Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday early post

Monday early sure is for me...but I'm working on waiting ....hahaha..yep, on a load of as I sit and ponder I thought I'd write a few notes....:)

Already goodness the weeks are flying by...and soon I'll be heading back north...sure gonna miss all my critters..I mean my yard is busy all the time..and it's neat to sit and watch the action taking place...

Some I really can't believe I'm seeing and others..well, I don't wanna even go there...but I did get a visit this morning from the Lonesome Sand Crane... the one I think his mate got injured..He walks through and stops and looks at me..and like usual..I walk over and say "Hey what's happening" and then throw down some seed...He takes a look at me..(like what the heck is it this time) and starts and walk away..."Hey, no tip"...I say to him...hahaha.

My darling Squirrels are at it again...eating my Hibiscus flowers..what is with these "attack squirrels"...they are like piranhas...they eat everything in site..and then climb my trellis and look in at me ...baiting me to come out and feed them...One of these days those buggers are gonna get theirs...Where's my Hawk ?????

Tonight is the Voice, the semi finals and I sure hope that Juliet Simms makes it through...Oh ! I saw that Elise from American Idol on a show this morning...she sang and boy was she good...guess the "kids" didn't like her style...I sure did .

I've got to start writing my list up on what's going back home with me..and start cleaning out my pantry and slowly emptying out the freezer...Sure miss our 2 Xs a week trash...gonna keep at it..cause it's really a nuisance having all this trash building up...

Ms Reba is doing much, much better and she sure is getting her appetite back..and making sure I notice...even last night when we all went to bed she snuggled right up to me ..on her pillow...and just snored in my ear...charming but I have to say, "The tune put me to sleep"...hahaha..

Well, my timer went off, time to unload the washer and into the dryer...Life as a Domestic kind of Sucks ...I mean I could definitely enjoy just sitting back and watching nature...LOL  no wonder why I loved being on the road..park the rig any where and just look out and watch the beauty...some day I've got to get back to hitting the "Open Road"..even if it's just a week or two...

So my plan is to down size my rig in the near future ..which will make it much easier for me to just take off for a week or two....

My dear friends that are out their traveling..Safe Journey to you all and always....God Bless....

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Pot of Gravy made on Sunday :)

A Pot of Gravy made on Sunday :) Keeping in the tradition of my heritage I couldn't help myself...I could hear the mandolins playing...and out came the 6lb 7oz can of Italian Peeled Plum Tomatoes...

These are special tomatoes that come near the region from which my people came from...and it's been a staple in our house that on Sunday was "Gravy" (sauce) day..and so I followed Mamma's directions..even with the White Porcelain pot and wooden spoon...'O Sole Mio, yes I was humming that tune as I stirred the gravy..and boy was it good !!!

Morning was very calm and Ms Reba is almost up to full speed, thank goodness...I was surprised she was up early too...seems she comes out hungry...and demanding her little treat...that's fine with me and with the other Critters as well...They get their pills in a pill pocket which taste mighty fine according to Ms Reba....hahaha..

Haven't seen that Rose Breasted Grosbeak, but I'm watching every chance I get...the view is neat in the morning as all the birds come to the feeder..yep, they have a system and seem to be watching when those Doves move out...boy they can sit a I just open the door and the sound sends them in flight...they make a big circle and come back but gives the little ones...Chic a dees a chance to get a few goodies..

The day was really nice and I took it in...mainly just making up my list for all that has to get done and making sure I wrote up all my appointments for the coming week..

Abby has a vet appointment on the 1st of May which is Tuesday for her blood work ..checking her liver as the meds she has to take for her hips is pretty rough..but sure helps her get around.. Zeke won't get his EKG till we get back in Pa ..I have to call the hospital and make that appointment so I'll do that first thing tomorrow morning.

Not too much on tonight other than Celebrity Apprentice..not sure if I can watch it gets a little nasty for my liking...might have to see what I can stream through Netflix...or check my Hallmark those are always neat...

I watched QVC today and I was good !!!  I did not order anything although I had itchy fingers but I'm gonna start getting my "stuff" ready for heading home with will be the end of June..and it takes me that long to get things together...will also have to go over to the motor home and start her up ..let her run a bit...

I'm having made up a picture of my sister Alice with the blanket I made for her...gonna put that on my dresser...from time to time I keep thinking of her and how her life had such a horrible turn...but out of something sad has come something wonderful.. My niece Theresa and I have been getting closer...I know my sister would be very happy about that...and maybe slowly the other nieces will grow up and stop the bitter feuding and all get that might take a miracle..but ya just never know..

I'm slowly getting rid of this heavy feeling that's been gnawing at much has happened to me since I came down to Florida last's been one thing after another....closing one door and opening another...just like those pages that keep turning...

Safe journey to those that are traveling and as always...God Bless

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Calming Saturday

A Calming Saturday...isn't it always after the storm..but for me it was more a "Chill out " kind of day.. Ms Reba is coming along much better and getting more and more like herself...and that for me was a "take the edge out of my life" ...yeah these Critters can sure turn me Topsy turfy.. boy that's an old saying :)

Got up before the crack of dawn and just meandered into the kitchen..Ms Abby has been laying on the kitchen floor just between the hall way..and she knows when I come stumbling through not to fact all my big ones know that routine..

Put my coffee pot on and unloaded the dishwasher the meds ready for the crew and me, of course..we're a family that has our meds all together..nothing like harmony...

Then came daylight and Ms Reba came into the kitchen just a complaining..guess she had a good dream about dinner..cause she was hungry...and of course once the bugle has sounded the team joins in...Isn't it wonderful being my neighbor  LOL..Nah, it's just shear music to all that can tune in..but my thoughts would be..."I'm glad I don't live in that house " ! 

Last night I watched the Under Cover Boss and it was a hometown number too.. I mean the Philly Pretzel..and they are the best !! left me with tears..boy how those people really worked hard and struggled..and yes, that "Boss" had a heart..which I've always felt what makes those small companies survive is treating the people that work for you "Like people".. it was always my motto when I started my company..coming from a major fortune 500 company ..and being just a number that MUST produce or you're history.. and there was always that..."Be on your toes as someone was always after your job"...yikes how did I ever stand it for over 22 years...but sure did teach me a lot...for that I've forever grateful.

Another opener...I wrote about the bird I saw on a Nature I figured my vast knowledge on birds was getting me no where but my curiosity was driving me I put it to words.. Yes, I got my answer and plenty too..How nice to know that being a stranger in this topic I was not ignored...and I didn't have to plead either...everyone was so willing to share their knowledge..(something wonderful about the Internet) so I'll get to the chase....

This gorgeous bird is known as a Rose Breasted Grosbeak  and it was a young it was also a First Spring Male..which is a little different in markings..for the head was that Chocolate Brown instead of Black.. I had to go look it up.. but someone did post a picture but it was of the older male..and I was also informed that I was really lucky to get a glimpse of him...I'll say... he was magnificent in color alert and the size of a Cardinal....

Yes, I'm enjoying these birds and how my feeder is bringing in some interesting sites..and how some will get along and others (like the Doves) tend to wana dominate the territory...that's when I open the door and they all fly away....and I still believe (talking with some bird people) that my Big Red comes to my window to let me know ..."The feeder is bare"...LOL  in other words he's saying.."Hey, old lady we're hungry, get them fiddles going"..hahaha...

Not too much planned for the evening..watched a movie (Hallmark) and I always like those..very simple movies with happy endings...Don't we wish it was the same in the "Real World"...

My pages are turning and I'm getting another day ready..Planning ahead for Sunday's the Kitchen with David...hahaha..he's a trip to watch and ya know there's always rooms for another gadget...!

Safe travels to all and always...God's Blessing too !

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Fundamental Friday

A Fundamental Friday....Up in the morning (I hear the taps) and it was still dark out the Rice Cooker (yes, I was in the rice fields) and did up the veggies...while that was a cookin' I grabbed one of the big bags (40lbs) of Critter dry food and mixed that with the other kind of dry food..(oy, why does life have to be confusing) and then onto the next level....

Grabbed the big box of Dawg Cookies (Charcoal,Peppermint..nothing but the best ) and opened that up and put them in the bins...again I'm telling ya, "I'm coming back as plastic" onto another stage in this Fundamental Friday....

Break up the Beggin' Strips (why you ask??? cause they swallow hole) and break them up in tiny bits so everyone can eat without chocking....HOLY HANNAH, is it daylight yet ?????

I hear the whistle on the Rice cooker it's done and have to stop what I'm doing and move back to the rice...Mix the hot rice with all the veggies that have steam cooked..then put them in containers and move to the side to let them cool down and then put in freezer....Wait...I hear another whistle..the chicken is cooked...let that cool and then shred for later...OY< OY< OY< !!!!

Critters need to go out and Ms Reba is coming down the hallway..Ok, stop what I'm doing and let everyone out...that's finished now I need to go out and water plants and fill the bird feeder and clean off the Humming bird feeder....back in the house

Critters are hungry and I've got to move onto the next project ...Why?  Cause I'm going to a meeting at 3pm today and I'll be too tired by evening..and I'm one of those Wacky owners that feel all that's packed in cans cause more problems then they are worth...but hey, this also give me cardio work blood pressure rises as I speak in my native language :) 

Now I can tell my Doc how I do my exercise...and then rest the next couple of days...SURE I DO (NOT) ...but it's all done and I've got a break for the next few weeks...

Ms Reba ate her breakfast and was looking for more..."Good Sign" and that neat looking bird came back again..but I looked at that Flicker and it's not a Flicker...see I need to catch that bird on camera....When Bob and Diane told me what it was from my description...I should have looked it up...but didn't till later on....darn, darn, darn...but it's absolutely beautiful...

Gonna load my crock pot up with pork as I sure got a hankering for pulled pork and while I'm listening to people making noise my dinner will be cooking...not bad if I don't say so myself...

Tonight nothing I wanna see so I'll do a NetFlix and then also check what I've recorded....make life simple is my only I should follow it...hahaha

Have a Safe Travel and God Bless...I'm brain tired as I write..

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Winning Thursday

A Winning Thursday in more ways that one :)...This was the Doctor Visit Day..the DVD..and boy was it a gooder..(Pa Dutch expression).

MOrning I was in a mad rush..Trash Day..(ugh) and then get Critters done, Flowers watered, Birds Fed and Me..(always last)...and all before I had to leave for the Doctor Visit..oh and make sure I bring my meds..(that's something they do here with some of the doctors...pain in the butt) and also bring a list of the meds I needed to get refilled...(remember CVS messed my meds up).

Well, Ms Reba was in fine tune too !!!!...She came out of the bedroom complaining she was hungry...OK, I'm ready to feed all..and she even raced into the I knew things were looking a lot better...

Even saw (found out what this beautiful bird was ) a Flicker (type of Woodpecker)..He had a cream color chest with a bright orange triangle underneath his neck..sort of like he was dressed...had a dark brown head and looked like yellow bill (beak) the wings were sort of brownish with white stripes and I think his back was kind of speckled not sure on that as he flew strangely...leaving the feeder...Well this morning he was back..sure hope he comes back...these passing through birds are amazing...

So after I got my chores done I went to the my check up and he gave me my report to head back home with.. my A1C was 5.8 (wonderful) and my cholesterol was 154, my tri's were under 100 and my LDL was 73...Holy Cow !!  oh, and I lost 6 lbs..don't know where but it's not with me...

I told the Doc, " it's from watching Biggest Loser..hahaha..I work it off watching...any way he was tickled pink and had a big grin...asked me what I've been eating....Now here's where he looked surprised.."Doc." I said..."I'm eating my pasta and bread made with good tomatoes from my family's village and just keeping things in moderation...and in fact tonight I'm a gonna have a steak "...He laughed...cause I was talking in Italian to him..

His mother went to the same High School as I and he thinks we graduated the same ain't that a small world...Yep, he's a New Yorker and Italian as well...and he and I do have our spats..every now and then...I tell him, "That's to keep him on his toes"..!!

Ms Reba tonight ate a big dinner..(well bigger than she has been) and ate every bit of it...Thank you, Lord.  I sure was worried as being her age and just losing Joe...I get knees knocking.

Watched American Idol and I have to say," Those judges (not happy with them) do show their favorites...Now Josh did one song pretty good..but I don't think every time he sings a standing ovation is needed...Hope the people watching check that one out..

Tonight will be American Idol to see who gets voted off...Sure hope it's not Elise...but she's been in the bottom 3 often...and poor Holly..I like her too...but who knows...

I'm gonna try and get to bed early but I still have to give meds at 10pm...but at least I'll be ready for Lights out !

So that's my kind of day today...Oh, and I did stop at could I not...I pass it on the way home..(well, kinda sorta)...and picked up a few things goodies..I'm being really good...well a little bit a good...I have my Nutella and Nilla wafers...make good sandwich cookies...LOL..

Safe travels all and as always...God Bless

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Worthy Wednesday

A Worthy Wednesday...can ya tell I'm smiling ?  My day started off wee hours again but that's ok..guess I'm just becoming one of those "Take a nap later" ..However, Ms Reba is showing improvement and complaining..

She got up around 7:30pm, slept through the night (still no potty) and came out just complaining ...she was I let everyone out, gave meds and the feast began.. Mixed her a good size helping up of her strange concoction ..What can I say, "it's what she eats without pleading "...and then I had to make a dash in town to pick up Zeke's med. Enalapril 10mgs as I was just about empty ..seems they had not filled this to keep tabs all the time on these pharmacies.  So that's another thing I have to do is recheck the bags when I pick them up...

Come back and I was happy to see Ms Reba is some what back to a "normal" stage..(you get the idea)...and for most the day she was bouncing around..Which is ok with me..glad to see her active..

I stopped by Diane and Bob's to pick up my Vacuum Cleaner as it wasn't working right...(remember hubby did a helping hand for me) any way what he sprinkled on the carpet..well it made everything stick inside and packed to the gill it this Bissell has 3 filters in it...and all were packed and just nasty...

Diane was even surprised herself as none of us ever knew they were there and get this..ya have to every once in a while wash the filters..(this isn't staying long in my house ) so I headed back with a "new" cleaned vac...!

Tonight's dinner for Ms Reba was a gooder too..she ate every bit and come out looking for more..but I didn't over stuff her...So right now as things are..She's doing pretty good..let's hope all the rest comes together..

Today was chilly in the morning...dang it..I was wrapped like a Mummy..but later in the day it did warm up..Now tonight I'll watch American Idol and record Survivor...and then get ready for my Doc visit in the morning...

Thank you all for those prayers they sure help and Dear Lord I know you are right there cause you keep pushing me to  "Take each day as it comes, regardless of the outcome"...

I know that sounds strange but my inner voice really hits my soul and I just have to stop drifting and paying attention..Keep calm and trust in him .!

I'm off to fix a plate of pasta...I need the surge...God Bless

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday seems not too bad :)

Tuesday seems not too bad :)...thank you Lord !...Last night Ms Reba curled in her spot and only got up once and we made it too the "Pad"...after that she slept all through the night...(not Momma). My eyes were at half mask and I waited to see if she would get up..Yeah, I watched a movie..but the strange thing is....I can't remember what it was about... Uh Oh !!!!

This morning was a bit about 45 (what my temp gauge said) and the big ones (Abby and Zeke) were loving every bit of it..They were ready to make a dash to the patio (dog area) and me, well I grabbed my hooded jacket and zipped up and out we went..Ms Reba was still sleeping..but I wouldn't have let her out any way.

Then we all curled up on the couch as I had my pot of coffee being made..come on coffee...I hear you perking ..aaahhh...Love the sound of those bloop, bloop, bloop ..then comes the aroma...take me away...good to the last drop :)

Ms Reba wandered out at 7:30am wagging her tail..(good sign) and of course it was diaper change..Ya know she really enjoys those panties..I mean she just shows them off..and of course she immediately did her barking..telling me to get off my arse and fix her something...Now that truly is a good sign..of course she hasn't had the attack of the "D's" yet...but I will still give her meds ...

8am I let Zeke and Abby out and of course wouldn't ya just know it..Ms Reba comes running out the door...Ok, Ms Reba calm down and just yakking at brain is tired.. so out she went..and ran around the patio..making noise...Just what Abby and Zeke wanted to hear or even put up with...Ms Reba was hungry and doesn't want to miss a trick.

Back in and feed my brain is saying, "What should I try and feed"..well I did the usual for the other two and for Ms was some ground meat with rice, some shredded chicken and yep, the mixture of dry food with that dang cookie...and she gobbled it up...cause she checked it out first to see if it was all there....She knows..she's got me trained well...she ate almost all ..and I was a happy camper...

Now as I sat back to have my coffee..(notice I'm last) she wanted what I was having...No, I didn't give her coffee..hahaha...but I did give her a little more dry food with cookie mixture and she ate that all up...Ok, so she's doing a little I'm not saying "She's cured"..nope day aint over but I'm gonna go lay down after I vacuum ...

I'll get my blankie and lay on the couch watch a movie..I might remember and then give Ms Reba her meds...already gave her a teaspoon of NutraCal...and she's not happy with me...her lips stick together...LOL might keep her quiet..

She didn't get the name "mouth of the South" for nuttin'...and she lives up to it by golly... So I'm gonna park my blog on the side and catch up a little later on....if I can remember that too...LOL

Day looks a lot brighter and the mind is slowly coming to rest...and as the story goes ...the page turns once again..

God Bless

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday, Monday, Monday !

Monday, Monday, Monday !  Going no where but heading some place.....My day begun actually from last Ms Reba had such a bout with the dreadful "Ds"...and I mean I'm spent..not on sales either ..but more like down on my luck/knees...oy !!!

I had got a call last night from my friend John (of the fighting J & J team) and he asked how Ms Reba was..when I told him he said, "hang on and I'll call you back" thing I heard the phone ring and it was John telling me to meet him up at the front gate and he was bringing me some meds for Ms Reba...FANTASTIC...cause my cubbard was barren.

So I hopped in my car at 9:30pm and drove up to the gate...and got meds for Ms Reba..came back and popped her a half tab of stop the dreadful D's...and I have to say..."it some what worked a bit"..however the next morning....Well another story but there is some light to the dark shadows.

Morning came and I'm still awake..Yes, I've been up and down in and out most of the night and now I'm cleaning the area and get an early morning call from the other partner of J &J fighting team...Jane is going to stop by the Vet's office and pick me up some liquid SMZTMP..

Sure enough around 10am I gave Ms Reba 3 cc's of this "Stuff"..and also popped in some that always helps with the off balance of the electrolytes..

She is eating small amounts of what ever she likes..but even another surprise..Vanilla Wafers..yes, you're reading right..I was having one with my coffee and Ms Reba was barking at me..(giving me orders) she wanted it..I gave her a small piece and she gobbled it again my brain storm came upon me..and yep, I grated it like powder and also her dry food and mixed together and YEPPERS>.she ate the whole thing..

Notice it's what ever it takes to get her back on track..still no temp and no longer upset it's getting rid of the two step as we call it...and I'll give this med a try ..

Most of the day she hasn't had any problem so far so good..and is eating weird food but again..What ever it takes...I was suppose to attend a B. O. D meeting today but with Reba not on track I wasn't going any where.

I did call the Vet's office to get an appointment and they are booked solid..if I want I can come in early and sit and wait and see if there is a way to squeeze us in...that I'm not too keen she's doing ok ..and if someone comes in with a real sick pup...we is in big I'll see how the next two days go.

Of course we are now having a temp drop..down to Ms Reba will not be going out..I'll set up her pen inside ..good things she's a small one..and of course I get the jitters..hate these things..but her pep is good and she's not showing any other play this one out a bit.

She's drinking water and eating small amounts several times a day.. You sometimes have to play Doc/ long as all the other signs are good..and remembering her age is another key factor...only Mom here is ready for the rubber room...

Gave everyone their night meds and mine included..I sure hope we all get a good night sleep...we all (me especially) need it...and keep that positive vibe going strong...

I can't tell you about most the day cause I don't think I even saw it..I mean my head was just filled with..."What if's "  ..No matter how many years I've shown, breed dogs and horses..I'm still never second guessing..and I keep track of everything.. I write it down so I don't go..."Did she or didn't she"..."What did she eat and how much".. I know it sounds goofy..but ya know when you're asked's kind of good to know how things happened..and what improvement was shown...just a little tip I learned the hard way.

Now I'm in need of sleep...and I see Ms Reba is in her spot..hopefully for the night...Zeke is already down for the count and Ms Abby is in her Donut bed...I'll listen to the news and then say my prayers and thank the Good Lord I made it through another day...

Safe Journey to all traveling and above all...God Bless

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday morning MAdness !!!!

Sunday morning MAdness !!!...Oh it really was and I ain't a whistling "Dixie" fact I have not been to sleep yet...but I'm working my way back soon...

The storm kept me up and boy did the rain fall hard and with the TV going and letting me know minute by minute how bad it brain was working on ..."how and where do I go with my 3 Critters..."...yeah that's how  well I was thinking...

I know we needed the rain but didn't need all that hype along with it...then I had these visions going on in my head of this big twister coming down the road...I'm tellin' ya my brain was floating in fear...Seeing the disasters that happens and having been very close to a couple that have touched down does your heart in...Yes, my knees were knocking and any one that has been around them understand that..

So as my night became the next day I sort of drifted for a bit..(not completely out but more like in suspended animation ) I heard Ms Reba barking at the side of the bed..UH OH...where was she and where am I..?????  I leaned over and picked her up . I noticed Ms Abby was along the side of the bed as well..and normally she's in her Donut Bed...Ah HUH...let me check it out......

WOW!!!! WOW!!!!...The living room floor looks not good ...Why?  well seems that Ms Reba had a case of the "Ds" and Ms Abby decided she's eat a training pad ...Joy to the world and what a mess to clean and scub at 3:30am this morning I was shampooing my rug and speaking in "Tongue"...of course I'm going straight to "HELL"...what can I say...My fault can't blame the Critters although I have to tell the TRUTH....I'd love to have had Ms Abby with a Training Pad wrapped around her head instead of her jaws...GAWD what is with her (Abby) lately...??????

So that was my Morning MAdness !!! and my day isn't over yet...I'm really hoping to sleep this one out and wake up and say, "It was all a bad dream"...but now I worry that Ms Abby might have a problem..I mean a TRAINING PAD  23 x 24 wrapped in plastic...YUCKO...only my world..:(

Good news..(thought I'd at least put a little sunshine on this one) Ms Reba did eat breakfast...and her lunch ..Ms Abby was still burping...OMG...might have to use a plunger on her ....rolling my eyes and still wondering why ????

Glad to see the Sun out and my plants are looking pretty good..gonna have to take that dang picture...wait till you see my Geraniums...I am very proud of how they are doing...and the roses..looking pretty too..

Tonight if I have my thoughts together I might watch a movie..not sure I might even sleep through it..but one thing..I feel a need to rest my weary bones should have said.."Brain"...hahaha

God Bless

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Awaiting the Storm on Saturday

Awaiting the Storm on of this moment the storm is just about ready to spray us...hopefully that's all it will be...looking on the radar..OUCH !!!

This morning was a bit of a drag..Ms Reba had a few bouts of the "D's"..but I expect it cause of what she will eat...and let me tell ya it gets nerve wrecking.. She'll eat something..(a small morsel) and then next turn her nose up later on...YIKES..but I don't give up..I try something else..

It's like going to the pantry and saying to yourself.."What will she eat "?  One thing she is eating are those Pill I got a brain storm..(doesn't always happen that simple) and decided "What if"..(love those words) I stuffed them with her dry food...(getting the hammer out and smashing little pellets)..and so I did..I stuffed with her powdered food..

Uh oh I hear the rain..just in case I lose my signal here..I've got the battery in the laptop charging...cause I know I'll lose my Satellite for certain.. back to my story...

Well Ms Reba did eat that without the turn up nose deal..and later on I cooked up a burger..(for myself) which by the way she was begging I cut off a little piece and made it ever so small crumbles..and she went for that...HEY>>>so far so good..but again I'm only giving her small amounts...and good thing I got my supply of Pill Pockets in..they are pretty neat stuff to give pills in..and I do give a lot of meds I now use them also for enhancers for Ms Reba. ... So another better day for her and that's all that matters....

Rain is coming down hard..I sure hope and pray no other nasty stuff as they kept saying at 4:30am we could have possible "Tornado's"... Lord I pray not cause seeing all the damages over the past few months..I just think how awful and pray no one gets hurt... Still have to get that tornado room added...and I'm still trying to figure a way too... We might have to add a room to this house in order to have it put in...We'll see...but I feel my knees knocking ...Yes, I don't mess with MOther NAture !!!

We so badly need this rain...the lawns look bad..I know mine does..might as well put a beach chair out and pretend I'm at the shore LOL...or better yet get a can of paint spray and make it all green...hahaha..

I'm still at it with those dish rags and today I know I'll go into heavy work load with a storm at my door...and have the weather radio on HIGH ...I bet my hands will move those knitting needles like a machine..every flash or bang I hear they'll be tapping of the row...LOL

Best finish off and I'll have the laptop on as long as I have signal...I know my phone system here ..Digital..well I'm not a happy camper with it...but have cell phone on too...yeah can ya tell I'm just a little edgy...

Safe travels all and God Bless..

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday, a better day

Friday, a better day for Ms Reba...Seems today has been a turn around day for Ms Reba..She's still only having a tablespoon of food each feeding and so far only one little upset..not bad but only one for the day...That to me was a sigh of relief. She is weak from having the upset and not being able to eat much.. I've kept her hydrated and even if I had to give her food by spoon, I did it.

The day was a long one as I stayed close by her..she would get nervous and look for me if I left the room...and I understand I stayed in the same room and when I would fix something for Zeke and Abby  I'd look up and I'd see her sit up and look at me.. Yep, she's wanting to have something but not quite ready .

I give her a little beef broth along with the meat and rice..and even put a little bit of shredded chicken in..she ate just about the whole thing..but funny when it's pill time for the others...she wants her share...What ever it takes Ms Reba here comes the pill pockets.

We finally got some rain for a short bit tonight and boy do we ever need it..and tomorrow and Sunday are suppose to be more down pours...just pray no surprises..and already got my towels ready for the Crew.. Placed the big towel on the steps going into the house to make sure their feet get dried off..

Have a set up for Ms Reba with her Wee pads down..she'll be ok and don't have to go out ...she packs her diaper fact she doesn't mind them at all..she waits for me to put a new one on and gives me that look...What a gal :)

Watched mainly the Hallmark Channel..and did up a few more dish rags..the rate I'm going I could start a business..hahaha...Made a couple for Diane today she went to the store for me to pick up some ground sirloin and milk... I so appreciate both her and Bob and yep even went over all the "Stuff" I will have both of them do when I head back to Pa.

So I'm praying for a steady improvement on Ms day at a time ..sure does wear ya down all this worrying...She just popped her head up to see where I was as I'm writing this blog she's in her spot in bed...Yeah Ms Reba I'll be there soon.

That's about it for my days worth..I mean I've just been glued to the couch or chair taking care of the Critters and trying to not come undone or unglued.

Safe Travels to All and most of all God Bless

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Knee Knocking this Thursday

Knee Knocking this Thursday...that's the kind of day it's been for me and Ms Reba..Again another wake up to a sick tummy and then she went back to sleep..something about these wee hours..and of course it was trash day too..YUCKO..

I went into High Gear to get that dang trash to the fact I had to turn on my outside light as it was still dark at 6am..but to the curb it all went and then my day was beginning again..

The strange thing with what's happening with Ms Reba is..her desire to eat (like telling me like she normally does) is some what there..but her tummy is still off kilter in fact her BMs were really soft and that is what I expected with what I was giving her..

Boy just hate these times..cause you always hope you don't second guess..She's drinking water and I made a sirloin burger and broke that up and cooked it in beef broth then added the rice to it..and she did enjoy that..small amounts and that stayed down even tonight's dinner did too..but I'm only giving her a little over a tablespoon..

I have been glued to the couch with Ms Reba and in fact every time I went to get up she got that was my place by her side...I did manage to make two more dish rags..hahaha...have to do if I could only vacuum sitting down..that would be wonderful.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day however we will be getting in some storms...(lucky me) and that always makes it rougher with the Critters..but Ms Reba is good about doing her business on a pad that sets in a tray..I've never trained her for that..this is something she decided was better than going out in the rain, snow, sleet or what have you...... I think she was telling me she isn't a Mail Dawg :)  hahaha..

Oh, tonight she came over to me as I had a small dish of rice pudding and decided to let me know she wanted it...but this woman learned her lesson..NO DEAL !!! but it was a good sign to see her make a fuss...but she still has that upset tummy..

Watched American Idol and shame Colton went but I think he is a very talent lad but he was too out there in a wrong era mode with his performance..shame cause he has done a lot better...he kind of had an attitude and made another foolish ..."I don't care"...Sorry is moving on.. See people hear that and watch the action and then say, "For get about it" off he is....

Also got to watch Survivor today...I had recorded it so I can keep up with all these shows that conflict ...Me and Ms Reba enjoyed it..Sure hope tomorrow isn't another couch day...for Reba and Me too !

News Flash.. today at the big feeder (open flat feeder) I saw a beautiful Blue Bird ..the color was a gorgeous blue with a splash of deep purple..small size bird but really a beauty..I sure hope that was the Blue Bird of Happiness !

Safe travels and God Bless

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Here it is Wednesday and Ms Reba still not well

Here it is Wednesday and Ms Reba still not well...I've been close by her side and keeping calm...although I could jump out of my skin...Up very early this morning again and sat in my chair doing up Dish Rags to keep me busy...not that I don't have other things to do..but it seems that keep me calm..

Ms Reba slept till almost 8am...and I have to tell you I went in and checked on her several make sure she was breathing...I know it's awful but she's gonna be 16 and really giving me the "willies".

She ate a little bit of chicken for breakfast and that was it..but she did have a pill pocket..she has always loved them as I put the pills for the Critters and Heart Worm in them.. so I gave her a little bit in with her food.. and she drank a little water..but really not that much ..but a little is better than nothing..

Later in the day I was having some rice pudding and yep she wanted a little so I figured (against my better thoughts) I gave her some...Wrong move cause she got sick.. Crappola..and all that she had was no longer in her system...

Ok Ms Reba, what's going on with you..???  No temp but not really moving much...I'll see how she goes later on...then came dinner time and she had a little bit of chicken with some rice and veggies...(yes, I was at the rice fields today) and so far that stayed down...

As she and I watched American Idol I thought I'd give her just a little bit of chicken..cut up in small pieces and with a little bit of that pill pocket...she did take that I'm praying that if I just feed her a little small meals several times a day and  make sure she can keep it down...if not..She'll go to the Vets..

These small dogs can shut down quickly...I'll give her a little bit of fluids  so she won't dehydrate..and I can give her some pedialytes...and keep an eye on her temp..None of the others have any symtoms and hopefully this is just a little stomach bug....

Funny how your mind travels quickly to the "Horrors"...guess it's a normal reaction..and it's too soon after Joesph...I'm still not over him..don't think I ever will..and Ms Reba, well she and Joesph were two peas in a pod.

I just took a look over and Ms Reba is curled in her spot and soon I'll be right next to her...She's really a sweetie..kind of like one of a kind..more like Ms Personality...but aren't they all to us..I mean all our Fur Kids are "Special".

I always think how very fortunate to have them as they keep me going...and I do mean I'd be terribly lonely ....So I do count my blessings...

Paulette and Liz, thank you so much for your kind's so very much appreciated.....

Now I'm gonna lay me down and thank the Good Lord for these precious gifts.

Safe travels to all and always God's Blessings

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ms Reba's not doing well on Tuesday

Ms Reba's not doing well on Tuesday....woke up at 3am as I thought I felt Ms Reba touch my ear with her nose...I heard myself saying, "I'm here Reba, I've not left you"....strange as that was like she was touching me to see if I was still by her side...She sleeps between the pillows on her mat and she has to be touching me...just like my "Joe"...but when I opened my eyes, Ms Reba was still sleeping so I moved to my side . With that Ms Reba sat up and started getting sick.

Now I know this is gonna sound strange but it was like I was being told to wake up cause I would have most likely slept through it..(maybe, maybe not) and when I told this to some one they asked.."Do you think it was Joe letting you know Ms Reba was in trouble..."...WOW I got a funny feeling once that was said...Stranger things have happened to me before..

Any way Ms Reba was not doing well, and most of the day was not good for her...I got that icky feeling in the pit of my stomach and the worry came right to my heart..Reba is and always has been a pretty healthy critter..she's had a few bouts with weird stuff but that was long ago...other than having pyometra from her unusual seasons and being spayed..She's been a tough little Miss.

I kept myself busy doing laundry and trying to fix things that I could get her to even give a she's off her feed as well.. She is drinking water and did have a little chicken for dinner but not much...So I'll just keep a close watch and pray this will pass easily...She will be 16 in May and boy I'm just one bundle of nerves ..

Tomorrow I'll make her some Chicken and Rice and keep it light and little meals few times during the day...Hate when one of my Critters are not feeling well... The brain starts going in over's surely not a good thing.

I even watched the Space Shuttle Discovery being Piggy Backed to DC..sad to watch her go and such a mission cease..too much going on today for me..I was just feeling the loss of all those jobs for people and our accomplishments in Space...

Tonight I watched Biggest Loser which by the way was really a sad one. Two of the players left on their own because of rules in the game. Although I felt the same way...but it is what it is...Sad though cause those two men really did well.. Then I watched the Voice... not sure on this I'm really hoping that Juliet Simms wins..but will have to wait that one out...Recorded the results of Dancing with the Stars so I'll catch who got the boot tomorrow.

Now I'm just finishing up my night putting away my laundry..yeah I kind of do things as I work my way back to the back of the bedrooms..I make my trips worthy....or as Momma would have said, "You do whatcha have to do and the way it's best for you "...hahaha...I make less trips cause my knees ache .

Ready to hit that sack and I'm so praying that Ms Reba will feel better tomorrow.

God Bless

Monday, April 16, 2012

To the OUT SIDE WORLD on MOnday :)

To the OUT SIDE WORLD on MOnday :)...yes indeedy !  Today was the day I was gonna get away for a bit...and I'm always a happy camper..not that I don't like being a "HOME BODY".. but every once in a while ya gotta get out and check "STUFF" out :)...and I did but not before I had my Moments...(did ya think I'd get away clean?????NEVER )......

This morning I was just a bee bopping around and whistling a happy tune..(so I thought) got my clothes ready as we all know how I have to do this without causing Ms Reba and the Critters to go into a "Frenzie"...

Started off Ms Reba was a little on the "off moments" this morning..she was wide awake and a little bit of unsettled..I thought to myself.."Oh NO"..please hope she'll be ok...and as the morning progressed she and I curled up on the couch for a bit till Hubby called as he was getting ready to leave for work..Then I start and let everyone out before breakfast again...

Was getting breakfast ready putting the Big Boy's dish on the tray and don't cha just know it...Ooops!  right out of my hand and onto the floor...HOLY CHITSKI...I mean to tell you...if you've ever had a bee bee gun and tried to load it and those little balls..splattered all got the idea of how it was with the food...ALL OVER .....

I was so thrilled I jumped for if you believe that one I'll tell ya another winner...I won the lottery hahahaha..don't I wish..:).. as I watched Abby and Zeke attack the floor with avenges..hahaha..and I mean the floor was sparkling afterwards..maybe a little tacky..hahaha... I never saw so many food balls...gawd like hundreds going in all directions along with the veggies and rice..Oh yeah...had to be mixed food...couldn't just be the dry food was mixed...WOW... Reba was smart she stood back and watched the two big bruisers go to town... Of course I then had to wash the floor...all before getting out the door...

Well after that mishap I just couldn't wait for what ever was coming my way..and I was sure the day wasn't through with me yet...or was it ?????

So I then got everyone done even got my plants watered resident hummer was out there as I watered and gave me the buzz again as I sprinkled the feeder to clean it off...Ooops sorry there  ::>:)

Now to get out of the house..this is gonna be smooth as Zeke and Abby went into their rooms very easily and Ms Reba jumped up on the couch to settle down on her "Pillow"...and me, I was ready to "Get Out of Town"...woo hoo .

Off I went to the Post Office..and while there I had to get one of those Express Boxes..and the two that work in there are always joking with Christmas time I mail my cookies and of course ya know they get their platter of when I came up to the counter to get a box..they checked out what I had...Yep, I got a couple of orders for a few "Dish Rags" and what colors too..hahaha I don't mind as I enjoy making things for people that appreciate it... and those two are really neat people...So that chore was done now on my way to Wal Mart or better yet..Wally World :)

Got a great parking spot ..things are looking up..went in and tried to find Citronella Oil... No can find..HUH?  so that means I'll have to go to Lowes and get it there...then on to finding my special thread I use to make the Dish Rags Or Dish Cloths to those that don't understand my terminology...hahaha..they are really awesome..soft and hold up a long, long time and don't leave any fuz when wiping down things..

I managed to get a lot of things and now was anxious to get back..OMG..I'm glued to the house...hahaha..but that's ok as I worry when I'm out about what's going on at the house...So when I pulled in the driveway..there was Mr Squirrel on my Screen looking into the carport...see them buggers never give up...and of course the Doves were nesting...son of a gun...but that's ok too cause now I'm tired and need to unload and put away...

That's the load your cart then unload into car then unload car into house then put away "Stuff"...never ending then it winds up going out as GARBAGE...see a vicious circle...hahaha... we sure go around a few times..

Tonight is the Voice and I'm anxious as I really like that Juliet Simms ..she's really got one heck of a talent..I love her Rock voice...reminds me of Janice Joplin...and then it's hit the sack and start all over again...

Oh yeah...I forgot to get MILK..hahaha..Winne Dixie here I come..

Have a good one and Safe travels all...God Bless..

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday a day of Ups and Downs :)

Sunday, a day of Ups and Downs :) you're wondering.."What in the world now"??????...well nothing..but I was Up and Down, In and Out most the day... Still wondering ????  hahaha

Here's my story and I'm stickin' too it !!!!....

Morning was usual..Feed, Water and Clean..ain't that interesting ???...NAH !! Then by noon time came my "QVC"..yes, I did... I ordered a few things..I've been good for too long :)

Next I did the pill thingy at 2pm and from then on it was Up, Down, In, Out..and now I'll tell ya...Remember them Doves .....Yes, them Dumb Arse Doves..well they are the reason..they never quit and I was on my Mission..or is it, "White Horse" to get them suckers out of sight...

I looked up one time and there was 6 Doves on my big feeder and they were chasing away the other it was..get them out..and I tried, and tried and tried...hence..Up, Down, In, Out..Holy Hannah what a job...then one Dove again tried to take on Woody...OMG..that is wild to watch.. I still can't believe it...but then went at it...!

What a day...I mean it was really a nothing day kind of..but I got tired..hahaha..I mean I did my work out and then some..and all I wanted to do was NOTHING...but I did do up another dish rag for now she's got an even dozen...

I did watch a movie that I had recorded called "Leap Year"  it's a cute Romantic Comedy...and I enjoyed it with the rest of my Critters too..Talked with hubby off and on as he was at church most the morning and then they had a business meeting..

Tomorrow I've got my list ...head to the Post Office then on to WalMart..aren't I lucky...hahaha..I'm gonna be out amongst the people..OMG..can't wait..

So that's about it other than I'm beat from my  Ups and Downs..hahaha..If someone ever told me this story I'd think they were NUTZ...and so ...I must be (you got it) NUTZ...

God Bless and On to another Adventure..OUT SIDE WORLD>>:)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Dark Lookin' Cloud on Saturday

A Dark Lookin' Cloud on Saturday...actually most of the day was looking like rain any minute..I was beginning to wonder if I should take cover...So dark and dreary looking...what a day !

Morning I kind of muddled through with doing up laundry and waiting for the cloud burst..but towards the latter part of the day the sun shines...Ok, I'll buy that kind of day..not knowing .

My next phase was to (you'll love this one) fight off the DOVES..Yes, you got it ...I'm fighting off the Doves...They seem to gather and just dump all the seeds on the ground...and the Squirrels (I can hear them laughing) are enjoying every moment..but my other birds can't get into the feeder...

Now you all remember my story about the Dove and the Woodpecker..well these dumb Doves will challenge just about any of them...They truly are DUMB...however, I'm now on the ..Get these Dumb Arse Doves out of here...hahaha...

My day has been really a nothing kind of day other than a few little things that have to be done..the Critters are in slumber mode and enjoying fact I have to wake them to let them go that's some lazy buggers..

Speaking of buggers my Hummer, you know the resident one, well, he's with me too.. was here about 6:45am and took a nap on the feeder..hahaha..I'm waiting to see him yawn..then I'll know I've done met up with a winner...hahaha...but he's here in the evening too..not sure about most the day as I kind of lose track of him...but if I see one just sitting..or should I say, "Nesting" then I know it's my Hummer..hahaha

Gonna put a meat loaf in the Crock Pot cause I can just set it and forget it...(Now who's lazy ?) and then gather all my "stuff" I need to pack for Theresa and take that to the Post Office on Monday as I head over to WalMart..

Will check out NetFlix for tonight's movie and see what's good then just camp out on the that's surely is a great idea...Life is sure tough, but some one's got to be able to handle this load   Hahaha..

Travel Safe and most of all....God Bless

Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Friday the 13th....Oy !

It's Friday the 13th....Oy!....and it's always something with I've told you many, many times before...My Lucky Day ..HA!

Morning started off with...Up and at em'...and away we the Critters were in rare form...What is going on this morning ????? The house was in it's turmoil mode...and I do mean turmoil...Zeke was racing through the house like he ate some hot peppers..and Ms Abby was not far behind him..Ms Reba was still in her mode..Sleeping :)

I couldn't believe my eyes..I'm trying to catch those two ..(who am I kidding) and praying nothing would come crashing down...They were like Jet Propelled..Damn, did someone say, "Here's Goodies"...but racing they were and I could see the furniture moving..I mean my couch..(the big one) did a spin and then the little turned completely around...Thought :  I could use these two to move furniture..hey, I could make a few bucks..hahaha.

I also watched the throw rugs get curled into a ball and this was all at the bewitching hour of 6am..Give a break ......HELP !!!!!!...I just finally sat down and watched..."The race is/was on"...once they stopped they plopped down to the floor and my next choir was to fetch them a bucket of water..but first I opened the door and let them into the patio...(I learned my lesson early in life)...once they came back in..Zeke drank his GALLON and Ms Abby slowly inhaled hers...GAWD what ever drove them through this..HUH???? Friday the 13th...Did I forget..My lucky day..but's not over yet .......!

After Ms Reba got up I went out and took care of the plants...yes, I spoke with them and told them how beautiful they were..and they are/were...I mean my Geraniums flowers are huge..I mean they look like Snowballs.. those Hydrangeas...(I'm gonna take a picture shhhhh)..and the colors are so vibrant.. just am so pleased with how they are doing..course I water daily and feed every week...good ole Miracle Grow :)

So I get done feeding everything including those birds..cause them Doves (now becoming a pain in my arse) keep kicking all the seed out ...they're like Chickens when they eat..Peck and Scratch...SUCKS !!

Back inside I sit down to have my coffee..(I need a gallon by now) and try and relax and take my meds (that keep me ticking) and low and behold looking at me in the window...on the ledge of my hanging basket and eating my beautiful Geraniums is that no good Squirrel..and a fat one at that... so I get up and tap on the window...the damn thing looks up at me and proceeds to eat the flower..slowly and looking at to show me what he's got !!!

Then I get angry and open the door..and the damn thing is still sitting and eating and now facing me...HUH ?????  What gives...???? So I walk out the door and I'm just about under the villain..and he looks down at me...I yell at him..and nope still don't budge..and he's a plump one too...So I think should I reach..nope he'll bite me for sure ..he's I walk past him (under him) and grab the garden hose ..have it set on JET and let him have it...He jumps down and drops the flower and runs out into the garden..then turns and looks at me...almost like giving me the Fickle Finger of Fate Award...OMG... I can't believe my eyes...

Come back into the house and think....(now get this have to out wit a Squirrel) is he gonna eat the wires to my I now under siege of a Fat Arse Squirrel... This has got to be a's Friday the lucky day !!!

To think my day isn't ended yet...and now I'm google searching what to do about my plants and what can I do to stop HIM...better yet..b b gun..wait my luck on this particular day I'll shoot at him and it will rick a shay back and hit me....HOLY CHIT...Aren't I really having a great day...can't ya just wait to find out if I survive this day...maybe I'll take a nap and dream some one will solve my kidnap my Squirrels.... I'll promise I won't pay the ransom...

I'm thinking there has to be a moral to this story...perhaps it will come to me after my afternoon nap...

Tonight I'm just gonna watch a movie that I'll stream from Netflix and then get an early start in the morning to do Laundry...aren't I lucky..I mean I'm glad there isn't too many Friday the 13ths...

God Bless

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Thirsty Thursday

A Thirsty Thursday for me ....what I mean by that is...This was the Blood giving day...hahaha..yeah I had to be out and to the Lab so they could take blood from me..and for me that's a veins are really bad ..I'm a horror to attempt to even go after any of them blue things :)

Yeah the poor girl was working up a sweat..and I was not a happy camper...take a deep breath and miss...OUCH..try again..yeah you got that rotten picture... I call this a Thirsty Vampires..they gotta have it !!!

Morning was madness as it was also trash day...and since they took away one trash day out of the week (to save a buck, literally) my trash is always heavy...and I even remembered to empty my freezer as that's where I store the bones and junk ..hate when I forget cause it's not a pretty site..but at least it's frozen and no smell...

So I got my Critters fed, plants watered, birds fed and I could only have water ...Hint..always drink some water as it helps the veins pop up closer to the skin....but in my case mine went on a deep dive...

Then I hear the usual..."Why don't you have that pic put back in.."...sure I'd love that..only problem is it can only stay in 6mos then you have to get it out and again have another one put back in..UGH..I'll deal with all the bandages...can I have color ones next time ??????

Stopped at Publix on the way home and then got back and just literally fell not sleeping right causes me to be really dragged once I hit that couch I'm color me gone for a few hours...

Threw dinner together rather quickly and bought myself some ice cream..but's not good...see I go and splurge can I get the junk that will stay in the freezer till next Thursday..LOL...that will teach me ..should have bought fruit like I always do...but it sure looked good...See goes to show you.."Don't judge your ice cream by a picture"..LOL

Watched American Idol..and boy surprise, surprise ..but ya know I can see why that happened..I mean the bottom 3 didn't deserve it..but the Judges have been showing favoritism and I guess the voters decided to Teach them a lesson...but all was saved...till next week...wonder what they'll do then ???

Guess it's stay tuned till next week..hahaha...watched my Survivor on the recorder and that didn't surprise me..those men never learn..guess they really don't understand..Women will stick together !!!

Ready to fall out and sure hope I sleep through the night..then tomorrow I need to go into town and mail out a package..or maybe I'll wait till Monday...LOL  because over the weekend things don't move too good...I'll use Express Mail and Theresa will get her package in 3 days...Works for me..!!

Good Night all...and God Bless...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I sure wasted Wednesday

I sure wasted Wednesday..well not completely..I mean I did do a few things but let's put it this way...I did only what I had too...:) Yeah, it was a day for me and I still have my resident Humming bird...

This Hummer has claimed my feeder and every night at around 7pm he shows up and nestles in and enjoys the evening sipping a few and chasing the rest away...once in awhile one will get to set down and maybe, just maybe get a few sips in and then the Mighty Green Hummer does his thing...WOW..he's good and I'm enjoying it too..hahaha

Today I just did only what I had too and settled down and did a few more dish rags up for my nieces ..these will go out on Monday and that will make the rest all happy...I hope !!!

I'm fasting tonight as tomorrow morning I have to head into Leesburg and get my blood work done..again I sure hope the gal is good ..cause I hate looking like I was in a war ..with all those strips of bandages..

Then I'll make a quick stop at Publix..yeah I got my list for that it's on to the next deal...hahaha...not too bad but I've got to start decreasing as soon the end of June will be here..

Watched American Idol was ok..but I see where the Judges are trying to put their favorites in...and boy they sure do dump on the ones they don't even want to be considered...but I'm still in awe of the gal on The Voice..I recorded that and that Juliet fantastic...loved her singing the I'll have to listen to that by that group.. I do remember that's when Sting belonged to it..and did a great version also..

Now I'm ready to hit the sack and call it the end of the day..get ready for the mad rush getting the trash out tomorrow..gawd I need a tractor to pull it all out...better make sure I don't forget the bones in the freezer..hahaha.. with this once a week pickup.. I have to store that some where...maybe over the rainbow..????????

Safe travels all and God Bless...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Traveled on out on Tuesday

Traveled on our on Tuesday...Yippeee!!..Yes, I got out today...Got up early and got my chores done as I was on another Mission...To go to the Vets and pick up scripts for Zeke and also some meds for Abby..then on to the CVS and drop off...then the big Winn Dixie...then head on back to the home base..

I felt like I was on a big swoop..but it was great to get out and see what is happening in the area..even if it's only a few's get dressed and drive..yeah that was neat but guess what...I forgot my I winged it..and of course we all know what happens when you wing it..."It's Chicken"..LOL...

I treated myself to a Roasted Chicken and some Uncle Ben's...I like their throw in the microwave for 90 seconds..perfect rice and tasty too..oh yeah, no pots or pans to wash..just heat and eat...Love it !!!

Did manage to get a little more of "got to get done", done..and it's on to the next list of things that need be done..might even have to do another swoop..alright with me..but not with Ms Reba..nope !!!  She done did give me some of her gab as I got in the door...more like, "How dare you " and "Where's my goodies"..yeah her nose was going as fast as her jaws..

Did take a nap as I'm really exhausted and not sleeping right I've been having a few bouts with light headiness..(doesn't  look right but you know what I mean) I've got my list of questions for the Doc in two weeks...

Thursday I have to go for blood work..gawd I hope the girl is good..always get beginners...YUCKO...pray about that one cause I sure don't have much veins left to mess up...already had the pic taken out so it's cross my fingers and hope for the best..:(

Watched the Voice results tonight and yep, I agree with it..but next week I do believe will be the finals..and I have my pick already...That girl Julie that sang Roxanne..was great. She's a true old style rocker and her voice..she could do a lot of Janis Joplin stuff..but I really liked her..Hope she picks a good song for next week..

I taped Dancin with the stars so tomorrow for lunch time I'll watch it...and enjoy the dancing..that will be relaxing..but then I'm set for...Survivor and American Idol..Lordy my life is follow the tube...I'm stuck in TV land..hahaha..but my hands are busy as I'm doing up a few dish rags for my nieces..and I've got to start that table cloth..oy !!!

Oh, I did make an appointment for Abby for blood work for the 1st of May..need to keep a tab on her liver as well with the meds she uses for her sure helps her..

It's time I head in to bed ..hope I get a full night sleep..have to figure why I'm back to this few hours a night really drags me most the day..unless I keep busy I can pull a few Zeeeeeeeeees..(and it ain't me calling my name either)...

So here's to you all and safe travels..God Bless....

Monday, April 9, 2012

It's Easter Monday

It's Easter Monday...I've always heard that saying the day after Easter..never quite understood it...guess it falls in the same category as "Little Christmas" cause that's when it was ok to take down our tree and lights...guess I might have to pick up my Easter Eggs...:)...but I know when I got my first job lots of people took off for Easter for long as it was a paid day :).

Watched last night The Celebrity Apprentice..gawd is that a mess..I mean that show for me is in your face..Too nasty and too other way to explain it..How people thrive on that show..Nah, sorry  Donald Trump that's not my style..People doing in others and you, Mr Trump love saying "You're Fired"...Yucko !!!

This morning was a little brisk ..I mean a slight chill in the air and my Critters (the big ones) were happy about it...but Ms Reba, well she was not anxious to even go out...I had to carry her out. PJ's and all..hahaha..yeah she's got her own thing going on there...Wakes up at around 7ish and comes out with a silly looking grin and waggin' her tail...but when it's's slow pokin' .

Got all the dead heads off the plants and gave them a good spray..they like stand up and are lookin' really good..of course I do my talkin' to the plants just like I talk with the animals..Even my Cardinal (Big Red) was flying by and landed on the trellis just to let me know the feeder was almost empty...and so I filled it up and before I walked away it was under attack..Woody, Big Red and a few Titmouse (always wanna say "Titmice")..they were hungry..Those Doves as neat as they are....well are pigs..they eat and kick all the good stuff out and those buggers (Squirrels) come a running to get food..Yeah, just call me Mother Nature here..I'm really well trained !!!!

Getting my list to go out tomorrow to Winn Dixie for the things I get there and have to stop by the Vet's office and pick up some meds for Ms Abby and remember my big GooF...well now I have to pay up and take it on the chin...but they need their stuff...

Spoke with hubby today as he was was closed (Easter Monday) and he made the appointment for the Exterminator to come and get the house and dog run it will be ready for when we come back...time is sure moving the dear man went to the post office to ship me another Large (I'm talking 128oz size) of special I can make a batch of sauce up ...I'm running low...hahaha...

Did up some Veggies for the Critters and yes, I went to the Rice fields again plus I loaded the food bins with Critter's dry's that time again..gosh I'm telling ya no rest for the weary..

Tonight is the Voice and Dancing with the Stars...Yikes but have the recorder set..yeah am now getting a little smarter..only took 69 years..:)..Momma would love to hear that.

So that's about it other than I still have a resident Humming bird that sets at my feeder in the evening and don't leave till almost dark..but does defend the territory..amazing..even went on at Humming bird forum and talked about it...the Wildest thing I've ever seen...but it's kind of neat that he's calling my feeder "His "..

Have a good one all and God Bless

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday, and it's Happy Easter too !

Sunday, and it's Happy Easter too !...It is what it is and with that I'm just gonna post a picture I did a few years's one of my favorites..Just the look of it let's your imagination fly...and speaking of flying..

Freida and Freddie the Free Loader stopped by to wish me a Happy Easter too..maybe that's why I like this picture so much..hahaha..

May God fill your Easter Baskets with his Blessings..and for my Yiddish friends Happy Passover too !

God Bless and Go in Peace !

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Sort of Quiet Saturday

A Sort of Quiet Saturday for me...My mornings are always busy..I mean with the routine of getting Critters fed, clean up patio, water plants and feed the birds..yeah it kind of goes like that with some days a little detour...

Today I was sort of on the quiet side as I thought a lot about my Sister..for her just recently passing and this being the Easter Holiday kind of brought back some memories of how my Sister always enjoyed this time..She with her 6 daughters, getting them all their dresses for church and mind you back in the 50's they seem to always wanna dress the girls in the same dress...I remember going with her to the stores during the weeks prior..OMG...she'd drive me bonkers..I then a young kid myself..who in the world would wanna go to store after store after store (you get the picture )...then finding something she really liked in all the sizes...I'd always say, "Why do they have to match, they ain't twins"..she'd look at me and just smile..never saying anything but she got her way...I mean my Big Sis was Mamma's dare I challenge...but I must say.."Those kids looked fantastic"..and so did my Sister cause when it came to her outfit...Holy Hannah she had unreal taste and looked dynamite !!  

As for me I was more "Tom boy" type and hated all that crap..dresses and all that junk that went with it... I mean just give me a good pair of dungarees...hahaha..and I was happy...(we didn't say, Jeans" back then)..

It kind of brought some heavy feelings in my heart as I thought about all this.. Yes, I am missing my Sister and I will especially around those special days when she'd be at her utmost best..Don't even wanna go there about the wrapping paper and bows and ribbons..OMG..she could have and should have been a decorator...Style was her thing ...

Well as I was thinking about all this stuff I was looking out my window and low and behold I saw the Easter Bunny..(Clancy) heading over to Betsy's petrified tree (a good laugh Betsy) and with his bag of goodies..Yes, he decorated that tree again with really pretty eggs hanging ..all the colors of the rainbow...and darn it my camera was not around...I wish I could have caught him in action...He just loves doing this..and when Betsy opened her door..."Surprise"..yep, she called me ..and I did tell her..This time it was not only Clancy..but hit Kitty Kat..along with him...Nice job Clancy !!!

So that's pretty much my day and going into the night I'm gonna send out my Email Cards to wish all a Happy fact my friend Carol called me yesterday and wished me Happy Easter and I wish her Happy's a thing with Carol and I... and we laugh..She's from the Bronx, and me from ya know we have some good conversations...she's a HOOT!!!

Now I'm gonna lean back and look over some email and then just check and see what's on Netflix...oh I think I saw something about the Ten Commandments.. I can always watch that .. I mean I really enjoy that movie...and look how many people were employed..Oh my !!!  Did I just turn that into a political statement..NAH....(wanna bet)

Have a great day and to all ...God Bless....

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Goof I did hit me Friday !

The Goof I did hit me Friday !...Oh boy did it ever !!!  Apparently I threw out my Abby's and Zeke's meds...YES, you are reading this right...Thursday my trash day I wasn't worth a flip...well I had boxes and boxes and I was in a "Get rid of this Chit"..and I did and I now am kicking myself in the butt cause I went into...OMG mode..

Called the Vet and am waiting for him to return my call...but my worry is Abby..her med Deramaxx is not available right now..seems the MFG is doing some re vamping of one of their divisions...and..YEP....might have to change her meds..which by the way are working wonderfully for her...

Talk about sick to the stomach...I feel like crap!!!..Zeke's meds will be available whether Doc writes script or he fills them that I'm not worried about...but poor Abby...I just can't believe I did it..but I ain't a gonna dwell on it..cause I'm the Jack Arse that did it...!!!

Don't even wanna talk about the rest of my day cause it ain't over and if you've followed me long enough ya know..."Chit happens"...and I couldn't make it just does..

Like yesterday afternoon I had to go out to the bird feeder...some nasty bird picked up the tray..(now this is a flat feeder and the tray sits deep inside) and tossed it out of the feeder...and the Squirrels had a picnic...betcha it was one of those..Dumb Arse Doves..who by the way I'm starting not to like...the hog everything and make a mess...they are going on my ...NO LIKE list...

Watched American Idol and always hate to see one go..but this young fella did a lot of falsetto singing..not my thing ..but he's talented so I'm sure some producer will give him a shot..shame cause his regular voice was decent..

Today I did watch Dancing with the stars as I had that recorded..too many shows on at the same I get to watch after the fact..No biggy..but everyone knows ..."Don't tell me"..:)

Well the weekend is here and today is Good Friday...(not mine) and I need to just sit back and ask the Good Lord to forgive my sorry arse cause I did some strange talking and (get this) I didn't even blame my hubby...!!

Have a good one all..and may God Bless

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Thankful Thursday

A Thankful Thursday...that's for sure !...My niece and her family headed back to New Jersey today..I was so worried that they were gonna attempt to try and visit me today...and then rush back to catch their flight..but thank heavens we talked yesterday...and I had them re think that over...I worried so much  that I tossed and turned all night...

So now I know they are safely up in the air and I told them that they could drop a water balloon over my head on the way back LOL..they both laughed but I will see them all when I go back home and we do that Memorial service for my Sister.

The morning was a rush job for me as I was dragging from not sleeping well and getting the Critters to listen..well they too didn't sleep now I'm almost ready to conk out....but I'll do that as I watch Survivor from last night show that I taped..good thing it's recorded ..yeah, I'll have to re watch the re watched show I'll do soon...:) ..Hey them eye lids do get heavy.

Dragged all the trash out early and I don't know but this once a week deal is a killer for me...seems I have more garbage than any one person I know..either I cook a lot or I waste a lot..not sure and then after the truck came I realized I had scraps in the freezer AGAIN...well one of these days I'll get it right !

We're suppose to be getting a few storms rolling in..sure hope it cools things down as it's been rather warm..and dry plus we sure do need the rain..ain't complaining yet...but it's getting close...LOL

Have to run into town tomorrow for a few things but other than that I'm gonna just enjoy the plants and watch the birds after laundry gets done...Hard living but some one's gotta do it ..

Tonight will watch who gets the boot on American Idol and I sure hope it's not Holly she's so sweet and a darn good voice..but she did mess up last night...but WOW that Jessica..she should win the whole Sha Bang...she's that good...if not I know someone that will take her on and promote David Foster...He's known to grab young talent..I mean he did that with Celine Dion..and we all know where she went...

Ok, I'm fighting the droozie feeling so I'm gonna head to the "Couch" and enjoy the afternoon...See ya down the road..

God Bless

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Wham of a Wednesday

A Wham of a Wednesday...I'll say..(smiling as I re think it )...Morning went as usual...had to do a few re potting..well I thought I was gonna but instead I just took the whole plant and put it in my hanger...cause the plant itself was so pot bound I'd have to break it all apart and I wasn't in that kind of a mood this morning..other than get it up and feed I did just that...

Critters were antsy and wanted to just romp and play I let them get their Indy 500 out of their system..then I had to pick up my pills for the month (another month I survive) and on the way out I stopped by the office as I had to bring up my Driver's License and Registration for the Motor home so that they could put a sticker on it...We are in the process of changing our entrance set up..(whether we like it or not) to a bar code system...

Well, I thought I would ask about my news letter we get here every month ..but for the last few months I haven't been getting mine..and their reason (the office) is because I don't live I can look at it on line...DUH ???  but for the past almost 5 years I've been getting it.. Go Figure???....

So as I attempted to ask why ????? I met with a woman that was in the process of having a "melt down"..yeah you are reading right..she was in the phase of complaining and not listening and an "Oh, I'm over worked and under paid "..kind of mind set...

I stepped back and decided that this wasn't a situation I could even disagree with or attempt to explain would be a waste of good air..(as I call it) and there would be a no win I just leaned back and let the anger roll off her lips...and thought to myself... "This woman attacking anyone that would listen wouldn't last the day with me...I mean at the end of the day I'd say, "Good Bye"..

There is sort of a changing of the "Guards" so to speak that will be happening at this community and a lot of "Who's to blame " along with it..and this woman is a part of a bad situation that she has chosen to side with..and that's sad because her attitude has been hitting everyone that walks in the office...NOT A GOOD THING..

When she took a breather...I got up and left...just shaking my head..When someone is in an argumentative mode no one accomplishes fact words can just be thrown around with a lot of hurt happening...Best to leave it and come back another day...

On I went and picked up my meds and came back...then it was waiting for my niece to I thought about our visit I began to much rushing on their part and having to leave that day when we did connect I told her.."I'd see her when I got back I'd worry about the rushing they'd have to do and how exhausted they've been with everything happening..

Later on I watched American Idol and now I'm ready to fall out..will miss my niece but I'd rather them be safe and so with that...I'm also gonna say, "Good Night and Sleep Tight"..

God Bless...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Get Away on Tuesday

Another Get Away on Tuesday but this time...not alone...My neighbor Ms Betsy took the ride with me..We went to Lowes and Publix...another one of my favorite places to stop in on :)..We picked up some pretty Geraniums and a few other trinkets plus Betsy bought some pretty I told her..I love them but boy ya gotta water and I mean water... Like morning, noon and night here..or even when I'm back in Pa... they are gorgeous but drink..I'd say, "They'd be Waterholics "  hahaha..

Enjoyed the chat too as Betsy always has some interesting topics going on...and boy do we love indulging too...She's a pretty neat lady and you can even see that twinkle in her eyes...Yep, it was an interesting jaunt..

Heard from my niece Theresa too..she might come visit me on Thursday..but it's gonna be really close...I looked up her flight and she'd have to stop and drop and leave...shame wish we could have planned it better...although she did say, "Let me toss it around"...I'd love the visit but I worry when it's a hurry up...especially getting to the Airport at noon in heavy traffic..but we'll see got till Thursday.

I also bought a couple Geraniums go in my planters that I had Bob hook up for later today I'll wet them down which will make them easy to take out of their pots and plop on in the planters...they is gonna look purrrdy :)

Watched the Voice last night but to me it wasn't that impressive...guess I fell out and woke up not even knowing who sang last...but I have to say..."American Idol kids did a better job"..and that's saying something for me....Oh  I did watch CMA awards Sunday and saw Scotty..(from American Idol winner) win "New Male Artist"..that was neat.

Seems we're having a "Heat Wave"...and I'm sucking up the AC along with my Critters too...scanning to see what good movie is on or that I have on NetFlix...and tonight is...Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars who gets the boot plus results from Voice...OMG...yeah it's all or nothing as they say...

Need to get busy and gather up the "stuff" hanging around...cause "We may have Company"..hahaha...hey, with me it is... "Come on in, if it's in your way just move it"  hahahaha..Nah..sounds good though and some days I might say it...but knowing me... "Where's the Vac"...

All keep safe and watch them skies...God Bless.....

Monday, April 2, 2012

Breaking Out on Monday

Breaking out on Monday !...You got that right !!!...I finally was able to get away for a few hours and where did I go..????? WalMart..Where else..I mean I was on a mission to pick up two more plant hangers like I have in the center I then decided I'd do a little "Pick up STUFF"...and of course the store was like a blooming Easter Hunt.

Morning was get er done and get after I got the Critters fed they new I was up to something...and gave me the "I don't wanna move"...Yeah, stubborn as all get out and to think that I was gonna leave them..."Not in their life"...but I managed to pull the .."Come get the Cookie" worked and then I ran through the house getting dressed....I know I can't get dressed till I have them put up...cause it's "No you don't" other wise.

At the store the Isles were filled with Lillies (Easter Plants) and then other colorful goodies...OMG..getting around all that I worked my way to the garden area...YUCKO..the plants didn't look good at all...but I did pick up the I'm good to go for that...then on to the food section..

Yikes..crowded..(oh I left later than usual) can't deal with crowds that well..but I only picked up a few things and then left the building  LOL...YES< I got out of town...hahaha....

Treated myself to lunch (McDonalds) and then headed home..unpacked and let the Critters out and got their two cents worth..and the cold cold treatment...but soon it was over as they checked to see if I brought anything for them....(So you think critters are different than kids???? Now way)

Later I leaned back and watched a crazy Dove try to dominate the feeder and chased other birds away but when Woody showed up..the dumb fool Dove went to attack and before I could say..."Jack Rabbit"...the Woodpecker pecked back and WOW Woody had that Dove on it's side...OMG..I thought he done killed the I jumped to my feet opened the door and that quick Woody flew away and so did the Dove...

I can't believe I witnessed that.. I mean a site unseen to this body...and I'm still not believing what I that Dove don't do that again !

Later watched the Voice and fell asleep..woke up and thought it was tomorrow...LOL got up let the Critters out..and here I am...Blogging...couldn't go to bed without putting it down and printing it out in my mind...

So that's my story for today ...and who knows what tomorrow will bring...

God Bless.....

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools Day Plus Palm Sunday

April Fools Day Plus Palm Sunday...WOW !!!  This is a double dare kind of a bonus..Palm Sunday...again I say, "Holy Cow"...Watch your step and pray cause there is blessing to be shared and dared...if you are superstitious .

My morning was an April fools kind of thingy...well sorta ..I mean I woke up and had some things I had to do first off...Find my papers to reset my locks...and guess what ?????  I can't find them and still can't and I've been rooting all morning long...since like 5am.

Hubby called and guess what (again)...????  He got the "What did you do with them" or was it more like..Where did you put them "...Now I know he loved that cause he could hardly speak I was in a dither....You all know what a "Dither" is ??????

I think this morning I was speaking in "Tongues"...well my kind of lingo any way and not sure that many would even comprehend it..much less wanna be around me when I was jibbering...cause it wasn't pretty .

I had to take a break as it was waring me out and the search will still continue...but I'll also give some pleasant news...My Gardenia plant is in full bloom...last night as I was letting the Critters out for their last go round I got this strong whiff of a sweet flower and I walked up to the front of the screen room and looked out..Low and Behold my Gardenia had a lot blossoms opened and it was a really neat surprise..guess I've just had so much on my mind happening I hadn't notice...even though I water daily..

So that made my night as I went to bed and I was so proud of her too...and this morning I'm a jumpin' out of my skin trying to find that bag of "stuff"...I do remember my hubby saying, "I didn't throw it out"..cause he's good for dumping stuff with out making sure if you need it or not...

Did I say, "my week was gonna start off better"...?????? well so far it's heading for the hills...don't know if I'll see daylight cause I'm a gonna find that "stuff"...

Gonna put Chicken in the Crock Pot for tonight ..will do a BBQ  chicken for tonight ...I need a little spice to kick it up a notch ...or maybe the notch will be kickin' me....

Day is beautiful outside but I won't be out ..not much and my plans of going to the store..Why bother...I mean I'll head out tomorrow..I'm not together ..maybe I'll take a nap and dream where things are cause St Anthony hasn't responded..oh for those that don't understand...We Catholics pray to St. Anthony when we lose things...He's the Saint for the Hopeless..and Lord knows I'm hopeless today...

Now I wish I could say, "April Fools"...but I think it's more on me ..So have a great one today and above all...Be Safe !

God Bless