Monday, May 27, 2013

It is Memorial Day and on Monday

It is Memorial Day and on Monday...saying prayers for all those that lost their lives giving us freedom and protecting us from harm..

Watched the news and most of the Morning Show and thought about all those who have family members still missing and those that have others that came home with very fortunate we are that we live in such a country that we have so many freedoms.

Why we have to fight for our rights and our freedom..until you have lived in other countries and see how much we take for granted the picture never enters our minds.

I pray that some day all this nonsense will end and peace will flow through the homelands..maybe a dream but you do know dreams can and do come true..!

Today my morning was a tad bit busy as I paced myself to get a few more things done..nope I didn't go to the Rice Fields had enough to make it till Wednesday and that will be my hectic day...LOL

Tomorrow I've got to take a quick run out for a few things as I decided last minute to not go to Walmart instead I'll go tomorrow..remembering that it was Memorial Day and people tend to go a bit nutz on SALES..and you know they always have them..

It's like I don't go out on Black Friday (After Thanksgiving) cause it's sheer madness and I know there are bargains but those people seem to wild and grab all kinds of things and even camp out over night waiting for those doors to open..not me..did it once and that was enough for me..

Enjoyed my BBQ pulled pork and coleslaw and watched a good movie chatted with hubby as he was home cooking ribs..then took my nice nap and just watched the crew snore..and boy Zeke was in heavy snore mode..hahaha

Watched the Voice tonight and those kids can Danielle the 16 yr old what a sweet voice and pure I'm ready for bed..Scanned my computer as last night the AVG said, "I had a Trojan" looked it up and it was one of those false positives..cause I had just upgraded Windows and I do believe it had something to do with that I did a look me up on the net and sure enough AVG was working hard to figure what in the world was I just scanned and it's all clear..thank you AVG..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always...God Bless Us All !

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