Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday...a Blessing Day !

Sunday...a Blessing Day !  I sort of drifted off in memory lane for today. Sometimes that happens for reasons we are never sure of. Possibly to open up a new door or maybe close one. For me, it was mainly dealing with what is happening with me.

I still haven't gone to the "Foot Doc" (whom by the way never called me) and not being able to walk right is causing other problems. So I reflect on where and why is this all happening and what's the best way for me to deal with another Adventure in Life's mystery.

So upon reflections of the past and what was happening and how I handled it I had to give myself a pep talk. Now I'm sure some of you have had these experiences.  With me I kind of kick my butt and say, "Get over it, there's a lot worse off than you"... Yes, that kind of does it for me and of course I'm a little rebellious (ha, that's putting it mildly) so just shake this crappola loose and move your bloomin' asp !

Lizzie (Sistah) I'm so thrilled to know you are now "Full Timing RVing"  I know you will enjoy it as I had always hoped that would be my lifestyle...being the gypsy that I am...I can't wait to follow your stories and I will travel in spirit with you ...Big Hug and Lots and Lots of Blessings on your Adventures.

Gosh it makes me feel so good to read all those good notes and knowing the people how they've dealt with what was handed to them...I'm always so excited to read good vibes  coming back to them...

Tomorrow I've got a few things to do and make sure I get back into meditations and that helps me over come a lot of nonsense... get that positive thinking going and I'm on another adventure for sure

Hitting the covers now and on to a new day

God Bless...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Night

Saturday Night and I'm just laxing the night away..Today was a gem of a day and I had to cook up Critter food..Yep, it was that time again..seems like the days just roll on by (to quickly) and before I knew it  I was relaxing in my chair watching the Humming birds do their thing.. I mean, who's the boss at the feeder...and they zoom by quickly . Sometimes too quickly I just see a black spot and there they is !

I've not got much done today other than critter food so that means tomorrow I have to step it up a notch and get that dang laundry done...Gawd I hates Domestic chores.

Not too much going on other than planning what colors I want painted on my other bedroom and bathroom..That's gonna get done when I head back home.. Diane and Bob, the couple that takes care of my home for me when I'm not here in Florida just love doing that kind of work ...and they are fantastic..

Looking over at my bed all the Critters are in place..leaving me just enough room to maybe giving someone a little shove and then off to slumber land..

With that I'll say, "Toodles"... and God Bless

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday was a GOOD DAY

Friday was a GOOD DAY...and even had a good time with only one exception...The Whining..(wished it was just wine)  Yes, John did his little song and dance for just a few minutes and then it passed...thank goodness.

The rest of the day went well..did shopping at Sam's club got in all my supplies then went and had lunch at "Pizza Hut"  making sure my stock says up there LOL  then went to Publix on the way home.

Pulled in the driveway and there was Clancy finishing up the yard and it looked good..He even took me around the yard on the golf cart to show me all the good stuff he got done. It looks fabulous !

Now I'm beat and getting ready to fall out..Tomorrow is another full day of getting stuff done for my Sunday afternoon R & R..

So with that I'll charge my batteries and take pictures for the next posting..

Good Night Sleep Tight and Don't let the Bed Bugs bite.... Ouch !

God Bless

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday was here :)

Thursday was here :)  and so am I.  It was a great day in fact...Clancy came over and is back on the job. I was so happy to see him and I know my neighbor Betsy was too.. He did her yard yesterday and it looks terrific..started mine today and I'm tellin' ya that man has that golden touch..He enjoys it so much too ...You can tell, he puts his all in to pleasing you.. and you have to look at what he's done cause as Clancy says, "If you don't like it you don't pay"...Hey Clancy, "I love it"..and I'm just happy to see you back and you still are in my prayers..

Yes, even the humming bird feeder was busy today. Almost a full group showed up and towards this evening I bet there was close to 9 at the feeder..wooo hooo is busy in my garden. Even my squirrels were happy they so enjoy the fact they don't have to search for food...Momma comes out twice a day and even lets them know " Here's goodies"...

I guess I just get so much enjoyment at watching these critters but one thing..I'm running out of names :)  They seem to be inviting the whole neighborhood..this morning as I counted heads (Squirrels) there was 15. Wonder if I can claim them on my taxes as "Medical Expenses"..cause it's like a treatment..I mean, for me..Exercise and Therapy.. hahahaha

Watched American Idol to see who would get cut and I called it..Casey..but they saved him...He needs to start getting his act together and singing instead of pushing the envelope and seeing how far he can go in his cute chit...Hey, like Simon would say, "Sing or leave, this ain't practice"

Now it's bed time and I need to get ready for my day with JOHN...sure hope he's in a good mind set as he and Jane have had another fall out...Guess I should say... "Wish me luck"..

Got my lists going too..we'll hit Sam's club and then lunch ...This ought to be good....maybe ?

God Bless

PS...Paulette just for you I'm gonna take pictures of pots with dirt..plants ain't up yet LOL...but I have one I can take..the Gardenia I just planted...See ya tomorrow night Lord willin'

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday...Yes, I've been missing in ACTION !

Wednesday...Yes, I've been missing in ACTION !  Why?  Well, simply because I spent from Saturday to Tuesday with Hubby... I wanted to make sure we spent the time together as I won't see him till June...and that's a long, long time ...Although we talk on the phone several times a's still not like being together.

Amazing after all those years we haven't grown tired..well, we do get a break from each other..but this one was to long of a break...but hey, the magic is still there and that's important...He says, "he learned to listen "  wonder what that means ?   LOL

Now I've been in the "down in the valley" syndrome but will be climbing back out shortly... I'm having lunch with  John ..(from the team of J & J..the battle still continues) and I'm sure I'm gonna hear about the new one on Friday. Lucky me !

Today was beautiful and just before hubby left we planted the Gardenia plant and fixed a few of the outside lights and tomorrow I'm gonna plant more of my bulbs ..but in pots...cause I just know those darling squirrels will eat em or dig em up .

Tired here and making my list of things I need to get done..this seems to give me motivation reading what has to be done...reminds me  HA...!

So, with that I'll say .. "Night, Night" and get back into the swing of posting again...would be nice if I start using the camera...

Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Friday and that ain't all !

It's Friday and that ain't all !  It's our Anniversary..yes indeedy...Robert and I were married the day after St Patty's Day and I was thinkin' of adding some green to my wedding gown...but I had the luck of the Irish anyway..that day was wonderful...My Grandmother came along with my Uncles and my Sister was my Maid of Honor...Robert's best friend was his Best Man.We had our wedding reception in our home...didn't have much money but we had a house full .

Today Robert and I spent a quiet day although hubby had a few trips to "Wally World"...and we laughed about it  Had our quiet dinner at home cause both of us really didn't want to go anywhere...Just have the Critters around and talk about our early days...and a few Zzzzz's in between...

It's been really hard on both of us not seeing each other for such a long time and soon he'll be heading back home... and won't be down again till time for me to close the house and head north... This has been a hard year on us...but we'll manage through...thank goodness for phone service...makes life easier.

Tomorrow we'll do some planting .. as my begonias have come in and they are suppose to be the giant size...I'm anxious and I'll also plant some hubby and I will be doing he knows how to plant.. I mean his momma always had a garden ...Hahahaha...and what do I know .. I mean living in Brooklyn and only having fire escape and roof top gardens..HUH ..LOL

It will be interesting for sure..ought to have this one on record LOL...all them years and we still go at it..and laugh about it later.. cause "He's knows More"...(ya believe that one and I'll tell ya another story )

Good Night and Sleep Tight...

God Bless....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patty's Day .even on Thursday !

Happy St Patty's Day...even on Thursday !  It truly was a happy day too..although we didn't do the wearing of the green..we had a few "Green"Critters well on the yellowish side...Our Finches came a visiting and so did those darling Hummers and they are greenish too..guess they were dancing the jig cause they hit them feeders big time..

I have to laugh cause those little buggers can eat..I mean Finches are a bottomless pit..and love the water fountain..It was neat watching..we have about 20 that come at one time...Guess you might even say, "They could be a little Italians"  LOL...well they do have a huge family !

Hubby and I did another day of .."NOTHING" and for us, it's wonderful.. We are both the type that have a tendency to forget time when other words we were always Workaholics... but I learned my only if I can get hubby to slow his pace.

Tomorrow we plan to go out for a bit..Shopping and getting a few goodies in for the house and I'll get to plant these bulbs I got...can't wait to get a little more color in the garden and in the car port.

Also need to pick up  (surprise) some more bird feed..I mean I'm really going through it...almost feel like Shangra La..well, I have enough life around I mean critters of all kinds and it's growing...

This is a really great week but time is moving too fast..Soon he'll be heading home and I won't see him again till 2nd week of June which will be my time to load up and head back North..

Zeke is bouncing back well and Joe seems to be doing pretty good too..maybe it's that lemon juice I'm adding to their purified water...sure does seem to my Abby loves it... she thinks I'm giving her Lemonade...Hey, she's my kind of gal...HA !   Zeke was a little resistant but now is kind of liking or maybe he just has to give in...but it's good for them and their kidneys.

It's that time again and I'm really ready to fall out..My day starts early and it will be busy tomorrow...So...Good Night and Sleep Tight

God Bless

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wishful Wednesday

Wishful Wednesday or becareful what you Wish For :) it might come TRUE !!!

Nah, I'm enjoying the down time with hubby...We did absolutely a couple of funny movies...and did some catching up on "OurTime"...and we had a nice dinner together...early in the afternoon..Yes, we lobbed around and it was the best !

It was a great day and the weather was really nice...didn't put the air on till later in the afternoon as that afternoon sun sets right in those big windows..I can't believe how much I'm enjoying doing "nothing"....

Tomorrow we'll celebrate the "Irish" already cut up the cabbage so I'll make Fried Ham and Cabbage with a pan of corn bread and taters..and again we'll watch a couple more movies...take a spin in the Grape Mobile and just EX Lax as hubby says...

We watched the Finches fly in and out most the day and I can't believe how much they devour..goodness I filled their dish up again tonight and gave them a clean fountain for tomorrow... Hubby says, "They know a good thing"

Few of the Hummers came by but the crew isn't fully in yet...and even my Crow, "Willie"   I call him that cause he's Slick...knows how to get into the little feeders and take some fiddles..even watched him feed his mate... !

So all and all it was a good day..Oh and by the way if ya get a chance get the movie Date'd be in for some great laughs...Gotta love NetFlix..

Alrighty it's bed time and I'm checkin my email and gonna say, "night, night" again and on to tomorrow..wooo hooo..

psst..Times moving too fast the days are getting away from us...Yucko !

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tootin' Tuesday

Tootin' Tuesday and I'm tootin' me horn !...Oh yeah, the hubby showed up today around sure was good seein' that man of mine...Even the Critters 4 went wild...took hubby about 20 minutes before he could get in the house...

My morning started off great.. I mean I had put out my Humming bird feeder and by noon time I had the "Big boy" show up.. That neat Ruby Throat lad flash his throat and made that sound...Just to let me know he was back !  Maybe even to thank me..(ya think?) any way next came a few looks like it might be a busy visit...Gosh I so enjoy them...I love the way they fly up, down, backwards and even sideways when in a hurry...a blur and gone in a flash ...wooo hooo.

Then in my other feeder I've been getting visits from Finches..and I do mean 15 beauties...and colors..well from a dark green to a bright yellow and are they hungry..they hit the feeders several times a day and they look so neat all huddled in and munching away...and even swing on down to the fountain... all around the edges...and I make sure the water is fresh too...clean that baby often..and every day fresh clean water...they sure do love it..

Have quite a few doves place is getting busy..and I so enjoy squirrels so far have been long as they get their breakfast and dinner they don't go where they're not suppose too...

Then there is my Big Red...gosh he's awesome..he's one of the older Cardinals..and he has a good size body..the other boys are young and you can see that...and of course the "Girls"...I'm lovin' every moment too..

It's so neat to watch their habits...and now with the Hummingbirds should be interesting...Oh and I can't forget those Titmouse and Chick a dees..I think I'm beginning to enjoy more and more animal world or is it bird haven...well I've got a variety that's for sure...just call me Zeee Doolittle :)

Hubby enjoyed the ride in as I had a limo bring him home .. He had several interesting people on board..and a few do come to our restaurant on Friday evening..our Fish Fry Special... but they have never been back through the grounds this was a fun trip for them and sure enough they were's so serene.. the big oaks and all that hanging moss..and the light seems to hit it just right and you drive through...

Can ya tell I do enjoy my little is peaceful ...Hubby is enjoying it of course first thing he did was hit the couch put feet up and just RELAX...and Zeee did the serving...HUH..wait a minute...where's my break ???? HA !

It's good having him home and the Critters haven't left his side..and now I can't wait to hear all what's been happening...(like I don't know already) but good to hear it all again...instead of having PHONE EARITEUS...(new word)

So tomorrow we'll have to make some plans..ride around in the Grape Mobile and see what's happening in the ponds and's lookin' good...

Alrighty time to say..."Nite Nite"...

Always Tomorrow

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday went and Monday came !

Sunday went and Monday came !...Yes, that's how it seemed to have happen, but for one short detail...I became enthralled in Betsy's Novel..."Summer is her name"... It was a good read. I mean it kept me wanting to go on and on . To read such a story that didn't get so graphic in the art of making love...but in the reality of life itself.

I had to call Betsy today (Monday) to let her know how I was so taken by her writing..It truly was a pleasure to read..a never ending love story with twists and turns that we all have had happen to either us or someone we new.

The history through out the book was so interesting..I can actually say, "I do remember some of those dates as if it was yesterday... and as for the they came to life in my mind.. I could picture the farm and even the furniture and Yes, a few very special characters that I could even relate too..

This book I had to finish.. I wound up reading most of Sunday and till 1am Monday morning...Now does that give you all a clue...It was a really good read and I can't wait to see if Betsy will pull out a "Sequel".

Now here it is Monday evening and I only did a few things as my nerves are beginning to get the best of me.. or should I say, "My Anxiety"...HA !  I've miss my hubby and I just can't wait to sit across the table and just listen to him tell me his tales of woe and hold his hand and thank him for being the guy he is...a good man, a caring man...a God Loving Man !

Tomorrow will be here soon and I'm just so anxious...can't get much done as I seem to be running in circles...

So with that I'll say, "Good Night and God Bless"  Oh and the name of the book again is  "Summer is her name"  by Betsy Houser...check it out !

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Goodness it has been a busy Saturday

Goodness it has been a busy Saturday.... I've been playing...Catch up or is it Ketchup...what have you but I've been busy...I can still hear the roar of my Vacuum...and let me tell ya it ain't a easy pushing it with a Big Horse attached !  Yes, Zeke has been jumping on and off and grabbing the cord and even telling me what for as I attempt to glide him through the hall way...

Felt like I could have run a marathon and even won. However, I still have the put away the junk and clean out the frig...Gawd I'm not a Domestic Goddess in fact I could really be more of an engineer..You know point to what needs to get done and give great directions...but I'm not but merely the doer...Lucky me!

I did get in a few good breaks when I could...but I did hear my Vacuum Cleaner sigh with relief as I changed the fully loaded bag...and it was loaded to capacity...Shame on Me !!! 

This afternoon I took my relaxation out by reading more of Betsy's book..and it is very good..I'm enjoying it and couldn't put it down ..I mean if I didn't have so much more work to do I'd a read through the night...

Yes, certainly have caught my attention..a few tears, a few jump out of my chair and yell.."Damn you Mont"...and even going on the job at that Defense Plant...oh, I can't give the book away...but sistah's you'd definitely like this one ! 

Now I'm gonna rest my body and lay my head down on the fluffy pillow and you got it.. The Electric Blanket is on..cause it's a bit nippy again... Glad I still have Joe and Reba's PJ's on..cause this morning they dang near froze...Me TOO !!!

See ya Tomorrow....and Hubby will be here on Tuesday..coming soon :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

TGIF...and yes it is, Friday

TGIF....and yes it is, Friday and it truly is almost over ...I had a great day...a great beginning too.. Watched the darling little Finches and boy their color is bright kind of glowing at the time.. I think there was about 20 of those little birds all gathered in the feeder...

I can see why, it was chilly this morning and even those darling squirrels were late getting their food.. I watched them come out of the their long stretch and yawn...They didn't have to hurry as they know I have their food waiting...(Am I trained or what).. but I so enjoy watching nature and critters.

Even that big boy (Cardinal) he showed up..Now I have several Cardinals but this guy is a big one and he's the King here.. He flies in for his morning nip and all the others just watch.. He's so proud too... (I'm gonna have to get my camera back in action here)... then all the rest fly in and it's zoom in and zoom out...but those darling finches...they hang out and feast.. !

Today I went out with John (the team of J & J or better known and the fighting J's..) and we actually had a good time.. Enjoyed the conversation and our lunch...Pizza Hut..can't go wrong ...and then we jumped into Publix for our quick fix... mine was cheese cake and John's was custard pie..Oh yeah.. I was snug as a bug when I got home...Took that quick (Rest) and then on to the feeding of my critters and the other ones outside too...

Yep, I feed them twice a day like my Critters 4...Good Golly Ms Molly.. I'm trained well and those dear sweeties fact I have one Squirrel I call Oscar.. He pops up if I'm not out there and taps on my window... like to say, "Hey Lady, Where's the Grub"...LOL

NOw I am ready to hit the hay ...turned on the good ole Trusted Electric Blanket and got Reba and Joe in their PJ's as it's gonna go down to 38 tonight.. set the heater for 70 so that I won't wake up to a damp house...hate that...

So I bid you all a good night and catch ya in the morning...Oh and I'm getting ready for the count down for Hubby to arrive...Come on Tuesday..wooo hooo !

One more thing before I go to bed... Please pray for all those people in Japan..omg.. I watched that this morning and I cried... It happens so fast and then the after effects..Lord be with them all...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Thursday Already !

It's Thursday Already !  Yes, I lost Tuesday, and found Wednesday as it was Ash Wednesday...and I brought Jane to "CHURCH"...Yeppers she got her ashes ...and boy did she need them prayers...

Tuesday was a day I needed to get things together and also had a Board Meeting with voting...then on to the next day...That's what I thought of it any way...

Wednesday I had lunch with the one member of the team J & J..and that went really well ..Enjoyed it immensely...which means it was a long time coming and deserved...but mainly enjoyed the visit to the Church...that too was a long time coming as well..

Of course I finished that good day off with American Idol... I kept in the positive mode...which you know I needed... Earned I might add too !

Then John the other team member felt left out so tomorrow I have lunch with him...Crossing my T's and Dotting my I's as well that it will go smoothly as well...

Today was a catch my breath day and make my list out to get ready for hubby to come down and visit...wooo hooo..

Zeke is much, much better and Joe is still got some hop in his step too..although we had a tremendous rain ..We needed but the sounds were ...OH MY...Where do I run ??????

I haven't had much time on the computer in fact I haven't had it on ...been on the go.. Kind of got a little taste of the out side and it felt "Terrific"...Yeah I almost felt like shouting..."Scarlett I'm free"...hahaha..

Ah but tonight I have the electric blanket on getting the bed warm as it's gonna drop a few degrees down tonight in the low 40's and tomorrow evening 38...brrrrrrrrr...Yeah, we is gonna huddle and cuddle for sure..

So that's about it.. I mean, not too much happening ..but I'm sure tomorrow will be interesting with John...sure hope he behaves...gawd he can surely surprise you..

Reading Betsy Houser's book..Summer is her name.. Betsy is my neighbor and I might tell ya... She has surprised me with this book..well, I'll go into that a little more....but ifn' ya may be interested it's on sale at or Barnes and Noble... pssst..Betsy... I'm pluggin' your book :)

Ok, now I'm gonna say.. Nite Nite..and Sleep Tight...bed is getting warmer..

Catch ya tomorrow so stay tuned...I'm sure I'll have some goodies to share...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ah, Tis' and Was Monday

Ah, Tis' and Was Monday...well it's still here but soon it will be over...Alas I was able to get a little done and it felt good to actually move around..even if I have a little limp here and there.  

The weather well it's a bit of a chill in the air since 4:30am...and believe me I was in and out fast. Couldn't wait till afternoon sun and yes, my afternoon delight...The darling finches flew in and boy they are sporting a lighter green more towards the yellow.. The feeder was full and where was my camera ????

Zeke has a little more pep in his step and Joe has started his twirling again...almost like a helicopter dawg thing ya know he's off the couch and into the air and on the floor... It's amazing to watch but then again it gets to you... I hear myself shouting..."Quit it "...but to no avail.. He spins in fact I bet he could spin on a dime !

Still haven't heard from the Foot Doc...nope guess he's making too much money to call.. It's a riot here.. I mean the Doc was faxed my Xrays and info from my Internist and let me see that was last, well I'll give him another week and see what happens..

I've got to plan my week as hubby will be down next Tuesday..and to think I haven't seen the man since Oct 2010..omg.. in fact he sent me a picture and on the heading said,  "Do you remember me"...HA !  Wise Asp !

I've got a lunch date with Jane..(remember the J & J team) and we're gonna go to Apple Bees...guess that's how ya spell it.. So this ought to be interesting and it will be fun too.. I mean I've been house bound for almost 3 weeks...more like "Stir Crazy".

I had a strange call last week from a I took to the hospital and stayed with while all her tests were done then took her out to get something to eat as the hospital never bothered to feed her.. I felt so bad for her...Well this strange call I got from her made me re think my feeling towards (what I call ) "Winners"... She said, "I bought you something and I think you'll like it but it's on the small side, so this will give you the incentive to lose weight"...Gee thanks.. I mean I'm sure you meant well...(she loves to zing people even at the age of 80)  I felt I'd be kind and cut her a break.. I mean why would you even say something so Chitty to someone that's been struggling and can't walk to even exercise and.. should I go on..Nah... She's just a mean Chit head and maybe if she's lucky she'll find someone else to take her to the hospital and sit with her....Got the Message ??????

I try to be kind but some days it's not there for me...I've never been mean or nasty to anyone..unless they push my buttons and at that I still have some respect...but there are days.. You can't take my kindness for a Weakness...

Maybe I should pray for her..but the devil just grabbed my asp...ain't gonna happen...not tonight any way ! Sure hope she don't call soon...!

Life can be a bitch, no matter how hard you try...but one good thing.. I do have a good sense of humor...Yeah, I did make a joke out of it...and you ask, "Did it hurt" ....well honestly ...only a little bit...I figure if that's the least I have to worry about...I got it made in the shade...

Now, it's time for me to wrap this up...turned on my Electric Blankie...oh yeah it's a bit of a nip in the air and me and the Critters 4 are tuckin' in for the night....

May you all have a good night  and God Bless

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We're on the mend and it's Sunday !

We're on the mend and it's Sunday !... My goodness I thought I'd never see the computer again...It's been a long, long time and I had no place to go ...Just sit in a chair next to Zeke on the floor.. Wow !   I truly know what it's like to be chained to a chair...Yes, chained to a chair... I slept in, ate in and thought I died in !  

Zeke really went through a very hard time and being a "Big Boy"  it was not a thing to ever want to go through again.. I felt so bad that I had to get all this done to him..and pain meds..HUH...They kicked in for a couple hours  and then it was off to the races...That's how it felt.

He tried to get up and I had to help him..then walk him outside ..Now let me tell ya, I thought both he and I was going over...I prayed and prayed cause I know the Good Lord Was Holding Me and Zeke  UP !

Along with all this my Doc office called and wanted me to go to a specialist as my Xrays that I had done on my feet showed I had several bone spurs and my feet were engulfed in Arthritis...Woe is me... I'm tellin' just goes with the flow...

Explained to the Doc office I wasn't going no where at this time ...and I'd manage as I was determined I wasn't going to let this get me ... and that I did.. I used my walker that has a seat and that was the greatest tool I had to maneuver around ...and with the Lord's help I was gonna be ok.

The days seem to just fold into one another and I did a lot of Peanut butter and Jelly...and that chair..well it became a part of me to the point my butt started aching me... Oh Chit... Not that too !  

Long story short.. Zeke made it and so did I...and boy did I miss logging in and bloging my story... my mind was working in over drive and I couldn't get near my computer...

But I'm back and my bed felt great..Yes, with it's rotten mattress which I've had to was like heaven...and my dreams come true..My Zeke is getting back to being himself and my Joe is doing ok too...and Reba and Abby have been for me...I'm workin' on it...

But......I'm Back.... and Thank you to those that sent me Best Wishes

God Bless