Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I cooked up a storm on Tuesday :)

I cooked up a storm on Tuesday :)  Sure did !   I mean to tell ya got up a little on the late side and I didn't stop till almost 3pm..

It was something I need to get done and I had to push myself.. being my blood pressure is a little on the low side I feel like a SLUG..so I just had to get that ump and get my "stuff" done.

Cooked up a pot of Chili, a pan of Chicken Ala King and made Meat Loaf muffins..all for the freezer so I don't have to cook..lazy I is :)  but this really helps me on my days I just ain't got it...and while I was at it putting stuff in the freezer I realized I was out of..Rice and Veggies so.....yeppers I had to do a pot of Rice and Veggies so I'm good for 15 days..thank goodness and about that time I'll also have to do up the chicken too...

Didn 't do much playing with Shug only when I took my rest..she was up at WILD...but I watched her dance along the back of the couch...and she was so full of herself..next thing I knew she was snuggled down with me on the couch and we zonked for about an hour...all of us..

Tomorrow I'm taking my friend Jane (the fighting other of the duo team) to lunch as her birthday is on the 2nd of May and she'll be going out of town ..so to Applebee's we'll go ..that's her favorite place and while we are in that area I'll stop in at Petsmart and pick up 4 more bowls..for Ms Shug

Tonight watched the Voice and recorded Dancing with the Stars..which I'm watching as I type to see who gets the boot.

I'm DAWG tired so with that my message will be... Stay Safe those traveling and as always...God Bless Us All

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