Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Going Toodles on Tuesday.. Eeek !

Going Toodles on Tuesday... Eeek!  Yes, I'm about to adventure out today.. Head my way to the Wally World...Challenge ahead...finding another printer as mine has literally hit the "Dust". I'm about to venture again into the Wireless World...why not.. I mean I don't have to crawl under or drag wires..which if I looked under my desk I'd gag.. which wire works what.. aaaaaah just pull the friggin plug.. that will fix everything.. HA !  (wanna bet)

So, after my critters have their breakfast (bacos, toast with peanut butter, cornbread, chopped apples, vitamins, and their dry food)  I have my two cups of coffee with what's left of my peanut butter toast :).. they make their deposits...and I pretend I'm only gonna check the mail...(ok so I lie)  I'm off to the main event of my day..

I'll also stop (as I caught the sale paper) and pick up a few "goodies"  .  I can't resist sales.. I mean if I can save a few bucks "Why Not".. That's how I seem to deal with the purchase I'm gonna make at Wally World..

Oh, and yes, I didn't post on Monday.. (I hate Mondays)  I did some searchin for things to make.. found a " Flamingo Dish Cloth"  I was so impressed..of course it's a knit Job.. not my favorite thing to do.. but I'll give it a whirl, complain a bit..but can't wait to see the finish product..

I hear my Zeke (Big Boy) tossing his dish around.. indication..Finished ..and waiting for me to get up .. but I'll have him bring the dish to me..(trained that boy) and while he's at it he'll pick up all the other dishes.. Hopefully the others are finished cause boy it makes for some awful sounds..!

Weather looking good...and while it's not the blasting heat I get out and get back.. I'm not much for the "HEAT" in fact my levels are..50 to 80 is perfect.. LOL.. oh and no "HUMIDITY".. Guess ya might say, "I'm a bit Finicky"..YEP !

Now Finicky is a good word, it really suits me well.. I am that, truly... I like things a certain way...I can deal with lots of changes, but don't mess with what I like... Sometimes I could also fit in the category of.."Creature of Habit".  Mostly cause it comes from what I found best for "me"..what works for me...I've had to do things most my life by myself...and through trial and error I simplified ...in other words..I made it a lot easier. 

Like my rig...Now I enjoy her. Yes, I call her a "her" actually  "The Mabeline"  She's all made up of  how I like her.. Not fancy, practical..What works well for me and yes, suits my purpose.  I took out the passengers seat...and put a freezer up front..a small size..holds 100lbs..(don't laugh) and then I put a vacuum system in.. Nothing to lug in and out. I have my crates set in on a platform so they can't shift..plus they're also strapped in extra tight..Upper level for small critters...bottom level for Larger critters..and set up right next to the door.. in and outs easier..See, it's a matter of what works best and simple.. No hassle...

She handles well, not great on gas..but we're talking comfort and to live in while I was doing my heavy traveling and long winter stays. She's as sound as can be.. Holds the road well..cept one thing.. Ford Engine.. Lordy it's a loud one..that's the only thing I don't like..but the dang thing has great torque... and when heavy winds and trucks breeze by.. I don't get that big drift.. now don't get me wrong I'll get some...but nothing like I have in the past with other rigs I had. She also holds 100 gal of water.. Now that works well, especially when traveling or dry docking or in other terms Boon Docking.

I so long for another trip...but being a realist I don't  have too many in my future..now that saddens me.. but ya never know.. I may get a "wild hair" and say, "I'm leavin', parts unknown"  gawd I've done that so many times..HA !

Ok, I got on a roll here, it's that urge to travel that sometimes just over takes me... but right now I'm parked...  or better yet.. Confined to home quarters till Oct anyway... then it's pack it up head due south to my "Hide Away".. wooo hooo.

Critters are done... and now I have to get done and hit that trail to finding another printer.. Wish me Luck !

Catch ya later...:)

God Bless....Wandering Zeee is at it again !

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ach'n Bacon ....Sunday !!!!

Ach'n Bacon...Sunday !!!!... Can ya believe it's here.. I mean Sunday and to think within a blink the week has gone..and a new one begins.."Whoopie"  Looks like I skated through.. or did I just slide into  "Home plate"  Speakin' of plate.. I'm a cook'n today.. Yeppers, got me Crock pots ready .. only to make Garlic and Herb Cheese Biscuit Bread .  It's a throw together number and done in my favorite kitchen gadget..aaaaah but I will have in the oven.. (haven't tried this yet in a Crock Pot )  a Lasagna.. Hey, it's Sunday.. if it ain't a  "pot of gravy" it's a lasagna.. You know the Clogging good stuff.. :)

I am working on another project.. I'm knitting place mats.. I know sounds really interesting. HA.. well it's more self gratification  ..Could buy the dang things cheaper..but it's that .. "I made this" thingy I'm going through...Guess it's that  (you'll love this one)  Ole Age Syndrome..

Actually it really does feel good when something I make turns out.. cause I remember those days when nutt'n I did worked..not too long ago either.. So, I've got my note book going so I don't forget what I did.. hahaha..Senior moments.. and making my lists of goodies I'm going to make  for Xmas gifts..

I kind of enjoy making up neat little things and finding neat gadgets to put in a little box and ship out with my cookies that I do.. A neat little surprise in a box.. Gots to say " Keep them postal workers working, iffn' the price is right "....

Hubby will be off to his church doing his "Thang"  He so enjoys teaching Sunday School and then the long, long sermon from the Pastor which seems to be a long winded gent.. His Morning is shot.. I'll see him after 1pm.. Lordy.. he's making his way to them Pearly Gates.. I'm hopin with all the Olive Oil I use and being Catholic I'll slide my Asp through.. You know grease up them gates..

That's about all on my agenda and then what ever I can get out of doing..  Would it be that I'm just in a Lazy Mood.. you'd be right.. I'd actually love to be heading out some where in my Rig.. Just enjoying Mother Nature...mmmm brain shake.. I need to give the RV dealer a call tomorrow.. and see what's up with my rig.. iffn' he even looked at it yet.. Bad mistake.. Hubby left note .."Not needed till Oct".. Now you can tell this man has never experienced an RV dealer.. I mean NEVER leave a note like that..cause well anyone who Owns an RV knows better (I hope).....

Okie Dokie... I  hear the man coming down the stairs.. he's done his lessons for his teaching this morning and it will be a Zoom as I feel him rushing by...WE, critters and all just watch "Bumpstead "  make his get away..

Peace to all... Catch ya later

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tis Friday..Where did the week go ?

Ti's Friday...Where did the week go ?   I know !  It was a hell of a mess.. not a happy camper for sure.. Did my challenge of calling Dell.. Now that should be a chapter all by itself... I think I won..Maybe..just maybe ..

Anyway, I managed to not get into too much trouble..and for me that's not difficult.. I've been in rather a slump.. Knowing I've had to have tests done.. and today was another one.. a  Chemical Stress Test as I can't do the treadmill with my knees.. I'd look more like  father Jetson as he was walking his Astro dog on the treadmill.. (ya got ta think about that one)..

So, my experience this morning as another Adventure.. I had a Nurse who had a bug up her butt and she felt like crap on top of that.. (aren't I lucky) .. So I tried to start my morning with some humor..to bad it wasn't a good humor day..  To no avail.. in fact that darling nurse did the unholy deed of missing a vein or should I say.. blowing the dang thing.. Now for me with veins not so easy to hit.. what a bummer !.. I tried to be nice..I counted to 10.. did that help.. No Friggin Way !...

I politely said,  "Oh !  I'm so sorry that happened.. Why don't we take a break and I'll drink some water ..(after all I had to fast 12 hours and of course that never helps someone with bad veins) and perhaps we can try again."   She wasn't very co operative... she insisted it could go in my hand or wrist.. At this point I made my mind up.. There ain't no way in HELL.. you're gonna even give that a try.. cause it ain't gonna work !!!!

She then decides to let me go and drink some water.. (smart women.. she got my message LOUD and CLEAR)  the doctor.. (nice ole gent) in the room with us .. who monitors the deal just shook his head and smiled  at me.. Hey, she even proceeded to tell us (doc and I ) to keep quiet and let her do her work !!!  Didn't I tell ya she had a bug up her butt.. Of course her not feeling well didn't help matters and I was also probably number 25 waiting to have this ordeal done..

So me goes out in the waiting room and reads my Kindlel book and drinks me a bottle of water.. slush slush slush... and she comes back about half hour later .. calls my name and I proceed to follow her.. like an injured child.. (help me ).. This time she's got a positive attitude.. (thank goodness) and wham bam thank ya ma'am she hits the one I  (begged her too)  and we're off and running and she injects me with  glowing goodies.. for the pictures I have to have taken..   Not too bad yet..

After I had the pictures taken of how my arteries were before.. I had to go take a seat .. and wait for the next step.. So I pulls out my Kindle and reads some more.. reading  Loves Comes Softly.. by Jannette Oke . A really sweet story that makes  you feel warm .. has a little sadness to it.. but mainly good feeling of caring folks.. Just what I needed...

Alas I hear my name.. (feets don't fail me now) and I follow again.. into that room with that dear sweet ole Doc.. who will monitor me and make sure I'm ok.. This time comes in the box with a "New" chemical.. something that will not give you that gigantic headache  and because I'm asthmatic this will be a lot safer.. Mmmm chemicals always react strangely with me.. So I feel that RUSH.. Wow.. I'm actually off to the races.. I feel my heart beating rapidly and then.. Boom.. comes that Sick to the Stomach.. What's this about... holy Hannah.. where's the bucket... Doc looks at me and asks.."Are you feeling alright, what is happening ? "  I tell him... "Oh, I feel like I could use a bucket.."  He assures me it will pass... "When"... well it didn't pass it kept increasing... and finally  he had that darling Nurse  give me a shot to stop  the reaction..

Well, there's a first for everything and guess I'm one of those Firsters...if there is such a thing.. After that they told me.. Ok,  now go eat something.. Ya got to be kidding..  but I did bring a PB&J sandwich with me and a bottle of water.. but I wasn't anxious to eat.. so I took my time..

Again Nurse appears and calls my Name... and we head back to the Picture taking room.. Gosh those rooms were freezing.. that took about 15 minutes.. All and All the test took 4  hours... and I was so happy to leave.. No one rushing to tell me.. "You can't go home"... So now another wait... if I get no calls.. I won't mind...and then I'll see my Cardio Doc on the 14th of Sept...  For me that won't be bad.. cause I've done this routine so many times ... and with me.. it's the... phone call the next day to head in and get angioplasty and then stent.. They don't mess around..

Came home.. made a quick stop at the store for dinner tonight and now I'm just leaning back and trying to figure out.. How do I always wind up with Winners... but I'm smiling now.. maybe tomorrow too.. My life seems to always make these twist and turns.. but let me get back to my book.. that will make me smile..

Next Adventure is in the lurking..Cause the Month of September is gonna be a busy one... Ouch I feel them stickin me already... HA ... I'm a gonna glow in the dark

Catch ya later...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday.. and we're off to the Races

Monday...and we're off to the Races...I have yet to call Dell...Today has to be the day.. I need my Video card... So, I'll have my big cuppa and then get myself prepared for a trip to India.. (not that there's anything wrong with it ) I know it will be an enlightening experience...I just hope it won't be a memorable one !

Made my pan of cornbread this morning and my house has that great aroma floating through.. Yes, even my perked pot of Coffee, it's haunting.  My day has only a few things I need to get through...

A new dish to prepare (some days it's not good to attempt) but I've been looking at this one and it looks interesting.. Yes !  It's another Crock Pot deal.. you know the kind that you throw it in and set it and forget it..wait it's not the Show Time Rotisserie..( I told you I was a gadget guru)

This is just putting in the "Frozen" meat and all the veggies..and put your feet up and snuggle into a good book or in my case, get out the string and on to more dish rags.. I might even go into full production... HA !

I'll make a few calls (besides Dell) and get the rest of my week in line.. cause at the end of the week (Friday) I have the "Stress" Test.. I still shake my head at that one.. What fool would run up a hill till they were out of breath ?   I'd call a cab  HA !.. I know my sense of humor is some what deranged but ya got to smile reading it.

Along with making a "new" dish today I'm gonna put together a blackberry cobbler.. seems last night I was dreaming of it.. and when I woke up this morning I wanted to go out and pick some  ...now ya know where I live if I found a black berry bush I'd not pick for fear of contamination or pollution !  So I bought the next best thing.. Canned.. yes, why not have some heavy metal scrapings, adds to the flavor... HA.. Well truth be known I couldn't find a bag of frozen when I went shopping.

Alrighty that's my day so far...now as for the race.  It's between me and the critters ....who gets the couch first ..gotta love it !

Catch ya again

God Bless

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ok, I lost a week and here I am Sunday AGAIN :)

Ok, I lost a week and here I am.. Sunday AGAIN :).. Yeppers, I done did it.. I lost a week.. well not actually.. well, sorta.. here's why.. Monday.. I did my thing.. I cooked up a months supply of Critter food.. which included their Chicken Soup.. and Mixed Medley of Veggies.. then as I worked my butt off the phone rang and "Hello, Where Are You ?"   What ?????  "What do you mean.. Where Am I, Where are you calling.?" (not that dumb of a reply).. HA..  Well, to my surprise it was the Doctors office wanting to know why I didn't show up....hmmmm  me pulls out me trusty calender and low and behold I am not due in till Tomorrow.. Yes, that's what I said.. Seems make a long story short.. someone goofed and it wasn't me this time....Soooooooooooo now here's a good one for ya.. Nurse replies, "Well, you come in Wed at 3PM".. now if I had cancelled and rescheduled I'd a never gotten in till a month or two away.. Morale to this tail of woe.. Play dumb and let them think they made the mistake... Works for me.. but if ya get billed NOT MY FAULT !..

So, Tuesday I went to Wally World.. and experience in it's own right as here in my home town it was a "New" one .. well since I left last Oct anyway.. However things were scattered here and there and they were restocking shelves and again.. Moving things to another area.. I did my share of contributing to society.. Helping out the economy.. and then I was homeward bound.. (should have been bound and gagged perhaps) .

On to Wednesday..(notice I'm skipping a lot of the boring stuff).. and me visit with my "DOC"  oh boy how good it was to see him too !.. and even got a surprise.. Yes,  He and his partner  congratulated me on my anniversary.. "What anniversary?".. (I think they lost it or maybe just glad to see someone with a sense of humor)..Huh?.... well seems that it was 7 years since my last (as I call it) Experience.. I mean Doc says.."Since I last was inside yer heart".. (now that does make ya feel good)..  Yes, we all grinned and I knocked the desk.. Doc asked " What was that about?"..   (like he knows I'm just a tad superstitious...)  I smiled and just said.."Hey, I need a little reassurance that it's gonna last longer"...

The last stent Doc put in my LAD (which I have a total of 7) was a "RECALL".. now I ask ya, "How the heck are ya gonna take it back?".. never mind I don't even want to go there.. So my visit was a good one and I'm scheduled for all tests..  EKG, Echo and Stress.. (like I didn't have enough before I left).. Had a great chat and felt so much at ease... Even though I'm still a "High Risk".. wonder if I should have flashing lights on me ???????

So after leaving Doc's office I decided to visit with my friends.. Helga and Ed..(we've been friends for over 40 years) Was good seeing them but I left sad.. As seeing Helga.. she seems to have aged.. I mean she is 81 and Ed is 87..but he looks terrific.. Helga on the other hand is just fading away.. She's lost her ambition.. My friend who traveled with me all over the USA..one who I had a lot of laughs with.. could chat about anything and even at times when we disagreed.. it was never a bit of anger.. She was always willing to explore with me.. We did some exploring too and encountered some wild and crazy situations.. Lots of towing and lots of laughs..  although she had excuses as to why she couldn't do things.. she went along regardless..

No matter where we traveled  Helga would go in and grab literature and be so excited about what she was gonna tell her Grandchildren what she had seen.. She and I were New Yorkers, we had so much in common and being open minded.. it was "Look out world here we came"..  I loved calling her and saying,  "Helga get your bags packed we're leaving for".. she'd be so excited and she'd start planning on what we were gonna have for food.. Helga..(the name covers it well) was a great cook and she loved to eat.. no matter what it was..something different she'd be eager to try.. (God Bless her appetite) and when we'd go to different areas.. we'd hit the supermarkets for the week.. That was a trip for  her.. she'd come back in the rig.. telling me of what she found.. hahaha... Me, back then I was a thin body and eating wasn't my thing.. I mean if I had a cup of coffee I was lucky.. I'd grab a bite and that did me.. my energy level was high and my burning capacity was even higher.. I couldn't sit still.. hahaha.. Now well a horse of another color..

Goodness I feel the sadness even now.. Maybe the memories will kick in and I'll think about all the crazy stuff that happened and the most beautiful sites we got to enjoy.. In fact I remember saying to Helga , "Now I know how America the Beautiful was written "... I saw those Purple Mountains Majesty.. and so did she..
Helga, I keep your memories in my heart and I pray that life will be kind to you !

Had my Echo testing done and then  it's now on to the Stress test which will be done on the 27th of August..goodness time is surely flying by.. We took the rig in Saturday... was good getting up in the "Mabeline".. (that's what I call my rig) .. she looked empty ..but not for long.. Of course my list of things to do on her were long.. but she's in great shape.. only 22K miles on her.. I don't travel much and that saddens me too.. but hey, she's great shape.. I drive her from Pa to Florida and then back.. and she keeps us safe and sound and "DRY".. The Critters here her pulling in and it's like a signal to their ears.. "We're ready to Roll"..is it Oct yet ?

Today, I'm gonna lean back and knit up some dish rags for my Xmas list.. which by the way seems to be growing.. Heard from my niece.. and she was excited about the Blankets I crocheted and sent up.. That's always a good feeling that someone enjoys what you made for them..

Hubby got me a Kindle book.. and I downloaded a few "freebies" and now I'm looking to purchase a few.. not bad.. and was great taking it with me when I had to get a test done.. I don't touch many things in the office..cause I'm one of these firm believers "that's how you get sick".. Yeah. I know another Nut Job.. but I have to tell ya.. I've not had but maybe one (1) cold a year... bring your own pen to sign in.. and don't read the mags.. people lick their fingers and turn pages..and ta daaaaa.. and  if it's a door I have to open.. You got it.. I have a napkin or paper towel in my pocket I use it.. Guess this really all came about many years ago when Doc told me.. I had to be careful of getting a virus that could hit my heart.. well, you know how some people can let things work on them.. and not to long ago my sister had a virus hit her brain.. Lord help her.. soooooooo I don't touch much without thinking... another adventure to deal with !

Alrighty I hear hubby in the kitchen and that is not always a good sound.. sometimes a few crashes.. but this time it's the Microwave..mmm..I smell bacon.. Now that smell is haunting.. Later all...

Catch ya tomorrow 

God Bless

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Sunday...All is well, so far !

It's Sunday...All is well, so far !...Yes, you got that right.. my morning has begun.. up at 5:30am..actually got to almost sleep through the whole night..cepting for a little shocker.. that being Reba jumping down and landing on piranha  Abby.. I mean there is somethin a tab bit different about Abby.. You just don't go to close to her when she's sleeping..cause you hear this loud roar and she grabs what's close to her.. OUCH..could be your foot or what ever..but it's coming your way that's for certain..So getting back to that little outburst.. Yes, Reba met up with Abby.. I heard the two of them go at it for about a second and I jumped up and yelled, "Let her go"..cause you see..it's a no brainer ..Abby had her..but thank goodness it's never a horror.. I mean Abby is more growl than injury.. Thank gawd...I've had lots of practice with these scenes and one thing I'll say about Abby, she shows no partiality.. Ah nice Abby...!

Today hubby will go to his "Church "  teach his Sunday school lesson for which he's been up late putting together...and then it's the gathering of the rest of the good people and Church begins.. Now for me this seems like hours as he leaves like 9:30am and comes home close to 2pm.. God Bless Him.. :)

For me it's lean back and get done what I need to.. then watch my QVC..oh yeah.. the Gadget Guru is in the making again..can I find something worthy..(are you kidding..if it's a gooder it's a goner )...and then prepare the dinner.. Yep, my Crock pot will be going or..it's pick up a Roasted chicken..(making life simple in the heat) and I'll have the taters going with "cold cranberry sauce" and of course as my hubby says, "English peas" which for you non southerns..it's green peas..HA .

Because it looks like rain.. well, we have Netflix..we'll watch an afternoon movie..Alrighty..and then we'll have a challenge match..(this ought to be good) of some kind..Cards, talk about politics, about a book , and then the best of the best..What's on the agenda for Monday...(oh you don't even want to go there)..Is it Oct yet ?

Oh, another newbie... Downloaded some books to my (get this) "Kindle".. Yes, I'm now a electronic book reader..and when I want to multi task... I put the head set on.. turn up the volume...Listen and Crochet at the same time.. Wooo hooo... I'm advancing in my ole age..(shhhhh don't nobody ask "how old" )...and then I'll say, "Boy that was a good book ".. (smiling)..

Critters are fed...run is cleaned up..and now on to the next phase.."make pot of chicken and veggies up for the next month ..put up in freezer"..See, my life has many facets..all geared to making short cuts..well kind of ..I mean it's a lot of doings..but I have more comfort in knowing my critters are eating well.. Already did up the veggie packs which consist of (oh you'll love this) Peas, Carrots, Green Beans and Mustard, Turnip and Collard Greens.. Yeppers packed in zip loc and enough for the month.. till next time..

Gawd I'm tired..just writing and reading ...now it's time for "ME"... (ya think) ?

Catch ya later on..

God Bless

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Saturday..nothing special

It's Saturday.. nothing special ..but gave hubby a list for groceries..(he really enjoys this cause he can make sure I don't spend too much ) and then he had to do a few other chores.. Like get rid of old computers which I had stripped of a few goodies.. Our area was collecting old ones..thank goodness..More crap out..less to detour around.

Placed a call to a friend of ours.. "Todd".. was good hearing he was again doing his visiting of  "New York City".. ya never get tired of her.. she's like a grand ole flag.. always got something going on and places to see.. I mean you could visit everyday and still miss happenings.. You learn so much, all the cultures combined ..and oh my stars.. Sights to behold.. yes, it still gives me a rush !.. One thing I haven't done..is take a ride in a Horse Draw Buggy around Central Park.. that is on my bucket list.. and will get done for sure .

My plans are still in Jello till this week (which is almost over) and then begins a new chapter of a Mad Rush to make all the appointments and Yes, call "Dell".. A challenge in itself.  It's really a gorgeous day too.. sure wish I'd go someplace..but then again.. It's really my chill out time to get over that bug that crawled up my butt... Yeah, you heard me.. I think that drive and  all that nonsense just took me for a loop..

Again listened to that Mark Vincent.. that boy is so talented.. I had to order his CD.. I mean what a voice..just gives me chills.. His mother has to be so proud of him.. If you get a chance do check out his music.. I'll put the link up .. just click on it and let it play through.. or check him out on You Tube...I can assure you it's  worth every minute of your time....http://charliephillips.net/videos/theater-9/mark-vincent.html

So now it's time to just attempt another search of  Gadgets to get rid of.. wait.. I still have that Doodle Loom.. now that's an ancient tool which I never mastered..Ha !  Maybe I'll keep it..it kind of has a little sentimental value..

Catch ya later

God Bless

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tis Friday the 13th.. OMG !

Ti's Friday the 13th...OMG !  Am I in store for another interesting day..?  Hey, what's another adventure..Makes for a great story to tell..and isn't that what life's about.. Stories... Good, Bad or Indifferent...well in my case..they're always different..even if  I do put a spin to them.

Today was nothing to crazy.. still haven't called Dell yet.. well, I just don't have the energy to deal with them.. You all know what that's like I mean calling Tech support is worse that driving through Philadelphia..in fact it's worse that heading into New York City..(which I'd really enjoy).

So, I'm gonna leave that on the schedule for next week.. I have to order a video card and more ram..that's not bad..it's just going into the details and how they want to tell you what you need to do...HA !  Maybe I ought to tell them..."Let me show you how to do it".... Just call me Doc Puter :)

I'm still having a little problem getting to sleep.. guess I'm so use to being busy and now I've slacked off.. that I'm bored... Yes, I'm bored..although I still have lots to get out of the rig.

Even going to get rid of "Stuff" I've had hanging around.. I've got this addiction.. I get caught up in "Infomercials".. Yes, I fall victim to making things easy.. if it looks good.. I go for it..However, if it fails.. it hangs around or I might only use it a couple of times..(WHAT) so then I get crazed and throw the crap out.. (now I'm getting somewhere) cept for one thing.. maybe a year or two later I'm lookin for it.. and what do you think I do... Yep, I re buy the crap I got rid of....OK... I need couch therapy..or maybe a bop on the noggin'.. No that might wake something else in me ...

I'm sure there must be a AA program for people like me.. it is an addiction..HA ! Maybe I'll google it and see what I can find. Or, maybe I'll start my own group.. Be a Gadget Guru Groupie...now I find my nitch.. Hey, I could even write a book on.. "How to not get caught up in Infomercials"  or "Set you free in 4 Easy Steps"... Yes, I've lost it ...it's that dang Friday the 13th.

My plans are somewhat in Jello...poor hubby. His list is growing.. I'm sure he can't wait till I head south again..peace and quiet..he can watch his Flicks, drink his colas..and just snooze on the weekend.  Life would be grand..but now the Mrs has much work for him.... I love it ..get to play.."Mrs Boss".

My Netflix came in the mail today..So that will be our weekend treat...and I'll whip up some goodies ..Chow down and just veg out and get ready for the next week to zip in and the dance begins..all the appointments are made and my jaws will be rapping.

The critters are now finding their habits back..Where to lay down and hide things.. ah the garbage even smells better.. My Abby..(the darling) ate the coffee grinds yesterday.. She felt a little caffeine might put a little spring in her asp !.. and proceeded to put the trash in her crate.. She's never been the smart one for hiding things she gets into.. I mean .. if you steal trash.. why would you leave it in your place where you sleep???  See what I mean and she wonders.. "How does she know it was me " ?... DUH !

My Joe has been doing pretty good.. no bad spells.. (which makes me feel a bit better) and he's happy to be back in his space.. eating good and just following me around.. As for Reba and Zeke..(notice I put them two together) they are like two peas in a pod.. She being a Crested and He being a Rottie..but their personalities are similar..very.. Moody and Pushy..very demanding.. and wanting all the attention.. Is it Oct yet ?

Well, it's afternoon and I've gotten a few things done.. the box I'm using is starting to fill up.. and tonight trash goes out..(maybe I better watch Abby) I'm sure hubby is gonna complain.. I can hear him.. "What in the world is in this box, friggin thing weighs a ton".... Yep, I know those words will come out with a twang...:)

Oh and tonight is.."Order Out".. gawd I love those words.. No cookin..just pluckin of the numbers on the phone..and it will be "Chinese".. just gotta love Fridays..even if it is the 13th..

Catch ya later..

God Bless

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thirsty Thursday ...Knocking on any door ?

Thirsty Thursday...Knocking on any door..?   Nope.. I is staying put !.. Had to go out last night and pick up my car.. Had it serviced and our yearly State Inspection.. Now that's another chore done..and  oh yeah, yesterday afternoon.. I received a call from the Hubby...He had some good news..(finally something good is happening )..

"Hey Zeee...you'll never believe this one..(Try ME) Foremost called my office".. oh now my ears perked up.."Yeah".. and then he says " Yes, they are sending us a check (woooo hooo ) for the towing and work done on the rig...but not paying for the part "... Wow!... I am lost for words... I mean paying almost the whole thing.. Who da thunk it ?..

The crazy part is... the part cost hardly anything but the labor and towing was a whopper.. 125 for towing and labor was 85 bucks an hour..came to  490 plus tax.. oh yeah.. they'll pay the tax too !...Now that made my night and today too...boy ya just gotta love Foremost...When they get it right !!

Maybe that's why I had a restless sleep.. I mean I tossed and turned and finally got up at 3:30am.. now ya know sometime today I'm gonna have a fall out..like perhaps after lunch..(not a bad idea Ollie).. and perhaps I'll even do a Stauffers for dinner..Oh yeah..sounding better now..:)

It's kind of gloomy out..fixin to give off some rain..like we could use it.. might even cool us down a bit..I've been working on some dish rags..and I have several nieces that put in their requests.. So I'll get a little jump on the Christmas List.. Cookies and Rags  ..Hey don't laugh.. but it works.. open that box up and it's like this..."Here's something for you to Eat, and then clean up after your mess"...HA..

Ok, my brain is kind of in a slumber..and the rest of my body is attempting to do a catch up.. Gonna do some shopping on line..( now that's a treat..comparing better deals) and perhaps maybe check out what's on Ebay...

So the rest is history ...and another Event will sure to take place.. I know in my world it always does..Tomorrow I have to call Dell....Need I say any more..?

Catch ya a little later on..

God Bless....(Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wishful Wednesday....And.........

Wishful Wednesday....And...my saga continues... I promise it should be just about finished cause I know "I was" !....So, we sit around as nothing more we can do till Monday morning..oh come on Monday.. is it here yet ?   A brain flash happens to me and I look at my hubby and say.."We're not lost yet, we have NetFlix"..HA .. Yes, I love Netflix and everything that goes along with it.. even have Roku..(a device that lets me stream from my computer to the TV ..WA...LA !..oh yeah ).. so hubby goes into the rig brings in his trusty computer and we pop in a DVD  sit back and watch a few movies..aaaaaaaah the good life is back ..even if it's just a short time..Things are looking up :)

Monday morning arrives hubby is up and ready for bear...on the phone with Foremost and I hear his jaws wrapping big time.. I get the high signal that all is well..so far..now it's my turn to access the cell phone in the car port and call up Wayne, who in town has the towing service and also does repairs on all types of rigs, cars, and what ever...

He assures me that he'll dispatch and have someone to me pronto and then I ask.."Can you make sure  my rig gets plugged in, as I'm fully loaded with Frig and Freezer.."  reply was.."Not a Problem"..(oh if I only could believe those words)..

Well I get a call from Security that Tow truck is on it's way back..Yippee !... and then along pulls up "The Cable Company"..oh my ...and with that another knock on my door.. It's Mike.. "The Sprinkler Fixer Upper"  all 3 at the same time... What do I do.. where do I go... who do I talk with first ????  all this and then my Zeke.. he's going bonkers..too much action and strange people.. Oh no, not in his house.. Well, all 3 guys back up quickly.. me I can't move.. I mean I have to hobble and hubby, where is hubby...heaven only knows.. Oh there he is... trying to decide which chore he wants to get involved with..(don't cha just love that ).. Ok, Ok, I'll take the Cable Guy,  you get the Tow truck driver, and as for the Sprinkler guy.. he knows where he's going.. hahahaha.... I hope ...

Yes, there was plenty of action and all giving their opinions.. (do I really need this) Cable guy was puzzled as nothing was working and no one understood why.. ( this is not going to be good).. Tow truck driver wants me to back up rig so he can hook up.. I politely tell him.. No brakes.. I can't move the rig.. without using my emergency brake..which I will probably burn that out.. I really didn't want to climb back in and take a chance of maybe hitting something as my luck was crappola.. I had these wild visions going on.. So he jumps in and does the trick.. and I hear screeching..Oh, boy.. this is gonna be another winner of a day..

I go out and make sure I tell him.. "Remember you have to disconnect the drive shaft before towing (like I know he should know) he replies, "no I don't.."   "Ok, if you say so, I was gonna get a new rig next year anyway.. I'll start picking out what I want cause I just know you'll have them bucks to cough up".. Guess what... he disconnected the drive shaft.. duh !!!!

Now on to Mike the Sprinkler man.. boy he's good and fast.. come by me and said.. "I'll be back, it's a simple fix...just the diaphragm went"  and like a flash he was gone and back and then things were up and running.. only $35 for parts and labor.. Holy Hannah.. he's a  wonder.. and would you believe he's only 84 yrs old.. yes, you are reading right.. You would never believe it if you met him...Amazing..and in good health ..God Bless.. he loves the outside work and just saves his bucks to go gambling  HA..

Back to the Cable Guy...brother it was wearing him thin..cause nothing he did worked..and still no service.. he had his supervisor on the line..next another truck pulls up.. oh my stars..more workers.. someone is gonna get these gadgets to work.. it took several hours and come to find out..it was in the service center.. the computer would not start my service up.. I was on Seasonal and it would not accept a new order..as it was programmed to start back up in Oct..  My sense of humor came out.. "Just put the date as Oct..and maybe it will come on..."  Now I don't know if that really did the trick..but guess what.. shortly after.. It came back on !

Ok, now my rig is being towed to the garage and an hour after we get a call .."Uh Ms, I can't plug you in, you'll have to come and unload as I have the Genni running for now.. "... Oh, happy days.. what did I just hear..oh my this is gonna be a long long day... So I turn and walk over to hubby..."Oh dear, we have to make a trip to the garage.. bring lots of cooler bags and cooler.."... he asks "Why"... HA !... Do I need to tell you the words he used when I told him the news.........Don't think so ...

So here we are at the garage unloading everything.. gawd this  is the worst yet.. all this crap back out and back into the frig and freezer in the house that we cleaned out and turned off...Lucky ME !... We get back and really have no energy left but we have to do what we have to do.. No, we are not speaking.. no words could even express what we felt..(maybe a few)..

We fall out after everything is done and then click that TV on and just melt into the couch.. Really couch potatoes..or maybe mashed couch potatoes...and the day seem to just end at that time..cept I had to feed the critters..of which we had put their room back together ..crates pads in crates ..water bowls back in and so forth and so on.. you got the picture...

Again, all that cleaning and we thought we were finished.. well we were, but not with all the housework..cause how long was it gonna be for the rig to get repaired...No, I don't even want to think..and no I don't want to cook..order out !!!! 

Evening came and went..and so did we..Nothing like having an outer body experience..Like am I home ? 2 days went by, and then I began to sweat it out..I finally asked hubby what happened with Foremost..(can you imagine I had to ask) and he explained for some reason. the computer showed us expired and new policy began..but seems their system didn't show new policy when we called for service.. Got an apology.(sure that helps..you really believe that ) and all is well..hmmm..ok, on to the next event.

Got a call from Wayne..."Rig is ready, come get her".. so here we go again.. out the door in the van ..drive over and pick her up...So good to hear that and be in her driving to the house again.. so we decide before we get to the house.. I'll go fill her up..( nice thought..but what a experience)..  I drive just down the road..construction all around me.. (love that ) and pull in the gas station..Would you believe.. NO SERVICE..none of the pumps were working..."Oh NO".. yes, you got it.. I had to attempt to pull out mist the construction and traffic that wouldn't allow me out... "Oh, don't go there...I'm not fooling..I'm comin' out like it or not "... Horns blowing .. getting the fickled finger of fate award... and then the nasty screech...oh yeah... did I care... NOT ONE BIT...in fact.. I shot the bird twice.. HA...

Had to drive down the road to another place and get filled up.. finally I'm gonna go home..(hopefully) and look out world soon.. yeah I was now feeling better..well at least my spirits were flying high.. Pull into the driveway and just shake my head.. Yell,   "Plug me in".. we go in the house have to wait for evening to do the ...You know what... Re fill the frig and freezer... AGAIN..

I did let another day go by.. as I just couldn't deal with much more..and I needed more than a quick rest.. I need to fall out..just for a day.. So I did.. and then we got everything back in the rig again and did a repeat of what we did before..cept one more thing... I had to call the cable company and be put back on SEASONAL...Now ya wanna talk evil...well.. this wonderful company was just a tad pissy..(that's being kind) with me.. and my true Italian heritage came forth... No way in this world will I ever eat crow... even to the point I had to call their corporate office and then proceed to push the last button.. I was so angry.. Never a reason for anyone to be treated like trash..No matter what.. according to business.. the customer comes first after all that's your bread and butter... but I caught the winner of EVIL..  Long story short I got 6 mos free service for when I reconnect.. if I decide to....

So, now the rest is some what a hoot.. we got on the road finally.. of course I had to cancel all my Doc appointments back home as I was not going to make any of them.. and that was not  great but hey, ya gotta do what ya can and attempt to make a joke out of it...We did laugh about a few of the things..but for the other crappola..that will take a little more time..

Oh yeah.. and the trip home..HA .. I got a short cut from someone..which I will remain unknown..cause they maybe reading this.. So if you are... listen up.. "Never give anyone this way home AGAIN  cause it was a road to a Nose Bleed"... most of it wasn't bad.. long and never ending.. but I have to tell ya... we took 295 to 64 West..HA.. You will think your climbing Mt Everest.. I mean  30mph up a hill to the sky..and then cross a High Bridge with no guard rails..oh and then it's the going down the mountain.. like 20mph.. remember new brake line.."is it going to hold"... now I was only 55ft long.. including tow... aaaaaah what a great feeling..and it seems we were never gonna end the drive.. ..but we did make it home..and I hobbled into the house..

The most I could drive was 300 miles per day..as I did 150 miles pull over rest let the critters out  drink something have lunch and then drive another 150 miles.. I was spent..and hubby well he was antsy.. You ask, "Doesn't hubby drive"..  "NOPE".. he doesn't like the length of the rig and the uneasy feeling he gets..sooooooo  "Mi casa is Mi casa"...

Now, it's play catch up and I come to sit on my computer and my Video card went..oh joy... and guess what... I h ave to call DELL.. (you know where I have to talk too) and talk with Tech and order part..HA.. I'm sure that will be another issue...if I get through the call.. I've decided to use my laptop till I get enough energy to deal with  that..

So I'm home an doing nothing..only what I have to..till next week...I'm sure I've missed a few other gems..if and when they flash in my brain.. I'll let ya all know.. maybe even put a little twist to them..cause I'll have my sense of humor back fully....HA

Thank you  dear Lord..I didn't do any damage to anyone and I made it home in one piece..

God Bless....Catch ya tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Toodles Tuesday :) My Saga continues

Toodles Tuesday :) My Saga continues... let me see..oh yes, where I left off.. I finally got home from my visit with that wonderful, kind, generous Doctor...uh hum.. and limped my way into the house and attempted to relax..as I was full of Novocaine..(great stuff) and my jaw was just a tad puffed out.. My knee looked like I had a (now) huge baseball on it.. Impressive to say the least.   

Here it was July the 23rd and hubby would be coming in on July 27th.. Oh, I'm beginning to feel the pressure of .."How will we get this all done and ready to leave " ?   Why even worry.. I mean what can I even do.. My housekeeper Diane and Bob are in NY State...(wish I was there) and the house is not packed up to load into the rig..Oh smoke that number cause it's ain't a gonna get done !

So my weekend was uneventful... how could it top what already took place..and  the pain meds, well...they did take part of the edge off...Should I stay on them till I get home..(not a bad idea)..Nope no can do..have lots of work ahead..

Limp from room to room..and yes, complain cause that's all I could do..No one around to hear my sad tale of woe...Oh, woe is me !.. Critters were wonderful.. They knew better...don't mess with that Wild women or it's curtains. !..

Come Tuesday (seems to be a famous day for me)  I head out limping and drive to the airport.. Thank goodness for cruise control..and pick up the darling hubby.. He takes one look at me (must I say I looked like a train wreck) and just shakes his head.. Now normally I have him his colas cold and a sandwich ready as he's starving from his flight.. this time.. ya got to wing it.. pick something up at the airport and I'll just pick ya up as I zoom by...

I would have let him drive back but it was more a hassle trying to get out of the car than sitting still and leave the car on cruise.. It sure was good seeing him.. I felt that safe feeling come over me.. However, we still had to get home and go and pick up the rig and bring it over to the house.. Yes, I had to drive the rig over..and best of all.. the rig wouldn't start.. Oh am I in for another treat...

So me jumps start it with the booster set up and she's ready to roll..well sort of.. it's hot as hatties and I'm like tired and knee..(you getting the picture) is talking to me.. "Hey lady.. who the hell do you think you are..I'm tired and aching...feel that ?????  well you're gonna get more of it if ya don't stop "... Yeah, my body wanted to go in "Placement Mode".. call it quits..time for another pain pill.. (maybe)

Next  thing is to park the rig and then plug in and let it cool down turn on the frig and freezer..and go in the house and start the routine.. yeah sounds good.. but I'm still limping and hubby is talking a mile a minute.. can't even tell ya what he said... seems I shut everything out.. I was on a mission.. To let nothing get to me regardless of who or what it was..( I thought)

Now the action begins.. get the house done and all that needs to go out packed...Gawd, when will these boxes stop coming.. Had to also do the dog room rugs and other throw rugs.. which we have a great system.. load everything up and go to laundromat with huge washers.. do all at one time and pack away..Always works out great and it did.  Then comes packing up the refrig.. boy that job always sucks..lots of things ya just want to chuck ..but no such luck.. pack it all throw it in we'll find some use for it.. omg the trash is huge.. where did all that come from...?????

At that time your patience starts to wear thin... you know what I mean.. the wrong word said.. and Wham,Bam, thank you Ma'am...oh yeah.. can not tell a fib.. it gets rich !...Of course you know you really don't mean it.. Wanna bet ???? HA !..Give me space...just give me space..

We're loading in the rig and frig and freezer are packed to capacity...holy hannah...where did I get all this..oh yeah I remember..buy one get one free...!  Works for me..cept when leaving.. Ya think I'll learn but NO.. can not turn down a deal... Hubby again is talking in a strange language and I thought I was the foreigner..?

Well all is done now it's clean up the mess we've made in the house.. bring out the trusty Orick..boy that  baby does the job.. and with all that dog hair too.. (oh yeah.. who ever said Rotties don't shed never owned one..but I have two so that's double trouble and means lots of vacuum cleaner bags )  That got finished and so did I.. but still had to clean up.. the frig and unplug all and turn off hot water heater and turn up AC as no one will be there why burn it.. so I set that at 80 which sounds high but house will be cool  close all the drapes..and put the furniture to rest HA.. 

House was in great shape...Diane you would be really proud of us how we put it all together..and yes, I did what you said.. (better or she will complain long time...like a broken record..omg..but she's good.. so I'll behave or else.. )..Critters were extra good..they were anxious..

Sunday morning comes.. my knee doesn't look good..but hey I'm still kickin'.. limping a little more than usual..(wonder why) and we are ready to go...oh boy can't wait for that long asp drive.. So we all load in and I go to back out so hubby can hook up the car...and all of a sudden I hit the breaks... Uh oh !   NO BRAKES.. omg.. NO BRAKES... I open the window and yell to hubby.. " I can't stop, I  have no breaks".. my foot on the break pedal went to the floor.. .. right to the floor ... uh oh...I can't believe it.. I'm exhausted and so is hubby and critters are now wondering ..."What the heck is wrong now".. They are in their crates and have been so anxious to go for this long asp ride...and we are going no where...

Here I sit...( I know there's a poem that goes to those words but for some reason I can't recall..brain freeze) and I tell hubby to plug me back in.. as we can't go no where.. Let's call for a tow truck and get this fixed..
I also had to call Security and let them know we would not be leaving at this moment and that we were broke down...and a tow truck would be coming... Lucky Me !!!! Lucky US !!!!...

We call Foremost as they are our Insurance and they tell us..."We are not covered..our policy has expired".."What".. I'm now like looking at hubby.." Did you mail in the new policy" ?  Of course he looks at me like   "What the hell are you talking about"... Here it is Sunday.. and they are saying we have no coverage..and I'm looking at my "new" card and it says.."I'm covered".. hmmm.. Now what.. hubby whips out his computer.. and goes into "Executive Mode"  logs on an opens banking and there it is.. the check has cleared weeks ago.. what's the problem with this person on the other end ???? 

"OK, now tell me this again, please." hubby asks the party on the other end... Well seems that one one policy ends a new one begins and so there, there computer shows us expired..  The person on the other ends says,  "Sorry sir, I'm just the exchange for Service, I can't do anything for you .. You'll have to call the office on Monday"... HA !   So, we know we can't go any where any way..  So we'll have to go in the house.. (empty) and bring the critters back in .. reset up the crates .. put the pads down for them and get the water bowls filled and sit and relax...but that's not to happen..cause as I went to turn on the TV.. We had none.. "NO SERVICE...and lucky Me.. the PHONE went DEAD...oh yeah .. it's getting better... NO INTERNET...Oh NO !!!!... You got it... SERVICE CUT OFF..... What day is it...?????  It's the first of August.. wait.. not to shut things off till the 2nd...HA !

Here we sit..hmmm I'm still trying to remember that poem.. but I'll get it.. but just not yet... Ok, so have to go on the cell phone.. OUTSIDE...don't work in the house.. and it's hot.. I mean hot...Got the rig plugged in and the freezer is packed and so is the frig.. everything in the house is turned off or up or down.. whatever..but it's done did... and  I start to feel that panic attack mode coming on.. "Oh Lord, not now.. Please give me the strength to pull this one off..."

Call my friend JJ.. (you remember her) and her boyfriend John.. ask who they use for towing..cause we have to get someone to get this rig worked on.. Got the number but can't call him till Monday... no big deal what's one day... but you betcha I had to call Cable company.. HELP ME...Get the Customer Service Rep after a long wait.. (felt like hours) but actually like 20 minutes... and I proceed to plea my case...and she says,  "NO PROBLEM, we'll take care of that... but however.. it didn't happen.. everything she did.. Didn't work.. no matter what.. sooooooooooo she says,  "We'll have to schedule a repair tech".. HA ! 

I asked her, "Can you do it tomorrow, first thing.  Like an emergency"  She aims to please and tells me what I want to hear.....Isn't it always that way.. I mean. .that's what they get paid for.. to make you happy with just a few fibs.. Would you really settle for the truth.. Not in the state you're in.. I'm sure if she told me..  "HA, you'll be lucky if he shows up"... Ok, ok.. so I accepted the story.. and now on to the next avenue..

So we sit hubby and I and my friends Carol and Larry ( they came over to say "Goodbyes") and we just smile and hubby says, "I'm hungry, how about I go and get us all some burgers.." ?   "Sounds good too me and everyone else ".. so off the two guys go and Carol and I just look and shake our heads and we sit back and look around... I'm sure at this point she's thinking.. "Oh, I know Zeee is ready to explode and boy look at her knee...it's the size of a "Football".. I'm not gonna say a word ".....

As we sit at the table and chow down.. hubby says to me  "Zeee, why do you have the sprinklers on"..?  I looked at him a little strange.. "What are you talking about ".. Oh, Larry chimes in and says.."yeah they came on as we drove in the driveway..."... I get up and look and sure enough the row of sprinklers are on .. and they are flowing..  I asked how long have they been on ??????   I mean it's like been 3 hours now.. HOLY CRAPPOLA... I get up and hobble to the door to go to the garage.. They're set to come on at 4:30 am  on Thursday and Sunday.. yes, it's  Sunday but not AM... it's PM.. omg what now...

I'm in the garage with everyone now... No one really knows what in the world they are doing.. I move the system to off.. and the dang sprinklers are still spraying water.. I mean a flow like the falls..  "It's still spraying,"...hubby says... so I then tell him it can't be..cause I shut if off... Larry says, "pull the batteries out"  well I did and it still is flowing.. now I ask ya.. "How can the water still be coming out when there is no power supply.. ???? DUH... HELP... 

Both men takes turns neither one knew what they were doing.. All had suggestions but nothing.. and I do mean nothing is working..but the sprinklers are still flowing...ahhhhhhhhh for a wet ending.. Oh Yeah..  I then say to hubby..."Call Clancy".. my yard man.. He'll know,  I hope.. ".. and hubby calls Clancy and like a flash he appears.. Clancy comes in the garage looks at the controls.. and then goes out front to the yard and there is a valve there he shuts off.. and yep.. it shut down the sprinklers.. Now I have several zones.. like 8 so I have not a clue to what is what or who is who.. Then Clancy and hubby go to the back of the yard and there is a box there that has another set of valves.. (the good lord is watching over us) and they discover that the diaphragm is blown.. so they shut that off there.. and Clancy says,  "I'll give you Mike's number to call .. he'll fix it for you.. "...

Yes, the evening was interesting and a rush of excitement seems to just flow..just like the water.. I'm hyped .. nothing anyone says or does is gonna help... time for pain pill I'm sure... and time to just hide from the world..no TV no Internet...cepting hubby's system .. which I'd have to sit in the car port..as the service won't work in the house... (does it get any better )  just you wait and see...

Time for a break... I'm getting tired..fingers are gasping and brain is rushing to remember the events..but as I type I seem to be drawing the pictures in my brain..

Catch ya a little later on.. maybe tomorrow... I need to put my feet up.. remember I still have that knee aching..

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's late Monday. Will I ever get caught up ?

It's late Monday. Will I ever get caught up ?   Sure, just give me enough time to refresh my gray matter.I warn you...you better be prepared for all that happened..and to think, it was happening to me.

When I last left off the cable company was calling me back ...and I was having a little difficulty as I lost the dang filling in my tooth.. waiting on a dentist appointment ...and the rest of the story will continue..

Cable company, now that's a joke..no matter what you want to believe...they are all the same..when it comes down to the nitty gritty....I thought perhaps I was maybe gonna be cut a break.. I mean everyone deserves one once in awhile..HA !

Ok, I'll get on with the NON SENSE.... Cable company calls me back and tells me they are putting me on Seasonal..(now I'm smiling) and then will refresh my service on my return..which is normally in Oct..You know the "Snowbird Theory"..head south  in the winter months..go home the middle of June..Yeah sounds good...So now I'm a happy camper.. everything is gonna be ok...and I'm heading into see the dentist for an Xray and then I'm gonna be fixed...

Do you really believe that line...well, I thought I would be.. I mean if ya told me this was just the start of another great Adventure I would have said.."No way"... Well, I get in my car drive to the dentist and have an Xray taken...I'm thinking this isn't going to be bad at all..(famous last words). Then comes the bare facts..

Ms... I'm gonna have to get an approval from you Doctor as you have to be taken off your meds..before I can schedule  you in..says the darling nurse... Oh, no problem I'm thinking.. "Not a problem"  I reply.. and I'm happy.. this is gonna be over in 5 days (that's how long I have to be off meds).. so I leave and I make a quick stop by the Docs office to let them know the Dentist is faxing over.  The receptionist says, "No problem"...and I drive home..

Next day my tooth is really getting to me and I call the Dentist...No word from the Doc on when I can stop meds...and the nurse says,  "I sure hope they respond soon or I'm gonna have to schedule you in 2 weeks we are booked solid..."What"... oh no, I'll not last.. ( as my tooth is getting now more painful and the drops and the Jack Daniels are not working)..  So I call the Doc office and ask "What's holding things up".. get another stand off... "Doc is really busy, I put the fax on his desk"....

Another day goes by and no word... I'm getting very worried.. so I call again and ask to speak to Doc.. can't get through but they'll give me to his nurse.. but she's busy she'll call me back... hmmmm.. I call the Dentist office and they tell me they'll send another fax.. with IMPORTANT....STAT...

3rd day goes by, I'm crawling the walls.. and then I do a dumb thing... in my dog patio I have what they call a rice matt.. you've seen them .. they're used in front of motor home steps..pretty designs and they are coated like with plastic material... however, after being washed with bleach and chemicals and hot sun.. they start to break down and separate.. Yep, my foot got caught in the threads and bam, I did the deed... I twisted my foot and wrenched my leg..which torn my knee..(of course the one that has to be operated on )..so now I'm limping and now have aching jaw, ear and head... Got the picture..

I go inside to call the Doc office and again another surprise..NO PHONE.. what .. ???? NO PHONE... oh this is good now what's going on... I go and look for my cell phone..and of course it doesn't work in the house have to sit outside in the heat...(getting the picture)  I call the cable company.. (phone, internet and cable all with same company)  and I get the customer service rep..(after 20 minutes waiting) and she proceeds to tell me that my service has been put on SEASONAL....

Those words seem to spark a recent call.. I mean the Cable company and I had these words to put my service on SEASONAL...but August 2nd....Not TODAY (which was like July 15th)..OMG... Am I dreaming...NOT.. so after a long conversation she explains it will take a bit and she'll resume all my service and then tells me I'll have to call again and replace it back on when I'm ready..

Now back to the Doc I go and call the office... pleading with the receptionist.. PLEASE if you have any feelings for humanity...get me that nurse or doctor I need to get this tooth taken care of..and I'm in pain..nothing is working ....... about  2 hours later my phone is up and running.. and I got a message from the Nurse... Doctor will not sign a release you need a STRESS TEST ...first !  

Holy Crappola.. is this for real... I mean a STRESS TEST.. what the heck have I been going through and WHY ???? OMG... I call the Dentist and explain to Him.. ( He even talked to me on the phone )... and I told him I'd be willing to sign anything .... HELP... Of course he explained why... I can't blame him people sue for anything.. but  WHY ME.... I couldn't think my brain was wrapping with the pounding of my tooth jaw and ear and now my friggin leg...does it get any better.. oooooooooooh just you wait...

I felt abandoned.. I mean who was there to help me.. I called my hubby.. (see there is some good to this story)  and I bent his ear.. and I know he felt bad he wasn't with me... then he says..(smart man).."Call the Doc here"... Why didn't I think of it.. I mean.. sure.. so I did.. and  just like that.. the nurse on the other end says..."Not a Problem."  oh please those words... she would tell my Doc and he would fax for me.. and then hangs up..

I called back the Dentist told them of this Doc.. He's my Doctor back home... he'll fax for me a release.. Nurse says.. good thing cause tomorrow is the last day !.. OMG.. panic mode almost ready to set in... I ask the Nurse what time are you in the office in the morning.. she says.. "I get here at 7am to do some work.. "  Okie dokie I'll be talkin with you...

I called my Doc office next morning at 7:30am as the fax had not come in yet.. and I was about ready to burst...Nurse gets on and says."Doc is sending now..hang tight.".. ..Good thing cause I stopped my meds that morning.. I just knew he'd come through for me... So the next thing I had to do was wait 5 days and I was in that chair..ready willin and able...

This Dentist is a GEM.. I mean he even gives great needles.. never felt a thing and within an hour it was over..had a few bad moments.. like my blood press was 220 /110..wonder why.. I was in misery for days so after the injections within 20 minutes blood pressure was dropping.. After it was done I felt great cept I was limping...and that was getting worse as my knee grew the size of a baseball.. joy to the world.. so I hobbled out and in the car.. and guess what..

I drove to the Doc's office, the one that wouldn't sign the release.. talk about crazy.. I hobble in the office and only a few people were there.. I go up to the window my mouth filled with cotton as I'm trying to speak and make these wonderful statements of how they were cruel ..in sensitive and I proceed to try and talk ..next thing I realize the Doc is looking at me on the other side of the window ... as I spat out the bloody wad of cotton.. OMG.. I can't believe I did it.. but I did... right on the floor... and tell him he's an ASS WIPE.. I mean the lowest of low.. How could he let me suffer.. and then I realize he's just staring at me.. Probably thought I was some kind of nut job.. which I probably was.. It sure felt good...!

Ok, I'm now heading home.. for the rest of this sage.... and I promise ya .. it gets even better...

Catch ya tomorrow.. I'm just exhausted thinking about it again  HA !

God Bless...