Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday,.... and it's Happy Halloweenie

Sunday....and it's Happy Halloweenie...I'm so excited, cause this is my favorite Holiday...wonder if the golf carts will be decorated. I'll have to do a ride through to see how many homes in our community will have decorations.

I'm up at the crack of dawn...did manage to sleep till 5:30am but I didn't get to bet till almost midnight. So, even though I got up later I didn't get all them hours I'm needing. It must just be the excitement of the day.

Starting my morning going through my pills..Yes, this is the first day of my week and I do the shifting of the pills. The ones that keep me ticking like the Energizer Bunny.

I noticed that my Cozaar is now a different color ?? so I jumps on my puter and do a google all that nasty stuff of what this pill can cause (don't cha just love that) and then low and behold it tells me that now Merck makes it in another color..ok, but I continue on reading I want to just flush them..but wait, I can't.. So, I'll write Merck a note and see what they tell me...(like a good politician) I do get feed back..not always like I want to read.

Today, I've got a few things on the agenda...You know catch up and then maybe finish putting the rest of the junk I have away. Oh, I'll make sure I head to the mail box.. cause ya know I gotta have my fix..(netflix) I have to say, "if they'd get more into streaming...I'd be hooked, line and sinker.

Alrighty need to get my coffee time has elapsed after taking my back later

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Saturday Post on Mischief Nite

My Saturday Post on Mischief Nite !... Yes, it's the night before Halloween. I couldn't let it pass me by either. This is my favorite Holiday, I'll miss the kiddies as they come up to my porch (back home) and do their "Thang"...say their little poem and be all dressed up... I hope the hubby will take some pictures...

Today, was just one of those days...a few exceptions. I got to visit Elsie. I was really happy to see her and at least let her know I was there for her and will keep her in my prayers.

I also did up a pot of good Chili. Yes sirree bob ! I done put up a few pints for the freezer. I became productive and even packed away the food for the freezer...It always makes me feel good that I do things that will make my life easy...or is it lazier...My favorite saying, "Cook it once, eat if for days " !

The weather was pretty decent had my side door open most of the morning. The big critters just loved laying in the car port..on that nice cool cement...and my birds are slowly coming back.. I watched the Cardinals come to the feeder... and those little chick a dees, they are so cute. They chirped loudly (they were happy) of course the TitMouse...(when more than one is it proper to say, "Titmice">?)  Along came a squirrel..(nope I did not offer that little bugger any food) and she hunted for a morsel ..found a few .

Here I am now just getting ready to toss my bones into bed.. have to find a spot cause the critters 4 got the best spots...dang them !  They're content, had their cookies and apples. Me, I'm lucky I got a slice...

Watched a Sherlock Homes movie with Robert Downey and Jud Law... have to say, "That Downey is one heck of an actor"... Strange but good. Now I'm content .

Can't wait till this election is over with...listening to the news eek...they all tell such there a good man amongst them ?  More like toss a coin in the air... Perhaps one day we'll all wake up and find out it's all been just a dream.

My pillow is looking really it's off we go, tuck and roll hoping I get a good night sleep.. Still, I'm not sleeping well. Another 3am wake up ..but I'm working on it !

Catch ya later

Friday, October 29, 2010

Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday.  I accomplished nil...nada..nothing ..oh but wait, I did a few things.. Went to the Winn Dixie (one of my favorite haunts) and that was a master piece to get into and out of.. plus for the lack of customers, there prices were higher... I had to tell "Mike" the meat man.. "Hey, I guess surplus hasn't come to you yet "... He smiled...I could see his eyes rolling as his face twitched to come up with somethin' good as a reply...then with a deep voice he said, "Nah, we just wait for you Snowbirds to come down so we can drain ya"

Drain me.. huh, I'll say "More like DRY ". Perhaps that's a good thawing, but will I return ?  Now that's another story...however it is convenient...and I like  not having to travel for I do enjoy "some" of the workers.. we have out little "gossip world"... and we do pretty good about solving the "Worlds Issues". Mmm, maybe one of those should run for Congress !  We'd do a heck of a lot better...least they'd know what a loaf of bread cost :)

Then I stopped at  John's house (J's know the fighting two) and picked up my "Stuff" ... He went to Sam's club for me...Hey, I couldn't resist.. he called and said, "Do ya need anything at Sams "?  Now with a question like that.. ssssssssh.. of course I do.. I did.. and I got it too !!!!

Now back at the ranch ...all the critters are fed and I'm just ready to settle in and hope that I can get a good night sleep.. I've not been sleeping well... Maybe it's the "Empty Nest" Syndrome...?????

Chatted with one of my neighbors.. Betsy (Hey there) and she informed me about know those little curving thingies ,,,,, I use alot of them.. well, seems that there are things you are suppose to follow...about using them..but, Betsy told me.."Use them as you will...cause too many rules and too confusing"  So if Betsy says, "It's so".. well, I'm with her.. 

I enjoy chatting with Betsy and hearing her laugh.. I can close my eyes and see her smile too.. Her and her hubby Dick,   I'm sure they just shake their heads when they get to chatting with me.. We all do a lot of laughing..
I just love visiting when I can.. and yep, I do like to stir that pot too.. oh yeah... She explains to me about how these Home Associations work or should work.. She's a sharp gal..and Dick.. he smiles cause he's heard this tune before... I watch how Betsy's eyes sparkle.. She's got lots of spunk and we some what agree..but then.. I forgive her for being that Liberal ...LOL  cause ya know I'm that Independent Conservative... and maybe just maybe I'll convince her where she went a little astray...uh oh.. Betsy if you is reading this.. I meant every word !

Now I'll pop in one of the Netflix (gawd I love them) movies and then tomorrow get the off into the mail.. cause, I've already picked out my next 3...See so simple and while they come to me in the mail.. I can stream..(I'm so good at this now I sound like a pro) a good movie from my PC right to my TV..ah bless them sweeties...

Alrighty, I'm gonna make me some Sweet Tea (with splenda ack) and lean on back and watch Sherlock Holmes.. (the new version) and then let my critters out give them their cookies and take our meds...and Wish me Luck !

Sweet dreams.....zzzzzzz

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sadness comes to me this Thursday

Sadness comes to me this Thursday.  My neighbor and yard man's wife (which I'm also close friends with) has been diagnosed with  Cancer.. She has a spot in her liver, breast and pancreas.

She and I became good friends  through our Needle Craft group. She has been having lower back pain for almost a year and going to doctors and no one has given her any reason for this pain.. Even went to a Chiropractor,  even had massages done...nothing seem to relive her pain.

Since I went back home in August, she still hadn't had any relief..only till a few weeks ago, she wound up with not feeling well to her stomach. Could hardly eat and then started coming down with a cold.. Legs began to swell and she could hardly catch her breath..

Her husband took her to the hospital and she was in Congestive Heart Failure and had Pneumonia... I came in and called to talk with my Yard man and that's when he told me she was in the hospital.. I called her and was joking with her and told her, "Stay in till they tell ya what the heck is wrong with you" I thought to myself.. Maybe now she'll get the right answers..

Well, today I got those words I didn't want to here...It hit me hard, as I can remember thinking, "Why can't anyone find out what's wrong with her "..Now I'm praying and hoping that it isn't too late...

We never seems to think a few pains here or there could mean something.. and if it goes away.. well, I'm OK...Could there have been maybe something someone could have done to prevent this from happening.. ?  I seem to always ask these questions...and lately that's all I hear.. Someone just being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer...

I'm at a loss right now, as she is such a neat person and I so enjoyed joking with her...and even her work.. her crocheting was a beauty.. We'd always ask, "What are ya gonna do next" and search for neat projects...

I pray she can beat this... that maybe again she's misdiagnosed..

Elsie and Clancey you are in my prayers !

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Wishful Wednesday... Yes, it was that kind of day... I had an early appointment with one of the Doctors that I acquired here.. and it was a meeting of the minds at that. I like this young Doc, and in fact I may know his mother..She went to the same High School as I did and is the same age..a small world isn't it.  Ok, getting back to this young Doc.. He had an assistant in the office with him and I asked that she leave the room as I needed to have a one on one with him.. I do have some class I mean, it's not right to blast a person in front of someone that has nothing to do with it... She left and I just let it out.. He turned a beet red, and got his few shots in and then we came to an agreement.. Simple.. He don't shape up.. I ship out.. HA .. His office is a mess and I'm not sure even if he fully understands how they are with his clients..however, he learned that today via Zeee...and it wasn't Zip a dee doo dah either..

I felt a lot better then it was on to the business of what's happening to me... Seems my leg produced another ulcer..just what I didn't need. It limits me to doing a few things...but like anything else it comes with my illness and I'll deal with it..

I felt the loss of my hubby today...sure do miss the guy. It will work out.. we talk on the phone and I'll compensate for the void now in my life..

I have a lot of things to do to keep me busy and as you all know..Things do happen even without me going anywhere...

I'm tired as I've been doing a few errands and now I have to put lots of things away...Gawd will there be any room...but my bed is calling my name..Loudly

Critters have had their cookies and I've taken my last dose of meds ...So it's undercover for me..

Catch ya tomorrow....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Toodles it's Tuesday

Toodles, it's Tuesday... Hubby is on his way to the airport.. Our neighbor "Dickie" took him..  Which really saved me a big trip..Not speaking of the "Trip"  I had on Sunday..

Hated to see the hubby leave..Crutches and all, as I know that's gonna be difficult for him as well. I had to bring all the critter to the back of the house so he could sneak out...Yeah, just like kids they get all upset and carry on.

We did our "See ya later" in sign language..(gawd help us if they ever figure that one out) and I just called him on the cell phone to confirm (ain't we somethin') he was picked up and on his way...Gosh the house is quiet..only just been a few minutes...It takes me a few days... and then I'm ok. Get our routine in progress and keep myself busy.

I have lots to put away, and don't even know where to begin..I'll get out my trusty Crock Pot and put a dinner on and then start the unpacking.. Where in the world do I get all this stuff....I mean, it's still in me that I have to make sure I have these things..then I go through the boxes and say, "If I don't use is gonna be history"..only problem with that... a year later after I've dumped it.. I buy it back ???????

I've got to put some chemical in the holding tanks with a little make sure no off odor occurs.. put some water in the bowl and put saran wrap around it so the seals don't dry up.. Then my neighbor will follow me over to where we park the rig and bring me back... I'll put my calendar up and mark the day so I don't forget to go over once a month and run the engine and genny... Also have to make sure I shut down the system ...forgot one time and I had dead batteries.. and here where we park.. You're like Sardines...was very difficult to jump start...Had to wait  a long time before the person next to me moved out... Didn't worry that time..I wasn't going anywhere... Just don't like the idea we are so close...Goodness some of them are really bad drivers... or it's not that they're bad..THEY CAN'T SEE !

Ok, so far nothing too exciting..but my day isn't over yet.. Oh, my birds are back.. Yes they are ...and I'm excited.. but I did see one of those little squirrels pop over... gotta watch them buggers... Pretty soon the word will get out.. "FREE FOOD"...and the race begins..

Catch ya a little later... I'm gonna go hunt some goodies up...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Did ya think I was gonna let Monday slip on by ?

Did ya think I was gonna let Monday slip on by ?  Not in ya life !!!... It was one heck of a day. Wished it came and went..but it didn't..and it was a follow up after Sunday's mess of dilemmas

I thought Sunday was gonna end smoothly. Why? I mean it's bad enough hubby is now on crutches...we had to go one more step. Yes, we did !  We decided we needed to get a few things in...and I can't just blame hubby I was just as bad.. My birds didn't have any food...soooo yes, we got up and went to Wally World (Walmart for those that don't know) and hubby had to drive one of those electric carts..and so did I.

We definitely looked like a team..cept my cart was faster than his. So the story begins. In the store (I bet this happens to many couples that shop together) I have hubby go in one direction to pick up things as I zoom in another...Now that's not to difficult, I thought (pays not to think) Everything is going ok...hubby is having a little  trouble trying to get the cart to move..I try to explain.. this is not Indy 500...cart only goes one speed...SLOW...but in his case.. It was slower than slow.

I'm zooming along and all of a sudden I realize I can't find him...Oh NO !.. Were could he have I proceed to finish up...and then start to look..Heaven help me..he's no where in site...The hunt begins...I zoom around again and again...the man is no where... I hear the loud speaker in the store... Isle 4 clean up... I think oh gawd I hope it's not detergent cause that always takes your breath away... and I'm still lookin... Where in the World could he have gone on that Slow, slow cart...

15 minutes have passed and I'm gonna go check out. This is wild and I've got frozen food in my cart.. which means I'm gonna have to go and pack it before it's melted... and all of a sudden I see him.. coming straight at me.. Grin'n and trying to tell me what happened... I'm dumb founded.. He's talking fast and I'm not having a clue... ok, ok, where, what, are you kiddin'... well, darling hubby got lost and couldn't find me so he went lookin...and the Isle 4.. was the darling hubby.. he made a turn and kind of knocked down a shelf of..(Oh get this )  DOG FOOD..the Huge bags.. and two busted open and dry food spilled all over..and he slid his cart across cracking over several chunks...OMG... He lost control of his turn  (on a slow cart) and he was laughing so hard...I'm sure that store never wants to see him again.. Oh, and he said, "he saw me but couldn't catch me and was yelling."   "Stop that cart"... laughing the whole time...

We go through the check out and the cashier ask.."Were you two in an accident"?   I said, "yes, life itself"...she laughed and couldn't get over how we just were laughing.. if she only knew... so now it's get in the car and head home..

I wish I could tell you the day ended peacefully....however, we pull up.. He limps out and I try to grab the goods... I walk into the carport up the steps open the door.. the hubby says something to me and I turn...Yes, I fell in the doorway.. right through the open door onto the floor and the groceries go all over...I hear hubby.. "Did you drop the groceries "?    as he limps over he realizes, not only did I drop them, I fell..  I'm laughing..(later not) how could this be happening and why isn't this day over....We did share a bag of ICE !

Here it is Monday and we had to unload the dog food ..both of us limping.. is that togetherness or what...I had a brain storm.. I figured how we could do it..without any more injuries...If the hubby will follow directions...and he did...We got er done..all 400 lbs and even took out the freezer chest...Our day was becoming a good one after all the mishaps...

My housekeeper Diane and Bob called and were gonna come over to help us and I told them if we couldn't do it.. we would be happy to have them help...Little did they realize I was saving them..cause if my luck was still running bad I didn't want any one to join us..(I'm a nice person)..

So they asked if we'd join them for dinner...go to our favorite restaurant.. which we said.. "Yes"...  They showed up to pick us up and both Hubby and I limped out.. they bust out laughing.. and we told our story... Entertaining over dinner... 

Came home and got the critters fed and leaned back to watch Dancing with the Stars and low and behold.. it hit Me and Hubby.. we had to make a mad dash to the You Know What... Yes, we got the Stomach Dance.."...We were destin to share all this fun...or was it just the luck of the draw...?

Here I am, writing my blog and thinking.. Is this all, or am I not finished yet ?
Only my laboratory knows...Wish me luck may be a long night...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Still Sunday but Update on Hubby

Still Sunday but Update on Hubby !

Well, we finally left the ER Room...and I'm glad we wasn't no emergency cause I think we would have spent our 9 lives !... Sometimes you have to have this demented humor, that I have been acquiring over the years through many trials and tribulations..What would I do if I didn't have it...??? Take the Gas Pipe?

So we sat, and sat and sat...and then looked over all the people that walked, crawled and bellowed into the ER room... Yes, it truly was a Movie of the 3rd kind.... Could have said, "It walks it talks " and still been "politically correct". I can only imagine the stories that come out of these situations... Who's sicker or who's close to the end...or even one more... Who's that sitting in the lobby that someone just dropped off with a note pinned to their blanket ????

Finally I hear our name called...and it's into another area...feeling like cattle yet..? "no, not yet ...but give me a few more hours and I'll moo pretty soon"...What seemed like an eternity...was only just another hour wait...all total wait time was 5 hours and from what I heard from others...We were ahead by a few....

In walks this Doc...well I thought was a doc..but wasn' was what they call Nurse Practitioner...ok, that's ok... I'm sure they're just to take the info that you just gave a few hours ago when checking in...So we begin with our story and we're stickin to it...Well I think we are... however, if it will get us out of there sooner...I'll tell ya anything ya wanna hear...:)

Then the 64,000.00 question..."Do you think it's broke" I answer for the hubby or is it a multiple choice...Hubby perks up and says, " I'm not sure"..ok..sounds good to me.. I mean if you broke your foot.. you might not know, or would you????? When I broke my wrist .. I knew...???? I won't touch that topic....Ok, so how about let's just take an X ray... might not be a bad idea... then the PA says... Ok, why don't we take an X ray... I'm just smilin cause what else can I do... other than pace, or sit down and fall out ...

You know, I often wonder, I many times a day these words are said...why not just cut to the chase..Xray..find out first...then on to the next step.. Maybe I'm too use to "Get on with the show"...let me out of here !!

Yes, I'm a type A personality...No Frills just chills..get it done or is it get er done.... Hubby as you know is the Lay back take it slow and easy... drives me bonkers...ah that's why I'm the one that's had the MIA's ...maybe I might learn something from this episode...

Well, the X ray and the waiting game began and then it was another person who came in... I had to ask..."Who are you"... response was..."I'm the Doc" mean there really is one here...hahahaha... Yeppers..he was quick too.. No fuss no muss... Just says, "No break, just a sprain...calls the nurse in.. Hubby gets what they call an "Air Cast"...(new one on me) and a CD..yes, a CD...(listen to my words by Hospital Doc or what) was the Xray on the CD....

Now it's time for us (as hubby says) put the chairs in the wagon and head back home...and still yet to finish up...Unloading the 400 lbs of dog food... but that will be tomorrow..cause hubby has to keep his leg up ...and rest till the swelling goes down...

I think I need a break myself..but no swelling..just clear cool water....

Catch ya tomorrow..Lord willin'

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's Officially Sunday

It's officially Sunday... We are not quite settled in.. I know you are wondering... and it's good that you are..cause I promise I won't let you down.. Nope.. ya know I had another's just written in the wind with me...

Left Brunswick, Ga around 9am..(we try to leave early but ) after we had breakfast and critters had theirs..every one saluted the trees and what ever was near by... and it was boogie on down the road... Weather was great, just a little breeze...Not a bad morning...we had planned to just come into Florida take 295 around Jacksonville then on to I 75 and shoot right down to Wildwood...but we'd stop at our favorite rest area..

Yep, we did and had lunch there too.. and was just happy as can be.. Going over to J's house to dump the tanks as..believe it.. no place to dump and in town they want 50 smackeroos... They're NUTZ !. 

Got through dumping and heading to our "Homestead" aaaaah so good to pull into the drive way . Excited to see the house as my caretakers Diane and Bob painted my living room, dinning room, kitchen and hallway.. They love doing that stuff and just love revamping old homes.. So, hey I can't go wrong.. they willing.. I'm eager...:) and Bob and Diane are perfectionists.

Walked into the house and it's like a "new" home....looks so good I was beaming. The light coming off my face could have blinded ya... The critters 4 were so excited to be in the house.. My Joe even, he looked around and I saw a little twinkle in his ole eye.. I had put his special bedding on the couch .. where he loves to lay.. He was one happy critter.. Abby and Zeke were in a Indy 500 mood... they tore through the house and back out and in.. before I could say, "Jack be quick"... Yes, hubby was happy too... Bless his pea pickin' heart.

Next thing the hubby says to me, " Get out of my way".. uh hum, you don't have to say that twice to me... So I move to the side and let the man begin his thang.... I made a few phone calls as of course Bright house didn't connect the main TV...seems I owed them $3.96 which they sent the bill to this house instead of my Philly address which for the past 3 years they have been using..DUH ?   So I just politely said, " Dear, it's not your fault some idiot made a change on my billing without my permission.. and I'm not going to charge on my credit card that amount.."... silence on the other end... then I nicely say, "If the TV isn't on today, I want all your equipment out of my house or I'll start charging by the day for storage"... well, the poor girl gets the supervisor on the phone and that young lady says, Ms Barbzeee, I'm so sorry for the confusion, your service will be on right away "..I replied with "Thank you"... I mean after all.. I was brought up properly  HA..and I never raised my voice either..  That was the first call... and on to the second one...

CVS...I filled my script before I left and they didn't have one of the scripts in so that wouldn't be in till Monday..of course I wouldn't be there.. So I just asked the lady... Will it be ok as I'm leaving and my hubby will be back next week to pick it up... she says..."No Problem" (famous last words) well I have a message on my phone stating.. " If we don't hear from you we will cancel that script "?  WHAT... so now I have to call and ask..."What part of what I said, didn't you understand "?  I have to call on Monday.. the gal wasn't in who I'm to talk with.. Ok.. so that's for Monday..

I sit back to take a breather..cause I feel like I've just become the Ogar that I despise....and I see my Hubby limping in.. "What now".. "What Happened".. He then says,  " Neighbor came over while I was unloading said, "So glad to see you all  here".. He then says, " We are too and glad we have such great neighbors".. Val, walks away and Hubby goes to step back and some how his ankle buckled and he heard a POP ! 

His ankle is swollen and he's laying down leg up and guess where we're gonna be today... soon as I get the critters taken care of.. we is going to Urgent care and get an Xray.. Did I tell ya my Adventure wasn't over yet ?

I sure hope nothing is broken and just sprained...we'll see... why am I not sleeping yet.. cause my anxiety is in High Gear...

Well Hello There...It's Saturday

Well Hello There...It's Saturday morning and we're in the Flying J in Brunswick, Ga... Hate to say this but ..."This flying J is not enthused about having RV's park here..they have their employees park the perimeter of the parking area and when the rigs come in there is only a few spaces that you can actually park.. Sad, cause we RVers not only fill our tanks but I know for one..We use all their facilities.. Hubby and I take our showers ...check what goodies are in their stores (if they have any) and always do breakfast...and on my last stop I do the dinner and breakfast...When the word gets out...I'm sure lots will only (if they have to) just fill their tanks and be gone...

Yesterday we were to meet up with one of the "Sistah's from the Women's RV forum group.. well part came about but the getting together for a spell didn't.. that saddens me.. We met up with Lori, as Ernie was back at our usual spot  off 95 . Was good to give her a big ole hug..but we couldn't join them  at their camp.. 

They are hosts at a Military Campground and there are restrictions about "Big Dawgs".. and of course Rotties in general...but she did get permission for us to just park for a short bit and visit.. My Joe was not doing well...and me being Momma Hen, knew if I left him with the Genny running I'd be a wreck beside him..and then I thought .. if I have to let the Critters out.. well I didn't want to cause any problems.. So I had to say, "next time"...I felt a big lump in my throat..and I could feel my eyes getting ready to go in "over flow " mode..

I was so anxious to visit too !.. Sometimes we plan things and it just ain't a gonna feel like doo doo..kind of scrape me off the floor... but we did hug and then said our "Goodbyes".. sucks..really sucks !

Headed to the next Flying J and yes, down in the mouth it was silent in this rig...seems like the last road to no where...we got to Brunswick, Ga. and low and behold that rest of the crap mode was to begin..

I did find a spot that I had to squeeze into.. had the hubby unhook the car and I zipped around ...backed her up and I'll be dang if they thought they were gonna box me out...NOPE... I can swing this baby around on a dime. been driving rigs almost 48 years...learned to drive an 18 wheeler and had to help drive years ago. Yep, had my CDL License...You know i loved it...maybe cause I was young..(real young) never thought about bridges..hum, maybe now cause I got more sense ! 

Any how, today is the last go around of this journey...but don't count me out just yet.. I mean I still have to drive into Wildwood, Florida. It's a little over 4 hours and we'll be at our "Homestead" . Can't wait..although (now that I'm just a tad bit wiser) the trip is not over... I mean we still have the unloading and if you follow me you know...well, let's just say, "it's another Adventure".

It's Breakfast time ...we'll have that and feed the critters lightly and then fill up the rig, hook up the car and mosey down the road...Oh, we'll have to dump too.. Thanks to this Flying J for closing their dump station.. they didn't just close it, they concreted that sucker...jeez..  We'll dump at my girlfriend's house (you remember my friends J & J the fighting pair) She's at a dog show in Atlanta, Ga...the boyfriend will meet us there...then on we go a few miles down the road to..."my hideaway" .

Catch ya later on !

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fantastic Friday (Purrrfect)

Fantastic Friday (Purrrfect) has arrived...and quite frankly so have I.... Yes, today I get to meet up with one of my RV Sistahs and her notorious hubby (better known as the Sultan) Ernie. I'm really's not that often that I can get to meet all my dear Sistahs...but I give it a good try ! 

I'm right now at another Flying J in Latta, SC's one of my regular stops I do on the way down to Florida... I love it cause it really helps me break up this long trip...being the "only Driver"...(hubby don't like driving this size rig and towing) and I can only drive max 6 hours and then I'm too "Pooped to Pop".

We pulled in here around 3:30pm yesterday and I was so glad...Oh you ask did I have a peaceful drive..mostly yes....but, (here it comes) I had to go over that 295 normally that one doesn't bother me cause it's a 3 lane highway and I've got plenty of room in the "middle lane"...but did that happen this time.. HA !  No had to join in with the rest of the gabbbbage!..

This time it had to have construction..and YES it was now down to ONE lane and it was right next to that "THING" they call a Sail..(who cares) and it's a GOLD painted one at that.. I mean that sucker was BRIGHT and a new penny...Wholly Mollie...I ain't a gonna like this.. and I crept up on to that bridge...anyone behind me.. WHO CARES...and it was a bit WINDY...oh why now I mean if you don't like bridges let's make this one a THING TO REMEMBER... Hubby kept I said to him in a nice manner..."If You Say Anything..."..he knew my last words would be embedded in his memoirs !

So up we go.. into the clear blue sky with this Shinny Object along side of me..(yes, it felt like if I stuck my arm out I could touch the blink, blink sail) and I slowly proceeded with a few Beeps behind me.. (you know never follow me up a bridge )...I kept going looking straight ahead, and then low and  behold this rotten no good mean sucker me the biggest push from side to side..OMG.. and no place to go but down...HOLY CRAPPOLA... I goes...oomph...and hit the gas...let me off this BRIDGE.... Hubby's eyes got a big as saucers and the Critters 4 were silent... Am I just lucky or was I born to boogie...dunno...but I just don't like height and especially BRIDGES....

Yes, that was my eventful trip across that 295 Bridge...I'm smiling now..but I'm tellin' ya... I was chalky white. I told my hubby, "my hands were sweating coming across that dang bridge" his only comment was "Thank God, they didn't slip off the wheel "...Oh my I just thought.. you know they should make a potty chair under the drivers seat..for people like me...maybe next time..I'll wear a diaper...HA !

Any how we got to our Flying J..(love them) and all was well... now back to this morning...Hubby is off to take his shower and then bring breakfast back.. that's my reward for my day... then we'll get all the critters done and it's shove off to our next Adventure... This one I'm just tickled pink about..

Ernie and my hubby will be  just a grin'n as they tell their good stories and laugh about us gals...and me and Lori know the facts..We is the Boss whether they admit it or not...Yeah Women Rule !

After that hubby and I and Critters 4 will push off to our next Flying J in Brunswick, Ga... rest for the night and then we're just 4 hours from our Winter Home in Wildwood, Florida...wooo hooo.. I'm just a knockin' wood right now.

Can't wait ...but one's unloading time at the Ole Corral...OK..Coffee is perking and I'm a gettin' thirsty...sooooo I'll catch ya later...

Next Adventure on it's way !

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Schmursday, I'm ready for what's next !

Thursday Schmursday,I'm ready for what's next !. After what I went through yesterday...the rest has got to be a piece of cake..(Hoping)... 

We got out of town about 11:00am...(remember we were gonna leave early) well the hubby was running in and out and me and  my list checking off as he whizzed by...(it was like poetry in motion, in reverse)...but we managed not to be too evil. Some how I just think when things are at their worst or so they seem, it turns itself around.

So, we decided because everything else went (not as planned) wacky...we'd hook the car up once we filled the rig up with gas... that's when I should have put it in reverse...cause from there on..Ouch !..  

The brake buddy wouldn't work.. "What"  Yep, the brake buddy wouldn't work.. brought it in the rig plugged it in the cig lighter and it worked there..why not in the car..?  Simple... the fuse went in the car for the cig lighter...Now I have to tell you in all my years of driving..(51) I've never had that happen...again there's always a first for everyone  ... ok, so I'll drive with out it...just allow more brake time... and when we get to a place we can fix it we will..Now come on it's getting later by the minute and we're gonna hit DC traffic...

Now we proceed to get through Philly.. which we lucked out.. we were just ahead of traffic time for center city and airport..(something going right) now we get through Delaware..ok....we is humming along... Hubby then asks me.."Am I gonna take the "Key Bridge"... well, it's like this, I'm not crazy about heights and bridges especially since they revamped this bridge with their little shoulder barriers..omg...nothing there,it's like don't make a wrong move....or look out below.  

I decided I was gonna go for it... I've done this before, tuffin' up ...get over it... it's a short route and it's not that bad of a day. A little cloudy...better yet you won't be able to see much anyway..Ok, by George we're gonna bite the big one... I'm all proud of my self.. went cross the Harve De Grace bridge..(always stay in middle lane) no breeze so I'm not feeling like I'm gonna be tossed...and the colors of the trees...pretty nice...I'm hanging in there.. 

I tell hubby watch for signs for 695 E Key Bridge.  It's always been a left hand lane deal all the years I've traveled through...Hubby is grin'n cause we is just mosing along with the breeze...I move out into my left lane cause I'm ready...all of a sudden I see we are on top of the sign and it's now become a Right lane job..WHAT THIS>  Oh No!  no way would the cars let me over and now I'm heading towards the Baltimore Tunnel... Give me a break please...I tell hubby call and get help cause I'm not sure where or how I can get out of here...I merge over to the right and good thing I got over... in front of me a truck had flashes going.. he was slowing down  and I was right behind him... 

Now if you're ever in a muck.. did you know 911 will help you ?  Yep, sure will.. you must first tell them not an Emergency and would they please help...They gave us info on how to get out of the "new area".. See, the state of Maryland has now decided they want to look like CA highways.. with all those over passes.. you know the big turn jobs that are so high in the sky you might have a nose bleed... Just what I  really needed...OMG..

We managed to get off before the tunnel and swing around and head back north to get back on to the road to the Key Bridge...Joy to the World... Of course climbing in high altitude does a number on me... but I did it..yes I did.

Oh, you think that was enough..NOT !  Once we got out of that soup...we now were heading for another... Heading down 95, I decided to take the Silver Springs route.. (around the DC Beltway) and yep, it started to rain.. road was like Slippery Elm...and traffic..well at this part it was moving..but slowly. Hubby got to see the Mormon Church.. and that is awesome to see...NOPE no pictures sorry but maybe just maybe next time .

Now as we swung into the soup bowl coming around the bend we got into the Virginia/DC traffic.. If any of you have ever done this route of Traffic you know where I am... it's bumper to bumper and no, no one will give any one a break...if you try to merge...well, just smile cause you ain't gettin in unless someone feels sorry for your asp !.... it was about 1 1/2 hours of traffic..creeping...crawling.. (goodness that sounds like a Halloween episode) and let me tell ya I just couldn't wait to get to that Flying favorite one too. In Carmel Church Va at exit 104..wooo hooo... I was beginning to come alive...exhausted from the long long day.

Yes, we pulled in and even found a spot where I've parked for years !  It was like hitting a vein of gold in a mine... I was so thankful...the critters 4 were happy too...oh and the hubby...he white knuckled it.. and then says "Now that wasn't too bad"... Nope you're weren't drivin' ....

Here it is mornin' time hubby did the critters for me and  said somethin as he walked by...sounds like..." I'm going back to bed"...uh oh... did I say, "we're leaving early"...

On to the next Adventure....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Get Out of Town on Wednesday..wooo hooo !

It's Get Out of Town on Wednesday...wooo hooo !... Yeppers hubby is still going at it and I'm  "Out of his way".. The man definitely is on high speed volume.. shame we had such delays...but he's working hard.. We'll be ready to move out of here in another hour.. 

Yes, I kept need to make any  comments... I did my "Thang", he did "HiS".. and never the "Twain Shall Meet".. it sure is gonna be a quiet drive..cause the  hubby is gonna fall out or fall off..which ever will come first..

The critters have been "Ready" for a while in fact to the point every time you open the front door, they beat you to the porch ! Oh, it's been fun but ya know afterwards we will laugh.. in between the "Evil Eye".. oh now all couples go through them.. if ya don't admit it.. you are snickering... Hey, I call it..."Domestic Tranquility" for all us Lifers !

Weather looks really great and it's gonna be a good drive.. I'll do about 6 hours which will bring me near Richmond, Va at my favorite Flying J... I just love those... They use to have the best food (you could always tell by all them truckers) but they went down hill..such a shame..but hey, breakfast now is all we do at them. 

Usually after we pull out from them and ride awhile.. our next stop is for a rest area.. let the critters out. then I ..(yes, you got it ) start up my Crock Pot.. I put that gal in the sink and I have one of those matts in the sink.. to keep her from sliding.. then put that genny on and dinner will be ready by the time we pull into the next Flying J... It' works great for me and it makes the Hubby happy.. and gawd knows ya gotta keep that man happy ..!!

Alrighty.. I hear my name..(strangely pronounced ) and that means, as he says, "Put the chairs in the wagon".. in other words..get your butt movin'..  I never realized when I said, "I do"  I became a bi-linguist... Ya learn somethin' new every day ...:)

Now, my anxiety level is beginning to climb.. should be interesting.. catch ya down the road a peace..(notice I used the different Piece )..HA .. You'll catch on to me.. sooner or later...

God Bless ! 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's One Of Those Days ! Tootin' Tuesday to Boot

It's One Of Those Days !  Tootin' Tuesday to Boot .... Started the morning off as usually.. Only one up beside me and it was  Zeke.. did my morning ritual..Empty the dish washer fill the water bowls let the critters out one by one as they woke up to see what Mom's doing in the kitchen...

That was the good part..of course hubby is still up in the "Loft"..and today is the day we have to load up.. I mean there is no get away from it.. but back up just a bit.. remember I said, "This will wind up being a "last minute rush".. well, not tootin' my horn (cause it's tootin' Tuesday)..but it looks like that's what it's gonna be..  Beep Beep 

Yesterday we had to take the rig back to the get that relay fixed..well the hubby never did load in the dog that's still in the making..(gets better trust me ) ... Hubby had come home so we could bring the car and the rig down.. (that parts ok so far).. I jump in the rig ..ah so good to be in her... starts right up and I proceed to back her down the driveway.. Hubby giving me his most precise directions..( I can see him but can't hear him..but I can read his lips..shame on him !).. everything is going ok.. I then head down the road to the dealers.. thinking to myself.. "Gawd, this has to be the last time and we can finally get things done.."  Famous last words ...

I happen to look at the "new" window that was installed (on driver's side) Wing window..and it looks good..but for some reason my eyes continued to look up  to the top of the Main Window..(Front Windshield) and I saw this strange looking line.. thought is that a "Pine Needle "   .. I couldn't quite tell as the sun was hitting me right smack dab in my face.. ...huh..?   As I pulled into the RV dealer I then leaned forward.. and sort up stood up.. to get a better looksie... OMG !... yes !  OMG !  It was cracked... I called hubby from the window as he was behind me with the service man pointing to him regarding the back up camera and making sure the top part was re sealed..just in case...  

Hubby came over and I couldn't talk ..( now that's saying somethin').. I just pointed and he kept saying..."Speak up, Speak up..and snickering.. hummmm isn't he gonna be shocked... I gasp and say,  "  It's Cracked.. The Window is Cracked"...  Now it wasn't calmly I can assure you.. it was more like "Shrieking"... 

Now your asking yourself.. Huh  "Why didn't I see it before".. Well, I never drove the rig home from the beginning.. one of the service men did as the dear hubby didn't bring the tow bar.. and he had met me there.. so I couldn't  hook up.. ( are ya shaking your heads ?) hubby went back to work and I followed the rig back home then took the service man back .. Yes, it was a strange day that day.. the day hubby was gonna come home and  uh hum load the critter food in ....oh yeah !.

So now we're back at the (ranch) dealer and Wayne the GM comes out .. smiling until he catches our act.. I'm sure I looked doubt and by the looks of him at that point .. so did he !. Oh, and I'm still pointing.. can you picture this.. I mean hand froze in mid air...oh yeah...make my day.. is this really happening to ME ..AGAIN...Uh huh...

I then say, (as it just rolls off my tongue).. "I don't care if the window falls out I'm driving this  to Florida.. I'm not staying to wait for a windshield..and most of all...I AIN'T PAYING".... 

The 3 men standing out in the road ..just looking at me.. I'm sure they must have all thought (including the hubby) I lost my "Ever Lovin' Mind'... and I probably had or have.. not sure which.. however, this woman is heading due south with or without a windshield.. and that's a fact Jack !!!!

As I'm typing.. the hubby is now running in and out the door..Yes, he finally got up... It's about 10am.. and I've been up since 4 am.. go figure.. but I've had time to calm down..and just keep saying to myself.."This is only a dream, you'll wake up soon"... but then I hear these murmuring words that kind of have a "southern twang" to them.. so I dunno..

Yes, we are down to the nitty gritty..and like the hubby says, "Stay out of his way".. I is !... I'm not stepping one step in front or behind... the critters are all excited.. the big boy, Zeke.. Just jumped in the window..(Bay Window)  I'm sitting here still typing away.. and saying.. "No Place like home.. there's No place like home"..Wanna Bet !!!

This day is gonna be a long, long day...and it's not over yet...!

psst.. Even the blog today is a little bit "iffy"... it's comes along with the rest of the good stuff :)...Don't it make my brown eyes.."Bulge"

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh! The Waiting Game on Monday...

Oh !  The Waiting Game on Monday....Did I tell ya I don't like Mondays!
Here I sit..just a waiting for calls.. The RV dealer, The Insurance Company and the Hubby...while my laundry is a  "swishing and a swashing:" I'm putting my feet up and just a chillin' out..or is it a spazzing (new word) out... Oh me oh my oh!... Yeah it's gonna be a "One for the Money, Two for the Show and Three to get ready and Go Man Go".. good tune but I ain't a goin' no where fast !!!

See it's like this... What ever I plan.. well there's always a "Monkey Wrench" thrown in some where..but I'm not in a big hurry YET...However hubby has his return ticket for Tuesday..HA !... I can hear him now on the way down... Now I know why I removed the Passenger Seat and put a Freezer up front... Can't hear him with the sound of the engine and noises around...  Yeah it will work for me...:)

Spoke with my 1st Cousin this morning to get things worked out regarding Uncle's Funeral and Will and that's another whole issue.. but that will soon be resolved..(hopefully).. What is it they say..."Weddings and Funerals bring the  Best and Worst out of People.."   Also many many surprises.. Pandora's Box.. more like it !

It's a chilly day today...even the Critters 4 didn't want to go out... Vets last night wasn't too bad.. I know I added probably another wing to his house !.. All given their "Rabbies".. (not happy about that) and check ups so we're good for another year..or shall we say.. "Deposit "..  I did get Joe's meds to maintain and keep him comfy as possible... Now for that long journey.. and I'm so hoping it won't stress him out..

Gonna put that Crock Pot to work again.. (her job is never ending).. Make a pot of soup while I'm doing the hard work...Laundry and crossing things off my list... Ah the phone is ringing.. Part is in.. next on the list.. now call hubby and find out when he can get home  and then I'm off on another get Rig fixed...!

Catch ya later....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Officially A Day Older on Sunday

Officially a day older on Sunday...!  That's correct.. now I'm heading towards another year older and.. (how does that go) deeper in debt.. Uh oh.. dare I start already with a Political Statement.. I mean.. it's biting me... ready to just roll off my tongue... hum... fighting it..but how can I resist.. feed me.. and that will keep me quiet...(wanna bet ).

Had my cup of coffee earlier and a big piece of "Birthday Cake".. gawd I should have just stayed with the "virtual" kind that the "Sistahs" created.. I'm telling ya I had a "Sugar Rush".. and now a hang over ...more like the stomach decided to take a "Vacation".. 

It's a gorgeous day today too !  Thank goodness as later on this afternoon the  Critters go up to the Vets... We've decided that "Joe" need no more vaccines.. he's just hanging on and he doesn't need anything more to set him off.. plus the stress might head him down hill.. 

I am worried about the trip .. as it's gonna be out of his comfort zone.. and he's unable to walk on a leash.. he spins constantly.. but will stop when I talk with him.. so, we'll bring a small X pen and set up when we stop so he'll be safe...I have all sizes of Xpens from my Dog show days.. and for the little ones.. it's more like a snap together so it doesn't take up much room and while I was traveling I'd always have it by the door.. and just put out where I pulled in...and my small ones could be safe ...have a floor mat that actually fits the size too.. I tried to make it easy for me and the fur kids..cause plenty of times when traveling and you go in rest areas.. it's a mess.. I mean I'd be picking up after other people's pets..(lazy asp wipes) so mine could go.. and I hated that.. so I use my setup that I did for the shows .. worked out great..and the rest is history !

Reality is setting in too !  My urges are getting stronger..I'm ready to get out of town.. but a little blue too.. I go through this each time.. Leaving hubby home and me elsewhere..but it's short lived cause believe it or not.. we talk more on the phone then we do at home.. Reason.. (might be several ) but what sounds good to me ..LOL.. The man works all day around lots of people and it's listening to all the complaints and problems.. so when he comes home.. he wants to relax, eat.. watch a little TV then go to bed..(some life)  and when we are away from each other.. it is lonely..coming home to just Medusa...oh, I don't think I've ever told the story on Medusa.. but I will.. that's a Story of it's own.. any way Medusa is an Amazon Parrot.. who is about 35 maybe 38 years old.. She adores my hubby.. and HATES ME !... (see what I mean another story of it's own )....

Any how.. we do talk more on the phone.. and even have had dinner together on the phone.. watched a program and discussed it  HA.. and yes, had a holiday together on the phone.. only thing we haven't done..and I won't go there... this is rated PG  Hahaha.. !

Wait, I hear the man now.. Yes, it's Sunday he's getting ready for his Sunday school class and then he'll have church services after that.. and then  he'll  head home for Sunday dinner... :)   I have to say.. Baptist's services are worse that our Catholic services.. unless we have a "HIGH MASS".. then look out.. oh just thought maybe that's why my knees are so bad.. I told Momma that all that kneeling was gonna ruin me !!!

Catch ya later on.... Up down Up down.. yes, it done, done me in !


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday.. " A Special Day"..

Saturday.."A Special Day".. Ti's my Birthday... ..It's a beautiful day too.. Looking out my window.. even though there is a crisp feel to the air... it truly is a beauty... Started off the morning just reflecting on my surroundings.. Looking at my Joe.. my dear sweet buddy.. My Reba..just a yakking away and of course the Gruesome two Sum... Zeke and Abby... I smiled and then just shook my head.. Hubby had gotten up very early to take my car to get serviced...Oil change ..and while he was out.. He called.. Yep, he forgot to wish me a "Happy Birthday".. but his intentions were great.. He was making sure everything was going to be OK for me...What more could I ask ?.

We picked up the "Mabeline" yesterday and was wonderful having her home..ah but it wasn't for long.. NOPE... there was something a muck with the Relay to the Remco Pump..sooooo you got it.. back to the shop we go... but not until Monday.. as the part is being shipped in...Pete assures me it's a quick fix.. HA !

In the meantime we will load up all the other goodies from my list and we decided best to leave on Wednesday... and that's OK...this way we are not in the "Panic Attack Mode".. and we'll just take it nice and easy....

Now I just took a looksie in on a forum  I have belonged to for a long time.. and oh those SISTAH"S   what a grand group of WOMEN with a few MEN tossed in :).. When you think you're alone ...on this day.. you get such a surprise.. The Cakes look Divine..and oh my there is even a Cannoli with a candle... HA... Those two Sistahs.. Mitch and Vickie.. What a perfect match.. almost like "Punch and Judy" (comedy).. they sure throw them words...bounce them off them pages.. What a wonderful friendship...What a wonderful Group.. You Sistah's all have made my day !...

Thinking of my family .. all that we have just endured..and still have to go through...My wish is that soon all will find their peace and have closure...and may Angie soon rest in peace !..

Yes, I count my Blessings ..I've made it through some hard times and always with  "A Little Help From My Friends (Sistah's too)... You can't ask for more than that !

Now let me share some of my goodies... pull up a chair.. I'll even have a pot of "Perked Coffee" and "Tea for those that like that pinky sticking out.. and oh yeah.. the Cola Drinkers too.. Enjoy

God Bless

 Cake by Vicki

Cannoli by Mitch


Cake by Soos

Ladies.. I couldn't ask for better... Thank you all of you it is an honor to be amongst each and every one of you...and I look forward to our Florida GTG..Yes, I'll be there !

Friday, October 15, 2010

Cracking open Friday

Cracking open Friday.. It's Sunny Side Up too !.. Yes, today hubby and I  are going to bring my car down to connect with the Rig.. Our favorite mechanic "Pete" will reconnect the car and rig and re program the computer's  gonna be a great day... and then I'll be bringing "Mabeline "  home..

My anxiety level is a tad bit on the "High" side..and whose wouldn't be.. I mean thinking of getting in her and driving her has always been a rush to me.. It's been like reading a history book and then discovering all you read.. and sometimes in your mind you picture things a different way.. and when you see it.. It becomes a whole new world.. Like I remember (quick flash) when I went to Holland.. as a child I remember hearing about the Dikes  to keep the water out and the Wind Mills.. never realizing that there were so many different kinds and each did a different job.. all the word .. oh and I had to laugh.. cause when I drove through all areas I kept thinking the Hans Christian Anderson stories.. the boy with his finger in the dike stopping the water hahaha.. and  all the ice and everyone skating.. well at the time I was over there.. I saw lots of  water for sure and these what I would call Levies. You see in my mind the Dikes were like big Walls.. (goes to show you what our imagination does) oh and I saw lots of farm land and apple orchards and yep..the tulips.. and the flower markets.. I could go on and on.. My eyes were big as saucers I'm sure and I was just gasping..oh and I wore a pair of wooden shoes.. (they hurt too) and why they wore them.. because of the muck ..yeah all that water creates muck.. Ha .. they were able to work the fields and not ruin their shoes..duh ..but you betcha they wore heavy socks.. clop clop clop..!

I get these wild rushes when I think of all the countries I've explored and how I would remember of learning about them as a kid in grade school.. hmm.. me a kid from Brooklyn..traveling all over the world.. still amazes me..the people were just like me.. wanting to know all about how they lived and their thing I did open minded they were and really how (even though I thought I wasn't) narrow my thinking was.

I've since broadened my horizon.. I can assure you.!  These feet have walked many a mile and absorbed much..only thing I have to watch .. is I don't lose my sole..(pun)  Yeah, I have a habit of doing a "Play on words".. as you read me you will eventually catch on ... I don't misspell the word .. it's done for reasons. Even the pictures I tend to use (which I create myself or with a little help from my friends) they seem to work into my message.. Question ?  Would that make me then.."Politically Correct " ?

Ok, Ok.... I'll get on with my day here.. My email has been hoping with letters from my Cousins.. and lots of pictures too.. it's been so long since this part of my family has been  inter acting with me... but ya know I'm just beaming.. ...I've learned another lesson here too... Forget about the past... just go on with the Future.. we can't change the past ..we certainly can a just the future... Keep Positive and  Zeee, keep your big mouth shut !  HA.. See I even make sure I remind myself..even if they want your know better..cause most people don't really want to know.. they only want to hear what they want.. and Life is too short to bicker about small chit !

So now I'm writing my List.. gonna check it twice.. Uh oh I hear a song comin' on.. or is that Xmas ???  Ah yes them bells are jingling...just don't want to stay around for the "White Stuff".... heading due south.. come on Sunshine...make them bones feel better...

Catch ya later on... psst... Crock Pot will be in tow !

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Very Thirsty Thrusday !

A very thirsty Thursday !.. It truly is.. and it's an over flow from yesterday.. I became one with the phone..For sure... I mean  I heard from my 1st Cousins, via phone and Internet.. It was a day that I received such warm loving news..Kind of a blast from the past...sort of day...

We discussed my Uncle Bing's passing and finding his paper work and insurance and now in the process of finding his will.. It brought tears and laughter to us all.. So many memories were discussed..and the best of the best...It opened more be a "Family".

Sometimes when things happen and you just don't know why.... You have to wait it out.. You will get your answers...Again, not always to your liking..but then again.. Mine came to me as a "Wonderful Surprise".. The loss of my Uncle was such an impact on me.. but through this grieving I'm finding a "Happy Ending"..

God sure does work in Mysterious Ways...but you have to trust in him...something I fell short of for a very long time.. Although I sang his praises, I had my doubts..and through my Uncle Bing..that light is turning on brightly..

When I had spoken to my Cousin Bill, I then wrote him an email as a follow up.. and in that email I stated.. Uncle Bing marched to the beat of a different drum.. he put no value on materialistic things..but value on people.. Well, in my Uncle's Eulogy my Cousin Bill some what quoted me : 

Bing lived a remarkable life. I believe it was best said by my cousin Barbara - he never put value on material objects, but rather on the value of people. If you measure a person by the extent of their friendships - Bing was a Wealthy man.
Uncle Bing, rest in peace. Your time on earth was worthwhile, you lived a full life, and you were a good man.
In heaven, you have earned your wings, and, they are golden !

Now through my Uncle Bing, many of us have come together again..and his memory will live on !

My yesterday also ended with a "Big Smile " too... Yes, my Mabeline will be coming home ..She's ready.. all but for one thing.. We have to bring the car down to connect the computer to her.. Because my car was a non tow able 4 wheels down.. I had a Remco Pump installed and on the way back home  (from Florida) I was getting false signals..So I disconnected the connections and towed her  with engine running and in neutral.. (silly lady ya have to have in neutral or you ain't a towin' ).. all the way home..  So now  that has to be reprogrammed and we'll have that done on Saturday Morning...

Soon the race will be on.. Yes!  That's right the race will be on.. The Hubby will begin his routine of..(you know what) and of course I'll attempt to keep me big mouth shut..(HA).. and we'll do the process of loading up... OH  JOY TO THE HUMAN RACE....

Today I'm making my list up so I don't forget anything.. Check this.. check that.. I'm tellin' ya.. No matter how many times you do this routine.. there's always.. and I do mean ALWAYS...crap you forget or think you need... (thinking of downsizing..oh Lordy)...

Oh and you are wondering why I call it Thirsty Thursday.. not hard to figure this one out.. between yesterday and today.. the Jaws have been rapping...I'm not out of breathe yet.. but sure dang THIRSTY :)

Psst.. that picture.. well kind of reminds me of my position   LOL>...

Catch ya later... after I get off the phone  !

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Wednesday ..Already ?

It's Wednesday..Already ?   Well I do know what happened to Tootin' Tuesday..(as I like to call it )... The hubby came home and dinner was ready.. my trusty Meat Loaf in the (notorious) Crock Pot..and the Baked Potatoes was done to perfection.. as for the veggie.. "Brussel Sprouts".. now with a name like that.. Ya know it's gotta be strange..(and it was)... all went well.. There was a little silence through the dinner hour...and then it came.. the unveiling of the  "Critter Food"..

I said not a word... and for me.. "it's extremely difficult".. but I figured OK.. I'm gonna let this  "MAN" do his "Thang".. and that he did.. his famous last words were..." Just get out of my WAY"... You got it.. !  I heard all kinds of moans and groans as he proceeded to bring in each bag one at a time.. Guess he got his work out.. a little red in the face and kind of short winded...but hey.. "He knows better than me"...

Me and the Critters 4.. just sat and watched.. our heads moved like we were watching a ping pong match...but it was ..mmm the last bag entered the house and put in it's proper place... the hubby uttered a few words.. Now I don't think I can type those words...but it had a "Southern Twist "... God Bless Him !

It was rather a quiet evening.. I mean.. we did watch the "Born Loser".. gawd that show amazes me.. I'd be scraped off the floors with the way those poor people have to work out.. I mean just think how they lose all that weight and as fast as they do... They'd be calling the ambulance for me...  Also had to flip to watch the out come of  "Dancin' with Stars".. and yep.. "The Situation"  got the boot.. and Yes, he did deserve it... but " Warning, Warning"..(sound like Robby the Robot here).. Crystal Palin.. you is next if ya don't get some life into them steps of yours !

Now here it is morning and I'm just a bit off kilter.. stayed up and watched the recovery  of those miners in Chile.. Just amazing they survived.. and are still coming out of that good as they are.. See, if we all come together ..we can solve situations.. Hey DC... Ya watching.. maybe .. just maybe you'll all stop the NONSENSE...and do right by ."We the People".. see couldn't resist that .. I mean.. WE ALL NEED HELP.

Speaking of Survivor.. yep that show comes on tonight.. Gawd I've become a "TV PERSON".. I'd never believe it in all my years.. I mean my feet never stayed in one spot  long enough to even put an imprint in the SAND... Shaking my head here.. ...

Oh yeah,,  I've got another dish in the Crock Pot.. HA !... I guess the hubby is right... I'm gonna Gold Plate this one I have that's so old.. and make sure it's in my will !....

On to the next Adventure.. waiting to hear when Rig will be coming home... Anyone in the glass making business ?????

Catch ya later  :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grand Tuesday Morning Too!

Grand Tuesday Morning Too...Yes indeedy.. it's a fabulous day.. Things are  coming together.. The Critter food is on it's way to be delivered.. all 14 bags of Verus.. on a skid and I even have the tarp to cover cause it rained last night and I'm not gonna count on the sun.. although it's looking at me as I type... and the food will have to sit out till hubby gets home.. So, better safe that sorry...and ya just know hubby is gonna be SORRY... ..Yep, he complained he don't get much excise... well.. Breathe honey .. stoop and breathe deeply.. lift with your knees..aah you is doing good... :)   Can ya picture all this... ???  well, I'm gonna just be directing...(not no movie) ..

Now it's not like I haven't advised hubby of the "best way" to load this into the house..cause what would I know, I mean I've only done this job for years... I have my trusty dolly set up.. Yep, it's a flat bed "Rubber maid dolly".. and works like a charm.. Why kill yourself when it's so simple.. but hey this is gonna be a good show to watch.. Of course I'll hear all about  "How, what a crazy woman I am on buying like this".. He may very well be right ..but for one fact.. "Can't buy this in Florida"...and.. I get a "great deal"  ..

Made Vet's appointment for the 4 on Sunday afternoon.. and that will be the completion of the chores other than wait for the RV.. but  we'll find out something more late this afternoon or tomorrow morning.. Sure am thinking  "positive"... and getting the urge to "Hit the Open Road"...

Watched "Dancin' with the Stars"  and of course we made our vote.. HA ..(not really) and we both agreed the young lad.. called  "The Situation"..needs to be evicted.. Yep, can't dance.. goodness and he's in the entertainment business and no rhythm... We laughed then of course there's  Florence Henderson.. but hey for her age (76) she didn't do that bad.. I mean the Rumba ?????  good grief . and then poor Palin's daughter.. Why would she go on a show like this..???  well you get the's entertainment for sure.

Oh, you'll love this one..out of the blue... hubby says to me  ..."When I cross over"... Cross Over ?  Where am I going.. ?  reply.. "You know, the Bridge"... Wait have no fear  "I ain't crossing no bridge.. I don't do heights "..   I thought this was kind a  cute..the banter between.. Mr and Mrs.. (get that will going ) while in between commercials.... he  looks at me strange and then proceeds..."Well,  I think I'll have your Crock Pot Gold Plated and put it in with you.. Just in case you decide to make a meal on your way Up..(get this) or Down there "... Now I ask ya... "Is he saying, I'm using my Crock Pot too often..or I don't know how to cook with out one.." ?..... Well tonight he's got another Crock Pot meal going...!  He's a "Gem"..

Men... what will they think of next.. but I will say.. "he keeps me amused".. and I keep drivin' him NUTZ...we are like two "Odd Balls".. from the Sublime to the Ridiculous. .. but it works for us... and boy we do need that vacation from one another.. HA... and it's gonna be SOON   ...

Alrighty.. enough of my craziness.. and now here comes the  Feed Man.. Holy Hannah.. is he gonna make that turn in my driveway...Gawd...don't let me have any more surprises... !

Catch ya later on ...... !

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello there Monday... A what day ?

Hello there Monday ...A what day?  Yeah, it's suppose to be "Columbus day"... but if I recall didn't Columbus land on the 12th of Oct ???? what does it matter.. what's a day between friends... It's a known fact .. no longer are the days important..other than the work force.. Oh, so you mean.. we change these days because it's Politically Correct ?   HA !.. It's an Economical effect.. like how we can just pull this out of a hat and just say.. "Works for me"... Whatever.. so I guess Columbus could care less right ?   HA !

Yes, it's a true blue Monday.. and I'm just a yakking my face off here.. cause I have to complain about somethin'... Right ?   Everything else is so far going the way it normally does for me on Mondays !.. Yeah, I wake up and get my chores done and then turn about and have to listen to others complain.. So why not join them.. You know that saying.. " If ya can't beat em', then join em'... So ok I'll join em'  I'll change my Birthday too while I'm at it.. and what ever date I need changed.. Hey, like bill paying date.. Now  I betcha we all would  be willing to change.." to the twelve of never "...oh , oh...maybe the "Surplus Could Help Us "!

Weather is lookin' good and I'm just waiting to make that morning call to order my Critter's Food for the year.. yep, have to do that as I can't find it in Florida..(lucky me) so I have to bring  at least 10 ..40lb bags..sure makes the hubby happy.. Just can't wait for the load up time.. I mean .. he was cut breaks for years cause "Matilda" here use to load and unload..(there are some advantages to aging)  and I can't do much of it any more... only give good directions.. and point well... and  hubby just loves it too !  Ha ha ha ....

Put my Netflix movies in the mail.. (gawd I just love that system) and picked out my next 3... so we'll have our Movie in the Round  and relax on the we sit in our favorite chair and munch on some goodies and there is peace and quiet for the few  hours...aah life is grand..

I have my list going for the "Get up and Get out of Town" as soon as my Rig is back.. Looks like the list has increased..oh Lordy, I just wished I could take a video of this operation .. when the time comes.. It's worth it .. trust me.. I mean there are words that I'm sure need no explanation. in fact my Southern Dialogue has increased tremendously.. only thing I'm not sure is on what some of them have to pertain to our scenario..

Alarm just went off, time to make my calls for the day.. and then to get on with prep for this evening.. Cut up my veggies and put in plastic zip locks.. love that stuff...then all I have to do is toss them in pots and make dinner.. I usually do up a few days worth.. (cause I'm lazy) and this way I can get out of all that mess everyday... Guess it's from my up bringing.. being in the restaurant business.. Do aheads save time down the road...and speakin' of road.. It's time to boogie !

Catch ya later on....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Here it is Sunday Again

Here it is Sunday Again !... Hubby is off to church and spreading the "Good Word".. while I'm in the kitchen making up our dinner.. well, kind of.. I mean the "Crock Pot" is doing her thang :)... Yes, I've got  Pork and Sauerkraut and Mashed Taters (as hubby would say) and a home made batch of Apple Sauce..the smells are heavenly.. Just like the day .....

Had a message on the phone from the "RV" dealer and they are waiting on the window from "Winnebago" to come in.. .and my Mabeline is just about ready,  only for  that to be installed... Things are lookin' a little bit brighter today.. So there is some light at the end of this tunnel... thank goodness..

My Reba is behind my chair as I type just a complaining.. hmmm what's her problem now ????  As if I didn't guess.. the aroma is making her hungry and it's almost time for their "afternoon cookie".. Like I've said many times before, "I only just share my place the critters are the owners and they tell us what to do..".. HA... Yeah they are spoiled...

Joe seems to be having some good days.. and that feels good too.. I mean for a bit I was so much on the Doom of Gloom I couldn't see the Forrest through the Trees... (don't cha just love all these sayings and how they just seem to fit into a part of your life)... Scary !!!

Monday I'm calling my order in for Dry Dog Food.. and then also setting up visit to the Vets... so the week will be humming... I'll also make up a pot of Gravy ( Spag Sauce) and a few other goodies for hubby to have in the freezer while we are on our "Sabbatical ".. well that's what I call it...... He calls it, "My Vacation".. but somehow I haven't figured it as a vacation cause I still have to do all the work ...DUH ????

Went to another blog which I have been following for a few years and read some sad news.."Tioga George" lost his son David.. very sad reading..  George was and still is a great traveler in his RV and gives some great advice and also neat places to see.. and boon docks just about everywhere.. takes some great shots .. I've so much enjoyed his travels... I need to send him a email with condolences.. such a tragic lose...

Computer seems to be running a bit better lately.. but I ain't a gonna say much... Ya know how that goes.. "Toot your horn and somebody is gonna smack dab into ya".. with my luck lately.. I don't need any more shake ups... Just let it flow or flush it... oh I like that saying more and more..

So, now it's off and running at Jamaica..another one of those sayings again LOL.. but it works.. cause that's what I have to do.. get off me duff and get things done.. while the spirit within ... moves me.. in other words I can tend to be some what "Lazy".. (that disease which we all catch).

Catch ya later on .......

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good Saturday Morning

Good Saturday things start to settle...the sun is bright in my window... I can barely see the screen to type...(feels good ) I'm one of those people that needs brightness to help me ... It makes me come moves out the gloom...Which by now I need every bit of "sunshine I can get"..  I never did realize how much I was affected..but I am one of those million people that brightness effects their moods.. So if ya wanna keep me "Smilin'.".. make sure I've got the spot light on me".. Oh !  Does that mean I have to be the center of attraction.?..Nah.. it's just I'm a strange ole lady with weird quirks.

I see (as I look into the living room) my hubby sitting in the recliner.. He's just come down from upstairs.. has his cap on.. (he's got that bed head, well, that's what he calls it) as his hair looks like he's been through the wind mill ... and his cola  in his hand ..sipping away... (that's his coffee)  and listening to the news..  how a certain state (which will remain unmentionable)...wants to control what you eat and drink..but don't mind if you tote a few puffs....psst anyone tell them that when you "Puff the Magic Dragon".. you get the "Munchies"..  I hear him muttering a few ...well shall I say, " I've heard these terms before, but refuse to mention them on the grounds it may incriminate me"... Oh yeah, it's gonna be one of those days in my house..

The hubby and I are gonna take a ride today.. over to where the rig is and see how much is done...(can ya tell I'm antsy)...and we'll make plans from there.. I'm gonna order my "Skid" of critter food...and set up appointment for Check ups and Vaccines for  the 4... I've already ordered my Heart worm (which I bring in from Australia) and my Jitters start.. Yes, I'm anxious... but like I said before, "I don't mind if I have to wait until after Halloween (my favorite holiday) as I will get to enjoy the kiddies and their costumes... 

Being I live in an Adult community in Florida for the winter months you don't get to see this feature..Although sometimes I think some of those people are dressed up all year round in their costumes LOL..(oh did I say that)...However, they are really fun to be around.. Hey, they play some mean asp golf.. just duck when you hear something flying by.. cause it ain't no bird .
It will be great to ride around in my "Grape Mobile".. and take some pictures..cause it really is a neat place.. I feel like I go on a "Safari" when I drive through.. and oh yes.. even have a neat place that looks just like the "everglades"..... Here's the picture I just new I had it... I remember the day hubby and I took it.. we were just in awe of it.. and the light was perfect... 

Now I best get a move on and see if I can wake that man of mine.. put a little fire under his feet and just be prepared for all his "Wisdom" which he so loves to share.. Ya just gotta love em"                                      
Catch ya later on... as you know this day will add to another Adventure of Southern Hospitality !                


Friday, October 8, 2010

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday...Yes, it is and to make things really hard.. Last night was the Wake for my "Uncle Bing" and if that wasn't hard enough .. my hubby's aunt passed away.. Retha Mae... It's been a really hard go.. Lost my girlfriends Mother.. then my Uncle now hubby's Aunt... If you believe in the (3) count.. then  this passing is over...

It never is in the older we get the closer we feel to our maker as well.. My hubby tries to keep my spirits lifted and says in his twang, "Well, just be glad you could count the 3rd .".. Now out of the gloom I had to look at him and laugh.. yes, I did laugh.. as my hubby did inherit his Daddy's sense of humor.

Then he says, "Well this is one way of getting to see kin folks ya haven't seen in ages and they won't be lookin to borrow .".. what can I say.. the man has these gifts...and they do seem to hit right on target..

It's going to be a quiet weekend..more of reflecting on losses, I know it's Oct..and I'm still here in the North East...gawd...I sure wish that rig was home and we were loading her up....Perhaps I'll get to see those kiddies dressed in their costumes..and hear their chants.."Trick Or Treat, Smell my Feet..Give me somethin' good to Eat".. I'm smiling cause their faces glow as they recite that old saying... that will make this month a better one for me...

Calling next week to get appointment for the critters to get their check ups and vaccines..and the rest will be just waiting ...perhaps I'll convince hubby to let's take a drive...see some color changes..cause I sure do feel the weather changes...Maybe decorate the porch...and just sit back and take all the changes in...

So it might be Thanksgiving Florida..before I get there..when ever..just be happy to make the trip safely ..when we can...This year my Uncle Bing was coming for the holidays...but I know he'll be my heart..

As for hubby's Aunt..her passing was hard..she was stricken ill a few months ago with Pancreatic Cancer..for her family, it was a blessing.. she was in such pain..3 months to the day.. Retha Mae. you now are at peace no more suffering...

Sure enough these holidays are going to be rough ones...but time will the days unfold the rest of my Adventures....

God Bless

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sad News getting through Wednesday

Sad news getting through Wednesday... it's one of those events no matter how you try to duck em'  it still comes at you.. Mine happened late yesterday.. I had a message on my cell phone to call my 1st cousin "Bill"... I just knew by the tone of the message that this was not going to be something I wanted to even hear.. and hear I did.. My Uncle "Bing" as we called him had passed away..

Bing was a "free spirited" kind of guy.. he got his nickname as a child from listening to the crooner "Bing Crosby"  he loved his voice that soon  James W would be known in our family till the day he passed as Uncle Bing... Lord I'm going to miss him..

He was the kind of guy that accepted you "As you were".. you needn't show him any frills cause it didn't matter to him.. He was a devoted "Catholic" and was involved with attempted rescues in El Salvador .. with the priests and nuns.. He was " the people's attorney.. He took your case whether you could pay him or not.. He was about "justice for all".. you might even say he was my "Superman"..

If ever I had any questions, needed to just talk, he was there for me and like I said.. "Everyone".. He had an amazing abundance of friends .. from all walks of life.. His brilliant career went on beyond your wildest of dreams..  and oh how he loved his "Golf".. and Football.. Yes, he was a "Bears" fan..

I am so glad I spoke with him a few weeks ago... I just had this awful feeling.. I had not heard from him in a while and Yes, I even gave him  my lecture.. We laughed and he promised me he'd call me.. in fact he said, "Barbz, I'll put it on my calendar .. I'll call you each month and we'll discuss our medical issues." and we laughed...  Oh, Bing.. I will miss you..!.

I guess I kind of did an Obit without even realizing it.. but you know these things are gonna happen.. and we have no choice..but what we can do is remember the person for what they were to you.. and not morn their loss.. as.. I feel..they no longer are suffering and now they have their eternal peace.. Something we all will have eventually...

My day today  will be  kind of  just flashing back of growing up together.. and perhaps I'll even yell at him.. I know he'll hear me.. might even give me a shove.. I might need it..

Till we meet again "Uncle Bing"