Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What a Wednesday

What a Wednesday...I actually went shopping for me !!!!!!  Morning was I glad to call and wake hubby up as he had to go into the office as there was a meeting scheduled as to what was going to be happening with the people who worked for the company...and what was there next plan of action ..

He still has no power and using generator off and on cause other stations at that time still weren't up and running...of course we know everything in the frig and freezer will be history..

We also have a spruce tree that is leaning do to Sandy so that will have to be taken down. But over all we were very lucky and thank God for that!  Still have not heard from my family in NY or the Hampton's but I'm sure as soon as they can they will call.

As for my outing , my friend Jane called this morning and asked "what was I gonna do"? Well I thought about it and looked down at my delapated shoes and said, "I have to buy myself a pair of shoes." thing I know she was at my door and off we buy me a new pair of those that know me well, know  I hate shopping..I'd rather order on line then to go into a store and look through and try this, try that...omg perish   the though hahaha.

So in we went and I knew exactly what I wanted and I was shocked I found it.  Well almost exactly what I wanted..yes, I did settle cause I old feel me getting the " I wanna get out of here".  It's terrible but I blame my oldest sister for that..she use to drag me from store to store and then we'd go bak to the first store.  Holy Hannah I hate shopping hahaha.

Then after that Jane and I went and had brunch and that was enjoyable. But almost went into a little tiffs...remember she is the partner of the dynamic dou of John/Jane fighting pair. LoL.   But without him around she does ok. But ya gotta watch and as soon as I thought she was gonna start I gave her the "LOOK".  And she calmed down. Poor waitress...

Ten after that we went to Publix to pick up a few things I can only get from there and of course I got my Ms Reba a chuck roast ( yes, I truly did) I don't like feeding her canned dog food haven't fed that stuff in over 35 years but because we are having issues with her eating and me stuffing her I will give anything a try. So when I made my roast she begged for some and she ate it other own so I thought we'll I will make her own and see how it goes.  Can't hurt right?

Tonight I'll watch Survivor. And hopefully catch up with hubby and then maybe get a little relaxation time.  And pop off these new shoes I'm breaking in....

That about it other than how those traveling stay safe and as alway. God bless...

P S. just got a call from Diane and Bob they had settlement and are in their new home so I am so glad they are happy and contented.   Good hearing from her too!

Toodles till tomorrow.....

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Better late than not at all on Tuesday :)

Better late than not at all on Tuesday.....yep peers that's the way I feel any way 
My day was rather dull cept towards the end of the night...waited most the day till I heard from hubby and that was short..but still no power and only running the genny for short times as no gas available till power comes back on..

Hubby did say we will lose everything in freezer and frig but that's not one was hurt and my house is still standing! floods and no major damage nothing compared to others...

As I watched all the damages and how Manhattan and Breezy Point had all that damage my heart felt such sadness...why don't all those politicians take all that campaign money they spend and use it to help people..that's something we all should vote for...

Tonight I talked with my On Line Sistah, Dawn and she and I just crak up on things that happen to us..she's at the get together in Texas. This is her first event and I know she's gonna have a blast but then she showed me her soda making machine. Now I had to laugh I mean I worked for Pepsio and made Soda Hahahaha but I got the lesson sitting on top of the toaster hahaha yeah we face talk on I pad and that's where she places me. We both laugh about it as she tales me on tours .

Wait till she gets to Florida I'll show her our pet gators Hahahaha. That was basically my day. Oh I did get a visit from my friend Jane. Sad one though as she is going through some tuff times but something she has kind of created herself...

Now Ms Reba is bending my ear as its past our bed time. So with that I'm gonna say. "Nite, nite".  Those traveling stay safe and as always God bless

Monday, October 29, 2012

A rough go on Monday

A rough go on Monday.  Know Hurricane Sandy is dropping buy to visit back home...sure does make it a strange feeling.  I mean when we came to Florida this'd winter I had heard of the storm but figured I was going to be gifted with her and hubby joked about it. Well, guess he shouldn't cause he's got her now!

I did not sleep well knowing this was all going to take place and I have felt helpless but am staying tuned to watching the news.

I did go to Walmart today as my friend Jane called and she and I went but as usual my Murphy hit. Hahaha went to look at computers and none were available.  What?  Yep, they had just come in and weren't unpacked and they (the sales people) had to take tour on Windows 8.  So they told me come back in a week or so.   So did I tell you I wasn't buying a laptop yet :)

Came home and just sat back watching the news and off and on talking with hubby till the power went off..he called me back on cell phone to tell me neighbors tree branch fell had hit the power wires   Sparks flew and not to long the fire truck showed up with crew and guess they tied things up..then hubby went out on the porch and I could hear the wind howling.  Ouch that sounds scary guess it fits in with Halloween. Boo hoo.  Sure pray everyone will be safe

I need to pay more attention to the news so I'm gonna sign off for now. Keep prayers going for all

God bless

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm having a heck of a time on Sunday

I'm having a heck of a time on Sunday.  Posting. I've tried several times and always with the same results. nada !   So here I go again and all my thoughts went down the drain.

Morning was my get my life pills in order..although I complain I really shouldn't as its modern tech that's keeping me going and of course the good Lord ...sure hopes I can continue a long time cause I want my chance at being a cranky old senior's my turn to rebell. Hahahaha 

Got up at 4:30am, is there anything knew????  Some day I'll get to sleep in but I do make up for it with my "naps". They ain't so bad. My critters slept till almost 7am now that's my quiet time and boy I do enjoy that..

Put my crock pot on early as I wanted a pot roast old fashion kind with potatoes and carrots and onions. The aroma in the house was mind boggling but man oh man it was good.

Most the day I just did only what I had too and waited to hear from hubby...finally he calls and he's doing ok but still a little aching and then we talked about the storm now here I go again. Worrying what might happen like I an do anything but hubby has enough smarts I mean he's from Mississippi and knows bad weather. But then again it's been over 38 years. Wel guess he's gonna get a quick ourselves.

He told me the gov of the state of New Jersey declared state of emergency all pales loosed thank goodness no one going to attempt to go into the office..we are right across the bridge from N J so we are also gonna get hit hard.. Hubby told me that suppose to get like 10 inches of rain prior to Sandy hitting. Good grief .

Tomorrow I have to head to Walmart and then to CVS to pik up my scripts want to be back home before noon so I'll leave right after I feed the critters...

Wel that's about it for now. And please pray for all those in Sandy's path. lord they sure need it..

Safe travels to all and God bless

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Continuing on Saturday

Apparently it seems blogger is not letting me update so I'll just add to it this way ..if ya can't beat em' join em'.    So I did. Hahaha.

Heard from hubby as I worried and felt that I shouldn't call as he might be sleeping. And he was most the day....and maybe that's what he needed. I know I sure did and I will go to bed early tonight. I'm some what drained.

Most the day I did only what needed to get done and waited anxiously for the phone to ring.  And the day was rather gloomy. So was I..

Tonight I sit and am watching Hall Mark movies. Something sweet with happy endings. They seem to help and I hear Ms Reba in the background giving me what for..of course it's pill time.  Hahaha

Tomorrow I'll get out my crock pot and make a pot roast and start making my list for things I need to pick up...and Monday I have to go into CVS as they had called today and told me a few of my meds they didn't have and would be in but I could pick up what they had.  Now that ticked me off as I had called them on Wednesday to fill scripts giving them time for anything they didn't have to get in and guess they didn't bother you know that made me really happy.

So that's it for my day other than Dawn and I have our nightly chat as she does her dishers.  LoL. And that's what's so neat about the I pad. Chat on face time. She carries me all over the rig and even to the sink Hahahaha

Good night Dawn LOL

As for all of you safe travels and those inSand's path stay safe. God Bless

Wee morning update on Saturday

Wee morning update on Saturday.......

Hubby called (can't remember the time) on the way home from E R room.. He sounded very nerves were in high gear. In fact I had been talking with Dawn, my RV Sistah on Face Time when hubby's call came through..long and short of it....

Taney did an IVP dye Cat Scan and blood work...there was no elevation in his white count nor anything showing on the scan that he was having appendicitis but they could not rule it that because he was taking an antibiotic for his sinus infection that also would cause a "false negative" results...

Hence if he should continue this pain on right lower side that to come back and they would admit him and do a laparoscopic that would be the better of the emergency removal with ruptured appendix ..

Of course my mind was racing and worrying...I could leave last night for home pack up the car and head out...but OH!  Did I forget that Hurricane Sandy and I would meet along the way....?

Yes my night was horrible and I begged (yes you read that right) him not to second guess anything ..that if he was having any issue to call 911thats what they are there for!

So that's how we left it and now here I am still sitting in the same position amazing ..I mean I did go to bed but for how long who knows but my eyes opened up much too often.

Just gave critters their 6am meds and put on a pot of coffee...and I'll turn on the news...some time this morning I have to go into town as my monthly supply of meds for my life will be ready and tonight or wee hour in the morning I'll put them in their dispensers and be set till next time.

Now it's wait this out..that's not my cup of tea but I have no choice. And I'll be glued to the TV as well watching to see where that Nast wench is headed...guess I'll attempt to do a few things.  

I'll be back !

Friday, October 26, 2012

Yes, it's Friday

Yes, it's Friday.  And I did get to sleep till 4ish.  But that's kind of my norm now...morning seem to fly by with my chores and of course I kept watch of "Sandy" the pesky hurricane that is going to be heading up north east..

So now I'll worry for all back home.  Did remind hubby to get gas for the genny and make sure he had bottled water. You know the list kept growing..

As for here we had some wind and a few sprinkles but we are more on the gulf side..thank goodness..but with this hurricane so wide you just never know.

I did mange this morning to make some corn muffins so I'll have them for several days. Cause nothing like having toasted muffins for breakfast.....or even a nite snack. LOL

Later this afternoon I got a call from hubby as he was heading to the ER rom. He has been having dull pains on his right side. They've come and gone but they seem to be getting he called our family Doc and he told hubby head in and let them cat scan, no sense in coming into the office and have to go any way to find out..

So now I have to wait for a phone call. Goodness but I am so glad he didn't wait..but I am the one waiting...will keep my fingers crossed nothing major..but at least he is home and not on the road some place.

I also read on Face Book one of our forum sistah's fur baby is very ill. I always hate to read that and seems it's with intestinal tract inflamed and swollen.....sounds familiar like what happened to my Zeke but Zeke hemorrhaged and dropped like a fly.  That was the worst thing I've ever seen.  It just poured out of him......I'm praying that her Ms Abby was caught in time and not into the hemorrhagic those of you reading please send some prayers..

Tonight I'm just gonna do some surfing for prices on lap tops...cause I do have to get one. But I don't want to pay big bucks. Just need something with a lot of memory as I can connect with my main computer at surf I'll do

That's about it other it's getting time to feed my critters and I know I am gonna be feeding Ms Reba seems she would rather me stuff her than eat ?????? What ever it takes I ain't giving up....!

Those traveling stay safe and those in Sandy's path please take care.....God Bless

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I am off to Verizon on Thursday

I am off to Verizon on Thursday.  Sure enough as I had problems with my iPhone.  I could not send out email...and being I don't have Internet signal strong because my router needs replacement. Does the list still continue????? You betcha sweet bip eeee.....  

Morning for me started at 2am.  Zeke came up to the bed and put his nose on mine. " Wake up".  Oh yeah just what I needed...but I tried to stay in bed so I played the game. Every hour on the hour till I got up at 5am.   This is going to be a Long Day !

Had to give hubby a call to wake him up.  He says, " It's because the house is so quiet".  Ok I'll buy that and so I did infact it will be for this week.  So it gives me something else to do at 6am.  Critters get in line for meds and as I am giving them out I am dialing the house hahaha...

So I got in my car and drove to Verizon and it was such a simple task to fis I could have saved myself the drive lol what do I know about phones.  Hahaha....but I did learn so now I am the "tech".  Ready to travel....but boy did they want to sell me a plan for all seasons.  But...not today I am gonna buy a lap top tomorrow...

I did make another stop before heading back at my favorite Winn Dixie and bought a few things. Will make a pot roast on the weekend crock pot style hahaha.   And then start getting my lists of things that need to get done...oh boy did 8 forget Bob and Diane don't live here any more :(

Hubby and I have been face talking on our iPads and boy does that help at least we both feel its worth it..

Tonight not much planned but try to put my things I brought in away and start on my Christmas projects...that's about it other than I am gonna take a nap to make up for my lost sleep. My fingers are dragging. Hahaha

Safe travels all and God Bless

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Here we are again, Wednesday

Here we are again, Wednesday and I didn't leave my house.  I just felt like I needed my own little world today...have ya ever been in one of those modes ( see we now call them modes instead of moods ).  And it just felt good in the separation ?   Well it did !

Morning for me was. "Up and at em'".  Strange to because I was back to that "all by myself". Which takes a little getting use too.  I mean who can I give those dastardly orders too ??????   Just jolly ole me and I baulk when some one shouts hahaha.

My day was just mellow till I called C V S and then it was.  "How could my meds be so messed up" and along with that was call the one in Pa to see where they went wrong to back down to the one in Florida.   It was definitely going into a "road rage".  And who was gonna bring home the Salami ?

I sometime wonder why it takes so much out of you to get these things right...... And they say, " this is the computer age" wel to me it feels like we are back in the Stone Age !

Tonight I am gonna just watch a little T V and call it over with and pray that tomorrow brings another turn of the tide...

Yes, I am going to have to do laundry.  And Tide is what I have at the house and son as that's al gone it will be Zeee's potion. "El Cheapo " and it works great..

So with that I"ll say. "Have a great day and God Bless "

Oh yeah tonight is Survivor.  Hey I certainly have. Guess I should start my own show. LOL

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yes, I've been Missing in Action and it's Tuesday

Yes, I've been Missing in Action and it's Tuesday....where in the world have I been.  Well would you believe this one. (Get ready).

Thursday we made it to Brunswick, Ga and no wifi.  So no Internet  even though I paid for it the Flyin J service was not working.  But they gave me credit for the next time.  But no refund. Surprised?   So that made my day plus could not get the satellite to pick up the signal. So no T V..

So grinned and bared it all. Plus had wacky neighbors that tied their dogs out all night and when we had to walk the critters it was loud and that just added to my wonderful night!!!!!

Friday morning we pushed off at 9:30am and decided not to dump the tanks as I clicked onto my iPhone am for rest areas and it showed their was a dump station at the Welcome center in Florida. So that was my next stop.

Little did I realize that when I took my morning meds that I accidentally too my water pill.  And Hello There I was gonna be in for one of many events....starting off with the Welcome center...

We get to the Welcome center and I swing right around to the. Back and the "urge" hits me.  And OMG.   I pull over and wow like gang busters.  Cause since we started out I stopped taking them and this was.  Swanee River and then some.   Ok. Now I'll be ok. And with that I drive to the dump station and another surprise. No Dump Station.  They closed them all up on 95.  Thanks !

So now it's understood we wil have to go into Wildwood and dump at Jane's house and good thing cause that "urge " comes back again. And I realize what I did and from that rest area to the next and the next and next and next ( you getting the picture) all the way to our exit to get off I stopped at every rest area and some on the side of the exit...for 3 hours drive ...

After we dumped at Janes we then headed into our winter home.. We live in a gated community and last summer they put in a bar code system.  And I jokingly said, "watch I'll be the one it won't work on.   And sure as shooting.  "I was". Almost hit the gate.  That sweetheart didn't work that gate never opened and thank goodness there was a guard on. He wasn't too happy and neither was I .

When we got through that mess and on into the house I discovered that my laptop and router got .fried from a power failure so now you know why you haven't heard from this moment I am borrowing a signal and it won't last long so at least you are caught up ....some what :)

Saturday...we unloaded the rig and then fell out......a lot of in and out and just putting things in piles.
Good to be here anyway and sleep in a big bed..critters were happy and ran all through the house.

Sunday was like a mad dash to get the phones working,,yes, I didn't have any phone service so they fixed that too  we also had to clean up the rig before putting her away.
Washed the outside furniture down and cleaned the grime from the carport...then brought the rig over to park....

Now that was a nightmare as when the first rig is parked wrong it throws the rest off and to get my rig in...well it was such a tight fit it was like kissing ..but I got her in and squeezed out the door. That still has to be fixed but how I felt I could care less.

Monday was put and find things and spend some time with hubby as he was leaving the next day. And I made a pan of Lasagna. ...sent some to my neighbors as I always enjoy sharing that meal. Something Momma always did so I guess I'm following her tradition and of course .....

Here it is Tuesday. Hubby left for home and the house got quiet. Later on we chatted and as soon as I borrow this signal we got a quick face talk and that felt so much better..yes this will help us as being apart for such length of time every little bit helps..

Tomorrow I head to Wal Mart to buy a laptop and router and I am so tired so I am gonna say "good night and God Bless"

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yes, this is Wednesday

Yes, this is Wednesday. And you get two for the price of one!  Because I wasn't able to post at all and now I have a signal. WOW...we will be leaving in. Couple hours and heading to our next spot for over night. The flying J in Lotta, South Carolina..

My weather thingy is telling me its 43degrees at this moment. But the heater in the rig is working and my electric blanket really did a great job..Ms Reba enjoyed it..and hubby , well he went to the couch. Hahaha. He was in his sleeping bag..the bed in the rig is to small for all of us. Hahaha and you see critter don't move...

Everyone is sleeping at the moment so this is my "quiet time".   Oh just before we left I bought hubby an I Pad.  It is his Birth day present and I am glad we got it..cause this makes it a lot easier to talk face to face...time away won't be so hard..

Well I am gonna put this on hold and will continue when we land at our next stop for the night.

Did I tell you my luck was running out ?  Well Murphy ole pal came a visiting.   Just when I though to myself, "some one heard my prayers".   Hubby was helping me  pack up as best he could and I was getting the critters put in their crates for traveling when all of a studded I heard a crunch.  And I mean scrunch ...I held my breath and did ya ever get the feeling you don't wanna look?  

Well I did and I turned around and at that point I saw (now hear this) the bathroom door caught in the slider as it was retracting. (Getting the picture yet)...I saw my darling dearest hubby's eyes almost pop out of his heads saying, "OH NO"!!!!!!

My mouth dropped open and I just shook my head. "How the heck,   What the????? OMG!!!! I just could believe my eyes....Am I dreaming ?????  I had to check this baby out. I mean all my years of RVing.  This is a first for me....

Better yet how in the world am I gonna drive with it...well long story short (this is one for the campfire) we got it unstuck but now the door won't close so I put a clothes basket in front while I drive and will have to get it fixed.  But I ain't saying nothin cause the trip ain't through.   To be continued. Hahahahahaha  Yes the door looked catty wampum.  And so we drive on down the highway on to another Adventure.

We arrived at Latta much earlier than our last stop over and now we are on too another deal. The satellite wants it's turn. But I did stop hubby from climbing up. Oh I wasn't gonna watch this "new" surprise.  

So all the critters are fed and now to settle down playing a game of cards. Can't get into too much trouble there unless he cheats. ..?

Tomorrow we head out for Brunswick, Ga and our last Flying J to stay over night. So stay tuned ta never know what else we can get into !

Safe travel and God Bless

Tuesday is gone but it was a winner!

Tuesday is gone but it was a Winner!   Why?  First off it was my birthday. Second, we were heading to Florida and Third, because my Sistahs on our forum and my friends on Face book wrote such wonderful messages..Made me feel that people do care. And that is a. Wonderful feeling..

Now our trip so far has been rather busy..not only in things we had to get done but I do believe every one in the human race was on the road...and they were all going in the same directions...get the picture...we were in 4 1/2hour traffic Washington DC and northern Va.  I was thrilled traffic moved along Silver Springs Md.  But that was just short lived .

I had to pull into a rest area for an hour to let the critter both 4legged and 2legged move about. I don't ever remember it being this bad!  I sure will not attempt to come through between 3pm and 6 pm. EVER!!!!!

Got to the Flying J almost 7:30pm  and most spots were taken  had to unhook the car to park. Now really strange is a lot of the RVers had their dogs tied to their rigs so that as we went to walk by with ours these critter came out from no where...SURPRISE!

Good golly Ms Molly when did this start?  Of course the people looked out to see Duh?  There is no sense in saying anything but I did and it went to deaf ears. Now if you wonder why Flying J and other areas are not wanting us..I think you can understand why....not rocket science.

My thoughts are, "what the hell is wrong with them, don't they vociferously others"?  Now I think a minute and say, "Zeee, it's YOU, plain and simple!"   Shame on me, Shame on us!

So hubby and I had a quiet night watched the debate and then went to bed. Me I was uptight no wifi..I mean it came and went but mostly went...oh one more thing.

After we arrived here it took me forever to get my satellite to find a signal so I had to call Directv. Now that's another episode I don't have the stamina..

Hopefully this will post if not I'll have to try it later...

Safe travels and thank you.  God bless

Monday, October 15, 2012

It's to the Wire this Monday !!!!

It's to the Wire this Monday !!!...I've been up since 4am and my knees are knocking and I was ready to roll cept it was so dark outside I knew I'd trip...and don't want that experience I sat and looked around then grabbed my trust worthy note pad and started re checking the check list I had..and as I looked I list is getting smaller...thank you !!!!

Got Critters up and out and then their breakfast..hubby come be bopping down the stairs..cause he didn't have to do his usual mad dash rush out the door..but grabbed his coke a he puts it.. and sat back in the recliner...

Oh no I have to make sure he doesn't stay in that position too long cause I need to have him help me drag out the rest of the "stuff"..and I'll deal with his complaining..I mean I've dealt with if for almost 38 years OMG..that's a long, long time..hahaha..and I Survived...wooo hooo !!!

Now I have to get out to the grocery store..(I'm not a great shopper..I hate fact..LOL  I'm not the typical lady of the house..) I have this awful look on my face..(playing it up big time) hubby then chimes in and says, (those magic words).."Zeee, would you want me to go".. now I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't thrilled to death.. I mean this man done just made my as I dragged the words out of my mouth..."Well, if you really want too"..(like he'd want too..well maybe he would cause if it comes to spending money he's a bit of a tight wad )..and as he popped out his chest and sat up (Chivalry isn't dead AMEN) he smiled and took my list...woo hoo..!!  

Yes that man of mine whethered the weather (really nice day but no sun) and was just a grinning ear to ear..and drove away... Did I hear ..."Hi HO SILVER"..hahaha...and that sure did help cause I needed to get that laundry going and get the Critters Meds all packed up..making sure i have all he medical records ..I scanned them on my computer so when I get to Florida I'll connect with main computer and print out for the Vet and my Doc there...sure makes it easy not to carry more stuff to worry about..

I've got a few things done up for the frig and freezer and am vacuum sealing also we are getting closer..tomorrow morning I'll put water into the holding tank just enough to use the bath room and we fill up in the Flying J's and take showers's so much easier..We buy our breakfast one big one and split it..and I have coffee in my we are good to go with that..

I'm so anxious feet are getting the Hitch Itch LOL..and before you know it we'll be on the road...have to make one stop first at Mary's (JeMar Pet Supply) and then we'll head right for the first night stop off ..Flying J in Va..

Ok, need to stop for now and will pop back on a little later as I progress..time to put clothes in the dryer...and get a few more things on the cart to roll out to Mabeline :) that gal..

Well I spoke to soon about the weather as hubby and I continued to finish up loading the rains came...can I tell you I know how it feels to be a drowned rat ...wait..they jump I can't be a rat..well, I was a drowned cat !!!  Soaked to the skin and as we attempted to finish up we were slipping and a sliding...this is the stuff I hate the  most..and it seems each year it gets harder..

Dinner was quick tonight as I had the BBQ pork and made great sandwiches...and I'm so tired my arms feel like they are dragging on the with that I'm gonna say..."Good Night"..We plan on getting out of here around 9:30 -10ish to head to Md and then from there attempt to weave through the mass of DC...traffic..oh my stars..

Stay Safe those traveling cause I'll be joining you all on the highway..and most of all God Bless...

PS...I bought hubby an I pad tonight cause we are gone so long and talking on the phone is one thing and getting to see him when he can is also we can Face Talk..and that will help and I can duck when he points his finger hahaha....

Later all and keep us in your prayers.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Day of Rest on Sunday :)

A Day of Rest on Sunday :) surely was too !..I woke up and my body didn't want to move and then I had to make up my I or am I not..and the I am not won !...Yeah as must as I wanted to I think I just over did it yesterday..soooooo a day of rest with a few intermissions :)

Ms Reba was get up and go this morning..she talked the talk but only half walked the walk eating her breakfast so big Momma here helped her along..No wonder now when she sees me coming towards her she runs lol...

Had my coffee and decided that as hubby went off to church I would do a little gathering of some things and then a few more thoughts..It's important when you get up in age to keep them brain cells active..

Got the trust worthy Crock pot going with a little Pork BBQ and I'll pack that up in containers for on the way down to Florida ..oh I'm liking that sound..even bought some cole slaw from the the make a pretty good one..

This afternoon we took Ms Reba, Zeke and Abby up to Sauls to get booster vaccine and also Ms Reba's sutures out..and boy she was like a wiggle worm tuff holding her...but Saul was happy to see her doing so well in fact she picked up a couple of pounds...(with a little help from Momma).

Weather wise it isn't too bad but I told hubby "this cold spell is getting to me, my legs don't want to carry me"...hubby's reply..."You might need a hoist"..HUH?  typical Red Neck man of mine :)

So, I never got to go to the store but I will tomorrow morning and then I'll just load it right into the it's gonna be a Hop, Skip, and Jump day tomorrow...wooo's getting closer

That's it for me and as always..don't know what tonight will bring but sure hope I see the sun rise tomorrow.....

Safe Travels to all and as always..God Bless

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I feel the ground move under me feet on Saturday!

I feel the ground move under me feet on Saturday !..Yes ma'am...I have been up since 4:30am a hot cup of Strong Coffee going and started getting my goodies ready...Went out into the rig and did a vacuuming, dusting and wiped out the frig and freezer..made sure my blankets were ok underneath the storage ..brought them out and then had to sit back and look around..:)

Of course this was all in the wee hours of the morning.. I'm one of those..I can't sleep till I get things done..and with this.. I've got hitch I'm double timing..or is it two timing..wait that's a country song in the making LOL..

So came in the house and all were getting up..those darlings ... I had to take a's really cold this 30ish..brrrrrr but was toasty in the rig cause I had the heaters on..  yeah I was no fool...wasn't gonna have to go out in that cold asp rig..NOT ME !!!

Then I put the flannel sheets in the washer and got them going..even though they were in the draw in the rig.. I have this thing.. I like cleaned again they got washed..won't kill them..and as I did that I had another coffee break and chatted with a few Sistah's on the Internet..

Got hubby up and he was on a mission..had to go to the food distribs to pick up my special tomatoes..the kind I use to make "Gravy" or Sauce...and I had ordered in 3 cases..Yes, folks I can't buy them any where..and these come in from Italy ..what we use in the restaurant..they are 7lbs cans..LOL  Hubby says, "I lost it"..well...he sure likes eating my that's the end of my story LOL..

Tomorrow as hubby is in church I'll go to the store and get groceries for our make hubby his chili..triple batch so it can go in the big freezer..and then I'm gonna have a couple of crock pots for BBQ pork and the other Stuffed cabbage rolls..all freezable..

My list is never ending..but I'm starting to draw lines through that's a good thing..and I've taken my Aleve so my legs aren't getting the best of I'm not saying "I ain't a gonna moan and groan later on".. heck I'd have the biggest case of Pinocchio..going hahaha

I've  got the biggest case of Hitch Itch look out world here I come !
I'm sure before the days out I'll be talking wild and crazy too..cause I get those know the did I get it all did I for get something kind of feeling..OUCH...but I'll get through this and come Tuesday..well I'll feel that roar of the Engine ...for sure !

It's noon time and time to let the critters out..go out and make up the bed and check the cabinets just in case...I know I also have to check my propane..oh Lord I saw the price of propane up here..I'll get it later on..too much's becoming liquid gold..YIKES.

Be back later...

I'm back...LOL  had to take a nap I got so tired..and when I get that way I can't I  went and lay down for what I though was like hours but was only 30 min and I heard everything around up I got..yeah, I could have went back to bed..but..too much more to do..

Have to fix dinner so it's gonna be open face some roast beef and I have some brown gravy left from a previous there is dinner ..boy I'm lazy...hahaha

Haven't got a clue what we are gonna watch tonight but my guess is..I'm gonna be counting my blessings and go to bed by 9:30am cause tomorrow..OMG we've got a lot to do..yeppers..Critters have to go back to the Vets and Ms Reba gets her stitches out and Zeke and Abby get their Distemper vaccine..

That's my story all and I'll catch ya tomorrow..Lord willin..Stay Safe those traveling and as always..God Bless

Friday, October 12, 2012

She's home and it's Friday :)~

She's home and it's Friday :)~....yeppers our rig is finally home.. I was so ready for this and waited and waited..well you all know I'm been just so anxious to get that baby home..and home she is..Thank you !

Morning we all slept till 5am..yeah !  and then it was off to the races..I had planned on hubby taking me down early this morning but plans are sometimes like jello and they change..hubby left and I would have had to sit and wait..Yes, sit and wait as there was a couple things that wasn't done that changed the plans of getting her home early...(is this something new or what?)..

Fed Ms Reba, although she did start to eat a little on her own and then left but that wasn't good enough for Momma..nope she needs to finish her breakfast so I made up the left overs into little meat balls and down the hatch they went..and a nice burp afterward...then I was ready..but again not yet..hahaha

So later on hubby called to let me know he was on his way.. and like a flash I was ready too..boy it was so great driving Mabeline home.. I mean to tell ya I felt I could have kept going all the way to Florida hahaha..surprise :)

Pulled in the driveway and the rest is gonna be history.. cause I have to clean her up and then start loading.. so I decided it would be best if we left Tuesday in stead of's too short of a time span for me to get things done and then I'll be so over whelmed I'll be I'm working on hubby tonight...

Not much more other than my time now is on a schedule so it's Hello, Good bye and I'll get back hahaha... yes, that is how it's gonna be for the next few days...

So I'll say "Toodles", and I'll play catch up as I go along. Safe Travels and as always..God Bless

News Flash !!!! Ms Reba ate 3/4's of her dinner tonight on her own..I'm so happy but.. yes, I had to make sure she ate it all.. so I done did up two meatballs as that's all that was left and gulp..she got em...and gave me the "Look" ...walked away and I could hear her grumble...hahaha..yep she is getting the message..maybe tired of my persuasion...what ever.. I'm happy!! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hi Ho,Hi Ho it's Thursday :)

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's Thursday :) and I got to sleep in..Yep, till 5am this morning and when I got up I felt great..other than a little chilly and ready to get into gear to have the motor home in my drive way..(or so I thought) ...and Ms Reba had a big breakfast (with a little help from Momma) and Critters were happy cause they love the brisk air...The bears become over active and it's a race through the house..."Look out below"...

Well, I managed to get something done.. I mean loaded the Crock Pot with Pintos and Turkey Kielbasa will be tossed in the last 20 minutes..a pot of greens and a pan of corn bread will be done up too...Hubby's brings him back to his southern routes from good ole Mississippi...

Then later on I thought about what I had to get ready to take with me..oh no perish the though  hahaha... I have my list and I'm gonna be checking it twice..I mean the hubby has said, "We is leaving Monday"..and the rig isn't back yet....??????

However the RV man called (Wayne) and the rig is done but the fellow who usually brings it back for me is out sick sooooooooo I have to come get it..well that ain't gonna happen will be a thing in the morning tomorrow as hubby goes to work he'll drop me off and I'll bring her home and then set up to start to clean and then start bringing in a few things...

Wow this is gonna be a wild ride for sure cause hubby also has to come back home by at least be it..the race for sure will be on.. Have to stop and Mary's to pick up things I've might have to unhook car let hubby do that and I continue down the road and he can meet me at the Flying J...our stop for the night ..:) love me flying j's

Lunch time Ms Reba decided (maybe me) to have a Ham and Cheese Sandwich..yeppers she enjoyed it too..and so did I... I mean I know she loves liverwurst but it gets a bit much especially if ya don't like it..hahaha..and you know I have to bite first or it's not gonna for me, two for you kinda thingy..

Then as I relaxed got a phone call from the RV guy..wanting to know one little question..."What was wrong with the fan belt and which one " ?  DUH..omg don't tell me...You got it..they saw it on the list.. I mean that list has been long gone out of my mind..but Pete spotted it..and wanted to good thing the rig didn't come home cause now they are checking the fan belts.. HELP....but I'm still gonna pick up tomorrow...(hopefully cause I got no more calls)..and at least it was caught before I was heading down the highway....

Tonight Ms Reba got her dinner and a full size too..however she just sits in the chair and waits for me to help her..hahaha..yeah she's liking this I'm afraid but I do know she gets it all..cause I ain't gonna feed her and not let her clean her plate ..and she sure does burp !!!!!

It's X factor tonight and oh yeah.. the VP Debate..something I'm not to eager to listen too.. I mean I'll hear my version and the news will tell me things I didn't hear...HUH ?   Like I said...Vote for Who is gonna make this USA a better place to live and get the economy going..not because you like how they talk..cause they all talk with BS...great marketers ...or should I say, "Great Sales People".

Safe travels to all and as always..God's Blessings Shine Down On All !


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Goodness it's Wednesday

My Goodness it's Wednesday...where have I been... I know, right at my station hahaha..well another sleepless morning. Ms Reba again was up at 3am..she was just a hustling off the bed and I caught her by her PJ's...seems she's getting the signal to "go potty" and off she she was on a race track..."and their off"..hahaha..only thing is I'm amazed at how fast my reflexes are...I mean out of a sound sleep..think about it..

So again at 3am we is and Ms Reba and I decided this morning to keep  myself busy I'd clean the frig out..omg...what in the world were some of these items..or should I say, "Did they walk the earth"?..hahaha..but I got er' done and then went on to visit the Rice Fields..yeppers made enough for 11 days of which I hope we is on the road to Florida..

Another story..waiting on my motor home could you..or would you believe that Murphy done struck again !!!!! ???? !!!!!..omg..did he ever..they just put the new side window in..took it for a spin and hit a pot hole and Out popped the window and crashed..splashed and is now done...yep, had to order another new they say..(and I'm saying this lightly) "it should be done by tomorrow"...I might start singing.."May tomorrow never come"...

As for dinner tonight I think with all my madness we will get Pizza...make it easy for me and I'll have my Crock Pot going for tomorrow..I'm just to dawg gone tired and I need a nap..

Ms Reba didn't eat breakfast..but she ate with the help of Me...and even did a great burp..but she did eat on her own lunch..her liverwurst sandwich..I know these things sound so weird but in my life this is now the "Norm"..

Tonight is Survivor..and I know I'm a survivor and I don't think X factor is on this week cause I do know tomorrow night is that Vice President we go again..what I see and hear is not always what the news broadcasts..Surprise, Surprise...boy I sure wish one of these days they'd get called on and maybe just maybe get a big asp fine...would serve them all right..hate this gibber jabber..cause it's nothing but a bunch of "Selling News" for their pockets...Get brave folks and fight back..if ya can't tell the truth then don't bother...

So now I'm done for the day other than whipping up dinner for the Critters cause it's take out ins..LOL..but I deserve a break..I mean really I'm tired and my body wants to park some where...and my arms are ready to flap south..hahaha...

Safe Travels all and as always..God's Blessings Shine Down on All !!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday here and almost gone !

Tuesday here and almost gone !..What the ?????  I mean this morning my darling Ms Reba woke me at a little after 3am she was heading off the bed when I caught her..Yeah, don't need her jumping down..and Why didn't I crate her..well she sleeps soundly normally and likes sleeping between hubby and she's got her own pillow and space...but not this morning..I mean she was in flight like a Bumble Bee but Ms Zeee caught her in action.

Up I got and out we all went..yep, the crew followed and hubby  never mood..he was gone to the world..hahaha..but not me.. I was now up for the rest of the morning getting things done..and by about noon time I was not doing great.. I mean I was pushing the buttons..

Threw on a Crock Pot with Cut up chicken and veggies and yep, that's dinner for tonight..Chicken soup with soul..what can I say...other than I did go back to bed..and slept I did and so did the Critters 3...we were zonked.

When I woke up it was to the aroma of Chicken Soup for the I got up half groggy  hahaha..and out the door the Critters went....not wanting to as it was a little nippy and a cozy bed was much better hahaha.. I really can't blame them cause I could have gone back myself.

As for Ms Reba well it's a definite this gal is not gonna eat unless I feed her..or hubby brings her home a goodie...but I did again stuff her both breakfast and dinner and they wild thing about it..after she's done and I burp her..yes, when you stuff a must make sure they burp..just like a baby cause that air goes in and the food slides down...and another thing about must dip them meat balls in a little water so it's not dry..hahaha..yeah that's something I learned from the "pros"..but it works and she's a happy pooch and Momma is a happy Momma cause I know she'll be eventually eating..oh getting back to the strange thing after..Ms Reba cleans her she's letting me know..she ate the whole thing hahaha...wild..

So that's my day today and I'm now on to tomorrow going to the Rice Fields early..oh I did shred chicken this morning too..had too..and because it seems a little greasy I let it soak in hot water..and then strained it and now that's done..and even took some Broccoli and Steamed and chopped to be done for tomorrow's event of Rice and Mixed veggies done up for another 9 days..

I'm tired gonna watch the Voice and then maybe have a cup of hot chocolate cause I'm still chilled..oh yeah, still haven't gotten the motor home back yet so will call on that too...always something !

Safe travels to all and as always..God's Blessings Shine Down on All !!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Always Surprises on Monday

Always Surprises on Monday especially when they are carried over from Sunday hahaha...well what happened is last night getting ready for bed started to brush me choppers and out popped a piece of my filling..UH I placed a call and left a message for my Dentist...and prayed he'd have an opening to take me in and replace that filling..cause ya know..everything that can go wrong thing any way..

When I got up this morning my phone rang at was my Dentist telling me if I could get me butt over to his office by 7am he'd fix me tooth...OH I had to pop some Amoxi in as I have to be pre medicated before I can have anything done...thank goodness I had my meds.. 

As soon as I got me critters up and out and fixed their water I was color me gone and back home with me tooth filled again..YEAH..then I had to get my sweeties done and hubby was gone for work...

Bad thing was I couldn't have anything to drink or eat for at least a couple hours..oh I wanted my coffee..but I was tough I handled it well...and as soon as I could I got my and I didn't tasted oh so good !!!!

The rest of my day went merrily along it's own a few things done and decided for dinner tonight as I really didn't want any major meal.. We will be having Carbonara..yeppers simple to fix (for me) and done in no fact I wait till hubby is in the door and ready to eat..have that pasta water on boiling and the rest is quick as a flash...

Tonight is Monday night..Yeah, I didn't forget hahaha..and The Voice is on plus Dancin with the watch one tape one..see I'm getting in practice...and tomorrow my day is already planned's back to the Rice Fields and Shredd Chicken...might do that while I'm watching TV....hahaha

That's my day today really pretty quiet thank goodness and of course I'm suppose to get the rig back tomorrow..but we shall see...I sure hope cause I need to start getting things loaded in...cause after Ms Reba gets those stitches out we want to start heading's getting chilly..and me bones are saying.."let's move on down the road"..

Stay safe all you travelers and as always...God's Blessings Shine Down On All..

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Sheer Relief on Sunday :)

A Sheer relief on Sunday :)...Woke up feeling such a heavy weight lifted from my last night my Vet and close friend Saul called after Sabbath to let me know Ms Reba's tumor was BENIGN...I couldn't ask for any better news..and also he told me her heart was excellent for a 16 1/2 yrs old...

Both he and I said at the same time "Thank You God".  This was a surgery that was intense and the size of this tumor was HUGE..and being it was in a bad spot her skin was so taught we weren't sure things would go well...

They did and that I feel is through the grace of God giving Saul the skill..I have so much faith in Saul and I knew what ever was the out come he would have given it his all..

So that made the rest of my night complete and as we all went to bed..Critters 3 and Hubby..(almost no room in the inn) we all slept well..Amazingly..and up bright and early to make that celebration cake..

I was joking on Face book with a few of my forum Sistahs and told them I was gonna make a Boston Cream Poke cake and I did at 4:30am..hahaha..It would be out treat for later on tonight..

Morning again for me is now a ritual of feeding Ms Reba ..but I need to get that protein into her for her to heal..her incision is looking pretty good and I'm on count down for the removal and make sure everything is Honky Dorie LOL

Most of the day I kind of just relaxed with all the tension I've had all week..did up a few things and of course Crock Pot had Sunday Dinner going..

It was a little bit chilly and hubby didn't go to church today as he wasn't really feeling that well and needed to just stay quiet and get rid of that cold...and for the first time I actually felt cold a chill to the I said to hubby, "better not have given me that cold"  LOL..Just what I don't need..!!

That was most of our day and including the Hall Mark Channel and then the Eagles play the Steelers..OUCH don't even want to go there..and now we are getting ready for bed time...and boy I can't wait..get under them covers ..and warm up....

Hope you all have had a great weekend and those traveling stay safe..and as always... God's Blessing Shine Down On All..


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Slip Sliding on Saturday

Slip Sliding on Saturday...truly....I mean to tell you yesterday seemed like a long day and not feeling to chipper from my fall yesterday morning .. I was slipping into home base very carefully.. :)

Hubby wasn't feeling great and Ms Reba was snoring away from the pain meds I gave her the night before...and I'm glad she got a good nights sleep I mean some one had too..

I heard Zeke give hubby the "What for" when hubby needed to get Zeke to move over...yeah, all of us in this one big bed ..gets a little crowded some ya need to yell..."Ok, let's turn to the right "..hahaha

Morning was upon us and I mean Hubby was draggin and so was Ms Zeee I was shot out of a cannon...sure felt that way .. I mean my butt and arms were sore..hahaha..but I got up anyway..the trooper that I am...(sticking chest out for award)...and I knew I was in for one of those days..

Had to stuff Ms Reba this morning..(so what's new) but I got them little meat balls all in and done..and I knew by the look she gave me...that if she had teeth.. I'd be her main meal :)...but ya ain't got any  woo hoo..but she can give you a good pinch with them GUMS !

After hubby and I had our breakfast...he was so kind and went to WalMart..cause there was no way I could even move that far...and he's probably thinking to himself.."Can't wait till they head south"...which I can't blame him..cause then he can sleep all day on Saturday...and get up just to take his close to the cleaners.hahaha..

This afternoon Ms Reba did a half of Liverwurst Sandwich..ya know I'm beginning to like that stuff..OMG !!!  but she did eat it as I pinched it off in little tiny pieces...then later on I gave her a small amount of pain I didn't give her anything till bed time and I think that was to long..

House is quiet as everyone is now sleeping and soon it will be feed time again..heaven help me...but I do have a pot of Onion Soup going so that's what we are gonna have...a layer of cheese with a slice of toasted bread in the bottom of the bowl..under the broiler and it's a good thing as Martha would say :)

Tonight not sure what's on or even care..might attempt to watch something from I don't think much is on tonight...but I sure hope to hit bed like early as I can...well the earliest is 9:30pm cause of meds...

That's about it for my day ..but another day closer to Ms Reba feeling better..and that I can't wait...oh I did hear from the RV rig still isn't done..OMG..cause the little side window that came in was the wrong one...DUH...not to worry cause now we won't be leaving for Florida until after the 14th of this month...

Called and spoke with Clancy and he and I had our little chuckle...he's one heck of a man.. and boy does he like to tease me...but he assures me my house is still standing and so are my roses...but he does tell me that my next door neighbor's yard looks like it's Halloween...psst they don't decorate it's how they have it looking cutting trees half way down and leaving sticks ..bare dried, died sticks of trees..Don't wanna go there ...LOL

Those traveling stay safe and as always...God Bless Us All !!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Oh My Stars Thank You, It's Friday

Oh My Stars Thank You, it's Friday !!!!!  Holy Banana Hannah...I'm so tickled pink I made it this far... Ms Reba (of course) this morning had to be fed again and she wasn't happy about it..not one bit in fact I'm sure she wished I'd I did !!!!  Yep, right over Ms Abby as I was holding Ms Reba...backwards I went, and as I was in the process of landing I had to let Ms Reba go..but I let her land on Abby..better than landing on the floor ...OUCH !!!....

Now I didn't break any bones but sure did do a few bruises..and had to stay on the floor till I figured how I could get up.. cause I can't kneel on my ain't a gonna work...but Zeke came over to me and I grabbed on his collar and yes he did....he backed up like I asked him too and then I had him to lean on...and boy that boy is strong...he got me over to the couch which I then got myself up...I'm telling ya I'm gonna need to put springs on my butt so I can bounce up ...:)

So I just sat and took a breather and shook my head..this is not a great feeling and some times a little scary ..but I'll work it out.. I mean I've got to be prepared for things that happen..and I need to start paying more attention to my surroundings..

Later this afternoon as I was making lunch Ms Reba decided she was gonna have what I was she and I ate ...liverwurst..lord help me.. but she ate it and all I had to do was break it in little pieces..thank you!!

I know tonight will be a winner too..cause it's Pizza..she'll eat the crust and a little of some warmed up chicken..I got this one figured out..another break but I do know I have to get her a little more dry food that will mean..Meat balls again..but that's not too bad as I make up like 4..

Tonight I know when hubby gets home I'm gonna lean back and not worry cause he'll take care of things..and I sure need that break...

One thing I am noticing with Ms Reba is she's starting to get back to her little Miss Princess and starting to yakking at that's a good sign..just have to keep working on the eating thing.. don't know why she went off...I mean she was always a great eater..maybe it's an age you hear with a lot of elderly people..dunno..never had one do there's a first thing for everything...I guess..

So that's my story for today and tomorrow I had planned on going to Wally World but I think hubby is gonna have to go for me...I hate to do that to him..but I know I'm gonna be sore tomorrow..

All those traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless..

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Titillating Thursday

Titillating Thursday ! Oh for sure :)...well last night Ms Reba came home and she was so vocal and happy to be home...soon as hubby let her out of the crate (all our critters travel in crates) she was wagging her tail and just a talking away.. that funny Chinese Crested lingo..and Abby and Zeke were really happy to see her as well...Checking her over and several times I had to say, "Be careful "..cause they were just about picking her up with their noses..OMG..don't do that !!!

Had a few meds to give her and also pain meds as well..which I did give her for bed time and that was a winner....but getting her to eat a bit ..what a struggle, even her favorites..NOT GONNA but by 9pm she did eat a I then put her in her crate..but Ms Reba wasn't gonna have fact we had to rearrange our area for her..because she wasn't allowed to jump or attempt to climb..and this ole gal is part mountain goat ....:)

We all watched X factor and taped Survivor for later on and then watched the Presidential debate..seemed Mr Romney was ready and the Pres, well he was lookin' mighty uptight..perhas ticked as it was his wedding anniversary...Hey, it comes with the JOB...but Mitt did show more of himself as a business man and was "ON"....but I'm not drawing any conculsion as to who won..cause actually we have a few more debates to go...but I'm sure it's gonna get nitty gritty...

Come bed time Ms Reba wasn't having that.."you go in your crate"..oh no was "give me a break or I'm gonna keep everyone up"...and so she did till we gave in and YEP..she slept with us...right in her usual it or not...and we didn't want her to get stressed out..but once that pain pill kicked in she was out cold...Thank YOU !!!

Morning came and she let us know she wanted she walked around and even went outside..Good girl Ms Reba...then it came time to eat..HA !!  She wasn't having what was in her dish....oh no you don't.. I wasn't given in to  I made them into little meat balls and down the hatch they went..She was SHOCKED...yeppers gums and all I shoved that down...she gulped and moaned, complained and attempted to gum me...LOL  but she had her breakfast...!!!

I've let her out a few times but mainly have to keep her in her crate to get her to heal...and she needs that protein to heal..and being out is ok..cept she attempts to jump into the recliner...she did it twice on me...and I picked her up and then put her in her crate...she complained a bit..but soon she layed down...this is gonna be a rough one for a few days...and so are my fingers ...but I gotta do it...

As far as leaving for Florida, we have to wait for her stitches to be out and they will come out on Oct that's not too bad and we'll leave that week..that might be better anyway as I still haven't gotten my rig back YET...and I'll need to cook up a few things ..

Just finished another feeding with Ms Reba..she's a tough coot...I mean to tell ya I have to almost put her in a head about wicked..I got 5 meat balls down and she gave me the evil eye...I let her walk around a bit then I put her in her crate to rest...more like I needed the rest...My days are gonna be a rough ride...but I'm just as determined as she is ..She ain't a gonna like me the next few days..might even star far far away LOL...

And to think I use to be able to spoon feed her HA ..she'd break the spoon almost like she got my finger...HOLY HANAN ANNA..!!  This gal has strength for an ole gal..and a little one at that...and just think I have another meal to go with this deal...Wow is me :(

I am getting her dry food in her as I mix a little bit of that canned stuff (it was porterhouse steak flavor LOL ) and I make a paste firm enough to roll..I have the others already rolled in the frig which I heat up in a container filled with hot a bay marie...yeah that restaurant learning comes in handy too..

It's quiet in my house ..because she's sleeping..but wait till later..ya know I get to enjoy that Mouth of the South...LOL  Not sure what comes on TV might not even care at the stage I'm at...hahaha...

Ah when hubby came home and our dinner was was Ms Reba..yep, she ate on her own this time..some warm chicken here's the catch..when I chopped it up and it was warm she went right to it..but once it got cold..she wouldn't even look at it..hummmm is this for real..yeppers it sure is..but she ate and on her own...guess she didn't like my fingers messing around her throat ....

I see X factor is on so guess that's what we'll watch..don't wanna see much of anything as I'm tired and dragging and making sure Ms Reba gets her pain med at bed we all can get a good night sleep and tackle what tomorrow will bring...???????????????????

All traveling stay safe and as always..God Bless

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wishful Wednesday The toughest day

Wishful Wednesday, The toughest day of our lives...This was the morning of Ms Reba's surgery...and our heavy hearts were hurting... It was also 2 years ago that my Uncle Jim (Bing) passed away as well...Goodness what a feeling both hubby and I had...

Last night I couldn't sleep, I didn't even toss or turn I just kept getting up and walking through the house...I had to make sure Ms Reba didn't get anything after 8pm and that alone was not easy cause my Critters get their treats..Apple slices and Biscuits...and they look for it too...

Yes, she gave me attitude with a Capital A...and even walked around complaining...yes, she does..she makes all kinds of sounds... hence I tell her "Stop talking in Chinese"  (her being a Chinese Crested )...and she just continues on till she goes into the bed room..

Well come this morning..WOW she was in High Form and complained and gave me the evil look LOL...if you think I'm joking..honestly this ole gal has got a story to tell..hahahaha

We took Ms Reba up to the Vet's office and Doc decided to do her surgery last as he knew it was gonna be a difficult one and a long wound up being almost 2 1/2 hours...and as I heard from Doc he told me how Ms Reba put on a show..She was demanding attention..(oh my stars) and just yodeling and howling and you name it.. The decided to give her a little water and at that point the Tech opened her cage up and "Hello There" Ms Reba got her finger she doesn't have teeth...but gumming can feel strange too LOL...then after that Ms Reba stomped her bowl and water every where..finally they took her out of the crate and held her so she wouldn't stress herself out....but I heard that when they put her under...they all said, "Thank Goodness, it's quiet", my !!!

The main issue was there enough skin to close as this tumor was pretty big plus another fatty tumor right along side it...and as Doc explained he had to separate the tumor in layers in order to have enough of the skin to close...she came through ok..and as soon as she started to wake up..YEP, she was they all decided..(guess they don't wanna put up with her LOL ) she's coming home late tonight...LUCKY  US...she'll be ticked and I'll get the "What for"..OMG !!

Now the next thing is to get Ms Reba to eat...OH BOY ...but I'm making a pot roast and hope she'll eat it..and then there's always her favorite Liverwurst..eeek...but she likes it..:) So now I can't wait for to come home :)

Tonight is a few shows..Survivor and The X Factor and then The Debate..I hope I'm able to stay awake...and then there's Ms Reba...what she will be up too....

I want to thank all of you for your prayers and kind words ..they meant so much to us...and I know they all helped...or maybe those Angels weren't ready for Ms Reba..after hearing her MOUTH...

God Bless...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jumping into Tuesday

Jumping into Tuesday...but not thoughts are still my mind and heart are tossing...was up most the night and then when I finally fell asleep I felt like I became a part of the bed...My goodness I was just so mentally exhausted...Ms Reba was by my side and for a moment I thought it was my Joesph...

It was dreary this morning and most of the day in fact...Critters weren't happy about going out in it..especially Ms Twinkle Toes (Abby) she hates the wet weather and I have to push her out the door..

Ms Reba wasn't gonna eat her breakfast..yep, that again !  I opened her favorite Prime Rib and she turned her nose at again and always last resort.."Liverwurst"..yep, that creamy stuff..Kahn's..and I cut a slice, spread it on bread and made a sandwich..well..Ms Reba came over and as I broke it into tiny pieces she ate it...not only for breakfast but lunch...OK by me..

The phone rang and it was Sue from the Vet's office...I got a lump in my throat as she said, "Make sure no food or water after 8pm tonight"..oooooh it's for real..tomorrow morning we take Ms Reba up and her surgery will be around 10am..goodness..I feel my stomach jumping..and it ain't no jive !!!

Put my crock pot on ...we'll have them Golden (not slippers) Glow Pork Chops with cling peaches..yeah all in one pot deal..and it's really pretty good and I'll add some Snap peas and make some basmati rice..that's our dinner for tonight if we can eat it...and I kid you stomach is really in knots. 

As the afternoon rolled and the Critters leaned back and watched Dancin with the Stars as I taped it last night...was pretty good..and tonight I''ll tape it again as we watched the Voice..last night and will tonight as well.

I'm gonna cut this short as I need to spend my time with Ms Reba...I know I'm feeling really awful having her go through this surgery..but I have no choice..I mean this tumor is so huge that if I just say, "I'll let it go" she'd suffer worse when it ruptures...this is one of the worst things I have to do...wish it would just be a bad dream...

Please keep us in your prayers... God Bless

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Goodness it's Monday !

My Goodness it's Monday !!   I've got lots to do this morning as I have my Doc appointment and need to make sure I have my data to take back with me to Florida...

Another sleepless night and I ain't in Seattle...sure wish I'd get past this garbage but when I have something bothering me... I lose sleep and I use to be able to work it off..but no longer can do that routine..So up I get and I cut up my veggies for Minestrone Soup for tonight..LOL yeah I have to keep busy or I go bonkers..

Ms Reba attempted to pull her routine of  Not eating ..but I put down what I had mixed for her and just payed no attention and after a half hour she ate 90% of it.. that works for me..

Got my Crock Pot all together and off it went.. Do your magic !!!  Yeah, she's my favorite star ...and always comes out great and mess with liners :) invention ..

This afternoon I went to the Doc got my Flu vaccine and my Pneumonia vaccine..boy I felt like a Dart Board..but at least that's done and then he read me my numbers from my blood work ..Ouch !!!  Yes, my numbers were elevated but I know why... I'm so stressed with Ms Reba's surgery that it's showing in my numbers big blood pressure was elevated also...186 /100..not good today...but later on he took it again before I left and it dropped to 146/ yeah he sure calmed me down as we discussed what was happening...

I really like this Doc.. I mean I have a lot of them and out of the 5 that I see I have 3 that are dynamite..they are no bull type of Docs and come right to the point...and that's my type of Doc...don't pull no punches..

My concern is my triglycerides..they were elevated and I've been keeping them down pretty good...and I think I know what's attributing to  that, Fruit.. and I've been eating a lot of it.. see when ya think you are staying healthy ..ain't I need to cut that get myself a little more active and that will happen when I'm in Florida.. I'm kind of house bound here..

I stopped by to see my friend Helga and Ed..haven't seen them in a few years although I just talked to Helga a couple of days ago... it kind of shocked me to see Helga as she sure didn't look too good.. I notice her hand shaking and her legs and feet very swollen..but when I asked her she said, "everything was ok".. but I know differently.. I mean I recognize the symptoms.. I just pray that she will get up and out of that chair..cause she's the only one that can help herself.. 

Ed was at his best.. He and I have always laughed at life..I mean he always worked his butt of and a A type personality which worked well with my A type.. yeah he dishes it out and I slam it back..being we are all New Yorkers we understand it...LOL  He is a trooper though God Bless ...he's gone through some rough goes..but he keeps sluggin' .. I can relate to it.. I mean I keep sluggin myself..

So now I'm ready to face another day and all I can do is just pray that Ms Reba will be ok..and that I have some more time with that "Brat".. they sure have filled my heart with love..and as I've said before..."they keep me alive and active"  ...

Now it's time to watch the Voice and record Dancin with the Stars...and then it's on to another day...but hopefully I'll have a good night sleep..

Those trucking down the highway..Stay Safe ..and as always..God Bless