Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monday came and went..Now we're at Tootin' Tuesday !

Monday came and went...Now we're at Tootin' Tuesday !  My day to visit the DENTIST...!

Let me tell ya, this is not my favorite choice...again I have no choice in the matter..not if  I want to be back to normal..(is there really such a thing)..Oh joy the phone rings and it's my cable service..this is going to be a day of many surprises I see..

Cable service now wants to have me go through the reason on "why" I should be allowed to be (as they call it ) "Seasonal"... Are they kidding..or is it just my lucky day to have a "Go For It" session ...all before I have to go to the Dentist...YIKES..

I can't wait..I'm in rare form too...You know the moment of truth is about to EXPLODE...

Stay tuned...it's ought to be a good one !

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday...A day of Rest ?

Sunday...A day of Rest ?  HA !  Well, I must admit it wasn't too bad... I did my usual run and then some..tried to at least get a little more accomplished...being that in a few weeks hubby will be landing ...and I the good wife (now that brings a smile to my sore jaw ).. will go fetch him..and then it's the mad dash to pick up the Motor Home..bring it over to the house ..plug in and get the frig and freezer cold...

The race then begins... just the thought ....wake me will ya ?

My tooth is still in place even though I thought of several ways to eliminate it...but of course I had draw backs...like PAIN... Can I make it till Tuesday... ?  Ya know I'm gonna be on the phone first thing in the morning to see if any cancellations...So tonight I will (if I have too) light the "ROMAN CANDLE" ...

Perhaps there might be a little sunshine...cause I sure do need some..(not the ultra light)..Speaking of which today was a whopper of a rain.. I mean a drencher..some fierce lightening too..oh my stars.. I closed my verticals...and me and Reba ducked in our chair...even lost power for about 10 minutes..

Now it's calm and life is gonna get better..(thinking positive now) and me and Jim Bean are gonna collide again...Happy Trails to ME...:)  OH YEAH !

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday and Saturday.. Two of a kind !

Friday and Saturday...Two of a kind ! For me any way... I mean to tell you...I've had a tooth ache on and off..Yes, I called the Dentist..and I can't get in till Tuesday...Joy to the wonders that be ...I mean my tooth has not only lost it's filling..but now decided to call it quits..say, "Goodbye".. it done lost the rest of it... It's only there by the grace of what beeezzzz... So, I had to call an Oral Surgeon.. one I've used before..whom by the way, was terrific..However, when I called Friday, the nurse (darling that she was) told me that the Doc couldn't give me anything till he saw me .. which will be Tuesday...I had to ask .."WHY"...her response..(you'll love this) because he hasn't seen you in several years...Oh, isn't this an oral surgeon..?  "Yes", her reply was..Well, then why would I see him on a regular basis ????  (I'm some what confused)..she laughs.."That's true" she says...

Pleaseeeeeeeee..it has to be me.. so my next questions..(simple as it sounds) "What do I do, I mean the throbbing is increasing and I don't want to abscess..".. Now this is were it even gets better.."Oh no, you don't want that to happen..."  "You can either go to the ER..(don't ya just love that one) or call your family Doctor"
Some how I just don't get this picture... I'm not doing well, so I should wait until Tuesday...Any one have a hammer...let me bang this tooth out myself.. I mean pain..heck...what's a little more ?  

So, I call my Family Doc..(while I'm away from home here in Florida I found one) and guess what... The Doc is home sick in bed...(Joy to the friggin world) and the Nurse practitioner can't help me as she can't prescribe any narcotic...HA ...next response was..."if the pain gets too bad, go to the ..(you got it)  ER.....

Holy smokes... My brain goes into Over drive...Flash around the house to see what I have that can help me... I mean, I'm still standing..but not for long...Go to my shelf and look at the bottles of wine..and then..WOW...JIM BEAN...Yep...if it don't kill me it might cure what hurts me !...

So, I took some cotton ..soaked it in Jim Bean..and then snuck that baby right up next to my tooth..(what's left of it) and went to bed...Dang that was a good night..and can't wait for another dose...OH YEAH...!

Now you understand why Friday and Saturday ...are two of a kind...and Jim Bean is still standing :)

Can I hold out till Tuesday.....Stay tuned... come on Jim...let's hit the sack...

God Bless 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday...Wasn't that great !

Thursday...Wasn't that great !..Had planned to say my Good byes to the Needle Crafting Ladies..but didn't go..instead I did some work on the computer with a nasty tooth ache..Yes, the filling I lost ..well, it was found and not in my tooth..So I thought I could get away with waiting till I get home..HA !  Think that one over again..

Seems that the luck of the draw for me, no matter what..(hearing drum roll please)..I have to make an appointment with the DENTIST...and to kick things up a notch..the blinkin' tooth now falls apart..Well, what can I say..."nothing"... So, you know what that means...plus I have to come off my Meds and be pre medicated to have this procedure done..is it getting better yet?

Tomorrow I will attempt to make an appointment and cross anything I can, hope for some dynamite pain meds and sure hope this Doc is a great needle giver...Oh, I just love it...

Now topping that, I watched America's Got Talent and one of my favorite performers..April Lane..gets the boot.. She was one of the best singers..and they leave garbage in her place..Oh, what is wrong with this picture...Maybe the judges need to be replaced...However, one thing going in their favor..they kept Michael Grimm..another great singer..blues of course.. maybe there is some hope after all..

Tonight started Big Brother..(can ya tell I'm addicted to reality TV)... I really enjoy this along with Survivor..as it's the game I love...the shrewdness and the manipulating ...right up my alley... Gawd could I do numbers...

OK, so now that kind of helps me now in my misery...I'm in need of a pity party.. I can tell...


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday..and it's just about bedtime

Wednesday...and it's just about bedtime.. My day was not bad..after yesterday, anything would be good !
Morning is always hectic ...even though I start my day at 4:30am.. I learned not to catch that extra wink..but maybe an afternoon nap would be nice :)

I had a flash come through my brain as I was doing my usual feed the critters.. Soon, I'll be heading back north and oh my...will they survive with out me?...I'm sure they will..might be a little ticked and get into some trouble..(thinking of what they will destroy on spite) ...but on my return they will definitely be happy to see me..(I hope).

Yes, I'm one of those worriers...I mean I know they could exist as they have before..but now that I have them spoiled and me well trained I am sure gonna miss the activity.. .It's a scene to watch and admire..How keen their senses are. Even to the point of "who's the boss" or "this is my turf, stay off it".. I'm enjoying the whole routine !

Tomorrow I'm gonna attempt to hit the road...Yes, to Wally World for a few supplies then back home..Have to do it early as I hate crowds and it gets to dang hot to even think... then I'm gonna visit with the ladies in the Needle craft group and say my "Good byes" to them till I return, Lord willin' in Oct..

I can't believe first of all how long I've been here.. Since the first week of Oct till hubby arrives which will be the 27th of July and then it's the mad dash to load up and "hit the open road".. That's a scene of itself ... well... sometimes a "comedy"... Sparks tend to fly...but all and all..we do laugh about it..Thank goodness for that..

My critters are ready too... I mean I can tell they are sensing the "get ready for home"...and every time I go out the door they are ready for the "charge of the light brigade"..can't say I blame them..cause really "there is no place like home"..cepting the winter time HA !

OK, I'm gonna hit the hay... and hope to have some good dreams of "winning the lottery"..(ya must play fool to win )... and for another good day...oh, and some good bargains...CHARGE !!!!

Sweet dreams, God Bless

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It was Tuesday wasn't it ?

It was Tuesday, wasn't it ?  well if felt like it..but maybe it was just a dream..(more like nightmare).. It came in and almost went out the same way it came in.. a BLUR!..

Started off getting a little more sleep than usual.. up at 5:30am (amazing) and then it was off to the races..Ya think I slept the whole day through NOT...so I'm behind just a little..(does it really matter ?) why should just an hour more matter..?... Well, when all these critter have their minds set that I should be at their beckon call something is wrong...ME..HA...

It seems the faster I went, the behinder I got..The kitchen scene was wild...I attempted to sit an have a cup of coffee..I mean my only pleasure in the morning is my huge cup (which holds like 2 cups) and Hot..my coffee has to be Hot.. when out of the blue the handle breaks and splash comes the hot coffee.. a flood in just  seconds..It covered more ground than moss on the north side of a tree..(you did know moss grows on the north side)...

So I grab my Bounty.. (there is none better) and with that quick yank of the towel the whole rack just about unwinds...hmmm it's getting better... I now have the whole dang bundle of towels as the steaming coffee is gliding across the floor...Like the river flows..so does me coffee... Joy to this world today...

Just as I bend down to do the clean swipe..I hear the thunder of feet running in to see what was so interestingly good... 4 dogs running through and now heading into the living room with wet feet of coffee on to the cream colored rug...it has to be a bad dream cause it really can't be happening ...but it is..it really is..

To think I was gonna go out early today ..take a ride in my "grape mobile" and take some pictures of the area...but not this day..this day is turning to be a "WORK " day.. I mean a  buster of a "WORK" day..and there's no way out of it...

Wash floor, Shampoo Carpet.... put down towels so we all can walk around..(more laundry ) and pray it all dries ..then take the blinkin' rug shampooer apart to clean... jeez that's the worst job..I mean taking it apart and cleaning it out.. you need sticks for fingers ..it takes forever and by the time you are done..YOU are finished ..

Last but not least it starts to rain..oh just make my day..Pinch me it's got to be a dream !

Now here I sit, rehashing my day and looking over at my darling critters as they sleep, peacefully.. I'm ready to crash myself if I can squeeze in.. and pray that tomorrow will be a  better one..or at least have a Head Start..

God Bless

Monday, July 5, 2010

Here's Monday

Here's Monday...it snuck in, or should I say, "Slammed in home base".. Last night was kind of uneventful (for me) as there were no fireworks near me.. I'm so use to being home and sitting on my front porch and enjoying the "Show of Shows".. don't even have to pay for it..much less drive anywhere.. I have thought of selling soft drinks, mosquito spray. folding chairs (on rental basis) and a few other goodies to munch..

We get one heck of a crowd, I mean they are parked all over and just looking up at the sky..Of course we neighbors turn on our hoses..cause ya just never know.. It's a wonderful site and the smell of gun powder over takes you.

I sure did miss that..but my dear hubby was watching .. Yes Robert, I missed it and you too ! Although the noise..well that I didn't miss..but I'll catch it again next year Lord willin and the creek don't rise :)

Today I'm playing "Suzy Domestic"  Laundry and all it's fixin's..jeez I sure do give them housewives lots and lots of credit..they earn their keep and then some..So hubbies, don't go complainin'  cause the job itself  sucks !

It's another rainy day here, well fixin' too...and it's gloomy and wouldn't ya just know it nothing good on TV ..so...now let me see what can I do to keep myself from getting into some kind of mischief..aah I know..a pan of "Brownies".. That will fix up anything..well almost anything..

Oh, I did finish another "blinkin' blanket"  this time in peach..sure is pretty and soft..I'll pack that up this weekend and send it off...then I'll be starting my sister Alice's.. I bought all the pastel colors for it..so she'll enjoy the rainbow...Lord I only wish she'd know what it was for and how I'm thinking of her..

Well, my timer went off and so I'm off  to fetch the next load..Fun, just plain fun !  I sure do wish I was pulling out and heading down that road...My feet are itching..so that means I'm gonna go where no Woman has been HA !  Don't I wish ... Hey, can't help that urge...it's a  part of who I am...

Catch ya down the road...:)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday.. The 4th of July !

Sunday..The 4th of July !   Ba da bing !  Ba da boom !... Photobucket

My morning so far is as usual cepting I can't see out my windows.. The moisture has created a fog, yes! a fog.  We had a great rain..(oh my it sounded wonderful on a tin roof) and I even went out and turned my sprinkler system off (save some bucks) before I went to bed..  (it's set to go off a 4:30am Sun, and Thursday).

As I went out to sprinkle the food down for the colony and the birdies, I felt like I was in a swamp..(you're getting the picture)  The mulch was sticking to my slippers..and I could hear the mushing sound as I walked.. My gardenias are looking great..(they love this moisture) and my veggies are still producing..peppers, basil, rosemary, parsley and even my tomato plant came back to life again..(she looked like she got hit with a bug) and I have a few tiny green tomatoes..(patio style) ..ah all is good !

Saw my cardinals zooming bye and even heard the mocking bird sing it's tune..They are somewhat noisy..even the Wren..(now that's a little birdie with a BIG VOICE).. The squirrels coming down from the live oak trees..stretching and yawning...so neat..but boy they can get into no good in a heart beat.. Soon those Woodpeckers will be hitting on the goodies..Again, all is good so far...but remember the day is just starting !

Catch ya later on....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday, Saturday...Yep it's the Blinkin' weekend !

Saturday, Saturday...Yep it's the Blinkin' weekend !  Can ya believe it.. It's upon us, I mean the dang 4th of July and all the fireworks...and here I'm sittin' in "God's Waiting Room"...HA !   Bang !  Boom!  Holy Mollie I can not tell a fib..(well maybe just a little one )..

My mornings are about the same..cepting I had a few strange visitors..these white birds with the longest beaks that kind of curved..(yeah, ya know they have sinus problems.).However, they came through..going through my hedges..picking up those lizards..those cute things ..the ones like the Geico commercial..(not sure if they have a Australian accent)..but they were "gulp" gone.. Oh ! my stars . " Get out you villains.".I would have went out with my broom but did that thing a while back and the bird moved away kind of quick but spun around on me and decided I'd look better with a few pecks here and there.. So, I learn quick !

Here's a looksie at this bird...See if you don't agree.. I mean on the nose job !

I think I'll call "him"... Jimmy..as in Durante...works for me :)

Now as for the rest of my day... to add to my excitement... I decided I was gonna have a treat today..make some omelet and toast..(sounds yummy) a big cup of coffee..(now it's getting better) and away I go..to the kitchen..Rattling those pots and pans.. sit down and enjoy..what's this?  I feel a crunch and (real lady like) I spat into my "paper towel ( who uses napkins?) and low and behold.. my filling..(not stuffing)  made my day !

Oh the joys of a hum drum day...and no fire works yet..(not from my tooth so far)..Gawd, grant me the serenity of surviving till I get back home..Only a few more weeks and it's, "Hit the Open Road"..

My days not over yet..who knows what else ... later gator >>>

God Bless

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fried Friday !

Fried Friday, and Yes! I took a sabbatical.. I needed a break away...a place to hide..cept I went no where other than away from the beaten trail. I was in a denial situation..You know the kind ...the kind that is..Don't want to hear any more negative news.. So for me the best thing was to retrieve into my cocoon of  (can ya guess) drifting of places I've traveled too.

It sure did help, no way to explain it.  That gloom came over me. I had, had such hopes of having things done when I got back home..So now I just have to make another strive to attempt it again next year... What's a year ?  It's just more time ..perhaps there were reasons things went a muck...........I'll have to turn them pages and see what the next chapter brings me..

Now I'm back to me...(almost) and I'm ready for the big jump to start to close up the house here and pick up the hubby and then the exciting ROAD TRIP back to PA...Holy Hannah ...it's gonna be a wild ride.. Dogs are ready and so am I.

This heat in Sunny Florida along with the everyday rain.. I feel like I'm in the rain forest with all it's humidity... I fully now understand why they call this isthmus , "God's Waiting Room"... no doubt in my mind.. You become a mole person...only out in the wee hours of the morning and then late at night..if the skeeters don't get cha !.. They are dive bombers with a mission..YOU ...

As usually my mornings are busy and I love it..but come mid morning the heat is beyond my flavor..So I grab my cozy chair and lean back and look out the window..Watch the colony of Squirrels and Birds go at the food and a few of the Humming birds float in.. Just love the way those little guys and gals can maneuver..I'm telling ya, "it's poetry in motion"..

I'm planning a busy day tomorrow..have to get off my duff and start getting motivated.. That will give me a good serge to continue...Gosh it's awful to let yourself make a nose dive..pulling out is a little ruff..so I get angry at myself and start to kick butt... Time to  "Stop the Insanity" 

Got a call yesterday from my friend "Tod"..gawd I wished I was there.. He was telling me about his adventures into Manhattan (NY) and I could smell the city.. I immediately went into OVER DRIVE.. How I love the city.. the excitement, the sounds., the people ..ah the vendors.. YES, I truly am a die hard New Yorker..!

So much to do...places to see.. people to meet..it's a universe of it's own..... nothing finer..a league of cuisines...the museums, the theater.. the action on the streets.. I could go on and on...I have so many stories to tell... some so unreal..and some to just sit in awe...and that will be a chapter to fall into...yes, like another world..

Now I'm back in the saddle ready to ride on to another adventure in my daily life..can't wait for tomorrow.

Catch ya later

God Bless

I'm back !