Friday, May 24, 2013

Flipping on into Friday

Flipping on into Friday..woo hoo.. and it's also the weekend and a Memorial Day weekend at that...goodness I sure hope all out there watch the roads carefully cause ya know traffic is gonna be there !

Morning was warm and by the end of the day a real hot one..kind of like going out and needing a scuba it's heavy breathing time..and thick hot air ain't real healthy for anyone..

Got my outside birds done and plants watered as I knew they would all be smoking by the end of the day and my darling critters well they weren't anxious to go out at any time .. kind of had to sort a push them along...

Ms Shug was ready for her bath easy this morning in fact she started laughing before I started.. she loves that game I play with her as I spray her upside down and inside out..she flaps them wings and yells and laughs..and when I'm done I pop her in her cage and she laughs really loud..hahahahaha

What a hoot she is..and she seems to be enjoying it more and more and really putting on a show all fluffed up and letting me know she's a tuffy..hahaha..she can sure do some strange moves with her head and waits for me to laugh and I do...then she's happy and proud of herself..:)

The rest of the day I just took it easy..I did pop a meat loaf in the crock pot so I'd have a few meals ahead plus I had made the Stromboli and I had that for lunch..not bad them do aheads when I muster up the energy lately..

Ms Reba was even good..she ate her dinner and was looking for more..she's a class act.. but I do think she likes me feeding her..cause she's getting so she meets me at the chair when she doesn't "here I am, feed me".. :)

Watched Dateline tonight was pretty interesting and always sad but at least the creeps were caught and some justice was served..but never a happy ending at all...

I can't believe how the day passed by so quickly..oh I did make a dessert and it was gooooooood... I made it with my "new " gadget a YoNanna Machine ..I know you are laughing but check it out on the web page watch the it really works ... I made a banana, strawberry, peach cream and it was good.. only made a small amount it was refreshing and without the heavy creams and sugars ..low cholesterol but you do get carbs with the banana and some fruits so that you have to watch but delish..gonna try a few different flavors ..I'll post a picture of my gadget...of course it's purple ..they now have red ..after I buy my one...sure ..LOL..

So that's about it now those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.

Here comes YoNanna..hahaha...

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