Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday "A New Day" :)

Saturday "A New Day" :)... I have all good intentions..and in fact I received an email from the phone store that my Iphone will be there today at around 1pm...So I decided as I woke up .. that today "Saturday" was gonna be a "New Day"...see I do think positive !!

Morning again was wee early...but I had such a nightmare ..(wonder why?) that when I woke for it.. I reached for my phone..:)..yeah it was about that dang Iphone that slid across the room...Horrors...hahahaha

I did laugh and even more when I started to knit and said, "Dang that kid, I could have been keeping track of my rows but NO I have to use this nasty paper and pen...hahahaha..

I have received so many emails on my story...and again I have to tell you "It's TRUE".. I couldn't make it up if I tried..I'm stricken with this thing called "Murphy's Law"..I keep telling all.. it just happens to me..don't know why but it does..and through all my life I've learned to "just go with the flow"..and make light of fact it always makes for a great one liner.:)

Today I have several things I need to get done..and my list is getting shorter..thank goodness...and in a few more days Hubby will be flying in and that will be another issue...and I'm sure it will have lots of humor as well..

Now I just got another brain storm...instead of bringing my laptop..(this is gonna crack you up) why not buy my Ipad now.. I mean surely I'll be buying one for  when I come back..Sometimes you have to justify the "means"..

I've also got to make a pot a Gravy (Sauce) and I'll most likely do it later on as I wanted to get things done early...but not today....seems everything is a little cattywampus (I love that word ).  It will get done and all in this day .. I mean I'm only gonna go out for a few minutes...(hopefully).

Light blew out in the garage just as I was doing the Dawg Towels last night..sooooo had to get them finished this morning...and of course have Bob come over and find out what's wrong with it now ?????? That's on Bob's list of things to repair when I go home.

That's about it..till I return from my Adventure..will finish this post a little later on...STAY TUNED !

It ain't over till it's over !

Well, I guess the story goes like 1pm no phone so as the Salesman said, "might be 1pm or latest 4pm..."  well 4pm came and went so I decided to go on Fed X site and track...

Seems it's in Memphis Tenn...Guess Elvis decided he needed an Iphone and in White too...cause it ain't left Memphis...!!!

Says, "according to Fed X, it will arrive on July 2nd, no later than 4pm..."  this is over night delivery...who's night, and who's delivery...GAWD Does it get any better than this >>??????

Again a day wasted and only got a few things done as I thought (first mistake) that if I started something the phone would ring..boy was I ever wrong...a little down in the mouth but hey..I soon turned that around I mean..come on..Elvis using my Iphone ...hahahaha...

Someone once said to me..(what they believed anyway) "that we come into this earth and when we leave if we didn't get it right, we'll  return..."...if that's so..Well, I hate to tell you all..I'm making many trips back..and my new slogan will be..."Straighten out and Fly Right "..

That's my story and I is stickin' to it !

Safe travels all and as always God Bless....!

Friday, June 29, 2012

TGIF....I think !

TGIF (Thank Gawd it's Friday) I think !!!!...well my morning started off pretty darn good.. I was full of vim and vigar...hahaha..and I got a lot done..I mean I have to fill the Dawg bins..emptied a 40lb bag plus the other bins with the other food 30 lb I was filled bagged out !...Then on to the room closet to grab another big sack of TP..(that's toilet paper) and load the cabinets in both bathrooms..that finished...put in a load of DAWG towels and that got finished and pretty much I was about finished..Where's my coffee????

Got critters fed and they done their thang and washed down the mat..that was done and yes, I did my plants and on for my next Adventure..puffing here...

Got my shower and got dressed I was on a mission...(I'll say) and out the door I went..was gonna fill my car up with gas..but thought let me go and get this phone situation done off I drove to the phone store..

Gentleman was extremely helpful (sure cause I'm spending my money) and I got to look around at all the "new and exciting" phones..what they could do for just a few bucks more...and I'm telling ya..there is a lot to all this new tech stuff..:)

So I picked out what I wanted and as the Salesman was explaining a young woman came in holding a child in her arms..her little legs were dangling..and boy was she ever cute..pointing her little finger and asking Mommy all about the thing I knew they were right next to me..listening to what the Salesman was saying...

Then I asked to see a White Phone as the black ones were ok..but my eyes .. I mean having to search for it in my tote bag..hahaha..well he goes in the back brings out the box ..opens it and shows me all the good stuff.. I then said something..(forgetting now about comparing phones..) and he lays the phone on the counter and as we both turn (the Salesman and I ) I see out of the side of my eyes a leg move and a swift kick and a the little girl cry..and with that both he and I see the phone on the counter...minding it's own business shoot across the counter and Wham, the floor..OOOPS !!!

The young woman says, "Oh, I'm so sorry..."  and I'm sure she was as the Salesman runs over and picks the phone off the floor.. I mean to tell you that phone was Jet light as a feather too...and slide..boy that would have and should have been a "Home Run"...

I then said laughingly as I could hardly catch my breath and see eyes were filled with tears..."WEll, I don't want that one " !...I'm telling ya I was laughing so hard.. I was like in shock...Thank goodness it wasn't me hitting the dang thing...cause I would have had to pay..I'm sure...

So I then say to the Salesman who has the look of shock written across his face... "I'll take the White One"..and he looks at me and says, "That was the only White One we have in the store"...OMG !!!... have to leave me be !!!

What a shocker ..but he did say, "he'll order another one in and it should be in Saturday"...hahahaha.. I'm shaking my head I was hoping to get all this done today..but not in my life time...I mean it's always something happening around me...and then I leave the store and don't get gas in my car.. I was shell shocked and just drove home...

So I guess tomorrow if they call or if not I'm still gonna have to fill up my tank as I get 30cents a gallon off..and has to be done before July 1..and we do know tomorrow is the last day of June....

Now I'm just gonna relax and chill out and maybe one day write a book on all my strange happenings.. some times I think people think I make things up...but I'm not that good !!!  

Getting ready to make dinner and then do a little knitting and write down my rows...because I didn't get my phone with all those apps..hahahaha..

Stay Safe and Enjoy every moment..cause if you are ever parked near me...well I can tell ya one thing.. it won't be dull !!!!!!

God Bless  

Thursday, June 28, 2012

An Outing on Thursday :)

An Outing on Thursday :) may have been a quick one but I got up and got out...Where?? To Winn Dixie..hahaha..yeah, my outings are gonna be short ones as I'm trying not to buy too much..Although I will go to Walmart next week for things I need...but just not right now .

I had another good night sleep..up at 5am today..and that for me is a good night with out any interuptions..must be my knitting..hahaha..and that's coming along..and I do mean it's 37's coming along nicely but will have to be blocked.

Morning was great..the temp wasn't bad and I got out and did a few things on my trim the dead heads off..but more has to be done..fed my birds and boy those Black birds..they wait for me..but got a nice surprise as Hecliff and Gertrude stopped by..not once but twice..guess they just like my goodies..:)

Managed to pull a fast one on Ms Reba although she pulled a better one on me..her diaper came off during the nite...NEED I STAY ANY MORE...???? Good thing I have those pads on the bed but I did have to do wash biggy..that's part of having's not her fault it was I should have changed it before going to bed.. it kept coming undone..So much for them cheapeeeezzzzzz...but hey they beat a blank ..and do work most of the time...

So I stopped into Winn Dixie and said "hello" to the Mike, the meat man ..he's pretty neat and always cuts things up for me ...just how I like it..and also the produce guy..always comes over and asks me.."How you doing Zeee "... Let them all know I'm heading back home and will be back in Oct.. my standard "Good byes"...

Was gonna stop and fill my car up with gas but I have to come back in town tomorrow to go to Verizon to upgrade my I'll fill up then...can't believe it's getting so close...

I'm gonna miss my little "Hide Away" as I so enjoy it.. I am relaxed other than for the storms..but most of all I so enjoy the peace and tranquility I draw from here... I enjoy watching those neat Critters ..I'm amazed how these Birds have their pecking order and who is the Dominator...also those goofy Sand Cranes..honestly one of these days one of them is gonna start talking...but they sure wait for me to come out and give them a few morsels..

I mainly thing because I'm out of the "Rat Race" that I'm so appreciative of what surroundings I have.. I've often said this, "where my house sits, away from all the action, I couldn't have chosen a better place"... Not fancy schmanzy...but just comfy..

I've never been one for "show and tell" or care "who has what"'s always been about "practical use"..and for me it's mainly "simplicity"..the key to my happiness..

Isn't that what life's about ? our life spand seems to pass before us...why not enjoy the time we do have...and stop worrying about what someone else will think ...I've tried to live by that and hopefully will for what ever time I have on this planet...

Uh Oh !  you hear those "tings" the smell of insense...hahahaha..I'm sounding like a Zen..well they call me Zeee so that's close..but I do remember my Uncle always saying to me..(he's probably smiling down on me now) Live for today and stop worrying about tomorrow will take care of itself cause it will be today...I had to think about that..hahahaha.

Always thought perhaps he's been smoking some strange stuff..LOL  but ya know Tomorrow does turn into Today and Yesterday is forgotten..LOL..see I'm now talking like him....STOP and LET ME OFF THE BUS !!!

Well that's my story and as far as it goes..Ya just never know what is gonna happen next...:)

Safe Travels to All and again...God's Blessings Shine Down On ALL

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Wishful Wednesday Came Through !

A Wishful Wednesday Came Through !...Debby has left the AREA !  Thank goodness she did enough distruction..and as for our water shortage..well she took care of that...heard tell we done got (get this) total 26 inches (you are reading correctly) of rain ...Yee Haw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I slept well after hearing the 11pm news and NO Tornado Warnings or Watches...and I tucked in with Ms Reba as Zeke and Abby layed next to the bed..I got a full 5 hours...WOW ...yeppers it felt good too..:)

Morning was a little off and on sprinkles nothing major and the birds were happy to see me feed them...also those dang Black Birds were chirping..heck I surely thought a strong wind would have taken them away...

Have chatted with a few online friends and have them now starting to knit again..even one of our forum sistahs ..posted the web site I used and is so just can't imagine how relaxing it can be...well once you learn LOL

I was kidding someone today telling them how my finger tips are sore and dang it..don't say it unless you mean it..and guess what..the joke bounced back on me.. "I have sore finger tips "..hahahaha

My Scarf is taking off.. I mean it's litterally got wings..that baby is now as of this moment almost 30 inches long...I can't believe how it's grown..but key to me is..if I'm nervous heck I can crochet (now knit) up another storm...hahaha!

Made a bowl of Mac Salad with the Dreamfields Pasta and it's pretty darn good in fact had a dish for lunch and tested later my sugar was that's pretty darn good ...I mean pasta can make your sugar "Glow".

I'm gonna kick back a bit a little TV and knit with my sore fingers cause I'm so anxious to get this done..however that pattern calls for 61 inches..that's a long, long scarf..!

So with that I'm gonna say...Toodles for this day and pray that all traveling are staying SAFE and as always..God's Blessings Shine Down on All !

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not so bad this Tuesday

Not so bad this Tuesday.... I slept better last night after the 11:00 pm news hearing that the Tornado Watches were called off..that surely my fingers were tired of knitting... I mean I even dreamt about knitting..!

Morning was off and on rain and in between those drops I managed to get a few chores done..even sparked up my Crock Pots (2)  ..made Meat Loaf and Baked Potatoes.. and for the veggie I had green beans ala micro wave...Hey it was simple easy and hardly no clean up..Used my Crock pot liners..won't leave home without them :)

We had some gusty winds off and on too with some heavy down I knitted on the couch..LOL  TV was in and out because of the heavy clouds..but I was relaxed and watching this scarf grow !

Heard on the news that  Storm Debby hit land in Cedar Key ...that's not that from from me..more North West but she will move across the State and hopefully be out of here by Thursday..Soooooo it will be another long night and day..but that's ok cause I have plenty of YARN..(or is that telling tales :) )....

Not sure I'll even watch TV....that's if I have Satellite...but I can listen to some soothing music and knit to my hearts content...that isn't so bad long as I don't hear any sirens going off...OMG..that makes me nervous..and in this double wide there isn't too much of any thing to hope for other than laying in a ditch..but we don't have any ditches ....and if we did..there most likely be a gator with all this water...OY !!!!

Learning this Entrelac pattern was not too bad.. I watched on YouTube and boy that was really simple..of course I played that so many times I could tell you what that lady was gonna do next..but it worked !!

Scarf is coming along nicely..I'll most likely have to block it..but thought this pattern would make a really neat Tote Bag...another great Christmas gift for one of my nieces...I'm always planning ahead..already got those dish clothes done and I have to make a center piece for a round table that's my next thing to work on... Never got the chance to do my Table Cloth..started the pattern but boy was that I'll look on for another..

So it's hang on to my Hat and wait this storm out..thank goodness it didn't build any more power..cause it was here a long time...I think it liked the area !..

Well not too much other than..Stay Safe and Dry ..and God's Blessing Shine Down On All !

Monday, June 25, 2012

It's Monday and Debby is still around :(

It's Monday and Debby is still around :(....I mean to tell you I did not sleep a wink last night..and by morning I was still hearing that weather radio giving off it's WARNINGS...

My morning was awful as I was tired but couldn't sleep and I had a rotten headache..but the good thing was...I learned how to Entrelac !!!! I mean I started all over and casted on 32 sts and away I went...and with tonight I'm
sure I'll be still going strong...

I did manage to catch a couple of hours and that helped...and my headache, although I still have it..but it's not as bad...and hopefully by bed time when I pray the Tornado Watches might go away I'll be able to catch a few more hours.

It was also TRASH day and I got mine to the curb at 6:30am..and even snuck over and fed my birds ..Big Red was whistling and before I could turn around there were 12 Cardinals as the feeder..WOW they were hungry .

Most of the day I watched the news..I am telling you at one point they had Debby coming straight at us..but as of right now ...she's heading straight with a turn into Tallahassee and Jacksonville...who knows until she gets here !

Read on our RV Forum one of our Sistah's hubby passed away this morning... we are such a neat group of women and all of us (even though from different walks of life) are pretty close..We are there for each other when needed and often give some sound good advice..We've been online friends for years .

My Critters haven't been to happy with all this rain..cause I've been shoving them out the door in between rain drops..then there is the time when I have to say, "Sorry Charlie"..hahaha..yep they get soaked and I've got all the wet towels to prove it...:)

So here I sit about to knit ..Hey I did a poem.:)  and wait till this storm passes by...hubby will be coming down on July 9th and we'll try it again  LOL  good thing for sure he didn't come when planned...but I don't think much was happening at the airport either..

So please tonight as you all read my blog give a little prayer up for Sheila and her hubby Larry as he's now in the arms of our Lord.....

Safe travels to all and as always...God's Blessing

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Traces of Debby on Sunday !

Traces of Debby (Storm) on Sunday ! I sit and attempt to type I hear the sounds of the storm out my's been raining all day and later on came the winds and howling sounds.......a bit of a nail biter for me !!

Morning was hectic as with the rain my Abby is not a happy I was out there with the Umbrella asking Abby to "PLEASE"  do you "Business"..yeah it's a hoot with her...I mean she didn't get the name "Twinkle Toes" for nothing...

She's a tough cookie when it comes to long as she doesn't have to do it in the RAIN...and of course for the next few days...OMG>.(perish the thought) I'll be dealing with WET DAWGS..and lots and lots of drying towels...

I can hear my Washer and Dryer gasping as I load and re load ..hahaha..well it's the way it is in a Dawg Owner's lifestyle :)..but at least we got through most of as for my birds..OH MY STARS...

I couldn't believe my eyes..those dang Black Birds were here most the day and staying in the big feeder ..they done ate everything I had put out later on as I was feeding my Critters..I saw Big Red sitting on my hanging plant..I mean he looked like he was looking in the window at me..and I heard him chirping.. I know he was HUNGRY..

In fact the young (kids) cardinals were all under my over hang and on the plant hangers..I was invaded by Cardinals...and I thought..WOW they know I'm the "Keeper " was awesome but the rain was so nasty..and they looked like a bunch of "Wet Feathers"..they were puffed up in order to keep themselves warm and some what dry...

I did manage to go out when there was a break in between the heavy down pours..and put some feed in the feeder..and no sooner I turn around I have 4 Cardinals up in there...

Tonight I've been just biting my nails as it's been so nasty..and hearing all those Tornado Watches and Warnings..My Weather Alarm has been going off like the 4th of fact I heard one Tornado set down by Spring I Googled it and put in location from there to where I am..hey, I didn't have any way of I thought that would be best...Thank goodness for Google...!

I'll be up most the night so I'll be knitting and listening..I just looked over all my Critters are sleeping...thank goodness...maybe I'll even do a little vacuuming...:)

Well that's my story for now other than I pray that we all get through this and no one is injured ....and for all of you traveling..stay safe !!

God Bless

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stumbling on into Saturday

Stumbling on into Saturday...I'll say !... Yes, I wound up staying up past 1am on Friday night learning a "New"'s called's like a weave in knitting but not quite that..however, by the time I got done practicing and breaking down and riping out..and re casting it was wee hours of the morning but I got it some what together...I'll post a picture of my "Sample"...

Only problem was this morning I woke up at 4:30am..HOLY CRAP !!!!!!...I mean I could have just stayed awake but I was really brain fried and eyes wouldn't keep open..not that they were gonna be that terrific for the rest of the day.

Didn't even water my plants as it was so muggy oh man I'm telling ya I'm in "Slug Haven"..and it ain't getting any better..but one good thing...I'm glad we changed our plans and hubby wasn't going to have to fly or anything in this weather..

Watching it as it's progressing and just praying what ever it turns out to be no one is hurt or killed...and that we all don't have lots and lots of damage...that's the only thing that worries me...and I can't always say.."Put it in God's Hands" cause I'm sure God doesn't plan these disasters ...they are things that Mother Nature .

Most of the day I was "Spent" brain and body didn't work together..(is that anything new?)  but I managed to make a pot of Chili for now and later and even did all my set ups for next week...See I'm progressing...hahaha....

Just finished vacuuming as I just couldn't do too much..but before I came back to blog..I ran the (what we call in Pa )  Sweeper..hahaha..right ..let me tell ya these Rotties are "Shedding" big time..I think I found several ..well the start (DNA) of more footers..:)

I'm really liking this pattern and if I can feel completely comfy in doing it I'll make a few things with a Scarf and a Baby Blanket..I've seen a pattern for a big Bag (pocket book) or what I call a "Tote Bag"..that would be really neat and lined too...well we'll see..but it's got my interest for right now..Clever how the pattern works but boy you must keep track of what row you are got my trusty note pad by my side and pen too..mark them rows cause I've already made several blunders and had to start all over again.

So now I'm ready to hit that bed..have to move a few big critters off and I'm gonna leave the ceiling fan on in the bedroom..cause the air is so thick outside I only feel the AC when I come back in...

Hope all are traveling safe and above all..may God's Blessings Shine on All !

Psst nope I didn't's my Sample...!!! :)  Oh and it's really best if it's worked on a circular needle..cause it gets bulky and heavy and you have to constantly turn ...but it's really neat !

Friday, June 22, 2012

Here it is Flippin' Friday..Already !

Here it is Flippin' Friday...Already !..Holy Smokes the time is just a movin' on..I mean it just seems like I just got up and it's time to go to bed..hahaha..I know there was "Stuff" in between and I had to have done it..or have I...????? Hear that weird music I'm in the "Twilight Zone".

MOrning again for me was 3:45am..I mean give me a break. What gives?.. I know I'm getting old cause when I go to bed I wake up hurting ...I once heard a comic say that and I laughed now I'd like to stomp on his toes.. I mean another part of the "Golden Years"..can I get to Platinum with less aches and pains ?

This morning even Ms Reba was up early..but she's been sleeping ever since breakfast...hahaha..I will take a nap or should I say.."It will take me"..I have no comes over me like someone throwing a blanket over your head.

Making a pot of chili as that's a simple tasty meal and easy to just heat and reheat...will make a pot of Gravy (Sauce) tomorrow..I don't have the energy to lift that dang can ..hahahaha  I mean to tell you.. it's a 7lb can size..a big mother of invention hahaha..

Had to play "Mother Hen " this morning..yeah, I was out there in my long Tee sitting on my "stoop" ( NY term for steps) watching over my Cardinals and Woodpeckers and Titmice (more than one) and the cutest little Chic A those dang blasted Black Birds were attempting to hit the feeder at 6:30am.. I could not believe I watered my plants....the ones that hang under the over hang..(they don't get wet when it rains) and after I got done those Black Birds were watching next they were swooping down and making sounds as they past me.. I'm tellin' ya it's like the movie "The Birds"..they looked like they were gonna attack..but I wasn't given up !!!!

I had to laugh cause if Betsy would have looked out her window she'd be still laughing... I was the Mother Hen for sure..and you know soon as I Critters flew in for they must know me..or is it me losing my "MIND"...hahaha.. it's wild for sure.

Checked out Lizzie's blog with her just going to see the Arctic Circle..hey, that's all need to check that's on my list of blogs..I can't wait to see all this..and YES !  I will..cause I've done made up my mind it will be in a couple of years that's for sure...but I'll be there and if I can type I'll blog it...:)

So that's about it other than it's now raining as I hear it on my roof...well hopefully it will stop around the time I feed my critters...We certainly needed the rain but all at once...???? it is what it is..that's all I can say :)

Safe Travels to All and most importantly may God's Blessings Shine on YOU ALL !

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Most Definitely a Wet Thursday Afternoon :)

Most Definitely a Wet Thursday Afternoon:) and boy did it come down fast and was a blur  outside and from inside I heard the tapping on my metal roof..kind of like when in the motor home and the rain puts you to sleep... WHO???? not ME...hahaha..when it rains this hard in the motor home I'm white knuckled..hahaha..

Well it's official..hubby and I both decided with the weather forecast for Florida for the next several sense in him flying in and we attempting to load up and me drive ...I'm not in a hurry cause did I forget.."I'm retired" ?

Also with what's happening with my hubby's company ..things aren't looking to great..Economy is choking everyone to NOTHINGNESS !!  Sucks and it's gonna take a miracle to make a change..and it's gonna be long and hard..I pray for all that something will change for everyone !

This morning I dragged..woke up and my body ached...then I think .."What in the world "?  I went to bed in better shape than what I woke up...?????? Something is wrong...where, what, how and when?????

I had to laugh at myself cause I remember hearing those words and saying to myself.."What ?  How could that be...I mean you only were sleeping" ?  See never laugh at anyone..cause it bites you in the ARSE !!!

Got a nice surprise in the mail today...My niece's son (my great nephew) and his wife sent me a thank you card from their wedding with a few glasses plus a script saying "Part of my gift was also a donation to my favorite charity".. I thought that was really a wonderful idea..and I now have to send them a note thanking them for their kindness...neat concept too !

Also my hubby shipped me down a 7lb can of special Tomatoes I use to make my "Gravy"  (Sauce) what we use in the family restaurant's delicious..the tomatoes are so good !  So now I have to make some up as I had planned on making some Lasagna to take with us on the way back it would be..heat and eat :) know that Microwave has to earn it's keep...I even had a pot roast done up with brown gravy and put in sealed bags so I could just zap that too for open faced sandwiches.

Tonight I'm not sure what I'm even gonna watch..but I hear Ms Reba as it's time for "Pills" know the ones she don't get but gets the treat instead ..she's sharp that little lady ..

That's about it other than now I have to move stuff around to get by as it was packed to go into the motor it's shuffle here and there..and then more vacuuming..ugh not my favorite thing to do..

So all that are on the road traveling..Stay safe and as always..God Bless

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Woolly Boogers Wednesday :)

Woolly Boogers Wednesday :) as I laugh out loud...that's what I'm calling them dang Black Birds..Woolly Boogers..I sat out this afternoon (get this) banging my dawg food dishes chasing them suckers away so my Cardinals, Woodpeckers and rest of the other feathered friends could eat in peace..Now I'm not sure on how much peace any one around me had..BUT..them Woolly Boogers were in flight most of the time..till I got tired and came in..then it looked like the scene from the movie The was like a black cloud of them suckers..

Well, let me see..morning came and went..hahaha..well I had to go pay my O& M here for the remainder of the year..(cause I'm too lazy to mail it ) and this way I don't have to remember ...Did I ????? that done and shot over to Publix and picked up a few things and YES, I bought that Dreamfields Pasta.

It's been on and off looking like rain but only a few sprinkles till I heard the news's gonna get nasty and hubby is due to fly in on Monday for us to head out...sooooooo when he called on his way home I made a he's so caught up with what is happening at work too...

Let's delay the coming home for a couple of weeks and fly in on the 9th of's not big my Doc appointments are the 15th and 16th and I'll be home for them...and I'm not anxious to drive in all that nasty heavy down pours towing my car too...No need to stress and HeY! I'm retired not trying to expire...:)

Tonight hubby and I will discuss it more as we check out the whole weather situation..I don't mind even driving home myself..I mean I've done it for years and I take my time anyway...The Critters are good for me and I've got my routine on where I go and how far I we'll have out chat later and make up our minds.

Tried that I didn't notice to big a difference in the pasta ..maybe just a smidgen..but no big difference..but I will say this, "You won't eat a lot..cause it fills you"..yep, when they say "Fiber" there sure is and you don't or can't over indulge :) :) :).....

However being the true blue Italian that I is...I need my PASTA..plain and simple and I don't (not that I couldn't) eat big portions..but something about my home made pasta...Gots ta have it !!!!....

Not sure what's even on TV as last nights America's Got Talent was repeats and that I think I watched a movie I had recorded..notice I said, "I think"..I fell asleep through part of that's how that goes...

Kind of bummed out with the weather as I was planning on going home and watching the from my front porch I can look up in the sky and catch all that Philly has to offer...just bring out my goodies and lean back with my Off spray and enjoy..

So stay tuned and see If I travel up the road..or do I stay here till the clear skies stick around LOL...

Safe travels to all and as always....God Bless

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To Tooting Tuesday !

To Tooting Tuesday !  and so I did toot my horn as I drove by :)..well I had to go to one of the neighbor's house...Jackie and Dickie as they just got new windows put in..They looked really good too...and yes, I'm gonna do that next time I come back .

I've been wanting to change my windows as I often get birds that fly into my windows..I'm sitting and hear "Bam" and look up and see the strangest form sliding down my window..sometimes it's not pleasant and other times they hit and fly away...ugh :(

So got the information and the next thing I do is put that into plan B for next fixin upper..hahaha..Hubby is gonna roll his eyes but these windows are very old and have a film on them so it looks like a mirror and when in the morning if the sun hits right I get a double reflexion..PLUS>...can't take pictures through the window that's a major thingy !!!!

Morning I dragged and don't know why..just woke up moaning and complaining but the only ones that listen are my critters and they just look and walk away . So what good is it ???? well it helps mentally..some what .

My list seems to be growing instead of getting smaller ..but I do have to make a run for tomorrow to pick up (Plastic woo hoo)  a container to put this extra stuff I need to carry back need to get a few things in to make it through the week..

Also have to pick up some Dreamfields's low carb for diabetics and it's pretty darn good.. Yes, I've been trying to be careful as for me Pasta is like my Staple in life along with Bread and every once in awhile some Pisano..

Psst if you go to you'll also get a $1.00 see there are some good deals out there ...and every little bit helps..especially when it comes to getting your dish of pasta...Hahaha..

I have to get ready to feed my birds..hate that I have to feed them so late but as you all know..Them Black birds are lurking and I ain't a given in !  So now I'll make my walk to the front and whistle for Big Red and sit on my stoop and watch..hahaha..

Tonight another America's got Talent..gawd I hope some decent stuff tonight...and then I'm gonna see if I can just call it an early night..(Still 10pm ) and then do my escape in the morning...woooo hooo

Oh check out Ms Beth's Blog..(On the Road with Beth ) it's awesome even video..she is stepping it up a notch I'd say..but love them Sea Otters and oh..well check it out...

All those traveling stay Safe and as always God's Blessings

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Monday Lists began today

My Monday Lists began today...The list to gather things to go back home to Pa and what needs to be done in the house by Diane and Bob.  This is a ritual I've done each year..and I can't believe it but it will be 5 years come August !

Morning again was wee early and Ms Reba joined me too..she knows something is going I'm making sure all my "Plastic"..(I felt a tear fall as I zipped them up) away and start clearing out the pantry..

Laundry is already building up but I won't do any till the day before this way I'll only have what we wear home..boy that sounds strange but I'm getting the jitters going.

Hubby is still not feeling well..seems just before we either are going or coming one of us gets the "Illness" I'm hoping he'll get some meds to get over it before he comes down...(I don't want it !)

I did Feeder duty tonight..hahaha..sat on the stoop again protecting the Feeder..cause I filled the big feeder so my feather friends could have dinner and morning breakfast but man oh man there had to be 50 or better Black Birds attempting to zoom in...WRONG..Me and Sargent Dove Tuff Stuff (his new add on name) made sure they didn't get in...that was about an hour outside thank goodness it wasn't hot..:)

Later on as I went in two of the Blackbirds came in for a quick feed ..these ones shared..which surprised me..guess they sat up in the trees a long time and decided if they wanted any of that good stuff they need not be a PIG..LOL

Hecliff and Gertrude stopped by again this morning and they were happy to see me..they waddled over and ate and ate and ate..Good to know it's being enjoyed..LOL  The Squirrels just watched cause these two meant business :)

Tonight I watched America's Got Talent..that I had taped as I did watch a movie that was on when the program came on..a movie with Kevin Kline..Dave..was pretty good..a light movie nothing to intent..thank goodness...

Now I'm gonna read some email and then hit the sack as I need to get pushing not a lot to do..but more put away things..and make sure I have my baskets ready for the rig..

So with that..Safe Travels to all and God Bless

Sunday, June 17, 2012

An Enjoyable Sunday

An Enjoyable Sunday even if I didn't go any where..for me it was just being with my Critters and a neat visit from Hecliff and Gertrude !..Yes, it's been awhile since the two some stopped by for a visit..but visit they fact I didn't notice the duo until I saw the head popping by my front window several times...and I heard Zeke give me the ...Uh Oh ! Someone is here :)

So I be bopped out and Hecliff started to waddle quickly over to me..I think the lad is bit I have to tell you if he had a long tail it be waggin for sure..He and Gert were hungry and boy did they gobble up and even stayed and rested..that's not often but must have been doing some heavy travelin..sure hope I see them again along with Oh No before I head back home..

Most of the day I just relaxed..even did some pasta and have to tell ya that was GOOOOD!  I did up an Alfredo sauce with sausage and some Broccoli Rabe..nothing finer than to hear that Italian music playing only thing I didn't have was some Pisano..a dry red wine..but always good with pasta.

That was my main meal and 1pm and I was feeling so good and just looking out my window and enjoying all that passed by...of course those Black birds were in for their take..and Sargent Dove Stuff actually I should really call him..Sargent Dove Tuff Stuff..cause he sure packs some might blows..:)

Talked with hubby early this morning as he's not feeling well . Has another Sinus infection..he suffers greatly with those..seems he's never really over them when he gets another battle...He's been working rather long hours and I'm sure his resistance is low...soon he'll be here and I hope he'll get to relax on our way back home.. He complains but I think he enjoys the lean back and give orders...LOL 

I'm getting a tad edgy as I really hate to leave, I do so enjoy my place and the peace of mind that I do have..but I sure miss my hubby and home too..guess I'm torn between two worlds..if that makes sense.

I've got to really start knuckling down energy span only last till noon time and then I'm petered out...but I've got my list in action now cause I'm getting down to the fine wire...

Hubby doesn't want me to bring the rig over till he gets here..was kinda wanting to have a jump start but he feels there are things he needs to do first..and it's true it won't take long for the frig and freezer to get cold on electric...and boy do I ever have to look and make sure what I have can fit !!!!

Have 5 big 6 gal water jugs I need to clean out with Clorox before we fill them with water to bring on the trip back... I do that so I don't have to fill the holding tanks..makes life so much easier and we take our showers at the Flying J so that's no biggy...

So that's about my days worth of On goings..tomorrow I will most likely put away a lot of my "Plastic" that I use for making up Critter foods as I have that at home base in Pa...Will feed my plants and also just made a batch of Humming bird food up for the next few weeks...

Have to also get my list ready for Diane and Bob on what I need them to do in the house and also head up to the office to pay my O&M for while I'm gone.

Good reading that the Sistahs are in Alaska..boy I sure wish I was there..but I will be one day..that's on my bucket list !!

Safe Travels to All and as always..God Bless

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday another eye opener :)

Saturday another eye opener :)...MOrning was a mess for me ..just couldn't get things done right...started my day too dang early for one thing and from then on it was just a MESS !...So I decided to sit back and leave it alone..

But first thing this morning I got a call from Joe..the guy who was gonna burr my tree stump..he decided to come over and do his thang !  Yep, it was neat watching and his wife Diana was really interesting..she has a gorgeous tattoo on her forearm..and I'm a liking's a yellow rose just like I have on my shoulder with the majenta bordering it.. it's acutally a Peace Rose..but hers is really an open version with some beautiful art work a little purple swirls..and it's really awesome...Yes, I'm thinking about's been many many moons since I've had one might be my last too..but I'm thinking...

After my tree stump was burred  I leaned back and just watched out my big windows in the living room and watched the antics of the "Birds"...and what was my eye opener ?

Well you all know how (if you have been reading my blog) I am not a happy camper about those DOVES...well, I got a really big eye opener this afternoon.. My bird feeder has been hit with nasty arse Black Birds..and Gawd I can't wait till they leave FLORIDA !

So as I watched this over whelming nasty arse Black Birds hit the feeder and chase all my Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Titmice (more than one) and cutests little Chic-A-Dees away and then  along came those Doves..and one in I now call Sargent Dove Stuff...That bad boy took on those Black Birds..!

As he flew into the feeder those Black Birds went on attack...and Sargent Dove Stuff done puffed up his chest and looked like a big ole Rollie Pollie..and proceeded to peck was the War of the Birds..and one by one he pushed and pecked them all off...AMAZING DOVE !! 

I'm proud to have him in my feeder..hahaha..and so it was like that most of the day..the Challenge of the Feeder..and I watched it.. should have taken a video of it.. it was better than the movies on today...:)

Later on in the evening I went out and filled the big feeder for my late night snackers..and dang those Black Birds..back they came with avengence..but I decided I'd play the "BAD ARSE"..and I sat outside and made those suckers leave so my Big Red and Woody and Sargent Dove could enjoy their evening meal..infact I had a little music in the background..William Tell Overture..hahaha..

Now I'm tired cause I've been up too long and I need to get to bed early..well right at 10pm after I give all the meds...I've already set the pills up for the beginning of the week...the colors of the rainbow...

Read this evening that Nan, one of the Sistahs that's traveling to Alaska went missing in action for a few days and come to find out she was not well..feeling dizzy ...I do hope Nan takes it easy as I also read that the Sistahs caught up with her and Lizzie was taking care and checking in on her..

I keep all those Sistahs in my prayers..neat group of ladies..well Safe travels all and as always..God's Blessings be with you all ..

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's a Late Night posting on Friday

It's a Late Night posting on Friday....and the beginning of the weekend...:) Well today was rather busy...I had made my Lemon Drop Cake at 5am and from there on it was on the go...Critters weren't happy campers as I had to put them up a few times...Zeke gave me his look...and Abby, well she dilly dallied all the way to her crate too..ah but Ms Reba..well she gets the big chair to look out the window and complain...

Even had Clancy call to let me know he was gonna do some trimming and weeding..and boy did my yard need it..along with the mower that came whipping through..never saw mowers move so fast..Here they are and There they go !

Cut up my cake to make delivery ..yeah, I'm a delivery lady..LOL well I enjoy some cake but to keep it all is not a good thing for me..So I share..just like the President keeps saying..."Share the Wealth" I do and I did..

Dropped by the fighting duo partner John..and he was happy to get his little goodie and I gave him some for Jane..and I have to tell ya..when Jane called me..She and John were having their usual...yeah, knock your socks off yelling..and she (Jane) wonders why I keep refusing lunch with the two of them...NEVER...NEVER...Hahaha It's a fact, Jack !

Got back from a quick stop at Winn Dixie..needed some milk ..lately I'm drinking a lot..but it's oh so good with cake too :)   and of course PBJ (Peanut Butter and Jelly) and of course needed to pick up some ground sirloin for Ms Reba and ME...yeah she and I share .....see again like I said, "I'm sometimes politically correct more than I realize"  hahaha

Made my trip to the Rice Fields this evening and also did up a few pre packaged ready to go Veggies for my tomorrow I'll make another batch which hopefully that will (get these words) take me to back home in Pa...oh...ya know it's getting closer..sure am gonna miss my winter home.

I enjoy it so much..but I do miss my hubby ...however I have so many things keeping me busy and I so enjoy watching birds and their habits..and who rules the "Roost". 

Back home in Pa, I really don't have a back yard setup like here..because we have removed most trees other than what's in the fields and we have a big swimming lots of concrete and water..:)..and in the front of my house I have a huge porch that covers the complete front of my house and a small front yard..but lately a lot of traffic...(sucks) our drive has been getting so busy...that putting up a feeder..not many would even think about it..

These are the nice features I have here..back in the area that my house sets traffic and nice and quiet...and all kinds of critters walk makes it enjoyable when I can sit on the couch or my big chair and just take in what shows up at the feeders...some days I'm even surprised..

Clancy did a great job on the yard and even picked up the roses..well brought the dirt up around more so that they would stand better..The rain had done a number and they were kind of lying over...they look so much better...

Hired a gentleman to remove a tree he'll come over one day next week and I believe the term is burr it out...and Clancy will fill it in with some soil..and some grass seed.. As I plan to get a tree seat for that one tree..kind of dress up that area..

Watched Under Cover Boss.. I enjoy that show and tonight it was about Mack Truck..and all the plants that were shown I've been too...I have some friends that had done some consulting work years ago for that company..and one friend I have lived near the one in Macungie, Pa..just outside of Allentown, Pa.

So tomorrow I have some things planned and then start putting my list together to get a move I'm gonna bring the Rig over next Friday or Saturday to turn on the Frig and Freezer..and give a clean sweep inside as it's just a little dusty..

Time is sure moving fast now..and soon Hubby will be here..I can't wait but then again...I wish I had a few more weeks....oh well...the drive home is always interesting...have to make sure hubby brings his laptop so I can log and blog..I'm addicted..:)

Safe travels to all and to all..God's Blessing..

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flag Day on this Thursday !

Flag Day on this Thursday !'s also another special day for me as well.

My mother passed away 30 years ago today...a month before her 65th birthday..and I still have such wonderful memories that live forever in my heart.

Morning came to early for I hadn't slept well from the night before. The lightening storm we had was pretty intense and although I tried to just cover my head ...every flash and then bang got my attention.

Along with today being "Trash Day"..get up, get it out and take a breather as my Critters watched on...Yeah, I  sure didn't want to miss it..I mean this truck comes in and whips on out.. "Weee Doggie".

I decided that I need my rest.. I mean I've got a lot still to get done but 2 weeks I can slack off a bit and enjoy what time I can..So while I'm contemplating on how hard I'm gonna work I put my heavy duty Crock Pot to work...Yep, I'm really planning ahead ...and I've got to tell you the aroma coming from my kitchen is haunting... I've got a Garlic Chicken cooking..and nothing finer than smelling that...

Gonna whip up another batch of chocolate syrup too for later...That chocolate egg creme was just too good and I can repeat that again tonight..Why NOT ?

Simple to make the syrup if you don't have any in the house..cause you need to have the ingredients too..I mean that would help..but here's how..not hard ... 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa....1 cup boiling water ...mix together in pot on stove..then add 1/4 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of Corn Syrup (light) ..mix with a whisk as you heat will thicken..then set aside to cool... now that isn't too for the Soda...take a part of the syrup (I have large glass) so I use about a 1/3 of the syrup to half cup of whole milk and then with long handle spoon start to stir when adding Seltzer Water (plain)..ta daaaaah  add a straw and sip...

If any of you readers do try it..leave me a to hear your comments..I mean it's really good most New Yorkers will tell's the Chocolate Soda of the City .. :)

This afternoon I've not got much planned other than need to pay my bills and whip a batch of Critter food up..yeah, it's the Rice Fields AGAIN..every ten days it comes...might do a double batch but I'll see how I I've also got to make room in the freezer..(motor home) for what I'm taking back.. Some how I can hear hubby complaining...

Well I need to wake up the Critters and let them out..they need some fresh air..hahaha...and we are expecting another rain later in the day...just love these afternoon treats..always at the time I'm gonna feed the crew..

Tonight...I know if I don't lose Satellite I'll watch a movie I taped..Simon Birch and then call it an early night..hahaha..10pm is my time cause I still have to give meds to Zeke and ME...

That's my day so far..and ya all know it can change in the blink of an eye..So sure hope you all have a great one too..and to all on the road..Stay Safe and God Bless

Momma, you're always in my heart...RIP

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I can't believe it's Wednesday

I can't believe it's Wednesday already..time is sure scooting by ..and I've got so much to get done...See what happens when you enjoy stuff and get that lazy mode into action..I mean since Oct of 2011 till present..WOW...lots of "STUFF".

I got up this morning (early worm again) and heard on the news it was gonna I figured well that's one less job for me to do..I mean why Water when it's gonna RAIN..well, it didn't..and it still hasn't as of yet and although I've heard the Thunder...and even in the morning it was dark and dreary but not a spit or a sprinkle...nada!

Now I did go out and feed my birds..but in the late afternoon ..but those Black Birds are now getting smarter..hmmm gots to think of a better idea..where's my B B gun, I couldn't but then again maybe I should !

Today I did cabinets..and that sucks too..but I got them done..dishes I haven't used got washed (in the dish washer Sadie) and then put back in the cabinets with fresh clean shelf paper...I love that stuff..I know it's old fashion but I never claimed to be a "Moderate"  uh oh that sounds political :)

Now I'm too pooped to pop...but I did make myself a Chocolate Egg Creme Soda...being a New Yorker that is the finest ever..I even had to make my Chocolate syrup too..and for those that don't know what it is...well..let me explain...:)  It has no Creme or Eggs...Go figure why the name ???? DUH cause it's rich tasting like it should have here's how ya make it

It's Chocolate Syrup (the finest you can buy or make) Whole milk and Seltzer..that's right Seltzer that gives it it's fizz and bubbles...put some chocolate syrup in the bottom of the glass..a good couple tablespoons..about a 1/3 cup of whole milk and (like you are layering) then add the Seltzer water and stir with a long handle you are beating eggs...but not real hard or you'll break the glass..:)....ta daaaaaaaaaa!  if you do it right you'll never ever not want another...They are the famous drink of New Yorkers..

That made my day and will my night as well cause later on I'll make another..oh doubt about it !  I made enough chocolate syrup cause I knew one would not be enough :)

I also forgot to go up to the front of our community as we have a man who comes in on Wednesday with Veggies..they call him "Rooster"..I think :)  any way don't cha just know it I forgot as I was wanting some I guess I'll have to go out tomorrow or maybe Friday there is a road stand that my friends go to on the way to the Villages that someone sells really good veggies guess my craving for Tomatoes will be resolved soon...or maybe if I'm lucky John or Jane will pick some up..Wishful Thinking..maybe :)

Later tonight I'll watch a movie..I think Duets might be on tonight too not sure my brain is kind of tired as I write..I'm lucky I can even get my fingers to go in the right direction.

So that's my story and I'm stickin' (truly need to take a shower from all the dust ) and praying all my Sistahs are safe and the road to Alaska is opened by now...

God's Blessings to All....

Psst !  It's So Ya Think Ya Can Dance :) After I get done watching that I'll soak in a hot tub of Epsom Salts and Water...just the thought will make me ache  hahaha...Nite All...!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A busy Tuesday

A busy Tuesday with dull stuff that had to get done !  Today for me was DULL..but for the latter part where a Humming bird flew up to my window (which has the film on it  a mirror image) and kept taping at the window..was he thinking it was some other HUMMER ???? NOPE !  He was letting me know the feeder was empty and when I went outside to check what was going on...he buzzed by my ear...LOOK OUT THERE>.hahaha.. but I came in and put another feeder out there with fresh juice..more chilled like..hahaha..I know he came over stuck his long snout and WOW Frozen Brain...:)...but he came back for more so he must have liked it ...hahahaha..

Anyway my morning and most of my day has been dull..I've been cleaning out my dresser draws..YIKES that's a boring job..putting new liner paper in and more Lavender soap bars ( I use English Lavender) and then making sure all my clothes were back in order..

What's strange is my Dresser Draws (if I said "Draws" you'd think Undies ) LOL...especially with my Brooklyn accent :)..any way the strange this is..I have to have my Draws in drives me bonkers..yet I don't mind a few clutter on counters......I know I'm strange and I sometimes have to ask myself.."What's With It " ?   Dunno..but have been this way all my life...Everything in my cabinets are in order too...but look out for counters..OY !!

So that's been most of my days work, Oh! and chasing them pain in the arse Black Birds..gawd they never give up..sure hope they head out of here soon cause it's causing havoc at my Big Red and Woody have been complaining..big time ..even watched one of the Ring neck Doves fight the Black bird..and guess what ?   I was routing that Dove on too...What a day

Tonight I'll watch America's Got Talent..checked to make sure it was gonna be on...want to see what they do about that Cowboy/Soldier phony..I just still can't believe someone would make that stuff up...WHY????? and on TV ..Didn't he realize that if he was injured like he said he was..he would have received a Purple Heart ?   That's what happened someone looked into why he wasn't given one...FOOL...

Got a call from my friend Jane (the fighting duo pair) and she asked if I would like to go out to dinner on Father's Day with her and John...Guess what my answer was...(I'm really awful)  "Thanks, but NO THANKS"....I can't trust the two of you together...she laughed even though she promised to be good...It would never happen cause they can't be good..they thrive on it !  I call it Fuel for the Fire that lives in them...!

However afterwards I did feel bad..(but not stupid) so I'll call her later and she and I will go to lunch as I have to go to Home Depot and we'll have lunch on the way back..There is a method to my madness as well...:)   Nope I ain't earning my Wings for sure .

It's been another warm day so much so that I'm in reverse speed...but I'm getting things done ..and looking at the days it will be less now than two weeks before hubby comes down and we head on our journey back to Pa...

So with that I'll say, "Stay Tuned cause ya never know what lurks around me"

Safe travels to all and God's Blessing shine on all !

Monday, June 11, 2012

Woe it's me, it's Monday !

Woe it's me, it's Monday !   Last night we had one hell of a lightening storm..and I sure wasn't excited about that weather alarm kept going off.. Warning, Warning..ok, I hear ya and I see it and I'm not a happy camper ..where do I hide ....:(

That was my night and when I finally fell asleep I had a nightmare..can't even remember but I know I was running cause my sheets were wrapped around my legs...hahaha...woke up and if I would have attempted to get out of bed I would have fell on the floor...UH OH I hear a commercial.."Help me I'm falling and I can't get up "...sound familiar ????

Got up around 5ish (over slept or maybe I was tied up ) and remembered..It's that Blinkin' Trash Day...Do I hear a bugle ?  NOPE but I know one thing..I've got to get that trash out to the curb...HURRY...get a long little doggies let's get this show on the road..hahaha

No fooling...there is no time set on when the truck shows up..and by what happened last time it best be out there before the dawn breaks..!!! So I got all my trash gathered and I heard them birds calling but no not today not this morning anyway cause those Black Birds were in the trees waiting..

Shame I can't feed my critters (birds) but I'll wait till later on ..but they do have the hopper feeder that is loaded with they'll be ok..but Woody and his pals...well it will be close to 6pm before I put food in that big feeder.

Had to make my morning run at Walmarts and pick up a few things...and boy I also picked up some pretty color yarn for some more Dish Rags..I'm telling ya I'm gonna be known as the dish rag lady... I've decided what I don't give as gifts I'll sell and donate the proceeds to Breast Cancer and Heart Disease...cause they sure can use the help..and so can we !

Was good getting out of the house even if it was for a short trip...still haven't gotten my bird bath..maybe one day this week I'll go to Home Depot and check there and see if I can find what I'm looking for..I also need a Rubber maid Step Stool..that's for sure..

Tonight I'll watch America's Got Talent..I'm telling ya I just listened to the news about that so called Soldier..and it was all a lie..OMG..what is wrong with him...and I was so choked up with his singing ...he stuttered talking but sang beautifully...and I've known people that stuttered and it's true they sing like normal...but to make up a lie that he had a brain injury from the service WOW...

Oh, I'm gonna buy me a few of those Power Ball Tickets..have never bought one so this is a first..maybe I'll get lucky.. hahaha..that's positive thinking..I always said, "in order to win, ya need to play" once in awhile won't be so bad...:)

Now it's a little "take a break time"...and lean back and listen to some music that always soothes me...might even catch a quick nap...yeah sounds tempting ..but I need to hide my knitting needles..bad habit when I sit in the Big Chair..hahaha..

Safe Travels to All and most important...God's Blessings to All !

Pssst !  America's Got Talent wasn't on... so I'll have to wait till tomorrow night to see what they do with that singing cowboy that told a sad tale !

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday is/was quiet

Sunday is/was quiet till the rains came...Wow another storm passes through and with the weather radio going off always makes my knees shake...Heck I couldn't run if I tried but I know I could fall...LOL  looking for ditches just in case .

Morning was strange for me as I was awoke with Ms Reba and Zeke growling..and in the dark wasn't sure what was going on...but I woke up right away ....and turned on the light . I shouted, "What's going on" they were gonna answer me..but I did notice Ms Reba wasn't wearing her diaper..UH OH !!!!!  I got up quickly and grabbed her up and walked/dragged to the front and opened the door and made it out to the back of the carport...can you all hear me gasping for air ?  Well I sure was ..but I was still not really awake..then as I turned I had all with me..Zeke, Abby and of course Ms Reba was in my arms.....

Came back in and looked at the clock....2am ??????? HOLY BANANAS...I then went back to the bedroom to check the bed..YES, I do have pads on Ms Reba's side...those never leave the bed..hahaha been there done that one way too many times....and of course Joesph's pillow is still there..(still can't move it yet) Thank goodness surprises..I guess Ms Reba woke and had to potty and Mr Zeke wasn't letting her off the bed...

Zeke gets that way..everyone should stay in their spot cause he keeps all in line...Golly, I'm telling ya these critters sure have their own space and world...I have to ask permission if I can join in ..hahaha...but all and all that was the start of my I made sure no more surprises..(I did tell ya yesterday I was exhausted )...and back to bed we all went...

Got up at 6am and of course being Sunday it's my beginning of the week...the start of my pills to keep me ticking for the rest of the week...I had already put Zeke and Abby's pills together last night ...mine I do in the morning as I have so many...and have to take my know that stuff that you have to drink a full glass of water with ...yucko !

The rest of my morning was pretty much shot as I was dragging and had such crazy dreams...but I did manage again to get another dish rag done..LOL  I'm gonna be known as the Dish Rag Lady ..:)

Watched a few good movies...and fell asleep...yeah I managed to get in 20 winks and now along comes a down pour with the weather radio sounding off...gawd that makes me so nervous...

We needed the rain but now it's like...get out the ARK ! I mean to tell you it's been coming down in buckets..well one thing I haven't had to water my roses :)...and even my plants from all the humidity...and my birds..well I'm feeding them later in the day till those dang Black Birds fly away...

Amazing when I go to the feeder and whistle I get the Big Red himself and all the others coming in..even Mr and Mrs Woody..come down for their goodies...I bet they can't wait till the Black Birds fly away too...any one want a Black Bird Pie hahaha..

Just saw a few postings from the Sistahs heading into Alaska..still in Canada but soon they will be the pictures...I just can't wait till I can take that trip and that's a definite on my list of things to do ..

So that's my story for today and it will be on for tomorrow as I head out to Walmart..yes, I need my Walmart fix..have to pick up a few things and bird food too...and start getting Diane and Bob their lists of what needs to be done and fixed..

Safe Travels to All and yep, God's Blessings Too !

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Back Stroking on Saturday :)

Back Stroking on Saturday :)  Oh my yes !  I mean the morning started off with..."is it gonna rain"..but then by afternoon...oh boy it rained and rained and might even rain more...Ouch I'm back stroking with all this water...

Woke up again early but was still exhausted as Ms Abby was ill last night..poor sweetie..and it's not often she is..but when she is...LOOK OUT BELOW late last night I had clean up detail and even shampooed the carpet..and wouldn't ya know it as I took my trusty bissell out in the laundry room to empty and clean up..the dang light was giving me fits.

Turned it on and nothing ...turned it off and on and then one side came on somewhat...WHAT ????  Then again I flicked the know these fluorescent lights can be a pain in the ARSE..and that it was..only one tube lit up and that's all I had...Anyone have a flashlight ?

After I got that mess cleaned up I then put down some towels so I wasn't stepping on wet carpet...oy!  here we go again..then that means..YEP you got it...Laundry, lots of laundry ..towels lots of towels..

By the time I finished it was 1:30am and I had to fall in bed I was exhausted..but 4:30am my eyes opened and I felt like I needed more sleep but wasn't getting up I got and only thing I didn't do was water plants and feed birds..cause I had fed them later last night so I knew they'd have some in the feeder before those Black Birds came...

I'm gonna try feeding my birds later in the evening so they can have something for morning..see how that works out ...or maybe get a few cats to chase the Black Birds...boy I don't like Black birds.!!!!

So my day was not great and I didn't feel like doing much other than I knew I had to open a big bag of food for Critters and put that in the bins..and yep do up some dry food for Ms Reba...hers I have to crush's tough when ya ain't go no little ole gal..but she sure think she does the way she'll grab my finger hahaha...

Today is Zeke's Birthday and YES! I did sing happy birthday to him as I brought him in breakfast ..even gave him an extra goodie...NO CAKE but a big cookie which disappeared as soon as I put it in his dish...!!!!! Even Ms Abby did her howl as I sang...Now that's a site to see and for sore ears as well...:)

I'd love to go to bed early but can't as I have to give meds at 10pm but I can tell ya at 10:01pm I'm color me gone and over and that I'm counting the minutes too...

Just read on our Women's RV Forum that Echo is getting a TT from one of the other Sistahs,Dawn. Something about us Sistahs...we come together when someone is in trouble or need and it's been a tough road for Echo and Kelly ..made tears come to my eyes as I read lots of the Sistahs are chipping in for gas money so that Echo can drive out to Texas and pick it up..and the TT that Echo has so many things wrong with it...that she's gonna give that to someone that's handy  and in need too...

Always makes you feel good to hear and know of someone reaching out to help others...passing it forward really does's a good thing !

Dawn you made my day . Thank you from all of us Sistahs. One of these days we'll all meet. What a wonderful GTG that will be...Just think if we could ever arrange all of us together at one time...LOOK OUT WORLD !

So with those great thoughts and words I'm gonna call it a night ! Safe travels to all and as always..God's Blessings too !

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday entered Dreary

Friday entered Dreary....and with a bit of an attack of the Black Birds..YIKES another group of pigs !!!  My poor birds are being taken over by this new branch of fighters and pigs...LOL  these birds do nothing but fight each other and eat...all in that order too..

This morning was nothing but a dreary look..I thought from the time daylight came upon us that the heavens were gonna open up any minute...but I did go out an attempt to feed (notice the word attempt) my birds..but these beasts (4 and 20 blackbirds in a pie ) came flocking in..and there went my morning...I shooed and shouted but they still came back...perhaps they need to join those Doves which by now are looking a lot better than these BLACK Birds !...What pains in the arses they is !

I've done not much other than what I've had day is so gloomy that I've just been laying back on the couch and watching the sky for anything...but not one thing has shown it's face other than a few rain drops...Hence my day is gonna be a long, long, long one ...eeek...I hate these kind of days.

I've felt a little bit off stomach isn't making me too happy and I feel like I could just sleep the whole day...might not be too bad and this icky feeling could leave..

Have been connected to my home computer most of the day as I've been making a few changes and needed to get this all finished before I head for home...Gots to love tech stuff :)

Oy, I don't feel so good to my stomach so I think I'm gonna just head for the couch get my blankie and call it a day...other than feed the critters and make sure they is done....and as for me I think I am done...!! 

Oh, it is the weekend ..whoopee..that's about all..maybe an AlkaSelzer...LOL 

Safe travels to all and God's Blessing too !

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Down Spouts on this Thursday

Down Spouts on this Thursday...well, more like flushing the down spouts LOL..but boy do we ever need this rain..not crazy about those colorful flashes that I saw at 4:30am but I kept my blinds making it was just gonna go away....sooon!!!

After the showers (putting it mildly) it was our grand and glorious trash day..and as soon as it was a little light outside I dragged it all out and no sooner did I get it at the curb...HELLO THERE TRASH it was here and gawd I thought..this is really early...

Came back inside and realized that only me and my one neighbor had ours out..uh oh...this needs to get more organized..then later in the morning I saw where Dick (Betsy's hubby) put his out.. I hated to call and tell him the news..but figured best do cause wasn't sure if another truck would come through...sure enough after I called Dick a truck did come back in...

What's weird about this "new" set up is that one truck is to only pick up trash while the other one on Thursday will be up branches and that kind of stuff..however I'm sure with this earlier pickup lots of people are gonna get dooped..(means forgotten).

So today is a day of RAIN and MORE RAIN and MORE RAIN...good thing I wasn't planning anything...hahaha..but wait.. I have these (4 and 20 ) black birds that are now being PESTS...they are eating up all my feed for the other birds...Now that's ticking me that means again later this after noon I'll put a little feed out for my other birdies LOL...they got to have their dinner  :)

As for last night's TV program boy was my DirecTV all fouled up.. I was expecting to see Duets and guess what..LOL  it was So ya think you can dance..ok no biggy..and it was pretty good too...Talented dancers really..I'm aching from guess what's on tonight...( I hope) I guess I'm going backwards, forward much for trusting what you read never mind what you think you hear :)

I'm now starting to put away all my containers....that's another step getting closer to packing up and loading up the rig...I kid Diane that when I start putting my plastic away I hear "TAPS"...cause she's always saying, "What do you do with all this stuff" ?   and then I'm always explaining... "I have to have it as I cook up ahead for my Critters and ME...".

This is one of my "Big BAD Habits"... I save everything..guess it was from the days as a kid Momma would keep things and reuse as she didn't have to buy more things...and I remember when we got dish towels in the Soap Box Powder and those we used...there wasn't anything Momma didn't save..String, brown bags which covered our school books and even foil..that was always used for wrapping left overs now I can blame Momma..I know she'd love that one..hmmm I just thought I felt a whack on the back of my head ????

Any way that's my project for today in between the rain drops...get all these containers put up for my return....oh and I did manage to clean my frig out for trash day too...goodness I was growing some strange looking trees in there  LOL...

On to putting my crock pot on...making a pot of chili and later I'll do up a pan of cornbread...that's what's on for my menu for tonight..oh and a little Italian Lemon Drop that lemon goodie..

Keep safe on them roads and pay attention to this weather..most of all...God's Blessings to all !

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday's Out and About :)

Wednesday's Out and About :)...yeah I managed to get out for a few hours..even if it was to just pick up my meds at CVS then on to Winn Dixie...but was interrupted with heavy down pours...and did the heavens open up...aah we needed it badly...I could actually hear the ground sucking it up hahaha..

My morning was busy with getting the Critters out before the down pour (phase 1 of many) and with that it meant Ms Reba,sleepy eyed and all staggered out the door..poor sweetie she was really half a sleep.. but out she went..then I ran outside and fixed some feed for those daring off springs...The Cardinals kids have been dive bombing around..Looked out my window and as day was breaking the feeder had a mess of cardinal I made sure they got their goodies before those (4 and 20) black birds which by the way fight everything..gobble up ..another group that can go in to the category as "Bird Hogs" along with those Doves !

After all that mess was done Ms Reba gave me her peace of mind to let me know she was hungry ...she sure was, ate every bit I put on her plate...Great going there Ms Reba..then of course I got that look..the one that says, "Why are you dressed and where in the hell do you think you are going "...yeah you all I'm sure know those looks...but I got away clean too..hahaha..

Got out on the highway and that is such a good feeling..but the sky was getting towards the black side again..Ok, Ok, I'm gonna get what I need and get back..although I did want to get to the Hardware store but that can be another big deal..

A few of the people I know at Winn Dixie were all smiles seeing me..must be wearing a good perfume  LOL..any way I heard the latest gossip in town and went on to buy my few goodies..and homeward bound I was...short but sweet but there is always next Monday where I'll head over to "WalMart" that's a good drive and lots of goodies to look at and buy too...but got to remember "only buy what I need" cause my time in Florida is running out..

Hubby will be flying in on the 25th which is a Monday and we'll be leaving on Thursday for the Long, long ride home..that is always a winner in my books...but I get to hear all the "new" stuff from home as hubby guides me on my driving  hahahaha..yeah, rear seat driver he is...OMG..just can't wait for that..

Need to call my service center for the Rig so when I get back I can get that in and get serviced..but this time I have to make sure they ordered the front last time they fixed something for me..someone cracked it right up in the Driver's left side corner...their costs not mine !

Tonight I'll watch that show Duets..not sure if I like it or not..but the singers are really we'll see ..nothing better on as far as shows but maybe I can watch a good movie...not crazy about re runs..

Gonna fix a pot roast this afternoon so I can do up Hot Roast Beef sandwiches they are simple to fix and always good..might freeze some for on the way home...I'm scratching my head here cause wondering am I gonna have room in my freezer for home...OY ???????

Oh, bought a "new" product to replace my not having Popcorn's called Chester's Puff Corn...they have different varieties but I got the butter popcorn and it tastes just like pop corn too...Those having problems like diverticulosis or any thing similar might want to give this a try...psst it also increase my stock LOL...Frito Lay...gotta love em'

So that's my story and I'm sticking with it..and as for the Sistahs travels well I know they are now in Canada..and Bethers she's been in Alaska working on the Lu lu Belle...Gots to enjoy all their Adventures..

Best of all...God's Blessings on all !

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back to the Rice Fields on Tuesday :)

Back to the Rice Fields on Tuesday :) Bright and early too..I needed a big jump start as I had done a lot of prep work with veggies last time so that was a big push for me and washing the rice..OMG..what a huge amount of starch ..rinse, wash, rinse, wash you get the picture had to do that about 6 times..but it does make the rice come out better..and thanks to my trusty Rice Cooker (won't leave that sweet heart behind) it comes together great..

I started my morning again at 4ish..but that's a lot easier for me and I can always catch those "Naps"..but with the heat how it's been I need morning ..wee morning to get a lot of my work done...

Did my last go at laundry and that was mainly TOWELS..Dawg ones and Human ones..LOL  but it's all done thank heavens...and now it's maybe later tonight before bed time...vacuum...yeah I need that job for last..

I'll open the Food Bags (40lb) and put in the bins and that will be one more less thing to do...and then more boxes to be gotten rid of...ah but it's now nice to have two (2) pick ups of frig will be cleaned out Sunday night and ready for a new start hahaha..

Next will be to pack up veggie bags..put my mixture together ahead of time so all I need to do is dump into a bowl add water and then on to the microwave...whoopee !!! That really does give me a break ...the only killer is getting it all done up ahead of time..but that's all I've got when everything else is finished...:)

Gonna watch AGT (now I'm getting fancy ) America's Got Talent tonight sure hope these wild and crazy acts aren't too many tonight..this is the part I really don't care for..Let's get down to the competition...Action please !

Rained off and on which we dearly need and of course I had to go out and put some feed in the feeder..I'm telling ya those Black Birds (4 and 20 hahaha) in that dang pie must be starving..cause they gobble almost everything up and are as bad as those Doves...they won't let the other birds at the up and down I go chasing them away so others can have their turn..

Tomorrow I've got to pick up my scripts (another months supply of life in a bottle) and also go to Ace Hardware ...pick up a Rubber Maid Step Stool and some bug spray for my roses...then on to Winn Dixie...ah my neat little grocery store...

Just saw a few neat posts from the Sistahs heading into Canada..I'm sure that will never be the same hahaha..and they have some neat pictures too..just check out along side my Blog for what and where they are...Yes, I'm jealous two ways about it !

Again safe travels to all and above all....God Bless

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Sweltering Monday

A Sweltering Monday....and another wee morning run for me too...Got up wee early (sounds like I'm Scottish now) like about 4am and did another load of laundry (told ya I have lots to do ) and then I sat back and waited for my Critters to stir them out at 6am and swept my carport...Yeah it's gonna be a Roasting's like 74 already and it's just getting day break...

I hear my phone ringing..look at the time and it's only 6:30am ..uh oh..who is this..well it was Diane letting me know that "TRASH" was being picked up...HOLY SMOKES... I made a be line to grab from all over and in the meantime I called Betsy's hubby Dick and told him..then on to Val and Holly too...Yep, I felt like I was ready to spout..."The British Are Coming"  I was on my Paul Revere ride..hahahahaha...but it's true I was in "Fast Mode"..grabbing and shoving things into the trash bags..grabbed a bunch of boxes.. I was "Smokin"...feet were burning and I was gasping..and laughing at the same time...HOW CRAZY is this ????? I mean no notice ...but I was told it was gonna go to 2 pickups a week it was before..(remember we all complained big time) but again...Who told Who ??....

Next after that episode I had to sit back down and just take a breather.. hahaha..wild and crazy...but the Truck came and away it all went...Thank You !  No more nasty odors coming from the carport..that was awful and sure hope it never repeats itself again...:)

Got all my plants watered and Yes !! I do have pictures...I just know you'll all appreciate the flowers..they are growing but when we had that last rain storm..Tropical Depression.. my plants to a heavy hit..but they are starting to bounce back...but they sure do look pretty. See for yourselves :)

Carport Knock Out Roses a little tilted from the past heavy down pours..but really looking nice.

Then while I was taking this picture Big Red and Sadie, his shady lady came around.. I heard him chirping and turned around and check this out...:)

Sadie is on top of the feeder and Big Red is on Betsy's Easter Bush (that's the joke we have between us as Clancy loves to decorate it with colorful Easter Eggs)...hahaha...any way if you check closely or click on picture and enlarge it you'll see the Big Boy Red sitting on the branch and Ms Sadie is on top of the fact as I was taking the picture I called over and she posed..LOL  I just know they love all those nuts and berries...

Last picture I took was of a picture of my Bougainvillea's now starting to bloom ..and I was so surprised it came back to life..I mean when I came back in October it was just a dried up here ya go..check this sweetie out..:)

So that's my group of pictures for today and I'm now about ready to call it a day or night for tomorrow and it's suppose to be another hot day that will mean another early morning to get things done and then fall out on the couch and suck up the cool air and watch a good movie ...                      

Watched America's Got Talent tonight and I have to say, that soldier that sang country song was good and I was all tears listening to his story...I hope he does well.....................                                                                     

So Safe Travels to All and as Always God Bless