha just know it.. Rudy jumped up on the screen door and out popped the fixed it as it wasn't torn but the piping that goes around the screen to hold it in place wasn't the right size..and it just pulled out next Ms Annie did the same thing again we fixed the tomorrow I have to go to Ace Hardware and pick up the right size piping and a tool to push it in place..

After Randy left me and Jane pigged out..YEP..Randy had to leave and we had some good stuff to eat.. and I even made a Root Beer Float..OH MY STARS...!

Now I'm ready for bed.. tired and just worn out...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...AMEN !

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's Was A Long And Shocking Day On Wednesday

It was a long and shocking day on Wednesday starting with my morning wake ups LOL  Ms Annie got up at 1:30am and then again at 4:30am.. my oh my we are getting there slowly... but at the last wake up ...she was a hoot... when she went to poop she turned towards her butt and started barking... I couldn't believe what I was seeing.. hahahaha... never in all my years did I ever see a dog do that...

Well that goes with out saying, "you around long enough in dogs, you'll see it all"  and I did... too much and then the day goes on...and on and on.. as Rick came over at 9:30am and I wasn't even finished with my chores... Why?

From the night before with John and Jane in another battle..(they never stop) and on till the next morning we me having to get the calls...last call was at 6:45am...YIKES...and I just don't know how these two survive...Lord HELP THESE FOOLS.

That through me off ... so Rick did a few things till I got ready and then we went to my rose bushes and a new rolls of screen the double sided tape to put down a new vinyl floor for Rudy's cage..

Stopped and had a burger at Wendys...was a nice treat and then home to sheer madness and it hadn't stopped till bed time... Rick got done fixing the screen door then planted the roses for me.. and he'll be back next week to do more work..

I came into the house and let the critters out..they went bonkers as they were crated to long..but in between I had let them out to potty and drink..but with the work being done they needed to be out of the way...

So they paid me back..Ms Annie done ate the cord to the vacuum cleaner as it was plugged in the wall...she come BEE BOPPING OVER TO ME..with it in her mouth.. Yes, she got a What for !  as she could have gotten fried..scared me and I know I scared her.. so pray this won't happen again.

Then the crew just ran and ran tore into things ...I heard things falling ..OMG.. they definitely were paying me back BIG TIME... finally they all fell out...and so did my day over yet ?????

And tomorrow will be another shocker I'm sure as Randy will be stopping in to do toe nails...with a drummel...this is gonna be interesting.. cause Rudy won't let you touch his feet..YUCKO..

Now they are all in bed and I'm heading there too... so with that...those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

And So It Begins Tuesday

And so it begins worked with letting Annie and Rudy play hard I'll repeat it tonight ...hopefully...:)

Morning came like out of a cloud which I'm in most the day..due to lack of sleep and energy level being petered out...but I'm hanging in and determined..more like on a mission...DUH...yeah, right I go again..What Mission Zeee?????

Well I like to think of it as one.. so far Mister Rudy is now 99% housebroken..notice I said, "99%"...that's because I still have to watch...and Miss Annie is getting there and I don't always have to pick her up ...she follows the pack out the door and into the run..

Most of the day was again another pick up trash that they got into and destroyed...these two bombers I could send on a mission to totally destroy a room in no time.. and they don't slow down..instead they pick up speed..till I call "Time OUT"  which helps me big time ....

Annie is starting to come into shape too.. she was like a huge belly when I got her and that always worries me..cause she mainly just kept pooping ..too much going in has to come out... and I notice when I tried to feed her that cup of food she couldn't eat it all.. I mean she would leave about a third of her meal..

Tonight I cut her back to a half a cup at each setting and she's doing better eats every bit and also eats her cookie...I'll see how this works out for the next few days...but also more control over her pooping.. that's a big issue..

She's one tuff little gal..tonight I gave her a piece of her cookie and she grabbed it out of my fingers and got my finger too OUCH !...and then goes on the attack after Rudy...Zeke just watches and Ms Reba wants to stay covered and protected...I can't blame her.

Tomorrow Rick is coming over and we are going to Lowes to pick up the rose bushes and some hanging plants..then he had to go to Ace for the screen to replace the one on the door that Rudy done got too..

Oh, this morning darling Rudy desided he didn't like his vinyl flooring so he tore it up in strips.. my fault as I saw it starting to buckle and I should have pulled it then..but thought I'd get it fix when Rick while I was having my coffee Rudy was going to town and I heard him and thought he was attacking his chew I walked in the dog room and caught him in action...HELLO THERE...I snatched those strips and snapped them and thought I'd a killed him he was totally shocked...

Well this Woman is not going to let this little big chit get away with it so he got some wup arse and Miss Annie watched.. I looked at her and told her..learn from your big bad arse Brother LOL...right like she understood..but her eyes got really big :)

Now I'm ready for bed cause my body says, "HEY, I QUIT" with that..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All..

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Little Rough Going This Monday

A little rough going this Monday....started off with Ms Annie messing in her crate before I went to bed...ugh...then I clean that up and put a clean bed and take the other bed pad out and put it in the washer with two other pads ..start the washer and I figure in the morning I'll throw it in the dryer...

Come back in the house get ready to go to bed..and OH NO !!  yep, she peed her crate....CRAP ! I get her out clean the crate put a fresh pad in..go back outside to the washer and add this pad the time I was ready to go to bed the washer was through so I put them in the dryer..

Head back in the house and lay down. Next thing I know I hear Annie barking.."Now What" ?   turn on the light and she was standing up she wanted out.. now this I don't mind that she lets me up I get and look at the clock and it's 5:30am..WOW...I must have just fell out ...

So all of us get up...and head out the I had earlier listen to the news and they were saying.."Heavy rains all day "  so I had brought the Xpen out of the garage and my golf umbrells...I was prepared..and what happened...nothing..thank goodness..

Most of the day it was in and out..getting Annie going..she plays with Rudy so much that she's not giving me any indication she's gonna go...but I'm like getting up and down and grabbing her so we don't have that problem...

My body is getting tired so I put them up when they are getting wild and at that time I lay down on the couch and catch a rest...only way I can.. and tonight I let them play hard so she'd go potty before bed and sleep through.. hopefully..

Note to one's 70 years of age don't try to raise two puppies..(especially Rotties) at the same time.. you get bruised and exhausted constantly  LOL FACT !

With that I'm gonna head to bed..watching The Voice all though I've missed some so I'll watch the recording LOL.  Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

Sunday, March 23, 2014

My What A Long Sunday

My what a long Sunday it was for me..started off by waking up to Ms Annie...yep, she piddled in her bed and also was letting me know she needed I might not be hearing the beginning..cause during the day..she is really good about letting me know she has to potty. As when I feed my crew they stay in their crates to digest..cause as I explained before...big dawgs especially these type can I just make sure they are ok..

So anyway here we go again..all of us up and out at 3:30am ..all go potty and then back to bed for, once I'm up, I'm up..I do try but just can't go back to sleep...but I always say..."Some where there's a Nap gonna take place.

I've now gotten to the point when the pups start getting to's put them darlings up for a fact I say the words, "let's take a rest"..and they all walk in the dog room and get in their crates..YEAH !!!!

Most of the day was just picking up stuffing from the toys and trying to get my room straight..looks like a train wreck...and then we all sat out in the carport with the back door open for those buggers to run in and out..and that they did..

I wanted to cook a roast today but was just to dang I made myself a peanut butter and jelly was good in spite of wanting that roast..:)

The day seemed to drag and listening to the news I'm not crazy about tomorrow ..we are suppose to have a lot of I got out of the garage an Xpen and I have wee pads so that will be for Annie and I even brought in my golf umbrella that will be for Rudy...Mister Zeke is good..he'll squint and grunt and go...but I've got my towels ready too...Miss Reba has her diapers and wee pads so I just pray it's not really nasty and we all can get through the day..

Got the towels to go down on the steps too...but I might have to crate the pups till potty time and then let them out...I just hope it moves out fast..thinking of what I can do to the back to set up making it easier...

So that's about my day long and drawn and tire some..watched the Hallmark channel for the Stone series..was it's bed time and hope Miss Annie makes it all through the night...

With that ..those traveling Watch the Weather and Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Saturday, March 22, 2014

It Was A Heck Of A Saturday

It was a heck of a Saturday...for me again.. got up at 2:30am ..Annie did pee in her bed but was letting me know she had to go...guess I might have not heard her in the beginning as I was so tired....but again we all got up and went out and she pooped...HEY, that's ok... works for me...and Rudy was ready to play..NO NO let's go back to bed...and of course once I'm up..I can't get back to sleep..however I new there was a nap in my future.

Once they all got up at was ready set destroy the toys.. and I watched and as soon as they stopped..out the door we went far so good..but you know there's still an oops gonna happen with Annie...and shhhhh don't want to say this too loud...but the little big boy has been "good"...shhhhh !

After I fed all and let Annie out again I had them all stay in their crates and made a mad dash to CVS and to Winn Dixie...was going to go to Ace hardware but John (the fighting duo) said he was going to Walmart so I let him pick up my extension cord that Ms Annie done chewed...Yes, she got that one behind my couch..CRAP!

Most of the day was a challenge of who was getting into what and who had to go...then I gave them an out time...and I fell asleep for 2 hours..YEAH.. and I heard Annie barking..OK, ran in and got her out and Rudy mistake was I should have carried her cause when Rudy stopped to grab a toy..Annie did the oops...crap..but I caught her and woops..she got my message..and out we went..yeah gotta catch them in the act then look out momma !

I notice I have to give them time outs..cause they just don't stop...and then the mishaps I'm now gonna start that.. did that today and it seemed to work out better...and for me as well..

Tonight after dinner they got wild and by 8pm I gave them a time out till ready for last potty and then their meds..then to bed they went...she didn't mind either so I know she's been really over doing it..she's a bugger and tries to keep up with Rudy..he's like jet fueled...should call him Speed Racer..

Now I'm tired and managed to pick up the mess and I know tomorrow it will be another...but if I can get those time outs that helps me.. cause this has been a little bit much...but I so enjoy them ..Zeke just gives me the look ...I know Zeke, Momma is nutz !

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.

Friday, March 21, 2014

What A Friday :)

What a the wake up at 1:30am to a awful mess..and I felt so bad for Annie..but I was praying it wouldn't happen but it did... she had the case of the big "D"s...because I had to give her Rudy's food...her food was left behind OH BOY!!...

When I got up the whole crew got up and boy the lights went on the noise level was Ms Annie was crooning...I felt so bad for her...she was a mess and her crate was too...YUCKO  :(

After everything was cleaned we all went back to bed...well for me it was lay down and get up.. that's what it felt like...but I figured some time today I was gonna catch a nap....hoped anyway..

Annie is doing pretty good in the house..only 2 mishaps.. one by the door as I had shut it and she was going in and out along with Rudy..OOOPS...and the second one was when we came home for the Vets...

I had let her in the run...and she did go..but it was really hot ..and she came back inside..a few minutes later ooops...poor baby.. it was hot on that matt...YIKES..

She did really well at the Vets...came in at 13.5 lbs but some how she feels heavier to me..but she behaved really well..and she got a few vaccines and her fecal test came back now she goes back in three weeks..

Came home and all of us just leaned back and we took a snooze for about an hour...and then it was feed time..after that..OMG... Rudy and Annie were in a tug of war..funny as he did drag her little body around the room and she wasn't letting go...NOT MY ANNIE...she's one tuff cookie...I should have taken a video of it...

So now I'm so ready for's a long day for me and tomorrow I need to pick up my pills of life and hit Winn Dixie...and then home to just chill out...till the crew starts up again..

Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Pictures tell it all LOL...Rudy and Annie in their Tug of War :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Bizzy Dizzy Thursday :)

A bizzy Dizzy Thursday :) up wee early as I knew today Lady Annabella alias Miss Annie was coming.. so I was so anxious to see her and hold her...Got all the critters done by 9am and took a few minutes out to relax...(what was that????)...and then the phone rang and it was Randy...he was just around the corner ...

When he got out of his van and carrying this little adorable sweetie..I had to grin...she was tiny...I mean from having Zeke and then Rudy ..she was tiny...but she sure was a trooper..had to adjust to the stone run...but I also have the matt there so that helps...but as soon as she got the hang of it..she was going up and down the stairs without a problem..:)

Then the wild crew met her..(my new name for my crew) and it was hells a blazing...I was tired watching them...LOL...she just slowly got into the groove and by late in the afternoon it was like she lived here all her life..

She's also pretty smart about going potty.. I talk to her and she follows me right out the door and into the run...YEAH !!  Now only if Mister Rudolf would do the same...He does do it all day long..but once he gets playing..forget about it.. right into the dog room...but we are working on it and he's now watching more what Annie is doing..

Tomorrow I take Annie to the Vets to get her checked out and also get her vaccines as well.. then I'll get her on a program for her heart worm as well...but she is comical...she does croon a bit when I put her in her crate but she settles down.. put a toy in there with her...and she has a nice soft bed like Rudy' fact she's now laying on her back..:)  aaaaaaaah !!!

Ok, folks I'm wiped it's been a long day and I need a break...and tomorrow is gonna be another hectic one...making sure we get on target with the ins and outs.

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

A few pictures...LOL

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's Only Wednesday

It's only Wednesday....that's how I felt today...maybe cause I just pushed a lot yesterday...but was so glad the dog patio got done...much needed...although my body is not agreeing with me..LOL

Woke up again early and just couldn't sleep..I need a new mattress but Zeke is able to jump up on this and if I buy a new one their higher and his legs are giving him I'll deal with it big guy is more important..see I told ya, my fur kids come first !

Did my call in to CVS for my pills of life to be picked up on Saturday...and also got a text and email from it's now definite, Annie will be here tomorrow...anxious but thinking another house breaking when I still got Mister Rudy who's has been doing good and then a slip..yucko..

Today was my dumb arse falt.. I shut the door as I was making dinner and got it.. he had to go..I need to start making him show me...he does so dang good...but gets confused when the doors closed..mmm so back to the drawing board...AGAIN...

And now there will be TWO (2)...yes, 2 LOL..the Lord knows what he's doing with me I'm sure who ever said, "I don't exercise"...they ought to walk in my shoes..hahaha

Tonight I was just plum tuckered out and even though I watched TV I haven't a clue what I watched.. I'll have to watch it maybe on the weekend..LOL

So with that I'm gonna say, "Those traveling STAY SAFE...and as always God Bless Us All "

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oh Me Oh My Oh!!!!!! on Tuesday

Oh Me, Oh MY OH !  On Tuesday... it was a double dare whammy.. and to top that off it was our Wedding Anniversary...HOLY HANNAH BANANA !!

First thing this morning Hubby called and wished me a Happy Anniversary...and I did the same...sad thing was this was the first time we didn't spend it together..that was rough...but it was impossible for him to fly down we'll do catch up..

Got up again at 4am as I knew I had lots to get done and Rick was coming at 9am and the Stone was being delivered at 11am..soooooooooooo on with the show..

After I got the critters all done I went out and hosed down the dog patio then scrubbed the matt...then picked it up and hung it over the wall...then spread pelleted lyme down till the new stone would be spread on top..

Truck came and Rick wheel barreled it in and I used the rake to spread ..oh yeah it was one of those long, long days and thank goodness it wasn't hot !!  but we were done by 2pm...and the rest of the day I just leaned arms felt like Gorilla arms ..they hung and swung  LOL

Later in the day Rudy and Zeke were playing and running in and out the house and just loving all that stone..oh yeah I heard it hitting the walls...LOL  but glad they played well..

Celebrated our Anniversary with ordering Chinese..hey, some times ya just got to deal with things and make up for it later on...and we will as soon as he can get a long weekend and fly down.

Now I'm wiped and so ready for bed...Those Traveling Stay Safe and as always.. God Bless Us All..

Monday, March 17, 2014

What A Crummy Monday !

What a crummy Monday ! rained and rained and rained and is still raining...

Critters were not working with me.. I mean the poor babes were so confused..and getting anything done was almost impossible...too impossible..

Poor Rudy was so good all day until just before bed time.. went to let him out and it was a down pour so brought them back in... he tried..and oops yep, he started to and I yelled..he ran into his crate.. HE I had to wait till the rain stopped.. I mean it was a down pour not a trickle..

Had to clean up the ooops and also was ticked at the rain..but he was also NOT gonna have that happen.. I got him right in the act..and WHOP!...hurt his feelings I'm sure...hurt mine too..but ya gotta do what ya gotta do... and here I was just bragging about how good he was...but it's a shame weather wasn't going to be in his happens just like Chit !

My day other than that was DUH...kind of day and I did get some good little girl will be coming either Wednesday or Thursday..and she's a cutie..

We called her Annie..."Lady Annabella"..and I just got the word..she's crate trained but NOT house broken..oooooooh nooooooooo !!  but being she's been on the road and traveled some.. she might not be that bad to work with...HOPEFULLY...

So now it's bed time and I'm wiped and the critters are all with that..those traveling stay safe and God Bless Us All

Meet  Annie :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

And Sunday Is Almost Over

And Sunday is almost over....started off with getting up at 2am because my hip again was bothering me.. I know it's my mattress as it's really on it's last leg..however I don't want to get a new one just right now as Mister Zeke can just about make it on the bed now...and I know his legs are starting to bother him...

This is the sad part about my critters..Zeke will be 10 and that is up there for a Rottie..most live between 9 and 11yrs old..and I know this again is gonna be a rough go..

So I decided not to get a new mattress.. I enjoy having that big lug on the bed and hearing him grumble cause my feet moved him or hearing that big boy put out some zzzzzzzzzzzzz..and he sure can put them out..

It's also good watching him play with Rudy although he's always the Tough Guy..but really I watch him waiting for Rudy to run by and attempt to grab one of the toys...hahaha.. it's neat !

This afternoon I had company in which I made the typical Italian Dinner..well sorta .. but it was simple and quick to throw together and I had made the dessert the day before and sent that home with them..cause I know I'd be eating that morning, noon and night..and I'm slowly losing my weight ..thanks to Rudy too.. the old up and down in and out trick..often ..and I do mean often.

Early today I transplanted one of my new Christmas Cactus.. it's a lavender and I sure hope she grows..I also have a yellow one I'm gonna have to put in a big pot too..and a few more..when they bloom I love how they look.. like a water fall of dainty pretty and just so nice to see..they make the room just feel so soft..shame tho they only bloom in the cold time...but hey, I'm just happy mine are doing well.

This morning after I fed the critters and Ms Shug I shot out to Walmart bought my wild bird seeds and then got a McDonald's breakfast.. I only needed that didn't need to go looking..have a lot in the frig as is.

So now I'm ready for bed and the critters are all tucked in and I'm anxious to crawl under covers...with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Not So Bad Saturday

A not so bad up around 4am as my hip was bothering me and woke mid with that throbbing I went into the living room and lay down on the couch till Zeke followed me and then along came Miss Reba ..soon to hear the vocals of Mister Rudy...and then it was time to start the ball rolling..LOL

Who has time to recovering..just go along with the show..LOL..but getting Mister Rudy up is like letting a bull in a china shop loose...he flies into the living room which I then head to the kitchen door to get him out and potty quick...then he charges back into the living room to let the world know..."he's up"...hahaha

It was a really good day and I've been keeping the kitchen door open and the screen door to the patio ajar so he can go in and out and that seems to be working..most of the day as it's nice weather and no bugs..LOL  but he likes to lay out in the carport so this makes it much easier..

He knows when he comes into the dog room I'm watching cause he checks me out...but so far so good...but I ain't letting up..not yet...and in the evening when I close all doors I've got it pretty much down to how long he'll last..crossing my fingers for sure :)

I made a Banana Cream Poke cake for tomorrow as I'll be having company for dinner... So I'll make a Pasta dish  (pasta amatriciana)..a quick gravy with pork in it..a kind of a throw together easy tasty dish.. and a big salad..I have some wine of which I'll use in the gravy as well so should be good and tasty with some garlic bread.

Now I'm so ready for bed...and have to make a quick run to Walmart to pick up wild bird food and a few things then back relax before the blurr happens...LOL

So with that all of you traveling Stay Safe and as Always...God Bless Us All

Friday, March 14, 2014

My Goodness It's A Chilly Start On Friday

My goodness it's a chilly start on Friday...holy Hannah.. sure was.. I mean it was like 39 this morning and when I let the little Monster out he did his business but ran back in the house..

Got my pot of coffee on and listened to the news.. Mister Zeke didn't have a good night as he got up and had a sick tummy.. poor guy.. probably from putting up with the Monster... but anyway I cleaned up that mess ..and on to my next chore..

Ms Reba seems to be coming along pretty good eating all her dinner and letting me know Pill time.. she's like a built in clock..she tells time better than I that was done then I looked it was 7:30am .. so let me let the crew out so I can start breakfast..

Hello !... Yep, that little sucker got me.. he pottied in the dog room and when did this happen...and I can't do anything cause I didn't catch him in the act.. sun of a sea sucker !!...however that boy is gonna be tied to me..

Most the day I had the door open and the screen door going out to the dog patio open a bit.. and I watched he went in and out most of the day.. mmmm and tonight there was no potty mess... and when 8:30pm rolled by I got him out and then to bed at 9pm...he was good....but we'll see how it goes...

He's got the idea but if he's playing it's forget about where he's at..wish I could catch him..he needs that shocker LOL.. so on to tomorrow again ..(sigh)

Most of my day was putting things away and cleaning up the stuffing that Rudy pulls out of the toys.. Ms Shug even laughs as I go along..she likes Rudy and he comes over to her crate and they's neat to watch but one of these days she might just let him know "who she is".. LOL OUCH!!

I'm tired so tomorrow I need to get a few things made up so next week I might have another surprise...Lord Help ME !!!

Those traveling STay Safe..and as always.. God Bless Us All..

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Made It Through Thursday !

I made it through Thursday !... I'm telling ya these days lately are beginning to ware me down...and of course Mister Rudy is a major part of it.. that boy can and does get into more chit with in 5 minutes of each event..notice I said, "Each Event" !!!!!

Got up at 4am as my body just couldn't settle down.. I could feel my legs jumping as I was probably chasing Rudolf !!! he's not got a red nose yet but if he keeps his chit up he will !!!

Had to make a run into Winn Dixie and then stop by John's house to pick up some things he had for me.. (like newspaper for Ms Shug's cage) and then on back home and when I let the crew out.. Rudy was jet propelled...Why is it I don't remember Zeke ever doing this or even Abby ..but Abby was a chewer..

Speaking of which Mr Rudy did a number on a package I got in that had Ms Shug's food in it... He ate half the box.. and thank God he didn't get into the food cause that would have been a nasty event later on.. and I do mean nasty..YIKES PERRISH THE THOUGHT !

And of course this afternoon we all fell asleep .. and he was too..(I thought) but nope he made his spot again in the dog room...but this time he knew he was in deep doo doo...cause he didn't go back in that room all day...I'm telling ya he does good then ooops...this bugger is fixin for a trip to the moon..

When we come back to the bedroom he goes right in his crate and looks at me with those big brown eyes...NOPE you ain't getting me this time.. hahaha

Ms Shug is starting to really like him as every morning she comes down to the bottom of her cage and they meet nose to nose...I need to catch a picture of that.. it's cute but NOPE I'm not letting her out when he's out.. that would be a big mistake BIG TIME

Now I'm ready for bed and for tomorrow to start all over again..So with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always  God Bless Us All.....

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Well It's Hump Day, Wednesday :)

Well it's hump day, Wednesday :)... today was a little sad for me...although morning was rather foggy and rain..oh man lots of rain...and then it cleared out and the day became nice..but again, it was sad for me.:(

Rudy got up around 6:15am and he got out before the rains came cause that boy don't like rain drops..not right now anyway.. and back in the house he went and it was like Hell's A Poppin...he was in high gear and picked up everyone of the toys that were on the floor...Zeke just watched.. I bet I know what he was thinking >>>>>(Fool)  LOL

Most of the day I was on a mission to keep track of Rudy...but I did put a call in to Clancy... as lately he's paired off with a partner and his fee has climbed for me I feel to high..

I know he's figuring the splitting of the work with his partner but the fee is 30 bucks an hour..that's way out of what I feel should be paid.. besides the job they just did for me was only a small portion of my yard.. and if they came back my yard would have cost me over 400 bucks.. so I decided to look else where.

Kind of made me feel bad to say, "so long" and Clancy understood.. as I explained to him.. so I called another fellow that worked for me and he'll come over and bid for the job.

Strange how things can get so close to people..but for me because I've dealt with making decisions not on personal feelings but business I had to keep that in mind.. I'm still Clancy's neighbor and he knows when I make Lasagna I send him over some..

The rest of the day went along and I also ordered the River Stone for my area for my dogs ..hopefully that will be delivered this weekend and Rick, will be doing that job...boy that is a back breaking job too..done that many times now I just watch .

Watched Survivor tonight and taped American Idol.. I've kind of lost interest in it...but I'll still catch some of it... but love my Survivor :)  now all are in bed sleeping and Mister Rudy was a GOOD BOY...and he and Ms Shug are now becoming friends.. Rudy goes up to Ms Shug's cage every day and she comes down to the bottom to meet far so good..but I'll never have them out together  no way !!

With that I'm gonna say, "Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All "

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's Only Tuesday

It's only Tuesday and already I wish the week was over...ugh!...

Got up at 4am and I just dislike these time changes I'm so not together yet...and then my day went off with a.. IPhone not working right couldn't get Wifi or my Personal Hot Spot to work so after I got the critters done I decided to head over to Verizon.. took Zeke and Rudy for the ride..but first I had to stop at the Vets to pick up "D" meds..

Then off to Verizon and it seems what was wrong my Do Not Disturb was turned on ..HOW ??? well when I hit flash light I hit the half moon on the strip and didn't know it.. so that caused the problem and so home I started then Rudy got car now you know how my day is going.

Got back and had to clean his crate.. and had him go and lay down...and from there it all went Kaput !... right up till tonight when I was watching the Voice..and I saw Rudy was getting wrestles..ok, I'll let him out.. and as I went to get up he went in the dog room..YEP!  Pottied..well I caught him in the act..

Need I say any more.. He got a big surprise..and I don't think we'll have a repeat...not if I can help it..but again my stupidly... I was watching and thought I could wait..NOPE..

So again I shampooed the dog room ...that carpet has never looked so bright..thank goodness it's indoor outdoor...and soon after this year it will only be tile...

My day has just been a sucky day...and not worth really even writing about it.. so I'm praying tomorrow will be much better..and so is Rudy I'm sure !

Safe Travels to All and as always...God Bless Us All..and Rudy too !

Monday, March 10, 2014

Those Monday Morning Rushes !

Those Monday Morning Rushes !.... Get up and race to get all the trash out to the curb.. that chair I dragged out last night and put on the dolly plus all the extra stuff I had hanging around.. GAWD..what a load to pick up .

Got up wee early again as I was so worried how Ms Reba was going to wake up.. and made sure nothing was in her way...but she woke right after me and wanted her little pill.. (treat she takes no meds) and then I changed her diaper and she curled back up on the couch.. thank goodness..

Hate this time change as it's dark till almost 8am.. that means I don't get to watch my birds cause by that time I'm on the go...get the critters out and then laundry as it's too dark so I'm running in and out again... get Ms Shug done then finally I can have a piece of toast to take the rest of my meds with...

I did vacuum last night before I went to bed cause I knew I'd not have the chance...Jane was coming over with the cage she picked up for me and a few toys for Rudy and Zeke and Ms Annabella...Yes, she'll be coming after the Louieville show which is this coming weekend...oh boy !

Ms Reba is pretty much back to herself a little shaky but demanding and that's a good sign...she's eating pretty good had a little upset tummy but that was from the other day...

Jane came over and Rudy went bonkers with all the toys.. OMG.. it was wild and I had to put him up ..he was bouncing like a jack rabbit...couldn't slow him down.. so had to put him in his crate to calm down..LOL...  I made a pasta salad for lunch and Italian lemon drop bars..but Ms Jane brought over ice cream and root beer so you know we had a root beer float .. I mean how could we not !!!

We watched the Voice tonight and it was pretty good.. they sure are having some good singers I can't wait till the challenge comes along...gonna be a good one...

Now I'm so ready for bed ..been a long, long day and tomorrow I need to run into town and pick up some meds for Zeke..and stop and pick up a few things for the with that I'll say...Those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Very Difficult Sunday

A Very Difficult I woke to do my sorting of the pills of life Ms Reba was up and attempting to try and come to me..but she was like sliding along the wall and her head was twisted.. OMG !   I couldn't believe what I was seeing.. not a sound but just the banging of her body against the wall...

Dear God, please help my little one... as I rushed to her I picked her up and held her.. my heart was racing and I could feel myself tremble..Am I losing her?  What do I do?  I could feel the tears coming down my cheeks..trying to hold it together so I don't do something stupid..

I brought her over to the couch and sat down just holding her and I could feel her little heart racing... I kind of just started rocking her as there wasn't anything I could do at that moment..other than figure out what was happening with her.

Did she have a stroke?  and then I thought could she have had a to just sit and wait it was 5:30am that's what we did and I was glad that the other two weren't wanting out..

Slowly I started to examine her and she was starting to drift off in my arms so I leaned back and placed her down on the couch with the pillows around so she wouldn't fall off.. and she fell into a sleep..with me stroking her..she was now safe.

I called my hubby and let him know what happened as she wasn't in any pain and was now resting...I decided at that time that I would call the Vet's office on Monday if Ms Reba was still in this I would say my Goodbyes and know that it was the time for her to be with the rest of our hard and so heartbreaking.

By noonish she started to come around and complain as she was hungry... WOW.. I was so relieved .. I mean she's been with me for 18years and so much a part of my life and to know that there would be such an empty space in my heart...and now she's letting me know she wants to eat...

These are the times that things become so difficult ..the ups and downs the sure have to pray about these times.. I mean there is so much that goes through your head and then your heart...Lord give me strength but for what ever time I have left with her.. I am for ever grateful as she sure has given me some precious moments and lots of love.

Now tonight I'm just so wiped out and I pray that tomorrow will be a good day for her as well...and for all of you that read my blog ..please keep Ms Reba in your prayers..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

Saturday, March 8, 2014

It Was A Chilly Start On Saturday

It was a chilly start on Saturday and boy I had to put my flannel jacket on..and the heat was on as well..41 this moring wasn't great feeling after getting out of a warm bed..but out we all went..brrrrrrrrrr.

I dragged a little with my start as it was too cold to go into the garage and start my laundry so waited for later in the day.. then that was a chore as I hate folding...boy do I ever..but got to get it done

Was really on top of Rudy today and he did good but till the end..some time he hit the dog room again..and tomorrow is gonna be "I'm gonna catch his butt and it's wup arse for sure...

When he goes in the room and I follow he runs out so he knows just something not clicking but his ass will tomorrow...and that will do that number big time !... he'll be crated when I have to go in the other rooms and that will also help..he'll not be happy tomorrow..but he'll get over it once we get this done once and for all..most of the day he's fantastic..and it happens between 8pm and down to the time of it..golly this boy is stubborn.

The day turned out not to bad and tomorrow I'm hoping it will be even better cause my joints are aching with these cold days and damp days...and I heard that possibly more snow up north again...I sure hope not..

Well, I'm beat and tomorrow I'll probably not know my name but chasing a Rottie around the house LOL

So safe travels to all and God Bless Us All...

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Bummer On Friday :(

A Bummer on Friday :(..... well it even started off that way... got up and it was misting out ..and Rudy and Zeke ran out and got that over with and thank goodness the meds worked they  had solid BMs... but the day was gloomy and getting chilly...Oh please no more messes..

Had to make a quick run to John's to pick up my paper towels he had bought for me when he went to Sam's club so I had 2 cases...and boy I needed them.. then went to McDonalds for breakfast ..brought John back one too.. my neighbor came with me as I needed to get a few things at Winn Dixie and with my toe being in bad shape and not being able to put a shoe on... I surely appreciated it.

Came back as Clancy had pulled in just as I was leaving.. and put some top soil in the roses and in the extended bed he dug the other day.. so now I just have to go to Lowe's and pick up 10 roses bush plants..and hopefully I'll find some hanging plants I like..cause it's getting close to putting my flowers in.

Most the day was just nasty cold and drizzled off and on..and when it came to dinner time.. walking in the dog room Mister Rudy had an accident.. When, not sure cause I must have dozed off ..lucky me.. so out came the rug shampooer..yep, I was ticked but nothing I could do as when he heard me say, OH NO!!!  he jumped in his crate.. yes, he knew, but I couldn't do anything more but clean it up...

Later in the evening.. Rudy was playing and running around the kitchen and living room then he stopped.. I got up and caught him almost ready and yelled .. he ran and headed for the door.. I opened it.. and out he went...and after that I put him in his crate... he knew but I think he gets to a point he plays himself out.. however I betcha bottom butt.. this boy is gonna be dead on target tomorrow... even with my broken toe..!!!

Tonight I let him out ..he went right to the door and out and pottied...and then gave all their meds and to bed he went without even wanting to play... he's learning ..but this cold doesn't help either  .. he's a pup, and he's gotten away with going when ever in a kennel..those habits are hard to break ..but break I will.. he's been good for a few days.. and I started to slack off...but tomorrow.. the Alfa in me comes out !!!

Got my electric blanket on and I'm so ready ..looking over ..Zeke is laying where the blanket is on..his legs are bothering him in the cold and Ms Reba is snuggled right up to my pillow... Mister Rudy is in his crate curled...all is quiet ..

So with that all traveling Stay Safe and as always.. God Bless All Of Us

Thursday, March 6, 2014

What A Whopper Of A Storm On Thursday

What a whopper of a storm on Thursday..yikes and you all know how I really don't like these storms we have in Florida...eeewwwwwww!

Got up and the critters followed me right up front.. so that meant no quiet time for me...but I got them out before the heavy rains came...and by time for their breakfast ...well the rains starting coming and coming and coming..

I took Rudy out again as I knew he's a double pooper LOL (yeah that's life) and he wasn't happy and didn't want to stay out..but I had to have Zeke come back out..Now let me tell you that old man was really ticked..he never likes it either but goes and grunts and runs in and waits for me to dry him big time.. Nothing can be wet on him LOL..

Finally I got the little big guy to go..and in we came.. I dried them and both went into their crates.. I was not feeling well and I knew I needed to lay back down...and much better for me to lie on the couch and cover up..and that's what I did... most of the day in fact..

Rudy was such a good boy...he did well and I'm still not bragging not just yet...and most of my day was just not doing only what I had too.. had chills and a slight fact I'm still a little of kilter..

I watched the taped Survivor and caught the end of American Idol.. I'm just not into this one ....none of them really for me having what it takes to be "tops".. so I'm kind of now more into the Voice..

Ok, my brain isn't too much in chatting and fact most of the day I'm not even sure what went on..other than Rudy ate his blankie..there was fuzz everywhere..but so he now had a flat bed..LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All.... to bed I need to be !

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Under The Weather on Wednesday

Under the weather on Wednesday...woke up not feeling that great and proceeded to stub my big toe which made me feel extra "NOT GOOD"...but I continued on as like before cause when you is by yourself you have too !!!

I'm gonna make this short and simple cause I'm so not up to paar.. Rudy did really good today except for eating part of his cushion...UGH !...but as a puppy he is, as a puppy he does...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH !!

Now later on tonight I decided I just needed to put everything up as I started to get the chills so took all out and now we are all ready for bed...Hoping this will pass quickly..

So those traveling keep an eye on the weather and as always..God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Made A Mad Dash On Tuesday :)

Made a mad dash on Tuesday :) to Winn Dixie..woo hoo..yes, it was actually my first outing since I've been house breaking Rudy Tooty !!!...

Got up and made my mind up that Rudy has had two (2) good days that I was gonna make a quick dash to Winn Dixie...Jane was coming for Dinner and I needed to get in some thick bacon and I was making Carbonara for dinner plus a chocolate moose pie..Yes!  I was going come hell or high water LOL

Managed to get all the critters fed and cleaned and threw on my clothes and out the door I went..honestly that's exactly how I felt too...and I zipped through the store on my mission..

It was like I broke loose from prison..hahaha but I so needed it..and when I got home brought the groceries in and let Rudy and Zeke out and boy what surprised me was I didn't have to say anything..opened the door and the boys headed right to the back ..YEAH!  We are making progress but I ain't a gonna brag just yet .

Most the rest of the day just kind of dragged and when Jane came over we had dinner and did our usual...sit back on the couch and she fell asleep..LOL  I had to wake her to desert..then she went home..yep, she was exhausted as her on little gal had puppies and she's been feeding them and it's a lot of work.

Tonight watch the Voice and again some really good like I said, "this is gonna be one battle to who will win it.."...and after that the boys went out got their "pills" and Ms Reba all headed back to bed...and soon I'll be heading there as well..

With that..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

Monday, March 3, 2014

A Positive Monday !

A positive Monday !...although I dragged getting up because I stayed up late watching the Oscars and I didn't get to see the end...but getting up well..that was a horse of a different color...

In fact all of us got up at the same let me tell ya..that was sheer madness..running Rudy out to make sure he didn't have an accident..and bumping into Zeke and Reba ...HELP...but we got er' done !

Then once I got them fed I started on with Ms Shug and she was in her crazy mode..oh no!!!...and I'm telling you she gave me a run for my money...laughing too...mmmm I wonder about this BIRD !

By afternoon I was on a downward spiral and I was so praying that Rudy would slow down I just went into the carport with the breeze we were having it felt good.. I sat out there and along came the "Boys"..yep, they lay on the floor and we just leaned back and enjoyed a few hours...thank you !!!!

Come dinner time Rudy was ready to go out and fill up again hahaha..that's what it seems like...any way I got a little break again as they are in their crates to rest after eating and Ms Shug came out..but oh boy she wasn't gonna be a good bird...hahaha..nope she was wanting to get into I popped her back in her cage and took time for myself..Thank Heavens :)

Tonight watching the Voice and really enjoying the talent..and guess what..Mr Rudy was a Good accidents today...woo hoo..but it ain't over's only one down and more to go...

Speaking of's my time to dive under cover cause my eyes can't make any more pictures with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Sunday, March 2, 2014

So Be It On Sunday !

So be it on Sunday !   My morning was and lately always is lost in translation...with house breaking this little big guy is rather hectic..he's finally some what getting the idea..the main problem is that he's been kenneled for 6 weeks and in that environment they go when ever and where ever..sooooooooo now it's correcting his locations.

Now starting off this morning ..he woke up at 6am..and out we went..he only peed and ran in the house so I knew by 6:30am he was going back out again..and he did and he was good...aaaaaah we are getting the hang ...OH YEAH !

Then at 7:30am I let the crew out as the big guy likes to sleep LOL so out we went...and all was well so I was getting breakfast ready and going on about my business and went to head into the bathroom...HELLO THERE..YEP !  He did his thing too...OUCH...

The rest of the day he was on target..and when hubby called and I told him his reply, "Well at least he knew the bathroom is where you go potty"..HUH???? I mean give me a break LOL... but I'm pushing on and when Rudy sees me coming he runs the other way LOL..

I've taken the water up at 7pm which helps as this boy can drink some water..and of course my big one is giving me the  LOOK....but I'm hoping this week we'll finally get it all together..

One good thing.. I've lost 12lbs in over 2 weeks..I guess I'm getting my exercise..I know my couch has a spring loaded seat..cause I bounce up and down often...even Ms Shug is looking and when she sees Rudy coming towards her cage she lets out a YELL...I know then he's getting into her bird seed that she tosses out.. so again I'm vacuuming often...LOL

I'm getting a workout and when I lay my head down I'm out like a light.. I also now have lost my quiet time in the morning cause when Zeke comes out Rudy yells he wants out...and with that it means ..out side and go potty..LOL

It's all about the In's and Out's of housebreaking..hahaha

Now I'm watching the Oscars and got my electric blanket on for my legs...and already talked with hubby as they are due another snow storm...good Lord..

With that those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Psst It's Saturday March 1st Woo Hoo !

Psst it's Saturday March 1st Woo hoo !  and I finally got yesterday's post up too.. Sorry Charlie I had one of those exhausting days...but this morning I got up with my mind set.. Mr Rudolf was getting broke today !!

Morning was foggy and a little nippy but knew the day would warm up and it was also Heart Worm day..every first of the month is !...with that in mind I got my water all done and the pills were all lined up to be put in their breakfast..:)

I was up at 5am cause that electric blanket does such a great job keeping my legs from hurting..that I don't wanna move..Miss Reba slept through the night thank you Lord.. and I was ready for the MONSTER..LOL.

Rudy got up as soon as Zeke jumped off the bed and came into the kitchen.. and that was almost I hurried him out the door which he went and so did Zeke..Ok, off to a good start...and as usual they will settle back down and kind of take a quick sleep..till 7:30am which I let them out again..and this time I stretched it till almost 8am.. got their breakfast ready and gave the meds..on to Ms Shug..without stopping... got her finished with all her crazy antics and then it was my turn to have some toast and coffee..take a breather and then before I know it.. Let the crew out..hahaha

I have to say, "The morning went well" piddle on to the rest of my day..come lunch time it's Ms Reba wanting her treats and the guys getting their cookie and out again..yeah, I'm in and out a lot..take a break try to get some things done and out again...

By dinner time the boy was doing not bad...fed them and this time he went in his crate and  leaned back and kind of looked at me.. oh yes, you is staying in and it's Ms Shug's time to come out and get her lovings..

So the boy was a little ticked and decided to eat his bed..well he got at the seam and pulled the stuffing out.. when I walked in.. he looked like Santa with a beard !!!...oh joy...I grabbed up the bed and stuffing let them out and then again this boy gets a case of the big "D"...but this time it's from the heartguard at least he did it in the run not the house AMEN!

Meanwhile I hose down the run and they  run around the living room playing.. as I sit at the table sewing..which by the way I'm not good at ..stabbed myself a few times..OUCH !

I picked up the water at 7pm with dirty looks and yep, he was a good boy piddle puddle in the dog room..(at least it's in the dog room )...and then pill time and bed time..and I'm proud of pray tomorrow we continue..Lord Please Give Me Strength !

With that I'm gonna say, Good Night...those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Who Said, Thank Gawd It's Friday ?

Who said, Thank Gawd it's Friday?  cause for me it was a day of living hell... that darling little Monster was full of piss and vinegar and no matter what I did he was into something else and then we won't talk about the early morning session.

He woke up at 6am and it was a might bit chilly here in Florida ..we had another cold blast but as soon as he was up ..I put his butt out.. and yep, he did his thing..then came back in the house and lay down and actually went to sleep..right by me and Mister Zeke and Miss we took a few winks..

Then before I got ready to feed the crew I let them all back far so good and in to the kitchen I went to fix their breakfast...all were waiting too..they were when it was ready I always say, "Come on guys, let's get going"...and they charge into the dog room...

Well hello there puddle ...WHAT?????? WHEN ?????? HOW>>>>>????? I was totally shocked..when did that little monster head in and deposit a piddle...crap.. so I couldn't correct him as it was done and over out came the rug shampooer and off again we went.. I did say, "You little Chit" ...and he looked at me..and I looked at him..ugh !!!!

So when my crew eats, I let them stay in their crates to rest.. as with large breeds it's not good to let them out and jump around..risking I teach them young..lay down take a nap and in an hour they are out for water and potty..

The rest of my day was a hit and miss..and then on to later in the evening...again same routine... I mean this boy drinks lots of water after he has done his charge of the light brigade he needs to potty again.. so out we go and in we is ready and in we go...HELLO AGAIN......yeah it was not a good day for HIM or ME...but couldn't correct him cause it was done and over with but I did shout..couldn't resist...but one thing was gonna happen at 7pm water was coming more of this.. my older ones could get a drink before they go to bed..

By the time bedtime rolled around I was wiped...and nothing could change my mind we were going right to cookie no nothing..I let them all out and headed back ..Rudy came right along and got in his crate  lights out and we all were gone...

So with that All traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All

Now for some reason my post didn't get up .. well might be because I forgot to publish it.. it saved but what can I say.. that's how bad I was  LOL..