Monday, January 31, 2011

The Last Monday of the MONTH

The Last MOnday of the Month...holy banana...I mean tomorrow will be February where did the month go...and my gawd I feel like I just got here..well not just got here but almost.

The weather today was decent and my energy level was just about going...I didn't want to do much ...only what I had to..Does this mean I'm lazy...hell no, just means my brain gets tired to quickly...Might be all the meds I take..Hey got to blame it on something.

I did accomplish a few things and I even got to go outside..Holy Mackerel...I got to see out doors...I was beginning to think there was only 4 walls...but there is an outside after all.

Waved to my neighbor,Betsy...and even chatted with Clancy a bit...then I was back indoors again..Still a bit of chill in the air...My squirrels are happy campers in fact they are getting plump...I make sure they are fed or there is trouble brewing for my feeders.

I've acquired a group of finches which are pretty neat...soon as the weather gets warmer they'll lose that green color and become a neat looking yellow...alrighty maybe I'll catch a few pictures...need to do something :)

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Cardio Doc..this should be interesting..He had tests run on me in Nov 2010 and I still haven't heard the results..I'm so impressed with Doctors here in Florida..can ya tell ?????

Anyway I'm gonna get my list as I go out tomorrow I'll stop at Publix..make sure I don't buy their ice cream..heard a recall..LOL  Nah I only buy once in awhile and it's a small size and only Vanilla cause it's for my cobblers..when I make em'

Now I'm gonna head into the Shower and then try and find of few interesting patterns for Oval table cloth...need to get started on a project..I'm bored...


Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's Bed Time Sunday Night :)

It's bed time Sunday Night :)  Oh and it's gonna feel so good... Today was a good day...did my bucket bread first thing at 5:30am and then on to Joe and Reba's pancakes.. I made up enough for 12 days which they really enjoy...Yep this morning they were looking for their I toast the pancake and they like that crunch...Hey, ya gotta please them fur babies..

The day was not bad ...had a little chill in the morning but by afternoon the sun was feeling good..Took Reba and Joe's PJ's off them...gawd they stayed out in their patio for a good 15minutes just basking in the sun..

Was good to see Joe enjoy it...He's such a neat dawg...and of course my Ham bone Zeke he wanted his part of the action..but my Abby...she's Momma's couch potato...she's in her donut bed and lovin' every moment..

Didn't do too much really kind of just wallowed in the depth of movies and there was some good ones I watch...kind of stayed near the stove and oven as I did up so "Do Aheads" to cut me some slack for the weeks ahead.

My rice making..well I have to be honest...I'll stay with boy what a mess I had...but cooked up a batch and froze it for the Critters food I have to make this week..Yep, it's that time again for Joe and Reba's food...I get about 22 to 25 days worth and that really helps.

Tomorrow I do have to run into the store (well not really run) and pick up a few things...gawd ya know I hate shopping...but I do need to get just a few items...and then I have a Doc appointment for Tuesday...Yucko

Talked with my friend Jane tonight as I had to keep her awake while she drove to the nearest rest area..some days she makes me a nervous wreck but that's Jane...her way of doing things is by far from the Norm..but the that pair J and J they are just different...So I was glad she got to a rest area..she stay there for a few hours ..hopefully till morning at least..then she'll make her way down to Atlanta...better her than me..

Now I'm looking at my Critters and they are all in their it's my turn...and then there is tomorrow...but for now...bed it looking really, really good...!

God Bless....

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Saturday...Saturday...Whoopie... well it was and still is... I got up early and thought I'd get a big jump ahead and cook up my dawg food..What a mess and surprise.. I can't cook rice..You got it My rice came out mushy. I tried something new (never again) and it became a real job. Thought I'd cook up 3 cups of brown rice (that's all I ever use) and followed the directions (last time I'll do that) and seemed so simple HA it was mush...sticky mush gawd awful mush...guess it's back to my old way...Why didn't I lean a lesson...I mean when things work for ya, why try somethin' new..leave well enough alone..

Finished up my mess and made a few more other things to give me a jump start for the month now I have no room in the freezer again...gots to go out and buy a freezer...was hoping when hubby came down we'd go an do that ...if I wait that long I'll be ready to head home...YUCKO

Next week will be busy.. Dr appointments and blood work and then to the stores..(is it that time already) seems like I'm on this constant routine of doing chores...gots to come up with some better idea...hopefully soon.

My Joe today is starting to have difficulty in jumping up on longer can he jump up on the couch..I have to pick him up...Hated to see that..but it's ok I can deal with it..He can jump down so far but does it very slowly..He's looking at me right now waiting for me to come to bed...He's still my Numero Uno !

Not much to tell today...other than I hear the weather man telling me..Warm days are ahead..that sounds great I need warmth I'm not doing well myself with this body don't want to move .

Ok, I'll now make a nose dive as tomorrow I have another set of goodies to throw together plus make a loaf of bucket bread so I can clean that bucket :)


Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday...can I believe the weekend is here

Friday...can I believe the weekend is here zoomed in and I can't tell ya too much other than...I sure hope it gets warmer..I hate hiding in the house not being able to take the Grape Mobile around and checking out what's happening...I feel like I'm in seclusion...huh..I sure is...too dang cold to even move...although moving would bring a little warmth in my bones...

Today went by too quickly in fact I can't believe I'm ready to go to bed...What did I do?  Where did I go?  Wait... I know what I did...oh ready for more feed to make for the Critters (it's that time already) ..

I know tomorrow morning I'll be making 2 weeks of pancakes up for Reba and Joe..and then it's the dinner food I'll make up for 20 plus days then on to the ..omg..I'm tired already and I haven't started yet..

I did open a new bag of food for Zeke and Abby...that will last 3 weeks 40lbs..see what I gets tiring just thinking about it..:) but I do enjoy making these things for my Critters..

My Joe had a hard fall today off the steps..and he actually cried.. I felt so bad and just help him ..he even did a sigh after awhile..goodness these days get hard and harder for him but he keeps trying and holding on... I so held him close and ya know it felt good just knowing he seems to realize I was comforting him...Hated to see him fall..and he hit the concrete hard...gosh I got such a sick feeling in my stomach...OH BOY it does get hard....

Now tonight he'll snuggle in close to me..and that will make him feel better ..he never leaves my Reba will be on top of the pillow over my head and of course the two bears..Zeke and Abby will be down at the bottom of the bed.... I'm gonna be tucked in tonight...LOL  No wonder I wake up tired...hahaha..

Ok,,,, I gots to make that dive into the bed.. I have a busy day tomorrow...Lucky me...but I am truly Lucky...cause I will make it one more day...

God Bless

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It really is and was Thursday

It really is and was Thursday....and I made it through the day...of course I'm too pooped to pop...Picked up Lonnie as he forgot..(yes, he forgot) to come over and I had only been to his place the woods..OMG...would I remember, would I get lost DUH...and mighten ya know I didn't have my GPS nor my cell phone which wouldn't matter cause I didn't have his phone number...ain't I bright ?????

Well I managed to pull it off and found Lonnie walking down the back road with this darn neat cat ...looked Siamese and it was following him like it was on a leash..cutest dang thing...and yep, I could have taken it home...second thought..maybe

Lonnie laughed and just giggled all the way over to my place thinking how I was so bother by how he forgot to remember to come over...Typical man stunt I told him...and he even laughed more..but boy that guy can work..he got out of the car and went right to work..he was done in a few fact I forgot how upset I was and was grin'n from ear to ear ..and next thing I knew I was back in the woods again and dang here come that silly cat...His daughter brought it to him from Georgia...aaaaaah so cute..NOPE I didn't take it home but smiled all the way down the dirt road thinkin how cute it was ..

Now I had to clean my carpet today too...what a crap job to I had so much soil from the dawgs coming in and I done moved things around and got out the scrubber and man I'm spent..carpet is cleaned and towels are all over the floor so we can walk and I'm ready to fall out.

Thank goodness it wasn't so windy today but still a hint of chill in the air..I need warmth..come on sun...and I got the Electric blanket on..and I'm just about ready to make that dive under cover...

Checked the forum sistah's out nice group picture ...wish I could have made it but I'll do some catch up...there's the PA one in the happening...we'll see

Good Night !

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What a Wednesday...Windy

What a Wednesday...Windy city goodness you could have called this place Chicago..not for the action but for the winds that blew...and did they ever...This morning I fixed the bird feeders poor little things.. I mean their food was under water...mush, so I dumped it..The Squirrels were thrilled I'm sure but when I put fresh feed in I had almost 20 finches come must have been Feed time in the heavens cause they seemed to come from there...:)

I called Lonnie early this morning told him, "stay home" it was too wet and too windy to even attempt to finish the guess what I did (like you'll never guess) I watched finally my Netflix movies...the ones I've had for ages I never got chance to see them...I held them for when my hubby was to come and ya all know that didn't happen...So now I can put them babies in the mailbox and send them on their way....

I lobbed around as the wind was not my favorite thing...more like as I went out I was blinded by my hair...LOL so I tied it up and still got whacked by bits and pieces in the air...Oh, give me a break !

My day wasn't completely wasted I mean I did accomplish a few things..mmmm let me think what was it...OH, I made bread...the last of the bucket bread and I'll use that up in a few days with lunch and know the dunkin' kind..

Tonight I'll relax ..(gawd I'm so laxed out) and make my list to go to Wally World and pick up a few things...and then clean out the's that time again cause somethin' in their is calling my name...I hear it...LOL

God Critters done and they are zonked...guess watching all them birds flock in for feed keeps them on their kids it's not "Chicken"...Read the forum Sistah's outing episode and wished I was able to go...but I'm not so I'll just enjoy the pictures

Maybe I'll go in the kitchen and make a "Coffee Cake"  gonna have a friend stop in tomorrow and that would be nice with (what else) coffee... Can't forget I have to pick Lonnie up tomorrow so I can get my yard finished...and all is well....Maybe ?????

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday and I missed the GTG

Tuesday and I missed the GTG...was planning on going till I heard the storm coming our way...One thing I'm not good about...if ya know me well is storms..I get all nervous and worry about my critters...and I've been here when the Tornado touched down in Wildwood...OH YEAH !

This morning all over the news was about the storm on it's way in...also last night when I went to bed...I even worried about one of the Sistahs coming up from Disney world..."Marge"...cause I know my luck I'd get there and on the way home I'd get caught in it...

Sucks...I'm brave about almost everything cepting storms...I don't do well and I ain't shy to admit I'm Chicken Chit when it comes to them..been in way too many for my liking I guess...and yes, I even close the blinds so I don't seem fact in my storm..well, it was the one that hit Wildwood a few years ago...I was in my rig and listening to the TV, in fact the same station I was listening to, today and tonight...

It was about 3:20am (yep you got it ) and I finally let the critters out to potty cause it was so bad with rain and wind and that awful got silent a dead still..not a breeze and the air was thick you could cut through it... I opened the door and stood outside...I hear this strange sound a roar of a train..and at the same time I heard the TV guy say "It's down on the ground, in Wildwood...take cover"...Holy I am in an RV park in Wildwood outside and it's pitch black but I hear this sound..(oh I've heard this one before) and I run for the bathrooms as I'm not parked that far and my Critters follow and I'm yelling..Tornado, you think any one heard me or even bothered to turn on a light...NOT... I and my critters got into the shower room and we sat there..seemed like forever..but was only maybe half hour...when I heard sirens going off...Yep the tornado hit a few miles away..omg...

So now you can understand this storm that was coming...well, I just said..."I'll miss everyone and I know they'll understand but I can't go out in it and leave my Critters either...I did call Bethie to see how things were and if everyone was this storm hit here around 3pm ish and winds and rain and of course lightening....oooooh boy... It's still raining now...and so far now the warnings have lifted ..but I won't sleep till it's over...NOT ME..

Hopefully some of the sistahs will come visit while they're in the area or maybe passing by..invite is always open ..just call first LOL  ya know gots to put the critters up

Soon after the rain stops I'll let my group out and then kind of try to relax..I get very tense and the mind starts pounding...and asking..."What's That"...LOL

Ok, I need a chill pill....maybe even a good drinkie poo...well something good any way...

Later all....

Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh boy, It's Monday

Oh boy, it's Monday and my driveway is "empty" ...yeah I miss MS Bethie...we sure did do some talkin' lots of things that happened in our lives and of course about our beginning...and then our friend Sparky...well for others ..Sparkle aka Jean..She sure was a character...some really got to know her and others just had a quick story or a fast glimpse as she sure didn't like pictures taken of her...but later got some twist of fate actually.

Bethie, I know you'll have those moments when you'll start thinking about our very first "getting to know you" on that wild and crazy forum...Lord help anyone who was on with us...oh..Paulette was on but I think she kind of just thought she wasn't reading right...LOL  Paulette think back if you're reading..and by the way... I didn't forget your Birthday...:)

Now back to me...I'm doing "Laundry" that really sucks and it's a warmer day like 66 and that's like heaven from what it's been...I wanted to get caught up and hoping that tomorrow I would go to the GTG and join all those wonderful, wild and crazy women...ones we call SISTAHS !!!...

Gonna make my last loaf of bucket bread and have that with some Chili tonight and Yes...I'll have some of that Blackberry Cobbler with the last of the ice cream...oh that was so good..and simple too..Yummy to the tummy..

Took the covers off my plants so they could get a glimpse of the "SUN" fact I think I heard them gasp..yeah, it's been awhile since they felt warm..

Gots to get back to the swing of getting this work done and oh, need to open a big bag of dawg food...yeah the bins are empty...the big bins..the little bins on top of the frig are filled ..(that's Reba and Joe's food)...Gets kind of nuts in here I have theirs, mine and sometimes..ours ...that's the apples ..we share them...

Back to Work :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time goes by to quickly and now it's Sunday

Time goes by to quickly and now it's Sunday and Bethie's headed down the highway... Our time together was neat...we don't get into each other's way but enjoy each other..You need your space and I need mine and together we combine it...Now that makes sense, don't it >>?  Maybe that's why we've known each other so long and still can talk hahaha...maybe mumble a few gooders too...every now and then..

However we had a very good time just talking about some things we've done and of course ya gotta have some fiddles while ya do that...right ?   Well that we did.. I was already decided I wasn't gonna slave over a hot stove..only just a little ...but we went out to the Country Club here that is a part of my community...and it was nice...then we called it an early night as Bethie was tired from driving too and I fully understand that.

The next day of course she "Found" her list and off to Wally World we went came back and had some munchies as that night being Saturday we were gonna go out for dinner..(already omg) and we went to Starvo's which serves pretty decent food and the service is always great ... and nice young lad too  LOL  but the pizza was very very tasty...You'll see on Bethie's site she took most the pictures as I was busy doing dawgs or something and I was too busy yakking...:)  What can I say... "We Italian's talk with our hands so how could I take a da picture"...LOL

We came back and took a break and I already told Bethie we is having Blackberry Cobbler..and I see she didn't take any pictures .. I couldn't I mean I was baking and in between feeding my Critters their treats...(Your fault Ms Bethie) LOL... but it was good topped with Ice Cream  omg..!!!

All crashed about 11:30pm and for me that's late as I'm a very Early 4:30am...I know wish I could break that habit but been too many years working them hours....Soooooo we did good...I promised I'd wake her hahaha if I didn't see her by 10am...but she was good...she was up and ready for more FOOD..LOL  Now she'll tell ya.. "Oh, I only eat a little...but she did good and I was happy "  Italians have this terrible habit...WE FEED YA  Like it or NOT...:)  Almost like that saying, "Ya 'all come back ya hear"...well, Eat ...EAt..Eat...see similar :)

Next I'm gonna try to get to the GTG on Tuesday...I can't promise as for me it's always a day to day thingy...Some days I can wake up and have no problems and other times I can barely make it around...and then there's my Joe... His birthday was yesterday and he's 15 and he's been having some good days...and only a few days ago my Reba took a few seizures...So you all know how it is...but If I can I will be there...but if not..I'm not far away and ya all can come visit too....

Now I'll attempt to post some pictures ...Lord help us all...

Beth is parked right at my door ..Hop skip and a
jump and you is in :)

Hey here we are...How nice Peaches and Bethie all comfy...Looksie she's on the Internet...Now that's addiction folks ! 

See Bethie tellin' me.."Yeah, I'm letting the Sistah's know I'm at Zeee's house (and I'm hungry).Where's the goodies...?

So we went to My and Bethie's favorite shopping place...Wally World...and we did get some goodies..which Bethie will be fixin for the GTG...It's gonna be good cause one object she had me and the store people lookin' all over the store for...She knows what I'm talkin about...HA !  Took forever too...but guess who found it ???   Some nice lady :)

When we got back Abby was besides herself....and Zeke well

Looks speak a thousand words !

What can I say !

We didn't take any pictures at the Country Club just at the Restaurant and Hey, that pizza was pretty good !

Now this morning well mid morning we had here are the pictures from that

I'm a fixin !

and a fixin !

oh it's gettin' there

I'm ready to toss it out as I just finished flipping it..that ya missed ...but Bethie is still smilin' ..Ya thought I couldn't do it...Told ya...hahaha

ON the plate and ready to serve...but wait !

Someone had to butter the TOAST....Holy Moly

Now we say our "Prayers" and EAT...omg it was good too..hit the spot...

It was so nice and I so enjoyed our visit...we certainly have been long time "On Line Friends"...See, ya never know who ya gonna meet...and what road you'll travel ...but you'll always have an "On line Sistah to meet and park in their driveway too...Not bad...

Bethie I so enjoyed our visit and pray we'll have lots more to come...God Bless

Psst...2 new additons..guess who they are ?  aaah shucks I'll tell..or wait I'll show ya !

Meet  "Ike and Mike"  ain't they purdy

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oops I missed FRIDAY...but now it's Saturday

Oops I missed FRIDAY...but now it's Saturday Morning...and I can not tell a (well maybe just a little) Lie... I had company and she's still here ...:)  Yes, a long time (on line and off) friend... Bethie and Peaches.. uhmmm well I got a call a few days ago from Bethie and she asked, "Would I like to have company"?...holy moly of course I'd love it as it's just me and the Critters 4 and my barking is becoming more prevalent since I've not had much conversation with humans...HA ...I have this sort of mellow tone to my barking...

So in she rolls yesterday between the rain (with huge deposits I might add of rain) and we parked her car at my girlfriends place.. My driveway isn't that long ...and then we plugged her in..(in case anyone would decide to visit me I have 30 amp available) and we hugged and chatted and chatted and went to dinner at the club house ... It was great... have missed out on all the "Gossip" and of course hadn't had much contact with Bethie. So there was a lot to hear and it was a good thing...:) 

Today, we'll head over to Wally World...(how could anyone miss out on their treasures) and then I'll have to take some pictures and you'll see what's next...Oh and by the's gonna be COLD..going down to..(according to the weather bug) 28 tonight..DUH.. and I surely wanted to let Bethie see some of my haunts that I go too..mmm Maybe I'll see if she has time on her way else where to swing back..

Ok, now it's like 6am and I need to get them darling birds and squirrels fed..and me a cup of coffee and then my Critters 4 will be anxious for their breakfast....

I'll be back !!!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday and all is counting

Thursday and all is counting, my blessings that is !  This day was a good day and of course I kind of did a little visiting...Lonnie didn't come and do the finish of the yard as he had to work for my girlfriend Jane...So, I decided I should take my golf cart and do a little visiting..Like the Mailbox..and that was filled with JUNK ...why do I still get junk mail...????  then I stopped at Diane and Bob's house (my housekeepers) and then my neighbor Betsy...had a nice visit with her too...Yes, I did a nothing kind of day but I needed it.

Tomorrow I'll get up extra early and complain I shouldn't have let a good day go by...but ya know there's always tomorrow...and besides I'm not the Domestic Queen...just one of the humble Beezzzzz :)

Talked with hubby and yeppers is a definitely "See ya in March" we'll have our anniversary together as long as he gets better .. that's all I ask...and in a few days we'll celebrate my Joe's birthday he'll be 15 and I'm so tickled pink he's doing ok...

Ah and a surprise is in store for tomorrow along with a few pictures as I promised...some I'll try to take before the rain..unless it rains overnight...duh ....why didn't I take them today you ask ?????? HA...cause I just wasn't thinkin' and the sun was shining too...

Watched another part of American Idol...some I was in tears and the others I could hardly believe my ears and eyes...oh this seems like it's gonna be a strange season of...wanna beeez

Bed time has hit and I'm ready...although I shouldn't be tired...but I'm sure I need the rest...Why not...:)

So, good night sweetheart...:)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, A loss of one of our Forum Sistahs

Wednesday, A loss of one of our Forum Sistahs...Sparkle aka Jean and as I always called her "Sparky"...She sure was full of I got to meet Jean at our first Get Together in Florida.. I saw that sparkle in her eyes as she would tell me about her coming to America...and of course Sparky had lots of good stories.. I will always remember that and also the first time I wrote to Sparky online...her and her "Liver Treats"...Her memory will live on that I'm sure of as she made many impressions on those that met her . "Sparky, you were a hoot", now you can soar the heavens...and fly like the dickens...

My day was a busy day...morning anyway...I had Lonnie come over and clean up my yard and even Clancy came over to check and see how Lonnie was doing... I introduced Lonnie to Clancy and said..."Lonnie, this is Clancy..he is my Yard Man " Clancy smiled... I had already told Lonnie about Clancy's wife he knew my saying that was to let Clancy know, I wasn't replacing him... and Clancy joked with Lonnie and told him..."You're doing a great job"...
There was a good feeling in both men being there and talking...

I even got another surprise...well, I promise I'll take pictures .. maybe tomorrow...but wait and see...oh boy... and my yard is looking so much better it was cluttered with Acorns..of which my squirrels don't eat ..cause the sunflower seeds are sweeter or maybe they are just spoiled...????

Tomorrow Lonnie will be back to finish up thank goodness..  cause the weather is being so kind to us...felt good being outside and riding on my golf cart as I toted the bags of leaves to the front for tomorrow's pickup..

Watched American Idol...Yes, I miss Simon... I just loved his comments and expressions..although the group tonight did a ok job but let a lot in  guess it's really hard to tell someone.."They are bad" or better yet.."You Sink "...hahaha

Now I'm tired ..from fresh air and oh load..but there's tomorrow and another big load to do and even laundry... goodness I wish I could wiggle my nose and say..."Be Done"... dreamin' that's for sure..

Speaking of dreamin' I'm about to do that in a few minutes..

Good Night All...and Good Night Sparky...Ride that Milky Way...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday...lots of news some good, some not so good and

Tuesday...lots of news...some good, some not so good and some even better ! Now I'll start off with the not so good...Hubby's report from the Doc..

Seems his "Talus" bone in the ankle is not doing well...not getting enough blood fact if it doesn't get the blood supply it will die....WHAT ?...How in the world and what in the world is this "Talus" bone..well ya know I had to do a "Google"......

This there bone is like an important bone...(did ya ever hear of it ?) and in fact if it doesn't heal...he could have some major problems using his foot...HOLY CHIT !!!...

A simple twist of the ankle stepping back caused again I did some Googling..and it's like one of the main things athlete's have problems with and also (now get this) it's sometimes called "aviator foot".. when the pilot hits the brakes too hard they injure this "Talus" bone...uh..hmmm like skid marks on the runway ???? omg..I am thinking I don't wanna be on that plane or is it...I sure hope that pilot has good feet !...

Poor hubby I mean this guy was busting his butt unload that rig and tells me, "to be careful" and look what he gets..Ouch it's been that long ..Since Oct and he's still not able to walk...The Doc told him, that this didn't show up on the Xray he had done down here...The MRI showed it all...Thank heavens.!

Well, if it can happen will happen to "hubby"... he gets strange things that happen...and often become written into history...Now if we only would get paid for some of these strange ailments...NOT...but as long as this can heal and he will be alright...of course comes the...He may not be able to come down till March...ok...

Now the other news....which is good news...My surprise objects will be delivered tomorrow so I'll be taking some pictures so you can all looksie...:)

As for the other "Great News" that will come about on Friday...and will happen...and I'm tickled "Pink"...can't it Friday yet.?

Tomorrow I'm picking up Lonnie and he'll do my yard for me as Clancy isn't ready to get back to work and I can't blame him..I sure do miss him but we talk every once in awhile...

So it's evening and my day was so so...with all the news and of course the weather was a lot better and crossing my fingers it will be a wonderful weekend...with lots of surprises too

As for my Hubby... I miss him and I just have to pray harder that he'll heal fast so he can get his butt down calls are ok but sure would be nice to share a few meals together and have him near by.

Bed time Critters have had their cookies and Momma is draggin' gots lots to do tomorrow....Lord help me..cause ya know I'm gonna be so anxious to get things done...Patience... give me Patience...LOL 

God Bless and Night All...:)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ok, it's Monday Morning and the Ole Man ain't Snoring

Ok, it's Monday Morning and the Ole Man ain't Snoring...but heck it was raining on my Parade...Bad enough it's Monday... Had to make my day's work load...

Ever try to get 4 ...yes FOUR Critters out in the pouring rain..without having to use a load of towels to wipe the feets (of which there are many) and then their bodies...nothing finer than the "Wet Dawg Smell"...omg..So there I was using up them big ole towels..and the basket was getting full by the DAWG.

Hearing on the NEWS.. Tornado Warnings...oh's that time again ???? Well, I made sure my darlings were dry but I was the skin..the Sky OPENED up just as I was doing my choirs... Bring the trash out..and feed them darling SQUIRRELS..cause they'd be sure and hit them feeders....oh the rain didn't bother them cause it was feed time..HA...

Did see a lot of Finches..they are so neat looking..didn't really recognize them with their coloring now...and oh the Chick A Dee's were happy...they were hungry...Oh my ...low and behold out comes the sun...I feel it coming through my window...PRAISE the SUN...even if it's just a few minutes..sure hope it dries up things..cause the car port is the  "Go for the Slide" thingy...yikes..

Have to do some ordering on line for batteries for the phones...Walmart didn't have any...don't know why their bins have been empty on these items..I mean the phones need them...but for the last few months not available...soooooo had to go on line and maybe I'll be able to talk without hearing the beep beep beep... charge light go on...

Gonna attempt to start my tablecloth pattern...well get all the thread I need in and get set for it...That's always the first part ..then get the mind set for the ...crunching of the hands....and then the weight of this object sitting in your lap....Don't think about it... it will just happen ....soon...:)

Need to go make a Hot bones are feeling the dampness ..the sun disappeared again...but goodness it felt good for a few minutes...Memories like the colors of my mind...LOL....humming yes, it did bring back Memories...HA !

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday...I treated myself :)

Sunday...I treated myself :)  Yes in deed I did !  I went out to ..(take out) dinner...and I went Chinese...omg it was delicious...and it's been a long time since I did...well Chinese that is...actually since before Oct 2010...holy cow !

Today was my day..visited Diane and she was getting her hair done..well, frosted...(just like a cake :) ) and got to chat with her friend Jackie. Was a nice visit then I went to the store and decided on my dinner for this evening.

It was  a toss up.. I mean Roasted Chicken (which I do love) or Chinese and how could I resist the delicacy of that delicious meal...and it was and will be even better days to come ...HA ...Yes, I splurged !

Here it is the end of the day and I'm winding wasn't too bad at all and I took it all in...Still haven't ridden in my (newly fixed) golf cart as it hasn't been that warm to deal with all that wind...hahaha...(can ya tell I don't like cold weather of any kind).

So, now I'm lookin' over at the Critters 4 as they are waiting for me to tuck in...Soon my darlings, soon...

Tomorrow is a full day ahead and that means do all the chores I put off and get em done...then I'll await the call from hubby as to the report from the Doctor on his foot...I'm anxious ..but will say a prayer that everything will be ok...

Ok, ok...I'm now ready to make that plunge into the warm bed...good having all these Critters cause each spot is warm ....aaah

Good Night All...till tomorrow

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Night

Saturday night and I'm just about ready to fall out...My day was busy...did my usual mad dash run in the morning for the Critters and the Creatures both big and small...even had a few words with the Mighty Squirrel...I'm standing my ground...HA...well, it worked for a bit anyway...they're getting very use to me and in fact wait for me to make their daily delivery...Here's breakfast...:)

Went to Wally World and did that mad dash through the crowded ..(Saturday crowd) store got what I needed and got out of town...wooo hooo... I don't like shopping...not my thing..

Rest of the day was just getting into the closet and re arranging all the Critter's food...and then smile cause it was a little fact I think I heard myself "Praise the Sun"...

Now it's time to say "Good Night" and go visit my neighbor tomorrow...for a bit just to let them all know..."I'm still with them"...also check on my other neighbor as he was suppose to do some wood work for me...Now I sure hope he did cause that will be a neat addition to my yard...

Sleep well all...cause I'm blinkin' tired...

Friday, January 14, 2011

TGIF and it's still cold

TGIF and it's still cold....rather chilly ...but some sun did peek out. Reba had a peaceful night although Momma didn't... I went to bed early but I woke up around 1:30am couldn't get back to sleep till around 3:30am...and the rest was...OMG !  I over slept..well till 6:30am...and it was ..The race is on...all the Critters were running right behind me till I opened the door. Then...OMG !  Yes, it's freezing cold  AGAIN....I'm tellin' ya, if it rains here it will turn into snow...eeeek !!!!

Today was a wasted day...a day I needed doing nothing and just doing google searches for biscuits for my Critters...See, it never be exact I went looking for Darford brand and I normally get them delivered with my dog food. In 20lb boxes...but NO, the distributor lost it's privileged..(politics even in dog food do you believe it ????) so I went on a hunt...

Turns out my girlfriend Mary (back in MD) is now a distributor for them so...My other girlfriend Jane (you know the team J n J) she's gonna be up in that neck of the woods and will bring me back 3 boxes..YES..3 boxes...gawd does it get any better?

A nothing day turned into a kind of nice smooth day with not too many interruptions and now its getting into the evening part so I'll do the next best thing and watch a Netflix and make a Hot chocolate and be prepared for the
(get this) warmer weather that's due in...Just heard gonna get into the 70's....omg...from freezing to will be a MELT DOWN...can I handle it...?

Tune in for the next event...LOL

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today is a Birthday Day..

Today is a Birthday Day...Abby who is 9 (my darling) My Brother who is 70 and only admits to 40...and Paula, my hubby's secretary and a great lady...who tells me all :)...Nah..only somethings.

We all celebrated via email, phone and of course a few barking sessions...Abby will get her extra goodies tonight...and I'm sure a few harmony as well...

Reba again had another seizure last night, not as bad as the first but enough to make me worry just a little bit more...but today she's like nothing happened...but she and I both know, Momma is watching carefully.

Things like this always seems to make these deep indentations in the has she had these before ?  will they come more frequent or will she be like Joe...have a few and then disappear... Only time will tell...and of course I have to control more of her she's one of those...leaps and bounds where ever she pleases...and tells ya about it later.

This morning I started my day off making up the pancakes for Reba and now they have a two weeks supply...and then I did up Abby and Zeke's Veggies and Rice for a I get a break..well maybe.

The weather was again a bit brisk...but the birds were hungry and so were those dang yes, I feed the crew and even added water as the bird baths were frozen (like a brick)...and lots of Robins...omg there had to be at least 30 waiting for water...

Tonight I'm gonna relax and kind of attempt to mellow out...for tomorrow I need to get out and go to Wally World..for .. BIRD FOOD and goodies...what else..:)

I'll also pop another loaf of bread in the oven early... Ali, if you're reading it's that bucket bread I'm making... Make it up one time and have it for several days in fact it can last 14 DAYS IN FRIG....It makes about 4 to 5 ....1 lb loaves..and that is perfect..and very tasty..

Well I hear the kitchen calling my name...time for a cup of Hot Chocolate...alright here I come .....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Worried Wednesday

Worried Wednesday....well it didn't start off that way..In fact my morning started off with me making bread..that bucket bread...grabbed a glob and cloaked it into a round loaf and let it rise for 40 minutes....the rest wasn't so bad.. I mean having the oven on at 450 was kind of delightful... Of course it was freezing cold (for Tropical North Pole here) and that warmth added that golden touch.

Put the bread in and away it baked..and yes, mine did rise and it just seems I get some height to my bread (sorry about that Mitch) and it smelled great ..couldn't wait for that bowl of soup with it...

One thing..(reminder) don't put more than a half of cup of barely in soup..other wise you get more barely than soup... DUH.. yeah it swelled better than the became Barley and more Barley...Ya gotta like barely for this soup  Ack !!!

Got a few chores done and low and behold my poor Reba scared the day lights out of me.. She was napping in her favorite chair...and I was chatting on the phone with my neighbor..(to dang cold to stand out in the yard) and I see Reba slide off the chair onto the floor with her back legs kicking... She had slid down along side of Abby...Zeke walked over and bent his head down and was watching her...Abby seemed to have her head on Reba's I was yakking I leaned forward and saw Reba having a seizure....what can I say... I could barely talk... I excused myself quickly and bent down to be near Reba...

Gawd it's an awful feeling ... I mean this was like in her sleep she fell down...I just made sure the others didn't bother her ...seemed to take forever but it was a few minutes...She came out moaning as I picked her up and held her...........This is the part I dislike so much about loving these creatures of God...You raise them and their life span is short...Reba will be 15 and I guess I was just caught off guard... I'd expect it out of Joe as he's had his share...but Reba.

Yes, my heart sunk as I begin to realize her time with me is also best friends are up there in age...where did the time go ?  A few tears rolled down my face...I couldn't help it. I've just been not thinking lately... Everything around me has been happening... Guess it's time I start to pay more attention...

Now for the rest of the day....I just thank God for my borrowed time...and love them for what ever time I and they have left... Sucks, but didn't I say before, "Life makes us no promises" soon I forget...So we live in the moment.

Keep those memories going and smile as we think about those good times..and there has been many...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ouch it is Tuesday and Almost Over

Ouch it is Tuesday and Almost up bright and early (as usual) whipped up a batch of Bucket bread...(lovin' that stuff) It's really so easy and I let it set on top of the stove for a couple of hours than the best part...popped it in the frig for tomorrow's loaf of good bread...

Yes, it will be soup weather AGAIN and it's gonna get down to the 30's tomorrow night so I'm gonna bring them dang plants in.. this covering up and down ain't makin' it.. They look like they're in I'll keep em in the house for a few days and let them feel the warmth...well a little at least.

Talked with hubby and it was starting to get a little snow flurries...sure hope he doesn't get too he was having that MRI done and hopefully we'll find out what's happening with that foot .

My Joe has been a little on the down side...had a little upset stomach..which he hardly ever has...but I'm watching him.. He finished up his antibiotics and he's been doing ok...but I just take no chances..

I still haven't begun to do any of my crocheting..kind of haven't had the desire although I have several things I have to make..Gifts ...but for some reason I'm in a lull...and not a lullaby either..just the plain ole lulls.

My Cardio Doctor's office called today...yep, and cancelled my appointment for next's now Feb 1st...although I could see his practitioner...Now I don't know about any of you...but for my Heart problem ... I don't want to see a practitioner..(not that there's anything wrong with it)  I mean, I've never seen one before for my heart back in Philly I just rather if I've got a cold no problem...sure in fact I have a great practitioner here that I simple think is the greatest.."Gina"... without a doubt I'd see her...but again not for my heart ...Sorry Dr...but I'll have to wait till Feb...(shaking head)

Tomorrow I'm gonna work on my computer... have to up date and add a few more programs for my graphics and in fact I should pop into some of the art groups I belong too... They always have such wonderful art to challenge...and enjoy doing graphics with...of course I have to get written permission... but I so enjoy it..

Well, I'm gonna make me a Hot Chocolate and lean back...maybe watch a movie..I better as I need to put these Netflix in the mail....

Later all....

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, Monday...Got er' done !

Monday, Monday ...Got er' done !... Yes indeed... I was out on the highway ...heading to Sam's Club to get er' done...and done I did...well, almost. Had to stop at Publix on the way home and finish up...I thought but no..had to stop at Wally World...omg... I got it all  done. Thanks to Diane for her help as well.

Yes, it rained on my parade..what 74 was raining and raining and chilly...but my heater worked great in the car :) and we had it loaded to the fact I think I heard her burp ?????

Dragged on back and partially unloaded the car...even heard the choir do their 4 part harmony...whoopee... it was a good tune. I'm sure my neighbors enjoyed it too :)

Then I plopped in my big chair and unwind...had lunch and oops took a nap..holy hannah I was living life as a Queen for a day... and I enjoyed my outing although it was like a mad rush...grab from here and there check prices..don't cha love it when ya can't find the price or it's not the right one ...duh...

Now tomorrow it's do up some meals ahead and maybe if it's not a rainy day I'll make some "Bucket Bread"...oh that's so easy...and it's nice every couple of days grab a pinch and bake a loaf  LOL..

It's that time ..yep, electric blanket is humming and so are the Critters 4 and soon I will be too...Looking at them Flame less candles sure are soothing...

Talked with hubby, his MRI is set for tomorrow afternoon...can't wait to hear the results..Am saying my prayers that he'll be alright and just use a cane for a few weeks to strengthen that ankle...Guess he forgets along with age comes a few little aches and pains...

Okie dokie I feel that Mr Sandman is calling my name  Zeeeeeeeeee

Psssst Lizzie..if all goes well, I'll be there on that Tuesday...but I'll keep ya posted...sure would hate to miss everyone...Think WARM...:)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday...a nothing sort of day

Sunday...a nothing sort of day...did as little as possible but did get a jump start...Made my shopping list for Sam's club tomorrow and pondered on whether I really needed it now or not...but some how the NOW won...

I watched my darling dare devil squirrels and all there antics...yes indeed they are clever...knock on my window and peek in and you bet I'm comin' out to feed ya...They've now got me well trained and I might add those babies are getting might plump...but it leaves my feeders alone and I get to watch those magnificent creatures and they fly in for a quick bite..

Cleaned out the frig as tomorrow is also "Trash Day" and that means I lug again..but I've got my trusted 19.95 dolly that helps...looks like crap but hey the wheels still work and the platform is still sturdy...Works for me!

Talked with hubby this morning and of course before bed time..He did his morning usual on Sunday..(he teaches Sunday school) and then came home as his foot was really bothering him and he had to take some meds...

Again I made sure I reminded him (Nagged) to get that scheduled MRI and let's get finding out what's happening..So that's what's on for tomorrow...

Now I was gonna make another bucket of bread (love that easy method ya got ta try it) and I decided I'll do that when I get back from Shopping...Gonna pick Diane up and she'll go with me...She can zoom through stores faster than I've ever seen anyone and I'm on a cart..well that's not saying much for them electric carts they go very slow...just wish them baskets were bigger...

Now I've got my electric blanket on and critters are all set in their places..I'll lay out my clothes for tomorrow so I won't alert those darlings so they start their glee club early and not want to go into their rooms...It's a hard go when they get so stubborn that I have to drag the big ones in...They aren't spoiled !

I pray everyone has a peaceful night and I hope and pray no one gets caught in this ice storm...

God Bless

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brighter Saturday

Brighter Saturday... My night last night was gloomy but I did get to fall asleep watching the flickering of the "Flame less Candles"...They sure are pretty soothing.

Talked with hubby early this morning and all is set for him to get these tests done and find out what's what... That makes me feel better..So with that good feeling inside...I proceeded to get some things accomplished..Yep !

First thing this morning I had stripped the bed and got them in the washer and while I did that I cooked up Joe and Reba's supply for the next 24 days..then turned around and did Zeke and Abby's mixture ..enough for them for the week.. Now on to filling up the bins with all the dry food so that will last me a few more weeks...Yeah I've been busy and that helps me...I mean not time to sit back and wallow in self pity...although some days it's not bad to have a pity party..only thing I have to invite ..which means I have to straighten up...aaaaaah shucks I knew there would be more work in it for me..

Tomorrow I'll  do up Joe and Reba's pancakes..(yep they get em every morning) I'll do up two weeks worth and I'm on a roll.. then I'll head out to the store to get in some small stuff.  Already planned on going to "Sam's Club" with Diane for Monday...Look out I'm in a buying mode..hahaha..

Tonight I'll whip up a batch of bread comes that bucket's really good...Those reading this should give it a try...and it's honestly simple..No big mess either...and for me .. that's saying somethin'

Ok, now I'm gonna put my stuff in the freezer and get on with a few more chores ...let the Critters out for a quickie then by 2pm lean back for a quick nap...(Nap time 2- 4pm)...I can hear them Zzzzeeee


Friday, January 7, 2011

Dawgone Disgusted on Friday

Dawgone Disgusted on Friday... Talked with hubby this morning and things weren't going so well for him...His foot is still not well and it hasn't improved and ...yes I'm getting crazed.. This should have been healed.. I beg him to  go to the Doctor and find out ..WHY...Some times these men just don't pay attention and they feel we nag...Well maybe we do...but it's always for a good reason.

Here I sit teary eyed and worrying that the dang fool has let this go without telling me...and they say "We women don't think"...gawd..some times ya just wanna shake the chit out of em'...

Now he went to the Doc and they are running blood work and setting him up for an that will be next week...and of course he was suppose to fly down next week...Soooooooo I tell this man of mine..."Stay your Asp home and get these tests done...find out why and what can be done"..

I'm down in the dumps but I'll get over that...but not knowing what's wrong is the bumper sticker to "Sheer Madness"...and to think this man is suppose to have a "BRAIN"... Love em' but wanna knock him in the head...DUH !!!

Had to deal with Jayne (the other part of the J n J team) she was a real winner last night...She had a good one with John..and I got the rest of the deck...she was in her Suicide routine...Oh, I didn't tell ya that one...yeah when they get going the next thing is the... "I'm gonna do myself in"... I wound up hearing it for hours and didn't get any sleep..

Not because I was on the phone...but I kept thinking..."What if she does it this time"...that I made up my mind... There is no more of this either... I'm gonna tell her when she gets back in town...."Surprise Sister, but the next episode of the Suicide routine ...I'm a gonna call the POLICE"... I've decided if that's what I gotta do...then that's the best way to handle this I've finally have had enough...

What some people make others go through is nothing but pure SELFISHNESS...and although I've known them for years and they get over this and go on for the next round ...I ain't a gonna be the VICTIM of their fun...

See this Year is a new beginning for take care of ME and MY...share the love with others and willing to help and do what I can...but to be used and abused by insanity...NOPE...

Now back to hubby... I sure am gonna miss him but I know this is the right thing to do...and after this is checked out and taken care of ... That plane will be landing again...

Now I'm tired have had a long night and a hard day...I don't think I even ate...well I ain't starving and there is always tomorrow...

Lord thank you for an eye opener...and God Bless

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thinking good on Thursday :)

Thinking good on Thursday :)... Alrighty, so far my issue with "phones" is some what under control...whoopee ....and possibly we can put that sweetheart to bed.

I did not much today other than attempt to get my golf cart fixed...yes, another issue...that hopefully will be resolved soon.  Called one of my neighbors who does fix golf carts for a "part time" thing to do...and a few extra bucks.

He came over and it's the that has to be ordered and it should be ready to go on Tuesday...aaah hubby gets in on Wednesday ...all is good ???? Yeah, all is good.

It's house cleaning and putting junk out...Already arranged limo to pick hubby up...not that I couldn't but with the way things have been going's best that it be this way for now...and how convenient...I mean door to door service and very reasonable...especially when ya got that crazies that I have going on.

It's still a bit chilly here and we had some nice heavy rains last night..So nice to hear that rain on the roof...(love that I'm in the rig cept I'm permanently parked ) It kind of puts me to sleep with one eye open and weather alarm ready... hahaha

J (the female part of the team) stopped in last night for her Xmas present as she will be going out of town for 5 that means it will be quiet...from the other partner...There is peace in the valley after all.

So that's about it other than I can't believe tomorrow will be Friday...

Rest me weary  bones :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday ...Wishing come true !

Wednesday...Wishing come true !  I got my phone working...YOOO HOOO!!!

Yes, BrightHouse came out AGAIN!  With a Supervisor and his helper..and the two were here for a good hour and a half..and before they left my neighbor yelled out... I lost my TV..ha ha..Seems what they were working on hit her tv too..oh lucky me..I have DirecTV...hahaha... but the guys were great .. I mean the hopefully (as they said, not me) fixed the problem and if this by chance don't work they have to redo the wiring from the main control to the house...OH BROTHER...glad I have wiring insurance...

So today was a good day..not the was like...Are ya gonna rain or what and what's with the chill in the air ????? but it still was ok...cause my phone is working...:)

I also did my crock pot deal... yep..did another meatloaf and this time I took pictures...oh yeppers..I'll be posting them babies them uploading in photobucket as I type...

Did a bit today..filled up my cookie bins for my Critters..they gots ta have their cookies and apples before bed time..oh, oh...Got my latest from QVC..them flame less candles are filling my house.. these were just gorgeous!  I have to take a picture...they are in the bedroom...Hubby is gonna just whine and whine...."So you think you're saving on Electric...How much did those batteries cost"?  can't ya just hear him now...but it's the feeling ya get with the soft candle light...psst...he'll get over about a week on the way home on the plane...but I got one for him to take home...LOL

Now hope this works but I attempted a slide show of..(what else) Meatloaf in the Crock Pot...pssst it was good :)


Ok, have to figure out how to do a slide show on here..but this is the link to it...till I find out how  LOL


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tooting Tuesday...what happened to Monday ?

Tooting Tuesday...What happened to Monday ?  Well as the story goes, it was a completely messed up day, almost.... I had my morning session with BrightHouse losing connections along the way. Getting caught up in the Loop de loop mess...Yes, when to dial in you get in that NONSENSE...English to Spanish then to some one that really could care less and then passes you on to someone that Thinks they have the answer to a Supervisor who follows the screen dialog to then maybe if you're lucky someone that has "Some kind of Common Sense"...That was most of my morning...

Then I went also across the great divide and never leaving my house...I was switched from one state to another..isn't it amazing and my problem is in Florida ????? DUH...What's become of our great "NO HOW" .

I then just got to one young lad who "Claims " to be the right one to speak with and I told my story I did before ...Over and Over...however, I did tell them..(the whole dang mess of them) I was filing a complaint and now I'm even one step above that...(Lucky for us)  there has been articles in the papers lately about ComCast and I got to that reporter (well if they call me back that is) and I will tell my tale of woe ....I might even make the evening news...HOLY CRAPPOLA..

So my MOnday was a long long long day ...oh and I did get to meet with the General Manager of our community here and registered my complaint with him that should go to our Board of Directors...

Met up with Clancy for a bit and was good to chat with him...then on to that favorite haunt..Winn Dixie...yep picked up a few things as hubby is coming in next week...Alrighty...perhaps I'll get a break..(Ya got to be kidding) but at least I'll be having dinner with the man of my life...even if it's just for a week..I'll get to talk and talk and spend  hahaha..

Today, I'm gonna venture out this afternoon to pick up food for my Reba and Joe... I have them on a special dog food (besides what I cook) Taste of the Wild ...they love it...and 15lbs last me a pretty good time for those two..they like the Duck and Smoke Turkey...(goodness I should be so lucky) and then I'll see what other goodie I can pick up for them..

Now as for Abby and Zeke I feed them Verus...another great food that I bring down with me...and I should have done the same with Reba and Joe's food but I forget to order a few more bags...I mean I only brought down 400lbs hahaha...what was wrong with me.. I only needed 60lbs for those darlings...LOL  I could hear my rig sigh as I loaded her...gawd I'm gonna need a dump truck soon...LOL...l

Ok, so that's my story and I'm stickin to it...Oh and ya wanna know the outcome from Yesterday...Ha.... Well Bright House wants to give me some credit..(yeah stick it) and then wants to allow me to let them do a in house investigation before I call FCC...HELLO are they dreaming...and as for my phone ...well if you should call me... You may get lucky and talk to me..but it might be only for a few minutes without being cut off...hahaha...but I ain't a gonna let them get away with this...Not in my life time.... They have a crew..(some crew) working in the area to find out where the problem is...

Now I ask this day and age...they don't have the equipment to find a problem...hmmm I remember the good ole days..Those guys were up on the pole gals were in on the frame and we were testing and testing lines...Have we come to far away from reality to figure what's best for US...

Stay tuned I promise it's gonna get better...maybe...:)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oh it's Sunday morning .....

Oh it's Sunday morning and I made another loaf of bread (Mitch if you is reading, it came out the same as the last loaf)..and then I am getting ready to chop my veggies up for a stew...Yep, fresh bread and stew makes it..and it also makes for another few meals in the freezer...Less work for Momma !!!!

Today I'm expecting BrightHouse...wonder when they'll show up...???  Doesn't matter as long as they show up...have nothing major planned for today but to do some chores...and then finish watching some NetFlix..:)

Weather wise it's a beautiful day in the Neighborhood..(which is quiet right now) my darling little squirrels did their morning tap..(yep tap on the window to get my attention) YES, they have me trained...and ya know I think I can actually here them giggle....(SUCKER)

Another few weeks hubby will be arriving...I'm so anxious cause I've got lots of jobs for him to do..HA ...Nah..I miss the guy...and we'll do a lot of checking out things for the house to purchase...Of course I'll hear him bicker...but he likes to do's his nature (although he won't admit it)

My Joe seems to be doing pretty good with the Batril and that makes me feel better...hate when they get down ya can't ask them what's it's a guessing game..

Oh yeah, one of my neighbors did come over and drop off some tangerines..gawd are they delicious...Now I'm thinkin'  maybe I should put in a few know ..pick some tangerines and maybe avocado and apricots..(no lemons, you know why) that would be nice..just go out and pick ...I'm gonna ask first..."Any thorns"....yeah that's why no lemons...I'm still remembering that incident..OUCH !

I'm gonna whip up a pan of brownies...but I do freeze them as leaving them around is too dangerous..I got one of those "perfect brownie pans" and love it...cuts the brownies perfectly and then ables me to put them away...:) Yeah...that's my next step..another adventure in the kitchen..and very little mess...aaaaah life is grand..but sure wish I was travelin'   Now that I miss terribly...

Just think I might even show up in your back yard..hahaha... but it would be a remembering incident that's for sure and I never come empty handed..always something I've made or baked..

Alrighty I hear that kitchen calling my name...Zeeeeeeeeee

Well....BrightHouse was a NO that means tomorrow..and ya know I love gonna be a "Kick Butt" kind of morning...I also found out my neighbor Clancy was having the same problem I that means it's not just my phone but most likely the box in our immediate area...Doesn't get any better...What is someone has problems and has no help...OH, I'm gonna do some research and then it's  "On with the Show"...

Tune is for another Winner... wonder how fast I can change phone service...???? This really ticks me off that someone could be in a bad way and be stranded..Such a shame what is wrong with US...what is happening to our compassion...

See I tell ya... I haven't been on the road travelin' but I still have Adventures and it's all dealing with "Life Issues" and "Human Decency"..

Sure pray that things will get better...but also know if we don't do anything about it ...It won't change. !

God Bless Us All .

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saturday..New Years Day...but it's evening :)

Saturday ...New Years Day...but it's evening :)... Well, I had a great day...did only a few things that had to be done ...Chatted with several of my friends to let them know I was thinking of them and of course shared some good stories as well as "Goodies".

Tomorrow I'll have a visit from the phone company as my service went out yesterday for several hours and even had to get in a "War Game" to get someone to come out.... I on my cell phone standing in my carport constantly losing signal had to call my girlfriend Carol ( from the Bronx) and she called our cable company..Yes, I have a digital phone through the Cable company..."BrightHouse"...but I have to tell ya...there wasn't anything "Bright" about fact they were rather rude.

Told me there would be no way they could send someone out to get my phone up and running as it was "a holiday" and no service man was available.."  Now I ask ya..."How do they get away with this"... I mean ..I'm first of all a "heart patient" plus semi handicapped and only have a cell phone that only works in one spot outside...

The rep on the phone was just not giving a crap... He just kept repeating himself saying, "We'll send someone out Monday"...Oh sure you will... and I then said..."Your company is not going to get away with this...I can not be without a phone I have heart problems and if I need to call for help I won't be able "  He then said, "use your cell phone"... I saw red...

So I got my girlfriend Carol...who's one tough cookie and a native New Yorker..that worked for the I need to say any more...She loved the action...and action it was...She tore into them... I can only imagine..and next thing I knew I had the service guys calling me on my cell phone... and a few hours later 2 service men showed up..

I can not believe how they didn't give a rats patoonie (yep that word again) and I couldn't get through as I kept loosing connecion...but I knew they had to come out... They can not let you go with out phone service...I remember that from when I worked for ATT in my young days (high school and college) especially if someone has health issues...but I'm gonna find out more from FCC commission...

I do have BrightHouse coming tomorrow to attempt to fix the main connections some where on the property..this should be interesting...but I do intend to change service too...check other phone providers in the area...I ain't a done yet !

So that was my New Years Eve fireworks...but today it was is still working ...Internet is very slow..but can't have it all...

I'm telling ya...I know 2011 is gonna be great...I've got lots of changes in the happening...but most of all...First and foremost...I haven't lost my humor..

I know the good Lord was looking down on me and those two techs were like angels..both guys were very apologetic and did what they could to help me .

Tomorrow is another day...Can't wait...I tell ya...everyday with me is a "New Adventure"...

Pssst Carol.....Thanks Bunches..!