Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday....The Big Day Is HERE !

Friday the big day is here !   I could barely sleep last for Zeke, well he snored through. In fact I could say, "He kept us all awake" it possible Dawgs have "Sleep Apnea" ?  Nah...but sure sounds like it.

I woke up about 3:30am and let the Critters out and then got in my cozy chair with my "Blankie" and dozed off...wasn't hard to do...actually felt pretty good. Maybe I should have slept in my chair I would have done better.

Zeke has been looking at me for "Food"..he loves his breakfast . So have the others but I haven't feed anyone (including me) I don't want Zeke to get upset with the others eating... I'll just feed them late, like when I get back from dropping Zeke off..This will be a late day for everyone.

I got on the computer and let the Critters on the bed..Yep,they're giving me the eye routine...I can almost read their eyes...HA !... "Hey, what's wrong" Where's the fiddles.."   Water is still down for Zeke till 9am and then that will be up too...

Zeke's been really wanting to go for a ride..every time I go into the car port he's out before me and looking at the door...only thing this time it's not going to be a pleasant experience...Gosh I feel bad about what he's going to go through...Must be that "Guilt Complex " thingy...dunno...

Again it's another wait only this time it's for the after call...See it's never an easy day always something going matter how big or small...seems to just flow that way.

Getting the towels ready for both the car crate and Zeke's home bound crate..wanna make sure he's comfy...I've also got my pillows handy..cause I'll be on the couch for tonight for sure..

There are them eyes all 8 of them lookin' right at me..Gawd do they know how to make you feel bad...Keeping myself busy is the key (hopefully) 

Weather is good (now that's a good thing) and now it's time for me to attempt to get dressed...time is clicking away....only 8:30am ...maybe a cup of coffee would help...put a little zip in my step..

Be back later..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thrilled Thursday came and is almost gone

Thrilled Thursday came and is almost gone already...Yes, I did my thang and went to the Doctor..Was it a good experience?  Well, you might say, "We had a meeting of the minds"..of course I gave in...Why?  cause I had a bad foot and I need to get help...My Momma didn't raise no fool...when injured or hurting ya have to get help...This Doc is good but his office "Sucks"...Shame on him...but shame on me if I didn't do what's best for me...

So I told him what I thought, he chuckled and said,  "You're right, but find me better help"...well that shut me up..cause I couldn't...It's awful out there.. the quality of caring people is less and less..It's only about the money, not the job itself..What can I say..????

Done I was,  I also had an Xray taken on my foot and ankle and then another suprise...I have to have another test done to make sure I am getting enough oxygen to my heart and lungs..but this is one I take at home..

Going to have someone come out and hook me up...This ought to be good..They'll call and set up a date and time and then I'll find out what's gonna be done...but until then...

It's Zeke's time and tomorrow will be here soon...I so want this to be over for him so he can start to recover...He's anxious himself as I'm sure he's hurting...Soon Zeke,soon...

Watched American Idol and boy I'm glad we're through all that dragged out nonsense...Some talented youngsters...but so far I haven't seen any one that wowed me cept maybe that one boy that played the base...Now he was talented...but we'll see... 

I taped Survivor as being American Idol is on at the same time..I don't want to flick back and miss too much so tape it I did...and I see that Russell is up to his old tricks and oh my that FBI (supposedly) guy is another winner..he'll be gone soon...good ole Boston Rob has his plans..but he better watch out..Surprise Surprise...I feel is coming specially from Matt if he makes it back...LOL

Now, I'm gonna make a nose dive into bed as tomorrow is gonna be a high stress day just worrying...and getting Zeke out without Breakfast...He's gonna be ticked off....ooooooh my !!!

Good Night Sleep Tight and don't let the Bed bugs Bite...or Skeeters either..

God Bless.....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wandering Wednesday

Wandering I made it through... This morning early I went into town to do a few errands ..pick up a few goodies so that I can be home bound while my Mister Zeke recovers.. Gosh I just want it to be over for him..

Today was a beautiful day and I did get to enjoy watching my critters outside and in and just wished my hubby was here to enjoy it as well..cause it's a bit nippy back home.

Most of the day I did a few put away and get things comfy for Zeke...My Joe has been doing well too..which makes me happy..He really has been loving the warmer weather and even seems to enjoy laying in the car port on his "blankie"..

Tomorrow I have that morning run to the Doc and this ought to be a good one... I'm just not a happy camper with this Doc's office staff..they are rather rude as I watch how they treat other people and the last phone message I got.. well, let me say, "Ain't no way to run a Doctor's office..."  What happen to compassion ??????

Well, I'm watching American Idol and recorded Survivor so I can catch up on it too... and then I'm calling it a night...Need to get my rest for the "fun" tomorrow...

Good Night All...and God Bless

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday, went along well

Tuesday went along well ...did my morning run..that is, blood work..yeppers had to be there and drive in the fog...that always amazes me here in Florida..Fog..but I got it done..came back to the house and got an email from Bethie..I was kind of disappointed, as she will not be stopping by..However, that being said...I do understand..As with Zeke having Surgery on Friday it would be rather difficult for me to spend time with her and go any where ..and of course he'd be a tab bit nervous with Bethie coming in and out the house ..would almost be impossible for me to keep him calm.. He really likes her and would most likely want to be sitting next to her..cause she gives him the attention...but you'd have to know Zeke..he kind of demands it  :)

My day went a little bit smoother..Heard also from Clancy..and like the rest of the sad news..His daughter in law passed away Monday..OMG  His poor son now lost his mother and his wife within a few months..Ironically Elsie died on Dec 21, 2010 and his daughter in law died on Feb 21, 2011..So sad..I feel so bad for Clancy..He's just getting things together and now this..!

Weather was a bit warm but felt good..I've had my doors open and ceiling fans going..the crew has been laying in the cool carport...and I can't blame them..I've sat out there most the day myself..

Here it is evening already..where did the time fly..>? tonight I'll take a nice long shower and just lean back and watch some TV..I feel much better knowing what's happening now...and as I deal with all this other stuff...just getting Zeke on the mend took a lot off my mind..

Got my list ready for tomorrow's run...have to go to the Post Office..drop a few things in the mail..then on to the store to pick up a few things as I won't have time on Thursday...have Doc appointment..then Friday Zeke's day and I'll be homeward bound..So I have a few things I'm gonna do in the Crock Pot and have stuff ready to just reheat..

Thank goodness for that Crock Pot..saves me time and heat...Gonna throw me some meat balls together and sauce and have the cook and that's always good ..who don't like meat ball sandwich with melted cheese..OH MAN !

See..make it simple...and the rest will be history in the making...:)

Now it's chill out time and maybe a smoothie...Sounds good !

Later ................................

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday It's finally here !

Monday...It's finally here !   And so came the news too...Early this morning the Vet from the Tampa Hospital called to let me know the results of Zeke's tests...Yes, he has Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia... I guess she could here a sigh of relief too.. but the news was also that he'll continue passing blood 4 to 6 weeks after he is neutered...Which I asked, "How soon"... ASAP... Ok, so I called the Vet I went to and he has Zeke scheduled for this Friday at 11am.

Yes, I'm glad the wait is over, but do I want all this other stuff...NOT..but it is the right thing to do for Zeke and in a few days he'll feel some what better...of course he's still gonna have discomfort till the bleeding ceases.

Goodness it's never easy when they hurt, and that goes for people as well.. You want them to get better but boy the getting there is the hardest part.

So, I'll have to have him crated a bit till he starts to heel and try and limit his activity...which means my Abby will have to be also ...She's the culprit...she instigates all the crazy stuff..and then let's Zeke get the blame...

Now I can rest a bit till Friday...well almost.. I have blood work for myself tomorrow and then Wednesday is an off day..HA ..More like clean up day and then Thursday Doctor for me ..Whoopie...then along comes Ms Bethie...I'll enjoy her visit...and then Friday...Zeke's Day...

I'm wiped out and need to lay my head..I see Zeke in his spot..guess I'll have to push a few over...Lucky me

Good Night All ...and  God Bless

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday's almost Monday

Sunday...It's almost Monday... My mind was not at rest today..No matter what I attempted to do didn't work out. It was one of those days where I should have left things alone..

However this evening I did manage to cook up a batch of food for Joe and me space just in case I am caught up with other things...which I pray I won't have to go through.

I also have Tuesday, to go for blood work and then on Thursday my doc appointment in between what ever else or is it what comes first !

Zeke was not feeling well today, upset tummy in the morning then afternoon still passing blood...Gawd I wish the phone would ring and tell me what is our next step to do...but no such luck ..I'll have to wait till tomorrow.

Yes, even though it's President's Day, I'm sure the Vets will be working and I'll be Marching to the Beat of a different drum...Or either riding on the Express train to the next station...

I know my gibbering is kind of not making much sense ...but to me it's my release of how my brain waves are flowing...The Unknown is never easy and like right now I hear the clocks ticking...Sucks !

Watched a movie...well somewhat.. it was rather a long one..a good one but I could not concentrate...The Inn of the Sixth Happiness. It's always been a favorite of mine  but tonight I just wasn't there.

Now it's time for me to lay down and try to get some sleep...boy I'm gonna need some strong prayers. Just give me strength to endure this all. Let this be easy for my Zeke...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bizzy Buzzy Saturday

Bizzy Buzzy Saturday...Keeping myself going...wasn't hard to do as I had to play catch up (or is it ketchup) ...and so the morning went by like the wind. Swiftly and then came the afternoon...I was taking my 3rd or 4th breather..thought I'd died but had to keep going.

Where did all this mess come from...when did I not do these things ???? Yes, asking all kinds of "What, Where and When"...but I kind of figured it out as I went along and speaking in a strange language...hopefully unheard of :)

With all that went by the last two weeks I sure did gather up lots of "Dust Friends" and then all their clothes too...Never thought I had so much...but I did..I even heard my Washer sigh...poor baby...but that Dryer was huffing and puffing and finally the last load..well I thought it was but NOT..I have the towels for tomorrow...Whoopie !!!

Here it is almost bed time..well not really but I need to hit the sack so I get get an early start and then it's the last run of the day....well, maybe ..I might want to just glide through the kitchen cleaning...Like do I really need this stuff...YARD SALE...:)

My Zeke is doing ok...has had a little problem with the dreaded "Diarrhea"  poor boy..with all that anesthesia no wonder and of course they shaved his belly for the it kind of looks a little sore..but his appetite is still good...a little not wanting too much water...but he is drinking..and of course still blood in his urine...Is it Monday yet ?

I have one more dose of his Meds for tomorrow and I guess when the Doctors call me Monday they'll decide on what the next procedure is pending of course the results of cultures and biopsy..

The waiting is the worst...although Zeke isn't showing any signs so far of strain and that's a good thing...but he's some what upset with not being able to get comfy...

I have a cool pad for him to lay on, as we've had some nice warm weather and I didn't want him to lay in the car's enclosed but still I want to make sure he can't get any other kind of infection...So the cool bad is designed to keep his body comfy... I've used these in Dog shows for showing outside weather was always a major problem for the dogs..spray bottle with water and cool pad for them to sit or lay on... and nice thing they come in all sizes...and I think I have them all.....

Chatted with hubby off and on most the day and back home the weather was a bit cold...from yesterday...and we lost he's not having a pleasant time of it himself..but he did say, "Booked flight to come down"...I'm excited but I have another wait game...He won't be here till March.

Alrighty my ole bones are saying..."Lay me down to rest, please"..and that's what I'm gonna do...

Later all....and God Bless

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fried Brain Friday !

Fried Brain Friday !...Is this a dream, have I just gone through the run of the mill adventure?>not really sure...but looking over at Zeke this morning. He's spent..the poor guy has gone through the mill and back and it's not over yet.

Last night I could hardly sleep. I tossed and turned and then I heard Zeke walking up and followed him..He and I sat together on the couch watching the flame less candle flicker...a really awesome glow. It was relaxing and next thing I new he and I had fallen asleep on the couch..We needed that time.

Got up and did the water thingy...making them water with lemon. My Abby loves it ..she surely is enjoying her water...she thinks it's lemonade and therefore it's all hers...She won't share...such a sweetheart. Zeke well he has no choice this is it boy...Drink !  He does but looks back at me and gives me that look...Joe and Reba, well they'll drink cause it's something good..What's a little tart, but it's wet and cold...Zeke gives me another look..."I guess I have no choice"...NOPE !

This morning his blood flow wasn't as heavy but it's still there and I can't wait till Monday... we get the final results and I'll hear from that Doc at the cancer center...come on Monday.

Now you know this weekend is gonna drag and I've got to keep myself busy. So it will be clean the house which I haven't had chance to do since Zeke's been ill... Just looking around I'm getting ill...maybe I need a drink of that Lemon water ...

Went out this morning and picked up more meds and then stopped in at Winn Dixie...I can't believe the price of bread and milk...gawd I'm gonna just make my own bread...3.59 for a loaf of bread...!

So now I'm gonna make my list of things I have to do...Yeah, I'll be over come by the list HA !...but it will keep me busy till Monday...and the weather is nice my door is open and I have the ceiling fans going...Now to get ready to feed
the critters and then it's on with the "Show"...well maybe some show..


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday is hearing the follow up

Thursday is hearing the follow up of yesterday..  I might add a truly blessed event in the happening...

First thing I got a call from Lizzie and Birdie...wanting to come and have lunch together...Oh how I would have loved it so...but I had to decline as I was waiting on the Vet to call me with results of Zeke's blood work ...and I know that Lizzie and Birdie and I will get together (hopefully) on their return trip back up from there adventures...

As soon as I hung up from Lizzie...the phone rang and it was Dr Porter..he said, "Zeke's blood work looked great"... Yes, I was happy but oh my now what?  Well I knew what was next as we had discussed it...It was to make an appointment for the Ultra Sound at the Florida Specialty and Cancer Center in Tampa..Wow is me...Now for sure it was ruling down to what we thought from the beginning...but still don't want to say..

This Vet is so caring and I could hear it in his voice..He knew I couldn't wait and he got on it right away called me back and said..."How soon can you get to Tampa?"   Now I want you to hear this... I had just taken a lasix as I'm a heart patient and I take mine in the morning...yes, before the first phone call and then his came in... The quick flash to my brain was me attempting to drive to Tampa sitting on a Pot...Yep, you got it... cause there was no way I could move without being near one....OMG !

I asked the good Doc...."Well, what time and what day " ?   ..his response.."Today and 11am"...Holy Hannah...OMG... I started to almost bust out laughing...but he was so serious .. what would he think of me ????? but my quick response was..."Could we make it later" ?.....He then told me he'd call me back.... only about 10 minutes past and the good Doc was on the phone to me... saying..."How's this sound"...HUH????   "2 pm today and at the  Villages, as they are there now"...

The good Lord is shinning down on Zeke and me...Thank You Jesus !    "Doc, you betcha, I'll be there"... and there I was and I was so impressed with how they took care of Me and Zeke.. I even had Diane, my housekeeper come with me...and if some of you haven't read..She is deathly afraid of Zeke...not for any reason other than he's bigger than her !...But she did come and her eyes were big as saucers...she said to me..."This is the closest I've been to Zeke in years"...hahaha... She did good !

The young Vet was wonderful..Her name is Catherine Meeks she's an internist and she was terrific with Zeke and Me..She took her time and let Zeke feel comfortable with her.. The staff showed a lot of care and even made sure Zeke had a blanket to lay on.. Now that was cause again Zeke had to be given a sedation to have the tests done...and down he went but not as quickly as they thought he would..the young assistant came in to give the blanket a good tug...and move him into the other room...but Zeke wasn't ready so he told her so...She jumped back and Diane just about jumped in my lap and I laughed... it was funny although when people show fear it sometimes is a sight to behold...So the assistant said, " I guess I'll give him a few minutes more"... and I laughed and told her... "I'll let you know when he's ready"...

Before long he was off to the ultra sound and then the other tests that had to be done... about an hour later came in the Doc and Zeke walking like they were good buddies... I smiled and she told me everything went well and we will get the results of the biopsy on Monday.. She also gave me a printed data on all the tests they ran and explained what they felt it could be and how they would treat .. She felt very strongly that it could be BPH.. (don't ya just love those initial thingy)...Benign Prostatic Hyperplaysia...and that cure would be to neuter and also meds to clear up infection...

I was really impressed with all that they did and how they would take the time to explain in detail and even have a printed data sheet ..Yes, I would recommend this center to anyone.. I felt confident that they would do the best they could.. We did also talk about Prostrate cancer .. if it turned out to be that... and my choices...

Now I can't say I'm not worrying cause that's not the case..but I am confident if what ever it is I'm at the right place and the Vet...Doc Porter was also great in sending me to them... Again it's the waiting game but this time I'm more in  control of knowing what ever it is Zeke will be in the right hands..

Again I want to thank all of you that have written and called me...It means so much as you all know and been in some of the same situations..these Critters are again like our children...our family ...our friends and give us unconditional love always...

Thank you all...God Bless

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wicked d thank goodness it's almost over !

Wicked Wednesday and thank goodness it's almost over !...I took Zeke this morning to the Vet's office... I had to wait in the car and I sat in the back with Zeke telling him I was not going to leave him...He's had so much horror in his young life having had both legs operated on ..and year after the other...He had torn Cruciate both legs..On the same date a year apart...

He was only a year old on the first one and 2 on the second one and any one that understands that type of surgery it's extensive and painful...he then had rehab both times and the surgeon was one of the top Orthopedic Surgeon in fact he was the surgeon that did that famous race horse.

Now we are facing another possible surgery...Zeke had blood work done and then an Xray which he had to be put under anesthesia.. Took for ever to work (that's what it seemed) and then took forever for him to come out of.. I was there about 5 hours..He and I sat on the floor together and I have to tell you I was so wanting to hear it was just stones..but it wasn't.

So now I'm waiting on the results of the blood work to rule out a few more things and then I'm going to have to head to Tampa to have an Ultra Sound..The Vet feels it's a possibilities of Prostrate Cancer...Ofcourse when you hear those words something happens..Like the pit of your stomach gets a knot... I guess hearing the worse prepares you...if that is at all possible.

Finally got home and I'm sure Zeke was happy just to be able to lay on the floor and he took another nap and so did I.. I was the wait game till I hear about the blood work.

Hubby called me to let me know how he made out at the Doc's office too...He only has to use the crutches from the car to the office and from the car to the house .. He can walk around just a little bit each day.. His ankle is healing...Thank goodness for that good news...

Tonight I tried to relax ..but that was next to impossible..Seems every tic of that little dog clock I have sounded louder and louder... I did watch American Idol...nothing wows me so far and in fact I couldn't wait for it to be over..

Here we are, in the back of the house ..Critters are on the bed and I'm just glancing over...Never did I expect all this to happen..I just have to leave it in God's hands and just thank him for the time I have with all my Critters...

I need to lay down and just say my prayers and thank all of you for keeping us all in your hearts...

God Bless All of You..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday and all is not ending well !

Tuesday and all is not ending well !   My day started off with a mad dash to Wally World to return that skillet I bought that was damaged...You all know I was not a happy camper ... Got there and I had my choice of parking you know I was there bright and early...

Yes, I found what I wanted..not what I picked out before and Yes, I spent more money and picked up a few other goodies...How can ya go to this place and not...tried another one of those Steamer dinners .. this time Healthy Choice and it was Good ...yes, Balsamic Garlic Chicken and get this with whole wheat pasta was Good even the pasta...So now that's the good news..

For later this evening as I finished up with the Critters I saw some blood spots on the floor... I immediately thought of Joe.. So I took him out and checked him over and no, it wasn't Joe....but it was Zeke..omg !  He is passing blood in his urine again.. not through with his meds...which means it's more that just a simple urinary track infection.. I'm sick.. I felt the pit of my stomach churn..

I will call the Vet first thing tomorrow morning and get a blood test and a ultra sound and pray that what ever it is, we've caught it fast...Rotties do not have a great track record of health.. They are known to have lots of medical issues...hence the terms Rotten Rotties as they have such a lousy immune system...

Never a dull moment when it comes to Critters..They can't tell us so we have to be so up on things that are happening...and here I was thinking how so far he seems to have cleared up... For me it's always expect the unexpected..

I need to try and relax as my nerves are getting the best of me...Worry about hubby as he goes to the Doc tomorrow...Hoping he will be ok... Me I have to go back for more blood work my Potassium Level shot way up...and the visit the Doc and find out what's going on... and Zeke.. gee can it get any better..

Lord, help me make it though this... guide me in making the right decisions .
Thank you for letting me share my thoughts to ease my heart.

God Bless All

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day...(Monday)

Happy Valentine's Day To All  

Happy Valentine's Day  (Monday)  Why Monday ?  Yucko...but hey, it's still a Happy Day no matter how you look at it...cause ?  We is alive and Kickin'.....and that be that and then some too...

My day started off good and still is going ok cause I stayed home and didn't make that trip to Wally World... I thought it over and said to myself, "Fool, don't go out in traffic today as everyone is out there buying something they forgot to do when the time was right to buy for their sweetie...and you're gonna just love that crowd in the stores and you'll wind up buying..You know What ????? Chocolate and binge..!..For Get About It !!!!                             

So what's good on Monday nights ?  NOTHING...So I'll whip out my Netflix and have a chocolate cup cake (yes, I did make them ahead) and watch a good movie and then check the email and talk with hubby and say, "Good Night" and then on to another day of a blessed event..."I hope" well more like I've got to make that trip to "Wally World" and return that Blinkin' Skillet !          

Oh, got a call from the Doc office too...My potassium levels are high so I have to quit taking my potassium and get another blood test and see what's happening...mmm wonder if it's all those Smoothies I'm doing..You know bananas and berries and all the things that are suppose to be good for you ?

Always somethin' but again it never really surprises me..kind of just amazes me as to my favorite saying, "What's Next" ?                                           

Watched the Grammies last night. What was that all about. I mean the Egg and Lady Ga Ga ..what happening to the music...some was very good and some  I thought I'm not of this planet.. This always gets me..such great talent and yes they are talented ..but where did I miss that boat ?  I always looked forward to catching it but lately...well, it's gotta be ME !                 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday did pass and on came Sunday

Saturday did pass and on came Sunday...another wonderful event...Went to Wally world to do some shopping..Treat myself to a "new" Skillet and in fact I went for a little more pricey...and low and behold after my wonderful event of the day get home put the "stuff" away and indulge in a treat..

A microwave meal..that sucked !  Yes, it was Maria Calenders or something like that name Chicken in Balsamic it was the worst I've ever tasted and so salty you felt you were crossing the desert..omg!  What a bad experience and you think that was bad enough..NOT !

I open my "new" skillet..and low and behold a deep embedded scrape all across the bottom...Joy to the World..I now have to go back tomorrow I was too spent to even return it... and if I didn't spend the bucks I would have just thrown it in the trash..(tomorrow is trash day)...So now I have to tomorrow I really wanted to..go back to Wally World and do a return and attempt to find another ...

My day was that way yesterday and today..Did I want to write in my blog I just felt I need to vent...but who's listening...well ask me...Do I care? at this moment..NO...maybe tomorrow as I head out on the Highway...going through the window of return...Might be a different story..

Now it's the Grammy and I have to say, "Why"...well maybe someone good will sing something I understand...

Tomorrow has to be better...Lord Willin'

Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Friday zooms in

Another Friday Zooms in..and then a day of just nothin' but gloom..well, no warmth but certainly a busy day for the Critters..My family of Squirrels were anxiously awaiting their feed and they certainly look a little burly..might even say "A Tad Plump"...It seems I have this certain group of 6 to 8 that come and have their assigned spots..don't even dare to cross over I mean a stray one that enters the space..Look out they attack...I've come to watch them quite often and they do have their "group"...They still amaze me on how much they do eat..where does it all go and Yes, they take their rest time too and come back to see if more is there...

My cardinals are not in the number they were last year but I now seem to have a pair that comes in the early morning and in the evening before dusk..neat to watch their behavior...ah the life sit back and watch critters...but tomorrow I have lots to catch up on

Today was a blah day and for me it was a nothing day...just catch up on check book duty and start to check the cubbards and see what I need to get...I know I have a list that seems to be on going...and some how I never do get it I ponder .."do I really need that" ?  

I'm wanting the warm weather to come so I can do some planting..want to get my flower pots going again and add some color to this yard..seems so drab...and that makes me feel blah...See light and color are things that seem to affect me...

Started to add the lemon juice to the critter's water so that we can start making sure we clear up any thing in the happening..and also I need to start having my lemon water daily too..So we all start out new day and I can't wait to watch Zeke as he starts to drink his big drink...He's one tough cookie when it comes to adding anything to his food...He chews not gulps and finds his pills and politely spits them out...Yep, he's a pain in the "Dupa"  as they say LOL...but I get it down one way or another...

I sit and watch as he hunts through his cookies as I put his meds in them .. I first cut the pill in quarters the pop it into a pill pocket (beef) and then roll it in cookie crumbs.. (now is this a pain in the dupa or what> ?)... he checks out and rolls his cookies...wise asp !  but aha.. he ate it and looked up at me as if to say, "you got away with it this time"...Hahaha..

Now I'm getting ready to hit the sack ..yes, Electric blanket is on warming the bed and I see Reba and Joe have their spots..curled nicely and big Zeke is at the foot of the bed.. I'll have to move him and hear him grumble..Abby she's in her space..besides the bed ..she no longer wants on ..she's decided the floor is for her ..don't dare step near her..or it's an experience you won't forget... I make sure I touch her back first..then it's ok... it's something with her when she's sleeping... she's like the "Snapper".. I could call her Gator she's fast...but all know here and are aware and tread's those that forget.. HA !

Ok, so that's my boring day..although for me it's never really boring watching's always another amazing event..

Good Night !

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rainy Thursday

Rainy Thursday...Got up and did my thang...and then I couldn't have any coffee in fact I was fasting...Had to go and get blood work done..routine thingy for me every 4mos...This was hard as it was raining buckets...and no coffee..OMG!  

My Critters gave me the look as I got them done and just said, "Later crew"...what a look I got and off I went through the down pour...Umbrella..HA! Mine was in the rig and that's over in the parking area all locked up....So I made a dash..well more like a dot, dash, double dare ya...:)

Got in early and had to sit and wait my time...I mean I did have an earlier appointment but I couldn't make that one so I changed it to biggy cept I got there 9:15am ...So I met a few people and chatted and had this one ole gent talk about when he lived in Chicago...Was interesting in fact he played baseball...3rd baseman as he was tellin' all of us..We sat and paid attention as his story was pretty good...Some times ya meet winners !

After I got stuck like 3 times I heard the bell click and my time was up..Wooo hooo...always hate it when they miss...I look like I went through the battle...but out I went and got my hot coffee in my thermos..gawd it was good and I sat in the parking lot and sipped away in between rain drops..

Headed home and my Critters were singing..oh yeah, Momma's home ..hahahaha and we did the mad dash to the patio for their deposits...and back in but towel was waiting to dry off those sweeties..and they know, no step up till feet are fact they do their little dance in circles on the towels as I tell them .."How good you is"...

Watched another episode of American Idol...seems I don't like the beginning till we get in to the actual happenings...but hey, some were good and some were better and some should have never made it to "Hollywood"..

Now I'm back in the bed room turned on the good ole trusty Electric Blanket and am ready to tuck in..

Nite All !

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Have You, Wednesday

What have you, Wednesday....that's how it seemed from the beginning to almost the end...cepting one thing.. I have to fast. Tomorrow I have tests to be done and then the wait game till I go to the dang Dr in 2 weeks..Oh well..what have you !

Started my morning off with a run to the store and had to go to 3 other stores just to find one'll never believe it...but why wouldn't you...knowing me..HA!   I was determined to plant my new segments..from the Christmas Cactus I ordered..and I knew the store down the road had little pots (or so I thought) and from there I tried the Dollar Store..then Ace Hardware then on to the final draw...Wally World...Now why didn't I just go there..cause I didn't want to....and I thought I knew it..HA...Learned another lesson

Then back home to the race is on and get things done for tomorrow's events. Before I knew it my day was almost gone...but I did manage to plant my segments...that felt good. See sometimes it's just the simple things that feel good.

Watched American Idol and now the Minute to Win it..and I'm ready to head to bed..Critters are all in the spots. Now I have to make way for my space..

This day went by fast...with no major issues..ah that's a nice :)

Nite all

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Toodles Tuesday

Toodles Tuesday... Didn't sleep well ...worrying about the "big guy" Zeke...but gave him his Batril and waiting for Vet to call today with results of his most of you readers know that feeling..of uncertainty...Hey, it comes with the territory !

Last nights storm finished through with no damage here but sure did get chilly and from what the weather man said, "Hey, be happy no Tornadoes cause the temp dropped quickly.."  Works for me, if that's all it takes...

Up early and most likely will take a dive bomb this afternoon when I finish doing all the towels up from the "Wet dawg syndrome"...will need to make a quick run in for more laundry stuff...Hahaha..should have bought the BIG BOTTLE....what can I say...?

Went over to my my cuttings in from Amazon..yep bought me two new Christmas Cactus plants..well segments..(how informative I is )  and can't wait to plant them..One is a White called "Thor Britt" and the other is a sort of Orange..called "Christmas Cheer"...I had to email company to get instructions as someone forgot to put them in...but the segments are in perfect condition and I just can't wait...Love this plant as it's really not hard to take care of and the bonus is the blooming..gawd they are awesome..

Kind of like my Orchids...they too are simple to take care of just have to make sure you put them in a south side window and feed when not flowering...but boy are they beauties..

My kind of ME !  Same with cooking.. I make it simple ..too many ingredients and FOR GET ABOUT my goodies..too..simple and tasty... Man oh Man where is my mind wandering off too...I don't know ???  HA !

Looking over at the bed and it's filled with Critters..goodness are they telling me something...maybe later kids..cause I've gots a few things to do...

Be back

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday ...Not so good !

Monday...Not so good !   Wow up to a heavy down pour at 3am and then from there it went down the spout as well... My big boy Zeke was passing blood in his urine..So that meant as early as I could call the Vet's office in town...I've got a 5pm appointment and of course I've got other appointments too...

I'm so lucky, I mean I had a plan Monday from last week that went south with the weather..Lizzie was gonna stop in and stay over on her way home and that didn't come about cause of the dang storm...and I was so hoping that would have been so neat ...but made plans...yucko.

So I tried to prevent her traveling in the bad weather now I'm gonna be out in it with Zeke...OMG...I'm hoping it gets delayed..cause I have to bring him.. I don't have any batril or amoxi to give him...Sucks..

I'll go back to my old habits of Lemon in the water as I can't seem to get powdered Vit C here where I am...Sometimes it's not best to break old habits..  Oh my I'm sitting here typing away and I hear the wind gusts.. What's Next ???

On to my next adventure as they say....


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Evening and I'm Watching

Sunday Evening and I'm Watching the Super bowl...Yes, you should have heard me do a few "Shouts"  but hey, I'm at least happy to see the Steelers there along with Green Bay...but I won't say anything about the "Jets" whom I really was hoping to make it there...but maybe next year... The Packers have just scored another "touch down"'s been interesting...sure do miss the ole Super Bowl party...

Today was sort of a strange weather day...gloomy and no birds at my that always indicates to me...Something is a "Muck"...and sure enough weather man saying...'We're gonna have a severe storm coming in tomorrow... Just what I really wanted to hear...

Also I was really awaiting Lizzie from our Women's Forum to come and spend the night...but through our emails..I was worried about her traveling in on that number.. I'm not the best person to be around in bad storms..especially the ones with the Whirly winds...don't like even knowing or thinking about it...

I've got a busy day tomorrow too and even the thought of might being out in that crappy weather makes my skin crawl...hope I make it home and Lizzie makes it home with out the heavy rains..

Lizzie we'll have to make it happen..was sure anxious to see ya..but we will get together and soon..

Well, I'm beat and the game has 7mins left and my brain is saying, "Good night" but you know a lot can happen in 7 minutes seen that happen many many times...I'll do my best to stay awake...Hopefully

Uh oh !  a 3pt game to go..Can the Steelers do it before the clock runs out...
Stay tuned...LOL

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's in the late afternoon of Saturday

It's in the late afternoon of Saturday...finished up cooking up the Critter food for Joe and Reba..I get a rest for 25 days...wooo hooo... but I'm now in the midst of doing up Veggies and Rice for Zeke and Abby...I know, but it's me who enjoys doing this as they eat what I know is in their food...and I'm at peace with it...Now I might complain while I have the mess ...but you know some people just love to complain...(ME ..ME...ME)  HA !

Today was just a regular day of things happening for me..had to pick up my belated Christmas present from the Red Hat Society..Oh, yeah I'm one of those..but I ain't wearing no hat..maybe only if I'm forced.. The ladies gather together..and I enjoy watching them...and it's an outing for me.

I'll miss their breakfast this month as I have an appointment and beside 8am is a bad time for's Critter stuff and get things together...but I'll make their next event..A Luncheon and meeting in March...ok, I can do that :)

Tomorrow I've got to step on it as I've got a lot to do Monday Morning which normally is my WASHING I'll have to do it on my but some one's got to do it...

When I went to Wally World the other day I got me one of those Ninja Pros as my blender died this was something I had heard about but just didn't want to buy another my excuse came easily as one moved out... I tried it for chopping veggies carrots and celery..dang that sucker moved fast ..tiny little pieces quickly...and tonight I made me a Banana Smoothie for time I'll add some strawberries...smokin'..

Gonna watch one of my NetFlix as it has rained a little today so not great for sitting in the carport and taking the stars in...NO STARS TONIGHT..and I was gonna enjoy some nice evening just relaxing...instead I'll bug my eyes watching the TV...


Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Friday Night and I don't get paid...

It's Friday Night and I don't get paid..hahaha..well ya know I was singing that song but I paid out money ...didn't take any in..something wrong with this picture... Last night (now that be Thursday) as I was getting ready for bed..Surprise !  Yeppers some one of the Critters done got sick and in my bed ...Now I know it's happened to you Dawg lovers and for those that don't have ...well it's happened via Humans...but done happen it did and I had to strip the bed ...Joy to the World...I wasn't singing though...

At 11:30pm I was washing bed clothes cause I couldn't go to sleep with all that up I stayed and of course had to clean up the bed too...Why Not while your at it Ms Zeee ..flip the dang mattress.....

"Over Yeah Go"...boy I really need to do all this now...but I did and then the crew followed me from room to room out into the carport into the Garage and open the light..and start the washer...Sure hope there is something good on TV....Well, I was in for the long night and then some...Watched TV and then moved the bed linens to the put another load in the thing I knew it was 3 am..Holy Bull Dingy...

I crawled my Asp into bed and thought I died...I could have...I should have...I was so dawg gone tired...and my phone rang at 6am...Jane was wanting to talk as she was at a show in Atlanta Ga...Woe is me...I quickly said, " Good Night" and hung up...but once I'm got it...I'm up..

Did my trip to pick up the other pack of Dawg Cookies...cause I made a promise and I had to keep holding 80 lbs Dawg Cookies..OMG !

When I finally got back I don't think I even knew my name or what day it was I went to my favorite Chair and said.."Good Night" and I zonked...and's bed time...and I don't think I can sleep....lucky me..How do I catch myself up...Sure hope there is a good movie I haven't seen...

Maybe I'll make ahead some ice cream...Got some Frozen fruit...bought me the Ninja Pro...hey, if I can make it why not...So...the rest will be history...

Freezer gonna take a deep breath as I've got lots to put in after I get done with the mess on Saturday...

Lucky Me...Wishing for Sleep to come Soon after I clean up another mess I'm making...but this time I get to lick the spoon...:)

God Bless

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here and Almost Over Thursday

Here and Almost Over Thursday...and I can not believe I made it through the whole day...Up early ...slept like doo doo...wandering why..I only had an edge of the bed...those two little darlings were in my place..Somethin' has to change...I ain't got no Sleep Apnea..I got Dawgs on the side taking over my space !!!

Went to John's house (the other part of the J & J team) and picked up 60 lbs of dawg biscuit...Yes, 60lbs of dawg biscuit...carried it home and stuffed it in the Dawg Closet with all the rest of the Dawg Food...(my eyes are rolling ).

Went to Winn Dixie (gawd I love that name) and picked up the buy one get one free Chicken Breast to cook up Dawg Food...dear Lord I'm Dawg Gone Tired too !!!

Day whizzed by...What, Where, When and Who did I do ???? Got no rest for the wary today and oh yeah watched QVC and bought (wait till you hear this) Jumbo Begonias...Yep 8 plants a variety of colors and they'll be here in March...can you see this now as they (hopefully grow in my pots heading home in an RV with 4 Critters...a Hubby who's talkin to himself wondering why I'm bringing them home)  It's gonna be an interesting trip on the way home.

I'm ready for bed...dragged and tired and getting ready for tomorrow's adventure to Wally World to pick up a few things...Bird Seed...and a couple of goodies then pick up (oh you'll love this) another box of Dawg Cookies...that this gal ordered for me and I felt bad cause she never called me to let me know ..So now I'll have 80 lbs of Dawg Cookies....Does it get any better ?

Good Night !

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No, I didn't disappear but it is Wednesday

No, I didn't disappear but it is Wednesday today !   I went to the Cardio Doc on Tuesday and to start off Joe wasn't doing well .. I hated to leave him but I had too...I had already 2 changed appointments by this office and for me  it's important that I get checked... Well, I could have stayed home...wished I news is never great but at least I'm still tickin' ...Always I get a winner to see me first and then comes the big guy himself...That's how this Doc here in Florida does his thing...It's ok, I guess ifn' ya like that style but for me.. I just want to see "The Man" then get it over with and stop asking the same stupid questions...I'd like to say, "Didn't ya read my chart ">  but no I try and behave some what...sure is a waste of time answering the same questions over and over...(rolling my eyes just thinking about it).

So I was bummed out coming home and I had to do a quick stop at Publix and that didn't turn out great..they were out of what I needed...can you on I went and bought something I didn't !

Got home and came in and my Joe was ok...but looked really sad..I heard him crying as I was pulling out the if that don't get ya the pit of your o man...

Well, the night went quick as I just kind of huddled the group...(Critters 4) got them fed and fed myself...and we just watched TV and I went to bed...Can ya tell I was in one of those... "I want to be Alone Moods"...well I fact a friend called and  I couldn't wait to get off the phone.. Lord Help me !!

Now here it is's dark and dreary ..just what I need.. I'm a light person..need that light to brighten me up...Maybe I'll turn on all the lights or perhaps get a flash light and keep it on me...HA !

Let me move a bit and perhaps that will help my sanity...Oh, I did lose 4 lbs since I last saw that Doc...which was Nov of 2010...good thing my heart is still workin HA !

I'll be back....:)

Wednesday Evening and I'm back :)

So I watched American Idol....gawd those kids from Texas had some talent..but always a few strange birds...ya just gotta love em' was enjoyable ...and of course these Judges do seem to be very nice...but I miss that guy..he's so up front...hahaha..

Now as for my outcome with my Doc...well it's like this ..they want to order another TEST...Yes, Paulette another winner...This doc feels that maybe some of my fluid in my legs is from..(get this) Sleep Apnea...well now it's true I don't sleep long at night..cause I have some interruptions...DAWGS..and I'm up at 4:30- what can I tell ya...but I don't think it's that...However, I'll get this done but when I get back to Philly...and I'll get a full nights sleep..omg...hahahaha..without dawgs or hubby..this ought to be good... funny how I slept in my rig..great..dawgs had their place and all was peaceful even if there was road noise..something you get use to in Flying J's..but it was wonderful...maybe I need to get back on the road...:)

So we shall see...then on to the next issue..I go next week for blood work and we'll see how those numbers are gonna be and also I see that other Doc who is not gonna be happy with ME...cause his office sucks and the way I feel...a doc could be great but if his office ain't you is then got a Major Problem..

Time for bed tomorrow a busy day have to run over to pick up DAWG cookies and then pick up a few goodies cause it's cook up time at the home plate...but it will be good to get out too...

Good Night All...