Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween On Friday :)


Happy Halloween


Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Cardio Doc Visit On Thursday

New Cardio Doc visit on I got to sleep in again..that darling Miss Annie is maybe getting with the was my visit with my "new" doc and I sure am hoping that it goes well..

Didn't feed the brats although I did Ms Shug..only took my pills and got the trash out and next thing I knew I was driving into Leesburg..a little foggy and some what busy with cars...of course the school lights were flashing all about..and there was that big yellow bus..right in front of me...!

Got into the office and the receptionist was the young gal who use to work for where I live..said my "Hello's and What's Happening " and then I signed in sat down and I heard my name called..Nice young fellow ...wait male nurse :) good looking too..".ok, I'm hear." I walked into the room..

Young lad took all my data and I had him laughing when he left the room..sure hope he least he didn't have a bug bite him...!!! then the Doc walks in the room..a kind of stocky man..gray haired and a pleasant smile ..and as soon as he said, "Hello"..the New York/New Jersey accent came through..

Yep!  we had the down to business talk and as he went through all my medical data he then looked at me and said, "well, looks like your meds are working"  I fully understood.. I've been dancing around the fact that one of these times I'm gonna have to have fact as he put it.."A Tune Up".. my two valves and my plumbing...he was right to the point and I liked hopefully this will be a good thing.

Stopped at Publix on way home..(how could I resist) picked up a few things and got home fed the brats and boy they were hungry..and Ms Shug was doing some yelling..She didn't like the idea I left and didn't even give her my raisin bread toast..Hahaha..

Most my day was really just catching up on some down time.. putting my legs up and giving myself some needed rest..planning on what my day will be tomorrow...and then looking up some info on the internet on ordering parts for my refrigerator and stove hood..

Also going to make some cabbage rolls up and freeze..I like getting things done ahead as it makes it so much easier for me.. I do find myself this year struggling to do a lot of things that was like nothing too me...Makes me worry as I like my I just have to slow down and do a little each day and I won't feel so bad the next...this part of my life  SUCKS!

Tonight watched the biggest loser..Lord help those people..they work so hard and have such little losses..OMG.. I'd have to be scrapped off the floor.. YIKES!

Ok, I'm now just trying to keep my head from with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Winging It On Wednesday !

Winging it on Wednesday !   I sure was..however, Miss Annie woke up at 4:30am and it seems maybe, perhaps, quite possible she's getting the message that we sleep a little longer than 5 hours.. I mean little gal, cut me some slack I'm the one that's got to feed you and clean up after you.. I need my beauty rest ....puhleeeeeeeez :)

So up we all got and my day planner said that I was gonna finish that blinkin Hutch come hell or high water..and guess what... I DID !!!  I mean I really DID !!... there was so much junk on top of it and to break way through...good golly it was forever..yes, my boxes came to the recue I won't even go where I placed those..but some time in my 9 months stay I'll empty them...

Today was vacuum day...Gawd that was a chore, and then a few spots that I don't even know where they came from ..I used my trusty spray and got rid of them...and I cooked up some meat balls..few I was tired..Yes!  I got in my nap.. I had no choice I was numb..

Even my vacuum was saying, "Please stop"!...yeah it was me..and again my dear cleaning lady never bothered to clean my vacuum.. come on.. I mean when you use yours don't you clean it up..????  maybe it's me..but I as I felt the rush of anger throb in my head I had to say, "Forget About It"..and get on with it.

Attempting to calm down Miss Annie..and I'm starting to put the pressure on her.. she's just so full of herself she's some what out of control..Rudy will calm down but not now I've started...everytime she's not listening and going nutz I put her in her crate..she's not liking it but I do notice she's starting to hear my voice..hopefully this will work..

When Rudy goes off to be shown I'll start doing more work on the lead with with the two of them there is no way..and I honestly can't handle them legs aren't strong I will try another method..

Played with Ms Shug tonight as in every night and she's really just wanting to be petted and I'm hoping she'll get back to herself..but she's missing the hubby..she really bonded with him..another project to work oh my !

Now watched Survivor and it was ok..but for some reason I can't get caught into it..maybe a little later down the road...or maybe cause by evening time I could really go to bed..brain fog..

Tomorrow I have a Cardio Doc appointment at 8:30am ..hoping I like this one..and he with that..those traveling STAY safe and as always..God Bless Us All..'s suppose to start dropping down to bundle up.. Electric blanket on low :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Making Some Kind Of Progress On Tuesday

Making some kind of progress on Tuesday...although again I had another deal with Miss Annie...these early crazy hours..not really sure what's going on but one thing.. I'm making sure they go back to bed....even if it is for just an hour..

When I did get up again, I got right to starting my Crock Pot and my pot of Gravy...I wanted to make sure while I had the energy that these would be done..and then I even dusted..OMG!  I had some energy and to top that off I did a pan of brownies in my NuWave oven.. I mean I was running on high test !!!

However, remember that HUTCH that I'm 3/4's done with..well forget about it !  I never got to it.. I petered out ..big there's always tomorrow and that's what it's gonna have to be..TOMORROW...

I did do the Brats toe nails..OMG! ..Rudy was nothing but Miss Annie... I wanted to ship her out to sea..she was awful..and guess what.. I was in such a pissy mood there was no way she was getting away with it...We struggled..but I wasn't given in..neither was she.. OH YOU !  you know what..I'll say it..cause that's what she is...BITCH !!!!

I won!!  I will never give up.. she was always good about it..but I let it go for several weeks and I guess she thought ..she was top banana...NOT IN MY HOUSE ! ...I used the drummel which is not painful..but some what tickling..but not for her....but she got her feet done and was she pissed..big time.. ignored me for a while.. I smiled..she growled..oh well :)

I did manage to get in a the two brats got into it..and so off they went into their crates...again...and I took the advantage and got in my nap...woo hoo.. later I took Ms Shug out and she was rather quiet until my hubby called and she heard his voice...YES!  she misses him..I'm again out in the cold..but she will work with me..just not overly fact I have to beg...:(

Tonight watched the Voice..was really good..and then I gathered up my crew and out they went and off to bed we all I'm just getting to my emails and then it's off to slumber I go too...

So with that..Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Monday, October 27, 2014

Play The Same Tune Even On Monday

Play the same tune even on Monday...oh that's right !... I was up way too early..let Miss Annie out and then went back to bed... I mean come on crew let's not repeat this..I is an ole woman down by the sea...(Florida)..LOL

Well any way I did go back to bed and got in another hour..I'll take it any way I can...and then we were up..I had several things I wanted to get done...and I got most that was a plus...

I had wash going and while that was happening I put on my pot of coffee...then gathered another box for that HUTCH...and I'm almost 3/4's done..wooo hooo...after I got the crew done and me done... I was out of the house and in the car..LOL

Almost sounds like.."I was set free"...well, kinda, sorta...but I was out and about... had to go to CVS to pick up 3 scripts and then went over to Winn Dixie over in the Villages..(I'm still not liking that store) and while there I grabbed a roasted chicken..came home and gave the critters their lunch cookie and I and Ms Shug shared some of the chicken..(she got the thigh bone with some chicken which she loves) and I have to was awful..dried out..yucko..

So from now on I'll do my roasted chicken in my comes out delish !  I was just being lazy..and I really was tired...however, no more with that..BUMMER!!! :(

I did pick up my dusting tool as I can't get down on my knees or really bend over far knees just aint' gonna co operate I had one but for some reason when I came back to the house it was "color me gone" I have no dusting I will do tomorrow..

The brats had another bout so up I put them arses...and I took a nap..felt great and they were not happy campers when I let them out..for some reason Miss Annie is being a TWIT..she better quit of she will get my foot up her butt .!

Watched the Voice tonight was pretty good.. I only have a couple tonight I really liked..Had Ms Shug out and she was so lovely that she was when she's like that..and that was most my day and tomorrow I've got to step it up a notch..LOL

I'm gonna make some freezer meals up using my crock pot so I don't have to stand over the stove..and finish that blinkin Hutch..and I'm moving along at my own pace...backwards hahaha..

With that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Not Too Bad A Sunday

Not too bad a Sunday....even thought I woke up way to early and I let the brats out then went back to bed..give me more sleep !!!...however, I thought I over slept..don't know what's going on with me gray matter ...but I better start kickin' it a bit...:)

Got up again for the second time put on my pot of coffee to brew as I did the sorting of the pills of life....and as I was looking at the colors of the rainbow I was wondering...." do I live in the world of Oz too ?"...

I did start to tackle that hutch and loaded up one box...carried that into my spare room...laughed as I looked around the other boxes...and then came back into the living room and UH OH !!!  QVC was on for 5 hours..OMG!  that would overwhelm I watched hahaha...

Couldn't watch the Eagles that sucked so I did some watching other games...and had to wait for hubby to call me with blow by blow..the happenings...and OH MAN !  the Eagles lost in the end of the game..dang it !

Called into CVS to get a couple of my scripts filled...they are some what out of sink right now so have to do some rearranging again...but for my synthroid..well I have to wait for another test as that was increased...

Oh forgot to mention the Doc, contacted an Eye doctor for me..she's suppose to be really good and I'm waiting her to contact me for an I have to have cataract surgery and I'm hoping I can schedule it when hubby is down..

Also this coming Friday I have the Cardio Doc appointment with the new one ..sure hope he's good..if not back to the drawing board...I just am not putting up with Doctors that have such an Ego they forget about the patient . They don't listen...and as I told that Doctor.."I guess you live in my body so you know what's happening"...he never really paid attention..shame on him..!

Had me a root beer float tonight..dang it!  they are so good and went great with my sausage sandwich...yep, I leaned back and enjoyed.. about time..

Don't know what's going on with Miss Annie and Rudy ...lately those two are really getting into it... Miss Annie just don't quit and Rudy is not gonna put up with they've been really getting a little too much... so I've been putting their arses up in their crates..till they chill out... told them tonight... if they keep this crap up they will be having a talk with Jesus.. my term for Me being the heavy and knocking some sense in their's one of those things you have to do ..don't like it..but they have to know I'm the Alfa ..and they better get it together...

Getting my trash together for tomorrow's that time again... also have to go into town and pick up my scripts and stop by Publix then home..and hopefully get the other part of the hutch done.. Gonna need to dust and vacuum..oh my those jobs are due again LOL

So here I sit at my desk getting ready for all my notes to tell me...YOU GOT LOTS TO DO !!!...with that.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Post It, Toast It, Saturday :)

A post it, toast it, Saturday....that's right !!  today I posted Rudy's show entrees and boy was it ever strange.. I haven't done that in over 20 years..OMG!!  that long ????  Sure enough...but some how it really felt good again..

My little big boy is a year old so he has his first show, a Rottie specialty in Ocala, Florida on the 12th of November and Randy Mcateer will be showing him for the whole week.. I'm excited but I know my Rudy...hahaha..he'll miss his Annie that's for sure and me...but I'll sneak up at watch as I don't want him to know I'm there...being the first time out..they can get to be a little "lookin' for Momma"..

Got up again, this time like 12:30am then went back to bed..not sure why I'm getting up ...but I finally laid back down then back up at 4:30am..ok, so I knew with those numbers again I was heading for a nap time some time today..and I did...I got it and felt much better..

Now did I attach that HUTCH ????? NOT!!!...I have to..don't know why I'm procrastinating but I need to put the chairs in the wagon and get it done, done, done...So here's for tomorrow..:)

Most of the day I was just sorting through papers..getting Rudy's info together for the shows and then chatting with a few friends and day was almost over with...get back to my list so I can at least accomplish little things ..cause we know little things add up ..Ha!

Oh, watched my bird feeder, which by the way I finally filled up, the cardinals came and so did the titmouse and even a big arse crow..that boy was huge..I heard Ms Shug go.."WoW"....hahaha..she did !!

Now I'm just putting some info on my computer and listening to Saturday Night Live..and then I'm hopping...well more like plopping into bed..and on for tomorrow what it brings me...

So with that... those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Doctor's Visit On Friday !

A Doctor's visit on Friday!...was up before even the dawn fact I woke up at 1:30am..then struggled to get back to sleep then finally drifted off and jumped up like I had over slept...Don't cha just hate that ?

This morning was gonna be a fast one...(so I thought) as I had my appointment for 7:30am so I had to be out the door by which I was and it was still dark out and I had the heater on and my seat warmer going..gotta have a warm keester otherwise you shiver hahaha...

I had let the critters out to potty and told them..they'd get fed when I got back..and Ms Shug I never lifter her blanket as she was still sleeping..lucky bird ! off I went and got to the Doc's at 7:22am..not bad ..a little traffic in the happening but not bad...

I had an officer and a bug sprayer with me..hahaha..yeah..the bug sprayer walks in first and says, "hold on for a few moments" and he proceeds to spray the office...wonderful.. I mean just what I needed..where's my fact the police officer and I both laughed.. Guess the motto is.."If we can't cure ya, we kill ya"..

While I signed in a elderly lady came in and she did not look well..uh oh.. so the nurse asked me if I minded they took her first..Why would I mind the woman was not well..however, make sure you wash your hands..hint hint hint..

Soon the nurse came back and got me ..weighted me in took my blood pressure which was 140/78...but I'm always that way when I first walk in as my knees are hurting...then I went inside the little other room..and waited and waited and waited...

Doc walks in and big smile says, "Glad to see you back" and hands me a cup of coffee.....hmmmm I'm glad to be back hahaha...then we chatted about my tests done and my meds ..then we talked about his mom, which I went to school the time I left it was flew by I had to hurry over to Publix and when I got home my brats were ticked off..and so was Ms Shug..she was yelling...LOL

Never thought I'd be gone that long...but as the saying goes.."Chit happens" I got everyone fed and myself included...then as we all settled back down I lay on the couch and took a nap..YES!!!  I certainly did..and I felt much better..

The rest of the day I really just tried to do a few things and still haven't gotten that hutch it's on for tomorrow as I make a pot of gravy...I have an empty box in which that stuff is heading into...woo hoo..

So now the evening rolls around and got to watch the Amazing Race (not a fan of those dentists..they grin too much for me LOL )..and then started that feeling of...where's my bed...and now I'm ready... more than ready...

Short and sweet and ate a few treats..hahaha..never go to Publix when you are hungry...let's not talk about the weight the Doc wants me to lose either...Silence is Golden...

With that...those traveling Stay Safe and God Bless Us All...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Little Productive On Thursday :)

A little productive on Thursday :) in spite of waking up at 1:30am and attempting to go back to sleep which took me 1 1/2 hours..I tried and I tried...but I was just tossing and turning and finally I drifted off...Thank you !!

Got up at 4:30am..yeah like I slept a lot..and my day began.. YES !  I made my corn muffins.. these are a staple in my house.. a toasted corn muffin and a cup of coffee makes this woman HAPPY !

My brats were as usual, getting into things and even under my feet.. I made sure I didn't stand ...I mean I've already had that experience.."head over heels".. not a great feeling..and I even kissed the Blarney Stone as I didn't get injured..just a big bruise

As the day progressed I got to make a pot of chili up ..and next I need to make a pot of gravy (sauce) up...but that will have to be on tomorrow (Friday) I have a Doctor appointment at 7:30am..and I like them early.. get in and get out without waiting hours in the waiting room to go into another room to wait more...NO THANKYOU !!!!!

I wanted to do some work on my blankie...but never got their instead I did manage to catch a few winks..woo hoo...yeah, I have to grab them where I can.. my list suffers but I've got time.. like 9 months..

Still didn't get to the hutch but I did get an empty box by putting a few things I placed it right on the table in front of the HUTCH...hint hint hint..yeah I know I even have to give myself subtle hints..hahaha..

Hubby worked a long day..finally left the office 8:30pm and gave me a quick call on the way home..that man, I worry as I use to do all those numbers..but I don't pester..he knows what he can and can't do... but I still worry...

Weather here has been great and I love the cool morning... I enjoy them..I love to sit out in the carport with my coffee and just lean back and listen to those birds...Ms Shug is still sleeping hahaha...but once she's up she takes over..and she is missing the hubby..but not being to bad..slowly coming around to me...she has no choice...hahaha..she only nips a little..

Watched the Biggest Loser..that program just amazes me how those people work out.. I'd be on the floor ...mouth to mouth...God Bless them..they are starting to look pretty good..and always at the end the weight they lose..WOW..

Now I'm beginning to slurr my thoughts hahaha.. I'm tired and notice lately I'm having shortness of breath so using my inhaler more..Hopefully it will clear up as I'm getting into a routine of getting work done..sitting on my duff for a few months kills me..

With that I'm gonna say, "Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pretty Good Wednesday

Pretty good Wednesday...although it started off a wee bit darling brats were again in rare form...they were so wound up from sleeping hahaha..that during their play time one had the gumption to fling a sneaker and bop me right up side the head !!...Now I ask ya, "is that any way to start a morning"..but it fits right in with my lifestyle with these two..

These are the only two I've ever owned that are so out of control.. 1, being I got them at an ole age and 2, two Rottie babies together is a definite NO! NO! at 70 years of my life..I must have been asking to visit the Lord ....

As I was having my coffee I realized my pantry was barren..NO CORN MUFFIN MIX...OMG!  how could I let that I was on a mission..yep! to Walmart I was gonna way could I go another day without my toasted corn muffin with butter and a cup of that's a mortal sin !!!

So out I went and it felt good to get out..and even to a store.. and so I did..and so I bought that Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix..hahaha.. also picked up my bird seed for them critters outside...and a few other things...and as I was heading back I stopped at Hardee's (how could I not) and my phone was my RV Sistah Ms Dawn and her brother Paul..they had been in the neighborhood fixin another Sistah's TV Satellite so they wanted to know if they could stop in..

Well, okie dokie but be prepared my BRATS are WILD..if you can handle it so can I...I think they thought I was joking...(NEVER) and we all got into the house..I told them the safest place to be is at the counter...the couch will some what protect you ...hahaha...

Hello there Momma !  I let Rudy out first then Miss Annie...and like a flash they were into the living room up on Dawn and Paul... I think I saw the whites of their eyes..and Rudy done gave Dawn a bare hug and Paul was being engulfed by Miss Annie....they were all over them like a fly on honey...HOLY HANNAH..

It's a good thing that both Paul and Dawn are use to big dogs cause let me tell ya this could knock your socks off... I was attempting to pull Rudy off Dawn..and he wouldn't let go..hahaha...good thing Rudy and Annie have great temperaments cause their tongues where just a lickin'...I don't think Dawn or Paul could come up for air..

Took awhile for the brats to settle in..but not down..they got their bat and were tugging that thing that know looks like a spoon...I think tonight it will have to hit the trash !...We had a nice visit about 2 hours and I put the brats up so we all could go out the door..yes, it would be another encounter..

Later on it got peaceful..I was dragging and Ms Shug was now wanting her time...oh boy this has now become a long day...and as I watched Survivor I was counting the minutes for bed time..

Tomorrow I will have to take a water pill.. my legs are beginning to fill up and although I'm gonna do a few things I'll be in the I'll get to put my feet up too...

That's my day and now my night is almost over...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always..God Bless Us All..

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And I'm On To Tuesday Too !!!!

And I'm on to Tuesday too !!!!....again I got up let the brats out then made my way back and got to sleep in an hour more..Hey, I'm liking this..but I won't say that too often ...just in case Miss Annie catches on..

This morning I was planning on going to Walmart..but as I got into emptying one of the boxes and feeling that tired feeling coming on.. I thought to myself.."Why the big hurry, there's always tomorrow"... I should get use to these sayings case my body sure is appreciating them... I mean where am I going that I need everything right it's only taken me years to even think those thoughts...but for some reason this year has turned a new page for me and my body says one thing and my brain says another...however, I think my body is winning !!

Ms Shug is starting to come around better with me...cause last night she was just a nipping.. not hard but acting strange.. I think maybe she was not a happy camper when Robert left..but I did raise her...hmmm hint hint..goes to show you it even happens in raise them right and they can do a number on you..Shocking ?..heck no !..look at some of the happenings...

Well tonight she was a lot better and I enjoyed her outing now I sure hope she continues on that great streak...of course my brats were horrible... I mean Miss Annie just had the devil in her and Rudy...he goes along with her..guess he figures he doesn't have a choice..she'll bite off his leg hahaha..she does bite him there..poor boy .

My one Christmas Cactus I'm afraid doesn't look like she's gonna make it.. that so upsets me..she was my White one too..her blossoms looked like a bridal fall absolutely gorgeous..Yes! that ticks me off..I have to keep reminding myself not to HATE...but I am very disappointed..

I cooked on my NuWave Pro tonight..made a steak for dinner which came out juicy and then I cooked up a package of sweet sausage while I ate dinner... let them cool and put them up in frig.. I'll do up some peppers and onions and potatoes..have an Italian Sausage sandwich this week.. yep, that will be a good thing..

Watched the Voice again tonight..I really like this show.. they seem to have so much better talent and I also enjoy the get a good feeling watching it too.. after that not much.. mainly got all my stuff done and did up Shug's foods so she's got her goodies cut up for feed time..

The day itself wasn't a bad one.. sat out in my carport and cleaned up a few things ...glanced at my struggling plants..I so enjoy them ...and then watched some birds fly into the bird bath... I do need to get the feed for them as well..hopefully I'll be more energetic and get over to Walmart..

Going to do some cooking for the I can be lazy for a few tomorrow I'll start a pot of chili and put that in will be a pot of gravy..for the next big thing...

I'm getting with that... Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

Monday, October 20, 2014

On My Own On Monday

On my own on Monday....a little getting use to all over again...and it takes it's toll...I mean, I have to get back to doing a setups are coming into place which makes it easier for me to feed the critters and clean Ms Shug as well.

Strange night sleeping although I slept solid..I hit that bed and GONE !..I woke up 4am let the brats out and then slowly walked back to the bedroom and they raced me in and got into their crates..HEY! not a bad deal...hope I can continue that at least it gives me a little more rest.

Of course it was Monday and TRASH day..but I have that too on a trusty Dolly...see there were some advantages in showing dogs..:) my trash bags were loaded..and off we all went out to the front ...

I even saw my birds checking on I cleaned up the bird bath and filled it..and not shortly after I had a few come in for a drink and you know a splish splash....I could hear them singing..hahaha

My darling brats wiped out a magazine and I got my exercise..bend over pick up and scream..yep a real cardio vascular number...Doc be proud of me...:)..but oh those brats were just so full of themselves... I have to put them up to calm them down.. I looked for their bat..well more like wait it's flatter than that a paddle..any way no where in maybe they ate it...uh oh !  have to watch for Orange glowing poop now..OMG!!!!

I'm trying to pace myself as I'm tuckering out a I think once I get through this week I should be back to where I have it some what under control.. I was  hoping that Bonnie was gonna work out...This is a topic I'm having a lot of problems with...

Bonnie sure let me down.. I had to high of hopes I guess.. I was so spoiled by Diane and Bob...and I tend to take people at their word...unfortunately I want to still think good of the woman..but I'm dipping in the other direction..Sad..

I know she just didn't do what she said she would..and I kind of feel she only did a few things when she had too..also never was at my house every was more the last minute clean up and with that she broke my large Waterford etched glass vase and never told me...till I called her as when I came in I noticed it was missing...

All I can hear her saying to me, "I thought you were gonna call me when you were coming to the house"...then I asked..."Where is my vase"...she replied.."Are you gonna be mad"..?????? ....yes, my heart went crash..."Why" I asked... Her response was..."I was in a hurry to clean up and it slipped and fell to the floor".. then again..."Are you mad"..?    I wanted to know did she get concern as I could only imagine the amount of glass that splattered..

Then I started looking around... I gave her a pantry filled with can good for her center ...I opened that door ..Yes !  it was empty and I found some glass from the broken vase and it was filthy ...boxes which held some of the cans were in there and dusty and dirty..hadn't been cleaned since everything was taken out ???  I could go on and on..and even my plants weren't taken care of...

If it wasn't for Clancy they would have died...He told me they were bone dry..he watered them...they are my Christmas Cactus..I sure hope they do ok.. I've been removing the bad parts..YES!  I'm hurt...and as I go on I'm ANGRY..

I'll get over it...and Bonnie, well I decided not to go into ATTACK MODE..I've just gotten over a bad angina attack before we left to come I need not get into anything..but I will no longer bother...I've changed the code on my door and took her name off admittance to goes on...

Now I just have to look at the nicer things in life and pace myself..I have too... I'm not able to push at I use to...Need to build up my stamina and enjoy my brats and Ms Shug...speaking of which...

Tonight she was a BRAT !  I don't know what got into the but she was on the attack..and grabbing my hands and arms..then grabbing my ear..OUCH!..Screaming...I think I lost hearing in one ear... I think it's because my hubby is not here..she might be just acting up.. I hope it goes away cause she's never been that way...Never a dull moment..

Watched the Voice tonight..some good singers and I haven't picked my winner yet..but I'm ready for bed as tomorrow comes I've got to make my list of what needs to get done...without it...nothing will get done..hahaha

So with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Empty Nest On Sunday :(

The empty nest on Sunday :( Robert left this morning it felt strange..something we go through each year as we venture to the Hideaway winter haven...the brats watched and even Ms Shug was stretching her neck to see the hubby walk down the driveway and get into the waiting van to take him to the's such a strange feeling..something I really don't get use too..and always think, "someday, he'll stay for good"..ah come on retirement or maybe we'll get lucky and win the lottery hahahaha...

Shortly after the hubby left I fed the critters and then got dressed and took off to go to the "new" Winn Dixie in the villages..and I'll say this, "they had a lot more of things the other one didn't ...Then again they are catering to a different group of people.....however, they are really not friendly and some what rude...yucko !!!...I'll do my shopping for certain things and then for the others I'll go to Walmart and I go with my different lists again ...

Got home and I was beat..lugging all the groceries in then putting away...Part of the reasons I hate to shop...fixed the brats their lunch cookie and I had a quick lunch too.. then I attempted to have the brats get their nap..finally around 2pm we all took a break..woo hoo.

When I was looking out my front window I was watching the birds come over and check out the feeder..and boy I got the guilty feeling...I hadn't gone to Walmart to pick up their feed..and even a woodpecker came through..OK, give me a really big guilt ...they sure know how to work me !!

As I've been doing the in and outs with the brats and cleaned Ms Shug's crate up and I realized..this is a battle..I had a few months off and fell out of the routine...uh oh I'm gonna be dragging arse for sure...

It will take me a week to get back into the routine and I'm sure when it's bed time like now I'm ready to fall forward...and hard too ...oh yeah, this has been one heck of a day..never ending and of course Miss Annie has been fully charged..she never quits..

Speaking of quiting I'm ready.. my bed is looking mighty comfy and I've got to call the hubby and make sure he's ok too...yes, back to our phone calls coming and going...thank goodness I got the package deal LOL..

With that I'm gonna say, "Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All...nite nite :)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

I've Been Too Long At The Fair On Saturday

I've been too long at the fair on Saturday...for sure !  So much has gone on in my life I don't think I could even begin to tell my long tales...however, you know I'll not let anyone down... I've had some Whoppers !!!

Hubby goes back home tomorrow...I will miss the guy a lot and we'll go back to talking on the phone and video chats in fact I told him .."You know we talk more when I'm away than when I'm home "...It's a fact..mainly cause he's tired when he comes home and all talked out from work..leans back in the recliner and eats super and then it's bed time..

Amazing isn't it..but now I'll get to be more apart of the happenings..but I will miss him going to the stores..on his way home.(now I wonder why he don't talk) LOL..I hate shopping !!! 

Today we put the Mabeline up, and I could hear the taps play in the background...I so miss being able to just jump right in and take off for places unknown..(mostly dog shows) just heading out and a get away when needed..but again, pulling into this driveway..."it felt like home".

Our trip down from Pa, was not bad till we hit South Carolina...Holy Hannah all hell broke loose...the storm came through..and being stuck in the rig out on the road in a Welcome Center...not a great feeling and we Rocked and Rolled all night long... none of us got any when we pushed off we spent the extra day on the road and parked at Brunswick, Ga another one of my favorite Flying J..

Have been unpacking and trying to put things up and opened my box with my NuWave Pro..YES!!  I love not for everything but for a lot of things...sure does make my life easy and the things I do cook in it come out very juicy and tasty...

Have also put back on some of the weight I lost..but hubby tells me, "it's because he waited on me head and foot"  hahaha..maybe he did..nah !!!  it was because we ate things normally we wouldn't.. and late at night..OMG!  that was a killer...

So now I'm ready for bed..hubby is still making his rounds and I printed out his boarding pass..and it's gonna be a little strange at we both said, "Takes us a week to get in the hang up the empty nest feeling"...however, my nest is buzzing..with the brats..they are wilder than ever but I sure hope they will settle for Ms Shug...she will miss her DADDY...I just hope not too much as she still will come to me..but if she had her druthers would be the DADDY .. DRATS !

Any way, "I'm back"..hopefully with lots of good stories...cause you all know they just fall into my a "Flying Brick "..

Safe travels to all and as always...God Bless Us All..