Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Work out on Wednesday :)

A Work Out on Wednesday :)... Oh yeah or should I say, "Smokin"...woke up to 71 degrees outside at 5am..holy Hannah (won't say Banana cause they is all in the freezer for my Yonana ) LOL...any way got up and I knew this early being this warm's coming into the rainy season for Florida and it's gonna be hot and muggy along with mosquitos and thunder storms..YUCKO !

So my day was get er done and it was Rice Fields and what ever was gonna come next..and I had trash to get ready as Monday was a holiday soooooo my trash took on a perfume of it's own...hahaha...and I felt like Santa with all the bags..

By noon time my brain was becoming fried..and lately it doesn't take much but I did get my order in to CVS for my pills of life to be picked up on Saturday...(an outing woo hoo)

We all did get in our afternoon nappy ...hahaha..yes, critters and Ms Shug all rested well..(Ms Shug is definitely fitting in really well) ..I'm so surprised how Ms Shug will snuggle up right next to my pillow and she keeps one eye open to see who is gonna attempt to come close...hahaha..she's become a Watch Bird Dawg...OMG too funny .

Tonight watched the special with Blake Shelton and felt such a lump in my throat ..watching scenes from that tornado..Lord help those poor people...something we all can't stop but only help after...One of those "Why" thingies.. I guess.. Can't understand the happenings but guess it's a part of nature and if we're in it's path so be it...Sucks ..!

Now I'm ready to hit that bed with my crew all nestled down and start my early morning chores as soon as I get up..cause another warm morning is in the happening...I'm become a MOLE people..cause once that heat hits.. I don't go out unless it's a major thing...even my Zeke and Ms Reba will sleep till it's busting time  LOL poor babes..but I can't say I blame them.

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All ....

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