Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Little Fibbing on Saturday LOL

A Little Fibbing on Saturday LOL came in handy...well it did !.... I tossed and turned all night long and woke up thinking how was I gonna get out of going to that Brunch on Sunday with the fighting duo...OMG !

Morning came to too early for me.. I mean I had such a crappy night sleep I woke up at 2:30am and then tried to go back to sleep and then got up at 3:30am and came into the living room ...found my spot on the couch again and watched American Idol the last two days worth I had recorded it..

I kept thinking about Sunday Brunch and it just wasn't setting right with me.. One thing about me..(take notes) I can fudge my feelings and if things aren't right in my mind I have to straighten it out...sometimes it calls for some tack...even though sometimes I don't get it exactly right LOL..Hey that's the truth as far as I can remember :)

So when Jane called me to meet for our early dinner tonight I made up a she has been begging me and even me telling her the truth didn't stop her from constantly pestering about my fib came into place and it went over..I just simply stated I was having company...Now that could happen and I could consider my critters company couldn't I ?????

Anyway I had a really enjoyable early dinner with Jane and we always chat about things we did years ago when we were at the dog shows..and all the people we knew and all the new products out there...

By the way that's how I actually got to know Jane. Was through the dog shows and she was just starting her business (dog show vendor) and I was selling my products that I manufactured ...and eventually Jane took on some of my products..She had known of me from some of her friends that I showed dogs with also...That was kind of a long story told short..hahaha..but that was almost 30 years ago...Time sure does fly.

So getting back to our early dinner, we went back to Perkins and had a huge salad with honey mustard fried chicken and glory be it was big and had bacon and cheese and all kind of greens was excellent along with the hot bacon dressing and honey mustard combo..but that wasn't too bad till we did do dessert OMG.. Lemon Meringue Pie...oops hope that spelled right LOL..but we left that place full..hahaha...and did have a good time..

One thing though, I did feel bad that I had to fib...but I knew in my heart that if I went to brunch with them would turn out awful if not in there but as soon as she would get in my car and go with me to Walmart..that man would freak out and I'd hear about it for ages when she would leave on Monday for the next dog show...OH NO I wasn't gonna go through that crap ...

Ok, Ok...this is what we Catholics call a White Lie...hahaha...they do and come in handy every once in awhile...sure hope my nose don't grow..hahaha

Most of the day was really good and tonight we had the big bang of a thunder storm with a nasty nasty lightening...and I'm not great about that..but the rain came down so hard..and I mean these double wides with them tin roofs boy that sounds like a heavy metal band ..

It's time and I'm tired and tomorrow I'll try to be good and pray that all goes well...and for those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All !

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