Friday, August 31, 2012

Flipped on into Friday

Flipped on into Friday... got up and ready to run out the door..that's how good it was..first got up around 3am then lay  back down and then ..HELLO ..yep, that good ole over slept fell into place cept this morning I had an early appointment at my favorite place...the "DENTIST"...(and I had to be pre medicated too...crappola)  omg.. I'm never happy about this Doc loves to chat and expects an answer with his hands in your mouth...LIKE>>gagging trying to answer and then he asks, "What was that".. come on give me a break..hahaha...and another thing..what always gets me.. I can never ever get out of that chair without finding a little bitty tiny windy dot and it's always a gum line job..You know the worst ones of them all .. the ones no matter how careful you get the drill burn LOL.. 

Well I make sure he loads me up with nova cane...LOL  I get a few shots and I don't give a hoot..hahahaha..cept when i come out and attempt to drink and look like a drooling fool...oh yeah...front soaking ...and I was so big time..!!!

Got back to the house and the Critters were giving me the evil eye..well sometimes it happens I mean cut me some slack kids... I had to think of me this they complained and Ms Reba went into her motion dance and then I had to hand feed her..she's making me suffer....big time ...

Then I decided perhaps I'll lean back and take a nap..hahaha...well I did and boy I felt like dooo doooo....gawd..why did I do that..well one reason..because I couldn't eat..and the other was I was dawg gone get over it gal :)

Have tried to call family (hubby's ) as they are in Ms area and we haven't been able to reach I did a google search to see if their area was hit bad...a few of his cousins had flooding no one injured and we still haven't been able to reach his sister in La...Lord praying nothing major..

Hubby got in tonight and surprised me with a Pizza...called up and said.."did you cook"  and I can not tell a lie..NOPE.. cause we have lots of left overs..however being that I couldn't eat today sounded awesome..LOL am I lazy or what..given the chance ...absolutely LOL

Tonight hubby is sleeping in the chair and here I am on the computer... posting a few things and doing some searching on new products and what ever else I can get into...

With that I'm gonna say...Toodles until tomorrow..Lord willin... oh heard some good news of our forum sistahs is doing much much better thank goodness for that...

So those traveling stay safe and as always..God's Blessings Shine Down On You All ....

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trailing along on Thursday

Trailing along on Thursday as I finally had a good night sleep..amazing how a little pill (benadryl) can get you so relaxed...then I thought..that's the stuff the gave me as I went into the Cath Room and the did the ole Roto Rooter LOL and left me some metal..what's a few springs here and there  LOL

Morning I really had lots of energy and Ms Reba put me to my task..yep, she's back on the  Not wanting I had to start getting  a little bit of this and that together..and I finally got some breakfast in her...gee whiz this is some road to travel with her lately..perhaps it's a fluke or maybe the way it's gonna be for her ..who can tell but I can say this. "it's frustrating"  and the crazy part she seems to enjoy all the special attention...HUH>>>> did a light bulb go off in the gray matter...well we shall see..

I can't believe this is Labor Day weekend..where has the time gone I mean I know I'm with it..but some how this one did a "Surprise" on me.. and even this morning as I looked out my kitchen window I saw the kids getting the school bus...and that well...I remember when school didn't start till the Monday after Labor Day weekend...Where have I been >????? 

Chatted with Ms Betsy today..asking how her hubby is doing and it was good to hear that he might be able to come home soon...but she also let me know how my Cardinal family was doing..and I could tell in her voice she was smiling cause she said, "There's a lot of "Red" action on the Green Feeder..them Cardinals are big..them babies are growing up.."...Yep, Betsy they'll put on a good show for us this coming winter..and lots of more babies to come..LOL   

I really can't wait I do so enjoy watching and I even got a new bird bath's when I'm there and set it up I can't wait to see those birds come and get their drink and a few baths too...Yes, I'll post pictures that's for sure...

Tonight I watched Big Brother..another neat little twist going on and said good bye to Brittony and as the program ending I watched Joe, dropp off the pole and then next Jenn went down OH BOY.. who will win Head of Household..Ian if he knows what's good for him better hang on for his dear life cause it's a You is gone if you don't win ...yeah it's getting that way...and boy I'm lovin every moment of it.. and like I said yesterday,  "Dan played the best move or should I say "Scene" in Big Brother House ever !!!

Here I am now ready to head to bed and really can't wait to get another good night sleep it sure feels good ..makes me realize what I've been missing LOL..

So Good Night all....and  God Bless...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Wired Out Wednesday

A Wired out Wednesday it was for me.. getting up again early having interrupted seemed to have caught me off guard today.. my nerves were jumpy and I was in the "I want to be alone" mode..gawd me and Ms Reba were two peas in a pod !!!

I had awoken at 3:30am and tossed till about 4am then I just had to get up..grabbed some laundry and had that going.. (with my home made laundry detergent ) and then into the kitchen ...I started a pot of coffee and next thing I new I was mixing a batch of pancakes..(guess who for ) Ms Reba of course.. yep, I grind up her dry food and mix it into the batter and grate an apple and there she goes...sure hope what ever it is this phase might end as I'm running out of ideas..but for now well I'm batchin' and praying that this will work for a bit..

Had to get hubby packed for an out of town trip and that was like last"Hello, I have to go" those last minute throw togethers...maybe it was good I was in that "I want to be alone" mode..:) 

Later through out the day I was glued to the news listening as to what was happening with that Isaac..omg the size of that storm thank goodness it stayed a tropical depression.

Tonight watched Big Brother and I have to say..."It was one of the best single move plays made in Big Brother history and by notorious Dapper Dan"...He was amazing.. I mean he pulled that one off they say, "There's  a Sucker born every day "...sure was !!!! 

Next I watched America's Got Talent...loved the acts and several were my favorite...that Sand man is amazing with his talent I could watch him all day long.. and the comedian was very very good...but I did hate to see that ventriloquist and his dog bite the dust that was neat too and the guy that does the musical instruments reminds me of Yanny...LOL  He's well see what next week brings...

That was about it for me day was just wired to the max and I needed to try and relax...and now it's attempt to get a good night sleep...don't want to take anything for it...but maybe a benadryl might help 

So those that are traveling..stay safe and again I say, "God's Blessings Shine Down On You..."

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here we go again Tuesday :)~

Here we go again Tuesday :)~  another night where this time I'm woke up by Mr Zeke..he's taping my hand and making noises...What gives?  I wake up and he's laying by my side taking up most of my side and whining I tell him to be good and go to sleep..hahaha like he really knows what I'm wanting..(well maybe he does..but does he give a hoot ??? ) he quiets down and then maybe a few minutes goes by and again..the same thing..he's pawing my hand...again I wake up..(why is it me and not hubby????) I then tell him to stop it and get off the bed...but he isn't moving and I try to drift off...HA ..not this time cause next thing Zeke is really taping my hand hard..I sit up and it's dark now cause it's only 1am..HOLY TOLEDO...I can see a blessed thing so I flick on the light and Hubby is not here..Where did he go ?   of course I don't blame him.. I mean who can sleep with this I then look at Zeke and he's half on the bed and half off..HUH?????  what in the world..and as I walk to the end of the bed..Zeke is still in that same why ???  At the end of the bed on the floor is Ms Abby..(the snapper) and Mr Zeke knows better than to land by Ms Abby..hahahaha..yep he was stuck ..his back legs were on the floor and his top part of his body was on the bed...OH I kind of woke Abby up..(nicely) and she got up and moved and Mr Zeke shot down off that it wasn't funny at the time..but now as I write about it...I have to laugh..and hubby..well he went upstairs to our other bedroom and was snoring...LUCKY HIM>>

That was my attempt to get a full night sleep which by the way when I finally got back to sleep..(yeah I gave it another shot) I over slept and then it was the mad dash...boy I just love that..and the brain (gray matter) feels like sluggish and nothing you do comes out right...that's how my day has been so far  .

This afternoon I made a batch of meat balls up cause my freezer was empty.. I remembered I sent lots home with yep I had to make a few up for tonights dinner...and lunch for a few days too.. love them meatball subs..:)

Hubby took his lunch with him as he had to go to Delaware and that was a good thing..cause he couldn't find his keys this was another winner..but later on he called to let me know where he thinks he left it then became my search for Adventure...and yep, right where he now at least they are not hanging out in some desk draw..

Tonight is America's Got Talent and of course the Republican Nat Convention...I do want to hear Gov of NJ speech..he's a hoot and boy he can snap in a minute..must start calling him the Minute Man...but like I've said many times before.."Wish they'd all do like what they promise"... 

So that's my day and I can only home tonight will be the night I get a full nights sleep...Wouldn't that be Wonderful..Woo hoo...

Been watching that Isaac and have been worried about alot of our Forum Sistahs and a few of hubby's family as the are in Ms ..sure hope no major damage..golly it's been on heck of a year..

Ok, now it's time I let Critters out and get their food together...Ms Reba was a twit this morning..her nose up at's back to the drawing board again..maybe she'll like the meat balls..LOL

Safe travels to all and as always..God's Blessings Shine Down on All !

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Sleepless night for Monday morning :(

A Sleepless night for Monday morning and I wasn't even in Seattle..:(
For some reason my night was broken up.. I felt Zeke come by the bed and make his little noise and my eyes opened up automatically.... tried as hard as I could but to no up I got and came into the den sat down on my computer and surfed..(not on any board LOL ) well I was on a board but not on know the F B board page or what ever ya want to call it as I play on words again !

Soon all the Critters came out one by one..Hubby was still sleeping..lucky guy can sleep through anything.. and here we were at my desk and them around my feet and Ms Reba started to complain...hahaha..she does her thing like it or not ...

After about a half hour I got up walked into the living room and layed on the did the Critters 3...and this couch is something that when you sit on become a part of it.. Yes, it swallows you...LOL  you disappear into couch becoming a part of the earth..well you become a part of the weave..and you can't get out either.. I mean you  need a wrecker to get you up..!!

This couch we bought like 15 years ago and the reason we still have it is cause no one sits on it..maybe Zeke LOL so it became the Critters couch..and they don't use it much.. the dang thing is in perfect condition cause no butts have sat on it long...or they disappeared..and of course like all my furniture I keep it covered..maybe that's where I went wrong... hahahaha...

Any how by the time day break came along we were well into weave land and needed help to get out...hubby came in and just laughed..and he tugged me off the couch...hahahaha.. I know I have bad knees but I couldn't even if you called fire it was 1, 2, and 3 ..heave hoe...and out I popped...hahaha..

Did another number for Ms Reba getting her breakfast together...boy that can be a challenge...and I think..(I'm not gonna brag) I got what she likes..(for now) and I take a thin slice of Kahn's Liverwurst (has to be Kahns) and I add a tablespoon or two of water and heat in microwave to make like a gravy and mix it into her works...and hopefully for awhile anyway...but she's eating more and more...Thank You Lord !!!!

Made another batch of Hamburger buns..but this time I used my Challah bread recipe in the bread machine..dough cycle..then I rolled it and cut it into 10 good size rolls...Froze half and the other half I baked up...I'll use them for Robert's lunch on the road..and for mine tomorrow...and i've got the others to use when we need them... Nothing like home made rolls..and they are just so simple with the bread machine doing all the hard is it to bake..???

I have a Italian Roast Beef going on the stove..and that's what's for dinner tonight and later during the week faced jobs..:) yeah I think of the easy stuff during the week...

You know today I noticed some crazy stuff on the net.. I mean if you say something in jest people tend to go for the juggler.. it's kind of how the world seems to be one takes things lightly.. even on our forum..someone was concerned about the weather and well being..and easily it got someones goat...Don't understand it..maybe never will.. but for me.. I let it go.. I mean what's the point..what are you trying to prove..that you are losing control of your emotions..over what ?????  Words on a screen...DUH...LOL  

My Uncle use to say to me.." Only person that pisses you off, is yourself  cause you allowed it..."  You know I finally understand what he said and meant...took awhile Uncle Bing...but I sure hope you are proud of me now... If I get angry or mad it's because I allowed that to happen..only person inflicting it upon me me ....Wake up !!!

Yeppers another lesson you learn in life..only took me years..hahahaha..hey but I did learn..and it wasn't book knowledge it was a course in Humanity !!

Tonight I haven't a clue what we are gonna do other than hear how my hubby's day was and listen to all the politics which by the way is annoying..I mean get serious.. Who do your really believe ????  Remember they all promise but when the time comes...Who delivers...well I know UPS and Post Man...and maybe a Pizza guy..hahahaha.

Ok, that's my story for today.. on to another Adventure where ever that may take me...mmmmm 

Oh my washing detergent is pretty darn good..but I still think it needs to be tweaked on whites and a little Oxi clean added is no big deal ..get that at Dollar Tree still my laundry is costing .20cents..and maybe another .05 cents for the fabric softener...OH I'm doing just fine and dandy )

Safe travels to All and keep and eye on that weather...again..May God's Blessings Shine Down on All...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ah it's Sunday a day of Rest !

Ah it's Sunday a day of Rest !  and for some we all worship in our own ways...and mine has always been being quiet and thinking of all the good things that have happened in my life of which I am to be thankful a young girl I went to church everyday...going to Catholic school it was a given..Mass before class...and as I got older I made Mass on Sundays and Holy days of Obligation.....and as the years were added on it was always Sundays and Holidays..and now..well, Christmas and Easter...I know I hear my Momma in my ear..infact bending it a bit...

However I feel I have that one on one in my quiet time and as I lay me down to sleep..yep, that Pray the Lord my Soul to keep...I think sometimes no matter how you worship it's what's in your heart that matters...!

Morning for us was as usual..cepting Ms Reba pulled that I don't wanna eat so I did what I did last night.. a thin slice of (get this ) liverwrust with a little water microwave to create a gravy and mixed it over her food..and Wham Bam Thankya Ma' was gone ..WOW... I'm crossing my fingers for tonight's meal..

Hubby went to church to teach his Sunday School and to ..Like he says to me as he's leaving the door..."Pray for my soul" wonder why I love the man...he cares and wants to make sure I make it into those pearly gates..:)

Did up a batch of towels with my handy dandy cheap Liquid Detergent and boy did it ever do the job....and I did a vinegar rinse (white vinegar)..and those towels came out clean...but I did put a fabric softener sheet in the dryer as that's hubby's they came out fluffy  :)

Made a Italian Pot roast so hubby could make up sandwiches as he has to travel to Delaware and he's rather pack a lunch...Now this man for years would never ever do that...but see what happens when they get older and wiser..LOL  so yes, I cooked again today...but that's a good thing..cause I have easy stuff for next week ...more like throw it on and zap it  :)

Tonight is Big Brother...and that's gonna be good..cause it's HOH who got it and who's going up on the chopping block...OUCH...that's about all I have for now...but I'm sure my brain will muster up a few good thoughts by tomorrow...who knows with me...Right :)

Hope you all have a safe journey and most of attention to that weather man...and as always..God's Blessing Shine Down On YOU !

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Did It up on Saturday :)

Did it up on Saturday :) ah that's right..started off with a good morning major issues and that's always a Good MORNING...then got out of bed smelling that pork roast cooking in the crock pot...Lord help us that was an awesome aroma..even if it was wee hours..LOL

Critters followed me into the kitchen cause they were getting hungry...and so was I but it was way to early...LOL  but I had some reservations if I'd last that long...hahaha..

Got Critters out and in and even Ms Reba ate her breakfast..Hooray !!!! and then hubby come stumbling down the steps..Yep, he had gotten up early too..and I had my lists going cause Saturday is always our day of..parting with the bucks  (as he puts it) and lots of things to having company..OH BOY...

I whipped up a batch of Banana Bread Bars with Brown Butter folks that's dangerous cause they are lip smackin good !!  Too dangerous to keep if they don't go by today they head into church tomorrow with hubby...LOL

I had also made up some Hamburger rolls in my bread machine..well the dough any way and baked them off..another winner if I do say so myself...I've never froze them cause they don't last..LOL  this recipe is a new one as I normally do the Challah bread recipe...and you can't beat them..I've even made them into hot dog rolls...I hear ya.. am I nutz..YES..but if you've ever had home made rolls you would I can make them cheaper...mmmm ok, ok, so I don't figure in the electric..but you use power what's the diff...????  

Hubby and I also batched up my liquid washing machine stuff..LOL  I know I'm feeling the vibes...YES, I make Laundry detergent..and it's so simple and it does a really good job...I choice to do a liquid one instead of the powdered version I have...but both are really good and simple.. and guess what..think about what it cost you for your laundry detergent...lately..prices are going higher and higher..mine costs me about (are you ready for this ?) less than 20 cents per gallon...(do I hear a YEAH ?) hubby is saying "Less than that"..see what I mean..and yes, it cleans...and I also use..(don't drop your jaws yet) white distilled vinegar in the rinse ...that's to get rid of residue (if there is any) ..I do have a fabric softener...I mean hubby likes those sheets in the I'm not complaining cause I buy them dirt cheap..(dollar tree)..

We did all this before 11am..Holy Hannah and everything was ready for company... Pulled pork on rolls with cole slaw and also had (which was brought in) a shrimp scampi pasta salad..which was excellent..OMG...I'll get that recipe...LOL...Lots of fruit and meat balls and gravy...too much food but it was really enjoyable and I made a big picture of Arnold Palmers..(for those that don't know it's lemonade and ice tea ) and a Sangria..for those that indulge  LOL...was a long day but it was well worth it..

Evening was nice and all the noise slowly disappeared..which felt strange again.  Now to get back to the quiet time..gawd I sure miss all that action and telling stories...guess I'll have to make sure when I'm in Florida that the Sistahs as they are passing through come and visit...kind of difficult for me to get out and about at this time...

Did I tell you I'm tired LOL..wonder why...but hubby will be gone most of the morning with his church while I have the pot roast on for Sunday dinner...yeah I hear Lenora in the background (as she's reading my post) LOL  she doesn't get it with all the food we make.. I keep telling her.. I'm Italian and we cook...but also hubby is not one for eating left overs the next day.. I mean he will but boy will he tell me about it...It's a thing with him since he had to do that all his life while growing up...  but I do towards the end of the week or if he is out of town.. I don't mind fact sometimes they are better the next couple of days...but again like I said.. I usually gather up all that we have during the week and throw a "What have we " type of dinner  ...

Ok, I'm now beat and I'm ready to hit that sack and I noticed my Critters are slowly heading in that direction..soon as I give them their meds we is out of here...

Good Night All...Safe Journey and watch that Isaac...God's Blessings Shine Down on All...

Friday, August 24, 2012

TGIF...YES ! Wonderful Friday :)

TGIF....YES !  Wonderful Friday :).....How great it is that Friday is now upon us...and it's weekend thingies that will be happening...hahaha..I'm thrilled as hubby will be home all day on Saturday and I can give him my list of "Things" i need to get done...wooo hooo...(ya think?)..

Last night we watche Big Brother do another oops gotcha thing and poor Boogie got the boot  and then along came Ms Ashley..who really didn't even know what hit her...bye Ashley...but Mr Frank..well he played his heart out and did get that power of Veto..but who knows what lurks behind them doors..LOL  
It was really neat and then next thing I knew it was morning..Oh don't you just hate that falling asleep in a chair...but at least it was in the recline position...but still my aching bones..!!

Got up with Mr Zeke looking in my eyes..LOL  yep, I felt his face on mine and boy that was strange but it woke me up and I dragged out of that chair...gawd the Critters out and Ms Reba well..she's in her mood...but hopefully she'll come around later on today..

Spoke with Clancy this morning I left a message for him to call..he's a hard one to catch cause he loves to work...God Bless Him...Wanted to make sure everything was ok at the house and that he knew where Diane left the key for him in case of the storm ..if anything needed to be taken care of...
Clancy is another one like Bob and Diane so dang dependable and trust worthy not too many around like that...

Making my list out for Saturday's episode as hubby will be in the.. "I work all week"..which he does..but so do I ..but in different capacities..he sits at a desk and uses his brain power...I don't sit..I use my stamina and of course my brawn...LOL..with a few interruptions  like Naps..hey, I'm an ole gal I need them...LOL. and then I also that's really important cause I make the fuel that feeds his fire..hahaha..I'm good today....

I'm gonna make up a batch of hamburger buns..I got a new recipe to try ..normally I make them with Challah bread dough..via my bread these look pretty interesting and I'm making pulled pork for tomorrow in the crock pot so this ought to be tasty...So my trusty bread man machine is gonna do the mixing and I do the pinching off and making the rolls, letting them rise then baking that's not too difficult...and boy they are least I know there is no hidden things included..LOL..

Tonight we'll watch Under Cover Boss...hubby likes that..kind of interesting but always at the end you get a lump in your throat of the kindness that does come out of it...

Other than that not too much ...need to start looking at what I'm gonna take back to Florida again...Yes, it's gonna be getting that Oct is only a few weeks away... I do miss Halloween home..cause we get no kids where I am...and these kids are so dang cute dressed up in their costumes...and love hearing them sing their little get the goodies...aaaaaaah that's what I miss...oh well..hubby gets to enjoy it..

Also have to think about whether or not he is going to get another Parrot...I know he's gonna miss she so loved him and really played up to him big time..and he enjoyed all her antics..she was really neat....That again is gonna have to be his decision...the house is so quiet ..too quiet..!!

Tonight is also Pizza night so no cooking for me..Now I don't mind making pizza but this way it gives me a nice break...Crock Pot will be doing the Pork over night and the rolls well that's quick and simple as Mr Bread Man  will be mixing big deal..mmmm what can I do ????  REST UP...:) 

So for all those traveling..please watch that weather man..and be SAFE

As Always ...God Bless..

Thursday, August 23, 2012

We are flying through on Thursday :)

We are flying through on Thursday :)... I can't believe we are almost to the weekend...and this morning I've got a burst of energy... I joked I was beaming I was a know "Scotty Beam me up "...Star Trek..hahaha..yeah that's where my mind just flew... so up I got and zooom things I wanted to complete yesterday..well I already have a tray of Oatmeal Raisin, Walnut, Chocolate Chip cookies in the oven...figured that would be good at night while watching a little TV with a glass of milk...can ya tell I'm reverting back to childhood..hahaha..nah it's something I did when I was in Florida...a  nice little evening treat.

I have a few more things I'm gonna work on today and that's go through a bunch of totes I have with clothes..I need to get that sorted out and make a deposit to Goodwill or  Salvation Army...cause someone could use them..I just don't wear them any more..

Bottled my batch of Liquid Hand Soap from what I made up last night..and it settled well put in those pump type foam bottles so it will have lather cause hubby always wants lather...Hey, it's his thing...oh and I have some soap to make up for the shower too... might start that this afternoon..I use Dove for that and it's just like the creamy stuff you buy for a few bucks..mine works out to about 60 cents a bottle..ok, so I don't figure in my time or electric..I mean I have to use electric if I do it during the day time..that will be less LOL..I'm on a roll here folks cut me some slack :)

Tonight is another episode of ...Big Arse Brother..and I think Mr Boogie is gonna hit the open road..but then again it's a double eviction tonight sooooooo could be another big surprise..wooo hooo..

Critters have been really quiet and slowly we are getting use to this...but I'm really not liking it...I liked it even though (Yes I did) complain about the Noise was always we shall see what hubby decides unless I surprise him again like I did 35 years ago...

Gonna make a one pot meal tonight...Chicken Thighs as they are always better tasting and don't dry out..with some cream of mushroom soup,a little milk and extra mushrooms and peas and carrots all in one skillet..and the easy mashed taters that I do in cubes in the microwave..LOL  yep I cut them tiny so it's a zap and they is done and waah laah..they is done quick and mashed fast and ok it's two items to clean..hahaha...oh you ask how the chicken is done...well I dredge in flour, salt,pepper,garlic powder, black pepper, paprika and quick browned in a little olive oil and butter then add the rest of the stuff...see it's simple oh and the bag I use is a throw away LOL...thought you'd get me on the extra dish..NOT HAPPENING..:)... paper plates too...ok, ok..silverware only cause I can't get hubby to use that plastic stuff you throw away....LOL

So that's my story and I'm about ready to head into the kitchen and rattle a few things....make it look good any way.. and then get ready for the experience of feeding Ms Reba..what she will decide to eat ...oh that's such an issue...I must master this one....soon !!

All of you traveling please listen to that weather cause if you are south make sure you're not in the path of that's gonna be a nasty sucker..

As Always...God Bless....and Stay Safe !

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We are doing better on Wednesday

We are doing better on's taking us time both hubby and I especially cause just seeing Medusa's cage empty and staring at us ... Plus we are so use to being greeting by her antics...Yes, it's gonna take us time and surely will my hubby when I leave for Florida...have to think about that too..:(

Morning I was up at the crack of..Nope now wait..the Dawn didn't crack in fact it wasn't even in the way LOL...but I was up at 4am...and a few hours later dawn appeared..hahaha..but those trash trucks were busy...good golly they were flashing lights all over the place..and man oh man..because it was recycle day...there was all kinds of bins out there... I mean we have a different colored on for each article...Paper, White Glass, Colored Glass, Aluminum Cans and then of course the usual ..Trash, trash..hahaha..yeppers this guy that comes through is a busy one..!

Hubby come running down the stairs like it was a Fire Drill and then it was zooom and he was in out and gone...of course with his 6 pack of coke..LOL  that's his I'd be gagging..but hey, what ever it takes to make one happy is what it's about..:)

Only had a few things to do this morning and that was just mainly clean up the mess and make a batch (you'll love this) soap..the hand soap. ...I save my left over bars and grate them up and add a few things to it and waaah laaaah I have liquid soap...and it's cheap and it works for it works..LOL 

Then on to my next project which was making a batch of cookies..well i wanted to but got that will have to go back to the burner and be done tomorrow...then it was get Ms Reba taken care of..cause she's been a twit..and boy some days...WOW what ever it is she's going through..please let this one get over with !!!

Got a call from Diane and Bob at 7am letting me know they were taking down all my hanging pots and putting all the plants in the car port due to the up and coming possible hurricane...Gawd the thought of it scares me..but one thing I'm glad they will be on the road out of there...and I know they were gonna see Clancy to let him know what was happening.. 

Like I said, "I will miss those two"....but hopefully we'll keep in touch ..and I might get to see them next summer ..that would be wonderful..and of course I hope they decide to come back and maybe spend a few that would be awesome but I'm not holding my breath..cause I think Diane has only said that to be nice !!

Tonight is Big Brother..OH YEAH..and that's gonna be good as it's getting really ..bite ya stage..putting Frank and Boogie up together was a smart deal...we'll see what happens...

Need to have hubby stop on his way home at the store pick up a few things for tomorrow nights dinner..I haven't gone out as my back was really nasty..and i just didn't want anything else to go wrong..I all know my luck or Murphy...LOL  and hubby doesn't really mind as he passes it on his way it's no big fact he prefers it cause he only buys what we need...(that drives me bonkers LOL )..

Just gave out meds for Critters and now I need to take mine too..then it will be lean back for a "Napski"  LOL...oh and I'm waiting for my friend Carol to call and let me know how her hubby's test (Larry) went..they said they would give her the results...this ought to be interesting...

So that's about it other than What's for dinner ????  What ever I have in the frig kind of know whip it up and put it like empty or reheat left overs...:)

Hope you all have a fantastic day and those traveling..Stay Safe...

As always...God Bless 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Made it through another Tuesday

Made it through another Tuesday and boy yesterday was difficult..never really given that much thought about Medusa..I mean I figured she'd out live me..but see we all get those surprises....House was so quiet..too quiet..Remind me never complain about noises..!!!

Zeke yesterday kind of wandered around Medusa's cage..(it's a floor to almost ceiling type) and then he just lay down in from of it..and I think he knew Medusa was gone too ..boy hubby was really down..

Last night as we sat eating dinner could hear a pin drop...I asked hubby how he was doing and did he need to talk about it...his reply was simple.."She's at peace" I left well enough alone..

This morning again quiet as Medusa would have normally been talking up a storm as the Critters came in the room and then she'd beat up her bell..Lordy I can't believe how we are really missing her..but when ya think about it 35 years is a long time...

So far my back is not aching..just a few twinges so I'm just gonna not do only what I have too...which by the way..I'm multi know us women are good for that one :)..

The meat balls I made yesterday were pretty good..I tried a "new" recipe..I'm always looking to try something new...and I zapped them in the microwave for a few minutes before putting them in the gravy to finish cooking...they were tender....but hubby likes them fried he didn't say "he didn't like them but they were "different" that means I'll have to go back to the old method..more work UGH ...:(

It's gonna be another simple meal tonight as hubby had to go to Delaware it's chili...can't be any more simple than that and it will be fact I have some hot dogs..might do chili dogs for dinner..Hey that sounds even better..LOL...there ya go...:)

Tonight is America's Got Talent so we'll watch it ...oh did watch the Eagles and Patriot preseason game..well Eagles did win...but I ain't a saying "Nuttin"...LOL

Called and spoke with Diane and Bob to say "Goodbye" as tomorrow is the house closing and they'll be on the road heading to Oneida I wished them the best and I will miss them..perhaps when I get back from Florida this time I might surprise them and drive up for a weekend and stay at a campground..we'll see ..have to play that by ear...depending on when I come back...

Also will have to get a Absentee ballot for the "President Election"..gawd that's gonna be dreaded...I hear so many commercials.. and read all the craziness on Face Book...I can't get away from it...and no matter who you like or maybe vote for...according to everyone.. YOU IS WRONG...well I got news for them...Ya better think it over before you click cause lots of stuff is gonna make a very big change in our lives....So THINK...and Don't Believe the NEWS MEDIA...research it out !!!!

That's my story for today..other than I need to think about Lunch..LOL..well not quite yet but in a bit..and Yes, I'm writing early cause I'm not getting into anything...I mean I'm just leaning back and reading and watching and mmmm guessing what can I not do LOL

Have a Safe Trip if you are traveling..and most of all...God Bless....

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Sad Day here on Monday

A Sad day here on Monday... got up early as usual ..let the Critters out and gave out meds at 6am..hubby came down early which kind of suprised me and as I was walking into the other room I head him say, "Medusa is gone"..WHAT ?  I came into the room and looked at him strangely.. "What do you mean she's gone, how did she get out".. that's what I thought he meant..cause her cage door was shut...he replied, "Nope, she dead" ..OMG !!!   I walked up to the cage and looked in...and there she was on the bottom..just sitting down in the corner..not turned on her side... that's why I didn't notice anything different cause she'd  always sit down in the bottom and wait for Zeke to come up to the cage and then she'd go into her antics..

This was something she enjoyed doing and making growling sounds and flap her wings, toss her head like a snake..and then the two would meet beak to nose... I often thought my stars he's gonna get that nose bit...but this was a usual act the two of them did... kind of like getting our attention..then Medusa would go up to the top of her cage and grab that bell and beat the tar out of it...and stretch her neck out and swing it from side to side..OMG it was wild...

I walked over and I saw hubby....he looked really he really liked her and she loved him..She would go bonkers when he'd come home just showing off for him to come over and give her attention...I'm feeling so sad for hubby as I know he will miss his buddy...and to think hubby said when I first got her "I don't want no parts of a dumb arse bird"... hmmm ..

Only thing I can say.."it was quick and Medusa didn't suffer"...she wasn't sick at all ..quiet yesterday but ate and last night when I went to bed she was up on her perch...She had a good life for 35 plus years and she will be missed. !

I know one thing..Medusa is soaring the earth now and who knows she may decide to bomb us with a few peanut she always did with the puppies we had..that was another one of Medusa's pleasures...

Hubby just came in from burying Medusa...He said, "I wrapped her in burlap and placed her in a spot that would get the morning sun..".. I know he's feeling the loss...amazing how these Critters become so much a part of your life and she sure was...35 years worth...RIP Medusa !

What a Monday :(...

May you all have safe travels today and as always..May God's Blessings Shine Down on All.... 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Day of Rest tis' this Sunday :)

A Day of Rest tis' this Sunday :)....and it certainly has been ..all for a few exceptions..but what the heck ...I mean it comes with my lifestyle..LOL.. The Critters must come was and has always been my motto..cause they can't do it for themselves..Have to let them out and have to clean up and have to feed them...boy does that sound familiar ????  Like my hubby maybe LOL..yeah it's the marriage don't cha just love it..(of course ya do).

Morning I was up before the break of day..(normal routine) and then as all the rest of the house woke up it became the "Take Action" hubby went up in his study his bible school lessons he gives out..I was down in the kitchen getting the critters their breakfast...and of course Ms Reba wandered into her room..(her special place)  I got Zeke and Abby their big dish and walked in and Ms Reba was giving me the eye ok, Pick me up and put me on the top shelf..hahaha..cause her cage is on the top row and Mr Joseph was on the bottom...(you know I think she looks for him..just like me)...and low and behold she was hungry and ate her special pancake with a little bit of..(oh you'll love this) baked potato with sour cream..yep from last nights dinner..Like I said before.."What ever it takes to make her eat"..

When hubby got home from church (you know the long and winding road from church to home ) we had Orange Terriyaki Chicken Kebobs on the grill with Fried they were really good..and yes, we made oinks oinks out of ourselves...dessert will follow later tonight as we watch Big Brother...can't wait to find out Who got H O H  (for those that don't know) and just try to chill out as tomorrow is work day...for hubby ..!!!

This after noon I'm gonna kick back as my back is getting to feel better and I'm not gonna do anything goofy...I have to much to do this coming week and I need to be able to move around...Gawd it's terrible being stuck on a couch or in a chair...HELP..let me OUT>.lol..

I had made a batch of waffles up at breakfast time so I'll make us both an ice cream sandwich...the old fashion kind with napoleon ice cream..not bad..and the waffles were so simple I froze a bunch of for quick breakfast pop em in your that lazy or for me..!!!

So that's about all I have done today and again Mr Murphy has been kind although I've heard a few of my Sistah's on our Forum ask me please not to share any more...I can't believe one even said .."I sent it through the I pad talk"..yes, Lenora you did..LOL..but sure hope you are feeling better and that Murphy has left the building..hahaha

Okie Dokie now I'll get back to my recliner and watch David Copperfield ..I had recorded it yesterday and I love those old classics...You all have a great day and if traveling..Stay Safe and as always..

God's Blessings Shine Down On You All !!

Recipe for Orange Terriyaki Chicken Kebobs..

adapted from Barbara Bakes (originally adapted from On A Stick)

2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon ginger, finely grated
1 tablespoon orange zest
1 garlic clove, minced
1/4 cup rice vinegar
3 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons orange marmalade
1 tablespoon freshly squeezed orange juice
1 tablespoon honey
pinch of red pepper flakes

1 1/4 lb boneless, skinless chicken thighs, trimmed and cut into 1-inch cubes

To make the sauce: 

Set a small saucepan over medium heat and add the olive oil.
Add the ginger, orange zest and garlic, and cook, stirring frequently, for 1-2 minutes, or until fragrant. (Watch carefully, you don't want to let the garlic burn, or it'll be bitter.)
Stir in the rice vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, orange marmalade, orange juice, honey and red pepper. Bring to a simmer and continue cooking for 3-5 minutes, or until the sauce has thickened slightly. Set aside half of the sauce to serve with the cooked chicken, the other half is for brushing the kebabs.

Preheat your grill to medium-high heat (400-450 F). Oil the grates lightly (I use the tongs to hold a paper towel that's been dipped in oil and rub it over the grates). While the grill is heating, thread the chicken cubes onto skewers (we used metal ones, but if you're going with wood skewers, you might want to soak them in cold water beforehand).

Place the kebabs on the grill and cook, giving them a quarter turn every 2-3 minutes, until they are slightly charred on all sides. Brush one side of the kebabs liberally with the sauce then flip and cook until the sauce caramelizes, about 1 minute. Brush the other side with the sauce, flip and cook until caramelized, about 1 more minute. The total cooking time should be about 12-15 minutes, you can use an instant thermometer to verify that the chicken is cooked through. Transfer the kebabs to a platter and let rest for 5 minutes before serving with the reserved sauce. 

PS...I used my George Foreman Grill..:)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ok it's Saturday and I'm dragging

Ok, it's Saturday and I'm dragging...Oh boy am I ever...Woke up with good intentions but my back had other ideas...Like  OH NO YOU DON'T....and it was right ...I  DIDN'T..:(

After getting done with what I did yesterday I felt not bad..a little tired but heck there was lots of things that needed to be done.. I mean I was not home for 9 having a Dust Bunny Child..hahahha

So I had a lot to catch up on and yes, I spoke in strange I know I'm gonna go straight to HELL..and not even collect 200 buckaroos..oh and I didn't win the Lottery...hahaha.. we played but like everyone else the big...NADA...

Last night hubby and I watched Cinemax..OMG..movies I would have never watched ..but for some reason we watched..They were so Funny and Demented..(my kind of humor) but OH MY what they show on TV and of course Language..well...not that I haven't heard it in my life time...but with the was definitely not child version..but I'm telling you ...It was hilarious...Out of the Ball one point I thought hubby couldn't catch his breath.... It was  Hall Pass and Horrible Bosses...Now I'm telling ya if you watch it..better keep and opened mind...and just watch for the comedy of errors.....Thank goodness it was FREE cause I never would have gone to see side hurt from laughing...but WOW a lot over the TOP...LOL...I'm gonna go to HELL for sure !!!

Got up this morning and I could barely  move...mmmm maybe I'm being punished for laughing at those movies..perish the thought..however it was because I was yanking and tugging and got the picture..

Hubby went and did the shopping for me..(great guy) as I've not been able to get around too much...just getting the Critters done and cleaning up after breakfast was enough for me... Might do the ole Ben Gay for tonight...did take an Aleve and that helped a bit.. I'm sure in a few days the soreness will leave..this is where I wished I put that sit in bath tub here...cause showers just don't make it...

I'm starting to make my list on things I need to get done in that's a good sign...I know I have to get windows replaced...and I'm gonna take a look at that Premiere Bath set me climbing in and out of the tub isn't safe any more...and my first bathroom is big enough to do to have one with the whirlpool...boy I could use that now  LOL

Saturday night not doing much here either...cause I can't...bummer but just taking it easy...Gonna teach hubby another dish to make...He's learning more to be Italian..after all these years..and he's getting pretty good too...Asks me when I get home to teach him certain dishes as he misses them...See, he always said, "More of him would rub off on me...betcha he doesn't realize it but he's becoming more like me "  LOL shhhhhhh don't tell him..cause he won't admit it..hahaha..

So that's about it other than sure hope we don't get another rain storm came down hard late last night...and sure hoping those hurricanes stay out at sea...

All of you traveling please stay safe and as always...God's Blessing Shine Down On You..! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Ah Shucks Thank Goodness for Friday :)

Ah Shucks Thank Goodness for Friday :)...last night done watched Big Brother and of course like I felt and believed that Will was gonna be color me gone..and then as usual Big Brother does a good  HOH competition one that if you don't have that all night feed ya gotta wait for the results on Sunday..but no biggy as it can get really interesting and I'm certain before the days over I'll hear from one of my friends that has that will tell..cause it's like...THEY GOT TOO !!!!...

Morning was so so for me...woke up with the top part of my back and neck aching...NOW WHAT ?  I think it's cause my mattress here is so HARD and my PILLOWS I'll work it out..and get over it..or maybe just complain hahahaha...but I've got the bedroom to clear or clean out..Gawd when I'm gone as long as I am..things kind of find a new home >>>>>it's what it again I'll do the best I can ..complain (to deaf ears) and then get on with it..

Ms Reba is giving me fits this morning's that..Don't wanna eat thingy again..but I'll coax her and hopefully get most of it is what it is...maybe when I get her age I'll be as wicked as her..or for that matter if I ever get her age..let me see..she's 16 x 7......hahaha..don't think I'll make that age...Lord help me if I do...

 I can't believe again we're at the Weekend marker..and tonight NO's Pizza dishes, no mess and most of all..I don't have to do a thing..well I take that back...I mean I still have to feed Critters and all that stuff...but as for the's lean back wait for hubby to get home and then stuff our faces and watch TV...or maybe I'll get him to play some cards...Now here's where I wish we were in Florida cause I'd have him take me for a ride in the Golf Cart checking out the area and looking at the pond with Gators...yeah nice thoughts...

Oh I heard that the gator got one of the Black Bears..oh so sad..but at least no one shot it...but from what I'm hearing..(thanks Clancy for the call) we have another Bear and some wild Hogs too..and..wait one more dangerous critter...a Wild Cat...sooooooo my poor birds..not suppose to feed them.. however, I did have Diane fill that one feeder that has a closed hopper that the birds can get access too..nothing else it will shut down...Hopefully.. and they also said..make sure everything is me thinks before we head down I'll go to the store and pick up a few cans of Bear Spray..and I do have a shot gun...guess I'm packin again..:)

Have to make an appointment for Zeke at that "Special " Hospital to have his EKG done and then make appointment for Ms Reba about that tumor she has on her's getting big and I'm worried that it may break's one of those calls that no matter how I look at has to be done..even though this has been talked about with her neurological problems..I pray I make the right decision and she'll be ok.. that will really be in God's hands..

Also have to reschedule my other Doc's appointment as his office sent me an email that they had to cancel that appointment I made last year..oh well..busy day again today ...we shall see what else will happen as my day progresses...LOL

Well pretty soon it will be time to feed Critters and go through the begging with Ms Reba..but what I have noticed..that she has now wanted to go back to being fed in her room..yep, just like when Joseph was alive..she looks for that I find some what amazing..but again they were partners..and I too miss him..

Tonight we'll watch Uncover Boss and some of the movies I have recorded...although I'd love to play some cards ..but sometimes when hubby comes home alls he wants to do is lean back and forget about things...I can't blame him.....

So that's it for now unless a surprise comes about I'm gonna chill out till it's time to wake up LOL..All that are traveling stay safe and Yes, I'm early posting cause later on I'm gonna zonk out...LOL

As Always..God's Blessing Shine Down On All...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wasn't Twiddling Fingers on Thursday :)

Wasn't Twiddling Fingers on Thursday:)...nope I sure wasn't... got up and the Critters were fed..and of course I was complaing..hahaha..yeah it's like a restaurant now with these darlings.. Ms Reba and her "special " Pancake and making sure I have the right combo..cause she is one fuzzy ole lady..and then Mr Zeke and Ms Abby get their special blend..OMG...let me out of this kitchen..hahaha...

After hubby left I proceeded to get into those cabinets..It was like the Battle of the Clutter...where did this crap come from , how long have I had it, when was the last time I used it>?  Yes, I was talking in strange language...(I'm gonna burn in HELL).....but got a huge bag of "Stuff"... and I did the kitchen prayer Lordy, please don't let me buy this stuff again...yeah.. I've heard these words before..cause ya know... I keeps saying.."If I haven't used this stuff in a year or two it's color me gone"..well that's fine and Dandy..Andy...but I'm telling ya... I've gotten a recipe in that called for something and you had to use something to make it...and before I could say "Jack Rabbit"..I bought that crap again..and again..there's gotta be something wrong with one of my brain maybe it's in some limbo prison...Ya think?

Now I hear my cabinets breathing..yeah they is sighing all right and I'm some what a happy camper..for now anyway...and I ain't a lookin back either...NOPE...and next it will be the Dishes...oh now that's gonna break my heart...hahaha...cause these dishes are heavy suckers...a set of Corelles would work out fine cause know that man I share his name..well he's bad about breaking things..and those Corelles are light and some what indestructible..maybe...we'll see when I get down to them...

As for right now I'm gonna take a nap and my recliner and then get ready for making dinner...Gonna fix Chicken Fried Steak..(cube steak) with gravy and taters (mashed) some kind of veggie and get ready for tonight's Big Brother...

Big Brother well..I have to say, "Frank you is an idiot" had your chance to make a dynamite move in the house getting rid of Dapper Dan..which by the way is one of the smart guys in playing...psst like he's won Big Brother..dummy ?????  oh well, we'll have to see what now happens...but who ever gets head of household..if they is smart put up Frank and Boogie...and let the games begin.. that's my two cents worth..LOL

So it's toodles for now and I'm a gonna go down for the count...Those Traveling stay safe and as Always
God's Blessings Shine Down on All...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Wishing on Wednesday

A Wishing on Wednesday....Yep that's correct .. I'm wishing I didn't have to do this job today..Cleaning cabinets...OY they are the pits.. I mean stuff in them that I haven't seen in a long time (remember I'm gone for the winter and part of the spring ..wait all the spring )  and then back home and I skip a year or two..hahaha..yeah you got the picture's big trash bag I have to cook up a batch of Chicken for the's that time again...Rice fields I have a break.. I mean I actually don't have to do that till next week sometime...but it's these blinkin cabinets...OY< OY>..hahaha...

There are things in there that I've never used and under the counter..What in the's a whole new journey under's the  "Under World"...LOL  Oh my ... I'm leaving the Universe...hahahaha... I know the wildest things about all you read ???  I will throw things out and in a year or two I'll buy the same dang things over again...Now what is wrong with that picture...DUH?????? Someone will send me a recipe and I'll get all hyped up about it and before I can say, "Jack Rabbit"...I've done bought the thing I threw out...HOLY CRAPPOLA..

Morning wasn't great I mean we had Fog again... I mean I'm singing "A Foggy Day In London Town." but we ain't in London and sure as hell ain't no town near by...LOL  but I open the slider and I'm feeling pretty good from the last night or should I say.."The Doc's news on my tests" I have this bright glow..(nope not the nuclear one) and I say to myself.."hmmmm I have this radiant feeling..and it's foggy...what is it.."...duh..maybe it might be your Flash Light ?????? hahaha....yep I needed a flash light as I was the Search and Recuse for the know whats LOL...hahahaha... it was that kind of morning..:)

Did a Face Talk with Ipad to Dawn this morning as she was all a glow being in her new is awesome and I enjoyed the Virtual Tour yesterday or shall I say "last night".. but I'm so tickled pink for her cause this is such a good feeling with all she's been through and now she has a new road to travel ..and her Mom and brother Paul will also be with her to enjoy this Journey...

It is difficult when you lose your hubby...I've had that experience many moons it will take Dawn time but as the saying goes.."Time heals all wounds"...not sure if it that or you get use to doing things by yourself..however, she really won't be alone..along with her family she has us Sistah's to pester her too..!!

Now I have a little time to ponder my thoughts on what my Doc has said... and I have to think about having that Cath done ...whether or not I want to just go in and have things checked..even though I'm feeling ok..playing safe than sorry...or wait till I come back from I told the Doc....If I'm not well or feel any doubt I will...but I have time to think things over...and I will.. I won't make any rash decisions..

Had a good talk with my God Mother and she's amazing .. I love her as much as my fact she is like my Mom...we laughed as we did some flash backs as when I was a young girl...I do miss our times together and I was hoping she'd come and stay with me in Florida...I'd love it..and it would be a nice vacation for her as well...

Talked with my neighbor..Ms Betsy..and that I enjoy as well.. I could sense the sparkle in her eyes as we spoke..she is so much into  Making things right..and I so much admirer her for that...I can't wait to get back and get her going with me....We kind of feed off each other...That is right and I enjoy that spark to make things Work Right and Be Done Right...We could be Freedom Marchers..well not so much me on the Marching..but hey..I could do it in my golf too ..LOL... I'll be seeing you Betsy soon Oct..look out CCC...hahaha

What's happening to night..well in case you all's Big know it's gonna be a good that's on the menu.. Now my break time is up and I need to get back to that other cabinet..eeek..

Crock Pot going with Pork and Sauerkraut...smells are getting strong..and Apple Crumb pie for dessert with a big spoon of..Vanilla ice cream..oh that's killing me..LOL..

Safe travels to all and as always...God's Blessing Shine Down On All..

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Toodle Dee Toodle's Tuesday :)

Toodle Dee, Toodle Dum it's Tuesday :) and I have my Doc appointment ahead of me..YIKES..just a tad bit nervous...but once I walk in I settle down...

Morning was over quick I mean before I could bat an eye and of course it's gonna be a WET day...yeah just as I'm gonna get ready to head out..the down pour or should I say, "The Down Spout" will happen..but it's all in the life of my great Adventures..LOL...perhaps I should bring a towel, wash cloth and a little soap I could have saved on our water bill..hahahaha..

Last night not too much happened..fixed dinner and hubby and I watched a little TV and then discussed when we'll be heading back to Florida...golly seems I just got here and I'm leaving..yeah that's right pretty much...LOL...Just stopped in for a Visit :)...well, not only to be with hubby but to see my GREAT WONDERFUL  DOCTORS...hahaha..

Also got an email from my GYN..(don't ya just love how they do things now)  letting me know that I need to call and reschedule my appointment...Now that SUCKS cause I made that last I'm ahead of the game ...I thought ?????  well I'll do that tomorrow after I get through with today's visit...

I'll stop by the store (which I hate shopping) and pick up a few things I'm out of and then head back..Having Chicken and Dumplings for dinner tonight and one of my Face Book friends put up a picture of...(now this got me) a Peach Coffee ya know I'm gonna pick up the stuff to put that sweet heart together..

So I'll put this on the back burner for now..(in other words I'll save this ) till I get back and gather my thoughts and let you all know "What's Cookin"... Later All !!!

Ok, came back from the Doc and felt so relieved...Doc said, "My tests came out like that have in the last few that I still show positive in the area where I have all the stenting..(9) in the LAD...".. He also felt that if I was feeling like I did when I came back from Florida that  he would have me in the Cath lab checking to see if I had any more ischemia ..which means narrowing or blockage... he gave me a choice also..that he felt being I've been right on target with what has been happening to me..that it was my call whether or not to have this done now...

He and I have a very good rapport but you wouldn't have known that way back when..cause we had some difficult moments..but now.. I have to tell you no matter where I lived...I'd fly up to have him take care of me.. and I even asked if I could pay his way down..LOL... I have so much faith and confidence in him..and above all..."he Listens"...and he "Challenges"..and we can debate...Amazing isn't he ?

So I left his office feeling better..although I did promise him that if I have any doubt that I will get that Cath done before I leave..and that's something I don't mess with... I am very in tune to what's happening with me...have always been..and I don't play the guessing game.. I go no matter how I may have some fears's kind of like this...We only come around one why not grab on to every moment you can...and with today's medicine amazing things are happening..and I'm here to tell you's so..cause if this was years ago I've be already 6ft under...

And then I had another surprise to night....yeppers. my friend and Sistah Dawn got her new motor home and I got the grand tour..yep Virtual tour via our Ipad..amazing these tech machines..hahaha...and it's Gorgeous and I met Momma and Paul her brother too..all sitting nicely and YES..drinking their WATER...Cool Clear WATER..

Psst..Paulette things are looking pretty good and I'll be contacting you as I'm gonna be visiting Mary and staying over night so we can do lunch or dinner what ever..but keep your ears and eyes open LOL cause I'm a coming soon...woooo hooo..

So that's my story and I'm stickin too it.. So far anyway..hahaha..and as for what's on TV tonight..duh !  I'm not sure..cause the Olympics are over 

Safe travels to all and as always...God's Blessing Shine Down On All...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Well Dar Gone it's Monday !

Well Dar Gone it's Monday !...I was up and out the door before the Owl Hooted hahaha...had to make a dash and pick up a few thing I did notice..when you are in a huge building like a Sam's Club at wee hours..and hardly any one in..(my favorite time to shop)  the place has this Echo...but boy can you zoom through with out all the gimmicks...Hubby likes to go when they  have display foods to "try" set up... he says, "he gets his lunch that way"...El Cheapo..hahaha..but wait.. I've also had that experience where I got something that wasn't so good..and left with that Ill thanks...and if it's something you do like then you wind up buying that Huge box which you know you ain't never gonna eat..cause it will never taste the same again ...Sound familiar..????

Any way got back and got Critters fed and Ms Reba was a happy camper she done ate her breakfast of that crazy pancake with left over (oh I hate to admit this) baked potato..yeah it's what ever it takes remember..and at her age..every day could be a final it's what makes Ms Reba happy :)

Most the day went by to quickly cause I never got to take my "Beauty rest"...LOL  yeah I like them naps you know people that get my age start thinking of sleeping more than sitting up...guess it might be an altitude thingy..or maybe my lazy Arse is showing through...YEAH...and the dress I is wearing doesn't have a rip in it..hahahaha...I'll never live that one down..much less when I go over to pick up my rig will I look at and run..or pay and drive away...:)

Tonight I'l make Chicken Parm with a little pasta (gots to have me pasta) on the side and a tasty salad..and then we'll watch what ever we can find on TV...Mondays seem to be a not good for TV night..however I can always stream from NetFlix...if I can find anything good there ...getting so I'm not really happy with Netflix with their new deals...and the movies..well..have to start searching other alternatives..or perhaps I can get  hubby to play a game of maybe that might be a good one...LOL

No Murphy today...aaaaaaaah but my day isn't over far so good..and then there is tomorrow..but I don't wanna think about that just yet...

Weather was pretty nice this morning no high temps and that feels good...Oh got the date set for when we will be heading back to Florida ...if everything is ok..and I get the Rig back...cause I never know about last time a few days before we were set to leave..omg..that was a mad dash...but I did have things stacked by the door...LOL..that was wild...

So that's about all I have to say, Other than... Wishing all a Safe Journey and as always...God's Blessings Shine Down on All...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Oh What a Bright Sunny Sunday

Oh what a bright Sunny up wee early (usual) and had to do the sorting of the know so I and or should I say.."We" can exist...course without those Meds..Me, Zeke and Abby...well let's just say "We wouldn't be going merrily along anywhere"....LOL

Got Ms Reba's pancakes made up.. I mix a batter together with her dry food ground up and I add veggies and shredded chicken then I do them in the skillet and I make a stack..She only gets about 1/4 of it as that's her breakfast..and she's doing pretty good...Perhaps I'll start another business...Dawgone Restaurant..for those with "Special Tastes"..hahaha... Hey, lots of business have been started that way...might seriously think about it down the road...who knows with this economy..ya gotts to think way ahead.!

Oh, I forgot to tell you all about my "Murphy"... see with me writing so early I just get on and get off as the  brain kind of lags or hubby is complaining I'm on the computer again !!!  He's a darling and I try to spend our time when we are both in the house or should I say..."Same State " together..hahaha..

Any how yesterday I told you we took the rig down to get her serviced and then hubby and I did a little shopping ..he treated me to a McDonalds..we came home did work around that house..he mowed the yard and I was helping him pick up limbs..and in and out then he decided..or should I say.."We both decided we wanted a Dairy he got cleaned up and then we got in the car drove over and enjoyed a delicious cone dipped in chocolate...alrighty mighty...hahaha...and then we headed home..listening to the Blues..

Yep, we both love the Blues music so that was going and we were to tapping..well I was..he was driving..and we took a little ride around the neighborhood to see all what's been happening..stopped and saw a few neighbors and chatted a bit then came up the drive to our house...he pulls up along the curb and I get out and walk up the driveway..opening the gates...and then we walk on the porch...and as I turn to walk in the door...that man of mine says, "Hey, did you know your butt is hanging out "...WHAT ???????? WHAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!   You mean to tell me the whole blinkin day I've been walking around with my butt hanging out and this man of mine only now tells me...WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!...

Now you are probably saying to yourself...How come she didn't know ?   Well the truth be told.. I was wearing a full skirted know the roomie kind..and I wouldn't have known unless there was a breeze and there was no BREEEEEEZZZZZZE !   I mean in the RV shop with all those the GROCERY STORE  with all those the DQ  with all those KIDS>.....OY !!!!

So that was my Murphy for Saturday....and I'm sure there is more to follow....

Now here we are Sunday...hubby is at church.. you know that long windy Baptist meeting and then there is a Business Meeting after church too...WOW..and they talk about us Catholics with our High Mass...Never touch them Baptist in a million years hahahaha...(now don't any one get offended )...LOL

I went to the Rice fields today and did up a batch of rice and veggies so that's done for the next 10 days and Ms Reba will have her Stuffed burgers done up too..a little later on.. I'm kind of sitting back a I'll take in a Little QVC to see what's good ..or today's special value..hahaha...

Bought a few things on Amazon....Gawd I like that place..but ya gotta watch too..cause some times I can beat their prices with free delivery as well...but I just put things on wish lists and wait it out..bought a small mini smoker the kind for the stove..cause I ain't into sending smoke signals and have never really had things smoked... I mean I buy sliced smoked turkey.. and that's pretty if I can do up a small turkey breast hey why not give it a try...:)...Glad you all agree with me...!!!

Tonight we have BIG I'm gonna make up something simple for tonight...We'll have our dinner when hubby gets home from church...Steaks on the grill..and tonight will be a big salad but dessert well I have to think what I can whip up...without making a lot of work..oh I know ..S mores Again...that's it..simple and quick...and delicious !!!!

Okie dokie..see now my Sunday is almost complete..not quite..but getting there and if I don't move nothing major is gonna happen LOL...maybe Murphy is gonna take the day off...we'll see..till then I'm gonna say..

Happy Trails to you until we meet again !!!!  Safe Travels All and as always..God Bless....

Psst.. I'm taking the rest of the day off ... Whoopee !

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I'm to the fence post again early on Saturday

I'm to the fence post again early on Saturday...I mean to tell you I normally don't post till almost bed time but seems I'm just about making it and not able to gather much brain while I  have my WITS I better get it done..:)

This morning again I was up before day break and whipped up a skillet of biscuits cause they is just good to grab one and throw something in like maybe a piece of cheese of bacon or sausage...and great with coffee..and they freeze well for when I'm got that done and then put on my pot of coffee cause today we had to get the rig down to Wayne's and get her serviced.

By the time hubby got up I was ready to go..had to give him a little push..and that's not always a good thing to do but when he is dragging..well ain't nothing else I can do but...GET ER' it wasn't done smoothly.. I mean I heard some strange under tones..but hey, I've heard them before no biggy ...just getting out the door was gonna be the...READY, SET, and GO...

Got the Critters done while hubby was gathering his thoughts and then put everyone up and out we went...he followed me down in his car and when we got their the area was packed with Rigs getting serviced... I had already written up my list and got in and out as quickly as I could...

Did see Carl, he's the RV salesman and I spoke with him about down sizing and I told him not this year but I will be going into an Aspect.. I really am pleased with Winnebago and of course I've dealt with those people well over 25 years...and when I have problems I can call no matter where I am and just like what happened on our way back this year..they shipped parts to where we were at...

On the way back hubby and I stopped for lunch...yep, the big Mac man..LOL  I didn't mind cause I wanted to get back to the house ..we had a few more things to get done..and Ms Reba does like those fries..I save them for her dinner and cut a couple up in tiny I said, "it helps her eat and that's all I care about ". in her ole age..what ever makes her happy..peace and tranquility ...just like in a marriage..Domestic Tranquility...hahaha

Chatted with Diane for a bit today to see how things were going with her..and she's bubbling with excitement on the move...and I'm just really happy for her..nothing more I can say..other than "I'll miss them both"

So that's about it other than hubby is taking me to Dairy that's our treat.....then we'll head home and I'll scan NetFlix and see what's on for tonight and stream a movie...whoopee...

Ok, so again you all out there on the road..Travel Safe and as always and from my heart ...God Bless !

PS....Ms Betsy, It was wonderful talking with you on the phone the other night and I'm so happy to hear that Dick is doing better and I pray he will be able to come home soon...!!! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tis' another early post on Friday :)

Tis' another early post on Friday :) ...not too much to say other than I had another one of those Wake Up early and lay back down and then OVER that's a Whopper..cause I jump up and go on the mad dash to make sure I got things done...Don't know why I do that...when I do over sleep .cause it really doesn't matter ..I mean I'm not going off to work..just here in the house....oh well I can't change how I is..hahaha..

Had a quick storm come through..and it did come through quickly..WOW...I thought I left these back in Florida but no...they done followed me home...guess I have to get use to it or NOT...and then after that came the sun..but the temp sure did take a nose dive..Thank YOU>.

Chatted with Diane and boy she's really anxious now..closing will be on the 22nd and she will be gone..and I will miss her.. I know when I pull in that driveway to our Winter Home and go inside I'll feel the loss..That will take me a little while to get use to it... I mean she done spoiled the crap out of me..

I'd come into the house ..the frig was turned on and the ice tray was full...the beds were made with fresh linen and she'd have a tray of something good plus she'd have made dinner for us to heat up...Now tell me she wasn't worth her weight in I told her .. I will miss her but not her Whining. cause Diane could go on those Whining Spells..YIKES...but that was only in short spurts...but I will miss her compassion and I will miss Bob as well...He always made sure I was ok and that everything was working properly.

I'd be tempted to buy a home up where they are moving too..but I can't do winters and that's why I bought in Florida..hahahaha  but ya know I hope and pray I find someone half as good as those two...Half would be wonderful...but don't really know that for sure...but my search will start when I get back comes the interviews...

Now it's Friday and the start of the weekend..Whoopee...the time is really flying and this week I go to find out the results of my tests done on my heart...then I start with the GYN series..hahaha...yep I'm in for the next batch...

Tomorrow we have to get the motor home ready to take in for that's a story all by itself..but I'm hoping there is only a few things that have to be done and I get it back at least a week before we leave again..hahahaha...yeah I hear ya ...

So that's about it other than I've mainly taken it easy and trying to get Ms Reba to eat playing that game of surprises and fixing this and that ..and if it works don't count on it tomorrow cause it won't....but each day again is a new day a new maybe I'll have a few more concoctions..

All those traveling stay Safe and as always....God Bless...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another Early Post on Thirsty Thursday :)

Another Early Post on a Thirsty Thursday :)  up and at em' again .. I'm beginning to think this is what it is and just go with the flow...if I get a couple of good nights..So Be It...other wise..just keep myself busy and get an afternoon nap...Not a bad Idea Ollie :)...
Morning was a little wacky for me..but I'm not surprised cause they've been getting interesting..guess I'm kind of expecting those kind of things.Got hubby off and on to work fed the Critters and pulled a fast one on Ms Reba..made her pancakes with her dry food ground up in them..hey she ate it and that's all that counts then decided let me make a fast get out and get ...

..Did a fast get out and grab a few things then back to the house and attempt to put away...LOVE THAT...and then had to do a quick mop in the the time I got done it was close to 9am and I was gonna take a quick shower...Got undressed and popped. (not that easy) into the shower turned on the WATER and NOPE...NO WATER...WHAT ??????

Tried the faucet again thinking maybe ..just maybe I didn't turn things on right..(like I've never done this before) I gets out of the shower walk over to the sink turn on the faucets..and..NO WATER...flush the commode..NO WATER..OH NO !!!...go into the kitchen and turn the faucets on...NO WATER...UH OH ! hubby on the phone and says, "What did you do"...LOL 

Now those that have followed my blog understand that my hubby ..although he tries his best, is not a Mr's more like Mr Do the Damage Man...kind of on the order of "Tim the Tool Man" I hear him sighing and then says, "Maybe a Main the Plumber"...oooooooooooh my GAWD...then he says, "Call the Water Department"...???????.then I ask before I call..."Did you pay the Water bill"...see hubby was a comptroller and these are one of the things they tend to do..stretch things and extend and extend and cash flow, cash flow..drives me bonkers..I like to when I get a bill in pay it right away...and he of course replies..."Nah, I paid the bill check the check book" He knows I know him too well... HELP... I'm standing in my birthday suit and critters are looking at me like...WHAT IN THE WORLD... yeah real pretty picture ....hahaha...

Then I says to Mr Fixit..."Where's the number cause I can't find a blessed thing".. so he replies "hang on and proceeds to rattle off numbers.. I have to tell him...."Hang On"  and find a piece of paper and no less a pen...I go over to his brief case and there is a bunch of mail..that he has brought in and keeps in piles till he's ready to sort...which by the way I dislike cause I'm the kind that wants to read it and get rid of it..

So I see this sheet of paper on the back is just blank so I proceed to write down the numbers he's giving I'm taking dictation he's talking so fast...and the I start to dial the Water Department and on the other phone (yes, we have several lines from the business) I start calling the plumber...and the Water Department I'm put on the HOLD...and the plumber answers and sees it's me..and says, "Ok, what did Robert do now".. and we both laugh...see this is one of those..normal things that has happened in the my portable vanity..that's another story some time...getting back to this Murphy...

As I'm talking with the Plumber I happen to unfold this blank sheet of paper..and turn it...and there it is in big bold letters.........Notice...We will be shutting the water off on Aug 9th 2012 for repair on etc etc etc at such and such time....
 I then start laughing and tell the Plumber what I just read and he laughs too..then I proceed to call hubby and let him know that he had this notice in his brief case and never bothered to look and see .. he laughs meanwhile I just aged another 10 years at the rate I'm going I'll be 100 if I'm so lucky 

Now all and all it was another event in my Adventure.. I mean a real good Murphy that seems to just want to stay around me...heaven help those that feel they can explain these things..I'm learning to just go with the flow hence my motto..LOL  See my humor has to keep up with things or..I might be in a padded room..never mind a padded bra !!

The water did come on as the storm came through and I thought to myself..Maybe I should put out buckets just incase...LOL...What can I speaks for itself... oh and the storm that came in and left..had the power go off and on..and so did my Chicken ..not sure how it's gonna be but we'll pick at it  LOL

Tonight is another episode of Big Brother and boy I can't wait..

All traveling stay safe..and as always..God Bless....


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Surprisingly early post on Wednesday :)

Surprisingly early post on Wednesday :)...Well for some reason my Internet went on a Sabbatical and that left me without reading the NEWS and getting on F B and on our Women's Forum..OMG..hahaha yes, I went into Over Drive then I went into the kitchen and had my pot of Coffee..Now need I say, "I was Engergized.."...You Betcha Bottom Dolla !!!!

Got Critters all done and then hubby off to do his job..That man loves his job and all that goes along with it...Since he no longer does the Accounting work and got into the (I call it the Dear Abby routine) HR type work..he enjoys that...Me, that was never my style.. I was 100% ACTION.. I loved Production and Research..Gawd I can still smell that action ....

Anyway my day was mostly just going through things I'm gonna get rid of and talking with Diane and Bob down in Florida.. I sure am gonna miss those two.. I mean I always felt that when I left my home and gave them my lists of what needed to be done or fixed..when I came back it was done and I mean to my satisfaction with also some other great awareness..

I'll just have to look around for others that I can feel that same that's gonna be hard..but I have a few that I plan to interview when I get back..Also I'm going to contact a Window Company and have 8 windows replaced this time.. it's a must as I have those birds that keep flying into the Front windows..and they are thin...soon to be... Hello, look who's coming to dinner and it won't be the movie !!!

Not looking forward to what's happening with Ms Reba as I'm really having my hands full with her not wanting to eat...sometimes this is something that the elderly dawgs..(and people too) go through..gawd I wish I could figure what she would just devour...however it's the guessing game and what ever I have...

Tonight is another Episode of the Big Brother...and yep it's getting into that Crusty Goodies...So that's something hubby and I will I'm gonna make like a bird..hahaha and fly into the kitchen and get all my stuff together for tonight's dinner...I can smells things cookin'..

So all those that are traveling..Stay Safe !!  and again, yes you all know my feelings..God Bless..

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Twisted and Turned into Tuesday

Twisted and Turned into Tuesday....the whole night through..guess it's not meant for me to have a full night sleep for a bit.....I tend to worry even though I say, "I don't" ..I must..I mean I have so much going on and no completion which has my brain and body boggled.

I'm even worrying now about Ms Chinese Crested..she's 16 + has some what a huge tumor on her side and it's not a good we've not been able to do surgery being she has had neurological problems..but it's to a point we have to make some decision..So this week I'll need to have a heart to heart chat with my Friend/Vet before it ruptures and in the long run lose her...and the added fact to this whole thing is she's now decided she doesn't want to eat..what she has for 16 years....

So I'm at wits end and will give her anything just to get food into her..Tonight Ms Reba had a Sirloin Burger with rice and veggies and a sprinkle of her dry a little scrambled egg from this morning..Now I ask myself.."Am I doing what's best".?   It's what ever it takes is what I'm doing..

Tomorrow morning will be another episode of what Ms Reba will or will not eat..Please make my day easy and hope I fix the right thing...possible for me..and I hope her too ..and of course you know the Big ones..Zeke and Abby are taking this all in..Why Not Me Too...HA !

Most of the day I got through ok..but really not pushing it..cause I just seem to want to mellow out so I can make it without having any added pressure...and try and relax ..Hopefully ..

We watched a movie I had taped awhile back called  The Net and it was pretty good..kept you on the edge of your seat..Just what I needed ..hahahaha...and now I'm ready to hit that bed. I am dawg gone tired but would love to sleep through..cause I know I can..if I get the chance..

Hope you all have a good one and those trucking on the road..Safe Travels..and as always  God Bless

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday what a Rush !

Monday, What a Rush !...I'll say... seems like the night before there was a storm that came on through and knocked out our power...woke up..seeing lights flashing..(no not red ones)  the clock was blinking and each room was following what the other room was I looked and realized not only did our power go off but I over slept...Hey that part was pretty good..but then I had to wake hubby up..and that meant a mad dash..OMG..stand back that man of mine is gonna make a run for it  LOL..

Most the day was like I was in another world...I mean don't cha just feel some what out of Zink (that strange expression) and then try to catch up on things you are not sure of.....well that was my kind of day...then later on when I did manage to think I was done..I leaned back in the recliner and next thing I knew..I had to get things ready for dinner...HOLY MACKEREL where was I, who was I.....

I guess some days we need those kind of days...and mine was long in the coming ..I can tell ya the mean time I planned to just have a kind of settle back down and enjoy dinner and company..Who's that Knocking on my Door..hahaha...but I did have a great dinner..yeppers.. Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pepperoni and Mozzarella Cheese with some gravy on top and it was like eating  Pizza Chicken with a side dish of Pasta and a great salad...and of course always room for JeLLO..with fruit in it..

Watched a great little movie cause junk was on TV... Dog of Flanders... and yep the end got me all teary eyed and now here I sit finishing my day writing on my great Adventure..

It's that time and I'm gonna say, Good Night !!  and of course those Traveling Stay Safe and last but not least....may God's Blessings Shine Down On All..

Sunday, August 5, 2012

It was a good Sunday !

It was a good Sunday.. except for waking up at 2am..Don't know why other than I had went to bed the night before being so wiped out maybe a little too early...but at 2am Zeke came over by me and ta da I was sitting on the side of the bed..Not able to sleep ...I just don't like when that happens..cause I try and try to go back to sleep and flip and flop and finally get up dragging butt...

I got on the computer and did some searching for..(you'll never believe this one) bird baths..yeppers I did and I found one's a ceramic one and it's got my favorite bird on it..Hahaha...The I done bought it.. I checked first but they were a little to steep so I wound up buying from Dr Foster & Smith..

Then I went on our Forum and wrote again the Morning Coffee and told my tale of the Washing Machine.. sometimes I think the Sistah's think I make things up..well might be ..but unfortunately these were the facts !!! and again I looked at the time and it was I slowly headed into the bedroom and attempt to get some sleep...Sure enough I got an hour..ok, I'll take that..

Got up and dragged around and did another load of laundry..only thing is.. I can wash it but I can't get it out of the machine..LOL  the tub is so deep I can't reach down in..hahaha... I'll have to work on that..I do have a step stool but my luck..(now you know this can happen) I'd fall in...!

Hubby got ready for church and away he went..most of the morning and then when he came home I made a pot of Gravy..(Sauce) and we had that for our dinner..Pasta is always good..and the Gravy is so good..Nothing fancy just pure good Gravy...later on during the week I'll take a container of the Gravy and make something else with different spices added.... I like to make a basic Marinara cause I can do so many things with it...

Mostly I leaned back and tried to get a little caught up on my paper work..did order my Critters Heart Worm Meds too.. I get them from Australia..and later on I'll order Ms Abby's meds  for her hips..

Watched Big Brother tonight and looks like some good stuff gonna come down.. I love when it gets nitty gritty...that's about it.. now I'm ready to hit that bed and pray I get a good nights sleep..

So safe travels to those on the road and as always...God Bless

Uh OH! I'm late it's past Saturday ?????

Uh oh I'm late it's past Saturday...or is it ????  Hey, I made it but last night I went to bed and didn't pass go to collect anything in fact I don't wanna remember anything..LOL...

New washer got delivered ..OH MY STARS..Yes, hubby took the door off and undid the sink so that the delivery guy could bring in the Washer...and in it came a WHITE one as they no longer make ALMOND but that's ok..I don't care I just need a washing machine...

It's a G E (don't want to get into the political issue of G E) and it's a top loader cause I can't put anything else in there and it had to be a certain size so hence I had to go with this G # E...and it also has (get this) a STEEL TUB..yep you read that correctly.. It Looks back at ya !!  I mean you reach in and you SEE YOU ..

Well..I have to deal with that..cause that is a strange feeling ..everytime you reach in you see YOU..ok, so somedays I'm not so pleasant looking..but still I have to see ME..omg..I'm laughing here..cause it's wild..on to the next thingy..

You can't fill the tub up with the lid open..NOPE not gonna happen anymore..Ok, so that means when I pour the cap full in.. I have to wash the cap in the sink..and the fabric softener cap too..Crap..ok also there is these little turn and they click..(possible how long that lasts..mmmm) and then there is this wishy washy button that has this weird feel to it and you push the word START..not hard to figure out what that does...

Next there is the issue of White Clothes and Colored Clothes..hahaha..yes, it's a political statement here..I mean what is the difference between White and Colored Clothes ..don't they wash the same ?  Maybe it has something to do with the bleach dispenser..don't know but ya know I'm gonna question it.. I mean everything today has issues..Why not my Washer ?????

So I put my clothes in..and pushed the button ewwww..and then didn't hear a thing but every once in awhile it sounded like a kitten making a sound..haahaha... I have a musical washer now..and no sound of the agitator  ,,HUH.. what is with this washer..??? is it really washing clothes..????  dunno..but something is happening.. hahaha... Oh this is gonna be interesting... so I wait to see what happens next...

Next comes the spin cycle..HOLY HANNAH.. that baby went into OVER made such a knocking sound...I jumped up.. WHAT???? I mean it's KNOCKED and ROCKED. " I  HEAR YA KNOCKIN BUT YA CAN'T COME IN " .hahaha.. no wonder why it don't make any sounds it waits for this action...and when it got finished the clothes were like damp dry... now that was a shocker.....but I couldn't get them out.. I mean I had to get a step know one of those rubber maid jobs..cause I can't reach down into the's so deep..hahahaha..

OH OH before I forget says, "You are to only use HIGH ENERGY SOAP...Now folks What in the world is HIGH ENERGY one on me.. Me Thinks this H E S is a bunch of bunk !  Maybe it's HES cause it sure don't move much when washing.. I mean no Swishing and a Swashing..hahaha...

Why ME.. I mean ...Why do I find stuff like this... guess I just have to go back to the drawing board.. High Energy..sure it's High Energy to work this machine...LOL

Have a good one and I sure hope you forgive my tardiness ..but I made on to my next blinkin issue..stay tuned in..cause it can only get better..Maybe :)

Stay Safe and as Always... God Bless