Monday, September 30, 2013

It seemed like it was only yesterday but it's Monday :)

It seemed like it was only yesterday, but it's Monday :)..and I'm so glad to get this show on the road too...Got up and started laundry so that I could get what needed to be done in the rig I needed the bedding to be washed and ready to make that bed..yes, I'm excited..and got my other lists of things to leave behind and those to come I'm coming and going all at the same time..almost like a revolving door..hmmmm might think about putting one on the front door..LOL..

Oh, I forgot to mention in yesterday's post about Zeke's scripts.. I called CVS and HELLO THERE..they forgot to pack it up.???  I did let them know they caused me into Panic Mode as Zeke, like me, can not be without his meds and especially after my conversation with Saul (the vet) made me even more jumpy..

Now back to earth here..I have those moments and I always feel it's kind of like a little electric shock..some of us have it a few times in our lives other live with it on a routine basis..I for one..well mine is just plain ole Murphy..

Did manage to get the pot of chicken cooked up for the critters to shred up and do up in the freezer so I won't have too much work ahead of me..and am making a batch of pancakes for the freezer as well..looking good as my list now is getting smaller..

so most my day has been sorting "stuff" and smiling all the while..and of course as I get closer I'll have my sad moments too..cause I hate leaving hubby for such a long time..but I know he'll be down and visit and then we'll have our talks too..which by the way sometimes I have more than when I'm home cause he comes home in such a "leave me peace and quiet"..

Tonight it will be simple making cheese steaks with air fried french for us..and no major mess to clean up..ah life is getting to look on the bright side..of my universe...hahaha

Not too much happening for me today other than just trying to get ahead of things so last minute I don't have to lug stuff..and that drive coming up.. I know most people don't like interstate driving..but for me it's the best avenue as I have rest areas I can pull in..and to be honest with you.. I'm not into sight seeing at this moment..more like wanting to get to my destination.. crazy but years ago I did loads of that site seeing...and it was wonderful and I  hope some day when hubby can ..we can do more with him driving :)..

Tonight we'll watch a little TV and I know I'm calling it and early night I'm way too tired and I can only do a little at a time during the my stacks of things to go out is gonna soon be just about complete..Thank Goodness !

So with that I'll say,, Those trucking down that highway Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Did I really think Sunday was gonna be different ?

Did I really think Sunday was gonna be different?...Surprise, Surprise..cause it ain't!!!!...Nopers started off with getting up way too early and from there on it ..well you tell me .

Woke up at 3:45am..what is this? then came and sat at the computer doing some searching for info on my Directv receiver..what a joke...anyway I did my good morning thingy in the social media and then waiting till 5:00am to grab my bag of tricks.hahaha..well that's what I call's my pills of life.

Began sorting for the week and went to grab Zeke's meds for the week and low and behold couldn't find them.. Ok, now where did I put I was on a hunt and slowly I felt my blood pressure rising...mmm this is not going to great..and of course I did the prayer to St Anthony to help me find these pills..

So I sat back down and continued to fill my pills and then I remembered hubby had picked up my new scripts last Saturday and they were all still in that bag which I had put in my sack..Ok, I'll go grab that and I'll be fine..

Hmmm, ok lots of pills in this sack but wait..No Zeke's meds..what ??? my face got flushed so I grabbed that sack again took everything out and looked at the sales receipt...I could feel my voice coming out of my throat..and it was fire and brimstone I can tell you...I even felt my hair stand up on it's roots..Holy Chitski....this is not gonna be good..I have a few days left of Zeke's meds but..look out I am fit for bear ..

I have to tell you I went into a frantic frizzy.. and I know it's because I'm uptight with everything that is happening or gonna happen... I'm so sick and tired of Murphy living in my house I could set the dang thing on fire..and speaking of fire...

When I woke up and walked into the living room that Directv box was on ..hubby shut it down last night but sometime in the night it turned itself back insides got all squiggly ...and when I turned the TV on the thing said, "The box is over heated.."  this really set me off..and to think maybe this could have caught on I yelled and hubby heard me.. well my day has been going down hill since then..

I will definitely make sure that box is unplugged when no one is home..and at night time when we go to bed...this is gonna be a crappy start and I sure hope it has a better ending or you will all hear me SCREAM ! 

Hubby picked up the replacement parts for the kitchen faucet and attempted to fix this leaking sweet heart..well it's only been 3 weeks that this faucet has been dripping..and nothing worse that a dripping faucet to set your mind at ease...

Now I have mentioned that my hubby is not a "Handy Dandy Repair man"..although he can fix lawn mowers he is not a fixer upper..Gawd help me...but he does try..and I give him a E for Effort..however getting back to my kitchen faucet...(sigh)...I hear these noises coming from the kitchen and hubby is talking that RedNeck Jive..and I hear these strange sounds...

I've learned from the past not to even go near the man when he's attempting to fix something..stay out of range cause no telling who will get the worst of it..Yes, been there done that..but so now I got smarter..and I have flash backs when I use to do all this stuff but no longer can..guess maybe I should have shown him a few tricks but I'm so use to doing things myself..possible my curse who knows..but I still hear the getting back to that faucet..

Hubby comes out of the kitchen and says, "I can't get the faucet appart"..???? Oh no !!!!..."It just won't come loose" so he went back to Home Depot and talked with the man there and from what I understood if has to be jiggered loose....I sit there in my chair and kind of feel those little nerves starting to quiver...and then hubby says, "Well I have an idea for now"  HUH? he has this grin on his face...and says, "I put a sponge in the sink so the drip you won't hear till I figure it out "...OUCH>..OMG.. I could hardly look at him but ya know what.. I'm leaving him to do what he has it Florida Yet ???

Later we went up to Saul's (our vet) with Ms Reba and Zeke..and Ms Reba is doing really great for 17 1/2 years old..her heart is strong and her weight is still like last year 12 1/2 lbs.. but Mr Zeke well, Saul says, "he is surprised he's lived this long with his Afib cause normally this size boy don't make it past 6 mos of his stomach dropped..but however he has gained too much weight..he's up 18 lbs and I was shocked...cause I haven't changed his diet..but he is less active and since Abby passed he's been really in a downward slope.. so I'll have to start monitoring him a little more closely..

I do hope and pray that he'll be ok this year and maybe I can take him for small walks.. I'm not able to walk much myself without my cane..but on the cool mornings I can just walk him around my cul de sac..  which will be good for him and me.. but we are running a few more tests on him to make sure nothing else is happening..

We weighed Ms Shug this morning too..she's now 1lb that's good and she's so willing to eat anything I give her..and if you say, "Yum" she's all ready to take what you give her..LOL... maybe she's part Italian too hahaha

Other than that family visit was short as it was just to say "See ya later on the flip flop"..and of course I have my name in the draw who I make something I've got to get busy with that..and of course the list of dish cloths that have to be made...

Now for me I have 2 Doc visits on the 3rd of Oct and then if all is well we are set to go...I'm sure looking forward to some good news and nice weather and the comforts of watching nature out my window..can't beat that.. hopefully my faucet will be fixed hahaha...hey, I can always be surprised...

Tonight we took it easy and don't ask about the faucet ...but for some reason I'm sure he'll get it fixed after all he has all size sponges LOL...oh I won't go there..any way we took it easy and watched a movie I had taped..then it was time to take Ms Shug out for her can tell she wants out cause she keeps saying.."Hello"..and by the time you have had it she's out and happy jumping up and down and laughing...Loony Bird !!!

So it's that time for me..Oh by the's 2 down and 6 to go..woo hoo..Those traveling these highway Stay Safe and as always..God Bless..

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hey ! Hey !...First Day Saturday is Here :)

Hey! Hey! ..First day Saturday is Here :) That's Right On...woo hoo..and I was up at 4am with my anxiety really floating high..cause I know I'm now on the move to heading south...and ya all know I is clicking my heels....I've been so ready as I so look forward to seeing all my plants and filling my bird feeders ..yeah I'm into all that good keeps me active .

Put on my trusty coffee pot and lean back to hear that baby perk and smell that delicious aroma floating in the air..Yes, nothing like it..and I even have some plain donuts..for dunkin..hahaha..yep, I'm a dunker nothing like it.

Sun is shinning brightly in my window and casting a glow across my computer screen..almost need blinders but it feels so I like these crisp morning with the sun beating on the windows..yeah gives you that true Autumn feeling and of course the colors of the leaves.. I always say,"it's God's Paint Brush at work..

I have my dolly ready for hauling all my clothes baskets that I brought up with me makes life so much more carrying in and out..make a few less trips with this...Memories from my old Dog Show days..and it does go easier on my back..

I'll turn on the big freezer also so that I can load what I'm bringing back and that's mostly dog food with a few little surprises..things I can't buy in Florida ..yeppers I vacuum seal and enjoy later on..and yes, I can hear hubby give me the usual lecture..hahaha..but I don't pay no mind cause he knows "I'm right"

Have to give Ms Reba her bath for tomorrow's visit with Saul (our vet) and Mister Zeke his vacuuming to get all that loose hair..gawd does he ever shed.. and then that will be their annual visit and then I'll have some tests done when I'm in Florida for Zeke..his EKG as it's not due till May..

Oh my list is starting to get shorter...yes ..I'll relax once I start that engine and hook up that toad behind her..yeah, it sure is a good feeling and looks like weather is going to be not so bad...sure hope Florida starts to dry out a little..LOL..

One thing I am gonna make ahead (and I thought I was finished) is a batch of pancakes to put in the freezer..some to leave here and some to take with us..I pop them in the toaster as the microwave gets them to soggy.. and I'll get those brown and serve sausage links for our breakfast as we travel..I'll also bring my pump thermos as I'm the only one that drinks coffee and I can always heat up in micro for my quick cup...all this is added to my check list again know those quick flashes that come up on ya ..!

Tonight I'm making Cheese Steaks with Air Fried French Fries so I don't have too much to do after I finish doing my chores...they hit the spot...and we can settle down till tomorrow's run for your life LOL...Family, Critters and All..OMG!

Well what do ya know.. Mr Murphy strikes again..just as hubby and I were watching a movie the blinking receiver box starts acting up..first it comes on with a message that the box is over heated ????? what the ???? and then it shuts all my years of having Directv (almost 20) I've never had that I wait a minute and turn the box back on..opened the cabinet door and checked to see if anything was wrong..????? So again I turn it on and the box is rebooting and then a message comes on and says "it's attempting to cool down.. and keeps going and measuring how much longer it has to go ..when it comes to the 100% it starts all over again..Hello ????

So we call Directv..and get the routine..then finally after about 20 minutes of nonsense I tell the girl.."Look dear, this box is not working and there is something a muck with it..send me another box..well it turns out the box might not get here till Friday and I have to send the other one back within 7 days...well that ain't gonna happen cause I'll be on the road and then maybe in to make a long story short... I told her cancel the order and hubby will call it in when he's back home...but for now I'll move the receiver from the bedroom to the living room... but what a pain in the arse..everything has to be so dragged out and nonsense...I think all these companies are about the same..

With that I've had it for the day and it's time for me to say..."Night Night"...those traveling down the highway Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hello it's Friday...WOW !

Hello it's Friday .....WOW !... I can't believe it but in a week from today the motor home will be loaded and come Saturday morning it will be head out and ride down the road...Hubby says, "Oct 4th is push of day" for me...:)

Got up this morning and made a fast run to the grocery store to pick up a few items and then my list is getting shorter as so is my time..not planning too much as I need to get the freezer on tomorrow in the rig and slowly load that up . 

I can feel my heart picking up speed as I even think about it..and making sure I have all my "stuff" together that needs to be put in the rig this week..will also make sure the beddings are washed and ready to get comfy for us..

I have only two Doc visits left and they are next week with my Cardio Doc and my Internist and last the Dentist..and then make sure I get copies of my medical records to bring down with me..

I'd normally fax them but I've learned my lesson on how things get lost..I shake my head but it's a fact so I take them with me and hand them in..makes life high blood pressure about idiots.

Tonight is gonna be a quiet one ..just lean back and watch some TV, chat with hubby about his day and then get the list out and go over a few things with hubby to make sure he has all he wants made for when we leave..

We both enjoy the trip down and the week there together and saying "Good bye" is always the hardest but I mark on the calendar when he's coming back..and we try for Christmas or New Years..then again he usually makes the trip for our Anniversary ..and if he can swing another week in after that..

We talk every morning and every night and on weekends we have our Face Talks too..hahaha.. I'm smiling cause it's usually when he's gonna make a special dish and not sure we do the step by step LOL..but it's a long time and some days it's hard for both of us..

I worry, he worries how things are going and if any of us get ill..but I know like when Abby got ill, hubby flew down to be there..and on my part I'm always figuring what is the best way for me to get back and help him...but I do know if I need help Clancy is always there to help me pack up ..or I can just load the car, bird, dawgs and all and head up..

These are things that always go through my mind and I know hubby's as well..but thank the good Lord, all has always worked out..and I thank God every day...our friends are good people too and if need be we know we could reach out to them as well...

I do feel that hitch itch coming on..and that sweet rig of ours is looking good..she's been a great rig and handles really great..keep her in tip top shape and she takes care of us too...I can hear her purr...LOL

Watched Under Cover Boss first I thought .."oh this is gonna be just borning another type of Hooter Restaurant.."..but what surprised me the most was the really caring CEO..what he did especially for that woman with her hubby so ill..and how hard she worked and really it was her only escape from the sadness she was living...I cried my eyes heart felt her pain and then her thankfulness...Made my evening really...

Well, now it's time for me to say, "those traveling, Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

After an Xray on Thursday

After an Xray on Thursday...yep, had to go have one taken wee early to make sure my infection in my jaw was healing..also to check the incision in the roof of my mouth..Hello There !..

Got up a little early to get a few things taken care of ..fed Ms Shug and clean her cage ..let Zeke and Ms Reba out gave them fresh water and a few biscuits and off I was out the door on the road and next thing I knew I was sitting in the Surgeon's chair having Xrays done ..knees were knocking cause I sure didn't want to have another pic put in place for an infusion..if the oral meds I've been taking weren't gonna clear this up..and so far so good..I'm still on the oral meds for a few more weeks..!

After leaving the Doc's office I hit them Golden Arches..oh yeah! McDonalds here I come..hahaha..and as Wendy asked me, "Was it through a window"...Heck yeah and it sure was good too...!

Came home fed my critters and then ate that delish breakfast..and Egg Mac for me..and even had (get this) a Hash Brown... I earned it..hahaha...but it really was tasty and saved me from cookin..cause I was just a little bit nervous anticipating another Murphy ..

Took it easy the rest of the day as some times when I get myself worked up it seems to take hold on me..and so I just paced myself and did only what I had too..and for dinner I did a chicken recipe..3 ingredient that was really good.

We watched X factor and this looks like it's going to be some really good talent too..even that Mr Santa..hahaha..he did one of my favorite blues songs from years ago..Stormy Monday ..and boy was he ever good..

Tomorrow I'll have to go out again..but this time a quick run to the grocery store..have to pick up a few things..then homeward bound I is..and give my critters a bath as Sunday they go to see Saul, my Vet for their vaccines.

That's it for those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Making a Wish on Wednesday

Making a Wish on Wednesday...cause that's about all I'm gonna do..well a few little other things but not much..LOL..but my wish is for these next two weeks go by quickly..cause I'm so ready to head South..

Got up at 5am ..yep, I did sleep in a little longer..had watched the Voice and kind of did some reading and fell asleep by 11:30pm..yeah I was up late this morning I just rolled out of bed and took my time..

Hubby is attending a retirement dinner thingy so that means I don't have to cook dinner ..and for me I know what I'll have Grilled Cheese and Tomato..OK!

Most of the day I just did chop shop..LOL  well I cut up veggies I'm going to be using this week and through the weekend..this way I don't have to do so much ..This was something I've been doing since a Kid..Momma always did those preps ahead..mostly because of the restaurant..made life easy for all of us..

Took a little nap afterwards and that felt I'm now just gonna feed the critters and make my dinner early ..tomorrow I have to go for an Xray to make sure my infection is no longer there and then hit the grocery store early.

Tonight is the X factor and I'll tape both cause I can play catch up the next day in what ever I all and all it's been a peaceful easy day and weather wise it's been ok..

Made Zeke and Ms Reba's appointment so this coming Sunday they'll head up to get their check ups and vaccines..Pulled out Ms Reba's PJ's that I had in the rig for those brisk mornings and she's set ..

My list is getting smaller and next thing I need to do next week is turn on the frig and freezer and I'll start loading those slowly and taking my head count.. most likely I'll visit the rice fields before we leave and do up a package of chicken so when we get to Florida I'll have a break and not have to do anything for hopefully a few weeks..:)

Oh, Clancy called golf cart charger bit the that means I have to buy a new one..YIKES..always something..but I need one so will call the  golf cart place and see if they take mine in for exchange..

So it's that time for me..and tomorrow I've got to get up and get out early will feed critters when I get back and maybe even treat myself to a breakfast for home.. 

Those trucking down that highway..Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kicked the Habit on Tuesday :)

Kicked the habit on Tuesday :)....yep, got up this morning got my chores done and out the door I went to the Doctor..well my GYN and had my routine Pap done and then went on to discussing good ole Fosamax...

My 3% loss in my hip area is minor..according to the Doc, but because I've been on that Fosamax for 8 years it's time for me to be taken off and will be rechecked again next year to see if any changes..

So with that I kicked the habit of taking that pill every week..every Sunday..and although I wish my jaw would improve..nope it's what's done and that is that...however, for the bad that can happen there is good that did happen..

Made my appointment for next year same time..and I pray all else is well ..was happy to leave and be on my I've got a few more Doctor visits and if all goes well with those..we'll be heading down to Florida..

Was good to get out of the house and I did visit a friend of mine I hadn't seen in awhile..and I'll try before I leave to visit a few by this afternoon the weather got really nice..but morning brrrrrr that chill was in the air..

Watched the Voice tonight and I could barely keep my eyes for me it's gonna be a short note and a long day I carry a few more things out into the rig...checking my list ...

So that's all folks ..those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Monday, September 23, 2013

Here's Monday !

Here's Monday !...just like the ole Johnny Carson show entrance..I can hear Ed McMahon calling it out..that's how I feel waking up this morning..and again an early riser 4:15 am ..but I did take advantage...first load of laundry was going and so was I....then hopped on in to the kitchen..wait back up.. I didn't hop..I dragged arse into the kitchen..cause my eyes were wanting to close and go back to bed..hahaha..

I washed the rice (yes, washed all that starch off) and it was so murky it took me four washes..popped that into the "handy dandy rice cooker" added my chicken broth (oh you thought I just used plain ole water HA ! ) then placed my steam basket on top and filled that with the veggies ..closed the lid and pushed the buttons..gawd I'm so exhausted hahaha..nah, I just love that rice cooker..and let her do her thang !!!!!!!!!!!!

And then it was on with the rest of my chores..put on my pot of coffee and looked for a corn muffin..GONE????? ugh..guess what I had to do..but thank goodness for Jiffy..cause I had to whip up a batch of corn muffins..we love them toasted..don't use them for corn bread cause hubby is a Mississippian and it's got to be the REAL THING..just like Coke....but Jiffy let me tell you that little box is well worth it..and I buy usually a dozen boxes at a time..LOL.

Now I'll sit back and wait for hubby to come flying down those stairs and get out of the way.. I'll watch the news and then feel the breeze as he opens the door and critters also watch cause they know better to get in his way... I'll hear Ms Shug say, "hello" but need to start teaching her "Goodbye"..then it will be on with the rest of my day...

Gonna use the Crock Pot today ..making BBQ Country Ribbs..have cole slaw and will make air fried French Fries..they are just like fried without the grease..gooooood !..

I have a few more baskets of things to go out into the rig today and I'll run the vacuum and dust maybe even have lunch out there..aaaah it's getting to feel like an Adventure in the making...but it sure feels so good to just sit in and relax..and I'm on the count down ..:) 

BBQ was that I just do a quick brown the ribs and onions put it in the Crock Pot and add some BBQ sauce to the skillet picking up all the fond and pour over the ribs cover and turn on high..Hello sweet thing !!! and hubby and I relaxed and enjoyed it too..was gooooood !

Later we watched the Voice..boy I really like that show and taped Dancing with the Stars to watch later on..darn when they all come on at the same time and now it's bed time.. Have a busy day tomorrow..have a Doc appointment with my GYNand also discussing Fosamax and my decrease of loss on my hips..don't want any issues there..

So with that, those trucking down that Highway Stay Safe and as Always..God Bless Us All..



Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Mornings Blessings

Sunday Mornings Blessings can't come soon enough for as of this week I've heard nothing but sadness..surgeries and more surgeries..The Good Lord has to be getting tired...seems so many are going through such rough times..and it's running a muck.!

Thank God most have had good outcomes...but for others..well, I pray that they get some relief..and then along comes that nasty ole spider to sit right besides ya..Chit !  There's got to be better times ahead..

Last night I was do dawg gone tired I could barely keep my eyes hit me like a ton of bricks..sitting in the recliner I fought to stay awake .. FOOL >>>Why?...guess I thought I might miss something .....but I finally gave in ..and I hit that bed and out like a light .

Well, woke up at 4am..eyes opened up and I sat right ya know I'm gonna be taking a nap today..for sure..while hubby goes off to church and does his thang...I'm gonna grab my "blankie" lean back in the recliner and take in a few for me  LOL

Sorting of the pills of life this morning and gonna have a talk with my GYN this the results of my Bone Density on my hips wasn't great..seems that I've lost 3% of my bone mass..not a good thing..but Fosamax will do that on ya..So maybe this will be the parting of the way of 1 pill..but to make a did improve the bone mass of my you have to take the good with the bad..but I can still kick that  habit..(hopefully)

Today will be a quiet day for me and I'm so gonna enjoy it.. no cooking either..hubby will pick up a Roasted Chicken.. and the rest is history..just pick and enjoy..Yes, that works for me. !

Later this evening had a apple crumb pie for our little treat cepting..that store bought was awful.....should have made my own..but this was my lazy hazy day ...and I just was enjoying the moments..for's back to get up and go .

So it will begin the next week of gathering up all the rest that  must be loaded in the rig and my list of what has to be tagged along also making sure when we turn on the freezer and frig that everything is working ok..

Yes, I'm starting to get more and more ready for that long drive and my favorite little spots we park at..LOL..Flying J's.. like I tell everyone I go from Flying J to Flying J..and hey as I enter each one I know how much more I have to go to we hit..Eureka !!..our Winter Haven..and I'm so looking forward to all my plants and I can sit in my living room and look out and just watch life's happenings..and even drive around in my golf cart and take in all what mother nature is putting in front of me..

Well, it's that time and I've got a lot planned for kicking off with Laundry...where does it all come from ...:)..So with that I'll say.."those trucking down that highway..Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All "

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sure is Saturday

Sure is Saturday...and I have been up and ready to get going..have to follow hubby up to get his car serviced and then he and I will go to the grocery store that is truly a treasure hunt !

As we head out on the highway I can hear the inner voice saying, "Oh Brother, Where Art Though"..hahaha..cause hubby gets into his roots and starts giving me the advice on "how to shop"...for me who hates to shop I'd gladly hand over the reigns...Jingle Bells  !!!

Going up and down the aisle is another adventure as I reach for something and hubby directs me to "What is the better savings" it may very well be but I don't like that brand and why buy something you don't save a few pennies..

I should write a book .."The joys of grocery shopping with a CPA brain"..LOL  I bet I'd have a top seller and a lot of laughter for sure..a comedy of Horrors..LOL..I'm smiling just remembering my day..

Later on I kind of just leaned back ..did too much cooking and tomorrow is Rice Fields day whether I like it or's a fact !...I've been dragging my day out and kind of wiped out from the mental anguish..hahaha. He means well but you know that well runs might deep...

I only have a few more weeks to go and it's that head down on the highway and venture into sheer bliss of comfort and peace and quiet..aah ..I know I have a lot of chores to do cause I'll be by myself and I will miss hubby..but he's been so wrapped up in work and he's getting a little it's time for us to take a break from each other as well...

Only thing is I look forward to him coming home and telling me all what's going on in the office and I feel good that at night time I can make sure he rests...but when he gets this's a little bit of walking on egg shells..hate to see him that way..but I know from my own experience on how business gets to you...

It's getting close to my bed time and I'm having a little bit of difficulty trying to keep my eyes with that I'm gonna say...Safe Travels to All and as always..God Bless Us All...

Friday, September 20, 2013

At Last Friday is Here !

At last Friday is Here !...good grief I've been busy and only in the kitchen.. and today is no different ...well some what .. I only have to make a pot of Soup ..well 16 quarts worth hahahaha

Got up wee early again cause I knew I had things to get done..and sure enough it was get out that huge pot and get them fiddles going..LOL  and this by far was the easiest to do.. 

Also put on my pot of coffee and the quiet time was wonderful ..only a few things to get ready and put that big pot on simmer ..then pack it all in containers.. I can hear my freezer burping..hahaha...but hey it's sure worth it if it can give my hubby some easy time ..just heat and eat..

By afternoon I was done and went out to the rig to run that generator for a bit as it's been sitting..and as I sat inside that Hitch It came and got me. I sure could have taken a nice drive..some where any where a get away....wooo hooo

Check my messages on my Doctor's portal for the results of my last few test and all came back pretty decent cepting I'm showing loss of density in my hips 3% since last 2 years so hopefully I'll be able to come off Fosamax..

I have to say it did increase the density in my lower spine..which was for all the bad it's done some good...of course I have that jaw problem and sure don't want to fracture a hip..not I head to my Doctor this Tuesday for my Pap test and we'll have our discussion.

Watched the tapings of the X Factor with hubby tonight as we've missed several so it was pretty good to see and hear such neat talent..already have a few I really like..and with the other shows coming up ..they'll be plenty of taping in the happenings.

Have to call the Vet to get appointment for Zeke and Ms Reba as I need their vaccines..not sure if Ms Reba will get any as she's 171/ some times at that ages her immunity should be there..and there is a lot of pro and cons to giving anything at that age..we'll see..

Well, I'm tired and tomorrow is a busy day ..hubby has to take his car in the shop to get checked over and all that stuff and do all the shopping but good thing..peace and quiet this Sunday..oh I did leave out.. I'm in the rice fields on Sunday LOL  but my trusty Rice Cooker will be doing that job and all my veggies are in the freezer all done up so it's dump and mix..and steam..

With that...all traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another Cook A Rama on Thursday

Another Cook A Rama on Thursday too..seems like I should have stay in the restaurant with the family...LOL...but it has to get done before I can push off to Florida..

Got up early again and started right in the kitchen..woo hoo.. Do you hear that choo choo train coming down the track..????? well that's how I feel but soon it's gonna be done and then I'll start all over again when I get to Florida..LOL

My day went by rather quickly ..I will say that.. and in between my breaks I either jumped on line to read all the good stuff or checked for new patterns and even found an old recipe I've been searching for..can you imagine another recipe..but I'll wait on that one for a bit..LOL

I did manage to get in a little nap..cause I had too.. once I put my feet up I was color me Gone ...and that's alright and it felt good..even my critters lay down when I do and Ms Shug just joins right in as well..but once she sees me open my eyes and move a bit..she's ready to show me how fast she can chew the new toy I put in her fact in the morning when I change her papers it looks like little match sticks in the bottom..

I tell hubby she's chopping kindling for our next bonfire LOL..she sure can chop some wood..I should have named her "Ms Beaver"..she's now really going to town..when I put a new toy in I give it a day before she attacks..she has to check it out and see if it's tasty...has to have that certain flavor..hahaha

Tonight watched the X Factor and then turned on the Eagle's Game with the Chiefs..hubby is leaning back watching..and I'm listening..LOL..

So with that I'm gonna say..Happy Trails and Safe Travels to those trucking down that highway...and as always..God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Marching Straight Through Wednesday

Marching Straight Through Wednesday...and that's how it felt as I had so many things to get started before we head out to our winter home...

Woke up again early and I sure wished I could have stayed in bed cause it was a bit nippy this morning..brrrrrrr yes, I know the birds are starting to fly south and this bird is soon following..(only time I ever follow anything) LOL.

First and foremost got hubby out the door, fed critters and then had my pot of coffee going while I put on a large pot (double batch ) of chili which will go in the freezer..Yes, I cooked today for the freezer...then while that was going I put on a double batch of "gravy" so hubby has it for pasta ...and I took my little I was running out of space on the kitchen counter..LOL

My counter looked like an assembly line..containers all ready for their fillings..hahaha..but they sure did get filled...then on to my next number which was a Crock Pot of Beef Stew...and again I made a double batch ..used my 7quart cooker..(now you know why I have so many crock pots and different sizes..) 

I do remember having a few of them on the counter cooking all kinds of goodies I'd be going on the road and I would put the finished goods in my freezer bags..and they'd be my boil a bag dinners..and I'd split them with hubby as he was home..more like saying, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander"..hahaha

After that I called it quits...I mean I literally was tired..but tomorrow I'll do a few more dishes that will help hubby as he works long hours and coming home to cook is not always easy for him and I hate he has to do those fast food numbers..this way it's heat and eat..

Watched a classic movie and kind of took a little nap..and it was time to fix fiddles for the Critters..hubby was working late and I knew he had a meeting and they always send out for something...

Watched all the programs ..the ones I had to record cause they were all coming on at the same time... America's Got Talent bummed me out.. I mean Forte was amazing...and of course I know they'll have an amazing career ahead...Big Brother was another winner...Andy...well, he did play a good game although not my favorite but he managed to play all ends...

Then Survivor and X factor..hello there what a night.. they all were just crossing over each other and dang it.. I'll have to watch them that I missed on Friday cause my brain can't handle too much more..LOL

Now I'm fixing to fall in bed and start all over again...did so many pots and pans .. my fingers are lily white..hahaha.. the white hand or should I say, "Milky White from all the bleach in my sink water..(always use bleach when doing dishes..

So those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What a Flash in the Pan, It's Tuesday

What a flash in the pan, it's Tuesday...and I've been up since eyes opened and that was that..guess I felt guilty for not doing laundry on Monday HA! as I sat in front of my big screen computer I put in a load of laundry..might as well... I mean if not now then WHEN????  so I sat and surfed the Net, posted in my Social Media group and even folded clothes as they came out of the dryer...

Oh my stars!  I must have been really feeling guilty cause any one that knows me well ...knows that's the worst job I hate..folding clothes and matching socks that disappear as they enter the SPIN ZONE ..hahaha..

I made my pot of coffee and a batch of corn muffins and a few for Ms Shug with her veggies in...and I always hope I don't forget which ones are which..been there done that one too ....

Mid morning I started to slow down a bit..yeah that heavy feeling was sure coming on strong..although I tried to fight it..but I'm weak so I gave in and caught a "Nap"..and even though it was only one hour it still felt good and gave me a burst of energy that I made a Custard Pie...yep, and will have that tonight.

Grabbed my list and did another look at it to see what I could put in one of my tote bags to get to go in the rig..yeah, it's getting closer..and I pray all will be ok that we can get out of town soon..

I have next week my GYN visit and then the following week my Cardio and Internist and Dentist..hopefully all will be a smooth sailing..and then it will be when hubby can't get his days together.. 

Also will be my cooking up a few things too..Hubby will give me his list what he wants for me to put up in the freezer...that will be gathering all my stuff and cooking and cookin and cookin..oh yeah.. my kitchen will be smokin..

Made Chircken Parm for dinner with Pasta and boy it was really tasty ..nice to be able to chew a bit...and as we watched America's Got Talent that Custard Pie hit the spot...My vote is for Forte..their voices are amazing and singing Opera is not an easy task plus in harmony..All the acts were at their best but again..Forte for me all the way..

It's bed time now and I'm with that I'll say.."Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..


Monday, September 16, 2013

Can you tell it's MONDAY

Can you tell it's MONDAY....where I'm in a "get up and get on the road"..kind of mood this morning...have my appointment up at the hospital for my Mammo, Bone Density and to remove the pik line (hopefully) from my surgery and hoping that I'll be done I may glow in the dark from all those Xrays..

Got up at 4:30am to get my shower and to get all my setups done so when I come back home I can get things done..Fed Ms Shug so she's taken care of and gave fresh water and cleaned the Critters crates and on to the next stage..

Made a pot of coffee..(there is a God After All ) and sipped it slowly to enjoy those delicious coffee beans..LOL..really it's been so long..a week without coffee in my blood stream is completely dangerous..hahaha

Hubby got up and thank goodness I was done so there was no clash...and he got in and got out with his Cola in his I followed out the door with my coffee in mine..woo hoo...and of course the school buses were trucking around too...YIKES..

Headed up the highway to the hospital and boy does it ever look like rain..NO, not yet....and the traffic is a pain in the butt..but, I just fall in the procession of idiots attempting to squeeze in any space open..

Pulled in the garage of the hospital sure hope I can get a close enough parking space...and I did.. I lucked completely out..can not believe my eyes.. I mean I have never gotten a front door spot..HOLY HANNAH BANANA...

Now if only my Doc's office faxed the script..(I've had this happen often) and I don't have to wait forever and a day...LOL..and again another's there waiting for me...I'm so impressed and my day is doing well..not gonna say good just yet cause my day isn't over.....

Had my jaw Xrayed now have to go over to the get the Mammo and Bone Density..will find out if they will remove the pik line...always ask.."did you fluch".. I always wanna say..."I always do and wiped "  hahaha...they always give me a strange look...Yes, I know I'm different... putting humor to anything is so worth while..

So as I sit and wait the radiologist I watch a little TV..unreal about the latest shooter in DC...what the hell is wrong with this world..everyone is gasping as we (the group in the waiting room) watch the happenings..Unreal.. then I hear my name being called..and Yep, pik line can come out..but before it's out I got  my blood work done too..hey, while it's available for easy withdrawal, why not and so glad they did it all.. so I'm then moved to another area where the nurse does the removal..

I don't know if any of you have ever seen one or had doesn't hurt feels a little strange going in and coming out you just can't believe how long that sweetie is..mine was put in my forearm and it goes into a very deep vein that they use an Xray machine to guide it they make you turn your head so that it doesn't go into the flow of the wrong direction..sounds weird but they do a really good job..and boy is it ever a blessing so you are not constantly having to be stabbed or jabbed which ever word fits I'm free..and still on antibiotics.. if it wasn't I'd have to then go for the infusion for close to 6 weeks...

Now for my Mammo..OUCH..that's what it is..but it's an OUCH that can save your life so for the few minutes it's well worth it..then on to Bone Density..lean back and relax...I could use a nice cozy blanket..LOL.. aaaah I'm done and ready to leave..

Gonna treat myself to some breakfast in the hospital cafeteria and  yep, my coffee is still hot in my mug...wonderful got them off of QVC and well worth it too.. and whatcha I get out to my car it's raining....make my day..LOL...Now I have to get home and make  some breakfast and feed my Critters ..Zeke and Ms Reba and catch up on the back later ....:)  

Caught a little nap later on and watch the TV with all that happened in DC..horrible just horrible..what the hell is wrong with people today..did they east some..Kill Everybody..chit this is getting to be a constant reminder of how Evil is working in our world...soon we're gonna have to be wearing protective gear just to go out side..the S O B's.

Later on hubby got in late so I made Open faced roast beef with gravy sandwiches and had French Fries..I air fry them in my little special oven I bought years ago..nice crisp fries would swear they were deep fried without the grease..shame they stop making these little units..

We watched Dancing with the Stars tonight and seeing Valerie Harper..she's amazing..and so determined to beat this cancer she has..she is one brave lady..God Bless her Spirit..

Now it's that time and tomorrow I've got to do laundry cause it didn't get done those traveling down that highway..Stay Safe and God Bless Us All.. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's A Great Morning This Sunday

It's a great morning this Sunday :) To start off with I slept pretty good last night only waking up thinking I've over slept and it was 2am and I just leaned back and went back to sleep..a little interruption but hey good TV has that too LOL 

Then today was my first cup of coffee..and almost hot.. I was a little woozie to try hot like I normally drink it..but man oh man it tasted GOOD !  and I enjoyed 2 cups of it..smiling the whole time..aaaaaah good to the last drop..!

Being Sunday it's traditional family I made Italian Roast and veggies but had our pasta (home made) first..and that was even good.. I mean a actual meal but I can not tell a lie ..I made sure I cut things up cause I wasn't gonna want to have any problems..not now, not ever....

Hubby went to church but came back home after Sunday School and went up to his office and worked..that man is putting in some heavy hours but this time of the year it's a must..

My family did the drawing of the names for whom we give gifts too with our group it's important or other wise you'd go this makes it simple one gift only..and of course I've been making baby blankets for all the new arrivals...

Got my list going as well but will take a break for tomorrow..have an appointment up at the hospital for my tests..(it's that time again) Mammo and Bone Density then next week I see the GYN to follow up with another test  The Pap Test..then on to the next week and I see the Cardio Doc and the Internist..yeah it's these last few weeks and then if all is well...ooops I have to see the Oral Surgeon that's one visit I wish I didn't have too..but because I'm on Fosamax I'm having to be on antibiotics due to the surgery and my jaw bone.. 

Don't cha just love it .. I mean you take these meds to help solve one problem and they cause other kinds...can't live with out them ..and being today was my pills of life sorting just makes me think..long and hard.. I always say, "it's over the rainbow time "  cause I have all kinds of colors of pills..

Tonight is Big Brother..woo hoo.. if I can make it ..I'm really tired..watched the Eagles Game..ain't gonna go there and now watching the Giants game..again aian't gonna go maybe nah.. 

I did find a neat cartoon and boy I surely appreciated it..cause it's just how I felt since I've not had coffee for a long time for me  ...hope you all enjoy it too....and with that All you traveling down this highway. Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.....

This is definitely how I felt today  :) 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Little Rough Go On Saturday

A little rough go on Saturday...and it was really because last night I couldn't get to sleep ..I was laying in bed wide awake till almost 3:30am..No matter what I did and I think it was mainly because it was the first night I did not take a pain pill at bed time...I sure hope so anyway..

I woke up this morning at 6:30am and boy I was really dragging and I had a lot to I got my shower and headed out to the grocery store as soon as their doors the time I came home my house was still quiet..not even a mouse was fact when hubby woke up he didn't even know I was out and back home..LOL..

My critters didn't even budge they were in their comfort zone..snuggled in their little corner...well if you call their couch a corner..yeah works for me..but they were yawning as I walked in the door..Zeke gave me the "What the "..look and of course Ms Reba was still in her little world..but I did hear Ms Shug say, "hello" under her cover..

So I got to work and put on my pot of Gravy..for the Sunday dinner which is kind of tradition and hubby came down the stairs and took his shower, grab his cola and out the door he went...

He's been really busy at the it's coming to contract time and also presentations to the Board of to the world..but the hubby has been putting in long long I won't see him till later this afternoon.

As for me, I'm kind of dragging but trying to start to get some catch up and then I noticed feeling some bone fragments..crap !..but it happens and these are really I hate this..but I'll call the Dentist when I get back from the Hospital on I'm due for my Mammo and Bone Density Tests..

Did up some Sweet Potatoes for the Critters and Butternut Squash..yep, I cut them up in tiny pieces and micro for a few minutes cool and then stuff them in zip lock bags to add to their food..I can't give to one without the other..hahaha... I try to do as many veggies as I can ahead ..but amazing cause Ms Shug waits for hers as well.. My lists keep growing of things I add to their foods...

Tonight hubby and I watched the taping from the Xfactor..and some of the people I was kind of in tears..such stories but such beautiful voices...this is gonna be a good show coming...and now as soon as I can give meds out I'm heading to bed...cause I know I'll go right to sleep..

That's about it other than I did manage to get a few things in the rig I can check off my list of what goes back to Florida...

So with that...Those trucking down that highway..Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Friday, September 13, 2013

Well Dab Gone It, It's Friday the 13th

Well Dab Gone it, It's Friday the 13th...woo hoo...and so far all is well. I've made sure I've crossed all that needed to be and even went as far as making sure I didn't step on any cracks..LOL

Woke up a little later this morning ..thank you, thank was actually 5:30 am and it felt great wallow in my bed and even Ms Reba slept in barking, no whistling...I enjoyed my quiet time and best of jaw wasn't hurting..the pain is almost completely gone bye byes..:)

I still haven't done the hot coffee but it's only around the bend and I can't wait for that wonderful hit of caffine..although I am now having warm cocoa..and it's ok, but  nothing to write home about..hahaha

Tonight I'm gonna have Baked Potato Soup..have had my potatoes in the Crock pot so soon I'll cut them up and whip that delish soup together..I'm gonna do a recipe from Joanna Lund's which is really simple and boy a winner.

I've been off and on taking naps as with those pain meds they zonk me and I now know how Rip Van Winkle felt...the day just goes by and don't even remember where it started..and then come night time I take another pain pill and off I go...but today I have been cutting them back and tonight hopefully I'll not need any..

Weather wise it's not been that bad today and hopefully we are on that swing for a little more cooler weather...I like to open the sliding door and just let the air come in...wish I had windows like I have in Florida so I could have a great view..but soon I'll be looking out them again.

Got a email from my dear friend Betsy and Dick and it seems that Dick has fallen several times and is not doing well at all.. it seems they are going to be calling in Hospice as Dick is no longer eating or drinking and disoriented.I kept thinking of those two and remember feeling so sad as I always looked forward to seeing them when I was in Florida... 

Please all my readers..Keep both Betsy and Dick in your prayers.. I miss them so much and I feel so helpless .  They were my best neighbors and friends..I felt such comfort from them ..just knowing at any time I could go over and visit or even call..We had such good stories and laughs..and Betsy's book by far was one of the best written words..."Summer is her Name"..

Tonight hubby and I will relax and watch the Xfactor that we recorded as seems now lots of programs again are connecting at same time thankful to record and watch on nights when nothing good is going on...

Oh by the way....did I tell ya it's Friday the 13th..LOL  yep I got me a little picture for the benefit of sharing with all of you ...Hahaha...So with that I'm gonna say.."as usual...those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..."...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Today Was A Lot Better And It's Thursday

Today was a lot better and it's Thursday already...this week is looking at lot better than it's start..maybe cause the antibiotics are finally doing their job.. I know the pain meds are sure working..

Yesterday late afternoon I had gotten a call from the Oral Surgeon doing another follow up with me..and I asked him, "What's going on with me"..?  his response kind of through me some what..

I could hear him take a deep breath and then it started to roll off into my brain.. Seems I had a cyst and a massive infection which made the removal a  little more difficult than what was expected so (here it comes) he had to cut more and dig deep...OUCH.. perish the thought but that's why I have these strange stitches in the roof of my mouth..

Figures for me..cause nothing every is simple no matter what I go in for I come out with more than what was expected...another Murphy number for sure...and I seem not to follow any set pattern..perhaps I can go into the World Book of Unusuals..LOL 

So I guess that was resting on my mind when I went to bed cause no sooner I lay my head down I was up...and back to my normal hour..4:30am..oh my can't I just go one more hour...:(

I did a little shopping on the Internet as I needed to buy diapers for Ms Reba and I checked out prices on Ms Shug's foods and got a pretty good deal and hey I didn't have to go out my door and carry all that stuff back in..and the way I have been was worth it.. in fact it will be delivered tomorrow..ok that' works for me..:)  ah but later on in the day I got a email from another company I buy from and "Hello"  the food was on special at this place hahaha..ain't it always the way..but now I'd have to pay delivery so it worked out well..

Chewing is still a little difficult so again Milk shake and this time McDonalds..cheese burgers cut in tiny pieces.hahaha..but it was the real things and boy I was so anxious for some matter what...but my mouth did get sore...ok, so I'll take a pain med before bed time for me..

Had warnings of Severe Thunder Storms for tonight and boy the rain came down hard for a bit..then seemed to roll out..sure hope so..taped the X factor as that was on but did watch Big Brother...I won't give it away just in case some of you didn't get to see it yet..

Tomorrow I've got to get more up and I've got a few more things added to my list to get done as next week I have to be up at the hospital on Monday morning for my Mammo and Bone Densitity tests I need to get this jaw healed up without any more stops ..

It's that time for me to head to bed and hopefully I'll at least sleep till 5:30am and then go from there...So all you traveling on that highway take it easy and Stay Safe ...As always..God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Here It Is Wednesday

Here it is Wednesday and I'm still kickin' well not to high yet but I'm getting there..perhaps a few more days and I'll be as good as I'll ever be LOL..good thought anyway.

Last night for me was better than the night before as you all know how that baby steps except mine are chewable ones.. I'm still not able to chew just sipping through a straw either..I mean I have these Stalagmites or is it Stalagtites which ever they hang from the roof of my mouth.. I know I was a little strange but this puts it too almost the Max..

Any way my pain pill helped me sleep and I didn't get up till 5:30am and that was ok..cause I wasn't planning anything major other than just getting my usual chores done..but one thing that is driving me Bonkers..NO COFFEE... 

I mean Hot Coffee is what I WANT..but I'll settle for coffee ice cream..not a fan of it but it's close enough..soon as I am counting the days that this will be gone and then I can get on with the next procedure.. 

Most of my day has been hear a bell take a pill, let the dawgs out give them their meds and feed them ...hahaha..does get a little crazy but it gets me up and down and in and out..Holy Crappola what a life !

Hubby will be home late tonight so it's fin for myself and that's not too hard.. I can make the best milk shakes going..:) I'm getting plenty of practice ..but I am making a sweet potato pie..I can eat the custard not the pie crust..and hey I'm getting my veggies in too...

Been doing some reading on 9/11 and each time I read more on it I feel my tears coming...watched a Budwiser commercial with the team of horses that bow looking on New York where the towers were...OMG.. We must never forget and keep those families in our prayers..such a horror..Keep praying that this will never happen again !
Tonight is Big Brother and I'll watch that and fall out afterwards as my meds kick in.. I've only taken half a pain pill as I'm not good with pain meds..they kind of make me goofy..not that I'm not goofy enough..but I don't like nodding out and that's what they do...but I make sure I get a good night sleep..

You know what amazes me about this Dental Surgery.. I've had lots of different types of surgery and this maybe cause it's in my mouth but what a apin in the butt... I did more with Major Major surgery that I am able to do with this.. I bend my head and I feel my pulse beating in my jaw..jeeeez..

Maybe cause I'm getting older..dunno..but this does suck..guess maybe cause it's close to my bumble brain  LOL..sense of humor didn't go.. thank goodness I'm telling ya that's about all I have left...

Well looking forward to tomorrow as I know it will be a better feeling..and not so dang hot either..come on cooler mornings..and them..can open a window and feel the crisp air and breathe..

Those of you traveling..Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monday Passed Like Gas! And Here Rolled in Tuesday

Monday passed like gas !  and here rolled in Tuesday....can I forget Monday and make like it never happened ?   Good Golly Ms Molly... alls I can say, "I hope I never ever make that mistake again"..oh yeah..

Monday morning I was so anxious to get this tooth taken care of feel know when somethings is bad and you get rid of it you feel better right ????? well I guess Mister Murphy had other plans (that s o b )..

First off as I was getting ready to take my shower, had already gotten my critters fed and Ms Shug taken care of the Telephone man show us..."HELLO THERE" hubby went out to see what he was gonna have to do...and my desperate mode I just said, "well, if you need to stay with this phone guy, just drop me off and come back to pick me up or I'll call a cab"..can't make it any easier than that..

Thank goodness though it only took an hour for the repair to be fixed and the phone guy didn't have to come in it was on all on the pole...and my pacing wasn't needed...well at least not then..

We got to the Oral Surgeon and walked in and the office was packed..Ouch !  I can deal with this and then the usual get up to the front desk and you get a stack (7 pages) of papers to fill out...oh Puh----leeeezzzz...

So I give it to hubby to fill he should know all these answers as my brain has one thing on it's mind...GET THAT TOOTH OUT ...and then hubby starts to joke with me..well, I'm not really in a mood to joke but if I don't respond he won't quit...lucky me...HA!

As we all (the poor people in the office) look at each other we kind of look like we are lost in space..but instead felt like a blizzard...I couldn't help myself and then asked..."Is anyone chilly"...well it was like I opened Pandora's box..all at once ...OMG.. we all bust out laughing..we were froze...hubby then says. "well, you won't have to worry about bleeding.." was funny when you think about it... I gave him that nudge to the side...shook my head and just kept thinking this is all gonna be over with...

Now we got there at 11:45am and from sitting so long I could barely move my butt...switching cheek to cheek..then looked at the's 1:30pm...What in the world..????  this one young lad sitting next to me was in really bad pain...and when the door opened up I just said, "hey, it's been really long here and this young fella is suffering..does any one mind if you take him first"... not that we all weren't having a problem but he was in bad know ya have to wonder when someone comes in that bad that they don't just take him right away that sitting was tough..

Finally my turn...wooo's gonna be over with ..thank you !...and as I sit in the chair I get asked the same questions I answered on the paper work...duh ????  ok, now that I've answered in comes this Doc...joking with the nurses...and then looks at me and says, "I can't believe you are allergic to all this stuff.."...???????? ok, sorry Charlie, me either but it is what it is ..then askes when was the last time I was tested ???????? I can't remember it's been a long time ...ok, are we done yet can we get this over with......then he goes on about who tested me..????? OH NO>>..I nicely say, "Doc, it's been a long time but trust me.. it's a fact "...

Then he says to the nurse," give her  blank blank name and then turns to me and says, you need to be tested again" to be honest with you all.. I don't care right now.. I just want this tooth let's get on with the show.

Now comes the good stuff...he attempts to start a line..HA HA ... and I told him.. " I'm a hard stick"...which he should know..."I'm a heart patient over 20 plus years and it's very difficult with my veins...can I have just Novocaine...he doesn't respond but goes from several places to the next arm... You got it I look like a dart board...

So I then say very nicely (which surprises me)  " You have one more try "...he laughs and thank goodness he got it..cause I know what my arms are gonna look like....CHIT !

He says a few things to me and then I'm gone..till I wake up in the chair and the nurse asks me if I want to get into a wheel chair...I was able to walk with her help to the recovery room which I was only in for a few minutes well maybe 15minutes tops when hubby walked in ... 

My jaw was aching and WOW so was my front teeth..and I could feel throbbing ...that surprised me.. I mean I've had extractions before and my mouth was numb for several hours to ward off a lot of the pain...well, guess what  ... not in this case.. I mentioned to the nurse, I'm feeling a little pain..she gives me a cold pack.. now he did give me some novocaine but that sucker was worn off ...I was having OUCH  like pain...What the @#*^ ...

Ok, now what happened ??  I asked the nurse and her response was, "You'll be ok..Doc gave you pain meds...and more antibiotics...and Oh Boy... lucky me.. so I looked at hubby and just gave  him the signal..."let's get out of here"

Home we went and he stopped at the Drugstore to get the scripts...the rest of my day was not good.. that area where he removed my tooth was stitched and even as far as the roof of my mouth..and I grabbed an ice pop.. that's all I could do and I did not do well... I took the pain meds and for about an hour I felt some relief but it came back ..felt like my mouth was on fire...Holy CHIT.. it was not a good night..finally I called the pharmacy and asked if I could double the get through the night...and I could.. once I did that I went out like a light...

Getting back to ...I will never do this again...not with this Surgeon..but you best know that when I can talk right I'm gonna really complain... I've never had this happen..could it be because of the infection I had..not sure but I'll ask my of the worst experiences I've ever had and that's including when I was a kid and went to the school dentist (who by the way hated kids ) in New York City... hence how my fears began..

Back to today.. is Tuesday and my mouth is sore but so far not throbbing and I'm gonna rinse several times with salt water to make sure I don't have or get any more infections...but have lots of meds to I probably won't post tonight as I'm gonna make sure I get another good night sleep...with a few naps in between...been too long and my jaw is telling me it's time...

I hope all of you that are traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Thank goodness it's Sunday

Thank goodness it's 5 and I'm so ready to see this Oral Surgeon..not thrilled to lose a tooth as I've tried so hard to save them...but it is what it is..only a few hours from relief is what it now boils down too.

Morning for me was sorting the Pills of Life and taking my dosage...and on to my routine chores...and soon to be start loading a little at a time the rig..perhaps even one night to sleep in that will be a treat..and of course with the crew too..I mean where I go they follow :)

Haven't been able to plan much food for the week as I don't know how I'll feel but I have a lot in the freezer that I can use for hubby's dinner so that's no buggy....for me it will be milk shakes and scrambled eggs...and of course those pain meds if I need them.

My Zeke was off his food this morning...he's coming around but he did a number on that leg and it is improving but he has a sensitive I'll keep a watch on him and see how he is by dinner time.

Most the day I didn't do much and got everything ready for tomorrow..a little anticipation but just want this over with.

Zeke did eat his dinner tonight but I only fed him a small amount and still will watch him..he's a little stiff when getting up but steps out of it as he's walking..and with the mornings being a little brisk I'm sure it is affecting him, I know it does me.

Big brother is on tonight we'll see who gets Head of Household  and then I'm heading to bed for tomorrow I might skip a post....hope not but with me you just can't tell...I'm hoping Murphy went on a trip...

Those of you traveling on that highway stay safe and as always God bless us all!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Yippee! It's Saturday :)

Yippee! It's today is the day I bring my rig home and that to me even though my tooth is still at me is a fantastic feeling...

Morning couldn't come soon enough and I had to wait for hubby to come tumbling down those stairs have his "coke a cola" and get his act together so we could go pick that baby up...well it was awhile as he had to run into the office even though I asked if he could just drop me off..but he felt with the way I've been feeling it would be better if he would follow me back...ok, I wasn't gonna complain so I waited and waited....finally almost 11am we went and picked her up..

Now let me tell ya, "it was like heaven being inside and looking around and then once behind that wheel I wanted to keep driving...if the critters were on board and I didn't have any Dr appointments I could have driven straight to felt so good.:)

My pain meds are helping some what although I'm stretching them out and it's now day 4 and only one more full day and then on Monday noon time I'm praying it will be all over with cept ing the healing..

Hubby did go to the grocery store for me as I'm just able to drive when I take these pain pills they make me a little woosey ..I just get what needs to get done till I can get myself back to the "Norm"

My phone is still out till also Monday sometime...I can't receive calls only's crazy but like I have been telling my tale of woe...chit happens too me!

Tonight not much going on cept watching some old movies and tomorrow will be "Foot ball" and no!   But at least I'll watch the games and sneak in Big Brother which I'll record and watch later..

With that it's time to say, "those traveling stay safe and God bless us all"

Friday, September 6, 2013

A Some What Helpful Friday

A Some What Helpful Friday...I did say that didn't I :)...well as I have been laboring through most of the week I finally decided.."I can't stands no more"..and called the Dentist (that gorgeous young lad) and let him know that my tylenol was at it's last leg...I was waring down...I do mean on the edge of my seat.. The nurse said, "Doc would call me back"....

Well I waited and waited and finally I figured out why I didn't get a call... I couldn't seems that Mister Murphy stopped by... My phone went with him too... sees I could only call out couldn't receive I called back up and got to talk with the Doc...and thank heavens he ordered me Tylenol with Codeine...ok I'll take fact I'll take anything that will work  !

Also had to call Verizon..OMG...and I don't have any patience right now but I did and got caught up in that loop of numbers and questions by a computer..HELP...give me a human...even a goofy one I'll deal with it..but disconnect that machine..PLEASE !!!!!

So after I got that human I then call forwarded my number to my cell phone so at least anyone that would like to call could at least speak with me..and the first call I a SALES CALL....

Morning for me was much more pleasant now that I got a little less pain and can some what function..but once I take that's lights out and maybe I'll cook and maybe I won't hahaha...

It's Friday and it's my 3rd day and counting it Monday yet..but soon at high noon on Monday I'll slip into slumber and wake up with a wad of cotton and a swollen lip...I'm gonna look sweet but hopefully no more pain..and then I get to look like that for the whole week and I have my appointment at the hospital for my Mammo and my Bone Density...yeah we is moving right blowing in the wind..

Hubby will pick up some Flounder on the way home as I'm not able to go out or drive...LOL..always something..anyway.. I'll cook that up with some sort of veggie and baked potato...keeping it soft ...

Tonight mostly nothing on TV so we'll watch what we recorded and then I have a full day for tomorrow planned...just can't wait..and counting down at the same time...

So with that..those traveling down that highway..Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...and on to a busy day tomorrow.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stressing on Thursday

Stressing on seems my tylenol is no longer helping..and I've  noticed I'm getting more and more stressed trying to deal with this tooth and it's pain it's causing..can't believe I'm lasting so long..but this is one I won't forget...and another lesson on having Heart !!

Morning for me was not pleasant as I managed to get a few things done but I still need to go to the Rice Fields and I'll attempt it tomorrow so I can be some what a head of the mother load..

I mainly just did what I could without bending my head to  much ..and then had to lay down as this tooth just continued to let me know it's still with me...dang it.. I mean born without teeth and by the looks of how things are going for me...and my jaw I'll be leaving this world the same way I came in..well maybe some what...however I hope at least I'm wearing a nice outfit..LOL..

Got a call this afternoon from the RV center my rig is ready and I felt so good till he told me how much...OMG...$2.214.29....I think my jaw dropped to bad my tooth didn't as well...but good Golly Ms Molly...had to have brakes done and of course all the caulking and the door had to be fixed and a few things plus the oil changes both motor and generator...yes, I'm still gasping...

Amazing these home on wheels they are wonderful and certainly great to have but when it comes for the check ups and things to get done..I can here the cha chang happening...almost as bad as every 5 years new tires and that's a whopping 3500. without batting an eye...and all I do is drive her back and forth to Florida...but one of these days I'm gonna swing out and take a trip to any where. 

She's actually only has 25,000 miles on her and she's 12 years old but like brand new inside and soon will have to have a paint job..she runs like a charm and handles fantastic..I've really had wonderful times with her as I use to go to the dog shows every weekend and come to Florida and live in her for almost 5 months...I would still be living in her if the camp ground I stayed at didn't sell...cause there's no way I'd give up my critters...

So now we have the house in Florida which is a mobile unit but stationary and we use the rig to go back and forth so that I and the critters can be comfy and now Ms Shug is included..she has her spot ...

Tonight is Big Brother...and it should be really good as it's suppose to be double eviction..but ya know there's always a twist one way or another...So with that and my jaw bothering me I'm gonna make it an early one and lay back down..

Those of you traveling on the highway..Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wandering through my Wednesday

Wandering through my today is the first day I stop my plavix and aspirin and I begin my count down to relief ...not that I'm collecting anything but more like a withdraw....and I telling ya this is certainly drawing on me.

I hope after this I don't see a Tylenol bottle any time soon. Cause ever 4 to 5 hours I've been popping those babies..and I can wait till I can bite into something's getting really old.

Morning was nice and cool and it felt good and tonight temp is suppose to drop some as well. Now that's even better....and yes soon as I get the rig back gonna start loading up ...this always makes me feel good...although I'll miss being here with it is nice we enjoy a lot of the same things.

However I do so enjoy my little home in Florida and watching those neat birds and critters and have things I want to get being such an early riser and hubby could sleep till the cows come home ...hahaha we do enjoy the break always..and he looks forward to flying down and resting...yeah we are two strange birds. Hahaha

Zeke is doing much better today but still a little stiff and right now he's moved back on the couch..Gawd he sure is getting lazy....:)  only way I get him to move is hold up a great companion...just like the Hubby!

Tonight is Big Brother power of Veto competition and also America's Got Talent elimination so can't wait to see the out come and hubby is at a retirement no cooking and just take it easy.

Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Days Complete on Tuesday

My Days complete on Tuesday...well kinda sorta up early and couldn't wait to call the Oral Surgeon to get at least an appointment.. I knew I would have to wait the 5 days before anything could be done..but when could I start the count down..?

Zeke was doing better this morning starting to get back to his ole self but still some what limping..but at least he's able to get up from laying down without much hesitation..however, still favoring but that's really to be expected.. I'm just so thankful no major surgery for him..he's had more than his share from a young pup !

Now getting my critters done in between taking meds..goodness gracious great balls of's been an on going..soon it's almost 8am and I'm ready to hit that speed we go...feeling my heart beat fast and taking a deep breath.. I get the nurse on line and go through the explanation.. 

Isn't it always amazing how many times you have to tell what happened and then comes the..." we have to get Cardio approval"...ok, but then she says.."I'll give you an appointment on Monday" I'm counting on my fingers cause my brain can't function the distance..

I hang up and call my Cardio Doc and the nurse there says, "Zeee, you need to come in cause it's been well over 30 days and you'll have to be tested again to get approval.."..well I guess she could hear the whine in my voice.. I mean come on.. I had an EKG and as far as stress..doesn't pain count for that ? response goes into over drive and I plead to let me talk to "Doc".. I'd almost be willing to hang up the phone and come right in ..pain and all...I was desperate..

Then shes says, "Hang on let me talk to the Doc" I am on hold and with that I'm saying my little pray...and then she comes back and says, "Doc says, "if you have any pain other than your tooth you need to come in..other wise stop taking plavix and asprin 5 days before surgery"...I was so thankful.. I mean I just couldn't bare waiting any more time .. as I'm now at the end of the tylenol holding back the pain..I mean it's waring  on me now..

So I called back the Surgeon and spoke with that nurse and she's gonna fax my Doc for the ok..and get copy of my EKG...that's wonderful and then she starts asking questions and says, "I have all the data from the last time you were here " ?????????? When I never have been there >??????  well I was as it seems but to this Doc's partner..HELLO...been ages too..

Finally that was taken care of all set for Sept 9th at noon time..but I have to have anesthesia. That wasn't thrilling as I don't mind novacane..however that ain't gonna happen..oh I will have novacane but while I'm when I come too I won't be hurting...the nurse says, "he's got to dig in"...OUCH>>!

The Dentist also ordered more meds as I'll need them 4 hours before surgery..I'll definitely have a lot of antibiotics in me that's for now I can continue on with every so many hours open up and swallow...YUCKO!

Later on hubby got in a little late and made Chicken Parm and Pasta..for me a little pasta easy to eat..but that chicken sure looked good...but ain't taking no chances..I can chew on one side but still no chances cause my luck is not great and I want no more issues..

Watched America's Got Talent tonight and recorded So Ya Think You Can Dance...all great shows and can't wait to see who wins both...and then set for tomorrows "Big Brother"  what can I helps pass the time..

Suppose to have some cooler weather coming in..that will feel great and soon before I know it...I'll be Southern Bound...have lots to do at the house in Florida...put in new windows and also gonna check into that Premier Bath Tub with I can't get into the tub easy and out easy..this way I can walk in..and Whirlpool will feel fantastic on my legs for circulation...that's on my to do list for this stay in Florida..

Ok, it's now bed time and I'm with that ..those of you traveling down that highway..Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..